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RE: Why I NEVER drink campground water

You most likely won't die from drinking CG well water but it CAN make you sick. If you have ever lived in a home with a well you know where it can be placed on your property in reference to the septic field, testing etc. CG wells, septic field and all those lines of open septic pipes at each site are all crammed in one very small area and most put in waaaaay before codes were put in place. And here's a news flash for you all, CG's are NOT required to test their well water monthly to make sure it is clear of bacteria. JMHO those of you who DO drink the CG water most likely write off that bout of an upset stomach and/or diarrhea to drinking to much beer or that chilli you had the night before when it most likely was from the high level of bacteria in the water. :W
rockhillmanor 01/29/15 09:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Verizon, Verizon prepaid, Straight Talk data coverage

I would expect to use one percent of my included data in retrieving contacts, updating programs, and general housekeeping. I found out all your apps just sitting on the phone use data even if you have them shut off in the settings....and it's a lot of data. I found this out 'back in the day' when you could get a smart phone 'with out a data plan' and you got an itemized bill of ALL the data used that you were expected to pay for!! My first bill had 4 pages of data usage costs that I never used and after going over it all with my provider they were all from apps running, accessing, and downloading to the phone. So no one is getting the full amount of the data package you purchase. From what I saw 1/3 is used by extraneous items using YOUR data in the background. The more game apps etc you have packed onto your phone the more of your data is being eaten up alive. which explains all the complaints on how fast your data gets used. IMHO they know this and maybe planned it so they CAN throttle you back which adds to their profit line.
rockhillmanor 01/29/15 09:02am Technology Corner
RE: The Zen of Full Timing - Living Comfortably

There is probably a learning curve when going full time. Probably the worse thing to do is go through a CW and start buying kitchen stuff or other "camp goodies" for the RV. After a year or so you will be giving most of that junk away and getting what you had in your sticknbrick anyway..... :B That sure brings back memories. Did the same thing when I started out! All these items that were scaled down little miniatures for use/storage in a MH that were all labeled as a must have if you were RV'ing! You could always tell where I was traveling because I left a trail of all the RV nonsense stuff I had bought in the CG office or in the laundry area marked 'free' for other campers to enjoy and eventually pass on to someone else. :C
rockhillmanor 01/29/15 08:53am Full-time RVing
RE: The Zen of Full Timing - Living Comfortably

The Buddha taught that Attachment was suffering. Attachment having to do with, on one level, the amount of stuff one has. I on the other hand, after just one year of full timing purged the MH and gave away about 3/4 of the stuff I brought with. Ahhh, that's when I started enjoying the Zen of full timing.http://freesmileyface.net/smiley/zen/levitation.gif
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 06:32pm Full-time RVing
RE: Verizon, Verizon prepaid, Straight Talk data coverage

What rockhillmanor said. I had my new Moto G and the prepaid $45 Verizon Plan and on the third day I got a note from Verizon to add more data. I didn't even know how to answer a call yet. Went to BB and they showed me how to disable data all together. Never used any data and over 4Meg was gone. Something is wrong, you get 500 meg included with the $45 prepaid plan. 4Meg is only one percent of that. It even gets more insane if you look at the usage chart monitor on your phone it states in real small type under it.... that the 'actual' usage may differ from what your phone provider states. :R:R Things appear smaller in this mirror than they actually are. :B
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 06:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Why I NEVER drink campground water

I have one federal campground we visit that I don't drink the water but thats it. They are on a well and I have to change out the house water filter when I leave due to it being a solid brown after a weeks stay. I would trust a city water system before drinking bottled water. I've seen some nasty reports on what's in bottled water. Ha! Read the label on bottled water MOST of them state they are filled from the local City water system. All the claims of the filtering is NOT done by the bottling company it's what was done at the city water system where they fill their bottles. I do not drink any well water from any CG. Wells and septic tanks in CG's are all in close proximity not to mention all the open sewer hookups and spillage that occurs that seeps back into the ground.
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 05:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
SuperBowl Ad w/Dog a REAL loser

