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RE: Would you purchase a used hitch? Good or bad idea?

Absolutely, I have bought used hitch equipment in the past and have had great success.
jerem0621 09/19/17 09:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Did you get hit with the Equifax hack?(or who didn't)

My wife and I are both on the list. Really disappointing but we already have credit freezes on our account from stolen identity 20 years ago. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/19/17 01:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Can't Be Hacked---Right?

As a Chromebook user I just wanted to point out that the powerwash function only impacts the device. Not your files stored in the cloud. Any file stored locally on the Chrombook will be deleted. There is a file system built into the Chromebook that will allow you to store files. In 2 year I have never came close to hitting the 16 gb internal storage limit. Everything I do on that computer is based in the cloud. Speaking of cloud storage, a multi cloud storage platform approach seems to be favored by some. I tend to use Drop box, Google Drive, and even iCloud drive from time to time. I write my sermons (I'm a Pastor) in Google Docs and then download them to my Docs app on my iPad. The Docs app is superior for speaking from a manuscript than anything I have found. I still have the ability to make some last minute changes to the manuscript if needed but I can't accidentally go into editing mode while presenting. Super easy to use. I have laptops that run OS X Sierra, Windows 7 (Can't convince me that Win 10 is an actual improvement), and Chrome OS. As an unfortunate person whose information was stolen from the credit bureau hack a few weeks ago... My Computers platform security is the least of my worries. Seriously, a Data breech is something that we all are more in danger of than a single targeted hack on an individual. Social Engineering is the most common now, people send emails that sounds like they were written by a 4 year old saying they are with Bank of America and need to verify your account information... Thats how people get ripped off. Anyway, I digress. OP... Run the ChromeBook . Its a great OS for what it is. Be smart with your info. Try to use sites that are secure (https vs http), use strong passwords. And put a sticker over your web cam ;) Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/18/17 08:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Good weight distribution set up

Dry weights oughta be outlawed... :M Our dry tongue wt. was advertised as 540 lbs. So I purchased a WDH package ahead of time with 800 lb spring bars thinking they'd be more than enough. After going to a scale, our actual TW ended up being close to 1,000 lbs. Bought a new set of heavier spring bars as the smaller ones just weren't working that well for us. The TW is almost 15% of our TT's GVW which is on the higher side of average. Our WDH is a Reese dual cam with trunnion bars. I chose it because of it's pro-active self-centering design and integral sway control. After getting it all dialed in, it works fantastic and would never substitute it for another. Doesn't make objectionable noise IMO and Reese says you can use a little vaseline on the cams if needed (never anything else). Besides selecting a WDH and setting it up properly, make sure to run the right psi in TT & TV tires, use LT tires on truck and set the TT level to slightly nose down. It's all part of an overall "system" that works together. TT owners often tout the WDH they have. It would be interesting if somebody did a real life scientific comparison between the various brands and types of WDH using the same TT and truck. I tried towing a friends TT on the freeway of about the same length as ours with their truck with basic round bar WDH with friction bars and did not like the feel of it. Interesting. I towed my trailer with the same basic WD hitch (Reese trunnions with the crooks in the bars) with both dual cam and dual friction sway control and couldn't tell the difference. Then again, my set up was 100% dialed in. I ran friction bars as my preference. The dual cam bars are still out there in the garage. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/17/17 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: What makes some cell phones worth ten times others?

I've tried to use cheaper stuff...just to test if having higher end stuff was worth it...Samsung Tab 4, totally Boggs down and is unresponsive just doing normal surfing. I'll pay a few hundred more for high end equipment...it's actually cheaper if you buy a higher end device and keep it longer. Replacing cheap devices every 6 months or so is not good economy. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/16/17 05:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone pull a 14k 5er with a gas engine

I pull a 16K trailer all over the country with my past V10 with 4.30 gears and now with my 6.2 with 4.30 gears, we average over long trips between 8 and 9. The secret to towing heavy with a gas motor is the rear end gears!!! So don't listen to no nothing dealerships set it up for towing. Denny That sounds like a really nice truck you have there. I love gas motors. Post a pic of you get a chance, I would love to see it. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/16/17 10:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New high (or low?) in overloading

Nice! Good Job helping out your neighbor and giving them an eduction. There is the the right tool for the job. And thankfully, that education is only costing your neighbor a transmission and a small upgrade. As popular as Taco's are right now his education probably cost a lot less than a lot of peoples. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/15/17 03:16pm Towing
RE: TT Outside Construction

Aluminum sides are easier to repair if the wall is damaged. Fiberglass suffers from Delamination...always...every fiberglass camper will eventually delaminate to some degree or another. Snip... Jeremiah I agree that aluminum sides would be easier to repair BUT can't see how you can say that fiberglass sided trailers will ALWAYS delaminate. The only thing that will cause that to happen is water intrusion or faulty manufacturing. My trailer has gel coated fiberglass sides and end caps, has never leaked, and I make sure it never will. My trailer also has NO delamination, is now over 13 years old, and I plan on it staying that way and lasting for many more. Barney Hi Barney, My logic is the same as saying All Wood Framed Trailer will eventually have to deal with some sort of rot. I know that you, and many on this forum are meticulous about their camper's maintenance but sadly this is not the standard. Any trailer will have issues when water gets inside. As owners, we should do everything we can to prevent it but we are one bad seal, accident, natural disaster, Health Scare, etc away from having water get in. Also, the people who buy our campers after we own them may not maintain them in the same manner. When I say ALWAYS what I am saying is somewhere in the life span of the trailer. Hope that makes sense. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/15/17 02:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen Ultimate VS B&W Patriot Slider

I would use the Andersen.
jerem0621 09/15/17 08:58am Towing
RE: TT Outside Construction

