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RE: Quadrajet Carb Leaking?

rjxj & PaulJ2 have it right. Flip that rascal over, remove the base and fix the well leak. Either repair method will work. Or do both. While your turning screws, the foam float provided by OEM is lacking. Find a brass replacement. Those first Q-Jets drove us mechanics nuts until we found all the flaws and how to correct them. Another word of caution. Put a washer on the front 2, 5/16" mounting bolts. Those bolt heads will cut into the aluminum lid. The only OEM to do that was Oldsmobile. Olds used bolts with washers built on the head. While I'm on a Q-Jet rant. I that itty-bitty fuel filter in the front of he carb is the only filter in the system, install an inline fuel filter ahead of it. Richard
RLS7201 08/30/14 12:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: WFCO & Trojan Batteries

Personally I can think of a couple dozen good reasons to disconnect the battery bank when in storage and not a single reason in favor of leaving them connected. Mex, Knowing your history with batteries, would you elaborate on you comment. I am one of those that leaves his batteries connected to a 3 stage converter all winter. Always willing to learn more from a professional. Thanks Richard
RLS7201 08/26/14 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Cup Holder

I had the same issue. I use the Retro fit cup holders from Hopkins manufacturing. I believe the Ebay seller is a little pricey. I got mine from K-Mart. Richard
RLS7201 08/26/14 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Body Roll

Quick update, I crawled under the coach and discovered that the rear sway bar bushings are completely missing....no wonder it was swaying..... Soooo, I ordered a complete front and rear set of poly bushings and will do the McKinley fix when they come in. For reference to others who may come across this thread...here is the bushing set I ordered: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FRONT-REAR-Sway-Bar-Bushings-Ford-F53-Class-A-Motorhome-1999-2011-/281153537365?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AF53&hash=item41760e8555&vxp=mtr You did it right. Eric makes good stuff. I have some of his very first castings and they still look new. Richard
RLS7201 08/21/14 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Second or Even Third Generator Remote Switch

The most common onboard RV generators use a remote switch that's simply paralleled with the switch on the generator panel. You could have 20 switches scattered around the coach if you wanted them. Exactly. My Bounder has the generator start switch on the dash. I paralleled a second switch in the galley. Not a big task. Richard
RLS7201 08/20/14 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why should I switch to golf cart 6v batteries

Quote: But most 12 volt batteries used for RV house service are not true deep cycle batteries but are hybrid marine/rv batteries. --------------------------------------------------------- I don't know where that comes from, but I think most would disagree. There are many brands of "RV Trolling motor deep cycle batteries" designed for deep cycle only use, including the DC-6 at WalMart. And most Motor Homes that are equipped w/ 12v batteries, are indeed 12v "deep Cycle" batteries. Of course that's not saying there is not better more expensive deep cycle batteries. There is always good,,better,,,and best in both 6 and 12v. Post a link to a true deep cycle 12 volt battery (not rv/marine) that is as cost effective as sam's club/Cosco 6 volt batteries. Then well discuss it some more. Richard
RLS7201 08/19/14 06:49pm Tech Issues
RE: 2007 PT Cruiser for Towed Vehicle

I've been towing a 93 auto tranny PT cruiser for 9 years using a Remco Lub pump. Not sure why a previous poster cautioned about pump failure. The system is set up with an alarm and LED warning incase of pressure failure. If you burn up a tranny because of pump failure, it's operator error. I've had pump failure and had to run the engine while towing until I could get a new pump. Remco did over night a pump to my next destination. Freight was a little pricey but it was my call. Richard
RLS7201 08/19/14 02:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why should I switch to golf cart 6v batteries

IF we are comparing true deep cycle 6 & 12 volt batteries, then it's a toss-up. But most 12 volt batteries used for RV house service are not true deep cycle batteries but are hybrid marine/rv batteries. IE starting/deep cycle service. Where as 6 volt GC batteries are designed for deep cycle only. A true 12 volt deep cycle battery is cost prohibitive. Richard
RLS7201 08/18/14 03:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Foxfi and PDAnet stopped working. Is it Samsung, or ATT?

I just installed pda.net on my LG Escape, running on Consumer Cellular/AT&T. Both the Hot Spot and USB tethering work. I suspect you have a software issue. Richard
RLS7201 08/18/14 09:46am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone use Consumer Cellular phone service?

