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RE: New 5th Wheel & House Warming?

Well someone has to address it...... How 'many' people you invite may depend on how big your black tank is!!!! Along with bring a plate to pass, and BYOB, add BYOTP to that invite! :W http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v664/RVn05/PAPROLL.gif
rockhillmanor 09/30/14 09:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Best" What is "best"

I think what is left out in a lot of topics and posts is HOW you are RV'ing. Which dictates what type of answers are given that can confuse the OP. That and the need for info for a CG to stay the night vs a CG destination. Weekend RV'er Vacation Snow Bird Full time We all each have different wants and needs in a place to stay. Throw in the Boondocker boys in the mix and for sure you can confuse an OP asking for where the best place to stay is!! :B:B
rockhillmanor 09/30/14 08:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

If your realtor is "doing nothing to sell your house" and is located 90 miles away, it is time for a new realtor. Try asking to be released from the contract. I bet they do it. The broker probably should not have signed you to begin with. How can they properly serve you from 90 miles away? They can't. The agent probably only took your sale listing in order to get you as buyer clients for your new house. They may be relieved to know you want out but will still use them for the purchase. As far as doing nothing to sell your home, could there be reasons for it? Are you overpriced? Most people simply cannot be objective about the value of their home. They think their "new" kitchen or bath that they remodeled in 1990 should make their home more valuable. Same for the 10 year old "new" deck or patio. Is your home very specific in it's décor? You may love it but the majority of buyers could hate it. you need a local realtor who will be honest with you. Sometimes the one you should hire is the one that tells you what you don't want to hear. A realtor who suggests a sale price on the high side may be trying to "buy" your listing. They invariably come to you down the road and ask for a price adjustment. Meanwhile your home has become stale. Once you do lower your price, the buyers think that they have you on the ropes and that you will lower it again. Find out what your home is truly worth by working with a realtor who will compare it to other SIMILAR homes in the same general area. Make the realtor show you the RECENT sale prices of these homes. The home will sell quicker and you will get a fair price. X10 And also keep in mind banks will only loan the amount of money on a house based on "comps". Which means what the houses in your area comparable to yours sold for. It used to be sold homes within a couple of years, now since the crash it is a only 6 months and the realtors can no longer massage the comps. If a house just like yours sold for 100,000 and you are asking 200,000 buyers will only be able to get a loan for 100,00 on your house. Which means most agents won't even show your house if it is overpriced. How many showings have you had since it was listed?
rockhillmanor 09/30/14 08:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Doing the math ....

.....snip... All you have to do is ask to see the invoice of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. THAT is the price TO the dealer....snip... O.P. is looking at a second hand unit. MSRP is irrelevant; cost-to-dealer of second hand rigs is never posted anywhere. It most certainly is. How do you think a business is run? The OP stated he was looking to find out the wholesale price. For new it's the invoice for used it is what the dealer bought it at. An invoice is generated from the auction house and it's recorded in the books when it is a trade in. When it is a used vehicle the wholesale price is what the dealer bought it for. I.E. what they had to pay for it at auction or from a previous seller as a trade in. That is what they have INVESTED in the vehicle plus any repairs, detail, etc. That is the wholesale price now for that unit. They then market it up to sell it. What it was worth when it was new has absolutely no barring on what it is worth now. It is worth what the dealer brought it in at. By invoice when bought new from manuf, by what they paid for it an an auction or from trade in if used. And to confuse you all more. When you trade in your vehicle? They are only paying you the 'wholesale' price. They TELL you a retail price. The difference between the two numbers is buried in the numbers of the deal. Sellers would faint and not trade in if they knew they were only getting wholesale for their vehicles. Common sense will tell you they can not buy trade ins at retail. They have to mark them up to stay in business. If they ACTUALLY paid you retail they would then have to mark it up and all their used vehicles would be priced ABOVE retail. Wholesale, retail. Goods come in at wholesale price and go out with a retail price. That is how the whole world of business operates on. Why would anyone think the vehicle business would be any different? :W
rockhillmanor 09/30/14 06:22am Beginning RVing
RE: 20K and 2.5 yr fight secures a win over HOA for RV parking

