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RE: 12V Question

Here is a typical 30A TRAILER WIRING CONFIGURATION... http://i.imgur.com/z4audc3.png height=500 If you want to run OUTLETS and other 120VAC APPLIANCES when not connected to Shore Power or Generator then you need to have a POWER INVERTER installed. These will pull a large amount of BATTERY CURRENT when being used... A 1000WATTs POwer Converter will want to see at least four batteries in your battery bank... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 06:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Microsoft "Edge"

Mine switches to MICROSOFT EDGE when it needs to view a PDF file... Then when I am done I close out Windows EDGE and go back back to Google Chrome or FIREFOX browsers... I don't normally use the EDGE but use GOOGLE CHROME and FIREFOX... I only use EDGE here to view PDF files text and to play the game 'World of Solitare' hehe... These two has never auto-changed to EDGE as default. EDGE does a whole couple of pages of settings from the three ... labeled more when you move the mouse to it. This is on the upper task bar right hand area. My EDGE has DEFAULT SEARCH set for GOOGLE SEARCH. There is a large list to select from... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 06:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Looking for free overnight spot on I-81 Virginia

I was going to say WALMARTS at the large towns. We have on ocassion pulled into behind a MOTEL and asked permission to spend the night in the RV - usually works if you ask... ROANOKE is big truck stop town and local college... Usually alot of folks out all night long... We don't like stopping there... When you guys coming up this way - Would like to come give a visit... We are a couple of hours away from the Fredericksburg VA area... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 06/24/16 05:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Shenandoah - What to do in the area

Brian - You do realize there is no hookups on SKYLINE DRIVE... Just a rest room house and water spigot... At the three camprounds on SKYLINE DRIVE it is camping off the batteries only... Great if you are setup for it. Generators can be run for a few hours during the day time... No generators after 8PM to 8AM in the next morning... Skyline Drive also has a great place near BIG MEADOWS that has cabins and also a real nice lodge setup... Every 50miles south of AFTON MTN on the Blue Ridge Parkway will be a campgound - The next one down from AFTON MTN is OTTER CREEK camp ground. NO Electric here... My favorite site is LOFT MTN as it is not as popular as BIG MEADOWS... CELL PHONE service is very spotty on the SKYLINE and BLUE RIDG roads... Only works at pulls out.. HDTV is excellant at LOFT MTN we get over 100 channels but they are mostly dupes coming from different towns in the valley haha... BIG MEADOWS has the most deer to view especially at dusk. Cars will line up all along the Big MEADOWS road and cars everywhere watch for the deer. I have also seen Black Bears and one mountain cat one time... Big Meadows and Loft Mtn have camp stores and a way station with resturant and gasoline.. You can find all of this on the internet... ALot of folks like to stay at a place called SHERANDO LAKE just off the Blue Ridge side of AFTON MTN off of I64... This has outstanding tent camp sites with no hookups but also has a couple of areas with hookups... I really like SHERANDO LAKE camp ground... LURAY has two or three nice camp grounds... We always like to go to Harrisonburg for shopping etc... Along I81 are several scattered nice camp grounds with hookups... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 05:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery "jump packs"

We used to bring these along when tent camping all the the time. The fans and Incandescent lights would really do a number on them over night.. I still got a couple of those YELLOW ones around here somewhere but they need new batteries in the thm... Never did open one up to order new batteries. http://res.cloudinary.com/rfellc/image/upload/v1378101883/jump-starter-light_nnt36m.jpg height=200 google image Now that LED lights are on the sceen I bet they would last a long time... They don't have a very big AH battery in them and will not hold a charge for a long time when you are using them... Back in the camping days it was always a bag full of D-CELLS and some white gas for the stove and heater to use. All you needed haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: WVa flooding got my TH

I know alot of us don't even have flood insurance. Just something that is rare when it happens... Good luck my friend... I know with us when things go like this there seems to always be a silver lining in it somehow... Keep up the good spirits... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 12:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disable automatic updates for Windows 10 Home

