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RE: Coax connectors

I might try using BNC connectors. They're coaxial connectors which are at least as good electrically (in the RF range) and are comparatively sturdy. They use a bayonet mechanism to attach, and are quite common in some applications such as electronic test equipment and formerly in "thin" ethernet networking (before twisted pair ethernet became popular). Crimping tools and such would still be necessary to build the proper cables.Thats what I'd do as well. A good crimper for a BNC isn't going to be cheap tho, but you can buy BNC(M) to F(F), and BNC(F) to F(M) adapters and just screw them into the existing coax. Great idea! I should buy a bunch and sell em as sets.
SCVJeff 10/30/14 10:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Hughes RV220-50 really working?

I was given a brand-new 120 volt model in 2003. I ran a Variac test using a 1,650 watt incandescent heater for a load. Fifteen minutes later a visiting RV'er insisted that I should sell it to him. It may have ranked right up there with the fastest sale known to mankind.Nice Variac!
SCVJeff 10/30/14 10:31pm Tech Issues
Hughes RV220-50 really working?

Does anyone know how this autoformer really works? I ran both phases up through a dog bone on a Variac tonight and watched L1 switch to boost around 93-95 volts, and the switch to bypass a little above 115vac just as the book says. However, measuring L2 showed it in bypass at all times. This test was unloaded. I thought these were two transformers running independently, but see that if I only power up L1, L2 also has voltage on it's input. But looking at the outputs, they follow whatever input is powered. These results don't sound correct, but doing a load test is difficult. I would expect L1 & L2 to act the same. Shouldn't they?
SCVJeff 10/30/14 01:33am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure DC current

bukzin, keep in mind, you cannot measure amperage across a double cord (i.e; black and white inside casing) with a clamp meter. That's where the kill-a-watt comes in handy. The clamp meter is for checking current thru single battery cables and such.Unless you have THIS It's also fun to freak out friends by clamping onto the x10 coil to ask your friend why his LCD TV draws 1000 watts.. :)
SCVJeff 10/30/14 01:07am Tech Issues
RE: RF Interference from LED Lights affecting TV?

At the time I did it just because I could. I wanted to be able to run the LED's hard to the wall regardless of if I was plugged in or not and never exceed the current spec. The zero noise was a side benefit :) Rewiring an existing lamp is probably difficult to impossible.
SCVJeff 10/29/14 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: RF Interference from LED Lights affecting TV?

Wonder if a capacitor and Rf choke would across the led 12 volts.Depends. I did allot of work with this problem about 2 years ago. Depending on the LED, carefully placed caps, tightly twisting the power leads both in and out of the regulator can make a significant difference, or none at all. If it were me I would replace the LED's with ones without regulators, then find a common feed to all the lighting and install a single regulator. Even the cheap ones on eBay are way better filtered than any LED out there. I'm running a 12W LED scare light wired for 9V full bright through a regulator and a dimmer, and there is zero RFI from it.
SCVJeff 10/28/14 11:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Flopure RV water softener

Thank you, Old Biscuit. The instructions say to "allow the unit to set for 5 minutes". Is this where Iwe "soak" (your word) for 15 minutes? The instructions say as follows: "then turn on the inlet valve and open the drain port on the Y valve to begin brine rinse process. After 20 minutes of brine rinsing the system is ready to be installed back into the RV ....". Does this mean that the unit will be spewing water out on the ground for 20 minutes; or have we got the wrong impression? You can tell that this machine is new to us and we're a little hesitant as to what should happen.Have the same as biscuit... I salt and soak same as him, then dribble on the ground (not fast) tasting every few mins until there's no more sale, then return to service
SCVJeff 10/28/14 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Flopure RV water softener

It's not an exact science. A little less or more isn't going to break it
SCVJeff 10/28/14 12:26am Tech Issues
RE: Paging Mena661

I think the one my dad had was a Freas, but it's long gone. It had its own box, was well taken care of, rinsed, etc., and in the 30ish years I remember it, it looked like new. In LA smog, nothing short of a sealed bag will keep the ozone off it. I'm on my 3rd cheapie and it's showing its age already
SCVJeff 10/27/14 09:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Boondocking in Southern California???