First of all my disclaimer for those who need to 'go there' in support of all handicapped people no matter what and slamming anyone who dare ask questions without being PC. My BL is paralyzed from the waist down. I know and hear every day about the rights of handicapped people. He also headed up the entire 'accessible' department at Ohio State and sits on the board somewhere for the entire US on accessibility . And HE doesn't like when people use their disability where not intended to obtain special rights. That said. Variance, setbacks, whether an RV is allowed, etc. When you read this article they choose to USE/ADD the disabled card to substantiate their case. Albiet as mentioned the resulting court decision was based on whether a judge could do that not what they were requesting. But they still had the need to stick it in there. A handicapped person does not 'need' an RV to be able to travel in. Would it be a nice perk? Sure but it is not a 'required' daily living need. Statement about 'needing' a generator? Insurance companies/health care provisions, if it is a matter of life and death will authorize a house generator or battery operated back up for any device they must have to support life....they most certainly would not ever approve an RV. :R And lastly IMHO, JMHO If the family 'wanted' to travel in an RV with the family including their handicapped family member you'd THINK they would know the set backs and requirements of having an RV on their property and had bought the length of RV that fit the requirements. Instead of buying what they 'wanted' and then resorting to 'using' their handicapped family member as a reason to get around the rules.
rockhillmanor 09/30/14 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: 20K and 2.5 yr fight secures a win over HOA for RV parking

It is a very narrow decision. It does nothing to overturn any HOA or other parking regulations regarding RVs. The ruling actually just affirmed that a Judge's ruling that the family in question had special health needs that made the RV a necessity and therefore a variance should be granted to the codes was within the power and discretion of that judge. What happened is a judge granted a variance. An appeals court said that was overstepping the judges authority and the Supreme court of Louisiana overturned the appeals court and said that the variance was within the judge's legal authority. It was actually not a ruling on HOAs and parking regulations, it was a ruling as to what a judge can and cannot legally decide. IMHO, JMHO I have yet to know of any of my disabled friends that NEED and "RV" to accommodated their disability !! :B Was this so-called RV really a Class B van with a auto ramp for a REAL disabled person that neighbors were ticked off because they thought it was an RV? Or was it just someone that 'found' a way to use their disabled card to be able to park their RV? No judge and/or supreme court certainly would not ever want to get involved with denying anything to a disabled person.
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Doing the math ....

No one knows the actual wholesale price to a dealer. There are to many variables in a relatively unregulated market. Like ..... Yes you can find out. All you have to do is ask to see the invoice of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. THAT is the price TO the dealer. And yes you can ask and yes they will show it to you. Ask and you will receive. And nine times out of ten it is on right on the card the salesman pulls when you sit down to do a deal. He needs to know how much room he has to negotiate for each and every vehicle on the lot. This goes for new and used. They took the wholesale price, put the beginning of the year in front, and the end of the year at the end, and a # sign before it so it looked like a serial number on the front or back of the card so the buyer did not recognize it as a dollar amount. 2014 model year 28,876 dealer invoice price will look like this on the card: #202887614 They still use this practice. Goes for cars too. After I quit the car business I would just laugh when I went to buy a vehicle. I'd ask to see the card to go over the options and then look for the fake serial number to see what they had into the vehicle. :B
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 07:28pm Beginning RVing

D all of the above. I only sign a contract for 60 days max. That way I can see if they are really working to sell my house. Most just grab all the 'listings' they can and do nothing. That way they don't pay for any advertising, they don't have to bother with showings, and just sit and wait for some other agent to show it off MLS. Its' a numbers game for them. That all said. Go to the BROKER of this real estate office. Express with facts that your agent is not acting in a professional manor and is doing nothing to promote the sale of your home. Did your agent set up an agent walk thru? Did your agent advertise? Has your agent showed your house to anyone yet? etc etc. Most brokers will let you out of the contract if you express how unhappy you are with the agents performance. OR Tell them you have decided to take it off the market. But READ the small print on cancellation. Most will just let your go though they don't need the hassle of going to court and maybe a non-performance issue coming up that would cause the agent to loose her license. good luck. Remember on the next go around check 60 days. They will squawk about it but tell them if they are doing a good job it shouldn't be a problem for them and that you will renew it every 60 days!......(IF they get off their duff and are working for you and their commission!"):B Ohhh this brings back the memories of when I sold mine to go full time!!:R
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brightening the exterior finish

