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RE: sgueaky door while driving

If the above does not work try using the deadbolt as well. Sometimes the latch is weak. Another thing I have found is that the screen door has room to move and it makes more noise than a lot of other things combined. Put a foam bock between the screen door and the regular door and that stops it.
Photomike 10/25/16 11:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: List of repairs from day one for my Class C

I have advised beginners to consider buying a 2-3 year old rig where the original owner took the big depreciation hit and went through the factory defect warranty hassles. Of course you need to be careful making sure everything works and getting parts and labor estimates for any fixes/upgrades needed. Forget beginners, I can honestly say I would not recommend to anyone to buy new..... and that is sad. I know many people that have bought new and all have had issues. Brother and sister in law bought a new unit (and sounds like it was expensive) and have had nothing but problems. The dealer has been very little help, manufacturer is no help and the repairs that have been done under warranty have been poorly done. My last unit I bought for what I thought was a good price and kept a repair fund of enough to allow me to fix problems, still not a guarantee but like I told my wife better than spending six times that amount on a new unit and still having to fix it.
Photomike 10/22/16 02:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Old forum

Was posted a while ago..... NL
Photomike 10/17/16 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: RV's too old to park in their campground???

How cold does it really have to get before you have to be concerned with frozen holding tanks and water lines? I mean, does it have to be below freezing for more than just a night? A simple answer is yes, one night with cold temps will not freeze you up, unless it is crazy cold (-25C or colder) !!! I have actually had water in my tanks when it has gotten cold (-15C or 5F) and never had a problem. This past week have had a few nights at (-9, -7, -4 Celsius) and still not a problem. The big thing is that at this time of the year the daytime temperatures are still high enough (+1 or more) to clear up any ice during the day so it has to start over at night to refreeze. Also as long as you are using water and running the water heater during the next day or night then you will be fine with the lines as the ice will be cleared out. Now if the daytime temps were in the same range (-10 or -15C) it would worry me that it would start to freeze up and would never truly thaw and it would just get worse and you would have a blockage that would stop the flow altogether in a day or two. That being said unless you get an insane hard freeze like -25 or - 30 C your system should not have a problem with a single freeze up. The problem happens when you have a freeze and a blockage gets in the line and then it thaws or you have liquid further down the line and then that freezes with ice blockages on both sides of the liquid. Once you get a frozen blockage in the line and the water cannot expand down the pipes then you get pipes that will crack on the next freeze-up. In cold weather I leave my pump off and the taps open to allow any expansion to happen through the pipes and that helps to minimize any blow outs. Also either leave your hot water heater on or if a manual pilot light then leave that on. As for the storage tank if it is fully inside then it has to get REAL cold to freeze. In temps that are in the -10C range the inside of my camper will only drop to -2 or -3C without the heat on and then will warm up fast in the sun to +6 or 10 even with outside temps that are cooler. If the tank is under the RV and gets no heating it will cool off and in a couple days turn to slush and a day or two later freeze, even in close to freezing temps. Side note on RV anti freeze - In real cold weather you will see the RV antifreeze turn to slush and this is fine. What it is doing is stopping any hard freezes that cause blockages. Again I leave my tapes open so that air and any expansion can happen without blow outs, just to be safe.
Photomike 10/13/16 10:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shore Power Plug Mod

I couldn't find my post from Nov 2008, so much for search ... Bingo I think this was it, thank you. I many have found a second solution as they have the RV prewired for a generator and a wall plug in the electrical box that you plug the shore cord into to get power from the generator. Now I just need to find where it goes to, a job to do once all our snow melts :-) Thanks,
Photomike 10/12/16 12:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Hello

