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Interesting thoughts on our short weekend. It was a USFS facility. One camp host. No rangers to be seen. No cell service as we are T Mobile customers. In short it was our problem. Could have reported them Saturday morning. Then wondered about retaliation while we wee out fishing. We have been camping many years and this is the new normal. I will not expose my kids to this again yup our situation was similar, no cell phones in those days. though we did stick it out the first night. The following morning very early we pleaded to the owners of the campground (along with 2 other camping family's) to remove the "farm animals" in which the owners refused! So we along with 2 other out of state campers packed up and left. Mike
mdcamping 05/30/16 10:39am General RVing Issues

Our family tradition is to go out camping every Memorial day weekend so we made reservations way in advance. Set up camp last night. Roasting marshmellows with the family when neighbors move in. Stereo cranks. Beers are opened. Kids we don't know are in our site. Tried to polietly , and I really was, ask the neighbors to turn it down as it is suppose to be "quiet time". They told me I picked the wrong campground. Thought about camp hosts but what could they do? Get into a conflict and put drunks out on the road? Not likely. So we packed up and came home. Why can't folks who want to party stay home? Folks just do not care anymore. Very discouraging Sorry to hear about this. Small consolation but we had a similar thing happen to us about 12 yrs ago, so at least your not alone. The positive that I got out of our experience was diligent research through online review sites. Since then we never had a bad camping experience. Trust me all your future camping trips will be fantastic! :C Mike
mdcamping 05/29/16 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1999 fleetwood hybrid rotted floor

This is a repair I did years ago on my old Thor TT which I did a paste & click from another camping forum. The floor was a lauan/styrofoam/lauan sandwich type This leak could be from condensation, Years ago I did a search on the internet when I had the same problem with mine TT and what I found was the moisture wicks up to the top of the floor and if uncorrected will rot under the linoleum. Two things that I did was pull up my linoleum in the front 1/3 of my TT at the end of the camping season and let dry over the winter. Then I sanded the old floor in the spring, put down liquid nails and laid the new floor on top. I also put in wood screws to help secure the new floor onto the old and where my new floor was under my seating I also drilled through the floor and fastened 3/8'' x 4'' ( If I remember ) nuts and bolts around the perimeter of the floor for more extra strength. Second thing I did was to cut out patches of the aluminium underbelly with a dremel cutting wheel and replace with bug screen. This allowed the underbelly to breath and stay relatively dry. I got this tip from a reputable RV mechanic that I know.
mdcamping 05/28/16 09:27am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Summer trip from Pennsylvania to Maine

Somewhat out of the box here, if staying close to the campground is a priority might look into bearcreak campground in Bristol ct. Convenient stop over on your way to me. Campground is very similar to knobels in pa where as you have a all in one amusement park + campground Mike Lake Compounce:). Going there for a day trip for the first time ever this summer and looking forward to the time. I was at the park (but not the campground, which I think didn't exist at the time) a few years ago. It's quite nice but not overly huge; Knoebels is a bit bigger I think. You should have a good time. Boulderdash is a very fun roller coaster. When I was there, assuming I'm getting amusement parks confused in my mind, they delayed the posted closing by one hour in the evening. I don't know if that's a common occurrence, but I certainly wasn't about to complain! We have done both lake Compounce & Knoebels and have enjoyed both. overall both amusement parks are about equal. knoebels campground is more established whereas 3 year old Bear Creek campground has little shade because of newly planted trees. That said bear creek has easy pull through camping sites that are super large. for me I would choose Knoebels hands down every time. No amusement park entrance fee and all rides are pay per ride if you were to choose to. Much more value at knoebels Of course everything outside of CT has more value... Mike
mdcamping 05/27/16 03:29pm Family Camping
RE: Summer trip from Pennsylvania to Maine

Somewhat out of the box here, if staying close to the campground is a priority might look into bearcreak campground in Bristol ct. Convenient stop over on your way to me. Campground is very similar to knobels in pa where as you have a all in one amusement park + campground Mike
mdcamping 05/27/16 07:50am Family Camping
RE: What are the pitfalls of camping in a Hybrid?

On Our old TT which was so small we slept on the u shaped dinette which every morning we had to break down for the day and in the evening re set up for sleeping. So going to a hybrid where we just set up our bed once and break down once was a huge bonus... yup for us it is glass half full! :C Mike
mdcamping 05/26/16 07:17pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Memorial Weekend

Working the weekend :( Hope everyone has a great holiday!, safe travels too Mike
mdcamping 05/23/16 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Assateague State Park, MD. Bikes or Kayaks?

You guys are not making this easy for me! :B Okay maybe I will bring both! Mike
mdcamping 05/22/16 02:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Assateague State Park, MD. Bikes or Kayaks?

