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RE: Cody to I-90 in Billings, MT

Thanks. It looked like it would be fine. Just wanted actual eyes that had used that route. We have used WY-120 (which becomes MT-72) and US-310 to get to I90. Easy drive, services available in Belfry.
Atlee 06/04/18 11:04am Roads and Routes
Cody to I-90 in Billings, MT

I see two likely routes out of Cody up to I-90 near Billings, MT. One is WY-120 from Cody which eventually joins US-310 which intersects with I-90 in MT. The other is US-14 ALT to WY-114 to US-310 to I-90. This route goes through Powell, WY among other places. Is one better than the other? Using Google Earth, both seem like fairly easy drives. The second route via Powell has more people, and services but is longer than the 1st route. Not much in the way of services that I can see.
Atlee 06/04/18 06:07am Roads and Routes
RE: New F250 Ford

If I were forced to replace my current 2014 F150 3.5L Ecoboost with HDPP, I would strongly look at a F250 with the 6.2L engine. If I ordered new either a F150 with HDPP or a F250 w/ 6.2L engine, the cost would be within a couple of hundred dollars of each other. I am going to look at a new 2017 Ford F250 XLT which is loaded. Has the 6.2L EFI eng V8. This is at a Ford Dealership. Does anyone have one? what is the good or bad? What would be a good price? I wanted a 2018 or order a 2019 but I can get this one for $40K I just wonder how it will perform compared to my F250 2003 with just over 100K with the V10 eng which I love
Atlee 06/04/18 05:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: hitch grease

You aren't thinking about an electric tongue jack are you? Those do use the hitch frame as the ground. They have a hot wire running from the jack to the positive side of the battery. As long as you have a good metal to metal contact, just tightening it to the trailer frame provides the negative contact. I never grease the hitch.. I read somewhere that the ball and trailer hitch act as a ground and greasing it would defeat that purpose. The newer brake controllers use that ground and you may get an error using grease.
Atlee 06/03/18 05:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Yamaha 1000w inverter for maintaining batteries

I would start by simply changing the refrigerator over to gas only. Then the fridge will not try to run off of the detected AC current.
Atlee 06/02/18 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Rockwood/Flagstaff - travel with full fresh water tank?

I just re-read my owners manual, looking for any warnings on carrying water while traveling. WRT fresh water, there was nothing. There was a warning about carrying black and gray water though. However, it had nothing to do with tanks not being strong enough to carry the weight. Besides wasting gasoline, most importantly depending on where the black and gray tanks were located, they could cause handling problems. Meaning, for instance, with my Jayco 23RB, the black and gray tanks are behind the axles. I guess if they were full, it could take too much weight off the tongue, and this could cause more sway, for example. It was completely quiet about tanks being too heavy for their supports. That said, I will usually carry about 1/3 tank of fresh water (approximately 30 gallons) which is just forward of the axles. I will carry more if I need to. Normally, I will tow with empty black and gray tanks. However, sometimes I must carry black and gray tanks that maybe 2/3 full (25-28 gallons each). Sometimes it's not possible to dump until I reach home. Unless there is a clear and specific warning about carrying any water of any kind in the fresh/gray/black tanks, then the common sense says it's fine to carry full tanks of fresh/gray/black water, as long as the GVWC of the trailer is not exceeded.
Atlee 06/02/18 04:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford Aluminum Body

I had a steel bodied Class B RV burn. End the end, it didn't matter if the skin of the truck melted to the point of a pool of aluminum, or if the steel skin is just charred. In the end both will be totaled, so what does it matter? Unless you are saying an aluminum skinned vehicle will burn quicker and more often than a steel skinned one. The picture that I was unable to post was an aluminum body F-150 that had caught on fire. It is from the Spirit Lake FD of North Dakota. It can be found on their Facebook page; Spiritlakefire50. Scroll down to March 21, 2017. Perhaps one of you can post it.
Atlee 06/01/18 02:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best electric tongue jack?

