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RE: PhotoBucket lost all my pics.

That sucks. Photobucket has almost become unusable in my mind with all the pop-ups, and slow processing. I hope they get that part improved, but also hope it doesn't come with the same consequences you faced. X2 How do you download all your pics off photobucket back to your computer? To me it looks like you would have to do each one separately??
rockhillmanor 02/24/17 12:39am Technology Corner
RE: GFI outlets

There is a breaker for the GFI inside the converter. Even if it does not look tripped flip it off and then back on. If its not clearly marked turn 'all' the breakers on and then back on. Those breakers just don't always click off all the way, I've had that problem. The other problem can be a bad GFI. These darn things look like they are ok and the switch goes on and off but they are broke. They get tired and need to be replaced. I still bet its the converter breaker though since both are not working.
rockhillmanor 02/24/17 12:35am Tech Issues
RE: Birds

That must be those tiny little birds! They ARE real busy ones. I had them make a nest in just a few hours of me parking! They decided to put their nest in the compartment where the electrical cord comes out which you can't close when hooked up. I shooed them out of there and within minutes they then thought the back of the roof top air would be a good place. :C
rockhillmanor 02/23/17 08:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

It is not uncommon for older people to not function 100 per cent physically and mentally as mother nature catches up on them. Blessed are those who've reached their golden years despite their frailty. So you can expect sights of gloom in CGs with older folks. http://i39.tinypic.com/2isz244.gif
rockhillmanor 02/23/17 08:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Great Lakes weather in the fall?

In Michigan if you are only looking for FHU then most of the private parks will be closing by the end of October. Many by the 15th. It is not too cold but the number of campers makes it not economical to stay open. Some will be open all year but you will find only electric at the sites with restrooms and shower houses heated all year. Some state parks are like this.We do have some that camp in the winter for hunting and snowmobiling. Yup, the cut off date for most CG's in the Midwest is October 1st. You might find some open but they will have shut the water off. You will have electric and usually heated bath houses for showering. I hit the road full timing from Wisconsin in October to head South. What a learning curve for me that was when I found out all the CG's where closed. :S
rockhillmanor 02/23/17 08:21am Roads and Routes
RE: buy travel trailer or class C ~~ with multi small dogs

Agree that lots of campgrounds have restrictions on that many dogs. X2 This will be your biggest hurdle traveling with that many dogs. Most CG's have a 2 dog limit. So you won't just be able to pull off the road and stay at any CG along the way. I managed to full time with my 4 but it did limit where I could stay. I will tell you one thing though, that if a CG does allow you to stay with your crew of dogs, they will NOT put up with ANY barking.
rockhillmanor 02/23/17 08:16am Beginning RVing
RE: buy travel trailer or class C ~~ with multi small dogs

I have multiple dogs and started out with a trailer. Its' a pain. you have to move the dogs and their crates etc from your truck to the TT and then repeat the process when you leave. I sold the TT and bought a Class C. More importantly how are you going to fit 5 dogs and 4 adults 'comfortably' in the truck while traveling if you tow a RV trailer.?? For me, my dogs NEVER travel loose in any vehicle for safety reasons. One slow speed accident where your dog flies into a windshield or out a window or an emt opens the door to help you and out your dogs go into traffic and get run over would change your mind about that. But I digress. A Class C has an overhead bunk which makes for a perfect place to put dog crates to keep the dogs in while traveling etc.,and keeps them safe. And doesn't take up any room on the floor of your RV. Also gives them a nice secure place to eat their food/water bowls/relax and to put them when the family is going in and out of the MH to keep them from being underfoot and slipping out the RV door! All you need to do is anchor the crates in some manner to the base to keep them from moving. My dogs love riding in the cab over in their crates.
rockhillmanor 02/22/17 09:53am Beginning RVing
RE: Great Lakes weather in the fall?

How late is too late to avoid snow, ice & freezing temps. Some of the areas that have me concerned are Muskegon, Traverse City MI, Egg Harbor & Two Rivers WI. I am wondering if we need to shorten our trip. We like FHU, no boondocking. We don't own a generator... Thanks! Are you traveling from the state of Washington? If so you need to be more aware of what the weather is going to be in the mountains you need to cross to get there! Bad weather snow etc normally hits sooner there than the midwest. I normally will not head west any later than September. :C
rockhillmanor 02/22/17 09:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

I really don't believe you've met true full-timer RVers because your description is not what they are. Your description is someone living continuously in a trailer park. They don't travel. They are not RVers. X10 I know the difference between trailer park and RV park. I live close to a community where trailer parks are all over the place. A cheaper (trailer park) alternative to owning a "true" real estate investment like a home where you pay real estate tax. Trailer park residents pay rent on the land the trailer sits on. Since they don't own the pad they are not entitled to its equity. They have a choice of owning the trailer or rent it from someone else. Trailer housing units sit on skids...not permanently anchored to foundation because they have to be ready to move at a moments notice. RV units on the other hand sit on wheels and pay registration to DMV. They have to move at a park owner's whim. My next door neighbor are full timers and occasionally makes me aware if I happen to be around when they are on long trips but they do come back to check on thingsHe is a retired law enforcement officer. Keep it upfront, don't whitewash your statement please. :? For someone who has not RV'd let alone Full-time RV you think you know it all, and clearly you don't. Many "seasoned" full time RV'ers here have offered help, and you just keep debunking/bashing them? Age has nothing to do with what makes a full time RV'er or a fellow camper. :R The sooner you stop degrading anyone that is older than you and appreciate the help 'everyone' can offer you, the more help you will receive from RV'ers who have been there done that and have far more experienced than yourself, if you choose to take the adventure.
rockhillmanor 02/22/17 09:29am Full-time RVing
RE: Disgruntled Millennials on the Road

My mother-in-law keeps reminding us that we are only going to see older people in most campgrounds. and your problem with this is?
rockhillmanor 02/22/17 02:03am Full-time RVing
RE: Every regret your small TT?

