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RE: small roof leak fix?

Spend the money, buy Eternabond and do every seam now. You will never be sorry.
bdpreece 01/17/17 08:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water keeps draining out of the overflow

Unfortunately on many rv's the overflow is plumbed in such a way that once it starts to drain for any reason such as sloshing as you go around a corner, it creates a vacuum and can empty the entire tank. For now your best bet is to plug the drain but don't forget to remove the plug when filling the tank. The correct fix is to find the overflow line and loop it upwards above the tank then down.
bdpreece 01/17/17 08:43pm Beginning RVing

Why not wait for the bill and just transfer the balance to the card you want to use then cancel the new card.
bdpreece 01/13/17 09:16pm Good Sam Club
RE: No power from shore or generator, ok on inverter, need help

Don't know how bad your wires are burnt also, not sure what "started to fume" means. On mine I was able to strip back the melted part I then used a very heavy soldering gun to solder the wires. I used electrical tape and silicone caulk to insulate them. Not a lot of room to work in there but it is doable. Unit was still working fine over two years later when I sold the coach. Unless you can see anything else burnt I would try to repair it. Since you have it out it should be easier than what I did.
bdpreece 01/12/17 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Firestone VS Bridgestone Class A Tire

I installed six 295/75R22.5 Load range H FS591s in February 2015 and now have a aproximatly 20K on them. When I first left the dealer I thought the coach seemed to steer a little light or something but after about 200 miles I no longer noticed that. It was either the old tires were bad enough to cause harder steering or the new ones had to seat in a little. Very happy with the Firestone tires. I have heard the horror stories about Firestone tires but not the truck sizes. According to the dealer both of the Stone tires are produced in the U.S. at the same plant. I buy U.S. made whenever possible.
bdpreece 01/11/17 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power from shore or generator, ok on inverter, need help

Shot in the dark here but, You don't by chance have a Xantrex inverter do you? If you do there is a flat plate on the front that has two screws holding it on, inside there are wire nut connectors that work loose over time due to vibration. Almost all AC power goes through the inverter before being distributed to the coach. When mine worked loose some of the wires actually melted . Yes, xantrex 458. I will check that plate in the morning, thanks. Same unit I had. Metal plate is on the bottom front between the two AC lines. Make sure to disconnect from all power before messing with this.
bdpreece 01/10/17 11:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power from shore or generator, ok on inverter, need help

Shot in the dark here but, You don't by chance have a Xantrex inverter do you? If you do there is a flat plate on the front that has two screws holding it on, inside there are wire nut connectors that work loose over time due to vibration. Almost all AC power goes through the inverter before being distributed to the coach. When mine worked loose some of the wires actually melted .
bdpreece 01/10/17 05:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power from shore or generator, ok on inverter, need help

First since you don't seem to be aware of it there was a recall issued for the IOTA ITS-50R transfer switch. Of course since the old Monaco is no more it does not mean much. Find your transfer switch and with the power disconnected open the cover and look for burned/melted wires. If everything looks clean, tighten all connections and try your power again. Recommendations are to replace the IOTA ITS-50R. I say this but, I am still running on mine. I do check it at least once a year though.
bdpreece 01/09/17 08:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: To have a home base or not.

We had planned on full timing. Sold our big house and the wife gave away the china, sterling silver, and a lot of jewelry to the daughter in laws. I in turn went out to the garage and discovered I could not part with my tools. We bought a small (970 sq ft) house in a 55+ community. I call it my storage shed. This allows us to have a home base, doctors etc and a place to stay when we come back to visit the family. It also meant we did not have to pay to store items we did not want to part with. In the last 10 years the wife has had open heart surgery and I have had a total knee replacement. During the recovery times I don't think either one of us could have negotiated getting in and out of our motorhome. There is no one size fits all answer. You just have to weigh your options and go with your gut. We are satisfied with our choice and now that we are cutting back on long range travel we have purchased a park model and lot In Yuma so I am happy I still have all my tools to remodel it.
bdpreece 01/09/17 12:00pm Full-time RVing
RE: Toad or No Toad?

