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RE: Another TV question...long or short bed?

I have the really long bed (8.5 ft box) now. I traded in my 2005 F150 Scab with 6.5ft box on a 2014 F150 Scab with the HD pkg. The HD pkg required a Scab be 163" w/ 8ft box. If I could have found a Screw I would have preferred that. In HD, it came with a 6.5ft box. The WB on a Screw with 6.5ft box is 157".
Atlee 04/27/15 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW to bring a Pickup Truck to the US

A real truck or a pretend one like Honda tried?
Atlee 04/23/15 07:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Storing your "stinky slinky"

I store my stinky slinky in a Sterlite tub and lid. It's large enough for my Rhino Flex hose, plus all the other stuff needed for dumping including fittings, elbows, and rubber gloves. The tub is stored in the back of my pickup.
Atlee 04/21/15 09:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: How much do you use your generator?

I use my generators a lot. I would not consider buying a MH that didn't have a working generator. Or the purchase price would have to be low enough to allow me to either get the generator running, or buy an new generator. I have a truck and trailer now, but still use generators all the time. Therefore, I bring two 2K Honda's with me, along with an extended run tank.
Atlee 04/17/15 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Where would you love to camp?

Next trip (as opposed to camping) is the northern plains (Black Hills, Little Big Horn, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons), and possibly going south to some of the NP's in Utah plus Monument Valley. I'm also thinking about doing the Canadian Maritimes plus Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont. We had planned on doing the northern plains trip this year, but we had to postpone it due to the arrival of twin boys (grandsons). They are due during the period we would have been gone, May.
Atlee 04/17/15 05:40am Travel Trailers
RE: EZ PASS for out of state visitor?

I may remember incorrectly, but I thought Federal legislation is requiring all the toll system passes, EZ Pass & Sun Pass for instance, must be made to talk to and be compatible with each other. And I'm thinking the year is 2016 for the conversion to be complete.
Atlee 04/15/15 06:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Towing above 65

You need to convince your state legislature of that. The different speed limits for towing/non-towing is a fuel waster and dangerous. As for speed, tow at your comfort level.
Atlee 04/12/15 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Walmart Parking coming to an end??

You are partially correct WRT the Walmart atlases. The Atlas that Walmart sells exclusively in their Walmart stores and Sam's Club stores is published by Rand-McNally. However, Rand-McNally adds a section listing all the Walmart & Sam's Club stores in the Atlases sold by Walmart. That store information is provided to Rand-McNally by Walmart. It's not compiled by a third party. Not really sure where You have been?????? Walmart has their own Atlas which lists all of their stores and pretty much describes the RV parking........ and Walmart its company policy---- philosophy is to allow RV parking because of the increase business. Local ordinances are generally the ones that prohibited it. There is a you tube video, on another thread here..that will surely damage the Wal-Mart "overnight parking" idea. (Guy showering in the parking lot,outside his P.O.S. van) Like you said it's a philosophy, not a formal corporate-wide policy. The atlases, web sites, etc. aren't published by Wal*Mart. You won't find a formal, written policy regarding overnight parking published by Wal*Mart corporate (if you're aware of one point me to it - I'd like to be wrong on this). Individual stores may take it upon themselves to publish a policy, which is why I suggest keeping it on the down low - on a case by case basis- rather than trying to force Corporate to make a statement in writing that could affect all of their stores. I would venture to guess you'd get a wishy-washy response that passes the buck to local management and laws anyway. Local ordinances vary from town to town, state to state. Some ordinances trump private business policy, some don't. The apps and atlases are compiled by third-parties that collect that information. And yeah, the guy showering and the vagrants that brawled with the cops don't help the cause.
Atlee 04/12/15 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: New Truck!

That's a fine looking truck you have there.
Atlee 04/12/15 08:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing above 65

I mostly concur. The place I diverge is in urban areas that have multiple lanes on the interstate. In those cases, I perfer to ride in the next to the right lane for two reasons. 1) I don't like to have to dodge the folks coming on the interstate and getting off the interstate. If they have their dedicated lane , then it's easier on them and me. 2) Sometimes in urban areas that right most lane becomes a exit only lane, then i'm forced to move over a lane. For me when pulling, the less lane changing the better. Any highway I've been on that has a speed limit over 65 mph also has multiple lanes.. In those cases, I'll just ride in the 'slow' lane at 60 or whatever mph I'm comfortable with and enjoy the ride.. :) Whoever wants to go faster than me, can pass on my left side, because I stay in the right lane and hold my speed, doing what I'm supposed to be doing.. :) When there are 3 or more lanes, I still hug the right (slow) lane, as I can deal with inept merging drivers more than I can deal with running in the middle lane (the whole time) and having people pass on my right and left (and getting all pissed off).. Besides, I just think it's wrong to stay in the middle lane if you are not able to maintain the general flow of traffic in general.. If I run up on a slower vehicle while in the right lane, I change lanes and pass. If I see a merging driver that is going to meet up with me and I can move to the middle lane (or fast lane) with lots of room, I'll move lanes. But usually, it's just best to let off the gas and let the inept merging driver merge ahead of me and then they figure out they can go faster once they get on the hwy and they are out of my way.. :) Yes, merging vehicles are the worst and most don't have a clue on how to merge onto a hwy, but I've just learned to be patient and ignore the fact they don't use their blinker or common sense, because they are just dumb asses and I get back to enjoying the trip once I comment on their actions.. :) Yeah, I probably piss some people off too... But, I feel I give those inept drivers more slack then most, so it all works out.. :) Mitch
Atlee 04/12/15 05:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

