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RE: Satellite TV

If it is the Winegard manual crank up dish it will work with Dish or Direct TV. Before I had a Winegard Traveler automatic SK3005 dish installed I used a manual crank up for about seven years. It usually took me less than five minutes from crank up to having it set up. I entered the zip code via the receiver menu to get the azimuth and elevation and moved the dish to the settings. To use the dish you will need a subscription to Dish or Direct and a satellite receiver. The only reason I got the SK3005 was because I replaced the old TV with a 32 inch flat screen LCD unit and wanted High Definition. For a few years I carried an external dish and tripod to use when trees blocked the roof top dish, but after we began to spend almost all of our time in the west where there weren't so many trees I stopped taking it because I used it so rarely.
Clay L 05/26/15 02:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Onan 5500 Quits Running

I had a code 36 and it turned out to be a loose fuel line clamp at the transition from rubber to metal close to the fuel tank. It was intermittently sucking air. A Cummins shop and then the Winnebago factory replaced the fuel pump. The Winnebago tech figured it out. Still running good 10 years later.
Clay L 05/24/15 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satellite

Good thread referenced above. One thing to note, "Satellite Ready" means for TV satellite dish, not internet.
Clay L 05/23/15 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Black water guage

The culprit in general is dirty tank walls where fluid holding crud builds up and fools the sensors into thinking there is fluid in the tank. Whatever you can do to clean the walls may help. I have tried everything recommended over the years - ice, TSP, various solutions, Happy Camper, etc - and nothing worked. Some things that do work for weekend warriors don't work for full timers and that may be why some methods work for some people and not for others. I know I have to dump the black tank every 10 days so I just mark the calendar and dump according to it.
Clay L 05/23/15 03:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spring must be here?

We can hope but so far no sign of Spring. Even the trees are waiting for warmer temperatures. Too muddy and wet to get the fiver out. You must be in the high country. We are in Palisade (only about 5000 ft up) and we have had a great early spring. We have had some rain the last four weeks. That is a good thing though, we need it - only about 5 inches of snow total all winter. Also the main irrigation pipe for our part of town was damaged by some railroad work and we have had no irrigation water for about three weeks. Our three fruit trees bloomed early and have a lot of marble sized fruit on them already.
Clay L 05/22/15 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Pets and Traveling

Our two Shelties got car sick and we didn't know what would happen when we started traveling full time in a motor home. We started spending evenings and nights in it. We told the dogs that we were going to the little house. After a few days they would run to the door all excited to go when we told them "going to the little house". Then after we got everything out of the house and into storage we lived in the motor home for a month while we did repairs, painted and so forth. When we started the engine and pulled away they were a little surprised but neither one got car sick and they adapted well to life on the road. They really loved the attention they got when we walked them on their leashes in RV parks.
Clay L 05/22/15 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why did you stop full time rving?

We were sort of “accidental” full timers. We didn't intend to full time, just wanted to take a three to six month trip around the country visiting friends and family and then find some warmer, cheaper place to buy or build a house. At the time we had a 96 model year motor home with no slides. We threw away stuff, gave stuff to places that could make use of it and distributed as much as possible to our kids. We put all of the rest of our stuff in storage so we wouldn't have to go back to NH if the house sold quickly and it was still cold and yucky there. The house did sell quickly (in a month) and we found after about a year that we were having so much fun traveling and having no ties to a stick house that we decided to keep on full timing. We traded the 96 motor home in on a new 2004 with a lot more CCC, storage space and two slides. That was 13 years ago and we both loved the life style. But health issues and sort of "having done it all" have intervened and after being snowbirds for a year we are now living in our home in CO. It was a wonderful 13 years though.
Clay L 05/20/15 01:37pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Terrible Odor

The waste system is sealed except for the roof vents. If you smell an odor there is a problem that needs to be fixed (unless you are flushing with a ceiling fan running). One of the most common things that causes odor are the air admittance valves under the sinks that may not be sealing properly. They can usually be unscrewed by hand and replaced with new ones - available at many hardware stores. Other things are traps that the water has evaporated from,
Clay L 05/20/15 01:29pm RV Lifestyle
RE: How to fix this?

vfox... it's been sitting in storage on our property since September. I drove it across the (bumpy!) pasture to bring it up to the house on Monday, but that's the only place it's been. No missing rivets/fittings/attachments that I can see. There *was* some previous water damage in the very back corner (previous owner - since fixed), but no new leaks, or missing seals (silicone). It almost looks to me like a stress fracture... maybe the MH did a weird side to side twist when I drove across the pasture? :-( Did you see the private message I sent you?
Clay L 05/14/15 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My dad is about to buy a motorhome, is it a good deal?

