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RE: Sealing Maintenance

The RV industry has punished us with Dicor calk for years. It was/is never a permanent solution. As previously noted, over time it needs to be removed and reapplied, due to cracking and unbonding. A more permanent solution is Sikaflex 715 rubber roof calking. Richard
RLS7201 02/24/18 03:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: what can I get

YOU CANNOT use a mouse and not take your eyes off the road. You MUST look at the screen and that requires taking your eyes off the road. The mouse is a GREAT option as long as the passenger is the one using it. While GPS units are great, they can all also be considered a distraction if you are looking at the screen. I nearly got in an accident when I was trying to locate a POI and the traffic ahead came to an unexpected stop. That GPS was located almost directly in front of me and I still missed the stopped traffic (thanks Janet!). But Bill, you CAN NOT use any on screen guidance device with out looking at it. But yes, I can scroll the the mouse wheel with out taking my off the road. IE Scroll a few clicks, move eyes to see the screen. Geesh! Richard
RLS7201 02/19/18 09:49pm Technology Corner
RE: LP wtr heater, CO alarm

Are you at a higher altitude? I've experienced the same problem when leaving home (700 ft) and going to the mountains. Had to re-adjust the burner mixture control. Not enough oxygen getting to the flame. Richard
RLS7201 02/19/18 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Winny 40KD Vectra Comments Needed

Yes, side radiator. Yes, basement AC. Richard
RLS7201 02/18/18 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I replace 12v light switches with 110v house switches?

Typical house switches are not rated for DC. When you break the DC circuit it's much harder to extinguish the arc. An AC arc extinguishes itself 120 times per second, DC does not. Using AC switches will work but the contacts will wear quickly and you will have to replace the swithces often. I did this one time on a vehicle. I put custom side panel in the back of an SUV and installed a house type AC light switch in the panel for the interior dome lights. In about 1 year I could start to notice the contacts wearing. Sometimes you had to throw the switch multiple times and wiggle it to get the lights to come on. So what is it about DC switches that makes them arc resistant? I've seen nothing inside DC switched but contacts of various metallurgy, springs & levers. I'm looking at a plastic cased 10 amp DC switch right now that has some form of steel contacts. Inquiring minds want to know. Richard
RLS7201 02/18/18 03:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: For anyone wanting a 350 watt pure sine wave Victron

Hi folks, I find this an amazing deal at 90 bucks. I purchased one and it is double the weight of the inverter I was using before. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EW5ZA94/ref=pe_344980_272415450_em_1p_0_ti Don, I keep looking but don't see weather the inverter is PSW or modified SW. Wouldn't this inverter from Harbor Freight, also be of good value? I've had the 750 from HF on line for 3 or 4 years, with no failure. Richard
RLS7201 02/18/18 03:49pm Tech Issues
RE: what can I get

Using a mouse would be quite a distraction if you are the driver! You can get a very nice Android tablet in the 8-10" range for much less than a similar sized GPS would cost and you will have full access to mapping programming plus the added benefit of 1000's more POI's. No cellular signal is required while traveling as you simply download the maps during your planning sessions. When you do have cellular (nearly all of the time) you will also have live traffic data along the way. I tracked usage from both Google Maps and WAZE and the total data on a 250 mile drive was something like 15-25 MB (basically nothing). If you can't use a mouse with out taking your eyes off the road, then don't. With zooming most guidance system you will have to take a hand off the wheel. Street Atlas USA does have a voice function, which I never set up. Why use a 8-10" tablet when a 16" laptop screen is available. Install software one and be done with it. Richard
RLS7201 02/17/18 01:06pm Technology Corner
RE: what can I get

Delorme Street Atlas USA is Windows software. 2015 being the last published version. The OP is looking for replacement software for his laptop. I too would like to find windows based mapping software that is up to date. Much easier looking at a laptop screen on the dash of my MH, then looking at a small screen GPS or phone. And no data required. With my mouse on the dog house center console, I can zoom with out distraction. Richard
RLS7201 02/16/18 08:20pm Technology Corner
RE: MJ discontinued years ago - but the line is still active!!

When you sign up for MJ, you sign up for auto pay every year on your CC. Are you sure your CC is not being billed every year? You into you MJ account and look at your settings. Richard
RLS7201 02/14/18 10:31pm Technology Corner
RE: F53 Output Shaft Assembly failure

yep.. its common. it happens when the oil leaks out. it gets filled independently and holds its own oil and is NOT shared by the rest of the transmission, as some people think. you will be a very, very lucky person if you can get it apart without removing the transmission... what usually happens is, where the brake/tail-shaft sleeves over the thru-shaft of the transmission inside that brake pod assembly, when it runs dry of oil, the bearings will overheat so severely that it softens the shafts so they have a tendency to either twist a little, or otherwise, effectively weld themselves together... on yours, the bolts may have came loose and let the oil out, or the loose bolts could be a symptom of the vibration after the bearings went... but the most common reason for this failure is... people forget to disengage the parking brake and it creates the heat, and the oil gets so hot it loses its lubricating properties, and then the bearings take over and create EXTREME heat.... the first indication is when the speedo stops working (as the nylon gear melts), and if one knew what this indicator meant and would stop then, the brake pod may be able to be salvaged.. if you can not slide or pry the pod section off the back of the tranny, it will have to be destructivly cut off (which requires removing the transmission), and after removal, you will then need to have a new thru-shaft put in the transmission...and find a new parking brake pod assembly to install. the particular assembly you need is the one that was also used in an F-550, as it is the ONLY one that connects properly to the driveline, and has the correct speedo gears in it... X2 WOW! centerline knows his stuff....... Richard
RLS7201 02/13/18 08:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bigfoot leveling and tire leveling help

