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RE: Don't you LOVE electrical problems...

Classic bad connection. Unfortunately you don't have voltage data to resolve just where the issue was. However you will be more prepared to chase it next time it happens. Now is the time to take some digital pictures and print them out. Write down your previous test points and anything you can remember about the symptoms. I would suggest going back to any wires connected to the converter and anywhere along the line to tighten them. Write that down too. Even a few days can muddle your memory. In the past with intermittents in two way radios or other apparatus we would write document the same items and then tape the note in a place where the tech could see the issue. Often I would ask the person driving in to NOT open the hood or trunk or touch anything at all. Getting one meter reading may be all it takes.
YC 1 10/25/14 07:55am Truck Campers
RE: Dealer hourly rate

Profit is NOT a dirty word. All the traffic will bear is also not a dirty word. I own a service business with 17 employees at one time. I live in a normal neighborhood and not in a mansion. I am responsible for shoes. All those shoes. Seventeen pairs of them to start and then their families shoes too. If you have never run a business, owned a business, then you really have no right to decide what the dealer should charge. You have a choice, vote with your checkbook and buy elsewhere. Lets pick on dentists and doctors now. Being responsible for all those shoes entitles me to earn a bit more than my lead tech. So what is a reasonable income for a business owner? 50K, 100K,150K,200K. Guess you might want to ask Bill Gates or Donald Trump. When you come to these forums you find many service people providing thousands of hours of free advice so you don't have to go to those service people. Anyway, I have vented now. Thank that small service business person for the jobs they provide and the taxes they send to the government. You might want to ask them how many donations they are asked to make through the year too. Every other day some organization is asking for a small donation. It adds up. I spend about 5K a year on little league, soccer, police and fire support, make a wish, and you name it.
YC 1 10/25/14 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Dealer hourly rate

OCPH, Overhead cost per hour. Then a calculation to obtain a reasonable profit margin. The overhead in a service center is horrendous. State Comp, Liability, shipping, parts, tools, training, sick leave, vacation, paid holidays, non-productive overhead (clerks, accountants etc),. Being a service manager and service business owner for 40 years the $120/hour rate is what has to be charged. Quality service people are very talented individuals and it takes years to train them. One of the most stressful jobs is being a service manager. You get it from both ends. I finally walked away from my business last year. the stress was getting to be too much. For the pleasure of being a Corporation in California the base rate is $800 a year. If you incorporate on Dec 31, you get to pay the $800 again on Jan 1. I felt I was mostly a tax collector. Sales taxes, employee income taxes, corporate taxes, business license tax, etc. And then there are all the regulations that make you crazy. Try keeping a can of spray paint in a locker. Or have a service tech drive their service vehicle home. Blood pressure going up. Spent my two cents.
YC 1 10/24/14 12:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Don't you LOVE electrical problems...

Classic bad connection. Unfortunately you don't have voltage data to resolve just where the issue was. However you will be more prepared to chase it next time it happens.
YC 1 10/24/14 11:55am Truck Campers
RE: Don't you LOVE electrical problems...

Follow the hose from the water faucet (battery). The sprinkler is not getting water. (the slide and/or other circuits. You must unplug from shoreline or you will get tricked. If you are plugged into the vehicle that should be disconnected too. Using a pressure guage (voltmeter), simply start at the battery. While there make sure the negative terminal is actually going to ground. Forget about colors on wires because electrons are color blind and RV's do misleading things. As you are poking around the batteries and making sure you did not install them backwards (never happens), look for a wire you may have dropped or forgot about, (also never happens). Any time you do electrical service take a digital picture. Heck, I even print them out and put them in plastic protectors. I'm an ET with 40 yrs of experience and don't rely on my memory. Your issue should be simple if you just start from scratch at the batteries. If you reversed the batteries don't panic. Most modern charger/converters have fuses that die a peaceful death when asked.
YC 1 10/24/14 06:32am Truck Campers
RE: Top of the Grapevine, lost all air pressure!