I have only been on WIN10 for a short time with the LAPTOP that will be going on Camping trips with me. Guess this is something I need to look into as well... I too am limited on the monthly DATA allowance... Everytime I start the SHUT DOWN on my computer and it says DO NOT TURN OFF -UPDATING WINDOWS I cringe the next time I turn it on fearing the worse haha... Happened a couple of updates back where I didn't have AUDIO DRIVERs or USB DRIVERs - My fix was to go back to last known good RESTORE POINT to fix it thanks to help from MrWIZARD... Nothing I did would do anything for me... Then I figured I would be in the same boat again but just last week I got a long UPDATE FOR WINDOWS 10 and all is well... I need the updates for sure but I guess there is something to getting them when YOU want too. Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 11:25am Technology Corner
RE: RVnet issues

I keep thinking someone will finally figure out how to fix the problem with Rv NET. Using all of these different PORTAL FORUMS is fine but keep in mind they all must go though the RVNET mainframe to work. If they turned off the RV NET then all of the portals don't work anymore... What I have noticed anyway when the RV NET is OFF-LINE... It does seem strange it keeps on-going with known problems... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 10:42am Forum Technical Support
RE: Couple additions to the camper.

I liked your fishing gear hanger - neato... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 10:06am Truck Campers
RE: Honda 2k and rain

My Honda 2KW 2000i lives secured in the tailgate corner of my covered truck bed. When I use mine I just pull it out onto the dropped tailgate. If it is bad weather i just push it back under the FOLD-A-COVER bed cover... I can also close the tailgate and prop open the FOLD-A-COVER lid next to the rear window with a stick or something... I'm usually not loaded down like when this photo was taken... http://i.imgur.com/YZMuX.jpg height=400 This is great for me for weather control and security of the generator. My Generator goes where we go - never left unattended anywhere when we are not around... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 08:18am Truck Campers
RE: Memory foam topper

Coveredwagon - If you let it get down to freezing inside the trailer then that hole you have made laying on the memory foam remain there for awhile. The memory gets hard as a rock when the temps get down to freezing inside the trailer. Never knew they would do that until I Had memory foam pillows laying in my truck back seat over a freezing night. Those whole pillows were hard as a rock until they warmed back haha... Pretty funny when you throw the pillow on the floor and it goes clank... We have our regular two-inch thin mattress with a three-inch foam topper in our off-road popup... Sleeps great for us... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/23/16 08:48am Truck Campers
RE: Electricity usage per day

We usually do alittle more than that. Our setup running off the batteries has around 255AHs capacity... (Three 12V Interstate 85AH Batteries in parallel...) When we are just sitting without anything turned on I see around 1.2 DC AMPS on my BATTERY Digital Meter panel... This is around 30 DC AMPs consumed in a 24 hour period I guess Then around 6PM we like to fire up our lights, toys, and things and I usually see around 20 DC AMPS or so being drawn on my master DC CURRENT meter. This usually lasts until 10-11PM each night. This is like a 100 DC AMPs consumed for the 5 hours I guess... Our battey bank will drop to around 12.0VDC by 8Am the next morning doing this which is approximately 50% charge status for my batteries and this is when I connect my 2KW Generator to my trailer and run it for around three hours during breakfast each day to get my batteries back up to their 90% charge state. Now I have almost 100% capacity from the batteires and can do this all over again for the next 24 hour run off the batteries. Have no idea how to convert all of that to KILOWATT HOURS consumed in 24 hour day... My Battery meter panel is two 12VDC digital Meters (one for each battery selected battery bank) and a master 0-70AMPS DC Current meter read DC CURRENT being drawn at the input to the Battery Bank main DC Switch. With both battery banks selected I am measuring total DC LOAD. This works good going the other way on my DC Meter Panel as I can read my DC VOLTAGE being produced (14.4VDC) by the on-baord converter/charger and how many DC AMPS the battery bank is demanding from my 60AMP Converter when doing its charge mode. I usually see around 52-3 DC AMPS being demanded for the first 15-20 minutes and then it starts tapering back to and eventually gets to around 8AMPS or so. After about an hour my converter drops back to a 13.6VDC mode and the current then drops down to around 6AMPS or so for the next two hours or charge. I never see the batteries drop much more than the 4-6AMPs demand during this last two hours of charge... This pretty much follows the chart provided by Progressive Dynamics so I have a good feeling I reach the 90% charge state of the three batteries in three hours of the generator run time. All I know is we can do this 50% to 90% cycle on our 255AH battery bank about 10-12 times in a roll before the batteries start losing their strong capacity and start getting to the 12.0VDC reading earlier each day. The fix is to do a good 12-14 hour Smart Mode Charge which of course is too long for us to be allowed to run our generator continous at most camp ground we go to so this is when we head for the house... So how many KWHs am I consuming each day... I am consuming around 130 DC AMPS out of my batteries in 24 hours. The only time I am connected to shore power (My 2kw Generator) is around three hours each day to charge my batteries. Roy Ken
RoyB 06/23/16 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp rig plugged into 50 amp outlet

