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RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

I spoke with the Equalizer team yesterday. They said that the bars on the 12K and the 14K are identical at 1 1/2" rather than 1 3/8" used by the 10K. The difference is in the sockets and the head, they are both reinforced more to handle the extra pressure.
The LeRoys 05/21/15 09:50am Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

Thanks everyone for all of the tips and advice, it really has gotten better, but I do want to see it improve more. After speaking with the nice people at Equalizer, I opted to go with a 14K hitch. The differences between the 12K and the 14K are so minor, that I'd rather have a larger one should I ever want to upgrade TV or Camper in future. They 100% agreed and said that is generally their recommendation. I put the Michelin tires on myself because I love them.
The LeRoys 05/20/15 11:05pm Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

Larry, I have the Curt hitch which is 12K/1.2K. I only have the 10K/1K Equalizer and I'm significantly over that weight. I want to at least get the 12K/1.2K Equalizer so that my tongue is within range, however if I'm going to buy a new hitch, why not spend the extra few dollars to get the 14K/1.4K as the premium is minimal and I may want a different trailer or tow vehicle in the future. I dont want to have to buy another hitch again in the future unless I decide to go to a 5th Wheel some time a long time from now. What would be the down side of buying a 14K hitch rather than the 12K hitch? My other goal is to obviously lighten up some. I think there are many things in there that I dont need to have, and I'd rather not be so close to the edge. How much if any does the angle you tow at affect your tongue weight? Or is that just affected by moving weight further to the rear, behind the rear axles? Dodgeguy, Yes its an extended van.
The LeRoys 05/19/15 07:48am Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

Got a chance to go on a test tow after adjusting hitch and tire pressure tonight and also get it weighed. The drive was SO much better, but still not as good as my truck was, however it was night and day to Saturday. I think if I can make more hitch adjustments, I can make it even better. I really wanted to go up one more notch on the Equal-i-zer, but I didn't feel comfortable as its a 10K hitch. With my tongue weight over the 1K limit, I need to upgrade. I think I'm going to jump to the 14K hitch tomorrow. I probably should have upgraded when I changed the camper 2 years ago. With the hitch how I have it set today my front axle weight is 3100 with the camper on. With the camper off, I'm at 3380. I feel like I need more weight on the front wheels still. I can't even guess how little weight was on the front axle before my changes to the hitch. I'll test again on the new hitch & adjustments and report back. Thanks for keeping me from going out to buy more gear.
The LeRoys 05/18/15 10:28pm Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

The tires were at 75 all the way around. So I will drop the front to 60 and raise the back to 80 to match the door. I adjusted the hitch. The hitch head needed to be raised one hole and 2 washers added. It looks much better now. I tightened the socket bolts some too. I will take a test drive over to the other side of Tampa one night this week to see how these changes impact it. There is a TA there so I can get weighed and verify my tongue weight. I did however find that my Equalizer is a 10K model. So I may be right at the edge of its capacity. I may have to look at upgrading that. I also looked at the truck side by side with the Van. The distance from axle to axle on the truck is 152" while the Van is 139". The distance from back axle to receiver on the truck was 47" whereas the Van was 67". So the wheelbase is over a foot shorter and the receiver is almost 2 feet further back.
The LeRoys 05/17/15 01:14pm Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

I'll check the tire pressure today. I have always kept my tires at the max pressure on the sidewalls, not paying attention to the door sticker in previous vehicles. I know mine calls for 80 rear and 60 front.
The LeRoys 05/17/15 08:10am Towing
RE: First time towing with the new van, not fun!

I have installed the exact same tires on my last 3 tow vehicles and loved them, never experiencing anything like this. Some of the tires I towed a camper the same day or next day after they were installed, not waiting 600 miles. After WyoTravelers suggestions of the track bar I did a bit of reading and it does sound like a logical suggestion. Especially after reading the below post by Ron.Dittmer. E350 Susupension Modifications After discussing the Track Bar with the wife she mentioned that when she was following the van the other day she noticed that the back of the van wasn't really "following" the front, it appeared that the back end was a bit to the right of the front. This was before we got the new tires though. Does that sound like it could be the track bar? Or something else?
The LeRoys 05/16/15 08:24pm Towing
First time towing with the new van, not fun!

