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RE: Cargo Carrying Capacity

Although CCC is no longer used, here is how it was defined by RVIA in 2000. (Other definitions are given for clarity.) GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating UVW: Unloaded Vehicle Weight (1996 RVIA Definition) Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) is the weight of a vehicle as manufactured at the factory. It includes full engine and generator fuel tanks and fluids, if applicable. It does not include cargo, water, propane, or dealer-installed accessories. Be aware that some manufacturers weigh each unit to determine UVW, while others provide only the average or estimated weight for each model. Note: Some dealers include the weight of all factory installed options; other include the weight of commonly ordered factory installed options. SCWR: Sleeping Capacity Weight Rating (2000 RVIA Definition) The manufacturers designated number of sleeping positions multiplied by 154 pounds (70 kilograms) CCC: Cargo Carrying Capacity (2000 RVIA Definition) Equal to GVWR minus each of the following: UVW, full fresh potable water weight (including water heater), full LP gas weight and SCWR. NCC: Net Carrying Capacity Equal to GVWR - UVW The federal government (NHTSA) developed its own standard, Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity or OCCC, which is a very different number. CCC is in addition to water and passengers; water and passengers are part of the OCCC number. A label is required (by the Feds) to be affixed to the coach with the following information: "The Combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed xxx lbs or xxx Kgms Seat belt equipped seating is X CAUTION A full load of water equals xxx Lbs or XXX Kgms of cargo 1 gal =8.3lbs and the tongue weight of a towed trailer counts as cargo." The label should be black type on a yellow background. In our coach the label is affixed to the wall just to the left of the driver and is beside the VIN number label. Note: for trailers, the NHSTA defined a CCC, different from that defined by RVIA. It is the same as OCCC except the number does not include the weight of passengers. Tom
pulsar 11/25/15 12:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone, '16

on your way there do the bear tooth pass, simply unbelievable drive runs you right down into Yellowstone park The Beartooth Highway is one of the most scenic highways we have driven. (Tops Going to the Sun Road, in my opinion). Click on image to open a larger picture in a new tab (or window).http://i.imgur.com/A0RAbNG.jpg The road is usually open by mid-May. The above picture was taken on June 21, 2012. Tom
pulsar 11/25/15 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Yellowstone, '16

Where to stay depends on whether or not you need hookups. If so, Fishing Bridge is the only campground in the park. If you don't need hookups and are staying 7 to 9 days, then staying in more than one campground might be beneficial. (Madison and Grant Village would work.) If you go in early June, do not consider Glacier National Park - Going to the Sun Road would probably not be completely open. This year, which was a low snow year, it opened around June 19. In 2014, it opened on July 3. (I wouldn't do both Yellowstone and Glacier unless I more than 9 days. We spend 8 days in Glacier and 8 days in Yellowstone/Tetons this passed summer.) Instead of Glacier, consider going south to the Tetons. I believe the Yellowstone entry fee will cover the Tetons, as well. (Since we use my senior pass, we don't keep up with such things :)) In the Tetons, Coulter Bay and Flagg Ranch have hookups. Without hookups, I would choose Jenny Lake of Signal Mountain. Have fun. Tom
pulsar 11/25/15 07:46am Truck Campers
RE: Sweet Abby

What a cute golden Abby is. Hug her for Sarah and me. We worry about the Golden Retriever breed. Hopefully the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study will find some solutions. Tom
pulsar 11/25/15 06:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dog physics

:) Thanks for a good start to the day. Tom
pulsar 11/25/15 06:18am RV Pet Stop
RE: What are you reading?

I've just started David Baldacci's Memory Man A nonfiction book that I highly recommend is Paul Ingrassia's Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 07:15pm RV Lifestyle
RE: New Iphone --- Apple or Other?

Android is the gold standard. iPhones are an overpriced knock-off. iPhones also spy on the users in a way that I find extremely creepy. What world do you live in? How does the originator become a knock off of something that was copied from the original? Congratulations on providing the most misinformation possible in such a concise post. IPhone is not the originator, they are the copycats. They managed to bamboozle a lot of people into thinking that, though! I remember when the first iphone came out. Apple presented it as something revolutionary. My friends were surprised when I showed them my phone, which I'd had for two years before iphone debuted. My phone let me surf the web, send emails, store and play all my music, record videos, etc. Just like the supposedly 'new' apple imitation. It was a huge marketing scam, and depressingly successful. People are easily fooled :(. You are big on claims and short on specifics. How about naming this phone of you had (have). Is the iPhone a knockoff of it, or some other phone. (I assume you are using a generally understood meaning of "knockoff.") No one has said that iPhone was the first "smart phone." Arguably, that distinction belongs to IBM's Simon Personal Communicator from 1992. Since then, there has been many innovations and improvements. Although a few models were consumer oriented, for the most part smart phones were enterprise devices. In 2007, the iPhone changed the landscape, both in form factor and function. Hard for me to see how it is a "knockoff." So, I'm hoping you will tell us what it is a knockoff of. iPhones also spy on the users in a way that I find extremely creepy. Again, short of specifics. How about telling us how it spies in a way that is creepy, as opposed to the way other devices spy on us. Thanks, Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 06:22pm Technology Corner
RE: New Iphone --- Apple or Other?

