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RE: Inoperative Bedroom Slide - 2008 291RLS

Sometimes on my fifth wheel i have to jumper my truck start battery across the fifth wheel battery to get my slides to work. In my case I sometimes need just a few more amps available to operate them... Perhaps you trailer battery was not fully charged. I have no idea about the modern day RV battery disconnects. Maybe that was open to your RV at the time and only your converter/charger was trying to move the slides without the trailer battery also in the loop.??? Regarding additional outside lights - Hope you have not added more visible lights that may violate the DOT SAFETY laws regarding safety lights. I would check in with your local DMV/DOT place (Canada Equiv) to see if you have violated any DOT rules. If they are deemed safety lights then they also have to be DOT APPROVED safety lights. Thats alot of outside lights. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 06:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Wi Fi System

You can get some real good HIGH END DELL and HP LAPTOP deals on HSN and QVC on TV. The will have extended payment plans and also offer a pretty good list of additional software... I got setup recently with a great DELL INSPIRON WIN 8.1 LAPTOP with lots of RAM and a hugh hard drive for around $600 with six easy payments... Carrying your laptop with you everywhere is great. I use the DOCKING concept and just pull the laptop from the house and sit it into the docking station in the RV. Don't have to change a thing... Everything I have is right there at both locations. In my OFF-ROAD POPUP I have a docking station setup that includes double monitors with ext keyboard and mouse and sound. I use this trailer for emergency comms for Ham Radio for WX alerts and county radio alerts so having an identical setup with the same thing in the house is important. Of course you don't get to see alot with two 24-inch DELL monitors in a POPUP setup complete with printer with lots of antennas around the outside area haha... Normally the computer setup will be in a space savings mode... I don't like to tie up my cellphone to be a HOTSPOT but it does have some things that may work out better like maybe more GBs DATAPLAN being included. We use the MIFI unit like described above and this creates a secured HOTSPOT and allows up to five WIFI enabled devices we have like the tablets ets... Being on the VERIZON this works just about everywhere we go. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 05:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I may have fried my Jack Antenna Please help

Did you notice if the Red LED on antenna head was lit. I don't know what the max DC VOLTAGE range is for the KING JACK INJECTOR Power Supply.. http://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/server700/90ebe/products/132/images/291/OA8000__35352.1348781489.1280.1280.jpg height=300 On my setup I use the same COAX that fed the BATWING antenna which got its PREAMPLIFIER power from the Antenna Panel. http://www.eaa1358.com/Wildcat/Winegard%20SensarPro/Pics/DSCF1835.JPG height=300 I didn't have to use the JACK provided 12VDC Power Injector shown here. http://www.motorhome.com/assets/0/151/152/839ed368-b97a-4c48-8ea5-7d92be0eaa13.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 05:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar Panel Size To Battery Bank Size

full_mosey - This is all on Gary's dime haha... In my case my solar panels would not produce enough current to charge my battery bank using smart mode charging (90% charge state in three hours) When I start this mode using my on-board converter/charger being run by my generator I immediately see around 52AMPS DC Current being demanded by the 255AH Battery Bank when they are first hit with 14.4VDC. The battery bank will continue drawing this much current for about 15-20 minutes and then start tapering off. After about an hour this DC CURRENT demand is around 8AMPs DC Current. This is also when my on-board converter/charger will switch to 13.6VDC and the current demand then drops down to around 6AMP DC Current. This would be the time I would to shut down the generator and let the solar panels continue the charge state. Since I can get around 20 AMPS of DC Current from the solar panels the 8AMPs and less DC Current demand would easy for the solar panels to provide for the next two hours of the battery bank charge. Being new to the solar world I said "switch to" - actually they will all be connected and protected with in-line diodes so I would just turn off my generator and the current demand would just be the provided by the solar panels. The point here is I can cut back on using the generator after the high current demand has dropped down from the 52AMPS DC Current after a bit. My solar panels would not be able to meet the high current demand. Keep in mind this is wanting my batteries to get charged up before the end of the day. Just using the solar panels I would be able to see the 20AMPS of C CURRENT for 5-6 hours on average they tell and several hours of this 20AMP source might get my battery bank back to its 90% charge state. But then again it might not. I know I can get to the 50% charge state but having 60AMPS of DC CURRENT available to use with my on-board converter/charger unit. If I did just left it on SOLAR PANELS only an it did make the 90% charge state before I lost the high sun then I would not need to use the generator at all. I will learn all of that after I use solar panels for awhile. I know what happens when I am not able to start my evening with less than 90% charge state batteries. They fall back rather quick and it gets dark on me around 10 PM. My battery performance doesn't work well if I start out with less than 90% charge state. This might be different for other folks??? They may have better batteries than I do... My three 85AH Interstate GP24 12VDC Deep Cycle Batteries were installed in 2008. Does any of this make any sense haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Size To Battery Bank Size