Sounds like the finish is oxidized. Try some rubbing compound followed by Carnuba wax and polish. I do mine once a year. X2 This is what I did too on my first used C, and it shined right up. I use Maquires or Mother's with rubbing compound in them so no 2 applications just one. Both work really good. This is just with one coat of cleaning wax. Should have seen it the second time I did it! Top is before wax bottom after one coat. http://i59.tinypic.com/24aygqp.jpg I full time and I try and wax the MH and Toad at least once a month. Just a note about being tempted to use one of those special applications. I shied away from the red pro frenzy and there are now reports from owners where it is peeling etc. ZAnd then you have a whole nuther problem to deal with. Just saying.
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 04:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stickon floor tiles...?

Confused...does this just go for replacement/stick on tiles? Are glues/adhesives used by mfr.'s not just for flooring but throughout most RV's "safer"? From all what I have read up on this is each company can use what ever they want. The label is supposed to show at what level that product is and that in most cases the cheaper the tiles the worse it was. Along with if they were made out of the country. Most articles on it referenced the stick on tiles to be the worse level. There are different levels of VOC's used in materials. I have asthma and the vinyl floor in my MH doesn't bother me. When I was looking at new TT's I would open the door and my eyes would burn in seconds and breathing became difficult within minutes from the formaldehyde. That's why i ended up having to buy a MH. All I can tell you is the box of stick on tiles I bought smelled real bad while still in the box. I am just VERY thankful that someone told me about how toxic those fumes would be to my dogs.
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 04:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wire Brush wires left on Grill after Cleaning! DAMGER

Honestly, how often do you think this could possibly happen? There is no way in the world that a person can eliminate 100% of all dangers around them. Be sensible and hope for the best is about all you can do. As for me I'll not worry about my brush. Like anything else all it takes is 'one' time. What if that one time was your family member? For me...if something as simple as throwing out a cheap worn down grill brush and replacing it more often to avoid someone getting hurt? Well I now will. Being informed of something you were not aware of and acting upon it is certainly not being over reactive. It's called being responsible. Just saying.:C
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 04:10pm General RVing Issues

Put one in the freezer and see what happens. :B Good one, a real simple way to find out!
rockhillmanor 09/29/14 04:04pm General RVing Issues

(Save the comments on whether it is better to use RV antifreeze VS blowing out the lines...I don't need them) I have some old, probably 3-6 years old, of UNOPENED RV antifreeze that has never been used...I'm assuming it would still be OK to use this stuff now? Check this link out. http://www.rvdoctor.com/2010/04/rv-anti-freeze.html snip-it: ....so check with the suppler to be sure of its life expectancy. I’m sure the producer of that brand will have what’s called an MSDS sheet that should help shed some light on its lifespan....
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 05:25am General RVing Issues
RE: the new texas safety inspection

I kept my original state plates when I went full time. Which is a state that does requires testing. But NOT on MH's. So I was good to go renewing my registration for the MH on line. UNTIL I added a toad to my set up and now I have to go back every year 4,000 miles round trip just to get the toad tested to get my plates. :R Escappess offers a SD residency for RV'ers no emissions tests required. You do have to go there once to apply for it. I just couldn't bring myself to drive the steep grades to get there so I never used the service myself.
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 05:17am Snowbirds
RE: Wire Brush wires left on Grill after Cleaning! DAMGER

