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RE: LCD Backlit DC Voltmeter (doesn't require power)

TENBEAR - Thanks... I would have to rewire my battery bank scheme a tad to do that but is doable... I have all of my battery switching in the POSITIVE SIDE of each battery and the NEGATIVE Lead of each battery goes straight to FRAME GROUND. I would have to use a TERMINAL BLOCK arrangement to run thru a NEGATIVE TERMINAL installed shunt to a single frame ground point. This is my current battery bank setup with my HALL EFFECT SENSOR in the POSITIVE SIDE of the selected batteries thru the switch arrangement http://i.imgur.com/Ggr1d.png height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: LCD Backlit DC Voltmeter (doesn't require power)

YES - all of the shunts would be mounted as close to the source as possible. The problem is the BOTH sides of the shunt to frame ground is at the full DC CURRENT potential if it is mounted on the POSITIVE side of the battery. If you let something grounded touch the small wires feeding the meter movement it will go up in smoke in heartbeat. I guess you should always fuse both lines going to the meter movement??? Maybe it isn't that much of a problem but using the HALL EFFECT type sensor will only have the very small meter potential present on the two meter movement leads and zero potential from either one of those two wires to frame ground. This is where my fears are coming from... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: LCD Backlit DC Voltmeter (doesn't require power)

Rich - Let me know when you find one of the HALL EFFECT +/- 75AMP DC Current meter plus the transformer for around $30. I have one of these now and need two more for upcoming mods. I DO NOT want to go with the SHUNT TYPE current taps as then I have to deal with high current 'HOT' DC wiring running back to my meter console. http://www.fcbelectronicsusa.com/catalog/!C!7ryOgCWk~$(KGrHqZ,!lQEz0SS5cDBNFRwNnI3!~~_1_1135_1.JPG height=200 http://www.komponenku.com/image/cache/data/IMG_0448-500x500.JPG height=200 I sent email off to the ROSESANNA Company inquiring about this photo they have on the web site but they never answered back... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4uf-9kQWNV0/UAdCXUqrkHI/AAAAAAAAGYI/GuPtHOb__oQ/s640/honewell-current+sensor.JPG height=299 The FCB ELECTRONICS company is wanting over $800 for their lising shown above. I purchased the same thing back in 2008 from SURE ELECTRONICS ebay/China for $35 I think it was. Sure wish I got two or three of them... HONEYWELL doesn't carry the CSCA-A sensor transformer line anymore is what I have been told. They used to sell for around $50 with-out the wiring harness... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: What to you mount your inverter on?

My ALWAYS ON 600WATT PSW Inverter is mounted on a vertical cabinet outside wall. I have a round vent (LOWES) where air can be pulled in from the POPUP OPEN area. I have also added small round vents (LOWES) between all of my wrap around cabinets starting at the entrance door going all the way around the inside of the trailer to the front tent bed area where we normally sleep. I have a 6-inch axial mounted fan in the WFCO converter/charger compartment where my push-in shore power cable was installed which is on an attic fan thermostat(LOWES) which I have set for 80 degrees. This allows me positive air flow from hallway mounted round vents on both ends of the total wrap around connected cabinets. When the 6-inch axial fan kicks on it draws air from the floor area of the popup and exhausts out an outside type louver fan vent from the converter/charger compartment. I can also just open the cabinet door where my 600WATT INVERTER is installed as well to get more air flow going. I haven't really noticed the 600WATT or the 1500WATT Inverter getting real hot. I was also planning on installing another outside RV type louvered vent from this cabinet as well but never did it. You can get an idea of my connected floor cabinets from this floor plan drawing... http://i.imgur.com/B0JtldQ.png height=250 http://www.rvrentalssanantonio.com/14RT%20Floorplan.gif height=200 OUTSIDE RV Louvered vents (AMAZON) looks like this http://www.hannarv.com/Content/files/ProductImages/Cargomate%20Enclosed%20Trailer%20Side%20Wall%20Vent%20Illinois.jpg height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 04:48am Tech Issues

