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RE: Stockton to Bakersfield(Arvin) 99 or I5

I recently took 99 and was amazed at how much it has improved.
YC 1 09/17/14 06:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Building a Heavy Duty Charging Circuit for Camper--how big?

You do not need a relay to control the relay/solenoid. They draw 1-1.5 amps and you should be able to tap the radio fuse circuit to drive it. A wire about the size of a pencil will work with a 40-50 amp thermal breaker versus a fuse. Be sure you match the ground wire size too. You can google 12 volt thermal breaker. They are available at an automotive store. They will trip and automatically reset if too much current passes. Easier than chasing blown fuses.
YC 1 09/17/14 07:10am Truck Campers
RE: 50 ~ volts in door/doorframe, intermittently

Leave a couple of lights on over night with the rv unplugged. This will have your charger draw more current when you plug it back in. Then turn on every light, fan, AC, microwave, or current drawing device you can that the pedestal will handle. This will put enough of a load that the issue should rear its ugly head. Use caution of course. A bad ground can get you killed. If the issue shows up it should be easy to track.
YC 1 09/15/14 09:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 50 ~ volts in door/doorframe, intermittently

Trace your shoreline cord and find where it is connected. Clean and tighten the wires there. IF, you can get it to act up then delicately take a measurement there instead of just tightening things. IF you see voltage on the ground connection you have the trouble spot. If you still cannot find the issue I would cut the connector off and install a new one as well as trimming the other end and reconnecting.
YC 1 09/15/14 04:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries not charging.

Hydrometer Find a You Tube video on checking batteries with a hydrometer. This test will tell the tale very quickly. I would not bother buying a load tester. Be very careful with battery acid. Wear eye protection.
YC 1 09/14/14 07:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Batteries not charging.

As suggested, you must start with a voltmeter across the batteries to see if the converter charge is getting there. It appears you have both of the positive leads connected by a jumper so they should be getting the same charge. Close enough for real world. Your charger is not large and it appears it my be about 40-45 amps according to the specs. If you are running other things such as lights which draw 1.5-2.5 amps each that is subtracted from the available output of the converter. It could take ten hours or more to fully charge based on the design of your your charger. Just look it up and visit the charging curves. In any case, battery age should be ignored. I have seen brand new batteries fail. With them in parallel one can easily discharge the other if bad. What most concerns me is that you are saying they appear low immediately after disconnecting shore power. Either they are not getting charged, one or both are bad, or you have loose/corroded cables. Your cables must be shiny clean and tight. With 12 volts it is easy to get a loose connection. If there are wing nuts involved you have a better chance of loose connections too. Does your camper have a disconnect switch? It may be off and the batteries are not getting charged. Seems I have looked at a schematic months ago and found some interesting setups.
YC 1 09/14/14 09:11am Truck Campers
RE: Crossing Coastal Range in Northern CA

Just reverse this route and you will have a pleasant and easy trip. A few tall hills but most have passing lanes. Take your time and enjoy the view. Take Highway 20 West out of Williams. 37.1 miles. Watch for Highway 53 as you drop down a hill after a fairly long climb. Easy climb and multiple lanes. Turn what would be South onto 53. You will go about 8 miles. Look for the sign to Highway 29 which leads to Kelseyville. This is a nice road and will become freeway in a few miles. Eventually you are back to two lane for a short distance and will come to a stop sign. You are back to Highway 20 again. This leg is about 30 miles. Turn left and enjoy the beautiful drive right to 101 This route will bypass the two lane twisting and winding on the North side of Clear lake. If you want a good view of the lake go ahead and stay on 20 all the way to 101.
YC 1 09/14/14 08:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Upper Fridge vent blocked off...Why?

The baffle should be enough on it's own and shouldn't require any fans. So for anyone wanting to mod their fridge for better performance start with an easy baffle and see how it does. Then move on to fans if needed (really should be either one or the other). The baffle is NOT enough in my fridge. In a slide out they do not get as much air flow. Mine has two fans.
YC 1 09/11/14 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Temporary Glue

Try a little dab of cooking oil. Just a light sheen. Mine holds for days after that.
YC 1 09/11/14 07:40am Tech Issues
RE: Upper Fridge vent blocked off...Why?

