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RE: Battery leads reversed

Install one of these and you won't reverse the connections again. You can get them at automotive parts stores too. https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Connector-Connect-Disconnect-Trailer/dp/B017P2YK1U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502944939&sr=8-2&keywords=Battery+Quick+Connector+Kit+50A+6AWG+Plug+Connect+Disconnect+Winch+Trailer+Gray
YC 1 08/16/17 10:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Dometic A/C Unit

You might just want to do some real clean up on that one. Cleaning the evaporators and refurbishing foam seals will help. Take the inside part down and clean up all the poorly installed duct tape. Make sure the intake and output air are not getting mixed at the inside roof cover system.
YC 1 08/14/17 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who's in charge?

It is a bit of a misconception that the charging system will charge one bank and then the other. I have not seen a system that does exactly that. Most will either charge all banks in parallel, or when the voltage level gets high enough on the bank being charged the voltage will be sensed and turn on the combining device.
YC 1 08/04/17 01:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who's in charge?

Hikerdog has the owners manual so it answers the question about the slides needing extra HP, voltage that is by suggesting the engine be running. I would have a voltmeter on those battery banks with engine running, engine off, shoreline connected, and shoreline and engine at the same time. This will take a bunch of voltage measurements but should tell us all we need to sort it out. Hence, my suggestion of having a notepad and camera. If the slides are slow with the engine and shoreline connected you will need to take some measurments on the wires that feed the slide.
YC 1 08/04/17 01:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who's in charge?

It sounds like the root of the problem was not resolved. First, to address your question. RV's are snowflakes and built differently. Usually running the engine will charge the house batteries at the same time as the engine batteries, assuming all the components are working correctly. With shoreline, many later model rv's like yours will charge the engine batteries at the same time. So you could virtually have two charging sources in parallel. Generally not any issue but you can get some error messages on things that get their little brains a bit fuzzed up. Sorry about the technical lingo. Fuzzed up means confused! IF you were having batteries going dead in a few days, I mean two or three, then you either have a drain on them such as leaving a compartment light on or you have a bad battery bank. Often it is bad batteries. You are starting in a great place to learn about your specific rv setup. Winnebago is one of the best documented ones I have ever owned. You need to become handy with a voltmeter or a checkbook to sort these things out. With notepad close, camera there too, take pictures and voltage readings. Print the pictures and write on them. I promise you the measurement you took will be forgotten 30 minutes from now or you will doubt yourself. Measure the voltage on the battery banks and have someone run the slides in and out. IF you know how the wire was moved from one battery bank to the other, move it back and see what difference the slide load has on that bank. I too think you may have some wimpy batteries and the slide will find sick ones quickly due to the heavy load.
YC 1 08/03/17 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Repeated alternator failure

Please look at my post closely. As I suggested, replacing a bad component will clear up many seemingly strange symptoms. The high voltage is because it is a pulsating DC versus a pure DC. You probably have heard the difference between pure sine wave inverters versus modified sine wave inverters. Your meter is reading the peak voltage. Once the Alternator output sees the battery load because you bypassed that isolator section the voltage was not only loaded down properly, it is also being filtered to resemble a pure DC voltage. What I need to know is what the voltage is now on each battery bank at the battery terminals. If it is not the same on both banks, pile all of the isolator wires together to bypass it completely and recheck. Both outputs from the isolator could have failed at nearly the same time. It really doesn't matter because you have already proved the isolater is bad.
YC 1 08/03/17 06:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repeated alternator failure

Lifting the battery wire and measuring the post on the isolator will give you a false reading. To prove this, put the positive lead of your voltmeter in one hand and touch the post on the isolator. Of course have the voltmeter negative lead grounded. You will read full voltage if you hold the probes tight. Take the wires off the isolator after taking a picture of them. Now bolt them together. Start it up and recheck. I bet things are working then. The 27 volts is NOT getting a load from the batteries. You may have an external voltage regulator and due to a bad isolator it is not seeing that voltage feedback. If this seems to clear things up then just change the isolator and see if all is well. Always fix the "obvious" component failure first and don't try to understand or diagnose all of the symptoms. If you had a loose/intermittent connection you could get all of the symptoms fo a bad alternator twice. Even the best technicians on their best days can easily miss something like that.
YC 1 08/03/17 07:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thetford 300 toilet seat loose

