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RE: We altering mattress size

I would suggest you make measurements inside your Motorhome before purchasing anything or doing any modifications. There seems to different sizes associated with RV's that are called Queen and King size bed mattresses... Know what is available to buy first before making your bed modificatons... Just saying so you don't come up with something you can't use like you planned on doing... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/16 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery box for 12VDC GRP 31 AGM

Check out the line of diamond plate metal battery boxes FORKLIFT has on their site... I have made up a couple of metal battery boxes for the GC2 size 6V Batteries using the 48-inch truck bed side mount metal boxes but this would not work good for GP31's... Just remember if they are wet batteries you have to provide for venting battery fumes when charging and also a drain to earth ground in case you boil out fluids by over charging... When mixing with other batteries you have to use equal lengths cabling so each battery demands the same charging currents so they all will charge up at the same rate and time... Have never mixed AGM and wet batteries together at same time for charging... You may have to charge each bank separately to keep a badly charged up bank from pulling down a good charged up bank... I like to use the BLUE SEA Marine DC electrical products for projects like this... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/20/16 01:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Troubleshooting Electric Nash 22H

Both the Converter running off shore power or generator and the DC battery connections feed the 12VDC Power Distribution Point where all of the 12VDC Fuses are located. This then allows the converter to be a battery charger when on shore power and keeps your batteries charged up when you are connected to shore power or generator. Being a 2004 model you have no idea what has been changed by the previous owner(s)... Using a inexpensive DC voltmeter for Harbor freight or any of the auto parts stores you should be able to disconnect from shore power or generator and just follow the 12VDC voltage from the battery terminals to where they connect to the +BAT connection on the 12VDC Power distribution panel. A fully charged battery will read 12.6-7VDC and when it is being charged by the converter unit when it is plugged into shore power or generator will then jump up to 13.6VDC on your older trailer that is probably still using a single DC voltage older type converter unit. If you don't see this increase in DC voltage when on shore power at the battery terminals then you are disconnected somewhere. There should be a DC FUSE real close to the battery probably in the 35AMP rating and then near the converter connection you should see two high amps fuses off to them self labeled REVERSE POLARITY... All three of these should blow if the battery is REVERSED CONNECTED protecting your battery cables from overheating and cause a fire. A quick test of course is your 12V ceiling lights should work from your batteries when unhooked from shore power or generator. I would look at the 12V battery terminals and find the word 'NEG' or the symbol '-' stamped on the battery case and hand follow that terminal connection to make sure it is the one that goes to FRAME GROUND real close to the battery install position. I test my battery terminals every time we stop at a campground connection and make sure I see the increase in Battery DC Voltage when we hookup to shore power. This tells us right away we are fully connected between the trailer converter circuit and the batteries terminals and the battery is being charged like it is suppose to be doing. All of this is not complicated and you should know what to look for as part of your generator maintenance observations with your new to you trailer. Lets us all know what you find out... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/20/16 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: running vehicle with dead engine battery?

On my 2004 F150 truck when the start DC Voltage got interrupted it messed up my computer internal settings. After I got everything working again DC Voltage wise I still could not get my computer settings back to normal and after a week of fighting my engine dying at every stop sign I finally had to go see the Ford folks and get on their computer for a $90 service charge for a five minute work effort to get things back to normal again. I always jumper in a Lawn tractor battery these days now when working on my truck battery system... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/20/16 12:23am Tech Issues
RE: Dang! Ran my 6v batteries dead............

