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RE: Buddy Heater line filter?

We use our MR HEATER Heater from my tent camping all the time for outside activities... Great back-up heater to bring along... We have the COLEMAN ROADTRIP grill that uses the 1lb propane cylinder so that is what we use on our MR BUDDy heater. Always have 5-6 1lb canisters with us all the time... I also have a COLEMAN BLACKCAT heater from the tent camping days we bring along that uses the 1lb propane canister... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/20/14 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable ice maker

I always thought having a portable ice maker would great for us off-road campers. I have to run back to town to find ice all the time. Of Course I get to pick up some good steaks so it isn't all that bad... I'm not sure how long it takes to make ice and we would have to run the generator I guess for several hours to make it work for us... Probably just as good to go into town every couple of days and fill the ice again... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/20/14 09:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Pumping gasoline into a diesel tank

AH SO I misread the OPs comment - sorry bout that chief... Time for me to go walk around the yard I think... I will cancel my comment
RoyB 12/19/14 02:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pumping gasoline into a diesel tank

RoyB 12/19/14 02:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Led flood light mounted on back of trailer

Gdetrailer - I had to work real fast to get them disconnected too haha... I was holding up the line... That was my point exactly... Check with DOT to see what is authorized... But being the PLAN B guy I am I always have ways to get what I needed done... I guess I should cancel all my comments and let you guys discuss more important things with the OP... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 02:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Led flood light mounted on back of trailer

It is more than just mounting lights on the rear - they have to come on only when you are in REVERSE... They also have to be DOT APPROVED LENS on the lights... This is what happened to me here in VIRGINIA when I mounted two lights on the bottom of my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer. These were turned ON by a separate switch inside my POPUP trailer. Much like this GOOGLE IMAGE from the internet... http://home.comcast.net/~netboy/CamperBackupLights.jpg height=300 GOOGLE IMAGE... They worked out pretty good for me... Then I had to get my Virginia Safety Inspection a couple of months later and the first question I got was why those lights did not come on when he asked to put my truck in reverse... The inspector also said he could not find a DOT NUMBER stamped on the lens... He made me remove the two lights before I could pass my DOT Safety Inspection. After taking them off I just decided not to have any mounted. I could have added the 12VDC line from the center connector of the 7-way trailer connector but just decided I would go for lights on the side of the trailer. Back in my JEEP DAYS I was always running into SAFETY INSPECTION problems with all of our lights mounted on bars and things... DOT just doesn't these lights to ever come on when driving down the public roads... Sorry to start anything here from what I said - Just passing along what I went thru a couple years back. Take it for what ever it is worth... I can remove my comments if you guys like... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 01:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Led flood light mounted on back of trailer

X2 on checking with your local DOT requirements... They have strange rules about mounting lights on the rear of the trailer as well as the rear bumpers etc. You will end up having to remove them before you can pass a safety inspection. Also any approved light on the rear of the trailer must be controlled by you going into REVERSE and not be a manual switch somewhere... It also has to have DOT APPROVED LENS as well... You might want to consider up high on the trailer mounted on the side. My fifth wheel has two of those 8-inch scare lights mounted on each side of the trailer up high. It lights the area pretty good when backing in... You can't see directly behind the trailer anyway. Another thing I do here is setup a couple of those YELLOW JUMP START battery packs that has a pretty good light on them. Just sit them on the ground pointed to where you want to see when backing up... http://www.twinpeaksleisure.com.au/Automotive/Images/JumpstartKit.jpg height=300 I don't have to worry about DOT regulations using these guys... They are also handy for many things when camping off the power grid... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 12:58pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Catalytic Heater Install

If it were me I would permanently mount the heater. It could be a simple install to a cabinet door much like these GOOGLE IMAGES... http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-36-image-gallery/cat-htr-4b-796386.jpg height=300 http://rvtravel.com/blog/rvnow/uploaded_images/Cat-htr-7b-796422.jpg height=300 This install includes flexible propane connections as well as an exhaust tube going to the outside wall... As you can see this would not take up much of your precious room inside the Fifth Wheel... Being portable like you are suggesting I don't think will have an exhaust to the outside that you really need to have... Connecting up a PVC type exhaust venting system sitting out in the open hallway like shown in this google image sure would not be to my liking. http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk22/2old4this58/Okanagan%20Camper%20Cat%20heater%20install/IMG_2406.jpg height=300 These type heaters are very dangerous in concealed locations requiring not only the need for oxygen is absolute but any Carbon Monoxide removed. Certainly don't want to wake up dead... Just food for thought presented here - thinking out loud only... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Jensen Wall Mount Stereo issues

I was going to suggest to put the remote up before you go to sleep. The wife here is always going to sleep with the remote laying in the bed. As soon as she rolls over she is laying on the the remote haha... It either turns on the TV or runs down the batteries in the remote. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Compass not working F-350

