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RE: Medford Oregon Parking Ban

Last year we took an RV trip from Virginia to LA. After leaving home, our first stop of interest was in Vicksburg. That meant we stopped 2 over night to get some sleep. Why in heck would I want to spend all that money for a campground site when I didn't need to use their bathrooms, their electricity, their swimming pools, etc, etc. I just wanted a few hours sleep, so I could get on the road again. Those 1st two nights on the road would have been a huge waste of money. Now, when we arrived in Vicksburg, MS, we stayed in a RV park obviously, because that made sense. I guess I just never understood why we wouldn't want to support campgrounds? Seems like the more we use them vs. a Walley World parking lot, the more and nicer campgrounds there would be, but that's just my .02...
Atlee 05/25/15 04:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Medford Oregon Parking Ban

Why should I waste money, and time finding a campground when all I want to do is sleep for 4 to 6 hours and then get back on the road again. When at a distination, I always use camp grounds. Makes sense then, but it makes no sense to play for bathrooms, electricity, laundromat, swimming pools and all the other amenities when they are not needed. I would think that if you can afford a motorhome and the gas to drive it then you can afford to spend the night in a camp ground or RV park.
Atlee 05/25/15 04:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Cooking in the TT

We don't cook much in our TT, but it's not because we're afraid of "stinking" up the place. It's just we do not "camp" much in our TT. For the fall, and many other occasions, we are tailgating/"camping" with our friends. One of our friends always brings a complete setup for outdoors, including an "industrial" sized 3 burner grill, an infra-red turkey cooker, and a smoker. So we prepare communal meals there. When we went on our cross country trip last year, rather than cook meals, which are time consuming, we'd either heat up something in the micro, or just buy something. We never wanted to waste a lot of time, planning, cooking, eating, and cleaning up a big meal while on the road.
Atlee 05/25/15 04:12am Travel Trailers
RE: What is a "Small TT"?

The length you are referring to, the area you live in or the exterior length, bumper to ball? My trailer's livable space is in a box that is about 21 ft long. The trailer itself is a little over 24 ft from bumper to the hitch up front. Are they just short in length, or are they the cool new ones with non-conventional shapes and configurations? Our new trailer is small, but it is very much a normal travel trailer: bed, dinette, kitchenette, and bath in a big box. Is it considered a "Small TT"?
Atlee 05/23/15 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Cap or Tonneau or Neither?

I had an Undercover solid tonneau on the 6.5' box on my last 2005 F150. It worked well for me. Late last year, I traded for a 2014 F150. I wanted a tonneau, but Undercover didn't make a 8' tonneau, so I looked at several different hard, fold-able tonneau covers. Soft tonneau covers don't work for me since I always carry generators, spare gas, air compressor, etc when pulling the trailer. The only problem with the fold-able hard tonneau covers is I could never get one that didn't leak. So I ended up with a Leer fiberglass cap painted to the color as my truck. The Cap's biggest drawback is the weight. It will be very difficult for me to take it off, and it adds 200+ pounds to the truck all the time.
Atlee 05/19/15 01:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I would like your opinion on replacing tires.

I did change out my tires GY Marathons that were about 2 years old. I had to get one new tire because a piece of metal punchered the sidewall of one of the tires. I could have replaced only one Marathon, or I could put new tires all the way around. I decided to replace all the tires since in about a half year, I was planning to go to California and back. Ended up being a 7,900+ mile trip. This was strictly a "peace of mind" thing. Since I bought the trailer used I didn't know how the tires had been treated before. I didn't know if the prior owner regularly pulled at 70 plus miles per hour. Didn't know if he had pulled with under inflated tires, etc. So I just put new ones all the way around. I was going to replace with Marathons, but the tire store could get Maxxis for a few dollars less, so I went with Maxxis. I'm just hoping these Maxxis will not fail on me. Probably should have gone with a Chinese off brand. ;)
Atlee 05/15/15 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: I would like your opinion on replacing tires.