reed - The 50AMPS plus is coming from my on board Converter/charger unit run by the generator. When it tapers back after about an hour of charge running then generator then I will be able switch to the solar panels. I will only be getting just alittle over 20AMPS of DC CURRENT from the solar panels in high sun. I haven't added the panels yet but planning on putting two 120WATT Panels on the front on both sides of the Fantastic fan and then a 240WATT Panel across the rear of the roof between the Air Conditioner and the rear edge. That adds up to 460WATTS. The 240WATT panel should be easy to move to the ground if needed. I may run into a weight problems adding these panels to roof and try to raise the electric roof when setting up. I may have to add the 240WATT PANEL after I raise the roof. Some of the experts tell me I can almost make getting my batteries from 50% to 90% charge just using the solar panels for 5-6 hours of high sun. I'm glad I have the generator along me as I know that works every time rain or shine... During a typical day/night run I am pulling the usually 1-2AMPS parasitic loads an around 20AMPs load from 6PM to 11PM to run all the home entertainment, lights, and ham radio stuff. This drops my 255Ah battery bank down to around the 50% charge state by 8Am each morning. All still in the planning stage here for solar - waiting for money to fall out of the sky hehe... I've been camping off the power grid with my 255AH battery bank for 5-6 years now so know what to expect to keeping the batteries giving me great performance. Adding solar panels will be a big help. We also mostly camp off-road here on the East side of the US and have to live with all the generator run time rules everywhere. Adding solar panels should drop my daily generator run time down to around one hour hopefully. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Size To Battery Bank Size

For me, my planning is how much solar power I can get in the 5-6 hours of HIGH SUN to get my batteries back to at least their 90% charge state so I can make it through the next day/night run off my batteries. My camping off the batteries is planned to not drop my batteries below 50% charge by 8AM the next morning when I can either start recharging them by running my 2KW generator to use the on-board smart mode charging from my converter/charger unit or depend on the solar panels being in high sun all day long. To recharge my battery bank I see over 50AMP of DC charge at the initial re-charge state that starts tapering off to around 8AMPs of DC charge after an hour or so. Then i need to provide the 8AMPS charge state for an additional 2-3 hours to get my batteries back up to their 90% charge state. If I can't get to the 90% charge state I will not be able to make it through the night off my battery banks. My goal is to never drop below the 50% charge state over night. It will take alot of solar panels if no generator is planned to be used. Consider a 120WATT Solar setup will only produce 5-6AMPS of DC Charge in high sun. This is my game plan at any rate when camping off the power grid. Generator first for the short time running and then switch to solar for the long term charging. What ever it takes to get to 90% charge or more before the high sun goes away. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: 2016 F-150 Option

