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RE: Recycled oil

Can someone respond and post a link to an unbiased report about any purported benefit of using synthetic motor oil? Mex, I can offer my personal experience with synthetic oil. First let me present my qualifications to do engine work. I spent my younger years as an automotive mechanic and moon-lighted in the local automotive machine shop. I am not unfamiliar with the workings on internal combustion engines. I spent many years on an enduro dirt bike at 8K feet. Making a 2 cycle engine run well at that altitude is difficult, at best. When my 1982 PE 175 started to power down, I decided to change the piston rings and switch to Amsoil at the same time. BIG MISTAKE! The Amsoil 2 cycle oil at 100-1, worked so well, it wouldn't let the rings scuff in. On a 2 cycle engine the blow-by dilutes the fuel charge just like a big EGR valve, thus no power. After a disappointing week-end I purchased a new set of rings, deglazed the cylinder walls again and this time I broke it in with standard 2 cycle oil (Golden Spectro) at 50-1. Wala! The rings seated, I switch back to synthetic oil and wheeled off into the sunset. So my point is, I believe synthetic oil reduces friction better than the old stuff. Thus my justification for spending the additional $$. Your mileage may very. GRIN Richard
RLS7201 09/20/14 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: 99 F53 rear brake rotors

On the older 460 F53 chassis (88-97) you had to pull the axle and remove the hub to get to the rotor bolts. That was a Dana 80 rear end assembly. I suspect yours will require the same. Richard
RLS7201 09/20/14 12:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering Wheel

RLS7201: By golly you're right! What a primitive system they're using! Yup! Primitive but extremely effective. The old Chevy/Workhorse P32 chassis had all the modern independent suspension components that was very difficult to make drive well. Workhorse went back to the primitive "I" beam, drag link, center link suspension to achieve a more effective front end. If only we could figure out how to make a McPherson strut system stand up to the weight of a motorhome, we would be up to date. I guess my "OLD" gray hair make me primitive too. GRIN Richard
RLS7201 09/19/14 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering Wheel

You need a front end alignment to set the steering wheel correctly. I suspect your tie rod ends have not been adjusted correctly. Your steering gear box may not be centered when the wheels are pointed straight ahead so you may not be able to turn as sharply in one direction as the other. Doesn't work that way on a Ford F53 chassis. No tie rod ends. Just one center link end adjustment. No adjustment on the drag link. See last paragraph of page 2 PDF Applies to 1999 and later F53 chassis. Richard
RLS7201 09/19/14 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suburban SF-30 Furnace - Current draw

Easily worth the $300 or so for a motor that draws <1/2 the current and has proper bearings If by proper bearings you mean ball or roller, consider this. None of the electrical motors in your house or MH have ball or roller bearings. They are all bushings. IE furnace, blender, microwave blower, attic fan, etc. They make too much noise for an environment occupied by people. I made that mistake many years ago on a furnace blower motor. Richard
RLS7201 09/17/14 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Banks Power System?

I have the Banks Power Pack on my 95 Ford 460. Installed it over 8 years ago. I really enjoy the performance improvement and it has been trouble free. No gain in fuel mileage. By "is it worth it", do you mean payback in $$? NO pay back. If you see the big ol grin on my face when I throttle-up, then it's worth it! The newer engines get about the same gain in performance as my old 460. See Banks dyno results for yourself. Not sure why all the nay Sayers down play Banks on the newer engines. The dyno doesn't lie. Richard
RLS7201 09/16/14 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Replace seal sterring box 1994 pace arrow

If your have a F53 chassis and if the output shaft seal is leaking, the seal is internal of the bearing and you'll need to disassemble the steering box to replace the seal. What looks like a seal on the end of the case is only a dust shield. Richard
RLS7201 09/16/14 11:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: L480E Transmission

" The power to the lockup solenoid is direct and on at all times when ignition is on." Most GM/Ford transmission solenoids have the + voltage applied at all times and the - voltage is controlled by the ECM. It is my understanding that it is easier to control - voltages with solid state devices. Richard
RLS7201 09/15/14 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How close is too close

It is a shame that Thorley & Gibson don't address those issues. Yes it is important that you relocate and insulate to protect those items. Banks does address those very issues with their exhaust enhancement items. You may also want to consider a heat shield for your starter. Richard How did Banks address these issues? By supplying heat shields or by re routing trans and brake lines? Sorry about the later response. Been a little busy. In my case (95 F53 460) Banks supplied a heat shield for the left frame rail to protect fuel and brake lines, emergency brake, shift cables and wiring. Banks also supplied insulation for the cables where they left the frame. A heat shield was also supplied for the starter. I spent considerable more for Banks , but the system has been trouble free for over 8 years. Richard
RLS7201 09/15/14 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How close is too close

It is a shame that Thorley & Gibson don't address those issues. Yes it is important that you relocate and insulate to protect those items. Banks does address those very issues with their exhaust enhancement items. You may also want to consider a heat shield for your starter. Richard
RLS7201 09/12/14 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vail Pass

My ol 95 Bounder w/460 and toad, runs up vail pass at 35 MPH with no problem. It would go faster but I limit my climbing to 3,200 RPM. Maybe the Banks Power Pack exhaust system has something to do with it? GRIN Richard
RLS7201 09/12/14 08:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is Unique To Your Coach?

