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RE: Black tank chemical

I just squirt some Dawn hand dish soap down the toilet after a tank dump, add a gallon or two of water, call it done. The soap does a great job at breaking down grease on dishes, so it does the same thing in the tank. As for other stuff, I don't bother. Why throw money down the toilet (literally), when one doesn't have to? As for smells, I can turn on my bathroom vent with the toilet open, and it smells fine.
mlts22 05/23/16 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Whom Of Us Boondocks 14-days Or More At A Stretch?

I actually sleep fairly well in below freezing weather, with the covers on, and a sleeping bag unzipped over that, although I'm probably not doing my health good by doing those extreme temperatures. One thing I may do, once I go for a motorhome: I may go for a tiny inverter generator like a EU1000i which can run ~8 hours on .6 gallons of gas, put it on a long 8/3 extension cord and move it fairly far away from my rig (but not near anyone else.) What this will provide for me is enough wattage to keep the batteries charged, while reducing any noise/vibration. If I went with an eu2000i, I could run a Vornado space heater as well.
mlts22 05/23/16 12:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Sewer hose question

It is a nice idea, and I'm sure it was intended for semi-permanent parking where one would not have the hose protruding... but I'd probably look at a way of sealing it, at the minimum with some mouse control wire mesh.
mlts22 05/23/16 11:36am Class C Motorhomes

Hi j-d. yep, negative, for sure. I remember when going to school, business class, many many years ago. That a happy customer will tell maybe 5 people of their experience but that a UNHAPPY person will tell maybe 15 of their experience. Well I will probably tell 150 people. Joe Girard wrote a book saying that on average, a person has 250 friends... and when happy, a person might mention to 1-2 people. When ticked off, all 250 will know.
mlts22 05/23/16 11:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Storage of water filter

Depends on the filter. Some can be drained/bagged/frozen. For the Camco that goes on the hose, I just chuck it and buy a replacement.
mlts22 05/19/16 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: generators

I would go with the Onan generator, as well as an inverter/batteries. The key to Onan generator noise is the installation. Install it right with shock mounts where the pipes and wires are not sending vibrations, as well as a resonator, it can be quiet. Install it wrong, and it can be quite noticable. I personally have a 3000 watt generator... given the choice again, and an Onan isn't possible, I'd go for a set of Honda 2000 watt twins, or a Honda eu7000i, which runs just as quiet as the 2000 watt models, except has a slightly higher wattage, and can eat the entire amount of locked rotor amps coming from an A/C without fussing.
mlts22 05/19/16 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Lazy daze 24 FD

What sells LD to me is that I have not seen any horror stories about their products on the RV forum. Because of the silence when it comes to griping, that shows an outstanding product.
mlts22 05/19/16 08:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anybody see anything wrong here for my water hookups?

I prefer to "pack my own parachute" when it comes to black tank rinsing. I probably am going to make a 1-2 foot length of hose with a vacuum breaker/check valve on it, which will ensure no foul water gets out, even if the tank valve fails. Right now, I have a dedicated hose for my macerator pump's rinser, but it is a tad long, so to save space, I'm going to build a hose that is shorter, so I can just use a FW hose with it. Personally, I like keeping the black tank rinser separated... and never connected unless I am physically there. That way, this minimizes the chance for accidents to happen.
mlts22 05/18/16 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finding water while boon docking

I have not hesitated to ask a farmer if I could pay a few bucks to fill up my FW tank from his hose, assuming the water was potable. However, I live in Texas, so things might be different. I have also bought a bunch of five gallon water containers, put them as best as I could between the rear axles of my TT on the floor of my camper, which luckily was where the dinette is, so I just shoved them underneath that on a rubber mat, and they stayed put. I'm not sure what your rig is, but for me, additional water isn't too tough. I just toss containers into my truck's bed or in my rig. When moving to a motorhome, I'm considering an open-frame trailer as another place to put additional things like water containers, fuel cans, and so on.
mlts22 05/18/16 03:45pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Thor Gemini reviews?

I'm curious... does anyone have a Ford Transit based Thor Gemini? It looks like the same floor plan as the Fuse, except with the bed slide either directly behind or going to the driver's side. The price is not too bad either. However, there are some things which cause me to scratch my head. The rear bed slide model has two gray tanks (technically 31 gallon FW, 19.5 and 18 gallon gray, and 28.5 black), and I can't find any info if the tanks are connected, or if they have separate drain ports (which pretty much doubles the time spent dumping.) The driver's bed slide model has a 31 gallon FW tank, 37 gallon gray tank and a relatively tiny 19.5 gallon black tank. Inside, the Gemini seems to have some nice features, like being able to lift up the bottom of the bed and use it as a secondary bench with a table. However, I have not seen many reviews on it. The Winnebago Fuse is more expensive, but I have met very polite people who were more than helpful when answering my relatively banal questions about the rig.
mlts22 05/18/16 03:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Black water tank flush

I understand the idea of closing the valve to fill up the black water tank, but just make sure to do one rule: If you have to leave, before you get up for -any- reason, open the black tank valve at the -minimum-, but even better, take time to open the tank valve, turn off the water, and disconnect the hose from the flusher. I have seen several incidents of what happens when the dump valve is closed, but the black flush is still in use... if one is lucky and all seals are good to go, and able to stand eleven feet of head pressure, the water will head out the tank vents on the roof. If the toilet seat's seal is any way faulty, the water will drain from that into the rig.
mlts22 05/18/16 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: exposed plywood on bottom?

Spray on bedliner is judged the toughest finish in the World, but I don't know how well it will stick to the wood. Epoxy penetrates the wood, so it will never peel and also makes the wood much stronger. I think for best protection would be epoxy and then bedliner. I'd probably agree there. There are paint-on epoxies that come to mind like West System Epoxy, which would at least seal the ends and keep water away from the exposed wood. From there, priming and adding a bedliner would ensure a long seal, as well as protection against what rocks get tossed up from the road.
mlts22 05/18/16 12:36am Tech Issues
RE: How long should battery minder take, in conditioning mode?

Anecdotal evidence... it seemed to keep a really torn up 12 volt battery going enough to drive my macerator pump. As for an AGM battery, I don't see how the pulses can help much, other than minimizing gassing, which isn't an issue. However, FLA, it makes a big difference, due to stratification as well.
mlts22 05/17/16 12:34pm Tech Issues
RE: honda eu2000 extended fuel run

Also be careful about some fuel caps. Most extended run fuel caps are CNC machined aluminum, and they can strip the threads on the generator. The ideal would be a plastic gas cap which would be more forgiving.
mlts22 05/17/16 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: exposed plywood on bottom?

Would spraying the plywood with the epoxy stuff used for pickup truck beds be useful, or would that wind up trapping water and be worse than useless?
mlts22 05/17/16 12:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Why I Can't Do Solar Panels (an image)

I was thinking a hydro turbine. Moving water has a big energy potential. Was thinking the exact same thing. If there were some place to get a significant head height where the water was running to (say into a deep ravine), slap a turbine there, and you can get a serious amount of electricity. Fast flow + large drop will be able to be quite useful.