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Washing your hands

I've been swinging a wrench professionally since high school. IE: auto mechanic, Operating Engineer, job shop machinist, Director of Maintenance of an ink production facility, etc. I just finished up rebuilding a differential in an off road pick-up, for a client. Always looking for a better way of cleaning my hands and nails. There is some pretty good stuff out there to clean up with, but it takes up space on our RVs. Out of necessity, I had to use DAWN Direct Foam to wash my hands and nails, while on the road. WA-LAH! It works as well if not better than some of the products designed for mechanics. So that leaves one less bottle or jug of stuff to carry in the MH. The wife will have to share her dish washing soap with me. Give it a try. Richard
RLS7201 08/15/17 04:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Enclosure for our cats?

Hey good folks, We will be full-timers very soon. Does anybody use or know about an enclosure of some kind we can use for our cats so they can get some fresh air every once in awhile. ~Thanks, John we simply put a body harness on ours and hook him up to a 20 ft thin cable and hes just fine outside the MH like this (bring him in before moving MH LOL) We do the same with our cat. Richard
RLS7201 08/10/17 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood A/C thermistor manufacturers wiring defect

Good job of finding and repairing the problem. The lack of quality and quality control in the RV industry is enough to make me want to cry. For the minor cost of the thermistor, you would think the REV group would send it with an apology to protect their reputation. They surely don't care about an sort customer relationship. Your problem explains why I keep driving my 95 Bounder. It was built with care. Thanks for your post. Richard
RLS7201 08/09/17 04:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Estes Park / Yellowstone / Grand Teton Trip

Another tourist trap that many miss is Virginia City,MT. Take the narrow gauge RR from Virginia City to Nevada City,MT. Nevada City has one of the largest collections of self player instruments in the country. Touring the old time town is a hoot. Allow 1 day. Approx. 87 miles NW of West Yellowstone,MT. When we travel to Yellowstone, we stay at Henry's Lake State Park, ID. Good rates. Great view. 15 miles west of the west gate. A big X2 on what Bill.Satellite suggests. Been there done that. Richard
RLS7201 08/07/17 06:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good new/ used parts store

I've had the privilege of touring the original Walts, the relocated Walts and the new Walts. Kind of sad to see the NOS lessen. The original Walts used to get NOS from the Fleetwood factory, end of model year over stock, in CA. When that dried up the supply of NOS deteriorated. :(:( Richard
RLS7201 08/01/17 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Web Site Authoring Software

Maybe, Google Web Designer or Open Element. or 64 Bit Dreamweaver Richard
RLS7201 07/28/17 05:17pm Technology Corner

Phil, I just pulled up your profile picture. Are you sure it is a 1999 chassis??? Never seen a tag axle 1999. 1998 yes. 460 V8 or the V10 engine? Ford didn't make a 1998 F53 model year chassis. Some RV manufactures did add a tag axle to the 1999 F53 model year chassis, because of limited weight capacity. 1999 Bounder 34V with slide was one. Ford improved the weight capacity for the 2000 F53 model year chassis. Richard
RLS7201 07/28/17 02:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Starting problems

See wiring diagram for proper nomenclature of the Ford's relay and solenoid. A relay is an electormechanical switch. A Solenoid is a electromechanical switch which also does a secondary function. IE: pulls starter gear to flywheel/flexplate. I suspect you haven't found the "relay" yet. http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=90211.0;attach=97155 height=400 width=600 Richard
RLS7201 07/27/17 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possible frame rail, hitch receiver issue..

Another possibility is, steep tow bar angle and a panic stop, with no auxiliary toad braking. Richard
RLS7201 07/27/17 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traveling from Michigan to Arizona in late November

If it was me. I would run I69 to I70 to I44 to I40 and west. We travel from KC to Tucumcari to Death Valley, across KS, OK, TX, NM & AZ in late December and have only had to alter our route once in 14 years because of weather. I did get to drive on a little snow in Flagstaff once. I travel with Points of Interest (POIFactory.com) on our GPS for Walmart, truck stops & rest stops. Always a free place to stop for the night. Richard
RLS7201 07/26/17 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1994 Lextra by Odessa 32'

Water heater, furnace, Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, water pump, etc. are not Odessa Specific. Chassis parts are readily available from most auto parts houses. Rock Auto is my favorite on line parts house. Richard
RLS7201 07/22/17 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New LG lithium batteries $600 per KWH

''Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.'' —Mark Twain That will be my next bumper sticker. :B Richard
RLS7201 07/21/17 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: 1994 Lextra by Odessa 32'

I'm also not a fan of the older Chrysler stuff. But the Chrysler "A" blocks (273, 318, 340 & 360) was good tough stuff. Also the old 707 727 torque flight transmissions were tough. Richard
RLS7201 07/21/17 09:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold issue - Freezer Good, Frig Bad

residential might not be the best option for the OP TC, in his sig pix its a matter of battery storage space LP is very cost efficent but we full time in a 1995 DP have had a residential compressor fridge for 7 years, and it works great, and we mainly dry camp/boondock compressor fridge on electric, uses less power than RV fridge on electric But you do run your Champion generator a lot. Those around you are too polite to mention it. Richard
RLS7201 07/20/17 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Southwind exterior cabinet latches

