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RE: Disposal of small propane canister question.

The haven't answered, because they have no idea. Most folks who religiously recycle, have no idea what happens to the stuff they recycle. They just know to put stuff in either Box A, Box B, or Box c, and that's the end of it. But nobody has answered my question: what actually happens to the propane canister when it goes into a specific recycle bin, or when it is picked out of the usual recycle line?
Atlee 10/18/17 05:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Advice Needed & Charging Questions

I wouldn't do a battery upgrade with the dealer. Any battery upgrade will be done by me.
Atlee 10/13/17 12:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Securing Honda 2000

You should be fine. That's where most of my boondocking is done, at football tailgate weekends. And as you say, most of the time there are folks around so you don't need worry about bad guys coming around. Ok,, thank you. Sounds like I can try to get elaborate but in general, locking via a cable or chain thru the handle is the typical manner. I certainly have plenty of both. Plus, I'm not in an isolated high crime area, it is in a packed field of tailgaters, most of whom are good folks.
Atlee 10/12/17 06:21am Tech Issues
RE: Securing Honda 2000

I run a cable through the Honda handles, the gas can handles, and the extended run tank and my TT bumper. If someone absolutely has to have them, they can get them.
Atlee 10/11/17 09:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Single AGM or 2 GC2???????

And how many times has someone actually reported on here one of their 6V GC batteries died without warning? Not saying there haven't been one, but I don't remember. The fact remains that you are more likely to have someone rear end your trailer and total it while at a stoplight than you are to have one of two 6V GC batteries fail without warning. I thought I would get a couple opinions on which way I should go for my Battery replacement strategy this time. A little background: I just replaced my converter with a Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power Converter 9200-14.8 Volt Deck Mount. I had a pair of Costco GC2 Battts that were put into service on 2/2013, but were abused by my crappy WFCO converter. When I boondock, I always run my Honda 2000 (with 5 gal. external tank) basically 24/7 while I'm at the Dunes, and if not out in the sand I have power available at my covered parking. Trailer is always in the higher temps of west coast (Las Vegas, Desert) Just recently one of my GC2s developed a shorted cell, so I need to either replace those with new 6V, or possibly with a single 12v AGM. Since I never really run my inverter or 12v for any length of time without plugging in what would be the the most economical, trouble free, dependable way to go? Thanks in advance!!!!!!! Costco GC2 batts are $86.00ea so a pair would be about $187.00. According to many, having one bad GC2 in a pair is nearly impossible. :R I would go 12 volt flooded on the cheap or 12 volt AGM if you have a few bucks.
Atlee 10/11/17 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: From mouse hole to detachable cord.

You can get the kit a lot of places on line. And while the kit can't be found at Walmarts, the parts, such as the plug can be found at most decent sized RV dealers and/or marine dealers. As far as the small point of contact goes, if the Marinco twist lock plugs are good enough for large expensive 5th wheels, and Class A MH's, they are good enough for my 27ft Jayco 23RB. I already carry a 30' shore power extension cord. With an extra plug, I can quickly make another shore power cord to fit the Marinco outlet. Hi, No, that is not true. Compare it with the RV 50 amp and 30 amp standard connection. If you damage the Marinco cord or it disappears you can't just drive to Walmart for a replacement. It is also four to five times the cost. Being a twist lock, it has a small point of contact for power. You can get the Park Power by Marinco detachable power cord kit many places.
Atlee 10/11/17 03:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Hints for state map

We bought a glass picture frame. Put the map on the glass. We add states as needed. When underway, we just put the picture frame under the bed covering. When camping we hang it on an interior wall. Or we can hang it on the inside of exterior door. When the door is open during nice weather it can be seen by passersby.
Atlee 10/11/17 05:48am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: From mouse hole to detachable cord.

You can get the Park Power by Marinco detachable power cord kit many places. I got mine from Amazon. Right now, CW has the same kit for about 5 dollars more than I paid at Amazon. What happens is the old mouse hole is removed. The cord is cut, leaving between 12 and 18 inches of the old cord attached like it always was. This remaining wire attaches to a receptacle which is mounted, using the exact same screw holes as the old mouse hole. This stays on the trailer, of course. The end of the power cord that was cut from the trailer is then attached to a plug. This plug is twist locked into the receptacle on the trailer. There is also a lock ring that locks onto the receptacle. All the electrical connections are color coded so they should not be any mix up of where the individual wires are attached. Just re-read your post again. I see you asked where did I get my cord? The same cord is used in the conversion. It's just cut and the detachable power cord kit is installed. Yesterday, I removed the hard wired shore power cord and mouse hole, and replaced it with a Marinco detachable shore power cord kit. I work slow, so it took about an hour. Real easy mod. Before doing it, I did look at several install videos on You Tube to make sure there were no hidden surprises. Before starting I did remove the negative ground on the battery. Not sure I needed to, but wanted to be extra careful. Thank you for posting this! My MH has been parked not using it for awhile. Yesterday I did a walk around and found the darn mice had chewed thru my power cord. Thought for sure I would have to pay someone to come out to replace it. Trip charges out here are in excess of $75.00 before they even start to work on your RV. :R I think I will try and replace it myself like you did. Where did you buy the cord from? And does that mean you can detach the whole thing and take it with you when not in use? Thanks. :C
Atlee 10/11/17 05:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 5th Wheel or Tounge pull?