Watched a preview of the GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial and was just shocked. Starts with a guy throwing a puppy out the window of a truck on the side of the road. Dog wanders and wanders around and finds his way home and owner picks it up and literally throws it into the back of fedex type truck. Owner says glad you made it cause I just sold you on line! :E So wrong on SO many levels. dumping dogs, selling dogs on the internet, depicting the owner as a puppy mill, shipping dogs, etc. Grrrr, I was so mad. But figured by morning once all the animal activists saw this clip it WOULD be in the news. Well it did this morning on GMA. Talk about GoDaddy actually pulling the ad. WHAT WERE they thinking when the put this ad together? :? EDIT: HSUS/SPCA gets up and all over GoDaddy for promoting puppy mills. GoDaddy just pulled the ad! YEA! #nodaddy "The SPCA @animalrescuers Follow If you can buy a puppy online and have it shipped to you the next day, it's likely you're supporting inhumane breeding."
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 05:09am RV Pet Stop
RE: Florida Cell Phone Taxes/Charges

I get my Tracfone service cards from Walmart using email delivery. No tax charged even though my state has a 7% sales tax. If I buy the card in the store I do pay a tax. Here is the sumary fom a recent 60 minute 90 day card: Subtotal: $19.88 Shipping: Free Tax: $0.00 Order total: $19.88 That's very interesting. Can you get Straight Talk cards on line too?
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Verizon, Verizon prepaid, Straight Talk data coverage

Regarding the data on Straight Talk. You can monitor your data usage on these phones and I highly suggest you check it as soon as you activate your phone because data is being constantly used and you are not using it! I do NOT use the data at all on my phone and after only one week I had reached their 'so-called' threshold for throttling and I never used any data! Straight Talk is heavily all hooked up with google. There were all these programs running in the background eating up all your data. I went in and disabled as many as I could that they hadn't hooked up with the actual phone usage so you couldn't disable them. :R And btw they run even if you shut off the data tab. Go to: 1. Settings 2. Data Usage 3. Scroll down and see all what is running eating data and they actually show you how much 4. You can go into some of them and disable them completely and others you only can disable the background usage.
rockhillmanor 01/28/15 04:51am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon, Verizon prepaid, Straight Talk data coverage

Just beware that NOT all the phones sold at Walmart for Straight Talk are Verizon. Some of them are ATT. I found out AFTER I bought the phone.:R It is listed on their website under the picture of the different phones if you carefully read all the specs of each phone you will find which phones are ATT and which are Verizon. And you can't change it. You have to buy specific phones to get the carrier you want.
rockhillmanor 01/27/15 03:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Old Toad/New Experience

I would check your owners manual to double check if the car is towable 4 down or with a dolly. It's listed under 'recreational towing' in the manual. THIS should be your bible not anyone else' info when dealing with all the different manuf.types of a Tracker. Just a heads up about Trackers that I experienced that might save you some headaches! :W I had a Chevy Tracker and because the Tracker went thru so MANY different manufacturing plants and actually changing in the middle of years, etc. I.E. These are essentially the same car but can be totally different when trying to get info/parts: Chevy, Geo, Suzuki. ANY info outside the box of the actual manual that came with it can be incorrect. Especially when Regarding 'how' to tow it, if you have to start it, what position to leave the key in when towing, if you had to add a pump etc etc. I had a "Chevy" Tracker yet many of the parts had to be ordered under "Geo" Tracker AND even at that you would get the wrong parts. Forget to look up 4 door and could affect if you got the right light bulb!! When I had the base plate ordered for my "Chevy" Tracker when the base plate came in it didn't fit. They had to order the one for a "Suzuki" Tracker and when THAT one came in we found out it was imperative to note that it was a 4 door because that actually was yet another different model base plate. :S So bottom line what others do with their Tracker might not be correct for the type of Tracker you have.
rockhillmanor 01/27/15 03:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting your pictures off photobucket?

Thank you.
rockhillmanor 01/27/15 01:46pm Technology Corner
RE: need advice on older dog...

My 15 year just started all these same symptoms. At first it was a little alarming but as I observed him I made some simple changes myself and around the house to accommodate him. Like instead of just walking past him as he's laying down, I will call his name first. It lessened the incidents of him lashing out. I also use Previcox. IMHO JMHO the wonder anti-inflammatory/pain drug of the century for dogs. Rimidyl didn't do a darn thing for my dogs problems with his spine. When the decision to put him down was upon us on the vet said let's try one more thing. It was Previcox. Which works wonders for him. when ever one or both of his degenerated discs go out and he can't walk I give him one and within a couple of hours he's running around again. And actually I have cut the dose so he doesn't run around so crazy on what is now referred to as his 'go-go juice'! :B I also found as the dementia, eyesight, plain ole getting old problems of a 15 year, one pill once a week gets him back on track and feeling comfortable. My Vet says he has quite a few old seniors on just one pill once a week as it doesn't need the build up time and consistent use in the system to work as Rimadyl does.
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 07:46pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Florida Cell Phone Taxes/Charges