Raising your front tires off the ground is not a problem. Raise your rear tires off the ground and your coach will roll away. That's a NO NO. Richard
RLS7201 02/11/18 12:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Residency

One of the weak points of your F53 Ford chassis is the rear sway bar bushings. The disc brake calipers need to be removed every 2 years and have the slide pins cleaned and relubed. The ZF emergency brake assemble is bolted to the back of the transmission and needs to have the lube check when you do a lube, oil & filter. It holds 4 ozs. of ATF. The fill/check plug us high on the left side. 17mm socket. Make sure the toe in is set to 3/32" to 1/8" toe in, for best handling. Richard
RLS7201 02/11/18 12:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: help identifying Fleetwood bounder and parts are missing

The rear door is not a standard feature on Bounders. Possibly your unit was built or converted to an emergency type vehicle, mobile command post, etc.. That may explain the cut cables and missing fuse box? Yes the rear door is a standard factory item for that year and model. Freightliner now has all the Oshkosh chassis built prints. 1990 Ford truck manuals will not apply to your engine transmission. Your engine has a carburetor, C6 transmission & no computer, unless your coach is built on a 1991 Oshkosh chassis. Then it will have a computer, EFI and C6 transmission. All Ford built chassis with 460 are EFI and E4OD since 1988. Richard
RLS7201 02/06/18 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: towing strain

Your 95 chassis was rated by Ford for a maximum weight of 17,000# and a towing capacity of 8,000#. Fleetwood derated the the towing capacity to 3,500# when they welded on frame extensions and added a 3,500# receiver. So the drive train would theoretically be OK with a total of 25,000# but Fleetwood messed that up with their frame extension and receiver. Richard
RLS7201 02/06/18 06:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Salton Sea

I watched the full version PBS documentary on TV on the salton sea from its beginnings of a nightclub/Vegas style famous people destination. And then the demise of it all. Including sadly, videos of thousands of birds dead, waves and waves of dead fish and up to now the stench that still lingers. And NO one gov agency will clean it up. They just left it that way. Welcome to America's little 3rd world country...Salton sea. And yes there are people living there with no clean water etc. There is fresh clean water all around the Salton Sea. I've been there and used it. Those in the slabs have fresh water available to them in Niland. Those living around the Salton Sea are there because the want to be. Some want to drop out of society, some go there to recover from job loss, some, like me, go there to relax and visit with a different kind society. Please don't change the Salton Sea. It serves a purpose. RICHARD
RLS7201 02/05/18 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking problems with big rig

If you elect to tow a trailer for your car, get a door on the left side of the trailer that will allow the door on the drivers side of the car to open. Just saw such a rig pull in to the BLM site I'm in. Easy in, easy out. Richard
RLS7201 02/04/18 12:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Busted shock absorber mount, Safe to Drive home

You suggest that you have broken more than one shock mount when lowering your coach. That would indicate the shocks are too long. Maybe you were sold the wrong shocks. Richard
RLS7201 02/03/18 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generaor - 10 yr old

Your problem is most likely the choke pull off. The puff, puff you are hearing is an overly rich fuel mixture. Once the engine starts the choke needs to be opened about ½ way, which is the function of the choke pull off. It can easily be tested by removing the vacuum hose and attaching a longer hose that you can suck on. With applied vacuum, the pull off should move to end of travel and stay there. If not, replace the choke pull off. Seafoam will not cure your problem. Richard
RLS7201 02/02/18 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ye ole steering wander problem...

This question/comments is in regard to a 2017 Thor Freedom Elite 29FE. The problem is the old story of steering wander. I’ve had the wheels balanced and the front end aligned. I tried to get the alignment guy to set the alignment at 5 degrees toe in as I’ve heard that is good to help with the wandering problem. He refused to agree to that request. I’ve got the tires aired to comply with weight. So, after doing all the above, the wandering problem still exists. Question for those of you who have put add-ons such as steer safe or trac bars, what did you add that made an appreciable difference? I’d like to know your opinions re: add-ons before I venture down that road. (I’ll also add this post to the Class C forum) 5 degrees of toe in on 32" diameter tires is 2.8" of toe in. You alignment guy was correct in not doing what you ask. I believe what you wanted was 5 degrees of caster. So you confused the issue. I suggest 3/32" to 1/8" total toe in, or 0.20 to 0.25 degrees of toe in. Richard
RLS7201 01/29/18 02:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: State Stickers, where to display them

On the inside of the door. Richard
RLS7201 01/25/18 02:36pm Class A Motorhomes
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