I can answer a few questions about the Barker that you raised. I don't know about customer service, since I have never needed it either. I how have my 3rd Barker. My first Barker was so good, I took it off the trailer I was selling and put it on the new to me trailer I got. It worked fine until I broke it. Got in a hurry and pulled off with the leg still down. Bent it beyond repair. I bought a new Barker to replace the one I broke. I let it go when I sold that trailer since the brand new trailer I was buying came with one. Another fail. The one that came with the new trailer was a Chinese off brand that seemed like it was on it's last legs every time I used it. So I bought a new Barker again. It's designed and built here in the USA. Main reason I bought my first Barker. I any case, I finally fixed the problem of my tailgate not completely opening by turning the head. I've had no problem ever of accidentally switching on the light, either when it was facing forward or turned to the side. It's equally susceptible to being accidentally turned on whether it pointed forward or turned to the side. This is a common question, and there are many threads on this. The common theme seems to be that the Barker owners are very attached to their jacks, almost all of them rave about the fantastic customer service. My take on that is that it can't be all that reliable if customer service is needed so much. That said, there are two basic designs. The front side mounted motor ie: Barker, Ultrafab etc. And the top mounted motor ie: Atwood. Most of the front side mounted motors offer a built in level on the top, which at least on some of them doubles as the plug for the backup hand crank. The front side mounts have many drawbacks. On many TTs using the backup hand crank will require either removing the propane tanks, or turning the crank 1/2 turn, removing it, turning it 180 degrees, reinserting it and repeat this process. Very inconvenient. My concern here is not the need to use the handcrank due to a jack failure so much as a dead battery Due to the motor being mounted on the front side it almost always will result in interference with the tailgate. A common solution is to rotate the jack so that the motor is on the side. But then the hitch light points in the wrong direction. The front side mounts also have several penetrations (holes) in the housing for the switches and backup crank that is a common source of water intrusion into the motor. This is so common that many have posted here that Barker has supplied them with a free cover for the jack. (this is likely the reason for the glowing customer service reports) This style of jack really needs to be covered, to eliminate the risk of water intrusion. Owners report that they can operate the jack without removing the cover by feeling the switch through it. But then the light is useless. Owners report that they don't use the light anyway. Probably because most of them have rotated the jack for tailgate clearance, so it points in the wrong direction. I would have a concern that the light switch would get turned on accidently and since it was under the cover go unnoticed and drain the battery. Then the hand crank would need to be used. See previous concern. If your TT has a front slide, then you may have to use a front side mounted motor as they are a little shorter and less likely to interfere with the slide. The top mounted motor, (Atwood) has no pentrations in the housing for water intrusion. So it doesn't need covering. The backup crank inserts in the front, so there is no propane tank interference. And the motor will not interfere with the tailgate. So the jack can point the light at the hitch where it is needed. The only complaints some have is they don't like the sound of the motor as much as some of the others. That's got to be a personal thing, as mine sounds like music everytime I press the button and it does it's work without me breaking a sweat. And I cannot attest to Atwoods customer service as in 18 years of use, I haven't needed any. I also haven't read about it here either. At any rate, look the features of both styles over closely and decide which one makes sense for you. Spend the money. Then enjoy it. I hope this helps.
Atlee 06/01/18 02:08am Travel Trailers

And there is a reason there has not been, nor, probably, ever will be that type of foreign competition. It's call volume. The entire yearly output of RV's, of all kinds, is something like .5 million. Compare that to the couple of million in motor vehicle market. Can't imagine there will ever be a large enough market that offers foreign manufacturers a large enough incentive to jump in. Besides, as far as I know, the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese don't have a domestic market for RV's, especially of the size we Americans desire most. I can't argue with the OP's central point -- buyers need to be vigilant. And quality control in the RV industry is not as good as in the car industry. I am not sure why that would be true, though. The US car makers ramped up their QC only after foreign competition forced them to do so. Why isn't the same market force at work in the RV industry?? I think the reason it isn't true of the RV industry is because the domestic manufacturers don't have any high quality competition like they did with auto's from Japan.
Atlee 06/01/18 01:53am Travel Trailers

