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RE: Tongue weight is too much

Thanks for the feedback Ben....trying to get this dialed in to my liking. I am okay near capacity, as long as the handling is good. Shocks would be great and may be something I add..I will look into this more. The PUP has a 4 inch tube frame...per the OEM I can use a WD hitch as long as it's a tube frame and not C-Chanel...so I am good there. As far as a WD hitch.... I am looking at Andersen, but will probably go with a Reese Trunnion 550 lb WD hitch. The beauty of this hitch is that if (or is it when?) we move to a TT I can simply purchase heavier bars for the new tongue weight. Of course I could do the same with a Eaz-Lift or a Blue-Ox. But the Reese (and I think Pro-Series round bar) has a 550 lb bar which I think would be a great match for my pup. I prefer friction sway control but the Reese would give me the freedom to try dual cam sway control in the future...Dual Cam may be overkill for TT pup...but who can't stand a bit of overkill now and then? Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/28/15 12:01pm Towing
RE: Tire failure on trailer

I put Maxxis M008's on my awesome pup. I'Be had good service out of Maxxis before. Once I went to our local campground, 15 min away from home, got the TT in the site, backed in and level and I heard this hissing sound. Turns out one of my M008's had a screw in them and a slow leak....had we been on a long trip I am sure I would not have noticed it from the drivers seat. I would have likely shredded that tire. So now… I am looking to invest in a TPMS for the awesome pup. I may be the only person in the USA with a TPMS on a pop up but I feel it's prudent. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/28/15 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: LOL and I don't have a dog in the fight.

And that's why you should buy an EcoDiesel!
jerem0621 04/27/15 10:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Timbrens vs Air bags

Good topic, I was getting ready too pull the trigger on some Timbren's because on my truck an 01 F-250 I would need too cut off the rivet heads too remove the bump stop bracket for an airbag set up so that make the install a lot harder than just bolting on some Timbren's. I think it would be worth it to go with the Air Bags.
jerem0621 04/27/15 09:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tongue weight is too much

Okay, did some fiddling today with the pup. I don't have a Sherline scale so I tried the bathroom scale technique. You can find info on this technique Here I drained the water heater (6 gallons of water, in front of the axle) This technique gives a 4-1 aspect ratio...sooooo....what I found was that my ltrailers weight on the scale is now 90 lbs...90x4= 360 lbs... Which is under my WC receiver hitch rating. 360/2700 lbs gives me 13.3% tongue weight...Schew! There is hope! This was also without my 100 lbs of cargo loaded behind the pups axle. As to my vans Axle ratings I am way under them, I am also way under my tire ratings.. I double checked my vans rear end drop and it's about 1.5 inches at the rear fender wells ... The front end rise is still only .5 inches as is... But these figures are with the van unloaded. By the time my boys are in the back there is a bit more drop, maybe another 1/2 inch...probably another .5 inch rise on the front once they are in. With the camper level and un-hitched the measurement from the ground to the tongue is about 18 1/4 inches, when I am hitched up the tongue is sitting 16 inches off the ground. I think this nose down attitude of 16 inches increases the tongue weight. I'm currently running a 4 inch rise draw bar, I could add a 6 inch rise draw bar and the trailer would ride more level once loaded...since I can manage the tongue weight to under 400 lbs I may do that. However, the 4 inch rise draw bar is level with the camper when un-hitched. The Reese Mini 350 or the Reese Mini 400 are not enough for my rig, I think I am going to have to go with either an Andersen No Sway weight distribution hitch, or a 550 lb traditional weight distribution hitch. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 09:48pm Towing
RE: Timbrens vs Air bags

I'd go for the in cab controls too! Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 04:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tongue weight is too much

I would pull it as is. I personally have found it better with single axel trailers to be in the 15-18% HW range. 12-15 is fine for dual axel setups. This is MY experience towing multiple trailer for personal, and business use in my landscape biz. Not that you have paid a lot for this personal opinion......:B Marty Thanks Marty! It does tow very well as is...I am mostly concerned about the receivers rating. It's rated for 400 lbs WC and 500 lbs WD. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 04:27pm Towing
RE: Tongue weight is too much

Sell the van and get one ton dually crew cab Did that once, prefer not to go back. :-). Thanks!
jerem0621 04/27/15 03:31pm Towing
RE: Tongue weight is too much

