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RE: Sailun Tires

They are a G614 knock-off and should mimic the reliability of the G614. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/16/15 12:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure on tow vehicle

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a legislative mandate under Title 49 of the United States Code, Chapter 301, Motor Vehicle Safety, to issue Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Regulations to which manufacturers of motor vehicle and equipment items must conform and certify compliance.” The FMVSS regulations are often misquoted or quoted out of context, leading readers of internet forum discussions about tires to come to conclusions about their tires that are unsafe, unapproved and unjustified. “What Air Pressure Should Be Used?” “The pressure your tires require is determined by the vehicle manufacturer in conjunction with the tire manufacturer and is based on the vehicle’s gross axle load. Every vehicle is required by federal regulations to include a tire information placard. This placard may also be referred to as the tire certification label or federal tire tag. Vehicle manufacturers are required by federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) to apply tires of a suitable size, load range and inflation pressure (as shown on the tire information placard) that are capable of supporting no less than the gross axle weight rating (GAWR). Consequently, the vehicle manufacturer’s specified tire inflation pressure is not arbitrary; it is established by federal safety regulations (ref: Code of Federal Regulations 49, 571.120, and Part 567).” The quote above is from a major tire manufacturer. Because the vehicle manufacturer’s tire inflation pressure is established as a minimum standard for the tires fitted to your vehicle, the load capacity they provide is also a minimum standard.
FastEagle 03/14/15 11:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: tire pressure on tow vehicle

should I increase the rear tire pressure by 10 psi, on my truck's tires or leave at the suggested 35 psi that is shown on the sticker on the door jam? What does your owner's manual say? 35 psi is normally for a standard load Passenger tire. Is there something on the sidewall that says you can go higher than 35 psi? FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 10:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire inflation

Got E rated tires installed, 80psi max, Tire guy said it would be better to run around 65-70 psi as tires heat up. Always thought I should run max cold rating 80psi. FW weight is around 9000 lbs hooked up to truck. The minimum inflation pressures for everyday use is found on your tire placard. The guy "that said" could have you stranded on the side of the road. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 09:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires.... Keep for awhile or get them off???

So my 2006 Cardinal dry weight 11,500 came with 16 inch load G Chinese tire and after about three years with no issues changed to the load G Goodyear G-614's. This new 5er comes with load E, and if I'm not mistaken, Tow Max ST tires. I really feel more comfortable with the load G tires! While at the dealer I looked at the tires on the new Grand Design Solitude and found once agIn load E.... My new 5er is dry 13.400, think it needs more than the E's Look on your trailer's certification label. The GAWR for your axles is 6750# ea. The first standard LT tire qualified for fitment on those axles is the LT235/85R16G. There are two ST options. ST235/85R16E or ST235/85R16G. All of the above options provide more load capacity than the OE tires. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires.... Keep for awhile or get them off???

Sorry the XPS Rib does not below on a 16K trailer like the OP's!!!! Chris Yep. you're right. I didn't realize that trailer was that heavy. The XPS RIB, which is only rated at 3042# at @80# pressure wouldn't be enough. Without looking up the weight, I figured a RIB would replace an E range ST tire, but I see the Blow Max is rated at 3520#. So now I wonder about the rims. If the OP goes to a G614, to get an adequate load rating of 3550 on the tire, he would have to run the pressure at 100 psi. Still do-able, but he's getting real close to the max pressure on his rim (assuming he does actually have a rim rated at 3580). Need to check. The max for that rim is 105 psi, by calculation.Goodyear G614 RST tire pressure chart It would also be good for him to weigh each wheel; it could be that he could run the G614s at a lower pressure and get within a better range on the rim. Or, just replace the rims with a 110 psi rim... So when I spoke to the wheel manufac. they said my wheel, the J55 will hold 110psi at 3750 lbs so I'm thinking G-614's and probably run like 100lbs in them.... Still MUCH better than those E's Don't just blindly pick an inflation number. Weigh your loaded axles or each tire if possible. Then use the weight/inflation chart on GY's site and add 5psi to the heaviest tire. The ASE manages rim certifications and specifications. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 07:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer Tires

Anyone have a good recommendation on a fiver trailer tire You should follow the recommendations of your trailer manufacturer. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 07:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacing 15" tires

i have the towmax on the trailer since new probably close to 20k miles on them they are just starting to show signs of wear center rib on 1 looks like getting bald never had a problem or any issues with the towmax but again my rims have 65 psi tires on them will they hold 80psi?? i will call keystone today see if they actually answer the question. Center rib wear can indicate tread separation. You need new tires. Logic says rims rated at 65 psi have a maximum inflation pressure of 65 psi cold. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 07:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacing 15" tires

I'm in a similar situation. I think I have 15" wheels on my trailer because the 16" were an upgrade. My max trailer weight is 11,472. 11472/4 tires = 2,868. The max weight for the 15" maxiss and carlisle is 2,830. LT tires aren't made for 15" that I have seen. Is the trailer mfg assuming a % of weight to be on the truck so they can get by with 2,830? I still have the original tires on the trailer and the psi written on the side of the trailer is 110 lbs (or maybe that is the torque). Your trailer has 5200# axles so 2830# tires provide about 10% extra load capacity. FastEagle
FastEagle 03/10/15 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
Tire Building

Here is a nice flow chart from Maxxis Tires. Flow Chart FE
FastEagle 03/01/15 10:58pm Tech Issues
RE: ST Tire "Plies" Question and a PSI Question