Every regret your small TT? No. But I would definitely stay with a dual axle. I went from a 16ft TT single axle to a 21ft TT dual axle and then on to a 31ft MH. If I had do-overs, I would most definitely go back to my my 21ft dual axle Palomino Thoroughbred TT! Which I am presently looking to find another one and it's like they disappeared off the face of the earth or I had the only one made. :C
rockhillmanor 02/22/17 01:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Towing and weather

We are leaving Michigan and weather is calling for sleet and 20 to 30 wind gusts out of the west. We are towing a 35 ft fifthwheel and the tv is a 2013 Duramax. Shouldn't have any concerns I hope. No worries about pulling it, just worry about keeping it on the road. And yes, with ice and high winds, you should have LOTs of concern! X10 There shouldn't even be any discussion on whether this is safe to take any RV out in. PARK IT. If not for your families safety but please for all the other families driving around you.
rockhillmanor 02/20/17 10:36am Towing
RE: Walmart

....We have stayed overnight several times in a Walmart lot while traveling when we could not find a campground open but have never been completely comfortable doing so for the above reason. I would much prefer finding a campground and paying for a secure spot for the night. I don't think that is being "dumb". Barney Just a little unknow tip that I learned from a seasoned traveler. You can pull into almost all CG's no matter what time or after closing time stated. Yup! Blew me away when the people I was traveling/following to a sports venue with, decided they couldn't drive anymore and at "10:00 at night" we just pulled off the interstate into a CG!!! Most have a sign on main office for "Late arrivals". And usually a drop box for checks or a sign that says please check in in the morning, and a map where to park or a statement find an open spot up front that they leave open for travelers. It is an accepted procedure at all CG's that aren't gated. Even if there is no sign just pull in. Of course it is based on the honor system which all us honest campers are or should be. That we WILL check in in the morning to pay for our stay. I have since then stopped at hundreds of CG's that were closed at night in my travels as a full timer. Pull in, park, and pay in the morning!:C Also, ALL KOA ALWAYS has an information box for late arrivals posted and a parking map and accept late arrivals as a franchise. Whether you have called ahead or not.
rockhillmanor 02/20/17 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Walmart

What's the best Walmart to stay overnight between Fort Lauderdale and Key West? Almost all Walmarts in Florida have a NO overnight parking. And some get real serious about enforcing it too. I pulled in with my MH into a Walmart just outside Brooksville to just go grocery shopping and was met with 4 squads and security saying I couldn't park overnight there! I Tried to tell them I was just going to shop, like in buy stuff from their store and leave? They actually told me to go home and get my car and come back. Ya, I'll drive the 4,000 miles round trip and be right back. :R:R
rockhillmanor 02/18/17 01:43am General RVing Issues
RE: what should the fuel pressure be

"Known" for fuel pump problems. Call your Local Ford Truck dealership they will tell you what it should be at. BUT there is also the problem of it heating up etc. The fuel pump fluctuates right before it pukes. Providing symptoms for all different types of fuel problems. Been there done that. Stopped in 5 repair shops while traveling down the road and none of them could figure the problem out. Pulled into Ford and they went right to testing the fuel pump.....and I had to replace it.
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 02:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Moss removal

Here in Florida the "professionals" power wash shingle roofs all the time. Otherwise all you'd see when you came down to Florida would be black streaked or green roofs!! :B
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 01:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quartzsite make you sick?

http://www.vfce.arizona.edu/valleyfeverinpets/vfid-prog.aspx http://vfce.arizona.edu/valley-fever-dogs/prognosis-outcome http://vfce.arizona.edu/valley-fever-people http://www.cdc.gov/features/valleyfever/valleyfever_280px.jpg
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 01:47pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Quartzsite make you sick?

THE reason I never headed out west. Valley Fever. Dogs will get it before you will AND most vets don't know how to diagnose it and your pet dies and not pleasantly I might add. I have dogs. So it was a no for me.
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 01:46pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Full time travel trailer

The only difference between MH's and TT's is the front seats and the engine in front! Neither of which you can utilize as living area!! From there on back the innards of the RV's are all the same. You will lack some of the storage but I've seen new TT's with the same amount of bays as some MH's. But then again you do have the added storage space of the back of the pick up truck. I full time and I have seen ALL types of RV's being used as a full timers RV. It's what ever floats YOUR boat. Met one lady who's DH passed away and she traded in their Big ole Class A on a real nice Casita and continued full timing. I choose, after owning a TT...a MH. Only from the standpoint of being able to just pull in, park, and open a cold one. No fuss, no muss.:W
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 01:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Sand

Why wouldn't you take your shoes off inside and at the door??? Only time I take my shoes off is to shower and sleep. The only time I put mine on is to go outside in snow or rain. Got a friend with a 14 year old son. I've seen him outside in the snow barefoot. Here in Florida at a waterfront home I used to own I saw my neighbor kid walking barefoot thru the woods to my house!!! All with Water moccasins, scorpions, fire ants running around. You name it poisonous critters live here in Florida in the wooded areas near water!! I called him the swap boy! .....I "sold" that place 2 months after I bought it when I realized that about 6 bull alligators 13 ft long lived across from my pier and boat launch AND the 4 bears that I found out lived on the property too. Especially the big one that chased me all the way to the house. :B
rockhillmanor 02/15/17 01:28pm General RVing Issues
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