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RE: Aluminum repair more expensive than steel on vehicles

Designers of airplanes vs automotive are of different class of designers Plus they have to understand and deal with 'air planes falling out of the sky' issues within their designs and down stream...mainly maintenance...that automotive designers NEVER have to deal with DITTO longevity...air planes are kept in service for decades vs just a few years for automotive (except for semi's and the like) Not to say air plane designers don't screw up...they do The only reason for aluminum in automotive is weight savings. All or all that I know of, end up being compromises in reference to steel ALU does naturally self heal with an oxide that is one of the hardest materials known (sandpaper employs it as the grit)...but it is easily attacked by chemicals like salt and scarficial to most other metals There are three main metals used as galvanic anodes: magnesium, aluminium and zinc. Why mixing ALU in contact with iron/steel is a very bad design flaw Current leader in Alu body IP is Audi and take note that they are made up of both STEEL and ALUMINUM for the monocoque. No direct contact between steel and aluminum because they have proprietary glued (epoxy and other cool stuff) together joints...but....few know that epoxy never stops 'curing'...AKA getting harder and more brittle Anyone know how Ford managed this on their pickups?....all it takes is ONE steel screw to get it's plating scratched/etc to then start rotting out the ALU I know the hood AND fenders on my 2002 explorer are aluminum, secured to what I've always assumed were steel hinges. On my drive to work this morning, the hood didn't fly off, and the fenders are still hanging in there. How much longer do I have doc?
Fordlover 01/30/15 11:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Total loss

Major badluck on Tuesday, I was waiting in trafic during a white out 60 miles from home. There was no one behind me so I knew I was vulnerable. Then sure enough, out of the blizzard came this tiny car going way too fast. We know how parts or pizza delivery people drive. My exceptional truck is probably a total loss (axle was pushed forward so driveshaft pushed into the transfer case which is cracked). But most importantly, I am not injured. Sucks when that happens. My dad lost his Cougar late last year to an accident. Wasn't that bad but with 200K miles, didn't take much to total it. Glad nobody was injured. Time to start truck shopping.
Fordlover 01/30/15 07:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Lincoln EcoBoost vs the Ike Gauntlet

Where is the GMC half of it (Part 2)? They are still trying to get up the hill, that thin air really strangles the N/A engines. :W
Fordlover 01/30/15 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bumper ball

Yep, it's BS. Oddly enough, weight placed on a bumper or on a hitch all ultimately goes to the same place through the rear suspension and axle and tires. Unless you find some way to counteract the weight like a large helium filled balloon attached to the rear bumper.
Fordlover 01/29/15 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Powerstroke

First off I don't care what kind of truck anyone owns !!! I have had a F 350 6.7 for just about a year now and have owned diesel pickups since 1992 and thought the two 7.3 powerstrokes were the best I ever owned but this 6.7 so far is putting my old 7.3's to shame Huge power, better MPG and so far the only money I have put in it is oil&filters, fuel and DEF and if your not hauling it uses very little DEF. IMO a great truck. Just look around you can't go 2 or 3 miles down the road without seeing a F250 or F350 6.7. For some reason we've become very concerned about what other people think/like. My neighbor doesn't think RV's are a wise purchase, luckily for me I don't really care what he thinks.
Fordlover 01/28/15 07:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

and without either one, you got nuttin... You got half that right.... Without torque you can't have hp Without RPM you can't have hp You can't have RPM without torque You CAN have torque without hp or RPM. And what will you do with torque and no hp or rpm? When you put your truck in park on a hill what's holding it still? ohh ohh... Breakout torque!! But in reality, the parking paw.
Fordlover 01/27/15 05:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitting an F150 with a sledgehammer

What...not just like a beer can like the skeptics have been posting...? Ford may be on to something here...:C As one mag pointed out, some people prefer a truck made of spaghettio cans rather than beer cans. I guess it's just me, but when my plastic bumper on my explorer was hit in a parking lot, I cleaned off the white paint (on a red truck) as best I could, and then drove it that way for the last 8 years. Oddly enough, that scratch on the bumper hasn't once left me on the side of the road.
Fordlover 01/27/15 05:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Equal-i-zer hitch choices