Measure the distance from the coupler to the pop up axle, that will give you a baseline to calculate weight transfer. Let's say that distance is 10' and you need to lose 100 lbs from the tongue. 100 x 10 = 1000 lb "moment" that you need to offset. Moment = force x distance. Forces behind the axle are negative to the tongue because the axle is the fulcrum. So let's say you had 50 lbs currently packed 4' ahead of the axles and you move it to 1' behind the axles. Removing the weight lightens the load by 50x4=200. Further subtract 50x1=50 for re-adding the weight behind the tongue so 200+50=250. Now your moment has decreased by 250, so when multiplied by the 10' distance from coupler to axle means you have reduced your tongue weight by 25 lbs. Think of a see-saw (or teeter-totter, depending on where you grew up), the trailer acts the same way with the trailer axle as the pivot point. Remember when we were kids, the smaller kids had to sit all the way at the end and the bigger kids would need to skootch up closer to the pivot point to balance the see-saw. The force applied on each side of the see-saw is force x distance from the pivot. So if you know how heavy the stuff is you are moving around, just measure your distances as above and it will tell you what effect you are having on tongue weight. Thank you! I will get this measurement when I get home. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 03:00pm Towing
RE: Tongue weight is too much

I'm sure when you calculated your TW you had stuff in the van behind the rear wheels you included. Any way to move that weight forward to reduce TW? Or swap cargo from trailer to van and visa versa to get TW lighter? What is the TW rating for the van with a WDH? What I did was unhitch with the tongue Jack on one scale pad and the trailer axle on another. The town car is an option but it's suspension is much softer and the handling is much worse. Never mind it's much slower than the van. Thanks everyone! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 02:40pm Towing
Tongue weight is too much

Weighed the awesome PUP the other day and boy was I in for a suprise. The PUP was loaded for camping and the gross weight was only 2720 lbs which is well in the rating for the Awesome Minivan... But here came the suprise...and the possible game stopper for this TV... The tongue weight was 460 lbs!!! Yep...16.9% I need to get this figure closer to 11-12% or 300 ish lbs... After the weigh in I loaded 100lbs of additional stuff behind the axle to try and mitigate some of the tongue weight...but the place I was able to load sits just about 1 ft behind the axle so I am not sure how much counter balancing I achieved. So now, I don't know what to do, I could fabricate a receiver hitch on my the back and carry a couple of coolers or bikes there....but I am afraid that would end up damaging the frame. weight Distribution hitch is a must... But if I can't figure out this tongue weight problem I am going to have to change TV's which I don't want to do. The Minivan would stay, I would have to replace the Town Car with an Expedition/Tahoe/Suburban type vehicle. The Saga continues. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/27/15 11:33am Towing
RE: Tow-N-See Towing Mirrors

Just looking at how those attach they have "bad idea" written all over them. Yep, they are...asked my son to turn the mirrors once after we parked...he grabbed the tow mirror to turn the whole side mirror in..terrible idea. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/26/15 06:36pm Towing
RE: Tow-N-See Towing Mirrors

Verdict is in... These things are not good... at all. They are okay for a quick 15 minute trip, but not for hours of driving. And the convex mirror surface started to come off at the bottom. I noticed that my neck was starting to hurt while driving, I think these mirrors are the culprit.. I found myself adjusting my seating position so that I could see out the mirrors... even though they are adjustable from the inside you have to choose, do you want to really see out of the vehicles side view mirror or do you really want to see out of the towing mirror. I found myself wishing that I could see out of both at a simple glance. In other words... I'm taking them back and going to try and get my money back, then I am ordering Aero 2's. Thanks for the feedback again, I am sure some of you probably knew where this would end with the tow mirrors. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/26/15 04:00pm Towing
RE: Newbie-Camper - Can I tow this trailer?

Can you physically do it? Yes... The Pentastar V6 is FABULOUS... I tow 2800 lbs worth of pop up with mine and its fantastic. Will you exceed somethings ratings? You better believe it...most likely the hitches rating. The trailer you are looking at will likely be 3500 lbs loaded... My PUP is within 150 lbs of GVWR without any water in it. Fortunately your model has the kitchen and the wet-bath in the back.. that will help keep tongue weight down. Mine has the kitchen and the wet-bath in front of the trailer...my tongue weight is 440 lbs and my trailer weighs 2700 lbs.. You read that correctly.. 16% tongue weight. The highest rating I can find on a Dodge Journey hitch is 400 lbs.... don't forget that you will have a power roof jack, and TWIN propane tanks (35 ish lbs each) and a battery on the tongue... You could EASILY have 400 lbs of tongue weight before you add anything to the camper. Don't forget to count the draw bar too.. Mine is about 20 lbs... so my 440 lbs is actually 460 before I loaded some of the cargo around to get the hitch weight to 400 lbs. If you pay particular attention to weight, balance, and be careful its doable... but its going to be difficult and be prepared to not like what you find. Good luck in your search! Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/26/15 01:47pm Towing
RE: one axle vs. two axles on short TT (20')

