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RE: Just got some bad news, could use some perspective.

To OP: Can a different Ford dealer near you conduct a search of a 2015 HD F150? That's what my local dealer did last August. I was only going to trade in on a HD. He didn't have one locally or in any of his stores in northern VA or in MD. My salesman got on the phone and finally found 4 up in PA. Local dealer made what ever arrangements were needed for the PA dealer to part with one of his.
Atlee 07/02/15 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gasoline Pushers

Of course engine placement had nothing to do with the bad heater thingy. Bad heater had everything to do with it being an air cooled engine. There was no hot water for air to blow over to heat of the cabin. Cooling is the main issue, remember the Volkswagen Beetle? Bad heater, also.
Atlee 06/26/15 06:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Using ethanol free gas.

There should be no subsidy for ethanol gas in the first place. And it should be taxed at the same rate as regular gasoline. If a new power source can't compete on it's on with out taxpayer money, or borrowed government money, it shouldn't exist. When gasoline get too expensive, then alternate sources become more economically viable. Here it might cost 10 cents to 40 cents more per gallon, at 30 cents it doesn't save me money in improved MPG. So I don't seek out the stations that have it. Lately about $2.40 for E10 or less, $2.70 for no ethanol. One of my vehicles is flex fuel, and I actually save money running E85 if the price is at least 60 cents lower, but I lately been finding that only in a couple of corn belt states that totally forego road taxes on E85. The Federal subsidy for ethanol has been shrinking, and may not much longer even cover the higher production costs. I do buy it for my small engines, but all of those together don't use more than four gallons a year, so at twice as much it might be worth it to avoid equipment trouble on the tiny two-strokes.
Atlee 06/26/15 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

Why not just talk to the lady. Seems better than assuming things not in evidence. Heck, why not invite her and the kids over for a weiner roast, or something like that. Then you could informally get to know her and the kids better, and make a better more informed decision if the kids are being abused or endangered. I watched one of those Dr. Phil or Judge Judy shows some time ago and the question came up about the legality how old should a kid be, before they can be left alone. Actually, very few states have specific laws (if any) at what age. It's still basically a decision the parent makes based upon the situation and the maturity of their child. But, that does not stop the "law" from intervening if something happens and it is determined there is neglect or abuse going on, especially if the child is involved in a life-threatening accident or something. Then is when those hard decisions about neglect or abuse come into the question. Bottom line is, if you feel there is a real concern, a real "neglect" going on, or the kids are in danger, then YOU have an obligation (by law) to report the situation to the local Social Services agency for them to investigate. Your neglect (if it's really a concern) could cost YOU more legal entanglement than you may ever want. If the kids are just an annoyance to you, they will continue to be an annoyance if they have parents around too. It's your judgment call. But if you want to take a "lesser approach"... talk to your campground management and see what they have to say. But be prepared for some fall-out when you do. (ask how I know? My wife and I have been through this when we reported someone once).... it's not fun!
Atlee 06/26/15 06:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

If she was spending the day goofing off or partying some place else, then yes, I'd call authorities. If she is indeed working, trying to keep her family together, feed, clothed then, NO I would not call authorities. You assumed she was going to work. She could be doing other things. Maybe talk to her and offer to watch the kids? If she is doing something other than work, would you call authorities?
Atlee 06/26/15 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: What is a "Small TT"?

That is not small. It's micro. How about this http://i.ytimg.com/vi/b5hHL3PQ3RI/hqdefault.jpg
Atlee 06/26/15 05:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Yes...another "New to RVing" thread

I'm not sure a baby seat along with booster seats for the other two children will fit comfortably in one back seat. If the vehicle is primarily for towing, can you consider a pickup truck instead of an SUV? I know you have three kids, but with a quad cab, that could be enough room for everyone. I've even had six people in my Avalanche from time to time. With a pickup, your options will be significantly increased, especially if you are going with a 3/4 ton. And therefore you have a better chance of getting something in your price range. On AutoTrader, I quick searched for Silverado 2500 and found 2 for less than $15K with less than 100K miles.
Atlee 06/26/15 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: 50 to 30 dog bone Adapter