LOL....Glad you wasn't offended by my first post. Thinking back, scratching head, I think the latch screws are only holding the latch to the side panel. If you have the corner screws out, then the glue should be your only problem. I know it's scary but the end piece should be removable. If it bends a little while removing, you can straighten it later. Brute strength and ignorance shall prevail. If this is the design you have, get a wood block and hammer up near the end (close to where the corner screws were) and drive that piece off. Once it starts moving, move the block along the length of the side panel. http://www.irv2.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=74264&d=1411138607 height=400 width=600 Richard PS DON"T SLAM THE BAY DOOR. ROFLMHO
RLS7201 07/19/17 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: shifting cable wont shift

If you have a Ford chassis, you don't have to disassemble the steering column. Just start removing the plastic trim around the column. Then remove the nuts or bolts that hold the column up. The cable end should be visible at this point. It helps to lift the dash. Most shift cable failures on the older Ford chassis were because of aftermarket headers and no heat shield. Richard
RLS7201 07/19/17 09:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Southwind exterior cabinet latches

In addition, Does anyone know how to adjust the catches so you don't have to slam the doors so hard just to get them to latch? There in lies your problem. Don't slam the doors! Lift the handle on the out side of the door, close door, push door with your knee to latch it. I have the very same bay doors and latches on my 95 Bounder and all the parts are original. Those plastic latches on the edges of the doors will break off when slammed. To change the latches, first remove the handle by removing the 4 screws on the inside of the door. Then remove the gas lift spring. Then remove the latch screws and the corner screws. Then start prying the edge aluminum from the door. Not only are the doors screwed together, they are also glued together. Once the repair has been made, don't slam the doors!
RLS7201 07/19/17 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Solutions?

My Power Solutions Clone. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/c2m_TypkRxvAlG2c4fC7LwD5WjSxHOujYOefcZP-Va8tvcT_xumHb6GDgElGQsxmo_XV_yb_eXVqZ_1YtmD5mh4V_nBXD2rzoN93305l4lk45adSWAbPvYuRr9EQOvjRZ8v3CeHG9npDIepOG7c3Nj6PfEdHrW2wMFaeuWyqDSW8g5IYRS-OPdBYf5oiTeGGSWGUJUy67gl5VltH9X0Yf15h0r_CBbNXCrbE4-WM9eYvG7et6vV4V5UeMDUGCFthHbgH7W7kJnB-ctR_EgRJVQCcvs2AuE1VxJVyF7dW6qd0jDB_gzciyVbU9ZF6QbH949xqz5bhyDenBM5IWXGVMzH02w-uVJXbwlgzB8ztlgIVLCK4ue-l6r65mC5h8op40jcd1Ixy3qZk6aSmbUeN-Ww4nOOLwAzqNj-68NrD9CdO2esBq5Aonfru7ksbDT3juZYnE28JLTJQB1dSoOKvOw_srEizzrETWenbV0zg1OZVq6f7lDdwr7gXtiscLVMBf-PvPOByBBgawkEicK8m3ZnoQJGxGCU8gZEYQNHamXggfMENO6Is-pg0VbVezQ0WnLuKhWbI-1CClnkUOJUJCY1k8OBoW8XdQh4RsomR7jXpxdXhtuydA3QB=w640-h480-no height=400 width=600 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/D0GhAOpPvD9gfZ_RKVH4jretvFFr_fvvgAIRccicWKWf57Qf-EYMbJjVlM7ePq28yXgl7Ac1f3BL2DO06NXrnyXf-F3eIfxYg4q7jLwTHXBe_u88r7tTenGcCCQMXfnmXGkzTGn7M-dsQ_RUzcggtdkhWiAr7qrbcRNooIwxipxaB6NBMS2rOOimx9aa40KVxdrep-6C46WVZ1p5iJafiPcec-H2pnIIunXopn1F5uvzN4zzneBKNj458fCNPTXd2eldrXP__hDU9GRsRTgDn0XNlOzUIN03EidmQx71dgHMWePhyl_qo1Lf7ac-188qJOhhK9QKpEGntmIMn5rRnirPbvzPXG6DDK9G9LADag8mfK6-dy0ETpkYtkRRRjh0mbhzaJxXcBqfJXBQXac0ZDSvTYGb4kFBhzjNURNrvKr5Glr3E54Vw5jUq4yCWeSquHiw0cz7MoQ3PwZ43TG1V7UlShLWu0Fke2KKt-gsH1DGY8lHKRyFD6mPninxg37RDwP-_c1VDagFwNHZLswMxXrcWvfiZoF5kg1IUJ6kFBEDBIDgwTt1etXD5cHOeok0nVLDT1w4QT_xhLDKQUFhabqFqrlqmbABmYc_O_mF4Y5DLCM26sLTPwZ3=w576-h765-no height=600 width=400
RLS7201 07/19/17 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need to replace the bat wing antenna

Well, you guys with the RF expertise have presented your case admirably but some will never believe science. Thanks to the experts, I've built several 11m antennas that talked and listened around the world. A 4 element 11m quad at 50' is a sight to behold. Ah the good ol days. (breaker breaker) We all know that size is king on antennas. The ol Batwing presents far more tuned surface to RF than a Jack does. Nuf said. Now I need to go out back and break my crow bar in the sand pile, so I'll look normal and not stand out in this crowd. Mex is my idol. Richard
RLS7201 07/18/17 09:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Power Solutions?

If memory serves me correctly, you need to plug a second power cord into the service pedestal for the second A/C only. So yes, you still only have 30 amps for the rest of the coach, from your primary power cord. Richard
RLS7201 07/18/17 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
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