Good on Freightliner. That speaks volumes for customer service.
YC 1 10/23/14 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maybe you guys have an idea?

Ditto on finding a locker that can at least hang the meat for you. No need to have it cut up and if it hangs for a week then even better. It will be more tender.
YC 1 10/21/14 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Hood won't open

Agree with two person job. Shoot some wd40 under there and let it soak for ten minutes first. Keep the latching mechanism working by routinely spraying it when open. Just a tiny bit to keep it clean.
YC 1 10/21/14 08:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Converted ductless range hood to vented

Now just add a magnet to the flap and glue a washer on the inside so the flap stays shut until you turn the fan on and the pressure pops it open for use. I can't reach mine so using the little locking tabs was impossible.Can you elaborate on this? Maybe include a few photos? I can't reach my vent flap either. Locking tabs are on the outside and I just removed them. Glue a magnet on one corner of the flap on the outside. Glue a metal washer inside the flapper area so they overlap when closed. It does not take a strong pull to hold it shut. Posting pictures on this forum is way too difficult.
YC 1 10/19/14 05:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converted ductless range hood to vented

Now just add a magnet to the flap and glue a washer on the inside so the flap stays shut until you turn the fan on and the pressure pops it open for use. I can't reach mine so using the little locking tabs was impossible.
YC 1 10/19/14 03:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Need ideas on replacing crank up antennae!

JackCut the mast down and install a Jack Antenna. It has a low profile and you should still be able to turn it.
YC 1 10/15/14 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot fridge

You may have two problems. The first when it was not getting as cold as it can your drain tube was probably cracked or placed inproperly allowing air to enter. Or you may have a vent fan that is not functioning properly. Second, your control board may have failed or you may just have a blown fuse. When you take the outside cover off is the chimney area hot? There are several videos showing how to troubleshoot your issues. I will see if I can find the link. It was from folks I believe their names are Ford. Here is one example. Search for the rest of them. You will be impressed.
YC 1 10/13/14 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Calling all Hunters - Venison recipes

Ground jerky. Just some liquid hickory smoke, a bit of water, lots of pepper and some salt. How much? Don't remember and never measure anyway. You can't make the jerky fast enough to keep up with demand. Ymmm. For frying small venison steaks I soak in egg and milk mixture with normal seasonings. Then season flower with the same things and toss the meat in. Fry till just done. Do not overcook.
YC 1 10/09/14 07:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Venting cooking steam outside

Outstanding! You probably were amazed how much quieter it is inside now too. Now for your next project to enhance the cooking area. Notice how poor the light is below the microwave? And inside the cabinets next to it was very difficult to see in. I tapped into one of the light fixtures and ran led lighting under the microwave, under the edge of the cabinets, in the cabinets, and behind our spice rack. What a difference. The leds are cheap on Ebay and you can cut to length with scissors. Oh, and then our closet was very dim so I strip lighted it too and added a motion detector. Went crazy and did the huge storage bay with a motion detector too. Have fun.
YC 1 10/07/14 05:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Venting cooking steam outside

Stud finders can be helpful. Go out early on a dewy morning and you may be able to see if there are beams in the way. You would not have to cut the beam out in any case. Paint it or use foam to protect it if you happen to find one in the way. I layered my two vent holes with metal duct tape. The outside plastic vent with a flap and latch was fine except no way to reach the latch. A strong magnet and then a washer glued to the inside edge works great. When the fan comes on it flaps open just fine.
YC 1 10/01/14 03:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: any info on highway 20 to Ft. Bragg, CA?

Take your time and don't let the traffic behind you make you go faster than you need to. Lots of places to pull over. And do so. Get out for ten minutes and enjoy the smells. I have pulled that route many times with our 40 footer and toad. The route North of Ft Bragg is tight as well so take your time on that 17 mile stretch. The trip is worth the drive. You will like the campground.
YC 1 09/30/14 06:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Venting cooking steam outside

Download the manual and I suspect you can change it to vent to the outside. That part was easy. Had to cut through the outside and add a vent with flapper. Really dumb to have these things vent inside.
YC 1 09/30/14 06:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Driving to Disneyland experiences?

