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RE: F150 3.5l w\EcoBoost, MaxTow package

Yep, I just hit the hyperdrive button and chased after the USS Enterprise. :B I've just finished about a 2000k mile trip towing. Went from Richmond, VA area to Blacksburg, VA, then across WV through Ohio to Michigan, back down to Columbus, OH, then to Richmond, VA and back to Blacksburg, VA. I'm impressed that you drove 2,000,000 miles in your truck.
Atlee 09/16/14 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 3.5l w\EcoBoost, MaxTow package

No, I've only used 87 octane. I think the next time I pull from Richmond, VA area to Blacksburg, VA I may fill it with premium gas and see if I can tell any difference. I've driven that route a lot, know it very well, and have a good feel for what this truck as well as my previous truck did. ...Filled with 87 octane pure gasoline, and driving the most gentle route home, sans trailer, I got 19.9 mpg. Do you ever use anything higher than 87 octane? That's all I burn.
Atlee 09/16/14 12:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 3.5l w\EcoBoost, MaxTow package

I have a new '14 Ecoboost, SuperCab XLT 4x4, 8ft box, with Max Tow Pkg, and the HD Pkg which has a 3.73 rear end. It has a 8200# GVWR and Cargo Capacity of 2286#. I pull a relatively small TT, which has a 4995# GVWR. I've just finished about a 2000k mile trip towing. Went from Richmond, VA area to Blacksburg, VA, then across WV through Ohio to Michigan, back down to Columbus, OH, then to Richmond, VA and back to Blacksburg, VA. I averaged 10.2 mpg during that time. And by making a mistake on how to return from Columbus to Richmond, I definitely put this new EcoBoost through it's paces. In Ohio, I decided to drive across WV on US 50, which is part of the "Loneliest Highway". The second half of the drive was at night, and I was going up and down 9% grades and hair pin curves. I had all the power I could ever need. There was always more power left in reserve. Coming down the mountains, most of the time the tow haul would down shift enough for engine braking. A couple of times, I just shifted to M(anual) and selected a lower gear. I realize 5k mountains aren't 10k mountains, but 9% grades are 9% grades no matter where you are driving. All in all, I was quite pleased. Sunday, I left the TT in Blacksburg since we have 3 back to back games. There was no sense in pulling the trailer home, just to pull it back this coming weekend. Filled with 87 octane pure gasoline, and driving the most gentle route home, sans trailer, I got 19.9 mpg.
Atlee 09/16/14 05:33am Tow Vehicles
Yellowstone-Canyon Village & Fishing Bridge

I just made reservations for 3 nights at Canyon Village and 4 nights at Fishing Bridge. What are y'alls impressions of each of those campgrounds. I know that Canyon Village has no hookups and the sites are in more wooded areas. I also know that Fishing Bridge is "just a parking lot" which is fine by me. I will not be sitting around the campsite wanting to roast marshmallows. We'll either be out seeing what Yellowstone has to offer, or eating a meal inside and going to bed. These reservations are for the 2nd week in June 2015.
Atlee 08/26/14 04:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Equalizer hitch failure

Responsible companies do exactly what they are doing. This especially applies to Progress. The very last thing they need is for their hitches to randomly do what your's did. I sure they want to get their hands on that hitch as soon as possible. Their tech people need to study that thing. Ultimately I suspect they want to study the metal to make sure it didn't have a hidden defect. They would want to make sure it did not come from a batch of steel that was bad, in which case they would need to recall them. Like wise, CW. CW needs to make sure they didn't make a mistake, either from selling to light a hitch, or set it up incorrectly, neither of which is good for repeat business. I'm glad both are reacting with such speed. Speaks well. Would keep my confidence up. If either were dragging their feet, it would destroy my confidence. Just wanted to update this. Camping World and Progress Manufacturing replaced my entire hitch today for free. Todd with Progress Mfg. Is making a very sincere effort to find out exactly what the problem was so he can make sure this does not happen again. Camping world wants to inspect my entire setup again to make sure nothing was done wrong on their part. I must say, both parties are going the extra mile on this rather than just replace the parts and say good luck. Thanks everyone for your comments and opinions!
Atlee 08/26/14 03:04am Towing
RE: 60 mph is just fine.

Towing speed limit is still 55 in Cali this year. I can report I believe I was the only person towing that actually drove that speed limit. Last time I towed in California I believe the speed limit for vehicles towing was 55. Also remember when the national speed limit was 55 for all vehicles!
Atlee 08/23/14 07:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: F150 Eco Payload Sticker Question!

By the way, my new pickup w/ HD pkg and Max tow pkg is 2,286#. My old truck was 800# less.
Atlee 08/20/14 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tow Vehicle

You know it. I have to be careful with my turns now. That is one long truck with the 8'box and SCab. The longest F150 (F200!) out there. Wish they would put the HD Payload on SCabs with the 6.5' box.
Atlee 08/20/14 01:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tow Vehicle

It's headed in that direction. GVWR = 8,200# Ft GAWR = 4,050# Rr GAWR = 4,800# Payload Capacity = 2,286#. Nice choice...an "F200" :W
Atlee 08/19/14 10:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Eco Payload Sticker Question!

