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RE: Adding a Passenger Airbag Disable Switch to an F250

I was really under the impression that if a child was in the front seat, the air bag needed to be disabled. I guess I will have to do more research. We would really a vehicle capable of towing in the 10-14K range so when we inevitably go shopping for the next unti we're not limited by weight. Unfortuantely this leaves us with pickup trucks or excursions as our only tow options. I've been searching for a used Excursion for quite a while, but have yet to find one in the condition or price that I'm looking.
The LeRoys 03/05/15 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
Adding a Passenger Airbag Disable Switch to an F250

We are now a family of 6 and our current truck has only 5 seats so we are on the search for a new truck. We have determined we need a ford as that is the only manufacturer who makes 3/4 and 1 ton trucks with a bench seat in the front where the center seat has a shoulder belt. However In searching for a F250/F350 from 2011 - 2015 we have found that no crew cabs seem to have a switch to disable a passenger airbag. They only seem to have it on regular and super cabs. All of our kids are under 12 so we need to turn it off. Does anyone know if it can be added? And at what cost? Anyone done it?
The LeRoys 02/28/15 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
Fuel Mileage on New Gas F250 towing & around town.

Just looking for some feedback on what people are seeing as fuel mileage on the V8 Gas F250? We have a diesel truck now and LOVE it. But we need to look for something bigger as we now need 6 seats. There is an amazing deal on a Gas F250. I'm trying to calculate the break even on mileage. I really love having a diesel truck, but really want feedback on the mileage people are ACTUALLY getting both around town and towing.
The LeRoys 01/22/15 11:52am Tow Vehicles
Looking for an overnight recommendation near Savannah, GA.

Going to be traveling through Savannah next week on our way home. Looking for a recommendation on a place to stay for the night? Wont be there long, just stopping for a day and doing some sight seeing. Easy in & out is important, and not too far from downtown. Suggestions?
The LeRoys 08/01/14 09:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
What Rancho setting do you tow with?

For those of you with Ranch 9000 shocks, what setting do you have it on when pulling your rig?
The LeRoys 06/13/14 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
Recommended Route in the Smokies

We are staying a few days at Bryson City this summer, and then a few in Cades Cove. We are looking for the easiest / best route to travel when moving from Bryson City area over to Cades Cove. Driving over New Found Gap or Deal's Gap sounds pretty challenging pulling a 35' camper. But then again driving all the way north to I40 to cross seems like a long way out of the way. We pulled the camper on about 100 miles of the blue ridge parkway last year and we'd lie to avoid that white knuckle driving experience. Any recommendations?
The LeRoys 06/07/14 10:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fridge 12v Fuse Blowing

One thing I forgot to mention was that the fridge is on a slide. I took things apart yesterday. This was the only 12v circuit on the camper that had multiple wires connected. I was lucky to find that there was one wire going to each of the 3 slides, to power the 12v lights and such on each slide. I was able to isolate that the living room slide was causing the issue. I had open spots on the fuse board, so I connected each slide to their own fuse. It turned out that the wire that fed the slide was pinched pretty badly. I had to take the entire underbelly skin off to get to the wire to replace. It really isnt a good design to run the wires through the supports of the slides. The wheels inside of there are so close and can easily pinch the wires.
The LeRoys 06/07/14 08:17pm Travel Trailers
Fridge 12v Fuse Blowing

So we've got a strange issue where the 12v fuse that our fridge is on keeps blowing. Its a 15amp fuse and I haven't found anything else that is on the circuit but the fridge yet. It seems to blow every couple of days, and I can't find any similarities as to when it blows. Before I though it was only blowing when it changed from 110v to gas or back. But its been on in the driveway for several days and I noticed it has popped twice in last 2 days. Without this fuse it wont start on 110v or gas. Its still under warranty, I took it in and of course it didn't do it for them. We're about to head on a long trip, and I'd really like to figure it out before I go. Any ideas of what to look at or try? Anyone seen something similar?
The LeRoys 06/04/14 10:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cleveland to St Petersburg in August

What about along the east coast? Any good campground in NC or SC that are on the ocean that aren't too HOT?
The LeRoys 05/13/14 01:56pm Roads and Routes
Favorite Campground near Smokey Mountains

What is your favorite campground near the smokey mountains? And why? We're looking for one that has a creek / river nearby that we can tube or raft down. We'd like something with a view of the mountains and waterfront. We'd like something with full hookups. We're staying for a week in June.
The LeRoys 05/13/14 01:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Cleveland to St Petersburg in August

We are going to be traveling from the Cleveland area back to St Petersburg the first week of August. We have a week to make the trip with 3 young kids. We are searching for a different way to go or new areas to stop at along the way. On the way up we are spending a week in the Smokie Mountains. Have done DC and Stone mountain on other trips. We somewhere that won't be too painfully HOT (I know that is a lot to ask for August). Want something fun for us to do on the way. Any suggestions are welcome.
The LeRoys 05/03/14 02:42pm Roads and Routes
Looking for a Campground around Cincinnati / Springfield OH

