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RE: Where do you park/store your RV when not camping?

I store mine at the back of my driveway. It's good not to have HOA regs against it.
Atlee 03/29/15 10:13am General RVing Issues
RE: longevity of the 3.5L ecoboost engine

While you are looking for a Max Tow truck, you may also want to ask if the dealer happened to have any trucks with Heavy Duty package on the lot, or if he could find one. A truck with the HD pkg will max out the amount of cargo capacity.
Atlee 03/27/15 08:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane tank soft covers

I had a soft cover for one season. It had the zipper that allowed me to cut on and off the propane without taking the whole thing off. It lasted no more than one year. I would not have another one.
Atlee 03/27/15 07:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Savannah & Charleston

I will 3rd the suggestion of James Island County Park as a place to stay. We found it superb when we stayed there 4 years ago. As for things to do, at Charleston, we did Patriot's Point. I very much enjoyed the visit of USS Yorktown CV10. And there was an exhibit of a Navy forward post from Viet Nam, including a PBR. In Savannah, I sort of did the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" tour. Went around looking at the buildings and sites that were part of that book and movie. We will be heading From St. Augustine, FL to Savannah and Charleston SC - having never been there before can anyone give me some suggestions of places to see and stay and things to do. Thank you.
Atlee 03/26/15 12:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: hwy 70 Roswell to Las Cruces

I drove from Roswell to Las Cruces on US70 in March of 2014. It was a great drive. Ended up going over Apache Summit at night even though I prefer not to drive at night. US70 is 4 lanes all the way. The climb up Apache Summit was fairly easy because my F150 with 5.4 3V engine never did do much high RPM screaming. You should have no problem with it.
Atlee 03/24/15 10:06pm Roads and Routes
Question about V-nose front kitchen trailers.

Any one know if they are considerably heavier on the tongue than regular trailers with front kitchen, and regular trailers that have kitchens amid-ship, or regular trailers that have kitchens in the rear? I think they would. I'm just looking for info from folks who have front kitchen V-nose trailers.
Atlee 03/23/15 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Eastern KY to Williamsburg VA - MOUNTAINS?

Do you have a Ford? My recent prior post pertains to Fords. I don't anything about GM or Dodge. As for crestng a hill, generally all you will need to do is let the Tow Haul do it's thing. There could be some times, depending on speed, etc, where you will need to manually down shift to a lower gear in order to keep from going to fast. Thanks again for the continued advice. So I can assume that I will be OK to leave it in D (drive) as I crest the uphill part and begin the decent. It will already have the tow haul engaged. I always travel with it in tow haul as it changes the shift points and keeps the truck from going in and out of overdrive (6th gear) at every small grade or big overpass.
Atlee 03/21/15 11:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Eastern KY to Williamsburg VA - MOUNTAINS?

I wasn't sure about the lock out either until the otherday. Then I reread the owner's manual for my F150. It says if you have Select Shift you can while the truck is in either regular overdrive, or in Tow Haul mode, used the +/- toggle switch on the side of the gear shift lever to lock out gears. For example, if you're in Tow Haul mode, if you hit the - side of the toggle switch just once, then 6th gear is locked out. At that poing no matter how fast your are going, the transmission will go no higher than 5th gear. Click it again and 5th gear is locked out, adn 4th gear is the highest gear available. Now if you pull the gear shift level to the M position, then you must toggle the switch on the side of the gear shift lever to manually change gears. The truck stay in the gear selected manually by the +/- switch. Thanks again for the continued advice. So I can assume that I will be OK to leave it in D (drive) as I crest the uphill part and begin the decent. It will already have the tow haul engaged. I always travel with it in tow haul as it changes the shift points and keeps the truck from going in and out of overdrive (6th gear) at every small grade or big overpass. Randall, I'm not sure about a lockout on the tow haul. What I have is a on/off button on the end of the shift lever that simply allows the transmission to change shift points as needed. It also provides some engine brake when you hit the brakes going down hill.....you can hear the RPM increase and the transmission providing additional resistance to the downhill momentum.
Atlee 03/21/15 11:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from NM to PA, staying away from big cities

If you follow US50 far enough east you go through West Virginia. I have a warning. Don't go through WV on US50/ I made that mistake last September and was I ever sorry. Go north before getting to WV. You just need to watch the weather when you plan to leave. The NE is scheduled for more snow this weekend for example so it changes day by day. I just glanced at a national map and it looks like you could run up US Hwy 54 to below St Louis then switch to US Hwy 50. You'd have to cut up to PA when you get near it. Don't really know anything about 54, 50 is a route that people have taken just about coast to coast IIRC. I don't see any mostly one highway routes on the southern route you'll have to zig-zag around more but if you are taking your time then you'll just see more of the country.
Atlee 03/20/15 08:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Eastern KY to Williamsburg VA - MOUNTAINS?

I left one post on the route to take from Ashland, Ky to Williamsburg. I just want to further say, you will have no problem going across WV on the interstate. Just don't get in a habit of riding your brakes. If you need to keep the speed down, either let your Tow Haul do the downshifting, which increases engine speed which will naturally keep the speed down. If the tow haul doesn't do enough slowing, then selectively down shift. You will be ok.
Atlee 03/20/15 08:09pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze vent cover, White or Smoke?

