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RE: 4 down dinghy towing, looking for new car

I also know someone towing a Lincoln MKT which I think is Lincoln's explorer... Hey Mr. Bullydogs, I always thought that the Lincoln MKT was the Ford Flex clone. In the old days, they had the Lincoln Aviator which was Lincoln's sister to the Ford Explorer. I lined up the Lincoln MKT, Ford Flex and the Ford Explorer on the Lincoln 'comparison' website and the MKT and Flex do have the same wheelbase of 117.9, the Explorer is 112.8. Otherwise, they all compare very close to each other. So now, I'm not sure. Safe travels, MM. you are correct. The Flex and MKT are on the same platform. Lincoln does not currently have an Explorer counterpart. I expect that to come before too long.
Fordlover 03/21/18 10:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Active braking or forward collision warning.....warning.

One of my concerns as these become more prevalent is are they smart enough to avoid such unwanted interventions. Such as one of those left turns across heavy fast traffic where you need to gun it hard to jump through a minimal gap. It could be disastrous if the collision avoidance hit the brakes or chopped throttle partway through the maneuver. I have mild dissatisfaction already with traction control on many vehicles. Step on it hard pulling out into fast traffic only to have the nanny chop throttle when it detects wheel spin, then the vehicle bogs instead of getting up to speed as intended. If there's sand on the apron or slick marking paint it's worse. First button I hit when I get into my Infiniti is the start button, second button is the traction control off button. It defeats the aggressive throttle retardation. I too am a bit concerned with the nanny features in the new Superduty. I guess we'll find out.
Fordlover 03/20/18 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: These unreliable new diesel engines!

Agreed, but exposure to high cost repairs is always going to be higher with the Diesel. Major repairs on a diesel (even if very rare) can cost 5 grand, 10 grand, etc. Gas V8 repairs are unlikely to ever touch those kinds of numbers. Also a benefit, I can replace injectors on a 6.2 V8 in the event a tip breaks off in an afternoon for a less than a grand. On even the storied Cummins that cost is going to be closer to 5 grand and I personally wouldn't attempt the repair, and this is after you've paid 6 to 9 grand for the diesel engine. If money was no object, I'd opt for the Diesel, but as it is I'm shopping for a 6.2 gas, and the extra payload is just a nice bonus. Most diesel injectors will last between 200-250k miles which is about the time you will be replacing most gas engines(besides a few unicorns) in a trucks duty cycle. Also, Cummins solenoid injectors do not cost 5 grand. Maybe the expensive piezo injectors found on the Dmax and PSD cost that much. Lastly, most of the 6 to 9 grand you spend on a diesel is paid back on resale since most diesel HD trucks with 100k miles sell for a lot more then a gas HD truck with 100k miles. Same goes for a V8 Mustang over a V6 Mustang. Yeah the V8 costs more up front, but it commands a much higher resale. A gas HD truck buyer is similar the a V6 Mustang owner in the fact that they did not want pay more upfront front or any other added costs for the V8 and are willing to compromise the performance instead of paying more. However, the topic of this thread is NOT diesel versus gas costs. It is the reliability of newer diesels in comparison because some seem to think they have much higher failure rates in a truck duty cycle. I was very surprised when my friend's 2005 cummins with about 65K on the clock lost the injector tip about two years ago. He had to get a tow and a 5K injector job performed (this was parts and labor). A family friend's Ford 6.0 that had to be replaced big $$$. My uncles' 2006 cummins needed a new engine at 115K miles, more big $$$. A very close mechanic friend of mine tells me stories of Audi's, Porsche, BMW diesels that are requiring 8 to 12+k complete fuel system repairs at his shop. These aren't anecdotes to me, these are people I know who are honest with me. As with most decisions, desire, need, and preference play a big part in the Diesel vs. Gas debate. Personally I love diesels, I just can't justify the cost for a truck that will spend a lot of time sitting in the driveway as a play toy, not making me money. And the idea that I will recoup some/most of my 8,500 bucks 12 to 15 years down the road doesn't make spending the 8,500 any more attractive to me on a depreciating asset. Truck buyers can do the same evaluation and come away with a different decision than mine.
Fordlover 03/16/18 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: These unreliable new diesel engines!

