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RE: Miles per gallon on a 40 to 44 foot diesel

7.5-9 mpg running 65, 42 footer, towing 4K lb car 8KW diesel generator runs about 1gph at full tilt when running roof airs. Often do this while running down the road. Generator is not particularly loud but we do like our solar. 100 gallon tank. Generator will quit running when tank gets to about 1/3 or 1/4 If you have aquahot which is a hot water heater and house heater you may have a 150 gallon tank. I do not know how much diesel they burn.
YC 1 10/04/15 02:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

Ditto on the internal voltage regulator. As an ET that dim light would make me crazy until I solved that. If it was mine I would replace the alternator and start over with your tests.
YC 1 10/03/15 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

The dash light is telling you something. Why are you ignoring it? You need to put an ammeter on the output wire of the alternator. A clamp on meter is fine. I do not think you have established your alternator is capable of putting out its full capacity. A slipping belt due to the heavy load can easily cause your problem.
YC 1 10/02/15 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: Low tech voltage tester

Had one as a kid. Learned real fast to NOT stick bobby pins into sockets.
YC 1 10/01/15 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

I think you have an alternator problem if it will not hold better than 11.7 volts. As a tech I work on the obvious problem first. The rest may be misleading. I don't think I gleaned the IR drop of your jumper cables. And what is the condition of the cables? Just a tiny bit of resistance will throw off the results. If the cables are acting like a resistor then your engine battery thinks the voltage has been reached and the alternator will cut back. Pull the battery you want to charge or park close so you can use a short set up jumper cables. Your loose battery needs to be run down a bit to do a decent test. Measure the voltage on your truck battery and the loose one. Then measure the current as well. Your truck battery should have no problem holding up with the alternator.
YC 1 10/01/15 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: General Purpose Cleaner

Ditto on Krud Kutter. It does amazing things.
YC 1 09/26/15 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: What GPS Do You Have

I am on my second Rand McNally. Sure it has warts as all gps devices do. I needed the new one because I broke the screen on my first one. The new model works great and has a few more improvements. For the money it is really hard to beat the features for an rver. Traveling along I can ask it to show me travel centers (truck stops), where I can easily get the train into the truck stalls. It pops up a list and I choose how long my bladder can wait. The good news is I replaced the screen on my first Rand and it works good as new. Guess I will pop it into the toad because the built in gps argues with me and just does not play well. Those dumb voice commands units are pure garbage and you can't punch buttons while in route. The Rand will show you campgrounds and even give you ratings and phone numbers. They really are RV friendly if you dig in to them. I use the check list feature and it has kept me from doing some dumb stuff.
YC 1 09/26/15 04:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Diesel Particulate Filter and Diesel Emission Fluid

2008 with dpf but no def. Just had to replace the dpf at 34K miles. About a 4K job and extended warranty did not cover. Down three days. Was not fun being towed. Coach Net covered the tow and did an amazing and professional job of helping me during the extreme stress of being along a freeway in New York. Cummins in Albany New York are outstanding folks.
YC 1 09/26/15 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: House Battery Charge While Underway

Getting a small spark on the negative is usually not a problem. Lots of capacitors loading up. You need to actually measure the current draw to make a determination.
YC 1 09/17/15 05:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: House Battery Charge While Underway

You probably have a BIRD device not doing its job. Bi directional Relay Delay. Look inside your battery compartment and see if there is a large solenoid mounted on the back wall. Be careful because the thing can get very hot to the touch if plugged into shoreline, generator running, or the engine running for several hours. The solenoid would have large battery cables on each side of it and two small wires. One may be violet. Plug into shoreline, start the generator OR start the engine. Do not run the generator and the engine at the same time because there may be a defeat function under those conditions. Now use a 12 volt test light or a meter to see what is happening on the violet wire. It should light the test light and show 13.5 volts or more. If it does, you need to measure the voltage on each side of the solenoid where the large wires are. IF the voltage is not exactly the same, the solenoid needs to be taken apart and repaired or just replace it with one with silver contacts. If you get this far I can steer you to the right part number and supplier.
YC 1 09/16/15 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need Professional Stereo Voltage advice.

