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RE: NEW DOT Re-Cert Requirement for propane cylinders

Recert doesn't affect frame mounted tanks My problem, was this guy did not know the difference And I like going there because the price is good, and I can go at almost any hour early morning or late evening, or in betweenI had an issue with the guy up on Sierra Hwy many years ago. He insisted on certifying the tank, I said no.. I called his supplier who said it would be better to find another fill because this guy refused to listen even to the supplier.
SCVJeff 02/20/17 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Posted Message Not Posted

Well this one obviously made it. The forums have been wonky the past day or so. Try it again.
SCVJeff 02/20/17 11:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

It would be interesting to install a DPDT switch on the A/C, one side on the inverter, and the other on the generator. There is likely a phase difference but the motors are already running so no start-up kick, and moving around 1/2hz between the sources isnt going to bother anything, the generator likely isn't that stable anyway.
SCVJeff 02/20/17 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: NEW DOT Re-Cert Requirement for propane cylinders

I tried to get my little 1lb tank recertified over at the PitStop in Quartzsite a few weeks ago, and apparently with this change they are now required to remove the valve for some reason. So it either has to be empty or they'll do it for you.
SCVJeff 02/20/17 10:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Ham Radio Questions

wtww..us (this is a readio station, 1.1 Gigawatt spread across multiple transmitters, Broadcasting mostly religion but transmiotter 2 is mostly music. On Sat at 2pm (eastern) they play Theater organ Music featuring K9EID on the keys, and at 2:30, usually, Amateur Radio Newsline. You can also get 'em most anywhere in the world with a general coverage receiver. And of course ARRL.ORG.. they have the answers to your questions.This is simply not true. Go to the other thread where this first came up and click the link to the license I posted. This is licensed as a 100KW rig with 12db antennas. Do the math... HERE is the link to the other thread.
SCVJeff 02/20/17 01:23am Technology Corner
RE: Ham Radio Questions

I have Baofeng as well as the ol' reliable VX5. I find the BF-F8HP easier to use, easier to read screen, the battery lasts forever it seems. The CHIRP programming is easier to use than EVE. EVE is supposed to drive the VX5 but I haven't been able to get the two talking yet. The modulator has a lot of punch and arguably sounds better than the VX5. They are very close. The BF-F8HP makes a solid 8W on the Bird and won't burn your hand live the VX5 trying to make 4W. PL works fine, but it also supports DPL and you can cross PL in n'out. Not sure about DPL. There is also a quasi reverse burst that works great with other Baofeng's. I need to try it with a conventional PL'd receiver and see what it does. Complaints: The handheld mic sounds terrible, but what do you expect for $7. The Yaeseu is that much better at x4 the price There is a bug in th AGC that affects all Baofeng radios and I've had many in my hands. It appears to essentially be Off, causing pops and clicks with any flutter whatsoever, and it's just as bad when it goes through strong multi-path. So essentially any multiparty of flutter you hear is doubled by this flaw. It's irritating but you can't beat the price
SCVJeff 02/20/17 01:13am Technology Corner
RE: Antenna Choices

OK so let's reset your question.. No need to change the subject, the hams are showing up and reading. What antennas are you looking to install and what are you installing these antennas on? : Roof mount, mast, tower, longwire... what are you thinking? Are you looking only at HF, or VHF, 220, UHF, too, or any mix of these? There are lots of hams here that have likely done what you want to do, but we all need details..
SCVJeff 02/20/17 12:49am Technology Corner
RE: Suburban water heater will not keep heating

Agree with OB. Your fix is probably as simple as cleaning the flame sensor and then making sure it's in the hot part of the flame so it doesn't soot up again soon.I've also had to remove and burnish all connected parts from the ground probe all the way to wherever ground for the board lands. Beach camping and corrosion that's almost invisible is enough to shut it off
SCVJeff 02/19/17 01:08am Tech Issues
RE: Antenna Choices

