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RE: just a DA question regarding dp engine brakes

The reason a gas engine brakes with the throttle closed is that it is pulling a vacuum with the throttle closed. A diesel engine always has a wide-open throttle, so no vacuum and no resistance. Modern DPs typically have one of three different engine braking systems. The first is an exhaust brake, which closes off the exhaust to create back pressure. It is the least effective. The Jake brake opens the exhaust valve for each cylinder at the top of the compression stroke, so the energy used to compress the air in the cylinder is not released on the downstroke-and the piston pulls a vacuum going back down. Jake brakes typically have two or three stages, depending on how many cylinders the Jake activates. The transmission retarder uses the transmission as a braking medium. The retarder is continually variable, and is as effective as a Jake. With any of the systems, the transmission is programmed to progressively go to lower gears when the engine brake is activated. Excellent response.....exact and to the point......good job....Dennis
Executive 07/31/14 07:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: best way to run residential fridge on limited shore power?

A side note to the OP...make sure your Norcold is not involved in the recall...if it is, make sure it's been done....Dennis
Executive 07/31/14 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blackwater valve pulss open but nothing drains out.

It is so unlikely that the problem is the "disk" that I would simply discount that option. If you take something flexible and stick it up the outlet, do you run into an obstruction about as far up as the slide valve would be located? This is the most common issue (blade disconnected and not opening or opening properly). If this flexible object will go far into the black tank then you likely have a blockage (not the plug) and you need to deal with this right away. This is my favorite drain cleaning tool: http://www.homedepot.com/p/BrassCraft-Medium-Drain-Bladder-BC00332/100586170 Open the drain, insert this into the opening, let it inflate and seal the opening and it will force high pressure water back into the tank. After a few minutes, turn off the water and close the valve quickly. This should get the fluids flowing whether you like it or not. (I like to tilt the coach away from the drain to minimize water flow during this operation). You may have to do this several (many) times to get a free flow but once you do you will have a good starting point to getting your tank clean and free flowing again in the future. Bill, that WON'T work if the knife valve is CLOSED!...i.e. handle is broken or came off....Dennis
Executive 07/30/14 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rv insurance

This is going to be a ford - chevy kind of topic, I can see it now. I have all state and they assured me that my comprehensive would cover anything on the coach that is damaged. Usually the argument is that only an RV specialized insurance will cover stuff like the awning. My Allstate fixed the inside after a water leak damaged the whole back wall in a prior 5er. It has been good so far. I'm curious how you approached the water leak in your old 5er? I have water damage and called my Allstate rep and it took them about 2 minutes to say not covered, thus us a maintenance issue. Thanks He didn't say they COVERED it...he just said they 'fixed' it....at least that's what I read....just sayin...Dennis To the OP...If you ever have a claim and call the claims center your answer most likely will be obvious. Think deer in the headlights.....I had a nightmare claim until they transferred me to the RV claims agent. The original adjuster had no clue about motor homes....that said, several years ago I had excellent service from AAA on a motorhome claim, but I lucked out by getting a supervisor......Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 08:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical buzz

First thing to do is post the year, make, model etc of your coach..too many things it could be....without that info will get you no help, sorry.....Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 08:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I just paid $6.71 per gallon for diesel

What's wrong with being a gypsy...:h:h....just sayin....:W......Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes

For you folks that get all riled up about Class A MotorCoach Resorts think about the way the resorts are set up.....If you have a 5r where are your windows ..:h..out the back....travel trailers may also have a back window. Where are the HOOKUPS...:h...oh! wrong side....yep...MotorCoach resorts are designed to maximize the VIEWS out the WINDSHIELD which puts the electrical pedestal, water and sewer hookups on the wrong side for a trailer. We stayed at Lake Greenwood last year and I did a full page spread on my blog about it. The owner even treated several of us to an all day cruise around Lake Greenwood including beverages. All done without even a hint of a sales pitch...we would visit again in a minute. Only drawback is that shopping is not convenient to the campground...BTW...Michelin proving grounds is about a 15 minute drive from the resort and is a worthwhile visit too. Off the top on my head, I can think of about a dozen Class A Motorcoach resorts east of the Mississippi....my latest blog has one...Bella Terra RV Resort in Foley Alabama, BlueWater Key in Key West, Hilton Head in SC, RiverBend in Fort Meyers Fla, Bay Harbor in Petosky, Michigan, etc. etc...While we don't consider ourselves snobs by any means, we do enjoy what each resort has to offer...all this as we are enjoying our space at the Corps of Engineers park in Georgia at the exhorbitant rate of $66/week!....Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blackwater valve pulss open but nothing drains out.

Most often the handles screw into the slide valve. I'm not sure what you mean when you say you "pulled the panel and the rod handle was connected"...hold onto the handle and try to screw it back into the slide valve. Unless it's broken, you should be able to do so. If that doesn't work...well, it's gonna get messy so pick a suitable spot to 'fix it'....(if you've got a teenager, make sure they're around for a YouTube spot) First thing I'd do is inspect it with the stinky slinky removed. Reach into the opening and pull the handle very slowly. If you can't reach it yourself have someone (whom you trust) do it for you. You will be able to feel the knife valve move when the handle is gradually pulled. If it doesn't move, then the handle has either come off or broken off. Either way, if the valve does not move, then you'll have to 'pull the valve open' another way. My first choice would be to open up the area where the handle goes into the valve using a large drill bit. You might be able to reach in with some needle nose pliers and grasp the broken area and pull it open. As a last resort, you'll have to open it from inside the business end of the tube using a screwdriver which will be very messy....good luck....Dennis To replace the entire knife valve completely: There are four screws that hold the knife valve in place on the dump mechanism. Remove those four screws and the entire valve will come out for replacement. Make sure BOTH rubber O rings are in their grooves before reinstalling the screws or it'll leak.....D
Executive 07/29/14 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold trouble 1200

