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RE: Is .22mag snake shot enough for moccasins?

A 22 short through the head will do the job with less mess and cost than a shotgun. Move to a shotgun if a bad shot.
Gale Hawkins 04/04/14 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seeking Opinion on F53 Chassis A/C repair cost

First I would put in two $10 cans of R-134-a gas and see how long it will cool. If it does cool then I would run it at least one hour or take a short trip to a park, etc. Check the pressure after one can. I think the gauge fill adapter was about $17 at WM. $1300 is not out of line but it is still a lot of money. I had one that needed two cans in the spring and one to top off about August. Not ideal but doing that for 10 years still was less than $1300.
Gale Hawkins 04/03/14 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trying to avoid Memphis

This is one option to miss Memphis if you feel that strong about it. When we went to WY in 2011 we took the mainly the non interstate option and that worked out fine. In the midwest all roads flow fast we found.
Gale Hawkins 03/31/14 04:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: How steep was it?

Turning up Old Priest Grade in a big motor home must have surely been an accident. I have been up and down it for the last 40 years but wow, a MH, I can only imagine what that was like. Everyone should go both East and West on Sonora Pass once, get your heart rate up a bit. My daughter was my acting co-pilot and put too much faith in the GPS but since no one got hurt it was a learning lesson. We were thankful we had the old MH up in good shape including the new 5 row recored radiator. Going up at least speeding and brakes were not an issue. We went out the Fresno side and it was a piece of cake.
Gale Hawkins 03/30/14 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance denying claim for ripped floor

Maybe this should fall under a recall by the maker if that many have the same identical issue? Factory defects are not covered by insurance I expect.
Gale Hawkins 03/29/14 09:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Check

The important test that any auto parts dealer can do is the Load Test. It measures the battery's ability to recover after being hit by a heavy load. Simple, if it cannot recover it's bad and needs to be replaced. It can show 13.5 volts but it means nothing if the battery cannot perform under a load. That is correct but I learned to do it with the 6 amp charger because it only weights about 10 pounds and the battery(s) do not have to be removed. One weights 86 pounds. :)
Gale Hawkins 03/29/14 08:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: How steep was it?

I wonder how steep Old Priest Grade is in CA? We went up that once in our 3-speed column shift Dodge 3/4 ton camper van and it barely could pull it in first gear, as only 3-speed manual shift gearing results in a tall first gear - plus we had over-diameter sized tires on it which made all of it's gear ratios even taller. (We got 18 MPG out of it's 318 V8 on camping trips, however ... this was using 1972 V8 engine technology.) I found an article on Old Priest Grade and it mentions that it is a 22 degree slope. BTW last time we were there RVs' were prohibited from using it, had to use CA120, which was full of switchbacks and very slow but beautiful. Thanks for that info on Old Priest Grade. In Sept of 2011 we took it up by accident. As soon as I got on it I saw the sign of NO RV's so I said I will just turn around our old 32' MH on a P30 chassis and cut the dash air per the sign. Well there were not places to turn around. At WOT we were making about 15 MPH. I did not panic too bad because I was too busy watching my nose and tail. I had to be careful on the curves I did not slap the rock wall or a vehicle going down depending on the shape of the curve and that nose was not too much on the other side of the road at same time. I think it was about 4 miles and I was very glad to see the top sign at the top. The temp gauge kissed the red zone but never entered it. I am not sure if the kids ever realized the danger we were in. Thankfully the 454 TBI never missed a lick but had we lost one plug or plug wire we would have been stuck at best. I have watched people doing it on Youtube and it was not fun for me to watch. It was my worse grade experience on the 8000 run to the Pacific by way of Yellowstone and back by way of the Grand Canyon.
Gale Hawkins 03/29/14 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Check

