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RE: Letchworth State Park, NY questions

If you don't want whitewater kayaking, you probably don't want to do any kayaking in the park itself. The Genesee River runs through the park at the bottom of the gorge, but it has a fair amount of white water. If you want flatwater kayaking in the area, the nicest lakes for that, in my opinion, are Canadice Lake and Hemlock Lake. You can get to them in less than an hour of driving from Letchworth. They are both pristine, in the sense that there is no development along the shorelines. They also both have hiking trails around them. Recently the land around these lakes transferred ownership from the City of Rochester to the State of New York. The City of Rochester gets its drinking water from one or both of them. That's why there's not development. Also, motors on boats must be less than 10 HP, which makes for a nice, peaceful paddling experience. Here's a link to information about the area of Hemlock and Canadice Lakes. -Speak Thanks for the information & links, yeah we might kayak Canadice Lake, like the pics of the lake on google searches Mike
mdcamping 06/26/17 06:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Letchworth State Park, NY questions

Anyone bike the Genesee valley greenway on the southern part of Letchworth State Park? looks scenic? were were wondering if worth taking our road bikes or should we just stick to the walking/hiking trails. We will have 3 full days to visit the park. https://www.traillink.com/trail-maps/genesee-valley-greenway Mike
mdcamping 06/25/17 07:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Letchworth State Park, NY questions

We will be staying at The Ridge Campground Mount Morris, New York in mid July beside the Hiking trails at Letchworth state park, we we wondering if anyone has recommendations for railtrail like biking in the area or in the state park. Again level bike trails, no off road stuff. Also with the same idea in mind we were wondering about Kayaking in the area. We enjoy the scenic river/pond/lake stuff... NO white water! Thanks everyone for your replies Mike
mdcamping 06/25/17 11:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod

Another place that is "yummlicious"? Chatham's bistro on Main. Go for happy hour and the raw bar is half price. DW is on a no carb diet, Me thinks that raw bar qualifies! We will try to check the place out on our upcoming Sept trip! :C Mike
mdcamping 06/23/17 02:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod

Our favorite beach on the bay side is First Encounter Beach, about 2 miles from Atlantic Oaks. We prefer with tide going in but either way well worth a visit! https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14117684_1084200481677013_8236674610964468568_n.jpg?oh=0f6e43de5f89a12672b8cb0a0118c4d4&oe=599ED166 Mike
mdcamping 06/19/17 05:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod

Thanks everyone for the suggestions; we were able to book the last available site at Atlantic Oaks. It is right by the trail at the rear of the park by a wooded area. The park seems to be centrally located, so it should be fine for exploring the cape. Don't forget to stop at Arnold's next door and get a Lobster Roll! :C Mike
mdcamping 06/18/17 06:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod Suggestions

Having RVed all over the country in the last 13 years of Rving and a MA resident I can attest to the fact that it is not just MA that has the so called bad drivers. We ran into them all over the country time and time again.We have traveled RT 2 RT 80 Rt 95 Rt 81 Rt 70 Rt 66 and many more including Canada. There are bad drivers everywhere.There are inconsiderate drivers everywhere and there are "good" drivers and considerate drivers everywhere as there are in MA. Sorry, you can preach all that balderdash to the people who don't live here, but Massholes hold a special place in the list of inconsiderate drivers in my book. As soon as you leave the Northeast, you realize how terrible the drivers are here. The absolute worse habit is travel in the left lane. It holds up traffic, causes road rage and is illegal. No one cares, especially the police. I'm driving the speed limit, it's legal to pass on the right, to heck with anyone else. I pay road use taxes, I'm using my portion of the road. To hell with anyone else. We were a Arnold's last year (next door to Atlantic Oaks) and watched a car get totaled, this situation is just because folks drive to fast. Doing day trips out of Atlantic Oaks and when I have to take a left half the time I end up taking a right and then do my turn around. We will be back up to Atlantic Oaks just after Labor day. we enjoy the local beaches, kayaking and especially the rail trail behind the campground.... no road rage on the rail trail! :B Mike
mdcamping 06/16/17 08:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod

