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RE: Water heater anode rod looks good?

Found this on-line... http://www.lets-getaway.com/images/AnodeRod.jpg height=300 That looks very much about what I do with mine... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: regular extension cord to run some appliances

This is just me but the only way I would use one of those orange WALMART extension cords would be to run thru the open door of the trailer and plug in one item at a time... You may want to purchase a good 12-gauge (12-3) or even better yet a contractor grade 10-gauge (10-3) 50-foot extension cord... Then you can use your adapters and plug in the RV UNIT using its shore power cable... I found a couple of the 50-foot 10 Gauge extension cords at a yard sale... The RV places use them to hook up all of their RV units on display... You might be able to make a good deal with them. Especially from the RV DEALER where you got your RV from... I had them throw in a couple of their used 25-foot long HD extension cords when I purchased my unit.... That was sort of a funny thing - After I had made the point I would like to have a couple of them the sales lady said I'll be right back and pointed at a couple of the cords laying on the ground not hooked up... I didn't catch on what she was meaning so she came back and noticed I didn't load them into the trailer so she said it all over again and left for a few minutes... I loaded them puppies right up haha.... Another thing I will not do is use one of the small round RV ADAPTERS... All of mine are the long DOGBONE type RV Adapters. What will happen using the smaller low amp type extension cords is you will burn up the adapters or even worse burn up your Shore Power Cable connector... Not worth it for me to short change myself... You could also burn up some important items like the Air Conditioner or high wattage microwave by trying to use them from a weak extension cord and have alot of voltage drop... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 30 to 50 amp adapter

This is how the RV PEDESTALS are wired up and being used... http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb122/EdConley/Plugs/rv-service1.jpg height=500 Granted if you tie those two HOTS together from the SHORE POWER SIDE SOURCE it would be bad... However tieing the two hots together feeding the RV 120VAC Distribution PANEL from a 30A single phase source is not going to do any harm... The 30A side at the pedestal only has ONE LEAD HOT... You are just sending this same hot lead to two locations. If you are using an applicance that is wired for 220VAC then the 30A-50A RV adapter will not work for that one appliance. It is only sending 120VAC to the RV Distribution Panel. Read up DMBRUSS Electrical adapters on-line DMBRUSS RV ADAPTERS ARTICLES Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: 30 to 50 amp adapter

The 30A(M) to 50A(F) RV adapter should have the HOT wires jumpered to operate both 50A ZONES in your trailer... You will have to watch what high wattage items you have ON at the same time otherwise the 30AMP BREAKER at the SHORE POWER PEDESTAL will trip on you... http://www.dmbruss.com/images/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/30-50ampDogbone.jpg height=300 http://www.dmbruss.com/images/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/3050ampRVDistribution.jpg height=300 GOOGLE IMAGES Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Neat little trailer

Great post... I love it when KISS things works out... I do the same here at three or four of my favorite be myself places not too far from here... I will tell the wife I am going to check a few of my recent POWER mods to the POPUP trailer and come back in a couple of days... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 10:59am Truck Campers
RE: using internet in libraries in small towns..

I gave up along time ago on depending on the non-secure WIFI connections everywhere. The RV PARKS are the worse... It may start out great but when everyone gets on-line in the evening it goes down hill rather quick. Like others have said we get very good internet using our own WIFI HOT SPOT and a great internet provider like VERIZON... For years VERIZON was the best provider for getting back off the somewhat unpopulated trails... Other providers are just now starting to catch-up it seems... SAT INTERNET has never been a good option... I base all of this on my working years being sent all over the USA working with DOD Electronics systems. VERIZON AIR CARDS and USB enabled WIFI devices etc were issued with every DOD travel order back in the day haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 08:13am Full-time RVing
RE: Which truck signs do I need to worry about?

I always travel in the RIGHT lanes... Its a matter of being able to see what is coming up behind me... Common sense applies... Actually some states have this RIGHT SIDE rule for all vehicles and LEFT SIDE for passing only... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 07:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air compressor for winterizing

For me the 12VDC TANKLESS 150PSI portable Air Compressor works the best. Most of my camping is OFF-ROAD without 120VAC PEDESTALS. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51hYwPsge1L.jpg height=200 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41JjZ9BsviL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=200 Purchased from AMAZON I can sit my small tankless compressor on the tail gate of the truck and direct connect the 12VDC CABLES to the BATTERY BANK on the trailer. The AIR HOSE is long enough to walk around my trailer and truck tires from this position. I use my 12VDc Compreesor for blowing out the water lines in my trailer by connecting to the CITY WATER PORT using an AIR COMPRESSOR air adapter... Being a TANKLESS model the air compressor is slow bringing up the resulting air pressure and works ideal for me to start the air compressor and walk inside the trailer to open the sink spigots etc... The 150PSI Air Compressor airs up all of my Truck and Trailer tires just fine... I store this small footprint air compressor in its neat carry bag under the rear seat of my SUPER CAB truck. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/08/15 07:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Need new TV antenna

