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RE: Hauling a golf cart on a travel trailer.

Check your other post with same question... Just now seeing you have two posts for same subject... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 06:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Attaching golf cart to a Travel Trailer

Take a look at the IDAHO TOTE. This is an attachment to the rear of the trailer and is not considered a trailer. Also check with your local state DMV to see if it is legal for your licensed state. This attaches to rear frame and has swivel wheels on the ground... Perfect for hauling a golf cart... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/P7190437.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 06:04pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Nitty gritty about traveling Blue ridge Pkwy in a Class C

Need to download the Blue Ridge trail map PDF. It shows all of the camp grounds and mile posts etc... There is a camp ground and sometimes a way station about every 50 miles or so... The Way Station will have fuel and a nice resturant... The camp grounds of course where originally designed for Tent Camping so you find them some what small in places... I have seen motorhomes in them. Of course you can get off the parkway and visit some close by camp grounds along the I81 corridor. Be careful where you pick to get off the parkway and some of those roads are very winding and share turns right at the top. I would only get on and off at the major roadways crossing the parkway... One place is must do camping spot being Sherando Lake camp ground near the I64 road... Also expect to have to get off the parkway to go around some large towns then get on the parkway again... The MAX speed is not very high so expect a long journey haha... Also at dusk you may get run over by a herd of deer along the way... Don't get in any hurry... There is always alot of motorcycle traffic on the parkway - even some bicycles as well... We have done the Tent camping with just our truck a couple of times and of late have made a couple of runs with our OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer from Virginia to TN at Gatlinburg. Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 01:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trailerlife error

Must be running in the CLOUDFLARE place wherever that is... Afraid to google it haha
RoyB 03/22/17 11:57am Forum Technical Support
RE: Trailerlife error

Always something new and exciting. Hate to loose my other favorite posting site haha... I was just making a post when I saw the big ERROR on TRAILERLIFE. Had me going for second... Thought it was on my side haha...
RoyB 03/22/17 11:52am Forum Technical Support
RE: Trailerlife error

I saw that too on the TRAILERLIFE forum... Had to move to uggh RV NET forum haha Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 11:42am Forum Technical Support
RE: Understanding battery usage and capacity

Here is what I have been doing since around 2009 in my off-road POPUP trailer... I have this home made BATTERY MONITOR panel that has two 12VDC meter and one 0-70A DC Current meter in it. The two 12VDC monitors each of my two battery groups... Of course when both are selected then these two 12VDC meters read the same... http://i.imgur.com/DXnppyQ.jpg height=200 Roy's image I have this installed in a good spot so I can get a quick glance at what is going on. These are not absolute reading bit gives an idea what my batteries are doing... http://i.imgur.com/tjWzR1M.png height=300 Roy's image This is my three working GP24 85AH batteries on the tongue of my POPUP Trailer. I lost one GP24 batteries just a few months after settin up this system using my OEM single mode converter/charger and it boiled out the fluids and ruined one of the GP24 batteries. I had four each originally.. http://i.imgur.com/GqK7d.jpg height=400 Roy's image I usually see around 24-25ADC on the Current Meter running from 6PM to 11PM each evening which varies up and down of course when we are camping off-grid somewhere and running the things we want to run before going to bed each night. My DC voltmeters usually starts out in the 12.6-7VDC range and slowly drops down as the evening goes on... Again these are not absolute scientific numbers but just gives me a good clue as what is happening. When these numbers get down to around the 12.0VDC range then I know I am somewhat close to the 50% state of charge. This usually happens around 8AMP the next morning and this is when I want to run my 2KW generator when allowed to run my on-board PD9260C 60A converter/charger unit. This will bring my battery banks back up to their 90% charge state in around three hours of generator run time. This is also the time we run a few of the high wattage things like making coffee for the day and cooking things etc... Like said this is our somewhat normal experience when camping off-grid for three or days at a time... Each evening I want to start out with my batteries up at least to their 90% charge state as from experience I have found out they will produce a good 99% of their rated performance and I can can make it just fine to the next 8AM generator run time period. I have found out I can do around 12-14 of these 50% to 90% charge cycles before my battery banks start dropping off on performance. This meaning they start dropping the 12VDC voltage reading quicker each evening... Since it takes around 12 hours or so to get get the battery banks up to the 100% charge state using the smart mode chargers I will only camp out for a week or so and the 12 hour charging run when I get back home. In my case I doubt the camp ground would allow me to run my generator that long at one time. Adding solar for me will reduce my generator run time back to around 30 minutes to an hour when I notice the DC charging from my 60A PD9260C has tapered back to around 6-8AMPS DC current. My Dc CURRENT meter will show a NEGATIVE symbol when we are pulling amps from the batteries and will read not show any symbol when we are putting DC amps back into the battery banks. I started to go through all the math like you are doing and it really didn't make a whole lot of sense to me so after running a few days and nights in my backyard setup doing exactly what I probably would normally do at the camp site meant more to me than having the exact numbers and college answers etc... I have done good with my old GP24 12VDC batteries until just last season when they really started dropping off on performance. This was just using three of the GP24 85AH 12VDC batteries in parallel giving me something like 255AHs of capacity... I am currently working on a new battery bank with two groups of GC2 6V batteries in series that should give me around 450AHs of capacity. I may just alternate groups each night with this setup... This is what I have been doing since 2009 with my setup... These are the things I went through getting my battery system up and going for my style of camping off grid... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement for Photobucket Web Pic Hosting ?

