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RE: Replacement Battery Help/Choices/Opinions

The solar tester measure CA or CCA, what is in close relation to capacity. So it will not give you exact number, but comparing % of CA to label CA you can predict capacity. For golf cart battery choice who is better to ask than golf cart service center? That is what I did years ago and Trojan at the time was having very poor CS, so dealers did not deal with them. That is when I went to buy Sam's batteries, they were $46 a piece about 13 years ago and I was still using them on 11th year. Now listening to our politicians, inflation is minimal, so you still should buy batteries for about $50, right? As far as I know deep cycle batteries do not give or label CA or CCA ratings so how are you comparing their percentage to AH or energy capacity ?
ticki2 03/22/18 03:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Avion camper rebuilds - hundreds of photos

Howdy! This is simply ridiculous! If Avionistas are not going to blog here, then let’s move. Where to? Do we need our own website that we own and control? Ideas? (I for one like talking about Avions!) Yes , it is very sad since the PB debacle . At one time 67 avion talked about starting a new blog but have not heard anything since . Even though the old pictures are gone we can still post and help each other with questions . My addition for this year has been a pair of Trojan T105 6v .
ticki2 03/22/18 03:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacement Battery Help/Choices/Opinions

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71stPXjIi8L._SX522_.jpg width=500 New technology is amazing. After decades of dealing with load tester, this gizmo tells you actual capacity. I wonder why with huge solar system you keep your camper plug in? Something is not doing good charging job if you have to add water so often. Solar battery tester Battery choice is always a dilemma. Having several cars, for TC I just use car battery. In the past I bought cheap golf-cart batteries from Sam's and they lasted me over 10 years. But I had top-end inverter/charger and remember adding water every 5 years. Looking at the discrption of that tester it measures CCA only even for deep cycle batteries . It does not appear to measure AH capacity .
ticki2 03/21/18 10:39am Truck Campers
RE: Replacement Battery Help/Choices/Opinions

I just replaced my cheap wm batteries ( that lasted 10 yea rd BTW ) with two T105's . Thy give me the most AH for the space available .
ticki2 03/19/18 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Can you put a short bed camper in a long bed pickup?

In the sticky Truck camper university , on the second page , scroll down to TOWING/HITCH EXTENSIONS . THERE are several good threads explaining weight distribution with hitch weight and it's effect on axles , including simple ways to calculate .
ticki2 03/12/18 02:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Can you put a short bed camper in a long bed pickup?

Ignoring leverage doesn't make it go away , it is physics . On a seesaw you can easily lift 600# with 100# depending on Where the weights are placed Thats true. And that scenario would be much closer to how this would function. When the fulcrum is the rear wheel you are balancing the load with the whole front end and engine of the truck. So it isn't the same as a straight lever with no balance to the load. I do not agree that 600lbs on the tongue is multiplied beyond that number. 600lbs is 600lbs. Does your camper weigh more because it also extends beyond the wheel both fore and aft? Didn't think so. No it doesn't change the total weight . Any weight you put behind the rear axle will to some degree unweight the front axle , how much depends on the weight and distance behind the rear axle . So the weight on the rear axle will be the initial weight plus the weight taken off the front axle .
ticki2 03/12/18 12:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Can you put a short bed camper in a long bed pickup?

Have you seen this camper up close ? From pictures it looks like there is a bulge on the rear tub , right and left , which would prevent it from sliding forward past the wheel wells . This is typical of most new short bed campers . If you find camper with straight sides ,48", front to back ,, you can slide it foward. Ignoring leverage doesn't make it go away , it is physics . On a seesaw you can easily lift 600# with 100# depending on Where the weights are placed
ticki2 03/12/18 07:33am Truck Campers
RE: Next Truck Camper Hauler ... New GM!

What mumbo-jumbo ? Ford and Ram also derate their engines for class 4 & 5 trucks . The video states the HP rating is class leading , the TQ is not , pretty straight forward .
ticki2 03/11/18 11:48am Truck Campers
RE: Timbrens on a 2017 or 2018 F350 DRW?

What for? My 2017 F350 DRW handles 6500 lb camper just fine, thank you very much.What camper do you have that weighs 6500# ?
ticki2 03/05/18 05:11am Truck Campers
RE: Keeping the cushion on the table bed!

