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Toshiba leaving us in the dust.

Boy just when I finally find a laptop that the processors don't burn up a week after you buy it and they actually last longer than a year.... Toshiba decides to move to focus on commercial pc business.:( I still have the HP laptop I paid over 1,000 for stuffed in the cabinet under the dinette in my MH. Got to use it a whole week before it burned up. Yea it was recalled but I was on the road, so no returning it during that time. My computer repair shop says they still burn up. So no more HP products are allowed past my doors. So who do you think will replace Toshiba and have the best affordable laptop now? http://www.eweek.com/pc-hardware/toshiba-restructures-pc-business-to-focus-on-commercial-systems.html
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 09:33am Technology Corner
RE: Keeping residential fridge doors closed during travel

I push stuff to the back, fill the empty space with old foam egg cartons and use a Velcro strap on the doors. Another Velcro strap hooks from the freezer door to a 3-M cord loop that is stuck to the left side of the freezer. No drilling holes. No failures in many miles of fulltiming. Isn't sad that we have to go to all this to keep something as simple as a fridge door shut? You'd THINK the RV manufactures of these RV fridge's would make a door with a latch or whatever that keeps the door shut while traveling down the road. After all they are an in and RV and they KNOW we will be traveling with them! :B
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Dog liability insurance

I don't think one exists. I will tell you that my homeowners 'required' I pay for a separate policy to cover my horses on my property or they couldn't issue a home owners policy. I asked for an explanation of the coverage. This is a grim description but it is what he told me. If my horse got out and was hit by a car and the person died. The insurance company would cover the death of the person and not my horse. If the person was injured with long term health issues I could still be sued for it and the insurance company did not cover that. So my guess is that you would be hard pressed to find a 'reputable' insurance company that would issue a liability policy just for an animal to cover a lawsuit. Albiet there are 'so-called' ones listed on the internet but I'd bet that when the lawsuit hits the courts those fly by night company's would leave you hanging out to dry. Of course inquiring minds would like to know why you think you need one on the dog you own? :W
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 08:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Issues preventing camping.

I think everyone overlooks those darn steps on a MH. I started out full timing with 2 good knees. Within 6 months my knees looked like footballs and I could barely get in and out of the MH. Thinking old age was going to get me first before I could even get started on RV'ing. Pulled off the road for a death in my family to help settle their estate. Surprisingly without really thinking about it my knee pain went totally away. Fast forward got back on the road and the pain and swelling came right back. No brainer for me that it had to be something to do with the MH. RV steps are narrower than our feet which without really thinking about it we twist our legs and body ever so slightly as we exit the RV to fit on the step. Over time if you do it enough puts stress on the knees. I went on a mission of trying to find a way to replace the RV steps with something that supported my legs to be able to walk 'straight' out of the MH. And be portable enough to use. Once I changed how I exited the RV all my knee pain disappeared. You will be surprised that by simply replacing those narrow RV steps how quickly your leg and back health will return to normal.
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 08:06am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Hot Spot Data Use When Idle

Apps eat data in the foreground and background just sitting there. So if you are hooked up to your phone that's were it's going. Just bought a new phone with unlimited data BUT with a cap where they throttle you back. That said. I don't search the web etc and in 5 days I was at my max of data with out me even using it!! Went into all the different settings they hide within and found all the apps the phone came with were using MEGA data in the foreground and background. I'm still finding them. My phone allows me to disable the usage in the foreground and background. They bear a warning that if you disable them other things won't work. That simply is not true. I disabled almost all of them and the data usage stopped adding up. I also keep the data shut off at all times.
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: Help with gps

TomTom 8 years and running now. No app for bridges and have not had any problems traveling.
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 07:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground search tools

I full time now and I have found that the Woodalls book is NOT a complete list of CG's. That fat book went out the window after just a few weeks on the road. Wrong phone numbers, wrong directions, ratings that do NOT represent the CG etc etc. rvpark reviews is NOT have a complete list of CG's. If you solely use this for looking for CG's you will miss out on a LOT of very nice CG's. As you also will if you make your decision based on the reviews. The only CG book I found to be useful is the KOA list of their CG's. I prefer to stay at KOA and THEIR book of CG's is complete and has excellent directions, CURRENT and CORRECT information and pictures. That all said, I use google search for CG's in the area I am in, yellow/white pages, dexknows. 7 years on the road and I have never been without a nice CG to stay at for the night. AND most of the ones I have stayed at are NOT listed in Woodalls and/or rvparkreviews. Just saying you will miss out on a lot of very nice CG's if you limit yourself to those two resources for CG searches.
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 07:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Exit Stratagy

Right off the bat my plan was pay cash for the MH, IMHO that takes all the worry of what if off your plate making an exit plan much easier financially. The height of the real estate market crash while I was in Florida is what changed my time frame for my exit plan. I just could not pass up looking at and ultimately buying a fantastic, unbelievably nice house in foreclosure. Paid cash so no payments there either. Heck I was spending more than half a year down here anyway and paying a substantial amount of my retirement money on CG fees. Certainly no investment there! So now I have 2 acre parking site for my MH, no CG fees and a nice house for me. AND I don't have to worry about MH payments so I am keeping the MH so I can still hit the road whenever I please. :C
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 07:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Keeping residential fridge doors closed during travel