If it is the electronic type unit, take the screws out of the bottom and slide it out. Then inspect those screws to see if they need to be replaced. If not, put some silicon lube or grease and reinstall.
YC 1 08/01/17 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C air duct sealing

It made a large difference on mine too. I am going to look at mine again because I cut the collars on mine versus taking them off. Mine may not come off but I will sure look again. I have been working on noise dampeners for several years too. Some success but nothing marketable yet.
YC 1 07/31/17 05:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dometic AC 15,000 BTU

Is it freezing up? Take the filter off the inside and look at the little radiator looking thing.
YC 1 07/27/17 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: flooded tailgater

Once flood waters penetrate electronics you can usually kiss them goodby. If you had a chance to rinse the thing out with clean water and then let it dry you stand a chance but the junk in flood waters is just a breeding ground for future failures.
YC 1 07/25/17 01:22am Technology Corner
RE: Generator runs 30 minutes, shuts off

I would inspect the fuel filter area for a bent hose and while in there I would swap the fuel filter. They can plug easily. At least remove it and blow through it. You could be surprised.
YC 1 07/19/17 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Prescriptions on the road

For schedule II drugs, it is a real problem. Talk to your doctor, and get a written script mailed to you. It does limit how long you can stay gone each time you travel. Those who full-time can really have problems. Those can have a limited time for expiration before being filled and some states will not honor them at all. Ask me how I know. It IS a real problem. Sometimes life deals us lemons and we just have to live with lemotations. My wife is getting Infusions every two weeks. It is possible to travel but we still have to make arrangements ahead of time . We are adapting our travels. Shorter trips, more planning, enjoy what we can.
YC 1 07/16/17 06:07am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: 12 Volt freezer? Is this an option?

Dry ice will be much cheaper. I think we paid around $800 for a Dometic. It is amazing. Works on 12/24 or 110 volts. Cools quickly and holds a lot of stuff. It keeps beer at the brain freeze temp. It can be turned down to the freeze temps if needed.
YC 1 07/13/17 03:06am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10 Movie Maker

Nero is a good program with more features.
YC 1 07/04/17 06:46am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Movie Maker

Add one picture, add your audio, go back and add the video you want and delete the temporary picture. Audio can go on past the single frame or video.
YC 1 07/03/17 06:50am Technology Corner
RE: Stale technology impacting RV.net forums?

I believe there would be far more and better responses on this forum if posting pictures etc was easier. I hangout at both forums mentioned but post 50/1 on the other.
YC 1 06/25/17 07:15pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Dutchmen Express toilet too high.......

I built a deck for my wife. Just a small one. Must learn to step into bathroom so as not to catch foot.
YC 1 06/21/17 06:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: ems

If you are on 50 amp or generator it probably will not show amp usage
YC 1 06/20/17 01:28am Tech Issues
RE: Help, Ford Explore battery dies when flat towing

At three years old you may as well do yourself and replace it. We only rent batteries, we never really buy them. They break down inside and lose the ability to deliver full capacity. In my business working of vehicles with two way radios I always knew the cold weather of Winter would bring out the complaints of radios running down batteries. Many customers would say their mechanics had tested the battery and it was the radio running it down. Simple measurements proved it was impossible so I would ask the customer to buy a new battery and keep the receipt and bring it to me if it did not fix the problem. I never bought a battery in 40 years except for buying one myself because a stubborn fleet mechanic refused to replace the fire chiefs battery in his new vehicle. Problem was solved and the chief was happy.
YC 1 06/07/17 10:52am Dinghy Towing
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