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RE: Dang hay bales !!

Things like this is why I commute in my G35 sedan. I had to do a two lane change at 80 MPH to avoid a bouncing sofa. In a truck it would have been scary, in the G it was almost a non-event.
Fordlover 06/19/17 02:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 radiators

Just looked at the radiator. About an inch thick. Looks like a single core. My truck was originally a rental, so it doesn't have any towing options on it. There isn't much room between the fans and the front of the engine, so I'd have to replace the fan assembly as well, I'd guess. Looks like loads of fun! I may put it off until fall. The heat has hit here. It is only a problem when towing up long steep hills. I can slow it down a bit and it's no longer a problem. Rental truck? which means towing is limited to 5,000 lbs. if in fact it doesn't have any towing options. You might want to consider adding all the towing options. 535 towing package included: -7 wire towing harness -Hitch receiver -auxiliary auto transmission oil cooler -radiator upgrade -electronic trailer sway control The 60P max tow included the above, plus: -upgraded rear bumper -trailer brake controller Honestly, without the factory towing package, I'm not surprised it warmed up pulling heavy on a grade.
Fordlover 06/01/17 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New to me Tow Vehicle! 2003 Ford F-350 V10

I recommend changing the so called 100,000 mile plugs now. The longer theyre in the more difficult it is to get them out. You are thinking of the 05 to late 2007 engines. Those are a bear. The earlier engines have a few cases of spark plugs being launched out from insufficient torquing. I've read over torquing just a bit will prevent any issues.
Fordlover 05/24/17 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Build a truck

We got X plan pricing from Ford. Price was 1000 lower than expected because of additional incentive available when vehicle arrived at dealer.
Fordlover 05/17/17 07:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake Controller

^Hes buy in a new something or other 1 ton Ram? Yo Tony, good on you, getting familiar with everything you'll need to pull a trailer. Maybe a very knowledgable member here lives near you and would have the time to spend explaining and helping with all the ins n outs of pulling a big trailer and having a camper. Nothing like boosting the learning curve to make the early trips more enjoyable...... Tony, I'm in North Houston, and would be happy to lend my knowledge if you need some help. You can direct message me thru RV.net forum.
Fordlover 05/10/17 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best towing mirrors

I am awaiting delivery of a 2017 F-150. I opted for the BLIS system which prevented me from getting the Ford extendable towing mirrors. I am going to need a good set of add-on towing mirrors. Since the BLIS sensors are in the mirrors, I want one that won't block those sensors and disable the BLIS system. Who makes the best add-on towing mirrors? Let the fireworks begin. Bobbo Is it too late to change your order? I kid, I kid. I tried several different strap/slide on mirrors and returned them all. Too much vibration to be useful. I finally got the Mckesh mirrors, which work great but are a hassle to put on and take off. I can't wait for a tow vehicle with built in OEM towing mirrors.
Fordlover 05/08/17 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: 4X2 or 4X4 for towing and general use...what say you?

I recently was asked to jumpstart a guy near my home that was parked on the side of the road. I had to nose up to him, so I pulled a U-turn and I ended up with 3 wheels off the pavement in an incredibly soft ditch (front wheel sunk all the way past the hub). If I'd been 2wd, I would have been stuck. As it was I simply put it in reverse, and backed out. Didn't even hit any switches since it's got auto 4x4. I've never needed 4x4 while towing, because I choose not to take my camper off at least fairly decent gravel road. But I do like the low range for boat ramps, or pulling one axle up on a ramp to change a tire, etc.
Fordlover 05/08/17 06:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck Search

Well, I tried Ford.com. It was worthless. First thing I tried would only allow me to go further if I put in my name and phone number. My name is AAA BBBB and my number is 1234567890 if anyone cares. It submitted that to my closest dealer. I tried a different route to build one and when I was done, it said the dealer closest to me had one. Of course, their website shows a whole list of trucks they have and not one is close to what I want. I think Ford.com is useless for me. When I build/price, I can search at my nearby dealer, or expand the distance I'm willing to search. I can look at multiple dealers, and exclude any of them from the search. My complaint is it won't let you search for a specific feature, such as tow mirrors or max tow package. Instead, showing you 100 trucks that are a "near match". Grrr.
Fordlover 05/04/17 10:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: ordered a new truck ** Updated, with pics

My sister and Bro-in-law just ordered their 2017 350 Crew cab long bed Lariat last week, so Ford will sell another, likely for a June delivery. Now I just gotta find a creative excuse to borrow it.
Fordlover 04/28/17 03:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F-250 Ike Gauntlet

... Although he would be lying if he said he could have broke the speed limit all the way up the hill. When they took the decibel reading, he clearly said he was wide open throttle yet not exceeding the speed limit. Not at all. If he exceeded the speed limit at the beginning of the run, he was saying he could have maintained >60 MPH over the entire run. That's not the same as saying he could accelerate more at any point of the run. At that point he may not have been able to accelerate any more, but as the grade decreases (they mentioned they were at the steepest portion) they would have picked up more speed.
Fordlover 04/19/17 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Maintenance