My table bed is slightly wider than a twin bed . I have found that using the perforated rubber shelf liner on the table top and twin fitted sheet holds the cushions together nicely . If the twin doesn't fit tight try a bunk sheet .
ticki2 02/18/18 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone have a Northern Lite 10-2 on a flatbed?

There is a lot of info in the sticky TC university , second page at the bottom . Yes I love flatbed setup .
ticki2 02/11/18 07:27am Truck Campers
RE: 2017 / 2018 Ford Factory 3" Receiver Hitch Extension

500# tw seems a little low for a 7500# trailer . Is it a boat trailer ?
ticki2 02/06/18 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Bad converter?

My dealer keeps telling me that I'm expecting too much from my truck and shore power for charging. They've told me both supply up to 2A as does a generator. They want to sell me a solar panel so I can get up to 6A charging. I don't expect full charge from dead instantly, but the thing never seems to charge at all and I suspect a bad converter. Using a fuse current tester, I've found that the camper pulls 0.14A when the truck is running and 0.34A when connected to shore when the battery is at 11.8v. I would have expected significantly more. Does that sound like a converter issue? The converter (Parallax 8345) was new when I bought the TC last April. The dealer replaced ot cause the camper wasn't charging...The dealer is full of it . The parallax8345 is a 45amp output converter . Either the converter is bad ,or the wiring wrong/bad , or the connections .
ticki2 02/03/18 06:15pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Black tank Mounting

I'm currently redoing the entire bathroom in my TC. I have a combo shower pan, and room, to put a black tank directly below my toilet. I'm looking at this TANK. I will be adding a new short toilet. My question is, can the toilet flange be installed and mounted directly to the holding tank? I dont have much room, so I"m attempting to squeeze the biggest tank I can in there. The toilet flange cannot be mounted directly to the tank , the tank will not support the toilet . It should have a plywood platform over the tank to screw the flange to . The tank should have a 3" threaded fitting in toilet location to thread the flange into . If the tank is ABS you can glue fittings to it . For venting you can also tie into any other existing vent you can get to . Doing this also limits my venting options. but I think I have adequate room to vent out the side, if that's acceptable.
ticki2 02/01/18 07:07am Truck Campers
RE: Truck

You left out the part about overloading , which does exponentially shorten the life of the truck . I am neither pro or con , there are simply to many individual factors involved to make a blanket statement .
ticki2 01/15/18 02:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Wheel and Tire Recommendations:

Skipro 3 where did you find a weight rating for H2 wheels of 5000# ? The best estimate I have found was half that , no facts . Thanks
ticki2 01/08/18 11:32am Truck Campers
RE: I would like to have a warmer TC floor... any ideas?

Not a solution for the whole floor but for stationary use , sitting at the dinette reading etc.,a piece of 1" blue foam will send the heat back to your feet .
ticki2 12/27/17 10:09am Truck Campers
RE: Flying Huntsman Coach built 6X6 TC....?

"The VelociRaptor 6X6 concept starts at $349,000" and I almost jump in joy for finally US vehicle design for heavy TC.You do realize that is an F150 base truck :h
ticki2 12/24/17 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Power loss

They are labeled, but perhaps incorrectly. I'll check resistance tomorrow. It almost has to be a fuse, since all the A/V is out and everything else is OK. I have some known good fuses on hand as well. If you're going to the extreme of pulling and and checking the fuse with a meter, why not just use a test light and check both sides of the fuse for power? Wouldn't that be satisfactory and simpler than pulling all the fuses checking the continuity and then reinstalling them?A test light doesn't' tell the whole story . A test light will light with very low voltage . If there is too much residence in the fuse connection or at the appliance it may not operate . Check the volts on both sides of the fuse .
ticki2 12/13/17 08:55pm Truck Campers
RE: What Is On The Bottom of Your Truck Camper?

There is a Avion camper rebuilds - hundreds of photos thread you may find of interest. Unfortunately many of the photo links are broken. If you read something there, you can post on the thread or send the poster a PM requesting more info or photos. This is assuming you are after information on your Avion. WayneThis is probably your best resource for replacing the floor in your Avion . The original floor was a composite of 3/8ply , 1" Styrofoam , 3/8 ply , glued together . Several on the Avion thread have replaced the floor , some as original and some with 2 layers of 3/4 ply. It's a long thread , look more towards the beginning . If you find something you need you can PM the the poster for more info and probably pictures . Good luck
ticki2 11/14/17 06:23am Truck Campers
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