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RE: Dodge cummins models and reliability

Sorry you have had a bad experience. Wintersuns post has no merit as any rant on any other manufacturer......With a few exceptions of course. You cant go wrong buying any of them. When I bought the 3500, it was only 3 years old and had 20K miles on it. Previous owner had towed a fifth wheel with it as I did once I bought it. The powertrain has been perfect, even the often maligned (on this forum sometimes) 48RE transmission has been flawless. 73K on the odometer now. I beg to differ, but water leaks into the cab from multiple locations, needing a complete front brake job at 44K including replacement of cracked rotors, a leaking AC refrigerant system that has so far defied attempts to isolate the source, upper control arms, sway bar links and bushings, & a grenaded power steering pump are hardly 'run of the mill' issues, and some of them I view as very deficient in build quality/design and more than 'expected' maintenance. I understand your feelings and respect your opinion, but yours is the exception not the rule or they would all have these issues. The brakes are indicative of how the previous owner drove it. The rest, who the heck knows. My front brakes have been replaced at 80K intervals, rotors turned and still are original rotors. Back brakes are original. Everything is original except blower motor. I would be unhappy if I were you too. I hope it gives you long service , cause these things are not cheap wheather new or used.Enjoy your day and have a happy Easter!!
Bluhorn 04/20/14 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Whadda you think...a bit extreme...............?

the solution to pollution is dilution... Right!! Such a waste to drain it.
Bluhorn 04/19/14 08:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Dodge cummins models and reliability

Problem is that the engines are going into Dodge/Ram trucks so the "engine" may be fine but if the transmission, brakes, AC, cooling system, electrical components, or interior stuff like the lights and door switches and instruments have problems you will still be visiting the repair shop and paying out large sums. That's the story of my '05 3500. Engine and the rest of the pieces parts to rear wheels have been great. Rest of the truck? Not so much.:( Sorry you have had a bad experience. But with all trucks some things go with age. I think most people can agree that the majority of the Dodges hold up just fine. How we use them, where we use them, bought new or used, all comes into play on troubles we have down the line. I have had very good luck with mine.At 160 K the only body related repair so far is a blower motor( knock on wood). The drivers seat edge is breaking down but thats with all manufacturers over time. I will say that the interiors from the Daimler years were kinda cheap looking but seem to hold up ok. The Dodges or Rams have really improved since then and are quite an exceptional truck although there is not a bad truck out there. All have pluses and minuses. Wintersuns post has no merit as any rant on any other manufacturer......With a few exceptions of course. You cant go wrong buying any of them.
Bluhorn 04/19/14 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: saying goodbye

Cant wait to hear results of your first tow test! I think Ram has a winner with this new Hemi. Good luck! Oh by the way, how are you liking that Trailhawk?
Bluhorn 04/15/14 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

Part of the problem is that most of the salesman today are inexperienced. A good fleet guy probably has been there for awhile and has to know his product. There is a HIGH turnover rate at most dealers, so the lowly salesman does not have time to learn the product. Most are gone within 30 to 60 days. Its ALL commision, although some of that is changing. A lot is going to internet where people are more interested in price. There job is to sell. The guy on the floor doesnt stand a chance. IF you dont sell enough you are out of a job....period. Its not easy, most people cant do it. Not for long anyway.
Bluhorn 04/13/14 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Power Wagon

Nice!!! I would opt out of the graphics though.
Bluhorn 04/10/14 12:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Ram Ecodiesel

The bottom line is this ram is geared towards people who use their truck as a car but occasionally want to haul a piece of plywood. If you are wanting to pull a camper stop being a damn tightwad and buy a real truck 2500 or 3500 vehicle. So many people here are looking for eco-this eco-that. When you pull a big wind sock behind you nothing is Eco about it. Now here is an intelligent answer.:B
Bluhorn 04/09/14 08:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Snow Birds Fleeing Florida!

You can find rude and arrogant people everywhere, from every state. I cant blame Dogfolks, who wants to deal with ignomorons? The majority of Floridians welcome snowbirds, but of course they are happy when life slows down and things get back to normal. When I was in Fort Myers Beach some guy from out of state was complaining about traffic in a very loud voice. I told him that the locals had to put up with it too, so next time dont come if you dont like it. Traffic increases in a lot of places when tourist season hits. I am just thankful that we live in two great countries, the US and Canada, that we are free to travel and enjoy ourselves. And what would we do without Florida?? The state is a treasure, beautiful. I cant do Arizona, no ocean!
Bluhorn 04/08/14 09:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Already missing a friend........

