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RE: Free oil changes gimmick.

There's a HUGE difference between GM's 2-year/24,000 mile service program, and "free" oil changes FOR LIFE. The stipulations for "life" oil changes are CRYSTAL CLEAR. If you bring the truck in for everything else, the oil change is no additional cost to you. Whether you feel you're being screwed or not is your prerogative. With the GM program, you get up to four oil changes, then it's on you to figure out what to do from there. As far as I can see, there is no pressure. The GM program on my 2015 has convinced me that I want to continue taking my truck to this particular dealer for service. They are competitive with the instant oil change places. The people are factory-trained and career-minded; they've been there for years as compared to days/weeks for the instant places. I used to change my own oil but I got sick of having to spend an hour jacking the car up so I could get underneath (my head won't squeeze between the frame and the ground, let alone the rest of me), then shimmying in and out on my back multiple times (creepers don't work on dirt), never having the right tools when I get under there (who remembers whether it's a 13mm, 14mm, 15mm or 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, or what size strap wrench it takes?), burning my arms and hands with the hot oil and hot exhaust pipes (words not fit for this website go here)... I took ALL the wrenches with me once and STILL didn't have the right one!!! low profile ramps, my clear garage floor, and my wrenches get marked by a sharpie for which vehicle drain plug they fit. I only get under the vehicle twice per change, once to do it, and once to check for leaks after it's done.
Fordlover 02/04/16 01:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F-150 Diesel?

Interestingly, one of the test mules driving around with the diesel has the heavy tow package mirrors. Might not mean anything, but it could mean there are plans for a bulked up diesel F-150 designed to pull heavy (for a '1/2 ton').
Fordlover 02/04/16 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: TV performance and elevation

I have traveled thousands of miles at 6-10K elevations and have never noticed a degradation. I think it is over hyped. I was really worried about it on my first trip across Colorado several years ago. Didn't notice a thing and haven't worried about it since. I remember driving up to Keystone to ski in my cousins Isuzu Trooper, and remember him dropping speed when he shifted from 3rd to 4th gear. So we just had to drive with the engine near redline in 3rd gear to get up the road. So, I've experienced it first hand.
Fordlover 02/02/16 07:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Detroit North American International Auto Show

What I read from his post is there will be increased security and congestion due to the President's visit. I avoid any venue where where political figures or other high profile people visit for exactly that reason. This is what I got from it as well. I 'enjoy' a crowd every day on my commute to/from work, I try to avoid them every chance I get.
Fordlover 01/21/16 06:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: What can I pull with a 6 cylinder Dodge Nitro?

Thank you all. She actually went and looked at a Casita today. She lives in Houston if anyone knows of any deals there. I pass by the casita factory every time I head north, as I live in Houston. Didn't realize there was a waiting list for them though. The nitro is longer, wider and lower than the liberty, with the same drivetrain I'd think the nitro would be the better tow vehicle.
Fordlover 01/18/16 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 2016 F350 (Follow-Up Thread)

Personally, since you already own the Equal-i-zer, I'd adapt it to the new truck. my trailer is similar size to yours, and I never connect the bars if I'm taking the trailer a very short distance, or just maneuvering in my yard. If I had a F350, I'd still never leave the bars at home, but it's unlikely I'd connect them unless we had an unusual windstorm or other bad weather.
Fordlover 01/18/16 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow vehicle tire trauma.....

FWIW, I have Michelin LTX m/s tires on the X. They are Passenger tires, but were manufactured in 2008. They are all just about worn down to wear indicators, and nary a crack on the sidewall. The truck is garaged however, which IMO helps significantly.
Fordlover 01/18/16 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: .88 diesel

I wish prices on goods would drop back down now that fuel is so cheap. Remember when the price of everything was going up when gas was 3.50 a gallon? I guess somebody is pocketing the difference, I'm sure the airlines are having a field day with jet fuel prices so cheap.
Fordlover 01/12/16 09:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM trucks take top spot for the year !

didn't ford go a portion of 2015 not shipping the new F150's? They shut down both factories for the changeover, albeit staggered. Model availability was low for a good chunk of 2015, which is said to have affected sales #'s. It doesn't look like the GM midsize truck twins stole any significant sales from the Silverado/GMC full size. I seem to remember an article saying that ~50% of the midsize trucks GM sold are conquest customers (coming from another brand) so that is a big deal and a big win for GM. Wonder if Ford is kicking themselves yet...
Fordlover 01/06/16 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: For those of you that are "challenged" backing up

Sure is nice to see all the self claimed trailer backing experts here on RV.net If it is so easy, why do I see so many having difficulty with it?
Fordlover 12/29/15 06:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ford Expedition with V6

Interesting how times have changed 5 years ago an ecoboost thread would end up with half the replies warning of imminent ecokaboom, with slaughtered f-150's lining the shoulders of interstates all over this country. Now we have ecoboost threads saying, they tow in altitude great, and generally perform as advertised, though without the eco part of the equation while towing or hot rodding. I guess those who predicted massive failures got tired of waiting... For OP, I think you've gotten some really solid advice in this thread, Best of luck with whatever you decide.
Fordlover 12/22/15 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: What RV am I looking for? (Newbie)

casita (or other egg style camper) matched to a midsize diesel SUV or Ram ecodiesel, driving at 50 MPH could probably approach 20MPG.
Fordlover 12/21/15 11:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Side Impact /Pole Impact protection

