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RE: Universal Studios Hollywood

I stayed at Balboa RV park for 4 nights in March of 2014. It does have a pretty fair number of long term users. Many folks who work in the film/tv industry do stay there. By the way, a scene from NCIS-LA was filmed at Balboa. A 5th wheel trailer was blown up. This happened the week before we got there. Would have loved to have been in Balboa during the day the trailer was blown up. I did not find it a bad place to park my trailer. IMO, there are a lot worse out there. We did the Warner Bros Studio tour using Balboa as a base. It wasn't a bad drive. I'd guess that Universal is a bit closer to Balboa than WB is. We did Reagan's Library out in Simi Valley while at Balboa also. Balboa is a small park in area. If you are towing, you have to drop your trailer at the office and someone, many times the owner, will use a fork lift to move your TT into it's spot. I found it to be well kept, and the laundry and shower facilities were clean. We also spent two night at Dockweiler Campground. Dockweiler is a state owned park, but run by LA County. It's right on the beach just below the end of LAX runway. There were a lot of air traffic, but they didn't keep us awake at night. We used this as a base to see the La Brea Tarpits and Hollywood Blvd, where the Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theater is located.
Atlee 08/21/16 12:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Refrigerator and fueling?

And what caused the trailer to be destroyed from propane while towing? Inquiring minds want to know. And how is using propane while parked at a campground safer than using it while traveling? I wanted to avoid getting into the issue of fueling a vehicle while a propane flame was lit, but I would suggest to you that you do some reading on this issue. It can be very dangerous with deadly consequences. Some go so far to make sure all their propane devices are off the entire time they are traveling. My wife's uncle and aunt had their trailer destroyed from a propane fire while towing. So be careful and do a bit of reading Jim
Atlee 08/19/16 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire inflation

I carry a 120AC compressor along with two Honda generators. Only had to use it once, while in Death Valley. Another time, someone else used them. But I like to have the compressor with me. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.
Atlee 08/17/16 07:11am Beginning RVing
RE: USA RV maps

I do have a map, but concur with your standard. Of course, about the only state I have on my map that I haven't at least stayed the night in is West Virginia. I've only passed through it. I didn't put my map on the skin of my trailer. I bought a large cheap picture frame, and put the map outline on the picture frame glass. This way I can display it if I want, or just stow it away, if I want. Although we didn't have a sticker. If we had, we would have filled in every state we passed through. As already said above - my map my rules.
Atlee 08/10/16 01:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: minimum tire pressure for non towing.

The door sticker for my F150 4x4 w/ HD Pkg calls for 55# front and 60# in the rear. I don't change the air when I'm pulling. The OEM tires are LT245/75R17 LRE.
Atlee 08/08/16 04:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Had No Problems With Our RV

For three straight falls, 2013-2015, I've put between 3500 and 4000 miles on my Koala 21CS following my favorite college football team. We're getting ready for another such fall in 4 weeks. We also put over 7900 miles on the trailer when we traveled from Virginia to Los Angeles, CA and return in late winter/early spring 2014. Knock on wood, we haven't have any failures yet, including tires. I did put on Maxxis in August 2013.
Atlee 08/03/16 10:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Battery vs. Shoreline fan issue

Are you talking about the selectors on the AC unit? If you are, that is your problem. Nothing connected to the AC will work off of 12v electric. The AC fan only will only work if plugged into 120v AC circuit or have a generator running. Thanks for the info. I will check the fuses again. Thank you for the diagram, mine didn't come with a layout so this will help. And my selector has fan/AC/heat. Fan has a selector for lo/hi/auto and that is what i was looking to run on 12V. I have 2-6V batteries which were just replaced and I have about 256 amperes from them and they were fully charged. The fan ran before and this was the first time I had an issue with it only running of the generator power. Again, thanks for the info.
Atlee 08/02/16 08:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have any updates on their Carlisle Radial Trail HD's?

Something is wrong then. I have over 20k miles on my Maxxis tires, and they still look great. At the rate they are wearing, I'll have to replace due to age rather than tread depth. I'm a little late to the party on this thread but I just found the info I was looking for! I was looking at the Carlisle and a Heartland both sold at discount tire. Is there any info on Heartland tires? My gut tells me the Carlisle is the way to go! I saw a mention of Maxxis tires but I have those OEM, No more than 3k miles on them and they are wearing thin and will be replaced in the next couple days.
Atlee 08/01/16 01:29pm Towing
RE: Rural PA roads may be a Crock

Have to disagree about this. Now i-95 from Maryland to Richmond is ugly, after that I-95 isn't too bad, other than being mind numbing boring. I-81 on the other hand can be very bad at different places just because of all the 18 wheelers who must pass another 18 wheeler with an average relative speed of about 3 miles an hour. That makes for an effective rolling road block that can really back up traffic. And it takes a long time to sort things out after the offender finally gets around the other truck. I hate the PA interstate roads. I'll be driving them from one end to the other tomorrow and will be glad when I am through. The state and its drivers are a bunch of hypocrites! On Rt 81, they have these so called "safety zones" where the fines are doubled. On many of them the posted speed limit is 55 and every driver with PA plates is going 75 and 80. I try to stay in the right hand lane, but there is always some jerk that will come up behind me and start blinking is lights on and off. I guess they want me to drive on the shoulder ! jack LI'd rather drive I81 (in any state) than I95 (especially towing).
Atlee 08/01/16 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do they do it? little vehicle/big trailer

But what is the rear gearing on your truck. 3:31 or worse? I have a 2014 F150 4x4 Eco Boost with 3:73 rear end. I pull a similar sized TT, 4950 GVWR. On the flats it's pulls in 6th gear with RPM about 1800. Going up a steep hill it will usually drop down to 5th and the RPM will jump to maybe 22-2300. No way your Eco should be having trouble unless it has a rear end not fit for towing. As for mpg, it's just not going to get good mileage. No matter the weight, you're still pulling a box through the air. It's a 2015 V-6 Ecoboost. Everything I read said it was better for towing than the V-8. It does tow better than the V-8 Avalanche did. Same mpg, but without the rpms.
Atlee 08/01/16 12:57am Towing
RE: fire ban

My kind of camp fire. No smoke smell. I have a tough time breathing when smoke wafting in my face. http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x358/MitchF150/pacificbeach2012058.jpg Mitch
Atlee 08/01/16 12:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping with 10 month old grandson - dining solution?