Here's a comparison, over got a 2002 GM 6.0 gasser 215,000 miles, I've had to replace a starter $100, fuel pump $700, water pump, and some hoses $500, so about $1500. My next door neighbor has a 2011 ford 6.7 with 205,000 miles. DPF/EGR issue, was $2500 to delete, or repair, did the delete. Then the ol CP4 fuel pump went out, and he had to replace pump, and injectors, and some other stuff for. $10,000. I'll admit that the power of the new diesels are incredible, and if I was pulling a 15k lb+ trailer, diesel is the way to go, but for me it doesn't make sense. My TT is 8000lbs, and I'm in the south east, so altitude is not an issue. For me a gasser is the way to go. You can pick and choose the worst of stories but it doesn't really make the point. We can pick out stories about gassers with severe issues too. The odd cases don't prove anything. Read all the posts in this very thread about diesels needing nothing but oil and filters for hundreds of thousands of miles as a counter point. I've had gas engine trucks and will never go back unless they can get the power, torque and economy of a diesel somehow. Agreed, but exposure to high cost repairs is always going to be higher with the Diesel. Major repairs on a diesel (even if very rare) can cost 5 grand, 10 grand, etc. Gas V8 repairs are unlikely to ever touch those kinds of numbers. Also a benefit, I can replace injectors on a 6.2 V8 in the event a tip breaks off in an afternoon for a less than a grand. On even the storied Cummins that cost is going to be closer to 5 grand and I personally wouldn't attempt the repair, and this is after you've paid 6 to 9 grand for the diesel engine. If money was no object, I'd opt for the Diesel, but as it is I'm shopping for a 6.2 gas, and the extra payload is just a nice bonus.
Fordlover 03/12/18 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: DOWNgrading truck - sanity check please

I did the math on the "smaller car for commuting" thing and that doesn't pencil out either. First off most people want a reliable, decent-looking car, not some falling-apart old rustbucket so that means a payment. Second off you have to pay for upkeep on the commuter car, an additional expense. Third off you have to buy gas for BOTH vehicles. All this has to come from the fuel budget of the big truck. Even if you get a car that gets 2X the mileage of the truck, gas has to be up around $4 a gallon before you even come close to breaking even. It just doesn't work. IMHO, get the new F150. For the trailer you have it'll be fine, and if you can live with that size trailer or smaller going forward, you'll be golden. Different strokes for different folks. All 3 vehicles in our fleet are paid for and have been for years. None are rust buckets, and none have any defective features or issues because they are maintained, garaged, and two out of 3 are FoMoCo products (just kidding on the last one). I have a commuter car because I enjoy a stick, drive 50+ miles round trip, and prefer a sporty car to do it in. NOT because the math worked out.
Fordlover 02/28/18 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ecoboost Expedition up the Ike

Went back and watched the entire video and was really impressed that the EcoBoost pulled that load at 3k rpm's and held 60mph. Very diesel like performance and something the V8 gas engines couldn't do without serious rpm's. I'm wondering what the engine failure rate will be in the real world. It's obviously taking a loot of boost to do that at 3K rpm. I know there has been an ongoing issue with the eco-boost engine in the Focus RS because of the excessive boost required to make the high power requirement of the engine.. Time will tell I guess. I'll stick with my diesel. Nah. I remember the many prognostications when the Ecoboost debuted in 2010 about how we'd see these things lining the side of the interstates with blown up guts. Never came to fruition, but I suppose 8 years isn't enough proof for some. The Focus RS issues have been traced to an incorrectly spec'd head gasket, if you believe the sources and internet sleuths. wrong head gasket
Fordlover 02/27/18 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Starting the new truck hunt

I hardly consider how an employee treats a company vehicle a fair comparison to how someone would treat their own. I know several people that drive aluminum box F150's. Not one of them has dents or a hole in their's, or even scratchd paint. I see it everyday on construction sites. People abusing the trucks that the company owns compared to how they treat their own truck. I've seen 2500 series and 3500 series Chevy, Ford and Ram's beat to shiiit in 3 months. That's the difference between someone that bought and paid for their $50,000.00 truck and someone that drives a truck they didn't have to pay for. Show me someone's personal vehicle that has holes in it and then we'll talk. Or how about any of you Chevy or Ram owners that would let me dump a load of blocks into your $50,000.00 truck with a loader raise your hand. I wouldn't place many bets on Don's experience. I get the feeling he'd rather walk than ride in a FoMoCo product. for some prospective: Ford testing aluminum beds If a mining company, utility company, and construction company survived with aluminum beds, I'd think the local Parks and wildlife guys could make it work as well. But let's be honest, who really 'loves' their stripped down base level work truck anyhow? FWIW, My sis and BIL's 2017 F350 has carried their truck camper on a 15K mile cross country trip pulling their Jeep, and the aluminum bed didn't fall off even one time on the trip, can you believe it?!?
Fordlover 02/09/18 11:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need some F150 tow mirrors

