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RE: Turbo small displacement - displacement on demand- a winner?

Fordlover A engine is just broke in at a hundred thousand miles these days. My f150 current engine is at over 150 thousand, burns no oil and runs 45 lbs of oil pressure. The Kia is at 120 thousand runs the same way just turned 10 years old and and not a squeak out of it. If you want 200,000 miles out of a NA engine it is easy to do. The 200,000 mile mark is the new bar that has been set. Yes injector and carburetors can cause problems before then but there is a lot of additional things on the turbo engine. All those additional things are what bother me. My two barrel carb on the f150 has a accelerator pump that has been changed but it has never been opened. I do love simplicity. I don't even have electric windows on either car. I don't know if you can even buy them that way any more. I'll say it in a better way. The 3.5 intercooler had problems on a lot of trucks in areas where there was a lot precipitation. Sometimes I wonder what My f150 would look like with 45 grand invested in it. I already know it is reliable. Haha My father just retired his 2000 Mercury Cougar, due to an auto accident. It has right at 200K miles on it, still with the original clutch and engine. But most people buying new cars aren't concerned with the viability of their car at 200K. I know we weren't when we bought the Edge, I have no intentions of my wife driving it too much past 120K. Somebody else can grow old with it. I bought my 2002 explorer brand new, it has typically been a third vehicle and is at 90K miles. I expect we will replace it before it's at 120K, or about another 3-4 years. Around these parts, seeing a car more than 18 years old (unless it's a restored classic) is VERY rare. I think most vehicles older than that end up in Mexico.
Fordlover 10/31/14 01:05pm Tow Vehicles

I didn't know dodge made trucks any longer... In all seriousness, do you idle your truck before shutting it? Oil coking in the turbo is bad. My diesel tech is adamant about it. I wait to my pre turbo EGTs is below 300. You know, all this talk isn't encouraging my 'I want a diesel' bug. Can we go back to talking about the effortless towing experience, the grin that won't go away and the great MPG. Oh and lets leave out the price of oil changes as well.
Fordlover 10/31/14 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turbo small displacement - displacement on demand- a winner?

Tystevens. The 3.5 had a lot of turbo related intercooler problems that took a long time to fix. Chevy had a stop sale and recall on it's 1.4 turbo. I will say that the more expensive diesels have worked out the problems on their turbo's. GM has seemed to fix al their injector problems and Ford seems to have worked out all their problems. But while they worked out all their problems their diesel option price has almost doubled. I am not sure that 1 or 2 grand really covers the cost to Ford for it's turbo setups. And if it does, has it been at the expense of reliability. Am I a doubting Thomas? Well with regards to turbo gas engines I guess I am. But you have to remember I have been interested in cars and driving for over 50 years. And up until now have not really seen a lot of turbo/super charged gas engines in a vehicle that was required to go more that 1/4 mile maybe a couple of hundred miles in the Indy cars. Lets not forget the wonderful power and unreliability of the old Indy Buick. The turbo could be the next miracle. But why not the supercharger? The supercharger doesn't have to sit on top of the block anymore so the clearance issues are no longer a problem. The super charger doesn't have to deal with the tremendous heat that the Turbo does. It can come in at real low rpm and doesn't restrict the exhaust. The 3.5 didn't have a lot of intercooler problems, it had one problem, condensation. And was only repeatable under certain conditions, which I think added to the difficulty of replicating the issue and finding a solution. If you are afraid of turbochargers you should probably not buy one. My wife has driven a turbocharged vehicle since before we were married (Volvo S40 that went over 100K trouble free miles, and now a Ecoboost Edge we have had for >2 years.) The turbo mill can boil the front tires from a stop easily, I'm not sure what the downside of the turbo is that you are so concerned about.
Fordlover 10/31/14 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turbo small displacement - displacement on demand- a winner?

I can think of a reason why the 2.7 liter motor won't be as big a volume motor as many people here are predicting it to be. Right now, the largest truck you can get the 2.7 motor on is a 4x4 Supercrew with the near-useless 5.5' bed. I see far more Supercrew F-150's rolling with the 6.5 bed. Vast majority of 1500's/150's are 4x4's as well. Most common configuration is the Supercrew with the 6.5' bed. I just wonder why Ford will not put the 2.7 into this truck. RAM has gone ahead and allowed their little pentastar to be optioned onto any RAM 1500 configuration. I think the 2.7 would be a good powerplant but something raises a flag with me if they stop short of their largest (not necessarily most capable) truck configuration. Post in short: Can't put a 2.7 into a Ford 4x4 Supercrew with 6.5' bed. At least going by how the configurator was setup about 2 weeks ago when I checked it out. In Texas, the most popular configuration for an F-150 is Supercrew 2WD with 5.5 bed, followed closely by the 4x4 supercrew 5.5 bed. Perhaps where you are the 6.5 bed is popular, but how many trucks does Ford sell in your state vs. mine?
Fordlover 10/31/14 07:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: New f350 with the exhaust brake button

Do you still have to remove the cab from the chassis to do maintenance on the rear of the engine? Wow, sorta like the 'drive by' Media.
Fordlover 10/30/14 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turbo small displacement - displacement on demand- a winner?

