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Santa Teresa, NM Border Crossing?

We have come home (headed North back into USA)a couple of times thu Santa Teresa but never have turned in paperwork or stopped on the Mexico side. Does Mexico issue paperwork / TIP / Visa at Santa Teresa on the Mexico side? Thanks, rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/28/15 08:34am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gas way down

The price of fuel will not effect our Winter Plans. BUT, El Nino will. We will wait to see what the Oct weather is like in The SouthWest and forecasted weather for Nov and then decide how far & where we will go without regard to fuel cost. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/25/15 07:28pm Snowbirds
Rocky Point Cruise Pier update!

rocmoc 08/23/15 09:43am RVing in Mexico and South America
Rocky Point Cruise Pier update!

http://tucson.com/business/local/rocky-point-pins-economic-hopes-on-new-port-for-cruise/article_a5a3bddf-2bd8-522c-8083-7aefb4388632.html 14 hours ago • By Luis F. Carrasco PUERTO PEÑASCO, Sonora — Hopes are high that a new mayor and the construction of a cruise ship home port will speed up the economic recovery of “Arizona’s beach,” where the Great Recession crippled a once-booming real estate market and tourist destination. The town, also known as Rocky Point, is already seeing an increase in tourism, officials said, with about 2 million people visiting in 2014 and a projected increase of about 20 percent for 2015. While the beaches may be getting more crowded, the most visible sign of progress is a large crane and heavy construction equipment at the western end of Sandy Beach. Workers spend their day dumping rocks and adding enormous concrete blocks to the breakwater that eventually will allow the construction of an almost mile-long dock for cruise ships. Although there are several ports where cruise ships can stop while visiting Mexico, Puerto Peñasco will be the country’s first home port, not only a stop but a point of origination. The port’s proximity to the United States and a growing tourism market in Mexico make it a perfect location, officials said. “The potential market for the Puerto Peñasco home port is estimated to be about 1.9 million cruisers,” said Diana Nieves, marketing manager at the port administration. “The cruise industry is growing 7.2 percent per year and the Sea of Cortés is one of only two routes that have yet to be serviced by the industry.” The other route is Cuba, she said. So far cruise liners have been receptive and open to the possibility of another home port and a new route, but they are taking a wait-and-see attitude before making commitments, Nieves said. Right now her job is to keep the city alive in the minds of the big cruise companies and educate travel agents, the biggest source for cruise bookings, about what the area has to offer. “Outside of Arizona or the Southwest, Puerto Peñasco isn’t as well-known as say Cancun, Conzumel or Los Cabos,” she said. “Even with some travel agents, you have to say, ‘OK, here’s Los Cabos, here’s San Diego, here’s Puerto Peñasco.’” If everything goes as expected, the city will see about $120 million per year in crew and passenger spending, Nieves said, but the port is already benefiting residents. About 300 direct and 600 indirect jobs will be created during construction and 200 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs will be available once it’s in operation. Another beneficiary of the home port will be the city’s airport, located about 27 miles outside of downtown. Sixty million potential customers live in the area covered by a two-hour flight to Puerto Peñasco from Mexico and the United States, officials said. Although there are no commercial flights coming in yet, the Mar de Cortés International Airport will be ready to receive them by the time the port opens during the first half of 2017, said airport administrator Alonso Domínguez. The airport, which opened in 2009 as a public-private partnership between the state and Grupo Mayan Resorts, sees about 6,000 passengers per year, he said. Almost 30 percent of arrivals are American general aviation and 8 percent are charter flights from the U.S. and Mexico. A new regular flight from Scottsdale to Puerto Peñasco is also scheduled to start soon, Domínguez said. Residents hope an increase in tourism will bring more money to the area but some wonder what Puerto Peñasco has to offer beyond its beautiful beaches and elegant resorts. “You look around and see unpaved streets, abandoned buildings and general messiness,” said lifelong resident Ramíro López. “If this benefits all of us, then great, but so far I don’t see it.” Along with increasing investment and economic development, making the surrounding city live up to the promise of the gleaming towers and luxury condos is one of the main goals for mayor-elect Ernesto Munro. Speaking before representatives from the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on a trade mission to Puerto Peñasco, the Phoenix-born mayor laid out his plan to revitalize the city. His large-scale proposal, broken down into five focus areas, includes revamping urban infrastructure and utilizing abandoned building projects, building a city park and cultural center, relaunching tourist real estate and investing in a public transportation system and clean energy. The boldest part of his proposal is a change to the city’s administrative structure. “We have an overstuffed bureaucracy and expenses that are too high,” Munro said. “The way we’re working now there is no way to measure results and we have no effective execution of municipal projects.” Under Munro, city departments would be consolidated and many top positions eliminated, freeing up money for development. But even if the changes he’s looking for pass the city council, there’s no guarantee that the next mayor won’t hit the reset button after three years, or for that matter, abandon any projects begun under his administration, Munro said. Until recently, re-election was not part of Mexican law. Starting in 2018, federal representatives can be re-elected and eventually state and local level offices will be affected as well. “Now you have a mayor come in and he has a clear vision of what he wants to do, but he leaves his predecessor’s projects by the wayside. Sometimes they ignore prior proposals, even if they’re beneficial for the whole, which inevitably affects residents,” he said. His plan to combat this is to set up a citizen participation committee and a municipal planning institute, oversight groups designed to help maintain continuity between administrations. “We’re trying to put up an ambitious program of economic development but with support and sustainability as well,” Munro said. With a tight city budget leaving little room to spend, that support would come from private interests ready to bet on Puerto Peñasco as well as investors willing to partner with the public sector to get projects off the ground. Part of that investment will undoubtedly come from Arizona, officials said. With 70 percent of U.S. visitors coming from the state, the city’s fate is tied to its northern neighbor. “We want to reaffirm that we’re Arizona’s beach, that Arizonans feel secure while visiting us, but above all that they feel secure in investing with us,” Munro said. “That way we can truly integrate as an economic region.” Contact reporter Luis F. Carrasco at lcarrasco@tucson.com or 807-8029. On Twitter: @lfcarrasco Copyright 2015 Arizona Daily Star.
rocmoc 08/23/15 09:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Snowbirding in Mexico

