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RE: Costco vs Sams Club 6V Golf Cart Batteries

I'm contemplating switching from 2 12v to 2 6v but I don't understand why the 6v have an advantage. Can someone enlighten me? Also, am I correct that the 6v need to be wired in series...seems like that must be how you get 12v out of 6v batteries, but again, what is the advantage of the 6v? I had the 12v connected parallel. Thanks! d-mac1 I have contemplating do doing that as well for all the good reasons stated. One think that stopped me is my under the radiator rack for the engine and 2 house batteries would require some major changes. The big factor was it would rob me of having a back up starting battery setting next to my starting battery only requiring me to move the starting battery cables over to one of the house batteries. When the Nissan PU battery died I just robbed the new in 2011 Interstate engine starting battery from the MH and moved the MH starting cables over to one of the two house batteries after I disconnected it from the other house battery BUT there was no battery moving required. If I was running out of 12v house power every night then maybe yes to two 6v batteries but that is not the case. I like having two extra batteries that will start the engine if required. 6v batteries sure have their place but sometimes it is just for bragging rights. :)
Gale Hawkins 10/18/14 08:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Roof upgrade

Metal if it does not have holes in it is great. I would look at recoating it with something white that does not get hard and crack. EPDM needs to be glued down and it to wood I think most often.
Gale Hawkins 10/15/14 02:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tire Age Question For My Neighbor

Tires should be changed early if one is loosing sleep over it. :) I agree usage history is important. I had rather a 9 year old tire that had seen 100 miles every month than a 4 year old tire that had not been moved since mounted. Setting fully loaded or over loaded for four years without moving is BAD in my book.
Gale Hawkins 09/28/14 10:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Age Question For My Neighbor

I would not change them myself. I'd probably have them inspected. I did that with my original Michelins and was told they were fine. I ran them for 8 years and then replaced them. Looking back, what I should have done is just replaced the front ones and ran the rear tires for a while longer. The real safety issue is a blow out on the front. A blow out on the rear isn't going to cause you to crash. It may tear up some fiberglass, but that's cover by insurance. Agree with the above. I would replace the front tires for safety and go. I also agree, If you are concerned about it replace the fronts, a rear blow out won't wreck you. BTW Michelin says have them checked after 5 years and replace at 10. I don't know where this 5 -6 year stuff came from. It is an old husband's tale that is web enabled. :)
Gale Hawkins 09/16/14 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford v10 or gm 8.1 liter class A

Either engine will need to make some higher RPM's in the hills.
Gale Hawkins 09/10/14 11:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Age Question For My Neighbor

Since the maker states 10 years max I would looking for a new set in a few years.
Gale Hawkins 09/10/14 11:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: trojan t-105

We replaced our Oct 2006 this year (2014) but if used on a golf course we would have had to replace in 2012. Six years is pushing the limits on this technology.
Gale Hawkins 08/29/14 10:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable gen running on the back of a moving RV?

Please share with us if you figure out how to overcome the dying issue from the lack of gas. That could save us a lot of $$$. :) Glad you are on the road doing great.
Gale Hawkins 08/03/14 07:26am Tech Issues
Looks like the TV is under the RV now after storm.

Looks like RV landed on top of TV.
Gale Hawkins 08/02/14 02:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: mud daubers

Had one nest built inside the blower motor and had the motor locked up. Had to put a wrench on the shaft to crunch it up. Had a whole house unit set in the attic for 15 years and it took hours to reclaim it when the central unit failed with an empty bank account. That was in 2005 and the bank account is still empty and the 1987 Sears 25,000 BTU unit is still humming by the way as I type. :) The 1992 units on the MH tested fine on a recent generator run. The pre 1995 units seem to run forever.
Gale Hawkins 08/02/14 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Conditioner changeout

Are there any modifications, or does it simply plug in? More unbolt/rebolt plus unwire and rewire than plug and play if both have all the controls on the unit itself. :) Cleaning the roof for the new gasket to seat well took some effort when we removed our Colemans for new gaskets. A tractor, etc with a front end loader is handy to transfer the old one off and the new one on to the roof to save packing up ladders.
Gale Hawkins 08/02/14 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable gen running on the back of a moving RV?

Tested at 60 mph without issue. But what about 70 and 80 MPH? :)
Gale Hawkins 07/30/14 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery charging

Automatic chargers are designed to keep batteries fully charged.
Gale Hawkins 07/28/14 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Boy Scout border crossing

We live in a world full of stress and death. With the www and 200 cable channels we hear it all if we listen. In time that messes with minds. My son is working on his Eagle Scout requirements and the story got my attention. A few weeks ago we found crossing into Canada to be low key but not as low key crossing back into the USA but nothing out of the way. This was in ND using crossings north of Minot and Rugby.
Gale Hawkins 07/25/14 10:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Brake pad smell after long downhills

Even our old 1992 Chevy P30 with 454 TBI and 4L80-e when using the transmission for engine braking will shift up one gear before it red lines the engine. Like wise you and not force it to shift down if the action would cause a red lining event. I agree no ceramic pads from MH or TV usage. With engine braking a set of pads can last 100K+ miles. With just the MH going down 14 slopes in 1st means I will have to jab the brakes from time to time but 10 and under brakes are not needed for speed. It is just my approach but going down hill I go to WOT and get a shift down then move the shifter into that lower gear position and get off the gas. It takes 2 seconds or less.
Gale Hawkins 07/23/14 10:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Brake pad smell after long downhills

Quote: "Question. Do you use lower gears going down hill? No, because I have that 4r100 trans that is known for building up to much pressure in low gears and pressure blows up the front seal in trans." That has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Dave I do not know about Ford but our 4L80-e holds our 15K MH down hill so there is really no reason to use the brakes for speed control when we did the Rocky Mountains. We however were in 1st or 2nd driving the horse shoe gate to gate route driving through Yosemite. The questions about how long brakes last of course depends on how you use them. My guess is 50K-150K depending on several factors.
Gale Hawkins 07/22/14 12:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Scan Guage D

If it is anything like the II for gas engines you will love it. We keep ours in the vehicle that is throwing codes at the time.
Gale Hawkins 07/22/14 12:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Trade-in Value

I agree with the one poster, why would you sell someone a tire that you think is unsafe, I see used tires all the time on eBay and most of the time they say lots of tread but don't know how old. If you want to sell them offer a warrentee, I think the seller should be liable for something as important as tires. You can buy double coins for less than 200.00 for a 19.5 tire if the funds aren't there A tire blowout that could cause $5K in damage to a nice MH may be very fine for farm trucks and many other applications.
Gale Hawkins 07/16/14 01:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Eternabond Roof Edges?

NO but try to make sure you are not taping over trapped water.
Gale Hawkins 07/12/14 12:00am Beginning RVing
RE: Tire Trade-in Value

They are worth what you can get but that in these parts seems to be $50-$100. A guy bought my 9 year old pulls and put them on his MH after he as a bad blown out with the 16 year old OEM tire. On our F700 Ford truck 1998 is the oldest caucus but it has been recapped. Around here is common to find farm trucks with 25+ years old. MH's typically are under tired so hence more blow out from blow outs and they are never ran or parked like trucks.
Gale Hawkins 07/11/14 11:57pm Class A Motorhomes
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