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RE: Low bridges

You are not going to find any bridges less than 13'6" on any interstate. The 13' you seen on the bridges on I94 is the height of the bridge on the shoulder. The travled part of the road is at least 13'6". ^^^ Standard van semi trailer is 13 6 tall. There are a couple in Detroit that are marked 13 7. The CB antennas hit, but the trailer clears! My antennas would hit some of the bridges on the PA turn pike.
fireman41 02/11/18 12:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Low bridges

Another note on bridge heights if you plan on traveling in New York. New York has a lot of bridges marked 12'9" but there are actually 13'6", but some are marked 12'9" and really are 12'9" tall.
fireman41 02/11/18 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Low bridges

You are not going to find any bridges less than 13'6" on any interstate. The 13' you seen on the bridges on I94 is the height of the bridge on the shoulder. The travled part of the road is at least 13'6".
fireman41 02/10/18 08:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watch Out For Tie Interceptors

I didn't see a heavy duty truck in that Nissan commercial. Did you not see the 379?
fireman41 12/27/17 01:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer parts that are rip offs.

UPS and Fedex only make about $23000.00/load hauled from La to NY. My Class 8 made $7500 for the same trip w/48000 lb. Say that's not over charging! Is that total revenue, or profit?
fireman41 10/17/17 05:12am Travel Trailers
RE: GPS strikes again

My GPS has never made me turn down a road that I didn't want to go on.
fireman41 10/15/17 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer parts that are rip offs.

If you set down and think about how many people it takes to get that part from one side of the country to the next, $60 is a fair price.
fireman41 10/15/17 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable waste tanks

For me, a wheeled tote tank proved to be the biggest waste of $$$ mistake I've ever made since we began RVing years ago. :( Costly, heavy when full, still heavy when empty, awkward to clean thoroughly so it doesn't stink, takes up too much room in the truck for transport, looks ugly hanging off the back of the trailer, is awkward to store out of the way at home, and always threatened to pop off the hitch ball as I towed it over bumpy campground roads. :M It only took a few trips before I realized the error of my ways and sold it to another unsuspecting RV owner who also thought this would be his answer to waste water management woes. With the proceeds I bought a FloJet Waste Macerator so I can service my tanks here at home but anytime I may find the need to off load black water while camping I can pump it with the macerator into a few inexpensive 7 gal Aquatainers labeled for GW/BW use that sit in the back of my truck, for a later trip to the dump station. Grey water I usually don't even bother with the macerator but simply gravity feed it into those same GW Aquatainers. K.I.S.S. - no tote. :) Funny my experience has been the total opposite. I sold my old 4 wheel 32 gallon tote on Craigslist and purchased a 42 gallon tote with pneumatic wheels.The 42 gallon tote works great and is easy enough to handle I can carry it on my rear ladder. AS far as looks beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The tank is a tool for dumping it's not a work of art.:S I also have a flojet macerator that I seldom use because it takes too long. The flojet work as designed but dumping through a 1" hose takes a lot longer than the 3" stinky slinky Being that if has pneumatic tires, is it any Quieter when you pull it through the camp ground.
fireman41 10/03/17 04:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Another reason I hate my F150

Sorry to hear about your bad day. Also I have no idea why the manufacturers seam to think that it's a good idea to delete the transmission dip stick.
fireman41 09/27/17 03:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Give me a tornado anyday over a hurricane

I'll stick with western Pa weather. A occasional tornado a few floods some Severe thunderstorms and bad winter storms.
fireman41 09/09/17 09:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Stupid stupid idiot towing a TT

It just not people with campers. I was down at the gravel yard getting gravel for my new camper parking pad. This pad took about 8 ton of 2a to build. Now I own a F250 and a 10k dump trailer and I can only haul 4 tons at a time. Even that's a bit heavy for me. But it's the same trailer as a 12k but it's listed as a 10k for licensing reasons. I get my stone and in comes this guy with a F150 and a 7k dump trailer. He gets 5 ton of stone. That's 10000 lbs of stone in a 7000 gvwr trailer. All I could do is shake my head and be glad that he was going north and I was going south.
fireman41 09/03/17 07:39am Towing
RE: Gas mileage on dodge 2500

I don't worry about it. When we plan trips I figure on 6.5 mpg as a average and budget from there .
fireman41 09/03/17 07:09am Travel Trailers
RE: 8' or 6.5' truck bed ?

