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RE: Winnebago owners, what satellite plate is for?

This is a diagram I made of mine as it came from the factory. If you don't have a dish installed the coax is there but is underneath a decal on the roof that shows where to cut a section out to access it and install a dish. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v425/ClayL/WiringdiagramwinnebagoTV.jpg It's hard to read but the second splitter is behind my microwave and one output goes to the outside entertainment center and the other to the rear TV. The coax on the right side of the plate comes from the service bay connector and had a red band on it. The Winegard wall plate (they call it a power supply) acts as A/B switch. When the button is pushed and the LED lights up the rooftop TV (batwing) is switched to the first splitter and the amplifier in the batwing head is turned on. If you are using an RV park TV cable connected in the service bay, the switch needs to off.
Clay L 12/18/14 03:27pm Technology Corner
RE: cpap machine

I have just acquired a Phillips CPAP that will operate on 12 volt DC if you purchase (at extra cost) its designated adapter cord. One of the cautions in the manual, is that you should not operate the unit when the motor is running. While the documentation does not explain the reason for this caution, I wonder if the electronics do not like the voltage spikes that occur with rapid battery charging. Or, perhaps it means that you should not use a CPAP unit while driving.:) According to the Respironics tech I spoke with the unit is designed to operate on 12 vdc. The battery voltage of 12.6 at full charge is as high as it is designed for. With the engine running an alternator puts out over 14 volts. In my motor home the alternator puts out 14.5 vdc. Way back when I designed instrumentation for heavy equipment and over the road trucks I designed for a continuous max of at least 16 volts with a lot of additional transient voltage protection as high as 500 volts.
Clay L 12/13/14 01:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converting watts to amps?

50 amp service has two 50 amp legs so more than 50 amps can be pulled depending on which legs are being used.
Clay L 12/13/14 11:07am General RVing Issues
RE: cpap machine

Regarding pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverters. It depends on the brand. My first and current Respironics CPAPs are okay with a 300 watt modified sine wave unit. The last time I checked, the Resmed web site said a pure sine inverter was required for their CPAPs. I don't know about other brands. Their customer service could probably tell you. In my motor home when shore power was not available I used a 300 watt MSW inverter because it was difficult to run the dc to the bedroom slide and very easy to plug the inverter in by the bed. If I had a need to run the machine often without shore power I would have installed the dc wiring. We very rarely were without power so I didn't bother.
Clay L 12/13/14 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine starting battery being charged while parked?

My Winnebago does not charge the engine battery from shore power/generator and the engine battery will discharge in about three weeks. I installed a "Battery Minder Plus" 12 years ago and it has done a good job of keeping the engine battery charged. See Battery Minder The previous owner of my Monterey showed me a trick putting a small flat screwdriver under the battery cross-connect switch to keep it engaged will transfer some of the charge going to the house batteries to the chassis battery. I wouldn't leave it like this for long because I'm sure the solenoid connecting the batteries isn't designed for continuous on, but for short periods it should work to charge the chassis batteries. Actually on most (all?) motor home the solenoid is a continuous duty type. Besides the dash switch it is also activated by a wire from the RUN terminal on the ignition switch so the house batteries charge from the alternator while driving. Still like you I don't think I would be comfortable leaving it activated for days on end. The Battery Minder is a float charger and is designed to be left connected for as long as necessary.
Clay L 12/09/14 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine starting battery being charged while parked?

My Winnebago does not charge the engine battery from shore power/generator and the engine battery will discharge in about three weeks. I installed a "Battery Minder Plus" 12 years ago and it has done a good job of keeping the engine battery charged. See Battery Minder
Clay L 12/08/14 11:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzite AZ

SNIP I'd be more concerned about one of the dormant volcano's in the area waking up long before I'd be concerned about VF in a place that's already one of the driest areas on the planet. Agreed. In the ten years we spent all or part of the winter near Quartzsite I only knew of one person that caught Valley Fever. He was a close friend and spent 11 days in the Parker hospital. The doc said that many/most? people that spent much time in the area actually caught it but thought it was just a cold. He said If you have it once it is rare to show symptoms afterwards. The doc said it hit my friend so hard because he has diabetes and his immune system was compromised. Many of the folks that stayed in the RV park where we stayed were avid ATVers and spent much time on the desert with a lot of dust and if they caught it the symptoms were mild. The last few years some did start wearing dust masks.
Clay L 12/06/14 02:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pennsylvania as domicile

Although TX has vehicle inspections you don't have to go back each year. When you do go back you have some set time (maybe 30 days?) before you have to get the inspection done. If you join Escapees you can use their mail forwarding service and address for voting,drivers licences, and vehicle registration. The county also will excuse you from jury duty. That can be very helpful if you are a couple of thousand miles away in a warm place.
Clay L 12/06/14 11:35am Full-time RVing
RE: Good window sealant