Sweetwater Forest is more woodsy, has more character with the hills, trees, pond if that is what you like. Roads can be tough though in the back part with the larger RV's, a lot of the sites could have been better leveled/grated. I remember the front part of the campground having some super large sites that looked easy to back into, may consider one of those. Mike
mdcamping 06/15/17 06:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cape Cod Suggestions

as far as Atlantic Oaks (been there too) making a left out of that place is dicey at best, yup, got to love those MA drivers! ;) Mike
mdcamping 06/13/17 05:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Finger Lakes campground advice

We have stayed at the KOA also, very clean/maintained campground. Noise from race track & freight train was noticeable but not a deal breaker. We had chose to stay in the cheaper part of the campground. It's just a few minutes from downtown Watkins Glen to the campground, made a good home base to tour the area. Back area sites are fabulous but $$$ http://rvpr_prod.s3.amazonaws.com/photo2846_700.jpg
mdcamping 06/11/17 08:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recent Reviews on rvparkreviews.com are hilarious

Well I am one of the "one and done" reviewers on that site. I gave an honest review of a site that was, I hope, well thought out. Then I get there we will post it after you review X number of parks then only if you bite the head off a chicken off at midnight during the full moon ****. They sent me a canned reply about their reason which never addressed my question. Why don't you tell you policy up front before I waste my time filling out your form? I find it rather humorous that just recently I happened to see link to my review from an ad on another site. I doubt that they are broke hearted that I never returned. I find their rules pretty stupid. I'm smart enough to ignore silly reviews. I'd rather have all the reviews and let me sort the wheat from the chafe. We had a reservation at a park (in writing in an email) and the park was full when we got there. The owners response was rude. So we tried to post to RV Park Reviews and got a message back: They don't accept reviews from people who haven't stayed at the park. Seriously? To the best of my understanding you don't need to stay in the park to post a review. As long as you post a relatively balanced review with a few observations about the park that will help your fellow Rvers and along with that bring up you reservation concerns and the review should go through. Mike
mdcamping 06/08/17 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recent Reviews on rvparkreviews.com are hilarious

One of my all time favorite rant reviews is from a campground that we routinely visit. Reviewer complains he was to drunk when he got thrown out! LOL Mike
mdcamping 06/07/17 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Assateague State Park

Well the black cat has cross my path, including a few cracks on the sidewalk that I must have stepped on. Well with continued problems with my TV and with a very important family party that DW planned this coming weekend I will be canceling this weekend and next weeks trip to at Assateague State Park...hate to give up the "H" loop... :( Mike
mdcamping 05/31/17 03:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tell me about the Camp Ground you Can't Wait to Go Back to

Knoebel's campground in Elysburg, PA. I should mention that it's not the campground itself that is the main attraction (it's adequate and well-kept, but not by any means a superior campground), but the location next to a fabulous traditional amusement park is hard to beat for fun IMHO. X2 Mike
mdcamping 05/30/17 05:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Memorial Day

