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RE: Dynamax 24RB B+ only $69k. Lower prices coming?

The MHSRV place sells it for $68911.00. This model isn't really a "B", but a Winnebago Trend competitor, with one floor plan similar to the 23B, and the other floorplan mimicing the Winnebago ERA 70A, except a tad wider, and the sofa about a foot longer.
mlts22 10/23/14 10:33am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Six months full-timing in the Winnebago Travato

I'm curious how the Travato use is coming along. This is pretty much the first year that this model is seeing winter conditions, so I wonder how well it will be able to deal with below freezing conditions. The one good thing is that the FW tank sits inside, so winterizing it is not too difficult, and the Winnebago manual shows that one can use compressed air (under 30 PSI) or go for the RV antifreeze method (better in colder climates.) Reason I ask this is that most of my camping is done in the winter, and even though Texas doesn't tend to stay cold, weather is unpredictable and a freeze (up to about seven days or so) can happen which will definitely break any pipes not protected.
mlts22 10/22/14 07:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

I find a tiny house sort of functional, and is a nice thing for someone to build or have built, just because of all the customizations once can do to it (like adding a ton of insulation, building LED lights directly into the frame for indirect lighting, having most everything run from a solar circuit except the air conditioner, etc.) However, even though a loft is acceptable for me in my 40s while my knees are OK, this may get painful in 10-20 years time. I'd rather have a conventional house that is well laid out, and the attic be able to be used for storage. The square footage would be more than a tiny house, but I mainly am focusing on livability rather than the smallest size possible.
mlts22 10/22/14 02:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Eternabond Tape

You could recover the entire roof with that! I would only need two rolls... and still have a lot left over! How much does such a roll cost? Around $1000. I have actually wondered about paying $3000 and doing the entire roof of a rig. Of course, it borders on pointlessness to doing this, since using Eternabond is pointless unless one thoroughly presses down on the tape with a roller to activate the microsealent. However, if it could be done (with a bit overlapping a few inches down the sides), and the two seams between the rolls caulked (so dirt doesn't get trapped there), it would do a decent job at prevent roof leaks. One could spend similar money, hit a place like rvroof.com, and have the whole roof coated with an epoxy elastomer.
mlts22 10/22/14 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lippert Frames

LCI gives the RV maker exactly what they spec. The problem is that a lot of RV makers have been pretty stingy on what they send to Lippert when it comes to frame and axle capacity, so it has problems down the road. As for workmanship, I've not seen any real horrific booger welds on what I have, but I am not expecting Cadillac quality on my Kia priced entry level travel trailer. If I spent a lot more, then I'd be expecting full I-beams, quality "stacked dimes" MIG welds, and other items.
mlts22 10/22/14 02:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Eternabond Tape

I've seen 48 inch by 50 foot rolls of EB. Three of those rolls overlapping should fix almost any tear in a roof.
mlts22 10/22/14 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: DEF addative

We were on our way to Alaska and were in BC and I went in to a NAPA auto parts store to purchase a jug of DEF the clerk warned me not to put it in the fuel tank. When I asked her why she was warning me she replied that the week before they had a guy come in with a new truck and bought jug and poured it into his fuel tank instead of the fill tube for it. He only made it to the corner before his truck quit. He had to purchase a new engine because the warranty would not cover that mistake.... I know someone who bought a new F-350 and did just that -- poured the DEF in the fuel tank. Needless to say, the $17,000 bill to rebuild the engine and a new high pressure fuel pump wasn't a happy thing.
mlts22 10/22/14 01:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another reason NOT to use the "Water Thief"

The solution is a modern gen IV reactor and a large desalination plant array. This are the technology that makes Israel and most of the Middle East productive when it comes to agriculture, so doing that in California wouldn't hurt for irrigation.
mlts22 10/22/14 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Severe Weather App for Android

There are a number of radar apps, like AccuWeather that come to mind. There are others as well which provide real time NOAA weather.
mlts22 10/22/14 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park Models RV or Not?

