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RE: Who makes this 5th Wheel

I think you mean a TAKENA model... Never heard of a TAKEN model RV unit before... http://www.psndealer.com/powersportsdlr/images/newvehicles/2010/nv202634_1.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/26/17 09:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Northern Texas & Northern Louisiana

One big downside to North Texas is all the towns with the honkytonks... Hard to get out of Whiskey-tall Falls with a Longneck waterhole spot about every other building along the main drag... makes it hard to go camping hehe... If you do get into this area be sure to visit the Wichita Mtns Wildlife Refuge at Medicine Park near Lawton Okla (50miles N of Wichita Falls)... Hugh place with several Lakes and lots of wildlife. Camp Doris is a very nice campground but with all the animals roaming all over the Refuge one has to watch where they step especially in the dark hehe... http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CampDorisSep07002-1.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/26/17 06:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Saguaro Cactus?

If you stay in Flagstaff be sure not to stay in the camp areas along the main railroad strip. This is a major East-West railroad and there will be a loud train with loud whistle about every 5-minutes (all night long)... There are several campground going North out of Flagstaff on 89... Lots of things to see around the Flagstaff area - love the Indian ruins on 89... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/26/17 06:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

I take it all one needs to do to connect additional access points to the existing main router is something like this... http://www.mywifiservice.com/content/images/WiFi_Network/AP_Lan_Config.png height=400 My Cable Modem will be feeding my N66U router WAN port. Then one of the four LAN ports will feed the new Wireless Router/Extender for my outside use using a CAT5 cable plugged into its LAN port. IS this all there is to the wiring? I can handle this with just a 25-foot CAT-5 cable using my kitchen Room CAT5 wall panel So all I need to look for is a Wireless Router/Extender that has a LAN port on it... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 03:28pm Technology Corner

Can't speak for all extenders, but this one is password protected. I used the same password I use for my router to keep things simple. I have a feeling this is going to be above my paygrade haha... My ASUS RT N66U has four LAN ports and I would like to extend one of these ports to a WIFI router extender that will communicate over WIERLESS to additional devices in its zone of operation... I suspect there will be additional programing to get my first N66U router which is connected to my cable modem to recognize the second router/extender... Maybe all of that will will show up when I get started. Most WIRELESS ROUTERS I find only have LAN CAT5 connections on them that perhaps may only be connected to devices not back to the main router if that makes any sense... Will take some learning on my part I bet haha Would hate to spend money on wireless router that won't support being activated by a wired connection back to a different router... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 12:20pm Technology Corner

If you've run CAT5 before then you know wired beats wireless - every hour of every day. I actually have CAT5 run to all of the rooms here with a patch panel back here in my so called Radio/Computer room. That would be a short run of a CAT5 extension in the kitchen to get from the wall to the East side windows where I could velcro a WIFI extender to the window glass... I guess those WIFI extenders have pass-word protection even if you are direct feeding using CAT5 cable... I have neighbors around me on two sides here... Might be a good solution for me... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 11:06am Technology Corner
RE: Pop up mattress

Thats what we did with our 2008 Starcraft 14 R/T Popup trailer. Got a 3-inch topped from on-line just for the bed we sleep in. Does great except when when the temps inside get below 32 degrees inside the trailer. Then the FOAM gets hard as a rock... Even sleeping on one and not running any heat inside sometime ends up with a silhouette depression in the topper. The foam pillows do the same thing haha... Of course it is rare to get below freezing inside the POPUP trailer but it has happened on a few occasions... The 3-inch foam also fits right up flush with the lowered roof when in transport mode. Was never a problem but just wanted to pass that along... You would not want a light to turn on when the roof is down for sure... Especially if your ceiling lights use the very hot incandescent type bulbs... I also covered the floor of the tent beds ends with those two foot squares stick down carpet pieces... This really helped the tent bed area keeping it warmer. We also use those 2-inch by 30-inch foam strips that come with house window air conditioner kits to go in between the outside flaps and the mattress all around both tent bed ends... This cuts down big time on any cold drafts that might come in under the POPUP canvas ends... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 10:57am Folding Trailers

I have the ASUS RT N66U Router here in my North Room of the house and although the house is covered well with this router the outside area along the East wall of the house a little centered more to the south as well as my Camper setup which is due East of the house around 60-70 feet or so does not get real good coverage especially for steaming video.. There are too many on-line to look at and they all say they will work hehe... My ASUS 66U has three antennas on it and also wired ports which I am currently using three of the wired ports. I guess the extenders are really repeaters and will use one antenna to pick up the router signal and then re-transmit it out the second antenna... I have had some cheap ones in the past but they never last very long... I used them in the kitchen window looking out over the back yard to the east... I have 120VAC power at the trailer location and of course on the back patio area. The dollar ranges are from $50 to $100 I guess and would like to order them from AMAZON... Of course I want one with all of the pass word protect modes... Would like to hear from anyone that has used the extenders... I have an overhang up under the house roof and would even like to mount something there out of the weather. Can run an simple extension almost anywhere out-of-site... Don't know if mounting one in the attic might not be a bad idea??? Perhaps it might be better to run a CAT5 Cable to the extender/repeater and not depend on it picking up WIFI mode from the router???? Have run such cables for up to 100s of feet in my work days with good results for office setups... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 10:38am Technology Corner
RE: Red Top Mountain SP