Check out a long term stay; ie month or more at Ventura Oaks RV Park, Oak View, CA.that's a 90 minute trip at 2AM
SCVJeff 10/27/14 05:36pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Paging Mena661

HERE is the cut sheet on it. I'm all for doing SG on batteries as well, but everyone has had to either tap bubbles, or tap to see if that's really where the float wants to be. Technology marches on, and if this thing eliminates these two issues, as well as water creep on the float, I'm all for it. I have a friend that has one coming, so I'll play and compare up against the glass. Spendy? Not up against a Freas...
SCVJeff 10/27/14 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Paging Mena661

Ill post the .pdf on it. Looks interesting tho. My complaints on glass it sticktion(sp), and errant bubbles screwing up the readings. I have the same problem with my floating bulb in the reef tank and finally resorted to a refractometer because nothing was repeatable. In the cut sheet for this thing they say they addressed those exact things as priority #1
SCVJeff 10/27/14 10:53am Tech Issues

Yeah, I just would update their forum period. Can't open a link in a new tab with out jumping hoops. Can't make a post without it opening a new tab. Completely opposite and a real pain on an iPad. It's simple to open a link in a new tab, just press, and hold your finger on the link until "open in new tab" pops up. And replying some times causes a double post like this one.i have very close to twice the post count you do, and all in the last two years are on an ipad. The only times i have had double posts is when im not paying attention, and never once on a simple reply.
SCVJeff 10/27/14 10:32am Technology Corner

Yeah, I just would update their forum period. Can't open a link in a new tab with out jumping hoops. Can't make a post without it opening a new tab. Completely opposite and a real pain on an iPad.You "just" don't update a form. It's a complete rewrite, and with all the non-stop whining and complaining about Camping World (some justified, allot not) and their parent company, I can't imagine why they would bother to spend the $$ on it. Personally I have no issues at all running via iPad, it's better than any app driven forum I have
SCVJeff 10/27/14 01:40am Technology Corner
RE: Paging Mena661

Rather than start a new thread since everyone is here.. Any of you battery boys ever used one of THESE ?
SCVJeff 10/27/14 12:24am Tech Issues
RE: Boondocking near Lake Havasu City AZ

Check out Avi Casino. It is in the area and very quiet and nice (well, from what we seen). Great river frontage activities!!!Thats not exactly boondocking. The parking lot is! Wasn't referring to staying IN the casino....I didn't remember any "dry" camping on that property, only the KOA. But there are plenty of places up the street at other casinos for sure.
SCVJeff 10/26/14 02:50pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Boondocking near Lake Havasu City AZ

Check out Avi Casino. It is in the area and very quiet and nice (well, from what we seen). Great river frontage activities!!!Thats not exactly boondocking.
SCVJeff 10/26/14 01:59am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Anybody carry an electronic keyboard on board?

Behind the sofa?
SCVJeff 10/26/14 01:57am Technology Corner
RE: broken wire in battery compartment

Tape it off until you find something does not operate. Or trace it out. Probably connects to the positive. Any voltage on the wire? In the daytime? Plugged in?Exactly! If everything works properly, tape it off and go have a beer
SCVJeff 10/26/14 01:45am General RVing Issues
RE: 2002 Winnebago Journey underbed storage area

This is a MUCH better description... As you've probably noticed, that cover is heavy. You might want to think about installing a handle on it. Likely the ripped rubber is the folks working on the engine are butterfingers. When that thing comes down not lined, it could cut it up. I have heard about the back cap before. I would suggest posting the cap question on RV Forums and iRV2 where there are Winnebago specific forums. You will likely find a fix already done. For the open box end under the bed, if you are referring to the access hole on the right side, that's normal. For one thing it provides cooling for the inverter, and cabin heat for the wet area (fresh) on mine. If the left side is open, then you are missing a maintenance plate.
SCVJeff 10/26/14 01:23am Class A Motorhomes
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