Not sure what antenna you have but keep in mind that most users here agree the BATWING UHF ANTENNA with dipoles is very hard to beat. My BATWING antenna looks like this photo but the newer BATWING design are great performers as well... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/wingmanon.jpg height=300 If the crank-up assy is unharmed the top portion of the BATWING can easily be replaced with just removing the two clips and two steel pins and RG CABLE connection... Only takes about five minutes to replace... INSTALLING BATWING ANTENNA
RoyB 10/08/15 07:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A new, innovative, portable air conditioner

Brings back memories of my ARIZONA days back in the 60s... Every house in the Phoenix metroplex had these on the roofs... They worked great after you mastered where to create a draft throughout the house. The one drawback I really hated was when it was time to change out the filters on the roof. You had to protect yourself from BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS... They did not follow the known rule of only ONE in each location... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: does my rv pic show on my postings

anon125 - I see it on your profile page but not on your post... When you use the ADVANCED POST FORM to send a post do you see where it says 'Append Signature'... You have to CHECK that block for it to work... It has to be in your signature form if you want it to show up everytime you post something... The photos for the signature file have a size limit also - pretty small... What are you trying to do... Just send the photo or want it be sent everytime in you signature line you post something If you just want to send the photo just add it to the IMAGE ICON and the photo has to be a HTTP address... RV NET has one of the best POST FORUMS out here... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 05:07pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Federal Income Tax

All I got to deduct was the loan Interest as the IRS 535 pub listed above calls this my second home... Every little bit helps I reckon... I've been doing this since 2009... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 02:04pm Workamping Forum
RE: LED TV on MSW inverter?

I would never use the MFM type Inverters for anything Electronics or with motors... Also controllers like the electric blankets uses will end up in much blue smoke when it see's you starting to plug it in... haha... My home entertainment LCD HDTV Flatscreen is low wattage (56WATTS) and can probably run just fine on a 150WATT PURE SINE WAVE model but after I started doing this and saw what all I could run of the small wattage 120VAC emergency type ops items I have here I finally ended up with a 600WATT unit. I got the AIMS Power (PWRI60012S) 600W Pure Sine Power Inverter with Cables from AMAZON for around $159 back in 2009... I think it is still available on AMAZON... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41%2BZvXF2p4L.jpg height=300 I run two 120VAC Extensions from the PSW Inverter that is direct connected to the Battery Bank with one multi-head cord going to the Home Entertainment area and the second multi-head cord going back to the bed area where I have some emergency ops items located... Having the PURE SINE WAVE then I do not have to worry what the family plugs into them... Nothing goes up in BLUE SMOKE... Been using this setup since 2009 and it is very manageable working with my 255AH Battery bank... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 01:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Lug nuts for steel wheels?

This post brings up a question for me... My wheels are aluminum and wondering now if you have to use special lug nuts that are compatible with aluminum corrosion wise... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: Adding a battery charge line...

I was like WESTEND with my standard 2010 FORD truck purchase. There was an unmarked envelope in the glove box that had a fuse and relay in it. No literature or anything for it was for... After looking in the manual I noticed it showed a relay and a fuse for 'trailer charge'. The actual slots were blank so I added the FUSE and RELAY from the envelope and that gave me TRAILER CHARGE voltages when the ignition key was turned on... I think most of the other truck manf do the same thing... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Resizing images that have already been formatted...?

ON IMGUR you can also select different size photos at the bottom before you add the post format.. On RV NET however the ADVANCED POST FORUM allows height and width sizes... Most of the other forums you have to set the size before posting... On RV NET I only use the height form and use 100 up to 500 for all of my photos... I leave the width setting blank... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 06:43am Forum Technical Support
RE: Sometimes campgrounds are almost like boondocking ...

Those are the campgrounds we always look for... Hard to find around the somewhat local areas where we currently live here on the East side of the country... They are here but nothing like the wide open spaces from out WEST... Just too many PEOPLES to deal with and all the rules to try to please everyone I guess... Give me a creekside setup any time - love to hear the babbling brooks... We got spoiled big time by our early TENT camping adventures in the Arizona high country back in the early 60s... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 06:36am Truck Campers
RE: does my rv pic show on my postings

You may need to CHECK the 'Append my signature' BLOCK to get your signature line to display in your posts...
RoyB 10/07/15 06:25am Forum Technical Support
RE: Headphone recommendations?

RoyB 10/07/15 06:21am Technology Corner
RE: Headphone recommendations?

I recently got into some BLUETOOTH speakers and things... Never knew what these can do for you and being wireless... The quality and local footprint range is superb... Might want to look into something along this line... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/07/15 06:14am Technology Corner
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