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RE: Exhaust brake with Cruise Control on ??

When our rig reaches 5 mph above the cruise control set speed, the exhaust brake activates. Tom
pulsar 04/29/16 12:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone else having problems...

I have given up on using RV.NET portal.........swapped to Woodalls.com Why three portals to same OPEN ROADS Forum..... especially when 1 out of 3 doesn't work Historically, there are seven portals to the Open Roads Forum. (I used "historically" because I don't know if all of the portals still are active - All of the urls are still active, but some of them may redirect.) Why? Marketing. The various properties have, what appears to be, their own forums. The troublesome RV.Net portal is the one that has the moderating tools and, at least at one time, all of the email notifications came through the RV.Net portal. Tom
pulsar 04/27/16 06:47pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Anyone else having problems...

... posting a new topic today? Tried about a half dozen times to post in the tech section, no luck but it seems fine here? The problem with your post was the % symbols. For some reason, since January 25, the RV.Net portal has been unable to process % and a few other characters. (None of the other characters are commonly used, unless you are creating your post in a word processor and pasting them into the message window.) Another variable, not all members have had the problem. That could be because they are connected to the forum's secure server. The Woodall's portal does not have the issue. If you use the search engine to search Forum Technical Support for percent, you will find lots of discussion about the issue. I used html character codes to display the % symbol in this post. If you are using the RV.Net portal, you should not quote this post. Tom
pulsar 04/27/16 06:30pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Former Member Of this Forum

Advanced search will go back further. You can also use Google by adding site:rv.net to the search. EDIT That is a colon : after word site. Forum is making it a smilee thing. It should be site(colon)rv.net The : character is the trigger for the display engine to create an emoji. :r tells the display engine to produce :r In a situation like the one you ran into, instead of typing the colon, you can type &#58 The text site&#58rv.net will display as site:rv.net I used a lot of character codes to produce this post. Quoting this post, will negate the "tricks" I used and a resulting post will not look the same. Tom
pulsar 04/27/16 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Former Member Of this Forum

In late April, 2013, the forum software quit properly archiving posts. Background: When a thread is inactive for 12 months, it is suppose to be locked and removed from the active forum. The posts are moved to an archive and indexed for the search engine. This procedure was set up to facilitate searches of active threads. There are some quirky side effects. Most notably, a post that is older than 12 months in an active thread cannot be found by the forum's search engine. A normal search will not find anything older that 12 months. An archive search will not find the post because it is in an active thread, thus, not yet archived. Anyway, as mentioned above the archiving process went belly-up in the spring of 2013. I think what is happening is the posts are being moved to the archives, but are not being indexed for the search engine. Posts made between late April 2013 and 12 months ago, cannot be found by the forum's search engine. A Google site search is the best, but not efficient, way to find posts in that time frame. Tom
pulsar 04/27/16 07:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hot water tank temperature- pressure relief valve

You check to make sure this "leak" was not the very common, and easy to fix, "weeping" that occurs when the water tank loses its air gap? Tom
pulsar 04/22/16 07:43pm Fifth-Wheels

Joined in 2012 and making first post. What restraint!!! Thanks for joining in. Tom
pulsar 04/22/16 06:52pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Razz debut agility run

Mr. Camper, I wonder what "let a dog be a dog" actually means. When I read your first post, it was apparent that you had not watched the video. When you did, you found a dog having fun. Not everyone with a dog has 2.25 acres of fenced area for their dogs to run in. We don't. But our dogs get plenty of exercise and probably more "people" time than most pets. They've just finished 4 days of playing on the beach on the Outer Banks. They will be in Montana with us this summer, as they were last summer. Sarah and I will be counselors at a K-9 camp. Our dogs will have 80 acres and two ponds to play in. Yes there will be training. And there will be agility trials that we enter. And all of us - Sarah, me and the dogs, will have fun together. Oh, on average, our dogs have live almost 15 years. Not bad for a breed that has seen the life expectancy fall below 10 years. Johno02, Not all agility venues are the same. In the venue we most often compete, everyone roots for everyone else; everyone is willing to help. And when the day is over, almost all of the exhibitors party together. rockhillmanor, She is 18 months and 11 days old. In NADAC, a dog must be at least 18 months old to compete. She is a Pennsylvania girl and was the runt of the litter. She also had the most drive of the litter. Tom
pulsar 04/22/16 06:47pm RV Pet Stop
Razz debut agility run

