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RE: "Where do you go camping? What do you do?"

We go to the regular camp sites with electric and water mostly at state parks and city type camp grounds. Our real love however is the off-the-power-grid sites up along the Blue Ridge parkway out in the wooded areas of NC and North GA... This is how we love to camp with our OFF-ROAD POPUP setup http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CampDorisSep07002-1.jpg height=300 http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CloudLand2NOV200805.jpg height=300 I am right at home up behind Harrisonburg VA on the VA/WVA wooded State Line where I have to cross a rock bed creek to get there. No one there but us and the wildlife... We do run into some of the local JEEP CLUBs making there trail runs sometimes. They have a real nice nearby spot where we camp called FLAGPOLE KNOB... Our OFF-ROAD POPUP is all setup for long battery stays off the power grid but we are not die hard survivalists so to speak. We like our nightly watching HDTV before going to bed at 11PM. Also keep in touch with the kids, paying some bill online, and some surfing of the internet. My other hobby is HAM RADIO so that brings in a whole other big mess of equipment and time consuming evenings yaking with my RADIO FRIENDS... Our POPUP setup is just fine for us with all the modern comforts of home just is alittle short of move around room inside the POPUP. makes us spend more time outside. We are avid tent campers from the 60s and 70s so the POPUP trailer just comes natural for us... We would load up our Jeep and util Trailer and head out to the high country of AZ and NM with friends and have great times. Much like these GOOGLE PHOTOS taken in North Central High Country of AZ http://www.expeditionportal.com/adventures/past/2005/Jerome/JeromeandSmileyRock/images/DSCF6452.jpg height=300 Have pulled my off-road-POPUP all over Virginia to the Eastern Shore and down to Florida back along the gulf states shorelines as for West as Texas and Okla. Really love the high country of VA-TN-NC-SC-GA-AL in the Naltional Forest areas. All roads go through Gattlinburg TN on our trips both going and coming back... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Drawing off two banks thru Switch?

What we have found here is unless both battery groups are fully charged we won't see max performance. Also when one group is down in % of charge it will draw the good side fully charged battery group down to the weaker batteries % of charge. The 1000WATT INVERTER will draw around 80AMPS plus loses from your battery bank. That is alot of current and you can look at the battery specs which usually list capacity for 20AMPS and 75AMPs and will tell you how many minutes the battery will produce 12VDC at these loads. You can judge from those readings what to expect. A typical Trojan 27TMX battery specs show it will produce 12VDC @25AMPS for 175 minutes (2.9 hours) and 12VDC @75AMPS for 45 minutes before running down to 0% charge (10.5VDC)... You of course have to only use half those numbers as you never really want to run down your batteries below 50% (12.0VDC) so that you will not do any harm to the batteries. Not alot of time even for a couple of batteries. Inverters loves to eat up batteries. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: DirecTV Question

When I was doing this back before the NATIONAL BROADCAST TV channels went DIGITAL I brought along a portable DirecTV dish that had two output ports on it. I always sit this on the bed of my truck so it would remind me to put it away when we left the area for things... http://www.summitsource.com/images/products/ANW046.jpg height=200 I ran RG cable from the two ports- one going to the living room area HDTV and the other RG cable going to the bedroom area HDTV. In one of the RG legs I used the SAT LOCATION METER like this one shown to find the DIRECTV SAT Signal. http://www.makariosrv.com/product_images/j/974/Winegard_Satellite_Finder_Meter_24-0320-color__33823__62976_zoom.jpg height=200 In each location I hooked up the RG cable to the SAT RCVR ANT port I brought with me from home. I then hooked up the VIDEO OUT from each SAT RCVR to the VIDEO INPUT on the HDTVs. Don't forget to bring along your SAT TV ACCOUNT info and 800 phone number with you. Seems like everytime I disconnected my SAT RCVRS from the house I would have to get DIRECTV to turn them back on for me. This is all legal to do moving your SAT TV equipment between the house and the RV so don't worry about that. You will however lose your local TV channels when you get outside your zip code area so be aware of that. Larn how to pick up the local station off your BATWING OTA antenna to watch the national broadcast channels on your trips. This worked out pretty good picking up the standard SAT TV programs but I was always afraid the portable SAT DISH was going to grow feet and wander off on me. When the NATL BROADCAST came out a few years back we quit bringing along the SAT TV stuff and just use our OTA BATWING antenna to pick up local HIGH DEF HDTV signals from the local towns now. They are all transmitted now in HDTV full screen high def TV mode - much better quality than standard SAT TV signals. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 10:11am Technology Corner
RE: A question about Top Charging?

