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RE: RV Parks You Love Then You Hate Them You Need Them

Since I did a lighthearted look at RV'ers and their groupings I thought I should be even handed and do the same for RV Parks. After more than two years on the road and by my count about 138 RV parks stayed in in almost every state west of a line drawn north and south on about the line of the Mississippi and a few hundred miles east of that from North Dakota to Fla to Texas the Baja and all the way to Alaska I think I can claim to have experienced about every type of RV Park that exists. And their owners. There are several "degrees" of RV Parks from the ultra expensive, gated and patrolled that cater "exclusively" to Class A's to the humble smaller, simple places with gravel drives, no pool and (thank god) no Pickle Ball courts where riding in your $10 thousand dollar Golf Cart would elicit laughter and pointing. The owners and staffs too are a very mixed bag from huge corporations with professional management and layers of bureaucracy to the Mom and Pop who got into the business "to retire". It strikes me as I have traveled around and stayed in so many that a great many RV Parks, not all mind you, are owned and operated by people who have had no real experience in business and frankly do not belong in the hospitality business at all as they clearly do not like dealing with people and do it rather badly. These folks I like to surmise decided "Wouldn't it be great to Own and RV Park!" "Build it kick back and let the money roll in...." mmm right. These folks then come up hard against the fact that it can be a lot of work. And they have to deal with ALL THESE DEMANDING CUSTOMERS! Even though those same customers pay their Bills, and the mortgage they truly do not like us and dont really want to deal with us. I wonder given some of what I see if they really understand ROI or what is truly profit vs Cash flow. It leaves me scratching my head sometimes how they manage. Having said that I have seen many businesses survive and frankly do well (not nearly as good as they might however) in spite of their dubious Owner/Management rather than because of them. There are many owners who do like to meet and deal with customers and who take their customers wants and needs seriously and do a great job of making their parks welcoming and neat and a pleasant place to stay. These can be either smaller places humble and simple or can be more modern and complicated. These are often run by middle aged folks who have some business experience an understand how to deal with people and customers. They have struck a great balance between "Rules" and freedom. They appreciate their customers and show it. The Harvard Business Review has quite a few great articles on how businesses fail (and succeed) including well known ones like Best Buy, Martha Stewart Living, Dell etc. Most of the fault lies with the FOUNDERS and their inability to change with the times and the market. I see this phenomenon in RV Parks all the time. Many are slow to catch on to new trends,technology and customer needs. As a group RV parks are some of THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY BACKWARD companies on the planet...yea the planet. I cannot tell you how many owners I run into that cant even troubleshoot their WIFI systems. Much less understand that in today's world WIFI is like running water it's an necessary infrastructure. Now please save me the arguments about how the margins are low and there is no money to be made and do I know how much it costs? Actually yes I do. I don't think owning an RV Park is a fast way to riches for sure. But the numbers are there. It pencils out. You can make a decent ROI and a nice living. The big corporate parks are another game altogether. Some are no better at customer relations than some of the Mom and Pop ones...mostly due to bad staff training than anything else.Usually everything works and all is neat and well trimmed, driveways are concrete or asphalt and there are 8 pages of rules. Occasionally I stay at one of these and have nice stay. But like going into Target it's essentially impersonal. And it doesnt have to be that way. These parks also tend to have hundreds of spaces, and often some pretty touchy year-rounders who think they run the place. These kinds of parks are big on "Activities". A sea of Blue hair line dancing is not my idea of fun. Especially when you throw in the fact it's TEQUILA NIGHT! Oh dear. Dont go near the Jacuzzi. My favorite kind of park is smaller, more manageable, with kind management that truly understands customer service and is friendly but not intrusive. A place where most of the folks around you are neighborly but respectful. What happens inside a park and the atmosphere is set by the management. It can be cold an impersonal or warm and friendly, easy going (with limits) or chaotic and noisy. Good management knows how to get this right. I dont really care if the streets are paved or gravel or the site completely level I want everything to work, be maintained and get what I pay for. All too often this is getting harder too find. Now please, those of you that will jump in and say something like "well if you hate RV'ing so much why not just stay home?" just hold that thought to yourself. I don't hate it. I rather like it. But like everything else it has it's positives and negatives. These are observations from my experiences. They are real and they all exist. It is a reality of this life I have chosen. If everything were perfect life would be dull for sure. In the big picture of things, I think a lot of RV parks are products of the communities they serve. IMO Mike
mdcamping 03/22/17 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: New England Campgrounds

