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RE: 2014 or 2015 Ford Expedition

The one with the 3.73 gears - better going up grades, better for passing slow trucks, better acceleration for merging with traffic. And be sure to get the factory heavy duty trailer towing package. It is amusing to someone thinks you should spend an extra $11,000 of your money to get the 2015 truck. When it comes time to sell the 2015 you will not get any of that $11,000 back in terms of the resale value. I work for my money and don't like to throw it around. I bought a new 2011 truck late in 2011 for under $42,000 that had I bought the new 2012 would have cost me over $57,000 for the same exact configuration. Only an idiot or a Wallstreet bankster using other people's money would have bought the 2012 truck. instead. If I was going to buy a 5.4 Expedition, I'd buy a 2010 model, since they haven't changed much at all, and save a lot more than 10 grand. Oh, and I seriously doubt anyone is going to pay MSRP for a 2015 expedition, Large SUV's just aren't that popular anymore, and every 2015 Expedition on the lot will have the ecoboost equipped. So the savings on a 2014 vs. 2015 will probably be more on the order of 3 grand.
Fordlover 07/25/14 10:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is it just where I am that diesel and gas cost the same?

Our F150 broke down and since at higher mileage we decided to buy a new truck. Settled and bought a 2008 Ram 3500 diesel so decided to read this forum for hints etc. what I found were many post touting gas prices were lower than diesel. Yes this truck is more than we need now but we can now upgrade trailers. Anyhow where we are I passed four stations on the way home tonight and diesel is the same, pennies less or pennies more than gas. Is it just the NW? Saw this in OR too. Where I'm at, Regular is 3.35 gal and Diesel is 3.70 a gal. It's closer than it typically is though. Houston, Tx.
Fordlover 07/25/14 07:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Ford (F150) has got me totally confused

Max tow is available without the HD Payload, but not the other way around. It is AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED with HD Payload. Great info, but this one item is only true if you configure a 3.5 ecoboost. The 5.0 V8 isn't available with the Max tow package, so if you configure the V8 with the HD payload, you won't be able to add the Max tow, nor is it included.
Fordlover 07/24/14 11:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford EcoBoost info

Mazda, Audi, VW, Ford, GM, Fiat, etc. are all using Direct Injection these days, so carbon buildup can be an issue for all the manufacturers. I guess the key is eventually it will have to be cleaned, although I think the Tech is being melodramatic when he speaks of ripping the cylinder heads off every 20K miles. Would be nice to see an engineered fix for this, but it's certainly nothing new considering DI has been used more and more over the last 10 years or so.
Fordlover 07/23/14 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Ford (F150) has got me totally confused

Thanks to all that have replied. The Ford build your own page is what is getting me confused. I want the supercrew w/5.5' box. When I select that and then select ecoboost it tells me I have to change from a 3.73 axle to a 3.15 axle at an extra cost of $2095. If I accept the change and then change to a 3.73 it's another $2270 but at least I'm where I want to be. It looks like the max payload package is not available with the 5.5' box which is why I couldn't find it. I guess the main question I have now is if we really want the 3.73 gears. I don't think we would ever get a trailer weighing more than ~7k lbs and less than 10% of our driving would be pulling a trailer. We do live in the northwest and most of our travel involves pulling through mountains, sometimes very large mountains but from the sounds of it the eb has ample power to handle just about anything. There are two different packages. One is called Max Tow, the other is the HD Payload package. The Max Tow includes tow mirrors, brake controller, and a few other towing package features and a ~7700 lb. GVWR. I'd recommend getting it. The HD Payload has nothing to do with the towing package, it includes an 8200 lb. GVWR. I'd not recommend it unless you'll be towing a 5th wheel, a bed full of stuff while towing a big trailer, or you want the 6.5 foot bed. The HD payload isn't available on the crew cab 5.5 bed, but the Max Tow is.
Fordlover 07/23/14 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Ford (F150) has got me totally confused

$43k for a half ton, V-6 pickup??? Wow. No thank you. I fixed it for you. Hahahahaha, you're a funny guy. However, it didn't need any fix'n. No reason to try and fool anyone. Diesel like power delivery....hahahahaha, good one. What's so funny? the Ecoboost does have diesel like power delivery (not quantity, but quality) Have you driven one? I have.
Fordlover 07/23/14 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Vehicle taxes where you live... how bad?

