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RE: Have a Link Open in a New Tab?

Guess I didn't read your whole post. My first posts shows how to make a link that will automatically open in a new tab. But, if you are too lazy to right click to open a link in a new tab :) I guess you wouldn't want to put in the effort to create links that will open in a new tab. :) Tom
pulsar 01/23/15 12:59pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Have a Link Open in a New Tab?

Insert "target=_blank" at the end of the URL. Here is an example. [url=http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/newest.cfm "target=_blank"]opens Newest page in a new tab[/url] That code will produce this link open Newest page in a new tab Note: A "trick" was used to display the syntax. Copying or quoting this post will negate the "trick" and the copied or quoted text will not look as it does here. Tom
pulsar 01/23/15 12:49pm Forum Technical Support
RE: IMPORTANT CHANGE : RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related

"Pictures posted in a profile or within the text portion of a topic are not to exceed 800 pixels width with 640 pixels the recommended width, 480 pixel height or 100kb file size." Interesting. I thought the max width was 640. I see it's really 800. Patt of the statement is not true, at least at the time of this posting. The forum software does not allow a picture larger than 640 by 480 in a profile. Tom
pulsar 01/22/15 07:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Microsoft finally prices Windows correctly.

Reading later clarifications, the free upgrade is for a period on 1 year after the launch. After that, one will have to buy - pricing not divulged. It would seem that Microsoft wants to avoid the embarrassing (?) situation that exist today - the no longer supported Windows XP is run on more PCs than all versions of Windows 8.x They need to get an installed base large enough for developers to use the features that are unique to Windows 10. I consult for a software house that primarily writes programs that run under Windows. We have not yet released anything that requires Windows 8. Tom
pulsar 01/21/15 06:45pm Technology Corner
Microsoft finally prices Windows correctly.

Microsoft to Provide Free Upgrades to Windows 10. The article doesn't discuss how the different "subtractive" editions will work. I suppose you get a free upgrade to whichever edition you are currently using. If so, wonder what the cost would be to go from the Basic Edition to Pro or Enterprise? Tom
pulsar 01/21/15 04:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Does closing the laptop disconnect from wifi?

My laptop always drops wifi, when operating on battery. There is a preference setting, drop or not drop, when asleep on plugged in. When the laptop goes to sleep, I know it drops wifi because I can see it reconnect. (Or, if I access the internet too quickly, there is an "no internet" error message.) As a result of this thread, I took a look at out router. Whether I let the laptop go to sleep, or manual disconnect from wifi, the router shows the IP address is still in use. Only when I "release" the IP address, does the router show the IP address is not in use. Tom
pulsar 01/21/15 04:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Why no new post till multiple pages

I've never gotten a message like that ever. Could you have something set in your preferences?. You don't see the Go to first new post links on the threads with more than one page. http://i.imgur.com/dB56JFK.jpg The first two threads have the link. The third one does not; all of its posts are on one page. outofplace, If not already, you can go to your preference page and change the number of posts per page to 10 as opposed to 20. Also, you could change the Default topic view option to show Newest posts first Tom
pulsar 01/20/15 05:43pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Can we please increase the max image size?

"... Pictures posted in a profile or within the text portion of a topic should not exceed 640 pixel width ..." Note, it does not say "recommended size". It also does not say there is an unwritten rule for 800x600. Wayne I see the statement in the FAQ's has been changed to include the word 'recommended.' Originally, the forum had no rule about picture sizes. That made viewing the forum very frustrating; the side scrolling and the "massive' pictures in signatures made reading threads difficult, at best. The decision was made to strictly enforce pictures size rules for signatures and profiles - since these pictures are stored on the forum's servers, enforcement is handled at that level. At the same time, there were discussions about pictures sizes in posts. It was agreed that we would adopt the rules for profiles, except, it was always understood that the 640 by 480 pixel size would be described as a recommendation. That way, we could allow pictures that had text that would not be readable at the 640 by 480 size. At the time there were several "instruction" pictures in Technology Corner that needed to be larger. That is why the forum software doesn't insert a width tag. Personally, I don't care if the "recommended" picture size is increased. ( I do not want side scrolling.) But, if the size recommendation is increased, it should be published. BTW, what do you do about pictures whose file size exceeds the 100 KB limit? Tom
pulsar 01/19/15 12:14pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Add a Visited States Map to your signature

Eric, A big thank you for providing the maps. I tried the new setup and it worked as advertised. Tom
pulsar 01/18/15 07:07am Forum Technical Support
RE: Any tips for backing into my camping site solo?

View the video linked to in jplante4's post. The error I see most often is driver's being on the wrong side of the road and there first move is not forward. The procedure in the video will make you an expert in backing your coach. Tom
pulsar 01/16/15 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: WI to Asheville, NC

We have driven through Asheville to the north woods of Wisconsin many times and have used several routes. Most GPS devices would route you through Chicago to I-65, to I-64 in Louisville, to I-75 in Lexington, to I-40 in Knoxville. We don't like driving through Chicago or Louisville. Here is the route we would take. I-39 to I-74 in Bloomington, to I-275 around Cincinnati, to I-75, to I-640 around Knoxville, to I-40. That route is about 50 miles further than the one I described in my first paragraph. The climb from Tennessee into North Carolina (Pigeon River Gorge) is long, but gradual. There are steeper grades on I-75 form Kentucky into Tennessee. To avoid the majority of the climbs (but not Pigeon River Gorge), you would need to go through Nashville. I-39, US 51, I-74, I-57, I-24, I-40. That would add another 60 miles. Tom
pulsar 01/14/15 12:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Midwest Camping