Seems like a few TCer people here :-) I did love the TCer and can see the benefits but other than loosing the off road ability I think I came out with more benefits than what I lost for what I use it for. I never took the camper off the truck so really not a big deal there. Next set of mods done... - Moving blanket bought, so far just tucking it in under the mattress. DOES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!! - Vent pillow for the front vent - Reflectix (sp) bought for the rear vent Today thinking of getting some plexiglass after work to start making storm windows. The rear window does not open so I can leave this one in all year round. For the windows in the cab over think I will make a insert with some foam and mount it in there as they do not open either and to me is more of a pain then anything as I never look out there. Still debating on the big window. May use those plastic sheets that you heat up to shrink this year. Considering seeing what the cost would be on replacing the big one and the tiny one by the door with a thermal pane windows as only have the two windows that open and may be worth the cost to have the warmth in the winter and the coolness in the summer. Wife is ready to kick me out of the house so I may be moving into the Class C soon. I mentioned the other day that I was thinking of buying a van and converting it or buying a Class B for my daily vehicle as the Class C is wider than I like to drive to work :R
Photomike 10/12/16 10:17am Class C Motorhomes
Shore Power Plug Mod

A while back, sorry do not know how long, someone did a conversion to the shore power plug and how it came through the side of the camper. My new MH has a cabinet that has the plug and cord stored into it and while this is great for a night or two to open the door and pull the plug out and leave the door open I want a way to run a regular extension cord out of the box for over winter. I remember someone did a mod on their camper and I liked the idea but cannot remember the specifics. Thanks,
Photomike 10/11/16 08:17pm Truck Campers
RE: A long good bye :-(

Mike, if we go to a MH in about 10 years that Pleasureway with the murphybed looks neat. I had looked at a few MH's with a non permanent bed (from a bench, to the Travato with the lifting bed in the back to the newer ones with the bed in the wall or ceiling) and heard a number of complaints about them. Biggest was having to make the bed at night and then pack it up in the morning. The other was the problem of storage with the bedding during the day. Honestly I do not need a bed a lot of the time as I am using it to shoot from or as a office, but when I do I like having a bed made up and ready to go :Z :Z
Photomike 10/11/16 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Hello

Mike, For a separation curtain, I went to Harbor Freight and bought a $8 moving blanket, a grommet kit (including punch), some S hooks and made mine. The total cost was probably less than $20. I got a length of curtain rod to span the cutout area to hand it on. I cut off the extra length of the blanket and hung it up. It is well insulated and keeps the heat out and the cold in. Tim http://i1084.photobucket.com/albums/j404/healeyman/CIMG2107.jpg Thanks will be doing the same thing, plus will make one for the side door. in -20 and -30 all the heat the better :-) I also think this is smarter than trying to put those wrap around curtains up at night!
Photomike 10/11/16 03:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Rental Class C. How many of us out there? (Long)

Photomike,welcome to the Former Rental Club! Duly noted you are #76 :B Thanks for the write up on your experience with your purchase,I found the same thing when I looked at Cruise America,they didn't know much and didn't seem to care. It sounds like you have started to make it your own with the mods you have done and what you have planed,good luck. The 19G was discussed on page # 38 on this thread,it may be of help to you. Click here for that Good Luck and have fun,after a few trips tell us how everything is going. Yup agree with everything that is written about them. For me I am not really a camper, in fact I think I have decided that I HATE CAMPING :-), I use the RV as a mobile office, kitchen, storage but hate sitting around soaking up the sun! Since I love exploring dumping tanks everyday is not a big deal as I am usually moving everyday. The fuel tanks seem fine to me for the MPG that I am getting but will do my usual when at 3/4 start looking and when at a half refuel when I am in the mountains. Plus if I am really putting in the miles I carry a extra tank or 2. The rear bumper on this thing is crazy well built so I am thinking of mounting a couple gas tanks there. The bed is interesting - you could have two people sleep in it but it is tight with the shape of the nose. Most times it is just me so not a huge deal. Hopefully heading out to shoot some Northern Lights and stars this weeks so will see how things shake down for shooting!
Photomike 10/11/16 03:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A long good bye :-(

Thanks. That was very informative. I've forgotten all the little things I've done to my rig to personalize it. It is a shock when you look back. Even small things like towel racks or carpet makes so much of a difference!
Photomike 10/11/16 03:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Hello

