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RE: internet on the go

I on the other hand will do nothing using a cell phone. IMHO, JMHO not secure enough and if it was, there is the issue of using your phone data, many phone contracts prohibit you from doing so, being tethered, and not being able to use the phone on some, etc. I would never do any banking using a cell phone period. Just saying that is 'MY' reason for not using a cell phone for internet access. When I went full time I bought a Sprint USB broadband. I plug in a USB stick into my computer, secure and I have internet anywhere with my laptop. In the MH or out in the woods! I bought it in 2004 and I am still using the same usb stick. Albiet I am grandfathered in with unlimited data. The newer ones have data plans but at least you don't have to worry about using all you data up on your phone plan which is usually less data and more expensive anyway.
rockhillmanor 04/29/16 09:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: another newbie question: do cushions have value?

Congrats on your new to you TT. Sure looks to be in really nice shape! :C If your TT is all original, changing out the cushions will lessen it's value as an antique. If you are not concerned what you would sell it for down the line, then change them but finding ones that are the same size might be a problem. Either way I would NOT throw them out. Advertise them on Craigslist or a one of the many specialized forums for this type of RV. A fellow RV'er restoring one of these TT's would probably be VERY happy to find original cushions. By the way. If you would like to try one more tip on getting the smell out: When we restored old cars we would put a couple of shallow bowls of ammonia in the vehicles, close them up tight for a couple of days and all and every smell would be gone. I found a 65 GTO way up in the North woods that an elderly couple were using it to put their household 'garbage' in because they could no longer physically go to the dump! The stench was unbelievable. 2 bowls of ammonia in it locked up tight and sitting in the sun for four days and you could not tell there was ever one piece of garbage ever in that car.
rockhillmanor 04/29/16 09:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just another dog food thread

Best one yet! Too funny and most likely true!!!:B
rockhillmanor 04/29/16 04:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ford recall

From the people that brought you dash push buttons Hey...... My 1962 Plymouth Fury was a sweet ride :B Ha! I do remember my Dad taking a butter knife with all the time so he could unstick those buttons when they wouldn't work.
rockhillmanor 04/28/16 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hoping to keep it to an SUV... will it work?

SUV's have a short wheelbase. You end up with the tail wagging the dog and you won't be happy with your RV'ing experience towing with it. I tried it with a Tahoe ONCE and never ever again.
rockhillmanor 04/28/16 06:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone ever tailgate with your RV for Jimmy Buffett

If you like RV friendly concerts check out Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, WI. It's one of the biggest band festivals around. The number of RV's that show up for that 'four day' concert festival is just unbelievable. They have several top headliner bands. Check out the aerial shot of all the RV's! http://www.countrythunder.com/
rockhillmanor 04/28/16 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing black water cable valve

.... As to an "arrow" pointing which way?????? In 37 years whether it was Valterra or Bristol, I have NEVER seen an arrow and if you REALLY understand the design and how the flanges/seals are utilized, you would know that the valves have no front or back. .... Doug I respectively disagree with you and really take offense that you choose to post a bash and call me a liar.:R There WAS an arrow on the flat end on the top indicating the direction of the flow of water. The arrow was a molded part of the blade not a label so it was the same color as the blade. AND if YOU REALLY understood the valve blade. The Bristol valve I installed DID have a front and back. A look at the blade itself showed that they were NOT flat but that one edge of the blade itself is slanted to fit. Arrow on top showed that the slant on blade should face the water flow. Is this arrow still on the newer Bristol valves I don't know haven't had to replace one in the past few years. But do NOT call me a liar and that I don't understand. If you want to bash forum members find another forum to do so.
rockhillmanor 04/28/16 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: The RV Life and the environment