Try Land Between the Lakes, if you haven't already. That would be around 100 miles from southern Illinois. You can choose public campgrounds such as Hillman Ferry Campground or private ones, such as Prizer Point KOA Tom
pulsar 01/13/15 07:04pm Family Camping
RE: Traveling from East Glacier to West Glacier

You could also go north to Waterton, and cross the Rockies on AB/BC hwy 3. That's just as gentle a pass as US2. ---- True, but if the OP and whoever else is in the vehicle aren't traveling with passports, taking a road in Canada is moot. Glacier NP's website is an essential source for trip planning: www.nps.gov/glac And, X10 on Hwy. 2! I ignore the post when it was posted, but since you brought it up again, you could mention that the suggested route is about 190 miles further than using US 2. Tom
pulsar 01/11/15 05:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: slide out in slide out

The 2011 Monaco Dynasty Majesty V had a slide within a slide. Currently, you can see pictures here Last summer, we say a fifth-wheel with a slide within a slide. http://i.imgur.com/48RCvWf.jpg Tom
pulsar 01/09/15 09:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Huntington Beach S.P. , South Carolina information

Here is a Bing view of the campground portion of the park http://i.imgur.com/xk5wb5y.jpg Some of the sites are more private than others. Generally, the sites are roomy. This is the only picture I have of a camp site. http://i.imgur.com/glcQsNI.jpg Tom
pulsar 01/08/15 06:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Glacier National Park

Even if we weren't hikers, I couldn't imagine spending only one day in Glacier National Park. We have been to the park in 8 different years - the first, 1992; the last, 2013. We spend a total of 17 days at the park in 2012 and 2013. 1992 was the last year one could drive an RV from one end of Going-to-the-Sun road. A very scary drive. We drove back around on Hwy 2 instead of traversing the park road twice! The bus tours may be worth the money; certainly if you don't have a toad. But there is much you want see, even if you take the most elaborate of the tours. For example, you wouldn't get this vista http://i.imgur.com/MoiYeJu.jpg (You would get a stop at Wild Goose Island overlook. But to get this view, you would have to go to Sun Point.) Some of the tours go to Two Medicine, but not all. Some of the tours start at Many Glacier, but if you are not staying there, the tours don't take you there. There are many non-strenuous hikes, for example: http://i.imgur.com/nnb3oZA.jpg Running Eagle Falls - 0.6 miles, elevation gain of 15 feet. My advice, spend as much time there as you can afford. Oh, don't forget the ranger lectures in the evenings. You will learn fascinating things. (Who knows why the road is on the southeast side of Lake McDonald instead of the Northwest side, where the views are much better?) Tom
pulsar 01/07/15 02:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Text Editing Boxes dont work

This appears to be a problem on your end (due to the lack of "me too's") The Editor Assistance buttons are working for me. How is the Editor Assistant option set in the General Preferences section on your preferences page? (The On/Off options there do not totally disable the buttons. If "Off" is selected, the windows do not open; instead, tags are inserted into the message window.) Which portal are you using to enter the forum? There are several options Alternate Portals If you change portals, does the problem persist? Have you tried on a different computer? If the Editor Assistance works for you on another computer, that would indicate the problem is a setting on this computer. Tom
pulsar 01/06/15 08:14am Forum Technical Support
RE: Route to Alaska all the way through Canada?

pulsar, fuel is simply more expensive in canada. don't over think it. and, at this point fuel is getting cheaper every minute. I was responding to a specific comment: You will probably not find the price of fuel is so different.... Instead of simply posting "fuel is simply more expensive in Canada," I thought it better to post the numbers. My second post had two purposes: to correct the misconception that the "northern route" would be longer and to satisfy my own curiosity about what the expected fuel costs would be for the different routes the original poster might take. You did notice that there was very little difference in the estimated costs? I'm sorry you found the sharing of my research worthless, hopefully it had some value to someone other than myself. Tom
pulsar 01/06/15 04:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Route to Alaska all the way through Canada?

Pulsar, you are correct for the most part, but you haven't factored in the value of each others dollars. Also our gas is better because it has rendered whale fat, melted igloos, and ground up hockey pucks in it. Enjoy your day. You are correct about not accounting for the exchange rate. I've adjusted the numbers using today's exchange rate - $1 Canadian = $0.85 US. Tom
pulsar 01/05/15 05:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Route to Alaska all the way through Canada?

We live in Maine and are planning a trip to Alaska this summer. We are thinking of crossing into Quebec from Maine and traveling through Canada all the way to Alaska. Most of the suggested routes seem to travel through the U.S. much of the way west and then cross the border somewhere around Montana. We are aware that it will be longer to take the northern route and that fuel is more expensive in Canada. Aside from those two issues, anything we should be aware of in choosing this route? Anything we shouldn't miss or anything we should avoid? Thanks. The northern route, through Canada is actually shorter. For example, from Gouldsboro, Me to Edmonton, crossing into Canada at Norton, VT, is 2695 miles. Staying south and crossing at Sweet Grass, MT, the distance to Edmonton is 3123 miles. An in-between route, crossing at Noyes, MN, would be 2695 miles. As far as fuel costs, given the current exchange rate (Canadian dollar worth $.85 US) the fuel costs is negligible. To illustrate, assuming your truck gets 10 mpg while towing, the fuel cost for the northern route would be $1009. For the Noyes, MN route, the cost would be $1006. For the Sweet Grass crossing, the cost would be $1025. If I had never done the drive before, and could take my time to enjoy the sights, I would choose the norther route. The problem with the route is US 2, until you cross into Canada. Whatever you choose, enjoy! On edit: Adjusted the fuel costs to include the exchange rate. Tom
pulsar 01/05/15 04:25pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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