Welcome to the Class C ranks and also to the Former Rental owners! Please share your experience with that Former rental when you can and you will be added to the list of happy owners :B Done
Photomike 10/11/16 09:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Rental Class C. How many of us out there? (Long)

Well I guess I am the next one on the list. I bought a 2011 Majestic 19G from Cruise Canada, same as Cruise America. So far I am a happy camper (pun intended). I was VERY impressed with the build quality, NOT so impressed with the salesperson. Can you say lack of person skills, lack of product knowledge and VERY disorganized!!! Made an appointment to look at the RV almost two weeks before hand. It had to go through a out of province inspection first, then a detailing and when I showed up no detailing was done. In fact there was still all the dishes and camping supplies in the RV, which he left as it was too much work to get them out. We told him about somethings we wanted done before I would get the cheque and he got them done with a minute to spare but I know he did NO extra! Then when I asked him things like how many watts was the solar panel was he said small, and when I asked about a vent in the bathroom and how to open it he said it was always open (in fact you have to push up but I could not get it to move as it was so stiff). I am VERY glad that I had an RV before this as that was the extent of the knowledge that he had to share and if I did not know things already like where to find the hot water tank bypass, or that it would have a hose connection for winterizing I would never of known to look for them. I got it off the lot and went through adjusting and checking things out as he was NO HELP AT ALL!! That being said he is not the only sales person that I have run into that has had ZERO knowledge on the product that they sold. One other salesperson at another dealer told me that if I wanted the window to stay closed while driving that I would need to cut a stick to make it stay as the window latches actually were not to hold the window closed :h My plan is at the price I got it for is to invest some more money into fixing it up to what I want and be happy. I have enough in the bank to do a major repair if need be, but I am hoping the warranty is going to look after anything big on the engine and transmission if it comes up in the next year. So far an alignment and re-packed wheel bearings and a burnt out bulb has been all that my mechanic could find. For me new foam in the bed, carpet and a few small things have been done to help make it more like home. In the near future storm windows and a spice rack and towel bar are next on the list. I guess they don't figure tourists use towels :B http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/camper/RVlow.jpg
Photomike 10/09/16 11:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A long good bye :-(

Thanks everyone. Yes Happy Trails it is from CC or CA in your neck of the woods. The sales guy was NOT HELPFUL, it is a good thing that I learned what I had with the truck camper as he knew nothing about how to operate the camper. I don't think he has ever camped let alone in one of his units. He gave me the manual that they give to the renters but that was it, I pulled panels to find the other things that I needed to know like water shut off, water heater by pass, etc. The fluids look good. I actually had it in to my mechanic last week and he only found two things - one was it needed and alignment and the other was a light bulb on the license plate was out (which is funny as it had an out of province inspection and it says on the form that it was okay). Alignment done and I will check the wiring for the plate light. He also repacked the wheel bearings as he did not think that had been done. For what I paid I can put a lot into it and still be ahead of what others are going for, the motor and transmission have a 12 month 18,000 km warranty as well - if they will back that, I am not sure how trustworthy the warranty is. One thing that I cannot get over is how wide the unit is with the mirrors. I have trimmed a few trees with them driving on the narrow mountain roads. :B Matho I thought of that. Was thinking of a new bumper with a winch mount and some LED light bars....... you can sell off the 4x4 but cannot take the 4x4 out of the blood!
Photomike 10/09/16 11:25pm Truck Campers

Well after a lot of years on the Truck Camper side of things I have officially made the move to a Class C. So far I love the unit but I need to do a lot of little mods to get it up to my wants and needs, carpet and underlay are in, dual thermometer installed so I can track outside and inside temps, new foam in bed mattress and a foam mattress cover installed. First big thing is I need to find a blanket to hang between the cab and the camper as well as over the door to help keep the back warm. Cold weather will be here soon and in -30C I want to keep all the heat that I can. Also need to make storm windows as the windows are single pane and I want double pane windows for the winter. Oh well, it took me years to get the truck camper set up so one thing at a time! http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/camper/RVlow.jpg
Photomike 10/09/16 07:56pm Class C Motorhomes
A long good bye :-(