There are TWO fuses on that circuit board, one, the 5amp is for the 12V side of things...the other glass fuse is for the 120V side. Make sure you replace the fuses with the correct ones. Always use a meter to check the fuses and their holders....Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 07:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: An unfortunate "incident" a- warning to others

Something everybody seems to be missing here is the op was not driving his rv, an 18 wheeler or a stretch limo. He was driving a jeep towing an atv trailer. I ask again, just how far left did he have to go to make a right hand turn? His tow vehicle was hit, so the guy who hit him was at least past his trailer. That would indicate he was WAY left, perhaps in the oncoming lane. If I was following him, I might think he was making a left too. You might too! The OP already stated he was OVER the YELLOW LINE into opposing traffic....that's more than a little left swing....I can see why the LEO called it a draw...I would have too.....Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 07:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chat

Try the "Around the Campfire" forum on here....Dennis
Executive 07/29/14 06:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Odorlos and Rid-X RV

Compare the ingredients in the 'regular' Rid X and the Rid X for RVs...the only difference is in the price for the box...in fairness to the OP...he's from San Antonio and water is probably more expensive than any chemicals out there.....just sayin.....Dennis
Executive 07/28/14 10:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any downside to a domestic fridge in a Class A?

First off, you mention you'll rarely dry camp. You'll also be changing your lifestyle as you get farther into 'fulltiming'. Folks replying to these threads offer good sound advice, but many only use their RVs for vacations and short getaways. You'll be using yours all the time. That said, as you full time, you'll lose that urge to travel 8 hrs a day and stay over at a WalMart..:W...picture three hour travel days with four to seven day layovers. You'll get off the Interstates and travel more often on easy State Hwys. Life will slow and you'll really begin to enjoy it again. The residential fridge will only add to your enjoyment. Think hard ice cream and cold beverages.....:B...Dennis
Executive 07/28/14 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ

Wear your 'colors' and go for it....:B If you've enjoyed the park in the past, you'll enjoy it again. Some folks complain and degrade a park because of no wifi, (bring your own, cheapskate) dirty restrooms, (use the ones in your coach, that's what they're there for) even, not enough pull thrus...(geeze, learn to back your rig up)....Just because 'they' have an issue with something doesn't mean you will too. If you're really concerned, call the park office, explain your concerns and see what they have to say....personally, I have no problems with Harleys or their riders, but then I've been to Sturgis too...:W BTW..three reviews, two from 2013 and a "nine" from the only one in 2014....I believe your 'fears' are unfounded........Dennis
Executive 07/28/14 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bolt Sheared Off on Slide Rod

My first question would be how your maintenance has been with the slide? Do you lube it regularly of just let it move in and out? It may simply be a case where the slide has started binding due to lack of maintenance and the bolt sheared off to prevent further damage to the motor and mechanisms. I would replace it with the exact bolt that sheared off.....Dennis
Executive 07/28/14 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Dolly

I had one of those Harbor Freight pieces of junk for my car trailer. I finally threw it away. Your tow dolly is pretty lightweight. My suggestion would be to: 1. Hard pack the gravel from the rear of the motorhome so the dolly moves easier. 2. Replace the large gravel at the rear of the coach with pea gravel and hard pack. 3. Put a hitch ball on a riding mower, a golf cart or on your car and move it into place that way. 4. Dump your towed and buy a Jeep that can be towed four down....:W:W....Dennis
Executive 07/28/14 10:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What can I run with 30amp vs 50amp?

Ummmm....I certainly HOPE you're not planning on plugging into your DRYER outlet...:E:E. If you do, you'll no longer be a happy camper......just sayin....Dennis To answer your question, use the formula: AMPS X VOLTAGE = WATTS So, 50 Amps X 120 Volts = 6000 Watts. Since there are TWO legs @ 50 Amps, you'll have a total of 12000 Watts available with 50 Amp service. Using the same formula, 30 Amps X 120 Volts = 3600 Watts. So, you can easily see the difference 50 Amp service provides.....Dennis
Executive 07/26/14 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Worry About Possible Problems

A wise man once said that 90% of what we worry about NEVER occurs....:E That said, my advice is to simply get Good Sam or Coach Net for assistance while you're traveling and grab a service contract from Wholesale Warranties to pay for the things when they break...peace of mind is a good thing when you own one of these beasts.....CoachNet is less than $100/yr and your extended warranty will run you about $1200/yr...you'll have to decide if your peace of mind is worth that cost..it was/is for me......Dennis
Executive 07/26/14 11:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tire replacement

Hankooks' makes an excellent TRUCK tire....oh! wait, I have a MOTOR HOME....never mind.....:E......Dennis
Executive 07/26/14 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Odorlos and Rid-X RV

Read the label....RidX is for septic tanks...that is..tanks where poop sits for awhile and the bacteria action of RidX can go to work. Your black tank if for TEMPORARY storage of poop before the tank get flushed out. IMHO, clean your black tank completely using the Geo method or whatever you prefer, then flush well. Use ample water when flushing and ample water when dumping and you won't need all the extra junk in an attempt to make it smell good. In over 50 years of camping, I've used nothing but water in my black tanks and never had any smell....not to say my )(*& don't stink....:B....just sayin....Dennis
Executive 07/26/14 11:20am Class A Motorhomes
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