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RE: F250 6.2 gas Towing heavy with 3.73 rear ??

The diesel's $9K more expensive initially, but much of that will be regained when you sell or trade the truck. And used buyers will jump all over a diesel. Gas trucks at resale time just don't pull top prices. The diesel engine is just so much more durable and trouble free. The value of a diesel comes from improved fuel mileage, and it really comes into its own in the long run. You will keep it longer and be hesitant to trade it. And about all the weight I'd want to tow with a gas truck is 10K lbs. So I guess I got lucky when I got top dollar for my 13 year old V10, and what's really funny is it only sat of the dealers lot for 2 days before it went to a new home. :h If you never owned or drove a 6.2 how do you come up with your 10K figure. Denny Don't you know you can't pull anything bigger tHan a pup up with a gas. I also think it has something to do with the fact that at 4500 rpm they the engine is going to explode.
fireman41 01/27/15 08:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel Mileage on New Gas F250 towing & around town.

2013 F250 XLT, 4x2, 6.2, 3.73 axle, Super Cab short bed, stock 17" tires. Empty combo highway/city driving is 15.3 MPG Towing with 7K lbs 9.5 MPG to 10.1 MPG.. Owned it two years and still can't wipe the smile off my face! Couple of things to consider if you test drive a 6.2.. This engine is highly restrained on take off due to traction control and power management system, this is done by the computer so you don't lose traction to easily.. The result is some folks may feel like the engine is a slug, but it isn't. It doesn't really start opening the throttle until the engine is above 2K RPM, under WOT conditions so don't expect it to have a fast start off the line at the lights.. But boy once it hits 2K RPM it takes off like a bat out of you know what.. Is it going to pull your trailer like your diesel? NO, but it most likely will do a decent job, just at a higher RPM. Don't be worried about allowing the 6.2 run 4K even 5K RPMs it won't hurt it and will not reduce the life of the engine. I kept my old 2003 F250 with 5.4 which has 200K miles on the clock.. I ran that engine at 4K RPM a lot when towing and that engine does not use a drop of oil! Ford has done an outstanding job with in cab noise, they have added a lot of noise abatement insulation through out the cab.. This is the first time I have seen actual insulation on the rear wall of a Super cab and even in the engine compartment the firewall also has a nice insulation blanket to boot.. Much quieter than any of my previous F250s! If you do decide to buy, make sure you get the electronic locking axle option.. This is an expensive option but the locking axle is down right awesome for traction if you are stuck.. It only operates up to 25MPH and will automatically cut off when you exceed 25mph. Much better than the old limited slip.. Almost like my truck except my is 4x4. I do alot of short trips with mine and I get 13.5. Now I only drive it on weekends because I drive truck otr. But a few time I did run local and had to drive to work all week and I got it up to 16.5. When towing my Jayco 26bh my numbers are about the same. The 6.2 is a big bore short stroke engine so it likes to spin. I normally would let it run upto and hold 4500 rpm when pulling a hill. But don't let that scare you cause this beast will red line at 6 grand. Also I think 5 star makes a good tuner that will wake it up off the line.
fireman41 01/22/15 07:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 to tow a light 5th - do I need HD cargo option?

Doesn't the hd option have a different rear axle too. Cause if I remember they have 7 lug wheels.
fireman41 01/22/15 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anderson Hitch

Sounds like a great theoretical discussion but I can't figure out why anybody would even care in the real world. In the real world our trailers all have at least 10% tongue weight, unless you purposely loaded up the back of the trailer. But why would you do that? I have an Andersen and I'm comforted by knowing that I don't have to worry about tongue weight. Beyond that I can't imagine why I'd mess with it. Fun discussion, though, I would try it but some one need to buy me one of those nice scales and shovel out my tt.
fireman41 01/22/15 07:28pm Towing
RE: towing with v6 Ram

Low grear and 4 way flashers on the big hills. Just get used to the slow lane. If not over any weights go for it. Just don't expect to be king of the hills. And when getting onto the interstates plan your merging carefully cause you won't get up to speed as fast.
fireman41 01/22/15 07:21pm Towing
RE: BIG Waste Water Tote Wanted

Hey new idea. build a 60 gal tote and put some kind of motor on it .
fireman41 01/22/15 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: 26bh

