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RE: computer slowdown

Before calling tech support, I'd suggest deleting your cookies. To do that, go to your internet browser, tools, Internet Options, browsing history. If that didn't help much, use Task Manager to find out what is slowing things down. To do that, hold down Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. Click on Task Manager. You should look at Processes and see how much memory is being used. If you have a memory hog that you aren't using, you can temporarily turn it off by clicking on Startup and taking if off the menu. It will still be in your computer and usable, just not running all the time. Finally, I'd update your 8.0. It's free. Just go to Microsoft's update site. You don't need to upgrade, just update.
Fishinghat 04/06/15 06:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Tire inflation

The standard answer is to use the maximum air pressure noted on the side of the tire. Engineers design tires to handle the additional pressure from heating and altitude changes.
Fishinghat 03/10/15 11:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: buying running light amber lens covers

I've bought replacements at NAPA. They were the two wire kind that didn't depend on the chassis for a ground. It has been a number of years, but I remember the cost was very modest and nothing to loose sleep over. The LED's are a little more expensive.
Fishinghat 03/08/15 03:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slow shower drain

If you have a shop vacuum, try blowing air down the vent. The pressure shouldn't hurt anything and if the problem is in the vent to the roof, it might clear it out. (You have a vent to allow air to escape from the tank so water/waste will flow in.) A blocked vent from a bird's nest can cause your shower and kitchen sinks to drain very slow. Ditto with the toilet drain.
Fishinghat 03/08/15 03:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Choosing a toad: is 4wd a good idea?

We tow a Hummer H3 since it has a strong frame, plenty of ground clearance, and easy to put into towing mode. (Just push a button to disconnect the drive train.) Further, it is a nice daily driver since it is comfortable and rides well. I would assume the Jeep would be similar. Another choice would be the Honda CRV. You'll see a lot of those being towed. The CRV makes for a nice primary car. The Saturns use to be towable, but not all.
Fishinghat 02/28/15 11:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Problem Opening Programs, Windows 8.1

No, I'm not going away. I stand by my statement. I've been using PCs for 27 years, since DOS 3.1. I know a piece of******when I see one and Windows 8.1 is a piece of crap. It was written to try to force people into using tablets. It was written for touchscreen tablets. Tablets DO NOT have mice. This is not "bad gas". It's more like trying to use the engine from a Honda Civic in your TV. It MIGHT work, but you will never be happy with it. It is simply a bad operating system being forced on people who don't realize they have options. No offense, but I just have to join in here. I've also been using PCs since 3.1, and have used most of the Windows OS since they were introduced, including 8.1. I don't have a touch screen and use a mouse, yet 8.1 works just fine. I have Windows 7 on my laptop, and it works almost the same as 8.1. I will admit 8.1 was designed for touch pads, but our touch pads are all Apple products, and smart phones are Android, so I don't have any experience with the 8.1 and touchpad technology. So, it is a matter of getting current with the technology. I know it can be frustrating, but be patient. Going back to the original post, I would suggest cleaning out your Internet History and Cookies. Those are common causes of overloaded RAM. If that doesn't help, try the Task Manager. (Control, Alternate, Delete.) See what is running and how much of the resources are being used. Check the startup menu for a program that's hogging RAM. Good luck.
Fishinghat 02/24/15 09:03pm Technology Corner
RE: A stupid question about towing

Forget the trailer with the SLS. The combination would just be too heavy. Consider a lightweight car that can be towed four down. Even then you'll have to have the frame reinforced. Those Class C coaches on 28' chassis were not designed for heavy duty towing.
Fishinghat 02/17/15 05:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's some ideas on keeping propane flowing in the cold?

Your tanks may have a combination of propane and butane. Propane is fine as it will "boil" at a very low temperature, but butane stops boiling at about 32 degrees F. In warm weather, using either fluid is fine and distributors mix the two. You may have burnt off all of the propane and all you have now in your tank is butane. The only solution now is to heat the tank up to about 40 degrees or better. Or, have a propane distributor drain and refill your tank. You could have moisture in your tank and that could freeze your regulator. I don't know how to correct that problem except to empty the tank. A propane distributor may be able to do that for you. Finally, don't insulate your tanks. They need to absorb heat from the air even at below freezing temperatures to boil the propane. If you're going to heat your tanks, then insulation may be needed to keep the heat in.
Fishinghat 02/16/15 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge won't stay burning in hot sun

From your description, it appears your frig's cooler coils are overheating. I'd suggest installing several small computer type fans to the inside of the lower vent cover, using nylon ties. Connect the fans to a switch and to the 12 volt supply. You can turn the fans on during the day and off at night. You could also install two of the larger fans on top of your cooling coils on the back of the frig and connect them to a thermal couple to automatically turn the fans on and off. This would require removing the frig into the coach to access the coils on the top. However, many newer coaches have these fans installed during assembly, and it probably would be the preferred method for you or others updating their coaches.
Fishinghat 02/10/15 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Another annoying problem solved