I use Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular uses AT&T's network. I have their $20.00 a month for 600 minutes plan for my phone and the wife has 600 minutes, 1500 text messages and 2.5 gig data for $50.00 a month. Both plans offer a small discount for AARP members. Their customer service is good and you can changes plans at any time with no additional service fees. You get notification when you get close to your plan limits. Richard
RLS7201 08/18/14 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: banks system for 1995 ford motorhome

Yup, I have the full Banks Power Pack on my 95 Bounder F53,460. Installed it with about 40,000 mile on the clock. That was 90,000 miles ago. It really runs strong, with NO CHANGE in fuel mileage. Nothing cost affective about it. But it's a ton of fun! There is NOTHING cost effective about RVing. It's all about the fun. Now get out there and have some fun, burning lots of fuel. GRIN If you elect to modify your exhaust, do add a shift kit to that E4OD tranny. Banks has one for about $250, or I can show you how to firm up those shift point for $4.00 worth of Radio Shack resistors. Home Brew Shift Kit. Richard
RLS7201 08/17/14 07:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions about a 1996 Bounder m 30E

Which Onan? There are 35 models. 4 KW gasoline came standard in all Bounders in 1996 and 97. I don't know the model number, but it is green cover on the box - if that helps. . Fred. Fred, did you mean to say "4 kw gasoline was standard in all Bounders in 1996 & 97 WITH ONE AC"? Two AC units had larger generators. There is a starter relay under the dog house that is a known issue with intermittent starter engagement. I believe one of our members has a picture of its location. Found the pic! Look below the red circle for the black device with two screws showing. That is the starter relay. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t268/96bounder30e/datalink.jpg height=400 width=600 Richard 95 Bounder 32H F53
RLS7201 08/16/14 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ignition related?

I find Rock Auto a great source for looking up parts and part numbers. See link for the parts you need for your 95 P30. Richard
RLS7201 08/16/14 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Heater won't restart !

Your symptoms indicate a bad primary thermostat. If the primary thermostat fails and the Emergency Cut Off (ECO) thermostat shuts off the burner, the circuit board will lock out and not let the water heater re-fire until you cycle the on/off switch. Richard
RLS7201 08/16/14 10:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Pump switches

Here is a schmatic of the switch and latch wiring. Richard
RLS7201 08/13/14 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: More Campground WIFI questions

This is how I handle weak campground signals. Richard
RLS7201 08/12/14 01:27pm Technology Corner
RE: internet providers

While a Verizon Hotspot will not work on the AT&T network (Different technology & 4G frequencies), if you want to stick with AT&T, they sell hotspot devices. You can get them (with contract) from AT&T or even Walmart. Maybe not at 4G but my Verizon hot spot did roam at 3G on AT&T while in Death Valley. Richard
RLS7201 08/12/14 01:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford V10 question

... The 1999 version (first year of the V 10 in the F53 chassis) of the V10 installed in the F53 chassis was 275 hp. In 2000 they upped the Hp to 310. While the 362 hp version was introduced to the F53 chassis in 2005 it was technically a 2006 chassis. Ford ran the 2004 model early into 2006. They skipped the 2005 model year designation and went to the 2006 model year designation when they introduced the 3 valve per cylinder 362 hp version of the V10. In short there was no 2005 model of the F53 chassis. The 2006 model years and newer also include the 5 speed Torque Shift with the Tow/Haul mode. X2 Richard You are both aware there are more F series chassis then the F53, right? I am aware but this is a Class A forum where F53 chassis are discussed. While we're nit picking. You said "First (2000 chassis models) got the improved crank, that boasted HP" How did Ford get more HP by improving the crank? Richard
RLS7201 08/10/14 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: need help stabilizing my 1995 coachman catalina

Juan, I have the same year and make of chassis as you. Like you, I will not tolerate a poor handling vehicle. Your F53 can be made to drive well. The side walls on fabric ply 235/85R16 tires are too flimsy. I suggest Michelin all steel XPS or Bridgestone all steel R250 tires for your chassis. Don't bother with the expense of changing to 19.5 tires. The 16" tire size is not your problem. Make sure the toe-in is set at 5/32" toe-in. Add 2° of caster to the front axle. Shims are available on the internet. Add a Davis TruTrac or SuperSteer front Pan Hard bar. Those long front springs allow the chassis to move laterally across the axle. The OEM rear sway bar bushings are poor quality and fail early. Replace them with these bushings. Or do both ends with these bushings. I suggest the two most important issues are toe-in and quality tires. Richard 95 Bounder F53 with all the goodies. Banks Power Pack
RLS7201 08/10/14 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: flat tow 2 wheel drive f150

Go to Remco's web site and see what they recommend for towing your F150. Richard
RLS7201 08/09/14 01:41pm Class A Motorhomes
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