Yes some stereos can act goofy. It could be some AC ripple or surges. Over voltage is possible but I would not suspect that. Others have mentioned finding their stereos turned on mysteriously. I too had an rv with that happening. Since you are not likely completely turning the device off, that is it uses voltage to keep things alive in memory, it could be sensitive to the converter kicking into high gear. Now lets suppose you disconnect from shoreline for a few weeks and let the rv sit idle. There could be a chance the stereo could slowly drain your battery. I do not know the size of your battery bank but a single battery system could be an issue. I would first check the wires for any loose connections to power and then if those are fine, install a real power off switch to isolate the critter completely.
YC 1 09/15/15 06:26am Technology Corner
RE: Repairs While Traveling

Owning a service center, albiet a different service, I always took into account the urgency of the customer. I knew which units I could work around and which ones were needed immediately. A recent breakdown found us at a Cummins dealership that did just that and went out of their way to get us back on the road. Albany New York Cummins. Fantastic folks and service. One thing I would like to suggest to the service departments is to have the techs talk to the customers. Yeah I know, they are not the best public relations folks but they can learn to be. They can play "20 questions" with the customer and dig out critical information the service writer just does not think of or is inexperienced. When we had a "drive in", I would pull a tech and have them talk to the customer or I would since I am a qualified tech. This saved a lot of misery and gave confidence to the customer that we really do care and getting the facts is important. Sometimes rephrasing a question to a customer will bring out a tid bit of information that is the real clue.
YC 1 09/08/15 01:36pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Please ID this transmitter

Guess you will need to follow the wires.
YC 1 09/08/15 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please ID this transmitter

Need more pictures. See if there is a part number on it.
YC 1 09/08/15 04:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extended Warranty: Coachnet vs Wholesale Warranties?

Thought I had stem to stern coverage. Found out diesel particulate filters are not covered. Even though it was a probe failure that caused it. Cost me almost 4K. Do read the fine print. I bought the highest level coverage. It was one of the two companies mentioned.
YC 1 09/08/15 04:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Over charged for tire change

I wonder if they had to travel to get the tire needed. A couple of hours might have been added. Probably not I looked up the exact tire we got, the MSPR is $170, with Bridgestone advertised installation in the town of the service provider I suggested this based on the service being put off till the next day. They may have had to chase one down. It took three days to get one for my rv. The bill was almost $700
YC 1 09/07/15 02:51pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Over charged for tire change

I wonder if they had to travel to get the tire needed. A couple of hours might have been added.
YC 1 09/07/15 06:33am Good Sam Roadside Assistance

The Rand Mcnally does exactly that. You just ask it for campgrounds near your destination OR along your route. You can even filter them if you want.
YC 1 09/07/15 06:26am Class A Motorhomes

Great buy on Rand Bought this one a few weeks ago after breaking the one I had. It will do exactly as you want and much more. If you want to take a break along the route or find a fuel station it only take a couple of clicks and up they come. The gps has information on the camp grounds such as ratings, phone numbers, and amenities. When we get home from this trip I will repair my old one. Along our route with the broken one it was very difficult to tell the towing service where we were located. If the Rand had not been dropped and broken I could have punched one line and told the tow company exactly where I was at. Yes it has warts and faults like any gps. It will take you the wrong way on occassion but you should always cross reference your route if you are driving a 40 footer with a toad. U turns are not fun.,
YC 1 09/05/15 04:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Main AC Froze up last night-what to do now?

If it has a heat pump function run that for a few minutes and it will defrost quickly. You don't have to get the room temps uncomfortable. If the temps are extremely hot then put the fan portion of the AC on manually to low or high. It will help keep the thing from freezing up.
YC 1 09/05/15 06:24am Fifth-Wheels
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