When we started out about 10 years ago with our camper, I bought two different pairs of strap on/slide on mirrors (I doubt they were CIPA). The were great when we were sitting at a stop light. They shook so bad at highway speeds that they became absolutely useless. I took them off and threw them in the trash. After some research I came up with the Mckesh towing mirrors, which have been awesome, but are a bit of a pain to install. The main take away for me, is the next tow vehicle will have OEM tow mirrors. Just my $.02
Fordlover 01/29/18 05:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Well, today it happened!! ~Updated~

Nissan's looking better all the time. Never hardly here of problems with them. I guess both the owners never post here. :) ;) as a Nissan owner (Infiniti) I can confirm, they are man made, the manufacturer is not perfect, and they break down too.
Fordlover 01/25/18 04:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: new GMC 1500 2x4. No one needs 4x4 anyway

That wet grass thing just kills me. I have never been stuck on wet grass, and my TT is parked on grass down a hill. I have. Ranger P/U, street tires, RWD with a open diff, empty bed. Truck would not go forward on grass damp from the early morning dew. I had to back down the slight incline, which was a problem as a vehicle was parked behind me. Two friends hopping up in the bed would have solved it, but everyone was asleep. That was when I promised myself all future SUV/trucks would be 4wd. I don't need it, but I want it. Kinda like my RV.
Fordlover 01/23/18 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Well, today it happened!! ~Updated~

Thanks to everyone with well wishes for my dilemma. Dealer got it all tore down (cab is 9 feet in the air!!) and diagnosed the problem. CP4 exploded taking out the injectors and filling the fuel system with metal filings. I can't believe how Ford Motor Co and Lithia Ford of Boise treated me!! So very surprised after all the horror stories of not covering these. Everything covered, no problem!! Gave me a new 4x4 F 150 loaner. So relieved. But I would never trust that truck again. And if I lost another pump I bet it would be a real problem to get it covered again. I went back yesterday and got a '16 F250 6.2 GAS. CC, 6.5 box, FX4 loaded Lariat. Real Creampuff with 14K miles. I thought I was really going to pay for this but I was more than ecstatic with the deal. Today I am driving a beautiful Pearl White Lariat while the old one is still in the shop with all it's guts out!!! How do you spell relief? :B Happy that you are happy DJ...though, you did really ruin the day of those who dislike Ford. I picture them all sitting around with crossed fingers that this would turn into a post on how Ford denied you warranty coverage, stole your wallet, and kidnapped your first born. But seriously, glad you are happy how it ended up.
Fordlover 01/15/18 08:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford finally releases specs for F-150 3.0L diesel

I wonder if the oil change will cost 200 bucks like the Ecodiesel?
Fordlover 01/08/18 06:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Uber expensive pickups...how much of a trend ?

Pickups are getting scary expensive... In 1973 I ordered a 1974 model Dodge 1500 4X4 from the factory. I ordered the base model no radio, rubber floor mats, no A/C it was as stripped as possible. The cost out the door was $3800. It wouldn't surprise me if a 2018 equivalent would be over $25,000. Using an online inflation calculator and inputting your info: $3,800 in 1973 equals $21,586.86 in 2017. Considering the advancement of modern vehicles over that 1973 truck, I think 25000 for a new work truck isn't too bad. Of course that new work truck might be closer to 30,000.
Fordlover 10/19/17 05:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turbochargers... durability, reliability ?

My wife put over 100K on her previous turbo vehicle, a 2004 S40 Volvo. Her current ride is a 2013 Ford Edge 2.0 Ecoboost with about 50K on it and neither had any issues with the turbo. Anecdotal of course, but my experience has been positive.
Fordlover 10/05/17 06:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another reason I hate my F150

There is a spot to check it and to refill it. A transmission doesn't "burn" fluid so if you don't have a leak then there is no reason to check it. The OP has a leak so he knows it's low. Fix the leak, fill it up and drive on. Pretty simple and a blown tranny line and no dipstick don't make it a POS. I beg to differ. When after driving 50 miles after a bad day at work, and then having to walk 1/2 a mile along a 2 lane highway with no shoulder in 89 degree heat, it's a POS of epic proportions in my eyes lol. I'm sure you have bad days at work more often than the truck breaks down. Maybe you have a POS job and need to get rid of it too. lol Are they're any jobs that are not a POS? I can count on three fingers how many times I have been stranded along the highway by a breakdown in 39 years, and coincidentally, all 3 times just happened to be Fords. This 2013 F150, a 67 Mustang, and a 75 Maverick. Want to talk about a POS? The 75 Maverick was the POS poster child. I had to take my drivers license test in that thing, and try and pick up girls while in high school with it LOL. The 67 Mustang is still down over a hill side at the grandparents old homeplace rusting away, where I pushed it after it would not start one morning. It was in the winter when I lived there in the late 70's. It would not start so I had to drive a really nice 70 Chevelle Z15 I also had at the time to work, that had 50's on the back. I hit ice, slid it in to a tree on the way, and bent up the entire front clip. When I came home that evening the stang was pushed over the hill and sits there to this day lol. As far as the F150, I finally laid my hands on 15 qts of Mercon LV at Oreillys. They had to order in more from two other stores. The new lines came into the Ford dealer yesterday and were kinked in shipping and had to be reordered. How long does it take to replace the transmission lines on a 2013 F150? Answer; about 5 or 6 days. Just going out on a limb, but perhaps your maintenance guy needs a refresher? When I crawl under the vehicle to do an oil change, I look things over while I'm there as well as underhood. Admittedly, I've been called observant more than a few times, but I've never been stranded on the side of the road in any of my Fords, which I've driven nearly exclusively since obtaining my license. Anecdotally, my truck has effectively zero rust on the other side at 15 years old, but our county doesn't put salt on the roads, or anything else for that matter.
Fordlover 09/29/17 05:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another reason I hate my F150

