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RE: Battery cutoff switch

The cut-off battery switches usually cuts-off anything down-stream from the battery terminals except those 12VDC connections that are directly connected to the battery terminals... My 5th Wheel battery terminals has the TRAILER TRAILER EMERGENCY DISCONNECT Box which includes the 12VDC jumper going to the truck 7-way connection, the Trailer Slide-outs, and the Trailer Front Jacks all remaining direct connected to battery terminals. The BATTERY DISCONNECT SWITCH opens the circuit between the Battery Terminals and the 12VDC Power Distribution Panel which is co-located with the Converter/Charger unit panel. My Trailer Converter/charger unit connects to the same point on the 12VDC Distribution panel. This means when I am connected to SHORE POWER all of my 12VDC items running from the 12VDC Distribution Panel will have 12VDC being generated by the Converter/Charger unit. When my BATTERY DISCONNECT switch is engaged (OPENED) I will not be able to re-charge my batteries when plugged into the SHORE POWER Connection. I installed my own BATTERY DISCONNECT SWITCH in my Fifth Wheel Trailer which is wired for two 12VDC batteries and My OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer which is wired for 4ea 12VDC batteries. I used the BLUE SEA 4-position HD Battery rotary switches that selects batteries from my two battery banks (OFF-BAT1-BOTH-BAT2)... This is how my two trailers Batteries are hooked up - Not sure if all the rest are connected this way or not... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roof Top Spot Light

Those are commonly called SCARE LIGHTS I think... My trailer has two - one on each side in the rear. Where we camp its neat to turn on to see if the bear outside is a BLACK BEAR or a BROWN BEAR... The BROWN BEAR needs a louder noise to make it run off I guess... Thats what my friend Smokey tells me at any rate... http://www.rvalaskatours.com/images/BlackBearPicnicTable.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Things I have learned from these forums

Good list... I like the one that says "It's not camping if you don't have a fire" Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Three Months With my Toshiba Chromebook

Lots of goodies on the market for these items now... If you can get on the Internet anywhere you need then to work then they are neat to have... Getting on the Internet inexpensive with a somewhat secured connection is always my problem... VERIZON is about the only connection you can use to do this 'almost anywhere' across the USA... We even have coverage in GOBER TX using VERIZON INTERNET... At least I found a spot at the local cemetery there close to a shade tree that works when we visit the wifes mothers grave there... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: Better TV antenna?

Hard to beat this BATWING layout... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/wingmanon.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: TekPower 50 amp adjustable supply?

I would stick with the RV CONVERTER/CHARGERS with smart mode technology. I use the PD9260C 60AMP unit and it goes through all of the smart mode charging levels automatically or on demand using the manual modes. Battery science dictates how much current the battery is wanting to charge depending on what charging voltage is being used. If you are using the 14.4VDC mode for charging a typical battery will want to draw 17-20AMPS of DC current... This level of charging was picked as in a short three hour expected charge time the battery will not boil out it fluids. If you raise the DC VOLTAGE to make the battery draw more current then you will charge the battery quicker however you will really start boiling out your battery fluids and if the fluid level gets below the tops of internal cores then the battery may short circuit on you or even could even explode the battery if continued. This was common charging in the early days of charging batteries where the local automotive repair shop would offer a quick one hour charge using 40-50VDC with the capacity of a 150 DC AMPS or so... I actually witnessed one of these quick one hour charger and saw a battery explode where the battery top and all the internal fluids blew up over the outside of the automobile and all over the side of the garage. When i was in the Air Force back in those early years even the Military motor pools made their mechanics place their batteries in a steel cage when being charged. This was a pretty dangerous thing back in the day. Makes one wonder why one would want to these things again... The only reason we find the high current chargers these days is to be able to charge more than one battery at a time as the most a single 12VDC battery will only want to draw is between 17-20AMPS DC Current when first hit with 14.4VDC. A battery bank of four batteries will want to draw 68-80AMPS of DC Current when first hit with 14.4VDC if you want to charge those batteries in a quick three-four hour charge time. If you have a smaller DC CURRENT model charger it will still charge your batteries just take longer. The available DC current will just max out to rated capacity of the charger in this case. This is what I see with my battery bank where I monitor the DC VOLTS at the battery terminals and the INPUT DC AMPS being drawn from my PD9260C 60AMP converter/charger. I currently only have three 12VDC batteries in the battery bank and it shows around 52-53 AMPS DC current being drawn when first hit with 14.4VDC charge voltage and if the batteries are initially at their 50% charge state they will charge back to the 90% charge state in just over three hours time. I do this 50% to 90% battery bank charge every day when camping off the power grid. I can only do this 50% to 90% charge for around 12-14 cycles otherwise I will do damage to the batteries if I don't do a full 100% charge state which would take over 12 hours to do with my PD9260C 60AMP charger. Usually where i camp I am not allowed to run my generator that long of a time due to generator run time restrictions in place so this is a great time to pack up and go home.. ADDED NOTE: There have been times where I have a shorted battery I am trying to revive and having fully manual DC POWER with adjustable DC VOLTS and I guess ADJUSTABLE DC current would be handy. You would not ever do this when the fluids start really gassing for any long length of time. i.e. when trying to recover a dead battery it might work to hit the battery with 15-20VDC for short periods of time and bust away the crud that is built-up on the internal plate causing a short between them etc... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/03/15 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10

