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RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

I'm still very interested in the EcoDiesel Ram 1500 for my basic truck needs as well as the occasional towing needs. I managed very well with my 235 hp 330 lb ft of tq 5.4 in my old 1997 F150 towing 6500-7000 (scaled weight) TT. What was not addressed in this video is how much easier it is to fuel up a diesel in the big truck lanes with a 32 ft TT in tow than maneuvering the rig around the car pumps. :D.... See that 45 seconds is more than made up in fuel up time... The EcoDiesel is on the road longer due to range and the fuel stop is quicker...:D. The video is about a race to the top of Davis Dam road. Hardly real life there... Now a 2500 mile pull off with MPG's, Range, comfort, those are things I'm interested in... I got a feeling that the EcoDiesel would "torch" the other two in these categories. But, at least ford did admit the Chevy beat the Ecoboost in denser cooler air. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/31/14 09:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

Hey T&P. Remember that one person telling us that HP is just a calculation and doesn't really exist like TQ does? Lol
jerem0621 07/31/14 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advice on choosing another Tow Vehicle?

I would not replace the stock cooler. If I needed to I would just run a second cooler in line with the first. And yes. You can get the tranny temp too cold. Just run the one and see how it works. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/31/14 10:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Need advice on choosing another Tow Vehicle?

This is just who I am. I do tons of research about every aspect of any venture I engage in... That's all good but be aware of analysis paralysis. You can analyze something to the point of being stuck, unable to make a move for fear of making the wrong move or unsure of what the right next move should be. In this case it's use the truck, adjust as needed, enjoy the journey and see where it takes you. So correct...analysis is good but there needs to be a good enough and then take action!!! In the OP's case I would get the transmission temp monitored and get a good brake controller. Then I would just pull the trailer and see if I was satisfied with the performance before I did anything else. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/31/14 08:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Depressing Depreciation

I paid 40k for my new family van (check...I am in the process of paying 40k for my van). There was a used 2009 Town And Country that was the same color as mine for 14k. But it wasn't what we wanted. We didn't buy a new van as an investment, we bought it as a tool, and we will use this thing till it's dead. The last thing I am worried about is depreciation. I'll never Forget Robert Kiosaki's quote "Assets pay you Liabilities take money from you" Pretty simple. Lol Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/30/14 03:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advice on choosing another Tow Vehicle?

Not sure of the cost of getting a tran gauge installed but I would consider just buying a Scan Gauge II to monitor trans temps if it would work on a '07 Silverado...which I would believe it would. I use a $20 app on my phone and a $20 wifi OBD2 dongle to measure my trans temp. Cheap and useful. I think the app is dash command and it's 10$ and then you purchase an upgrade for the trans temp. I got the dongle off of ebay. Just put WIFI OBD 2 dongle and they will pull right up. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/30/14 03:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need advice on choosing another Tow Vehicle?

My dad has an 03 Ram Cummins 2500 that gets about the same empty on highway trips. He routinely gets 16-18 mpg mixed driving. He gets 10-11 mpg towing his 36 ft fiver at 55-60 mph. Good trucks but the newer Rams with the cummins do not get that kind of MPG. The 03-05 were the best HD's for MPG and a good choice. Your half ton could have a gear swap to a 3.73 or 4.11 and would make a more capable towing machine. Good luck no matter what you decide. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/29/14 10:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2008 GMC Yukon MPG?

Yep... Budget for 7-8 mpg. I had a v10 and it got 7.5 pulling on average. Talked to a man with a V10 motor home and told me routinely got 8-9 mpg Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/29/14 10:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advice on choosing another Tow Vehicle?

Hmm.... I pulled a 7000 lb 32 ft TT with my old 97 F150 with NO problems. I upgraded to a dually and pretty well hated it. What's the issue here? Does the rig not pull well? Is your friend just wanting to help you spend your $$$? Upgrade if you want, but I'm not sure it's needed...
jerem0621 07/29/14 10:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Was I Wrong? (Long Story)

OP... This guy really got to you...he doesn't deserve your time or worry. And yes you are spending your time and worrying about this. You are questioning yourself and your judgement on this issue. The problem as I see this is that we have no idea who or what this person is. They could have a mental disability that's not obvious (brain cancer/tumor's can do funny things to people). What if this person was suffering a PTSD episode. Or this person could genuinely been a flat out jerk. Were you right or wrong? You posted this on a public forum which tells me either you doubt yourself or your trying to remember things a way you want to remember them. Maybe there is something else to this story that you haven't divulged to this thread... If so, be honest with yourself... My recommendation is take a deep breath...be thankful nobody got hurt physically and forget about this. Thanks, Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/29/14 10:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have you switched from friction sway control to HA or P#?

