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RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

Sometimes it is the everyday pictures that are memorable. Since Walmart was part of your trip, your boys may ask some day "didn't we eat and sleep at Walmart sometimes?" You say "well yes, here are the pics" ... (Not too sure what you mean about what "Walmart did to our country") Walmart is what society is these days, fast, convenient and 1 stop shopping. (or, for your trip, staying overnight since you want fast, convenient and very cheap...(free).. overnight stays) Nothing wrong with all that.
modern family 01/02/15 06:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fort Wilderness?

As others said, yes! But, it is very easy to take the fairy to the contemporary resort and go to the observation deck, specifically situated to see the entire show. Fast, easy and a lot better than from FW.
modern family 01/01/15 05:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in FL

As others have said, October to May are the best months. The summer months are warm. Just make sure your campsite is in the shade and use the A/C. So it is relay a matter of just how much you want to camp. That is the great thing about Florida life. Our sports are year round. By the way, the first summer you live in Florida will be the worst as your body adjusts. Year two on will get easier. We just made our reservations for October in Florida, first at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and then at Walt Disney World. What kind of weather can we expect in mid-October? October is one of the best times of the year, not only because it is my birthday month, but the humidity goes away for the next 4-5 months. It will be 80s and you will need a/c, but it is very comfortable. It is a great break from the long summer.
modern family 01/01/15 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in FL

I have stored our TT outside (ADCO covered) for 3 years (tampa) I had to throw out my first cover just last month, just buy a new cover and get another 3 years. TT looks brand new. We camp all holiday weekends, and usually will camp on either coast during the summer as the breeze does make a difference (especially at night). Since we starting RV'ing 4 years ago, we have really appreciated the living in Florida and the ability to camp all year long. Many florida parks have great tree cover, if they don't, you will be uncomfortable. The sun gets everything very hot and fast! You will not see anything cheaper than $30 per month, that is what we paid up in zephyrhills, we now pay $55 closer to our home. Your camping frequency is up to you, sure it is hot and humid in the summer, our a/c runs during our winter florida trips, that is just florida camping. From Lakeland, you can get to both coasts in less than 2.5 hours. We are a young, busy family, and florida camping is fast, easy and enjoyable. Come on down and enjoy the florida lifestyle
modern family 12/28/14 07:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

I hate to hear about the lack of interest from your family. Your journey was so amazing, you just want to share it with everyone. My kids are 8 and 11, and I have learned that everything we do is for them, no one else really cares. As they get older, they will be even more appreciative of you and your wife's efforts than they are now. As others have said, we (on the forum) really appreciate your trip and hard work. As I brought up in an earlier reply, the amount of views and comments of your thread speaks volumes! A great story for sure. Your forum family is here for you!
modern family 12/26/14 06:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Naigra Falls

We stayed at the branches at niagara this past summer. Nice campground, big sites and nice people. Niagara is definitely worth the trip. We traveled from tampa with 2 young kids and would do it again. Even my 7 year old was amazed by the falls. Pictures or videos don't do it justice. If you just want to see the falls, there is no reason to go to the Canadian side, you can see it just fine from the boats and tours.
modern family 12/08/14 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: HELP - Need FL site over holidays

Have you tried tropical palms in Kissimmee? Been there a couple times, nice resort and about 15-20 minutes from downtown.
modern family 12/08/14 07:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colonial Williamsburg in June

We went last summer in mid-july. Very hot and uncomfortable, even for us floridians. I hope June makes a difference for you. You sound like you are giving yourselves plenty of time. If we go back, I would definitely do a guided / bus tour. I know they offer a lot of packages for the triangle, we just winged it and that did not go so well. (Especially with 2, hot younger kids)
modern family 12/05/14 09:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A "blow out" of a thanksgiving trip!

I never even thought of using the stabilizing jacks to help from the sway. It was really moving when those big rigs would pass. I don't know if I would use them to jack it up, but, I should have used them to "stabilize". I did drive up on my 2x8's, but even when it was almost high enough, it was just seemed too unstable, so one more 2x8 would have made it higher than I liked it... that was more slop than I wanted to deal with, maybe I was being a whimp! I may buy a smaller floor jack that is easy to bring with us, the one I have at home is way too heavy and big to travel. I will also add my jack stands to the list, since I had to have both tires off to repair them, I didn't like my 30 foot Trailer just hanging out on the truck's bottle jack for a while. I usually take pride in my tire changing times.. Kind of like the old man in "A Christmas Story" when the kid curses when he looses the lug nuts... I will figure it all out, this was just a first on the side of an interstate, so I was nervous, and with 2 young kids, I really didn't want anything stupid to happen.
modern family 11/30/14 08:11pm Travel Trailers
A "blow out" of a thanksgiving trip!

Part 1.. We had our first blow out on the road last week. (We were on I-75) Not too much damage down below, maybe because I stopped immediately as I knew exactly what had happened and I was only going 60 in the right lane. Or maybe I got lucky.. I am a very prepared and organized person, I had everything to change the tire (so I thought) BUT, I didn't count on the highway shoulder to be at such angle that my truck jack would not work. (Meaning I felt it to be unsafe with all the sway from passing trucks and cars) In comes a Good Sam service about an hour and a half later with their 3 ton floor jack with no problem. My jack may have worked, but I didn't want to chance it. Lesson learned, but, my question to any of you... If any of you have changed a tire on the interstate, what have you used? Part 2.., Here is the best part, leaving stone mountain, all packed up and pulling out of the site, our neighbor yelled for us to stop. As we were passing his site, both tires were quickly going flat as air rushed out if them. I immediately reversed and backed into our site. No one could figure out what popped them (nothing was in them and nothing was on the ground) This time, we were in a nice and flat area, so I took both tires off and had them patched at a nearby good year tire store. 4 hours later, as I installed the tires, the kids and the wife looked all around for what punctured the tires. Finally, under a bunch of leaves, my wife saw what looked like a tent stake in the ground nailed into a rail road tie. I called the office and they came down to take a look. No one had an explanation, so we just took some pictures, they removed it (not easily, they ended up just nailing back in) we made sure the office knew what happened and we had to get on our way, long trip back to Tampa yesterday. So, 3 tires, one trip. BUT, we had a great time at Stone Mountain! one of our favorite campgrounds.
modern family 11/30/14 05:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chippokes Plantation State Park

