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RE: This is gonna get moved

Try looking on this forum, they have a lot of information about off road GPS http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum I have looked at all the options but mine is still plugging away so still staying with my old one.
Photomike 12/17/14 12:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Making toast

Reading this thread I remembered a few years ago I was out camping and picked up a loaf of bread. I ate a couple slices and then put the rest of the loaf in the oven for storage. A month later I was packing for another trip and found the forgotten loaf. There was no mold on the bread and it was still soft. Makes me a little concerned for what is in our bread these days!
Photomike 12/16/14 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Making toast

look for a camp stove toaster. Sits on the gas burner and toasts up to 4 slices at a time. Camping World $2.93 on internet sale. X2 will also work on propane stove and campfire.
Photomike 12/15/14 12:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Winter camping in a BigFoot 1500 8.2 Truck Camper

My biggest thing is to find a place to fill or dump so I drain the tanks and dry camp. This also saves the whoops we froze up worries. If you know of a place to dump then use the toilets but for me I would still use a bucket and not the water system. One thing that I came across this spring (when we had water problems) was a water pump that attaches to the top of the a water jug (the type designed for the water coolers). It works GREAT and if the jug happens to freeze no big deal. http://www.harrietcarter.com/resources/harrietCarter/images/products/processed/1322.zoom.a.jpg
Photomike 12/10/14 04:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Bathroom sink (wet bath)

I like the sink for all the reasons stated above. In the winter I use alcohol hand cleaner instead of the sink for washing. I also have a retractable clothes line in the bathroom that I love. Pull it out when I need it, close it when I don't. Why not make a cover for it instead of taking it out?
Photomike 12/10/14 12:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Buying a camper in Canada

I tried to register my camper in AB but it was not possible because it didn't have a serial number that fit their pattern. I bought mine new so I got the BOS and a NIVIS but was stymied by the VIN number. I could go through a process to get a VIN assigned but it's not cheap, nearly $500. I wanted to do it so that I could get a plate issued so that I don't have to swap plates. From what I know you will not be able to do as you want to as the vehicle plate has to show in Alberta. All you would be doing is getting a trailer plate in addition to the vehicle plate. I would really check this out as you may be opening yourself up for a lot of problems.
Photomike 12/03/14 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: This is what Torklift calls service??? Ridiculous...

Amazing service in a day that you are lucky just to get a honest answer when going into many places. I just E-mailed a company about buying a product and asked a couple simple questions and the response was "No not at that price". That was the complete response, well they could sure use a lesson or three from Torklift!
Photomike 11/25/14 07:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Best way to determine fair market value...

There is a Lance for sale here that is dirt cheap, way below any book value and it is not selling. There has been a number of NL's and BF for sale way above reasonable pricing (and way above any book price) and they have sold. Honestly it is what people want and what they are willing to pay.
Photomike 11/25/14 04:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Driveway camping at my own house

This is bad HOW????? I have done so a number of times when I needed quiet, when we had guests over, or just because, not only in my driveway but in my daughters and in others driveways. Funny thing is that I have had people feel sorry that I was sleeping there, then I went back to the TC, got a drink, a snack and enjoyed myself :-)
Photomike 11/25/14 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Not a current model - should I care?

Okay here is what I think about buying anything used. If you are buying anything that is listed as used and does not have a sellers warranty (from the RV dealer you are buying from) you are buying as is where is and whether the manufacturer is in business or not makes zero difference. The fact that some manufacturers help out the second or third owners is great and they should be commended for that, but honestly they have no responsibility to do anything. As for electrical or plumbing schematics GOOD luck with that. It seems that RV's have zero consistency from one unit to the next, have seen some big name units that wires run one way in one and different in another unit. That is why one unit will have a door that pinches a wire and the next unit the wires are put out of the way. I have been told many stories about why that is "things shift in an RV", "different features require different routes for services", etc. Honestly this happens in homes as well as other buildings, even with schematics things are put in a little different in each one. The good news is that with an RV you are dealing with a small unit and it is easy to trace and follow things yourself. If you want support from the manufacturer buy new, but honestly most repairs will be easy enough to look after yourself if you are even just a little handy. So you can save the cost of a new unit and look after the repairs using the money that you saved and be way ahead!
Photomike 11/23/14 01:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Life expectancy of pickup campers...

Most of the RV's around here, or that I have seen travelling are stored outside with no cover. They are designed to be waterproof and if maintained will be fine. If I needed to keep mine under cover then I would never have bought it as I don't have a place to do so. If you have storage then fine, but I have never seen any advertising saying this unit must be covered.
Photomike 11/21/14 06:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Winterizing Skylight???

JumboJet, If we could find a source for screw in Snaps that might be the answer. Gary West Marine has stainless steel screw in snaps. Now you guys gave me another idea ...... more work!
Photomike 11/19/14 09:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Toilet question

Dealt with winter/RV/toilet issues for years. Flush liberally with blue windshield washer fluid, plastic 5 gallon bucket fits under the termination outlet, couple three trips to the road side bath room takes care of things. Works for me with the truck camper and the motor homes I've owned. Thought of that as well, would save looking for a dump station.
Photomike 11/12/14 08:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Toilet question

