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RE: Due to inactivity closing this thread at this time.

This will surely come back to haunt the research of things if this is going to be a trend... I for one like to go back and look up things that have already been experienced with certain items... Everything that is posted is still on the internet somewhere and all you need to know is how to look for it... A couple users on here have got this down to a science and can come up with many threads on any given subject and link as information... I can find most of my older posts by searching for a couple of unique words in my signature line like 'k9pht 14RT'. Used together produces about 99% of only my previous posts... This works out great for finding older photos that has passed through my posts. I actually use this found feature to my advantage and this becomes my on-line storage of photos of things that seem to be asked alot by new users... I just simply type in my two unique words into google search and when it loads up I select 'IMAGES'. There they all are in many pages of photos already with the HTTP addresses assigned to be included as an image in my posts... Almost click click and click haha... However it is not our forum and we are only users of it... The forum owners probably see alot of threads they would like to totally delete for one reason or another. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/06/16 05:58am Good Sam Club
RE: Wind mill power

The beaches and a few mountain area updrafts is about the only place you can get a sustained 5-7mph wind to run the big blade type turbines.... The only kind I would even think about being mounted on top of a RV would be the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine... I read about one that looked like the heat wind fans on house roofs made for RV's and was looking for it on-line but never come up with it... Looked something like this unit... http://image.made-in-china.com/43f34j00BsaTSijtgUcq/1kw-10kw-Vertical-Axis-Wind-Turbine-Generator.jpg height=300 Being a vertical type you would have the generator down inside the RV somewhere driven by a long shaft... They make magnetic type bearings that have almost zero resistance for turning shafts. You can turn a shaft using a couple of these type bearings with your hand and it will turn for days haha... http://opensourceecology.org/w/images/thumb/c/c0/Pac_wind.jpg/200px-Pac_wind.jpg height=300 The blade type turbines are very noisy and a hugh eye sore... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/05/16 08:52pm Truck Campers
RE: More...Why do they build such ****!

Maybe they do it to see if you can catch it,,, Send them a bill... Roy B
RoyB 05/05/16 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Backup cameras?

You may want to have the rear camera mounted up high on the rear of your trailer and have it pointing down at an angle. The view killer is lights shinning into the camera eye and flares up your view screen and you can't see a thing then... This install is from google search and you can see where the camera lens is installed by the red circle... http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-12-image-gallery/rear-view-camera-motorhome-1.JPG height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/05/16 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: What to use to create a "nightstand" ledge next to bed?

The drawer idea with a cover has been around forever. I see this idea from google search shows a neat way to have the grooves cut into the bottom of the board you are using to hold it in place.... neat idea... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a8/4a/95/a84a9546e2d22644f5590b452df0bba6.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/05/16 06:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Connection lost?

I just logged on about 15-minutes ago using WOODALLs and was having problems. I immediately switched to TRAILERLIFE and all was fine... Have not been on the RV NET portal for some time now... Will probably stay on the TRAILERLIFE Portal the rest of the day... I am using GOOGLE CHROME as browser. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/05/16 05:43am Forum Technical Support
RE: city water inlet dripping

Most likely the one way valve just beyond the City water inlet has some trash in it. Need to stick something small in the city water inlet and push a couple of time in hopes you will make the one way valve seal better... Just my thought.. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 06:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Millenicom is back (with voice, too)!

Well - When I zoom down on the T-MOBILE map it goes to a very light RED color meaning poor coverage here where I live in Virginia. It is a known fact that only VERIZON works here. I would have to play 'GREEN ACRES" and climb a tall telephone pole here to use T-MOBILE haha... I guess I setup an antenna like the big stores do and fill my house with a good signal to use things... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 06:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Millenicom is back (with voice, too)!

Found this... Don't know if this is current or from previous years... MILLENICOM PLANS Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 06:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Tv in the camper?

