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RE: RIP Propane

without a link this is just jibberish, trolling. as others have said, even if RVs would go 99% all electric, there still would be lots of propane sold, anyplace without natural gas can heat with it. bumpyx2 Having spent an entire day at the LA RV show, one of the biggest in the country, I can tell the OP for a FACT that this statement of Class A's being elect is a farce. While there are all electric coach's out there, they are FAR from the norm. These are 99% hi-end RV resort queens. I see zero decrease in LP sales points, in fact there is an expansion in the area.
SCVJeff 10/21/16 10:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gun safe for RV

For "20+", are you kidding? That's a REAL gun safe size, and a medium big one. You might find a cheap steel one but you will probably need at least two. A real gun safe that size will probably weigh 400-600lb.+ empty. My SIL just bought one that might handle that inventory and it weighs about 550lb., and the weight alone kept him from installing it upstairs in the house. I doubt your floor is rated anywhere near that weight for such a small footprint
SCVJeff 10/21/16 11:21am Toy Haulers
RE: WARNING large inverter chargers

BTW where do I buy and apply the Lucas smoke? can't help with where to buy, it seems to as rare as Hens Teeth, like ALL Lucas parts are but to install the smoke, you need a vacuum pump and a funnel attach pump to one end of suspect wiring, and turn it on at the other end attach funnel, and slowly pour smoke into funnel, careful not to spill any, its not toxic, but it always smells awful, replacement smoke is EPA approvedI'll sell it to you ! Just 19.95 +S&H, and if you order NOW you'll get a second bottle free, just pay S&H... Be right back, I need to find some jelly jars, cat hair, and a little butter
SCVJeff 10/20/16 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Coax compatabilly with G2+

I have just checked on the Belden web site, and the coax is RG6. Thanks to everyone who replied. The last thing I wanted was to find out after the install that the original coax would cause reception problems. Thanks to all again.Also note that it is NOT outdoor rated
SCVJeff 10/20/16 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coax compatabilly with G2+

I assume you are referring to replacing the currently installed RG59 coax with RG 6. You are wasting your time, it really doesn't matter in the limited runs in a RV as to which coax is used. The RG59 will work. Thanks, but it is not RG59, but has a Belden numbers on it with the gig rating. If it is Belden 8281, that is their designation for RG59 if my memory serves from my days at Amp Incorporated (left in 1991 so if incorrect go easy on me!).OK, I'll go easy.. 8281 is broadcast standard analog low band video cable. It's also RG-6 size but does POORLY at 1GHz. BTW- Your AMP BNC's were great, but at $5/ea. I hope you're driving a Prevost :) I've personally crimped 10's of thousands of them
SCVJeff 10/20/16 01:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: WARNING large inverter chargers

Hopefully that was just infant mortality. Take some of this and sprinkle generously in the Magnum http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/SCVJeff/Smokekit2_zpsa69f17ed.jpg height=300 width=300
SCVJeff 10/20/16 03:35am Tech Issues
RE: How far have you traveled to buy/pickup your rig?

As said in another similar post: 1400 miles. Great deal, great time on the road, and I wouldn't for an instant go local thinking that I'm going to get better or faster warranty service. That's a complete farce
SCVJeff 10/20/16 12:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coax compatabilly with G2+

I assume you are referring to replacing the currently installed RG59 coax with RG 6. You are wasting your time, it really doesn't matter in the limited runs in a RV as to which coax is used. The RG59 will work. Thanks, but it is not RG59, but has a Belden numbers on it with the gig rating.what numbers are they? Belden in house numbers are easily avaliable.
SCVJeff 10/20/16 12:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fine for dumping RV tanks in a storm drain???

Sho musta bin a lotta poo on dat bus. They issued an apology so it's all good now... news story I used to live in a city that has been dumping all of it's sewage directly into the ocean with only basic (coarse) filtration. After decades of pressure, it looks like they will finally be building a treatment plant. I can't imagine all the toxic substances that ended up in the marine environment and the negative effect it's had.Now granted it's just Poo and TP! But some people just get all stupid crazy.Hey! Speaking of poo and crazy, it's Wednesday and it's survivor night. Who will get thrown under the bus and get sent home tonight? :)Who cares, the game is on and the Dodgers still have a shot :)
SCVJeff 10/19/16 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: LCD TV 12 volt power cord