Buy a hydrometer and check each cells specific gravity YOURSELF. I agree since there are good options for around $10 but many just are not going to deal with battery acid in a direct way and possible associated mess from dripped acid. The volt meter can tell a lot but not as well as hydrometer (as we move to AGM batteries hydrometers are worthless however) or even many lead acid batteries on the market today with semi sealed cell caps or a load tester. A fully charged 12 volt battery that sets overnight and reads less than 12.6 volts I have found is a junk battery. It it reads 10.5 volts there is a dead cell without question. Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours trying to get more life out of FLA batteries with most of them being deep cycle (trolling/golf cart types). It has been a waste of time in one way of looking at it. If the charging system checked out OK then in 100% of the time where the battery(s) died they were DEAD no matter what I tried. I even did polarity reversing techniques that took a lot of time and efforts. Summary: If a battery or bank of batteries fail to work and the CHARGING system and cables test to be healthy then the batteries will most likely be JUNK. If they are 3+ years old they were always JUNK. :) Success in recovering run time of batteries in UPS (uninterrupted power sources) for computer server rooms has been positive however if voltage readings where normal after being fully charged then load tested for 10 seconds with 100 amp load tester on batteries with 75-150 amp ratings. Example: I had four 75 amp hour batteries in a 48 volt battery bank UPS that would hold the standard server load for one hour. That run time dropped to 30 minutes after about a year. I used the Desulf mode on our B&D/Vector battery charger for three 24 hour cycles (more cycles did not help more) and got the bank to back up to 45 minutes of run time for nearly an extra year. Recovering lead acid batteries I find is really a waste of time and can be messy IF the charging system and cables are good and clean. NOW there are simple ways to make FLA batteries last longer if started when they are new/new like. The low brainer is to pick up a $20 maintainer at WM, online, etc and connect it when you shut off the charging source. One can expect 2x the battery life in most cases. I like the automatic B&D/Vector chargers better than other brands we have tried BUT they will NOT fully charge a battery. Well the computer will state fully charged but they are not Fully charged I have found over and over again (close but not full). Their Desulf Mode feature is AWESOME however. We have a few batteries where we do use 120v maintainers but we have cars, trucks and tractors where they are not really good options because of where they are parked. This is my favorite Automatic charger due to Desulf Mode feature and it charges. If I could only have one charger this would be the ONE type I would want. This is the brand we currently have. It must be TOTALLY manual (NO computer controls)in my experience. If I put it on a healthy 12v battery in the 6 amp setting for 24 hours (typically overnight) the charging rate without fail will be down to 1 (one) amp reading on the meter and the output will be at 16+ volts per the B&D automatic charger that will be connected at the same time. The B&D charger will be running in Desulf Mode if connected at the same time as the manual charger. This alone will help clean the plates but when added with the manual charger putting out 16 volts at one amp (equalizing mode results) the equalizing process helps clean off plate build up as well. If I have a concern that I may forget I have the manual charger running and it may be on the battery for a week/month I flip it over to the 12v/2 amp setting to be on the safe side because the amperage output will be too low to deflect the amp meter needle and the charging voltage will be limited to around 15 volts. If any auto/MH size battery after 24 hours at the 6 amp setting only drop the needle down to 2 amps the battery is NOT healthy and will need to be replaced when it no longer does the job expected of it. If the needle only drops down to say 3 amps the battery is junk and most likely you will hear some gassing going on. Actually it was only after doing a lot of things to try to recover FLA batteries of the 75+ AH rating did I learn how a TOTALLY manual 2/6 amp battery charger would tell you all you need to know about the health of a lead acid battery. Hydrometers and load testers are nice for fast answers IF the battery is fully charged but will not get any more useful info than this $30 manual 6/12v charger. Some read how you can not charge at more than 14.4 volts and think 16 charging volts will kill a full size battery in short order. We have a 200 amp manual wheeled charger that will melt down a 60 pound battery at 16 volts at say 40 amps charge rate for sure. The key I have found is the charging rate AND the charging voltage. 16 volts at next to no amperage rate has never killed a car or trolling motor battery in my personal experience. Personally it is the charging amperage that concerns me when it comes to lead acid batteries and not the charging voltage. All batteries die over time. Add abuse as we all do from time to time if not full time and all batteries will die BEFORE their time. :(
Gale Hawkins 03/29/14 11:34am Travel Trailers
RE: 10 percent cancellation fee!!!!

