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RE: Tow/Haul Mode and manual shifting

The only time I shift manually is when I have my cruise set. It seems like it holds the gear too long before it down shifts and I lose too much speed and then it drops 2 gears.
fireman41 08/03/16 04:05pm Towing
RE: ATVing Idaho

Looks like a nice time. In Pa we just gate the hole trail for everything. In most counties you can't even ride your ATV on the dirt fire roads.
fireman41 07/30/16 08:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: The RV's Prayer

God bless our traveling home And guide us where e're we roam Help us find the roads we seek And please don't let the plumbing leak... Save us, please from engine trouble And mechanics who charge us double As we travel on our way Bless us with sunshine every day And while you're watching over all, Could you let gas prices fall? Lead us toward good food and friends And when at last our journey ends Grant our rolling home sweet rest Until the next endurance test. Can I steal this
fireman41 07/24/16 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: A new solution to the "jacked up" truck

^^^^^There isn't any reason for the height of the trucks, just as there is no reason for jacked up pickup trucks in the first place other than "style". That is supposed to be the macho look, or so I suppose. I guess it's like owning an 4 wheel drive SUV and living in the city: form over function. :) What do they say in Texas: "All hat and no cattle"? :) Or some people actually use the 4x4 part of the truck and need the extra ground clearance.
fireman41 07/05/16 05:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bikes over Tonneau Cover

I built something similar to that. But I have the back rack bed rails and a under the bed side vinyl tonneau cover. I do like the way the bikes are held in yours better. Mine the front tire is held between a set of up rights and I strap the back tires down.
fireman41 07/02/16 06:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with an Avalanche

When did they stop producing the 2500 Avalanches? 2007 was the last year.
fireman41 06/25/16 07:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Oh My I think we ALL might have OCD!

Now only if work didn't get into the way.
fireman41 06/23/16 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving camper unoccupied - help

Just leave a pair of old size 14 work boots outside the door. With a few empty shot gun shells laying around. :B
fireman41 06/23/16 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer wheel balancing

Does anyone get their tire/wheels balanced when putting new tires on? Generally on trailers I have not seen this done, but it would make sense so it makes for a smoother ride in RV. Thanks in advance for your responses! IMO balancing TT tires is a waste of $$ since it is not occupied vehicle so NVH is a non issue. Larry It's not really about the ride it about doing any little thing that you can do to help increase the life of our camper. Like this spring I put the Dexter ez flex equalizer and wet bolt kit on my camper this spring. I didn't do it to make it tow better I did to help and try to reduce the amount of shock the camper has to take and hopefully make it last longer. I also had my new tires balanced.
fireman41 06/16/16 06:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using 4wd to slow down

Not true my 2013 has full manual hubs. Unless you physically turn in the hubs the front axle will not be engaged. Is it a Superduty? If so, I think you are mistaken. If you look at the hub dial closely you will see it has AUTO and LOCK positions. You can force them locked, but you cannot force them unlocked. But I've been wrong before. The Ford Superduty system that had Auto and Lock on the hubs was a vacuum operated system. They were free spinning until you put the shift on the fly selector in 4wd hi or low. Then a small electric valve under the hood, passenger side right next to the vacuum pump applied vacuum to the front hubs. The lock position was a safety in case of failure in the auto system. You could pull the connector off that valve and put the truck in 4 low without locking in the front wheels thus forcing low range without actually being in 4 wheel drive. It was not the best system out there and I had problems with it twice. http://i.imgur.com/XXn5LBxl.jpg This is my 2013 F250 hubs. Just free and lock, no auto no vacuum
fireman41 06/16/16 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Coast to coast in an Electric car towing a trailer.

Why not hydrogen.(disclosure I transport and deliver liquid hydrogen). Right now Toyota is in the process of building a hydrogen fueling network in the north east it's going to start small and only consists of 12 stations but it's a start. Also lots of food wearhouse have switched there fork lift fleets over to run on hydrogen.
fireman41 06/15/16 04:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using 4wd to slow down

Not true my 2013 has full manual hubs. Unless you physically turn in the hubs the front axle will not be engaged. Is it a Superduty? If so, I think you are mistaken. If you look at the hub dial closely you will see it has AUTO and LOCK positions. You can force them locked, but you cannot force them unlocked. But I've been wrong before. Yes it's a Super Duty. Free and lock are the only two options
fireman41 06/14/16 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Using 4wd to slow down

Manual hubs have not been available on a Superduty since at least 2005. Not even with a manual shifter. I know because I would have swapped out my auto hubs a long time ago if they made them. That's where the 2WD/low range modification comes in that I mentioned above. I have not done that mod but it is pretty simple. Don't know about other brands, but would bet they are similar. Not true my 2013 has full manual hubs. Unless you physically turn in the hubs the front axle will not be engaged.
fireman41 06/13/16 08:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: New truck and hitch weighed

