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RE: Keyboard won't type

Reverse this process? 1. Go to start 2. In the search box write: Device Manager 3. Open it, and under Keyboards, find the keyboard you want to disable Make sure you have connected the other keyboard you want to use… (If the disable button doesn’t appear, then uninstall it!) The same process goes for the touchpad! (Under mouse disable the laptop mouse (keyboard) )
Go Dogs 10/18/14 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: Getting back home w/ Rylee

We have always camped with dogs. Lucy, our pit bull is SOOO smart. She knew when we were hitching up to go for inspection or storage- no big deal. She knew when we were starting to load up to go camping. The key for her was when I set the timer on the living room lamp. I learned to save that for the last minute, because when she saw that, zoom, off she would go to get in the TV! We never had a problem getting home, everyone was glad to get back to their nice bed, yard and television! Today will be a rough day. The van will be hitched to the trailer for the last time in our possession. The dealership is coming to pick them up, and I'm trading on a car. DH passed on Labor Day. Lucy is too old for camping anymore, and I will hang up the keys. I have many wonderful, funny memories of camping. Enough to last.
Go Dogs 10/17/14 06:15am RV Pet Stop
RE: Housekeeping details

Not to rain on your parade but.....When you do your PDI on Wed. be prepared,( in the off chance) that you find some problems- they might not get fixed by Friday shakedown. Just saying.
Go Dogs 10/12/14 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boy!! That was close.

I think you would be a zillion times more upset, if you would have bought it and came home to realize you got ripped off. Be glad you dodged a bullet! Just remember: As with RV shopping and Mafia hits, don't take it personal, it's only business.
Go Dogs 10/12/14 06:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Big changes with a broken heart (Little Update)

OP here. Well, It's early and I'm checking my RV net forum family. Vicariously enjoying your camping stories. Anyhow, after DH's death, I am unable to physically manage hitching/driving my 25 ft TT with our TV. Family is unable to use it for now, and I made the decision to let it go. I was able to find a local car dealer that would take the whole deal in trade for a car-they were even nice enough to come pick it up! Well, the new car won't be here for a couple of weeks, so the TT is still in the driveway. It hurts to have to walk by it every day. I started thinking about the suggestions to get a small Aliner trailer. As it so happens, the car that I'm buying is a Subaru Crosstrek. I was checking online and found some videos(link isn't working for me this morning) of the Crosstrek towing Little Guy, Tab trailers. That gave me a little jolt of excitement. The RV show is in January. I was thinking last month that I would never be able to enjoy the show again, but maybe I would like to look at the small trailers?
Go Dogs 10/12/14 05:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: Walk in tub question

I agree that getting a shower with a built-in seat, handrails, and a moveable shower head would be better. Those walk-in tubs take a lot of water, and weigh a lot when full. You may have to reinforce the floor. Plus, from a medical stand point, soaking in a hot tub of water can be bad for cardiac patients, interfere with healing wounds, contribute to yeast infections, and over dry skin. Plus, bending over to clean it can be dangerous. I would also think a walk-in tub would be a negative selling point, unless someone had a real need for one.
Go Dogs 10/11/14 10:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Saving $5.00 Bills

I rarely use cash for anything, and I can't remember the last time I wrote a check. I use my bank card for purchases, and online banking to pay my bills. My online checking account is set up, so that every month- $200 is automatically transferred into my money market account. That is my home grown Christmas/Fun money account.
Go Dogs 10/08/14 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Big changes with a broken heart (Little Update)

I want to thank all of you for your comforting words. I sincerely believe in the power of faith and prayer. I am blessed to have a wonderful family by my side. I know that time will help me heal. I've already had to do plenty of things that I didn't think I could. Cleaning out the camper was really hard, I had to stop many times, to wipe away tears. The dogs keep me company. They seem to know, they always do. I just have to remember not to say, 'Daddy'. I will always love camping and the outdoors. I was almost tempted to have a little campfire in the fire pit tonight. Maybe someday, I will be able to enjoy it, as much as before. Again, I really appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. Please, everyone be careful and stay safe. Sue
Go Dogs 10/01/14 06:06pm RV Pet Stop
Big changes with a broken heart (Little Update)

I'm posting here because this is where I've posted the most, over the years. What a year it's been. Our one trip in August was our last, but we didn't know it. We had gotten our favorite spot, in our favorite campground. The weather was great. My dear sweet 12 year old pit bull, did not do well. Lucy has been on every camping trip with us since we got her. This time, her arthritic legs bothered her, she didn't want to walk or swim. She hardly ate, couldn't get comfortable. We have always taken great measures to make our dogs comfortable on these trips. I couldn't believe that this dog, who had loved camping more than anything, wanted to be home. She got back to her normal, shortly after we got home. We didn't think she had any more camping trips in her. Then, my 55 year old, DH died suddenly on Labor Day. None of my grown kids have the room or time for the TV/TT. Last year, our borough made us put the TT in storage. It's too much of an expense for me, now. I can't hitch nor tow it myself. I don't think anyone wants to see a broken-hearted woman struggling to set up at a campground, anyway. So, I found a dealer that will take both of them in trade. I will get a nice, small reliable car. My sister said, that if I want to camp in the future-I could get a 'camper cabin' or use a tent. Good point. Many changes ahead. No one knows what is around the corner. Thank you all for your advice and camaraderie over the years.Sue
Go Dogs 10/01/14 06:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: New widow trying to winterize

