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RE: Propane Shut Off Solenoid Drains House Batteries

If you have a CCI system, the propane solenoid valve draws 168ma. or 0.168 amps. That's 4.032 amps in 24 hours. If you have one of the newer Safe-T-Alert systems, the propane solenoid valve draws 1.0 amp. Richard
RLS7201 06/22/17 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad receptacle installation by factory - potentially unsafe

Licensed Electricians on staff? HOW many residential/commercial electrical work is actually looked at by the Licensed Electrician? I doubt the Licensed Electrician will go behind EVERY receptacle that is installed by his crew and verifies that it is done correctly. Now, I find your claim suspect. Why? because how many people take pics of outlets and just happen to state that I had a previous other brand with the same problem? I took pics? Now, to claim that because you have seen a few, the ENTIRE industry is suspect????????? Sorry, you are just bring up a non issue. DougMaybe your definition of "Licensed" and mine differ, but to legally do electrical work for someone in Missouri, you have be licensed in Missouri. There is no statewide licensing but you have to be licensed in the area where you are working. "Now, I find your claim suspect." If you're mistaken about this where else have you erred? "Tens of thousands"? That could work out to 5 units a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for 20 years. Would that fall under the heading of "Exaggeration for effect"? :) To take that a little father, it's actually the contractor that is licensed in the municipality where the work is to be performed. My son does electrical work around the KC area and pays a licensed contractor 10-20 percent to pull the permit. Contractors will do this only for those that get it right and pass inspection the first time. Richard
RLS7201 06/21/17 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Megawatt Upgrade Want To Post Article

Chris...you and the cat have the same expression on your faces...:) Make you wonder which one is really the tech? GRIN..
RLS7201 06/21/17 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Utility trailer mod for toys

I'm thinking rollers on the top rail. Then you only have to lift one end at a time. Or I could give you the phone number of my 6' tall ex. :o Richard
RLS7201 06/20/17 02:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What are my options for replacing my 22 year old gen set?

Your old 6500 engine runs at 1800 RPM and the generator is direct drive. The newer Onan generators engines run from 2400 RPM and up and are belt driven generators at 3600 RPM. You may not like the resonance, in your coach, of the newer Onans. Also, some creativity will be required to mount a newer generator. Your problem may be as simple as burnishing (cleaning) the slip rings on the armature. There are some very informed Onan folks at the Smokestak forum that may be helpful. Look here for technical information. Richard
RLS7201 06/16/17 07:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is It A Rear Engine Or Rear Drive That Makes It A Pusher?

All vehicles except those that are front wheel drive propel the vehicle from the rear. Front engines with rear wheel drive are pushers. Why the big effort to segarate vehicle drives by engine choices? Isn't it just another way to post engine preference? :h :R Maybe your initials should stand for Politically Correct. It's a slow day at my house too.....GRIN Richard
RLS7201 06/14/17 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Condensation in dual pane windows

I have a 2005 Coachmen Santara 3690ts that has developed condensation between at least 3 of the windows. I understand there is a process to get rid of this by drilling a small hole in corners of the window and flushing. That said, a local window tech said this can't be done on the coach because it is tempered glass. Is there another process that can be used? What was being advocated was drilling 2 small holes, 180 degrees apart, in the spacer, not the glass. If no etching has occurred, flushing could be a short term fix. Richard
RLS7201 06/09/17 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

Anything can happen in the future and anyone who thinks they can predict the future is blowing smoke But, lately all the phone providers have been in a pricing and capabilities battle. Prices have been declining, service has been getting better along with coverage and options. So I'd be inclined to think that the plan won't go up in price in the near future. I opted to buy outright and go on contract. A few things I've noticed: Didn't appear to work at all when I traveled thru Canada although my OnStar hotspot on AT&T did. It also appears that Mobley is confined to only work on AT&T towers, I've yet to see it roam. That's OK with me as I'm parked for the summer right under an AT&T tower and service has been great. Maybe it will roam in Canada if you select this option on the home page in the router. International Data Roaming Enables mobile data such as email, web browsing, and push notifications over the cellular network when roaming outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and USVI. International roaming data charges will apply. International Data On Off Apply Richard
RLS7201 06/04/17 08:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Unusual Occurrence

I believe your VSS is suspect. Richard 95 Bounder F53 460/528
RLS7201 06/02/17 09:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaking seals to/from hot water tank