The RV 50A MALE to 30A FEMALE long dogbone ADAPTER will look like thiss https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWiCarzbu7aIzU2YDNrDlwrY3htxA2btoYQT_oCpM42okUQfglhg height=300 Google Image The schematic of the adapter will look like this. NOTE: Only one HOT LEG is wired to your trailer. You will have 50A service all the way to your 120V Circuit breaker Panel but will only be allowed to use 30A of it otherwise you will trip the main 30A Circuit breaker ion your panel. The fuses you are reffering to are 12VDC fuses. None of this are involed with the 120VAC side of your panel... http://www.dmbruss.com/timages/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/50-30ampDogbone.jpg height=300 DMBRUSS Image Actually you will find the 50A service alot more reliable since most folks do you use this at the campgrounds. They most have the 30A Trailers... The only drawback i have heard about is the 30A Shore Power Cable may not be rated high enough for the 50A Service you are plugged into but seems to be safe as you only will be able to draw only 30AMPS through it... This is good RV Adapter to have in your tool box... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/22/16 06:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to patch small hole in roof

I have seen a small Eternabond tape repair patch kit in the WALMART stores back in the camping section... These were like four inch square patches etc... Like said above you really have to clean good and follow the instruction to the letter to make it work right... You may have a bullet on your incident. I was adding somechanges inside the ceiling doing something and when I got done and starting to clean up my mess I noticed this red dot on the floor... "Hmmm what the heck is this" sure enough I drilled through the roof with a 10/32 drill bit and the sun was shinning through it... This was an easy fix but just filling the hole with some dicor sealent from LOWES... Has never leaked on me yet... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/22/16 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Cheater Box

TNGW1500SE _ I am assuming the OP has the largest air conditioner he wants to use being fed by the 20AMP side so he wants to swap the two zones so the 30A side is feeding his air conditioner he wants to run??? The standard RV 30A to 50A adapter has the two HOT ZONES shorted together in the 50A side of the adapter. This then sends 30A power down both 50AMP zones in the trailer. Of course if you draw more than 30A by using both zones the 30A breaker on the pedestal will trip. But at least both zones are powered up inside the trailer http://www.dmbruss.com/images/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/30-50ampDogbone.jpg height=300 google image Using the dual cheater cable, one zone will be fed by 30A source and the other will be fed by 20A source... http://www.dmbruss.com/images/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/50ampRVDistribution.jpg height=400 google image Guess that all makes sense haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/22/16 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Cheater Box

X2 DrewE...
RoyB 06/22/16 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help!- Trying to rent a car at airport to pick upRV

X2 on having the RV dealership/Owner pick you up or using a Taxi from the from airport. May not be a good idea driving the motorhome to the Phoenix airport to pickup your wife returning a rental car haha... One of the rental car places is off the airport property as I recall that might work ok however... I like the idea having the RV Dealership come meet you at the airport... Bet when you ask you will find out they do that all the time... Your RV dealer is probably in Mesa anyway which is along way from the airport... Thats a pretty big metroplex of three or fours towns all tied together called Phoenix haha... Lots of traffic... getting picked up will definitely help you out finding the dealership... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/22/16 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric Cheater Box