Nobody as any business pulling a rig faster than 65 mph. That's why ST tires are made the way they are. Wrong! ST tires are made with speed restriction to allow the inflated load ratings! Read Tireman9 post above! Yeah-I know, but nobody should be driving a rig faster than 65mph anyway! Actually, Carlisle states do not tow over 60 mph, and since most tow vehicles won't shift into OD below 62 mph, then towing at 60 is worse than towing at 68. Well, that is just me, others are free to make their own choice. I still find it interesting that my Carlisle RH's have no speed limit molded onto the sidewall. Lyle Probably because the "J" speed letter code is 62 MPH and there is no speed letter code for 65 MPH so industry standards will prevail. FE
FastEagle 03/01/15 10:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hankook dynapro htr12 275/65 r 18

IMO they are to wide for fitment on any multiaxle trailer. FastEagle
FastEagle 02/16/15 02:03pm Towing
RE: Carlisles ST's? Straight Up, Yes or No?

My last trailer (triple E) came from the factory with michelin ribs Can you show us a picture of your trailer's certification label? FastEagle
FastEagle 02/14/15 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carlisles ST's? Straight Up, Yes or No?

The Michelin XPS Rib size LT235/85R16E highway radial tire has a maximum load capacity of 3042# at 80 PSI. The Vanderbilt LT235/85R16E Power King LT radial highway tire has a maximum load capacity of 3042# at 80 PSI. The Michelin tire has an all steel casing. The Power King tire has an all Polyester casing. Somewhere in the manufacturing process, the materials used to build those two tires have been developed to give each a single strength value. Durability is another subject which has it’s own answers found in the tires building materials. Can we do a fair comparison on these two like sized tires with equal size and strength values? FastEagle
FastEagle 02/13/15 02:17pm Fifth-Wheels
Tire Swapping

The tires on each RV trailer at first retail sale must be the same size as the tire size on the labeling. (FMVSS 571.120 paragraph S10.3). When swapping tires at the dealership you need to insure the preceding statement is complied with by the dealer. If not, you will always have invalid information on your trailer’s certification label and tire placard. FastEagle
FastEagle 02/11/15 10:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

According to the specs for your trailer you have 3500# axles with very borderline OE tires. IMO a minimum replacement size would be at least a step up in load capacity. FastEagle
FastEagle 01/28/15 12:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Replacement

Lots of trailers pre 2002 model years came with 16" LT tires. Check your certification label. It might have the answer. FastEagle
FastEagle 01/28/15 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RV show info

Here is some feedback from my trip to the Greenville, SC RV show last weekend. Because I'm a RV trailer tire researcher I paid particular attention to tire/rim fitments on the Cruiser trailers at the show. I also study certification labels for weight correctness and tire fitments to those weights. All of the cruiser models I looked at had Special Trailer (ST) tires manufactured by West Lake who comes under the Vulcan Tire umbrella. I couldn't find any tire warranty information in any of the owner's manual packages. However, Vulcan says there is a West Lake manufacturer's warranty. More importantly, Vulcan in-house warranty includes road hazards. In this post I'm just going to address the certification information in the reference below. Click here to open ref For me, one of the things that stood right out was the spare tire is identified as a Bias ply tire and the primary tires are Radials. All the models I looked at did in fact have Bias spare tires. Not a big deal because, after all, it's just a spare. You would not want to ride on it very long before replacing it with a radial because it's tread design and internal structure is much different from the highly regarded radials. The Bias tire has stiffer sidewalls and the tread design looks a little like all terrain tires. Oh, none of the spares I looked at were protected from the elements. And, the sales person said the bias spare was used to save end item costs. According to the certification label, Cruiser RV has not provided very much load capacity reserves with their tire fitment. In this instance it's actually just 20 lbs per tire for the loaded trailer. RV trailers hardly ever carry balanced loads so the possibility of having a tire or two overloaded is very high. These tire sizes are often very hard to upgrade without having to change rims. There are good options in the 14" size. The Kuhmo 195R14 LRD trailer tire with its European design is almost the same size as the OE Westlake tires and it has 2094# of load capacity at 65 PSI. A much needed increase to get the tire spook out of your rear view mirror. FastEagle p.s. The RMA doesn’t have a problem with a bias tire being used as a spare for short term temporary use. The DOT says that OE tires must NOT have more load capacity than the spare tire. A quick check of the load capacities molded into the sidewalls of the primary tires and bias spare reveled that they have equal load capacity.
FastEagle 01/17/15 05:25pm Tech Issues
75 MPH Westlake ST tires?

Look at the picture below. That's a ST225/75R15D tire with a load index on its sidewall. The tire is from Westlake. Load index ratings are not official load indicators for LT or ST tires but can be put on the sidewall at the manufacturer's discursion. The lettering system used to determine load range for ST and LT tires is currently the only method approved for those tires. L@@K Here! Another thing that is very present with that load index is the L following the dual load index. That L is a speed symbol used in conjunction with the load index system and constitutes a complete service description. The L is for 75 MPH. I wonder if Westlake really approves their radial ST tires for 75 MPH? FastEagle
FastEagle 01/11/15 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooper Discoverer HTP LT 16" tires for my Big Horn

I’m not seen much in here any more because of reasons beyond my control. But, Isn’t the truth worth knowing? This is a direct quote from Cooper Tires; “The replacement tire must have a maximum load carrying capacity equal to or greater than the maximum load carrying capacity of the original equipment tire.” Full reference provided on request. FastEagle
FastEagle 01/06/15 12:58am Fifth-Wheels
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