Weathershak based on your experience the carriers must experience a much higher risks from people using a MH full time. Even a fender bender in a MH can cost a lot of money but the damages a MH can do to people and property can be a real unknown. Driver age can be another risk a carrier must consider since there is no license/health exams unlike truck drivers driving the same basis chassis. Some do keep a home port so I guess they do not have the same cost issues because they have a physical address and property/auto coverage at that physical address. This also gives them a place to stay if they roots/family in that region. Of course the $1200 a year in your case would not offset the cost of owning/maintaining a home port. :) We by car went to Pigeon Forge TN for a mutual insurance convention this week and saw some nice rigs. We passed a huge DP towing a huge PU truck hauling a huge motorcycle. That was a huge unknown risk factor to insure. As carriers get hit in loss ratios all risks will be reviewed and they may decide to get out of the low margin insurance products and the few that stay will price the products to insure profits. We had to move to a new homeowner company in 2014 because the one we had pulled out of the state due to loss ratios.
Gale Hawkins 03/29/14 09:57am Good Sam Insurance
RE: 10 percent cancellation fee!!!!

I do not know about your case but I'm finding fees everywhere I go for this or that of late.
Gale Hawkins 03/28/14 11:23am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Battery Check

Glad you got good news in the end.
Gale Hawkins 03/28/14 11:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Almost complete restoration 89 Fleetwood Southwind

welcome. these kind of projects are great learning experience. best of luck
Gale Hawkins 03/28/14 11:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Newbie wants your input before buying used

Where can one find a dependable MH for $11K. While it is easy to overpay for the first old MH but still come out OK over time. Read about the guy who paid $80K for about the same size MH and sold it 5 years later. The cost was more than your $11K total bill. :) Buying any used MH one should add $5K to the purchase price in his mind to be on the safe side. Well if it is a diesel he may want to double that figure.
Gale Hawkins 03/25/14 08:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie wants your input before buying used

Our 1993 Class A is actually 32' so I have not driven or been in one 22'. A plus of a Class three is that ready made bed over the cab. In fact our daughter wanted a C and it be HER domain. :) In a used MH just go with what that works for the family and billfold. We do our own work for the most part and like the easy to get under our class A. I found one needs to get his cash in place or fast source for it and be ready to jump on the 'ideal' deal when it pops up. They are out there and if a real deal they will not last. We gave $7995 for one that the going asking price in the area was $12k-$15K. The guy lost his wife to cancer three years before and was to start chemo himself in two weeks and wanted it out of his yard before starting treatment. We saw it first on a Saturday evening and left a personal check deposit and showed up Monday with a Cashier's check for the full amount. He had 20 callers over the next couple weeks. He listed the price in his ad as he bottom line price so there was nothing to haggle about but no real time to sleep on it either.
Gale Hawkins 03/24/14 05:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Must cancel purchase of new toy hauler, No confidence

You are a wise man... 2x
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:30pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: How often do you cange oil if little us

If it keeps looking clear after a 40 mile run from time to time I say 5 years but that is just me in low use engines that when started will make be ran on highway for 40 miles at less before a long shut down. We are at 30 months on the MH and it is still clear and full after about 300 miles on this oil change. We ran it 80 miles today at 55 MPH so I will check it tomorrow for clarity.
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel pump replacement

Saw a guy do this in an S10 pick up but it was hard to not see after the fact. :)
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maybe a bargain, maybe a nightmare, but it's FREE!

If you could come up with a title as suggested I could jump on that if local. That is a perfect size RV for a lot of things. It was no el cheapo either for its looks.
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '96 Conquest no power to starter

Check the ground connection too if the head lights do not burn either.
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Eternabond on the INSIDE of walls?

Eternabond on inside....vinyl bullet hole sticker on the outside. :) :) Actually more or less is good advice. That will keep the water out and protect the eternabond from sun.
Gale Hawkins 03/22/14 06:10pm Tech Issues
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