Hey Round Rock TX - AT least my former stomping grounds up in North Texas around Wichita Falls are getting all of their water sources replenished with all that rain. The surrounding lakes like Lake ArrowHead or Lake Kickapoo have gone from a low 20% capacity to almost 100% capacity in just a couple of weeks... Hopefully the town of Windthorst TX has running city water now. Their main source of city water came from Lake Arrowhead which got turned off not too long ago. I guess the drought is somewhat over now for a year or two... I was hearing the SouthWest Desert boundaries was heading for the Mississippi River. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 F-150 Option

And here I was just getting used to my new 2010 Ford OEM Rear Mounted Camera that shows the trailer hitch go directly over the truck hitch ball when hooking up my trailer - first time every time... I find myself not even looking out of the rear Window or Mirrors anymore when backing up. I suspect this is going to have big surprises one of these days... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm addicted to mods...

Unfortunately alot of the mods are done with low skill owners and no documentation whatsoever. You know how it goes - need a receptacle located at the table so install a power drop hanging out of the ceiling type of thing... Nothing done according to any safety specs. We all want to make it to our own liking myself included. I did alot of somewhat similar work related system installs so sort of have safety in mind in all I do to my trailers. Works great for the owner and all is well. Leave the cleanup with the next owners problem. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 07:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Relocating the Converter

Contact RICK at BEST CONVERTERS or at least visit their web page. They have alot of info on this subj on whether or not the PD9200 series converters will fit the bottom compartment of most other brand Power Distribution centers. I believe I was told the PD9260C would fit the same compartment the WF-8945 Converter was installed in with just slight bending mods to some of the mounting details. After thinking about it, I elected to just move the PD9260C Converter/charger to a separate location' I elected to mount my PD9260C Converter/charger in a separate location as close to the my battery bank as I could get it and still be inside my trailer. I am about 5-feet away from my main battery bank switch. I ran a separate 120VAC circuit receptacle to this location which is controlled by its own 120VAC CIRCUIT BREAKER in the Power Distribution Center. My PD9260C came with its own 120VAC Power Cord so I just plugged it into the 120VAC Receptacle and only had to deal with the DC OUTPUT connections in my setup. In my case the WFCO 8900 SERIES Power Distribution Center already had a WF-8945 Converter/charger in it which was brand new so I left it in place and mounted my replacement PD9260C in a separate location as noted above. Now I have a have working BACKUP for my setup which I can turn ON/OFF by simply turning ON the circuit breaker for the unit I want to use. This is my drawing of how I connected the two converter/chargers up in my setup. My WFCO 8900 Series Power Dist panel is around 12-14 feet away from my battery bank. http://i.imgur.com/4UQXH.png height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 06:59am Travel Trailers
RE: honda 2000 or companion

Does anyone know if you will get any 120VAC POWER out of the companion twist lock connector if the generator is running by itself. I know you will get 120VAC @26.6AMPS if you have two generators connected together. Since I don't own the companion I don't know if you get any power at all from the 26.6AMP Receptacle. The OP states he might want to get the companion first because of this 26.6 AMPS receptacle and I am thinking it will be a completely dead receptacle unless you have two generators connected together. In other words you will not get 120VAC @ 13.3AMPS out of this twist lock connector using the companion generator by itself. I may be wrong with this statement - just don't know. The OP might want to know this before making his decision on which one to buy first. If it is a dead twist lock connector then you will only have one 120VAC 13.3AMP receptacle that you can use on the front panel of the companion generator. Was hoping a companion owner on here would answer this question... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/23/15 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: Why don't all electrical plugs work on inverter only??

Just wire in a 600WATT PSW INVERTER and run a multi-head extension cord to the bedroom nite table and maybe to the home entertainment center area. This will be ON 24/7. Plug what you have to have on all the time low wattage items into this extension cord. All you have to do is watch your battery voltage and when it drops to 12.0VDC either quit using the INVERTER or start charge it somehow. This is what I do in my trailer setup, but I have 255AHs worth of batteries which usually last until 8Am the morning where I re-charge them back up during breakfast.
RoyB 05/22/15 07:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: honda 2000 or companion