We have found here that our batteries will really start boiling out fluids over time with the charge voltage being higher than 13.6VDC. My highest charge rate is 14.4VDC but this is only for a short two hour period using my smart mode charger. This is probably the reason for the multiple charging modes with the smart mode chargers. They are designed to re-charge the batteries in the fastest possible time and not do damage to the batteries. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Adding 2 more T-105 questions.

This is how my GP24 12VDC battery bank is configured using BLUE SEA Battery switches... I am currently now using a 600WATT PSW INVERTER setup. http://i.imgur.com/Ggr1d.png height=375 If I was to use two groups of 6VDC T105's golf cart batteries I would probably hook it up like this drawing. http://i.imgur.com/7pfft0C.png height=375 Using the meter shunt in the NEGATIVE TERMINALs of the battery bank would look something like this... http://i.imgur.com/2VnGQDl.png height=600 Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 07:41am Tech Issues
RE: Dead Battery while on 120v

I always check the battery terminals when we hookup to shore power with a multimeter to be sure they are charging. A fully charged battery will read 12.6-7 VDC at the terminals and when you hookup to shore power this reading should jump to 13.6VDC or higher depending what charge mode the converter/charger is in. This tells me all connections - fuses- etc between the trailer converter/charger and the battery terminals is working properly. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Adding Dinette Doors

Nice touches I have used unpainted doors from LOWES to do the same thing. They may not exactly match the same design cut for the trailer but if you group likes together it looks great to me... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/30/14 07:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery assistance

Always goto the battery terminals to test them. There are several things between the battery terminals and the 12VDC Distribution Panel that could be malfunctioning for several reason. Your 12VDc battery measured at the battery terminals should read 12.6-7VDC if fully charged. If the 12VDC battery terminal DC VOLTAGE is below 10.5VDC then the battery is considered 0% charged. Another test when making this measurement at the battery terminals is to conect up the shore power power and you should then see the battery DC Voltage jump up to 13.6VDC or higher depending what the converter/charger is doing. If the battery terminals jump up to 13.6VDC this tells you the converter/charger is working and the connections between the converter/12VDC Distribution Panel is working normally. Another more simple test is turn on the trailer ceiling lights without being connected to the shore power. The ceiling lights should come on if the connections to the battery are good and the battery is charged. Just a couple of simple things you can check out to determine if your batteries are truly dead or some disconnect is keeping you from seeing the batteries working. Having a multimeter in your RV TOOL BOX is a very good thing to have. They are inexpensive and only cost from $7 to $20. These are available from LOWES-WALMART - AMAZON and any number of auto parts stores... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/29/14 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New or Used?

If you are mechanically inclined I would think this would be a great way to save money... Like said above buying locally gets you a local dealer and in most cases the problems with the most concern will show up right away. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/29/14 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fall Truck Camper Trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway???

Always enjoy the fall colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We have tent camped along the parkway many times years past and more recently been visiting the same camp grounds with our OFF-ROAD POPUP setup.. The southern end of the parkway in the NC areas are great... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/29/14 11:56am Truck Campers
RE: Converter/Charger Upgrade

Excellent - Glad you was able to see the BOOST MODE working right away. That is the way my PD9260C does when it first comes on... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/29/14 11:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ham Radio

About the same here when driving... I like to check in with my ham friends back here at home when on the road... Used to use my ham mobile radios for police scanners but now most agencies have gone to digital radio so not much to listen to anymore with older type scanners... ALways like to check in with other areas when they are on WX alerts etc... I have full coverage with my ham setup running HF with both screwdriver HF antenna plus off-center dipole up on easy up 20-foot pole. Also have VHF/UHF ops as well. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/28/14 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cloudland Canyou State Park, GA

We like the WEST CANYON B LOOP I think it is. These have patio fence up around the picnic table area... http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CloudLand2NOV200805.jpg height=400 http://i.imgur.com/e9AMl.jpg height=400 Great place to catch the fall leaves color http://i.imgur.com/YGUqg.jpg height=400 Camping sites on both sides of the canyon... http://i.imgur.com/T6DME.jpg height=400 Lots of trails - Hugh water falls at the bottom of the canyon... Great folks running the place.... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 09/28/14 03:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is a battery monitor?