Well after selling my truck and camper in the spring and a lot of looking it is time to say good bye to the world of truck campers. It was fun but I am now the owner of a new to me class c motor home and so far very impressed. I really cannot believe how hard it was to buy a motor home, there is a lot of garbage out there and a lot of dishonest/ difficult sales people both with businesses and privately. I spent an hour or two everyday looking at what was on the market, I contacted dozens if not hundreds of people about their units and was just about ready to give up. Many private sellers were so vague and misleading that I was ready to explode on a few. One person in particular I had made an appointment to go and look at his unit 1 minute after he listed it, was leaving at 6am the next day to drive 3 hours to look and he gets back to me a couple hours later after we had agreed to meet the next day saying "I have other people that are interested and may sell it while you are driving up". Are you kidding me? With a number of private sellers and businesses I would ask questions about the unit they were selling and get either no response, a very vague response or a misleading response. "Yes it has a generator" and then when I ask how many watts they don't respond so I go to look and no generator. A number of businesses outright lied about the unit to my face, one sales person (the manager of the company) tells me about a unit I am test driving and one thing during the conversation that stood out to me was "We bought this unit from an older couple that divorced to help them out" then the next day I go in to ask some more questions about the unit and the guy I talked to the previous day was out so the head sales person tells me "This unit was perfectly maintained by a middle age couple and they upgraded to a larger unit". As it turned out they also changed their story about the features and issues with the unit so I ran away fast from that one. Looking back I think the greatest thing with buying a truck and camper was the fact that I could buy a truck and camper separate. So once I found the camper that I liked I could then look for the truck that I liked. This was also the hardest thing with buying a class C. Many camping units were nice but the truck part was horrible (worn out, under sized engine) or it had a great truck but a horrible camper (yes the truck only has 10,000 km's on it but the camper has been leaking like crazy for 8 years and is junk!!!). If I did not so want, and need the ability, to go from the front to the back I would have went with another truck and camper months ago as the ability to customize the two units was really tempting me. I had also looked at a lot of class B units and for the ability to go from the front to the back I loved them but the manufacturers build them so low to the ground that I could not take them in so many places. Add to that the fact that a used class B in good shape was still around $60,000 - $100,000 and I could not bring myself to buy one - I wanted to be able to afford to camp after I bought it. So after owning the class C for over a week I have settled in to the good and bad about it. In the first hour of owning it I thought I made a huge mistake as the unit handled so badly and the noise was so loud that I was just about in tears. Then after a stop to fuel up and taking some time to start adjusting things I was a lot happier, closed all the windows properly, moved gear around, adjusted things and it was so much quieter. Then the first night camping I was so happy to not have to move my camera gear that I was in heaven - shoot, stop for supper, shoot, stop for bed and my gear was fine where it was. Half way through the night I realized that this was not a comfortable unit to sleep in, my shoulder was so sore and my back ached that I knew that I needed to do some changes. The second night I took a sleeping pad from my tent camping days and it was as bad if not worse then the first night. So the other day I went to a specialty company that builds RV beds and benches and they took out all the foam and replaced it with new and gave me a mattress topper as well, I have not slept on it but I have tried it and WOW it is so soft now. I have to keep reminding myself that with the truck camper I had done modifications to it for years to get it where I wanted it, and with the class C it will take me some time as well. Added carpet and underlay to it the other day and that not only made it a lot more like home but made the floor warmer and silenced some of the echoes. Now I have to tear apart a cupboard as they have a pile of wires running through it and they rattle when driving. SO each time I feel disappointed I just remember all the time and adjustments to the truck camper. So here is a list as of today of the good and bad that I have found when comparing it to my truck camper, there are a lot more good that I am not listing as this unit is 19 years newer than my truck camper but that would be unfair to compare those things ......... Good - Able to go front to back - Heat keeps both the front and back warm - More storage space in the camper - More floor space without the camper being a lot bigger - Better laid out (kitchen is at the back so can cook and not be in the way of others) - Lots of outside storage but would not say they are huge - Love the fact that they are sealed up and closed. I used the truck bed for storage with the TCer but it was not weather proof. - Larger washroom, I am not sitting against the cold wall when on the toilet - ONLY a couple sample calculations but it seems like I am getting in the 13mpg range, truck and camper was 11mpg on the same route Bad - Had to buy as a unit and could not pick and choose the truck and then the camper - No four wheel drive (still not sure that I really need it) - No bench seat behind the drive and extra doors for my son and dog - Loss of storage under the rear bench seat in the truck and on the seat (kayak would travel there when it was just me) - Seems more top heavy or a rougher ride than the tcer, could be that it is a Ford and that it is a E350 and my GMC was a 2500 - Cab over bed may be for two people but just for two, TCer had more space up there - Need a way to insulate the windows / cab at night as there is a lot of cold air coming in the back from there Well it is down the road for me over to the Class C side of things, of course I will still hang around here but now it is to learn the tricks of the class C people!! Safe travels everyone......... http://www.firstchoicephoto.ca/camper/RVlow.jpg
Photomike 10/09/16 07:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping well below freezing - Sweden over winter