Fordlover Unfortunately, I see a great many F150's, (other makes also), overloaded and heading to Pismo Beach. We are at a junction for a lot of travelers heading from central California to Pismo Beach, Some of these guys are just plain scary. OK. like how many? 9 out of 10? or more like 1 out of 30? The reality is MOST F-150's are not used for any frequent towing, and even fewer are used for towing heavy RV's. Not saying none, but this forum make us think that EVERYONE with an F-150 loads up 10K worth of RV weekly. The reality is that number is more like <1% of F-150 drivers. In town I see a great number of 1/2 and 3/4 tons pulling landscaping trailers. But that isn't a real big test for any pickup I guess. The 1 tons seem to becoming more popular though. I've seen every type of truck overloaded, I'd hate to say one is 'safer' than the other. Even a 350/3500 grossly overloaded is unsafe. Maybe I should clarify a bit. I am having a hard time figuring what the 2.7 market is. The normal 3.7 v6 is cheaper to buy. And has decent mpg. The 3.5 has great HP. Where does the 2.7 fit into this lineup? The 2.7 is likely to become the new high volume F-150 engine, replacing the 3.5 Ecoboost as the most popular, or at least second place. And here is why: The 3.5 ecoboost is overkill for most F-150 owners. Perhaps Pismo Beach is a geographical oddity, but 1 out of 10 trucks sold in the USA is sold in Texas. We have a ton of trucks here, and most are used by commuters to and from work, and they have a truck because "in case I want to pick up a load of mulch or some lumber from Home Depot." These people don't need a 3.5 Eco or a V8. The reality is if you are towing just about anything other than an RV or a really heavy boat the 2.7 is likely to satisfy your needs. And it's a double win for Ford if the EPA numbers come out even one MPG ahead of last years 3.5 Ecoboost, and it definitely will. So in closing, the base 3.7 is no more (in the F-150). It is being replaced with a 3.5 V6 putting out 280hp and 250 ft. lbs. The 2.7 Ecoboost will slot in above that, with 325hp/375 torque. The 3.5 Ecoboost is the top tier engine with at least 365hp/420 ft. lbs. Since Ford hasn't released the specs, I'm guessing it's going up some. Does that help any?
Fordlover 10/30/14 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 150 V6 3.5L EcoBoost

Hello, Does anyone tow with a 2012 or 2013 F150 V6 3.5L EcoBoost with a 3.55 rear end? Ford claims it has 365 hp and 420 lbs of torque which is more than my Chevy ¾ ton with a 6L. I will be towing a 30’ travel trailer that is 5,700lbs empty so I’m figuring it’s 7,700lbs loaded. I live in Illinois and we are just weekend campers and only tow it 70 miles one way on flat ground. Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks Craig I rounded up to 8,000 lbs. Figuring 15% tongue weight, you'll be at 1,200 on the ball, not including your weight distributing system. How much payload does this Ecoboost have? (sticker is on the driver door jamb) Ecoboost F-150's can be equipped to tow heavy trailers, and reports here say they do well, but a 3.55 gear equipped Eco means it doesn't have the payload package or the Max Tow option.
Fordlover 10/30/14 05:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turbo small displacement - displacement on demand- a winner?

The 2.7 was a aluminum body. The 3.5 is a steel body. So they aren't apples to apples for sure. But Motor Trend said the work was done by a emissions expert. And except for towing MPG. Most 3.5 owners on this forum claim to be getting at or better MPG than EPA numbers. I know I seem a little harsh on the 2.7. But Ford is trying to sell it on MPG and HP. In reality even the 3.5 isn't really good at both while towing. I see no reason why the 2.7 would do any better at towing. Some would say it isn't going to be sold for it's towing ability. But you don't need 300 HP for driving around town. If your driving around town the lower priced 3.7 in a steel body which has apx. same MPG as the 2.7 aluminum body, would be the logical choice. I guess one could say that the 2.7 is going to be marketed as a replacement for the 3.5 and the 3.7. But I find that hard to believe. Next time you are on the road, take an informal poll of the number of F-150's you see pulling trailers or with a load in the bed. On my way to work this morning, I didn't see a single F-150 pulling a trailer, but I saw easily 100 F-150's on the road. Ultimately it doesn't matter at all what real world MPG is. What matters is what the EPA test rates it at. Ford's CAFE number is calculated based on EPA MPG ratings across the vehicle line up, even one MPG may not seem significant to you, but to Ford it does.
Fordlover 10/29/14 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2.7 eco boost gets 18.5 mpg average according to Motor Trend

