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Topic: Cheapest place to buy 30 amp extension cord.

Posted By: qwerty11 on 07/08/08 09:56am

I need around 100 feet. So I can either do one 100 foot cord or two 50s. Where is the cheapest place to buy them from???

Posted By: JJBIRISH on 07/08/08 10:03am

never seen one that long...

and it won't be cheap to make one that long heavy enough to carry the load...

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Posted By: crappie_fisherman on 07/08/08 10:11am

RVWholesalers has this

30 amp 50' $70 free shipping on orders over $125 (i.e. TWO cords)

Camping world has similar prices but not free shipping.

JCWhitney has 25' versions for $34 each with free shipping but have the big yellow grab handle ends...but you'd need 4 of them so you could save a few bucks that way... CLICK HERE

But I agree with Jack...the longer you go...the more voltage drop you will get...

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Posted By: JFG on 07/08/08 10:28am

For 100 ft, The main thing you need to look for is a cord that's uses number 8 wire. some 50 ft cords use number 12 or 10. Going 100 ft you need number 8 to keep from having a severe voltage drop at the end of 100 ft.
100 ft of number 8 cord will be a load to handle. If you need to hook and unhook frequently and roll the cord up, you probably will want to buy two 50 ft cords with number 8 wire. You can go to lowes and home depot and buy two sections of wire and make your own... very simple.

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Posted By: 100ton on 07/08/08 10:53am

As stated above, you are going to get some serious voltage drop with 100' if cord.

Check here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to determine wire size VS voltage drop.


Posted By: time2roll on 07/08/08 10:24am

Places have sales periodically for $50 for the 50'. If you need 100' often I would make my own to avoid the center connection. 100' premade cord with #12 or #10 wire can be had at Lowes Home Depot etc but does not have the 30 amp connectors.

Someone had posted they saw them at a Harbor Freight retail store for a great price.

I carry a 50' 30 amp RV cord and a 100' regular cord with #12 wire.

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Posted By: bldrbuck on 07/08/08 10:44am

You can buy the cable and connectors and build one. I think 2 50 footers might be more useful than 100 footer. You might try J. C. Whitney.

Posted By: Polishnurse on 07/08/08 10:17am

Walmart also sells them, not sure of the price. Bill

Posted By: 2oldman on 07/08/08 10:43am

You need a cord to handle the load required, not the 'cheapest.'

Posted By: tvman44 on 07/08/08 11:27am

For a 100' I would not use anything smaller than a #8 preferably a #6 wire. You will have a lot of voltage drop with a hundred feet.

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Posted By: mjhind on 07/09/08 10:47am

I bought a 10/3 100' extension cord from Home Depot and wired it directly to the trailer. I shortened it to 95' after finding an electrical site that showed a 10/3 cord could span 96' and still be within range. I have used this set up for 5 years on two trailers and everything works fine. The cord is yellow and it cost about $85 five years ago.

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Posted By: time2roll on 07/09/08 12:47pm

Broccoli1 just posted a link elsewhere to a 50' for $46. Good price [emoticon]

Posted By: symbasden on 07/08/08 02:15pm

I have a 50' run of wire to the outlet the I plug the TT in to then I have a 25' cord. So I guess it would no different than me having a 50' cord. Go to home depot and by some 6ga wire if possible and the connectors. You will need a three wire cord. If you can only buy a 4 wire cord buy it and don't use the fourth wire.


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Posted By: 32dgrz on 07/08/08 09:24pm

Posted By: greenrvgreen on 07/08/08 03:34pm

Although I agree it's not "advisable", I did it, and the results have been surprisingly good.

First of all, check Camping World and PPL. Both have occassional $50 sales on the 50-ft 10/3 (30-amp) extension cord. This is the cheapest I have found. To make my own single 100-ft 10/3 was above $200 and to make a 100-ft 8/3 was out of this world, as I recall. Two 50's were MUCH cheaper.

I cut the female plug off one cord and hardwired it into my breaker box. I had a 30-ft 10/3 there originally, hardwired. Now, I have 50-ft right off, and when I wish, I can connect the second 50-ft 10/3 cord. Now for the results.

With a roughly 350-watt load, and my generator showing 125+volts output, my kill-a-watt shows 124 volts, using 2 50-ft runs of 10/3 cord, or 100-ft.

With a 3000-watt steady load, and a 100-ft connection to my generator, which puts out 125+ volts, I am showing 116 volts or better at my kill-a-watt. Also, reading from the panel of my Prosine 2.0, which passes ALL power through it, I am showing 119 volts with this load. I have 2 20-amp runs in my TT, and I suppose the 116-volt reading reflects the more heavily used leg, while the 119-volt reading reflects the true voltage drop over the 100-ft run. Or maybe they just disagree.

This roughly jives with the voltage drop calculators I found on the net. Ideally, a 5% drop is the maximum, and I'm just skirting that under the heaviest loads. To the plus side, the generator is putting out 5 additional volts of headroom, which I'm GUESSING can provide a buffer (oh, I'm going to hear about that).

Also, bear in mind that the heaviest loads are intermittent. Moderate loads do not pull the voltage down nearly so much.

I don't recommend this, because I have NO expertise in this. The experts have all advised you against this, many of whom are practicing electricians. However, AFAICT, the results are not alarming from a safety standpoint.

Or are they?

Posted By: Bumpyroad on 07/09/08 05:58am

I sort of think that if I was making them myself, I would make a 60 ft and a 40 ft instead of 2 50s.

Posted By: Jet Dr. on 07/08/08 08:08pm

You may be better off to buy 100' of 8/2 outdoor wire, UFB is best. you can buy the connectors for the ends. Most RV ext cords will be 10 or smaller unless you get a 50 amp cord and use an adapter to plug into a 30 amp plug.

Posted By: Hornet28BHDS on 07/09/08 01:05pm

Wal Mart has some for around $40, I believe.

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