I sure like that meter display... Just might go with that with my next BATTERY MONITOR upgrade. I will need the 100AMP model however. I am putting 52-53AMPS into my battery bank now with three batteries when being charged. You can go to the EBAY STORE and see all of the other meters for sale... Buy me now situation... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/28/14 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Part numbers needed

Don't know if this is helpful or not but did search on google for your Generac Generator Model 75D. AMAZON has alot of info here about it.. OIL FILTER for Generac 75D I also search google for this 'OIL FILTER for Generac Generator Model 75D' When it loads up select IMAGES Many filters to look at. Mouse click of the one that looks like yours maybe... Also did search for 'Manual for Generac Generator Model 75D' and found many entries. Maybe you can download a PDF of your manual there... Might be of some help for you... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/28/14 11:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: what kind of bug is this

I steer away from any insect that is RED... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/28/14 09:50am General RVing Issues

LittleBill - I found that out haha... I still would think the DELL laptop descriptions should back that up better. I had to bring up GOOGLE PHOTOS and hope they showed the bottom of the DELL LAPTOPS to see the large docking connector to be sure what I was seeing... Then there was the idea that maybe the docking connector was on some option or not for the same model number. SO I learned alittle more today in making my decision on where way to possibly go with this... It seems my M90 DUAL CORE memory may to too old to do much with. I would still like to talk with the one person that indicated he was pretty successful getting his M90s on WIN 7. I's like to learn on that before I buy something else. thanks for all the help... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/27/14 04:45pm Technology Corner

I was looking to use WIN7 32-bit for the DELL M90 setup... Was just pipe dreaming getting a newer model laptop like the E6410 M4700 with WIN 7 Professional already loaded on it etc... Those will support 64-bit... Looks like you can get a refurbished DELL E6410 Latitude between $250 and $300 listed on AMAZON. This is a 2010 version laptop. Now that I know that will support a docking station setup like I have I am getting very interested. If I had lots of money however I would get the DELL PRECISION M6700 to replace my M90s... AMAZON is listing those refurbished for $1500 and up... oh well... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/27/14 12:51pm Technology Corner
RE: traeger Jr., a grp 27, an inverter. What's the best recharge

You can get a pretty good idea by just looking at the spec sheets of your GP27 battery. This is TROJAN GP27 model 27TMX specs. http://www.todoensolar.com/WebRoot/StoreES/Shops/61987244/504E/36E4/76E4/42FE/0BB4/C0A8/28B8/00D3/27TMX2.jpg height=400 This shows the battery will produce 12VDC @ 25AMPS for 175 minutes or 2.9 hours. This will run the battery down to 0% charge however which you do not want to do so you actually will only get 1.5 HOURS at the 50% charge state. Of course your 400WATT Inverter loaded down fully will draw around 32 AMPS plus some loses from your batteries so your time going to 50% charge will be some what less. You will have to know what your power drain is going to be from your 400WATT Inverter. Your best deal is to run a home test and see exactly how long one battery will last. I would not go anywhere off the power grid unless I have at least two working batteries. This will get you in the ball park thinking. Two of the 6VDC GOLF CART Batteries will produce 12VDC @ 25AMPS load for around 447 minutes or 7.45 hours. That is alot more power than two of GP27 12VDC batteries will produce. Two of these 6VDC golf cart batteries will be a bunch less cost than two of the GP27 12VDC batteries... If you run down your batteries to 50% charge state then you will need to run your generator connected directly to your trailer shore power cable for three hours the next morning using smart mode converter/charger to get them back up to at least 90% charge state if you want to do this all of this all over again the next day... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/27/14 12:04pm Tech Issues

LittleBill - Found this photo on google showing the docking connector on the bottom of the E6410 Latitude http://images.anandtech.com/galleries/864/dell-latitude-e6410-09-bottom.jpg height=500 It is amazing that NOT everyone tells you anything about this is the specs. I am assuming 'ALL' E6410 LATITUDE laptops have this connector... I also see most of the listed E6410 unit usually list only 4GB of memory. Hoping I could get this up to 8GB without too much issue. Did see a few 8GB memory listed but not many... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/27/14 10:38am Technology Corner
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