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RE: Honda EU2000i Companion Set

I also run Mobil 1 synth oil and premium, non-ethanol SeaFoam treated gas in my EU2000i and it starts first pull, every time. :B However, there is a trick I read on the forums some time ago by robert_at_honda ... 1) Open the full cap to verify the gas level 2) Close the gas cap and turn the vent lever to the closed position 3) Turn the choke on full, turn the main switch to ON, then let it sit like this for at least a minute 4) After an minute or so, open the fuel cap vent and start the engine My understanding is this process allows fuel pressure to build so when you do start the engine it will start right away ... mine does. :B Sounds like the same process we used to start old cars with carbs. Tap the gas a few times... wait... tap a few times... wait... then start.
mlts22 10/08/15 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: No real need, just wondering (ONAN KY 4000)

Because it is "analog", where the wave comes from the crankshaft spinning at 3600 RPM (1800 RPM for older, four pole models), it is a pure analog sine wave in that sense. Now, how clean it is, especially under load, is a different story. There have been youtube videos testing this, so I'd probably go look there, but Onans are decent, and produce clean power for pretty much anything.
mlts22 10/06/15 11:54am Tech Issues
24 volt battery bank?

Other than needing to use a DC-DC converter for the 12 volt system, what problems would there be in going with a 24 volt battery bank for a custom rig? The reason for this is that Magnum Energy has a PSW hybrid inverter which can run up to 4000 watts, as well as take two 120VAC power sources at the same time (genset and shore power.) However, for this functionality, it requires 24 volts in the battery system.
mlts22 10/05/15 09:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Travato or Roadtrek

From what I've read, the only thing that makes noise on the 59K is the chain on the rear doors, which is solved by putting a piece of flexible hose/tubing on it (in a pinch, hit Wally World, buy an el cheap bike chain lock, toss the chain, use the tubing around the rear door chain, problem solved.)
mlts22 10/04/15 06:58pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Spun tires getting up boat ramp

What about a wench for the bumper? I know there are portable ones.
mlts22 09/28/15 02:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Measuring Your Solar Needs – An Easy and Low Cost Method

My approach to sizing is simple -- go with as many batteries and panels you can reasonably fit on the rig. Combine that with a MPPT charge controller (or controllers), and using proper gauge cable (take what the maker says, up it by one AWG), and that's the solar charging system in place.
mlts22 09/28/15 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: What sealant should I use between AC gasket and roof?

X2. If you want to do the job right, grab a clicker torque wrench from Harbor Freight, then find the maker's torque recommendations and use those. Hard to go wrong that way.
mlts22 09/28/15 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Heated tanks/under belly?

My "heated tanks" on my TT consist of a duct that blasts warm air on them, and nothing else. My next rig is going to at least have the tanks have heating pads, as well as some form of insulation, even if it is just a layer of Reflectix. This is definitely not -20 below weather... but it will keep the tanks operable if at a CG and the weather is in the 20s (as cold spells do get in Texas.)
mlts22 09/28/15 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: New to RV,when traveling how do you know what areas to avoid

I read the RV reviews. Especially for RV parks on I-10 near El Paso. If they say that you need to keep a .45 by your bed, pass the park by. If they say that you need an AR-15 with a 100 round double-drum magazine by your bed... definitely don't patronize that place. Usually the fact that an area is in a bad neighborhood pops up on the reviews, and unless there is an absolute reason to go to the area, it is wise to steer clear.
mlts22 09/28/15 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Transmission Temps and a better cooler.

To borrow a few graphics: http://transmissionrepairguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/transmission-fluid-life-expectancy-transmission-repair-guy.png width=500 http://myautomatictransmission.com/images/transmission_failure_chart.jpg width=500 I would probably go ask a Ford mechanic who is familiar with this decades's transmissions and get an authorative answer. Heat kills transmissions quickly, and even with materials design, ATF is still ATF, and will cook/coke at high temperatures. If you are continually seeing those temps, I wonder if a transmission cooler upgrade is in order. It might be wise to see about replacing it, if the factory cooler is the same tiny size as pictured on this link: http://www.badgertrek.com/sportsmobile/ReWork/Transmission%20Coolers.jpg width=500 (Bottom cooler is for the trucks, top for Econoline models.)
mlts22 09/27/15 07:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 13,500 A/C and "hard start" capacitors and genny's