Been to Disneyland in our RV several times and dozens without. We took our 40 footer to the front door of the Grand Californian hotel. They unloaded us and a nice young man in a Cadillac escorted me across the street to park in the Disneyland hotel parking lot. They put me along a fence in the back. Took my time getting things set for leaving and the ride back took a couple of minutes. The Grand Californian is beautiful. The original Disneyland hotel is great fun and you walk to either park. There is the Paradise Pier across from the Grand Californian and it is a Disney hotel as well. If you can stay in any of the park hotels it will be a memory and you never leave the magic going back to an RV park. A nice RV park nearby is the Orangeland. There are a couple of others as mentioned. Not a fan of using a shuttle. If you have a pov take it right to the parking lot and ride the tram to the park. You can come and go if you need a mid day break.
YC 1 09/29/14 03:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Gray tank smells

Ditto Bobbo: You can use a rubber coupling with two clamps. They are available at any Lowes or Home Depot. Mine had the same problem. To seal the bottom again there is a great product available at the same places. Goop. Goop is available in several flavors but any will do the trick. It comes in Plumbing, Marine, etc. I think it is the same stuff. It is very sticky and you will spend a couple of days peeling it off your fingers if you don't use gloves.
YC 1 09/29/14 08:44am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Power Gear / Adjustments

T.I.P. Troubleshooting Information on Power Gear 1217 E. 7th Street Mishawaka, IN 46544 Phone: 1-800-334-4712 Fax: 574-256-6743 AUTOMATIC LEVELING SYSTEM SET UP & RE-CALIBRATION PROCEDURE Note: The following set up and recalibration procedure is for control 500630, 140-1227, 140-1170, 140-1228 (used with touch pad 500629 or 140-1226). Note: The auxiliary receptacle is a four-pin connector on the control box, not the touch pad. CONTROL BOX TOUCH PAD Zero Point: The zero point is the stored level position; the orientation that the control senses as level. This can only be set when it is in calibration mode. Zero mode is indicated by all of the lights flashing on the touch pad. If the control is in this mode, you will skip the recalibration procedure and move straight to the set-up procedure. Recalibration Procedure -Use these steps to put the control into calibration mode. 1. Turn the ignition on and the touch pad on. 2. Push the front button 5 consecutive times. Within ten seconds, push the rear button 5 consecutive times. • All of the lights on the touch pad will begin flashing. This indicates that you have successfully returned the control box to calibration mode. Set-up Procedure -Follow this procedure to reprogram a new zero point. 1. Place a carpenter’s level on the floor in the center of the coach. 2. Manually level the coach: • Push the front button until the front jacks contact the ground. Once they contact the ground, hold your finger on the button until the front jacks have lifted the front of the coach by approximately 2 or 3 inches. • Push the rear button until the jacks contact the ground. Once the rear jacks are on the ground, get the coach level from front to rear using the carpenter’s level. • After front to rear level is achieved, turn level ¼ turn and level coach from side to side. 3. To store the zero point into the leveling controls: • Push the retract button three consecutive times to store the zero point. • After the retract button has been pushed 3 times, all of the lights on the touch pad will stop flashing except the ON/OFF light. The ON/OFF light will flash for 20 seconds. This mode is prompting the user to tell the control if the auxiliary receptacle will be used. Within this 20 second time period you must execute one of the next two instructions: o If there is a harness plugged into the auxiliary receptacle or you are going to plug a harness into it, then press the RETRACT button three times. o If there is not a harness plugged into the auxiliary receptacle, DO NOT touch any buttons until the ON/OFF light stops flashing. This completes the set-up and recalibration process TIP Sheet #153 82- L0317-T REV. 0D 02-23-2006
YC 1 09/26/14 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
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