Just remember if you run the companion by itself you will not get 26.6AMPs out of it. Only 13.3AMPS. It will not run 26.6AMPS unless you have two 2KW Hondas connected together. http://powerequipment.honda.com/Content/images/Models/Features/eu2000i-companion-30a-outlet.jpg height=400 I don't know what the difference in cost is between the two units but you can do the same thing with the standard EU2000i by getting a $12 RV30A-15A dogbone long adapter from WALMART and plug it into the 120VAC receptacle on the EU2000i... Might save some money until you get ready to have both units. Actually you might want someone else on here that has the companion to state if you will get anything at all on the 26.6AMP Socket if you are NOT running two connected together. You need to have one of the RV30A-15A adapters anyway to plug your 30A Trailer into a garage or some other 120VAC Receptacle somewhere in your travels. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/22/15 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Air compressors recommendations

For me the Q Industries MV50 Portable 12VDC Portable Tankless Air Compressors (AMAZON) works just fine. I can air-up my trailer and truck tires and also use it for blowing out my water lines in the trailer when the temps drop below freezing... I have used this model from way back in my Jeep/tent camping days.. Stores easy in its own carry bag and fits under my truck back seat area. I can sit this on my dropped tail gate of the truck and connect directly into the trailer battery bank terminals. The long hose reaches everything from this spot. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51OrkyXicCL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=200 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61YICfUUqiL.jpg height=200 I use this adapter from AMAZON to connect to the city water port to blow out my water lines in the trailer and then fill the P-TRAPS with RV pink stuff. With the tankless compressor the pressure is slow to build-up which allows to get to the spigots everywhere to drain the water out without fear of over pressure on the lines. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41JjZ9BsviL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=300 Great small footprint items to have around for my off-road trailer... Works great with my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer and F150 TRUCK Tires. I can air up 65-80LBS real easy... The MAX air is rated at 150lbs. As old as mine is now I doubt I could ever get that much haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/22/15 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: How to remove bottom step???

looks like you also may need some steps getting up on the new deck. Maybe optical illusion...
RoyB 05/22/15 12:54pm Travel Trailers
Porting DELL M90 Workstation to DELL 17R Inspiron