Unfortunately, your picture is no a 50 to 30 adapter. Looks like a female 30 amp and a male 30 amp. Using a 50-30 adapter is perfectly safe due to the 30 amp main breaker in the converter panel inside an RV. I believe some older RVs do not have one tho. These adapters are CSA listed and if they weren't safe, they wouldn't be on the market. The 30 amp receptacles get a LOT more abuse from users not turning the power off when plugging in (via the breaker) and yanking cords out. Sometimes they are so bad you need a stick or duct tape to hold your plug in place. I have seen pics of shore power cords melted and burned beyond recognition from bad connections at a pedestal. The converter in an RV has a high momentary inrush current when initially energized - you can hear a zap and in the dark you can see a flash. If you plug in live all the time, it causes pitting on your shore power plug blades which in turn attracts dirt, eventually causing poor contact, overheating and possible eventual meltdown. Same thing inside the 30 amp CG pedestal recept. which can get pretty crispy looking inside and have poor contact. Loose contact pressure inside a recept. caused by yanking cords out too often along with pitting inside a recept. can cause a high resistance connection and low voltage. Plugging into a clean and tight 50 amp recept. can avoid problems if there is one available. Sometimes you will find only 30 amps available in a CG if it's busy and you can be stuck with a bad pedestal. Some older CGs only have 30 amps available throughout. In this case, you can use a 30 amp to 30 amp 18" "extender" dogbone adapter like the Camco 55205 in the photo. This way, if your extender's plug goes up in smoke and flames, you will hopefully only lose your $20 extender. We carry one around now. Another thing I've found is that some pedestals won't allow you to fully insert your plug into the 30 amp recept. because the plug housing hits the pedestal enclosure which can cause/add to problems. We are at a Thousand Trails right now that has a new pedestal installed made by Heritage and our Conntek plug only goes in part way (about 3/4?). This would be another reason to plug into 50 amps. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41C1%2B1WXnzL.jpg height=100 width=100
Atlee 06/23/15 06:07am Travel Trailers
RE: 6000 Mile Trip!

Retirement often does present the opportunity to do long trips. I retired the 1st of Sep 2013. When the last week of February 2014 came around, we left home for a 7900+ mile trip from Virginia to LA. We stopped at a lot of places going and coming, starting with Vicksburg, MS National Battlefield going out LA at our furthest and Hannibal, MO (Mark Twain) coming home. We had hoped to do a similar trip out to Yellowstone, other places on the high plains, plus possibly some National Parks in Utah before coming home. But the birth of twin grandsons nixed that trip. We would have been gone when the boys were born, and that wasn't an option. Wow... I don't look forward to my yearly 2000 mile round trip to Florida every winter. 6000 miles is FOREVER! Have a safe trip and post some pics. I retire in 12 years... maybe then I will take that cross country trip with the wife and kids!
Atlee 06/21/15 04:48am Travel Trailers
RE: 6000 Mile Trip!

Bon Voyage. Sounds like a great trip.
Atlee 06/21/15 04:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing heavy with an F150?

I'll be sure to tell my F150 it's only a glorified car. Although I'm not sure what Unibody car my body on frame was copied from. W/ 2286# cargo capacity, my "glorified car" can do it's job quite well. Although, on second thought maybe I did screw up. Maybe I should have gotten a 1 ton dually with diesel just to make sure I got enough truck. I mean, a gas powered 3/4 ton truck is nothing more than a glorified car compared to a 1 ton diesel powered dually. Just remember a 150 is really just a glorified car. It is a lot safer to tow with a 3/4 or 1 ton. I certainly would not use a 150 to tow anything over 5000 lbs on a regular basis
Atlee 06/18/15 04:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Rant - looking for a travel trailer

Actually, within a few weeks the Mulberry at the American beach was destroyed in violent storm in the Channel. It was not replaced. Instead, the Americans just started unloading straight onto the beach. The Brits were amazed we could unload the same amount of supplies directly on the beach as they could via their Mulberry. Mulberry Harbours WWII Totally unrelated to this exact topic, but follows the spirit of my post. I watched a TV show yesterday regarding the invasion of Normandy. Because of the tides, they were unable to get the cargo ships close enough to the beach to unload cargo to support the troops during the invasion. Winston Churchill requested that his engineers come up with a way to unload their ships from the safety of deeper waters. The engineers complained to him that it couldn't be done. He tersely replied that he wanted it done, period, end of story and the difficulties (details) would take care of themselves. Knowing that failure was not an option, they devised a floating pier system with interlocking road sections that could tame the rough seas of the English Channel. These two harbors were significant in the unloading of men/materials to support the war effort and eventually helped lead to the overthrow of Hitler. My point...don't take no for an answer and figure out a way to make it work.
Atlee 06/18/15 04:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Need advice on a TT for ours needs

