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RE: 2015 F150 configurator up on Ford.com

Thanks Fordlover! I did not realize cool seats were standard on Lariat. Billy, what cab do you want? Crew cab 3/4 tons come with 6.5 or 8' beds, no shorter than HD F-150 crew cab at 6.5' bed. Extended/double cab 3/4 ton is also available in 6.5' bed which is shorter than the require 8' bed on F-150 Supercab. I've always thought a regular/long bed was 8' and a short bed was 18" shorter. I don't know what to call a 5.5' bed - maybe a trunk? Pretty amazing phenomenon that we humans possess. The ability to use available space. I had a 6.5 ft step side bed in my F150....when camping it was always full. Moved to an 8 ft bed and an amazing thing happened. The bed filled up when it was time to go camping. I watch my father in law do the same thing with his dump bed on his F350 cab truck. Amazing. My bet is that you make due with what you have 5.5 ft, 6.5 ft, or 8 ft...it will get the job done. You will just bring more of the less important things with the bigger bed :) Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/30/14 03:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Muffler for Towing....Toyota Tundra Dual Exhaust????

How about going back to Toyota and getting stock TRD mufflers?
jerem0621 09/29/14 08:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Coffin on wheels
jerem0621 09/29/14 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WDH question - needed or not

Yes, use WD. Don't be surprised if the Dually climbs the grades at the same RPM and MPH... My V10 dually did the exact same as my F150 on the same grades at the same RPM. Nice truck btw! Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/29/14 07:56pm Towing
RE: Town & Country's a Tow Vehicle Finally

Your hitch ball is on a typical dead weight stinger like used to pull a boat trailer. You will need to get a new hitch head with weight distribution bars and a sway control. Ken Not for my little utility trailer. :) My pup or Hybrid will absolutely have a WD hitch and sway control, I am a firm believer in them. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/29/14 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
Town & Country's a Tow Vehicle Finally

Finally got a hitch installed on my 2014 Town & Country... Can't wait to tow with it. Its a Draw-Tite/Hidden Hitch 'Class III' hitch rated for 500 lbs of WD and 5000 lbs trailer weight (yes I know the vehicle is factory rated for 3600 lbs :S just like the 85 hp 1986 4 cyl Dodge Caravan). I found it on Craigslist for $100.00 including a 3 inch rise draw bar. The hitch is less than a year old and looks like new. Figured some folks would stumble across this post that were considering outfitting their Town & Country/Grand Caravan/Routan asTow Vehicles and may find this post interesting (or entertaining.. who knows) Initial observations are this this thing is beefy... the hitch it's self is physically larger and stronger looking than my 1997 F150's Receiver hitch. Here are some pic's of the hitch This measurement was consistent over the entire hitch, I measured starting at the 1 inch mark for consistent measurements. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/hitch%20stuff/BD9EF3AB-5766-4552-9228-B001BEFB163A_zpsyclrchti.jpg width=640 Top of the receiver tube http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/hitch%20stuff/DB8CDC1E-83AF-4270-B55D-4D0BADEE8FBC_zpszmwkzi4e.jpg width=640 Bottom http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/hitch%20stuff/12AA607C-189B-4D7D-9083-DF8DB20281CD_zpso5rnhjrm.jpg width=640 Here is a shot of the welds.. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/hitch%20stuff/53a9efe8-8109-481c-8d20-d6919d9dfbfa_zps89c1acab.jpg width=640 Here it is all installed and everything buttoned up. It all hides really nicely under the rear bumper cover. Jack stands are your friend when you install one of these things yourself btw... http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj109/jerem0621/hitch%20stuff/939865C8-57C2-426E-BA5A-18F6EADF8901_zpsgdkeuwqr.jpg width=640 I've got to install the powered tail light converter and the 7 way RV plug, and the Draw-Tite Intella Stop brake control (It's a Prodigy relabeled as a Draw-Tite) next so everything will be good to go for our future PUP/small TT/Small Hybrid we choose. I'll probably document those processes here too. I have everything I need except the 30 ft of 10 ga wiring for the brake controller and the 12 volt accessory power for the 7 way. Oh, and I am NOT going to install the trailer wiring on the outside of the vehicle. It will all be mounted on the inside out of the weather, tucked away behind some of the panels. Basically the only time the 7 way RV plug will be in the elements is when we are towing. That should increase the life of the parts significantly. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/29/14 12:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pulling a Fifth Wheel problem, worried about my Dad...