I use an AT&T Go Phone with unlimited talk, text and data. It has an upstate NY area code where I use it in the summer months and in SC in the winter. Other than my one total monthly usage fee, I don't see any state taxes anywhere. My old cell was a GoPhone registered in Wisconsin and it had city, county, usage taxes you name it added on. :R GoPhone/ATT told me each state taxes where the number originates was different. No matter where I bought the prepaid card when I loaded it I always was charged the Wisconsin tax. I.E. load a 25.00 card and would get only 23.00 applied. My question of Straight Talk is if I am traveling and buy a prepaid card in another state then I pay THAT states tax charge? They can't go by my cell phone number because the card when purchased does not include it. So the assumption being the 'card' itself is being taxed by each Walmart? Simply as a money maker?
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Holding tank issues

Local RV Mobile Repair is my go to ALL the time for repairs. If they are at a CG go up to the office and ask who they use for RV Mobile Repair. Mobile repair is inexpensive and they have seen it all and are very experienced at all things broke on an RV AND the most important thing is....they have all the parts needed right on board their trucks. Mu guess is the mobile repair guy will have the coach up and running in less than an hour. While you guys sit back and have a cold one!
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 05:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ? Peppermint Oil Question

I hope you are not putting it directly on anything in your RV. Are you putting the oil on something and then place that on a plate? Once you remove the plate with peppermint on it the odor should dissipate. BTW: I was told by a semi truck driver that they put oil of peppermint on or around their neck while driving to keep them alert and keep them from getting drowsy.
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 05:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Who makes the best Ruben Sandwich?

Any Jewish New York deli! :B That's where I always head for.
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 05:05pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Florida Cell Phone Taxes/Charges

I'm a Florida resident with a out-of-state phone that has bunch of local charges and taxes. I'm wondering if a Florida (Monroe County) cell phone has a bunch of charges? I just switched to a Florida cell phone because my Wisconsin cell had so many extra charges and taxes on it too. I use Straight Talk now with a Florida number. When I buy my pre-paid card at Walmart the only additional charge is the Florida state sales tax and nothing else. Albiet I do have a problem with how they can charge sales tax on a service. You phone usage is not a taxable product. I also dropped my iphone/att because of all the extra charges they kept coming up with that took my bill from 100 to over 150. I found the ONLY way to not have to pay all those ridiculous made up 'extra' charges is to go prepaid no contract. I pay 45 bucks a month now for unlimited talk, text and date plus just the Florida sales tax. And I don't have to give them one iota of personal info. Not even a credit card number because I pay cash for the prepaid card. Makes me happy.:W
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class C E450 Fuse problem

The dash gauges and the tow mode in the lever are all connected. Have any problems with either of these,It is a known Ford problem with the "wiring inside the steering wheel". For me it was the tow mode light coming on and dropping the trans while driving. Ford said I had a 50/50 chance it was the known loose wires in the steering wheel causing the tow mode to drop or the torque converter itself. In my case I lost the bet it was the torque converter but that's how I learned about the problem with the wires in the steering wheel being connected to all things about the dash gauges. AND, after they installed the new torque converter keeping in mind that the tow mode is part of the dash assembly......I had lights and gauges on the dash that had never been there before and in different colors! :B Go figure. If you still have problems with your dash gauges ford will go right to taking the steering wheel off and check the wires. I think it was a call back and they do it for free.
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 04:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: need advice on older dog...

It's the dogs vision. Cataracts or just loss of vision. A vet will show you. Take a light at night when outside and shine it towards the dog you will see just how cloudy they may have become. Night time or low light in the house affects their depth perception and many aged dogs have also have significant hearing loss, SO when you walk by 'suddenly' they can't determine instantly what it is and defend themselves. If they KNEW and could SEE it was you and your pant leg they would not lash out. And training has nothing to do with an aging dog going blind. If your aging parent walked into some furniture because of loss of vision would you send them back to school? No, you would help them. The adding of a dog? Well I am on the side on not adding younger dogs prior to when the owner thinks it's getting around the time the old one will die. That seems very cruel to me. I believe that if a dog has given you 10-15+ years of unconditional love no matter what you have gone through in your life struggles, then one should have the time to give back that love 'one on one' as the aging process gets difficult for the dog. Just saying.
rockhillmanor 01/26/15 04:34pm RV Pet Stop
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