I have weight the truck separately, truck and TT, Truck TT with EZ WDH hooked up. F250 Truck no TT Steer axle 4880 drive axle 3260 F250 with WDH attached Steer axle 4460 Drive axle 4540 trailer 13260 F250 without WDH installed steer axle 4300 Drive axle 4760 Trailer 13220 I appear to me I need to move more weight to the steer axle. I assume I need to raise my hitch height maybe one hole up. The TT sits almost perfectly level right now but the front end is raised 1 1/2 inches. TT tows well (5090 loaded) but I know it could be improved on with more weight moved forward. Any advise would be appreciated. im assuming that the 13220 is the total gross weight not the trailer axles.
fireman41 06/12/16 04:38am Towing
RE: New truck and hitch weighed

I don't know what year the op F250 is but the manual in my 2013 only recommends 50% of the weight being restored
fireman41 06/11/16 10:11am Towing
RE: This was me 34 years ago!

That's very cool Trailrider. This is why it's so important to snap photos as we go thru life, there will a time when we or our loved ones will look back on pictures and smile at how we were back in the day. The other day me and my co driver (team truck driver) were getting a bite to eat and I was looking at some old pictures of the 30s on the wall, and was think about how few pictures there are of that era. Now everyone has a smart phone in there pocket and they are probably trillions of pictures and videos of everything to day. At no other to.e in history has everything been photographed and video to from almost every angle possible. Back when I was a kid (not that long ago to some) it was wish would had the camera now it's look at this picture I got with my phone.
fireman41 06/11/16 10:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Any one lower their tt

When I put the Dexter ez flex Hd suspension on my jayco 26bh it did drop it some. But so far on the few short pulls I've done I haven't noticed any difference in the way it handles.
fireman41 06/07/16 04:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Camping Trip with Our New Diesel

Downshifting and backing out of the throttle will help your engine/transmission run cooler. No need for high revs but you don't want to lug it either. Computer will do the job shifting when needed, just hold it to the floor. Aisin trans stays cool in any conditions. Pic is pulling long 7 percent grade west of Golden Colorado, 32,950# per Cat Scales. http://i.imgur.com/5gIrGzjl.jpg Most of us don't need to hold it to the floor to pull our units up grade. With the torque in these trucks I can often pull grades at 15-1700 RPM. If I left the computer do it then that's where it stays. It's easier on the trans to lock it down in 5th and let'er cool. You know those big horse power and torque numbers are made and wide open throttle.
fireman41 06/07/16 03:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What am I doing

Why are you so worried about the RPM your engine spins? Likely the same reason so many on here are overly conscientious about weight limits. Some don't like running in the edge of their rated capacities, some don't like wringing out their engine for every last drop of hp.The sweet spot on my Ford 6.2 is 5500 RPM. Might sound like you are in a stock car, but it accelerates up a grade at highway speeds pretty well. Brings a smile to my face when I hear my 6.2 sing. And with my semi truck there are times when I drop 4gears to top a hill with the my foot to the floor and the engine against the red line.
fireman41 06/06/16 01:35pm Towing
RE: What am I doing

Turtle...so funny and sad isn't it... The why of idiot lights that now include the Tach with no red line, automatics with the T/H button and a big etc... Folks, with all of the 'highly integrated' components/systems of current era vehicles, the OEMs have listened to you all...no more is there much human control over these vehicles...it is all done via the computer(s) that are highly integrated with everything If you wish to go faster up hill...just stomp on the throttle (which is no longer connected to the throttle by the way...it is 'wired' to the computer, which is then connected to the throttle) till you attain the speed you wish to go at. Why there is no longer a red line...if you wish to go faster, the computer will manage to the red line it was told to via the software, which will NOT allow you to over-rev any ICE in stock form If it won't/can't...either the computer thinks it will harm whatever it is controlling, or hits one of the safety limits set by the OEM...don't like those safety limits...get a tuner to remove them for the seat of the butt perceived higher HP... Amazing too that folks will ask: "when towing...should I turn on the Tow/Haul?" Pretty soon, they will integrate that decision into the highly integrated computer system(s)...so that folks won't have to make that decision... Back to the OP's question...yes, adding approx 50% more weight will add about 50% more weight loading (simple answer) and add that the comments of higher frontal sail area will also increase the loading on the same TV/Engine So if going up hill had the throttle floored to attain 45MPH...with the added 50% more weight and possible increased frontal area...yes it will NOT be able to attain/hold 45MPH on that same hill...with the same ambient conditions Going bigger trailer and wish for same or more performance, get a bigger TV Said it often and say it again...inanimate TV has folks not understand this metric...think if a horse and want to crack the whip to make it go faster and the blood that would draw from that horse had folks understand...what us gear-head/boy-racer/wrench kids learned long ago...have both blown up ICE's and repaired/rebuilt buddies blown ICEs... There needs to be a like button
fireman41 06/04/16 02:45pm Towing
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