What you need is a Flair-it ½" seal. Also available from most RV dealers. Richard
RLS7201 06/01/17 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire coating

I use Super Clean (the purple stuff) and a stiff brush. All the road grime comes off and the tires look like new. Richard
RLS7201 06/01/17 01:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I've had my Mobley for about a month and decided to try using it over my wired home network. I just happen to have a few Linksys WRT54g routers with DD-WRT software installed. So off to the Internet I went to see how to setup a wireless bridge. Low and behold, it works. I had been using a Google 5mbs introductory offer for home internet. Now I have approx. 17 mbs AT&T Internet at home. :B But wait! There's more. "You get 2 for only twice the price":R While setting up the bridge, I got thinking, why not defeat the 5 device limit and share the internet when out in the MH. So off to the Internet again to see how to set up a repeater. For those unfamiliar with the WRT54G router, it has a 12 volt wall wart. So it can be powered by the MHs 12 volt system. After making a few "fat finger" mistakes, I got the repeater working also. One caveat to using a wireless repeater is the reduction in speed by about ½. I do have the WRT54G set up with an outside antenna and the router power turned up from 23mW to 71mW. If you're out camping and see "95bounder" as a SSID, come knock on my door and I'll share the internet with you, at ½ speed.;)
RLS7201 06/01/17 11:13am Technology Corner
RE: Wheel Balancing Weights vs Beads?

Beads only do static balancing. Dynamic balancing, with weights is necessary for a steering axle. Richard
RLS7201 06/01/17 10:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: squishy brake pedal

Pumping up normally means you have a bad gasket somewhere in the brake system. But, with that said.... The older 460 F53 was know to generate a lot of heat and boil the brake fluid. Fresh fluid is a yearly must, plus look for the highest quality/boiling point that will work in your system without damage to it. I would really like to know where that gasket might be, so I can make sure mine is not leaking. Richard That would be in the master cylinder or the brake calipers. I figured an old guy like you would have rebuilt those in years gone by. OK they would be called seals, work with me on this would ya, and stop being such a PIA. Oh gesh..........I point out bad information and now I'm a PIA......Looks like you're the one blowing a "GASKET". Touche.....
RLS7201 05/28/17 07:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: squishy brake pedal

Pumping up normally means you have a bad gasket somewhere in the brake system. But, with that said.... The older 460 F53 was know to generate a lot of heat and boil the brake fluid. Fresh fluid is a yearly must, plus look for the highest quality/boiling point that will work in your system without damage to it. I would really like to know where that gasket might be, so I can make sure mine is not leaking. Richard
RLS7201 05/23/17 06:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unicorns, Bigfoot, Nessie And Now T H I S...

Energy and pollution is a vicious circle. No free lunches. LNG also has its short comings. Leaking natural gas wells. I suggest birth control as the best possible solution to pollution. Flack jacket on. Richard
RLS7201 05/16/17 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: New to Class A are lots of steering corrections normal?

There are alignment shops and there are almost alignment shops. Most want to get it close to specs., which in many cases is not good enough. Lots of alignment equipment out there but darn few really good alignment personal. When you pay for an alignment and it don't drive well, you went to the wrong place. Precision Alignment in MN. and Henderson's Line-up in Grants Pass, OR. are two of the best. Richard
RLS7201 05/02/17 09:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heater Turned on in Cab, Motor Home engine shut down.

Christopher, When asking questions about your MH, it is always helpful to know what chassis brand you have. In you case, you could have a P32 Chevy, F53 Ford or an Oshkosh/Freightliner. Always start with the simplest and lest expensive items when trouble shooting. As previously suggested, check all battery cable connections and the battery its self. Richard
RLS7201 05/01/17 09:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Deleting "history" in Google Chrome

Are you trying to hide the porn sites from Cher? he he he he. Richard
RLS7201 04/30/17 03:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Any reason not to drill holes to ventilate inverter?

I have the very same HF inverter, that you linked to, running the entertainment center in my MH, which includes a satellite receiver. Never had an overheating problem with it and the fan is not annoying. Maybe you should consider a warranty exchange. There are 5 volt fans on eBay and Amazon that will have USB cords attached. I use a USB fan on my satellite receiver to help cool it. Richard
RLS7201 04/30/17 01:50pm Tech Issues
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