Can't see myself ever getting along bed anymore. I haven't had an long bed truck sense high school. I currently have a crew cab short bed Super Duty. I have yet to say to my self I wish I had a longer bed. I do however own a 12 foot dump trailer for the big loads. It is so much easier to unload than a 8 foot truck bed.
fireman41 08/20/17 06:50am Towing
RE: Joined the diesel side of the force

You will not believe how much easier towing is about to become for you. Once you leave the mountains (beach, Disneyworld, etc.), don't be afraid to use cruise control while towing. You can now. Use cruise all the time with my 6.2. Up hill down hill and on the flats. The only thing is I'll use the manual mode more when in the hills. For some reason with the cruise on the auto will hold the gear too long before it will down shift, than it will drop 2 gears. In manual mode I'll down shift sooner and hold 4th gear up over most Hills.
fireman41 07/23/17 12:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4 wheel drive

I really don't understand these diesel and grass problem comments. I recently sold 24 acres of sloping pasture I owned. Drove my two different F350 diesels all over it wet and dry and never used 4x4 unless it was sloppy muddy. Wet grass never a problem. I hunt in the TX hill country and we have a dirt and grass "road" about a half mile thru pastures to our cabin. Again I have never used 4x4 unless sloppy muddy. And have never had to use 4x4 to pull the 34' 5er out of a grass RV site. I don't think I am that much better driver than any one else. :h I can't even pull my empty dump trailer out of it spot in 2 wheel drive when the grass is wet. And these new anti traction control stuff won't even let me spin the tires fast enough to clean the mud from the tread. Even with advanced track and traction control off I can barely get the tires to spin.
fireman41 07/21/17 09:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4 wheel drive

My F250 can barely back up a hill in wet grass in 2 wheel drive. I doubt an F350 single wheel would be any better.
fireman41 07/21/17 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another camping trip to reflect on around future campfires

I could not live in some of the Nazi neighborhoods that you people live in. I like the ability to park what I want when I want where I want at my house. Sieg Heil, "Fireman41" - Sure hope that's just your ID, and not your profession..:( Readers should realize that most/all *Firefighters* have more positive terms for the neighborhoods they serve - and/or "that you people live in"..:R..:o BTW - in many urban communities it's *NOT* a matter of rules and regs (CC&Rs) or HOAs - but simply that residential lots don't have the space to store an RV. And many folks aren't fortunate -or wealthy- enough to have that "ability".:S ~ I'm sorry my PC switch was off. I'm sure that those neighborhoods are nice neighborhoods. The Nazi term might have been a bit strong. I also sure that they are not a totalitarian state. As long as you don't paint your house the wrong color don't let your grass get to long and make sure that you buy the right kind of vehicle to park in your drive way. Now on to my I.D. I am a truck driver by trade. My I.D. comes from the fact that I am volunteer firefighter, and i love my community. I have spent endless hours training and Drilling with my fire department. I have spent many of my free weekend drilling with neighboring fire departments,to make sure that we all know who to work together. I have been burned by the hot summers sun and frozen to the core by the cold winters wind to serve my community. When the flood waters came a few years ago I made sure my Neighbors were safe,even using my own pick up truck to get stranded motorist. Mean well my hose was filling up with water. There are many times when it seems like I may have put my needs and my family second to my community and my fire department. So don't you ever accuse me of not caring for my fellow man or my community because I spout off about some overbearing HOA.
fireman41 07/20/17 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Another camping trip to reflect on around future campfires

I could not live in some of the Nazi neighborhoods that you people live in. I like the ability to park what I want when I want where I want at my house.
fireman41 07/19/17 07:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck slams into RV on I-75 Florida

I've had plenty of cars try and take the front bumper off of semi truck. I have also passed my share of RVs that set in the left lane doing 60 mph. I'm sorry that some of my fellow drivers are pigs and ********. But you know some of the RVers out here are not much better.
fireman41 07/16/17 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Sequoia towing at max for over 5,000 miles - comfortably