I just looked at the ad and it says it is no longer available.
Clay L 05/14/15 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Microwave replacement

A word of caution: I have replaced two microwaves with convection types, one in my last motor home and one in my present unit. Unless the one you get is designed for a built in installation and exhausts out of the front, or your current installation has a way of exhausting through the wall I would highly recommend getting the "build-in kit" for whatever brand microwave/convection you get. In convection mode, convection micros get much hotter than the standard ones. When it was first installed, the temp behind mine got up to 200 degrees F after 45 minutes in convection mode. I did not get the build-in kit for my first installation and went through a lot of hassle getting the temp behind the unit down to a reasonable level. I ended up adding a grill above the microwave and an exhaust fan blowing air through the side of the motor home. This involved a lot of work and cutting through the side of the motor home. The second time I got the kit and the job was much easier. There was additional sheet metal in the kit that formed ducts to move air in from the front and back out the front. It also came with decorative grills that make the installation look like it came from the factory with the unit already in place. Note that there are some minimum clearances in back and on the sides that must be met. You should make sure the convection micro you buy is small enough to allow for the proper clearances.
Clay L 05/13/15 10:46am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dumb question concerning on board water tank

I used to remove the filter cartridge and pour Clorox into the housing to get into system. bumpy Me too.
Clay L 05/12/15 11:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Drought/Water Shortage

The average two person household uses from 160 to 200 gallons of water per day, see HERE. In our motor home we use about 13 gallons per day. Unless you exceed that by a lot you will not pose a problem. WOW.....I should double up on my water usage. We use routinely 2400 gallons a month-----2 adults (80/day---30 day month) Guess those 7yrs of FT travel rubbed off :B Yeah you are doing good. I don't know how much we use a day here in the house but I know it is more than in the motor home. It takes so long for the water at the sinks,lavatories and showers to get either hot or cold I know we use more there. Even though the toilets are 1 1/2 gallon flushers that is still a lot more than in the motor home. Like you we still are conscious of water usage so I bet we don't hit the national average.
Clay L 05/12/15 09:49am RV Lifestyle
RE: King of the Road RV???

The company went out of business several years ago. At least the motor home division did, don't know about the fifth wheel division. A friend and I looked at one in Quartzsite and he fell in love it. I was not impressed so much. They didn't make many so it may be hard to get much info on them.
Clay L 05/07/15 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weigh Station

Some Maryland residents have posted that Maryland does requires motor homes to stop. No, MD does not require a MH to stop at a weigh station. Just for grins I looked up this post HERE and some MD residents called the MD highway department and found that the law now does require motor homes to stop but it isn't being enforced. The following is in the FAQ section of the MD Department of Transportation web site. "8. What vehicles must go through weigh stations in Maryland? All vehicles with a gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 pounds must stop at open weigh stations. Only vehicles that are operating in commerce may be subject to a safety inspection. Back to top 9. Does a rental truck hauling personal property have to stop at weigh stations? Yes, if it weighs more than 10,000 pounds. However, these vehicles may not be subject to a safety inspection."
Clay L 05/06/15 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weigh Station

Some Maryland residents have posted that Maryland does requires motor homes to stop.
Clay L 05/04/15 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Escape Plan

WE hit the road debt free.............proceeds from house invested for future (Exit Plan). Emergency fund set up for what ifs while traveling. 7 yrs. of FT traveling, life changed so we put exit plan into motion. And still debt free. Same here except we lasted a little longer before we hung up the keys.
Clay L 05/01/15 11:38am Full-time RVing
RE: Gnats, mosquitoes and things that bite

We lived in NH for 18 years where the little buggers are plentiful in the spring. They annoy me but my wife has a nasty reaction to them. They do make a hat with all around veil and neck drawstring, and arm/hand covers that will foil them. That was what my wife had to use to work outside. We tried the Avon stuff and it did nothing. Later Avon did come out with a product that actually had DEET in it and that did work.
Clay L 04/30/15 03:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Simple Q: playing files through 3.5mm cable

Hogwash... (to "mismatch") We're not talking about 1000w sound systems here needing to drive 4 ohm speakers at 30' It's wire with mini's on both ends running at line level, period. There is ZERO difference in the $.99 cable vs. the pure copper oxygen free BS hype that the audiophiles try and sell you. Look anywhere else but the poor little cable. That Jensen is by far the weakest link in the chain. Exactly!! (Wish there was a like button)
Clay L 04/29/15 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Drought/Water Shortage

The average two person household uses from 160 to 200 gallons of water per day, see HERE. In our motor home we use about 13 gallons per day. Unless you exceed that by a lot you will not pose a problem.
Clay L 04/29/15 01:11pm RV Lifestyle
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