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RE: Safety Chains

Safety chains are not required for a fifth wheel hitch. If you convert to a Gooseneck hitch then safety chains may be required. Do you have a fifth wheel hitch? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 03/01/17 10:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 6.0 liter

I'm always amazed at the personal HATE people have for this motor, like it was responsible for the demise of a loved one. Yet around my neck of the woods I see more of them on the road than Cumins and Duramax trucks of the same years combined. Ford really must have done something wrong for almost 5 years. Oh well. Hoping for another 5-10 years out of mine yet. Sure don't see why it won't hit 500K miles. For me, it's not about hate. I am very fond of Ford Trucks. To me it was all about mitigating risk. The 6.0 is a higher risk than other trucks, there were many other choices that didn't have the reliability problems. In my case I just had to look in Fords own ranks. I had to buy out of warranty due to my budget, for my family I bought a V10 F350. When my buddies 6.0 PSD was drinking coolant my V10 was running like a sewing machine. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/28/17 08:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My Cellular Ate My URL For Bargain Computer Laptop Sales

Have you gave Chromebooks a go? Mine is fantastic and has quickly become my go-to computer. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/28/17 06:33pm Technology Corner
RE: 4WD vs 2WD

I never needed 4x4 on my 2WD trucks...until I did. I was moving my Father Inlaws camper into its spot for him. Grassy area. No signs of mud at all. No WD hitch Backed the trailer in...went to unhitch And realized I had backed into very saturated soil. Uncoupled the trailer. Put my truck in drive and the rear axle sank up to its hub in mud. Sad thing was...my front tires were sitting on pavement. Had to have a buddy come and pull me out. Next truck will be 4x4. (Unless finances dictate otherwise) Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/28/17 01:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6.0 liter

Please get your self a V10 Ford. The Ford 6.0 and the 6.4 are the ones to stay away from unless you like projects and uncertainty. As demonstrated above when things go wrong it can get really expensive. Go search you tube for PowerStroke Help and just watch the videos he has on the 6.0. This man has literally built a business solving the problems with the 6.0. I can't find anything quite like him for Duramax or Cummins diesels....especially for a single generation of motor. V10...thirsty and boring but reliable as a hammer. Cummins and Duramax diesels (all motors really) have issues too but they are not nearly as significant. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/28/17 11:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 f150 crew cab verses gmc Sierra 1500

Go for either truck with the Max trailering package. For the GM it's called the NHT package. For the Ford it's the Max Tow with the Heavy Duty Payload Package. If you want Ford then you will probably have to special order it because you hardly ever see a properly equipped F150 on the dealers lot. However, I have seen a lot of GM trucks with the NHT package with the 5.3 If money was no object and I had to have a half ton I would have a new LTZ Silverado with the NHT package and the 6.2 V8. 2,000 lbs payload, 12,000 lb tow rating. Nearly the perfect HD Half ton. JMHO ... I love the Ford trucks but the new F150 doesn't feel as planted to me as the Silverado. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/27/17 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford or Dodge ?

I personally would not buy an 08-10 Ford Diesel. Ford V10 is a great combo for these years if you have to stay Ford. If you want a Diesel then go for the Cummins during the 08-10 years. Ford, I'd go for a 2012 and up Powerstroke. I'd walk right past the 6.4 PSD. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/27/17 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch differences

My dad has a Curt Q20 and complains of a lot of chucking in his ride. The hitch is a slider but there is a lot of slop in the hitch. For my money, I would also buy the B&W. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/27/17 11:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie towing recommendation

Man...I want to attemp th combination so bad, because of the size and price point. I know it will probably tow it and I know it would be a struggle, but could be done. However given my experience level, I rather not risk injurying anyone to include the public. The solution to your problem is a F250. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/27/17 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Couple Purchase

I'd recommend skipping the Ridgeline and the Pilot. TFL truck had a Ridgeline overheat the transmission on a mild trail. I can't imagine what it would do if you had to pull a grade in stop and go traffic or something like that. Take a peek at the Chevy Colorado or the GMC Canyon for pulling a smaller TT Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/27/17 07:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie towing recommendation