mich, I understand, but this is America. We have driven the big trucks all through the 4 buck a gallon era. If it's 3 mpg that separates a 'MAN' and his V8 from a 2.7 liter v6. I would be very surprised. I am saying that because we are talking about trucks. Not a car. You know.... Women are allowed to buy and drive trucks these days :) Some men will always cling to the V8 (or V10) or diesel, etc. And that's great, I imagine Ford will continue to make them, even if in smaller numbers. There is a powertrain option for nearly everyone, unless you like your F-150 powered by a battery pack.
Fordlover 10/29/14 05:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Warranty Claim Denied

Those mirrors really are expensive. This past summer I was driving along a busy narrow 2-way street in an industrial area of town. A guy in an F150 was coming towards me in the opposite lane and he quickly swerved towards or over the center of the road to avoid a car coming out of a lot (I was as far right as I could be). His mirror tagged the mirror on our F250. No damage to our mirror at all but the glass popped out of his and the driver could not get it back in. We both stopped and he asked me to pull into an alignment shop where the F150 was being worked on. Turns out a tech. from the alignment shop was driving the F150 which was a new 2014 in for a checkup from the dealer. I gave the shop my info. and the manager said he would get the owner to deal with it. When I got home, I phoned our insurance co. to file a claim just in case I got blamed for it. Never heard a thing until a week or so later the owner phoned me to ask what happened. We had a good cordial chat and he knew it was the shop's fault. The shop should have made a claim under their garage policy but didn't and I have to wonder if the tech. shouldn't have driving the F150, or maybe they didn't want the Ford dealer to find out. The owner of the F150 spoke to Ford and said that Ford wanted $1400 (!!) for one mirror which I guess included installation. OEM parts for a Ford truck are just freakin' expensive and their prices seem mafia-inspired. I bought some parts from our dealer when I rebuilt the front end last year and was choked at what it cost. I ended up buying an aftermarket rebuilt steering box at a fraction of what Ford wanted. Even small Ford-specific nuts, bolts and fasteners are frightfully expensive. Your in Canada, that kind of highway robbery seems normal up there.
Fordlover 10/27/14 01:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Warranty Claim Denied

Wait...two mirrors, with separate folding motors failed at the same time? Sounds suspicious. That would be like both headlight bulbs burning out at the same time. Not impossible, but the odds are pretty low.
Fordlover 10/24/14 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

But you can load that airplane within it's maximum specs (takeoff weight) and safely get it in the air and flying. If conditions are correct. I wouldn't want to try it say at Tenzing-Hillary Airport/LUA There's always those pesky asterisks and fine print at the bottom...
Fordlover 10/21/14 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

QUOTE: "How far below? Monkey44 suggest that I stay around 1/2 the truck's payload." NO! Monkey NEVER said that -- if you all would read the posts it would help. Monkey said "A truck with half it's payload is safer than a truck maxed out at it's full payload." That's different than Monkey saying we should drive with half our payload. I also never said "Drive at half the speed limit" as some one else claims. You guys really need to read what is written, then take a minute to actually understand it, before you all jump on my case, or any other post. Half the time, these 'folks that argue" whip out PART of a statement, wiggle it around so it says something else, then use it to disagree with a post or support their own posts ... the only thing Monkey ever stated was: If you drive a 1500/150 at it's maximum capacity, or drive a 2500/250 at half its capacity, the 2500/150 will be safer. PERIOD> I never said drive at half your payload -- but I'll add to that now, to clarify my meaning ... if you are carrying a maximum payload on a 1500/150, and switch that payload to a 2500/250, you will only be carrying half it's designed carry capacity (more or less) and therefore, you will be driving under safer conditions. Anytime you run a truck at its maximum payload, you will stress that truck to a greater degree under emergency conditions ... because sliding, swishing, braking under emergency conditions will have a greater margin in a heavier duty truck with less payload - no matter what brand or model you drive ... So, what that means: You can drive a 1500/150 under maximum load, and probably drive safely if you choose that option. BUT if you take that same load, and put it on a 2500/250, you will be safer under any conditions, including emergencies. I choose the second option ... That's all Monkey said, and Monkey is correct ... and Monkey only means the truck is SAFER under those HD conditions ... when we take "driver ability and skills, and even attitude" and lock it into the equation, that changes everything. Or in other words, if I'm going to take a 75 mile trip in my airplane, I don't fuel up with only 75 miles worth of fuel. Safety margins are a very good idea.
Fordlover 10/21/14 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Expedition - Happy with Ecoboost 365HP + 420TQ!

