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RE: Avoiding San Francisco

This question comes up frequently so I saved this. Just reverse the route when going West to east. Take Highway 20 West out of Williams. 37.1 miles. Williams is at I5 and Highway 20. Watch for Highway 53 as you drop down a hill after a fairly long climb. Easy climb and multiple lanes. Turn what would be South onto 53. You will go about 8 miles. Look for the sign to Highway 29 which leads to Kelseyville. This is a nice road and will become freeway in a few miles. Eventually you are back to two lane for a short distance and will come to a stop sign. You are back to Highway 20 again. This leg is about 30 miles. Turn left and enjoy the beautiful drive right to 101 This route will bypass the two lane twisting and winding on the North side of Clear lake. If you want a good view of the lake go ahead and stay on 20 all the way to 101.
YC 1 08/27/15 04:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Credit card shows invalid at truck stop pumps

Sometimes you just need a new card. I always call my card company now before going on a trip. I let them know I will be buying diesel and spending up to $200 for a fill up. I also let them know the area I will be traveling. I have only needed to go inside once in four months of traveling. I also set my CC to e-mail me for purchases over $20. I immediately know what is going on.
YC 1 08/25/15 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Older Diesel or New Gas - Newbie question

I have found very few restrictions due to age on rv's. Yes they are out there but there is over 16,000 campgrounds in the US. An older DP may need several upgrades to make it handle properly. The Monaco line can suffer from severe wandering depending on the models and years. Yes a tag will handle the best. The wandering issues have been solved but it can cost several thousand to replace shocks, tires, add sway bars, replace sloppy steering boxes, etc. I do not hear many complaints on slides or leaks but there are some. Keep in mind a transmission or engine replacement can be very dear. Radiators can cost thousands. A simple Diesel Particulate Filter (catalytic converter), can cost close to 4K to replace.
YC 1 08/25/15 08:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Frig not cooling properly?

Cracked, broken, mis-routed drain hose. Watch this video and look at the others too
YC 1 08/25/15 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: Frig not cooling properly?

Cracked, broken, mis-routed drain hose.
YC 1 08/24/15 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temps

Sounds about right if in direct sun. Put your hand on the outside of the refer area. It can burn you so be careful. With dark paint it is amazing how hot it can get. Some simple covering over that area, not blocking vents of course, can make a huge difference. Even a layer of cardboard to block direct rays.
YC 1 08/23/15 02:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Found Noise suppressor; now what?

Based on the picture and three leads it is a 12 volt "whine" filter. It helps reduce any electrical noise that may be present on the input supply to your radio, stereo, etc. Some may call it an alternator whine filter. It can help suppress ignition noise as well. A ground loop isolator usually goes into the speaker lines and each speaker line would need one.
YC 1 08/21/15 06:34am Technology Corner
RE: Solar or Generator for Boondocking

Buy a nice used Honda if posssible and a 100 watt panel. The generator works after dark. Leave a light on after being out all day and you will be sitting in the dark with solar.
YC 1 08/20/15 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: EXTRA Beginners in RVing! Help!

Put your money in the bank and rent for now. Way to many variables. Do not get trapped into any payments this early in life. Pay yourself first. Stay debt free. Buy the book. The Millionaire Next Door and read it twice. You could bury yourself into years of debt with emotional purchases at this time. I was in the military when we were first married. We now live in a beautiful RV and are full timers. Please be patient and read the book.
YC 1 08/18/15 05:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Pork Butt

So much fun in a dutch oven. Your biggest mistake will be lifting the cover to look at it. The heat escapes and you have to start over. Slow is the secret. Do use some sort of seasoning to start. You can buy dozens of flavors. We like Mohito Lime. Cut up a white onion or two and put them in with the meat. It is almost impossible to over cook but easy to under cook. This can be a fun all day event with the right amount of beer and fire pit stories. If you use coals you need about a half dozen on the bottom and top. I subscribe to the two up and two down method for baking but you are slow slow cooking. A bit over 200 and you will have plenty of admirers. If you see steam trying to excape it is a bit too hot. Turn the oven physically in 1/3 circles to distribute heat. Turn the top too and keep a few coals on top. Take 6 to 8 hours to enjoy the process. Steam some tortillias, grill some onions and peppers. Pour off the liquid from the oven and tear the meat apart. Add more spices. Make some campground friends. This is how I cook a Thanksgiving Turkey. A bit more heat but not much.
YC 1 08/18/15 05:25pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Honda 1000 will it charge my batts

Don't let the batteries get to low. Run the generator on high speed. That is to say, do not use the Economy mode to start off. Be sure the refer and hot water heater are on propane. You will hear the generator working hard if the batteries are low. After 30 minutes go ahead and push the Economy button. If the generator does not slow down it is still charging hard. Eventually you will hear it slow down and that will give you a bit of sense of the state of charge. Run for a couple hours in the morning and a couple in the evening. As suggested, a decent size solar panel is a big help. I have used the 1000W honda on my 40 foot diesel pusher. I can turn the charging system way down but using the quiet honda is nice versus the onboard generator. Put the generator behind a tree or a box with the exhaust pointed away for better noise reduction.
YC 1 08/16/15 04:17am Tech Issues
RE: Fan buzz progressive dynamics 4645-Solved

Sounds like you are not the only one that had this issue. Excellent support.
YC 1 08/13/15 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Voltage to gas valve?

Just spend the $50 or less for a pre-built power supply. It will get very techie here with ripple, diodes, capacitors, and lots of geek stuff. Yeah, I'm a geek but you need a solution that is solid, simple, and effective without worry. Add diodes and capacitors improperly and the next thing you know you will have reverse voltage. Not throwing my geek buddies under the bus, just want you to make it work safely without any geekdom.
YC 1 08/13/15 04:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fan buzz progressive dynamics 4645-Solved

I suspect you are hearing transformer lamination buzzing. If you can disconnect the fans check with them out of the circuit.
YC 1 08/13/15 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage to gas valve?

example of inexpensive power supply Just search 12 volt power supply and you will come up with dozens. Three amps should be plenty.
YC 1 08/13/15 06:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Lost most of the coach 12V systems?

Glad you found it. After hitting ours a couple of times and finding the AC's do not run with it off I bypassed the solenoid it controls. We too have dogs and it worried me that the AC's could get turned off while we were out for a while. It is a common procedure and very simple to do. I own a 2008 SKQ.
YC 1 08/10/15 01:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot Spot with cell. phone?

Definitely keep it plugged in if possible or you will indeed have a flat battery sooner than you might imagine.
YC 1 08/08/15 07:13pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Washing

I use a bucket and do a small section at a time.I don't use a hose to wash and rinse. I have never had an issue. It does not get the best job but certainly gets the worst part. Having someone wash it can be very expensive as mentioned.
YC 1 08/08/15 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New wave induction cooking

We have two of them and use them so much the popple pads are failing. Can't buy replacements. I haven't seen our propane top in over a year.
YC 1 08/08/15 03:34pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Simple fix turning into nightmare/fishing a wire ideas

That can be a real pain. A metal coat hanger or better yet if you can find an old stainless steel antenna rod that is very thin works well. We kept many in our shop. Hangar wires are not flexible enough in some cases. Check at a local CB shop to find an old one. In some cases you can wad a bit of duct tape onto the rod so it has some sticky all over and get it to grab but mostly a small hook on the end is what will work. IF you can actually pull it all the way out from the bottom you should then be able to fish a line from the top, tie it to the wire, and then pull it back up. It takes two people for this trick most often. For someone that does this a lot a speedometer cable is the trick. Very flexible and they don't often snag.
YC 1 08/04/15 06:46am Tech Issues
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