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RE: Changing engine air filter in 2004 Dutch Star

Actually, some air filters are changed as elements only, others, as Bill points out you replace the whole filter canister.
wolfe10 09/13/14 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Changing engine air filter in 2004 Dutch Star

Don't forget the air brake system air filter also! While some engine-driven compressors have a separate filter, most get their air from the engine intake manifold. So the main engine air filter is the filter. Using this location for the input air to the compressor, the air is already clean, likely boosted (by the turbo) and cooled (by the CAC).
wolfe10 09/13/14 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking while cruising out of Houston Bayport Terminal

I tried to send you a Private Message, but you have them blocked. If you prefer, PM me with your e-mail address. Brett
wolfe10 09/12/14 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting to Class A

I agree it wasn't clear. But, here they are-- the very first post under "First Time Buyer": http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/13792144.cfm
wolfe10 09/12/14 03:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting to Class A

Guys, Lighten up. Remember when you were a newbie. Seeyal, If you are in Houston, a good place to start narrowing down the list is at PPL in Houston at 59 south at beltway 8: http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/diesel/diesel-motorhomes.php Most are consignment units, so they will cover the whole range from well cared for to rough. But it will help you narrow down the search. Then, with more specific questions, you will (hopefully) get better answers. The issue with vague questions about what coach is best is that most will just recommend the brand they have.
wolfe10 09/12/14 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CAT experts?

Agreed. Is Brett "Wolfe10"? Yup. Brett Wolfe= Wolfe10 (Wolfe10 happened to be my e-mail address way back when RV.net got started).
wolfe10 09/12/14 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

fj12ryder, Yes, I understand your point. But not sure I agree that a better control in the future is of no value because of how it was treated in the past. Guess I would more equate it to your engine's cooling system. The fact that is is not overheating does not mean that there is no blockage in the radiator because, say the coolant is 10 years old. Nor does it suggest that changing coolant would not be a good idea to minimize future problems.
wolfe10 09/12/14 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: How close is too close

Yes, the boiling point of FRESH brake fluid is over 400 degrees F. But, as it absorbs moisture, the boiling point lowers to 286 degrees F (read the fine print on your can of brake fluid). So absolutely, flush brake fluid every 2-3 years. More often in humid/wet climates. And, wrapping the lines/insulating them might be a viable option to rerouting them.
wolfe10 09/12/14 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CAT experts?

Actually, without records, I would make NO assumptions. But, first valve adjustment is not due until 30,000 miles. And, with that low mileage over 15 years, it is quite likely that you have contaminated fuel. Check your primary fuel filter for any sign of rust, algae (black precipitate or slime) etc. Also check all fluids for changing-- coolant, transmission, rear axle, etc. Cheap insurance.
wolfe10 09/12/14 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

This is MORE than just a fire prevention issue. High boiler temperatures, even for a short time leads to precipitation of the sodium chromate. This is a cumulative issue, rarely going from completely open to totally clogged with one incident. The more times and the longer the cooling unit is overheated, the more clogged it gets. So, in addition to fire prevention, this will keep the cooling unit performing to peak efficiency. For every post about a fire caused by a cooling unit, we see many, many about diminished performance. THIS is why I would fit one.
wolfe10 09/12/14 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: CAT experts?

Clearly, intermittent voltage to ANY electronic engine will cause a number of codes/symptoms. So, I agree, start by verifying 12+ VDC to the engine computer AND a good tight ground (there is usually a ground wire from just below the ECM on the engine to good chassis ground. As far as performance issues, ALWAYS the first thing to do is replace the fuel filters. They are inexpensive and a clogged filter will materially limit power. This is most noticeable at higher RPM, as more fuel is being demanded. Clogged filters/reduced fuel flow is also hard on injection components, as the diesel is used to cool and lubricate them. Could it be other thing-- sure, but start with one that is relatively inexpensive and one that DOES cause issues in many coaches-- particularly those that have sat for awhile. You don't mention much about your rig-- how many miles are on it? Have the valves ever been adjusted. If you are not the original owner, I would call Caterpillar Corp with your engine serial number. If a Caterpillar dealer has done work on it, Caterpillar Corp can pull up that information for you: 877 777 -3126.
wolfe10 09/12/14 09:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carbon dioxide detector

---- happens These things wear out. I simply do not trust a detector more than 5 years in constant service. I have two detectors in operation. Most likely issue. They DO have a finite life. Just had to replace ours two weeks ago-- false alarms. The new one came with a warning that 5 years was IT.
wolfe10 09/12/14 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

Of course one does wonder how "necessary" this device is if you have a unit that's lasted nearly 20 years without one. :) The answer really depends on how diligent you are about turning off the refrigerator if out of level for more than a few minutes. 10 minutes in a rest area out of level is enough to send cooling units temperatures skyrocketing. You will have to decide if you want/need this to be "automatic" or whether you want to be responsible for turning the unit off and back on. The other place I suspect we all overheat our cooling units if left on is on those long steady grades. Not rolling hills, as the cooling solution can still circulate, but on those several mile 4-5% grades you run into out west-- thinking about the climb we did from Mojave into Bakersfield this summer on our way west.
wolfe10 09/11/14 02:46pm Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

The ARP unit MUCH more closely controls boiler temperature, keeping it below the level that causes cooling system issues such as the precipitation of the sodium chromate. The Norcold unit it set to shut off the unit at a MUCH higher temperature-- high enough that permanent damage can occur, but supposedly low enough that a fire would be avoided. At the seminar presented at the FMCA Convention in Redmond, he tilted the display cooling unit about 3 degrees and on the screen we watched the boiler temperatures shoot up and then the ARC controller turn it off and then back on.
wolfe10 09/11/14 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

Yes, ARP gives much more precise control. It actually cuts off cooling if the boiler temperature exceeds a safe level. This can occur very quickly if the refrigerator is operated out of level. Think of this as PROactive (in terms of preventing cooling system issues) rather than REactive in turning it off if a fire occurs.
wolfe10 09/10/14 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Exhaust Leak on a 400 Cummins

The "look for black soot" IS the correct way to identify an exhaust leak on a diesel.
wolfe10 09/10/14 08:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2014 days spendt camping?

So far, this year we have been in the coach 20 weeks.
wolfe10 09/10/14 06:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Problem when traveling up mountains with Class A

Start by changing the fuel filers. Clogged filters will substantially reduce fuel flow and cause major performance issues. Could it be something else-- sure, but start with the cheap, easy stuff.
wolfe10 09/10/14 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Am I reading/interpreting this correctly? Re:Tire Pressure

Shouldn't you divide the rear weight by 4 since it's dual? No, not on Michelin chart.
wolfe10 09/10/14 09:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter for 86 Toyota Dolphin

We are talking about a Toyota 1 ton 4 cylinder (I suspect) small class C. Doubt it has a battery bank that could possibly support a 2000 watt inverter.
wolfe10 09/09/14 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
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