Also look to see if the complainers have reviewed elsewhere and see if they only post bad things. You have to work with the law of averages so-to-speak. Not to go to far off topic I agree, I don't see an issue with the complainers or all roses type reviews as long as they are consistent. As we all know everyone see's things differently. But this leads into my next point. The profiles on RVPR makes it easy to identify the reviewers that have a agenda by what info or lack of info that is on the reviewers profile, a very useful tool in my opinion. Mike
mdcamping 03/17/17 07:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New England Campgrounds

THANK YOU !!! these look SO great !!! ALL of them .... curious what is COE ?!! Now my head is really spinning ... hmmm how do YOU pick just the right campground ?! Am I the only one that reads / checks location via google satellite and read reviews and photos.. photos speaks volumes... I think our #1 priority is space between sites.. we are NOT fans of hearing the neighbors washing dishes/ showering etc... KEEP The suggestions coming ... LOVE LOVE This website !!!!! thanks fellow campers Army Corps of Engineers Set up a profile here https://www.recreation.gov and you will be able to book them as along most other campgrounds under the national parks umbrella. http://www.rvparkreviews.com is also a great source for locating campgrounds, check out their forum too, helpful folks! Mike
mdcamping 03/16/17 07:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New England Campgrounds

I'll tell you some of our favorites but you have to promise not to tell anyone! ;) Champlain Adult Campground Winhall Brook COE West Thompson Lake COE Grandview Campresort & Cottages All four places are quiet,well maintained, has respectful campers, caters to older campers and in beautiful areas edit: I just realized you asked for full hookups... the COE's are only W/E but you may want to consider them anyways, I think you will not be disappointed Hope this helps Mike
mdcamping 03/16/17 07:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV parks open in April in Southern Maine

about 1hr away or maybe a little less, Beach Rose Rv Park Mike
mdcamping 03/16/17 03:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Another criminal idiot in the National Parks

awful Mike
mdcamping 03/15/17 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why I hate KOA

I look at KOA's as any other camping establishments. If it fits our needs and the reviews are good we will use them. For the most part up to now we have had good experiences whether it be a KOA or other. Mike
mdcamping 03/15/17 02:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Washington, DC

Park your Truck & trailer at Cherry Hill Park Metro bus that leaves from campground will take you the subway terminal. Clean, maintained campground...loads of amenities but expensive. Good luck Mike
mdcamping 03/09/17 03:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best Loop at Assategue

http://rvpr_prod.s3.amazonaws.com/photo3317_150.jpg http://rvpr_prod.s3.amazonaws.com/photo3314_150.jpg Both piks are from the bay side, as you can see we had our own little beach! I'm almost sure it was site C-48 but Shhh don't tell anyone ;) Mike
mdcamping 03/08/17 07:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 7th year with trailer tires, is it time to change them?

yup, I would have replaced them last year if they had any signs of cracks/wear. They still look great. My 1st trailer owned I replaced them after 5 or 6 year, seems I will air on the side of caution and do the same with my present TT. Thanks for everyone's replies Mike
mdcamping 02/28/17 06:21pm General RVing Issues
7th year with trailer tires, is it time to change them?

What should I do. I have read tires should be changed every 6 yrs. Had Trailer bearings serviced and stems replaced 2 yrs ago. Would like to spend the money on other things. We at the very least do 1 trip per month for 7 months out of the year, so the trailer relatively does not just sit. This year we have some long trips planned. I'm on the fence. Thanks in advance for your replies. Mike
mdcamping 02/27/17 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Every regret your small TT?