Sorry for your loss. Cherish the memories. Take comfort that he is in a far better place!
Bluhorn 04/07/14 08:23am Around the Campfire
RE: A few Dodge questions

I would get one that was NOT chipped. I would stick with the 5.9 because it is a simpler engine with no pollution equipment to cause issues. Also the 48re is a stout tranny as long as it was maintaned. I have a 2007 that was built in 06, which is why it has a 5.9. It has been a great reliable truck. Have fun looking!
Bluhorn 04/06/14 05:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: About GMs breaking axles

Spoon, I get what your saying. In all fairness to your Father in Law, if his business had failed it would not have the same effect across the country as the automakers failing. But you are right, where does it end. Things are never black and white, always some grey in there.I dont want to beat a dead horse, nor get into a p*****g match. Lets just agree to disagree.
Bluhorn 04/05/14 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: About GMs breaking axles

You people need to get over it. Its over and done.The fact is we would have had a snowball of vendors and business folding if there was no bailout. Most companys that manufacture for the automakers are not Union and they are spread across the country. The middle class would have been crushed. Was the bailout ideal? No, but something had to be done. The automakers are stronger for it. Sorry OP for the rant, but can we get back to breaking axles.
Bluhorn 04/05/14 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Oh happy day

Great News!!!! God Bless.:B
Bluhorn 04/02/14 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Newer campers only??

I have found a lot that would give an older rig a pass past the 10 year old limit if it was in good shape. I agree that makes sense because some older rigs are beautiful. These two campgrounds that I've previously mentioned, state NO exceptions!!
Bluhorn 03/31/14 11:42am General RVing Issues
Newer campers only??

I'm thinking of getting into a seasonal campground in New Jersey. I am well aware of the 10 year old rule. Two campgrounds have shortened up that guideline considerably. One stipulates that your rig cannot be older than 5 years old and the other limits to 3 years old or newer! I understand your campground, your rules but geez? Anybody hear of this before?
Bluhorn 03/31/14 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: US Navy::::::

Where did you get these jokes??? LOL. Thanks!
Bluhorn 03/31/14 10:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Question for Ram Diesel owners.

Thanks for the input guys. I am not overly worried about the tranny,just wanted to see other peoples experiences. The tranny guy at the dealership said that it looks clean,and said most make it past 200k.I think I am just going to continue servicing it and see how things turn out.If it starts giving issues,then I will go for rebuild.I should be good till at least 200k. We shall see.I am very aware of how this truck runs and am not drive and ignore type. I know every little sound and would know if something is not right. This truck just continues to impress me.After driving over 3000 miles now with a hand calculated average of 13.2 MPG pulling my trailer and just running as smooth as ever and not much as far as repairs,Im happy.Left NC, down the east coast of Florida, up the West coast,stops in GA,SC and on up into NJ.Staying here a while then hopefully to Maine.The only thing that needs fixin is the drivers seat(mine and the trucks!)the foam is wearing out on the edge which is uncomfortable to say the least. Might just take it to a guy that can reupholster it or just refoam it.Hopefully might see some of You on the road!
Bluhorn 03/30/14 01:20pm Tow Vehicles
Question for Ram Diesel owners.

The miles are starting to rack up on my truck. I just returned from a 2700 mile trip with my fifth wheel following behind. Now have over 160k. The truck was serviced when I left including a pan down fluid and filter change for tranny. The truck has been stellar, and I know the cummins can run a long time. But how long can this tranny hold up? Its been great too but I have a few more thousand mile trips coming up. How many miles have you guys been getting out of your 48re trannys. My truck is bone stock and will remain that way. Im in for the long haul with this truck, not even thinking about trading.
Bluhorn 03/29/14 06:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Busted Door Hinge

Double post
Bluhorn 03/21/14 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Busted Door Hinge

I would definately take it to a body shop. As others have said it could be a hinge or bent pillar or both.Do you have comp insurance? You could use that if the repair cost is high. Lets hope not. Good luck!
Bluhorn 03/21/14 07:19am Tow Vehicles
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