I have a 1993 HR Navigator and have had the same problem with limited light. As you mentioned, our headlights are of the type where you can replace the bulb only, so the reflective material can get dirty and/or oxidized, and water can accumulate. Replacement of the whole light assembly is a preferred solution. I also have fog lights as well as a roof light, that with the high & low beams, will really light up the road ahead.
Fishinghat 02/08/15 05:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questionable Toilet Gasket

Replacing the seal is easy, so you should do that regardless. You may want to allow the floor around the flange to dry out before reinstalling the toilet.
Fishinghat 02/06/15 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is extended warrinty programs a ggod buy for new PD

No. Remember, warranty companies are in business to make a profit, not save you money. As a rule of thumb, never insure what you can afford to loose. You insure your car since you can't afford to buy another one, but you don't insure your pencil since you can afford to replace it. On the other hand, if buying a warranty gives you peace of mind you can't get any other way, go for it. Some people need the reassurance they think they are getting, and that makes them happy.
Fishinghat 02/06/15 04:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Innsurance Preimum TRIPLED for one ticket.

Many things go into rating a policy holder besides citations and chargeable collisions. Your age, credit rating, principal address, and the record(s) of other drives in the household also count. In Washington State, the state legislators passed a law the insurance companies could only consider the last 36 months history to underwrite your policy. So, being a policy holder in good standing for 20+ years doesn't mean squat anymore.
Fishinghat 01/29/15 05:38pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: 1986 Holiday Rambler

I previously had a 1989 HR Imperial Class C, but I don't recall any key switch near the driver's seat on the floor. That must have been something the former owner installed. As for the floor switch, I suspect it is a high beam headlight switch. I can't remember when manufacturers switched to a relay controlled by a switch on the turning signal stalk.
Fishinghat 01/27/15 10:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Chain on a c class motor home

I think you may be confusing the outside tire vs. both dual tires. You put chains on the outside tire of the dual set on each side of the vehicle. The inside tire of a dual tire set is not normally required to have chains.
Fishinghat 01/27/15 10:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fridge efficiency advise

I installed four computer fans on the inside of the lower vent to force cooling air past the coils and up and out the top vent. It seems to have helped quite a bit. The second thing I did was install a computer fan inside, wired to the light switch (before the switch so it stays on all the time). That has reduced the frost building up in the frig to near "0". Of course, the freezer still needs defrosting. Some newer coaches have two larger fans at the top of the frig at the back on top of the top cooling coils and connected to thermal switches so they only run when the frig coils are quite warm. They appear to be a common feature as I've noticed these on new frig units for sale at RV stores. Finally, I'm amazed a 1979 frig is still working. You're lucky.
Fishinghat 01/22/15 10:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Considering purchase of high mileage x-rental Class A

I've never bought or considered an ex-rental RV, but judging how people use/mistreat rental anything, I'd have some serious reservations. The price would have to be very, very competitive. A gas rig with over 100K, would be well used. At one time, gas engines wouldn't last more than about 100K, but they are better built now. (The same is not true for diesels as they can go 300K plus before needing an overhaul.) The same holds true for transmissions. On the other hand, if the price is right, the cost of a new (to you) engine/transmission from a salvaged RV might be a logical option. If the rig has over 100K, the interior furnishings and appliances would also be well used. Keep that in mind. Good luck.
Fishinghat 01/16/15 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: experiences and thoughts for a new guy in training

We took a similar 40 day trip in 1995 with our two children, then 11 & 16, in a 28 ft Class C. It went perfectly. We stayed in campgrounds with pools each night so the kids could get some exercise. They especially enjoyed the theme parks, so don't pass those up. Since we started from Washington State, we drove across the US to Niagara Falls, then New York, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington, Kentucky (Grand Ole Opry), then back west across the US to Los Vegas, Grand Canyon, and up the coast back to Washington State. We stopped at every tourist trap and scenic outlook we saw, as well as National Monuments, Parks, etc. We didn't see "everything", but we didn't miss a whole lot either.
Fishinghat 01/11/15 02:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motor Home Windshield Install

That is what I've been told as well. Both of my windshields were replaced before I bought my coach, and they don't quite fit perfectly. They also don't leak. Friends that have had their windshield's replaced have mentioned gaps of 1/4 inch or more at the curves where they could seen thru the gaps between the new glass and the fiberglass front cap. It is just something we have to live with.
Fishinghat 01/11/15 02:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recharging batteries: genset vs. chassis alternator

The alternator on your engine is designed to bring the battery back up to 80% faster than the generator and converter. That said, the alternator on the engine can overheat if you don't run the engine at 1200 rpm or so. It just wasn't designed to recharge an almost dead battery at low rpm. The suggestion to use your generator for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening is a good one. That's what we've done. It won't bring your battery up to a full charge, but good enough. Adding a second battery is also a good suggestion.
Fishinghat 01/02/15 06:53pm Tech Issues
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