I posted the same write up in the Tundra forum but felt it belonged here as well as so many people ask about towing with their SUV. 2010 Toyota Sequoia Limited with 155,000 miles ATF changed out every year, all other fluids kept fresh as well. LT tires, Bilstien shocks all around, rear spring spacer. 2017 Grand Design 2800BH with shock kit and Hensley hitch. Gross weight fully loaded is 7100lbs with a tongue weight of 960lbs. Again that's fully loaded, with some amount of fresh water, and the Hensley hitch with 1400lbs bars. Wisconsin to many parts of Cali and many stops in between. 6934 miles total 5,000++ miles towing, including towing to/from/thru Yosemeti, Rocky Mountain NP, Death Valley. We were towing and pulling thru mountain hills at temps well over 100 multiple days, many days were around 115. Death Valley day was 121. I'll be very frank, I could not tow this trailer without the Hensley (or Propride) design hitch. I used to tow a 24' trailer with the Sequoia (Honda Pilot too!) and did very well. But one day out of the blue I opted to try the Hensley and never went back. There is simply no comparison. IMO, anyone feeling they need a bigger truck to tow their in weight spec travel trailer, try one of these hitches before you throw down on a bigger truck or dump your trailer! They have a 60 day trail period, you would only loose about $150 to ship the unit back if you found its not for you. Make no mistake, there will be things you hate about it, but you will absolutely love towing with it. Best of all...you get to keep your favorite 1/2 ton or SUV...and/or avoid buying a dedicated tow vehicle. EDIT: Additional info; - Rear camera on trailer is now a requirement for me. - Brake controller is a Prodigy P2 with "boost option" set on B3. http://i.imgur.com/OYQYscw.jpg width=800 http://i.imgur.com/5dvQmoE.jpg?1 width=800 http://i.imgur.com/iqSQuii.jpg width=800 Vegas baby... http://i.imgur.com/iBLqnmn.jpg width=800 Near the 12,000ft peak of Rocky Mtn NP... http://i.imgur.com/3FFZgEd.jpg width=800 Your "gleefulness" of your "demonstration" of just how "good" your borderline over specifications rig is really saddening if not a bit sickening to me. It really SHOULD be more like "FOLKS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" type of demonstration. You have been LUCKY, but keep in mind, one day, MR MURPHEY WILL come to visit you.. And on that day, YOU may not be so lucky. I HAVE been visited by Mr Murphy not once but TWICE with DEER running right in front of me while towing a trailer loaded at about 6500 lbs while driving 68 MPH. Fortunately for me and my family I INTENTIONALLY chose to go with a much more capable tow vehicle than what you have.. I have been towing TTs for 15 yrs now and my vehicle of choice at a minimum is a 3/4 ton truck.. My current truck has 3415 lbs of CARGO capacity and my 860 lb tongue weight is nothing for my vehicle to handle, in fact, I go bare foot without WD or sway control.. BOTH times I never lost control or even felt like I was going to lose control.. BOTH times I was able to maintain full and complete control of the vehicle and trailer. BOTH times I never left the lane, no sway, not even a slight hint.. IF I had YOUR setup (including your HA hitch), the outcome would have been pretty grim to fatal for not only the deer but myself or my family. Marginal setups like yours can be "made" to work under NORMAL CONDITIONS (IE sunshine and no obstacles) but when presented with bad weather or emergency maneuvers like a deer darting in front of you or a car stopping in front of you all bets will be off. I should know about marginal setups, used to tow a utility trailer with a small car before I had a TT, was not fun and fought me all the time.. It wasn't until a bought a pickup truck and discovered a whole different world of towing that was not a fight.. I simply did not know better until I had a much better suited tow vehicle. My post comes from the voice of experience, I have been there, done that with an overloaded tow vehicle.. I will not go back to that. I'm sorry but if you feel that you would have lost control of a fully loaded vehicle, and killed someone because of a deer. Please stay off the road. We don't need more people out here who can't drive. Also the OP setup is no worse than someone pulling a 3 axle fifth wheel toy hauler With a 2500/250.
fireman41 07/15/17 08:21pm Travel Trailers
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