I'm one of the fortunate ones that have never lost a relative while serving in the military, and I've had someone in my family engage on active military service, consecutively, since 1941. All of my family members returned to a civilian lifestyle. For many of them, the mental scars of combat was a reality that haunted them the remainder of their lives. In a way, they paid the ultimate cost also. Me: Army Dad: Army Dad's brothers: Army, Navy, Air Force Cousin: He was both Army and Air Force, and then after he had to retire, he returned to the Air Force as a GS worker. Sister: Army Brother-in-Law: Army Other Brother-in-Law: Army My Wife: Married a soldier in the Army. (Me) Father: Marines Brother: Coast Guard Brother: Navy Niece: Air Force My wife and I have: Daughter: Navy (Gulf war) Son-in-law: Navy (Gulf war) I have searched through countless military archives looking for anyone since the Civil war (on either side) with my last name who might have died while in service. I have never found anyone. I am most fortunate. There is one more I should mention, my mother's brother (my uncle). My mother is German. Born and raised in Germany. She and my dad were married after WW2 while Dad was in service in Germany. Dad was among the special forces group that had to around and inform the German soldiers who were in those isolated areas and were not informed the war was over. He told me that was more dangerous work than actual combat. He was also a mechanic. My mother's brother was a German soldier under Hitler. He was drafted, not his choice. Although he was on the opposite side of the war from us, he served his best for his country as well. Until a shell exploded on the other side of a tree where he was taking a smoke brake. His arm and leg were not behind the tree when the mortar exploded. It severely damaged his arm and leg and he passed out and woke up in an American POW camp. He served the duration of the war in Columbus, Ohio where there was a POW camp. He received the best medical attention possible in it's day, and he sat the rest of the war out, learning to speak English and discovering the Americans really were not all that bad after all. When the war ended, he was returned to Germany where he eventually became a manager at Boehringer Mannheim (pharmaceuticals) and worked until he retired. All of may Dad's family, all his brothers and sisters are now gone. They all died natural deaths, as did my mother's brother. For this, I am most thankful! Thank you & everyone in our armed forces for serving our country Mike
mdcamping 05/29/17 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

Let me share my somewhat off topic dump station story I have read in the past folks who have seen this but this was a first for us. (and hopefully we'll never see it again) Were at an Island type station with rv's on both sides. I was about 3/4 done when a guy pulls in on the opposite side with a new Class C. As he walks around I noticed he seemed nervous... well he goes to his black tank valve, opens and lets it rip all OVER the place!! I was shocked, NO SEWER HOSE! Well this made us move even quicker to get the h*** out of there! As we were pulling out I did notice he was at least trying to rinse the mess down with the non potable water hose. I guess his new class C didn't come with a sewer hose.... Mike
mdcamping 05/27/17 07:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sealing holes in underbelly

Hey all, recently purchased a Wildwood 30QBSS and upon inspection of the underbelly it looks like there are a few areas that need to be sealed up to prevent rodents from getting in. The underbelly is that tarp-like material and there is also a decent size hole in the plastic surrounding the fresh water tank for the low point drain. Any suggestions on what to patch these holes with? The holes in the underbelly material are roughly 1-2" but the holy in the tank surround is closer to 5-6". I had the same problem, I used thin plywood & bonded it to the trailer bottom with silicone. Mike
mdcamping 05/27/17 07:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rusted receiver hitch

Still looking... I first went to Toyota to price up a new receiver, of course expecting a higher price I was still shocked to see what Toyota was asking. (I'm not going to tell, it was that expensive) Seems my 650LB tongue weight class 3 hitch is made specifically for the Tacoma's with the tow pkgs. If I go with a generic class 3 the best I can find is 550LB and then I have to deal with adapting my bumper to fit the receiver. Plus I like the 650LB rating, gives me a higher safety factor between the hitch rating and the actual weight of my trailer tongue. So the past couple of weeks been searching E-bay, craiglist, local salvage yards, various parts search engines still looking... mike
mdcamping 05/20/17 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic 2652 quits on propane - NOW WON'T IGNITE

I agree with previous posts and check connections on the board, over yrs and especially on out door gas appliances low voltage spade connectors can appear to be tight but build up deposits which creates resistance/problems with boards.(just push in/out the connectors 3 or 4 times which will scrape the male terminal and make better contact, also if you can "gently" squish the spade connector with some pliers, that helps make better contact also) Also check the ground spade connectors, Many boards check flame signal via the ground connections. also may be a bad board... good luck Mike
mdcamping 05/13/17 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: What does it mean when?...

I like your ezup setups! Pouring rain here in CT. Have a cold one for me! :C Mike Almost forgot to mention any of you folks come out to our neck of the woods I always have an extra chair or 2 for the campfire!
mdcamping 05/13/17 03:26pm Family Camping
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