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RE: A Thank You!

Bigfoot was on my list, they are suppose to be an amazing build!!!!
Photomike 08/14/17 05:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-350 Hard Ride

I think I would be opening myself up to failures in extreme cold. What does extreme cold do to air bags? Don't E450 based shuttle buses have air suspension systems ... and I assume some them are used in harsh climates. I have been told that there is a higher failure rate at -30 & 40C. I will check into this and see for sure. All the big rigs use Firestone air bags . I would assume there are such around your area. Having been around heavy equipment as a career i have seen few air bags fail. Always maintain just a few pounds of pressure to keep the wrinkles out and you should be ok. Funny I texted my brother tonight and asked him as he has a number of semis that they run and got the same reply. I will have to look into airbags now.
Photomike 08/13/17 11:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-350 Hard Ride

I think I would be opening myself up to failures in extreme cold. What does extreme cold do to air bags? Don't E450 based shuttle buses have air suspension systems ... and I assume some them are used in harsh climates. I have been told that there is a higher failure rate at -30 & 40C. I will check into this and see for sure.
Photomike 08/13/17 08:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-350 Hard Ride

Mike, Your 19G underloads the E350 chassis, so it' going to ride rough. I experienced the same thing with our 24 foot Class C on an E450 chassis. Lowering rear tire pressure helps, and so may Koni FSD shocks in the rear - but they are expensive shocks. We have a set of Koni FSD shocks in just the rear ... our front shocks are still stock. Less expensive but high quality soft shocks in the rear - like the Bilstein soft shocks - may also help in your situation. The next to ultimate solution is to have a leaf removed from each spring in the rear and then have air bags installed back there. Pump up the air bags just enough to counter-act the sag that results from the single leaf on each side being removed. That will get the rear end riding less on stiff steel and more on air. The ultimate solution (expensive) is to have the entire rear suspension converted over to full air suspension. So you are saying I should carry more junk :B Thought of going air bags or full air but don't like the idea for what I use it for, I think I would be opening myself up to failures in extreme cold. Thanks,
Photomike 08/13/17 04:40pm Class C Motorhomes
E-350 Hard Ride

In another post someone mentioned that the E series class C's have a hard ride. I noticed that the first day with mine compared to my Dodge Journey (obviously) and compared to my 2500HD with the truck camper. I have come to live with it and really do not mind but do find it rough when you hit a bump and hear the entire RV do a up and down with all the supplies in the cupboards doing the same thing. Because of this I do not take it near the places I took my truck and camper as I am afraid of doing damage on rough roads. My mechanic has checked everything and did an alignment so the unit is in good shape according to him. It drives amazing on pavement but does tend to bounce and moan on rougher roads. I have thought of changing shocks, springs, etc, etc but wonder if this truly does any good over the long term or if this is just doing slight improvements.
Photomike 08/13/17 04:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cigarette lighter socket fuse

One thing that I have found is that on many vehicles they have two sockets and one is powered 24/7 and the other is powered only by the key being in the on position. Wiring is the same to both from what I have seen, if they do have a cigarette lighter it is usually in the one that is only powered by the key for safety reasons.
Photomike 08/13/17 03:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2011 Sprinter Chassis Squealing Sound Brake Pads? OR?

Not sure if this will work but whenever my Dad had squealing brakes he would drive backwards in a parking lot and slam on the brakes. This would clean out anything that could be stuck in there like a rock. His second trick was to engage the parking brake fully and the brake pedal as well several times as this would make sure they were engaging and hopefully releasing.
Photomike 08/12/17 08:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '17 Super Duty passenger seat belt warning

I have found most vehicles that I have driven or have been in do not chime for the other seats. Good thing for me as I usually have 50 - 100lbs of camera gear on the passenger seat when nobody is sitting there, or if I am shooting many times the passenger will not be buckled in when we are shooting.
Photomike 08/12/17 07:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Repair stripped screw holes in fiberglass

As mentioned the fiberglass is really thin and has no strength in itself. You want to get to the wood behind it and secure to that. Filling the hole as mentioned above with the wood and glue, put he screw in and you are done. No need to fill the fiberglass hole unless you have a crack that is running as all you are going to do is put another hole in it.
Photomike 08/11/17 09:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Is it Okay to Install a Regular Battery Inside the Coach?

