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RE: Reese Dual Cam wearing out?

Are the ends of the bars lubed heavily where they go into the receiver head? If not, they need to be. I would suggest checking the head for wear/cracks/bending and make sure everything is square and true. Also, keep in mind - any time your load changes, your cams need to be adjusted so they are perfectly centered in the saddles. If your truck is sagging more, and there are no signs of problems with the head, you likely have added more load than you realize, or your rear suspension is getting a bit tired.
93Cobra2771 07/01/15 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dual Cam question for guys towing heavy.

I'd say give it some miles and see what happens. I'd also see if you can tell how the mating surface looks between the bars and the cams. A light coat of spray paint on the bars and then a trip around the block should tell you pretty easily. You could also put a light lube of Vasoline and see if that encourages them to release a little easier. And finally - your heavier bars - are you sending more weight forward than with your lighter bars? It could be that simple. They aren't giving as much as the old bars and simply have a tighter grip.
93Cobra2771 06/29/15 07:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Hard numbers on MPG.

The best way to get better gas mileage is to slow down. Luckily for us we have not seen gas prices over $3.00 for awhile. I get about 14 mpg without towing and guessing about 10-12 while towing but have never checked it. I also to not track how many miles we travel in a year. We just fill the tank and go and if needed we fill the tank before we head home then we do. Speaking the truth here. If you average around 65mph normally, drop it down to the 55-60mph range and you will gain an easy 10% mpg. Best part - costs you nothing but time. I generally pull in the 58-60mph range. Best I have gotten on a 75mile trip I pull regularly is 12.2. Worst is 9.8. We go to myrtle beach once a year over the mountains and best I've ever done was 11.8mpg, believe it or not. That's a 540 mile trip, give or take. 11.2 on the return trip.
93Cobra2771 06/29/15 06:39am Travel Trailers
RE: GPL Folding Ladder

Found my 7' version on craigslist local to me. Got him down to $85. The $125 price is a pretty good deal IMO. Mine will be stored in front pass through, or a fence post. Not decided which yet.
93Cobra2771 06/29/15 06:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Dual Cam question for guys towing heavy.

I occasional had the same feeling on mine as well. Enough that the whole truck shook occasional. I imagine as they are used they will loosen up a bit. Did you get new bars only? If so, it could just be the bars getting acclimated to the worn saddles.
93Cobra2771 06/29/15 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: tpms system

Have had both the regular and flow through sensors. They are a bit slower to add air with my current flow through sensors. No big deal, though. One of my sensors is actually very slow to add air compared to the others. Haven't called for a replacement, but after my previous excellent customer service from them I have no doubt they will be taking care of me as always. Debbie is who I spoke with in the past, and she is, indeed, very good at her job.
93Cobra2771 06/25/15 09:05am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Moving TMS in truck tires to trailer tire

Bad idea all around, IMO. 1. Distance could very easily be an issue. 2. Do you know what pressure your factory tpms gives the warning? It may or may not be where you want your trailer tire tpms warning. 3. When not towing, your tpms light will be on in the truck Why not do it the right way, get the add on TPMS (like the TST system)? You don't have to break the trailer tires down, it attaches to the valve stem. A piece of vacuum line around each valve stem will keep them from flexing with the extra weight of the sensor. Done. Plus, you can then adjust the pressure the and temp the TPMS will alarm, as opposed to being stuck with the factory default for the factory sensors.
93Cobra2771 06/23/15 06:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Slanted Driveway

Ask the dealer to have someone tow it to your location and give it a try. Obviously you want to assure them that its a done deal if it will ramp up your driveway. I'm betting they will oblige. Winner.
93Cobra2771 06/23/15 05:48am Travel Trailers
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

Wow, that's impressive. They certainly didn't have to pull out the recording. Perhaps they've decided to put an emphasis on customer service and see what happens. Kudos to them.
93Cobra2771 06/23/15 05:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing heavy with an F150?

Didn't rear thru the entire thread...but heat soak was mentioned because of turbos on long climbs etc. I have a 2012 Ecoboost and highly recommend the Wagner Intercooler. MAKPerformance has them on sale for less than $900.00 w/ free shipping. It is a German Made IC without any "plastic side tanks" and a HUGE improvement over the stock IC. It bolts up using the stock mounting points. http://www.makperformance.com/2011-2014-Ecoboost-F-150-CACIntercooler-Upgrades_c_1013.html Keep waiting for someone to sell me one when they go to trade their truck in. Make a big difference, as plenty of people have datalogged IAC temps. Sustained load is where they shine.
93Cobra2771 06/22/15 11:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Weld integrity of tongue to frame on autumn ridge 266rks

On a side note, you will notice that most of the ones with the "through frame" tongue tend to have a bottom mount coupler. My unit has under frame tongue as well. Nothing to worry about.
93Cobra2771 06/22/15 06:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing heavy with an F150?

