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RE: Progressive Insurance (agreed value)

If I were in your position I would contact Progressive directly and get an explanation in writing. No matter what you hear verbally it will carry no weight when you file a claim and they only pay blue book. Also agree. It is funny (or sad) how many times something changes when push comes to shove. When I bought my TCer I insured it for replacement cost, which was listed on the contract for what I paid for it. I know I could never replace it for that much as I had done so many updates and other units were not even close to what I had. The only good part is that I would have my initial investment back - hopefully. That being said I deal regularly with people that have had fire or floods in their house. They bring in wedding albums and / or wall portraits for a quote on replacing them and I will do up a quote for $500 for acquiring the negatives, a new album, printing the images, packaging, etc. They will present it to the insurance company and be told they will only pay $50. A fully finished wedding album can not be bought for $50, many times the cover is more than that but that is all the insurance company will pay for replacement costs - they sure have a lot of fine print they can fall back on.
Photomike 03/24/17 09:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why do Class C's always leak in the front upper bunk area?

Someone told me a few years ago: "Imagine if your stick house was subject to an earthquake for 4 or 5 hours a day, it would start to leak and fall apart like a RV does". I think a lot of time it is build quality but a lot is also we just don't take into account how much stress we are putting on these units and how much we need to do to keep them in good shape.
Photomike 03/23/17 12:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full hook-up vs fill & dump

I would fill up your water tank at the dealer, use everything at the dealer (all taps, shower & water heater) then when you go to the campground use the hook-ups. This is probably closer to what you will do most days and will allow you to test the system both ways. I would also do a dump (have water in both tanks) the day you pick-up (run water in all the drains to make sure they work and don't leak) to make sure that you know how and that it works and so you can check for any leaks and that you have a dump hose. My system for traveling has been to fill up water tank at home, travel using the on board system, make camp, use what I need to then the next morning dump tanks and fill up water before hitting the road. I never know if the next day will bring me to a campground that has water or a dump station so I like to stay ready either way. If I have full hook-ups then I top off the water tank at night.
Photomike 03/18/17 04:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bigfoot/Northern Lite TC size opinions

I had a 9'6" and loved it. Had lots of room for what it was. It was not a three room cabin in the mountains but it was livable for two people nicely. Storage was okay, I have a lot more usable storage in my class C for cupboards but the thing that I REALLY miss on the NL is the back seat of the truck for storage of things like lawn chairs, inflatable kayak, shooting blind, etc. Honestly how much garbage do you need to carry in the camper..... I can answer that as I filled up a good part of my garage when I sold the NL so yah the 9'6" must have had a lot of storage! I went with the 9'6" at first was because it was so light. Lighter than a number of pop ups and I never noticed it on the back of the truck when driving. I thought of going with the 10 but was not interested in the extra weight for the little extra space.
Photomike 03/16/17 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: Buyer Beware - Adventurer Truck Campers

You are not the first with issues with Adventurer and more than likely will not be the last. Always hate to see this as a little help with a problem goes a long way to getting more business. I and others here have owned or do own a Adventurer TC and are happy with quality and warranty service. Unfortunate for OP This could not be worked out. I have heard a lot of complaints about them. I am sure that there are happy owners out there as well. As the saying goes someone that is happy with a product or service will tell one or two friends, someone that is not happy will tell dozens.
Photomike 03/11/17 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Buyer Beware - Adventurer Truck Campers

You are not the first with issues with Adventurer and more than likely will not be the last. Always hate to see this as a little help with a problem goes a long way to getting more business.
Photomike 03/11/17 10:08am Truck Campers
RE: Majestic 19G renos have started

I hate to ask such a dumb question... but why doesn't any RV maker sell this type of class "C" new? I love the size of this. The only other manufacturers that come close have rigs costing at least 3-4 times this one. There is definitely room in the market for a decently made "C" that is under 20 feet, bumper to bumper. Buy a used one and save some money. Even if you have to do some major repairs you are still further ahead. I think they are a special order item for the dealers. I have seen a few that are very low mileage and only a year old but they are priced high and sell fast so there is a demand.
Photomike 03/08/17 01:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing

I also agree on the not selling part. Keep your house if you can, I know a number of people that went that route and after weeks, months or even a year they either wanted to go back home or had to for various reasons. If you can afford to rent it out. I also know a few people that moved all their stuff to the basement, sold off extras and rented out the main floor. They could come home at anytime and never felt homeless. If the economy keeps improving and house prices keep rising then you may find yourself unable to afford your current house in a few years. If you do keep it you can always sell later if you decide to.
Photomike 03/06/17 08:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: truck camper or class c?