From Virginia to California roughly along I20 & I10 and back through OK, KS, MS, MI and home last year, California is the only state I drove through that had a separate speed limit for TVs that were towing. And while in California, I was probably the only person towing that was actually going about 55. RV'ers and OTR truckers were all blowing pass me. I figured if I were driving 65 while towing, I'd be the only person stopped, and I didn't want any problems with the LEO's. Interesting. Do most other states not have a separate speed limit for trailers? Most places here it's 55. Decent ticket if the CHiPies are of the mind.
Atlee 04/12/15 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Question on GCWR

I understand about pin weight, etc. But for the record, my truck's CCC is 2,286#. I'm not interested in towing that 5th. My main question is how anyone tows heavy trailers in general since most, if not all, would exceed the GCWR of almost all 1/2 ton trucks. What sloes the sticker on your driver's side door post say you have for payload? Bruce
Atlee 04/11/15 07:27am Tow Vehicles
Question on GCWR

Do many folks actually go by the GCWR? The reason I ask is due to all the so called 1/2 towable 5th wheels, and there are more than a few folks with 1/2 tons who pull 5th wheels. Again using my F150 (Heavy) truck as an example, it's GCWR is 17,100# and a GVWR of 8,200#. My pickup is a F150 with Ecoboost, MaxTow, and Heavy Duty Package. Yet a relatively light weight 5th wheel that I've looked has a GVWR of 9,600#. Going by the GCWR of my truck, I couldn't tow this 5th wheel, since the CGWR of the two equals 17,800#.
Atlee 04/11/15 06:51am Tow Vehicles
Question about GVWR.

Why doesn't the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating equal the Gross Axle Weight Rating for the front and rear axle? Take my F150 (heavy) pickup for example. The FGAWR = 4,050#. The RGAWR = 4,800#. Yet the GVWR = 8,200#. Why shouldn't the GVWR = 8,850#?
Atlee 04/11/15 06:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing over 10K lbs with 6 passengers...

Ford Supercabs do have seat belts for 6 people, and the middle seat in the front also has a head rest. My truck does. I'm missing something here. How are there enough seat belts in a truck crew cab truck for 6 passengers? Or are you including the driver as a passenger? Crew cabs have 6 seat belts as long as front seats are not buckets. Newer trucks now have headrests for center seat passengers. Even ext cabs that have bench seats in front have seat belts and I'm sure headrests (haven't been in one recently so I'm guessing they do).
Atlee 04/09/15 06:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Park Recommendations For Vicksburg, MS?

We stayed at Ameristar Casino RV park last year. We found it to be very nice. I would stay there again. The entrance in is a little steep, but doable with our trailer. What I found interesting was how the site was paid for. Most RV parks I know, charge for the entire stay, up front. At Ameristar, it operated more like a hotel, and we settled up expenses at the end of our stay.
Atlee 04/09/15 05:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Extended Warrantee... Worth it????

I doubt I would get extended warranty for a travel trailer. I might think twice if we're talking about a new motorized RV. Hello Everyone. We took the plunge and purchased a new 23SS Rockwood Roo. What I am curious about is the extended warrantee. Is it worth purchasing it? The standard is 1 year with the trailer, years 2 and 3(some) is based on the item's manufacture's warrantee. We purchased it from Rolling Hills in Ashland Va. They are offering EasyCare extended warantee for $1900 for 60 months, $100 deductible. The other consideration is GoodSam's insurance. Is it worth it? Love your opinions. Thanks!
Atlee 04/07/15 06:42am Travel Trailers
RE: RT 17 Virgina

I was up that way recently, but don't recall any construction, except for that on US17. I was told their is a bridge reconstruction on 1 95 before we get to 17, but no one has confirmed Gaetan
Atlee 04/06/15 10:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Extended Warranty for tow vehicle?

I just bought an extended warranty on my 2014 F150 with the EcoBoost. I was just nervious enough about the Eco to bite the bullet and get the ESP. $1,255 Premium Care for 7 years/100,000 miles, from Ziegler Auto Group. Of course, I hope I don't have to use it. That'd mean I've had either 7 years or 100,000 miles of trouble free use.
Atlee 04/06/15 10:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator

Sometimes I need to fun my generator 24/7 and hookups aren't available. Of course, I do a lot of weekend tailgating for college football games. 3 years ago, my team opened against Alabama in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. Atlanta is hot and humid at that time of the year. A generator that could run an AC 24/7 was necessary if you wanted to sleep at night, and survive during the day. I would be looking for hookups over running a generator 24/7.
Atlee 04/06/15 08:26am Travel Trailers
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