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RE: Antenna

RZ8535 RAYZAR AMAZON Lot of $$$ just to automatic and a good ole crank-up OTA BATWING antenna is going to hard to beat... The only thing going for you is your 2013 Phaeton 36GH is already high off the ground I guess... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/17 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Just upgraded to 6 volt

OK, I googled it. That's pretty cool, but now I have to learn what to do about the acid not being at the proper level. We check our battery fluid level on a regular basis... When i just had a 13.6VDC Converter/charger it would boil out fluids pretty regular... All i would do was add DISTILLED WATER to bring the fluid levels back up to the mark... When I changed out the old 13.6VDC Converter/charger for a PD9260C smart mode charger I haven't added any fluids since... I still check my fluids levels out of habit however... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/17 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: How to know if my truck is equipped with trailer brakes.

My 2010 Ford has this OEM Brake Controller built-in http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/JPH0JAabv4Q/maxresdefault.jpg height=300 Google Image It also has the 4-way and 7-way dual connector on the rear of the truck... http://blogs.cars.com/.a/6a00d83451b3c669e201287730b7e5970c-800wi height=300 Google Image It also has the 2-inch receiver hitch on the rear of the truck... My 2004 F150 truck also had the dual 7-way and 4-way Brake controller connections on the rear and had the BRAKE CONTROLLER harness available under the dash and it plugged directly into the Prodigy P2 Brake Controller that I purchased separately ... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/29/17 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Used generator first time

The genset does not have a connection between the neutral and ground. This is common. You need to make a dummy plug that ties the neutral and ground together. This will lie to the Surge Guard. I had to do this with my 2KW Generator using an ADAPTER with the SHORE POWER CORD plugged into the 120VAC connector on the generator... My problem was one of my GFCI receptacle was tripping on me... http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss74/renoman69/img1390ih.jpg height=200 http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss74/renoman69/img1392m.jpg height=200 Google Images http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss74/renoman69/img1394m.jpg height=300 Google Image Don't know if this will solve your problem or not but this does tie the GROUND and NEUTRAL connections together coming from the generator... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/29/17 11:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Adding another battery under the hood question

In my world of OFF-ROAD CAMPING I would not want to do anything to interfere with the normal operation of my truck start system. It is designed for what you normally will use in your OEM setup... This is my only way to get back home on haha... Adding things to the Truck Start systems might be too much load for your truck alternator, might run down your truck start battery along with the extra battery you have installed, might blow some fuses for the added DC current required for two batteries when being charged... These are real issues to consider... If you are convinced that the truck alternator is cable of charging two batteries at the same time then you might want to look into the SMART SOLENOIDS that are on the market that monitors your truck system system and will only switch in your extra battery when the truck start system is in its charge mode. It would not switch the extra battery into your truck system without the motor running i.e. Blue Sea SI-ACR 7610 and SUREPOWER 1315-200 comes to mind... In the old days we used DIODE BASED ISOLATOR and those will not work with our present day of smart mode charging. The voltage drop across those high current diodes will keep your charging system to work with our modern day deep cycle batteries charging requirements. I would look into these items from other sources to insure you know what you may be getting into... No way would I just parallel another 12V battery to my truck battery terminal and wish for the best... However this is just me saying these things... Roy ken
RoyB 04/29/17 09:52am Truck Campers
RE: Battery disconnect

I placed my main battery switch in the positive cables coming from my 12V Distribution Panel... This is a quick diagram of my setup.... http://i.imgur.com/Ggr1d.png height=400 Roy's Image I originally started out with four batteries but lost one right away from boiling out the battery fluids so have been running three batteries every since... I originally had extended angle sections under the batteries extending them out both sides of my trailer tongue area. You can see my Blue Sea four postion switch on the corss member in the photo... http://i.imgur.com/GqK7d.jpg height=400 Roy's image One of the reasons for me using the positive lead connection was i wanted to have my Breakaway Switch wiring and a coupe of other 'switched' 12VDC connections always hot especially when being towed... ALot of folks like to have their battery disconnect in the NEGATIVE cable so that the battery is completely out of the circuit when disconnected. Both places Positive or Negative terminals will allow you to Disconnect from the battery source. It all depends on what you want to do with your batteries... In the automotive world the folks liked to always pull the negative terminal first so that it would not create a place to short out anything like touching a ground with the wrench taking off the positive terminal... A downside on using cheap battery switches is they will arc over when making contact and eventually become non-usable... Using a company like BLUE SEA which primarily deals with Boats and all have a great designed switch to prevent arcing between contacts... The BLue Sea 9001E cost $38 I think is on Amazon... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/29/17 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Aliner blowing fuse

