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RE: RV Waste Disposal?

I bought a house from someone who had an RV and there is an open hole near where they parked it lined with a 3 1/2 inch PVC pipe. When you bought this house the listing and/or the county records TELLS you if you are on septic or public sewer. That said. That open hole is most likely a clean out. A clean out is an open spot in the sewer line so a plumber can get in there to "clean" out a line if needed. People with an RV will hook up to the clean out opening. You NEED to buy a cap for that and cover it asap. I was actually thinking of using to drain my hot tub so as not to pour chlorinated water into my garden. But I thought I should know more about it first before I cause a catastrophe! You NEED to find out if you are on a septic system or not BEFORE you start draining a hot tub into it! If you are on a septic the 'catastrophe' would be pouring that much water down into a septic AND the choline will kill your septic system dead.
rockhillmanor 03/26/15 10:54am Beginning RVing
RE: How long do you keep your truck?

jasult on 03/26/15 02:39am I never buy new, I buy them when you guys think they are too old. I have four 7.3 Powerstrokes and just fix the little things that people are afraid to touch.... X2 I'm with jasult. I buy all my cars, RV's and toads that way. Buy them 'right', use them. And when I am done with them I sell all of them for MORE than I paid for them. Most of the ones I buy don't even need work. Yup, which means I drive my vehicles for free! I USED to buy a new truck every other year. Paid cash. Now, I refuse to pay $68,000 for a vehicle, that is just ludicrous. IMHO there is not a truck on the road worth that much money. And of course buying new you NEVER get back what you paid for it. I most certainly can afford to pay cash for one but what a waste to tie up that much money in a truck. :R I can invest that money and get it back three fold. If I really like the truck I have, and I always keep them in mint condition so they always brand look new no matter what year they are.... if the motor goes I just drop in another box motor. Couple of days in the shop and a couple thousand out of my pocket and I am back on the road with a truck that looks like new and will go another 100,000 or more.
rockhillmanor 03/26/15 10:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Overnight stops in Florida panhandle

Check in 'advance' before heading out to a Walmart to stay overnight at in Florida. MANY Walmarts and store parking lots in Florida do NOT allow overnight parking.
rockhillmanor 03/26/15 10:26am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: It's that time of year!

We were required by state law (due to EPA "clean water" regs) to fence off the stream preventing access of the sheep to the stream. The Bay Foundation provided us with money to help cover the cost of the fence in return we are giving up use of pasture along both sides of the stream (stream buffer) and additional pasture on the other side of the stream on which they will be planting native trees and shrubs. We will be responsible for preventing invasive plant species from taking over these new trees and shrubs. We are not supposed to spray, we can occasionally graze (not easy since the sheep will want to browse the leaves), and access to mow is more difficult than we thought it would be. So I guess "free" may not be the right term (TANSTAAFL); we will not be buying the trees and shrubs. TANSTAAFL. Had to look that one up, too funny. :B Wow. Comes with a lot of strings and extra work on your part. I guess the EPA is getting real strict now. Whatever happened to letting your livestock access water and graze on your 'own' property like the good ole days? Did you know about this when you bought the new property? I ran into DNR on my farm when I rerouted a small creek on my property for the horses. You would have thought I rerouted the Mississippi they had such a fit about it. Is that stream part of any drinking water source?
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 08:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: Is there any brush you can clean slide out from ground ?

Give these guys a call. http://www.adjust-a-brush.com/ Ask about the fountain handle. "We offer telescopic flow-through handles, telescopic handles, fountain handles and standard handles..."
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 07:14am General RVing Issues
RE: **UPDATE** Strange Rescue Organization Encounter

