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RE: getting ready for trip, any body has list of items

I have a spreadsheet with two worksheets, one for the list of items to pack and the other formatted to fill in each days menu and room to create a shopping list for the meals.
ReneeG 05/20/15 01:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Terrible Odor

On our first trip in 2010 with our new fifth wheel, we stayed at Baker's Hole FS CG near Yellowstone. Twice we were awakened by a chipmunk in our kitchen, or at least it sounded like that. We checked the underbelly and found a mushroom shoved up under an area in the slide. We took it out and on to the next CG. When we got home, we crawled under the fifth wheel and using foam, plugged all the areas we could see they could get in and put wire mesh behind the vent under the fridge. No other problems since and we went back to the same CG later. Fast forward five years to this past February when we took our unit in to get a complete solar system installed. Behind the storage wall and up in the wiring harness the shop guys found enough mushrooms to fill a plastic grocery bag! Luckily no wiring had been chewed at all. The shop inspected everything for us. The shop guys were teasing us and wondering what other stuff we were smuggling besides the magic mushrooms!
ReneeG 05/20/15 10:08am RV Lifestyle
RE: bears

Well said. Even when we are out dry camping, by ourselves, we don't leave the grill out, etc.
ReneeG 05/19/15 03:24pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Trip to Yellowstone

"Do not let bgun's comment bother you as your rig looks like it's about the right size to me." ------------------------------------ Actually we don't know what he has other than a F-350. If he has a DRW 6.7L Diesel then he's probably OK. But if he has a SRW gasser then maybe not. A rig that big is enough to make you think about a MDT He says he has a Powerstroke. Could be SRW, could be DRW. Our 2011 F350 DRW can tow up to 21,500. His is a 15K combined (I'm assuming).
ReneeG 05/15/15 02:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trip to Yellowstone

As others have said, a rig that size is not uncommon and is used all the time for fulltimers. Your TV can handle that FW. As for towing in the mountains, not a problem for your setup, but you are another question as that depends on your experience and capability, which you most likely have. As for traveling that distance being hard on the rig. No. But definitely make sure your tires are aired up correctly. Cold. We have a Trucker's Guide to tell us the roads to travel and be wary of, overpasses, etc. 400 - 500 miles a day is a lot. We travel about 300, then stop. Even though our setup travels smoothly, it's still taxing and you need to rest. You've been given advice about Cracker Barrel parking lots. You can use Google Earth or Maps to check out parking areas in advance. Take the generator because you never know when you will need it. One trip we took to Canada, we planned all full hookups. When we got to one of the Provincial Parks, the full hookup sites (no reservations - we took our chances, hence make a reservation, just in case) were taken so we took a dry site. No generator. Not a problem but it would've been much more comfortable to have the generator. As for CG's fitting your rig, or your rig fitting in the CG's - not many we found in Yellowstone will fit big rigs unless you are VERY comfortable with tight CG's. We've either stayed outside the park in West Yellowstone at Grizzly, or 2 miles north at Baker's Hole, a FS CG with electricity at the sites and big rig friendly, or stayed at Colter Bay RV Park between Jackson and the Grand Tetons. One year we stayed off the Togwotee Pass between Moose Junction in the Tetons and DuBois Wyoming at Falls CG. It has an RV loop with electricity and is big rig friendly. Both Baker's Hole and Falls as a water faucet at the entrance to fill up before you pull in. Baker's Hole and Falls are first come, first served, but in September we've been ok. Baker's Hole is more popular since it's closer, so what we've done is to stay at Grizzly. Go over to Baker's Hole in the morning, find a site, put our name on it, pay for it, then back to Grizzly to get our rig. Weather in September is great. That's when we prefer to go. Crowds are down but there are still plenty of people enough that some of the CG are still full, hence the technique previously mentioned on getting a spot at Baker's Hole. As for the time span you have, not sure that's enough time to see all without a lot of long days of driving. We took two weeks from Boise Idaho to Mt. Rushmore and only stopped overnight at Devil's Tower and the Little Bighorn Battlefield. What you're wanting to see is much, much more. But, it's doable if you overnight in the Mt. Rushmore area, drive through the Badlands, and save the rest of the time for Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Hope this helps.
ReneeG 05/15/15 12:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What happens when you are distracted