I would most definitely check your on-borad trailer battery... If it is requiring alot of charge for one reason or another if may be wanting to see alot of DC current... Check the fluid levels and the VDC level... If fully charger it will show 12.6-7 VDC... If it has a shorted cell and only reading 5-6VDC across the terminals then when you hook up it may want to draw alot of current from the truck side enough to blow a fuse... Does your ceiling lights woprk ok when you are just using your battery My 2008 popup trailer came with those type of converter/charger unit and that was one of the first things I replaced with a modern converter/charger unit with many circuit breakers and ATC fuses positions... Now everything in my 12VDC Distribution has its own fuse.... Its going to be hard to figure what is doing the short for you when four or five 12VDC circuits are beiing under one larg fuse... All of my three or four 12VDC zones behind the converter box was twisted together under one of those large YELLOW twist lock connectors... If you can track down which group of iwisted together cables that gets fed by that 20AMPS fuse you can un-twist the yellow connecot and hopefully figure out which is draining the big current... Will take some digging around for sure... A clamp around DC CURRENT meter would be a great tool to use for this searching... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/28/17 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: CO2/Propane alarms gone off twice since we bought camper

My detector does a slow beep when the batteries are low... Thats the only alarm I have ever heard on my present off-road trailer setup. I guess it makes very loud tone noise if it detects CO gas... The only time I have ever heard a detector alarm was several years ago when I was running my generator sitting on the tail gate of my truck. The detector in my older trailer started making a real loud noise and I noticed my generator exhaust was pointing towards my trailer. Moved the generator exhaust direction and the noise went away... In my 5th wheel trailer I have a smoke detector on the ceiling and we have tripped it a couple of time cooking on the stove top... It makes a loud noise when tripped as well... My experience is the slow beeps is for low voltage alarms... The loud noise means business... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/28/17 07:25am Truck Campers
RE: DC clamp meter recommendation

Several people like the Craftsman clamp meter which sells for about $60. Craftsman AC/DC clamp meter http://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/i/spin/image/spin_prod_1113787012?hei=444&wid=444&op_sharpen=1 height=200 The Harbor Freight clamp meters do not measure DC amps. Most cheap clamp meters do not have a DC amp range so check carefully. I have an older Tenma clamp meter that works well. I was using this one that Tom shows with the AC and DC 400AMP range... Unfortunately I have not been able to find it here these days... I guess I left it laying on a tree stump in one of my previous off road camping trips... Had used it many many time keeping track of what goes and out of my battery banks... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/28/17 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Breaker panel

circuit breakers FLEETWOOD Manual Try these links...
RoyB 04/27/17 08:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: It is with a sad heart that I bid all of you adieu

The Airstreams still turn heads...
RoyB 04/27/17 05:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Finding camping spots

When ever we are driving across the country we use the GOOGLE MAP on-line and have RV CAMPGROUND in the search window. This will show where all of the RV Campgrounds are located where you are traveling... Then you can click on the particular camp ground of interest and it will give you all of the details it has on it including reviews... Pretty neat to do as well... I also like to use the SATELLITE view of the camp ground I am going to visit and zoom down to the site level. You can usually find the one you want to use comparing this to their web site page. Of course some places like ELKMONT Camp in the Smoky Mtns Natl Park only has one spot in the whole camp when viewing from google maps - too much tree cover haha... Roy ken
RoyB 04/27/17 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: No Lights When Running On Battery....

Certainly looks like you have a disconnect between the batteries and the 12VDC Distribution Center where the ATC fuses are located. My 2008 trailer has a in-line fuse just inches away from the positive terminal on the batteries. Some of the newer trailer may have a resetable circuit breaker here. You can also look for loose connections or frayed cables ends around the battery terminals etc... Some folks sometimes asks what you have done lately to your battery system. It is so easy to hook them up wrong haha... The RV Trailer cable system uses BLACK for hot and WHITE for ground cables. The automotive system tat we have known over the years uses RED color for hot and BLACK for ground connections. Sometimes these colors get all mixed into the trailer system since a battery is being used. The best thing to do is locate the word NEG or symbol stamped on the battery CASE and make sure this is the battery cable that goes to frame ground close to the battery when using a 12V battery. I always have a laugh when someone buys a new Car radio to install in the trailer as it will come out of the box with RED and BLACK cables where RED is hot. Then you get it wired in and right away you notice you have a RED wire on top of a BLACK wire. Makes the old timers turn over in their graves hehe... The battery cable should go all the way to the 12VDC distribution panel from the on-line fuse location. Both the on-board Converter/Charger unit and the Battery Bank both feeds the same 12VDC Distribution Panel where all of the ATC fuses are located... First thing to look for is the in-line fuse or circuit breaker and see if it has the 13.6VDC on the trailer side coming from the converter/charger unit when plugged into shore power. Or you can go the other side if you don't have shore power and measure for the 12.33VDC you measured before going thru the fuse or circuit breaker going to the 12VDC Distribution fuse panel. Since you don't have trailer lights when not on batteries only you obviously don't have an connection. Let us know if you have found the in-line fuse and hopefully you have found a blown fuse. Its really all that simple... If you did find a blown fuse it may just blow again perhaps you have a temporary shorted cell in the battery and this was too much load for when the converter/charger was trying to charge your battery. You should check the battery fluid levels and one may dry if you haven't check this in a long time. Need to bring the fluid level above the internal cores and hope the battery is still ok... I do this check just about every time I am around my batteries mounted on my trailer tongue area. I will measure the battery terminal with a multimeter and if the batteries are fully charged they will read 12.6-7VDC like your friends did.. then I will plug in my shore power cable to a pedestal or home 120VAC receptacle with an adapter and then looking at the same battery terminals I should see this DC VOLTAGE jump up to 13.6VDC or higher if you have a smart mode charging system. This tells me I am connected to the converter/charger unit and it is indeed charging my batteries. If I don't see this 13.6VDC than I know something is not connected like it should be. Just a habit I have gotten into checking the battery status... Let us know what you found... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bluetooth Incompatibility Any Gurus Have Advice?