If I had a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup, I would have considered a 5'er. But, I wasn't going to trade in my current 2014 F150 HD w/ 3.5L Ecoboost for a larger pick-up. So, I have a 2017 27' long (bumper to ball) TT. It gives us enough space inside plus it's short enough that very few camp sites would be too small for us.
Atlee 10/11/17 05:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where to store the tow hitch and stabilizer bars

Hitch head stays in the receiver until I'm finished using the trailer for a while, usually January thru the first time I use the trailer in the spring. Spring bars are just put in the rear of the truck. During the off season, both hitch head and spring bars are put in the garage.
Atlee 10/11/17 04:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Matching Tire and Wheel Capacities

My new trailer, Jayco 23RB, came with OEM ST205/75R15 LRD Goodyear Endurance tires. Both the tire sidewall and the yellow sticker on the trailer says 65 psi, so I air them up to 65 psi. I do not derate my tires by putting less air in them.
Atlee 10/11/17 04:33am Travel Trailers
RE: A new gasoline fuel stabilizer....

During camping and football tailgating season, I don't use any stabilizer, but when I do use a stabilizer, I use Seafoam. Seriously, during the period I know I will be using the generators a lot, which means using the gas in the gas cans, I don't use any stabilizer. I go through a lot of gallons. But when I've shut down for the year, I will then put Seafoam in all the can containers and the generator tanks.
Atlee 10/10/17 07:23am Tech Issues
From mouse hole to detachable cord.

Yesterday, I removed the hard wired shore power cord and mouse hole, and replaced it with a Marinco detachable shore power cord kit. I work slow, so it took about an hour. Real easy mod. Before doing it, I did look at several install videos on You Tube to make sure there were no hidden surprises. Before starting I did remove the negative ground on the battery. Not sure I needed to, but wanted to be extra careful.
Atlee 10/10/17 03:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Difficulties with Pets and RVing

Our dog traveled everywhere with us. He was well traveled. Probably over 30k miles, including a 7900 mile trip cross country from Virginia to the Pacific Ocean in downtown Los Angeles. We would never have left him in a kennel while we traveled. If he (long haired Dachshund) wasn't allowed in a campground, I didn't want to be in that campground. Did traveling with Duffy cramp our style some, of course. Our rule, when out site seeing was to stay away no more than 5 hours. Same rule we had at home, when we went to visit friends. A healthy dog can hold it's water that long easily. They sleep through the night with no problem. Our 5 hour rule was a pita sometimes. Without the dog when in LA we would have left in the morning and not come back until after dark. From everything I've read, Yellowstone seems to be the most pet unfriendly NP there is. Because of that, we're taking at least a year off from owning another dog. We plan on doing Yellowstone next June. We lost our wonderful 4 legged traveler in June of this year.
Atlee 10/10/17 03:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Warren Buffett buys large stake in Pilot Flying J

I liked Flying J but not Pilot. It was a bad thing when Flying J was bought by Pilot. Most Flying J's also had RV's in mind, along with 18 wheelers. Not so much Pilot. It sounds like a positive to me. I like the concept of Flying J, but I have found their execution to be erratic. Like pulling up to the RV pump, and finding that the card reader doesn't work. If someone offers a superior product, there politics makes no difference to me.
Atlee 10/09/17 01:52am General RVing Issues
RE: What the RV Industry needs and how it works.

Then your Jayco is built differently than my Jayco 23RB. Part of the wheel well is exposed inside my trailer with nothing covering it, except a piece of carpet. If it were stepped on, it would totally bend out of shape. It has no strength. Yes, the galv sheet above the wheels under my Funfinder is pretty thin. It appears to be 1/32" ( 22 gauge ), so it's only one third the thickness of what Westend used in his Starcraft rebuild. Still, it's likely better than nothing at all in the event of a tire coming apart. It's attached flush to the 5/8" plywood that is the floor, so that makes it pretty stiff. So far I have not tested out that feature on this trailer.
Atlee 10/09/17 01:41am Travel Trailers
RE: What the RV Industry needs and how it works.

Old world Amish craftsmanship, my buttocks. That so called Amish craftsmanship doesn't exist, except on an Amish farm. Certainly doesn't exist in a Jayco plant. There, the Amish workers are just like any worker off the street. Complete as many units as possible in as short a time as possible. And don't be worrying about "attention to detail". Thor now owns a number of TT brands like Jayco, Keystone, Airstream and KZ as listed here. About KZ, they say: K-Z produces several widely recognized brands of towable RVs and is focused on becoming the most innovative RV company in the world. Constant critique and a culture of open, curious minds drives K-Z toward new and better ideas every day. And on Jayco, Thor says: Jayco blends Old World Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology. Every Jayco RV made today is a reflection of the original vision: to make it easier for families to explore and relax together. Sounds very impressive!! Note the use of the words "innovative" and "craftsmanship". What more could you possibly want?? :R
Atlee 10/09/17 01:32am Travel Trailers
RE: another tire thread....opinions?

I have over 46k miles on my current LT LRE OEM tires, BF Goodrich Rugged Trails. They aren't close to being worn out. There is still plenty of tread left. Over 1/2 of those miles have been towing. I had TA/KO's on my F350 SRW and I liked them but I found that I got tread chunking as the wore down. I switched to Michelins (like you have). Never expect great mileage on any truck tire. especially when towing because it won't happen. Best I've ever got was 45K and the tires were shot.
Atlee 10/07/17 02:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Tongue Jack Height

I haven't been able to drop the tailgate on my truck yet. Two different trucks, two different power tongue jacks, two different WDH hitches.
Atlee 10/07/17 02:25am Travel Trailers
RE: New trailer delivery question

I bet they are towed at higher than speed limit. They get paid for trailer delivered. And this may have been one of mostly non discussed reasons the barely adequate tires would blow so quickly after delivery. Remember the old ST tires were mostly all speed rated at 65 mph. I bet they were pulled at sustained distances at greater than 65 mph. Hotshot driver..towing that new trailer as fast as posted speed limit (or bit higher) Time is MONEY. Dealer will take care of ANY issues :B
Atlee 10/07/17 02:22am Travel Trailers
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