One time my F150 COMPASS quit working and after going through the books etc I figured out the problem was I had recently added a hanging Indian Dream Catcher on my rear view mirror. This is where the compass head is located that plugs into the truck computer on my truck... I re-situated the loop around the rear mirror and all started working again... Probably not your problem but submitted what I did... I'm guessing the dream catcher was also capturing the compass signal???? Maybe a quick call to FORD Shop manager for some ideas... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/19/14 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Strange request

colliehauler - sorry to lead you astray - I'll remove my comments... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/18/14 05:06pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Strange request

RoyB 12/18/14 03:56pm RV Pet Stop
RE: How to learn about enclosed car haulers

One thing you will need to know is your over-all length set by DOT is different for each state. Hope your trailer requirement doesn't exceed the maximum length. I think your NEWMAR Coach is listed at 44'-10" MAXIMUM LENGTH LISTS Be sure to check DOT requirements before buying something... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/18/14 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about Foxfi on Android 4.4.2

When the android cell phones started hitting the market I thought that would be the best way for me to create a local "HOT SPOT" using tethering. I had been using an VERIZON AIR CARD plugged into one of my computers allowing me to use the Internet. Then when I added a couple more devices I was out of luck with the AIR CARD. It only worked on the one computer it was plugged into. Then I figured out I could plug my VERIZON AIR CARD into a remote ROUTER that also had wireless ports and then be able to use all of my devices to get on the internet through the wireless router ports. Then I finally changed my old cell phone over to the MOTOROLA DROID X and was hoping I could drop my VERIZON AIR CARD and use the DROID X to tether to my WIFI enabled devices. When I found out my DROID X didn't support tether then I went to VERIZON and asked how I could do this. Their offical answer was I could not do this using the DROID on their account. Then the guy said there is a way but is not condoned by VERIZON insinuating it would be illegal in their eyes if I went this route. I Was told to download the PDANET app and that would solve my problem. Then I asked them to download the APP and load it for me etc... Got back a big SORRY we can't do that... Being the honest person I am I figured this was something illegal and I should stay away from it. I think the PDANET also required a couple of simple ROOT CHARGES in the cell phone software. This is when I then added the VERIZON MIFI UNIT to my account which at that time was just $5 more dollars a month from what I was paying for the AIR CARD add-on. Gave me more DATA and was a stand alone unit. Been using my VERIZON 3GB DATAPLAN MIFI unit ever since. I still run into situations where having my cellphone become a HOT SPOT would be a great idea as the cell phone is always with me... This is the first I have heard of the FOXFI... (haven't been looking) It sounds like this does not require any ROOTING and my DROID X is on the list of cell phones the FOXFI will work with. The only thing left for consideration now is it legal to use through my DROID X cellphone on VERIZON... I have a feeling it is one of those quasi-illegal things folks do until they get caught... I would like to tether my two tablets when I am on the road listening to my INTERNET POLICE RADIO SCANNER frequencies using my android RADIO SCANNER APP. My VERIZON MIFI works very well doing this but eats up my 3GB dataplan. My cellphone has unlimited data to use but only will listen to ONE POLICE FREQUENCY. Too many toys and not enough WIFI signals available haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/18/14 12:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Utility trailer conversion to an RV trailer!!

I got involved here with local family deer hunters doing pretty much the same thing. Their trailer had the side door back from the front a couple of feet and the large ramp door on the back. They installed the kitchen items along the front of the trailer and fold down beds from the sides and had room inside for their off-road ATV. I installed a working converter for their two 6VDC batteries on the trailer tongue and wired up easy access to hookup their 2KW portable Generator. They also found out they could prop up the ramp door and make that into a nice outside sitting area off the ground around their woods camp site... It turned out pretty neat for them... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/18/14 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Alabama Mountains state park recommendations

Hard to beat DESOTO State Park... Been there numerous times... Just a few miles up I59 from there near Trenton GA is CLOUDLAND CANYON State Park up on the same LOOKOUT MTN area. It also is one of our favorite places to go... Also several years back CHEAHA State Park was noteworthy. It has now become very popular and somewhat crowed... Especially when the NASCAR folks are in town... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/18/14 08:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Quartzsite - High Fuel Prices !

My friend in Phoenix told me today that Regular Gas there was $1.99. It's $2.19 here in Virginia... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 07:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: camouflage the Pathway X2

I have seen DISH COVERS being used all the time... http://skyvision.com/covers/images/dealer-skinz-group.jpg height=200 Check out this link... DISH COVERS Here is another link showing all kinds of covers ideas that might be of interest for you... MORE SAT DISH COVERS ALL INFO FROM GOOGLE SEARCH... The main use for SAT DISH COVERS is to prevent ice and heavy rain build-up on the curved dish. Some dish covers have an electric heater... If you are not wanting to purchase something then just put a cloth over your dish and see what the signal strength drops to... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 04:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Cass WV

Go find a bar near Green Bank and eventually they will bring you some moon shine if you keep asking for some... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 10:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: This is gonna get moved

I go through the whole forums list when I first get up in the morning and then I sit on the NEWEST TOPICS the rest of the day. This list the posts from all the forums subjects as they get posted. I bet alot of other members do the same thing... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 10:35am Truck Campers
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