I'm not buying what the UN is selling, sorry.. My choice would be to improve driver emergency handling skills, situational awareness, and maintain quality equipment on your vehicle. Avoiding the loss of control or accident in the first place is far superior to just being a passenger in an out of control vehicle.
Fordlover 12/21/15 06:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: I guess its time-

I love my VP44. :) My buddy with a 99 3500 does too, I think he's bought 3 pumps to date. Of course he does have a bit over 200K on the truck, and luckily it doesn't take the rest of the fuel system down with it. If he is on the 4th pump in 200K he should look elsewhere on his next purchase. Once the original pump is repaired and the lift pump that caused the problem is replaced with a improved lift pump his main injection pump,should be good for MANY miles. Something about this story seems a bit "FISHY" Perhaps it's the lift pump that fails every 50K or so? I thought they were one in the same. All I know is I had to tow that heavy bastard with my little Explorer about 8 miles to the diesel shop. But my lil guy is a trooper, and the fuel pump is original to the truck.;) Despite how Fishy it might seem (I saw what you did thar) the Ram does have the occasional breakdown, though I know it's hard to believe for the Ram mafia. My buddy is a card carrying member, even he'll admit to a few shortcomings on his 99 and 2000 ram, but not in public.
Fordlover 12/11/15 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you like your tailgate ladder?

Get it, you will not be sorry. Can't believe the others haven't copied it yet. Easy in/out when carrying something, a good option. As you get older you will appreciate it. Ford was granted a patent.
Fordlover 12/11/15 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: If your thinking of buying a new Super Duty

Airstream ? When was the last time you saw an painted Airstream. Paint can't flake off of a metal it was never used on. And Airliners ? I doubt 99.9% of people would have any idea if a painted commerical airliner was having a peeling paint issue. The fact that they fly 600 mph also may be a factor as compared to 80 mph on a roadway for a Mustang. If the metal holds up to the weather and abuse of being outside in the elements for decades, and traveling at 600mph, then I'd be happy to have it on my truck, where it'll see far less severe duty. Perfecting the paint process would be great. But I'll take durable over pretty for my truck pretty much every time. Though I admit I might reverse that decision if I drove a Mustang. You do realize that planes get repainted every couple of years, and the paint they use often costs over $1000 per gallon. Planes get painted every couple of years? Someone should tell the owner his plane is naked! http://www.alexfeldsteinphotography.com/Airplanes/2012-Sun-N-Fun-Lakeland/i-pMccSbC/0/L/D30_3554w-L.jpg height=500 at 65 years old aluminum with no 1,000 dollar a gallon paint, this thing is likely to fall apart at any moment!
Fordlover 12/11/15 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: I guess its time-

I love my VP44. :) My buddy with a 99 3500 does too, I think he's bought 3 pumps to date. Of course he does have a bit over 200K on the truck, and luckily it doesn't take the rest of the fuel system down with it.
Fordlover 12/11/15 06:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chains

Its Texas law to cross the chains, for the chains to not drag on the ground, and for the brake cable to be attached somewhere else other than the hitch. But doing all that is another story. I didn't see all that in here, but it is good practice. The statute only mentions chains, but not how many are required. I remember seeing older boat trailers that only had one chain. Texas trailer chain statute: (a) An operator of a passenger car or light truck may not draw a trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or another motor vehicle unless safety chains of a type approved by the department are attached in a manner approved by the department from the trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or drawn motor vehicle to the drawing vehicle. This subsection does not apply to the drawing of a trailer or semitrailer used for agricultural purposes. (b) The department shall adopt rules prescribing the type of safety chains required to be used according to the weight of the trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or motor vehicle being drawn. The rules shall: (1) require safety chains to be strong enough to maintain the connection between the trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or drawn motor vehicle and the drawing vehicle; and (2) show the proper method to attach safety chains between the trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or drawn motor vehicle and the drawing vehicle. (c) Subsection (b) does not apply to trailers, semitrailers, or house trailers that are equipped with safety chains installed by the original manufacturer before the effective date of the rules. (d) This section does not apply to a trailer, semitrailer, house trailer, or drawn motor vehicle that is operated in compliance with the federal motor carrier safety regulations. (e) In this section, "safety chains" means flexible tension members connected from the front of a drawn vehicle to the rear of the drawing vehicle to maintain connection between the vehicles if the primary connecting system fails. - See more at: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/txstatutes/TN/7/C/545/I/545.410#sthash.oOX0D79o.dpuf
Fordlover 12/10/15 07:18am Towing
RE: Jam Handy explains suspensions

Fascinating film which vividly explains auto suspension systems. Why we have shock absorbers for example. And this film was made by Chevy in 1938: Link Shocks have changed in the last 80 years. Apparently there are other films in this series explaining lubrication, transmissions and differentials. Interesting, and that rear 'shock' says made in Dayton on it. I'm assuming that is Dayton, Ohio. I was up there recently in a plant that made bumpers for the auto industry about 70 years ago.
Fordlover 12/02/15 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: November pick up truck sales figures

Always a ford guy posting this stuff , who cares ? Really? Always a ford guy eh? Here's a GM guy for ya: GM guy Here's a RAM/DODGE/FIAT guy for ya. RAM guy Couldn't find any Toyota or Nissan guys, they need to step it up :) Personally I'm a Ford guy but I love to see a strong performance by all brands. Ram has made incredible progress with a vastly improved product, GM and Ram's comeback story after bankruptcy is awesome. Just some helpful advice: if you don't care about sales figures, don't click on the thread and read it. It's not as if the title was misleading or unclear right?
Fordlover 12/02/15 11:38am Tow Vehicles
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