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RE: This is a reason why Pop Ups aren't selling......

We started out in a Starcraft Galaxy 24. King and queen bed, real fridge, forced heat, hot water, recirc toilet, and shower. Put all that in a real trailer and my 85' S-10 couldn't have pulled it, and I obviously wouldn't have been able to store it in the garage. Don't confuse a PUP with anything else. Just because use the price points are blurring doesn't mean you automatically fall into the next category up, because they are not the same regardless of price.
SCVJeff 11/23/14 01:04am Folding Trailers
RE: Front Air Pressure

Normal pressure for mine (2 years newer) front and back is 120, and that doesn't hardly change unless I'm modulating the brakes.
SCVJeff 11/22/14 09:31pm Tech Issues
RE: New OTA Antenna

Cute. There were receivers around several years ago that drove an antenna and repointed it depending on the channel you went to. This is the same but you will be standing up all night if you're a channel surfer. A 2db difference in noise figure isn't going to hardly make a difference except make a pretty graph. I'll take a mast all day long
SCVJeff 11/21/14 02:04am Technology Corner
RE: Send programs from one Hopper to another over the internet?

There's no question that accessing the Hopper at the residence and pulling the programming off does use data. We're right at 30 gigs, and we have one more day in this billing cycle. The majority of that 30 gigs is/was programming that was recorded on the home Hopper, and was streamed to the RV. Right, because your Hopper and your RV devices are on two, different networks. But if your Hopper and your iPad (or iPhone, etc) were on the same network, like your home WiFi, then NO BROADBAND DATA would be used.There is no argument with that statement, but this is not what you originally said, nor what the OP was asking about.
SCVJeff 11/21/14 01:48am Technology Corner
RE: Wifi Adapter thingy

Dont see a need for it. Mifi card has sufficient distance for inside most RV'sthe Thingy is WiFi, not MiFi. It's a remote USB Wifi adapter Shucks, it's $20
SCVJeff 11/20/14 02:22am Technology Corner
RE: Is it time for less Marcus

That's an interesting comment about Marcus having no problem laying people off. As a CEO or leader of any company one must know when to cut bait, which is why as was mentioned, some of those looking for help get in trouble. Someone has to be the bad guy, but at the same time has made it clear he's about people and keeping the jobs. Then there is the reality spin that only he can comment on. I have also seen him spar with Kevin O'Leary (Sharktank) on CNBC over this issue, and Kevin makes no secret that money comes first over everything and everyone else. The rest of the panel poo-poo'd Kevin too, but if I remember it was Marcus that got in his face pretty hard.
SCVJeff 11/20/14 02:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Oops. (I think)

its too bad you didnt look at the batteries. My 4 U2200's took over 1/2G of water on one neglected fill, but the plates were never uncovered. I think thats almost twice what yours took FWIW- Once a year I pull the batteries, now T-145's, and all the caps to make sure there are no debris clogs, and that all the levels are equal (telling me the float valves is functioning.
SCVJeff 11/16/14 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: LED 5050 cool white strips in Flourescent getting hot

They do get very warm but wont burn you. Ballast resistors are built in but whats your supply voltage?
SCVJeff 11/16/14 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Drilling P.C. Boards (tips solicited)

Chris, would you be offended if I asked for examples? I believe a regular soldering station is above my own station, affordability-wise.I personally have 2 Weller soldering stations, although there are several knockoffs around that seem just fine. For run of the mill circuit board work I use PTA7 tips. PTA is the tip configuration, and the 7 is the temp (700 degrees). I rarely go above that for board work, but do go down to 600 degrees. Variable knob temp is better. RF Soldering is by far the best but those go for $300 used and often broken.
SCVJeff 11/16/14 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help ASAP. Norcold fridge not working. Dry camping.

Thanks Dennis. That was my point with the "big red crayon" but it's pretty obvious that point was missed. That disclaimer on the phone should also have been made on the forum because too many times it's not. There are plenty around way less qualified than neuman that simply reset the module or tell people even less qualified than them how to do it, and one day we will read about the results in the paper. At the end of the day he DID explain it with a big red crayon, so what's the big problem?
SCVJeff 11/14/14 09:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Drilling P.C. Boards (tips solicited)

For occasional drilling almost anything will work. But if you are power drilling, I suggest a high speed drill like a Dremel, otherwise you stand an excellent chance of catching the board and making a mess. I also have a couple of pin vises that work great if you are enlarging an occasional hole. You might be able to find them and a set of drills at Hobbyking
SCVJeff 11/14/14 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Antenna Signal Meter

One problem with the Surelock is that it seems to be simply a radio signal finder- we're across the street from a large communication antenna, and it makes the Surelock worthless some places. Not sure if the Winegard Sensar Pro is more discriminating (I believe it is).and that's its problem. It likes UHF communications sites as well as FM transmitters. The SensarPro is a real TV tuner and can identify channel specific carriers
SCVJeff 11/14/14 08:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Need help ASAP. Norcold fridge not working. Dry camping.