LOVE all the responses, many from people that have never experienced real cold. NO you will not die at -30 if you are prepared! YES you can camp in -30. YES vehicles run at that temperature (gas & diesel) I have been doing it for years. Will it be comfortable? It can be bearable but real comfort I would say no but it all depends on what they are doing and what they expect. The original post is way to vague to make much comment on - 1 - Are they living in the camper 12 + hours a day? 2 - Are they only sleeping in the camper? 3 - Do they need to have the water system running (they have a cassette toilet so I would not have the water system running). 4 - Do they have an emergency escape? If the camper gets real bad can they go inside a stick building for a night or two? I have camped in those conditions and have enjoyed it for a few nights, I think if I had to do it for longer I would really modify my life to reduce the amount of time in the camper and I would completely cover up the windows & walls with heavy down filled comforters to add to the insulation. If they have power then an electric heater is great. I use an electric heater for my main heat, the RV furnace for a back up and a cat heater for the emergency back-up. I was camping a couple winters ago in the tcer and a guy pulls up beside me. He was 80 years old and slept in the back of his vehicle. In the morning he would go swimming in a hotel pool($5)and shower then head out for the day snowshoeing and cross country skiing and at the end of the day go to the hotel again to shower and swim, cook supper outside and sleep in the van.
Photomike 09/20/16 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: Alaska bound

Would there be any restrictions taking, say a 100 gallon spare diesel fuel tank in your rig through Canada on the way to Alaska? Diesel being fairly safe and all... That would give us about a 1300 mile range. Usually the only time you will be questioned is if you are only going across the border for the day. Traveling not usually an issue. I see many people driving past each year with Jerry cans strapped to the roof of cars, truck and RV's and nothing is said.
Photomike 09/05/16 09:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Alaska bound

I have a 2500 Onan LP generator, Solar panel, 2 30 lb tanks, an extra Mr. Heat Buddy that uses 1 lb LP tank and double pain windows on my Arctic Fox 1150 and a Ram 3500 diesel Dually 4x4. Needless to say we have been in some areas that a mountain goat might have had second thoughts......hehehe. As long as I feel good I am coming! Shooting for October, anyone want to join up? Sounds like you may be prepared. Should be a great trip!
Photomike 08/28/16 08:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Alaska bound

Thanks for the responses and if there is any other info pass it along. We are not afraid of cold weather and have driven in many a snowstorm. If I can get up there this fall I just might pass by and give you a call. Will have to plug in somewhere if we stay for a few days. What is the name of the ski area on the mountain near Cleary? With the lack of campgrounds open you may want to pick up a small generator to top up and also as an emergency power / heat source. If you come through southern Alberta keep my info if you have any problems.
Photomike 08/28/16 02:39pm Truck Campers
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