The best advice is to get a vented box if you are going to do that. The battery in my TCer was located under a bench seat and unvented when I bought it and was still there when I sold it with no problems but venting is highly recommended. My concern would be if you have gone through that many batteries will another one make it through the trip or will you fry it, if you fry it under the seat with no venting then you will have issues. I would stay with the one battery till you get home.
Photomike 08/09/17 11:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling through BC wildfire area

A few things to keep in mind. It is REALLY dry in BC and things change in seconds, be prepared where ever you are camped to bug out in minutes. Driving is not the only thing that the smoke is effecting, breathing is an issue as well. In Kamloops last week the air quality on a scale of 1 - 10 was at 40! Put your air on recirculate when going through the smoke. If health conditions be extra careful. If you are going to do any hikes be aware of the fires around you. A wind change and things can get bad fast. Keep your vehicle gassed up. You never know when or if you are going to have to take off and where the next gas station is. As much as BC has a lot of amazing camping spots in the bush I would strongly suggest camping in established campgrounds. It is easier to get news if you are with others. There are a lot of fire bans out so ask before lighting. BC has had some insane heat this year so stay hydrated And most of all enjoy, it is only a small part of the province that is "threatened" by the fires and the rest is as amazing as ever once the smoke clears. Those in the tourism industry still need people this summer so enjoy.
Photomike 08/09/17 10:55pm Truck Campers
RE: First Drive -A Question orTwo

I only quickly scanned other responses but here is what I found on buying my last unit..... - Test drives NEVER show you all the issues for many reasons. Once you own it you become more sensitive to all the issues. I test drove my last unit and it was fine. Bought it and within 20 minutes was ready to return it if I could. The issue was the road noise I could not hear myself think when driving and it was not there before. Fortunately after I got out of town I pulled off and found a window had opened slightly, closed it and all was good (funny thing is that it still opens itself every once and a while and ticks me off as I hate noises). - I also found that my unit was a wanderer, took it to a mechanic and they did an alignment, we adjusted the tire pressure and other tweaks and off I went. I cannot say if any of that helped but just driving it I got use to the feel and the response. Still does not drive like my SUV but then my SUV does not have a washroom and kitchen sink. I think most issues with handling are the fact that we have a new to us unit and just are not use to the feelings when driving. I would strongly suggest that you take it to a mechanic that you trust and have them check it out. I took mine in and told the mechanic to look for anything wrong, only thing they found was the alignment was off and like he said with that much weight on it the alignment is good to check regularly anyways and after 150 kilometers it was time. After driving for a while I made some notes as to what I wanted fixed / updated and had that done (they did a full tune-up and the RV feels like a new unit). I have started another list and someday will take it in to have more updates done (thinking I will upgrade the suspension / new tires and rims) but that is as much making it mine as anything. After several trips I do not notice a lot of the things any longer as I am now use to the unit, on the last trip other than the window opening I was shocked at how well it handled and with the low noise and that was even with having to do some emergency defensive driving thanks to some idiot that passed on a solid line! Forgot one thing..... When I bought my last unit it is a Ford E450 and I had not driven a Ford for years and no vehicle heavier than a 2500 and this is a 450. That in itself makes a difference as well. A different manufacturer and different weight will make things feel so different.
Photomike 08/05/17 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Northern Lite - the good the bad and the ugly.

Had an older NL and if I was still into truck campers I would have it or a newer one. Quality is amazing (yes you will hear of some issues) but overall REALLY good. As mentioned before keep up the maintenance and you should have a unit for many years!!
Photomike 07/31/17 08:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Newbie needs help with refrigerator question

My current fridge is 110 / propane. Plug in the camper at home on 110 and get it cold, unplug and it switches to propane till you get to the next spot, repeat. There is a reason that it is 110/propane with the auto switch over, it is designed to run on propane when driving.
Photomike 07/31/17 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Do we need a generator?

