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RE: HELP with travel trailer purchase (Evergreen)

There is someone on this forum who lives and works out of their RV year around (in Canada I believe). He is a contractor. He chronicled his trials one winter. He had considerable issues, and was an experienced rv guy. His fridge died. Entry door froze shut from condensation. Had so much condensation ice was freezing INSIDE his camper. He used a crapload of propane too. If temps get down below freezing in your area for weeks at a time, you don't want to do this. And dealing with a lot of snow is challenging as well. They simply aren't designed for weeks of below freezing temps.
93Cobra2771 08/27/15 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: kz travel trailer

When comparing different brands and models, one thing I found if I remember correctly with the KZ is the axles were not rated as high, so it didn't have a lot of reserve cargo capacity. The average camper adds about 1k lbs to the trailer dry weight. It was the Sportsmen, comparable to the Jay Flight- 2yr warranty, Al/ wood construction, etc. I never went to look at them in person though. One thing I found in shopping is some tt's had 4400lb axles, but a 9500lb gvwr for example...... Relying on adding some of the tw that the tv carries to the axle ratings to have a higher gvwr. Not sure if this is similar for other models, but it was for a comparable floorplan of our Jayco. Other than that from what I found online KZ seemed like a pretty good trailer, some good, and a lemon occasionally just like any other brand. Good luck! The 06 in my sig is completely different. 5300# axles on a GVWR of 10000. Yes, 10000 on a 30' tongue to tail TT. Very solid and well built camper, no complaints at all about it.
93Cobra2771 08/26/15 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: advice on cheap tow mirrors

Search Craigslist in your area, and you will find some for half the cost of new. The universal strap on are the best type, as you can use them on any number of vehicles. Should be able to find a decent set in the 30-40 range used.
93Cobra2771 08/26/15 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: PP/HA question

Wasn't even thinking - could simply loosen the jacks until there is no tension on them. You just can't remove them or bad things happen...
93Cobra2771 08/25/15 06:40am Travel Trailers
RE: tow vehicle

Love my bags on mine, onboard compressor and on the fly adjustment for the win...
93Cobra2771 08/25/15 06:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Anderson levelers - how close are your axles?

Hacksaw would be what I would use.
93Cobra2771 08/24/15 12:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black tank sprayer plugged

Look under bathroom sink. The backflow preventer is usually way up behind the plumbing for the bathroom sink. The above is a drain vent. There is probably a check valve where the hose attaches to the trailer that is stuck. A vacuum break is usually installed inside the trailer near the point of entry, but that is unlikely the cause of no water flow. Exactly.
93Cobra2771 08/24/15 08:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Easy Flex & Never Fail Bushings

Go for the Nev-r-fail bushings. NO MAINTENANCE, EVER! They just work great. How long, and how many miles are on yours?
93Cobra2771 08/24/15 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: tow vehicle

As others have said, do you math and homework. Cargo capacity is your limit with the EB F150. If you are smart with your options you can have as much cargo as a Superduty 250 with a diesel. If you go crazy with your options, you can have as much cargo as a Ford Fusion (Platinum trucks have been seen with 1100# payload). I am doing it with a similar TT to yours. It's all about the numbers in the end. Best you can do is research and make an informed decision. FYI, if I had it to do over with, I'd have gone with a superduty. Not because of the TT in my sig - A superduty would give me room to grow for the next bigger TT. However, I bought the truck and then a few months later, my wife said "lets get a camper". The rest is history.
93Cobra2771 08/24/15 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Black tank sprayer plugged

Most likely, the backflow preventer at the inlet is fouled up. Sometimes you can hit it with your finger, just be ready for a water to come back at you.
93Cobra2771 08/24/15 06:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Water collecting in underbelly

If you are under warranty, I'd get the rig back to the dealer pronto. If not, do the obvious: 1. Get the bottom opened up asap and pull out wet insulation. 2. Get up on top and start looking for cracked sealant. 3. Inspect everywhere, including along the edge of the roof. 4. If nothing seems obvious, then you will need to pressure test and find your leak. You have one, somewhere. As long as it's been sitting, you may have some rot damage as well. Do not wait for the next rain storm, do the above asap.
93Cobra2771 08/18/15 07:10am Travel Trailers
RE: 2011 F150 info

Things to look for: Have them pull an Oasis through Ford and see if it has had any issues, specifically replaced coils/plugs/cat convertor. That is a sign of the condensation issue mentioned above. It was actually pretty limited/low percentage of trucks it shows up on. Most people drill a tiny weep hole in the bottom of the intercooler and never experience the issue again. I never had the issue, but I did drill the weep hole in my for safe measure. 31k on my 2011 model, and 8k of those pulling my TT with 100% dependability. You also should shoot for a 3:55 gear as best for towing. 3:31 prob do pretty decent, but 355 and higher is best. Open the drivers door and look for the yellow sticker. A payload/cargo capacity of 1500# or so means you have a decent ring and pinion and a truck that isn't weighed down with a bunch of options. There are platinum F150s out there with only 1100 cargo capacity, which can be limiting when pulling a trailer.
93Cobra2771 08/18/15 06:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Tow Haul Mode - Do you use it?