WOW!...WOW!...WOW!.....unbelievable! "Helping" isn't always about telling someone how to override a safety switch. The OP stated at the beginning he had been having lots of issues with the fridge. Given Norcold's history, unless I could see the unit myself, talk to the OP in person and assess the situation, I'm not sure I'd put myself out there with that kind of "advice". I'm with Doug on this one....and the spoiled food, Leo was speaking of...well if the fridge catches on fire because the switch was bypassed, spoiled food will be the least of his problems.... All that said, I'm sure Newman provided the OP with the proper caveats and provided him with a solution. The problem is sometimes people will simply say, hmmm..the 'box' is the problem, Newmann help me reset it but it's failed again. Why not just remove it..:E....that's what I mean by being careful of the help we provide....just sayin.....DennisAnd that was the point of the comment. He did NOT say he counseled the OP on the extreme danger of fire IF it was shut down on a real failure and not just a defective module. While there have been plenty of module failures, there have also been several cooling unit failures out there with people advising to just go ahead and reset it, which is about the stupidest suggestion there is UNLESS you know why the trip. Neuman also sent me a PM whining about my comment, to which I replied (and deleted the 2nd). If he or anyone else here doesn't like it, too bad. I have been on other forums with the same question being asked and someone comes along with the magic magnet trick fix for the OP without any mention or warning of what to do or check once they reset a failsafe device that may or may not have failed. One day someone will reset a true failed device, there will be a fire, someone will die, and the lawyers will be looking for those "qualified" people to add to the lawsuit.
SCVJeff 11/14/14 11:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Antenna Signal Meter

Any reason the sensar pro would not work with the Jack? That way is mounted in the wall and wired. Thanksit will work fine with the Jack
SCVJeff 11/14/14 02:07am Technology Corner
RE: additional tv in bedroom

I'm thinking of adding a tv in the bedroom. The wall that it can mount on only about 20"wide. Any good recommendations on one that size? Thanks in advance for what is always great advice JonTake a tape measure to the store and see what's out there. Remember that the screens are measured diagonally, and you will likely find that a 24" screen will fit nicely there.
SCVJeff 11/14/14 02:02am Technology Corner
RE: Need help ASAP. Norcold fridge not working. Dry camping.

So his fridge shut down on an over heat fail safe and you coached him how to bypass it? I hope you spelled out with a big red crayon WHY that box is in there in the first place, correct? Is it bad or did it do it's job? How would he know?
SCVJeff 11/14/14 12:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How far would you travel for a deal?

We bought the one in the sig from Marysville, WA and drove it to back to So. Cal.; Over 1000 miles because I saved over $15k from the "best deal" that CW could muster up (sorry Marcus). I tried several times with CW and they simply wouldn't talk to me. No problem.. As for warranty, I had zero issues with that either. There is a big Winnebago dealer close by that took care of the minor issues with a smile and I told them up front where the coach came from.
SCVJeff 11/13/14 11:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Most secure motorhome?

Perhaps a retired prisoner transport bus would be a good conversion vehicle for the OP. He could keep as much or as little security as he desired.I was about to suggest a used armored truck. Nobody in this sport is glued to their vehicle and is just as vulnerable. If paranoid abounds to the point of losing windows and adding steel doors, then this ain't the lifestyle for the OP
SCVJeff 11/13/14 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fan is dead in intellipower 9245. Looking for new one.

Once more with gusto: ALL Electronic Supply I even set the fan page for you.. Thanks. Yu da man. Now it's time to crawl back in and get a measurement.if you're heading into the LA area, ALL is a real store located in Van Nuys, but the are is not at all RV parking friendly.
SCVJeff 11/13/14 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Darn Cold

I'm trying to fly out of Cleveland, it's 30 and the snow is just offshore
SCVJeff 11/13/14 07:44am Snowbirds
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