I'm am fascinated by the Hensley twins. I love the design, but it seems that there are several reports of failures with cracks and the sort. Every report I have read has resulted in Hensley taking care of the issue. I did read the classic thread in the Rv.net archives about the Ha Ha failure in Knoxville about 10 ish years ago. There was allusion that the HAHA failed but no proof presented for sure. Just statements that it was the failure point. I'll try to find the link later since I'm on the old iPhone right now. Maybe this is the thread JJBRISH linked too previously. I am not opposed to owning a HaHa. Not at all. Any mechanical device can fail...we all need to be reminded of that from time to time. I did watch the youtube video that JJBRISH alluded too about the constant Hensley bump. It was CONSTANT and happened so much on the video that I wondered if it was faked. Here is a pic or a Hensley hitch head I actually made an offer on. I figured it was rebuildable. One of the strut mount holes are ripped out. I can only imagine what happened. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/28BB81C1-132E-471F-BC10-5536FF7D1FEB_zpsdas0rjxa.png width=640
jerem0621 07/29/14 02:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: The ultimate tent camping picture thread!

Getting ready for some family car camping... Decided to go with a two tent set up. One six person dome for the DW and I and a 4 man dome for our 13 and 10 year old. That plus our canopy and we are pretty cozy. Here is a mock up with the canopy and the 4 man dome up. Our 6 man will sit behind the chairs in the pic. Disregard the Travel trailer...it's not mine. The 10 year old is mine though! http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/78764868-022C-48F5-B178-58906168D250_zpscjfxig1n.jpg width=640 Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/28/14 09:36pm Tent Camping
RE: Pop Up

For us, there is a difference between "camping" and "RVing." To each their own. A few months ago, we sold our trailer and bought a Coachmen 108ST popup. What a difference! No heavy WD hitch to mess with, can tow it with something that gets decent mileage (our SUV), easy to set up and take down (electric, no hand cranking involved), plenty of room for the two of us, and no extra expense of owning a pickup truck used solely for towing a few times a year. This is exactly why I sold my Dually and my 31.5 ft travel trailer. We now have a capable TV (see sig) and will tow a nice sized pup just fine. I'll probably still use a small WD hitch and sway control. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/25/14 10:59am Folding Trailers
RE: Question On 93 Coachmen TT.

sounds like a grounding issue to me
jerem0621 07/06/14 04:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to fix this

You need to check and make sure there isn't rot there. Many times those lower mounts will pull out due to wood rot. I would grab a pic and see if you can pull any wet wood out. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/06/14 04:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinion on 01-04 Chrysler Town & Country

The 3.3 is a great motor as well as the 3.8. I would go for the 3.8 for the power. If you can get the newer body style with the 3.8 or 4.0 would be better for towing. The newer Town and Countries and Grand Caravans all have heavy duty cooling packages including the transmission cooler. It may be a little stretch financially to get an 08 and up but it would be well worth it down the road. If you do go with the earlier model make sure you add a transmission cooler. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/06/14 03:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Walkers

Some sites have no clear boundaries. I generally say nothing as long as they are not causing trouble. Not worth me getting out from under my awning. Neither is it worth me cresting an adversary. Camping in a campground is somewhat of a community experience... Just offer them a drink.
jerem0621 07/06/14 07:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Our Bucket Light

Love it!! Great job!
jerem0621 07/05/14 12:16pm Travel Trailers

From what I understand it's more of a cap less system, this plug is more of a dust cap than anything. The tank is sealed by some type of bulb system...that is until you put the filler nozzle into it. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/05/14 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Molded Fiberglass Trailers

Here is a 40+ year old molded fiberglass Motorhome that my father in law owns. The top seam has split and it leaks like a sieve now. They can all leak, even airstreams can leak http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/IMG_0799.jpg width=540 The floors are destroyed along with the interior. The issue with water is that even though the fiberglass holds up everything else deteriorates. The other issue is that fiberglass WILL deteriorate eventually. Especially once water gets to the non gel coat side. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 07/05/14 11:06am Travel Trailers
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