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RE: Resizing images that have already been formatted...?

When I upload photos originally in large mode, I only use the last size setting and enter 640. It sizes all my photos perfectly.
ReneeG 10/07/15 06:40am Forum Technical Support
RE: Sometimes campgrounds are almost like boondocking ...

Fall and winter camping is great. Nobody else goes. Nice place wherever it was. Agree!
ReneeG 10/07/15 06:38am Truck Campers
RE: I'm on the dark path many others have followed........

Fifth Wheel owner here - our plan is to get a pickup camper, with three slides, when we feel we either can't handle the fifth wheel or don't want to anymore. Then you can camp on the Bull Trout side instead of North Lake!!! ;) That's right! In fact, we would probably camp on the road going in off one of the smaller lakes.
ReneeG 10/07/15 06:33am Truck Campers
RE: I'm on the dark path many others have followed........

The problem you're gonna have is finding a fifth wheel with the same quality and dependability as your Lance camper you have now. As others have already stated, I also urge keeping the Lance. There was a poster here on the forum, way back now, believe he used the user name "Wheeler". Anyway, he modified I believe an Alpenlite fifth wheel and some of his photos/posts showed what one can accomplish, off road and off grid, with a fifth wheel. So it is really just limited to your own imagination, but I fully believe a fifth wheel is capable of handling more than just paved roads. Mind you, the caveat here is of course speed off pavement will be greatly reduced. Best of luck in your searches. We boondocks on back roads. Not rough ones, but backroads.
ReneeG 10/06/15 10:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Another thing that works is to purchase one of those old-time bowl covers with elastic around the edges. Dollar stores sometimes handle them. It's easy to slip over the smoke alarm. Just remember to take it off when leaving for the day or at night. I'll try this before replacing the alarm since it's the cheaper option. Thanks!
ReneeG 10/06/15 10:31pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

By smoke detector standards, if you are making toast, you are burning something: bread. This is why in residences, ionization smoke detectors (the cheapest kind to make) are not installed in kitchens. Similarly, photoelectric detectors are not installed in bathrooms (where fog from condensing water vapor triggers them). Problem with detector in a RV is that everything is pretty much in the same room. If the detector is too close to where you cook, replace it with a photoelectric, which detects smoke particles and fog. If that is the only detector, install an ionization detector in your sleeping area, assuming that is far enough away. Ionization detectors are preferred generally for earliest notification, as well as low cost and low maintenance. Second mention of a photoelectric alarm. Will have to look into that.
ReneeG 10/06/15 10:30pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Which hitch?

We have a Hensley BD3 TrailerSaver - "the name says it all".
ReneeG 10/06/15 03:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cleaning rubber roof

I would think any soap is safe as long as it does not have petroleum distillates or petroleum in any way shape or form.
ReneeG 10/06/15 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I'm on the dark path many others have followed........

Fifth Wheel owner here - our plan is to get a pickup camper, with three slides, when we feel we either can't handle the fifth wheel or don't want to anymore.
ReneeG 10/06/15 01:20pm Truck Campers
RE: A Sheety Problem

Here! Here! Yes, we too have to pull our king size memory foam mattress down, or slide it down to get the sheets on. Wouldn't trade it though. We sleep better on it than in the house.
ReneeG 10/06/15 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Seems that the more I read, the more I've decided to take the toaster back. At least using the broiler doesn't set off the alarm, yet baking muffins does. Then again, I had wrapped two burritos in foil and stuck them in the oven on the solid shelf below the wire rack where the muffins were. When I took out the burritos and unwrapped them, the bottoms were charred. They are most likely the cause for the alarm to go off. Maybe taping over the slots will work?
ReneeG 10/06/15 09:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Thank you for all the feedback! Michael - great idea. I have those shower cap looking food covers that I can use and Ava - good idea to put a note or hang something on it so that I remember to remove the cover. DutchmanSport - I tried to remove the batteries and it beeped like crazy, sending my little Mica into a frenzy, so I abandoned that idea. NanciL - we have a 35' fifth wheel and the fire alarm is mounted on the ceiling at the top of the stairs between the kitchen area and the bedroom. Seems like a good location for its purpose but what a pain when it goes off. 3oaks - we too have a Fantastic Fan in the area directly above the kitchen, but on a 31 degree morning, I didn't want to run the Fan and suck out all the warm air. I already have one window slightly open for venting purposes when cooking. DH ordered a batter powered fan that we are going to mount on the pantry shelf directly opposite the fire alarm and aim it at the thing when I'm cooking. I like the cover idea though. rockhillmanor - poor baby! The last thing I want to do is create a conditioned response with Mica, so maybe I'll take the toaster back. For the number of times we would use it, it may not be worth it after all.
ReneeG 10/06/15 07:17am RV Lifestyle
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Thanks for the information, Fred. I looked these up and the one we have looks like it, I'll just have to verify the model number. If that's the case, then it's malfunctioning.
ReneeG 10/05/15 08:20pm RV Lifestyle
Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Couple of things on the sensitivity of fire alarms. I know they are made to detect the slightest smoke, even before we see it, but ours often goes off when I make muffins and a slight drip of the batter on the pan burns. DH stands up by it fanning it with a pot holder and that stops it. How many of you have to do this too? My poor Mica, goes running for a place to hide when it goes off. With it's sensitivity, is a toaster going to set it off? We've been RV'ing in various towablesl for close to 20 years and have been making toast under the broiler, so I thought I would buy a little inexpensive two slice toaster. Is it going to set off the alarm with all those little bits of crumbs that are going to burn? I'm debating whether continuing to broil my toast.
ReneeG 10/05/15 07:42pm RV Lifestyle
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

