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RE: What am I missing in Grand Teton?

If you are a photographer, the Tetons are a treasure trove of great photos. The drawback is that the park faces east, so the memorable shots are going to be at sunrise. We do the mornings shooting photos then spend the rest of the day in Yellowstone.
Bob Landry 07/18/14 04:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AC Ducting and Vents Flagstaff 25KS

I took the fantastic Fan inside cover molding out and you can feel cold AC Air (When AC is on) coming from the sides. So I know that there is ducting in there. If you took the fan trim ring out and you feel cold air anywhere other than coming out of a ceiling register, then the AC plenum and/or registers, like 90% of the other trailers on the road, wasn't taped correctly at the factory. Go to Home Depot, get a roll of foil duct tape and seal up those leaks or you will forever be posting on here asking why your air conditioner won't cool your trailer. That cold air isn't doing you any good in the ceiling.
Bob Landry 07/11/14 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: So curious, how quick should A/C cool air?

Energy to precipitate water??? . Yes. Learned that in Thermodynamics 101. I am happy for you and notably impressed.
Bob Landry 07/05/14 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: So curious, how quick should A/C cool air?

Energy to precipitate water??? Condensate is the by product of passing warm air over a cold coil. What in the world are you talking about. Relative humidity has no effect on the efficiency of a rooftop air conditioner. The compressor amp draw will increase with an increase of outside temperature, but the compressor runs at the same speed independent of relative humidity and the exchange of heat in the evaporator remains the same also.
Bob Landry 07/04/14 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Interstates in Wyoming

Most of I10 across west Texas is 85 and DPS still pulls people over for speeding. Go figure.
Bob Landry 07/03/14 04:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Why do They Do this???

If you are making reservations online, The Google satellite image of the park can tell you a lot, especially if you have never been to it. The other thing we do is get an extra map when we check in, do a walk-thru of the park and make notes as to which sites are best for shade. If you do it in the morning and again in the afternoon, you'll get a pretty good idea of the directions of morning and afternoon sun..
Bob Landry 07/03/14 04:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How can I avoid over tightening a 30 amp replacement plug

Tighten until it breaks then back off 1/4 turn.
Bob Landry 07/02/14 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Weber Q cleaning tips?

Wow. I had no idea cleaning a grill was so intensive. I light mine and when it gets hot enough to cook, I clean it with a grill brush before I put the food on it. Maybe if I had more time on my hands......
Bob Landry 07/01/14 06:08am Travel Trailers
RE: minimum voltage to run A/C

How the electric companies set up their grids, for purposes of this thread and all other AC power consumption threads, is irrelevant. Compressor motors used in this application are single phase motors, run accordingly and require a minumum voltage for a power source. There is a reason the AC manufacturers designate a minimum voltage that the units can run on and not sustain damage. When they design their equipment they are not concerned about the utility company's latest and greatest configuration. As far as Dometic and coleman products, that number is 103VAC. Our units will not even start on 90V. I've been a dealer for Dometic's marine products for almost 20 years and that minimum number has always been 103V. Our digital controls shut off the system if less voltage is sensed for 3 minutes. Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is an RV forum, not an engineering one.
Bob Landry 06/26/14 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: minimum voltage to run A/C

Just be real carefull about running anything else along with the AC. The label on the motor that I just replaced on our RV AC reads "min.volts 103" We have run the AC on less,but never again.That motor cost me $212.00 plus shipping and labor. The AC does not like to share a 30 amp circuit. (I know,someone is going to tell me that I paid too much for the motor) I don't know how you can make that generalization. There are countless numbers of 30A rigs out there that are sharing 30A service with other appliances. The criteria is that you have less than a 30A total load on the electrical system. It requires some energy management, but we do it all the time.
Bob Landry 06/26/14 06:07am Tech Issues
RE: Forced to replan July trip. Help! Arkansas.

You won't go wrong with any of the Arkansas State Parks or with any COE Parks anywhere. Lake Catherine is our favorite, but Petit Jean is on our list of places to stay..
Bob Landry 06/25/14 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: wiring options for second ac

