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RE: Positive or Negative to Battery switch

SCVJeff 04/21/15 01:34am Tech Issues
RE: Caller Locator Technology?

I gotta agree with Dennis whos opinion is perfectly logical on all points. Just because Good Sam says they have that technology means nothing, there is LOTs of technology inbetween to make it work, including the cell service at that location that I'll bet you didn't look at did you? I've been through this with AAA, and the results were about the same, but I also know this is more than a simple phone call. If they didn't get the coordinates, don't blame them. Some, not all of your gripes are unreasonable. And this is one of them. And so what if they answer in another state. Why is that a problem? PS- This is an open public forum, not a private email service. Your post was an attempt to discredit GS to the public and you got called on it.
SCVJeff 04/20/15 08:13pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Puck Light Trim Rings

There is an old trick removing len's filters with a shoe lace or piece of aquarium air hose. You surround the ring and cinch it up with your fingers. This puts equal pressure on the ring and won't allow it to distort and wedge itself on. Then twist counter clockwise with the strap. (Exit- fixed iphone spelling).
SCVJeff 04/20/15 08:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Positive or Negative to Battery switch

It's usually Pos. Think of Neg as the ground, makes no sense disconnecting it when it's literally sitting on it. As the boater noted, there is more risk to make a spark if Pos remains connected. It will "work" either way, but switch on Pos is better. Interesting. Don't those little electrons fly off the atoms and really come out of the negative terminal and go back in the positive terminal?:B Either way will work as long as the circuit is broken. Don't take this serious, just kiddingBut think of the debate you could start....
SCVJeff 04/20/15 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Severe thunderstorms- do we need to lower the TV antenna?

Not only do I bring the antenna down, I also bring in the slide and raise the jacks.All raising the jacks will do is get you seasick :)
SCVJeff 04/20/15 07:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Severe thunderstorms- do we need to lower the TV antenna?

Probably not, but why tempt fate putting pointy metal things in the air? Anywhere else they are called lightning rods.
SCVJeff 04/20/15 12:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Winegard Rayzar TV Antenna

This is not an omni directional antenna, it's more of a figure 8 bi-directional pattern. Additionally you install it vertically, not horizontally. So strictly speaking, NO it will not work laying flat on a shroud, nor will it perform in a fixed position such as a window because of the radiation pattern. I suspect that's explained in the instructions?
SCVJeff 04/20/15 12:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Docking light burned out

Sounds like it's time for an LED project
SCVJeff 04/19/15 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Splitter for Directv Slimline

Not exactly true.. The multiswitch Traveler I have supports 4 receivers off the antenna and will switch up whatever LNB is asked for by any particular device. Don't confuse a single or dual output 18" LNB, because they are not the same.
SCVJeff 04/19/15 03:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Quartzsite & The BLM!

Well for Quartzsite, "next time" will probably be late fall/ winter of 2015. At that time I guarantee you will have no problems figuring out where the BLM areas are... Just look for the thousands of campers in any given area. For something closer to home, there is "The Slabs", south of the Salton Sea. Not for everyone, but there are plenty here that can give you the 411 on life there if interested.
SCVJeff 04/19/15 03:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Anyone watch the TV show "Ice Cold Gold"?

The problem with most of these shows is seperating "reality" from some of these dufas's playing to the camera, and I think Bearing Sea Gold, and a few of these low class hillbilly shows (no offence to hillbillys) take hamming it up to another level. IMO, that doesnt come through as much in Gold Rush. Ice Cold, and a lesser extent, Deadliest Catch.
SCVJeff 04/18/15 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone watch the TV show "Ice Cold Gold"?

Fred.......Wrong show......your thinking of Bering sea gold.........I'll bet there was enuf padding with all the other stuff in the box that the block is salvageable if one wants a project. Those guys just can't catch a break
SCVJeff 04/17/15 11:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Metal to glass adhesive

VHB is also used for this. I have seen both sold for mirror mounting, but yours looks quite a bit stronger.
SCVJeff 04/17/15 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: High Definition Signal to TV

Yeah, poor description by me. But the result is the same in that there is terminal equipment required vs. just plugging into the TV direct (assuming this is a one Rx setup).
SCVJeff 04/16/15 09:26pm Technology Corner
RE: High Definition Signal to TV

between the hopper and the joey right ? of course there is the logistics of the cabinet space and the coax being in the right place for everything on the Hopper end to connectAre you talking about L-Band from one receiver to another, or HD VIDEO ? There is a huge difference between the two
SCVJeff 04/16/15 06:05pm Technology Corner
RE: High Definition Signal to TV

Both of my tv sets display good high def pictures using standard coax cable and antenna for OTA stations. HDMI is a way to sell expensive wire.The OP is talking about HD distribution of DirecTV throughout the coach, not OTA. One has no relationship to the other in any way.
SCVJeff 04/16/15 12:03am Technology Corner
RE: Day nught shades

I have done lots of them. It gets easier the more you do. You will get to do more if you use the blinds.x2 Mine were all built wrong. Replaced with better string and properly positioned grommets. They may never fail again
SCVJeff 04/15/15 04:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Need help on using old D-Link router as WAP

You shouldn't NEED a gateway, but I always set it as .1 just incase. I have run across the occasional piece of broadcast gear that uses .255 . Go figure.. Rather than plugging your incoming ethernet into the Modem (or Internet, etc.) port, try plugging into one of the router ports instead. I have two GB switches plugged into separate ports on my WRT1900, and it has no problems passing traffic from one swx, through the router, to the other swx, and/ or out Wifi. When you start fiddling with static IP, you need to make sure you are on the same subnet as the router when programming, AND move your PC to the new subnet when done, or nothing will work. BTW- That router can easily sustain 11MBs over Wifi. IF FIOS is lagging, its better to test with a program like Speedtest.net than calling Verizon who will probably lie and only tell you what the top end speed is, or have no clue what you're asking anyway. They took over the neighborhood many years ago, and are now all but gone because it wasn't close in performance to TW. YMMV
SCVJeff 04/14/15 02:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Need help on using old D-Link router as WAP

First of all, replacing those routers won't fix any of your problems. You still need to log in and do config. You didnt mention what Netgear routers you have but I have a DIR-614 on the shelf and there is no reason it wont work. It wont run DD-WRT either :(. Just stay clear of anything thats not at least 100mb thruput if those spares are that old, or the old blue metal netgear case IF the router is alive and you have given it a first birthday reset, it should be set to factory default. If you google something like 'router password' you will find several websites of all default passwords ever issued from the factory. If you literally cannot get into the devices after that then they may infact be dead. As for channel config., if you are trying to extend network, move the routers to the opposite end of the band, passwords can be the same or not, but if any of those are N routers, they take up several channels, so choose channels 1 & 9 to be safe. If you dont want to screw with the FIOS router and it has an ethernet connection I would look into turning it into a modem only and do your device managment externally. BTW- the reason I have that -614 and several like it on the shelf is that there are so many wifi devices in the house (20+), I have choked and killed them all. The latest router is a Linksys WRT 1900AC thats a high end gaming router, and the only one i have ever owned that hasnt so much as burped since installed.
SCVJeff 04/14/15 10:46am Technology Corner
RE: why reply if you are going to be mean?

Their called "trolls" This appears to be an invitation aimed at a mean person. But, I'm not falling for it....:BI will... "They're".... (Sorry)
SCVJeff 04/12/15 01:07pm General RVing Issues
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