Tucquala - oh, ha ha! Yes, it was warm. It was 80 + and after returning from Wyoming with lows in the low 30's, we had to run the AC!
ReneeG 10/04/15 09:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: silicone removal Yes/No?

The reason Dicor was not used around the windows I am told is that you can't use painters tape with Dicor to control where the caulk goes and doesn't go. When you use Dicor and pull the tape off, all these gooey strings get pulled up and go all over the place. The silicone (apparently) "plays well" with painters tape so you can attempt to get a straight even edge (even though on most of the silicone applications there is a small ridge where the tape was pulled away). This is an application procedure issue and it's not about the materials. You don't need and shouldn't use any tape when resealing any areas on your trailer. The problem most folks have is that they can't apply the sealants correctly and apply too much, initially. First thing is the gun--buy the better ones, not the cheapest you can find at the Big Box stores. You want one where the trigger can evenly be pulled to distribute the sealant evenly. Next, when preparing the tube for use, cut on an angle a very small hole (1/8", maximum). Place the tube end at the start of the sealant run and, while applying pressure to the trigger, draw the tube end away from the bead you are applying. If done right, this will leave a bead of sealant 1/8" wide (or so). I like to compress the bead into the joint being sealed and use a spoon, caulk tool, or my finger. Compression of the bead will force sealant into the joint and even out any untoward cosmetic issues. Hope this helps. BTW, if using Proflex or similar sealants when temperatures start to drop, I've found them easier to apply by heating the tubes just a bit. THis helps to lower the viscosity and the sealants flow freely. I'm not aware of any other caulking guns. I'll have to check the stores. We cut a small 1/8" hole and that worked but it came out too much and made a mess. I'll either leave it, as from afar it's not so bad to look at, or remove it on that one section and start over.
ReneeG 10/04/15 09:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting Montana Concept - Huge Window on Front Cap

Cool, now 5th wheels have windshields to replace from stone damage. :) ...and leak... :-) Personally, I like the old trailers that had a fold-down cover/shield over the front window. Be nice to have that, as it will double as an awning. Lyle Our 2009 Komfort had a front bed and window with that shield. We loved it. We would lie in bed late at night on our stomachs and look out at the campground activity or watch for wildlife in the morning and night.
ReneeG 10/02/15 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Interesting Montana Concept - Huge Window on Front Cap

Hmmmm. Nice idea but not sure I'd want one for the reasons noted. Also, seems it would make the inside hotter, even with privacy glass and shades.
ReneeG 10/02/15 01:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New DISH Subscriber With Questions

Get an OTA Module from SolidSignal to connect to your roof antenna. Then scan for the local channels yourself. You will get more local channels and they will all be HD. The OP has a VIP211k receiver that has OTA reception built in. The newer and less featured VIP211z would need the OTA USB module. Using OTA of course, assumes always parking in areas with good OTA reception. Plus, you still have to get satellite signal. This wouldn't work in the case of too many trees and no satellite signal, so you'd have to have an HD manual antenna to get OTA signal.
ReneeG 10/02/15 10:55am Technology Corner
RE: My over 13' rv went under a 13' clearance bridge

Same here. We measured tallest point in front and back since our roof is sloping and should we have to back in to a covered area, we at least know the back AC height. We have this information laminated and taped to the front upper part of the window on the driver's side.
ReneeG 10/02/15 08:48am General RVing Issues
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