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RE: Curt Q20 w/roller removal?

Thank you guys. I will give it another try. I am hoping my wife can help with the base. That base is no joke. My dad has one and it was a job for me and him to put it in/get it out of his Ram...I'd recommend investing in winch overhead at some point. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/25/14 06:41am Towing
RE: Interesting TV over the weekend.

Heck I saw a mid eighties Datsun pickup towing a very small 5er couple of days back. I was PO'ed I couldn't get a pic since I was driving making a left turn at the time. In all fairness though some of our firewood guys around here are out of spring in their 15 series trucks. Always see at least one per year with a broken axle on the side of the road. That reminded me of some of the watermelon loads I see traveling on I75 in Florida and lower Georgia ...sometimes even into Tennessee... Typically you will see a dually long bed with a mound of watermelons in the bed...then the dually is pulling a double axle utility trailer with a mound of watermelons loaded from front to back...the trucks headlights are usually pointing at the sky. Usually you will see a half ton with a similar load...they have to be on the bump stops. They just have too. Seem them broke down on the side of the road at least once or twice a year in my travels. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/24/14 07:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mitsubichi outlander V6

3500 lbs towing with the V6 and it can hold 7 passengers... though not at the same time. Why can't the suspension handle towing? Maybe not a monster travel trailer but up to its ratings... no problem. Thanks! Jereimah
jerem0621 10/23/14 06:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting TV over the weekend.

Saw a terrible combo on the road today coming home from work. It was a 24 ish ft Hallmark type enclosed cargo/car hauler. That trailer was swaying all over the road and and was pushing the truck out of the lanes and onto the hard shoulders.. Truck was a 2011 and up F250 PSD Crew Cab 4x4... Trailer should have been a great match for the truck...heck.. my old 97 F150 would have safely towed that trailer..if pulled by ME. Not sure what was wrong with the set up as I worked hard to pass him before something bad happened. Operator error I suppose... but its not the first time I have seen a relatively small trailer bully a big truck around... Owner probably says that he "can't even feel the trailer back there" which I would argue is NOT a good thing. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/23/14 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are You Buying All These Half-ton Claims?

Fords video of the 2015 F150 and the cattle rancher is weak.... I am sure my old 97 F150 with a 5.4 would have held up for 3 days under heavy load. Now ford should have done what Toyota did... Drop they keys in the ranchers hands an say call us when it hits 100k...then take the truck apart down to the frame and inspect it. I have never seen any other manufacturer do that. Not that it means much in the grand scheme of things... Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/21/14 10:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you know you're towing too much weight?

People get bogged down in weight and completely discount the design of the actual trailer. Yes trailer weight is important but so is trailer balance, center of gravity, trailer height, aerodynamic design (or lack thereof), and trailer suspension design. A heavier lower height trailer with a smaller aerodynamic profile will tow easier than a lighter trailer with a bigger aerodynamic profile. BTW...the payload sticker gives me ZERO confidence in its accuracy. My payload sticker says my Van has about 1150 ish lbs....when I weighed it with my family in the van which is 800 lbs of people i fully expected and was prepared for only 200 lbs of payload based on the silly payload sticker. My GVWR on my van is 6050 lbs...my scaled GVWR WITH a full tank of gas and my family is 5400 lbs...leaving me over 550 lbs of payload...so how come my sticker says 1150 lbs of payload..my family weighs 800 lbs yet I still have 550 lbs of payload? I then found out that all Town & Countries share the same payload sticker...the more loaded version has the same sticker as my van. Silly payload sticker is MEANINGLESS on my van and I have the paperwork to prove it. OP...this forum will tell you whenever you need to up-truck...regardless of how well your combo tows. I am sure you have learned by now that the volume of sheet metal on a vehicle and how tall the tires are directly correlates to how well a vehicle will tow. Then there are the tire ratings...those are the ones that are REALLY important. Thanks! Jeremiah Edited because my payload is 1150 lbs on the sticker and not 1050...
jerem0621 10/16/14 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: PullRite TT hitch questions Update Installed Pic's

That's true. I weighed mine before the instal and everything weighed 164lbs. Considering the only thing I lost in weight was the spare at 73lbs i have a net gain of only 91lbs. I will be putting my spare under the trailer (truck used 95% to pull it) i will gain some of the 73lbs back but not much. Planning on putting spare just forward of axles. Biggest drawback I see is moving the spare. If i could find a large enough and skinny enough tire as a spare I will stuff it back where it goes. Only thing stopping it is the width of tire. As to the spare tire...many new vehicles are not even coming with a spare tire now. They are coming with an air pump and fix-a-flat trype stuff in them. Walmart sells a similar kit for SUV's for $30-40.00. I haven't changed a spare tire in years and years. On the side of the road I just put a plug in the tire and air it up. Thanks! Jremiah
jerem0621 10/16/14 06:47am Towing
RE: I'm still convinced these people are crazy.

Some people will say it's crazy to drop 25k plus in CASH on anything. Why use my money when I can use the banks money.
jerem0621 10/15/14 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: PullRite TT hitch questions Update Installed Pic's

That's a slick set up! Congratulations on the great find!
jerem0621 10/15/14 11:54am Towing
RE: Bunkhouse or Rear living room?