Aluminum sides are easier to repair if the wall is damaged. Fiberglass suffers from Delamination...always...every fiberglass camper will eventually delaminate to some degree or another. Every fiberglass/Filon sided RV I have seen uses square aluminum tubing for "studs" and solid foam insulation. Aluminum sided RVs usually use wood studs and fiberglass insulation. I would expect that the fiberglass/aluminum/foam would weigh less, but i have heard is actually weighs more :h I think a lot of it has to do with how the RV is built. Aluminum rots in its own way so it's not perfect either. There are also some, at least there were, RV's that use aluminum studs and aluminum siding. So it reallly is a mixed bag. Some manufacturers use aluminum studs with wood trusses, or aluminum studs on the sides with wood trusses and wood framing on the front and rear of the camper. From what I have seen it's pretty rare to get 100% no wood in a RV build. Foam can hold water too...some types of wall construction such as Azdel is impervious to water penetration...but that doesn't mean everything else in the RV is. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/14/17 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Outside Construction

Aluminum sides are easier to repair if the wall is damaged. Fiberglass suffers from Delamination...always...every fiberglass camper will eventually delaminate to some degree or another. My personal preference is the corrugated aluminum. Admittedly it doesn't look as slick but it is reliable and if you get water damage in the wall and the wall has to be repaired the repair is invisible as the aluminum covers the repair. The flip side to that is that aluminum can hide damage for a long time until us shows on the interior. In reality, if either are maintained then they last a long time. If either is not maintained then they will degrade very quickly. BTW...Jayco uses aluminum on its Jay Flight and Swift series and uses the fiberglass on its Hummingbird, Jay Feather, Eagle and Whitehawk lines Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/14/17 08:10am Travel Trailers
RE: towing with 2005 F250 4x4 gas

I think that the 5.4 can do it just fine. Just have realistic expectations on performance and know that you are going to have to turn some RPM. I pulled a 7,000 lb loaded TT with a 5.4 F150 and it did great. Kept up with highway speed (60-65 is my limit) on the interstate. It did slow down on very steep hills. Just let it work and you will get there fine. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/13/17 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cougar pin box flex

Something is wrong. There should not be anywhere near that much movement. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/12/17 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailer Length

I think Airstream measures overall length. At least the use to. I do agree... use a tape and be sure
jerem0621 09/12/17 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Aluminum Differential Cover Thermal Results

Thank you for the information. I have been considering adding one of these covers for my Ford 8.8 that is under my F150. I like the idea of easier fluid changes. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/11/17 09:45pm Towing
RE: Distribution hitches ??????

I prefer the old style weight distribution hitches and I see the add on sway control as a positive. There is no reason why one can't tow great. I had the fortunate opportunity to tow with the same hitch both the dual friction bar set up and the Dual-Cam sway control. There was absolutely no difference in how the trailer handled and the sway prevention on both. That's apples to apples comparison..same basic hitch. The real key to sway prevention has nothing to do with the sway control...it has to do with the set up. The trailer must be loaded correctly and matched to the tow vehicle properly...the weight distribution hitch must be set up correctly. Integrated sway control force you to use the sway control at all times...yes even in the times you may not want the trailer to track straight...such as on an icy road or gravel roads where you are towing. Add on sway control also gives you the option to have just a weight carrying shank (forged preferably) with sway bar mounts welded on. This is a great back up solution to keep you towing if your weight distribution hitch head fails and it lets you keep sway control. Been there done that and I will not tow a camper with out a back up solution to get the camper home if a hitch head failure occurred. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/11/17 07:56pm Towing
RE: Had a change of plans, Want some opinions

I try to limit my max load on a half ton to about 6,500-7,000 lbs loaded. This will be 4,500-5,000 lbs dry. Any heavier than that I'm going to be looking for a 3/4 ton truck. JMHO Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/11/17 06:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: For the gas RV Fifth Wheel Hauler's out here.

Repaintes are very common with used cars. I had a CarMax manager tell me that they repaint a lot of bumpers and hoods just to clean them up before they sell the cars. That 'damage' is not significant and I probably wouldn't have given it much of a second thought. Of course I am more concerned about how the vehicle runs and then it's cosmetics secondarily. My truck was bought used, it has some scratches in the paint...it was used as a truck by its former owner and I am continuing that use type. Trucks that get used tend to show their use. You can have the dealer address these items, but it will cost you some. Also, Dually trucks tend to rub curbs and stuff. Most people have a hard time judging the size of these trucks and can kiss other things as they are maneuvering them. Heck, a lot of folks have an issue with half ton trucks in tight spots. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/11/17 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight distribution hitch

I used a Weight Distribution hitch with my Dually and my 31 ft TT...no I didn't need it...but the rig rode so much better with it. I absolutely hated that truck, it was so impractical in my day to day life. While excellent for pulling a camper it was terrible as a daily driver into the city. I'm not retired and I don't work in the field. I'm an office jock so for my needs a smaller truck was just more practical. A Weight Distribution hitch is not a band-Aid...it's another way to do something and it makes it very practical and safe to tow a heavier trailer with a half ton truck or SUV. I crack up at the bandaids comments, I have seen guys make that comment and in their signature it will say timbrens or airbags. JMHO only. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/08/17 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Pulling a 5th wheel with an F350 2 door

Imho... you would be trading one problem for another. Bill from Powerstroke Help tells people to avoid the 6.4 psd. I would keep what you have, spend a few$$ to fix it... lower it down and fix it. As far as the Regular cab truck. I would not be worried about towing with a regular cab. People used regular cabs for decades to pull campers. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/08/17 05:48am Fifth-Wheels
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