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RE: Vicksburg MS

We stayed at the Ameristar which is owned by Ameristar Casino in very late February last year. It was a good place to stop. That was our first real stop on our tour across America. If you are looking for a "resort" style RV park, this isn't it. But if you are looking for a nice clean rv park to drop the trailer while you did sight seeing, etc. it's great. I thought I got good value for the money.
Atlee 08/29/15 03:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How to visit the East Coast on a 6-month trip

Don't know what your interests are, but if you are into Colonial/Revolutionary history, I highly suggest Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. You can easily spend several days in Colonial Williamsburg, but in any case make sure you visit the Capital Building (legislature) and the Governor's Palace. Jamestown would be divided into two parts. The original Jamestown Island is owned by the National Park Service and Preservation Virginia (originally known as Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (AVPA). The portion of Jamestown Island owned by PV contains the original fort. For decades, it was thought the site of the original fort had been washed away by erosion by the James River. Luckily, not so. For many years now, the fort site has been, and is still being excavated. Fascinating, if you're into that type of thing. Close by Jamestown Island, is Jamestown Settlement which is run by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It's a recreation of the original fort, and a native American village, plus replicas of the original ships that brought the first English colonists to America. At the other end of the Colonial Parkway is Yorktown, where the de facto end of the American Revolution occurred. The Colonial Parkway runs from Jamestown Island on the James River through Williamsburg, and on to Yorktown which is on the York River.
Atlee 08/28/15 05:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) to Phoenix Route,Thoughts?

I suggest you head down I-81, then I-59 in Alabama to I-20, and then turn west. My wife and I traveled cross country from Richmond, VA beginning the last week in February 2014. Even then, we were trying to stay in front of cold, bad weather. It was hit or miss. Fortunately, our second night out, we drove about an hour south of Birmingham, AL. We got a cold rain that night. If I had stopped where I originally planned, about 1.5 hr north of Birmingham, we would have been in sleet and freezing rain. If I were you, I'd get to I-20 as soon as possible, but even then you could run into some bad weather.
Atlee 08/22/15 05:31am Roads and Routes
RE: Carlile tires?

Have no personal experience with the Carlisle. However, I would put a set on my trailer if I needed new tires, and they were the right price. I still believe the biggest key to getting any TT to last long is to keep them aired up, (don't run them under inflated), don't over load them, and don't run them at higher than rated speed for long distances.
Atlee 08/22/15 05:15am Travel Trailers
RE: What would you do, stay put or pull over?

I will pull over, if I can see a decent place to pull over soon enough. I have always wondered what other people would do in this situation, or at least what the majority would do. I'll tell you up front that I would have pulled over. Here's the situation. We were returning from a short trip. The road is two lane with passing stripes and many straight areas to pass. The speed limit is 55. But the lead rv, a class c,would only go 55!!!! Now he's obeying the law and is not in the wrong according to the speed limit. But at one time he had 8 vehicles behind him. For some reason the car or two behind him would not pass him making it unsafe for anyone farther back to pass such a long group. I know of the 5 car pull over law, but if you are going the speed limit, does that still apply? I would and have. I don't like having people on my tail. The road is country and elk or deer are your biggest concern. Also it was daylight. We know the road and I usually go 60 max. This a problem everywhere. I've often said it doesn't matter what the posted limit is, it could be 90mph and I bet some nut would exceed it. Just wondering. rich
Atlee 08/20/15 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2015 Ford V-6 Ecoboost vs V8

2011 was first year of the Ecoboost engine in the F150. It had been in other Ford cars in earlier years. This is all anecdotal but the impression I've gotten from reading F150 and Ecoboost boards is the 2011 had a few more recurring problems than later editions. I suppose this is to be expected. Usually, the first year of anything generally has more issues to iron out. Well, I'll complain. I have a 2011 and tow pretty heavy (8500) regularly. I have Max Tow but not HD, and I am right on limits. I did go E rated, bags, better shocks which helped the experience, but RAWR is not really where I need it. IMHO this little motor does not have the duty cycle to handle real work more than part time, especially if you do it in high ambient air temps. It can struggle to shed heat when the turbos are working hard. Mike Just curious, is the 2011 the first year for the Ecoboost engine? I'm not being a smart aleck... I just don't know. I haven't heard many people complain about those types of issues with the Ecoboost before. I was under the impression they were generally doing very well.
Atlee 08/15/15 04:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ez pass and tt.. Which state to buy from?

When you say "tag" you're talking about the transponder, right? NYS Thruway - Go through a manned toll booth, and make sure they enter the right code. For me, it is 4L. If asked, NYS will issue two tags, one for the car alone, and one with the trailer included. The unused tag is stored in a signal blocking bag or wrapped in foil. We have that setup for our coach for towing or not.
Atlee 08/14/15 07:52am Roads and Routes
RE: ST trailer tire 75 mph rated

Michelins are built all over the world, including USA. However, Michelin is a French company. Gonna have to dash your hopes. They say "The United Kingdom" on the sidewall. Since they are Michelins, then that likely means Germany. You will get over it with therapy.:B Was that meant to be a poke at the Brits, the Germans, or both? :@
Atlee 08/14/15 03:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Spread axle setup?