Most folks here a) will not pay the price of "admission" to get those trailers, b) do not want that style of TT. Those trailers would fill a very small niche here in the States. Over here, trailer buyers want as well appointed palaces on wheels as they can get. Most folks are asking if their tow vehicle can handle going from their current 26' trailer to a 34' to 36' trailer. They aren't interested in getting a TT that they can take off grid somewhere back in the wilderness. We need to start importing those awesome Australian caravans that Robert Ryan is always cheerfully dangling in front of our digital noses, just out of reach. That'll shake things up! ;)
Atlee 06/01/18 01:44am Travel Trailers
RE: renting out rv

No. I assume anyone renting is going to treat it badly. Ride it hard and put it up wet. Further, if I need the money from renting to offset the cost of owning the RV, then it will be time to get out of RVing altogether.
Atlee 05/30/18 03:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Soft start capacitors

Why not offer the soft start Micro air as an option. Knowing what I know now, I would spring for an additional $350-$500 for that option. The SUPCO spp6 is available for near peanuts now. Why don't all A/C's come from the factory with those installed? soft start means some form of software is controlling the current limiting. microair for example, is a soft start controller hard start means plain old physics is controlling the current limiting. SUPCO spp6 for example why don't all ac units have one installed? cost and need. Most RVs that spend their entire life sitting at a seasonal or full time site, wired into the grid, don't need any help starting and restarting the motor. so the hard start cap would be one more thing that can wear out and need service, and it's not providing much benefit. for soft starters, they're very expensive and again, mostly redundant. why trailer manuf haven't switched over to inverter type split unit AC, with a digital compressor motor and separate fan motors, who knows ... these mini split roll off assembly lines by the millions and have decades of industry experience behind them now. the old fashioned Coleman (assorted brands) rooftop units really seem dated, but maybe Elkhart has an enormous warehouse full of the Coleman, so they keep using them and keep building more?
Atlee 05/29/18 03:46am Tech Issues
RE: Was retirement for you a good or not so good choice?

Retirement is my best job ever. My advice is to retire at the earliest possible time. Obviously, this varies according to one's financial situation. For me, my house was paid off the same month I retired at 66. If I had still had house payments, I could not have retired.
Atlee 05/29/18 03:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator question - worth it to sell Champion gen for Honda

How would you use an Ontario park, if the Ontario park didn't have electricity for a week? The OP said his area of Florida was without power due to a storm. I suspect it is rather cheap compared to sitting in the house sweating profusely, with no electricity what so ever. Also, he was talking about gas prices in Florida last year, not gas prices in Ontario last year. The 28 RLS Keystone Bullet running on the Honda 3000is made life easy, and it felt like we were camping for the week instead of living in the misery of the tropical heat. I could fill it up at 6pm and then shut it down in the morning just after 6 am.. It would take just about 3 gallons of fuel.. 3 gallons for 12 hours at night is not bad at all. In the day time heat, the Honda would last about 8 or so hours on the same 3 gallons of fuel. So if a EU3000iS ran 24 hrs day that would be 7.5 US gals of fuel, or here in Canada ~ 28.4 litres, which at a current average of ~ $1.35 Cdn per litre would work out to ~ $38 Cdn a day, or $266 Cdn a week just for fuel. :E Obviously if you need power but don't have it there's not much choice other than to run a genset but I wouldn't exactly call that "fuel efficient" considering I can rent a 30 amp electric site in our Ontario provincial park system for about the same and not have to bother with a genset at all. ;)
Atlee 05/29/18 03:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator question - worth it to sell Champion gen for Honda

