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RE: Is a motorhome "Only For The RIch"?

Don't know about the others, but I am RICH beyond words....because my lifestyle is PRICELESS!.....:W....Dennis
Executive 10/31/14 01:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is a motorhome "Only For The RIch"?

The problem with many of these articles is the "writer" has never set foot inside an RV let alone gone out in one. Many folks look at the RV life as a 'gypsy' life. Research for their articles come from visiting "own your own resorts" instead of camping at a State or Federal Park. They think of camping as "trailer trash" having to use the woods as your bathroom, spending weekends without bathing, and a bunch of yokels sitting around a campfire drinking and smoking ourselves into oblivion. I think of RVing as living in my own home, albeit much smaller than the 3500' sq.ft. home we sold to buy our coach, but my home nonetheless. IMHO, the size difference is made up by the view I get every morning when I get up. It's different or the same, depending on my choice. I have no yardwork that I have to do, (or pay someone to do), no pool to clean or pay for, no mortgage to slave for, beautiful weather whenever I want and wonderful neighbors all the time. If any of these things are not to my liking, I simply turn the key and I'm gone. As for 'camping', it's been said, less than 4% of the American public have seen the Milky Way, even less have seen the aurora borealis....we've been fortunate to see both, many times over...we've visited 42 States...that's really visited them, not just passed through or flown above them..I've taken my grandkids to all 42 of those States too...they've seen things other kids read about in books and will, most likely, never see. As in the Mastercard commercial, PRICELESS! For the rich:h..HAH! yes, some money is necessary to maintain this lifestyle, but we're in our sixth year of fulltiming and I can tell you, I'm spending a whole lot less than I did when I had my stix n brix, and there's no association I have to pay...just sayin....Dennis
Executive 10/31/14 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maggots in pipe that flushes into toilet...

If you have maggots coming out of your kitchen and bathroom faucets, open up your RV for Halloween....should be lots of fun.....:B. My guess is they're simply sewer flies. No biggie. Flush your black tank, add some bleach mixture and flush again. Do it several times. ...Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 09:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: "nana block"

$1700 for a Manabloc...??? Who are they kidding? The unit itself can be bought for around $150. Then you have the labor to install, but I can't imagine that much. Here's a video to familiarize yourself with the system. It is great if you have any water issues as you can isolate that circuit pretty quickly and easily....Dennis Manabloc Purchase here
Executive 10/30/14 08:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Work Camping Opportunity - Baptist Church

http://i.imgur.com/8ONZJVsl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8
Executive 10/30/14 08:43pm Workamping Forum
RE: WA-OR-CA - Hwy 101 or I-5 in winter?

299 is horrible. Best route is I5 to Longview,WA, and follow the signs to the coast. 101 south to just north of Ukiah and cut back to I5 on CA20. This gives you the best of the coast plus the redwoods This is good, sound advice....You might encounter snow at the Grapevine in California on I-5, but the CHP escorts traffic when that happens. Carrying chains are a must or you might have to wait a bit to get through. They do set up roadblocks and check.......Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 08:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: Mexican train rules

We also make up our own rules as it's only a game. You play for fun...usually..:W... If I'm losing though, I usually call in the Feds and have em check for 'green cards'.....:B:B.....Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 08:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: California Central Coast - Christmas to New Year's

How big is the RV? How experienced are you at driving it? You're looking at parts of Hwy 1 which may make you wish you hadn't chosen that route. If you do go along Hwy 1 be sure to include all the lighthouse stops along the way....Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 08:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Need Help and Experience (Update)

This is an update to my original post..... I hope this update gets put back on top of this blog. becker Becker, it's your post so you can edit it. Go to your original post and click, EDIT. That will bring up the original post with the HEADING. Add (UPDATE) to the end of the heading. That will give everyone a heads up that you've solved the problem....glad it's working...Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possible A/C noise solution

That may work but it also may backfire on them. Just because the fans are mechanically interchangeable does not mean that they all move the same amount of air. Exactly! The evaporator is designed to require a certain amount of air flow (cfm) across the coil. If the cfm is too high or too low, it will affect the efficiency of the unit. The unit may even freeze up. Before changing the fan blade, the manufacturer of the AC unit should be contacted; the manufacturer will know whether or not the blades can be interchanged. Ray But think how QUIET they will be when they no longer work....:W....Dennis
Executive 10/30/14 09:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to stay in San Francisco?

San Francisco RV Park in Pacifica is perfect for you. Get one of the sites overlooking the Pacific. Watch hang gliders from your front window. Follow the whales migrating right from your site. Walk along the beach and gather treasures. Pool/Spa/Activities If you want to go into San Francisco, leave your car home and take the bus that picks you up at the campground entrance. It'll take you downtown or to the BART station where you can go anywhere. Use the cable cars to tour the city. Enjoy your stay without the hassles of traffic and/or parking......be sure to eat at Bubba Gumps on the Pier.....Dennis San Francisco RV Resort
Executive 10/29/14 10:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Seat Belts

The driver and passenger are required to be belted in. For all others it's optional. If you ride the Greyhound or Tour busses you're not required to wear a belt. School busses may now have belts but the kids are not required to wear them. In my coach, it's my responsibility to ensure my family's safety. I allow my grandkids freedom to roam, play games, sleep, watch TV, go to the bathroom etc. while we are underway....it's why we have the coach. In fact, my wife makes us lunch while we are underway, and I eat while driving. Now if, in my opinion, we encounter rough roads, winding roads, heavy traffic or any other reason why I feel they should be seated, my word is taken and they sit. They know the rules and readily comply. Much like the pilot in an aircraft. If the seat belt light comes on, you put it on. It's a rare time though that I've felt they needed to be constrained inside the rig.....Dennis
Executive 10/29/14 10:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dodge Vogue villa grande 1979 won't start