The only way to correctly seal your windows is to remove and reinstall them. The caulk on the top of an RV window is mostly for cosmetic purposes plus a little extra safety. The real seal is butyl or putty tape that is used during installation. Butyl is better but more difficult to work with. Yes. I used a butyl putty tape like Winnebago used. Note this is not regular putty tape but is black and stretchy. The windows were not that hard to remove. A few screws on the inside and they came out pretty easy.
Clay L 12/05/14 02:35pm Tech Issues
RE: New Mexico as Full Time Residence

Something to consider: TX will give you a jury duty deferral. SD will remove you from the jury rolls if you tell them you are a full timer. Both make it easy to vote using the Escapee mail forwarding address or your SD mail forwarding service address.
Clay L 12/05/14 02:26pm Full-time RVing
RE: Quartzite AZ

I have seen honey wagons out off of Plomosa Road (North of Q a few miles) and have been told fresh water is also delivered. We need to have our gray water dumped about every three days if at least one of takes a shower each day. The cost for dumping - about $25 per pump - was more than the $160 per month full hook up RV park cost we paid so we just stayed in the Coyote Ridge RV park in Bouse. Bouse is at the end of Plomosa road on SR 72. About 25 miles from Q.
Clay L 12/05/14 02:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground costs

By renting monthly and researching an area after spending in month in a given area looking for the least expensive acceptable RV parks in the area, we were able to keep our monthly average to less than $330 and nightly average to less than $11 for the last few years. Used to be less in past years but rates have gone up. We used Passport America (Dues about $44 per year) while in transit. Note that rates back east are much higher than in the west.
Clay L 12/04/14 03:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need help with TV replacement

If you go over to the Winnebago forum on irv2.com and do a search you will find a series of threads on Adventurers - some have pictures - about removing the front TV.
Clay L 12/04/14 02:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV AMP lost power.

If memory serves me right, there is a fuse on board of the amp, pull the plate and check. That is what I remember also.
Clay L 12/02/14 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: propane issue

When a propane tank gets low and it's cold the propane can't vaporize fast enough to supply a high demand device like a furnace. If the tank is really 1/2 full it would have to be pretty cold though for that to happen. That used to happen to me when the temp got down in the teens and the tank was around a 1/4 full. A regulator can freeze if there is moisture in it but I would think the refrigerator would not run in that case.
Clay L 11/27/14 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Thinking of getting a water softener

I have the FloPur Mark 8000. Cost is $220 and includes shipping if bought from the site above. Regeneration is done with a box of common table salt. It is similar to others like the "On-The-Go" water softener which is the one Camping World sells I believe. Both are 8000 grain units which means they will last longer without requiring regeneration. Some folks use "Water Sticks" but the biggest one of those I have seen is only 1500 grains. In AZ where we spend most of the winter the water hardness is about 50 grains per gallon. That means that an 8000 grain unit will soften about 160 gallons before needing to be regenerated. Since we use about 13 gallons of water per day we have to regenerate every 12 days or so. In our home in CO we have a water hardness of 20 GPG, there the softener will last about a month. It is possible to regenerate using potassium chloride if sodium is an issue.
Clay L 11/27/14 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Quartzsite camping spot preference

Regarding full service sites you asked about. For many years we stayed at the Coyote Ridge RV park in Bouse. It's about 25 miles from Quartzsite and about 28 miles from Parker. $160 per month with metered electricity extra. With little or no AC use it cost us about $60 per month for electricity. Close enough to drive to Parker to shop (Walmart, CVS and Safeway) and to visit Q for the show or lunch at the Grubstake. Out of the hustle, bustle, and traffic.
Clay L 11/27/14 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Edgestar portable ice maker

I have worked on four of them and was able to repair three. They all had the same internal parts -circuit boards, compressors, synchronous motors, etc.
Clay L 11/26/14 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gurgling sound coming from my tub and sink drain

Thanks. I do see it and I see that it has threads. So I guess it just unscrews, but since I have company coming for Thanksgiving, I don't think I will unscrew it and take a chance on having plumbing problems over Thanksgiving. At least, I know what to work on next week. It make sense that that could be the problem. They (air admittance valves) do unscrew and once off they can be checked to see if the flap moves freely. The ones I have removed over the years were hand tight and pretty easy to take off and replace. Many hardware stores have replacement units.
Clay L 11/26/14 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: battery detonation

Many years ago I was starting my truck when the battery exploded. It was due to a cracked internal connecting bus. The high starting current caused either a spark or a very hot hotspot that ignited the hydrogen air mixture inside the battery.
Clay L 11/26/14 01:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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