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RE: Importance of Providing Cable TV

Since by the time they add the ups and extras Sat Tv can cost you more per month than site rental.. I do not use it. But the question I think is more what can a reasonable RV see by the way of OTA... Of all the parks I stay at only two offer cable.. Most RV's do not receive much TV here OTA (I have a full blown Winegard system, Batwing, Wingman, Sensar Pro, and thus I can watch OTA but many (Me last time I was here for example) not so much. The park offers cable and my DVR's are smart enough to choose cable or OTA as needed to get all the shows (Yup tier 2's not always on the cable, Tier 2's often best programs, watching a Tier 2 as I type) OF the other parks, as I said, only one offers cable, They charge an extra dollar a day.. I refuse to pay it since I get more than I can watch,, Over the air, and again the tier two I watch the most... not on the cable. (What is a tier 2.. Channel 3.1 or 3-1 is read as Channel 3, Tier 1.. Change the 1 to a Two and it's Channel 3, Tier 2. Tier 2 stations are the -2, or -3 or -any number higher than 1 channels)Those are not "Tiers" or classes of service. They are added and are known as 'Dots' as the station signs them on, expanding to the next available slot as the contract is signed. It has nothing to do with anything other than availability
SCVJeff 10/20/14 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Importance of Providing Cable TV

I would absolutely run the cable to the pedistals whether I used it or not. You're already in the ground, so why not? As to real CATV service, as mentioned above it can get really pricy if you either need to provide boxes to the campers, or build your own head-end and remodulate (x) channels to the park. Where exactly is the site in relation to TV hill? Austin can be a little hilly depending on where you are, and the folage is thick anywhere there isn't a ranch or city as you're obviously well aware. If you dont have reasonable line of site from 10' off the ground over the folage, personally I would install an MATV system in the CG. At least the campers will have good signal for the OTA. I know lots of the TV engineers and the owner of a studio integrator in Austin, and built a station there myself. If you need someone to consult and properly lay out the distribution system, PM me direct. Off the the LA RV Show....
SCVJeff 10/19/14 11:20am Technology Corner
RE: First Road Trip San Jose, CA to Austin, TX

I agree.. Day one is going to be brutal. Considering you have metropolis's on both ends you could hit serious traffic. I think I would look at something like SJU to maybe Bakersfield or Victorville area. Day 2 Quartzsite to Tucson (unless you have to hit PHX) only because it's an easy run into PHX or Tucson. Not sure about day 3, but I can assure you that El Paso to Austin is going to be even more brutal. It's as far from Los Angeles to El Paso as it is from El Paso to San Antonio, and you're still 100 miles short of Austin at that point (and that traffic can suck the entire way between the two at times). Even though the speed limit is 80, it's a L O N G way. IMO I would find something maybe 1/2 way from El Paso to SAT, stay there and do a final banzai run up to Austin. I've done this run in 3 days, but not with kids on board. PS- I don't know anything about this, but the SIL who was stationed in El Paso for several years says to keep off the border when camping or even hotels. Always trust a local..
SCVJeff 10/18/14 04:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tucson Camping World

Be sure to repost your comment in the forum dedicated to Marcus Inc. I'm sure they could use some relief from the myriad complaints they receive.Since his name was mentioned here he will likely see this thread.
SCVJeff 10/18/14 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do I remove Day-Night

And another model has a clip release located in the center of the blind. Once the screws come out on either end, you need to reach into the center clip and it will drop nicely into your hand. Sometime getting it back up is a HUGE PITA, I had one that took almost 45min., and once things were just right, it gently went 'click'.. Grrrrr
SCVJeff 10/18/14 01:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Curious About Quartzsite?

There are AT LEAST 3 stores in town. One is on W. Main, west of the 95 on the south side, and the other two are on E. Main, east of the 95 on the north side. And there are a pile of dry goods places around, several just outside the big tent. Granted the one on the west side is a wreck, it's still a store with real live produce, cold stuff, etc.
SCVJeff 10/18/14 01:34pm Snowbirds
RE: Anyone Add A 3rd 12V Socket In Their Ford Dash Here?

He doesn't want extensions, he wants new sockets that are out of his way.
SCVJeff 10/18/14 01:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone Add A 3rd 12V Socket In Their Ford Dash Here?

The OP doesn't want to use the existing socket(s), so this isn't a matter of plugging in extensions.
SCVJeff 10/16/14 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: towing out West

No problem with that rig.... But, make sure you circle up at night. We still get attacked by Indians out here in the West.Hey OP ! U ain't from New York City R ya?
SCVJeff 10/14/14 08:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fayetteville RV Resort

Well I used technology and Googled the campground name and only one came up in NC. Google what a concept.Shouldn't have to
SCVJeff 10/13/14 12:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Boondocking in Southern California???

