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RE: Border Crossing To U.S.

Tyler has it right. Polite and professional. Yes sir/maam, no sir/maam. Just answer the questions directly. In all my years of cross border for camping and day shopping trips, never an issue. They're not there to be your buddy (they gave my brother in law a lot of grief because he called one 'buddy'), pal, or any kind of nickname like that.
dieharder 07/13/15 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Using bleach to clean water tanks

We had to do a bleach treatment a couple of weeks ago. The last time I used water in the rig was when I replaced the water pump late May. The hot water tank had some stank to it. Not a little bit of stink, but some stank! Drained the hot water tank, added an entire bottle of bleach to a half full fresh water hold and then turned on the pump to refill the hot water. A couple of hours later, drained the hot water tank again, turned back on the city water faucet and refilled the hot water with fresh city water. No longer any foul smell with the hot water.
dieharder 07/13/15 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach batteries going dead.

Used to happen to mine all the time until I found a blown fuse from the inverter. Since replacing the fuse, no problems.
dieharder 07/13/15 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Early arrival.

I wonder if things like this might be insurance issues. If you're not supposed to occupy the site, say, before 2pm, they let you in at 1pm and some kind of issue happens on the site that the campground could get sued for. Would insurance turn their backs on them and say it's all on the campground because they weren't supposed to let you in before 2pm?
dieharder 06/19/15 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Contacting the owners of this forum

The post in question is not blank, it has all the contact info you need if you want to check on that job opening. There is no reason to add to that post. If you want the job call the number, if you don't want the job just move on. There can be reasons and if someone has first hand knowledge of a situation then the people who may go to work there want to hear from them. The fact is that, in my years of being a member here, that has happened only maybe a handful of times. But what has happened on a regular basis, in the days before the policy to close posts was implemented was practically every post, was someone sitting there, visiting the offering campgrounds website and coming back with their calculator saying "you want 20 hours a week for a site worth _____, so you're only offering ___ dollars an hour." All the while this person never, at any point, would have even had any interest in applying for the position, just too much time on their hands and want to******on as much as they can. Of course, that sparks a discussion about how workcamping shouldn't be looked at in the same light as a salary job offering... each and every thread. There are only so many times that someone wants to write "If you don't like the offer, move on" before something like this, that makes absolute sense, is implemented. There are plenty of places to go and post a workamp opportunity. If someone wants to post theirs here and sees someone going around taking shots at others' offers, why would they want to post their offer here? They won't... they'll just move on and post it elsewhere. You almost might as well close this forum down if you want to have this policy changed because that's eventually what's going to happen, because the offers won't be here.
dieharder 06/19/15 08:54am Workamping Forum
RE: Buyer Requirement for RV Sale - What's your opinion

Tell him to try that on someone else. If you're selling as is, once it's out of your possession, it's on him.
dieharder 06/19/15 07:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How fast do you drive your rig?

I'm at 55mph max unless you catch me going down a hill, then it might be a bit higher.
dieharder 06/10/15 01:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to prevent tracking fuel spills into coach

My outdoor shoes are very rarely used inside the MH. I take them off at the door, even while driving.
dieharder 06/02/15 11:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The keys

If you have Passport America, it's really hard to argue against Jolly Roger!
dieharder 05/31/15 07:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Roof Repair Project (Advice needed)

Yeah, your "before" pictures scare the bejaysus out of me. Don't mean to scare you but I have to give you the reality. Reminds me a lot of how my first RV looked like when I bought it and didn't know better. Never checked the roof and, once I went up there to look, looked like that. Had an RV shop take a look at it and they told me that the roof under that mess was finished and rotted. they didn't do it to try and get a sale or work out of me, it was just to tell me that the RV wasn't worth putting a darn cent into. Lesson learned - expensive one at that.
dieharder 05/28/15 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: How to turn Water heater on ?

First, if you've never used it in 3 years, and you're in MN, then it's probably empty. you'll need to find the bypass and turn it so water can get to it. Sitting for 3 years, you may need some replacement parts. Open the outside panel and have a look to make sure the propane delivery and the lighting element look good. There should be a switch somewhere that you'll need to flip to turn it on, probably in the kitchen area. Mine is right beside the water pump switch, not sure if all are built similarly. If you find the switch, I'd head outside right after I flip it and have a look over the heating area for the tank, just to make sure all looks fine as it lights (if it lights).
dieharder 05/28/15 06:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Can I tow my trailer with Propane on ?

I don't believe there are laws against it, but, personally, I wouldn't. Not sure about routes, but if you need to enter tunnels, some might require you to turn it off. Do you plan on turning it off before you pull into every gas station? Propane safety
dieharder 05/28/15 06:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

For me, life will begin upon retirement, 2 weeks short of 55 years old.
dieharder 05/27/15 07:08am General RVing Issues
RE: How many people has asked why you bought an RV?

the only question I have ever received regarding the MH is at the gas pumps. Q: "What's it take to fill that thing?" My answer: "You don't want to know."
dieharder 05/26/15 07:05am RV Lifestyle
RE: Winnebago customer notification letter

I actually prefer Eternabond over new sealant.
dieharder 05/26/15 06:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome Crash 5/11/2015

Whether it would have helped or not, this is why I like to stick at 55mph. Would seem to have given him a little bit of extra time to react. Even an extra fraction of a second could have helped him regain control or possibly avoid the rollover. Depending on the traffic around me, if an 18 wheeler or other RV is passing me, I'll even get of the gas for a second or two while they're doing it to get them by me quicker in the event this happens to them. I've been through a steering tire blowout and it's really hard to go against the instinct to mash the brake and I can see where someone might make that mistake. Wouldn't want to have that happen while they're beside me.
dieharder 05/12/15 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: NFL punishes PATS/Brady

If I were Bob Kraft, I would threaten to not field a team for the first 4 games. Given other recent penalties handed out by the league for various infractions, this is over the top. Heard of Bountygate?
dieharder 05/12/15 09:29am Around the Campfire
RE: LEAST amount of questions at crossing?

Funniest crossing I ever had was when a group of 5 of us from work went to attend a Buffalo Bills game. Myself, in my 30's at the time, two 50-somethings close to retirement and, two of our African-Canadian colleagues. Coming back, we hit the border, meet a blonde female border agent and present our documents. No offense intended to blondes and/or females. She quickly looks over our documents. Where you coming from? "Bills game." Where you going? "Back home to Ottawa." You from the same family? I was stunned... I honestly couldn't answer her, just stared. Really not sure if she was trying to be funny or not, so I just couldn't burst out laughing, although I really wanted to. She looked at us, handed the documents back and just said "I guess not." I'm positive that she heard us roaring as we drove away...
dieharder 05/11/15 06:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I always find backing INTO a spot in a parking lot a hell of a lot easier than backing out of one. As you're pulling up to the spot you just need to worry about what's coming your way and behind you. Once you crank the wheel to take up most of the row, they stop. Then you can back in without having to worry about keeping your head on a swivel trying to back out. Either that or park far enough away from the entrance to find 2 spots to use as a drive-through so there's no backing at all. The issue is other's impatience. They see someone having a bit of a slow go at it and they figure that they'd rather get around you than wait, not realizing that no one can see all directions at the same time.
dieharder 05/08/15 11:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Closed posts

Well - I have been following the responses to Dianne's 'new' rules. The sub heading of this forum says "The place where experienced and novice workampers might share their thoughts and discuss issues" It seems that thoughts and discussions are no longer allowed so that dub - heading should be dropped/changed to reflect the new rules!???? Is there not a discussion going on right here?
dieharder 05/01/15 06:50am Workamping Forum
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