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RE: SUV Tow Vehicle

Just FYI...the new Armada is not a crossover. It is a body on frame truck based on the globally loved. Nissan Patrol. I would have no fear with the New Armada used wishing it’s ratings. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/23/18 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: my grandson's final game of the season

Man they grow up quickly! Enjoy those little ones. Thanks, Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/18/18 09:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Max Tow F150s

I test drove a Gas Crew Cab 4x4 standard bed (6.5ft)GMC Sierra of the 2002 vintage yesterday. It has nearly the same footprint as my 2008 SCrew F150 has with the 5.5 ft bed. It was a whole 12 inches longer. Not perceptible at all.. drove good, ride was good (not to rough at all), and is something I could live with every day. I really liked that truck. The compromise over a half ton was....a few MPg less (maybe) and a few inch longer wheel base. But I gained so much, heavier truck, heavier frame, heavier axles, LT tires....and this one came with a pre installed B&W turnover ball! Why can’t a half ton tow within its ratings? That’s the question right? The answer is that it can. It’s not a junk truck. They are very capable. I can dig out a ditch for a waterline to my house with a shovel, a pick axe, and some manual labor. A ditch witch will do in minutes what it would take me HOURS if not days to do. Here is the thing. Most gravitate from Half Tons to 3/4 and 1 tons for a similar reason. Especially those towing heavy and long TT’s. A heavier truck is a more sturdy platform. Sturdy platforms equal an easier experience and less stress. Less stress equals more enjoyment and more enjoyment and pleasure is what RV’ing is all about. Never mind that most RV’ers are weekend warriors which means hitch up on Friday and burn rubber ASAP to get to the camp ground and start relaxing before we come home on Sunday or Monday. A HD truck removes a lot of stress from traveling with a 30 plus ft RV. Now I am speaking in general here and many are pleased with their half ton. Heck I loved mine. I just want back in RV’ing again and I am walking straight past the half tons and looking at the 3/4 tons. Look at RAM for example. They will flat recommend a 3/4 ton truck for towing a TT. There is so much more to it than just checking the weight boxes. As my Buddy BenK says...and I am paraphrasing....do you have enough truck to manhandle your trailer when Mr. Murphy comes calling? Any doubt? Go to the 3/4 ton. Tons and tons of people on this very forum have switched from half ton to 3/4 ton and say “why didn’t I change earlier” If you are any a half ton...go for it... you can make it work and be safe. Just don’t get over zealous on the size of the TT (true for any truck) Thanks..and JMHO as always. Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/17/18 02:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WD hitch instructions conflict with GM

Food for thought Can-Am RV- setting your torsion bars Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/12/18 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: US 5th Wheel Complance in Australia

Well said Dayle1, since you gave facts you will probably be told that you don’t understand the culture or other such nonsense.
jerem0621 06/05/18 09:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Windows 10... From an Apple Guy

I'm getting sick of Windows, but it mat be the cheapo Asus laptop I'm running. I can't right click on a file without locking up file explorer. I googled the issue but can't get any of the 'fixes' to work. Now mind you I'm an old Windows guy, having written device drivers since Win 3.0 and code for the XP/Win 7 volume manager. But, just like cars (which I used to be able to work on as well), Windows has hidden most of the canolis. I understand. Something is up with your computer. I have got to the point in my experience with computers...if the processor isn’t at least an i5 Intel I do not even give the computer a second look. This computer runs on 4 GB of Ram and is only using about 75% of the Ram at max. Most of the time it’s running on 1.5-2 GB Ram. We bought my son an AMD Windows 10 laptop with 500 GB hd and about 4gb of Ram but that stupid AMD processor would max out and make the machine crawl. I could look at the task manager and the Ram was at 50% but the processor was maxed out! I think I’m on the way out of the walled garden. I really like this software. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/04/18 10:21am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10... From an Apple Guy

based on my buddies' experience with Win 10 i'm dreading the day when i have to migrate there from win 7. for certain i'll be getting the 3rd party overlay to make Win 10 look lke Win 7. Hmm... that's interesting. I have found no problems. Its very nice being able to add "tiles" to the start menu for quick access. I didn't think I would like it, but I do. Give it a try if you can. (a real test drive) before you write it off. I did make the task bar icons smaller so I could fit more. Overall, its a great experience. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 10:31pm Technology Corner
Windows 10... From an Apple Guy

I bought a Windows 10 Laptop on the cheap last week from Unclaimed Baggage. I am super impressed with this OS. My 2011 MacBook Pro runs High Sierra and this Windows OS feels much more fresh and easy to use. My MacBook Pro is fast so I am not talking about speed. I forgot how nice it is to have a 10 key pad on my notebook. What are these ports on the side? Yep, VGA, HDMI, 4 USB ports!!! NO DONGLES NEEDED!!! NICE! Has anyone else found Windows 10 to be really good? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 09:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Lite weight 5th wheel

You can make it work. Especially if you drop the Cummins and go with the 5.6 V8. You will be a little tight on the payload margins either way. I personally have yet to see a Titan XD 5.0 with 2,000 lbs of payload. Most I have laid my eyes on were in the 1400-1500 lb range. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 09:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is this normal AC operation?

The RV air conditioners do not have service ports to charge the Freon. I have heard that some have the service ports brazed on, but I am not sure if you can find someone to braze them on. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 07:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is this normal AC operation?

