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RE: Maxxis Tires c or d

If your rims are good to go with the D tire, by all means go to the D. It never hurts to add more cushion. I stayed with C's on my trailer since I would have had to change 4 rims. Besides, WRT tires, I have a cushion of 2330# with C's on my trailer. Total weight for the tires 1,820 * 4 = 7280. The GVWR of the trailer is 4950.
Atlee 04/17/14 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: SO Confused about Ford Expedition Tow Capacity - HELP!!!

My 2005 F150 has the yellow payload sticker. The payload stickers started for 2006. Tow rating should be in the 6000-7500 pound range if you have the HD towing package. Does it have a 2" receiver or just bumper hole?
Atlee 04/17/14 12:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question for those who have slide covers.

Seems to me either technique could result in localized stretching of the fabric around the edges where the beach balls or straps were. If the winds are that high then I'd retract the slideouts and wait out the storm elsewhere if need be (i.e. in my trailer I would not be able to use any space other than the bathroom and bedroom). That is why I was very particular about the floor plan I got that had a slide. I made sure I could get to my bed, my bathroom, refrigerator, sink and stove. All we lose is space in the middle of the floor. It's tight with the slide in, but we can use all facilities.
Atlee 04/16/14 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hey Equalizer people, which one should I get?

I used the Anderson hitch when I had my HiLo trailer. I liked it. It was simple to operate, simple to install. My biggest complaint was I had to undo the nut on each side each every time I hitched and unhitched. My other complaint was when I unhitched at an angle. If the angle was too large when I unhitched, it was hard to rehitch it latter, if I didn't back in at nearly the same angle. I think you will like the way the Andersen Hitch works. Thanks all, but I went a different direction. I ordered an Andersen no-sway WDH. Very excited to get it and try it out. Thanks again for all the advice. There's a growing number of Anderson users out there. Let us know how it works out for you once you set it up. I'll do that. I'm sure it will do just fine if it's half as good as forum members and the online info I saw says it is. My toy hauler fully loaded really is only about 5000#. The hard part about my setup is how to deal with the tongue weight when my payload rating on the F150 FX4 is only 1199#. Having the TW take up most of that doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else. One of the things I like about the Andersen is it's less on the TW since it only weighs 55#. :)
Atlee 04/16/14 12:48pm Towing
RE: Trailer tire questions

I'll add my support for the max pressure for the ST tires. I can't say I'm experienced, but I have listen to the majority advice on this board, coupled with what I think is reasonable. I did just return from a 7,942 mile trip to the west coast, which included climbing up to 7-8k feet and going down to 282 feet below sea level, and my tires did just fine. I've had two other travel trailers for about 1 year each, keep the tires aired to the max pressure, and never had a problem with tires.
Atlee 04/16/14 09:05am Beginning RVing
Question for those who have slide covers.

I added a slide out cover just before going on our huge trip to the west coast and back. Something we ran into on our trip out west was high winds, sometimes with gusts up to 45 mph. I know awnings can't be out in high winds. My question is this. Will those same high winds damage and extended slide topper? Not knowing, and not wanting to have mine torn off, during times of high winds, I pulled in the slide. Was I right in being cautious, or was I over cautious?
Atlee 04/16/14 05:26am Travel Trailers
RE: How heavy of a trailer can I get?

Our payload will probably be more than 940 since we will be taking off our bed cover but 940 is still the number we will need to work with, right? I will definitely take a look at those trailers again. Thanks for the suggestion :) Why would you be taking off the bed cover? That is one item I'd never take off of mine. I like the fact anything in the bed will stay dry, and those items are less likely to grow legs under a bed cover. You will probably not be taking a generator, but due to the way I use my trailer, I need generators. They are secure under my hard bed cover when we're on the road.
Atlee 04/16/14 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Payload discrepancy

one other thing you need to determine. How accurate is the scale you weighed the truck on? The CAT scales (local truck stop) where I weight my rig guarantees their weights for the truckers. However, I don't think they guarantee it to the pound, but I don't have a scale weight printout in front of me to know for sure. I'm so confused right now.... So we just purchased a 2010 Titan SE SWB with the tow package... when we looked up the information on payload it said it had payload of 1,900-2,015... so my husband went to a weigh station with just himself in it (he's 6'9'' and 300 pounds) and it weighed 5900 pounds. The sticker on it says that it's GVWR is 7,200... so that means we only have 1,300 payload left. The difference isn't a matter of another 300 pounds... it's 600-750! What am I missing?????
Atlee 04/16/14 04:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Payload discrepancy