Computer geeks Been working on my change-over to WIN 8.1. My original setup was using a DELL M90 WORKSTATION that was using XP PRO and has the PRO1X D/Port Advanced Port Replicator (Docking Station). The docking station ran my DUAL MONITORs just fine here at main console and also in the RV setups. Also provided me additional INPUTS for my Ham Radio interface requirements. my new DELL LAPTOP Inspiron 17R5737 of course does not have the DOCKING STATION large connector under the laptop so had to make things work differently here. I am now setup for running two external DELL Monitors which took some doing. The only VIDEO OUTPUT connector is a HDMI. I was hoping for at least DVI or VGA... Tried to ADAPT the HDMI to DVI with adapter which worked but but lost resolution really bad. Closer look at my DELL 2408WFP Monitor I notice I have HDMI INPUTs so connecting directly to that all is OK now for one Monitor. The second monitor is fed by STAND ALONE DOCKING tower which is fed by a USB 3.0 port from the DELL Inspiron but my older Toshiba Docking Tower model which only support ONE external Monitor. So far I am only required to hookup the HDMI and USB cables to my new Dell Laptop to get my two external DELL Monitors to work. My external keyboard and mouse works though the Toshiba Docking Station. I am planning to continue using my DELL M90 and PRO1X Docking station setup basically just for my RADIO INTERFACE CONTROLs and run some Internet Scanner frequencies. It would neat if I could use the S-VIDEO connector on the PRO1X Docking Station to connect to one of my DELL 2408WFP Monitors and use the PIP Picture in Picture mode to view the M90 Computer when needed. The S-VIDEO MODE is the only PIP/PBP input I can use with my 24-inch monitor. The PRO1X shows this connector to be a TV OUTPUT Mode On the MONITOR I have a 4-PIN DIN SOCKET and the PRO1X has a 7-PIN DIN socket. I have cannot find a 7-PIN DIN MALE to 4-PIN DIN MALE cable setup to connect between the two units on AMAZON. Did find one from SVIDEO.COM but hate to use my credit card for unknown companies to purchase things. I use AMAZON PRIME all the time with an account. WALMART will probably have a 4-pin din MM cable... I have read you can plug a 4-PIN DIN connector into the 7-PIN DIN connector and only use 4 of the 7 pins but don't know this for sure. It seems I can order the 4-PIN DIN PLUG Male to Male cable from AMAZON. Wondering if this will work. I don't even know yet the PRO1X will feed my 24-inch MONITOR PIP input and work. I did plug the DELL R17 LAPTOP HDMI cable into a TV SET and it worked just fine selecting HDMI mode on the TV set input controls. If this doesn't work with the PIP setup my plan B is to connect to the a regular DVI connections which is available on either 24-inch monitor and switch to it when I need to view the M90 ops. Would be nicer if I had the PIP small window showing the M90 ops along with my other LAPTOP on-going ops - then could switch to FULL or HALF screen when needed for the radio OPS. My console area would work best if I have the DELL M90 snapped into the PRO1X Docking station and then sit my new DELL INSPIRON LAPTOP on top of the DELL M90. The M90 has a START button on the docking station and the DELL INSPIRON 17R 5000 series requires you to open the lid to start then close it for external monitors. Having the two LAPTOPs setup I still have to have two external keyboards and mouse's which works fine with my two console pull out trays. I have been using the wife's WIN 7 LAPTOP since Microsoft dropped support for the DELL M90 XP-PRO stuff. Be glad to get back to using my own stuff. I could have just updated the M90 to WIN 8.1 but probably didn't have enough Processor and Ram to support it well. These new DELL LAPTOPS really scream now so QVC says... I have carried my M90 Workstation many miles in my working days. The things we radio guys go through to setup somewhat simple things hehe... Momabear knew this was coming when I signed up for bigger DATA PLAN and faster speed from the local Internet provider hehe. Maybe one of these days the local country internet provider will offer FIBER OPTICS - hmmmm NOTE-I HAVE MY ANSWER NOW TO MY QUESTION: It appears the outside 4-pins of the 7-pin DIN connector is the same dimensions as the 4-pin din connector so I can plug a 4-pin din plug into a 7-pin din connector. The additional three pins on the 7-pin has to do with R-G-B signals. http://image.slidesharecdn.com/pc-pin-outs-easypconlinever2-131009150111-phpapp02/95/pc-pinouts-easypconline-33-638.jpg?cb=1381332889 height=500 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/22/15 07:29am Technology Corner
RE: Wiring to charge trailer from my van's alternator?

I follow the rule to never do anything to the truck battery system that could keep me from going for help or getting back home. I am assuming you will have wiring installed for the DOT Required trailer SAFETY LIGHTS and a working Brake control for the trailer if it is going to used on public roads...
RoyB 05/21/15 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Toadless

Sorry to hear that... Probably yaking on the cell phone... Being the other parties fault should go good for you in short order. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/21/15 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ideas for attaching items under the RV

I sure have tons of room under my off-road POPUP. Been thinking about doing a couple of things under there. I could probably hang a hammock haha... I do want to put a safe lock box with access inside one of my cabinets... Also like those torklift hangers for batteries - thats a neat idea.
RoyB 05/21/15 11:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Electrical questions, alternator? amps? generator?

Just a quick comment on your FOG LIGHTS. Be aware that DOT has authority of what SAFETY LIGHTS can be used on the road vehicles and how many can ON at the same time... Be sure to check with DMV on what FOG LIGHTS would be authorized for your use. SAFETY LIGHTS must also be DOT APPROVED types... We have required DOT SAFETY Inspections in this state and they catch all of these things before passing your inspection. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/21/15 10:30am Tech Issues
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