Welcome Laziebun, You did a good job giving us a lot of info to start with. Your Truck is a very capable Half ton truck. Are the trailer weights you posted the brochure weights? If so, I would make some assumptions until you actually weigh the truck and trailer. 1) I would figure 1,200-1500 lbs added to the above trailer weight as you "ready to camp" weight. Also, don't believe yourself when you say you will camp light. Over time your trailer will get heavier. You will eventually buy trailer only items (pots, pans, etc) along with many other things. 2) your tongue weight right now is less than 10% which is not good for pulling a TT. You need 10-13% tongue weight. So, 13% of 7,500 lbs is going to be about 975 lbs. 3) figure your trucks available payload. There should be a yellow sticker in your drivers door jamb that should say something along the lines of " the combined weight of passengers and cargo should never exceed xxxx lbs. you need to make sure you have enough payload to cover your family's weight, the tongue weight, and the weight distribution hitch head....along with anything else in the truck. (This is how people end up with 3/4 or 1ton trucks and realize that the tow rating is essentially useless for a TT and a 1/2 ton combo. You run out of payload way before you run out of tow rating...generally speaking) 4) make sure your weight distribution hitch bars are rated for at least 1,000 lbs...1,200 would be better. If they are 800 lbs bars, I don't think they are big enough for your application. Make sure the weight distribution hitch is set up and spot on. This is not hard to do yourself...take your time and do this yourself. 5) depending on what kind of WD hitch you have you may have sway control built in. If you have a standard WD hitch which requires separate sway bars be sure you use two of them. This is my preferred hitch as I like being able to remove the sway control on gravel roads or in icy/slick conditions while retaining my WD abilities. 6) air your tires up to the Max PSI on the sidewall of the tires for towing purposes. This is subjective but my experience this is helpful in firming up the ride on a half ton while towing a large TT 7) your mpg will be 7-10 while towing. Probably average around 8 mpg. You will feel the trailer back there. You will get use to it. 8) if you don't have OEM towing mirrors then ensure you get a good set of towing mirrors. I like the JR products Grand Aero's or the CIPA Slip on mirrors for your specific truck. 9) buy a power tongue jack if your trailer didn't come with one. Many choices here, Barker and Atwood seem to be the best... all are helpful...for me it turned hitching up into a breeze. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/26/17 10:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding a rear receiver

First hand experience here... buddy's Fiver rear bumper was ripped off by overloading it. We were traveling with them. Use a receiver hitch and then attach some eye bolts to the back wall to secure the bikes on the rack, attached to the receiver. Also, you may want to contact the trailer frame manufacturer to make sure the frame is able to handle a rear receiver. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/25/17 09:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help picking new truck

SRW 3500 gas with the right axle gear will do the job but a Diesel will do it better. I'd highly recommend walking straight past the 2500 and going for the 3500. Thanks, Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/25/17 08:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 Ford F150 3.5 V6 Ecoboost and should I tow with it??

For that much weight I would be considering a F250 as my starting point. This trailer has a GVWR of close to 9,000 lbs. The EcoBoost F150 is fantastic but I think a 5,000-5,500 ish lb dry trailer is a better starting point. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/23/17 05:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ProPride 3P Hitch Question

For me, I've researched them pretty extensively. The 3P hitch seems to have a bit more meat where the WD bars go into the hitch head. If the Hensley Arrow has a fault it's that weak area. It's still a fantastic, best of the best hitch. But here is some informative reading. Anyone Broken A Hensley? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/23/17 10:04am Towing
RE: new Escalade as TV

I have a 2016 sierra 1500. Max tow with the 6.2 and 8spd. I am towing a trailer that is probably 8500 pounds ready to camp. The engine and transmission are awesome!! I went from a Ram Hemi 8spd to the GMC. The Ram transmission shifted better unloaded but the payload on the Ram was minuscule. Good report. If I may ask...what is the payload on the sierra 1500? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/23/17 07:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ike Gauntlet- Diesel GMC Canyon vs. Gas Chevy Colorado

I thought it was a really good video. IIRC the payload between the two trucks was not that significant of a difference. That Diesel in the downhill was impressive. Yea it was a little slow on the climb but it got a little better MPG. But, is still buy gas. RPM's don't bother me while towing and the MPG difference isn't that great. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 02/20/17 12:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Frame Rail Comparison

So???? B.O. Is that a question?
jerem0621 02/20/17 12:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow 1997 Mobile Scout with 2009 GMC D/A?

How much are you going to tow it? If a lot I would buy a slider base for your hitch. Much cheaper than most deductibles for insurance. You could probably find a cheap slider on Craigslist to make due with as cheap insurance for when you tow this trailer. Thanks!
jerem0621 02/20/17 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Frame Rail Comparison

Yep, the frame rails on the right is the S10. The Ram is on the left.
jerem0621 02/20/17 09:01am Tow Vehicles
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