Maybe daddy was trying to tell you it was hard to concentrate on the road and talk for an hour on the phone. Does he have blue tooth as well. Yea I hear ya. Yes, he does...some kind of trucker headset... handsfree is the only way to talk while driving. Thanks, Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/28/14 11:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is the RBW Lil' Rocker and Curt E16 the Same Hitch?

I had a RBW little rocker. Like above get yourself a B & W. Well price might be an issue! The Curt is only $275 at eTrailer The B&W Patriot is $570 at eTrailer The Reese twin Jaw is $535 at eTrailer B&W is $391 with free shipping at Amazon. This is a great price on the B&W. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/27/14 05:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulling a Fifth Wheel problem, worried about my Dad...

Russ, thanks for the info (and everyone else too!!). Y'all confirmed what I thought.... Something is out of kilter here. He just had the front end worked on and replaced every front end component. He just spent a lot of money on that. I'm going to focus on a handful things. 1) make sure the hardware is all in spec (fiver rails, etc) 2) check the air pressure on all tires, truck and trailer 3) verify he got what he paid for in the front end work 4) check the square of the trailer axles (he had an equalizer failure a few years ago) 5) check bushings on leaf spring eyes (just came up with that one) 6) take for a test drive and happen by a CAT scale ;) 7) Make sure he has tires that can handle the scaled weight (that's my main concern) 8) Add Timbrens or Air Bags if needed... I know he is over GVWR... But I doubt he is over his rear axle rating... The tires worry me. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 11:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulling a Fifth Wheel problem, worried about my Dad...

Put him in a dually. That would make me feel better but he is adamant about staying SRW...he will have this truck forever he flat loves his CTD. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 08:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulling a Fifth Wheel problem, worried about my Dad...

Thanks guys, I didn't even think about the leaf springs becoming de-arched over 12 years. I'm going to encourage him to order some timbrens so I can install them while I am down there visiting with him. I bet this will solve the issue. I'm going to ensure that the bolts are all tight and torqued to spec and the tires are aired up correctly while he is towing. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 08:20pm Fifth-Wheels
Pulling a Fifth Wheel problem, worried about my Dad...

I have a ton of experience pulling trailers, everything from my small single axle trailer to my large 31 ft TT and several sizes in between. I've logged many thousands of miles and am very confident in my abilities. However, I have never pulled a fiver or a gooseneck so I have no personal experience to compare this question too. I had to travel for work today and my drive was about five hours. While I was traveling My dad was pulling his fiver home as well. That put us both on the road at the same time. He has a 2003 2500 CTD 2wd and a 34 Ft Keystone Challanger fiver. Hitched by a Curt 20k slider. His truck has 220k ish miles and is in immaculate condition. I called Daddy while traveling and we talked for about an hour (I love Bluetooth) and out of no where he says..."pulling a camper is hard on me, I know you love towing a camper, but it's mentally exhausting for me" Now, I am concerned... my daddy has 10-20 ish k miles experience pulling this trailer, it has new tires on both the truck and trailer.... So I start asking questions... What stresses you out about it?...he told me that when trucks pass him the suck pull gets to him. I then asked him a question about being passed.... I asked him if he can feel the trailer being pulled and pushed separately from his truck. He said YES... seperate events...the trailer gets pushed and then he feels the truck get pushed... what he describes sounds exactly like what I would expect from a TT with a WD hitch and no sway control... I'm concerned ..very concerned about this set up... I thought that the very nature of a Fiver would force the truck and the trailer to be pushed on as one unit which would make for a normal, easy tow...at least one that I expect. With my TT I had the WD hitch and the Sway Controls set so that the truck and the trailer were pushed on as one unit... Very easy and comfortable tow. There has to be something wrong with my Dads set up... I am going to visit my Mom and Dad in a few weeks and I want to take my tools with me and go over his set up. I want to make sure his rails are still torqued down correctly and go through his hitch and make sure everything is in spec. Maybe inspect the equalizers on his trailer axles and see if there is a problem there. BTW he made it home safe, but in four or five months he will be on another 1000-2000 mile plus pull for his work and I want to resolve this for him. Apparently he has been living with this since he has had this trailer...six years and 10-20k miles towing. My gut reaction is that this is not normal... He doesn't run any add ons just his stock rear suspension and his truck and trailer sit level while under load. I'd prefer him get a set of timbrens but I have never said anything because he has never mentioned a problem before now. Any other ideas as to why My Dads rig is behaving this way. Thanks Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 07:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade to a different WDH or add a 2nd sway control?

