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RE: Stereo Change

Generally there is no problem.. Yo umay wish to visit www.crutchfield.com and see if they have an adapt-a-kit. Also if your old radio has a CASSETTE input, that works as an AUX in too, though not as good as the real deal. Some radios DO have aux in capibility but you need a plugs into the back adapter. (My Dash Radio for example). and finally there are many FM_transmitter options, Radio Shack carries a few of them and if you google Radio Shack Stores Closing. The prices at the stores on the list are kind of good.. Very good in fact. NOTE: FM transmitters can be a problem in heavily saturated markets,, No blank space on the dial or your transmitter. There used to be one company (I think AudioVox) that made one that went inline between the FM antenna and the radio,, That fixed that, but alas Have not seen it in more years than I care to admit to. I had looked into all the above. I already have a FM transmitter but it eats batteries. Tried the tape deck input and the sound of the deck was way too loud. No AUX input as it is way too old for that. Then as I was reading your post for the second time I thought of a couple things that I will have to add to this project: - 12V plugs to charge the satellite receiver, cell phone - May as well locate one of the inverters to this area as I will have a straight drop to the fuse panel and can charge camera batteries using this - Will look for a deck that has a IPOD plugin and a AUX in for the satellite receiver Project getting bigger :-)
Photomike 02/26/15 08:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Stereo Change

Thanks everyone. Just wanted to make sure that I was not missing anything. As soon as it warms up I will be making the switch. This will also give me some more storage space as the old stereo is HUGE and I will make a small cabinet there to put electronic devices in. This way I will be able to use the satellite head in all my vehicles as well.
Photomike 02/25/15 09:29am Technology Corner
RE: Stereo Change

What "news" are you trying to get that a simple AM/FM radio will not get? AM/FM is not available in the mountains. Most of the campgrounds that I stay at are not close to a city so no signal for radio or cell phones. I like to also listen to the weather as well.
Photomike 02/24/15 07:02pm Technology Corner
Stereo Change

One thing that I miss when camping is staying in touch with the news, so I have been thinking of getting satellite radio to take with me (I realize that satellite may not work in a number of places but that is okay). Problem is that the stereo in the camper is VERY old and does not have an aux input. So I was thinking of taking the old stereo out and replacing with a car stereo that has aux input for the satellite receiver, Ipod, etc. I would also replace the truck stereo with the same model so that each would have an aux input. Is there a problem with doing this? Do car stereos use more power than a RV unit?
Photomike 02/24/15 03:52pm Technology Corner
Stereo Change

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28219707
Photomike 02/24/15 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Everything Was Going So Well.....Until It Wasn't

Looking at the first picture I was wondering how it could have slide down. Looking at the last and wow it is VERY steep. Glad no one was hurt, hopefully insurance will cover.
Photomike 02/23/15 08:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Refer vent and plumbing vents pj

I have an older Tcer and mine only has the side vents and no fan for the fridge. I can see that a fan would help to keep it cooler and may do that but it has been like that since 1992 and no issues.
Photomike 02/23/15 12:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Little Door into Truck Box Front Left Question

Put a bumper mount to hold it (mounted under the overhang if you have one or along the truck bumper), put it along the side (if you have a shorter camper some have doors at the back along the side for things like this or put a mount above the box and below the camper). The bag will get soiled sooner or later and will leave "things" on your floor, door, etc. Dump areas are not known for being the most sanitary places.
Photomike 02/16/15 08:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Little Door into Truck Box Front Left Question

Our "new to us" 1981 job we are fixing up has a shortish tube hung up on the back right side for storing the sani-hose. Too short to hold a long one such as we use with the 5er. (Goes in the 5er's back bumper) So I am thinking that little door is for a longer sani- hose in a bag. I like to have a decently long sani-hose for all occasions. I would not want to use it for that as you would have to take the hose through the camper before and after dumping. There are better places to store the hose.
Photomike 02/16/15 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: bunk net

Try a cargo net or a infant bed rail that goes under the mattress.
Photomike 02/13/15 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: Little Door into Truck Box Front Left Question

Extension cord, water hose, truck oil, axe or anything that I cannot put in another place that is not affected by cold or wet.
Photomike 02/13/15 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Flat Tire Repair

I know this does not work in the boonies but roadside assistance is my preferred method :B. Go in the back, call, have a snack, wait till they arrive, watch them do it, get on the way. Of course I am the guy that last time I got a flat on my SUV I had it changed before my wife got the phone number out for AMA. I do recommend carrying at least a small compressor as many slow flats can be handled with a top up and a careful drive to the shop.
Photomike 02/07/15 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: Australian TC manufacturers still going strong

I am always amazed how small a lot of the TCer's are in Australia but they have so much packed into them. Last picture the exception. May have to come over for a little visit and rent one :-)
Photomike 02/04/15 05:48pm Truck Campers
RE: will a group 24 and a 50watt panel be enough for 2 week trip

