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RE: Power converter on the move

RoyB 04/20/15 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Power converter on the move

This is what I did with my WF8945 COnverter setup with adding a PD9260C some 12-feet away from the WF8900 series power distribution panel. I can have either converter/charger ON by just flipping the right 120VAC circuit breaker. I also used 4AWG battery cables everywhere. My PD9260C is a 60AMP smart mode charger that immediately goes into smart mode by the flip of a button... http://i.imgur.com/4UQXH.png height=500 Worked out great for me... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: HOW accessible is FREE WIFI while travelling?

I finally gave up on FREE WIFI and got hooked up with the VERIZON MIFI service plan. I never needed alot of DATA so it fit us just fine. We still have the 3GB DATA PLAN and it works up to five of our WIFI Enabled devices just about anywhere we go using VERIZON TOWERS. Anywhere my VERIZON CELL PHONE works my VERIZON MIFI stand alone units works as well... It is all second nature now... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 08:10pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v Electrical Issues

I also fought a LED BOARD PROBLEM once where the fix was to just REVERSE THE TWO WIRES feeding the LED LIGHT. They were same color wires. This one was polarity conscious...
RoyB 04/20/15 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12v Electrical Issues

Just checking that you did follow house wiring rules when taping into the trailer wiring. A SOLID WHITE wire is always -12VDC or NEGATIVE GROUND. any other wire color including white wires with color stripes are +12VDC or POSITIVE. My trailer wiring from the 12VDC Power Distribution uses two wire conductors sometimes called BOAT WIRING with one BLACK wire for +12VDC and one WHIRE wire for NEGATIVE FRAME GROUND polarity... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 07:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boodocking

I was up behind HARRISONBURG VA in late October last season just over the WVA STATE LINE camping in the George Washinton NATL FOREST area just off a forest service road near a place called FLAGPOLE KNOB... Stayed there a couple of nights... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 07:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Battery Installation question

If you have WHITE and BLACK wiring then the WHITE WIRE is NEGATIVE -12VDC and must go to NEGATIVE (FRAME GROUND) Battery Terminal. The BLACK is POSITIVE +12VDC and must go the POSITIVE BATTERY TERMINAL. In the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD it is different where RED IS POSITIVE and BLACK is frame ground. Makes for big confusion between the two worlds or RV and AUTOMOTIVE where BATTERIES are being used. You most likely have blown some fuses... There is a FUSE or CIRCUIT BREAKER real close to the battery and also TWO HIGH CURRENT RATING FUSES located in the 12VDC Distribution Panel labeled REVERSE POLARITY... Be sure to find the markings on the BATTERY CASE that says NEG or the SYMBOL - and make sure this is the WHITE WIRE CONNECTION. I would also hand trace the WHITE CABLE and make sure this goes to the trailer FRAME GROUND near the battery. Someone may have rewired it before you. Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 06:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can someone please look at this trim again??

You are the one that needs to be pleased - Probably not what anyone on here says will sway you in any way hehe.. Sometimes maybe it just should be done by yourself to pass the "I AM PLEASED" test.... If the dealer is local I'd just park it down there after I removed the trailer batteries and let it sit until you like what needs to be done... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 05:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any of you guys have the Endless Breeze 12VDC Fan?

We use the 10-inch blade O2COOL brand Portable fan. It is 120VAC-12VDC-D CELL powered. Very quiet operations and does an outstanding job... Probably a very similar Fan you are describing.. Available from LOWES-WALMART-AMAZON This fan also sits behind our low profile OIL-FILLED Electric Heater when we want to move some warm air around the trailer. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51eLBFQdHDL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 05:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Our Honey Bucket Console

I doubt this location would pass the wife test here as well... Nice job however...
RoyB 04/20/15 05:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Camping With Below Freezing Temps

We always unhook from the camp ground water at night. Trailer heater should keep you all just fine... When its cool in the mornings the fresh ground bean coffee really taste great... I will most often have a nice bonfire going outside at daybreak sitting around it drinking coffee... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/15 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: How long can you realistically dry camp?