Here is one article. clicky That article is completely useless and extremely bias. It's quotes some numbers but doesn't show any side by sales charts. The reality is that it's pretty much 50/50 in the US. Here are some real numbers: Android vs iOS World wide sales stats But even "real numbers" can be misleading. Apple doesn't compete in the low-end of the market. If one only considers phones in the iPhone 6, Nexus 6, Galaxy 6 category, what are the market shares? (I don't know, but I'm sure it is much different than when the low-end phones are included.) Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: New Iphone --- Apple or Other?

... Oh, yes, and you have to send it to Apple to have it done, even during the warranty period. ... That used to be true. In late 2013, Apple Stores and Apple authorized service providers began replacing batteries. Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 09:07am Technology Corner
RE: New Iphone --- Apple or Other?

Although Google is trying, they still have been unable to overcome what I think is the biggest flaw - One can never know when or if their current device will be able to run the next version of the operating system. Version 5.0 (Lollipop) was released Nov. 12, 2014. More than 74% of all Android devices run operating systems older than Lollipop; running versions that do not receive security updates. The current version is 6.0 (Marshmallow), which was released Oct. 5, 2015. 0.3% of Android devices run Marshmallow. By contrast, the latest version of iOS, version 9 was released Sept 16, 2015. 67% of all iOS devices are already running version 9 and only 9% of all devices run a version older than IOS 8. Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 09:04am Technology Corner
RE: April 2013-14 posts gone?

Your browser.Something's changed because it never did that before - I don't think. I no longer try to keep up with all of the browsers. Here are the how autofill is controlled by Safari and FireFox. Changing the setting will allow you to check whether on not your browser is filling in the fields. The Safari preference window has an Autofill tab. On that tab, a check in the Other Forums option determines whether or not it attempts to autofill the search fields. If I remove it, no attempt is made. If I check this option, Safari will attempt to fill in the fields. FireFox is a little more complicated. Click the menu button and choose Preferences. Select the Privacy panel. Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history. Make sure that Remember search and form history is selected. Find Clear history when Firefox closes. If it is selected: Click on the Settings... button. Make sure that Form & Search History is not selected. Click OK. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved. Note: about:preferences in the line above will not copy correctly, if this post is quoted. Tom
pulsar 11/23/15 06:13am Forum Technical Support
RE: April 2013-14 posts gone?

One good thing I've noticed: the search boxes are remembering what I've put in previously. Is that my browser or you ? Your browser. Tom
pulsar 11/22/15 05:05pm Forum Technical Support
RE: April 2013-14 posts gone?

It appears to me that everything after the evening of 4/29/13 that should be in the archives is missing. And as posts for inactive threads reach 1 year old, they are not being archived, at least not so that the search engine can find them. Hopefully, 1492 can find out what is happening and the posts can be recovered. On edit: I see that he has already researched the situation. Tom
pulsar 11/22/15 12:12pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Broken water heater plug

I carry a large straight=flute scree extractor, purchased at Sears http://i3.tinypic.com/4c233bn.jpg I've used it twice - once on my rig and once to help a fellow camper. It worked quick and easy. Tom
pulsar 11/21/15 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: rv net

what has happen to rv net form? i cant get into it any more. Bob, The forum's proper name is "Open Roads Forum." Your post proves that you can "get into it," Perhaps you are talking about "portals" - ways to enter the Open Roads Forum. There are several portals, including Trailer Life, Woodalls, RV.Net is one of the portals, also. Each portal has its own theme and color scheme. But the content is the same on all of them. From time to time, one or more of the portals is down, while others are up. There are two people that know why that is, but they disagree! Tom
pulsar 11/18/15 07:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Spaying pets

Congratulations on the new members of your family. You have asked a difficult question that could vary somewhat for different breeds. II will be interested in the answers you get. Hopefully, Doug will offer his opinion. I believe one school of thought suggests spaying after 6 months, but before the first heat cycle. (Some breeds my have a heat cycle before 6 months.) There is evidence that this reduces the risk of some cancers. We have active dogs that compete in agility, obedience, rally, and herding - for the border collies. They also track. Because of that, we are concerned about orthopedic consequences of early spaying and don't spay our ******* until their their growth plates have closed. I will add that, with one exception, all of our golden retrievers have died of cancer, but they have all lived to at leaf 14.5 years old, which is a couple of years longer than the average big dog. Tom
pulsar 11/16/15 07:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Residential Fridges

We have a residential refrigerator for more than a year, now. We would not want to go back to the absorption type. We dry camp frequently, usually weekends (3 days) for dog agility trials. Twice this past July, we were off grid for 5 days, in the Rockies. We had no problem with the refrigerator. We have 6 agm 12-volt house batteries and a 2800-watt inverter. We do use our generator, usually a couple hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening. One time in each of the 5-day periods mentioned above we did not run the generator in the morning because we were in a hurry to leave for a day trip. Tom
pulsar 11/14/15 09:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Canine management chart (illustrated)

Too funny! Tom
pulsar 11/12/15 06:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ceiling Fan ?????

Do they help? Yes. We enjoy ours, (a 12v model). Are they worth it? Since the ceiling fan came standard on our coach, I have no idea its cost or what the cost would be to install one. If you don't have a Fantastic fan, or similar, I would go that route first. However, If it is real "muggy" out, we prefer the ceiling fan. Tom
pulsar 11/12/15 06:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Changed profile?

I will guess that what you want to change is your signature. I see on your profile page: 2015 F150 XLT 302 package Tow package w/ sway control Built-in brake controller Backup camera Equalizer hitch But, your signature contains older information. Solution: Change your signature which is done on your My Preferences page, not on your My Profile page. Tom
pulsar 11/09/15 06:15pm Forum Technical Support
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