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RE: Framlesss windows VS Framed windows

While I prefer the look of frameless, insulated windows aren't available in frameless that I'm aware of. I do like the sealing with the frameless much better than the frame type. If I were choosing a TT for windows, I would set my mind on the insulated windows. They make a HUGE difference. Hehr 6400's are used in Escape trailers. These are 1/2" thick double-pane frameless. These are an option along with the tank heater pads, spray-on undercarriage insulation, and extra interior insulation. Having said that, the rating of a single-pane window is about R-0.7 and a double-pane with a 1/4" air gap is R-1.7. That's a lot better but still not great. From my experience it mostly helps with condensation issues. I wouldn't go without double-panes, but you will still need a lot of furnace in truly cold temps. One other advantage of the frameless is that there is no frame to conduct cold inside. The metal frame in most RV windows conducts the cold inside and water vapor condenses on it, often dripping on the inside. That is probably the biggest advantage of frameless over framed in cold conditions. Agreed - the conduction of the frames is terrible. I've thought about trying to rework them with a thermal break of some type, but it probably wouldn't make much difference. Perhaps spraying the inner frame with some plastidip would do it LOL.
93Cobra2771 10/19/16 10:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Better outdoor speakers

Unless your current ones are totally blown out, you likely won't get a ton better sound. Marginally better at best. Reason being - the amps in the radios are terribly underpowered and simply just don't have enough juice to drive a decent set of speakers. The bluetooth route will give you much better sound, but obviously not as convenient as ones mounted on the wall. In your search, look for speakers with the full frequency response of 20-20000 hz. The higher the signal to noise, the better. And ohms as mentioned earlier is a big deal.
93Cobra2771 10/18/16 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Framlesss windows VS Framed windows

While I prefer the look of frameless, insulated windows aren't available in frameless that I'm aware of. I do like the sealing with the frameless much better than the frame type. If I were choosing a TT for windows, I would set my mind on the insulated windows. They make a HUGE difference.
93Cobra2771 10/17/16 11:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Campground Suggestions for Pigeon Forge area??

Temp wise, it isn't much different in PF vs Myrtle Beach other than the breeze off the ocean. In fact, temps and weather are surprisingly similar except for a day's difference or so as the weather travels from West to East (roughly). So, if it's hot in MB, it will be hot in PF. :-)
93Cobra2771 10/17/16 11:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: More ongoing poor workmanship to fix...

My bed was sagging in the middle due to thin plywood and a single 1x2 running longways as a "backbone". 1/x2 was mounted flat, so it was failing as a backbone. The 1x2 came unglued/unattached on one end. I ended up making a support under the bed out of 2x4's and now all is good. But seriously, 1/2" plywood for a queen mattress with a single 1x2?
93Cobra2771 10/14/16 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: leave roof vents open during winter?

Mine stay open year round and have maxair vents on them.
93Cobra2771 10/14/16 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Wanting to upgrade stereo and speaker bar

I've been considering a sound bar/sub/surround sound for our TV as well. Some have wireless subs. Once I find one with wireless rear channels that is reasonably priced I will probably get one. Sound bar will fit perfectly under the TV, front channels can mount and hid wiring very easily. those rear channel would be a bear to run wiring. But If I simply have to plug them in to a outlet, I would be golden. OEM speakers are terrible for the radio, that is a fact.
93Cobra2771 10/14/16 08:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)

93Cobra2771 10/12/16 07:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Campground Suggestions for Pigeon Forge area??

I would highly suggest staying down on the other end of PF as opposed to River Plantation end. Traffic getting down to dollywood and dixie stampede is not fun that time of the year. Have stayed Pine Mountain several times. A little pricey but very nice facilities, AWESOME bathhouse. Indoor pool across the street at the hotel, and you are very short distance from dollywood. Anchor down is a premium resort, and is probably a good 30 min away with good traffic from everything in PF. It is in Dandridge (just up the road). It is a beautiful location and right on the lake. Not a lot of shade due to it being so new. Have also stayed at Riverbend Campground numerous times, but no pool. They do have the river that wraps around the campground though. Great rates as well. It is going to be HOT, so try to find a site with some shade.
93Cobra2771 10/11/16 11:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: True Four Seasons Travel Trailer