My three meter homemade battery monitor has two DC voltmeters (one for each of my two battery banks connections) and a master DC Current meter that shows how much DC current is always being demanded and/or how much DC Current is being put back into the selected batteries when being charged. Of course when both Battery banks are placed in parallel with my Battery switch setup these two DC Voltmeters meters will read the same value like shown here. http://i.imgur.com/ZREKV.jpg height=200 Always keeping an eye on this centrally located three meter battery panel lets me pretty much know what is happening to my batteries in my setup. This DC Voltage and DC Current monitoring concept of never letting my batteries not get below the approximate 50% charge state has keep me going for many years of use. I can survive drawing continuous 25AMPs of DC Current between 6PM and 11PM each day off-grid and not go below the 12.0VDC level if my batteries have been charged up to their 90% charge state prior to using the batteries. I hate surprises... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/20/16 12:08am Tech Issues
RE: LCD TV 12 volt power cord

Unplug your trailer from shore power and see if that helps... My older converter did the same thing here if it was turned-on while I was hooked up directly to the battery... Like said above alot of things are still connected to your 12VDC Battery terminals that can cause interference like this... You might want to totally disconnect the battery and see if the TV set works fine just connected to the battery without anything else connected. Of course doing this you may lose your 12V DC signal going to your BATWING built-in Boost Amplifier so your TV signals may go away as well... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/18/16 02:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full Time Address - AZ

I would always have my DL and all vehicle/trailer TAGS the same issue state to keep the law enforcement from raising their red flags... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/18/16 09:20am Full-time RVing
RE: Atlanta This Coming Saturday

I always loved the ATLANTA traffic haha... It is famous for the disappearing lanes... Havent been down it of late but went straight thru town in the past without too many issues pulling my small OFF-ROAD trailer...
RoyB 10/18/16 09:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Battery question

The battery is provided by the dealer - does not come with a battery from the manufacturer... The wet batteries are most always in the very front compartment under the bedroom overhang area where venting is easy to accomplish. If it was originally delivered with ATM sealed batteries they could be almost anywhere. Some were installed under the pull-up bed platform... Like mentioned above the US DOT folks require you to have a working battery setup to operate the emergency Brake operation in case of a trailer disconnect from the tow vehicle... This is for trailers that have Electric brakes installed... This is an enforceable state law if the trailer is on US Public roads. Be sure to have all of this checked out before pulling your new to you trailer home over public roadways... If you are buying this from a legit dealer they probably will want to install a battery as it may be a liability to them. Being a 2016 model sounds unlikely to me it doesn't have an installed battery... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/18/16 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Better outdoor speakers

X2 on the BLUETOOTH speakers. WALMART and AMAZON carries them... They definitely sound great and you can match them up with any headphone jack you want to transmit through them... I have several different scanner type radios in my Radio setup and kinda neat to have all of this going to an outside speaker setup around the firepit... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/17/16 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cant post....

Stop using the RV NET main portal... Use WOODALLs Portal instead... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/17/16 04:07pm Forum Technical Support
RE: KOA's in General

I always liked the KOA's as they were for the most part family owned operating under the KOA name. Families like to keep things up to their good standards... One downside is you may run into alot of transit traffic in the middle of the night. Folks are traveling and coming in late at night around midnight etc... Some like to leave early before Sun up too haha... I have stayed at the KOA in Townsend TN as well... Nice place... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 05:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No 12 volt in 2003 Jayco Kiwi