GOOGLE says Elevation at the Red Top Mountain SP in Georgia is in range between 1080 and 1100 feet. Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 10:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Double towing in GA and FL

If towing a trailer behind the 5th wheel is not legal then look into one of these IDAHO TOTEs which is not considered a trailer. These are bolted directy to the rear of the 5th wheel and is considered an extension to the fifth wheel... Their is no trailer hitch or trailer tongue involved etc... http://www.idahotote.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/4.jpg height=400 Check with local state DOT for legal status in the two states you mentioned... Just another thought Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: My Cellular Ate My URL For Bargain Computer Laptop Sales

We used ON-LINE QVC and HSN to replace all of our Electronics items... They support it with no interest six easy payments and have lots of additional items in the package... Took a couple of years but finally got all of the old outdated Electronics replaced... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/17 06:14am Technology Corner
RE: Carrying a canoe on the roof??

I have seen something done like this a couple of times... Just requires a support on your truck roof and down to the front bumper... Looks pretty easy to setup... Probably can find a kit somewhere to do this with... http://suethomas.ca/images/CassiarHwy/20090911_MeziadinLk_194.jpg height=400 Google Image https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6c/6c/fb/6c6cfb4ac140c133d17110079585b833.jpg height=400 Google Image... OOPS DISREGARD - Just noticed you have a Class C RV... Mounting on TOP of the unit will probably get you into the MAX Height for roadways... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/17 12:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Houston to Destin

When I am on the road we like to bring up the GOOGLE MAPS on-line and put RV CAMPGROUND into the search line. This allows us to see what is where on the maps. Then can mouse click the search items to get all the info we need... Very handy for us... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/17 11:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Update your computer systems

I was trying to figure out how my WINXP PRO and WIN10 fit into this hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/17 10:20am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Solar System Performance..Real World Report / Review

RoyB - I should be getting closer this coming spring on my new battery bank install. I will definitely do some of the things you have done as I want to add two 120WATT panels to my POPUP trailer roof and then also have a dual folding solar panel to use in addition to that... My original plans of putting three large heavy panels on the roof of my POPUP shows I will have too much weight to deal with putting all of the panels on the roof... I won't be able to use my electric lift motor to raise the roof.... I haven't decided yet whether or not to remove my 13,500 Roof Air Conditioner just yet as it is hardly ever used. Most of my camping here is local and is off-grid... My loads will be very similar to yours with my POPUP OFFICE being my Emergency Radio OPS using Laptops and external monitors etc... and the regular 30AMP Trailer setup items. Hope I luck out much like it seems your system did for you... Good report RoyB King George
RoyB 02/24/17 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Advise on Solar Mounts ....

My Solar Panel goal is to get something that will produce 17-20AMPS DC current when in high sun... On my POPUP trailer roof where I really don't want to drill any holes in it. I am going for the ALUMINUM UNISTRUT mounts which will be mounted on the trailer roof but attached to sides where I have good wood to drill into... Something like this google image... This shows attaching to the top of the roof where I will be attaching to the down side of the roof... http://i1076.photobucket.com/albums/w448/steve8679/20120625_173026.jpg height=400 Google image The UNITSRUT mounts will allow me to slide off the panels with ease when needed... http://i.imgur.com/89cjwCU.jpg height=200 Google Image These are my thinking points only and there are many installs to look at on google search... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/17 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: New article by our own Jimh425

link New Article by our own Jimh425 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/17 05:27am Truck Campers
RE: Fixed or portable solar?

I am wanting to put around 400Watts of panels on my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer. I have the space on the front part on both sides of the fantastic fan and then a larger panel on the rear mounted across the roof behind the centered air conditioner. I need to have something to produce around 20AMPS of DC Power to charge my batteries during high sun... After adding up the weight I don't think my POPUP motor will lift my roof up with all of the panels added haha... Going to add too much weight. I really should get rid of the Air Conditioner that I very seldom use... Most of my camping is OFF-ROAD off my batteries. I was thinking I could mount the larger panel across the rear after I lifted the roof but that might be another problem in itself... So now I am thinking maybe two 100Watt or 120WAtt panels on the roof and then get one of those two 100Watt portable folding panels. I believe I can rig up a quick setup on the roof if I like to use it there or just have long cables for it and use around the ground to follow the high sun... Security of the folding panels is another thing to worry about I guess... Used to do that with my SAT DISH sitting outside all the time. Then I started sitting it on the hard folding panels on my truck bed snapped in place. That also made me put the dish up when I had to leave the camping spot. Guess I could do the same thing with the folding solar panels... My truck will have additional batteries in the bed as well to support my Radio Ops so maybe this would be useful for trickle charging them when I am just using my truck off-road... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: PhotoBucket lost all my pics.

Sorry about your loss of pictures... That is a bummer for sure... I bailed out from PB several years back and started using the FREE IMGUR... Its been so long ago I have forgot the reason for leaving... May have been they started charging for things??? My use of the IMGUR photo service now is solely for forums and posting pictures... All of the family photos is stored here on a couple of USB portable hard drives... All my kids use the cloud for these things now but being old school I just haven't got brave enough to trust the cloud privacy... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 07:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Help with Airflow into bedroom.

I am surprised that your setup does not have vents built into the ceiling... Why? The Keystone Summerland series is considered an entry level product so one can expect to give up some features that may be found in other more expensive models, ducted A/C being one. Thanks for the info Soundguy... That must be the reason... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 09:08am Travel Trailers
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