To give you a 100% accurate answer we would need a lot more information and honestly it would never be 100% accurate as there are way to many variables. A group 24 is small for any camper, if it is getting old I would say it would be the weak spot and I would put in a 27 or better. With a new(er) 27 or better and the fact that you would need minimal lights and heat and the fact that you could also use the truck battery for extras like charging batteries when driving and the fact that you will be doing some driving - I would not hesitate doing it myself. Just take an extension cord along and if you get someplace that has a plug in take advantage of it to top off the battery in case you hit a cloudy time. I have gone a week on my group 27 parked in the summer but I have no draw on for fridge or hot water tank. If I drive a little each day I am always topped up and that is without the solar that you have. On edit (as you added the post above): Do the battery upgrade and hit the road. The generator will be your emergency fall back should you need to heat or have a cloudy period.
Photomike 02/02/15 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: Winter Camping

1: How does one deal with the snow dragged in by boots,without it becoming a soggy mess? Answer - Shower floor. If I have the trailer it has a screen on the deck that I can bang my feet on just before getting in but they still go in the shower. 2: What does one wear on there feet once inside the TC? Answer - My TC slippers, same as I wear at home but this pair stays in the TCer 3: How does one deal with the snow on the roof of the TC if snow fall happens while parked? Answer - Drive really fast :-) 4: Tools used to help remove snow from TC roof without damaging Vent , Sky lights, etc? Answer - I have had a foot plus up there and never worried about it. Around here we have a lighter snow so you may want to look after it.
Photomike 01/31/15 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: My first cab over camper

I have a plastic bed liner in mine but I cute out the part that is under the camper (my camper stays in the truck). If I do it again I would get the spray in kind.
Photomike 01/30/15 11:42pm Truck Campers
RE: ham or cb radio

My neighbor is a retired farmer and had a half dozen mobile units in his garage so one day I got one and an antenna (I help him to use all the stuff he has accumulated over the years) and put it in the truck. Seldom hear anything around here, maybe once and a while on the road. It was free so not a big deal but really would not be worth the cost if I had to buy one. Best thing to do is get a list of emergency phone numbers when you are traveling and keep in the cab with you and use the cell phone, or like I do if I need a number when on the road is I call one of my kids at home and have them Google the number (free long distance is great).
Photomike 01/23/15 03:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Not a TC...but bear with me

The sad part is that if he drove a $100,000 car, stayed in the best hotels and was drunk every night on the way down to spring training they would think that is normal. There is a lot more to life than what others think of you.
Photomike 01/23/15 09:09am Truck Campers
RE: Pet's travel with you in a Truck camper

My dog does not have a credit card so I bring my dog with me and leave my DW in the camper with the fantastic fan on. So far, everyone has been understanding. I see not problem with this :-) For me it depends on the heat, around here 30C is hot and if I close the drapes and open the top vents the TCer stays around 22 - 24C. The dog has her water, food, toys and lots of places to lay. She will stay in the TCer all day if she could as she loves it. If I am some place like a zoo where we will be for a while I will come out a couple times to let he out and to check on the temps. Never have been worried about her as it is always cool inside, probably cooler than many homes are.
Photomike 01/23/15 09:07am Truck Campers
RE: Cassette Toilet vs Conventional RV Toilet

ok..I need to jump in here with a question. As a "mature" woman, I really like a toilet nearby at night. Our current TC is without. I do have a little porta potti thing with the WAG bags which I put in a little pop up shelter next to the camper when we have space and are going to be there for a couple nights. Not the most convenient or discrete set up. * I am hoping I can embarrass my husband into a TC with a toilet* In shopping for a new camper, the toilet has become a point of disagreement between me and my husband. Due to the small size of the campers (and evidently his delicate sensibilities), my husband is concerned about smells. In the "which is better" discussion, are the smells worse in one than the other? Is the odor really controlled by chemicals or just replaced with a chemical smell? I kinda lean towards the cassette toilet just due to the fact you it might be easier to rinse out with bleach, etc. Another silly question, if you are on a full hook up site, can you just dump it down the pipe there? Sorry if that is tacky. Thanks GREAT question, I have no smells from my black tank and I do not use chemicals in it unless I am going to be gone for a week or more without dumping. I carry a product that is a more natural product(I think it is called Orange tank additive, but cannot remember as it has been a while since I have used it). What I do is that I flush the black tank really well when I dump usually on my way home from a trip, if it has been hot or the tank has been used for a longer period I will add some water to it when I get home(usually topping the tank up to the top) and add a cup or two of bleach and let it soak for a couple hours or a day then dump it. No smells and no issues with clogs so I am happy.
Photomike 01/12/15 11:17am Truck Campers
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