What a sweet dog. She needed you to be available. We were turned down by a greyhound rescue group because we wouldn't agree to never allowing her outside unless on a leash or in a fenced yard because "greyhounds are a sight hound and they will just keep running and not stop when they are on a hunt". We explained we have fenced yards of 1/4 and 1/2 acre for the dogs but they don't have to stay penned up when we are out and about with them. And we explained that our farm is 240 acres, 1/2 x 3/4 mile, there is room for them to run and get them selves stopped. No we don't understand when someone tells us a breed is untrainable.We give dogs more credit than that. They told us we just don't understand the greyhounds and how fast they are. We think we missed out on a good fur kid and the dog missed out on a loving home. I hope all their dogs got placed. Please don't be so condemning on a rescue group for their decision. From a rescue stand point it is not that a dog can't be trained it is a case of the 'new owners' not following thru on training that might be needed in a case by case situation. Potential owners always say they will train and then don't., oh my dog won't leave the property, no need for a leash, etc., etc. etc. And then the rescue dog gets loose, lost or worse yet is killed.:( So when it comes to retired racing greyhounds they make a hard and fast rule fenced yard and leash for the "DOGS" safety. Animal rescue looks out for the DOGS benefit so it will never have to be in a rescue situation again or worse die from being placed in an incorrect home. Good rescue groups interview, interview, interview and do home inspections for a reason, so the rescue dogs go into good appropriate homes 'forever'. That's the ultimate goal.:C
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 07:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: It's that time of year!

Besides lambing chores; I have started pulling down 1/4 mile of old 3&4 strand barbed wire fence which we no longer need after having new fence put up. I built a 12' long bridge over a stream so that we can access that area with mowers and a skid steer in preparation for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation planting 800 trees and shrubs.... They are going to plant 800 trees on YOUR property!!!? Are they for free?
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 06:46am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ready Brute Elite in action

GREAT video. You should put that somewhere on the permanent clicky in the dingy forum for new RV'ers to see so they can understand what we are talking about when they ask questions. >OP. HOW did you download that video to youtube???? I am on mobile broadband and can't readily watch video's because of the all the buffering. Your video loaded up 'instantly' and never stopped, zip zero buffering! :B HOW did you do that. so I can tell my friends how to load videos the same way so I can view them? Tks.
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: portable water softner yea or nay

It depends on the what the grain of hardness of the water being softened how much sodium will be in the water. Hardness ranges from 6 to 25 grains per harness per gallon. Using an average figure of 15 grain according to the WQA = 30mg in a glass of water. The Cherrios you have for breakfast has 200mg in just one cup! :W >>A quote from the Mayo Clinic (the doctor is referring to water hardness of approximately 7 grains) “An 8-ounce (237-milliliter) glass of softened water generally contains less than 12.5 milligrams of sodium, which is well within the Food and Drug Administration's definition of "very low sodium." Says Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D. at the Mayo Health Clinic.<< http://www.merleswater.com/blog/bid/144148/Drinking-Softened-Water-How-Much-Sodium-in-Softened-Water I don't use one. I use the inline disposable blue filter which does quite well removing rusty iron water. Uses carbon for filter. IMHO No need for an installed water softener system. If you are in a 'year round permanent site' with bad water then it would make sense to install one because you would have to replace the blue inline more often when parked.
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: bugs

ive use dryer sheets - it works but nothing works as well as 0000 steel wool. i still use the dryer sheets to get the bugs off the paint (won't scratch paint).... ! Just a note: If you don't wet the dryer sheet it DOES scratch the paint. Don't ask me how I know. WET the dryer sheet. I obviously didn't read the whole post one day about using them on painted surfaces. Etched the whole front of my toad. :(
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 06:09am Class A Motorhomes

rockhillmanor 03/25/15 03:18am Folding Trailers
RE: How to secure patio awning

I'm not in favor of anchoring the awning down...slows down the roll up process if a sudden wind or storm comes in... X2 If the wind comes up when the awning is bolted down why roll it up.It is already secured. Anytime I put my awning out it is secured to the ground just so it can remain out when the wind comes up. Try it out it works. OH MY! That advice might work if you live in a state where it never rains. :W BUT seriously if you live/RV in the Midwest as the OP sig indicates where it DOES rain, storm and have tornadoes. All that can happen with no warning.....so that would be the NOT be the best advice.
rockhillmanor 03/25/15 02:56am Tech Issues
RE: Florida beaches

heard there are very few places to be able to take dog for walk on beach. which means in wife's view, were not going if we can't walk her on the beach. Even when you do find a beach that will allow dogs, YOU won't like it. There is dog poo all over and although not seen by eye it's covered with hundreds of dogs peeing on the sand. And you can't pick that up and everyone allows their dogs to pee all over. Just think hook worm that a lot of dogs have and you might think twice. Just ask anyone that has been infested with it. It's not a pretty sight and can be very serious. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001454.htm Certainly not my idea of a nice walk on the beach barefoot. :( And yes I do have dogs. The beach is NOT the place for them. Love my dogs but they are not going to stop me from enjoying my travels RV'ing and seeing the beautiful beaches of America that do not allow dogs. Sadly it will be your DW's loss not the dogs. Just saying. :C
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 02:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to secure patio awning