I use BLUE TOOTH here between my cell phone and my truck phone... Links up as soon as i turn on the ignition key. I also feed several of my radio scanners in my off-road trailer to a Blue Tooth transmitter inside the trailer and then I can walk around outside with a portable blue tooth speaker and listen to about four radio channels at the same time. I can get 50-feet or so before loosing the audio link. It too links up as soon as I turn it on... Roy ken
RoyB 04/27/17 03:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Weather (Active) Channel Access on Direct TV

I use INTELLICAST or WEATHER UNDERGROUND here on my computer.. They keep changing things however. I used to have Tornado symbols show on the screen but don't see them anymore... I have one set for my local town here zoomed in pretty close and the other is set for our local town but zoomed out to see as far away as Texas from here in Virginia... I can have my favorite towns set up in the favorites so I can switch and see how they are doing weather wise... Following the weather on the internet with the live radar so to speak is about four minutes behind time... My NOAA WX RADIO goes into alert mode first then I look on the computer to see whats heading our way... Of course all of the local TV stations seem to run the active NOAA weather alerts across the bottom of their screens which is neat also... Used to live in Wichita Falls TX where it was something bad going on every three days hehe... When the skies start going to green look its time to head for the storm cellar... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 03:32pm Technology Corner
RE: P4400 'KILL-A-WATT' Meter

Thanks for comments - This has been my standard meter for a few years and then i started seeing the AC Voltage alitle higher and didn't give it much thought. Now it reads 134.6VAC... That caught my attention haha... I pulled out the second good multimeter and it reads 118.3VAC every here... I Think i will order a new KILL-A-METER brand meter since they only cost around $17 from AMAZON. I love the other functions it does... This is the meter I would use as well with my test setup for plugging into camp ground pedestals... so its not only just for the Ham Radio station here... If the the new one does the same thing then I will just give it up haha... I have now read the 118.2VAC from two different FLUKE meters so pretty sure they are somewhat correct... The 134.6 is down abit from my other reading a couple of days ago... The P4400 meter has been not plugged in since then... That is way to high a reading and I'm sure I would be seeing some local failures here... I'll replace it one time I reckon... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 02:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Weak Campground wi-fi signal

I never had any luck using the camp ground WIFI... They only work up close to the office building and after 4PM when everyone shows up they are useless... Too many users... Then the management comes out and says "no downstreaming movies" We just use our cell phones to create a HOTSPOT and I also have an older VERIZON MIFI accoount that is good for 3GB dataplan each month... These are all protected good and only has me and my bunch on the setup... Others can see me but can't connect without an password... The CELL PHONE or MIFI units are neat as they fit your pocket and you can walk around the trails or down to the beach and your tablets and other devices all still work... Since I am using the VERIZON network I get great coverage just about anywhere we go. This includes my OFF-ROAD Camping way back in the woods along side a creek bed somewhere... I gave up on the camp ground WIFI years ago and have never looked back... We only use our cell phone and MIFI generated WIFI HOTSPOT for checking in with the kids, paying a few bills, and some searching of web sites... We get all of the HDTV channels we want to watch using our OTA BATWING antenna picking up digital HDTV signals from the local towns which is free to the public... We love to watch the old TV shows big time like MASH and old cowboy movies... We get the local station news and network shows just fine... The OTA local station all seem to have one channel with live radar on it so being in our POPUP Trailer we get to track the bad storms in the area we are in pretty good... All works great for us doing it this way... Public WIFI is just too risky for me... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 01:42pm Technology Corner
RE: power Cords/Cables

Even WALMART carries them - check out their RV section... Be sure you know which one you need... Your shore power cable will have the RV50A MALE plug on it so it will need to plug into a RV30A MALE PLUG to 50A FEMALE plug long adapter etc... If you just grab one you may get home with the wrong ends to use... One note is to always get the long DOGBONE type adapters. The small round plug type adapters is never a good idea. When they are used most of the time they will start getting warm to hot and then burn up your shore power cable plug end... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 12:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exercise my generator?

Our schedule on Radio sites I have always been associated with is to run the generator under load every monday morning for at least 30 minutes... My 2KW Honda generator is stored in the tailgate corner of my truck bed that has a covered and locked hard truck bed cover. I do occasionally just run it and it starts on second pull usually... Being shook around alot sitting in the truck bed probably keeps the gas from going stale... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 11:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Taking a gun....worth hassle?

Another thought I have is you may run into problems coming back into the US now carrying a gun since all of the border things are getting closer attention these days... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/27/17 10:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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