Are there fans anywhere inside? My refer has two of them controlled by a thermal device. When they fail there is a big difference in temps on hot days.
YC 1 09/11/14 07:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Upper Fridge vent blocked off...Why?

Some fridges actually require a narrower space versus wide open to optimize the chimney effect.
YC 1 09/09/14 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: 'Fault in Trailer Wiring'

You need to find a couple of places you can conveniently test when it acts up. You can use a push pin to penetrate the wiring. Test before the fault occurs so you have known references. Write them down, do not try to remember them. The more locations the better. Intermittents drive technicians crazy and we can only work on symptoms and common failure places. Catching it broken makes it much easier.
YC 1 09/09/14 08:31am Towing
RE: Working on something ALL THE TIME

Well hell, all I can add is DITTO" You better be handy with a checkbook or tools. I love the modifications. Have made over 100. Yes I used to keep a list. Gave up.
YC 1 09/07/14 05:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Freaky Wiring Issue

I will pm you my email address. Often an electrician will not understand the wiring on an rv. The colors are not what one would expect in the electrician world Sounds like he almost got there but may have missed it by a hair.,
YC 1 09/07/14 07:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone Else Pre-Cook ?

We cook extra hamburgers and freeze them. Don't even bother with the food saver anymore because we eat them up fast. Just pop them in the microwave for about two minutes and they come out great.
YC 1 09/07/14 07:16am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Car Battery Dead - car dealer says it is MH issue

Very simple to diagnose but most mechanics just do not understand the electrical systems. You really need an ammeter inserted into either lead of the car battery with the lead disconnected. A clamp on meter will not be sufficient unless there is a heavy flow. You may be looking for a 1/2 amp or less draw. Answer downtheavenue's questions first though. Working on vehicle electrical systems for 40 years I never say never to strange problems. All things are possible. I would like to know if you have a braking system on the car and if so what kind. IF any of the folks looking at the problem used a statement such as (it has a 12 volt draw), move on. They have no clue what they are looking for. IF they cannot tell you how much current is being drawn they do not have a clue. IF you want to chase it yourself, watch several you tube videos on how to measure current and then buy a meter. With the vehicle unattached disconnect the negative or positive cable of the battery and measure the current. The connect the pigtail and measure again. If you see any increase in current you have an issue. If not, connect the battery again and start the mh. Measure the Voltage across the battery. You should see 13.5 or so. If 12.7 or less then the rv is not charging the battery. Start the car and you should see the same higher voltage.
YC 1 09/07/14 07:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Refrig is acting up - what are my options

If your refer is in a slide out there may be two fans that help vent it. If one fails you will have issues. If two fail you definitely will have issues. Also check your drain tube. Very important that it is not cracked. If it is warm air can enter and cause similar issues. In some setups the tube should have water in it as a drip loop to keep air out and let condensation out as well.
YC 1 09/05/14 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone use a Ford Edge as a Dinghy?

Been towing the Edge for a couple of years. You need to make sure of the model you choose. Not all of them are towable.
YC 1 09/04/14 05:40pm Dinghy Towing
RE: SOLVED & updated: Any mechanical/electrical genius out there

Could you tell us more about the Fox and Hound tester? fox and hound, one example Connect to the wire you need to trace. It sends a signal down the wire. The other part picks up the signal inductively versus having to penetrate a wire. So you can follow a bundle of wires or bypass whole sections to find the other end.
YC 1 09/03/14 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SOLVED & updated: Any mechanical/electrical genius out there

No reason to run a separate start button. Just find the wire that is supposed to start the thing, cut and splice a new wire where you are getting good voltage immediately and run it to the starter terminal. Of course this is not the heavy starter cable I am referring to. The solenoid that kicks in and sends the heavy current to the starter of course. I seem to have an open wire on my RV as of a couple of days ago. Chasing it is all but impossible without my Fox and Hound tracing device. Your description sure sounds like a lazy relay/poor contact. If your signal passes through one of those relays shown in your picture try removing them one at a time to see if it PREvents the engine from turning over. If you find one that does, swap it with one of the others that has the same part number.
YC 1 09/02/14 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
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