If he regularly tows at 75+, he needs to get LT tires. ST tires call for no more than 65 mph. While I'm not a fan of cheap tires I would probably run them another couple of years. If you tow fast, 75 plus I would replace them. The sun seems to be the biggest enemy of tires and it sounds like you keep it indoors when not in use and cover tires when in the sun. I just don't trust cheap tires at high speeds.
Atlee 05/15/15 05:30am General RVing Issues
RE: I would like your opinion on replacing tires.

If they are only 2 years old I'd leave them on the trailer and just go. Of course they could be older than 2 years. You will need to find the build date on them, look at the sidewall. It could be either on the side of the tire wall that faces out or possibly facing inside. You may need to crawl under the trailer to read the build date. The tire could possibility have been made a year or two earlier and sat on a shelf before they were put on the trailer. I know I'm going to set off a hail storm but I truly would like you to weigh in. I have a 2013 Gray Wolf that I bought new last year. The tires were a year old when I bought it thus making them 2 years old now. I am getting ready for a 2000 mile round trip next month and really strongly considering replacing the Trail Express (cheap china bombs) with 4 Maxxis tires. Now the tires look good, it's stored inside when not in use and covered when camping however it's pretty much a peace of mind thing. What would you guys do? I have no intention of upgrading wheels and tires to the LT they will be replaced with the ST version. I'm really looking for what you ST tire guys would do. Thank You in advance for your help.
Atlee 05/15/15 05:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Confused

The biggest drawback to the Trail Manor is you have to set up the trailer every time you stop if you want to use it. I will echo another poster in this thread. The huge plus of the TM is ease of pulling and slightly increased gas mileage. The huge plus of the Coachmen is it's already to use when you stop. Think about that if it's raining when you stop for the night. Before getting my current Koala, I had a Hi-Lo. It was nice in that when pulling the top dropped down to a height no higher than the cab of my pickup. I would still have it, except I could never come to grips with the idea should one of the lift cables break, I'd be SOL. But it was really nice to pull. It got and extra 1.5 miles to the gallon compared to my current trailer.
Atlee 05/15/15 05:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire pressure question

And I have never (knock on wood) ever experienced premature wear or trailer tire failure when running max air, 50 psi in 205/75R14 C tires. I have about 14k miles on my current tires and the tread still looks perfect. That 14k miles includes 7900 mile trip to the west coast plus 2 full football seasons of about 3k miles each. I am not going to roll across the CAT scales every time I leave the house with the trailer in order to air down or air up the TT tires. Yes, I guess I'm lazy. But I air them up to 50psi, per the sidewalls and forget it. I'm happy and the trailer and tires appear to be happy. Regardless of what the scales say, max out pressure to 65 psi. There is no down side. It will not wear the tires out faster and it will not diminish traction. Maybe on a car or truck it will but not on the marginal capacity of our st tires. BTDT for three decades. Running at max pressure has many benefits like running cooler, less fatigue from flexing (longer life) and the highest possible capacity for the times it has to deal with pot holes and such. How will it not effect traction? Any tire with too much air is harder than a tire with proper air. That harder tire also doesn't deflect as much under load. Having a smaller contact patch as well as a firmer tire will reduce traction, always has and pobably always will. Too much pressure is BAD when dealing with potholes, it is not a plus. Too much pressure and a pothole is a much easier way to damage a tire than proper air and a pothole. I have never expeiance a ST related tire failure and have always ran proper pressure not blindly ran max pressure. The only 3 flats I have had on ST tires where low speed rock punctures on some nasty roads (got a flat on my pickup 2" wide about 1 mile past where the last trailer tire went flat last fall, there was over an inch of chord sticking out). Less air would probably have been even better but I was HEAVY. You guys that age out trailer tires before they wear out need to get out more.
Atlee 05/15/15 04:58am Travel Trailers
RE: How fast do you drive? AGAIN!!!