I live in Aiken County, SC. Last year when we purchased our new tow vehicle - a 2013 Sierra 2500HD SLT crew cab 2WD with the DuraMax - the sales taxes weren't bad at all (I mean really reasonable). Registering the truck was a bit surprising when I had to pay an extra $200 to get the registered/licensed combined weight up to what the truck and RV weigh together (yes - required in SC). The real shocker came last week with the tag renewal notice... including city, county and state taxes (and the measly $20 tag fee), it came to $1,285! That's for one year's taxes and registration! This is almost exactly the amount I pay in taxes on our 4-bedroom, eight-year-old home. Anyone else live someplace with robbery - oops, I mean "ad valorum" vehicle taxes - this bad? This is making going full-time next year and establishing Texas residency look really good... Wait, you have to pay taxes on a vehicle annually? In Texas, they only rob us blind when we buy a vehicle.
Fordlover 07/23/14 11:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: For the Ford fans

It still seems strange to me that Ford reduced the power on their base F150 V6 for 2015. It is now a 3.5 liter (formerly 3.7 liter). If I remember correctly, it is down to around 280 horsepower and 255 lb ft torque. The current base F150 3.7 is around 305 horsepower, same as the base Ram 3.6. Not too shocking, making the truck 400-700 lbs. lighter means you don't need as much power. Dropping to the 3.5 V6 alone would likely add 1 MPG to the ratings, include the weight loss and it could add another two or so. Looks like Ford is aiming to retake the #1 spot in MPG in the half ton market. I'm still not sure they'll be able to meet/beat the Ecodiesel MPG rating, but I'm guessing the 2.7 ecoboost will be close enough that it will be a wash for many consumers.
Fordlover 07/23/14 11:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Max Tow weight for 2011 F150 ?

Is your specific truck not listed on the tow page. It really should be. But at any rate. According to my handy dandy ford towing guide. You tow capacity is 8000lbs. GCVWR is 13500lb Yep, the 7,900 lb # given elsewhere is for the LWB model, the 5.5 bed is indeed 8,000 lbs.
Fordlover 07/23/14 08:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Ford (F150) has got me totally confused

$43k for a highly capable, nicely loaded, half ton, diesel like power delivery V-6 pickup??? Wow. No thank you. I fixed it for you.
Fordlover 07/23/14 07:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help! Ford (F150) has got me totally confused

You can look at my signature and see what we purchased. In my case I am pulling right around 7000 lbs loaded, the truck pulls fine with no issues. The only shortcoming is I am over on my cargo capacity when loaded and I still have room for more stuff. We will we see what's available in a couple of years but I would get the 3.73 rear end next time (just for the added towing capacity) and the heavy duty package for more payload. If you look at the sales brochure in the back they have all the numbers and charts for towing and load carrying (same as online). The one thing I found confusing was the tow package and the max tow package and based on what I could see the max tow package just added mirrors and stuff, it didn't change the towing capacity at least for the screw with a 5.0 from what I could tell. The Max Tow isn't available on the 5.0 V8. If you want Max Tow, your only options are the 3.5 Ecoboost or 6.2 V8. The HD payload package is only available with the 5.0 and 3.5 Ecoboost. To the OP, If you want the max tow, stick to your guns. I've heard salesman trying to talk people into buying a truck off the lot, even if it doesn't meet their needs. Remember their job is to sell you a vehicle now, not sell you what you need/want.
Fordlover 07/23/14 07:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 Crew Max Tow vs. Hideout 30ft TT

I would not pull a 30' trailer with a 1/2 ton truck...period. Ken I know people that wouldn't tow an RV, period. Or anything, for that matter. Luckily, that isn't me.
Fordlover 07/22/14 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: New F150 - Brake Controller Install