He said this: "No, I am using straight battery power." The converter and shore power should not be part of the discussion. Check that the polarity is correct for your TV. The cord might have it reversed.What? Reversed polarity causes SMOKE, not ripple in the picture
SCVJeff 10/19/16 12:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: LCD TV 12 volt power cord

It's your converter. It's putting out "noise". A less likely scenario is you have a florescent or LED light fixture that's creating the AC component.x2 It's not actually generating "noise" but AC hum which the batteries "usually" adsorb, obviously not here. If you are watching off air you are likely watching a digital picture in which case LED or fluorescent noise is out since that sort of interfearence will simply mute the receiver.
SCVJeff 10/19/16 01:36am Travel Trailers
RE: How much does your dealer location matter in a purchase?

Buy local. Go to your local dealer with your best price and show tyhem. They will meet in the middle. There will be issues under warranty. The money you save going out of town will be forgotten.WRONG.. We saved $30k going to Seattle to buy the EXACT coach that CW had on their lot 10 mins. from the house in So. Cal and refused to discuss anything less than their "low price" sticker. Believe me I tried.. I called so many times they started hanging up on me. So I called a good camping friend, we flew to Seattle, were picked up at the airport and had a great time on the road trip heading back south. I don't know about the OP but I'm not gonna get bent over for $30,000 by some uppiety dealer. There were a few minor issues under warranty and I went to another Winnie/ ITASCA dealer 40 miles from here who took care of them no problem at all as if it were bought at their lot. I would do it again in a flash.
SCVJeff 10/19/16 01:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

Could have had it cut by now. Talking ain't goin' to cut it.Lets not rush into this now.. We're only on page 3
SCVJeff 10/18/16 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: RV propane tank replacement

There is no end of life dates on horizontal tanks. Don't talk to a propane dealer, call the area distributor and ask them who they recommend because a suprising number of them don't know. I had a dealer once that refused to fill my tank because of very light surface rust, and wanted to certify the tank. I called the distributor who knew this guy was paranoid of his insurance company and just suggested going elsewhere. To the tank: I brushed and painted it myself
SCVJeff 10/16/16 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: torque wrench

I have 2 Hazard Frought TW's and a bend rod Craftsman, and they all matched last I looked.
SCVJeff 10/16/16 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Lithium CR2032 - 3V Energizer

I try.. :) I have none in the garage. Don't remember if you were in the house but these are in the back room of the house and literally killed everything RF. My garage is 25+' away and it killed the opener Rx completely as well as the neighbors. Each light now has 2 ferrite chokes on them and its knocked probably 30db off the RFI Here is a shot of the fan remotes I use, and the garage door opener. This was captured with both remotes on top of the analyzer, inches from the antenna. Note that this is centered at 348MHz and 150MHz wide http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/SCVJeff/LEDs%20OFF%20Fan%20and%20Gar%20Rmt%203sec%20sample_zpsrhpv8sgl.jpg height=200 width=200 Here is the same analyzer sitting on the coffee table, 8+' from the closest lamp. http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/SCVJeff/LEDs%20On%20Low%203sec%20Sample_zpsgkmy4zcf.jpg height=200 width=200 Pretty obvious why nothing works. Ive seen worse in RV's Now back to the battery...
SCVJeff 10/15/16 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

just had another thought, I have some of those right angle grinder jobbies that take the 4 1/2"? cutting discs. probably be quicker than the dremel and probably easier to control? bumpylay the wheel on it and let the weight of the tool do the work. The material wont overheat and you will save the wheel
SCVJeff 10/15/16 04:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacement for Photobucket Web Pic Hosting ?

Thats the first thing is working on a batch download of what's on PB now. I'll likely need to keep the PB pix up since there's 10 years of pic links on here and several other forums. It's too bad there's not a purpose built online storage site that's just there as a host for things like this. Probably not allot of call for it when others can kind of get it done
SCVJeff 10/15/16 11:32am Technology Corner
RE: Why EXTRA HOT chicken wings ?

Is it an excuse to drink beer whilst eating ? Who needs an excuse to drink beer while eating, or anytime? :hIts all about appearance. Thats why the "excuse" list is so long :)
SCVJeff 10/14/16 08:50pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: How can I remove the protective film from front of RV

Swearing seems to work too
SCVJeff 10/14/16 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
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