I pulled 31 ft TT with a standard WD hitch and two sway controls and it worked great. I also own Reese Dual Cam and there was no difference in they way the trailer behaved or felt with a standard WD hitch and two sway control bars. #1 step is to make sure your WD hitch is adjusted correctly. You should not be experiencing ANY sway with just a weight distribution hitch and the trailer loaded correctly. What is normally described as sway is really just normal push and pull 'wiggle' from passing vehicles. What you will feel is the bow wave from passing vehicles or gusts of wind. First you will feel the TT pushed then you will feel the TV pushed. For me adding a single sway bar took a lot of the wiggle out, the second sway bar the rest out and made the trailer and truck feel like one unit while the wind blew and the vehicles passed. If I get another TT it will have a standard WD hitch and two sway controls. For my recommendation to you, I would buy a $50.00 second sway bar and run it before you spend $600.00 on a new hitch. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 06:58pm Towing
RE: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

THen again, some states, like Washington, DO NOT follow the manufactures numbers from a licensing stand point. You buy a truck plate in even 2000 lb increments at 150% of the tare/empty wt! Both of my sons have 15 series trucks, one a Tacoma, the other a GM 1500, BOTH have 8K plates on them, THEY are legal to 8K lbs. Not the 5600 or there abouts for the toyota, or the 6800 or there about for the GM 1500. My 2000 C2500 I am driving now, has an 8K plate, I am NOT legal to the door sticker of 8600. This truck weighs all of 4800, so an 8K plate is minimum. My old 05 dually had a 14K plate, base was 7200 lbs. I needed a 12K minimum. I bought a 14 as I found myself weighing in at that amount coming out of scale houses. The door sticker for my Navistar is 18200, which happens to be in my office, NOT on the door. As that truck was incomplete when I bought it. IT is up to the body manufacture to apply an appropriate door sticker per say. So if they add a drop, tag, different tires, rims, springs etc, they can up the frame/incomplete body manufacture numbers. MANY if not most Type A motor homes with tags came from the factory WITH OUT the tag, yet the door sticker includes the tag axel as part of the gvwr! Take this all for what it is worth, but the door sticker means squat in MANY jursdictions, if not all if they follow the true wt law in the US, which happens to be the "Federal Bridge Laws" You get 20K per axel, as long as you have enough tire width to spread/bridge the load across the highway. If not, then you limit yourself to less than that. But with this in mind, an LEO CAN and WILL get you off the road if you are unsafe. Being over a manufactures limit WILL NOT get you off the road......I've been pulled over at 27K+ lbs in my Navistar, I have yet to get an over wt ticket! As I am good to over 30K per the tire width and per axel amount. My 05 3500 dually, gets the same legal max wt. A typical sw pickup will be good to 20K lbs or so. Assuming you know how to push the rules. Not going to recommend one being at 20K gvw with a 1500, or a sw 3500 for that matter.......but it is legal! marty It may be legal but if someone runs in to me over their door sticker they better have a darn good Lawyer because I will sue for negligence. It will be great if someone runs in to me with a half-ton with a maximum tow rating of 9,600 pounds and they are pulling 12,000 pounds. Yea, explain to the jury how being over both tow rating and payload is safe. Good luck with that one. Umm... If someone runs you over in a Prius will you sue for negligence? I betcha 90% of all family sedans are overloaded when loaded with family and vacation gear. Some five passenger cars have a payload sticker WELL south of 900 lbs. My wife was rear ended earlier this year...I didn't have to SUE to determine negligence. That was taken care of for me by the Laws of Tennessee. BTW... What happens if you get "ran over" by someone who is way under his rating? Does he get a pass because he is under his rating. I can see you standing next to a mangled hulk of what use to be your vehicle and the truck that hit you with his landscaping trailer....are you really going to say.."it's all good man, you were under your ratings." I've said it before and I will say it many more times when this subject comes up.... People do not get a pass if they cause an accident and they are under all their ratings... Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 05:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Enclave for daily driver

