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RE: Don't Laugh

I know you got a chuckle out of that, after exhaling, when the water started flowing....we can't wait ourselves. Have a great year. Stay Safe, Mike
Splashers3 04/20/14 12:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: waxing grapihcs

We use 303 instead of wax and for the most part, DW & I wax/buff trailer(34ft) by hand...once in a while we'll use the orbital.
Splashers3 04/20/14 12:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sealing Underbelly Seams

EXACTLY on the repair pointed out by Puggslyyy...we just had to pull down our sealed underbelly to have a dump valve repaired. Luckily, it was not one continuous piece.
Splashers3 04/11/14 03:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding BR A/C to Styrofoam insulated roof

Our 5ver was factory prepped for a bedroom AC. We replaced the vent with a MAXXFAN. I did see bracing and it was wired (neatly tied off)for 110VAC. If you don't see any of that, I won't rely on Styrofoam.
Splashers3 04/11/14 03:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: what route to use going north on I 95 ?

X2 on DavisK route suggestion. Rt 15 to Harrisburg to 81N.
Splashers3 04/06/14 06:22am Fifth-Wheels

To the OP - you were one cool customer under some emotional and scary times.... We have mounted a smoke detector right next to our battery to provide us additional warning time. But, my take away, and thanks for alerting us, is I will now have my 4th extinguisher placed in the basement, next to the battery. Having 3, all inside the trailer, may have taken too much time to get. Good luck with reimbursement and repairs.
Splashers3 04/06/14 06:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel hitch theft

We have 2 locks on the bedrails, and have the 2 that are not locked facing inward. Somebody would have to climb in the bed to pull those, can't be reached from standing outside on the ground. The first year or so we locked the hitch release, but we don't anymore. I try to check everything when we stop, buy doing a walk around, before I climb back in and head out. Oh, forgot, we have had the pin removed from our landing gear foot pad. I check those all the time too.
Splashers3 04/06/14 05:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: battery charging

adding to RoyB's comments.....not only do you need to have the fuse plugged in in the fuse box, but you need to have the wire hooked up...I recently found out that after 6 years of towing, that neither of my rigs were charged while towing because the 12VDC wire was tied off in the cable run...and when my RV mechanic pulled it out, and hooked it up, that I finally got 12v at my 2 trailer outlets. He told me that a lot of the P/Us are like that, regardless of manufacturer. Dealer never told me that, nor did the owners manual.
Splashers3 04/03/14 01:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fading 12 volt lights

I just bought my "spare" which I think I may be needing soon. Carrying a spare may come in handy, even if turns out to be your battery.
Splashers3 03/29/14 09:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A&E Power Awning Issues

Thanks guys, I will check the wiring connections before looking at the motor. Can't be too many things to check.
Splashers3 03/27/14 04:48pm Fifth-Wheels
A&E Power Awning Issues

My 2009 CC Silverback has a A&E power awning that is acting up. It will not open without assistance (a constant push). It is getting power, the batteries are fully charged. It's like its "rusted". With help is will open and then close, but without help the motor just clicks, or moves it maybe 1 foot. I used some white lithium grease on all the arm joints, and even the reel itself. It just came back from the repair shop for regular brake/bearing maintenance - not the awning - it worked just fine Oct/Nov...we've had a lot cold & snow, don't know how that would really effect it. Any ideas? thanks in advance.
Splashers3 03/24/14 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Surge Protect

We went portable as well. I use a pretty thick and sturdy bicycle locking cable secured around the pedestal.
Splashers3 03/23/14 05:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fiver from hell

X2 on contacting Trailer Life's Action line.....Montana will see the bad PR reaching even more folks - they may have a change of heart. Good Luck.
Splashers3 03/22/14 05:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: is slider hitch really needed with standard box? (6'5")

I have a slider, but have not used it in 5 years of towing our 5ver because of its front cap design. The rig has been to 90 degrees, as I had the dealership show me it could be done without using the slider. I still had them install one, just to be safer....someday, I may need it. I also have a blue ox bed saver, for the same reason, I hope I never need it, but its there just in case.
Splashers3 03/18/14 03:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What length truck bed??

I feel the same as frankwp. I have never used my slider, and with current rig, probably never will. The extra 1.5' might make parking in my garage an issue....I'd lose the storage (and walk around area) behind the truck.
Splashers3 03/18/14 03:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A bad day

Mystery solved...thanks for filling us in.
Splashers3 03/17/14 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New member / Fifth Wheel Owner

I have a slider with my signature short bed Crew Cab and have never used it. Our Cedar Creek Silverback has a tapered front cap. I had the dealer ship demonstrate going up to 90 deg when we picked it up (2/2008), using our truck...they did it easy without using the slider. I have never had to use the slider and I have had it close to 90 degrees 2 or 3 times. If your Sierra has the tapered front cap, you will probably be OK. Good Luck.
Splashers3 03/16/14 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Batteries NOT charging while towing

that is very similar to what the tech used to ID there wasn't voltage...I am in the process of getting one of those....darn handy inexpensive instrument. Something to add to everybody's toolbox...along with one of those 30Amp female fuses that protect the 7 pin circuitry.
Splashers3 03/15/14 01:38pm General RVing Issues
Batteries NOT charging while towing

Did a search and saw some good info about batteries charging/not charging while towing...but here's a situation some may not know about - I didn't, and I've towed for nearly 6 yrs with my 2008 2500 D/A. Picked up trailer from RV repair shop (yearly maintenance), battery in trailer too weak to raise landing gear. They suggested plugging cord into truck' 7-pin outlet, which SHOULD have supplied power to raise gear. Well, it did NOT. They got a battery and jumper cabled it in, and the gear raised. BUT there is much more to this story. Tech checked for 12v - nothing. Nothing in bed outlet, nothing at bumper outlet. Checked fuse box, 30A fuse present. Tech starts peeling away wrappings on one of the cable runs...pulls out a wire and hooks up to fuse box post next to break controller. Guess what, 12 volts supplied to both outlets! He said this happens all the time, by all the truck manufacturers - even though I had the towing package option. They fail to hook this wire up....so for 6 yrs I NEVER had 12 volts charging battery while towing...since we always hook up to shore power the battery drain was never noticed. We will continue using Affordable RV & Truck Repair in King George, Va....that was a bonus - and they didn't charge! I hope this will cause folks to check their TV - there are probably several folks in this boat, and don't know it.
Splashers3 03/15/14 04:05am General RVing Issues

BamaBoy15 - I agree with Donn. It's not the power of the truck's engine...it's the truck's ability to carry the heavier weight. Short of buying a bigger truck, there are a few things you could do to help carry the load - additional springs, wheels and tires rated for more weight, and airbags which will keep things level, but won't increase wt carrying capacity....or settle for a lighter 5ver. The choice is always yours. Good Luck
Splashers3 03/09/14 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
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