Just... no. Once HUD rules apply to park models, it is very easy to get those rulings to apply to all RVs, even the motorcycle tent trailer with very minor tweaks. What then? Most RV parks make a razor thin income with all the new regulations, higher taxes, and customer demands (if Wi-Fi isn't perfect, even though the place is paradise, people will give it a one star.) With HUD rules for anything that parks at a campground, this would completely kill the RV ecosystem, just like how the EPA killed steel production, forcing us to buy all metal from China. Parks would be charging $100 a night or just closing overnight. Is there any burning reason for HUD to be wanting this? Are people dying because park models are not classified as permanent structures? If not, the economy is still quite weak before adding additional burdens onto RV parks, RV companies, and RV buyers. I wonder if this is being done because it brings in more tax revenue, as opposed to actually doing good for anybody else.
mlts22 10/21/14 04:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Backing up computer

For Windows server operating systems, the wbadmin utility is quite good at doing backups, where one can restore a file, directory, drive, or whole thing. However, it is severely gutted in Windows Vista/7/8/8.1. For me, it is a toss-up between Acronis and Macrium for what I'd recommend. I used to swear by Retrospect, but it doesn't seem to support any new Blu-Ray players, and if one doesn't have a CD key for it, it won't restore files.
mlts22 10/21/14 03:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Malware or virus??

I use VMs all the time. I also use Sandboxie. It is quite eye-opening how often a Web browser gets compromised and sandboxIE starts popping up warning messages about the browser trying to access services that it should never try using. With sandboxie, the damage is limited, and I can dump the Web browser, erase everything it has mucked up (all changes are redirected to the sandbox directory), and restart. If things get really hairy, I can dump the entire virtual machine to a known clean snapshot. As an added bonus, the virtual machine is locked behind a layer of network address translation, so it can't find other boxes to hack if it does get nailed. I think I may just pony up for a Mac sooner or later. Since I rarely change desktops (my last machine lasted a decade until the USB controller went south), might as well get something decent, and with VMWare Fusion, I can run my Web stuff isolated from everything else.
mlts22 10/20/14 08:47am Technology Corner
RE: savings in customizing a Ram ProMaster vs buying a Travato

I -think- Ford is offering incentives for their Transit van by giving discounts at upfitters. This might help things. At least it might get one a "free" shelf or such.
mlts22 10/16/14 06:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Motorhomes up when fuel down-heath issues up?

It probably will jump up... reg gasoline is below $3 in parts of Austin, and I'm sure some Middle Eastern event will "cure" that (and the sagging price per barrel) soon enough.
mlts22 10/15/14 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: savings in customizing a Ram ProMaster vs buying a Travato

Another pro for the Travato (and also the PW PM Lexor) -- they have a good resale value as a motorhome, not just a van chassis with some stuff tossed in. So, if the OP wants to move to a different unit, there will be someone out there willing to buy the Travato used... and "B"s keep their resale value better than any other type of RV.
mlts22 10/14/14 10:23pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Motorhomes up when fuel down-heath issues up?

If RV makers can fetch better prices for new units, maybe they might bump up the quality aspect, as that went to pot back in 2008 when RV makers had to go into survival mode. I've not found any real reason to fly as of recent. Last few times, I've caught some bug and was out of commission a few days, and the trip is so unpleasant, it actually casts a pall on the entire vacation, the dread of the entire experience. In fact, unless I was flying internationally, why even bother... I don't have any destinations I have to get to that I'm in a hurry for... and with the post-flight sickness, I probably will be in better condition after the drive anyway.
mlts22 10/14/14 10:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Theft Protection

Hard-wired is the way to go. It not just is a lot more theft resistant than a box hanging from a pedestal, but it is always on... no forgetting to grab the external one and plug it in. Even with an EMS, I'd go with a surge suppressor just so that something relatively cheap takes the hit of a nasty spike. As for securing it, one better method I have seen was just plugging the cord in at the pedestal, threading the cord under the rig, and placing the portable EMS there, on top of a board or block to keep it off the ground (chained to a wheel, of course.) Not 100% secure, but the key is both having a theft deterrent, as well as having it not visible to a would be "borrower" in the first place.
mlts22 10/14/14 09:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: savings in customizing a Ram ProMaster vs buying a Travato

Does it have to be a ProMaster? The Transits are out and have some great features, be it the EB engine, or a configuration with a high roof.
mlts22 10/13/14 09:00pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

The biggest reason I lean to 12 volts in parallel is that if one battery dies, I still have a battery bank.
mlts22 10/13/14 08:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renogy 100w Bendable Solar Panels!

I wonder about sticking a shim in the middle, so the panels are sort of crowned, so they don't become mini-lakes. Call me crazy, but I'd love a set of roll-up solar awnings, on both sides. That way, regardless of the way my rig faces, I have a relatively large surface available for the sun. An electric awning would be the best, so in the RV parks that pack one in like sardines, it can be extended out a foot or two for at least a tiny bit of sunlight. Now, all we need is a nonsucking battery technology for better energy density than the lead acid jars we use now.
mlts22 10/13/14 08:33pm Tech Issues
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