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I just can't make up my mind...

Found this in my inbox just now...Should I respond with the requested info and get the money and the car? :h....:B http://i.imgur.com/nLSTEOul.jpg "border=0"
Francesca Knowles 01/15/15 09:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: "Tikotin.com" browser hijack help!

Hooray! Hubby decided to try the suggestions in the order they were offered, and the very first one (see below) worked- thanks 1492! Download and run AdwCleaner. It targets and removes browser hijacks. Run a Scan first, then do a Clean. Followup with the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Per last couple of questions about anti-virus protection: we do have it installed, but I'm not sure this was exactly a virus. I think one of us sort of "invited it in" via one of those downloads where the fine print has the user "agreeing" to switch browsers, and that's what happened. Why the weird redirect of searches to tubechop happened, I guess we'll NEVER know. Fortunately I could get here via my bookmarks. Anyway...I think I'm good for now. RV.net saves my bacon again- thanks to all!
Francesca Knowles 01/15/15 01:13pm Technology Corner
RE: "Tikotin.com" browser hijack help!

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks...I'll report back when I find which one does the job!
Francesca Knowles 01/15/15 09:10am Technology Corner
"Tikotin.com" browser hijack help!

Hi, all Anybody heard of "tikotin.com'??? This thing got into our 'puter a few days ago- I'm blaming hubby LOL- and displaced our regular browsers. NOW I can't even search the web for how to get rid of it. I finally got it to "allow" me to use Chrome- my old browser- but everything I search defaults to "(find whatever) on tubechop". What the heck???? Ideas/instructions/links to help pages would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I hope!
Francesca Knowles 01/14/15 04:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Well the Holidays are all over.....

I keep busy in the winter burning firewood for primary heating our home. Wood stove has a published 6 he burn rate. Bull******lol marketing. 3hr and out. Maybe you need different wood. Ours will do seven or eight hours on madrona, maple, or doug fir...but only three or four on alder or willow.
Francesca Knowles 01/03/15 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rude Campers

......snip...... A bit later the work camper came by and said for us to stay till 12:55 before leaving as the man was very pushy towards her and the Ranger in the office.......snip...... Seems like this is when things went bad- doesn't sound like there was a real problem until that person enlisted you in their "dispute".
Francesca Knowles 12/30/14 12:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slab City, California Observations

Slab City bills itself as "the Last Free Place in America", which is I guess supposed to be some kind of attraction. "No gummint interference" and all that sort of thing. Funny thing is, I'm betting that once folks actually get there and see how badly it's been trashed, it makes them better appreciate the benefits provided by places where there's at least SOME sort of organized gummint!
Francesca Knowles 12/22/14 11:55am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: The Future of RVing

..I wholeheartedly agree. Couldn't have not said it better myself!
Francesca Knowles 12/22/14 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: I don't have a cat . . .

The line goes dead before Gen. Gretchen can reply. Quick! Lock the dog door!!!! :B http://barkpost-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/uF0izSA.gif
Francesca Knowles 12/21/14 12:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: Beware of scammers!!!

Link to ad http://i.imgur.com/XuB2ywVl.jpg "border=0" Wow- that IS misleading. Pics show two generators, and the "details"( click above image to read) even talk about their output AND their oil/fuel capacity. But not until the very last line does it say "Does not include generators". On the bright side, surely no one would believe that you could buy all that including gennies for the price...
Francesca Knowles 12/17/14 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's her name to be

Of the two choices, I like Razz. But without the matazz. Per "Nike": I get the mythology reference, but I guarantee you that EVERYONE will think you named her after the shoe. While considering the options, you'd do well to ask yourself just how many swoosh/shoe jokes you're prepared to listen to during the upcoming many years that you're going to have her.
Francesca Knowles 12/17/14 01:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I don't have a cat . . .