It was only a NADAC Intro course, but she showed some good things. (The trial was in Chesapeake, VA, 4/16/16). Click on the picture to open a youtube video of the run. http://i.imgur.com/WBOAslN.jpg Tom
pulsar 04/22/16 11:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Sklyline Drive - Blue Ridge Parkway Boone & Dry Camping

All of the Blue Ridge Parkway campgrounds are open by May 6. In a different lifetime (was a tent camper) I've camped in all of them except Otter Creek. And I enjoyed them all, for different reasons. My favorite was Crabtree Fall - which use to be called Crabtree Meadows. Tom
pulsar 04/22/16 07:30am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

ro_sie, Sarah and I have been RVing for more years than we will admit to; we are on our 5th rig. Our dogs always travel with us. Currently we have 3 golden retrievers, one of which is 18 months old. We also have a 1-year old border collie. We just competed in a agility trial in Chesapeake, VA. The young golden made her debut and did ok. Currently we are on the Outer Banks and will head for home on Thursday. Tom
pulsar 04/19/16 08:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Was around back in 02 and on. Pulsar , cmollie 5 thwheel Ld Jeff Cajun on the run an others. Wild west days. Got a micro mini Toyota coachman. Appreciate the howdy. Pa, it is so good to see you post again. I do miss the "Wild west days" and the wisdom you shared with us. I hope you don't mind me reposting somthnd you posted many years ago, tot a member whose spouse was having medical issues. may the lord give the wisdom to the docters to do what needs to be done. may the lord confort yall in yalls time of uncertainty an ease yall troubled hearts for he is there for yall an thru him life is ever lastin. god bless Although not addressed to me, they helped my through a crisis and I am very grateful. God bless you. Pa. Tom
pulsar 04/17/16 09:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: GVWR or Dry Weight

It's actually real simple. Manufacturers don't publish the GVWR numbers. They will list some mythical dry numbers from a pre production unit, then never change anything. It's a sad fact of the industry in general. Same thing applies to trucks. They list a curb weight, but won't physically tell you what that includes. That's one reason why many of us insist on using a loaded ready to camp scaled weight for your truck, and the GVWR for trailers. At least a person then has a fighting chance of getting it right. The rules are different than when we started RVing. Then, weights disclosures were more an imaginary thing. In 2000 RVIA developed a labeling requirement that members were suppose to use. Included in those requirements was one that manufactures had to post the cargo carrying capacity of the coach. But there were no real teeth in the RVIA standards. Things changed in late 2007, when the federal government, through NHSTA, finalized their own regulations and labeling requirements. From the preamble to the regulations: we are requiring that the stated load carrying capacity not overload the vehicle. The GVWR of the vehicle must not be exceeded when the vehicle is loaded with the stated load carrying capacity. Manufacturers are permitted to understate the value of load carrying capacity to compensate for variances in manufacturing techniques, materials, and weighing techniques, however, under no circumstances is an overstated value of load carrying capacity permitted. Any inaccuracies due to scale tolerances and variances in manufacturing techniques or materials must be compensated for by appropriately increasing the safety factor between the allotted weight for occupants and cargo (or just cargo in the case of RV trailers) and the GVWR. Accordingly, the probability of moisture absorption by wooden structures before first retail sale should be considered in assigning the load carrying capacity. Included in the regulations: When weight is added between final vehicle certification and first retail sale, the load carrying capacity values on the labels must be corrected using one or a combination of the following methods: (a) Adding a load carrying capacity modification label within 25 mm of the existing vehicle (FMVSS No. 110) placard, and/or the motor home OCCC label, or RV trailer CCC label (FMVSS Nos. 110 and 120); (b) modifying the original permanent RV load carrying capacity label or vehicle placard with correct load carrying capacity weight values; or (c) replacing the original, permanent RV load carrying capacity label or vehicle placard with the same label or placard containing correct load carrying capacity weight values. Federal Registry In the end, you may find some manufactures that will cheat on the numbers, but not like in the old days. The Feds have too much clout. Tom
pulsar 04/12/16 09:19am Camping World RV Sales
RE: where are my posts???