So I got to tow with our new van for the first time today. It was one of my worst experiences towing ever. The engine and transmission seemed to run great, but the steering was miserable. To be fair, my hitch isn't adjusted quite right for the van, its still setup for our truck, but the hitch heights were similar so I figured I could drive it home as is then adjust. We have the equalizer hitch and it has been awesome on this camper and our previous one. It needs to add a bit more weight onto the front wheels. Its not off by much probably 1 hole, but I know its not perfect. THere was some weight on the bars but not a ton. My tires are brand new Michelin LTX MS2 tires and my alignment was checked and really good. On the road not towing it goes pretty straight downt he road. When the road was in good shape and straight it seemed to go along pretty well, not as good as my last truck but not unbearable. However as soon as I had to make one steering correction, I ended up having to make about a dozen more to get it straight again, with my tail wagging all over. When the road was uneven (construction zone) or in bad shape, I felt like I was all over the road. If a semi passed me on level ground, there wasn't any sway or pull really felt. BUt if they passed me on the uneven section, it was miserable. A curve in the road when it was uneven was about as bad as you could get. I just felt like I spent the entire time zigging from one side of the lane to the other trying to keep it straight the whole drive. I wont get a chance to adjust the hitch and try again for probably a week, and we leave for our big trip in under 3, not leaving me much time to correct any issues. Could not having the hitch perfect really cause me that much misery? Or are there other things I need to be considering? That hitch has been amazing on the same camper and other vehicles in the past. I remember when we went from a 1/2 ton van in the past (on a different trailer) to a 3/4 ton suburban thinking the towing was night & day better. Is it just towing with a van that is different? Or should I be considering adding something? AntiSway bars to the front or rear axle of the truck? Steering system like Roadmaster? Thoughts / Suggestions?
The LeRoys 05/16/15 06:48pm Towing
RE: Engine Coolant Temp reading not changing in Torque Pro

So after I posted this we started towing. The Trans temp varied from 188 to 203 as the terrain changed. The engine coolant temp went up 198 but didnt fluctuate as I had thought it would. Does anyone know the right PIDs or a place to get them?
The LeRoys 05/16/15 06:17pm Technology Corner
Engine Coolant Temp reading not changing in Torque Pro

Today is the first time I've been able to take much of a drive since setting up Torque. I had gauges setup to monitor Engine Coolant Temp and Trans Temp as there isn't an Engine Oil Temp gauge for my V10 or I would have watched that too. Just driving the Trans stayed fixed at about 184 after it got up to temp. However the Engine Coolant Temp sensor stayed fixed at 195 and didn't fluctuate at all from the time I started it, not even by a 10th of a degree. Shouldn't I see that changing at least slightly? I have loaded the Ford PIDs. I'm wondering if I have to customize something. Also I have noticed that Air Temp stays fixed at 78.8 while the Intake Air Temp was more accurate in the 90s.
The LeRoys 05/16/15 02:20pm Technology Corner
Campground Recommendation & Activities near Ashville, NC

We're still brainstorming our trip and I think we're going to have 2-3 days to spend near the Ashville or Boone NC area. We'd like something we can enjoy the outdoors but a site with at least electricity is necessary. We will spend several days in the Bryson City area, but want to check out the Ashville / Boone area as well. We will want to site see to the Biltmore, but possibly also to some outdoor hiking and such as well. So I'm looking for a camping place somewhere near either city but in the mountains if possible. What are your favorite places to stay in that area? What are your favorite things to go see?
The LeRoys 05/14/15 08:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Brake Controller Mounting in a Full Size Van

That looks like an excellent location, I like it! I will test that with the wife tonight to make sure it wont be in her way.
The LeRoys 05/12/15 07:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake Controller Mounting in a Full Size Van