The real question is how close us your trailer to the 6000#? If you are within a few hundred pounds, move up to the 10000#. Why? Because it'll handle your current trailer and then be there for you when you upgrade to your next, certainly larger, trailer. A lot of folks not familiar with the way the Equal-i-zer actually works always throw out a concern over having too heavy of bars but I can assure you there's greater margin than a traditional WDH setup. Yes, I do run the Equal-i-zer and know a little something about the mechanics of its operation. That said, if you only have a 4000# camper, certainly 10000# or larger will be too much. Yes, I believe this is the correct question. Thanks. I'll get the 6k hitch. I was trying to save a couple bucks. For the record, my trailer is near the 600/6000 hitch capacities, and Equal-i-zer recommended I purchase the 1000/10000 unit over the 600/6000. They stated the larger capacity hitch could be adjusted to appropriately handle my lighter trailer.
Fordlover 01/26/15 09:13am Towing
RE: Piped in sound via the stereo

If you pull the OEM stereo to replace with an after market stereo...does this fake exhaust sound still work through the new stereo? Amazing... Pull the OEM radio? You've not spent much time in a late model vehicle have you? If I pulled the radio out of our Edge, we'd lose climate, radio, navigation, and phone bluetooth, not to mention controls for the mood lighting, headlamp delay, etc. I seriously doubt JVC or Pioneer has a model on the market than can talk to all those systems. you haven't looked at many aftermarket radios I'd like to see one that would integrate with the climate control, mood lightning, and heated/cooled seats in our Edge.
Fordlover 01/21/15 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Piped in sound via the stereo

If you pull the OEM stereo to replace with an after market stereo...does this fake exhaust sound still work through the new stereo? Amazing... Pull the OEM radio? You've not spent much time in a late model vehicle have you? If I pulled the radio out of our Edge, we'd lose climate, radio, navigation, and phone bluetooth, not to mention controls for the mood lighting, headlamp delay, etc. I seriously doubt JVC or Pioneer has a model on the market than can talk to all those systems.
Fordlover 01/21/15 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Extended warranty or not.

My parents both bought new Mercury's in 2000, a Mountaineer and a Cougar. They bought extended warranties (100K mile) for both. The cougar needed a new fuel pump at very low mileage, which was covered under the factory warranty, otherwise it had no issues at all. It's currently at 200K miles. The Mountaineer is at 150K, and needed an IAB valve replaced, which was done under the extended warranty for about 160 bucks total cost. We paid a 50 dollar deductable. My math says about 3 grand outlay in extended warranty coverage, and recouped about 110 bucks of that.
Fordlover 01/20/15 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: North American Truck of the Year

As for the V8 Ecoboost/Ecobeast I can only report what I was told. If they choose to lie then that is on them. Sad if that is what he was doing IMO. Don One thing that Mulally purportedly changed at Ford was showing their hand prematurely. His view was "why give your competitors a heads up to what your next move is?" If Ford is exploring the possibility of a V8 Ecobeast, what possible business benefit could they gain by blabbing about it possibly years before it would be on the market?
Fordlover 01/20/15 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Who's towing with a F-150 5.0 Liter

I'm so afraid of buying the wrong truck. I've had the chevy for 12 years and plan on keeping new one for a similar time frame. My adversion to the Eco is the turbo itself. Replacing a turbo out of warrenty, all I see is big $$$$. So with the 5.0 I'll need to stick to the 3:73's I don't blame you for being cautious, but I think it's a little like being worried about playing the lottery for fear that the big money prize will change you. The odds of 'winning' a turbo failure are low, like extremely low. I can only relay my personal experience with turbo's which include a 2001 Volvo turbo, a 2004 4cyl Volvo Turbo, a 2007 Subaru Turbo, and our current Ford Edge Ecoboost turbo. None of these listed ever needed anything involving the turbocharger repaired or replaced, unless you count the air filter. But if you'd never trust driving a turbocharged vehicle, you should probably avoid them. I would hate to drive a vehicle that I didn't have confidence in.
Fordlover 01/20/15 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Excursion - Too many miles?

Hi all. Currently own a 2005 Ford Excursion, V10, with about 120K on the clock. All is stock from Ford. We currently tow a 25' TT that weighs 4500# dry (probably 6000# loaded). We have taken it out west from VA to Yellowstone 3 times. My son graduates college this year and we wanted to take him back west this summer since he loves Yellowstone. The round trip is at least 5000 miles, and if anyone has been that way they know it can be desolate for stretches of 60+ miles or more at a time. Here is my concern. Since the truck has 125K miles and is now 10 years old, would it be wise to make the trip with the current rig? I know it is a judgement call, but I was looking for experience from others who have made similar trips with vehicles of the same vintage (10 years old with 100K miles). Thanks. My tow rig is 15 years old with similar mileage to yours, and I wouldn't hesitate. We've been to Orlando from Houston towing heavy without issue. Of course I also maintain my vehicles and replace any parts as they wear out (just recently replaced sway bar end links because of deteriorated bushings). My recommendation would be to have a plan "B" in the event of a breakdown (which is appropriate with any trip, even in a new vehicle) and hit the road.
Fordlover 01/20/15 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Chevy Colorado hands on impression