..... I did not know inverters and solar power could not be used at concerts or when boondocking.... They can't be used at night. You would have to store all that excess energy from daylight hours. To do that, you would need a lot of battery storage. I know I do not have the "real estate" available for a huge battery bank. I suspect most folks would be like that. Folks who have RV's that have a lot of basement storage could probably set up some type of huge battery bank. Or if lithium batteries ever got to mainstream use so the price of each battery was affordable, then we might be cooking with gas, I mean electricity.
Atlee 05/29/18 03:04am Travel Trailers
RE: brake shoe question

Dot 4 was definitely used. As a just in case...DO NOT use DOT5 silicone brake fluid...a good mechanic will question your usage...it is racing brake fluid DOT4 is the highest DOT brake fluid for street usage
Atlee 05/25/18 12:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Compact Electric Tongue Jack

I know you have figured out how to fix your problem. However, I'll throw this out for anyone who is still wondering how to do the same thing. I replaced the power tongue jack on my new 2017 Jayco 23RB, with a Barker 3500 jack. I was also couldn't put my tailgate down when the truck was hitched to the trailer. I loosened the tongue jack head and turn it sideways. Now I can lower the tailgate all the way down while truck and trailer are hitched. I turned the head per factory instructions. I recently picked up a small Dunesport toy hauler & towed it home to OR from Mesa with my (now sold) Ford Flex. The hatch wouldn't open because it hit the electric tongue jack. I bought a F-150 and ordered a custom contractor-style aluminum cap without side windows and barn doors on the back. It's on order & will be painted to match my pickup but I realized the barn doors will also hit the jack. I had a 1000# capacity Cargo Glide installed & will mount my 3100W Champion Genset & the propane bottle on one side near the back. I'll also be mounting an electric wheelchair lift so I can load my Segway based chair. I don't use it all of the time so sometimes it'll be loaded via the trailer ramp & other times via the "crane" in the pickup. Is anyone aware of a compact (short) electric tongue jack? I'm using an Anderson WD hitch so the ball sits about 6" from the bumper but I'll have clearance issues. If I can't find a small enough jack my plan is to have the rear doors split & turned into bi-folds but that'll be expensive. Even if I had a conventional cap the tailgate would also hit the jack. I'm open to all ideas.
Atlee 05/24/18 11:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: brake shoe question

I'm having new pads put on today, on all four wheels on my F150 w/ HDPP. Since a trip to the Rockies is in my near future, I wanted extreme duty/heavy duty pads installed. The pads will be semi-metallic. From what I've read so far, semi metallic pads will dissipate heat better than ceramic. I am also changing out the brake fluid. Replacing with a synthetic fluid. I want the best possible stopping power I can get.
Atlee 05/23/18 03:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3.5L V6 of 5.0L V8

If I were going to get a diesel, I'd go 1 ton all the way. Why, you ask? Because of the weight penalty you pay with the 3/4 ton and diesel. That diesel weights a lot more than a gas engine. That extra weight comes out of the overall cargo capacity of the truck, thus limiting what you can tow. If you are thinking of going the 5'er route, go ahead and get the 1 ton diesel so you will not be wanting to get a bigger truck when you do get the 5'er. Let me throw in a new variable just to keep the conversation interesting. The only reason I have a TT is because I couldn't talk my fiancé into a fifth wheel. He's the one who has to tow it with his gazillion ton truck since I didn't want to part with my beloved Explorer so I had to concede. Fast forward a few weeks and I'm having a change of heart about my Explorer and thinking of getting my own gazillion ton truck (hence this post). If I'm going to get a truck, I might as well get something that will safely tow a fiver (See? I'm getting the lingo down) if I decide to trade on the TT. The dealership wants to sell me a F250 Diesel 6.7L PowerStroke, which sounds super scary and powerful to me for daily use. Sigh. I'm realizing that if I want to dive into the RV life, I'm gonna have to commit all the way. Bye-bye sexy red Explorer! :-(
Atlee 05/23/18 03:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Who actually enjoys towing?

I definitely like towing. Enjoyed the 7900+ mile trip to California and return, and I had a less capable 2005 F150 w/ 5.4L Triton.
Atlee 05/21/18 08:08pm Tow Vehicles
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