I shouldn't think the payload numbers are a "tab bit exuberant". I have a 2014 F150 that has a 2286# max payload. My F150 does have the HD pkg. First thing you should do is check your payload numbers I think they might be just a tad bit exuberant. Its a ¾ ton truck so 2400 is just a little less than a ton and a half? But even with the wrong payload numbers you should be able to handle a very nice trailer indeed. That's lots of truck. Nice engine as well. I would guess at least 30ft but that's just a guess without the numbers.
Atlee 06/08/15 05:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

The US17 bridge at Charleston, SC is one of the worst I've driven over. It's very high and the speed limit is 65. I did have a panic attack the first and only time I went over it.
Atlee 06/03/15 08:38am Roads and Routes
RE: Best route between Columbus OH and Charleston WV

I've driven both, and would drive either one again. Now, I've driven US 23-US 35-I-64 the most, but this fall I'll probably go up I-77 to US 33 just for a change.
Atlee 06/01/15 09:11am Roads and Routes
RE: The new 2015 six cyl Ford Expedition

Your questions need not be about power or the Eco's ability to pull. Your questions need to be if the Expedition has the cargo capacity, and the towing capacity to pull what ever trailer you want to put behind it. Anyone experience towing with the new Expedition six cyl? Sure would like to get your reaction towing a 28 foot TT or larger? Seems the law of physics would apply and it would be a mistake to think a six could pull like a eight cyl. When your spending over sixty grand it helps to know a few things before you clean out your bank accounts for a SUV. Thanks all...
Atlee 06/01/15 08:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are these items essential?

Essential, no. You can use your RV, and you can hook up at any campground without any of them. However, I have all three. I rather like the idea of a power surge, or a brownout not damaging the wiring in my RV or any of the appliances, etc. so I bought Progressive Industries device to protect both power surges or brownout situations. This is by far the most expensive item, but I finally decided I'd rather be safe than sorry. I also rather like the idea of not having my plumbing blown out by excessive water pressure. So I bought a water pressure regulator. The 50 to 30 amp converter is the least needed item, but it is relatively cheap and would come in handy should the 30 amp socket not be usable. You can step down the 50 to your 30 amp needs.
Atlee 06/01/15 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Honda Generators for Air conditioning

I just carry two EU2000i generators, one being the Companion. But I do not camp in campgrounds that limit generator hours, nor do I camp in commercial campgrounds. In the fall I got to football games. We tailgate (camp) in an open field. In September, the temperature often requires the AC. On most weekends in Oct, and all weekends in Nov, we don't need AC. For those weekends, I'll still hook up both generators, but will only run one at a time. In November, I need enough electricity to run an electric heater.
Atlee 06/01/15 08:09am Travel Trailers
RE: What tools to take on 2 month trip?

There is a heck of a difference in 1000 total miles traveling to work and return, and 1000 miles in a straight line (more or less) with a RV. I took generators and an air compressor when I went to the west coast and back. Why? A lot of times I was a long way from service vehicles. For example, I checked my trailer tires while camping in Death Valley. One was low. Without the compressor, I'd have had to called in a some repair outfit to come into DVNP to air up my tires. I'd have had to floated a loaned to pay for that. So it's not the same. People drive 1000 miles to work and back every month without tools but can't go 1000 miles in a straight line without worrying about a breakdown. If it is road worthy and maintained you should need nothing. Take some plastic and have fun.
Atlee 06/01/15 07:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

My advice to anyone who wants to listen is retire at the 1st possible moment your finances will allow. I had to wait until I was 66 to retire. But I can say that last year or so, Sunday night was very depressing to me since I knew I had to get up Monday morning and go to work again.
Atlee 05/29/15 01:31am General RVing Issues
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