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RE: RVing versus hotels for a trip out west fromVA

We drove fm VA to LA, a 7900+ mile tripe this time last year. We went south, stopping in Vicksburg, San Antonio, Fredsricksburg, TX, Carlsbad, NM, Tombstone & Tucson, AZ, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Los Angeles, back to Grand Canyon, then diagonally across the country to KC to visit son's in-laws, then on to Michigan to visit daughter then home. The nice thing about the trailer we pulled was I got to sleep in my bed every night, not in a bed someone else slept in the night before. Honey is having second thoughts about driving from VA to NM, ID then home with sightseeing along the way. We have a diesel truck with a self contained slide in. We don't have any time constraints and only want to drive 300 or les miles per day. Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Connie
Atlee 03/03/15 08:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2015 F150 2.7L MPG

You can tow up to 75 mph, as long as you have other than ST tires on the trailer. My ST trailer tires are rated up to 65 mph. Therefore, I tow up to 65 mph. I like these guys and the tests, but the logic of only going 65 doesn't make sense. I would like to see real world mpg's for trucks in this category and real world here is 75 mph on the interstate and why simulate towing conditions without a trailer, 65 empty and 65 towing are two different ball games anyway. Last and probably least, you can tow a trailer here right up to the 75 mph speed limit unless otherwise posted. Anyway, still love this truck but his logic is ridiculous and actually doing the posted speed limit would have effected the mpgs of that truck.
Atlee 03/03/15 03:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Richmond area camping?

It's not that loud. Especially the airport. it's not a real busy airport and the actual airport is several miles away, and the flight path is not over Americamp. Rt 95 on 1 side and a county airport on the other. How loud is it there?
Atlee 03/02/15 07:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

The right answer. It all depends on the use. I-81 in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is also an interstate that provides a great view. IMO there is no "either/or". Both types of roads have their uses, and I take advantage of both of them. You won't see a lot of nice country on the interstates, I70 through east/central Utah excepted, but you can't make any time on the secondary roads. Just depends on where you're going, how long you have to get there, and when you have to be back.
Atlee 02/27/15 03:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

It all depends on the part of the country you're talking about. I concur about the northeast, and a fair amount of the southeast. However, in states like Ohio, the secondary roads are superb, and invite getting off the interstates, which I do in that state when possible. Also, out in the plains states and the southwest, the secondary roads are great to travel on. I prefer interstate routes. Secondary roads in the northeast are 50 to 65 mph choked with stop lights, and direct left hand turns on double lanes. Imagine going 50 in a 65 mph choked up traffic. Cars zigzagging in front, brake checks, and panick stops No thanks! Major collisions occur daily.
Atlee 02/26/15 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tongue Jack ratings

I would get the largest one available. One thing to look out for is the size of the shaft. There are some that are 2" diameter. Others are 2.25' diameter. Make sure what you get fits. I bought a Barker. Got the 3000# one that's 2" diameter. Turns out, the larger 3500# one would have fit. That said, my Barker VIP 3000# is still doing it's job.
Atlee 02/26/15 01:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Narrow driveway, pull in or back in?

At my house, I could never pull in. If I did, I'd lose use of my truck because I couldn't get it out after dropping the trailer. I have very little maneuvering room when making a 90 degree from the street. I can do it, but it's hard. And for me, it gets harder when I have a couple of cars on the street waiting for me to clear the street. I am lucky right now though. My neighbor's driveway across the street nearly lines up with my drive perfectly. He is very good about letting me pull into his driveway. I can almost get the truck and trailer in a straight line, before I back into my drive. It doesn't take a lot of maneuvering of the truck to get the trailer moving straight into my drive. He's also good about moving his vehicles in his driveway to give me room to pull in.
Atlee 02/26/15 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Shock Absorber Addition to Travel Trailer

My Koala doesn't have shocks. However, I haven't seen any negative effects during the 12K miles we've towed it, including a 7900+ mile round trip coast to coast trip last year. I've never noticed the stuff in the cabinets in shambles once getting to a new location. The probably are good to have, but I haven't seen a need to retrofit them.
Atlee 02/26/15 12:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where do you boondock.