I'm looking for a campground in the Cincinnati / Springfield area for 2-4 nights around the first or second week of June. Probably wont be sight seeing much other than possibly going to Kings Island on one day. Looking for a place that will have plenty to keep my three girls (8, 6 & 2) busy during the day. Swimming / playgrounds / activities during week days. I dont need full hookups, electricity and water would do. But it would be nice to have internet or be in cell range. I'm open to RV parks, state parks, or anything.
The LeRoys 04/28/14 09:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Golf Cart Forum Questions

This morning I was able to adjust the valves to .004, cold. I loosen the lock nut on the valves and verified that I could push each of the valves open easily. One of the valves on the bad cylinder was really tight, I think it was intake but not sure. Still wasn't running, but the spark plug on the non running cylinder is definitely getting wet with fuel now. I started messing with the plug wires. I found that if I used the long wire meant for the left cylinder on the right cylinder, it didn't work either. But the short wire for the right cylinder was too short to hook on the left. So I removed the coil and moved it over so the short wire could reach the left cylinder and it ran! But either cylinder will only run off of the wire on one side of the coil. So I suspect I have a bad coil and at least one bad wire. I'm going to pickup a new coil and wires. I still have the other noise to figure out next.
The LeRoys 04/27/14 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Golf Cart Forum Questions

Here is a bit of an update, I finally had a couple minutes to look at it today. Good news is that both cylinders have at least some compression. The left has about 90 w/o Oil, and the right has about 105 w/o Oil. Adding a few drops to each cylinder showed the left with about 110 and right about 120. Still, only the right cylinder runs. The plug on the left side is definitely getting spark. I tried swapping the plugs, and no change. I shot a little ether directly into the left cylinder, put the plug back and it still doesn't fire. Now the noise, it seems to be coming from the base of the engine area. It sounds more like a rattle or tap of something being loose, no grinding noise at all.
The LeRoys 04/26/14 05:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just purchased first trailer. Need help with repairs.

I always butyl rubber tape behind the vents (roof or side wall) and windows. Then pair that with either Dicor Leveling or Non Leveling depending on the application.
The LeRoys 04/14/14 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Golf Cart Forum Questions

I'll try to get out and check compression today. If valves are stuck is there a good walkthrough anyone has seen for unsticking and adjusting valves on these? Do you know what they are supposed to be set to? If a bearing is gone bad or is going bad, is it safe to run? Is replacing a major project?
The LeRoys 04/13/14 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Golf Cart Forum Questions

This is what I posted: I have a 97 EZGO Gas, but not sure which model. It has the 295 engine. When I got it, the engine was seized. I put some diesel in each cylinder and left it for several months. A few weeks ago, I took the plugs out, made sure it had oil in it, and put a wrench on the flywheel nut and gently turned, and the engine turned. After one turn I was able to spin it by hand relatively easily. I then used a battery to turn the engine over slowly with no plugs. Then I put it up on ramps and changed the oil. It was pretty dirty, and a few particles of metal shavings, but only a few. With fresh oil in, I put in plugs and tried to start it. It started right up once I put in new fuel, but would only run when choked. Today, I took the carb off and cleaned it all. Once back together, it started right up and would run without choke. It seemed to accelerate quickly then run quietly at a medium speed. I assume that is due to the governor. I then took the family for a ride, we got a few blocks away, and it started making a large tapping sound, but only at full speed, at slow speed it seemed to sound normal. I came home and was checking it out. I still haven't found where the sound is coming from, I need to put it up onto jacks to run, but it almost sounds like its coming from under the cover that goes over the flywheel. However, while troubleshooting, I tried running with just one plug at a time connected. I found that it doesn't run with just the driver side cylinder is connected. The plug has spark. Not sure where to go next. Could it be valves? Rings? I'm open to suggestions... THanks, Brian
The LeRoys 04/12/14 07:22pm General RVing Issues
Golf Cart Forum Questions

I have a 97 EzGo Gas that I'm having an engine problem with. Can you recommend a good forum to go to ask questions and get advice? I'd like something as active as here if possible. Thanks, Brian
The LeRoys 04/12/14 06:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best time to buy a premium USED fifth wheel?

I would speculate that the best time to buy really varies by area and RV show schedule. Up north people may want to get rid of them before winter. Down south you may find good deals before / after snowbird season. I also anticipate that you'll find the best USED deals AFTER the biggest RV show in your area. The best time to buy NEW is at the biggest show (RV SuperShow in Tampa is one of the biggest in the country), and after that show dealers have a lot of USED equipment they took on trade. Best time to buy anything is the last day of the month / quarter.
The LeRoys 04/09/14 09:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chevy Instrument Cluster Issues

So for those of you who fixed it yourself, where were the bad solder joints? Were they on the pins next to where the connection is? Or other places? My instrument cluster is having 2 issues. 1) Speedometer occasionally reads wrong after driving a while. I was driving on the highway the other day doing about 60 according to speedo while towing. After a little while I was passing everyone, something seemed wrong, so i checked phone GPS, and I was doing like 75+. 2) last summer the needle on my volt meter flipped upside down and has been that way since.
The LeRoys 04/08/14 05:46pm Tow Vehicles
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