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RE: Installing multiple outboard cameras for maneuvering safety

Ours goes through the Aladdin System and is adequate. It was a factory install...one rear camera, two side cameras and one inside camera. I also have a monitor in the bedroom that, when activated, activates the back up lights, dock lights and four exterior lights along with the cameras. Hear a noise and I can light up the night without ever leaving the bedroom.....the side cameras come on with the turn signals and the rear camera automatically comes on when shifted into reverse....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 05:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shop Labor Rate. Survey.

Based on your parameters, I would say YES !. I don't mind paying for premium work, timely appointments and done right the first time. There's only so many ways to cook a steak but some will gladly pay for linen tablecloths....coffee is coffee, then there's Starbucks....don't step over dollars to pick up dimes...just sayin....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 05:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Monaco Parts

Glad most people think Monaco is out of business... keeps the parts supplies available....:B.....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 04:58pm Class A Motorhomes

I was looking at Hankooks too...then I realized I had an RV NOT a TRUCK. So, I decided to put RV tires on my RV. I'll let the truckers put the truck tires on their trucks...they don't mind a harsh ride...do what you think is best within your price range......Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Am I special or what?

Obvious communication problem....that said, IMHO, it's YOUR responsibility to convey to the service writer what you want done. They can't be mind readers that you shut off a water valve. When they checked, nothing leaked, so they're good. It was your responsibility to make them aware of changes. Also, again, my opinion, but if I wanted someone to buy and install a certain sat system, I'd have checked it out on line to ensure I was getting the best possible deal. If that had been done, YOU would have known it was out of production. Begin by looking in the mirror and learn from this experience. If it's important to YOU, then put everything in writing when talking with the service writer. I've done this on occasion to ensure things are done to my satisfaction when I return. Things should be kept simple and understandable. i.e. there was a water leak at the kitchen sink that I want repaired. When I turn the faucet on it leaks on the cold water side. I've turned the valve off so it doesn't leak. Here's the sat system I want installed, if it's not available, please call and we can discuss alternatives. I'm sure if you'd done that, you'd be a satisfied and happy camper at this point...leave nothing to chance and you won't ever be disappointed......Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 04:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on fuel consumed by our generator AND ??

Any way you look at it, this running the genny will not be an inexpensive thing to do. Let's see...gas is currently $3.79 at Melborne. $3.79 @ .4/hr comes to about $1.50 worth of gas each hour, or a third of a cup of java from Starbucks....I fail to see where your issue comes in. I'd sacrifice that cup of Joe for three hours of being comfortable...:W.....just sayin....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: thousand trails explained

Verde Valley is an excellent campground. Their rangers are very tough on following rules. It's also the only TT campground in Az altho there are Encore resorts. Most of the West Coast facilities are excellent also, with Little Diamond near Spokane teaming up with KOA to enhance their facility. That said, the OP is in Florida. We've found most of the East Coast parks to be more run down and full of permanents which take up the best spots in the park. For instance, the Indian Lakes CG in Indiana. There are zero decent spots left along the lakes. In fact, one whole loop consists of only permanents. Harlingen in Texas has a segregated section for TT members. They cannot be integrated with the 'regular' members. Sites are small for a large rig. We could not put our toad in our site with our coach unless it was parked blocking the front door. No additional parking except at the clubhouse which is at the other end of the park. Buy a cheap membership and use if for a year to see if any of the parks you may visit are up to your standards. If not, sell it..buy it cheaply enough and you won't be out too much $$$...if you like it, upgrade via internet......Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: thousand trails explained

No penalties...you're buying the original contract from the seller.....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 12:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jack Is Back

I don't know JACK....:W.....sorry....:B....Dennis
Executive 08/20/14 12:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TST tire monitor

Executive 08/20/14 12:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on fuel consumed by our generator AND ??

No troll here ! Just trying to learn about fuel consumption of out generator & what it may cost to run it when needed. What the heck is a TROLL ? IF you don't know what a TROLL is, how do you know you're NOT one....:h:h:h.....Dennis
Executive 08/18/14 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: thousand trails explained