My camper/RV, my bed. I will not lose my bed and be forced outside in a tent. My quests can stay home before that happens. I can't give advise on camping with grandkids that aren't potty trained or can eat regular food, because grandkids that young don't go camping with me. We watch our 14 month old twin grandsons a lot, but we're either at our son's house or at our house. We have taken our 4 year old granddaughter camping though. Once the boys get potty trained and eating regular food, the boys will be able to come with us also. Looking for advice. Will be camping with my 10 month old grandson...along with 2 other adults and 4 yr. old granddaughter in a 27ft travel trailer (with slide-out). We are thinking we have figured out the sleeping arrangements (I've been kicked out into a tent); anyone have a solution for a ten month old dining arrangement? We can take a highchair but not lots of room. Also any camping with grandkids advice is welcome.
Atlee 07/31/16 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires for a 2008 Passport

From what I can tell now, there is nothing wrong with the Carlisle RH or HD tire. Certainly years ago before the RH Carlisle came out, your thoughts seemed to be correct. But over the last 5 years or so, since the Carlisle Radial Trail RH have been put on trailers, there haven't been any stories of them being junk. I currently have Maxxis on my trailer. But if I had to replace them tomorrow, I wouldn't concerned one iota of putting on the Radial Trail RH or brand new HD version Carlisle. Were I you, and I just bought 5 of them. I would go ahead and get MAXXIS. Most including me believe MAXXIS to be the best. Even my tire guy, that don't care what brand he sells you. Told me that MAXXIS are the best, and to stay away from Carlisle. As for your current cracked tires. I wouldn't leave the yard with them. Trust me when I say. Changing TT tires on the side of the road is no fun at all, and not anything you want to do.
Atlee 07/31/16 11:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: 15K AC question

Thanks yes and yes.
Atlee 07/29/16 01:00pm Travel Trailers
15K AC question

If ordering a new trailer, is it a good idea to get a 15K model rather than a 13.5k model if the difference is only $200? Also, will twin Honda EU2000i gennys run the 15K AC? Thanks
Atlee 07/29/16 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer for the long haul

I have a light weight, a Skyline Koala 21CS, 24 ft bumper to ball, with a GVWR of 4950#. I've put over 21k miles on it, including over 7900 miles from Virginia to LA, California and back, of course. It's held up pretty solidly. All I've done is grease the axles, and put new tires on when I bought it. Knock on wood, the Maxxis have performed well, and hardly look worn.
Atlee 07/25/16 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Interstates safer than "Blue Highways?"TRIP UPDATE

There are places where cell service is not available.I was just up on the mountain west of Stuart, VA near Meadows of Dan. While I had some service, the other guys in our party who had something other than Verizon did not have service. There were places in the great southwest USA where our service was problematic. The problem with many is that there is no phone service, and passing can be a challenge for those behind you. Nowadays there are cell towers all over the place. Phone service can be had. not available at my house. and the quality of coverage varies greatly dependent upon location. bumpy
Atlee 07/21/16 09:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Reasonable Prep Fees?

So you are saying it would be a good deal if the trailer price was $10,053 and the prep fees were $0? It wouldn't slap me in the face. I wouldn't care if he charged $5k for the trailer and $5k for "prep fees" or what ever else he chose to call it. If the combined numbers are a great or even good deal and you want the trailer, do the deal. This is my thinking. It is about a $14k trailer in my desired configuration, so even at $10,053 the price is still good, but that really leaves sour taste in my mouth before I even get in the door. The dealer is 132 miles from my house, so I'd have to travel a good 2-3 hours to get there on top of this. I'd hate to drive all that way to be bate and switched.
Atlee 07/21/16 08:19am Beginning RVing
RE: Reasonable Prep Fees?

On the face of it, the $1000 "prep" fees are unreasonable. But hee is the question. Is the trailer cost plus "prep" fees a good deal or not? If it's a good deal, go for it. It it's not a good deal, walk away. The key is the "out the door" price. It doesn't matter what the prep fees are, it doesn't matter what the new trailer price is, doesn't even matter what the trade in value is (should there ever be a trade in). The dealer can make the numbers fall on any line he wants, doesn't matter. I found a small leftover RV for a good deal $9000, but the dealer wants $1053 in prep fees. While the RV is priced well, the prep fees sound pretty high for a $9k trailer. What the heck do they prep for $1000?? I am sure they used the low ball price to bring you into the showroom, but by adding $1053 feels like a slap in the face. So my question being new to RVs, what is a reasonable prep fee?
Atlee 07/21/16 08:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Name one thing you like best about your TV

2014 F150 XLT, 4x4, Ecoboost, Max Tow & HD Pkg, Supercab, and 8 ft box. Engine.
Atlee 07/20/16 08:42pm Tow Vehicles
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