This is a photo of his trailer and truck. I doubt it has a SAT ANTENNA on it... He is probably referring to his OTA Crank-up Antenna... http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h24/wpsharpshooter/Vehicles/E6A9C1DC-958B-4B50-9155-8BEF7EF9E865_zpsyiqmhzzk.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

I use STABIL in my lawn mower gas can. They always start right up with one or two pulls after sitting all winter in an enclosed area. My 2KW Honda generator usually gets this same gasoline which is the lowest grade. My neighbor always gets on me for not using high test gasoline. I tell him that is why I have Stabil in the gas can all the time haha... We used to always hear that the AMOCO White Gas was best to use also. Now days you can't find any gas that doesn't have the dreaded corn syrup additive added that gums up all of the rubber gaskets over time... Never used any Seafoam for some reason... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 02:56pm Tech Issues
RE: For you AZ residents, where is this?

It also had the word BANGS in the picture description properties... The whole story here... BANGS Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 02:38pm Class A Motorhomes

If bear spray or mace is not readily available just plain ole WASP SPRAY will work great as well... Be sure it is the LARGE bottle... Of course doing all of these things will just make them mad at you. Best to take them out I guess... I have been making runs to the mountains around here by myself for years doing my Emergency radio drills etc... Recently I am starting to see folks just wandering around up and down the Natl Forest trails. Never use to see that... Don't know if they are homeless and now living in the woods or not... Does give you chills sometimes... I have been approached a couple of times in the woods a few years back asking for food... Just be aware of your surrounding and always a plan B escape route in mind... We ran into a lady a few years back that was going all over the country on her motorcycle and was doing stories for some magazine. She had her tent setup on the back of her motorcycle. She was parked right next to use on one of the Blue Ridge camp sites. We had a good visit with her that night... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 11:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery Disconnect?

I think I would disconnect from shore power and let it set a few minutes and then measure DC VOLTAGE at the battery terminals... Should read 12.6-7VDC if fully charged... If it starts dropping down below 12.0VDC rather quick then your battery is toast I suspect... Here is a good chart showing voltage level verses charge state... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qtbKtwygtXs/TTDTlnImolI/AAAAAAAAIsI/CpvnBOwklEA/s1600/battery%252Bvoltage%252Bchart.jpg height=200 Never heard of putting mineral oil in a battery... Must be an old timers trick... MEX probably will have a good response to that haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 10:14am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Gremlin?

All of those items being 12VDC really shouldn't have anything to do with the 120VAC grid. I would check for loose 12VDC connections...
RoyB 05/04/16 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: Battery Disconnect?

If your 2002 trailer does not have the smart mode converter/charger chances are you may be boiling out your battery fluids over time. They don't do well with a constant 13.6VDC voltage on them for long periods of time. If you leave it connected just be sure to keep a close check on the battery fluids... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Denver to San Diego

I know you will be just fine but it sure is fun to jump into a brand new camper and make a long trip like this for the first time out with it... All I can say is know where WALMART and LOWES will be close by... They will have all of the items you will need... Once I got into the Flagstaff area it was hard for me to leave... You can go in any direction from there and find all kinds of things to see and do... Have a great time... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 08:32am Roads and Routes
RE: Cooking potatoes in campfire

Do it all the time here as well when camping off grid... However it only takes under 5-minutes with my 2KW generator running my low wattage white faced microwave haha... We usually do this when we are brewing up coffee into a thermos carafe using the generator... You have to wrap the potato in saran plastic wrap however instead of foil... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/04/16 07:14am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: TV reception

Be sure you bring along all your account numbers etc. My SAT RCVR sometimes needed reset and you have to call your SAT provider or maybe you can login to them online and not have to talk to anyone. I have DIRECTV and can do that... You will need your account info when doing this... My portable SAT DISH has two ports on it so I bring along two RG cables and two SAT RCVRS so I can setup TV for both the living room and the bedroom. I also found it easier to use the VID output from the SAT RCVR and switch my trailer TV to VID 1 to watch SAT TV using the remote. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/03/16 09:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: grill mat

Thats a neat idea... Will have to try that... My COLEMAN ROADTRIP has a flat grill that we use for eggs etc and if it isn't somewhat level then as soon as you crack the egg it runs off the flat grill before you can stop it haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/03/16 01:57pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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