My 2002 explorer doesn't have a dipstick, and still doesn't leak any fluid either. I'm guessing the lack of a dipstick also eliminates a path for contaminants to enter the tranny. Ford doesn't recommend a flush till 100K.
Fordlover 09/27/17 07:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Walmart and other free camping

When we 'camp' at Walmart or a rest stop, we park in a good spot, get in the camper and go to bed, sleep about 6-7 hours max, then wake up and get on the road again. We don't have time to drop stabilizers or extend slide outs. If we are staying a while, might as well stay at a campsite/campgrounds.
Fordlover 09/15/17 01:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: EcoDiesel Ordering

He and itguy are cut from the same cloth. The truth hurts, I guess. Sometimes the truth is surprising. But when the "truth" comes from someone like you, it is taken with a considerable grain of salt, because you know it comes with a significant amount of spin. For the better part of a year, diesel has been priced equal to, or less than gas. Here, it is still within $0.10/gallon. Where have you been hiding with those prices? Your beloved Ford thinks that the EcoDiesel is a good enough idea that they are introducing their own version of it. Are you going to hate on it as well? For the life of me, I don't understand people like you, Fish, and Nutz, who have a transparent agenda against FCA. What exactly do you have to gain if the company fails? 100,000 + people out of work? Sounds like bad news to me, regardless of which manufacture we are talking about. But I guess you go by the motto of "if your house burns down, it makes my house look better". SMH.:S I can't speak for anyone else, but I would lean a little harder on Chrysler Fiat not to drive them out of business, but to hopefully drive improvement. I like several brands from the parent company, but until they improve quality I won't consider them.
Fordlover 09/15/17 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifty percent more payload in a F-150

The thing that sold me was that there was an identical Supercab, with the Eco 2.7 on the lot with a little over 1,600 pounds of payload. When we both load up with 800 pounds of people and stuff, they will have 800 pounds left and I will have almost twice that at 1,500 pounds. Who knows, I may add a topper, a generator, a couple of toolboxes, and some extra water and still be under my GVWR. Maybe that is the only way they can get people to buy the V-8's? That and the sound. Ford offers the V8 for those that can't get past the the idea of a V6, no matter how well it performs. The V8 is reportedly down to 25% of F-150 sales. The V6 EPA numbers are better than the V8, so it helps Ford's CAFE numbers when people skip the V8 and buy the V6. Keep in mind, if you got a stripper pickup, all those things you add onto the truck will subtract from your 2,300 payload. Tow package, coolers, brake controller, wiring connector, side steps, etc. The 2.7 doesn't weigh 700 lbs more than the V8, so there must have been some other option differences that account for at least some of the payload capacity difference. *Edit* Just checked... "...the difference in weight between the 2015 2.7 EcoBoost V6 and the 2015 5.0 V8 is 25 pounds, according to Ford." Source: Linky
Fordlover 09/07/17 09:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lets beat on that horse again - new ford 6.7 track record

Ram mirrors "UP" work very well, down not so much. Yep. I prefer the Ford mirrors 90 percent of the time also. Enjoy mine 100 percent since they are up 100 percent of the time. ;) Which means it looks hideous 100 percent of the time. ;) Dodge Ram Mirrors Create Road Rage Dodge lam Tow Mirrors Funny Dodge ram Tow Mirror Song Dodge ram Tow Mirror Confusion BTW.... Remember when in doubt.... Tow Mirrors Out! :B HaHAHA!! The guy in the first video is driving a Ram. I feel the same way as he does, but don't express it with the violent undertones. I think turned out ram mirrors are hideous, unless the truck is towing.
Fordlover 08/14/17 08:44am Tow Vehicles
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