Pull the air cleaner, pour a shot glass full of fuel down the carb. then see if it will start. If that happens, remove the fuel line from the carb. Place the end in a soda bottle and have someone kick the starter. If gas fills the soda bottle your fuel pump is working, repair/replace the carb. If it doesn't, you probably need a new fuel pump. Then again you might just have bad gas inside the carb. which will necessitate it's removal and rebuild. Perform these two tests before you have it towed. Removing the four bolts holding the carb in place is much easier and less expensive than having it towed. New carbs are about $300 US....good luck ..Dennis
Executive 10/29/14 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: battery cables

Is it a CABLE or a WIRE??:h Cable should be #2 or bigger. Wire should be 12 or 10ga. could be a fusible link.....if it's smaller than a 12ga wire it would indicate an accessory...Dennis
Executive 10/28/14 08:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New (to us) DP Questions.

The reason for staying with the 6V golf cart batteries is they have no CCA, (cold crank amps) since they are not starter batteries and more CAH, Capacity Amp Hours, which is what you need to power your 'stuff' while stopped. Since it sounds like your uncle didn't do any oil changes himself, I would take your coach to a Speedco and let them change the oil and filters, fuel and oil and let them teach you where everything is. You'll need the experience of changing a fuel filter anyway. It will come in handy if you're stuck on the side of the road after getting some bad fuel. Speedco will let you in the pit and show you what they're doing. You can mark your dipstick after they fill. They'll also check your coolant SCA while you're there. Plan on about $300 bucks.....Dennis
Executive 10/28/14 08:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice on buying USED motorhome

Since you're looking at motor homes like you would a car, here's my advice...a BMW will make a better used BMW because the beginning product was better built. A Yugo was just a Yugo. It doesn't matter whether the mfg is still in business or not. The coach would still have been a quality coach when it was built. Start with a great product and over the years, you'll still have a great product. Look at the Bluebird coaches, for instance. While they are no longer being built, there's not too many folks who wouldn't want one of those beauties. First thing to do is forget about pricing and mileage. More on that later. Your main focus should be on the INSIDE of the coach. Visit as many dealers as you can..as you enter a coach, most of the time, the quality will be apparent. Did they use screws to install the cabinetry or did they simply use staples. Do the cabinet doors line up correctly and open and close correctly. Look at the wiring..is it in looms or helter skelter around the coach. Once you've narrowed your search down to a short list, start looking for a floor plan you can live with. PPL Motorhomes, link below, is a great place to look at. They have the floorplans listed with everything on their website. They also have a SOLD section to help in determining a coach value once you've located the coach of your dreams. So, now you've got quality and a floorplan you can live with. Time to go searching. Plug in all the info you've gathered and see what pops up. Craigslist, RV Trader, CW, PPL, even EBay...if it was built, it's for sale somewhere..you just have to find it. As for pricing, of course you'll want to stay within your budget. That's the easy part. Start with the top and work your way down. Obviously don't start looking at a Prevost expecting to find one for $25k but you'll quickly see what you can afford. Finally, two important things to remember in your search. Mileage isn't always a good indicator of a coaches' value. Some coaches are left parked at a campground and only used on weekends. Some coaches are lived in by full timers and sit for six to eight months at a time. All these coaches will have low mileage. Bad stuff happens to a coach that sits for long periods of time... the other is the date code on the tires. Tires can set you back as much as $6k if they need to be replaced. Don't simply look at the tread wear, get the date codes..... Good luck in your search...Dennis PPL
Executive 10/28/14 11:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV crash N of Knoxville on I-75

Sad news...they were returning from NASCAR race in Martinsville. Maybe sleep entered into the picture. Don't know. Must have been really scary for the injured daughter. "The wreck was discovered on Monday, October 27, 2014, at about 7:30 in the morning. It is believed to have possibly happened several hours before that. It was reportedly not too visible from the road in the dark because the RV went down an embankment before hitting a tree." Dennis
Executive 10/28/14 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need Help and Experience (Update)

If you think it's the SmartWheel, get some contact cleaner. Comes in a spray can, Home Depot/Lowes/Radio Shack. There are eight small screws that you remove from underneath the steering wheel. The modules come off in three pieces. Spray them liberally and reinstall. Easy fix. The contacts get dirty and won't work properly. If you do need to replace any of it, you'll only have to replace that one module. Now, tell us more about what happened. From your statement, it sounds like you were headed down the road in the rain with your cruise control and wipers on and they both just quit. Is that correct? Or did one quit and then the other? They are not on the same fuse. Open the outside door below the driver's seat. Look up on the INSIDE of that door. Monaco lists the location and more info about where your 'hidden' fuses are located.... You do know you have three fuse panels, yes?......Dennis One other thing...use a meter to check the fuses. Eyeballing them is not the best way to do it...D
Executive 10/28/14 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Homemade Leveling and Jack Pads

Very nice! And since they're rubber, they'll be easier on the tires as well. When stacked, do they hold together or do they slip? I'm thinking if they're stacked, you might have to drill a couple holes in them and slip a dowel pin through to hold them in place. Once the rigs on em I would guess they wouldn't move, but driving up on them might. How much weight can they hold? I know I drove my diesel up on those plastic ones and they simply collapsed. These look like they would not.....Dennis
Executive 10/27/14 09:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GMC Pulled fuse & Headlights Come ON

Your manual says to pull three fuses? I thought all GM cars were the same. On my HHR I pulled one fuse and on the Equinox it's the same. Learn something new every day....sorry I can't help...Dennis
Executive 10/27/14 07:30pm Class A Motorhomes
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