Most of my "boondocking" or "dry camping" is in a field next to the executive airport, next to the Va Tech campus, with lots of other Hokies. This is where our group of 23 RV'ers "camp" or more correctly tailgate on football weekends. We do have to pay for the privilege, but there are no facilities. The university does have a dump station on the other side of campus where we can drain our waste tanks before going home. Plus there are usually 3 or more of us who get to away games under the same conditions. Also, if I'm between destinations while traveling, I will stay in a Walmart or sometimes truck stop.
Atlee 02/25/15 06:17am Travel Trailers
RE: highway 54

It's a good road. As others have said, it's mostlly 2 lane, with some 4 lane. Last March, I took it from Tucumcari, NM to Iola, KS on the way to Louisburg, KS. I enjoyed the ride. We were pulling a 24 ft Koala TT at the time.
Atlee 02/21/15 05:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Route 50 West Virginia

I made the mistake of driving US50 across WV this past fall. Normally, I go through WV on the interstate. This time I didn't. I was a fool. I was pulling the Koala 21CS which is a relatively small TT with my new 2014 F150 Supercab, 4x4, HD long bed w/ 3.5L Ecoboost. I had no trouble with power to pull the trailer. The problem was driving 30 mph on that road up those mountains that could give back strain to a snake. And then the sometimes 9% down grades. The towhaul did what it was supposed to do. Depending on my braking, it definitely down shifted way down in order to get engine braking. The 1st 1/3 is a piece of cake, mostly 4 lane road. But the eastern 2/3 is in rual WV, and is 2 lanes only. It might be fun driving a motorcycle, or sports car during the day. But I was going through pulling a TT and it was dark. I will say it again, I will never do that drive again. I'll stick to interstates in WV.
Atlee 02/20/15 06:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

I use both. I use Interstates when a) I'm going from point A to point B, b) when I need to get to point B quickly, etc. I use the blue highways when ever possible otherwise. Many times, if there is a blue highway that parallels an Interstate I will hop over on the blue highway because I can see more of America that way. Having said that, if I'm nearing a large city, I will jump back on the interstate. I would never relish 10 or more miles of nothing but stop lights. I will also say if I'm on a blue highway and people catch up with me, I will always pullover at the 1st possible safe place to do so. But I am not going to drive 65 in a 55 mph speed zone on a two lane road just because there are lots of folks who want to drive 65 and 70 on that road. I will not drive 70 to 75 on interstates, even if the top limit is that high. My trailer tires are rated for 65 mph. I will not go over that. What I do though is stay in the right lane. That frees up the left lane for anyone to pass me who wants to. If I'm in a built up area and the interstate has 3 or more lanes, I will move over one from the right lane. That way I do not interfere with anyone who needs to get off or get on the interstate, and there is still one or more lanes for those who need to drive faster to go around me. Texas made it easy on most secondary (non 4 lane roads) roads. Most of the secondary had broad even shoulders and anytime someone would come up behind me going over 55, as long as the shoulder was clear up ahead, I'd move over and let those behind me pass.
Atlee 02/20/15 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