I understand what you are feeling. I lost my first wife in 2009. She loved to camp and we had a pop up camper at the time. I loved the camping but disliked the time spent packing, setting up, tearing down and unpacking. I bought a small TT for myself in 2010 and remarried in 2011. My new wife and I are on our second TT and looking at upgrading to a fifth-wheel. I've told others in similar situations as ours that life will never be the same again but it can still be good. Continue to love others and let them love you! God Bless! Mike Mike, that's a story that I really needed to hear, this morning. Thank you.
Go Dogs 09/25/14 05:25am General RVing Issues
RE: New widow trying to winterize

Sorry for your loss. I would say you did well to even think about winterizing. Thank you, I'm really trying to think of all the stuff that needs to be done. Then, I'll collapse and have a good cry. It'll be a real sad day when that camper leaves.
Go Dogs 09/24/14 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: New widow trying to winterize

You ok, the antifreeze will be ok in the hot water tank over the winter. It was RV antifreeze? Just flush / sanitize well in the spring Just why did you snip off the anode rod could have just stuck it back in. No need for a separate plug. Be sure to get a new one before spring..... We all had to learn sometime............. I snipped off the rod because it was pretty corroded, and I didn't want it to just crumble into the tank. I figured that the threaded end cap was all that I needed to plug the hole, so that's what I did. Yes, it was RV antifreeze and I have a new rod already for spring. I'm actually trying to sell it, as I don't think I can use it since husband died. It was very emotional to winterize, and clean it out for the last time. Please, everyone stay safe.
Go Dogs 09/24/14 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: moving date

Good work, snow is right around the corner! After last winter, you will be nice and toasty. Of course, I hope you can kiss nursing good bye, too. Please keep us updated-This will be a great move!
Go Dogs 09/23/14 08:51am RV Pet Stop
New widow trying to winterize

Hi, recently widowed and trying to winterize TT for the first time. Here's what I messed up: My HWT doesn't have a valve, so I had to remove the anode rod to drain it. Forgot to release pressure valve and almost got hit with a flying anode and drenched with nasty, mineral-laden water. I didn't have a 3/4 inch plug, so I snipped the remaining rod off the threaded end and put it back in. So far, so not so good. Then, I followed the arrows and directions to bypass the HWT, that my late husband had written on the water tubing, under the sink. My son helped with the pump and the hose. We ran the pink stuff thru the faucets/toilet and outside shower. Then I poured some down into the black/grey tanks and traps. High five, right? Wrong. Today I went to the hardware store and got a 3/4 inch plug to replace the anode rod. When I removed the rod, you guessed it. Pink stuff started gushing out. I hurried and put the plug in. Apparently, I had not bypassed the HWT. No wonder it took so much antifreeze. My question: Is it okay to leave the pink stuff in the HWT till spring or do I have to figure out how to really bypass and drain it?
Go Dogs 09/23/14 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Schedule 2 drug and Full Timing

From what I've seen and heard: NO legitimate doctor will do you any favors on extending themselves on certain drugs. They will get an automatic red flag for any suspicious activity. It is not worth the trouble to a legitimate physician. Even little old senior citizens are selling their vicodin and Xanax to supplement their incomes. You are going to have to play by the rules-no one will stick their neck out to help you.
Go Dogs 08/30/14 10:27am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: One of my dogs is strange

That's what we do. Vinyl floor with carpet runners.
Go Dogs 08/24/14 06:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cigar smokers...

Cigars, wine, craft beers, gourmet coffee, aged steaks.... There's always the snob factor.
Go Dogs 08/23/14 07:16am Around the Campfire
RE: What to do to correct dog agression to other dogs?

My 2 cents. I feel very strongly that dog-ownership is a HUGE responsibility. I have had dogs all of my life. Properly raising and training a dog does not come naturally. It is something that requires hard work, research, training, etc. I believe that asking a novice to choose the proper puppy, socialize, train and care for it properly, is like asking somebody off the street to perform an appendectomy. It's hard enough to start with a pup, but a rescue dog that has 'issues' is another thing. I know the popular, socially acceptable thing to do is to rescue a dog. I volunteer at an animal shelter-There is a very, militant attitude about getting a pup from a breeder, (backyard or legitimate). You're the bad guy if you want a puppy, when so many dogs wait for a home. It is easy to fall into the media perceptions about adopting a dog with an unknown or abusive background. I'm here to tell you, that UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING-you could be bringing a ticking time bomb into your home. I know there are many exceptions about wonderful experiences with rescue adoptions. We met a great rescue dog at the campground this week. BUT, you have to accept the fact that some dogs may have issues beyond your scope to 'fix'. You may have to access the situation, the potential dangers-and make a hard decision.
Go Dogs 08/21/14 08:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: A little Dobro around the fire anyone?

Thanks for posting, so beautiful. We just got home from a few days in Ohio. As we were setting up, I thought I heard far away music. We went for a walk, and at the far end was a group: Harps, Dulcimers, guitars, fiddle, and penny whistle! Cripple Creek, Mississippi Sawyer, what fun!
Go Dogs 08/20/14 04:09pm RV Lifestyle
RE: ATK tomorrow

Prayers being sent. Please keep us updated. I hope this surgery will be a blessing!
Go Dogs 08/14/14 06:07am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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