I had a Buick Enclave LOADED for about five days as a rental. I was putting about 200 miles a day on it...pure highway. I got right at 23 mpg hand calculated. Very nice, powerful, and easy to drive SUV. They are considered a full size SUV if that means anything. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/26/14 05:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: probes in gray water tank ??

The probes are worthless in my experience. If the toilet burps- dump the black If the shower starts filling with water - dump the gray They are the best and most reliable tank sensors ever. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/25/14 09:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is the RBW Lil' Rocker and Curt E16 the Same Hitch?

I have a RBW Lil rocker am I am very happy with it. I'll stick with it! Thanks for the feedback. There is a used one here in town for $100.00. Do I understand correctly that if the slide bar is shut and the handle is pointed down that the hitch is locked in? Have you had any issues with the hitch? Hard to unhitch etc? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/25/14 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thoughts on a used Ford tow vehicle...??

I am probably the biggest Modular Motor fan in Tennessee LOL. I currently have a 4.6 in my Town Car, a 5.4 in my previous F150 and a V10 in my Dually. My next HD truck will ideally be a V10 F250 Crew Cab. I personally would not have a problem with a 5.4 in a Crew Cab towing 9,000 lbs... however, the MPG disparity between the 5.4 and the V10 is nonexistent while towing. Empty you may be looking at 1-2 mpg hwy MAX difference.. and probably not even that. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/25/14 01:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pictures ?

Nice invisible truck!!!!
jerem0621 09/25/14 01:27pm Fifth-Wheels
Is the RBW Lil' Rocker and Curt E16 the Same Hitch?

Hello, I have been doing some studying over the last few weeks on fifth wheel hitches. Seems like about 10 years ago or so there were a lot of fans of the RBW Lil' Rocker. This is a slide bar hitch but it has an additional tension bar to take the slack out of the hitch from the king pin and the slide bar. This is a common complaint about the Reese Pro Series 15k fifth wheel hitch... slack and rattle. Seems that the RBW Lil' Rocker didn't have near the chucking issue from this slack. Anyhow, RBW was bought out AL-KO and basically the hitches stopped being built. I really like the Curt E16 hitch and after some studying it appears to be a near twin to the RBW Lil' Rocker! Here is a pic of the E16 https://www.curtmfg.com/masterlibrary/16115/images/16115_300x225_a.jpg width=500 And here is a pic of the Lil' Rocker http://forum.gon.com/attachment.php?s=5c2262dd87ffda8dee76a1d3dcacf5c1&attachmentid=70898&stc=1&d=1182891623 width=500 Intrigued I decided to try to find the instruction manuals.... sure enough much of the Curt E16 was copy and pasted from the Lil' Rockers instructions. Lil' Rocker Instructions - Go to page 20 Curt E16 Instructions - go to page 4 The locking mechanism is the same, the rear tension bar is the same. The hitch head is basically the same. The base legs looks different which is probably why there is a 15k rating on the Lil' Rocker and a 16k on the Curt. Not sure how or when Curt got the Rights to the Lil' Rocker but if there are fans of this old hitch looking for a replacement.. looks like the Curt is the answer. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 09/25/14 10:55am Fifth-Wheels
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