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RE: What Do I need?

I like the purple 360 Duster on the left.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 10/07/15 10:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Diesel Towing Capacity?

I am leaning towards buying it. Payload isn't important and tow capacity is 8450 if I remember right, and that's plenty as DW tows around 5k. I've got just over #1900 payload on my 13 F150 and I'm within #600 of that towing a #5000 TT.. Oh, it has over #11,000 "tow rating".. But, I'm also only #400 from the rear axle rating.. Only 2 people in the truck and stuff in the bed, but still... ;) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 10/07/15 10:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air compressor for winterizing

Yes.. I can run from 1 psi to 150 psi with the 15 year old Craftsman compressor I have. You can't just let it run continually while using it however... It was only a $150.00 compressor! (15 gallon tank) I will let mine run for about 5 minutes continually and then let it rest for at least 5 minutes (it takes about 5 minutes for it to fill from zero psi) if I'm using enough air using a tool or blowing out my lawn sprinkler system, or the trailer lines. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 10/07/15 09:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just Need to Whine a Little

I pass my own budget every year.. Barely, but it passes! :) Mitch
MitchF150 09/27/15 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Broken Tongue Jack

sawz all and several metal cutting blaedes should do it. I've got a #3000 electric jack that works great. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/27/15 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: please help

I forgot that he already said it was a 1500 2wd truck... With #1700 payload, that's not gonna be too much of an issue.. But, that V6 is gonna be working awful hard... I know my old F150 had the 5.4 V8 in it, and it needed to get into the upper rpms to haul my #5000 TT. Anyway, to the OP, not gonna say you "can't" tow that size/weight of TT... A lot is going to have to be your own towing performance expectations and if YOU can live with towing it.. ;) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/27/15 09:34am Travel Trailers
RE: please help

Thanks for the additional RV interest info.. Sounds like you are looking for a fully self contained travel trailer and that's great! I had an old F150 that had a #7700 "tow rating" and it towed my #5000, fully loaded TT okay, but compared to how my new F150 tows the same TT that has a #11,000 tow rating, it's not even in the same ball park.. At the time, I thought the old F150 was just fine... Sure, I got down the road, and it actually was up to my towing performance expectations and I was just fine towing it... :) But, I was also over that old F150's GVWR and rear axle rating by a "tad".. It did fine, for the 255,000 miles I drove it... But, I was not even close to it's "tow rating" and I'm not close to the new F150"s "tow rating", but there sure is a big difference in how the 2 F150's towed the same TT.. Anyway, without knowing the make/model/drivetrain of your tow vehicle and only knowing it's "tow rating" and payload, I'm gonna say, you won't be happy towing that #4800 dry weight travel trailer.. At least, I wouldn't be after towing with the new F150.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: please help

Those kind of 'ratings' tells me it's just some big SUV that has lots of passenger seats, but not much "power".. ;) Can you hitch up a #6100 TT and tow it down the road? Sure.... I could do that with my wife's RAV 4 that can't get out of it's own way as far as I'm concerned... ;) Would I be happy with the towing performance? No.. It might help us know what kind of RV you are interested in and go from there? Some are fine with a little pop up tent trailer, but some need 30'+ rigs to camp with.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trade-in vehicle question?

Well, I'd say that if the dealer knows the value of the vehicle you are trading in is worth more than the vehicle you want, I'd do the deal, if the numbers worked out to where I'd make money in the end if I was the dealer... ;) But, I would not offer you "retail" value of the vehicle you want to trade in... I'd make it worth my while at least? Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: please help

Depends.... What are the tow ratings of the truck? What is the payload of the truck? What kind of TT are you looking at? Have your ever towed anything before? Have you ever driven a truck before? Are you a Democrat or a Republican?? Other?? ha, ha! :) Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 05:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trade-in vehicle question?