I'm almost at the point of hammering a 2x4 in the door handles to hold them closed (just kidding - for now!). There's something wrong with this solution??? Anything that can't be fixed with a hammer and a two-by-four just can't be fixed at all, in my opinion. Duct tape comes in a close second! :B
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 07:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Annoying neighbor

Heck people in residential communities here in Florida have passed laws restricting lawn contractors from using those gas blowers. Even the operators have ear protection on!! Gotta admit they are loud. Why don't the manufacturers put a simple muffler on them?
rockhillmanor 09/22/14 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Annoying neighbor

While camping at the Flag ranch RV park in South Yellowstone, a neighbor in a big fifth wheel started his gas powered leaf blower to clean his outdoor carpet.I couldn't figure out what that awful noise was at first until I saw him using it. He would do this two to three times a day. Been on the forum for awhile now and that's the first time I've heard of someone using a gas powered leaf blower, or for that matter ANY type of leaf blower at a CG. Not to mention using one in drought stricken Yellowstone area. :R How long do do you think it would take for me to blow all these leaves off my CG site? Or better yet how many campers do you think I could tick off doing it with a gas powered blower?! :B:B http://i57.tinypic.com/ix9pi0.jpg
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: flooded rv

Another thing to be aware of is some repair shops are required to report to CarFax. You might get it repaired but when you go to sell it it will carry a 'flood damage' report on it and NO one will buy it and/or let you trade it in. Which is WHY you need to have your insurance total it. Bring that to their attention which BTW they are well aware of that also. That should change their mind quite quickly. Lot in the news of flood damage vehicles being fixed and sold to the unsuspecting buyer so the media coverage is a plus for you at this time regarding getting the insurance company to total it. They won't want to be anywhere near being a part of that. Just stay on your insurance company to total it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. They hold out until you keep asking and then they will do it.
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Big Tow Bar With Small Tow Car

No problem. Doesn't matter if it's rater for higher. Buy the one from the owner you bought the MH from! At least you know who he is and that he was using it and took care of it. IMHO better bet than from someone you don't know off the internet.
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Love bugs or not

Last year they were horrible central Florida. This year the first go around I only saw a couple. The second go around is right now and still only just a few. Don't know why just real glad there are hardly any this year. I will take love bugs over blind mosquitoes any day! Last year I stayed right on the water and boy was THAT an nasty experience with those bugs!!:B
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: water pump

I had my pump replaced and the same thing happened. Take all the screens out of your faucets and clean them. I know I still can't believe it but after the pump was replaced fine pieces of real fine sand somehow plugged each and every one of those tiny holes in the screens of all the faucets. So it appeared like my pump wasn't working.
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Keeping residential fridge doors closed during travel

Don't put anything in the door shelves. It's the weight of heavy items in the door that opens it. I quit putting food and jars in the door and it never opened again even on rough roads.
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 08:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water tank - do you drink water from it?

Not at this time. Our TC trips are sporadic, oftentimes with several months in between, and relatively short. I don't want to spend the time and water to sanitize the tank every time we travel. And I believe that bacteria and mold can grow in a tank whether it has water in it or not as it will always be a moist (and in our area often warm) environment. So for now we carry these for drinking water. http://caneyfork.smugmug.com/Waterfalls/2014-post-photos/i-SwW7rFg/0/L/10014041gSlimlineFridgeJug_600-L.jpg Two of the 2.5 gallon jugs fit perfectly in one of the kitchen sinks for travel then sit on the counter with the spigot over the sink while in camp. We start out with water from faucet at home then refill as needed along the way. However, should we get where we can travel for extended trips I would take the time to thoroughly flush and sanitize the tank and would feel comfortable drinking water from it. Did you see that Brita just came out with these fridge water bottles with a filter in them? I don't know what they charge for them though.
rockhillmanor 09/21/14 07:46pm Truck Campers
It's back!

Well it's back! Pink slime company back up and running. For humans it means it will be back in your hamburgers. :W Which in turn means for pet food, expect that there will be higher concentrations of it back in the pet food to keep their costs down now that it will be readily available again to add to pet food when this supplier company starts back up. http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/13/news/companies/pink-slime/index.html 'Pink slime' is back and headed for your burger By Chris Isidore @CNNMoney August 13, 2014: 3:36 PM ET pink slime aka a salvage product made of trimmings that were formerly used only in dog food and cooking oil.
rockhillmanor 09/20/14 07:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: Questions about Tractor Supply

I think Tractor Supply is a good store. Yes they have the shelves up front and in the aisles filled with all the cheap******from China. But the rest of their inventory is as good as any other farm related store plus much more. I find they have a good selection of what you might need and at competitive price.
rockhillmanor 09/20/14 06:47am General RVing Issues
RE: For those who always pick up after their dogs...

You just gotta train them right that's all. :C http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v664/RVn05/areallygooddog.gif
rockhillmanor 09/20/14 06:40am General RVing Issues
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