It was really hard for me to give up my DELL M90 WORKSTATIONS running on XP-PRO.. These plugged into the DELL DOCKING STATION and my house and RV setup were almost exactly the same running DUAL MONITORs and external keyboards, mouse, and sound all wired in. I could grab my M90 laptop and plop it into the RV Docking station and all was almost all the same... With M90 I never had to open the laptop lid but with the dells I can only get to the power button after opening the screen. As soon as it starts loading I can go ahead and close the lid. With my Radio setups the docking station was really neat with all of its additional hookups... Having to do work-arounds to get all of those setup at both locations and eliminate additional cables to be hooked up to the LAPTOP. Sure miss the large docking connector on the bottom of the M90 LAPTOPS I finally migrated to the DEL INSPIRON 17 5000 Series LAPTOP running 8.1 and using a universal docking station with 3.0 USB connections from the laptop. Its working fine but I still have four or five cables to hookup when I move my DELL laptops... Just couldn't afford the high dollar WORKSTATION DELLs to do what I was doing before with the DELL Port Replicators... My two DELL M90s XPs are still being used in my radio console but doesn't get connected to the internet much... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/02/15 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10

Looks like I am the only one in this group that had my WIN10 upgrade fail on a WIN8.1 laptop. It stops at the 32% upgrade point which is the DRIVERS etc... Tried all the easy things we could think of with no luck. QVC tried to upgrade it from their side with no luck. Always stops at the 32% load point. I had one other 8.1 do just fine and working great. Yesterday got notification to do one of the WIN7 LAPTOPS and that went great. Still waiting for notification to proceed on the other WIN7 Laptop. Don't know what to do with the one WIN8.1 HP LAPTOP using AMD chips... All of my other LAPTOPS are DELLs using the INTEL chips. Might be a clue here... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/02/15 05:53am Technology Corner
RE: windows 10

Jeff - They just sent notification for one of our WIN 7 machines yesterday. Went smooth.. We got our WIN8.1 LAPTOP machines notification on the 29th and the DELL went great with no problems. The HP stops at the 32% upgrade point and just sits there. Tried several times after doing a few things here we could think of with no luck. QVC tried to make it upgrade from their side with no luck.. One suggestion was to let it sit so we did that for over two days -still no luck... Seems like alot of folks on-line having the same hang up at 32% point which is where all the drivers etc gets loaded in... I still have one more WIN7 to get upgraded and waiting for MS to send notification to proceed.. My laptop setup here at my console running dual 24-inch monitors and radio interface things run just great. I initially had problems with MOPVIDEO and WATCH-TVSERIES for down-streaming TV SHOWS but that all cleared up and works great now... When I first turn on my LAPTOP its loads up real fast - Did not do that with WIN8.1 Works great with all my free malware programs... Just used the two printers in my network yesterday and they worked same as before. One is wired an they other one is WIFI... Will be happy camper when my other WIN7 LAPTOP and the WIN8.1 LAPTOP gets fixed... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/02/15 05:34am Technology Corner
RE: Fulltiming in a TC?