Welcome to the world of reality, WRT 1/2ton pickups. I believe everyone will run out of cargo capacity in their 1/2 tons well before they run out of tow capacity. I know that's the limiting factor with our F150.
Atlee 04/16/14 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I leave my Travel trailer plugged in or not?

I keep mine plugged in to the 30 amp plug 24/7 if not quite 365. I keep mine plugged in through the end of December, because it's subject to be used through the end of December. And now that I'm retired, it'll probably be used in January, to escape the winter weather here in Virginia. Also, we just recently got back from a cross country trip. Since we've been back, we've kept the trailer plugged in since almost every two to three weeks, we have an event scheduled that calls for the use of our trailer.
Atlee 04/16/14 04:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Were you checked for tire chains last winter?

On our way into Yosemite a couple of weeks ago the CHP at Fish Camp advised us that we would be turned back at the gate without chains. So we went back down to Oakhurst and got chains, then U-turned again to go into the park. And that's why, even though we were touring LA, all the way from the east coast, I didn't attempt to go to Yosemite. I would have loved to visited the place, but I didn't want to buy a set of chains for the front and rear axle of the truck, along with a set for one of the axles on the TT.
Atlee 04/15/14 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Were you checked for tire chains last winter?

I don't drive anywhere tire chains are required. Hopefully, they are not required in and around Yellowstone in late May/early June.
Atlee 04/15/14 08:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Planning trips

I do a lot of planning, yet never set anything in stone. I've been looking at the trip we just returned home from for a couple of years plus. I knew this was going to be our first big one after I retired. I started knowing 2 things. 1) I was going via a southern route. This was dictated by knowing there were some points of interest I was definitely going to see. 2) I was going as early in the year as possible because one place I was definitely going to visit was Death Valley National Park, and that is one place I wouldn't go in late spring and summer. I had made a list of the places I was going to definitely see, and plotted a rough route. I then looked to see what other interesting places I might like to see were near the projected route. We never did have any reservations made more than a day ahead of time. I really do not like to have reservations for a place days or weeks in advance. Once reservations are made, flexibility goes away. When I'd have to get to a place was now fixed. But it pretty much worked for this trip since we were way ahead of the maddening crowd this year. Next year, much of that will change since I want to go to Yellowstone. I may have to make reservations months ahead of time to get a place at Yellowstone, and that will dictate how much time I have to do other stuff along the way, and how much flexibility I'll have getting to Yellowstone.
Atlee 04/10/14 09:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: We did it.

Glad to hear you had a great trip. It is surprising how much fun you can have if you let things unfold naturally. We just finished our first trip. A jaunt to the Everglades and back, that took over a month. Our next trip to Glacier Nation Park is in the planning stage. These trips are a nice change and enjoyable but like you we like our “home time” also. I had an itinerary written out that I gave to my sisters and my kids, so they would have a rough idea where we'd be at any given time. It did come with a caveat. It was subject to change by us at anytime. And I did cut out a couple of places while in California, but added a couple of places while heading home. To me, that's one of the many pluses of going by RV. The ability to change itineraries on the fly.
Atlee 04/10/14 09:36pm Travel Trailers
We did it.