The only way to answer that is to know the 2 vehicles involved?? Do we know that?? Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rear-Ended

From both of the pics you showed.. Your rig and the offending rig, I can see where the offending rig was going 35 mph, but they did not hit you square in the ass... Just glanced off your rear bumper and didn't hit your hitch at all.. Of course, that's just my opinion of just looking at 2 pics off the interweb and not seeing the vehicle myself.. :) If the Chevy would have slammed you square on the rear... Yes, you would be in a lot more hurt than just the corner of your rig being hit.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/26/15 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 EcoBoost with Max payload package Super Crew

I suggest that those who think that all pickups are created equal get out of their leather seats and crawl under one some time. The differences between the various models is more than one might think. By now, we all have heard how the ecoboost can pull 10,000-12,000 with the proper hitch, but towing it well might be another matter. No kidding. For a good laugh take a look at the 8.8" rear axle on most F150s sometime and compare it to the 11.5" rear axles on a HD truck. An Ecoboost makes good power but there's no way I'd want to approach those trailer weights with a half ton. Not with my family on board. The EcoBoost and 5.0L F150's get a 9.75" rear end. So did the old 5.4's from days gone by.. Yes, it's still a semi floater... So, I guess it's still a POS?? ;) Mitch
MitchF150 09/23/15 10:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterized w/compressed air

You have to drain the fresh water tank separately. Blowing air thru the city water connection will not drain the tank. If any tank gauges show any reading after you know they are empty, it's the gauge sensor that's wrong and you don't have to worry too much about it.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/20/15 06:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Torque Flex Axals

I've got them on my 2003 Prowler and they have been fine and I like them. Not sure how you tell the rubber is cracked, since I've never seen any 'exposed' rubber on mine? http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/brakes2.jpg Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/20/15 08:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Selling a rig your upside down on

It's great that folks can pay cash for a new vehicle. :) I don't put anything on my credit card that I can't pay off at the end of the month, so that's my way of staying "debt free".. I had to take a loan for my house, but that was 17 years ago and I only pay $900 month for it and that includes taxes and insurance. The new F150 I got 18 months ago, I'm only going to pay about $2000 interest over 6 years... In that 6 years, I'm gonna enjoy a newer vehicle than the 17 year old F150 I traded in for it and probably would not be able to save the cash payment for it in the 6 year loan I took out. (but, in that time, how much more expensive is a brand new 2019 F150 gonna cost??) But, I put a good size down payment on both my house and the new F150, so I was not upside down the next day... If you buy something with little down, and take a loan on it, you are upside down the moment you sign the papers.. All the OP can do is sell it privately, and hope to get his principle amount or sell/trade it for what he gets and move on.. We don't know why the OP wants to get rid of a new RV that they owe more on than it's worth, but that's the way it is... Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/19/15 06:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Cover Recommendations

Box length and I have a 10 year old ADCO cover that does need to be replaced just because it's so dirty... But, it's still a very functional cover and does all that I need it to do.. :) http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/truck.jpg Mitch
MitchF150 09/19/15 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: To Cover or Not to Cover?

Is there much advantage to parking in a building versus being under a carport type cover? To me, YES... I'd kill to have a carport type cover! Parking in a building trumps the carport cover 100%.. ;) If I could park my RV in a garage, I'd do it in a minute.. I park my truck and car in the garage and it makes a TON of difference in their condition. Mitch
MitchF150 09/19/15 03:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

I drove my old 97 F150 past 255,000 miles and had the busted exhaust manifold studs on both sides (#4 and #8). I had the pass side redone for around $400 at a local performance exhaust shop. They did a great job and it quieted down the "tick" significantly. I knew I had to do the drivers side, as there was still a 'tick' on cold startup, but would stop after a few minutes... Then I decided I wanted to go into debt again! That's when I got the 13 F150 and haven't looked back since! Sure, it cost $33k, but it only had 56 miles on it and it sure tows my little #5000 TT a whole lot easier than that old 97 did.... And I thought that 97 did okay towing it.. Anyway, I put the amount of money I was willing to spend on the 97 for future repairs for the down payment on the 13 and feel good about it... I didn't want another 5.4 of any year (especially 04-10)... While it served me well and was a great motor for it's time, I've been very impressed with the little 3.5 V6 I've got.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/18/15 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: To Cover or Not to Cover?

This is the only reason I cover my TT.. Been doing it for over 11 years with the same ADCO cover bought from Camping World. It's a bit dirty, but still breaths and not torn up... I install/remove myself.. I only use it during winter storage, but if you store under trees, it's the only way to protect your rig IMO.. (unless you can have a garage for it!) http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/truck.jpg Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/15/15 11:51pm Travel Trailers
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