We do it quite comfortably with our 255AH Battery setup and a 2KW Honda Generator. We run all of the 120VAC items we want to use from an INVERTER connected to the battery bank and 12VDC items direct connected to the 12VDC distribution panel. Our game plan is use the BATTERIES until they drop in capacity to around 12.0VDC which is telling us they are approximately at 50% charge state. This has been planned out to occur around 8AM each morning where we are allowed to run our generator for a few hours. We connect the shore power cable form the trailer to the generator and power up the on-board smart mode converter/charger which will re-charge our 255AH Battery bank back up to its 90% charge state. Using smart mode technology this will take around three hours of generator run time. In our case if we had SOLAR PANELS we could run our generator until the high current demand will drop to around 8AMP DC and then the solar panels could provide that much DC CURRENT to finish the battery bank charge while in high SUN for the remaining of the SUN DAY. If the batteries are 50% depleted they will demand around 20AMPS of DC CHARGE CURRENT per battery if you want to get them recharged in a three hour charge time. Our 255Ah Battery bank can be cycled between 50% and 90% charge states for 12-14 times without doing damage to the batteries. Then they will need to be charged to a full 100% charge state which will take around 12-14 hours of charge time. This is usually when we head for the house. Most places here on the East side of the US will not allow the generator to run continuous for that amount of time. Even just running the generator three hours a day consumes gasoline so you have to plan for that as well... Of course dealing with dirty water from the sink and black water disposal becomes a problem. Most places we go to usually has a close by toilet somewhere and most of the the time with fresh water. We have water totes to make runs back and forth from the remote toilet area to keep going. We do this style of camping alot during the season. Our biggest battery drain time of course is between 6PM and 11PM when all the lighting and home entertainment items are running. We will usually draw around 20AMPS of DC Current continuous during this time frame. The we drop back to the usual 1-2AMPS for parasitic drains for the remaining time. Camping off the power grid for us is not much different than camping at Electric sites except we don't get to use the Air COnditioner. We however do not go without all of the other items. Watch HDTV from the local towns everynight keeping tabs on the weather and keep in touch with kids - pay some bills-and surf the internet. I also get in a bunch of HAM RADIO ops... Not like the tent camping days where a bag full of D-CELLS and a jug of white gasoline for the bright lamps outside was all you needed with flashlights and candles... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 04/20/15 08:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Unique Solar Question

My way of thinking is you would want to beef up your battery setup to run a large INVERTER SETUP that in-turn will run all of the 120VAC ITEMS you want to run. The purpose of the SOLAR PANEL would be to re-charge the large battery bank during the high sun day. It would take a real large solar setup to run directly from the panels for these large 120VAC items. The basics for solar panels is you only get about six hours of 5-6AMPS DC CURRENT when a typical 120WATT SOLAR PANEL is in high sun. It will take many 120WATT SOLAR PANELS to maintain several high AH batteries to do this for you. Then you also have to worry about when the HIGH SUN is not going to be available for you to use. During these times you will want a 2KW Honda Generator to run your on-board CONVERTER/CHARGER setup for three hours a day using smart mode charging techniques to keep the batteries charged-up so you can use them when needed. I would think the first thing to do is get your batteries setup to run a large 120VAC OUTPUT Inverter setup then start looking into SOLAR PANELS to keep the BATTERIES re-charged so you can use the batteries at all times day or night. Is this what you are thinking about doing???? I DO NOT THINK you can achieve what you are saying with SOLAR PANELS alone. Just my thoughts Roy Ken NOTE: AS I was typing this up I see more info about the subj has showed up: Just relaying on some of my thoughts here...
RoyB 04/19/15 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Microwave that a Honda EU1000i will run

My microwave plugs into a 120VAC RECEPTACLE on a open panel on top of the fridge. Maybe if yours is much the same you can plug the Microwave directly into the Honda Generator instead adapting to the trailer Shore Power Cable. Chances are other 120VAC items may have come on when you was testing. The Honda EU1000i should put out I would think around 120VAC @ 850WATTS. You might check the specs on that. Roy Ken
RoyB 04/19/15 03:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Carbon Monoxide

What some folks do is mount two of those sensors. I never could figure out if the alarms were real or just a battery glitch... Alot of things will set them off. generator running outside and the wind changes made mine go off one time which was a steady alarm... All the other alarms I seem to get are short beeps??? I always thought a beep ever second or so was a battery alarm and not worry about that and the real alarm would be a louder steady sound... But like everyone else when it goes OFF I get nervous... I will get up and open some doors and windows haha... Having two working at same time close to each other might give you some better confidence feelings about them... i.e. both should go OFF if you had a leak???? Roy Ken
RoyB 04/19/15 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can I use main breaker as battery disconnect?