I always look for the word NEG or the symbol "-" on the battery case and make sure this is the terminal that is connected to the trailer FRAME GROUND. The RV Trailers use the house hold wiring schemes which is WHITE is GROUND and BLACK is HOT. However the Automotive world uses RED as hot and BLACK as frame ground. Since a battery is used in both situations you cannot be sure what is what unless you look for the battery terminal case markings... It certainly sounds like you have reversed the connections. You also have an older trailer and who knows what the previous owner has wired up for you haha... There is no rules that one must follow code. Its all on the HONOR SYSTEM hehe... My 12VDC wiring in my 2008 was all white wires but the 12VDC + POSITIVE wires all had a color stripe on them and the solid white ones were 12VDC - NEGATIVE wires. The RV and Marine Boat world also has batteries with the same physical connectors being used for both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE cables at the battery side using the Ring Terminals... The Automotive world has a large hole and smaller hole in the two battery posts terminal connectors on the battery to give you a clue haha... I guess it is all this way to keep us on our toes all the time... You will need to locate the REVERSE POLARITY fuses and the In-line fuse close to the battery positive terminal and get all of those replaced and make sure you hook up the cables in the correct polarity otherwise it will just blow them again. That is what all of those initial sparing was doing in your opening remarks. When you get it all back to working again then if I was you I would use some red finger nail polish and mark all of the cable ends that are suppose to go to the positive terminal of the battery... some folks like to take photos with their cell phone camera and save the photos on their cell phone to keep a good record how they are suppose to be hooked up... I blew up my fuses one time with replacing on of my 12VDC batteries with a new one that was a couple years newer and the manufacturer had reversed the terminals around on the top for the same battery type. Without looking at them I hooked them like the other like batteries in parallel and one little spark killed all those fuses discussed here. They went POP... Then I knew right away what I had done hehe... Thats when I started always looking for the battery case markings first thing... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 05:09pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Stencil Words on Diamond Plate Finish

LOGGENROCK - I have really laid down the rubberized paint on the inside of my aluminum battery box at the suggestion of MEX. Not a smooth finish anymore haha... MEX convinced me not to let the battery vented acid fumes do any harm to the inside aluminum finish... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 02:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Stencil Words on Diamond Plate Finish

Hey John - That sounds interesting... Will definitely give that idea a try... Thanks... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Stencil Words on Diamond Plate Finish

MATT - I just looked again at the dealer lettering and it really looks more like an add-on lettering now the closer I look at it. I was able to pick up the edge of a lettering that over lapped one of the Diamond Plate symbols... The 1/2-inch high lettering has been in place since 2008 and still looks great after many washings and cleanups... My only attempt of just holding up a stencil and using a spray can did not turn out good at all haha... I immediately wiped it off with WD40... My ultimate back-up plan perhaps is going to be just add a nice looking metal plate attached to the diamond plate with my ID info on it... RoyB
RoyB 10/16/16 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: AMP Draw Issues

I found one of these CRAFTSMAN Clamp-on DC Current AMPMETER Model # 82369 is a great tool for tracking down large current drains.. http://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/i/spin/image/spin_prod_214591101 height=300 Be sure your clamp-on ampmeter has the DC AMPS capabilities... You can clamp this around the main cable at the battery and read the actual DC Current being drawn... Great tool to have tracking down DC Current drain problems... AMAZON or SEARS in the $60 range Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Stencil Words on Diamond Plate Finish

Okie Dokie Great idea...
RoyB 10/16/16 07:58am Tech Issues
Stencil Words on Diamond Plate Finish

My OFF-ROAD POPUP has some Diamond Plate finish on it and the dealer has printed his Dealership name across a section of it. It is painted on... Looks great but I am wondering how they did that... I will be wanting to add some ID info on my Battery Case project which has Diamond Plate finish on the front and back sides. Just holding up a stencil and spraying through the cut-out did not do well for me haha... Also with the diamond plate raised symbols placing stick-on letters doesn't do well either... Anyone experimented with this with good results... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/16/16 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: antenna

Do you have a digital TV system in your 2006 Holiday Rambler Ambassador... All of the OTA Natl Broadcast signals are now Digital and of course you have to point the BATWING towards the local transmitting station location... Your BATWING antenna should look like this one for best performance.. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/wingmanon.jpg height=300 If you are using one of these omni round looking antennas your results will not be as good as the Batwing antenna... http://www.americanrvcompany.com/assets/images/winegard/RS-3000.jpg height=300 I get great local TV performance with my OFF-ROAD setup just about anywhere we go using the BATWING Antenna which has the added dipoles... http://i.imgur.com/eqaVpto.jpg height=300 I too vote the BATWING antenna about the best you can use... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/15/16 09:28am Class A Motorhomes
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