beemerphile1: Living in an RV is substantially "greener" than living in a 4,000 square feet McMansion. X10 Boy have you got that right! Beg to differ, sir. If you live in that McMansion but don't travel a lot then your gas consumption is considerably less and quite possibly in a far more fuel-efficient vehicle. Many new houses are extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumption. As to those jets-it's somewhat more complex with many variables, including fuel efficiency of vehicles compared as well as occupancy of both. But let's look at the larger picture. How many trees have been cut down to make room for the campground you are staying in? It's no different than the development of land for a house. What about the roads that have to be made to get there? The wildlife that is disturbed in the process? Energy to heat bath houses, pools and other facilities? What about the materials used to construct the amenities such as play grounds? Do the materials used to construct an RV go back to nature like the wood in a house? How long does that RV last versus a house? I could go on but I think you get my drift. Part of the reason why some may feel living in a RV is much "greener" is they fail to realize many of the impacts the lifestyle has. Yes, maybe you only fill your water tank occasionally but if you are out exploring the water you didn't use in the RV to flush or get a drink is consumed elsewhere. Some of the issues of consumption are merely shifted, not done away with. Just sayin'. NO we don't and NO it doesn't. Boy have you got that all wrong. Where DO you get your info? Just take a look at ALL the subdivisions going up every second in the USA. Eating up land, destroying land and water, the materials used to build them all, the energy/fossil fuels to run them, the loss of wildlife and fauna, and adding all the waste that goes along with it, etc. The towns get the impact fees for the subdivisions so they keep giving out permits like candy, they don't give a rats butt what it is doing to the environment. It's all about the money. NOW, take the time and post all THOSE egregious affects on our planet. An RV/RV'ing is a gnat in the sand compared to that. :R
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thermometer remote monitoring

It depends WHERE you are. If you have never traveled to Florida you can't make dangerous comments that it is OK to leave pets in a closed up RV in the Florida sun with an AC malfunction. :R When In Florida. Air goes out in an RV and you have a dead dog. I'm hear to tell from experience the temp goes from 70 or 80 to well 'over' 100 in just minutes when the AC or power to it fails. Remember all the windows are closed. It's a death trap.
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: The RV Life and the environment

It all boils down to ONE thing. RV'ers learn and realize real quick just how much water we use and that ends up filling up our holding tanks sooner than we would like, from a learned habit from living in a house:..... > Letting the water run while you brush your teeth! < Thousands of RV'ers have broken that habit of wasting water while brushing and have saved the planet millions of gallons of water. For that alone I'd say we do a great job of stewardship of the environment.:W
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 05:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing black water cable valve

I replaced both the black and gray valves. No problem. Unscrew screws take out and insert new ones. I think it took me less than an hour and that included bleaching the heck and flushing out the black tank. I just didn't want to deal with ANY type of sewage or smell while I was working on it! :W Pick up the valve at any camping store or rv dealership parts store. There was a time that there were 2 types. Bristol and Valterra. So be sure you pick up the correct one for your RV. Also on mine there was a very small arrow molded on the valve itself. It is meant to tell you what direction the water flows so you put the valve in correctly. I didn't see that at first so that less than an hour installation 'included' putting one in and out twice so the arrow was pointing in the right direction! :B
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Crazy RVer Gets Arrested

When I first started Full Time I gave a ride to a fellow camper ONCE in one of the CG's I had stopped at for just 4 days. NEVER AGAIN. And then I had a guy who THOUGHT I would give him a ride while I was in a gas station getting gas and went to pay for it and he just opened the door and got in! I'll be the friendliest person you meet in a CG but I don't do rides or offer help anymore. :W
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Windshield Cover for new Rig!

First of all a E350, E450, F550 is a 'chassie' model it has nothing to do with the size of a windshield. What does that mean exactly ? Are you saying that the size of the windshield and doors is the same across all of those models ? I seriously doubt it. But I would believe that they all are close enough that it doesn't make any practical difference. Perhaps you need to take a look at them. The windshield of a 350 and 450 are IDENTICAL. I stated in my post the F550 looked slightly different but the new full bonnet style ADCO cover would accommodate it. Again the mirrors and where they are attached can be different. ADCO had at one time two different covers to accommodate the side MIRROR placement.
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 07:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Detailing a motorhome