I ended up moving everything to IMGUR. I didn't have alot of photos but have several folders now on IMGUR of pictures I share alot on here... IMGUR does have a simple photo size selctor at the bottom of the views where you can retrive different sized photos. RV NET is about the only forum that actually allows you to set your photo size. Most other forums you have to resize the photos first before submitting them... IMGUR really helps out in the respect. I was moving my photos to WINDOWS just to resize them before submitting to a forum to make a post... Recently I have discovered the SNIP tool in WIN10 and this has been great resizing some photo views of interest especially in the GOOGLE MAPS On-Line and saving some close-up photos of something you want to talk about in a post... This works out great using IMGUR... The 'FREE' IMGUR also has both PUBLIC and PRIVATE settings for your photos. Here is a snipped photo of a OAK CREEK CANYON view in Arizona showing lots of curves etc... http://i.imgur.com/jtjmWn7.jpg height=400 Google Image Roy Ken
RoyB 03/22/17 09:16am Technology Corner
RE: Portable room AC

I always thought one of these would be pretty neat... http://www.rayheating.biz/graphics/featuredjobs/portableACside_x.jpg height=400 Google Image Roy Ken
RoyB 03/21/17 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converter/charger Upgrade

There is no quick way to safely charge batteries. Using the smart mode chargers will get a 50% charge state battery up to its 90% charge state in three hours charge time. To get to the 100% charge state it will take around 12 hours. Most batteries will perform almost at full performance at the 90% charge state but the down side is you only get so many 50% to 90% charge cycles before doing damage to the batteries. In my case I get by real good doing around 12-14 50%/90% charge cycle before I have to a full 100% charge cycle. This is using the 14.4VDC-13.6VDC and the 13.2VDC charging voltages from a smart mode charger. You can charge the batteries up quicker by using a higher DC CHARGE VOLTAGE but doing this may boil out your battery fluids by getting them real hot in the process. You also may have your battery blow up on you in rare cases.. The Industry now somewhat sticks to proven charge rates to keep your batteries working great and long lasting... lots of good info on this on-line if you want to read up on how to safely charge your RV BATTERIES... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/21/17 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1st trip in the "new" RV

We always do a back yard setup with anything new or go our local base camp site which is just 25 miles from here in Virginia at Westmoreland State Park. Always good idea to try out all of the new items when you close to home or Walmart/Lowes haha... Been to Lake Martin in ALA a few times myself... great place to camp... Used to work with the guys outside of Wetumpka on DOD projects and I was allowed to bring along my camper on trips... Many memories associated with the Alabama trips... Enjoy your stay there... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/21/17 08:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Downsizing trailers, need opinions

Some folks will get two setups... One for the long haul trips and then a much smaller unit for the local camping trips off grid... My OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer is perfect for us to go to the local high country around here and get back off the Forest Service roads and enjoy the view or setup along side a creek somewhere and wake up to the fishing jumping in the creek... Both styles of camping has the good and bad... Being an avid Tent camper from the 50s and 60s I still just like to to get out and enjoy mother nature sometimes... Our OFF-ROAD camper is mostly just for sleeping off the ground... When the grandkids joins us they love sleeping in a tent or patio canopy we bring along with us... No complaints there haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/21/17 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: OUTLOOK 2007 End of support coming in OCT 2017