I've had both a single axle (current) pop-up camper and a 32 ft dual axle TT. They both tow smoothly. Backing is not an issue with either one. I heard that dual axle trailers ride smoother...can't say that they do as both of my trailers ride smooth. The maintenance is less than 1/2 the price on the single axle (less tires and they are smaller). I've had a single axle utility trailer for years, never had a problem with bounce or sway on any of them. IMHO...it's a non issue...buy the trailer you like and if it has two axles..so be it...if it has one..so be it. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/25/15 08:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: My dad thought he was a goner

I agree with everyone on the tongue weight. But one thing to think about... You said TV tires were at MAX psi. Why? set it to what the door jamb says, not the tire. Too much air in the tires will make it float a lot on the road. The Max PSI recommendation, mine included, usually come with the TV that's running "P" rated tires. These tires are squishy and airing them up to Max PSI takes out a lot of sidewall flex and gives a much better tow...a P rated tire on a vehicle towing can feel very loosy goosed at 36 psi!! Thanks! Jeremiah LT tires (like on your truck) are much stiffer
jerem0621 04/25/15 06:42pm Towing
RE: Help setting up B&W Companion 3500

Take your tools and adjust when you get there.
jerem0621 04/25/15 04:12pm Towing
RE: Tow-N-See Towing Mirrors

Thanks for the Feedback Pitch! We got our first tow in with the tow-n-see mirrors last night and I very much like them! They do exactly what I need.. We are taking off on a 150 mile trip today...hopefully have more feedback soon. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/24/15 02:05pm Towing
RE: Eco-Diesel out towed up Ike Gauntlet by BASE F150

Okay...objective..third party who drives a Pentastar powered Minivan. I have no interest in hot rodding or driving the fastest up the mountain. The Ecodiesel appeals to a different group of people. I happen to be in that group. I put 30k miles per year on a vehicle... I travel a lot for both business and pleasure. I am interested in the following 1) comfort (I need to be able to be in the seat for 10-12 hrs comfortably) 2) power (has to be able to move itself around adaquatly) 3) economy (30k miles per year is expensive regardless of the vehicle) 4) capability (towing, hauling light loads, etc) I nearly bought a new truck last fall and I drove all of the Big 3 trucks. I don't need a V8 out of these offerings, a smaller more efficient engine option is great for me The 3.7 Ford didn't interest me after I drove it... Seemed to have to spin to 7,000 RPM's to feel power... The GM 4.3 is FANTASTIC... how anyone could talk bad about that motor is beyond me... Lots of power off idle... I had the pleasure of driving the Pentastar Ram and the Ecodiesel Ram side by side right after the other. The 8 speed transmissions in both trucks are great! No lacking of power in either truck. The ED had reserve power throughout the test drive. The Pentastar felt like it had more power. Plain and simple, from a pure power perspective 305 hp > 240 hp by a large margin. The Pentastar is a proven platform, will get 20-23 mpg hwy, and cost a little less than a similarly equipped ED. Payload has not been an issue on the ED 2wd Rams I have looked at... I like cloth seats in my trucks and the tradesman line with a few bells and whistles (cloth, power options, back up camera, IBC) still have 1400 ish lbs of payload. The issue with the Ecodiesel is that it meets a narrow need... A need not everyone has...but a need nonetheless.. What other full size truck can I reliably get 25 MPG highway empty, reliably haul 1000-1500 ish lbs of payload, and haul a 7k lb trailer? No, I won't get 25 MPG hauling a 7k lb trailer, but it would not suprise me to get 12-15 under the right operation. The EcoDiesel has absolutly nothing to do with racing up a hill, neither does the 3.5 NA Ford, or the 4.3 GM, or the Pentastar. Maybe I am strange, but I am okay with a tv working while towing.. I don't expect the truck to be fast, I expect it to be reliable and capable of moving the load at highway speed which for me is 60-62 mph in the flats. That's my personal MPH limit. The ED will be a pleasure to tow with... 420 lb ft of tq at 2000 rpm... It will purr down the highway... May not win races but it should be a low stress tow. Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/22/15 09:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford rips axle off Jeep

I'm suprise nobody died Thanks! Jeremiah
jerem0621 04/22/15 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
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