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RE: Building a parking for the trailer and cover suggestions

Crush and Run is what it's called in my area. Basically a mixture of rock, rock dust, and water. Sets up nice and solid. I did crush and run, and a 20x40 carport. The carport was one of the best investments I've made. Camper stays clean year round. Love it!
93Cobra2771 09/16/14 11:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Weighed the F150 Ecoboost & Fun Finder Xtra XT245 toy hauler

Some WDH manufacturer's still are using the same "equal-squat" approach which was applied to the family sedans commonly used for tow vehicles 40-50 years ago. Its not about equal squat. Its about getting the front axle back to original weight.. Actually, it's not. As mentioned and pointed about above - getting the front axle to original weight is going against what Ford recommends. Ford wants the front end rise to be half when the WDH is applied. Most of the other truck manufactures have followed suit and changed their specs as well. It has to do with better handling in emergency situations, IIRC. With that being said, my front end rise is 1/3, as it rides and handles better, IMO.
93Cobra2771 09/11/14 11:21am Towing
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

A downhill curve with ANY hitch and incorrectly adjusted/applied brakes can push the rearend around on any truck. Even a fifth wheel. I personally know someone coming down a fairly steep paved driveway. As he transitioned onto the road he let off his brakes, and the 12k fifth wheel pushed him across the street and down the hill untill he thought to hit the trailer brakes. Given the right conditions, a trailer can push the rearend. An improperly adjust WDH can cause the same thing.
93Cobra2771 09/10/14 06:26pm Towing
RE: question about starcraft

I am personally familiar with both a 2013 and a 2014 Starcraft, both Autumn Ridge models. Both have been great so far, with minor issues here and there. Certainly not major issues though. With that being said, you will find major issues with any brand. From any level. Cheap campers to expensive ones, they ALL have issues.
93Cobra2771 09/10/14 06:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Exterior Fridge Fan Installed - Quick and Dirty

Raise your hand if you've had to complete a last minute project in the dark, on a ladder, while your SO bounces the camper around loading stuff and asking questions about spare keys or other annoying stuff. Pretty much every project I've done in the last 17 years. PREACH IT! :) Oh, and nice writeup.
93Cobra2771 09/10/14 06:01am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Pigeon forge - thanksgiving week

Avoid the parkway at all costs. Plan on staying at the campground Friday after thanksgiving to keep your sanity. The shoppers and traffic are pretty stout, but clear out by Sunday afternoon.
93Cobra2771 09/05/14 12:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: It only took four days...

The problem, on horizontal surfaces, I suspect, is the direct sunlight plus water penetration. It simply isn't a robust enough sealant to battle both UV and standing water. In my grocery store days, we typically did a recoat of the floors every two months. And an entire strip and reapplication once a year. Floors were burnished (buffed) monthly. And cleaned daily. And you don't want to know how caustic the stripping chemicals were to emulsify and remove.
93Cobra2771 09/05/14 07:37am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: It only took four days...

Three Years ago I made the mistake of using Red Max Pro on My Motorhome as well as My Vintage Competition Ski Boat! Never again will I try to take the easy route to restore that Shine! The Red Max appeared to work miracles and still looked reasonably good on the Vertical surfaces of Both Vehicles after two Years. However It looks like******and has peeled off All the Horizontal "Decks" and of course the edges that transition to vertical! The stuff peeled and flaked ,basically to the point that it was necessary to strip off Everything that remained! Applying is way easier than Stripping. A Warning that this stuff may seem like a miracle ,but isn't intended for Exterior Use and will fail to solve the underlying problem of fading gel coat! I basically stated the same thing in a thread not too long ago. I worked for a chemical manufacturer and zep was one of our competitors. Everything you say is correct and just as I predicted. It simply isn't made for outdoor exposure, nor is it made to be maintenance free. Burnishing, buffing, recoating - all part of the normal maintenance for these types of products.
93Cobra2771 09/04/14 08:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Any harm in leaving the TT plugged in all the time??

I keep plugged in, but fridge is not running. No use running it with nothing in it. A few days prior to a camping trip I'll turn the fridge on.
93Cobra2771 09/02/14 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer tires

As above, definitely get new tires prior to bringing it back.
93Cobra2771 09/02/14 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Wax residue won't come off! How to remove?

Sounds like the wax you used co-mingled with the paint on your camper, caused a chemical reaction and now it's permanently, actually part of the paint and will never come out. Not much you can do if that's what happened, except .... buy a new camper. :) (Hey, that ain't such a bad idea, is it?) I've been dealing with waxes and paints for over 30 years, never heard of such a thing. However, I've seen plenty of improperly applied wax jobs that have symptoms similar to what the OP has stated...
93Cobra2771 08/28/14 11:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for higher end travel trailer

Yes, what is your tow vehicle? Then we can start recommendations on camper...
93Cobra2771 08/28/14 06:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Wax residue won't come off! How to remove?