It certainly doesn't take much of a brain fart to cause a real problem. One time I couldn't figure out why my hitch was not latching; that is until I noticed that I still had the handle locked in the open position!!:S Same here, that's when the questioning DW mode kicks in and this is usually the only time DH appreciates it.
ReneeG 05/15/15 11:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What happens when you are distracted

That could have so easily been me last weekend! New (to me!) truck with a long bed. I pinned the Reese Sidewinder required for my prior SWB truck (and removed the wedge) and tried to use a lube plate. Seemed to hitch fine, jaws closed, button on front of Reese R16 hitch pushed out, maybe not quite as far as before, hitch handle swung (mostly) into the lock position. Two red flags I didn't fully investigate. Pull test was fine. I got it out from under the covered parking and on to level ground. Stopping to check level and give it another look-over. This time I saw that the arm of this hitch wasn't all the way into the locked position. Feeling under the hitch head, I found how little was caught and up in the correct position. The thickness of the lube plate caused the king pin to ride a bit high. I unhitched, remomved lube plate, got out my grease, hitched back up. I was lucky. Last time we hitched up we too had problem with the lube plate preventing a complete lock on the hitch head. Since we were only going a short distance, we removed the lube plate, hitched, and locked and headed home.
ReneeG 05/15/15 11:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Zion NP to Flagstaff

I agree on Pipe Springs. Very interesting tour.
ReneeG 05/15/15 11:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Slides and rain????

I have never thought about wipping them down. The rubber seals have been doing a great job. Three slides equal alot of paper towels Same here. Have never had to wipe down. Good test this weekend for us. It's supposed to rain all weekend here and we have to have all slides out to pack for a trip. We'll most likely leave the slides out till Monday when it dries up. I'm more concerned about wet slide awning covers and mildew as those are not easy to get to, to clean.
ReneeG 05/15/15 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What happens when you are distracted

Same with the TrailerSaver hitch - has a lever that has to be in the 10'oclock position to hitch, then automatically locks in the 9'oclock position. If you don't see either visually before and after, then you are done for and can suffer the same as above!
ReneeG 05/15/15 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jesse almost ate a squirrel this morning!

My Lab has caught two voles in the last week. One was missing its head and the other was still warm when I saw that she was playing with something in the yard. I thought they were mice with short tails, till I looked them up. Explains it all since I've had tunnels in my flower beds and lawn that I thought were from moles, yet there were openings - holes, and I was pretty sure moles don't do that. Anyway, she hasn't presented us with a vole this week, yet.
ReneeG 05/15/15 08:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

Freenomadderwhat - link to your site doesn't work, Googling it I found your Facebook page with the same name.
ReneeG 05/15/15 08:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Zion NP to Flagstaff

Do not pull your trailer through the park... Take 59/389 from Hurricane to Fredonia. North on 89A from Fredonia to Kanab. East on 89 from Kanab to Page to Flagstaff. An alternate (harder pull up in to the trees, but more scenic) would be to take 89A south out of Fredonia to Jacob Lake to Bitter Springs to Flagstaff. The road from the bottom of the switchbacks East of Jacob Lake to Bitter Springs does not have a shoulder and is a little rougher. But, it is worth it. If you hate hills, hate going slow, hate roads with limited passing zones, or hate nice views, then don't go this way. For a light vehicle/car, going through Jacob Lake is slightly quicker. Which is the better? You decide. Look at some Google Earth Pics overlooking the Vermillion Cliffs and Marble canyon area. If I didn't have inlaws that still lived in Page, I wouldn't take the Page route near as much. I agree with this route. We've towed through Jacob Lake, but did so to stay at Kaibab Camper Village. Towed the winding, narrow, downhill on 89A and the views are amazing! It's a roller coaster road even at the bottom, not much chance to pass if you need to, but still not a problem.
ReneeG 05/15/15 08:08am Roads and Routes
RE: First time pulling a fifth wheel.....ever.