Bryan, do you have a picture of where you have it? Is it on the steering column itself? If so, doesn't tilt wheel affect it? How do you attach?
The LeRoys 05/11/15 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
Brake Controller Mounting in a Full Size Van

I'm wondering how or where all of you mount your brake controllers in your full size vans, specifically Fords. I have the Tekonsha P3 controller. My wife complains about the controller sticking out too far and being in the way when she drives (I dont remove it when not towing). I have looked and don't see a different location to have it horizontal. I'm wondering how all of you have your brake controllers mounted in a full size van, to see if I'm missing something easy.
The LeRoys 05/11/15 08:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2008 E350 TPMS Sensors

I was hoping that using the OBDII I would be able to pull the Tire Pressure from the computer, but apparently they don't have that information, that stinks. I think It would be just easier to turn off the light, is that possible?
The LeRoys 05/08/15 04:55pm Tow Vehicles
What Sensors do you watch on Torque Pro?

So I got Torque Pro this week and am loving it! There is just so much informaiton at my fingertips, maybe too much! My question is to all of you torque users on this site, which gauges have you configured? What about posting pictures of how you have your gauges setup? The one that I really wanted was Transmission Fluid Temperature, but now there are so many others I see that I think I want.
The LeRoys 05/01/15 09:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Headlight or Fog light performance on E350

OK, when I posted this I was thinking I wanted to go to the composite bulbs but I think you've convinced me otherwise. I like the suggestion of swapping the sealed beam for the Hella with H4 bulbs. But when looking at the site, there are a lot of options for which bulb. Does anyone know a good site to compare? Is my factory wiring capable of the higher wattage? H6054A - 60/55W Hella Halogen H6054B - 100/55W Hella Halogen +$9.20 H6054C - 100/80W Hella Halogen +$7.56 H6054D - 60/55 Hella Xenon +30% Long Life +$9.76 H6054E - 60/55W Hella Xenon +50% +$17.04 H6054F - 60/55W Hella Premium Xenon Blue +$32.14 H6054H - 75/70W Osram Hyper +$29.76 H6054J - 85/80W Osram Hyper +$29.76 H6054K - 60/55W Hella Yellow Star +$9.68 H6054L - 80/70W Hella Yellowstar +$7.16 H6054M - 110/85W Hella Yellowstar +$19.76 H6054N - 65/55W Philips X-treme Power +$47.80 H6054Q - 60/55W Optilux Xenon Blue +$10.65 H6054P - 100/80W Optilux Xenon Blue +$11.44
The LeRoys 05/01/15 02:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transmission Gauge for Ford E-Series

KTOSV, That is what I found this afternoon and was now able to get the trans temp going, its working fine. Both methods appear to give the same reading. After loading the Ford PIDs I can NOT pull up the Engine Oil Temp though. Maybe there is something custom for the V10 for that? Brian
The LeRoys 04/30/15 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission Gauge for Ford E-Series

OK, so I got my ODBII Bluetooth Adapter yesterday and started to setup Torque Pro. There is a ton of gauges available and its awesome! However, neither of the 2 Trans Temp gauges that come out of the box seem to work. Do I need to get a custom PID? Where would I find those?
The LeRoys 04/30/15 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Headlight or Fog light performance on E350

To answer a few questions that were asked. 1) Yes I did have the headlights on, i got out and verified. 2) I just bought the van, so its quite possible that they're out of adjustment. 3) They are sealed beam and I have no idea on age. Perhaps new sealed beam bulbs will improve it, but I dont want to put the money into sealed beams if there is a better solution. 4) I say they seemed miserable as the didn't give much light at all. They were worse than any car I've driven in recent history. The high beams were better but I wasn't in a situation i could use them. I'm used to my Chevy 2500 which are much better, and the factory fog lights on that improve visibility for all types of driving (though they may not be properly adjusted).
The LeRoys 04/28/15 04:08pm Class C Motorhomes
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