We are all for the smaller footprint. Takes too much money to keep ahead of the super large RV units... If I was setup out West it would make a big difference going smaller. Calling full timing here on the East Side would definitely require more living space... I just don't think you can get away from it all here on the East side... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Wi-Fi hot spot

Bob - I bet you can snake the antenna RG cable up behind the fridge and get to the roof coming out the FRIDGE VENT COVER. Would be nice to NOT have to cut the OEM cable and make it longer with additional connectors. May be designed just for the shorter RG cable that comes with the kit. My install inside my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer was close to charge socket so I could keep my Verizon MIFI unit going longer than the usual four hours of charge on its internal battery. I have been using this idea for some time now with my VERIZON MIFI unit but this is either in my truck or in my OFF_ROAD POPUP. It works rather well giving my a larger foot print at the camp site when using inside the OFF-ROAD POPUP setup. Covers outside all around the camp site giving us WIFI for five of our wifi enabled units. When using it in the truck I am able to use the tablets going down the road and staying connected to the internet pretty good using the MIFI unit which is sitting in the WILSON CRADLE. I think I also get some connectivity to the outside antenna if my cellphone is within a foot or so of the CRADLE... Seems to hold better on the towers going down the road... The CRADLE and the CELL PHONE HOLDER are pretty close to each other in my truck. ALot of times we just turn the MIFI on still sitting in the WILSON CRADLE inside the truck and it works for us almost as good as it does if I move it to the OFF-ROAD TRAILER. The truck does the same thing about extending the WIFI footprint around the truck too... My WILSON CRADLE is one of the older one however... NOT 4G capable... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 01:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi hot spot

You can order just about everything using AMAZON with two day shipping... Just type in google SMA CONNECTORS followed by the word AMAZON... Then go through all there stock to find find what you need... Radio Shack pretty much all but gone here as well... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 01:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Hotspot Overage

I do what STROLLIN says - My setup here is using two monitors so one monitor is running from FIREFOX browser and the other monitor is running from CHROME browser.. Just upgraded to WIN 10 on the the 29th and see they have new browser called EDGE. Seems like when EDGE sees something it doesn't like the whole screen goes green here but sound still goes??? Sure looks like a PLAIN JANE program but says it is faster than IE... Haven't tried it yet for all of my online RADIO SCANNERS using BROADCASTIFY and a few of my TV downstreams when I miss a TV show I really want to see. Bank Account logins will probably not like it either. My Bank account and other necessary login seem to work good for me on FIREFOX. I have to use CHROME here for FACEBOOK otherwise I miss out of the trending section for my friends. When on the road I am using VERIZON MIFI account with my CELLPHONE service which only has a 3GB dataplan. I really have to watch it close to not get over my limit in a month... MS AUTO UPDATEs got me one month... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 09:44am Technology Corner
RE: Engine Battery Not Charging

My 2010 Truck with all of its computers and electronics doesn't like sitting very long either. I picked up one of those small wattage SOLAR PANELs from AMAZON that sits inside the truck windshield area. This is plugged into an always hot 12VDC socket. Completely out of the way laying on the truck dash. Keeps my truck start battery topped great... Mine was only a 5WATT panel and I really should have found one with more wattage. http://shop.cebuaquaponics.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/840c00d5a169.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 60" Bed Height

Sometimes it is hard to mix multiple life style. OFF-ROAD Trucks and RV TRAILERS are two different worlds... Gotta do what pleases the wife I reckon... Give me a JEEP and a small utility trailer to carry my TENT supplies is my idea of camping pleasures setup around a creek bed somewhere WAY BACK off the beaten trail road. Momabear of course has different ideas here... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please give Advice on a big decision! Long Post!