A dolly is a necessary evil for anyone who owns a car that is not towable four down. When we owned smaller motorhomes we never used a toad but as the size of the RV increased we found like you that we were missing out on too many things. We towed a dolly for several years and found that the biggest downside was probably what to do with the dolly after we arrived at a site. Second dislike was the time it took to get the car on the dolly and strap it down. This was especially irritating when it was raining. Get one but, my recommendation would be to make sure it has brakes.
bdpreece 01/07/17 11:44am Dinghy Towing
RE: Converted Fluorescent Fixtures to LEDs

Nice job. I did almost the exact thing two years ago except I only used four strips. We very seldom flip the switch to change over to two strips but it is there if we just want mood lighting. I had read about the cheaper LED's ( I went as cheap as I could) burning out. I added a dropping resistor to the input of each light to make sure input voltage should never exceed 12 volts. so far after a little over two years of use I have yet to loose one LED. Previously I was changing out one or two florescent tubes every trip. This is a fun winter project for anyone who can use a soldering iron.
bdpreece 01/07/17 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt..no lights

Is the salesman's switch by the exit door on? If so you need to find the relay that it controls and check the voltage on both sides to see if it is working. Or you could just jumper across it and see if the 12 volts is restored. These relays have a history of failing.
bdpreece 01/04/17 09:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Gauges Out

I have heard many stories of bad grounds to the dash gauges. You might want to find a good ground connection and run a wire from that to the gauges just to see if they come on.
bdpreece 12/31/16 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Led strips

OK. Misunderstood location. As someone said get bulbs rated at higher voltages. Or you could still install a dropping resistor or regulator to keep the voltage at 12 volts.
bdpreece 12/30/16 08:04am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Led strips

I am hesitant to brag as I bought the cheapest strings of led lights I could find. After reading how the cheap ones won't handle higher voltages I made the decision to install a dropping resister on the input to each light. I did this over four years ago using 4 strips of 12V 5M 500CM Waterproof Warm-White 5050 300 LED's in each of my fixtures. I stripped out the ballasts and just used the shells. I was worried about the led's burning out as the higher the voltage the more current they draw (LED's work backwards from everything else electrical) . My solution was to take the highest voltage I thought they would see calculate the current draw for the four strips I was using and then buy dropping resistors to make sure the led's never see over 12 volts. So far I have not lost one LED and I really don't notice any dimming of the lights when my batteries start to get low. A lot cheaper than buying expensive LED's or installing regulators and much easier to wire in, just have to make sure the resistor is placed where the heat can dissipate.
bdpreece 12/29/16 07:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mt Shasta CA to Susanville CA on 89 and 44

It's a **** shoot. If the roads are clear it's a great route. Unfortunately I have had the pleasure of driving this in a 30 ft motorhome when a storm hit. snowed hard and long, could hardly tell where the road was. Never again before March or after November.
bdpreece 12/28/16 07:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Getting Started Again

The clicking is probably the clutch. It is slipping as the rusted gears are making the system act as though the slide is at the end of it's travel, or has hit an obstruction. I would get an aerosol can of the penetrating lubricant of your choice, and shoot it in there. If room permits, tapping it with a plastic headed hammer etc. may be enough to free it up. If not, a drive may very well do it. It all depends on just how "stuck" the gears are. Good luck X2!! Spend $5 for a can of aerosol penetrating lube and save $400 or $500. Spray everything down. let it set a few hours then get some one to push the switch while you try to help it get started moving. Be careful though those gears will eat fingers. You also might want to check to see if the slide seals need some 303 Protectant or something similar as they may be stuck also.
bdpreece 12/27/16 08:01am Travel Trailers
RE: How many days to travel 1,260 miles?

You will have 25 hours of travel time. I tow at 60 and my average is right at 50mph. NW WA to SoCal similar distance took 4 days to get there. I used to do in in two but those days are mostly over. I concur. No matter what I do by the end of my trips I average 50 miles an hour. That means 25 driving hours. However you want to split it out is up to you.
bdpreece 12/23/16 07:07pm Towing
RE: Thinking about being a snowbird...

We bought an RV lot in Yuma this spring and will spend the winter there. Whether you buy or rent prices seem to be low in this area due to the low number of Canadian visitors coming South due to the current monetary conversion rate. The weather is warm and the local merchants seem to want us.
bdpreece 12/19/16 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wifi and park rules

Some repeaters/access points have an option where you can specify whether to broadcast your ID. You can still connect it just isn't visible to others.
bdpreece 12/19/16 10:39am Technology Corner
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