If you have it narrowed down to that floor model, than you have to start looking at details. I personally think the jayco 26bh was built a bit better than the rest. Little things like the tracks in the kitchen drawers and the beds had the gas struts on them to get into the storage area. Also 90 gals of fresh water is nice too. On I bought mine used last year and it's a 2011 but it was taken care of. So far I have not had any issues and I love it.
fireman41 01/11/15 04:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anti-Sway Hitch not so much weight distro

If you don't have to move alot of weight and don't want to mess with bars and grease, get the anderson no sway hitch. I use it with my Jayco 26bh and my f250 works great.
fireman41 01/10/15 12:35pm Towing
RE: Anderson Hitch

Love mine. Quite no grease lite weight. What's not to like. I also don't do 100% back to the front axle but ford says no need to and my f250 handled just fine.
fireman41 01/02/15 09:02pm Towing
RE: Wheel Bearings Packed? Yearly Maintenance

Kinda off topic,but it still has to do with bearings. Does any one make an oil bath hub? I would seriously think about upgrading to those.
fireman41 01/01/15 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Connecticut to Tampa

If you go down 81 when you get to MD take us 17 down to 95. That why you miss Baltimore and DC . And you can get back on 95 at Fredericksburg Md.
fireman41 12/28/14 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: pirate ships

Thanks for some cool ideas. The St Augustin FL would be a neat trip, it would take two 500 mile days to get there but could be doable. Going to Erie would make a nice weekend trip we are about 2 or so hours away from there. And I never even thought about seeing the USS Constitution.
fireman41 12/28/14 08:43am Family Camping
pirate ships

well im trying to plan are next family vaction. And my little boy just loves pirates right now. So I thought it would be nice to spend a week some where were we could see some old sailing ships, and with any luck some stuff that has to do with pirates. We live in western PA we could go as far as southen Main or Sanva GA. Unfonantly the kids are still to young to do 600+ days and my time is limted to 2 weeks max,but im hopping to take 2 one week vactions if posable. So that will leave out anything on the left coast and the golf cost. Woild love any help are input thanks
fireman41 12/27/14 04:57pm Family Camping
RE: Duel Exhaust

This thread made me smile. In my high school days I had a an 86 chevy truck lifed up and dual pipes that dumped out in front of the rear tires. You could hear this thing coming from two miles away. I had more than one town cop tell me to keep it down going through town.
fireman41 12/22/14 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane - when is a fill a true fill

I know that what i do for a living is nothing like filling a propane tank, but but what I do fill the liquid Nitrogen,Argon,Oxygen but mostly I do liquid Hydrogen tanks that many industry use. Now everone of these tanks have what we call a full try cock valve. At the start of the delivery open this valve up and when the gas truns to a liquid we then know that the tank is full. The liquid hydrogen is set up a bit differnt than the lin lox or lar but it works mostly the same way. Now if that purge on a proprane tank is indeed a full try cock valve, the correct way to fill it would be to open it and wait till the liquid comes out. Any other way may just be over filling the tank.
fireman41 12/20/14 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

Don't forget that your car like ride will disappear when loaded up. And if you think a 3/4 ton will be better riding, you will be disappointed. I have an f250, tho it does ride nice it's nothing like the plush car ride of the new 1/2 ton Silverado
fireman41 12/01/14 03:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 6.2L Engine

I do love the sound of my super duty with the 6.2.
fireman41 11/20/14 06:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Andersen Hitch for Lightweights

I am curious if the Andersen hitch will control sway w/o hooking up weight distribution chains. The web site has a video that shows how the friction material works by adding weight. I dont want to hassle with chains etc, and need sway control only. Your thoughts pleaase. No it wont. The way the the anderson works is that the hole ball truns in a tapered hole that has a fiction material. If you don't hook the plate up at the bottom of the ball and attach the chains your toung will just trun on the ball. But you don't have to have the chains tight just take all the slack out of them.
fireman41 11/19/14 05:51am Towing
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

What you don't want to see on your chevrolet dual…: http://youtu.be/3jIRWPbUT3E Guess that was a C clip in 1 ton dully
fireman41 10/18/14 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

Firemen You will not lose a wheel due to broken axle on a full floater. You will with a semi floater except in the case of a tapered bearing semi floater. A stick of dynamite will blow a wheel off both the semi floater and full floater axles. Lol My gosh your right. What was I thinking. Did you read the part about the wheel bearing failure causing it to chew the heck out of the hub and spindle that my cause you lot lose you wheel and hub assembly with the axle shaft attached. it does happen.
fireman41 10/18/14 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
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