Right truck, right hitch what else can you ask for???? Very nice! What more could you ask for ? how about a better hitch and better truck . sorry you asked ? nice set up catfish We too have a TrailerSaver and love it! With that said, his setup is nice and works for him, so he couldn't ask for anything more. Prior to our fifth wheel, we had a 32'TT and had a Hensley Arrow - towed like our fifth wheel.
ReneeG 05/14/15 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will 20 mos. old be to young for Yellowstone?

20 months old...almost terrible twos. How will they handle a drive to/from Yellowstone? The 20 month old won't remember the trip much. The operative word is ALMOST. Henry was a sweetheart the whole time, including the car trip. Lots of breaks where we played in local parks in small towns along the way. He thought we were on a nation-wide playground tour; every stop had a playground we could unwind at. Ha! No, he won't remember this trip, but he will see those photos and be wanting to go again when he's older. If we limited vacations to only when a child starts to remember, your looking at 5+ years of pretty boring life. We took our kids from the start on our outdoor adventures. From taking a crib and setting up in a tent to now with our grand kids in a 'well appointed' RV. Some folks here point out the safety aspect at Yellowstone in particular. I would think it would go without saying to NOT let a toddler down on the ground near a bubbling hot spring. He goes from car seat to back pack or stroller where he is strapped in, or limit to just looking from the car, or even not partaking of those sights this trip. Nothing says you HAVE to go to the more adventurous locations. Save those for future years. Yellowstone and other NP's are not a once in a lifetime trip. At least they shouldn't be. I know I've gone at least 7 or 8 times in my life, starting as a small child with my folks and now as an old man with my grand kids. I loved your photos and I couldn't have said it any better. My sons are now 40 and 41 and we never let their age stop us from hiking or camping. They have fond memories of the photos and when they were old enough to remember.
ReneeG 05/13/15 02:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: a/c new 5er

We had that same experience and ended up installing a second AC in the bedroom to keep things cool and run less often. Worked.
ReneeG 05/12/15 03:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Washing a fifth wheel

I washed mine in a campground in Utah,and when it dried it was covered in water spots. I had to wax it right after to try to get the spots off. Still have some spots. How do you avoid this problem, short of having a company come in and wash with soft water? That's why mine probably dries streak and spot free. We have a hose to our water softener and that's what we use.
ReneeG 05/12/15 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Washing a fifth wheel

Garden hose, bucket, long handled brush.......elbow grease and 1 day Then next day Step ladder, wax, cloth.......lots of elbow grease and ALL DAY Enjoy :B This is how I do it, but I can do the whole thing in a couple of hours. Same here - wash and wax in a couple of hours. I use Gel Gloss RV Wash and Wash. Drip drying is best, no streaks.
ReneeG 05/10/15 08:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Utah state routes 130 and 21 from Zion to Great Basin NP

We drove 21 years back after visiting Great Basin and heading to Albuquerque. At that time we drove an F250 V10 towing a 32' Comfort TT and we had no problem. We filled up in Baker at a self serve Sinclair station before leaving. We were basically alone on the entire stretch and it was beautiful, to us. Vistas like you wouldn't believe. Of course, being boondockers, we kept our eye out for possibilities. I found this link at Mile by Mile's website, which will give you an idea of the road.
ReneeG 05/09/15 05:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Campground availability near Arches and Grand Canyon

There are a lot of campgrounds in the Utah area you want to visit that you can stay at then drive to the various attractions. We've stayed at Kaibab Camper Village near Jacob Lake and drove to see the North and South Rim, Zion, Kolob Canyon, Cedar Breaks National Monument. We'd seen Bryce before, as well as Zion, so didn't spend much time there. We don't mind traveling between the sites, but others do. There is also a FS CG between Jacob Lake and the North Rim entrance. In our driving between Jacob Lake and Zion, we've seen various RV parks on that route. If you Google it, you'll find information. We haven't been to Sedona so we can't help you there.
ReneeG 05/06/15 07:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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