On grandma's car, I probably wouldn't worry about a brake fluid flush. On a truck that I tow a big RV and carry my young family around in, a full flush every few years isn't a bad idea. Brakes are kinda like gaining weight, the change doesn't happen overnight, but degradation does happen over time and can be hard to notice day to day. Remember, Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which is a fancy word for absorbs moisture. As water is absorbed, the boiling point drops significantly, and brake performance is affected. If water worked well as hydraulic fluid, we'd fill all new cars' brake systems with water instead of brake fluid.
Fordlover 04/18/17 07:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Back In a Pickup

My explorer has the 2V 4.6 V8 and I've become very attached to it. Mine is mated to a 5 speed auto with 3.73's, and has worked pretty hard since I bought it new. It still looks good and runs great. Congrats on a beauty and another 2v modular!
Fordlover 04/06/17 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

Happened to me yesterday on our way home from a 1 week trip. 250 miles from home, 50 miles from the nearest dealer. 36k miles on the truck. Heard a hissing noise, then a very loud bang; thought it was a tire. Lost power. Idles fine. No engine light or codes. Happened next to a rest area west of Needles, CA on I-40. Was able to get it into the rest area. Ford had it towed to Havasu City, AZ dealer under warranty. Friend drove 250 miles to come get me and the trailer. Will carry a spare for now on. Looks easy enough to replace if it blows again. After market pipes (I have checked all the ones in this thread) are not legal in California - even if they do nothing to change the performance or smog control. Truck gets a smog inspection every 2 years in California - they would catch it. Looks like it is pretty easy to swap. Put the OEM plastic on for one day, inspect, then swap out for reliability for two years. Or paint the fancy one matte black to hide it better.
Fordlover 03/28/17 07:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2006 Explorer 4.6 v8 has no power to tow up mountains?

As also mentioned in another post, with the RCW listed, 65-70 towing ANYWHERE in the state of washington is over the max limit of 60mph towing or a vehicle over 10K of any sort. Marty Interesting, the speed limit in our town's divided roadway, (a road with very limited direct access away from stop light controlled intersections, and no cross traffic). is 45 mph, where the average speed is typically 55 to 60. Quite frankly, it is irresponsible and dangerous to drive 45 MPH (or less) on the roadway. The majority of traffic is moving at a much faster rate. Sometimes, speed limits can be wrong, luckily Texas recognizes that and covers it with a Prima Facie law rather than absolute. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ming-Han_Li/publication/241083517/figure/fig2/AS:298563419557892@1448194474849/Fig-2-A-street-view-of-The-Woodlands-Parkway-Commercial-and-residential-buildings-are.png height=400 width=400
Fordlover 03/25/17 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing Our Trailer & Tow Vehicle

We're looking to downsize our trailer to something in the 20' to 22' range, & also to downsize from our V8 truck to a V6, preferably a SUV. The trailers we've been looking at have a GVWR of 5000 lbs or less. Can we safely haul a trailer of this weight with a V6? Does anyone have suggestions on SUVs that have decent gas mileage that could tow 5000 lbs or less? Thanks for any help. The only V6 I'd consider for that load would be an Ecoboost 3.5 v6, but the smallest you can get it in that can handle a typical 22 foot camper would be the Expedition.
Fordlover 03/22/17 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2006 Explorer 4.6 v8 has no power to tow up mountains?

Agree with others, you are driving it wrong. I've never been afraid of RPM's and personally I like to hear the V8 sing. I've got the 2 valve version of your engine mated to a 5 speed auto/3.73's and it is more than adequate to move 5,000 lbs. of camper. You don't mention what gears you have, but the tow package trucks were rated to > 7,000 lbs.
Fordlover 03/22/17 06:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: CAFE stds on the chopping block

The only problem I can think of by moving the goal post closer is the companies who've invested substantial money to be in line the new standard are ultimately penalized where as the companies who did very little will benefit the most.Any manufacturer that can develop a car that can get 54 mpg is going to sell ton of them. Not if it costs 280K each, even if it resembles something that people actually want to buy.
Fordlover 03/10/17 09:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: HD Diesel Cost Comparison

FWIW, my neighbor is a GM guy, his wife drives Tahoe, he has a 04 or so 2500 chevy. He just came home in a new 2500 Ram and I asked him why he jumped ship, I thought the chevy had been good to him? He pointed at the Ram and said 34,000. He just couldn't justify the additional expense of the Chevy.
Fordlover 03/09/17 07:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: old truck with transmission problem

I'm just curious about the 6.9 diesel, I would have just assumed it would have been a 7.3... when did Ford starting using the 7.3 in pickups? I think around 1987-88 when the body style changed. All the 6.9's I've seen were in the 80 to 86 bodystyle.
Fordlover 03/09/17 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and navistars new 4500 to 6500 trucks.

Wondering if stopping at 22,000 on the 3500 trucks is because the new trucks of 4500 and up are due out real soon ?? They will be GM body and duramax with navistar frame . My good friend works for navistar,and said the trucks are almost ready. The way I look at is that GM has the truck line covered from Colorado up to the big dogs. Real soon? No coverage anywhere in GM announcements? Nearest I could find talking about returning to the medium duty line they left nearly 10 years ago is this: rebadged 4500, 5500 isuzu cab trucks
Fordlover 03/09/17 06:52am Tow Vehicles
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