TURBOJIMMY - I originally installed my four position BLUE SEA SWITCHES for other reasons but it turned out they made GREAT BATTERY DISCONNECT switches in the positive side of things. ALot of folks like to install the BATTERY DISCONNECT switches in the NEG path but either way works just fine. In the AUTOMOBILES where everywhere is very congested with possible cable short to frame ground areas it makes sense to mount the switches in the NEG PATH so that the wrench you are using on the POS SIDE terminal doesn't touch any frame Ground. My trailers were never that congested so I never worried about that problem. I was always able in the past finding cheap DONUT TYPE CURRENT TAPS so always used the POSITIVE SIDE cabling for that. Now those type of CURRENT SAMPLE DEVICES are very expensive making one to use an actual HIGH CURRENT SAMPLE LINK which always makes sense to be mounted in the NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE side. Even this has small wiring going to panels etc so you have to individually fuse those as well to prevent accidental touching a small LCD meter wire to frame ground and burning out the wire. I like the Hall Effect Current Sensor (DONUT TYPE) much better. Then the remote meter panel wiring is all low voltage - low current requirements.
RoyB 04/19/15 10:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Driving the Blue Ridge Highway in a Class C?

There are few gas station along the parkway (maybe only three if my memory is correct) which makes you get off the blue ridge to get gas so be sure to pick the major routes on and off the parkway. You could get into series trouble with the CLASS C on some of those mtn access roads. There are camp grounds about every 50 miles down the Parkway and was originally layed out for tent camping. None had hookups with only bath rooms and water available. The may be only three WAY STATIONs along the entire route. AS stated above the narrow roads are always in great shape but there are a few tunnels and the traffic will be small vehicles and lots of motorcycle traffic. It is not unheard of rounding a sharp curve and meet up with 50 motorcycles coming right at you. Got to be on the alert all the time. There is also more and more of bicycle traffic. Probably max speed is 45MPH but most of the time this gets dropped down to 25MPH and less going around the sharp curves. You cannot get in any hurry along the Blue Ridge. There is always heavy wildlife around dusk you have to watch out for. Lots of deer traffic. When bears are spotted all the vehicles will stop anywhere along the parkway along the side of the road and start taking photos... Got to be fully alert especially driving the larger vehicle. Plan your exits as cell phone service is very spotty along the parkway. Not a good idea to run out of gasoline up there... Back in the day we enjoyed TENT camping along the Parkway from VA to Gatlinburg TN. Have done that several times. Only just 450 miles or so but will consume a good three weeks to really enjoy it... Today our senior pass us into any paid areas like Skyline Drive for free and the camp site fees are reduced to 50%. can't beat that for sure... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 04/19/15 09:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can I use main breaker as battery disconnect?

If you are going to work on the 12VDC cabling turn off the converter/charger unit and pull the battery terminals. Both the CONVERTER/CHARGER unit and the BATTERY TERMINALS feed the same point on the 12VDC Distribution wiring panel. Here is an simplified 30AMP WIRING BLOCK diagram that may be of some help for you.. http://i.imgur.com/z4audc3.png height=500 My present used 12VDc UPGRADE looks like this which I am in the process of starting a bigger and better upgrade to get more AHs and use some solar panels for daytime charging of the batteries. My game plan here is to use my 255AH battey bank to run all the 120VAC items we want to have from an INVERTER and 12VDC items direct connected to the battery bank. Then will use my 2KW Honda Generator connecected to the trailer shore power cable each morning around 8AM when allowed to run my generator here on the East side of the US to recharge the battery banks back up to their 90% charge state using the on-board PD9260C Converter/charger unit running off the generator 120VAC. This takes around three hours using the SMART MODE charging techniques... Once re-charged to the 90% charge state then we are good for the next day/night run off the batteries. http://i.imgur.com/4UQXH.png height=500 Roy Ken
RoyB 04/19/15 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Schematics for water line

FLEETWOODS really long number would be called the VIN NUMBER. JAYCO does this as well and these drawings are on PDF's so you will get an instant respond via email with the drawing. Roy Ken
RoyB 04/18/15 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone watch the TV show "Ice Cold Gold"?

I really got hooked on the GOLD RUSH series. Have been watching the ICE COLD GOLD which is pretty good. I like them when they wear cowboy hats haha... The BEARING SEA GOLD just got too nasty to listen too... They all too "MEAN" for me to watch... I'm also waiting for the CURSE OF OAK ISLAND to come back this season.... So much for the HISTORY CHANNEL surfing hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/18/15 05:05am Tech Issues
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