Well how did you wire in your second ac? my thoughts are either wire it back to the 30 amp panel or run a second, 20amp line out. Since most power b pedestals have 30 and 20 amp connections and I occasionally pop my 30 amp breaker without a second ac I am leaning towards putting out a second line. First, find out why your 30A breaker "POPS"... It's normal for it pop if you short cycle the A/C, turn it off and the back on quickly during a compressor cycle. With no ~1000W microwave load 30A should be sufficient provided you have the "kit" installed that prevents both A/C's going into a compressor start cycle simultaneously. Two ACs even a 13.5 and a 15 will not run on a single 30A service. Amp draw for a fifteen is around 14A, for the 13.5K, 11 or 12. You also have to figure in low voltage conditions which will increase the current draw. Add a water heater, MW coffee pot, or hair dryer and you are over the 30A limit. I thought about converting to 50A service, but figured out that I could do two 30s easier and cheaper. That also gave me a chance to spilt out he loads for a better balance. The two cords each feed a breaker panel with a lockout that lets me run two separate panels or combine everything back to factory configurtion in case I run into a 30A only situation. I run it off a 50-30-30 breakout that I built, but Marinco makes the same thing. I also have an additional 20A inlet that feeds two outlets to run space heaters in the winter. http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m94/rlandry6/panelinstalled_zpsa7a4c6d1.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m94/rlandry6/dualinlet_zps3c21d966.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m94/rlandry6/breakout_zpsf74251b1.jpg
Bob Landry 06/24/14 04:53pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: minimum voltage to run A/C

108V is a reasonable number. I would monitor that closely. if it drops when a load is applied, I would consider a different spot.
Bob Landry 06/24/14 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: in line water regulator

I use a Watts regulator at the spigot. it makes no sense to me to protect the trailer and not the water hose supplying water to it.
Bob Landry 06/22/14 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Extension Cord (need some opinions)

Be sure that the 10/3 is AWG and not SAE. SAE is 12 to 18 percent smaller and will not carry as much load as AWG
Bob Landry 06/22/14 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: air conditioner has quit working

Ouch......I tried reading your post, but my eyes and brain could only make it to the third or fourth line before they broke down. Bruce You made further than I did.
Bob Landry 06/22/14 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner air vents not working - front of trailer

Maybe they forgot to install the duct. Stranger things have happened. Pop one of the circular vent off and make sure there is duct. Then drop the lower cover and make sure it is properly taped. The front registers are fed off one side of the AC, the rear from the other side. One side should mirror the other. If not, break out the duct tape. This would also be a great time to tape up the ducts around the ceiling registers where they cut big circular holes for the registers. There should be no leaks into the roof area.
Bob Landry 06/21/14 04:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Coleman mach 3 ac freezing up

Disabling the condenser fan if it were possible, would do nothing but cause the unit to kick off on high head pressure. Not knowing what refrigerant your company's split systems used, I can't comment on the effect of turning off the condenser fan, and that may have worked on those but this thread is about RV rooftop units. The condenser is where the heat transfer takes place so why would you want it to run hot enough to shut the AC down. There are no RV rooftop units that have a separate motor for the evaporator and condenser.
Bob Landry 06/21/14 03:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman mach 3 ac freezing up

"Most RV shop techs will not know how to do that or will not have the equipment and that's why they always try to sell a new unit". Partly true. I do have the knowledge and equipment, but at $130 per hour, it would cost with parts a minimum of $300 for me to check find and solder the leak and evacuate and recharge. IF the leak is easily found and does NOT include a Coil which will increase the cost. THAT is the reason we replace, NOT because we do not know how to do it and only want to sell new units. It is NOT cost feasible at most RV shops to repair RV sealed systems. THAT is why Dometic and RVP replace the upper unit under warranty. Also, as you stated about the wives tale of low charge. I cannot remember when I had a unit that had a low charge (no leak just a low charge) and I am going back over 25 years. Doug Same here. In 15 years, I think I have had one marine unit that slipped out the door with a low charge. But, the common response for low cooling problems on this forum is to add freon, when most of the armchair technicians have never troubleshot a piece of AC equipment. I still stick with what I said about most RV techs not knowing how to properly diagnose and repair an AC. I know of your credentials and years of experience doing this and I can appreciate that, but based on some of the things forum members say were said to them by other RV techs, you just really have to wonder what is going on in some of these shops. The cost fact or your repair vs replacement makes sense since a shop repair can easily reach half or more than the price of a new one. My environment is a little different. The replacement cost of one of my marine units can easily reach $3000 so my customers are willing to pay for on-site service regardless of what it costs. The only ones I replace are those that have just been to far past end of life and are too old to justify a repair bill. For me to replace a compressor is around $1300.
Bob Landry 06/20/14 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman mach 3 ac freezing up

It's going to be charged with R22 or R410a. The newer units use R410A. The unit can be checked(by a knowledgeable tech) for correct charge by using a clamp on meter. Using a piercing valve to attach gauges is irrelevent because that leaves a hole that must be repaired, a service port brazed in and the unit recharged anyway. Everyone likes to jump on "low freon" as the usual cause but these units only hold a pound of refrigerant and if you get a leak, you will almost always lose the entire charge. R22 is relatively easy to charge, even by pressures. R410a, not so because it runs at such high pressures and is pretty unstable and has to be charged by weight or by superheat. Most RV shop techs will not know how to do that or will not have the equipment and that's why they always try to sell a new unit.
Bob Landry 06/20/14 06:17am Tech Issues
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