Where on winding roads are there that many turnouts/safe pullovers? If I see a pullover soon enough, I will always pull over, if there are people behind me. However, if I don't know a road, sometimes I'm not aware of a turnout until it's too late to make the move. And it would be even more dangerous to heavily apply brakes to made such a pullover. Sorry but I don't believe this for a minute. Your brother is not writing people for going the speed limit or over AND impeding traffic at the same time. It's flat out ridiculous. If he did it once, he surely never did it a second time. He has done it more than once, but not very often. The only times he has done it was when the driver had extreme attitude and actually said he could not be impeding traffic while going over the limit. Uh, you just incriminated yourself for speeding. More often (regularly) just an impeding traffic citation (roughly half doing the speed limit and half under it). Head-on collisions due to passing are the biggest cause of fatalities on the highways around here. I used to teach driving school and during my own training I was advised to let the "students" know the same thing about impeding traffic, I don't know how many were dismissed or reduced but I certainly wouldn't think returning to a court, months later and now hundreds of miles away, could be considered winning. For the record the statute does not say impeding is driving under the speed limit, merely less than the normal flow of traffic (which is more than likely above the speed limit), where 5 or more vehicles are behind you. C. If a person is driving a vehicle at a speed less than the normal flow of traffic at the particular time and place on a two-lane highway where passing is unsafe, and if five or more vehicles are formed in a line behind the vehicle, the person shall turn the vehicle off the roadway at the nearest place designated as a turnout by signs erected by the director or a local authority, or wherever sufficient area for a safe turnout exists, in order to permit the vehicles following to proceed. Around here the highways are often winding roads where passing is indeed unsafe. Ergo, if you have a line of cars behind you you risk a citation if you don't let them past. That is a fact. There have simply been too many deaths from someone trying to pass after becoming enraged or whatnot. Doesn't make that person right, but two wrongs don't make a right--and in this case can take innocent lives (the unsuspecting people in oncoming traffic). Michael
Atlee 02/20/15 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

Thanks for interjecting some sanity in this discussion. :) It is the journey. Isn't the reason for RV'ing to see the country? State roads, the country, scenery, life style, museums, talents, food. Interstates you get to see one truck stop/gas station after another. Yes you can pull off and detour to see something…opps now you are on a state road. but on the interstate you can more quickly get from WallDrug to the Corn Palace. bumpy
Atlee 02/20/15 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tool: how far can I travel in x hours?

On our cross country trip in early 2014, I tried to drive about 300 miles in a day. This was not chiseled in stone however. Sometimes it was a little less, and sometimes more. Sometimes if I was really feeling good, I might go 400 miles, especially if it made sense to put an extra 100 miles behind us. One rule I tried to never break, even though I did once or twice was be off the road before dark. I did not want to be pulling the trailer, in the dark, looking for a place to stop.
Atlee 02/19/15 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Nashville, TN Attractions

So you are saying they will be coming out of their room? :E Hello all! My son is getting married in October and will be traveling to Nashville for their honeymoon. Can anyone give me great ideas for them to see, do, eat out at etc? Also, is there areas that they should stay away from? Thank you!!
Atlee 02/16/15 06:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What was Ram thinking

The current Dodge ad is very misleading. Listening to it, one would get the impression the Dodge brothers were on the Ford payroll and then quit to form their own company. Not true. The Dodge brothers had their own company which supplied components to many of the other car manufacturers in Detroit. All the Dodge brothers did was stop supplying components to the other manufacturers, including Ford, and began producing their own complete automobiles. Oh, and don't you forget that the Dodge Brothers also worked for Henry Ford. :S
Atlee 02/16/15 06:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where's everyone going this year?

Our big trip in May & June of this year had to be cancelled. We were going to Arizona & Utah's Monument Valley, Utah's Canyonland & Arches NP, then the Grand Teton's, then Yellowstone, then Littlebighorn National battlefield, then the Blackhills, including Custer State Park, Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, and Badlands National Park. Cancelled due to the impending birth of twin grand sons during the time we'd be gone. Will miss the big trip, but I'm not going to be across the country when the little urchins are born.
Atlee 02/14/15 09:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TV Parking

I will never have to worry about HOA rules, because I would never move into a neighborhood that has HOA rules.
Atlee 02/14/15 08:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV Parking

But from what's we're read so far, passenger vehicles are allowed. If the state registers a pickup as a passenger vehicle, shouldn't a normal thinking person assume the pickup is fine for the subdivision. Now, if the HOA rules specifically said pickups are not allowed, then no problem. But then the person who is under attack for having a pickup in their yard, certainly has the right to request that all pickups be tossed out of the subdivision. The purchaser knew the conditions of the Home Owners Associations and deed restrictions before they made the purchase. Why are you and they complaining about an agreed to contract? Don't like the restrictions don't buy where the restrictions exist. Does this really belong in America? Really Sad
Atlee 02/14/15 08:40pm General RVing Issues
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