My 2008 model awning bag thread has finally started to rot out big time from UV rays i guess. My awning part is still ok. Right now I have the whole thing folded over on top of the roof and held in place by stretch ropes haha... Only making short trips right now to WESTMORELAND State Park just 30 miles down the road. The awning is sewed into the zip-up bags which makes it harder to fix. Almost have to do it yourself or take it to a local BOAT shop. They fix fabric on the boats all the time... All of the fabric for my awning bag is fine - just the threads have rotted away... I never could figure out exactly what I have here size wise anyway. Did check in with a couple online places to get it repaired but you have to send the whole thing to them for repairs... Only just a tad cheaper than just getting a new one I guess... I do know of a couple of guys on here using the sewing kits like described above. Saw one guy at a camp ground working away on his awning sewing on the picnic table... Since it comes down from the roof edge so easy I really think that is what I should do... I like the idea above about using 100lb rated fishing line.. You may able to use rivets as well... Since my awning zip-up bag is totally gone now I will probably take my whole awning down and carry in the back of the truck bed if I ever go on long trip... Just takes a few minutes to re-install again. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 03:44am Folding Trailers

Usually some of us 'OLD POPUP GUYS' like BondeBond, JiminDenver, and a few others would get something going over the winter months to keep the comments going. I know when I finally get going again here on my needed Battery System upgrades and adding solar panels to my POPUP I will get to put some info on here... I right now have my OFF-ROAD POPUP parked near my garage door where I can run cables into the house here in case of power outages... I run a coupe of HD DROP CORDS to a couple of the rooms we like to hang out in to keep the Fridge - Home entertainment going. Then fire up the fireplace and its nice and warm inside... At least I get to keep the OFF-ROAD POPUP DC systems going to do that for us hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 03:27am Folding Trailers

Twomed - Its called FAT FINGERS or poor schooling on this end I reckon... Neither spelling looks good to me haha... My spell check here doesn't know the difference between the two words I guess... Thanks for the spell check... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 03:09am Folding Trailers
RE: how do i find my battery turnoff switch

Not all trailers have BATTERY DISCONNECT Switches... This is usually a customer ADD-ON feature. Need more info on what you installed battery wise. Two 12VDC batteries wired in PARALLEL or perhaps two 6VDC GOLF CART Batteries wired in SERIES. Here is a simplified wiring diagram of both installs. http://rvroadtrip.us/graphics/6v_12v.jpg height=200 The trailers are protected from installing the battery cables wrong and will blow internal fuses. There will be a fused item very close to the battery bank and maybe an IN-LINE fuse or a CIRCUIT BREAKER. There is also two fuses back on the 12VDC Distribution Panel or sometimes located on the CONVERTER/CHARGER unit labeled REVERSE POLARITY. These will be high value fuses depending on how much current your on-board converter/charger unit produces. A quick mistake that even sparks the battery terminal for a second will blow these fuses. You should make sure the battery cable wiring is corrected before replacing any of these fuses otherwise they will just blow again... I always make note of the NEGATIVE terminal marking on the battery case and look for the word 'NEG' or the symbol '-' and make sure this goes to the trailer frame ground real close to the battery bank. I have seen even replacing with the same brand and model of the battery the manf may have put the battery terminals on the opposite side on the newer battery which makes it easy to hook up backwards. Another quick test after you have installed the batteries is to measure across the battery terminal with a multimeter without being plugged into shore power and you should read 12.6-7VDC if the batteries are fully charged. Then go plug into shore power and you should now read across the same battery terminals 13.6VDC indicating that the converter/charger is on and all of the connections and fuses between the converter and battery are wired correctly. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/19/14 02:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Counter top extension

I thought some of these ideas were neat... FLIP-UP Table Extension Having one in front of the entrance door might not be a good idea however... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/18/14 04:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: CO Sensor...beep,beep,beep at 3AM

When the SENSORs only BEEP it usually means a low Battery etc. You can RESET the alarm and it quits. A CONTINUOUS ALARM indicates an actual alarm has been activated. This is how most SENSORs operate at any rate... I like to have two working CO DETECTORS installed in the same location as a PLAN B for false or "TEST" alarms. Read your literature on how your installed ALARMS are suppose to work... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/18/14 02:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Fresh water tank - do you drink water from it?