Angeles may be close in milage but time wise it is hours. There are a few USFS CG's up by lake Castiac and north, and the only open CG's I'm aware of above Pasadena are on Angeles Crest at least 10 miles in a very winding road that empties out close to 60 freeway miles from Santa Monica. Better plan on a commercial CG
SCVJeff 10/13/14 12:52am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Yelp no longer a reliable source of information

I've placed a lot of reviews on Yelp, some postive and some negative. I just checked and my negative reviews are still there. What are you basing your accusation on?there was a very long discussion on CNBC about this exact thing recently. The big problem is competing businesses loading the reviews against their competitors, and this is especially bad with restaurants. Obviously this affects investors which is the reason for the discussion on CNBC. Yelp is having a very a hard time with credibility because of all this, and it may be the reason some negotiable reviews are being pulled as suspect trolling.
SCVJeff 10/13/14 12:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Fayetteville RV Resort

Which Fayetteville? There are at least 3
SCVJeff 10/12/14 12:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: cell tower construction

Im not sure when it was you retired, but its not at all uncommon for the site to be linked via microwave to either a central node or as part of a trunk off an adjacent site running modulations of 256QAM+. I see coordination notices by the hundreds at the office anywhere any of the carriers are constructing and there is a chance their microwave operations could affect mine. Same goes for the building.. It is completely finished inside and out: HVAC, cable trays power distriubution, lights, even a common ground buss with attachment stud outside. As i said, just add power and radios. I know, I've bought two for our own use as repeater sites. You are correct that a week is silly and there is no reason. But if all the engineering is done, the links figured out, coordinated, licensed, and equipment purchased and on the trucks, there is no reason that it couldnt be done in 2-3 weeks. Trenching in fiber is obviously another story. (Edit: iPhone spelling)
SCVJeff 10/12/14 11:21am Technology Corner
RE: Curious About Quartzsite?

Its a REAL neighborhood hardware store, the kind we all grew up around.
SCVJeff 10/12/14 05:14am Snowbirds
RE: cell tower construction

this one is no more than 50-60ft and the the three "horns"/elements are mounted and its being dressed as a tree its going in between existing commercial bldgs one of which is a restaurant i'm in the area several times a month..just spotted this today usually over night for business, also have friends in the area it will be nice IF it turns out to be verizon my 4g sucks in that area hope its online, next time in the areatowers are typically manfactured in 20' sections unless you need something custom. An errector-set can take several days to put together, even that size. If the sections come in assembled, then its a morning job for the crane. RF Lingo: the pickup within the dish is called a feed horn or feed. When microwave folk refer to a horn, its usually a Cornicoupia (sp) that is really big and really expensive, or a very basic literal horn that you can hold to track interfearence. If there are any old telco infrastructure guys here, they would recognize them because ATT was about the only company that could afford them. Ive looked at these cell tower finder apps before and find them to be a joke, at least in this area. Being under 300', the tower doesnt have to be registered with the FAA, otherwise you could look at the ASR posted on the tower and find it and its owner (which often is not the carrier). And as far as site license, they are never shown on the FCC ULS. It looks like they have a blanket authorization for a given area. At least new installs.
SCVJeff 10/11/14 11:48am Technology Corner
RE: cell tower construction

Once the foundations are in (tower and building), you can easily stack a cell tower in 1-2 days depending on height. Hanging antennas and coax are probably 3 days hung and terminated depending on how complex the arrays are. The equipment is built and often comes in turnkey. The building usually poured concrete and completely finished and delivered on site, just add power. Its a one day set easily. We just had a 299' self supporter with close to 15 dishes with coax and waveguide built in San Antonio, and it was about 3 weeks only because of the long runs into the studio.
SCVJeff 10/11/14 12:05am Technology Corner
RE: Curious About Quartzsite?

We were there last year for about 3 weeks. We toured all the RV stuff they had there, it was neat but I'm not into boondocking which a lot of folks are. There is really only one grocery store, his meat was really good but products were limited. I think it was over 30 miles or 40 miles to a Walmart. We enjoyed it.There are at least 3 full stores, not including several dry goods tents around.
SCVJeff 10/10/14 08:10pm Snowbirds
RE: Curious About Quartzsite?

Every one should visit Quartzsite once. Don't know why anyone would go twice.we go to hang with friends, head into town to the show, come back to camp to fly RC and catch up since last year. Proceed to break something so we get to have a project and go to Herbs . If you are by your self, hate crowds, or just plain grumpy,... Then yes maybe once is enuf
SCVJeff 10/10/14 08:07pm Snowbirds
RE: Which RV is best for the zombie apocalypse?

Zombies carry purses?First Aid kit... :)
SCVJeff 10/07/14 08:22pm Toy Haulers
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