AM, FM, TV, CB, AMATEUR ??? Assuming Ham since you said "transmit" Need more info pls.
SCVJeff 02/18/17 06:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Cryptic message from Mexico

Ninerbikes sez Mex is back home, pretty banged up, but home. Mebbe he'll drop by the forum in all his copious free time while recovering
SCVJeff 02/18/17 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: What is a Solar Power Sine Wave Inverter

thanks for that tip might go check it out, find me a sparegood luck.. I stumbled on a blowout sign that fell down in one Lowes, the other had them up on the top shelf with no tags anywhere. Lemme know if you need part numbers to call on
SCVJeff 02/18/17 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: I5 north of Sacramento

SCVJeff 02/18/17 05:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: What is a Solar Power Sine Wave Inverter

Zamp Solar sells PSW inverters billed as "solar" only because that's the business they're in. Lowes is blowing out all their Zamp gear. I bought an 800W PSW for $79, and a 1kw for $129. You gotta look for them cuz they might be on the upper shelves
SCVJeff 02/18/17 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Killer rain 1, Satellite 0

It's often cloud density as well as rain. We lost all HD services most of the day yesterday and another 30min fade a few minutes ago. Haven't seen fades like this around here in years
SCVJeff 02/18/17 04:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Ham Radio Questions

I was just listening to a QSO between a couple of the guys down there a few minutes ago and one commented that all his students had passed the test. You must be one of them.. Welcome back!
SCVJeff 02/18/17 04:14pm Technology Corner
RE: What does 10 TRILLION gallons of water even equate to?

Well here's an idea... let's open ALL the floodgates, drain the reservoirs, that will wash all the natural river/ stream vegetation away, the streams will eventually dry (because other than this year that's the new norm), and the fish can walk upstream, we still have drought so the water district can keep their rates up, and everybodys happy.. Especially the tree huggers :)
SCVJeff 02/18/17 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping off-grid & batteries/propane/solar

The OP knows they are short on dry camp power, so knock it out now. Those are the words you said, verbatim. If you still can't understand how this issue came about I'll say it again. Your problem is you are pretty well caught up in your delusions that because you've staked your claim as an "expert" and therefore free to broadcast your nonsense, doesn't intimidate me one bit. I wonder what "errogant" means. Never heard that word even when I was in college. Perhaps you're relapsing into one of your episodes? And if you do find out, please let me know.you are absolutely amazing. I know exactly what I said and you seem to not grasp it. There is nothing in that short sentence that says or infers in any way that I said "stop". This and your other unfounded snide remark in another thread are really getting old.
SCVJeff 02/18/17 11:58am Travel Trailers
RE: melting temperature of waste tanks

Another snide remark brought to you by the forums latest Troll: Happycamper He wasn't responding to me genius. Give it a rest because it's getting old
SCVJeff 02/18/17 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: dino oil vs synthetic mpg

I see significantly better mileage, sometimes in excess of 25% immediately after a synthetic change. But that drops off rapidly with the first tank of gas..~300-400 miles It's not hype... it just doesn't last I still run it in everything but the C7
SCVJeff 02/18/17 03:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Quartzsite make you sick?

As for Valley Fever, the #1 lab in the country (maybe the only one) that can positively diagnose Valley Fever is in Bakersfield as it is also the capitol of VF. They thought that's what I had too and it took many days to get the results back. As much as I see your Sig in Cochella, I doubt that's what you have in Q. The lab recommended to me is at UC Davis http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/medmicro/cocci.html have your lab send it to Demosthenes Pappagianis, M.D., Ph.D.Dont need a 13th doctor 300 miles away.. my results came back negative from the lab but I was in some very isolated and questionable places up north of Las Vegas, and VF, Legionnaires Disease, and a few others so they had to check... it came back worse :( HOWS THE PATIENT TODAY? Got a handle on the cough yet?
SCVJeff 02/18/17 03:02am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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