Not enough information to make that conclusion. If the truck was driving 55-60, then the MH may have been going 65, caught up to the truck, and was passing. As far as I can tell, we don't know the relative and actual speeds. thanks for posting. i had not seen this yet. i notice the mh driver was in the left lane whereas the experienced trucker was driving safely in the right lane. this post ties in well with a mh that crashed into a house on i75 in florida. most of these crazy drivers are in big class a motorhomes
Atlee 05/13/15 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Global Pickup Trucks Bragging Rights

I know. Just joking with you. On another note, I wish I had the extra money for a couple of month sojourn in Australia. I'm quite the Aussiephile. As you will note in my signature, I have a travel trailer line called Koala, and has several large koalas on the outside. The trailer's name is OZ. This truck is broken. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. :E Basic interior for entry level Ford Ranger. This one with a manual shift, full of hard plastics, probably tool delivery on a worksite http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a186/RobRyan7/image.jpg1_zpscv85zuwk.jpg Like all manufacturers outside NA, Pickups and other vehicles are made LHD/RHD. FCA make Jeeps RHD from their NAFTA factories and Toyota does the same for the Highlander
Atlee 05/06/15 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yes you can drive 55 and 60.

When on the interstates, I too like to settle in at 62-63 mph. It's a nice comfortable speed when pulling. In normal instances, I'll just settle in the right lane and let almost everyone pass me. When on the interstates in urban areas where there are multiple lanes, I tend to drive in the "next to the right" lane. I do this for several reasons. 1) It allows folks to enter and exit the interstate without causing me any problems. 2) the right lane is always subject to turning into an exit only lane.
Atlee 05/06/15 06:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Global Pickup Trucks Bragging Rights

This truck is broken. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. :E Basic interior for entry level Ford Ranger. This one with a manual shift, full of hard plastics, probably tool delivery on a worksite http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a186/RobRyan7/image.jpg1_zpscv85zuwk.jpg
Atlee 05/04/15 07:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: exterior US map stickers - protocol?

I agree. That's the way I do it. However, like most have said, the owner of the map decides the rules they follow in adding states to the map. I claim any state I have driven through. I figure I can color it if me and the RV have been in it.
Atlee 05/02/15 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: 4 wheel drive V6 vs. 2 wheel drive V8?

With regard to the 4x4, I agree. Twice in 2014, I needed 4 wheel drive while towing. I'd rather have 4x4 and not need it, than need 4x4 and not have it. It hasn't happened very often, but I have had to use 4WD when pulling the trailer on wet grass and gravel, and the truck is our second vehicle, I've used 4WD in snow. If at all possible, I'd search for a 1/2 ton truck. 4WD would be my first choice, but if you had to settle for 2WD, it will certainly be better for towing your trailer. Good luck in your search.
Atlee 04/29/15 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Spic n Span. Having a hard time finding

Alpha Systems who made the rubber roof on my trailer specifically mentions Spic-n-Span or Top Job as recommended cleaners for their roof membrane. Would not powdered detergent be abrasive on a rubber roof. I know it is water soluable...but over time those tiny abrasives could wear. I stick with liquid cleaners...
Atlee 04/29/15 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Another TV question...long or short bed?

I have the really long bed (8.5 ft box) now. I traded in my 2005 F150 Scab with 6.5ft box on a 2014 F150 Scab with the HD pkg. The HD pkg required a Scab be 163" w/ 8ft box. If I could have found a Screw I would have preferred that. In HD, it came with a 6.5ft box. The WB on a Screw with 6.5ft box is 157".
Atlee 04/27/15 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: VW to bring a Pickup Truck to the US

A real truck or a pretend one like Honda tried?
Atlee 04/23/15 07:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Storing your "stinky slinky"

I store my stinky slinky in a Sterlite tub and lid. It's large enough for my Rhino Flex hose, plus all the other stuff needed for dumping including fittings, elbows, and rubber gloves. The tub is stored in the back of my pickup.
Atlee 04/21/15 09:09pm Travel Trailers
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