Ok so did all those things, and currently have 68 degrees coming out, with 78 going in. will give it awhile and check again. Did notice that very quickly the upper few coils were frosting over, while below they were tepid. So what should I expect to pay one of the mobile guys to recharge the Freon? Confirmed it is a 2014 dometic 15k btu. You will be looking at a new AC unit. From what I understand the RV AC’s are not serviceable when it comes to Freon. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Husky Silver Series 16K W 5th Wheel - Single Jaw

These are good hitches. A buddy of mine had one and it served him well. I would purchase a B&W Patriot 16k or 18k though. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/03/18 11:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Word is out on L4 as standard full size pickup engine for GM

As a side note on this topic, I've been test driving 1500's because I dont need an old 2500 diesel anymore. And the Ford 2.7L Eco has a stupid amount of lag from a dead stop going WOT. I noticed this on more than one 2.7 Eco. I believe its from a small displacement engine with not alot of HP without the turbo singing. I notice the 3.5 eco has much much less lag at dead stop Wot. More displacement and more hp to get the ball rolling. I expect the GM will suffer the same issue. I know its not a big deal for some, or even most people, but its a deal breaker for me. Depending on how hard you were pushing it from a stop it probably was the traction control reducing power a bit, I know that my 3.5 would pull better and hard if you eased into the throttle than if you just put it to the floor. My wife’s MKC Ecoboost is the same.
jerem0621 06/03/18 06:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question for Cummins12V98 ref B&W hitch locks

Since we are all calling on Cummins12V98, thought I would tell ya, I nearly bought a used Companion base the other day, the man took the head off to use on an OEM Companion base. It was on Craigslist for $200.00. I thought I might make it into the club one day and ya gotta be prepared! Then I realized how much the head assembly was by itself and figured it probably wouldn't save to much cash piecemealing it together. LOL
jerem0621 06/02/18 09:36pm Fifth-Wheels
Reese Goosebox in Action

From the Big Truck Big Rv YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/doGxz-4u1_A Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/02/18 07:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Word is out on L4 as standard full size pickup engine for GM

I'm pretty excited about this motor. The new Ranger will also be getting a Turbo 4 Ecoboost. That will be the only engine option for that truck. The tech in our vehicles are changing for sure. I am excited to see what the tow specs are for these 4 cyl trucks. These things have more power and TQ than my 97 F150 with a 5.4l rated for 8,000 lbs towing. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/02/18 03:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A Stroll down Memory Lane: 10+ years on this Forum

Yea, I still check this forum, but mostly I hang on Facebook groups for my specific interests which here lately is Cox Campers and Apache Canvas campers. Easy to interact and easy to post pictures. Unfortunately this forums software has not kept up with the times and still operates identically as it did in 2009 when I joined. Well, we do have a funky captcha now. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 06/01/18 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reese Signature Hitch

I just checked the Fit Guide on Reeses website and found that your existing hitch is not compatable with the new truck. They do not make the underbed rails for your hitch. If you have the Ram fifth wheel prep package then I would order a B&W RVK3600 or if you are happy with the Reese products they make one that fit the pucks. I think the part number is 30160. If you do not have the Ram pucks then you have a few options for underbed rails. 1) You can install a B&W Turnover ball Gooseneck hitch and use the B&W Companion hitch 2) You can install any brand underbed gooseneck hitch and use a hitch called the Andersen Ultimate fifth wheel connection (not my personal preference) Or you can install standard fifth wheel hitch above bed rails and run a traditional rail mounted fifth wheel hitch. I still recommend the B&W brand called the Patriot. I would buy the 18k version which has a welded base. My personal favorite combo without the factory Prep package is the B&W Turnoverball and the Companion fifth wheel hitch. Sorry for the bad news on your current hitch. You can probably get $2-400 for it on craigslist to help offset the cost. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 05/30/18 08:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: US 5th Wheel Complance in Australia

Towing Ike Gauntlet with a HD Ram Rated to tow 30,000lb , yes if you want snails passing you. Better to get a MDT Truck that can actually tow that amount This is such a ridiculous statement as to discredit anything you have or will post, including the balance of this post. There are plenty of MINIMUM speed limits and no US manufacturer is going to claim a towing capacity that could not maintain normal highway speeds and do it safely and reliably. Well would disagree with you. On the TFL website they were towing 30,000lb trailers up a 7 % Gradient and they were crawling. Minium speed was very slow indeed. Too suggest this is an acceptable speed maybe it is in the US but not here To be fair to the test, they do not allow manual shifting on these tests in TFL. Anyone else would downshift and let it run. I take nearly no stock in those tests. There is no way a 160-320 hp Class 8 truck (IVECO link)would have done better on that pull with 30,000 lbs. The physics simply do not work in its favor. I don't understand your axe that you grind with the North American Trucks. Your trucks are smaller, cramped, lower HP and TQ, and that some how makes them better??? As for the trailers, Aussie trailers are built more rugged, that is a fact, but they serve a totally different purpose. Ours are used for vacations (holiday) and rarely go off-roading in conditions like the Outback or the bush in Australia. Those quarters are tight in those campers too. Also, what sane person would take a super expensive trailer like you show in the pics and drive them through rivers and bang them on rocks. Something doesn't add up. For me, give me a nice Laramie Longhorn, King Ranch, or High Country crew cab with a nice fiver or big TT and I will be comfy comfy for hours on end driving across this beautiful country of ours for years to come. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 05/30/18 04:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I hadn't worried about non W/D towing before - and airbags

I ordered a Pro Series round bar weight distribution hitch with separate friction sway controls the last time I needed a WD hitch. Most people on here will recommend a WD hitch with integrated sway control...that is well and good but it is not a necessity. You can order a 1,000 lb rated spring bar WD hitch from eTrailer with a sway control bar for under $300.00 and be in business. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 05/29/18 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
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