We're missing the point here, people! The point is: WALTER HAS NO CAT! That is clearly unacceptable! Let's all work on a transport relay and get a nice, big ol' fuzzy cat to Missouri! Who's in??? :B I'll start! I'll do the first leg, from Hadlock to the ferry terminal in Port Townsend. (This assuming someone else provides the cat.) That takes care of the first 9.5 miles...only 2,150.4 miles to go!:) http://i.imgur.com/B0sIZcxl.jpg I will start and finish it, I have a spare cat and live in MO. I will deliver her all the way too Ballwin MO. Now of course I haven't asked the DW about that but I have found that it may be easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. :B DEAL! But I'm leaving the map up for your convenience. I think that once you drop the cat off you're going to need a place to hide far, FAR away from Missouri, and there's room for one more in my Husband's dog house here in Hadlock. Let me know which ferry you're coming in on and I'll pick you up! This of course assuming you make it this far before your Wife catches up with you.... http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/brodkavelarg.gif
Francesca Knowles 12/16/14 02:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I don't have a cat . . .

We're missing the point here, people! The point is: WALTER HAS NO CAT! That is clearly unacceptable! Let's all work on a transport relay and get a nice, big ol' fuzzy cat to Missouri! Who's in??? :B I'll start! I'll do the first leg, from Hadlock to the ferry terminal in Port Townsend. (This assuming someone else provides the cat.) That takes care of the first 9.5 miles...only 2,150.4 miles to go!:) http://i.imgur.com/B0sIZcxl.jpg
Francesca Knowles 12/15/14 11:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: To Canadian Snowbirds: Prescription medications

If any of the scrips are "controlled substances" like Oxycontin or something, there might be less flexibility in the regs.
Francesca Knowles 12/12/14 05:16pm Snowbirds
RE: Pulling Power

Dully is as Dully does! Dully noted...;)
Francesca Knowles 12/12/14 05:13pm Fifth-Wheels
Laziest dog in the world!

:B http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/12-12-2014/5hoJkK.gif Gif made from this youtube video
Francesca Knowles 12/12/14 02:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Will RidEx decompose flushables?

Just saw a commercial for RidX on TV and at the end they said "Now for Rvs". Don They probably mean "now sold in a special, way more expensive container that says on it Ridx for RV's". Sucker bait! Just like that "special" RV TP. I'd add, though, that in my opinion as both a longtime septic system owner AND a former Environmental Health Specialist: RID-X is sucker bait PERIOD since all the bacteria needed for a septic tank to work is manufactured in the bowels of the users.
Francesca Knowles 12/10/14 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pearl Harbor Day

My Dad was called into service during WWII, leaving six children and another one on the way. It was me, I was born while he was gone, the only one of my family born in a hospital. The US government paid for me. Dad has been gone ten years. Mrs. HD Wow! Your Dad was a Patriot in more ways than one since he could have gotten out of serving at all, but chose to do his duty instead. You have a right to be doubly proud! I s'pose few folks alive now would know that with a family that size your Dad could easily have recieved a III-C exemption from service. Many did- some even deliberately increasing family size to enhance their tales of "hardship". That dodge became so well known that it spawned a popular phrase for the babies conceived for the purpose. They were called "weather strip babies" because as the gag went, they "kept daddy out of the draft".
Francesca Knowles 12/09/14 08:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will RidEx decompose flushables?

Most wipes are not biodegradable and break up very slowly if at all. And unless you can get them out promptly, they act as perfect collectors of fats/oils, which can cause major problems. As witness the FOURTEEN TON so-called "fatberg" pried out of the London sewer system a couple of years ago. Which now that I think of it is one more reason not to flush them in your RV- save the sewer it gets dumped into!
Francesca Knowles 12/08/14 01:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pearl Harbor Day

....snip.... Also anyone on this website that there parents served in World War II! You are not forgotten! Both of my parents (and two uncles) were in the Navy during that war- in fact, that's how my folks met. All are gone now. And as a matter of fact, Mom died just one year ago today...gone to join the rest of her old Navy crew on Pearl Harbor Day! http://i.imgur.com/ETTj6khl.jpg
Francesca Knowles 12/07/14 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
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