The Onan in the "C" is not like a Yamaha or Honda... it will need to have a battery, fuel lines, and power lugs. You could do this, but dropping the genset, hooking it up to a gasoline tank, wiring it up, then undoing all that and sticking it back under the "C" is a lot of work. I would consider a 3100 watt Champion inverter generator as another idea.
mlts22 09/25/15 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: VW Deisel

I wish VW would bring the Crafter to our shores. It is a Sprinter, so maybe they can offer a lower price than MB/FL. Software aside, here in Texas, unless someone is obviously rolling coal when the OBD II says the exhaust is clean (which means a custom tune), they are not going to do air quality tests on a vehicle. As for the knock to rep, I don't see this affecting sales. I know in Austin, VWs are either the #1 seller or #2 behind the little Mazdas, and I doubt this is going to change anytime soon, just because of the trend to not buy US for style reasons (and then wonder where one's job went.)
mlts22 09/25/15 02:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Yamaha 2000i's in parallel

I've wondered how hard it would be to have the MOVs on a cartridge similar to fuses. That way, when it goes out, replacing it is easy.
mlts22 09/21/15 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Porta Source IG800 inverter generator, opinions?

Thanks for the info. I couldn't find any info on this (the Earthquake model is discontinued), that had actual people's use opinions (not just starting up, plugging in a light and saying it is OK, but actual use on the road.) It is definitely better than the rattletrap $100 two stroke ET-800 clone, but if 35-55 amps from a converter is this close to having the genset at capacity, then this definitely isn't worth getting for something used constantly.
mlts22 09/21/15 10:17am Tech Issues
Porta Source IG800 inverter generator, opinions?

Link here and more details here. This is definitely not a Honda eu2000i, but it is of a relatively small size, so it appears useful for two roles: 1: A relatively cheap emergency generator/charger if the starting battery and/or the chassis batteries wind up too low to start the generator or engine. 2: A relatively small generator to have for charging batteries. With a coach that has a 2800 watt Onan or a 4000 watt genset, having something that can run for 14 hours on a gallon of gasoline is more efficient for small loads like charging up the coach batteries. Again, this isn't a Honda, but it is an inexpensive generator that puts out relatively clean power that is good enough for charging batteries or light electrical tasks, and at 0.07 gallons an hour, it is pretty thrifty on fuel. Sure beats those $100 Harbor Freight two stroke models.
mlts22 09/18/15 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: How long will single battery last with heater running?

As for the OP, I'd buy the eu2000. However, I would highly recommend going with two batteries, just because few places allow 24/7 generator running. Just one battery will get damaged if drawn over 50%, and even with a smaller vehicle, you are near that 50% SoC barrier.
mlts22 09/18/15 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Eternabond

A while back, I was told by a dealer they viewed any rigs with Eternabond very negatively as customers see it and think there is water damage underneath, similar to if a section has a large blob of caulk covering it. I personally think EB is one of the best products out there. Assuming proper prep, and proper application (as in extreme pressure with a metal roller), coupled with EternaCaulk, the only thing that even comes close is an epoxy elastomer spray like rvroof's product.
mlts22 09/15/15 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone else mad about Apple....

Agreed. The Dark Sky app has been a great help for me as well. As for Apple lightning charging cables, I've encountered some badly made cheapies. One started constantly sparking, another shorted out and fried a USB port on my old desktop when I laid it down on a desk, and it happened to contact a metal surface. I stick to the ones certified by Apple not because I have Apple stock (I don't), but because it will work without sparking or shorting out. They are not too expensive either. Amazon has various brands that are certified for $5-$10. As for wall chargers, there was a study done, and Apple's was the best for providing consistent five volt power. However, I have been happy with Anker chargers which give at least 4+ USB ports per 120 VAC plug used. I have a love/hate relationship with Apple. I can't stand the fact that RAM/HDD/etc. are not upgradable. However, I have fewer operation headaches with Apple products as a general rule.
mlts22 09/15/15 02:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Rebuild or Repair Lippert Tongue Jack?

CW sells an Ultra-Fab electric jack that handles 3500 pounds for $185.65. The jack seems to have all positive reviews.
mlts22 09/15/15 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: attic vents?

I hope the vents have some screening, as an attic like that sounds like a haven for mice, rats, squirrels, or other varmints.
mlts22 09/15/15 12:44pm Tech Issues
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