yesterday I wrote 2 replies in the What are you reading topic. Neither got posted. Is there anyway I can find those posts so I don't have to write them all over again? If you are not looking at one of your posts, the easiest way to find all of your posts made in the last 12 months is to click on the My Forum link (upper-right corner of post forum pages). Then click on the My Posts link If you are looking at one of your posts, the easiest way to find all of your posts is to click on your username to the left of your post, then click on the View Posts link. Tom
pulsar 04/12/16 07:33am Forum Technical Support
RE: Generator fuel consumption

The Onan RV QC 5500 Generator is rated to use 0.3 g/hr with no load, 0.6 g/hr with half load and 0.9 g/hr with full load. Tom
pulsar 04/11/16 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: NC DMV Safety Inspection

For motorhomes, the North Carolina safety inspection is the same, no matter which county the vehicle is register in. Motorhomes are exempt from emission inspections. Tom
pulsar 04/11/16 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wont post my pictures anymore

For some time now, since January 25, the RV.Net portal into the Open Roads Forum has been having issues; most notably with processing some characters. For example, the percent symbol, smart quotes, both double and single. Another complication is that the issue doesn't affect all users of the RV.Net portal. Also, if one has connected to the secured server (https) then there are no issues. Photobucket.com replaces spaces in titles with %20 an html and ascii code for the space character. If your picture URL's contain the % character, that is why you are having problems. An easy solution is to use the Woodall's portal to this forum. (It's the same forum, just a different way to enter.) The Woodall's portal is not having the same issues as the RV.Net portal. Note: Don't quote this post. I used a "trick" to post the % character. Tom
pulsar 04/11/16 08:52am Forum Technical Support
RE: Max, RIP

So sorry for your loss. Grieve now and later make decision about another dog. That may well be the right choice for you, but, in my opinion, now is not the time to make it. You're in our thoughts, Tom & Sarah
pulsar 04/10/16 07:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Horrible and frustrating rv.net forum experience

Just tried accessing the site from Microsoft Edge in Windows 10--same problem as in Google Chrome. Have to believe it is an RV.NET problem, not a browser problem. Strange that only typing in the quick post is allowed. These two responses were typed in and they worked--this time. Will just have to balance off aggravation with site usefulness. Again, when people can't post, others lose out on useful information--just a shame. For some time now, since January 25, the RV.Net portal into the Open Roads Forum has been having issues; most notably with processing some characters. For example, the percent symbol, smart quotes, both double and single. Another complication is that the issue doesn't affect all users of the RV.Net portal. Also, if one has connected to the secured server (https) then there are no issues. Why hasn't it been fixed since the problem has existed for more than 2 months? I can only guess. But that guess would not include lack of caring. This problem arose in 2012 and took several months before it was resolved Until it is fixed, if you like to create your posts in a word processor, such as Work, then why not switch to the Woodall's portal, which does not have the issues the RV.Net portal? Note: It is still the same forum, Open Roads Forum, just a different way to enter. Tom
pulsar 04/10/16 07:22pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Photo link test

That link didn't work. This is the thread. The last picture I was able to post was on the post at 1:54 PM. http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28824577.cfm I wonder if I did something to my Photobucket account to mess things up. Looking at the URLs in that post, it appears that you made two attempts to post the same picture. The first failed and the second was successful. When I entered the first URL into my address bar, I got a Photobucket message saying the page didn't exist. That could happen if that URL was to a private section. Tom
pulsar 04/08/16 07:05am Forum Technical Support
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