Hi everyone We have a early June trip planned. Have reservations booked for the tough to get H loop! :C We have taken our kayaks many times on previous trips (see my profile pic) but was thinking on this trip of bringing our bikes instead. I don't want to deal with both on this trip. so what everyone's preference or pros and cons to both Thanks everyone for your replies Mike
mdcamping 05/20/16 07:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Questin on bearing hub temps

Thanks everyone for your replies Took the TT back to the RV service, They re-adjusted the brakes, I now have much more uniform temps on all 4 hubs and I was able to adjust the gain back to 6.8. where the trailer was breaking before. Mike
mdcamping 05/12/16 10:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Questin on bearing hub temps

Thanks for your replies everyone, I have a feeling this is a break issue. I will be calling them first thing tomorrow morning. Mike
mdcamping 05/11/16 06:48pm General RVing Issues
Questin on bearing hub temps

Just got my TT back from the RV service 2 towns away. Work that was done was having the bearings repacked with grease and seals replaced. They also did..." adjust electric brakes and check for proper operation" On my way home I noticed my breaks didn't seem to be where they were before so I increase the gain on the Prodigy from 6.8 to 10.0 which seemed to do the trick. (max gain is 13.0) Right after backing in the trailer I did the hand test and checked all 4 hubs to see if I had a uniform temperature. 3 of the hubs were warm/equal and the 4th (back drivers side hub) was hot. Though not to the point where I had to remove my hand. So is this a case of the breaks being imbalanced? or maybe not a problem/ just a break in period? Should I be calling back the Rv service tomorrow. (Saturday we leaving for Watkins Glen) Thanks for your replies, Mike
mdcamping 05/11/16 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: camp reservations - or wing it? Weigh the choice.

Theres always discussion, dissent, preference to or not to reserve. Many past and recent threads point to individual preference to 'Wing It'. I fully understand that freedom to pull off the road whenever the fancy strikes for a night or longer, and it used to be that way, we could, years ago. Camps of all kinds had open sites, and they were many. The changing regulatory and land value climate has changed all that. I invite your comments on closures and new camps. I am one that has been denied a short time arrival site because of reservations , or the camp was full even when off high season due to an area construction project or natural disaster. The popularity and rising #s of RV sales, the anticipated use of them is out pacing construction of new parks and sites to accommodate that growth, while at the same time parks in high real estate value are selling out to condo developers. The land is simply worth more for other development than a camp. New private Rv parks or expansion in public parks are not keeping pace with demand, primarily in destination parts of the nation due to the cost or availability of land, or regulations to develop it. Tell us about the loss of camps you know of gone to developers, or the price increases to keep them, lack of replacements and increase if any in site numbers to grow with demand, or have fallen behind it. I know of 4 private campgrounds that have opened in the past few years in my area, Here in the Northeast costs are high and the business climate not so good.... seems someone is looking to make money even in our neck of the woods. Mike
mdcamping 05/10/16 07:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Nervous Newbie

Hi everyone! I don't really have a question....yet! lol We've just purchased a 2016 Jayco 27.5' 5th wheel. WE HAVE NEVER OWNED A TRAILER BEFORE...we just got tired of having to find someone reliable to take care of our dogs while we go away. Now we can take them :) The 5th wheel is presently in our driveway and I take the dogs in it every day to get them used to it. I'm trying to gather up a list of what I'll need supply wise to make us comfy in our home away from home. At first, we'll be taking weekend trips to pull thru sites only until we get used to it. We live in Upstate New York so there are plenty of places within a 2 hour drive that we'll want to visit. I can't wait to take our first trip but I won't lie, I'm nervous. Any advice/tips of what you think is a definite must have, please let me know. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gina. Congrats Gina! You'll love your fifth wheel. We started trailer camping because motels would not take our greyhounds. We quickly found out that they love the trailer (as yours will). Here's the thing: they get so used to your trailer, they think it's their home. Now your trailer can be in Cleveland or in Florida, but as soon as they go inside and see their beds and water dish, they are home. They lose all the anxiety they have in a strange motel room with strange smells in the carpet or strange noises in the hallway. If they bark inside your trailer, no one in the campground cares. If they have an accident, you don't lose a security deposit. It's all so easy. Your dogs are more relaxed so you're more relaxed. Then, in the campgrounds most everyone loves dogs and you meet so many people who love to talk about their dogs or yours. You are going to love it. BTW we run a wine tasting event for four days near Watkins Glen every year! We camp in our fifth wheel. Come up and camp with us! Larry We were thinking of making Watkins Glen our first trip. We're in the Syracuse area so it's just about 2 hours away :) If not there, then maybe just to Turning Stone which is a half hour away. Great news about campers loving dogs!!! Hi everyone! We plan one being at the Watkins Glen/Corning KOA next Saturday to the following Thursday. If your at the campground please stop by and say hello, our site is D3 Mike
mdcamping 05/08/16 03:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Favorite Eastern Seaboad and such destinations?

Old Orchard Beach area in Maine, lots of beach,campgrounds,amusements and of course...Lobster! :C Mike
mdcamping 05/04/16 05:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone (FB), booked!

Thanks for the heads up! Mike
mdcamping 05/01/16 04:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone (FB), booked!

I'm jealous! FB is to far for us now, someday we will get out there. Just curious, about what % of sites were booked with you booking 14 months in advance? Mike
mdcamping 05/01/16 02:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A level site...

Looks like you might need your step ladder to get in the camper! :B Small bright side to this, if you get a heavy rain storm no worries about your site being under water. Post a review, help others in the camping community, RV Park Reviews Mike
mdcamping 04/30/16 07:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Strawberry park site advice

At the time we stay at the timber trail area of the campground, site# 355. We were not impressed with that particular part of the campground. Though our kids loved the place we thought there was to many seasonal & corporative sites. Looked more like a resort community than a campground.... my 2 cents Mike
mdcamping 04/27/16 08:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Strawberry park site advice

I had heard they changed their dog policy, best to call the campground or check their website to be sure. Mike Their website states their pet policy in detail, all pretty much the usual. They don't allow Dobermans, Rottweilers or pit bulls. The also don't permit retractible leashes. If memory serves, what I believe changed is dogs are now permitted off sites for walking. We were their 10 yrs ago and we had to keep our dog on site, we hated the policy. Mike
mdcamping 04/27/16 08:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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