I have had both a TCer and a Class C. Loved both of them, the TCer was a lot better to go off road (not the crazy stuff just the lesser traveled places). Big draw back was that it was smaller/ less storage and the going from front to back. Love the class C but even with it being the same length of the TCer it is wider and I have issues on some roads that I travel, not the usual roadways but the side routes and areas that I shoot in. If you can try renting for a week, while it may not tell you everything it will sure help. Also, go used and buy something basic and if it works out upgrade. You may think you know what you want today but after a year or two your needs may change.
Photomike 03/06/17 08:42pm Truck Campers
RE: TC shifted

What year is your truck? I have heard of dealers doing that on newer trucks as it is easier to lift the cab to do the service. If it is older, or the cab does not lift then I would find another service place. No one pulls the cab for an oil change and fuel filters. That stuff can all be done at home in the driveway without a jack even if it's a 4x4. However, idk how much the camper has "shifted" . My OCD would want to straighten it out, but by the same token, I've had the camper shift an inch or 2 and or loaded it crooked and I didn't notice any difference from the drivers seat. Actually we have had this discussion before that a number of shops wanted to pull the cab to do oil changes on the newer units, I think it was the diesels and if I am not mistaking it was the Fords. To me it does not make sense but I guess if that is what is recommended then the shops want to do that. I am sure that it is listed this way as a regular service over just an oil change to get more money.
Photomike 03/05/17 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: TC shifted

What year is your truck? I have heard of dealers doing that on newer trucks as it is easier to lift the cab to do the service. If it is older, or the cab does not lift then I would find another service place.
Photomike 03/04/17 03:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Pop Up Soft Side Campers in the Winter

Love to read the responses to a question like this. I know people that camp in tents, vans, cars, RV's all year round and they all do well, some like me even enjoy it. But it all comes down to what you expect. If you want 72 degree temps with no drafts then you will be out of luck with most forms of accommodations in the winter, if you want to survive a night then sure you can do that many ways. If you can borrow or try to find someone that you can go out with for a night. Someone's "comfortable night" may not be what you expect. Someone's "I would never" may be luxury to you. Also like mentioned decide what the temps are that you are planning to camp in. The older I get the higher the minimum temp gets, -40 when I was younger was fine, lately -20 and I will stay home and remember the "good ole days" :-)
Photomike 03/03/17 11:34pm Truck Campers
RE: 2nd battery

I added 4 - 6V to mine and LOVE it. No power issues for a couple nights in the winter or a week or two in the summer without recharging. If you usually plug in then just get a Group 31 and you will be fine with the one and using it during the day between campgrounds.
Photomike 03/01/17 03:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Majestic 19G renos have started

Hi PhotoMike, Thanks for sharing this! I also own a 19G and was wondering if you knew about the hitch class en specs of the one installed on this Class C. The original hitch has a sticker that say 5000lbs tow, and 500lbs tongue weight. But there is another sticker on top of if that says 2500/200. I'm not sure if it's CruiseAmerica who put the 2nd sticker to make sure people are not towing anything with the RV. Or is it the manufacturer (Thor?) who limits the tow capacity because the body/frame is modified because it's an RV? We plan on putting our Scooter (50cc, 220lbs) and two road bikes on the hitch. Overall it might be a bit over 300lbs including the racks. If it's the RV frame that cannot support what the hitch can support, I might end up modifying the rear so that I have 2 additional "receiver" so that my rack is supported 3-way. http://dotsonamap.ca/webimages/Scooter_Rack_small.jpg height=200 I was looking at that the other day as I was thinking of picking up a small camping trailer for a trip this summer to give another set of beds. Mine also said 500 / 5000 on a sticker but had a note by it that said for temporary towing only and had some other stickers that I could not read (it was too cold to get down and look). I think the first sticker is for the screw on light connectors but it was too cold to investigate further. I will try and look better tonight as I am trying to take off for a couple days and want to take the Ebike for servicing so have to hook up the bike carrier.
Photomike 03/01/17 10:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing

New does not mean better, sometimes it means worse. If you find a used vehicle get it inspected before, once you buy one take it to a mechanic that you trust and ask him to check it out and repair or replace what he thinks needs to be done. Then do this once a year or more often to make sure nothing is going wrong. On the road it can be hard to find a good mechanic, ask relatives if you are in their area. As for the unit my choices for what you want to do would be A,C or B for the simple fact that you can drive, stop, eat, use the washroom, sleep and hit the road again without going outside. Not that you will want to do this all the time but there can be times that this is nice. Are you crazy, sorry I don;t think there is anyone on this forum that could answer that, after all we are all on this forum :B :S :h
Photomike 02/26/17 07:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is "PolySteel" worth it?

Rent a carpet cleaner (or buy one... mine gets used way more than I ever planned!) and some solution, and DIY for much cheaper. http://www.jondon.com/3m-scotchgard-carpet-and-upholstery-protector-2.html?gclid=CKfblpu7q9ICFUpNfgodWtwFZw Cannot tell you all the times that our shampooer has been used for so many things. Cost was $150 on sale and I can clean the RV, vehicles and house with it. Then use the saved money for fuel!
Photomike 02/25/17 09:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas can

I always laugh when I hear this question because there is not one answer for everyone. For most people having extra gas is a waste of space, if you stay on the main road and watch the fuel gauge and drive from campground to campground. BUT if you like to explore the back roads then carrying gas is smart. I live in southern Alberta about an hour from the US border. Every year thousands of people come up from the US to go to the Calgary Stampede two hours north of here. Mixed in with all these people you will see some people that have their vehicles outfitted like they are on a world expedition; extra gas (some as many as four cans), extra tire or tires, snow shoes, sand ladders, etc, etc. One year I was working in a place that I got to see these vehicles coming in and I was curious so I asked them where they were from and where they were going, I was hoping for answers like "We are heading to Alaska" or "We are on a world tour" but what did I hear from most of them "We are from LA and heading to the Calgary Stampede then heading back home" or "we are from a place a couple hours south heading to the Stampede then back home". I was shocked as they were carrying more gear then they would ever need for 100 of these trips. Yes a few told me they were on their way to Alaska but these people had less than the ones that were just going from city to city. I am one that fills up early, if I am at half and I see a gas station that is easy to access then I will pull in. If I am heading into the back country for a few days I will carry extra gas. But honestly if you are going from town to town or campground to campground you really don't have to.
Photomike 02/25/17 09:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another use for the motorhome

We have ours stocked and always ready. Just add fresh food. We even keep clothes and jackets, boots, spare sneakers, etc. in it. It has it's own bedding, kitchen and bathroom stuff, etc. Everything stays in it. Even have a spare laptop for it. In the winter I have a couple of bins of things we bring in we don't want to freeze. If we had to leave in a hurry just toss the bins back in, unplug it and go. We don't have many natural disasters around here but there are three Nuke plants within 50 miles. Ya never know. Like you I have bins ready in the off season (6 months of the year :( ), as well as a large bottle of water from a water cooler with a pump if I need it and I make sure that the propane and gas tank are full and the batteries are charged. The worst thing between when I sold my TCer and bought the Class C was not having my bug out vehicle. So many things that can come up and I would rather be fleeing with my RV than in a car or SUV. Last year with the Fort McMurray wildfire my brother had people come to his RV resort after they had to leave town and all they had to do was pull in, plug in and they were good. May not be ideal but sure better than not having a place for yourself.
Photomike 02/22/17 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is this common?

Around here it is the wind that causes an issue with the semis and shelter belts. You will be driving down the road correcting your steering to keep you in your lane then a semi will pass you or you will pass a row of shelter belt trees and the wind will stop or change direction and you are all of a sudden in the opposite lane or on your way into the ditch. A 60mph cross wind stopping all of a sudden is a horrible feeling if you were not ready for it.
Photomike 02/22/17 04:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Building my own truck camper

Looking at the rear view of the cad's you need to bring the vertical on the right side of the door to the floor. Also you need some support over top of the door (your door will most likely not being going from floor to ceiling). This will give you a lot more side to side stability at the back.
Photomike 02/22/17 04:41pm Truck Campers
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