I put a black one on my trailer because the AC shroud is black along with a lot of the other stuff on the trailer. If the AC shroud had been white, I'd have probably put a white one on top.
Atlee 03/18/15 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV for 5000-5500 TT

Your best bet is the Expedition. It's more versatile with your trailer needs. The Explorer is much more limited to what trailer you can tow. Mostly pop ups and maybe some super light hybrids. Ok, so we're thinking about rejoining the camping club..... Sold our 5000 TT last March and we've been going crazy missing it since. Problem is, our kids (16 and 12) are involved in marching band and football on Saturday from Julyish to late October. I think if we keep it on the cheaper side, we can more easily justify getting back into it. Keep in mind, I keep my trailers dry. The two vehicles I've found most affordable are the 03-05 Explorer V8 and 99-02 Ford Expedition 5.4 V8. Every now and then I find an Excursion V10, but they're usually rusted out garbage. My previous TV's were a 04 Avalanche 1500 Z71, 04 Suburban Z71, and 13 Ford F150 ecoboost crewcab 4x4. Obviously the Ford had the best power and highest capacity, but I didn't really feel much difference between them going down the road unless I wanted to maintain speed going up grades. The Explorers and Expeditions are in the $4500-6000 range Suburbans/Avalanches $9000-10,000. Should I rule out the Explorer V8 or keep it under a certain weight? Capacities: 03 Explorer V8 4wd with 3rd row- 6500# (not much of a cushion) 03 Expedition 5.4 4wd- 8650# 03 Avalanche 5.3 Z71 7100# (3.73) 8100# (4.10) 03 Suburban 5.3 z71 - same as Avalanche I believe
Atlee 03/18/15 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: TV for 5000-5500 TT

my late father told me many years ago that my guest plate was always available, but he had broken my every day plate. In other words, I could come visit any time, just don't come back to stay. Best of luck with the kids not coming back!,, we still have a 24 and 26 living with us. Boy did we screw up! Expedition sounds like the best deal if the weight numbers work out. Did they bring friends? most time they bring friends. Me, and DW. Bought a Tt for 2 when they left. We now have a TT for ten. Yes they came back, and brought many friends
Atlee 03/18/15 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dogs in TT's

No way would I put our dog in the trailer while underway. He rides up front, in a crate, with us. That's one reason we have the Supercab.
Atlee 03/18/15 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: air conditioner / honda 2000

I have not priced one out, but what is the cost of a new 11K unit or a newer hi efficiency unit? Over a $1000 or well under a $1000? All four of my 13.5k AC units have operated off my Honda 2000, as long as I make sure they are the only draw on the generator. Typically, they draw 10-11 amps at 90 degrees and 1,000 foot elevation. Well within the rating of the Honda. I would downsize to a 11k unit or one of the newer hi efficiency units before I went through the expense and effort of a second generator. I only use mine occasionally and would do something different if I wanted it to work everyday and everywhere.
Atlee 03/17/15 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Eagle Sighting in Florida?

I saw one in a field last week. At first glance I thought it was a vulture. it was eating something on the ground. The he lifted his head, and I saw nothing but white. And then I noticed at the bottom of his back, a bunch of white feathers. I've never seen one sitting on the ground eating.
Atlee 03/16/15 10:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: air conditioner / honda 2000

I'm pretty sure you Honda will struggle, and probably not run it. Once, I had a single 2K Honda and it would barely run a 13.5K BTU AC at about 250 ft above sea level. When I took it to 2k plus feet above sea level, the genny wouldn't even think about running. the altitude i boondock is at 3500' Temps at 100. a hard start capacitor might be the answer?
Atlee 03/16/15 10:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Eastern KY to Williamsburg VA - MOUNTAINS?

Just get on I-64 and go all the way to Williamsburg, VA. At Charleston, WV, I-64 runs concurrent with I-77. It is also the West Virginia Turnpike and has two toll booths between Charleston and Beckley, WV. At Beckley, WV I-64 & I-77 split. At Lexington, VA, I-64 turns north and runs concurrent with I-81 until just before Staunton, VA. Just before Staunton, I-64 turns east again and goes to Williamsburg. When you get near Richmond, in western Henrico Co, you should take I-295 which is a beltway around Richmond. In eastern Henrico, you get back on I-64. I would never take anything but an interstate through WV.
Atlee 03/16/15 05:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Where to go for 1 month? East coast

Some other historical sites to ponder. In Norfolk, you have a number of historical sites, including the Douglas MacArthur Memorial. This is the final resting place for MacArthur and his wife, along with all his decorations, papers, and other historical notes. You also have Nauticus, which is located on the Elizabeth River. It is an "interactive science & technology center that explores the naval, economic & nautical power of the sea". It includes the battleship USS Wisconsin BB64. You may also be able to do tours of ships at the US Naval Base. Before 9-11, it was very easy to tour a ship. The Navy usually had 2 or 3 ships available on weekends for tours. Since 9-11 I don't know if the Navy does this, and even if they do, I suspect there are a lot of hoops to jump through before getting on base. A little further down is Virginia Beach. On the Williamsburg side of Hampton Roads, you can go to the Mariners Museum and Park in the City of Newport News. It is as suggested, a museum for all things maritime. It includes artifacts from the USS Monitor of Civil War fame. In the City of Hampton also on the north side of Hampton Roads is Fort Monroe. The US Army runs the Casemate Museum of Ft Monroe.
Atlee 03/16/15 05:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What not to miss at Williamsburg VA.....

The original Jamestown Island is owned by two governmental agencies. About 22.5 acres are owned by Preservation Virginia (formerly the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities). The balance of the island is owned by National Park Service. What's great about the 22.5 acres owned by Preservation Virginia is the original fort is located here. It had been assumed for a very long time that the James River had eroded away the site of the original fort. Fortunately, the excavation that has been going on since 1994 disclosed all but one corner of the 3 sided fort is still intact on land. There is a building there that displays some of the over 1 million artifacts discovered so far. Most of the artifacts date from the 1st half of the 17th century. There is still a lot of the APVA site that still needs to be excavated.
Atlee 03/15/15 09:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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