Yes, I highly recommend the OEM integrated brake controller. Last time I checked for 2011 models it was comparable in cost to the Prodigy P3 at about $125. It will need to be enabled via a dealer service tool, though. Agreed, the OEM controller seems to outperform even the highest end aftermarket controllers. I'd definitely go for it if I didn't own a brake controller yet.
Fordlover 07/22/14 06:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 or 2015 Ford Expedition

yep, wait for the 2015 Ecoboost. The 5.4 V8 is a solid engine, but is simply outclassed by the ecoboost with more power and torque lower in the RPM band and will match the MPG towing of the V8, and should beat it cruising unloaded.
Fordlover 07/22/14 05:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ecoboost out- 6.7L Powerstroke is in!

very nice. Enjoy it.
Fordlover 07/22/14 05:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 all Rams trucks will be J2807 compliant

I guess I am old because when we tow the alpenlite it is just enjoy the ride and out performing another rv doesn't seem important. chevman I'm with you, when I do my racing, it's on a closed track in an appropriate track car, not in a 30K GVWR truck with a 14,000 lb. trailer hanging off the back.
Fordlover 07/18/14 06:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Max Towing Wars - Ford vs Ram

Sure nice they do mention the RAM had the 4:10's but never mention what the 450 had for gears. Ya think lower gears may get to the top first? But the bottom line is the Medium Duty RAM will be doing it much longer than the Ford. Pretty sad that Ford has to compare their 450 to RAM's 3500. Well of course it will be doing it much longer, it's going a lot slower. :B just kidding. Honestly I would have expected the 450 to be slower, since it likely weighs a lot more than the Ram, and both were pulling well within capacity and equal weight. But I did notice they didn't list rear gears on the 450.
Fordlover 07/18/14 06:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge's new 707 HP Tow Vehicle, why no Payload rating?

Factory 10 second car right out of the box. I need to somehow figure out a way to justify this purchase. sub 11 seconds on street tires? not gonna say I don't believe it, but that's impressive if true. I just hope they've tweaked the handling. At the end of very straight is a turn, and that's long since been the complaint of the high performance chryslers, at least when compared to the GM and Ford varients.
Fordlover 07/14/14 06:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Compare Ford F550 to Ram 5500

They are both very good, very strong trucks. FishOnOne will always have a negative Ram story to bring up, so I will bring up a positive one. A former coworker has a 2010 Ram 5500 that he uses in his tow truck business. It is the Tradesman trim with vinyl floors. It sees severe service every day, and he loves it. In fact, his wife works as a service writer at a Ford dealer, and she recommended the Ram because she was seeing too many significant Powerstroke diesel issues every day in her job. Believe it or not, but that is a true story. I find it odd a service writer would see many vehicles for repair. I mean it's not like they work where vehicles get repaired. :B
Fordlover 07/10/14 04:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Acadia, traverse , enclave, strong sellers !

Tahoe is more expensive, but it is a solid towing platform. It suffers in the third row seating comfort since it got that in 2000 thru 2014. Even 2015 is not much improvement. I am very skeptical and wish people were more honest when saying that they do not even know the trailer is back there. Are you kidding me ? You hook up a 3500 lbs trailer to a CUV with a 3.6 v6 and maybe on a flat road or downhill it may be easy on the car, but moving from a stop sign, or uphill those Lambdas need to work. My Explorer with 4.6 v8 and "book" towing capacity of 7100 knows when I even pull 4000 behind me. On the other hand, the newer Traverse, new Acadias with those head lights, and Enclaves are extremely nice vehicles with plenty of room (more than Tahoe that I had in the past). Things sure do change, my wife's 2.0 liter 4 cyl Ford Edge puts out the same hp and 10 less ft. Lbs. as my 4.6 V8 Explorer. I'm with you though, hesitant to describe trailer towing as not even knowing its back there. Unless the trailer is really tiny, you should feel it back there. I don't think there is a non commercial tow vehicle on the market that wouldn't have longer braking distances with a 2,000 lb trailer attached.
Fordlover 07/10/14 03:51pm Tow Vehicles
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