I just purchased an ECO Boost F150 with HD pkg. As told to me, to get a HD pkg, the truck must be XL, XLT, or Lariat. FX4 and King Ranch were not included. To get the HD package, you had to get SuperCab & 8' box, or SuperCrew and 6.5' box. HD was not available with any short wheelbase truck. That's why I now have a Scab w/ 8ft box. There were no other HD vehicles within a 400 mile range. The one I got was on a lot in Pottstown, PA. My Richmond, VA area dealer was able to get one of their 2 HD trucks for me. I'm looking for some payload sticker information on a few different trucks. I was wondering if the community could tell me what their stickers say. I' specifically looking for the following: (all Super Crew 4x4 with Eco boost Please) Lariat with Max Tow Lariat with Max Tow & Heavy Duty Tow Package XTR with Max Tow XTR with Max Tow & Heavy Duty Tow Package Please state whether your truck has a 5.5 or 6.5 box.
Atlee 08/19/14 10:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tow Vehicle

I wanted more truck than I need now, in case I want to upsize the TT in the future. Now, I have a little room to play with. I had zero room with my now ex truck, 2005 F150 Scab w/ 5.4L engine, even with my current trailer. I was bumping up against the cargo capacity. Good luck! The Ecoboost is gonna make easy work out of towing your trailer.
Atlee 08/19/14 09:32pm Tow Vehicles
New Tow Vehicle

Changed out Tow Vehicle. Brought home a new 2014 F150 XLT ExtendedCab, 4x4, 8' box, with both the Eco Boost engine, and Heavy Duty package. Instead of the normal 7200# GVWR on the current F150's and on my traded in 2005, my new truck has 8200# GVWR. My payload capacity went up by 800# which is always a good thing. F150's with the HD package are very, very hard to come by on a dealer's lot. 99% of the time, you need to order one from the dealer. My local dealer finally located 4 up in PA. 2 at one dealer. My local dealer was able to secure one, and drove it down to Richmond area. It was in Pottstown, PA.
Atlee 08/19/14 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Critique My Tow Numbers

It's my understanding air bags do not increase payload. They just level out the pickup. Should I be looking to increase my payload by adding airbags to the rear suspension. I just would prefer to side on the edge of caution rather than land in some grey area.
Atlee 08/19/14 07:03am Towing
RE: ford ecoboost

And at my house wears 2 hats. CEO and CFO. DW=She who must be obeyed=Dedicated Wife
Atlee 08/18/14 03:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT length vs TW length

What is the payload capacity of your truck? You can find it on yellow sticker on the door pillar behind the front door. On a half ton this is usually the most critical number. From this number you must subtract all passengers, any pets, any stuff stored in the cabin. You must also subtract the hitch ball assembly, plus any cargo in the bed, and finally, the tongue weight. And if you do not know the tongue weight, then multiply the GWVR (not the dry weight) by 13% and subtract that from cargo capacity of your truck. I went out and purchased a new F150 crew cab and found 2 rockwood that fit weight wise one is 29'8" and the other is 33'8". Is there something I need to consider here or does the length here matter? I have seen much about considering length just weight.
Atlee 08/18/14 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: We used the generator :)

I do not have a built in generator in my smallish travel trailer. I do have twin Honda EU2000i's. For the type of "camping" we do, we need either one or both of them. We do all the home football games, and many of the away games. Almost all the time we are boon-docking. And it can get very hot the first part of September in Blacksburg, VA. Later in the season, when AC isn't necessary, we will run one to supply electricity.
Atlee 08/17/14 05:51am General RVing Issues
RE: We used the generator :)

They are quiet, but they can still be heard. I will agree that 15-20 feet away, a normal conversation can be had. 30-40 feet and you hardly hear them, if at all. We ................ a Red Honda Generator setting on the tail gate of a truck blaring away... We tend to follow the rules it seems... Roy Ken I have.... NEVER HEARD A RED HONDA GENERATOR BLARING AWAY......:h Where ,pray tell..did you Hear this????????? ???.....:R Honda generators are some of the Most quiet gennys, as are the Small Yamahas,etc... Open frame Construction Type generators......I have heard from 1/2 mile or more away.
Atlee 08/17/14 05:43am General RVing Issues
RE: I guess 80 mph is the new 65 mph

Not for me. On interstate, I drive just under 65. I just stay over in the right lane and let the rest of the world goes.
Atlee 08/16/14 10:50am Travel Trailers
RE: ford ecoboost

Today I'm signing all the paper work for a new 2014 F150 Scab 4x4 w/ 8' bed, HD pkg and Max tow package, and EB engine. Virginia dealers did not have any HD pkg trucks. My local dealer found 4 up in PA. They secured one, and are driving it down today. I wanted the Heavy Duty & Max Tow pkgs in order to add 1000# to the GVWR. Went from the standard 7200# to 8200#. I also wanted the ability to move up from my current trailer to a larger trailer and not worry with TV change. PS - The deal has been done.
Atlee 08/16/14 10:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts On Downsizing Weight and Tow Vehicle

delete - double post
Atlee 08/13/14 04:34am Travel Trailers
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