Could use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. Works very well. Who knows what MS's support plan for Outlook 2007 really is. They said XP would have zero support yet MS is still updating it regularly and will continue thru 2019 for security updates. Thanks for the advice for Thunderbird... I will check out its features. I see it likes the folders setup which is why I like OUTLOOK so well... Everything I want to keep track of is all together... Yes I too still get updates on my WIN XP-PRO being used on my DELL M90 workstation. I loved that machine in its glory days... Now we all get to do docking features using a small box plugged into the USB 3.0 ports. I still get to use a good DELL inspiron super fast computer with all of the 24-inch monitors and ties in real good with my Ham radio and Emergency Comms software. So neat to have everything you need on one somewhat small laptop... Roy ken
RoyB 03/19/17 05:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Advanced System Care and MALWAREBYTES prog

snipe: Have been using the the ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE software You do not need such software. Uninstall it. Well That has already been done for me haha... I know it is only a PC TUNE UP program but I have been running this about every three or fours and it does keep my computer running pretty fast... I am probably going with AVG Anti-malware which also has a PC TUNE UP mode as well... Back in the working day the government computers all used the AVG programs and it did well for us back then... The AVG however takes a longer time going through the computer here... It also works in the back ground which is good too... I am working behind a good firewall so all of this really helps each other I think... of course WIN10 keeps saying their EDGE browser and other program are the best for keeping safe haha... Then they keep pushing the cloud where who knows where all your stuff is at. Im old enough to remember what MS used to with all of our files being stored in Australia for backups... I really do see my computer running faster using the Advanced System Care every three or four days... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 05:47pm Technology Corner
RE: OUTLOOK 2007 End of support coming in OCT 2017

If I were 76, I'd just keep using what I had... ;-) Haha... Well At 76 there is alot of using what I got already gone to the wind I reckon... When you get this old things just are easier to take on a daily basis. I spend alot of my time outside where I usually park my OFF-ROAD trailer and sit around a fire pit all day long - dreaming about the good ole days I guess... The big excitement here is counting the airplanes coming into Natl Airport some 50 miles north of here. They all fly over my house... I got my tablet going running POLICE SCANNER t keep me company. Be playing with the BLUETOOTH speakers... I have had a DELL AD211 for a couple of years now but it is almost too big to slip into my pocket. So I just got a smaller speaker in today from AMAZON being the ARESPARK AS200... It fits in my pocket just great. Now my sound follows me around the area here with my tablet laying on the small table next to my easy chair. Think I may get me a bigger BLUETOOTH repeater so I can cover my whole back yard... I have one in my popup trailer but it goes away about 25-feet out. I feed all of audio channels to it from my Ham radio and Scanners inside the trailer... got keep myself busy doing something haha... I will be working on my new battery bank upgrade pretty soon... Have no idea what other 76 year old dudes do... Its all about fresh ground and brew bean coffee and hard candy for me here haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 03:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Fort Pickens campground in Pensacola Florida

I forgot to add we was pleasantly surprised to find all the shade at Fort Pickens.. It can really get hot down that way for sure... Also loved looking in and out of the old structures there from the old fort... We have only stayed a couple of times over the years... We always try to boondock along the outer coast line on gulf with our OFF-ROAD POPUP. Sometimes we get run off haha Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 02:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fort Pickens campground in Pensacola Florida

When we go there we just wander up and down the beach from Pensacola to Navarre on the gulf side strip.... Its always nice sitting on the beach late at night and listen to the water coming in out. Never know what is going to be washed up... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 01:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Advanced System Care and MALWAREBYTES prog

For all of those that were affected the last two days what are you going to do now... Maybe just uncheck the 650 threats and they won't be showing up anymore after that. Then just live with the two that keep coming back. I think this is what I am reading here... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 11:35am Technology Corner
RE: OUTLOOK 2007 End of support coming in OCT 2017

I've been playing with WIN10 MAIL for two days now and not getting anywhere... I thought I was going to at least have it make a bunch of folders for me but it does it on two of my email accounts with our local cable internet company here but not for NETZERO.COM account which is the one I have 99% of emails on... They are all three POP SMTP emails... If I am not able to have a bunch of folders to keep everything in I will not use it for sure... I'm still using my 2007 OUTLOOK and all works fine. I too just got an update the last couple of days ago... If I can come up with a good one time price for the 2013 or 2016 version OUTLOOK will probably go with that... I think I read one of those goes to 2028 and me being 76 that should work out just fine hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 11:19am Technology Corner
RE: Destin Fl. Attractions

We head down that way some ourselves but usually don't get very far away from Pensacola Beach Area and will run the gulf side of the road between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. Love camping on the gulf and listening to the water sounds hitting the beach all night long. You never know what is going to be washed up haha... Only times I have been to Destin was being involved with the Space Surveillance System and Eglin AFB (Niceville area)... The local guys we know from there seem to have fun times all around the area... Roy Ken
RoyB 03/19/17 07:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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