We just finished our first epic RV journey. Up until now, our longest Rv trip had been from Richmond, VA to Branson in a Class B. The longest trip towing had been from Richmond to Orlando. A couple of days ago we just returned from a 7,942 round trip to Los Angeles, CA and a lot of points in between. It was a wonderful trip. For the most part, the weather cooperated. Got kinda cold at one or two stops. We left home on Feb 24th. At first, we were just trying to out run truly bad weather. Our second day on the road, almost a hundred miles further than I had planned. Probably a good thing too. I had planned on stopping near Gadsden, AL. Instead we stopped south of Birmingham. The news the next morning indicated a wintry mix of weather had stopped about twenty miles north of Birmingham. We stopped in in Vicksburg, MS just in time for their coldest night on record, a bone chilling 17 degrees. Fortunately, there was no damage to the plumbing and I knew to not hook up the water hose. The propane furnace on board ducts some warm air to the enclosed underbelly. In San Antonio, I did hook up water, and experienced a frozen water hose. About 3 weeks ago, I also declined to hook up water over night up at the Grand Canyon. A lot of folks did, and a lot of folks had frozen water hoses. Both trailer and pickup performed wonderfully. No problems whatsoever. Had the oil changed in the truck once during the trip. The only problem with the trailer was when the rear bumper end cap came off. We found ourselves going through Albuquerque, NM with a spare stinky slinky hanging out the rear bumper and bouncing on the road surface. A number of motorist brought that to our attention. As soon as we could safely stop, we did, and just threw the now trashed dump tube in the back of the pickup and continued on our way. It was a wonderful experience and we really enjoyed it, but we still liked getting back home again. I found out, that full timing probably isn't my cup of tea. I'll soon start preliminary planning on our next big trip, to Yellowstone and points in between. That will take place next summer, health and finances permitting. I keep my family with a blog that can be found here. www.thetravelingkoala.blogspot.com.
Atlee 04/10/14 05:55am Travel Trailers
RE: New to travel trailers. Seeking guidance

What's your payload? It's on the sticker inside the driver door jamb and says something like "weight of passengers plus cargo not to exceed____." That's the weight number you need to focus on. That number is 1380lbs. Jason From this number you need to subtract 1)the tongue weight of your trailer. This should be somewhere between 10% & 15% of the loaded weight of your trailer. 2) the weight of your particular Weight Distributing Hitch. 3) the weight of any after market items you may have added to your pickup, such as bed cover or cap, etc. 4) the weight of any passengers and yourself. 5) any stuff you plan to carry in the bed of the pickup. From my experience, I ran out of cargo capacity of my 2005 F150 w/ 5.4 engine, long before I ran out of tow weight capacity.
Atlee 04/10/14 05:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Blog

www.thetravelingkoala.blogspot.com. It certainly isn't a great blog. At the suggestion of my son, I decided to do a blog to keep the family and friends up to date with what we're doing. We have over 1500 miles behind us already, but we aren't 1/2 way to LA yet. We are taking our time, seeing what we want to see. Hey neighbor (I live in Henrico), what's the url of your blog. I'd like to read it. I have 2 miniature Badger dogs myself.
Atlee 03/02/14 11:02pm Travel Trailers
Make sure you check your tire pressure.

The day before i left on my epic cross country trip, I, of course, checked my tire pressure. 3 of the 4 tires were still spot on, but the right rear was way low. I pumped it up. However, bad me, I neglected to do so every day. Two days ago, I checked it and it was down to 40#. On this trip, I'm carrying a 1.5hp, 3 gal air compressor. I pulled it out and aired the tire up to 50#. When I checked today, it was holding at 50#.
Atlee 03/02/14 08:23pm Travel Trailers
Travel Blog

Not sure where to post this, but wanted to let anyone who might be interested, know that I'm doing a periodic travel blog. You can find it at www.thetravelingkoala.blogspot.com. The title of my blog is, "Have Koala, Will Travel ... with apologies to Paladin". We're traveling cross country to LA, CA.
Atlee 03/02/14 06:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailers- Pros and or Cons

Mine wears two hats. CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Just a tip: Don't count on quality time in any TT, if you refer to your wife as the 'warden'. arent they all wardens :) I refer to mine as the "War department". bumpy
Atlee 02/22/14 06:02am Travel Trailers
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