Then you must want to get on the next planet when a triple axle is making a sharp turn. :) The only thing I know for certain is that when I'm near one while it's taking a sharp turn, I have a primal need to get farther away. That's a lot of stress, whether you feel good about it or not.
Atlee 08/14/15 03:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Do you cross your safety chains?

On earlier trailers, I always crossed them. On my current trailer, I do not since it's impossible. The safety chains are connected to the tongue at the same spot rendering an X cradle a moot point.
Atlee 08/12/15 03:43am Travel Trailers
RE: I swear times runs x10 faster

On the flip side, my last year at work before retirement was "glacier" time. Time moved at the speed of a glacier.
Atlee 08/10/15 07:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5 Dangerous Road Trips in the USA

Unfortunately for me, I have a fear of heights. If I'm on a road that has no shoulder, no guard rail, and a 1000 ft drop, my phobia kicks in big time. Well, our experience of many, many drives on 550 is that no one crossed the line. Guess we're lucky.
Atlee 08/10/15 06:51am Roads and Routes
RE: 5 Dangerous Road Trips in the USA

#1 on that list is scary to me. There is no way I would knowingly drive up that road. Did it once, or one just like it when in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even 30 years ago, I was terrified of going up that climb with no shoulder, at times, and never no guard rails. I would have no problems with those others, unless the Alaska one went up in the mountains with possible rain/ice/snow.
Atlee 08/09/15 06:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Toyota Tacoma towing Travel Trailer/Casita

WRT to the truck, I would have a good trusted mechanic check the brakes, fan belt(s), and hoses. You don't need to automatically replace them, but should any be slightly questionable, I'd change them out. In 2014, we took a trip across country to LA and return. Before that trip, I had my 2005 F150's systems, brakes, hoses, fluid quality checked before I left. I also had the transmission and rear end drained and refilled with synthetic fluids.
Atlee 08/08/15 10:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Quietest generators?

I have two EU2000i generators, with one being the Companion model. My needs are different than most here. I don't camp out in the wilderness. For the most part, I don't camp at all. What I do, with my friends, is tailgate weekends at college football games. At home games, we're all in a large field next to the small executive airport. No hookups of any kind. September games bring really hot weather and the need for AC which means the use of both gennys. Late in the year, it can be very, very cold. We only need one genny then. All of us who have 5'ers and TT's, have twin Hondas and we're fine. The other guys who have MH's, have their on board generators. I like the twin Honda's because I can deploy them. I wouldm't be able to get a 3000k Honda or Yamaha out of the truck. And the twin Hondas are easy to hook up extended run gas tanks. To date, I haven't seen the possibility of hooking up extended run gas tanks on the Champion generators.
Atlee 08/08/15 09:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Honda EU2000i Companion Set

When I unhook the system, I always put the regular gas cap back on. Sometimes, I'll use just one genny around the house. When you have disconnected the hose from the generator side (cap) for transport then does any of the fuel inside the generator that is sloshing around come out of the now open orifice in the cap? Is is that orifice sealed off in some way?
Atlee 08/06/15 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU2000i Companion Set

That's the extended run tank I use also. It's worked well for me so far, and I've used it a lot in the past two years. I have a single 5 gallon extended run tank with a Y connector feeding both my Honda's and love it... Never thought about the 2 tanks.... Double the run time.. I like that idea... Could you tell me where you got the parts for both gen sets with Y connector into the single tank? Thanks! I just found this system.. it looks pretty reasonable but a bit pricy! BERGS Dual Feed Adapter Kit with 6 Gallon Tank
Atlee 08/06/15 04:38am Tech Issues
RE: Tires - When to change

And why did you bust beemerphile1's chops. He wasn't commenting on the quality of, or why ST's should be used. He was only answering a question. What does ST and MH mean? Nothing more, nothing less. And I see nothing in his post that is incorrect. ST does mean (special trailer) and ST's are the most common tire used on TT's. He doesn't claim there is anything "special" about them. ST (special trailer) most common tires on trailers MH (motor home) does not use trailer tires and they are expected to last longer I would think a senior member of these forums would know..... And you would be wrong. So what is "special" about trailer tires ? And what difference is there with a "motor home" tire ?? When I got mine replaced, I went to a truck tire dealer and got (I assume) truck tires (LT) of the proper size and load range. I suppose someone will tell me that was the wrong thing to do.
Atlee 08/06/15 04:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Limitations with Propane

Virginia tunnels just require that all propane tanks be turned off. However, the two tunnels under the Baltimore harbor, on I-95 and I-895, do NOT allow any propane tanks to go through. It doesn't matter if they are cut off. If you have an RV that has propane aboard, you must either take I-495 around the western land based side of Baltimore, or east of the city, I-695 which includs the Francis Scott Key bridge over the harbor.
Atlee 08/03/15 12:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Yes I did it, 2015 F-150 and 35 foot TT

All Eco's do not have the same rear axle. The F150's that have the HD package have beefier frame, beefier springs, & shocks, and a different axle. The fake 1/2 ton being referred to is probably the one's with the HD pkg, which shouldn't be confused with TowMax pkg. I prefer to call them F150 Heavies or F150 HD. Far as I know, the ecos all have the same rear axle. Only different ratios. How can on be regular and one be a fake?
Atlee 07/29/15 06:04am Tow Vehicles
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