Being avid BEAN COFFEE LOVERs we learned along time ago that you use the same water for all your coffee making. We developed our coffee taste from a brand of bottled water that is available everywhere. Since we have to bring along bottled water for the coffee we just continue to use it for drinking and cooking. Always have a couple of gallons of bottled water on hand at any given time. We only use our fresh water for showers and other non-consumption stuff.. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/18/14 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Harrah's Tunica?

RV PARK REVIEW has a comment about it closing in MAY... RV PARK REVIEW Roy Ken
RoyB 09/18/14 06:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

It seems that less and less comments are showing up on the FOLDING TRAILER POPUP FORUM. This is the lowest I have seen in recent times... We are still alive and well with our OFF-ROAD POPUP... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 09/18/14 05:33am Folding Trailers
RE: Remote Temp Comp for Solar30 Controller?

Thanks Muddydogs - That makes sense.... I know charging here I only see 14.4VDC going for around two hours only then drops back to 13.6VDC. Then eventually drops down to 13.2VDC until battery current is demanded again which it jumps back to 13.6VDC then... I guess the solar chargers follow the same smart mode charging rules when the batteries are demanding charge current.... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: AC Causing Power Inturruption

I would check my 120VAC line and see if it is within normal specs when the Air Conditioner is running... I would not want to operate my RV Air Conditioner if the input 120VAC from the pedestal is lower that 105VAC. Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Remote Temp Comp for Solar30 Controller?

Being we are just now looking at solar panels I am guessing TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION is something important to worry about??? i.e. you do not want your panels to overheat in the high SUN ???? Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: H2O pump dual duty?

We do that alot when camping at camp grounds with city water. Our pump only draws from the fresh water tank which means it has to be filled manually in our case. I don't think I have ever tried mine with city water hooked up. Either one or the other in my case... The newer setups allow the fresh water tank to be filled from the city water connections I think... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 08:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Evaporative Cooler on the Roof??

A friend of mine in TEMPE AZ got one of these evaporator coolers for his small trailer... His game plan was to use solar panel storing into a battery and run this on his desert trips... All that needs powered is a 12VDC water pump and blower fan... Should reduce the outside air by 15-20 degrees I would imagine... Probably doesn't weight very much either... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yvTdyt6BxwY/U0XESLuo8mI/AAAAAAAABkA/8NXiLhs1d7I/s1600/1.Unit+color+Aug+2011.jpg height=300 When we lived in Tempe AZ back in the 60s this was the way to cool your house back then. Every house had one on its roof... Play games with windows cracked open and enjoy the cool breeze. Changing out the filters however you had to arm yourself to the gills for protection from black widow spiders living in the swamp cooler hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Building a Heavy Duty Charging Circuit for Camper--how big?

I have been thinking about running a 4AWG back to a second battery bank mounted in the truck bed to re-charge two 150AH 12VDC batteries in parallel from a smart relay setup using the truck alternator. I already have a 4AWG cable from my truck start battery connection to an additional 12VDC Blue Sea 12VDC Distribution Panel under the rear seat of my truck where my two way radios are located. This 4AWG Cable is fused for 60AMP service... This setup will also have manual battery switches which will also use a 2-cond cable going back to the trailer 300AH battery setup and give me a 600AH battery setup when camping. I will use the trailer on-board converter/charger to recharge both battery banks when in camping mode. I have come up what looks like a good layout for controlling this setup. The only think I have not determined yet is the capacity of my truck alternator. My alternator will have to be large enough to add the two additional 150AH batteries to its charging circuit which I doubt a standard size truck alternator setup will handle. Certainly don't want to blow up my truck alternator. My PLAN B is just use my 2KW generator and B&D VEC1093DBD portable smart mode battery charger to re-charge my 300AH battery bank in the truck bed. I need the batteries to be in the truck for weight reasons more than anything else in my case... The few times I would be using the batteries in the truck by itself will be few when on my EMERGENCY RADIO nets and events etc... Not a problem using the generator/portable charger setup to charge the truck bed batteries for three hours every morning during breakfast. Having a large enough ALTERNATOR for the extra batteries added to it in your case may be something you will need to look into as well... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 06:50am Truck Campers
RE: You're not going to believe this!!

Same here on just having a screen over the Heater vent. Probably should do the same for the fridge and hot water vents too... Roy Ken
RoyB 09/17/14 06:08am Travel Trailers
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