Thousand Trails have been around for a long long time...because of the way the ORIGINAL business was run, unfortunately there are probably as many 'plans' out there as Carter has liver pills. The very high pressure salesmen could 'adjust' their basic plans to fit the customer, within reason of course. Therefore many plans are unique. Since you said you're going to buy used, which is by far, the best choice, you'll have to call TT with the membership number and the owner's name. They will tell you what is included in that particular membership. Ours, bought used, includes all TT parks nationwide, along with most NACO and Leisure Time resorts. That said, we discovered there are a few LT resorts that are not included in our membership. They were added later and were not grandfathered in. Most TT memberships allow you to go from park to park with no out time, IF you only stay 4 nights at each campground. Ours lets us camp for two weeks and out one week. All memberships can be 'upgraded' from basic to premier to gold to platinum to elite....all come with substantial cash outlays, so beware. Finally, some offer fixed dues if you reach a certain age but not all do. TT can raise most dues 10%/yr, so it can be substantial over time. Also, some memberships DO NOT allow you to cancel. Make sure any membership you purchase allows you to cancel with a 30 day written notice. There are many more campgrounds on the west coast than there are on the east coast. There are very few in the heartland. Not all cgs are exciting. Equity Lifestyles, (parent company) is a little tight with the purse strings so a lot of the TT cgs struggle to do upgrades etc. Also, TT has started offering long term stays, (one year or more) some for as little as $2000/yr. You can judge for yourself what quality of 'resident' they get for $165/mo. To add salt to the wound, many of the 'best' sites are offered to long term tenants. So, with this in mind, my advice would be this: TT memberships are available for little or nothing on Craigslist, Ebay and others. BEFORE purchasing, you'll want to get the membership number and owner's name and call TT to know what you're buying. I would buy the basic membership as cheaply as possible...there will be a transfer fee of course and the dues must be current before the membership can be transferred. By buying the basic membership, you can try it out with very little cash outlay. If you like it, you can either upgrade or sell it and buy the one you want.....good luck....Dennis
Executive 08/18/14 07:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 454 Southwind Popping back at carburetor solved

Excellent find....thanks for posting....Dennis
Executive 08/18/14 06:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: low water pressure from fauset

Let's see...the OP posted 8/16 at 11:30AM....I told him to check his filters at 11:50AM same day....he finally checked them at 5:30PM the NEXT DAY....:S:S:S....Dennis
Executive 08/18/14 12:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aladden system

Good luck on getting them to read correctly. Yes, you can calibrate them but it's a PITA....you have to also know the base rating. I've played with mine for over 4 yrs and still they're not correct....good luck...Dennis
Executive 08/18/14 12:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator discussion & recommendations (Not residential)

I was in the 'save the Norcold' camp for many years....my wife loved it...so, when the cooling unit finally failed, we replaced it with the Amish unit. As you may know, the recall unit is to shut down the fridge if it overheats, so please don't bypass it..a fire could result. The Amish cooling unit is not involved in the recall process. The walls of the Norcold cooling unit are not as thick so they are prone to fail as the coolant destroys the metal from within. I lived with the Amish unit for a couple years and found it to be superior to the Norcold. My issue was with the ice maker line. When it failed for the 3rd time, I pulled the Norcold and installed the residential....good luck...Dennis
Executive 08/16/14 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on fuel consumed by our generator AND ??

I look at this as trying to get blood out of a turnip....:) Exactly what are you trying to accomplish....:h:h:h:h Your campsite offers you 30amp service. With that you can run one A/C unit and marginally the other one. I'm assuming here that your coach is 50amp. So, you have several choices.... 1. Enjoy having ONE A/C running at a time. You won't need the bedroom one until you're ready to retire. Run the front A/C while you're up and the rear A/C when it's time for bed. 2. Run a separate line for the rear A/C so you can plug it into the 20amp service available at the post. 3. What is your comfort level? It shouldn't matter how much fuel your genset uses if you're trying to keep your coach cool in the heat/humidity. Your coach has a transfer switch. This means you will be running off either the generator OR the pedestal, NOT BOTH. You will not get EXTRA power by running the generator. Keep in mind, most gensets will power whatever needs your coach may have. My coach uses a lot so it has a 12,000kw genset. Your 7k may be sufficient to run everything inside. Your manual and/or mfg should be able to assist you with those numbers.....good luck ....Dennis
Executive 08/16/14 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: low water pressure from fauset

First things first, my good man.....what is the water pressure coming OUT of the parks spigot..:h:h:h If it's low, nothing you do in the coach will change it. If the pressure is good FROM the spigot, start there and begin removing all unnecessary stuff to the coach. Run your water hose directly to the coach bypassing any external pressure regulators, filters etc. Next, check the small screen inside the valve where you attach the water hose. If that screen becomes corroded with gunk, your water flow will lessen. Replace the screen if necessary.....let us know what you find....Dennis
Executive 08/16/14 09:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tank odors

We've been camping for over 50 years, the last 5 full time. During that time we've tried many different 'odor blockers', and that's all they are. Nothing works better than plain old water. Let your black tank get about 1/2 to 2/3 full before dumping and use water to flush it clean. The same with the grey only usually never more than half. Of course, scrape your dishes in the waste basket before washing them. Common sense says not to put food waste into your grey tank....Dennis
Executive 08/15/14 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traveling from Brookings OR to Fairfield CA

You cannot take your RV to Fort Bragg. Many portions of Hwy 1 are restricted to 40' or less and the CHP does enforce it. Your tag axle is the easiest giveaway. Check the clicky below. US 101 is a good road all the way down the coast. Use the toad to explore.....Dennis Motor Home Restricted Routes
Executive 08/15/14 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
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