Before doing anything to the toilet, I'd call around to the local RV parks, gas stations with dumps and the municipal waste treatment plant and find out if any will let you use their dump station, even if they are "officially" closed. While many RV parks close Oct / Nov, lock the gate and then disappear for the winter around here. Many over winter comfortably at home. When I've needed water or needed to dump I'll stop by and ask if I can dump and fill with water, even if they are closed for the winter. Most are very empathetic and help out. I don't take change and somehow only have larger bills :). The KOA outside of Revelstoke, BC was very helpful, even though closed. If they can't help out, I simply ask if they know of a place. A lot of the gas stations have dump stations you can still use as long as they don't bury them, when they plow the lot. Our local conoco station has a dump station accessible year round. A quick call is easier than making your own dump station this time of the year. I dug down to find my septic tank and have it pumped earlier this year. I installed risers and a lid so I won't have to do it again. Pretty simple to add a 4" fitting to the riser lid to make it into a dump station at home. As to everything being frozen, we run full utilities all year round. While it was -2F this morning, the temperature in the basement near the tanks stays above 45F and inside it is at 70F while on our winter road trips to ski areas in MT, BC and AB. The coldest the inside of the camper gets in the winter, is when it sits on the truck or cart in the 60F heated garage between trips ;) That is a good temp for the waste tanks, I do not have a basement to heat. The last time I tried to dump in the cold nothing moved and even the valve was tough to open, that was after finding a place that I could dump at (many places I have found freeze up as water gets into the dump drain and freezes so even when you get the cover off they are still no good). I think that I am going to keep the toilet in and have the porta potty for cold snaps (like now). Does not your dump valve freeze or is that inside the basement as well? The KOA at Revelstoke is a nice place. I thought that they were open year round? I was planning on stopping there in January so I should check on this. I looked into setting up something at home, this would be great in so many ways, but the cost is WAY out of line. To get a drain to the area that I park the camper at would be over $10,000 (they would need to rip up a pile of the basement floor to get to the wall, then punch through the wall and tunnel up from the basement to be under the camper - needing to dig up a large portion of driveway to get there). Then this would still be subject to freezing I was told. Next option was to build a garage, heat it and put sewer in that. Prices came in from $30 - $40,000 for the garage and adding plumbing as the distance that they would need to run and tunnel is crazy. So the porta potty seems like a little cheaper of an option at only $70.00.
Photomike 11/12/14 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: CB Antenna Mount

Go to www.firestik.com and look at their mounts. They have mounts that go under the edge of the hood using existing body bolts. I was given a cb antenna that had a magnetic mount and went to a local welder and had him bend me some metal. Then I mounted this under the hood so it sticks out over the front wheel well and the hood still closes nicely, works great and cost $20.00.
Photomike 11/11/14 08:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Toilet question

I love how all these guys are telling you to just use the toilet, and not understanding that where you are everything would be FROZEN SOLID, period. I'm not sure I'd go to all the trouble of removing the toilet, though. I think I'd just use the porta potty elsewhere in the camper. Then again I'm camping alone so I wouldn't have an audience. What would be ideal for you would be a cassette toilet as a permanent solution for year-around. I think that you are right with using the porta potty someplace else. I measured and it will fit on the shower pan easily. I was all ready to pull the toilet today then remembered that I wanted to go to the coast next spring when it will still be cold here. I would be able to use the toilet for a couple of weeks there so I would be putting it back in for that trip and then taking it out a couple times this year. I would love a cassette toilet as for what I use the tcer for it would be ideal, problem is the conversion to a cassette would be a lot of work. NL is now offering a cassette option on new units..... if I upgrade I know what I will get.
Photomike 11/11/14 12:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Toilet question

Thank you for your feedback - the problem with trying to do any dumping in the winter around here is finding a place that you can dump at that is not frozen solid (let alone having what you are dumping thawed enough to get through the dump valve). Right now it is -14C and not going to get much warmer for the next few days -27C tomorrow night, I want to head out this weekend and everyplace that I dump at is covered by ice and snow, with a portable toilet I could bring inside to dump. The only place that I could run a hose at home would not be good (read into this wife would NOT be a happy person if I did so and I may be living in the tcer after doing so) as the hose would have to run through the house, that is if anything would come out of the tank at these temperatures.
Photomike 11/11/14 08:38am Truck Campers
Toilet question

I love getting out in the winter but with how cold it has been the last couple of years dumping the tanks is impossible. I have a chance to get a new porta potty for cheap and I am thinking of removing the toilet and capping the hole above the tank then putting the porta potty there for the winter and returning the toilet in the spring. My question is what is holding the toilet on the tank? I know this will vary with the brand but is it usually a bolt going down into the tank or a bolt coming from the tank? Can this bolt / support be removed easily to make it flat on the top or is this bolt going to still be there? I would go out and look for the brand but it is -20 C now and I am inside where it is warm. My second option is to leave the toilet in place and put the porta potty on the floor.
Photomike 11/10/14 11:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Salute!

Yes thank you. Because of those that have and are serving we can go camping and enjoy life. I think of this almost daily and I am humbled.
Photomike 11/10/14 11:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Elkmont Evacuation

Was out camping this past Friday and Saturday. Went to one of my favorite locations in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta and was told when I went to one of the lakes that they were shutting the road down for the season as a big storm was moving in, but would let me take one last drive. A couple hours later at another part of the park a Warden came by and let me know that if I wanted to stay were I was that was fine but it may be a day or two before the plows got to me as a major storm was moving in. I was tempted to stay there but had some meetings on Monday that I need to be at. Nice thing about having everything with you is that you can stay in a place for a few days without a problem.
Photomike 11/02/14 03:43pm Truck Campers
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