So the logic of the last two posts is; 1. Different TSC systems by Ford are found in different countries...based on one video 2. Fords system will not work with most boat trailers and the majority of trailers without brakes under 3500lbs, including some enclosed trailers up to 14' long. 3. Because some unknown video shows a little black mark on the road behind the left trailer wheel, then Ford system MUST be activating the trailer brakes? BUT BUT BUT...how'd they get one side to activate? And how'd they get it to lock up! Trailer brakes should NEVER have so much gain they lock up. Ever!!! Keep stretching guys...Fords publications are real clear. So are Dodges and Toyota's. Chevy is the only one to clearly state in multiple arenas, their system can apply trailer brakes. But does it really? How does it know how hard to apply the trailer brakes? That they are responding? That they are even functional?Argh...getting too far off topic now. But I hope you see the point. 1. I never said the TSC systems are different. I pointed out the video was likely a European Ranger, and the US Ranger was discontinued in 2012. However, the truck/vid being based in a different country needs to be noted, because believe it or not, there ARE differences in trucks made for the US vs Europe. Whether the TSC is or not, I have no idea. 2. Not quite sure you where you got all that. The trailer has brakes or it doesn't. Ford controller will activate brakes if those brakes are there. If they aren't there, then the Ford system will STILL know a trailer is hooked up assuming it is plugged into the truck. And the "anti sway" (probably should call it stability control) on the truck will still activate. And, that same stability control will activate even if a trailer isn't there should things get wild enough. As far as publications go, the Ford manual doesn't specifically say it DOESN'T apply the trailer brakes. Wish I had my manual with me and I'd study up again. As far as feedback from the brakes, responding, etc, none of the systems have a way of knowing they are working without some type of feedback system on the trailer. Which none have on them that I'm aware of. We can all play devil's advocate all day long, but at the end of the day what matters is there is some type of stability control, and it's fairly unclear exactly how it's engaged. In fact, I'll argue, it's vague for a reason: to keep most consumers from worrying about it. Very few consumers actually research anything about the vehicles they purchase, let alone the capabilities it has.
93Cobra2771 06/19/15 01:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire change/change and repair in the Gatlinburg area?

Air it back up, mix a soapy water solution and see where the bubbles start coming out at.
93Cobra2771 06/19/15 10:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing heavy with an F150?

The TBC knows whether a 4pin or 7 pin is connected. So I would think it knows not to apply the brakes. As to whether it applies the trailer brakes or not I have no idea. On a side note, the ranger video above is actually a European Ranger, as evidenced by the funky size license plate. Ranger has been discontinued in the US, I think 13 was the last year but don't quote me on that. The TBC certainly has the ability to brake independently, so it makes sense to me that it would brake the trailer during an event. However, without someone going out there and inducing an event, it's going to be guesswork unless we can get clarification from someone at corporate. And although the owner's manual is the bible, we all know how things can change between print time and actual production time. My 93 Mustang owners manual has stuff in it about the "super sound system". Problem was, it never actually went into production. The DRW discussion doesn't apply, as we are talking about F150's.
93Cobra2771 06/19/15 10:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire change/change and repair in the Gatlinburg area?

I do not, right off hand. However, I would check with your campground and see who they suggest. I would also suggest picking up a tire pressure monitoring system for your future travels. You would have been alerted of the tire dropping pressure. There are several mobile rv repair shops in area. The tire needs to be looked at VERY carefully by a professional. Broken down off the rim and checked for damage/tread separation. If it ran at low pressure for very long, it could be a time bomb ready to go off. To be safe, I'd definitely replace it. I'd also air it up and then see how quick it is losing pressure. That can help give you an idea of whether it might be damaged or not. Might be best to throw the spare on, and then buy a new spare.
93Cobra2771 06/18/15 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping World Problems

There is also a forum here for just such comments, you might ask a mod to move your post there. It will get notice from corporate. Won't help your situation, but it will get noticed.
93Cobra2771 06/18/15 06:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Checking vehicle at every pit stop finally pays off

Good catch indeed. A tpms system would likely have indicated a rise in tire temperature as compared to the other tires as well. Not necessarily.....I bought a new travel trailer in January 2007. I took it home and parked it. Three days later a bubble developed on the side wall and the trailer hadn't moved in that three days plus is was winter time. If you hadn't noticed the bubble, and started driving on it. the tpms would still likely have shown a temp increase. Whether it happened before blowing would, of course, be a guess. We're not talking much of a difference at first, either. Mine was about 10° different from the other three tires.
93Cobra2771 06/18/15 06:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Need mod to do.

You could always enclose/skin the rails with coreplast. That would keep mud from accumulating. That's what I originally planned until I saw that I wasn't picking up any road grime. So I never did it.
93Cobra2771 06/17/15 08:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Slide in or Slide out... That is the question

Slide in. Less opportunities for leaks, debris, damage, etc while you are gone. Plus, the folks at the CG who do the mowing and such will appreciate it, and be less likely to accidentally hit the slide while navigating around it.
93Cobra2771 06/16/15 11:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure and extreme heat

If they are OEM size tires, inflate to the cold pressure shown on your tire placard on the trailer. This may or may not be the same as the max pressure on the tire sidewall. After an overnight cool-off in Florida, check again and adjust to the same pressure as before. You may need to let some air OUT if the new ambient temp is higher than when you left home. x2 That's what I did recently.
93Cobra2771 06/16/15 11:05am Travel Trailers
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