The Doctors TV show did a spot on this. No one could figure out what was casing this lady to have throat/breathing problems. The bristle was SO small it was missed by several doctors. Finally a doctor after an ER trip to the hospital saw the tiny spot on an x-ray. They did surgery and took it out. The wire was SO small you could barely see it but it lodged into the tissue in her throat and since it's metal the body was trying to reject it. You wouldn't even see it on a bbq grill. I know I have used those brushes until they were worn down to a nub too. I won't do that anymore for the safety of my BBQ guests!! http://www.thedoctorstv.com/articles/2698-unexpected-barbecue-danger ...The Doctors are joined by Shawna, who was rushed to the emergency room after a tiny metal grill brush wire became lodged in the soft tissue of her throat. If it had not been found, Shawna could have suffered severe health complications, including edema, which would have closed her airway, and potential spinal injury.
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 05:08am General RVing Issues
RE: house drapes open or closed while away?

Leave the drapes closed and the TV on. Drapes definitely closed. TV off. They make a small electronic battery operated box that emits the same flickering type of light you see inside a home at night with the TV on! Saw it on the news the other day. Didn't catch the name of the manufacture but it was real slick and inexpensive. Here's one I found google sarch. http://www.faketv.com/ The other item they showed was a simple timer plugged in and you plug a light into that and that detected motion and turned on the lamp and/or turned it on regularly by the timer. Lots of real cheap items on the market now to make it look like there is activity in a empty house.
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 04:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Stickon floor tiles...?

Just be aware that the glue they use AND the composition of the tile itself for some of these stick on tiles is extremely toxic. Some are worse than others. If anyone in your family has children, pets, allergies or asthma do not use them in the small confines of a MH. Also the fumes have been known to harm dogs even death. Basically the toxic fumes are dangerous to everyone whether they have an aliment or not. I bought a box of them to do the kitchen area in my MH. I had them sitting in my garage and the smell permeated the whole area and after just one day the fumes filled the garage and I started having asthma attacks jusst from walking thru there. And that was from the tiles still 'inside the box' they come in, in a huge 3 car garage! They went right in the trash and I was REAL glad I did not install them in the MH.:R You can look for this info on the box before you buy them. ""Flooring adhesives will usually state a VOC% on their label. This stands for the percentage of volatile organic compounds in the adhesive, "" I would definitely find ones that had low or no VOC's if installing in an RV.
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 04:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: "Camping Brownout" or "New Converter/Switcher in my Future?"

The detectors going off is signally low voltage. Replace the battery and then also check the output of the converter at the converter. If it is putting out too much it will boil your battery, too little will give you the signs you are seeing now. Leave the tester on the convertor after it reaches what is called for in the specs. I had one that it would reach spec but the only way we found out it was defective was by leaving the tester on and we found it was skyrocketing and frying each batter I put it in the coach. Replaced it and opened the bad one up and one of the capacitors was totally shot. Literally looked like someone shot it with a 22! :B
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 04:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Stops

I've done ok over the past few years full timing towing a toad. What I found of course with a MH towing when looking to get gas is to look AHEAD BEFORE pulling in analyzing if there is a direct exit to get out. I stay away from gas stations where the pumps are perpendicular to the store and they have customer parking along the front of the store. These are a kiss of death when you are that long. I don't use them solely for fueling but I know I always can get in and out at Loves. they keep the pumps WAY away from the store front and gas islands are real wide. I try to do all my fuels stops on the interstates where I can 'see' the station from the highway to make my decision whether I will fit before I even exit. I no longer will exit to a gas station that is not right on the intersection where I can see it. Some of those way off the exit ramp, when you get there not only can you NOT get in to the station you can't even find a cross road or parking lot to turn around to get back to the interstate. I have had to drive miles before finding a place to turn around with those.:(
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 03:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Day/Night Shade

Camping world had the repair kit on sale so picked one up and fixed one of the small shade that had frayed....was an easy fix but just had to take time and follow the instructions....the shade worked better than when it was new.....wow.....anyone with shades should carry the kit in the trailer.... X2! Once I found these kits life was sooo much simpler with those shades AND a whole lot cheaper than paying to have them repaired while on the road!!:C
rockhillmanor 09/28/14 03:40am General RVing Issues
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