What does 4 season mean ? heated tanks, extra insulation ? 4 season in Seattle, Washington is not the same as 4 season in Caribou, Maine. I used mine in extreme conditions. I used 3 RV's for snowmobiling to -30F for 3-4 weeks at a given time. Had to drain the water system below low single digits. Then used the rv as a dry camp at a CG with heated bath house. This is what i found through my winter RV experience (2004-2015) you can weed thru it to pick n choose what might apply to you. BTW, my non slide Lance blew away the slide model AF as far as interior warmth as well as propane use. AF used twice as much if not more, propane. think about a second heat source. If the furnace takes a nose dive, you will not have too much time to act to winterize it. I carried a spare digital control board as well as a spare regulator. I also carried MR. Heater in the single 1 lb cylinder form, up to 9k btu's. For emergency use, crack a vent or window. If you have a plastic cover on your gas tanks or a non insulated compartment. Protect and insulate your changeover gas valve (regulator) WRAP IT in insulation. The diaphragm inside can crack if it freezes, making it useless, stopping your gas flow. You can sometimes thaw them by using a hair dryer on the warm setting to defrost it prior to cracking, if you catch it in time . The hair dryer works to thaw the dump vales as well. Some people used DOW boards as skirting under the TT's and 5th wheels. Also, keep your batteries as warm as possible. Boondockers use AGM's inside the RV where its warm . Non slide RV's worked best. As i said, they were much warmer, used a ton less propane (30# tank lasted 2- sometimes 3 days to keep interior 60-65F slide model ...non slide model same size rv, used 30# in a week, sometimes more with the extra elec heater)) and i never had to climb on an ice covered roof to clear off a slide in order to pull it in. (strong gust of wind nearly blew me off the ice covered roof.... once) Think twice if you think those roll up awning covers are going be work. The snow gets blown under them, then it begins to melt because there is limited roof insulation in slideouts. What you end up is a thick sheet of ice on the slideout roof which you have to remove in order to retract it. A tad difficult to accomplish if you have an awning topper. Everyone made plywood insulated covers for them. If you plan to use your unit in very cold (below single digits F ) temps then plan to make some mods to protect yourself. The furnace will be working almost non-stop and it still might not be enough. Depends on how cold it is and the wind direction. Most everyone installed a second thru the wall vented heater. IT WILL HELP if you pull in a slide at night so you are heating less volume and NOT allowing cold air to penetrate around the seals, which it did on every RV in the CG. You notice it when the temps drop below zero and the wind blows on those seals. Test it out at home without any rv water in the system, blow out the system. Then test the rv by using bottles of water and place them in areas prone to freezing. Such as , basements , next to water lines that touch outside walls (put pipe insulation around them as well) under cabinets, other places where you think the heater doesn't reach. See if any of those bottles freeze then take measure to move warm air to those areas. Sometimes a small computer fan will work. You might have to add insulation on baggage doors and use foam 24"x24" tiles on the floors as insulators and interior vent covers for the 14x14 roof vents. As westend says, the windows are important, some people cover them with bubble wrap as well. On top of my storm windows , I made my own addition thermal insulators out of heat shrink and 2 layers of DOW board with a cut out in the center to see the outside world. http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo182/yamanut1/lance%20mods/PA260073.jpg width=500 Another very cold spot is the entrance door. I covered it using a heavy duty drape on a rod . I also had to use an elec ceramic heater in the bathroom as a second heater. Maybe they still make a vented cat ? vented cat heater If you find dampness under the mattress, there is a marine product that can be placed under the mattress that allows air flow to circulate. Hypervent Wow, a very nice post. Good job and thanks for sharing.
93Cobra2771 10/04/16 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Where to store the hitch & accessories?

I used to lay the bars across the tongue. The hitch stayed in the receiver. At home, same deal except I removed the hitch and stored in the garage.
93Cobra2771 10/04/16 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: weight distribution recommendation

SQUAT in the rear isn't an issue, guys. It's how much the front comes up. Most modern truck manufacturers specify that the front of the TV should only come up half the distance between loaded and unloaded height. The object of the WDH IS NOT to keep the rear from squatting. It is to put weight back on the front axle. If you are trying to get the rear back up to normal ride height, you are doing it wrong. To the OP, have you spoken with equalizer about your brackets moving? What did they say? Can you get replacement spring bars? Until you know your actual tongue weight, I'd hold off on getting a new wdh. Get your tongue weight figured out. You can actually run 1000# bars with 1000# tongue. Or you can run 1400# bars. According to how much weight you are transferring, 1400# may make no difference. It's all about how tight you have your bars loaded. The difference will come in how it rides. 1000# bars are going to ride "softer" than those 1400# bars. Meaning, hit a bump with 1000# bars and you could experience more oscillation than 1400# bars. The 1400# bars will be a much stiffer connection with the 1000# tongue. With all that being said, I ran a dual cam setup prior to my hensley. If you are happy with your sway characteristics, I would determine WHY your brackets are moving around. Especially since it seems that no one else is having those issues. Could be as simple as an incorrect measurement. YMMV
93Cobra2771 10/04/16 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires (narrow discussion)

I went with Maxxis.
93Cobra2771 10/04/16 06:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Determining trailer length from model #?

Some manufactures have their model number to equal the square footage of the unit. Starcraft is one example of that.
93Cobra2771 10/03/16 09:57am Travel Trailers

The Flow throughs are indeed a bit restrictive when adding air. I generally just remove them like a valve stem and add air if it's more than a few pounds. I still like them better than the non flow throughs, as you don't need a tool to remove them. As far as steel valve stem to fit, use these: Metal Valve Stems The bend in the valve allows the sensors to be oriented such that they don't protrude past the edge of the tire.
93Cobra2771 09/29/16 11:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sewer Hose Storage Project - Another Fence Post Mod - Pics

Mounted mine on top of the rear bumper. Due to how my slides and other things are, I wasn't able to find a satisfactory mounting position close to the dump valve.
93Cobra2771 09/29/16 05:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Homemade window awning

That is all kinds of awesome.
93Cobra2771 09/23/16 01:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ideas to carry bikes

Here is a very convenient and inventive solution... relatively low cost too. Bike carrying solution....finally! I did mine the same way except I mounted the bikes going parallel to the TT. Over 12k miles with four bikes on the dinette.
93Cobra2771 09/23/16 10:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Ok to drive home from dealer without a Wdh?

Assuming your speeds are kept reasonable (50mph or less), I see no issue. Yes, you are over the 500# ball weight on the receiver (without WDH) and will have no sway control. Take your time, don't try to win any races, and MAKE SURE your trailer brakes are working prior to pulling out. It will drop probably 2" in the rear, assuming the 625# dry weight is correct. If you are mechanically inclined at ALL, do the WDH install yourself. It will most likely save you from having to redo the install the dealer does. Unfortunately, some dealers don't have the best track record when it comes to installing WDHs correctly.
93Cobra2771 09/22/16 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: I just looked at a Lance TT

Are all Lance trailers considered four season? Or is that an option? My guess is that it's an option.
93Cobra2771 09/19/16 11:06am Travel Trailers
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