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RE: You just might be a "modder" if . . . .

And "modder" is a word I made up to describe myself -- it means "someone who compulsively modifies his or her RV." :W Ummmmmmmm pretty sure you didn't just "make up" that word. Also pretty sure it isn't specific to RV's. That phrase has been around for at least over 30 years, pertaining to everything from people who modify their cars/trucks, computers, RV's, etc. etc. but anyway..............
Bit Bucket 09/27/13 08:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How Low is Too Low (Voltage)

108V is my minimum even though my surge protector doesn't shut power down until 104VI'm sure you're referring to an EMS (electrical management system). Just to enlighten folks that may not know, surge protectors do not provide any protection against continuous low or high voltage. Surge protectors only provide protection against momentary high voltage surge or spikes from lightening strikes or other momentary electrical anomalies. Some surge protectors DO protect from low & high voltage conditions. My portable 50A surge protector does.......shuts off power at 104V or 132V...auto resets, checks for open neutral, reversed polarity, mis-wiring. Just depends on how much you which to spend...some don't shut down on voltage levels Simply put, you're choosing to call an Electrical Management System a "surge protector". A "surge protector" does not provide continuous low or high voltage protection. If a "real" surge protector provided all this protection, why would anybody (including you and I) spend all the extra money for an EMS (electrical management system)??? Progressive Industries sells a real, genuine "surge protector" for less than $l00. Whey do folks buy the more expensive EMS for $300??? Both the Progressive Industries Electrical Management System and the less expensive Progressive Industries "surge protector" provide "surge protection". Well and accurately stated. I know what you are attempting to communicate. It's like saying my car will pull a 70,000 pound trailer when my "car" is not a "car" it is in fact a Semi Tractor. Just because I refer to my Semi as a "Car" doesn't mean all cars will pull 70,000 lb trailers. Unfortunately, precise names and terminology are often miscommunicated and misunderstood, leaving the consumer possibly buying something they really didn't want. It is almost impossible to make the point you are trying to make without offending or appearing contradictory or without eliciting the "don't tell me what *x* does or doesn't do, I have one of "those" and I know better" responses. I commend your effort and persistence though!
Bit Bucket 09/09/13 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Campgrounds without sewer hook up

I would say use your RV in whatever way is enjoyable to you. It's your RV and your choice. I absolutely agree. It is your trailer and you should use it however you see fit. We aren't paying for it or using it. I get really tired of hearing people tell me what I should buy or how I should use the things I buy. Everyone is different and everyone "camps" in different ways. The $2,000,000 Prevost owners do it one way and the backpackers who don't shower for weeks do it another way. The rest of us are probably somewhere in between. No matter what, have fun. You're not home, you're not at work, and you're out in nature. Enjoy it! Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Don't let any of these people push their version of camping down your throat. Don't let anybody convince you are "missing out" because your choices are different than theirs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with only camping at places with full hookups if that is your preference. Your life will be just as good as all the people who say you are missing out. There is nothing wrong with only boondocking in remote areas and avoiding campgrounds if that is what you want. The only thing "wrong" is people telling others what they should be doing or pretending their experience is somehow superior to yours because you don't do it their way!
Bit Bucket 09/07/13 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why are 90%+ TT's or 5th's white?

Because if multiple colours were available the dealer would never have the right one to satisfy 'she who must be obeyed' on the lot. Colours, especially dark colours, do not stand up well in the sun. The chalking shows up much earlier if not maintained hence the reason most boats, especially big ones, are white. What the heck is "colour" ;) It is the English way of spelling the American way of spelling the English word color. If I spelt colour, color my spelling teacher would mark me wrong. Understand better now? I knew I should have Googled it... :) :W "Most words ending in an unstressed -our in British English (e.g. colour, flavour, harbour, honour, humour, labour, neighbour, rumour) end in -or in American English (color, flavor, harbor, honor, humor, labor, neighbor, rumor). Wherever the vowel is unreduced in pronunciation, e.g. contour, velour, paramour and troubadour the spelling is the same everywhere. Most words of this kind come from Latin non-agent nouns having nominative -or. These words were first borrowed into English from early Old French and the ending was spelled -or or -ur. After the Norman conquest of England (1066), the ending became -our in Anglo-French to try to represent the Old French pronunciation, though color has sometimes been used in English since the 15th century. The -our ending was not only used in English borrowings from Anglo-French, but was also applied to the earlier borrowings that had used -or. After the Renaissance, new borrowings from Latin were taken up with their original -or ending and many words once ending in -our (for example, chancellour and governour) went back to -or. Many words of the -our/or group do not have a Latin counterpart; for example, armo(u)r, behavio(u)r, harbo(u)r, neighbo(u)r; also arbo(u)r, meaning "shelter", though senses "tree" and "tool" are always arbor, a false cognate of the other word. Some 16th- and early 17th-century British scholars indeed insisted that -or be used for words from Latin (e.g. color) and -our for French loans; but in many cases the etymology was not clear, and therefore some scholars advocated -or only and others -our only. Webster's 1828 dictionary had only -or and is given much of the credit for the adoption of this form in the United States. By contrast, Johnson's 1755 dictionary used -our for all words still so spelled in Britain (like colour), but also for words where the u has since been dropped: ambassadour, emperour, governour, perturbatour, inferiour, superiour; errour, horrour, mirrour, tenour, terrour, tremour. Johnson, unlike Webster, was not an advocate of spelling reform, but chose the spelling best derived, as he saw it, from among the variations in his sources. He preferred French over Latin spellings because, as he put it, "the French generally supplied us". English speakers who moved to America took these preferences with them, and H. L. Mencken notes that "honor appears in the 1776 Declaration of Independence, but it seems to have got there rather by accident than by design. In Jefferson's original draft it is spelled honour." In Britain, examples of color, flavor, behavior, harbor and neighbor barely appear in Old Bailey court records from the 17th and 18th centuries, whereas there are thousands of examples of their -our counterparts. One notable exception is honor. Honor and honour were equally frequent in Britain until the 17th century; Honor still is, in the UK, the usual spelling as a person's name. "
Bit Bucket 09/05/13 07:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Why are 90%+ TT's or 5th's white?

Because if multiple colours were available the dealer would never have the right one to satisfy 'she who must be obeyed' on the lot. Colours, especially dark colours, do not stand up well in the sun. The chalking shows up much earlier if not maintained hence the reason most boats, especially big ones, are white. What the heck is "colour" ;)
Bit Bucket 09/04/13 06:46pm Beginning RVing
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