Still sounds like WAY too much time to get those legs out AND reattached back onto the MH and then try and put up the awning when a storm comes up. IMHO not worth worrying about people's heads versus the price to replace your awning and 'hope' the wind doesn't take it while you are trying to get it back up, because it is now a sail in the wind ripped out of your hands and beats the side of your MH. I've SEEN that happen twice. Causes a lot of damage to the RV. I went to Lowes and bought sun screen on the roll and cut it on the diagonal to match the side arms. Added grommets and hooks and hang one on each side of the awning. Keeps the sun out and......people don't walk into sun screen. :C
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Packrat damage- even worth fixing?

If you want to keep the TT I would hire a PROFESSIONAL company to do the clean up. Depending on what you TT is worth the service fees for a pro to come out to clean it is not that much. They specialize in safe rodent damage clean up and address the health issues from it. I would be VERY VERY concerned about cleaning that up yourself regarding the 'serious' diseases that are in the waste of rodents. I had a friend's wife, that after finding out her tenants had booked and abandoned the apartment, found pretty much what you are looking at. She cleaned it up herself and ended up in the hospital for 2 months even though she 'thought' she took the right precautions but apparently inadvertently touched something with urine on it.:( In the mean time while you are deciding I would STOP going in there and breathing and/or touching anything inside that TT.
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 02:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fire ant treatment

Ammonia works well too...the After Bite cream is basically ammonia in a petrolatum base. Stops the sting and prevents the blister if used immediately. Don't ask me how I know!! X2 on the "After Bite". And I keep a bottle of Benydril Gel on hand too. Gonna try that bleach trick next time. Thanks for the tip! :C
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 01:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Questions for Full Timers

Why not start with a search and look at the Full Time RV'ing forum? X2 Someday in the distant future (15-20 years) the wife and I think we want to go full time in a MH. And honestly IMHO 15 to 20 years from now is a REAL long time to start planning for Full Time RV'ing particulars. Which you will most likely forget by then anyway. :W Test the waters with simple weekend, vacation, and then on to snowbird RV'ing before you make any rash decisions to just jump into full timing. EXCEPT for SAVINGS for your retirement, it's never too early to plan for that.
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 01:16pm Full-time RVing
RE: (My) very first blow out .

My first blow out was on my first used MH. It shredded the tire and to me it sure looked like the retread pieces you see on the side of the road from trucks. I thought that darn first owner put retreads on.:R Tire guy said no. That's what happens and that's what it looks like when you continue to ride on a low tire and/or tire losing air. On the duals you can't readily feel a low tire. IMHO I think a lot of the complaints of 'bad' tire blowouts is really just a low tire that eventually blows from running at high speeds as it is deflating. Just saying. In my case it was some idiot that put rubber valve stems on all the tires. My first trip had one blowout followed by 2 flat tires until the last tow guy saw the rubber valve stems melting from long time driving and 112 degrees in dreaded Houston. Stopped driving immediately and had all the tire ripped off and stainless steel valve stems put on all the way around. Drove that MH for 6 more years on those same tires and no flats, no blow outs.
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 01:08pm Toy Haulers
RE: A&E Awings

I found out real quick when I had to replace my awning when a tornado decided to take it out that the new replacement is NO where's the quality of the older ones. The fabric they use now is real cheap plastic type material. Within a couple of months it started pulling away from the stitching and bubbling.
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Television interference ?

I was parked at a CG that had a truck stop adjacent to it. I had TV reception problems too. A forum member told me why and how it DID have to do with something on the semi's. Sorry I can't find the post with the answer. Maybe they will post it here again for you.
rockhillmanor 03/23/15 08:16am General RVing Issues
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