I think all of those larger RV UNITS might be money pits - just like the big ole boats... Something always breaking down... Guess that is why there are many many TRUCK STOPS with shops scattered all across the US to keep all of them going... Got to have deep pockets when you go big... I'd love to have a bigger unit but certainly outside of my money cash flow. Actually almost everything is outside my money cash flow hehe...It is just human nature that bigger is always better... Just my opinion... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installing Satellite radio antenna

This is what I did mounting antennas on the side of my 5th wheel up near the roof edge using the trucker mirror mount hardware. This is NOT the Sirius antenna but rather a Ham Radio 2M/440 antenna. As long as you can get the Sirius/XM antenna extending above the roof line it should do ok... As you can see the mounting groves really worked out for me to guide the RG cable away from the main body and also to cover the small hole drilled into the side of the roof area. This area was picked as there was a ceiling cabinet on the other side of the trailer wall where the RG cable ended up at. Then it was easy for me to route to the radios's inside the trailer. After the RG cable was routed into the trailer than I filled the groove area on the outside mount plate with RTV sealent. The 8 mounting screws you see in the photo are just self tapping type metal screws only to the outside wall area. http://i.imgur.com/ElZdJPs.jpg height=300 Hope this might give some ideas in your installation if you decide to go for the TRUCK MOUNT SIRIUS/XM ANTENNA shown here.. The second photo might be better for doing this which is available from AMAZON... https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTja9ald_wLwxuXD9TfMRL5SsXgDE_oz51BFuGF2FPpwuoDRL-wZA height=200 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51b2vAxzMPL._SL1000_.jpg height=200 ADDED NOTE: Just remembered I saw a SIRIUS/XM round antenna mounted on top of the FRIDGE FLAT PLASTIC VENT section on the roof of a trailer once - That would be another easy mount location... Sorry couldn't find a photo on google showing this. Roy Ken
RoyB 08/01/15 07:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No 110 at outlets

It sure sounds like a tripped GFCI receptacle. You should have one of these installed where you may come in contact with water like the kitchen area, bathroom area, or wash up sink near the bedroom etc.. Those are the three areas in my trailer. the GFCI Receptacle will look similar to this google photo... One GFCI receptacle will control several additional regular receptacles downstream from its wiring... My outside receptacle on the side of the trailer is controlled by the GFCI Receptacle in the kitchen area. Since you have had alot of rain this outside receptacle would be very suspect to me of possible getting some moisture perhaps... http://leinbachservices.com/wp-content/uploads/gfci1.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/31/15 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: 6V Deep Cycle Batteries

Another sure way would be to PRINT a large PLUS and MINUS on piece of paper and tape them to the correct cable using CLEAR TAPE... I went and purchased a new JENSEN RADIO a few years back and it came with RED and BLACK terminals so when I installed that inside the trailer I ended up with a RED TERMINAL over a BLACK TERMINAL in the junction box. That sure looked strange to we old timers haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/31/15 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: 6V Deep Cycle Batteries

Not hard getting the leads REVERSED as the connectors on the battery terminals are the same type. If they were reversed you may have blown two FUSES in the 12VDC Distribution Panel labeled 'REVERSE POLARITY' and then another in-line fuse close to the battery bank. Don't feel bad blowing the fuses as that is why they are in there - to protect from us guys hooking them up in reverse. No Harm DONE... Just blown fuses... You are not the only one that has done this haha... Be sure to correct the wiring before you replace the fuses otherwise they will just blow again... I always look for the word 'NEG' or the symbol '-' Stamped into the outside 6V battery case and make sure this is he battery terminal that goes to FRAME GROUND... The normal trailer wiring colors will be BLACK for positive +12VDC cables and WHITE for negative -12VDC cables. They may white cables and the ones with color stripes will be positive leads... Sometimes however they will be using the AUTOMOTIVE Battery Colors which is RED for positive +12VDC and BLACK for negative -12VDC cables. http://www.rzrforums.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=41308&d=1323916225 height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/31/15 09:30am Tech Issues
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