I've been reading quite a bit about choosing a travel trailer. We are rather intimidated by anything large, but so many posters say they regretted buying a smaller TT and ended up trading for a larger one. Does anyone not regret buying a small TT (under 25')? Does anyone wish they had purchased a small TT over a larger one? No regrets We keep our costs for camping all up front. Though we could afford a larger RV for now its about the experience not about the material. Mike
mdcamping 02/25/17 06:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Springfield RV & Camping show Feb 17 to 20th. MA

If you're interested in any motorhome much above "entry level", you'll be disappointed. There are very few motorized units there (class A's and C's) and I think the highest MSRP we saw was around $140k or so. Heck, that's about what our gas Class A was 13 years ago. Back then, you'd see several $200K+ rigs, and even a couple in the $300k-$400k range. yup, though the past few years we haven't been checking to many rv's at the show, but noticed that there seems to be less Class A's, especially the high end ones. We enjoy talking to the various campgrounds, places were we have been to, getting ideas for future trips. Plus we always drop $20 on some rv supply's After the past few yrs of awful cold weather, what a pleasant surprise to be able to walk in without a winter coat!! Mike
mdcamping 02/19/17 07:58pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
Springfield RV & Camping show Feb 17 to 20th. MA

Springfield RV & camping Show The weather is cold and my trailer is buried in snow but the first sign of spring is around the corner. yeah I still have a 2 months before my first camping trip but it's just good to get out! Were thinking of heading up Sunday, can't wait! Mike
mdcamping 02/13/17 05:20pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Can RV park owners handle guest property?

10 years on he road and I have never experienced anything like this. Would that be glass half full? I am sorry to here this, but as mentioned previously this is better than dealing with drunks. Post a "objective" review at RV Park Reviews, at the very least you will help your fellow Rvers. Mike
mdcamping 02/12/17 12:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: A friend to many here on RV.net has passed.....

A loss for the Rv community, my deepest sympathies. Mike
mdcamping 02/11/17 06:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moving to the Dark Side

Congrats, the important thing is your not giving up camping or RV.net! 27 to 30' that's our goal to. Gives us options to get in many older/smaller parks. googled your model, looks nice, enjoy you new rig! Mike
mdcamping 02/07/17 06:42pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Is this Site Declining and losing Members?

I've been using RV.net for many years now, and it seems every winter this subject comes up. Although this year, seems to be a bit more extreme. It's pretty much been the history of these forums that usage drops over the winter months. Usage is higher in the Spring and Fall, and steady through the Summer. But the cold months of the year, activity slows way down. This has been going on, like I said, ever since I started using RV.net (and probably long before that). I will say, usage seems to be down a bit more than usual this winter though. I suppose I'm just an old die-hard here. I've been blasted, told I was wrong, been thanked for my wonderful "sage advise", and even completely ignored. But, I keep coming back for more! I'll keep posting and keep reading, and keep enjoying until the web site is shut down, or I die. Which ever comes first! Instead of typing the same thing, I'll just X2 Mr. Dutchmen! My thoughts exactly. X3 Mr. Dutchmen! Some topic's also get very stinky from the beating of the dead horse over the winter and people have other winter projects to look after while dreaming off spring and the camping season. X4 I still have many, many years of camping ahead of me and hopefully the forum will still be around. Most of the folks here have been a tremendous help to me whether it be that perfect camping spot or some rving insight! :C Mike
mdcamping 02/06/17 06:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bar Harbor Maine

We were at Mount Desert Narrows Camping Resort about 12 yrs ago. Just inside the island, memory serves place was very clean & maintained. I guess the campground is now corporate owned. By a pie from the pie lady if she still make visits! Mike
mdcamping 02/04/17 07:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The real cost of camping vs not

My feeling on this is you get more bang for the buck when it comes to camping. We bring our own home, cook our own food, sleep in our own beds, enjoy our morning coffee under our awning in beautiful places. You have to put more into camping but the experience is 24 hours... that is valve for me! :C Mike
mdcamping 02/04/17 07:35am General RVing Issues
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