Here is a neat discussion about your subject line... CHEATER ADAPTERS I added some diagrams of the various cheater cords in this link... The one that scares me the worse is having two MALE PLUGs on one end and a FEMALE SOCKET on the other like when using one of these adapters. http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-power-cords/power-maximizer.jpg height=300 What you don't want to happen is plug in one MALE PLUG to a 30A Pedestal and then read a 120VAC potential on the open OTHER MALE PLUG on the 20A Plug. Having a HOT MALE plug laying around can be real dangerous... Normally if you plug in both of the MALE PLUGS first and then plug your 50A Trailer plug into the adpater next will solve this problem... If you don't flip your main 50A Breaker in the trailer and plug one of the MAL PLUGS into the source you may indeed have a 120VAC POTENTIAL on the other MALE PLUG before you plug it into the source. I would think plugging in BOTH MALE PLUGS first and then plugging in the 50AMP Trailer MALE PLUG into the FEMALE SIDE of the adpater next would be the safe way... I have no idea how the Electic manageent systems or GFCI receptacles on your trailer react to the adapters... I think it depends on how the camp ground pedestals are wired up. Normally the 30A receptacle and the 20A Receptacle are wired on the same hot leg of the pedstal fed by separate breakers is what I have found... Reading the above link you see alot of modifications to the varios situations is done to make this idea work at the various different wired up camp ground pedestals... Like I said in the link listed above "Be safe out there" haha... Hope my diagrams and pictorials listed in the above link helps The only RV ADAPER I have played with any is the RV30A-15A ADAPTER to hook up my POPUP trailer to my 2KW Honda generator to charge my batteries... It is pretty straight foward... http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g322/twitch0808/DSCN4453_zps0ade9fb6.jpg height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 06/22/16 05:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batwing tester

You just may be in a area where there is NO OTA signals to pick up... Rare but not impossible... You BATWING antenna may not be pointing in the right direction.. Your older 07 model also may not be using the higher gain BATWING antenna. If your does not have the small dipoles on the antenna and looks similar to this photo you can get better perforame by buying a UHF UPGRADE inexpensive add-on kit... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/wingmanon.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 06/21/16 04:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

This is not a wall clock but the best all around Digital reaadout clock from the Big Stores like WALMART for me by for has been this one... http://clockview.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Acurite-Atomic-Alarm-Clock-with-Digital-Calendar.jpg height=300 This has battery back-up and has the self correcting feature. Has large readout and is always correct except when I cross a time zone which will require a new manual time zone setting. My communications type life style I live in requires the 24-hour read modes for my clocks... Being OFF-ROAD here most of this one "really takes a beating and keeps on ticking" as the old infamous saying goes... Here at the home front I use one of those Radio Shack large Digital wall mounted Digital 24-hour dispay that has all of the information you are looking for but again is a Digital Read out. Radio Shack 63-1438... Also hard to find a RADIO SHACK anymore as well. http://sigma.octopart.com/488622/image/RadioShack-63-1438.jpg height=300 Kinda hard to get all of this information from a standard old clock style faceplace.. My other big deal for the RV Trailer was one of those large display Weather Station Panels with digital clock and remote outside sensor made by LA CROSS WS-8015TWC... Very useful to have in the RV... https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZHeHY2AVkrYcRyVXYQU7L3vLj-1GoDUtXGyjMDiMjnqjx9nyJ height=300 All photos from GOOGLE images The really big issue for us was maintaining the clocks moving in and out of the Time Zones thing... I don't think my wall mounted clock that came with my 5th wheel was meant to be taken down all the time to get corrected haha Finally got all of the RV TRAVELING out of my blood and seem to do most of our RV CAMPING withing a few hundreds miles around the home base here in Northern Neck Virginia now... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/21/16 05:57am General RVing Issues
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