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RE: Running an electric smoker

Unless you are hooked up to 120v power, I can't see you using any kind of electric smoker using an inverter with battery power... My Masterbuilt electric smoker is 800w. I think even a basic toaster uses more than 300w... And to smoke anything, you'd have to do that for many hours... Just my little electric heater is around 900w... I think you can run a TV and a DVD player with a 300w inverter?? Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 04/20/15 11:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Fill

One of the advantages of NOT having a 'sealed' bottom... ;) I can actually SEE the water level in my FWT by just sticking my head under the trailer and looking. I can also tell by the sound of the water going into the filler when it's getting close.. The "gurgling" sound gets closer together as it fills is the best I can describe it.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 04/18/15 07:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: WDH Explained - from 1969 - No Rear Wheels

And people complain about seeing ads on FREE web sites, ha, ha.. I forgot how many ads magazines had back in the day! That mag alone had over 204 pages and at least 3/4 of those pages was ads alone! Actually, you couldn't turn a page and not have an ad on it! And you had to pay 50 cents for it too! Too funny! Oh, and the first man on the moon article was pretty cool too.. ;) Mitch
MitchF150 04/15/15 10:56pm Towing
RE: Best Towable Waste Water Tote for Beach Camping

I hear ya! My wife has to have some things when "camping" too, but since our shower in the trailer is only good for storage, ain't no one taking a shower in our rig anyway! :) I grew up "dry" camping where you could use all the water you wanted... Catch was, you had to haul what you used in AND out of the RV.. Plus, we all had to pitch in for Mom! :) It was a great way to learn water conservation when needed. Mitch
MitchF150 04/15/15 11:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Towable Waste Water Tote for Beach Camping

What you guys do to take a shower is beyond me... I can completely clean myself with less than a gallon of hot water and be completely clean and then just toss that gallon of water in the dirt and not even worry about it... ;) Is it the same as a nice hot shower?? Of course NOT... But, that's not the point... I only "camp" so many days out of the year and live and work at HOME the rest of the time where I can take long and hot showers as I need.. :) Anyway, it's all about what "works for you", so if that's what "works for you" then there you go.. I like being a bit rustic and out of the norm when I'm "camping", because that's why I enjoy it so much... :) Anyway, I know this is not on topic with the question... But, I'm getting old and I can now say "back in the day"******and get away with it! :) Mitch
MitchF150 04/14/15 11:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Grey water disposal with no sewer connection

Never mind... :)
MitchF150 04/14/15 08:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Typical RV annual budget

FUEL... :)
MitchF150 04/14/15 08:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Is Trailer Life a Recommended Read?

I've had it for a number of years now and while entertaining, I'm not renewing when it expires in June. Mitch
MitchF150 04/14/15 03:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ribs and Spuds

I've got to try the spuds next time! That just looks awesome! That's the temp I cook mine at too. :) Mitch
MitchF150 04/12/15 06:53pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Ribs and Spuds

What temp do you have your smoker set for? Mitch
MitchF150 04/12/15 06:01pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Can Win 8.1 make a "Smart TV" dumb?

Make sure your subnet mask is the same on the TV as it is on your router. Mitch
MitchF150 04/12/15 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Towing above 65

Any highway I've been on that has a speed limit over 65 mph also has multiple lanes.. In those cases, I'll just ride in the 'slow' lane at 60 or whatever mph I'm comfortable with and enjoy the ride.. :) Whoever wants to go faster than me, can pass on my left side, because I stay in the right lane and hold my speed, doing what I'm supposed to be doing.. :) When there are 3 or more lanes, I still hug the right (slow) lane, as I can deal with inept merging drivers more than I can deal with running in the middle lane (the whole time) and having people pass on my right and left (and getting all pissed off).. Besides, I just think it's wrong to stay in the middle lane if you are not able to maintain the general flow of traffic in general.. If I run up on a slower vehicle while in the right lane, I change lanes and pass. If I see a merging driver that is going to meet up with me and I can move to the middle lane (or fast lane) with lots of room, I'll move lanes. But usually, it's just best to let off the gas and let the inept merging driver merge ahead of me and then they figure out they can go faster once they get on the hwy and they are out of my way.. :) Yes, merging vehicles are the worst and most don't have a clue on how to merge onto a hwy, but I've just learned to be patient and ignore the fact they don't use their blinker or common sense, because they are just dumb asses and I get back to enjoying the trip once I comment on their actions.. :) Yeah, I probably piss some people off too... But, I feel I give those inept drivers more slack then most, so it all works out.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 08:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2wd vs 4 wd?

I really don't see what the debate is?? You get a truck for what you need it to do for YOU.. Right?? You either need 4wd or want 4wd.. If neither of those answers works for you, then you've got YOUR answer.. ;) But, if you still don't know... Well... There you go.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 06:57pm Towing
RE: Question on new tow ratings and payloads.

Mike and Shriner.. What does any of this have to do with the OP's original question? ha, ha.. Seems like it got a bit off topic from a GVWR/payload question to whether or not a 3.5 Eco is a POS or not... ;) Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 06:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire temps-- any info out there?

I wouldn't be concerned if you put your palm on the tire and you couldn't hold it there indefinitely... Or, at least felt that it was very, very hot otherwise... Those temps you report would not concern me at all. I always check my tires with the "palm" test when I stop after a long run. It's just part of my walk around I do when I stop and go while on a road trip.. Even when I'm not towing, I do that.. ;) (on long road trips) Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 05:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pink stuff vs Air pressure - The Verdict

13 winters in the NW and I've only drained the lines and blew compressed air through the system and no leaks.. I've never even put bleach through my lines in the last 13 years... That's just what has worked for me and I'm good with it.. :) I put pink stuff in the traps and the toilet bowl for winter storage. Again, 13 years of doing this and all is well. Why is this even a debate? Do whatever works for you in the climate you live in and/or the way your plumbing is setup and as long as you don't have freeze caused leaks in the spring time, you are doing what you need to do..:) Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 04:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

I've seen RV's staying at my local WM for weeks on end.. Kinda sad in that's probably all they've got, but still... Mitch
MitchF150 04/11/15 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: TFL Gold Hitch Awards

It was like an awards show.. Read off the nominees and then read the winner... BFD.. (the reason I hate and don't watch award shows..) ;) Would have liked to have seen some kind of point system, since they made a point of mentioning the interior, noise level, time, ability to hold speed limit, etc. while showing the individual vehicle runs. Maybe that's how they came up with their winners, but it just would have been nice to see.. The car/truck mags use points to determine their "top choice" vehicle and tell the readers what that was. But, overall I enjoyed the individual videos of each run and the channel in general. Mitch
MitchF150 04/08/15 11:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Honest feedback on fuel

:) Hi, Mitch; Do you run Regular or Premium while towing? I read that while towing Ford recommends using Premium gas. I heard that the power and Eco-nomy will increase when burning Premium. I just run regular. I tried running premium for a few tanks, but it didn't really seem to make a difference. Just cost more.. ;) I did run the tank down pretty low before filling up the first time with premium too. If I was towing heavy, I'd probably see more of a difference, but with only a #5000 TT, it didn't make any difference to me. Mitch
MitchF150 04/08/15 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to level without popping a windshield???

Not sure if this guy popped a window, but it's pretty scary! http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/rv-s.jpg
MitchF150 04/08/15 10:36pm Class A Motorhomes
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