Tow/haul all the way for me. Stays on the converter a lot longer. In fact, it will pull at 90% load and above before downshifting. They actually set it up VERY well. Oh, and you don't have to tap the brakes to get the downshift for engine breaking, it will actually do it for you if you are off the gas long enough and gaining speed. Also makes a difference in mpg, to the tune of about 1mpg in my case. When not in tow haul, the TC tends to unlock very easily, so you run into a lot of that if you are on rolling terrain. *Edit for spelling error
93Cobra2771 08/17/15 02:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: PP/HA question

x2 Never disconnect and the transition from the road to my driveway is pretty substantial. I've never heard of anyone disconnecting spring bars unless there is some type of clearance issue. By the way, you cannot do that on the HA - the spring bars act as connecting links on the bottom of the hitch. You would have major problems if you did. I suspect it is the same with the PP as well.
93Cobra2771 08/11/15 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Hensley vs Propride P3 - extensive write up

Most of the time, you will be OK. If you are on ground that is shifting (sand or such)then you might have a bit of an issue. However, that can be alleviated by simply tweaking your jacks till they are loose again. Did that just this weekend. We were set up on gravel and the driverside of the tt dropped a bit after I had unhooked. Backed in and the the stinger wouldn't seat all the way. Kicked one of the spring bars and saw it was tight. Adjusted screw till it was loosened up a bit. Backed right on in. It is very helpful to try to hook back up at the same angle you unhooked from. Especially if the truck is sitting on off camber ground. Otherwise it can be a bit tricky till you get used to it. At my home, I literally back right into it, fully seated, first shot. And this is a siginificant difference in angle between the truck and the tt with the truck facing downhill.
93Cobra2771 08/10/15 10:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Hensley Hitch Bar Exchange

The PP adjustable hitch for the HA is still on their website, and still says "out of stock". Spoke with them last year and they indicated if they got a bit slow they may make a run of them. Otherwise, they are keeping up with PP demand. Your best bet is to simply buy the drop that you need and keep the straight as a spare. My dad got a used one and it had an 8" drop. We took it to a machine shop and had them convert it to a 2" drop. Worked like a champ. Cost around $90 IIRC. BE SURE a certified welder is doing the work. A straight one would be more challenging to convert, as there isn't enough straight bar stock to simply cut and stack to get the drop you need. $400 is a good price, even if you have to drop the same amount back in on it. I've bought two used, one for 400 and one for 200. Got lucky with my bar and the drop was right. A friend of mine bought one for 800, but it lots of extras and the paint was still good. Cliff notes: Buy the 400 as quickly as possible, it's a good deal even if you have to put money into it. FYI, HA will actually buy them back to refurbish for 500.
93Cobra2771 08/07/15 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: After market tow mirrors

I tried several versions. First version was these strap on mirrors from Oreilly's. I actually liked them pretty darn well. Stayed very steady, a bit fussy to install but not too bad. Good vision and such. K-Force Strap On Mirrors My dad needed mirrors so we got the CIPA slip ons. I thought they would be easier to put on, but actually took about the same amount of time as my kforce. Neither he nor I liked them. Something about the size, or mirror placement, but they simply weren't as good and easy to use as the kforce. Later, I got tired of putting on/taking off. Went to a set of factory tow mirrors. If you hang out on f150 forums long enough, you can often find someone wanting to trade a set for your factory mirrors. I bought a set of OEMs for 250, and sold my OEM's for 200. I have $50 in the set. I GUARANTEE they will be the last tow mirror you get for your truck. Visibility both with and without a trailer are superior. They are awesome! Even when not pulling, the visibility they have is remarkable. You can even get them in powerfold if desired. There are some aftermarket versions out there that are half price of OEMs. Do not go to Ford and buy them, as sticker shock will be strong. Get the OEM style, you'll be glad you did.
93Cobra2771 08/06/15 06:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Absolutely Gorgeous Carriage

22,000 pounds? Wow.
93Cobra2771 07/23/15 01:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Missing cargo door on my Starcraft Launch 24RLS - DIY

On a side note, what are the chances they simply forgot to add the door at the factory?
93Cobra2771 07/22/15 01:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Damage after a tire blow out

Looking on Redwoods site, only tires are see listed are G rated or an H rated as an option. No mention of LT. Looked through New Horizons site and found no mention of LT tires as standard or optional. Are these options that are dealer added, or perhaps simply not listed on the website? Not trying to be combative here, just trying to inform myself for possible future purchases.
93Cobra2771 07/22/15 01:07pm Travel Trailers
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