My experince is that most RVers that Caravan to Mexico are one-timers never to be seen again. Everyone I know that Snowbirds / RVs in Mexico took a short trip SOB (South Of the Border) then increased distance South with each following trip. OR teamed up with another RV. I taken a few RVers SOB but got tired of waiting for them when they would stop without notice or plan. It is not that difficult to go SOB, just go SLOW! The People will help you with info and there are the Green Angels (Mexico's Government ran Road Service). The Green Angels patrol the Main Highways to provide help & service should it be needed. The Toll Roads are as good as any road in the States. There is so much info on the Internet now that nearly any Campground can be located and contacted. If a question remains, the Rving in Mexico/South America forum of the site, will provide answers from others that RV in Mexico. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/21/15 07:44am Snowbirds
Mexico Oil Read!

Even tho this is not RV related / Mexico Snowbirding related, it maybe of interest to many who enjoy spending time in Mexico. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/oils-latest-casualty-mexico-130406135.html rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/20/15 01:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Another Arizona in the Winter Query

Not this winter. Phoenix area would be a better choice, more to do than Palm Springs, a little cheaper and probably slightly better weather during the coming winter. Barb Barb, I appreciate all your assistance....and I learned something I had probably forgotten from you...... night time temps are taken just shortly before dawn.....so we'll likely head out to Tucson in early Feb...no way to find out if it is going to work out as a snow bird location without going.......... 3 years ago when I went through Tucson in Jan, it was snowing. It was an actual blizzard in Nogales, but that is higher up. In fact is snowed for the first 100 miles into Mexico. http://www.coppercanyonrvtours.com/images/snow2.jpg http://www.coppercanyonrvtours.com/images/snow1.jpg Can't compare Nogales weather to Tucson. Nogales is 4,000 feet and Tucson is 2400 feet. I live near Nogales and we may once every couple of years have a little blowing snow in early morning or late evening but NEVER a blizzard. Grew up in Northern Kansas and I know what a blizzard is. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/19/15 05:29pm Snowbirds
RE: Another Arizona in the Winter Query

This is going to be a tough winter because of El Nino, nearly everywhere in the South.I don't see anything on there about Nino. Here ya go, http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/08/13/432099022/scientists-say-we-could-be-heading-into-godzilla-el-ni-o rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/15/15 06:59am Snowbirds
RE: Another Arizona in the Winter Query

This is going to be a tough winter because of El Nino, nearly everywhere in the South. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/seasonal.php?lead=5 rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/14/15 02:47pm Snowbirds
RE: Air quality in the southwest?