Two weeks ago I purchased a 2015 Expedition 4x4 with Ecoboost, optional 3.73 axle, Rear Load-Leveling Suspension, and Blind Spot Information System. My previous car was a 2009 Expedition 4x4 with 5.4 V8. I am really happy with the Ecoboost. Although I haven't timed it, the acceleration feels much quicker than the 5.4. The Expedition with Ecoboost is actually kind of fun to drive (for a big SUV). Ecoboost 365 HP and 420 TQ = :B I did my first towing today. We have a FunFinder 189FDS. I got about 10 mpg with 50 miles of freeway and around town driving. (Our previous tow vehicle was a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 with 5.7 V8 and we got around 8-9 mpg towing on long freeway trips.) The Expedition Rear Load Leveling Suspension seems to work well, and the integrated brake controller seems to work well. With daily driving (not towing), I get about 15-16 mpg, but I press the pedal a bit more than you need to enjoying that turbo acceleration. I got about 18.5 mpg on a long freeway trip (not towing) with some ecoboosting, so I'm guessing you could reasonably get 20 mpg on the road (not towing) taking it easy. (All mpgs are per vehicle information display and are approximate.) Thanks for the info on the new Eco Expedition. You are the first buyer I've heard of with one. Enjoy!
Fordlover 10/20/14 05:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Warranty Claims

My favorite was the Mustang that was brought into the service department, both airbags deployed, no body damage at all. Once it was up on the lift, it was obvious the vehicle had been jumped, hard...the engine cross member was scraped really badly and deformed an inch or two. Eventually the story came back that they were jumping it over a rail road crossing. Warranty denied...
Fordlover 10/17/14 01:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck upgrades

My wife and I are working to go Full time for a miniumum of one year starting around January. We have an '07 F-350 and close to paying it off. We never missed a maintence point or needed repairs. We purchased the 100,000 mile warranty and still have lots of time left on it. So instead of buying a new truck we are looking to upgrade this one. I want 5000 lb air bags on the rear. What else should we do to the truck to get it ready for full time life? Thank you, Dave :h Typically upgrades are an effort to fix a weak spot. Your ~8 year old 6.0 has never needed a repair, and maintenance isn't lacking, doesn't seem to leave anything to worry about. Enjoy full timing, I've got another 34 years to go before I get to consider doing the same.
Fordlover 10/17/14 11:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Silverada Beats F250 In Frame Twist Test

Maybe there is merit to that test. But it doesn't apply to how I use my truck. I do have one question. Is this a problem that needs to be solved? I.E. do contractors or others that use their truck in the field park them in a situation where one or two wheels are off the ground and need to unload? It seems if you are in that precarious of a position it would not be a safe place to load/unload. But if you do unload with a tire 3 feet off the ground, you better be driving the chevy or you'll be in trouble. Then again the tailgate would be about 6 feet off the ground so unloading would be awesome to watch. I'll take flex over breakage any day, but this is all moot IMHO since I'm not aware of a single frame breakage issue on any truck. Flexing buildings are being researched for robustness against earthquakes, interesting to me, though very different from a vehicle frame.clicky
Fordlover 10/17/14 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Silverada Beats F250 In Frame Twist Test

I guess if I took my truck rock climbing that might mean something. Umm, back in the days of the farm, I torqued the bed many times where the tailgate wouldn't open. Did it on Fords and Chevy's and I'm not so sure that the frames are stronger today than they were 15 years ago. Free hint to anyone who experiences this problem: Open tailgate before you park on seriously unlevel ground.
Fordlover 10/16/14 05:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Silverada Beats F250 In Frame Twist Test

Enjoy.... Link Howie Long "We're going to be going up against the 2015 Ford F-250, supposedly our competition" They aren't exactly sure who their competition is. That is very important in any market when you aren't the only product available. Any good off road guy will tell you the more flex a vehicle has the better it will do. The most fundamental concept in off road driving is to keep constant contact of all 4 tire patches on the ground. Hiking a tire up in the air 3 feet might look cool, but much like drifting a car, it's all for show not go.
Fordlover 10/16/14 05:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Colorado Extended Cab, Long Box LT RWD

I would like to provide an update on this thread from early September this weekend we may test drive a crew cab version we went to look at one they sold in three days on November 8 2014 as long no major issues we plan to order our custom version the demand is so high they all ready back up with orders if we waited 30 more days it may be spring to get it so if you are on the fence the longer you wait add months not weeks C:\Users\james_000\Pictures\chevy That sounds a little like sales pressure, but I agree that ordering will probably be the best way to go to get what you want. Someone here can help you with photo posting when your truck comes in.
Fordlover 10/14/14 05:23am Tow Vehicles
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