What are you smoking. Lol Hell I make 200ft pounds of tourqe at the rear wheels not the crank and that's at 4500rpm. So yet again your v8 has nothing on it. Well except being gutless and broken exhaust manifolds and oil burning and spark plugs that won't come out. Go trition v8. Lol When should I stop. The tranny that has issues the poor fit finish inside and out. Ohhhhh wait it's just a Ford explorer with the rear cut off. Sorry but the current colorado with the V6 will leave you behind as will my truck. And yet a gain lets drag up the gm issues. Well they had the balls to fix a major issue caused by another member. Not like Ford back in the 90s with the crappy 5.0 v8 in the f150 that started to burn oil after a year or the ignition switch issues they had that caught fire or all the new mustangs in 93 that came off the car carrier with the wheel alignment so far out that it would burn off the front tires,or how about the 4 speed tranny that you had to lock out overdrive then the computer would turn the light out but the tranny was still in of and if towing it would blow up. They told people to bad you fix out of pocket and the******still goes on. With the new Eco boost that they can't figure out how to get moisture out of a intercooler and already showing blown turbos and oil burning. ? Is it just me or does the majority of this post make no sense?
Fordlover 01/19/15 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaking Trans coolers line and oil cooler line.HELP!

Check for recall as my Duramax had same issue and was recalled. As far as I know there was never a recall on this issue. (If or anybody else knows of one please post the number) Mine came with K-Mart tranny and oil cooler lines also and were replaced on extended warrantee not on a recall. One would think GM could build a set of decent lines since they had this issue since the early 90's that I know of. :R If they are still struggling with this issue on current models, they could always reverse engineer a 2002 Explorer. My lines are still dry 15 years later. Now if Lincoln could just take a cue from caddy and put a proper transmission in a luxury performance sedan....
Fordlover 01/19/15 07:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with an SUV

You mention mileage being important for environmental reasons, yet you are considering a diesel powered vehicle. Are you aware that a diesel engine emits far more pollutants into the atmosphere than a comparable gasoline engine? According to what we've read up on, urea-injection diesel systems emit H20 vapor and a small amount of NOx. In 1950, that was true. It is not true today. Modern diesels, equipped with a particulate filter and urea injection emit less pollutants that gas engines, as well as less CO2. It was also true in 2000, so you don't have to go back to the 50's. Unleaded gasoline burning engines have traditionally been much kinder to the environment than pre-DPF and Urea equipped diesels. NOx output is still likely to be higher in a diesel than a gas vehicle. The line is definitely blurred at this point, and any modern vehicle is significantly cleaner than any ICE vehicle in from the 70's.
Fordlover 01/16/15 06:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Performance

The original GT stickered for 140k-160k, and many sold above MSRP. I'm guessing the new GT will sell for north of 200K easily. I just don't see $200,000 in that car. Is it cool? Yes, but not that cool. I'll take a Z06 and run beside it all day long and pocket the rest. Exclusivity I'd guess? The Mustang and Camaro are the best bang for buck deals out there, you have to be on a race circuit to explore the limits without going to jail or ending up like Paul Walker (R.I.P.) I pass far more vettes on the road than pass me, what a shame.
Fordlover 01/15/15 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tongue weight

Permits and escort vehicles won't be necessary. I realize the sticker is going to have a number on it, I'm more interested in how much weight the hitch can take. You sure about that? Or is this all off road? At least here in BC, the legal limit is 53' length and 8.5' width just like any of the States. Have you planned out the entire trip path to make sure all corners are negotiable? That is one BIG load! Also, you may want a HD anti-sway setup. If it's a big box, 85' would create a ton of sway for a bumper pull. In Alberta farmers are permitted to move their equipment down the roads. Apparently it pulls very nice down the road. What it is, is a big grain auger. It might be different there but here you are limited to so many miles on farm tags. I can check that out but I am quite sure our farm plate is province wide. Here's a link to a picture of the thing. Please post a pic of that thing hooked up to your truck.
Fordlover 01/14/15 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Performance

The original GT stickered for 140k-160k, and many sold above MSRP. I'm guessing the new GT will sell for north of 200K easily.
Fordlover 01/14/15 08:26am Tow Vehicles
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