Can a good detailer get most of the oxidation off and bring back the shine on an older motorhome that has that chalky look, not full body paint? To those of you who have had an interior and exterior detailing done what did it cost? Those RV detailer's do a great job. It seems no matter where I travel the price is always the same. They all seem to charge the same, $10.00 per foot. You really do NOT need a detailer to get the shine back. On my first MH I did it myself. And yes it is real easy to make it shine again. CG's don't allow you to wash your RV, but I have never had one CG ask me to stop 'waxing' mine! :W Here is a picture showing the difference between the chalky area and where I just waxed it. The more often you wax it the longer it will take for it to become chalky again. I used Mother's or McGuires Wax. http://i.imgur.com/IgwvbnYl.jpg
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 02:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: leak over cab Window?????

...Gutter runoff beyond the ability of the weep holes to weep it out is a possibility. It sounds like not the best thought out design there. X2 I was experiencing a leak in the same area and really could not figure out from where and it didn't seem to be a consistent leak. It took being inside my coach during a real heavy rainstorm and actually seeing where it was coming from. I went outside and that gutter was funneling a ton of water right down the window. Gutter run off right above the window in heavy rain and the window weep holes can not handle it and it comes inside the RV. This is accentuated even more if the RV is not level and ever so 'slightly' tipped to one side. Even the slightest tip of MH to one side sends even more water off the gutter down into the weep holes from that side window and right into the RV. When the rain let up in between storms I ran the tire on that side up on just one leveler block. Second storm hit and no water intrusion. If I know a rain storm pattern is coming thru and I am parked in a CG I will put one leveler block under both of the front tires to tip the whole MH to the back......that way the water runs off there instead of inside my cabover windows. And it really only takes a 'very little' off level to achieve this. You don't even notice it inside. I suspect that many of RV windows have been replaced unnecessarily when it was only the gutter run off in a heavy rain coming in from the weep holes. I even had this happen in one of the big windows in the bedroom. I was sure that window had to be replaced. Until I looked during a storm and sure enough, when I went outside to look, it was coming in from the weep holes from excessive roof run off on that side. Again lifted that side a bit and it stopped.
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 02:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Oil Consumption - Quick Questions

Yup I was concerned about that too. But everything I've read and heard about that said it's ok. Go figure.
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 01:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Pets and Florida Heat

We unhitch the van and park with the side door just under the trailer awning. I then drape a shade cloth from the end of the awning over the top of the van (propping it up off the van roof) and down the other side of the van. This creates a cool cave in the van and under the awning. If I am lucky the prevailing breeze will blow between the trailer and van. The key is to keep the shade cloth off the roof; if it is touching the roof you still get solar heating of the van roof. Since all of our "camping" is in the middle of open pastures you have to create your own shade. Now THAT's a good set up idea. I am surprised that not more of my show friends with a TT haven't thought of parking the TV side by side like that. Ditto on the open air CG parking at sporting events. Sometimes You really do have to get creative.
rockhillmanor 04/27/16 01:18am RV Pet Stop
RE: Windshield Cover for new Rig!

First of all a E350, E450, F550 is a 'chassie' model it has nothing to do with the size of a windshield. Same thing with the op's new coach. The windshield and side windows are the same. And with ADCO's new design that actually extends so far 'above' the top of the windshield it will fit. The only thing you need to do is look at what type of mirrors you have. But I see that over the years ADCO's new cover seems to accommodate all the mirror types.
rockhillmanor 04/26/16 05:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Letting Go

Before you go fulltime, why don't you go part time? Leave all your stuff and just go an a very extended trip. That will tell you if going full time is in your cards.That would have been my suggestion to anyone contemplating going full time. Try it first before giving up the homestead. :@ X2 Yup, my advice would be to do a trip to Florida for the winter. In those couple of months you will have traveled and stayed in the RV you will know if you like it or not and if the lifestyle is for you. I had no intentions of a Full Time RV lifestyle....that is until I made my first trip to Florida for just the winter months. Got back home, put the house up for sale and turned around and hit the road. :C
rockhillmanor 04/26/16 05:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Entrance Door

Yes. Find another spot to put your stuff. :C
rockhillmanor 04/26/16 05:07am Travel Trailers
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