the "B" section sites are much nicer than "A" and they are more level and can accommodate larger rv's. The pull throughs are very nice as well.
modern family 11/24/14 06:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campgrounds in Tampa/Clearwater, FL Area

I know it is south, but Not too far south near Sarasota is Oscar Scherer state park. A very nice state park that is about 5 minutes (driving) from a very nice beach (Nokomis beach)
modern family 11/09/14 05:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

At over 7200 views, I think you have a record for a great topic that never went "south" or controversial, we all want more. Maybe you should write book!
modern family 11/03/14 05:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Fort wilderness Halloween weekend

This past weekend was our first time there for Halloween and I would highly recommend it if anyone is on the fence. Young or old, the decorations are incredible! Our kids were amazed, everyone was having fun and we must have walked 10 miles! A lot more entertaining than my very family friendly neighborhood that we live in. My 11 year old son was Walt Disney (mustache and all) that was a great custome, some people would my boss is back from the dead! We called yesterday to book next year and they said it was all filled up! We bought our tickets for this year last September, I really didn't think they would be filled up already, but I will keep trying, definitely worth it. My only comment is that I wish they made the golf carts park at the beginning of each loop, and not be able to drive around the loops during trick / treating, it was very hectic in some of those center loops.
modern family 11/02/14 04:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

Can't really judge your family, but you all seem more of a north west group! As I stated on an earlier post, I have to do more of a glamping trip with my family... shopping (the one thing you said wasn't your thing), touristy stuff, etc. which is why we just did the north east tour this past summer.. From Florida... To Niagara Falls.. Then followed the yellow brick road home (I-95) through all the traffic, congestion, and expensive traps. BUT, we had a great time! I would vote north west!
modern family 10/31/14 08:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bye, bye storage facility!

It will be going up with the house, so it will be permitted. I have worked in the 7 counties surrounding tampa, The county I am building in is one of the toughest in regards to inspects and requirements. I will be doing electrical and plumbing myself once all is completed. Majorgator.. Thanks for the input. What exactly did you use for chambers? Do you empty them? I am not familiar with that, or atleast that term. Krobbe.. Awesome garage! Budget will stop me from going that long, the wifey will have something to say about that as well! Is the door on the left 14' and how wide? How about the other? I just picked up my camper from storage for our Fort wilderness Halloween adventure, and I just did some more measuring. I am thinking the big door should be 12 x 14. Small door 8x8, I imagine the setup similar to yours. I have a meeting with my shell contractor (slab, block, frame) next week, we have worked together for a while, let's see what we can work out for my "easy" garage. (Compared the the house) if it is close to the same cost, I would prefer block over steel for sure.
modern family 10/29/14 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jacksonville FL

We stayed at Kathryn abbey Hannah park last thanksgiving. It was a very nice campground, some sites are a bit tight, but we got a great one. It is just across the street from the ocean. It is about 20 minutes from downtown jacksonville I think. I would go again.
modern family 10/27/14 07:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

I am amazed at how much your family did. I wish my wife and kids would do all of those hikes and sight seeing! My son might, but not the wife and daughter. As everyone has said, thanks for taking the time and sharing. I hope to see SOME of the destinations you have listed, I just have to make the trip a little more glamping and maybe the rest will follow! Definitely a great trip log, congrats!
modern family 10/27/14 03:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bye, bye storage facility!

I hope I don't need a snow blower or plow:) if I do, we are all in big trouble! hell yeah, man cave! Maybe when my son turns 13 in a couple of years I will let him in, but that is it! My new soon to be neighbor has an awesome garage with thousands of dollars worth of metal working machinery, mowers, tractors etc.. I am very jealous of his collection, then again he has 25 years on me of collecting things! Hopefully some young neighbor will think the same of collection some day!
modern family 10/26/14 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bye, bye storage facility!

I have thought about a small bladder tank out back. We use these for our construction trailers on site at times. The Port-o-let companies install and just call them to empty. I want the garages separate as I can hide the large, tall Rv / shop garage behind trees. The attached garage will be in proportion with the house. Looks a lot nicer. The 2 will be about 75 feet or more apart. We will also have a large drive way going in one side of the property out the other, I will be able to back in with ease ( no hills to worry about in tampa!) The county requires your house finish floor to be 18" above the crown of the street, in my specific situation, the crown height is 4 feet above the base flood elevation height. We will have to build a stem wall for both structures and bring in a hell of a lot or dirt, which lucky for me, I will get for free! In the end, flooding will not be an issue. Being in tampa, insulation is not a concern for the detached garage. I may sweat a little a times, but they don't really get that hot with proper ventilation. I like the idea of a drain, maybe just go the outside? I am still in the process of pricing everything out, with all my connections, a stick frame (or block which is what we do all around florida). may not be that much more, and look a lot nicer. Phone calls and the bidding processes starts this week.
modern family 10/26/14 07:54am Travel Trailers
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