I've added many features but the best one is the gray water to black tank transfer pump. That allows me to store 100 gallons of waste water which is exactly the size of my fresh water tank. Richard 95 Bounder
RLS7201 09/12/14 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: windshield wiper adapter

Amazon may be a little pricey. Try Summit. Richard
RLS7201 09/08/14 07:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

Thanks Richard and great to know. So then, would the EFI 460 F53 (1988-1997) gasser combo be a good find and handling rig if already upgraded with headers? Maybe? I find that tires make a big difference on that chassis. The stiffer sidewalls on the Michelin XPS or Bridgestone R250 all steel cord tires are a good thing. One item that I failed to mention is the very long front leaf springs. They allows some lateral chassis movement over the axle. Most of us older ("older" pertaining to the chassis GRIN)F53 owners have installed a front pan hard bar. You might note from this thread that all the class A chassis have some short comings. If I was to do it over again, the only chassis I would avoid is the old Chevy P32 chassis. Pick the short comings you want to deal with and go RVing. Richard
RLS7201 09/07/14 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

Thanks Richard, Did the EFI 460 F53 (1988-1997) have the exhaust manifold cracking (or bolt braking) issue? Rear bolt on the right exhaust manifold will break. Headers are the cure. Richard
RLS7201 09/06/14 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

I hadn't realized that the 454 & 460 were running so hot, but remembering back to our small block, I can only imagine what a big block would do if air flow wasn't improved. There has been a lot of over heating talk with the 454 P32 chassis. The EFI 460 F53 (1988-1997) has not had an over heating issue, unless the fan clutch failed. Minor repair issue. Richard
RLS7201 09/06/14 06:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

If we don't do a DP (tomorrow's DP or some other DP), then my next question to the forum would be asking which is preferred between the older Ford 460 chassis and the older Chevy 454 chassis. There has already been quite a bit of negative comments on the GM P30, so I will be asking about the Ford chassis that carried the 460 engine. I had a 460 in a 3/4 ton truck and I know that one to be a rugged and dependable engine. I need to stay away from the early V-10's due to the possible plug issue and my lack of understanding of them, but I'd have a 460 any day, as I would a 454. Many thanks again. Marty, I Have been driving a 95 Bounder F53 (460) since 2002. The 460 F53 chassis does have some flaws and limitations. 1: The disk brake system will need the calipers removed and the slide mechanism cleaned and greased every 2 years, along with changing the brake fluid. 2: The right rear exhaust manifold bolt is world famous for breaking. If you study the exhaust flow on the right manifold, you will see that all the exhaust gasses pass very close to the rear port. Thus creating a lot of heat in that area. Best solution is headers. 3: Rear OEM sway bar bushings are junk. New urethane bushings available on Ebay for $50.00. 4: Some will condemn the 16" tires. I buy the best all steel cord Michelins tires available (235/85R16 XPS) and find them to NOT be a problem. 5: Weight limitations. 6,000 front axle and 11,000 rear axle. With 3,500 towing capacity. Tag axle usually adds 3,000 capacity to the rear. 6: E4OD transmission is a SOFT shifter. Shift kit required. Banks Trans Commander is one option. Or I can show you how to firm up the shifts for $4.00 worth of Radio Shack resistors. GRIN Richard 460 w/Banks Power Pack. 131,00 miles on the clock
RLS7201 09/06/14 10:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

The best way to recognize a P series chassis is with the yellow button parking brake. I had one. It ran great but I like driving my F53 better. My P series (2005 year model) had the 8.1 engine so the engine size does not mandate it being a W series chassis. Thanks for the engine size enlightenment. I wasn't well versed on the later "P" chassis. Another easy way to determine whether a "P" or "W" chassis is the front suspension. Independent front suspension, "P" chassis. "I" beam front suspension, "W" chassis. Richard Antique 95 Bounder F53 460 w/Banks Power Pack.
RLS7201 09/04/14 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar question

Mr. pianotuna, I have a question for you and BFL13. Lets set up 2 systems. 1: 500 watts of 12 volt solar w/PWM and 4 6volt GC batteries, configured at 12 volts. 2: 500 watts of 24 volt solar w/MPPT and 4 6volt GC batteries configured at 12 volts. Question, will either system stand a better chance of equalizing than the other (15.5 volts) on a slightly over cast day? Thanks Richard
RLS7201 09/03/14 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

One other question on the Workhorse. Was it any better riding or better handling than the previous GM chassis? The old independent front suspension "P" chassis was a hand full. It could be made to drive well but that required spending a bunch of money with Robert Henderson at http://www.hendersonslineup.com/. It did ride well. The newer "W" chassis drives well, if all is in good order. IE no loose parts, good tires and lined up correctly. The ride may be a little firmer than the old "P" chassis. I think the drive train in the newer "W" chassis is great. Shhhh, don't let my ol F53 Bounder hear me say that. GRIN. Richard
RLS7201 09/03/14 06:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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