Next one for is will be rear living. At night the kids have the entire living area as their "bunk house" instead of a small room for their beds. Momma and I still have our seperate area so all is good there. I would much rather have the space for living than for sleeping. But...many people really enjoy having a bunk house...they are not for us...but that's why they make different models. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/14/14 06:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brake Lines Blown While Towing with Toyota Tundra!!!!

I'm anxious to hear what could have caused the failure. Something like this is rare... Toyota is not know for brake issues. But with that said... any mechanical device can fail. Sounds like the flex line failed between the rear axle and the frame. Question on how you handled the emergency. Did you use the manual brake over ride on the Prodigy to use the trailer brakes to try to help slow the rig? Thats something that I rehearse in my mind if I experience a braking failure while towing. The GREAT news is that you and your family are hear to tell this tale. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/11/14 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bigger truck/smaller TT, WD hitch with w/o sway needed?

I highly recommend using WD. They ride so much better with them.
jerem0621 10/11/14 08:22pm Towing
RE: soft spot not getting bigger, concern?

Where is said soft spot?
jerem0621 10/10/14 10:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: DPF delete. solenoid going crazy

sidebar question.. Why do you delete everything making the truck legal for off road use only? Are you building a monster truck or a pre-runner? I'm not trying to be smart...I really want to know. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/10/14 10:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A tale of woe.

With all the negative CW posts on this forum, I'm always surprised that people still purchase RVs from them. Buyer beware. Yep, I am amazed by this too. I susbscribe to our local camping world email list. They often send me ads for new and used RV's for special sales prices... they always have the MSRP scratched out and have a special sale price!!! But if I google the model of RV in the Ad... I can often find a MUCH lower price in about 3 minutes at some mom and pop RV dealership. I'd rather give my money to them. Oh yea, then CW pops on the $900.00 PDI.. I walked away from camping world when they put a quote in front of me with a $900.00 PDI.. CRAZYNESS. Unless they change their ways, I will not buy an RV from CW. I do buy some misc parts from them though. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/10/14 10:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Forest River NHTSA investigation

Maybe we will finally get to the bottom of this frame cracking issue. bahahahahahahahahahahaha
jerem0621 10/10/14 10:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: multi-purpose hitches

Contrary to what you think, aluminum does in fact corrode. Worst is when it's in contact with iron and you introduce a little moisture to the party. Humid Louisiana, a little vibration to burnish the paint off the receiver and the shank, and a few weeks of not towing is all it takes. have you seen an aluminum draw bar destroy itself from being in a steel receiver tube? I've known people who have had these for years and I have never seen one fail myself. I don't think I have ever heard of one failing either. Just curious because here in Tennesee we have an extremely humid environment as well and I haven't noticed a problem. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/10/14 03:33pm Towing
RE: Prodigy Brake Controller

Good thing you have a break control that can tell you something is wrong. A cheap brake control may not tell you there is a problem. I hope you can find the short. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/10/14 06:42am Towing
RE: Pups vs Hybrids

Bantam Not sure what your tow rating is on the van but I had one of these and really liked it. It only weighed about 2000 pounds, had elec brakes. I towed it with a six cyl Ford Explorer. Not sure what is available that compares but something to think about. Thanks that is exactly what I was thinking of in a hybrid! The listed tow rating of this van is 3,600 lbs. The exact same rating the 100 ish HP 1984 Dodge Caravan had. LOL. While I am not ever intending to do this... http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/TaurusAirstream_zps8db8b379.png width=640 I have no problem towing heavy.. I have plenty of payload, tire capacity, and I have the HD cooling system on my van. I will also closely monitor my temps via OBD2 tools to ensure the tranny temp stays where it needs to be. This van has much more HP than my 97 F150 with a 5.4 did (285 hp vs 235 hp).. and its way more stable...I have utmost confidence that the Town and Country can Comfortably pull a large PUP or a small Hybrid right up to its tow rating... no problem... I have years of experience pulling large and small trailers with all kinds of vehicles large and small.. so I am not a newb to this :) For a hybrid I am looking at the single axle 16-17's... I know that a double axle has advantages too, but I am looking for simplicity and comfort at the same time. Single axle hybrids put the PUP vs Hybrid on similar playing fields when it comes to tires and axles. Two I was particularly interested in is the KZ Sportsman classic 18RBT.. here is a Link to this unit. I was also looking at the similar floor plan in the Jayco Jay Feather X17Z at the following Link I appreciate the posts showing the PUP's set up. Gives us a lot to think about concerning how we camp. I do like the fact that I can have a 'real' bathroom in the Hybrid. The big issue for me is... I have never met a hybrid that didn't leak.. :D I hope that technology has come a way since the late 90's to mid 00's concerning sealing those bunk ends. There is also no doubt that the pup will tow easier, get better MPG, and store in the carport... they hybrid will require a separate carport be built to store it in. Interestingly.. both seem to be about the same price. decisions decisions Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/09/14 07:44pm Folding Trailers
RE: Pups vs Hybrids

Jeremy. I had a 12vt with slideout and wet bath. Plus: glamper appeal, room and features. Minus: zero countertops, zero interior storage open and closed No way would I reconmend that floor plan to anyone nor tow it with a van(3500gvw) http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx205/PAthwacker/IMG_0143.jpg http://i756.photobucket.com/albums/xx205/PAthwacker/IMG_0142.jpg Kids on beds. Dog on couch. No tv, zero counterspace. Clothes: back and forth truck shuffle. Thanks for the pics helps me visualize what I'm getting into. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 10/09/14 03:58pm Folding Trailers
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