I don't have a built in generator and I camp year round. Chances are in the real cold a generator will have problems starting so I would not rely on it as a back up unit. Starting batteries can be low or if it is run off propane and you have propane issues, or if it is run on gas and you run out of gas you are still stuck. I use the on board propane heat, backed up by a catalytic heater with independent propane cylinders and as well as 110V electric heat to plug in if I should have power or if I am carrying the portable generator (benefit of the portable is that you can bring it inside to warm it up a little). Are generators good for some things? Yes. Are they needed? No. It really depends on what you are doing.
Photomike 07/24/17 09:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Removing seat and bench in Thor Majestic 23A

I have a 19' and the bench by the door the base is a outside compartment. I was thinking of pulling mine as well till I found this out. Not sure if yours is built like that or not.
Photomike 07/21/17 09:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Travel to/from Canada

I am on the other side of the fence on the say nothing to the border people. I am more like..'be yourself'. If a person presents themselves all secretive and weird? Guess who gets the hairy eyeball. If you like to talk? talk..they aren't going to punish you for being friendly. Gary Haupt...eh I agree, I am a friendly person and on one entry into the US the border guard left the booth and walked half a kilometer into Canada past a number of other cars waiting behind me to read a US sign that I was laughing about. She came back laughing as hard as I was as nobody ever mentioned how stupid the sign was, she then told me some of the stupid things that people had tried to smuggle that week as she ran my information. Another time going into the US there was something happening as behind each border guard was someone else with a automatic machine gun. The guy I was talking to was stern but very nice, he started to ask me the required entry questions so fast that my answers were off to what he was asking. Got to the part about weapons after asking me a question that I was saying yes to as he said do you have any military type weapons??? I said yes, the guy with the machine gun leans forward and goes "you do" and the three of us started laughing. He tossed my passport back and told me to get lost, which I did. They know who to watch and are generally good at what they do!
Photomike 07/16/17 12:23pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travel to/from Canada

This post will be moved in a day or so and you will get a lot more information but here are my 2 cents worth. The link above gives you a lot of information as well. For food there are some things that are a no go like fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. If you are bringing other items across that are allowed it is best to leave them in the original containers, that way they can see easily what it is and where it was manufactured. Gas is more but the roads are nicer so that is the trade off :B :B Make sure you take out anything that is a no no or may raise suspicion like weapons, ammo, pepper spray, hunting items, etc. Many times it is the stupid thing that we forgot that they find like a switchblade that you have had for 30 years. When you are stopped at the border answer the question honestly and you will be fine. They may search your rig or they may not, it is not that they suspect anything it could just be the way you came across that they figure you are as good as the next person to search. You may want to check on health insurance as well. Sometimes your policy will cover you for 30 days with no addition other times you need to either advise them or even add a rider for a small fee. Use cash as your credit card company will more than likely rip you off if you need to use your card. I would bring some US cash and find a Canadian Bank to exchange it at. You can use US cash any place in Canada but some smaller stores may not give you as much for it. Above all enjoy yourself!!!!
Photomike 07/16/17 12:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Winter Camping!

It all depends on what you want to do with the RV. Most can be modified to work without running water easily, more work to adapt a water system. Look for a unit with insulation in the walls as this cannot easily be improved upon and if possible thermal windows (large cost to upgrade)from there you can upgrade things like adding an insert in the roof vent, adding curtains to hang between the cab and camper / over camper door, etc. Here are some things that I have done to make it more comfortable (I have a lot more to do to get it down to -40) Class C mods
Photomike 07/11/17 08:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Post your Sneakiest Stealth Camp

There is a big difference of deliberately breaking the law and stealth camping within the law or not knowing the law. In our town you could spend a night or two or three at the ice rink any time of the year and not have a problem. In most towns around here you could park on the street for a night or two with no problems. BUT there are places that are clearly signed and doing so is illegal and you deserve a ticket if you do so. I have heard of people spending a night at a roadside pullout that technically is illegal but when you just cannot drive any further it is safer to do that then to drive on. But saying that we will do a trip across a country doing that is asking for trouble. I stealth camp in a park that I go to and in all the times doing so (NEVER during the busy season always off season) I was only asked to move once and then the warden told me to camp in the closed campground so it worked out. I also have been asked to move during the day in a parking spot at a day use area. The person showed up and was VERY upset that I was not in a camping spot (1:30 in the afternoon). I asked if this was not a day use area and he said yes, I asked if the guy next to me was okay and he said yes and then I asked why I wasn't and he said I had a truck and camper and I was camping. Told him I was only there for the day, which I was, and if he had a problem to please call a police officer and we could sort it out. He left and nothing more was said - if I had a camper in a standard van he would never had said a thing to me!
Photomike 07/08/17 06:45pm Truck Campers
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