If the wax used has petroleum distallates in it, then it will cause problems with most decals. Especially if the wax has any polishing/cleaners in it. Sounds like you may have applied the wax too thick and simply didn't get it buffed it off complete after it hazed over. I would try a little bit of alcohol based glass cleaner in a small spot and see if that cuts it enough for you. If not, then you may have to reapply your wax, making sure not to use too much, and making sure it is buffing off. I would suggest a small test patch to see if the results are what you are looking for.
93Cobra2771 08/28/14 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

earlier questions rephrased, and more questions: If the TV initiates a turn, even an abrupt one to avoid something for example, the Hensley is going to allow the rig to bend at the hitch like it is supposed to, right? If, during this swerve manouever, the TV piles on the brakes and the brake controller is any type that does not brake the trailer instantly, the trailer could push the Explorer around into a jackknife, could it not? A Hensley didn't help this guy either. $300 hitch with good safety chains That was wind, and not a Hensley. Of course, a Hensley wouldn't have helped either. Your description above also describes what could happen while pulling a fifth wheel. Get in a tight turn, hit TV brakes, fifth wheel brakes don't engage quick enough/strong enough. A jackknife sequence could very well happen just as easily.
93Cobra2771 08/27/14 06:10am Towing
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

i thought the hensley was the be all end all $3k solution to all your towing problems? didn't do jack there (pun intended) No one could foresee the moose going under the front of the Ex.
93Cobra2771 08/26/14 10:22am Towing
RE: Jackknife with Hensley

Amazing how, from one picture, so many assumptions are made. We should all become forensic crash investigators. Would revolutionize the police department operations worldwide, as we could simply have one picture and know EXACTLY what happened. With that being said, unless someone gets hold of the accident report, no one has any idea what caused the crash. For all we know, a moose was run over, wedged itself under the front wheels of the Ex, thus no steering. No steering is typically frowned on, so the Ex drive should have installed a moose catcher on the front of the Ex. As long as their are trucks of any size pulling any size of trailer, there will be jacknifes. Period. Could a dually pulling that airstream possibly have kept it from crashing? Yes. Could a dually pulling that airstream possibly have crashed? Yes. Making blanket statements about a crash with hundreds of variables simply doesn't work.
93Cobra2771 08/26/14 08:24am Towing
RE: One lucky rv'er , it could have been worse.

I have a hard time imagining that happening, what a freak occurance. I a picture would have been great. For the record, that would be on the axle manufacturer, as I'm sure they come to the tt manufacturer as complete assemblies.
93Cobra2771 08/22/14 07:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Sewer Hose Storage Project - Another Fence Post Mod - Pics

How did you mount the holder on the side like that, and did you have to space it out from the frame?
93Cobra2771 08/22/14 06:41am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Anyone broken a Hensley?

Also, have you had a chance to break look at the spring bar bushings? I'm very curious to know their condition. Note to self - keep a watch on the area that failed. I am not sure how to take apart the area to look at the spring bar bushings. But if anyone wants to analyse this hitch you are more than welcome. Because otherwise it is being sold for scrap metal. Watching the hitch is a good idea. I perhaps was always looking at the wrong area. I looked at the orange part, struts and the screw buckles. I have always stored the hitch with a light coating of oil (Rust Check) and the hitch was religiously greased. I even oiled any moving parts. The bolts were all torque checked prior to the trip. I would add to those of you towing with this hitch or any other than any unusual noises coming from the hitch area is cause for concern. Inspect your hitch immediately. Perhaps if I knew where to look for a failure I could have prevented the near accident that would ensued had it broken while driving. Easiest thing to do would be to wipe the grease off the bottom and take a pic looking straight into the bushings. The bushings where the spring bars go into the head are wear items. I'm assuming you've never checked them before since you don't know how they come out - basically, you remove the zerk fittings at the top - that releases the spring bars. There is a single bolt between where the spring bars go into the head itself. Take that bolt out and the bushing will come right out. However, with the damage your head has, chances are it won't come out. So a picture looking straight into the bottom where the bushings are would work, once cleared of grease. I'm curious to see how ovaled out the bushings were, and whether or not it was enough to possibly contribute to the failure by binding or something like that. Also, I wouldn't scrap all of the unit - the jack screws and some of the assorted pieces, as well as the one good strut bar, would be worth more than scrap to a Hensley owner. Might be worthwhile to throw them on craigslist before scrapping them. In fact, I might be interested in the screw jacks for the right price as spares.
93Cobra2771 08/15/14 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone broken a Hensley?

...... But at this point I don't think I can trust Hensley again. Out of the thousands of Hensleys on the road, I've heard of very few that have failed like yours. I don't think it matters which hitch you buy, it may break. Unlikely, but possible. But, I do understand your position - when my last f-350 left me stranded with the trailer, I quit towing until I replaced it. I just couldn't trust the truck any longer. Overkill, I know, but I just couldn't get past it. Bingo - 25k isn't a lot of miles, but it is towing a camper. Lots of time and wear and tear. As with any moving part, it can eventually break. I think, no matter what hitch, an inspection of ALL the towing equipment should happen. From the receiver to the tongue of the TT, axles, shackles, etc. Also, have you had a chance to break look at the spring bar bushings? I'm very curious to know their condition. Note to self - keep a watch on the area that failed.
93Cobra2771 08/14/14 02:22pm Travel Trailers
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