Depends on where you are. We are South of Tucson and rarely if ever have bad air quality as the breeze/wind comes off the Sea of Cortez (from the SW). We don't get the dust storms of Central AZ. This is true all year long! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/14/15 02:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: San Felipe or Puerto Penasco?

Agree with San Felipe as first choice tho it is a harder crossing & longer drive. More RV parks available but the prices are getting on the pricey side as most prices are set to the site demand of California campers. Rocky Point is a very very close second, in fact maybe a tie. Easier crossing (nothing needed except Mexican In) and shorter drive. Prices are better as demand is set by Arizona campers. This is MHO! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 08/10/15 11:39am RVing in Mexico and South America
Story about Goodyear Motorhome Tire Failure.

rocmoc 07/23/15 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: There she Blows!!!!!

clicky Thanks, just so amazed by the pics forgot to link! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/13/15 04:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
There she Blows!!!!!

http://tucson.com/news/science/evacuated-as-colima-volcano-spews-ash-in-western-mexico/article_6e89725e-1fb5-5752-86a8-f3281e551ef4.html Make sure you check out the pics. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/12/15 07:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Copper Canyon

IMHO, the best RV trip is traveling to Creel and camping in the old KOA park. We had a Ball taking the train to the coast and driving down into the Canyon to the Lost Mission. We went in May. It can snow in the winter in Creel. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/12/15 08:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Los Barriles and Todos Santos RV Parks - Been There?

Stayed in Las Palmas Tropicales in Casita del Mar a few years back. They were talking then about opening the park. Very nice people and we had a GREAT stay. At that time there was NO RV park in Todos Santos I would have stayed at. We did drive around and check out the parks. The beach is a surfer beach. Very rough, BIG surf. The Casita would shake during the night when the big wave pounded the beach. Made you wonder if they were coming to where we were. We also checked out Los Barriles but found most parks packed in smallish spaces. Most were located on the beach but the campsites are well back with no view of the water. There is free dry camping/boondocking North of town. At the time there were plenty of people staying there and you could SEE the water. You are exposed more to the wind at the boondocking location. Los Barriles is very windy and a sail boarding location. There are off-roading trails. Good luck, rocmoc n AZ/Mexico "I should proof my post, sorry about that."
rocmoc 07/12/15 08:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Nogales Mariposa Crossing!

Hi Moisheh, Maybe it was the time of the year! While the lights over the Bus/RV lane said it was Open, Customs had a Pickup parked across the lane so you could not enter. Watched a Bus wait over 20 minutes before anyone came out to inspect. Pickup was still blocking the lane after we passed thu. After you get pass the gate there was a large Xray machine the Bus/RV has to go thu. Backing up before the gate, there is now only ONE lane coming in from the toll road to the lanes for the crossing. Buses take the bypass road thu/around the West side of Nogales avoiding the Toll road and the need to cross lanes. IMHO not an improvement over what was there before all the big bucks were spent. Only good thing was the smaller number of vehicles attempting to cross. May be just me not liking the changes. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/10/15 08:12am RVing in Mexico and South America
Nogales Mariposa Crossing!

Just a short trip across the border without the Motorhome. For RVs: Going South is fine, stay in the Right Lane (Truck Lane). Problem is returning North, INSANE! RVs are required to be in the RIGHT Bus Lane. We live North of Nogales and I will NEVER bring the Motorhome back north thu Nogales. This is IMHO. Too many issues with the crossing for me to waste my time. Problems are on the USA side except getting into the Bus Lane. I will travel to Lukeville or Santa Teresa. Good luck! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/09/15 04:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico RV tourist....

Sorry, I was asking 4x4dodger. So, when and where was the last time you were RVing in Mexico? :R Will be crossing over Wed morning!!!!! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico No problemo. :E rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/07/15 09:33am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico RV tourist....

So, when and where was the last time you were RVing in Mexico? :R Will be crossing over Wed morning!!!!! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 07/06/15 06:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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