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RE: Ride quality of 3500 truck with light fifth wheel

No load in the truck, run 45/60# in the tires. Pulling, air it up to manufactuers suggested #'s. I just aired mine back up (getting ready for a trip) and wow, it rides like a lumber wagon again. Buy the srw 3500 and never worry about overloading the truck. I live a couple miles from a dealer and almost all his new campers cone on 2500's srw. Course there is nothing in them.
aruba5er 01/25/16 09:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane steak saver adapter not legal in Canada?

put the 1# tank in a freezer until well cold. turn the 20#r upside down. Wrap the 1# in a towel to keep it cold, screw it onto your adapter and open the valve. If you're luckey you will get in 12/13 oz of propane. I have never gotten much more in so overfilling has never been a problem. Do this outside in the middle of the driveway or something. Away from any possible source of ignition. Never had a problem and never overfilled a small tank.I think the law says something about illegal to refill and TRANSPORT.
aruba5er 01/21/16 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

Like Mecca is to Islam, every RV'r should visit Quartzite at least once in their lifetime. Just a lot of fun.
aruba5er 01/21/16 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: pre purchase inspection

Make sure ALL systems are checked. Like another said, have the refer turned on a day before. check and bleed the gas lines and fire up the oven and water heater. Have water installed in the tank and use the pump and check everywhere for leaks. Includeing the shower. (first use of ours have water on the floor) Get a checklist and do it yourself at your pace. Don't trust the dealer or salesman, he is out to make a buck. (Yours)
aruba5er 01/11/16 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greaseable Wheel Bearings?

If you have Ez lube, knock off the dust cap and grease away. The excess grease will (should) come out from along side the bearing. If it does/'t, STOP. the grease may be hardened in the bearing and going out into the rear seal and onto the brakes. If everything is going as planned, continue and wipe up the excess grease from around the bearing, replace the dust shield and give it a few more pumps. Bearing Buddys are totally differant as they are designed to apply pressure to the grease in which turn pushes against the seals and keeps the water out. And if you do blow a seal, usually boat, or most trailers do not have brakes so other than a greasy wheel, no damage is done. BTW, if you have ez lube, turn the wheel as you grease.
aruba5er 01/03/16 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: My Choice For Heavy Cable Electrical Wire

What for? hooking up batterys? welding cable is super flexible and available at any welding supply.Sizes 6- 4/0
aruba5er 01/03/16 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: Why do my eu2000s surge in Eco?

After you get the little jet cleaned, from now on use no ethonal gas and a dose of seafoam every time you refuel. I did and never had trouble again.
aruba5er 01/03/16 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Adjustable round vents for furnace

Poor you. My rig had NO heat in the bathroom. I added a register in the bath, In the hall and 1 more in the lower, all to reduce the heat coming out of the furnace. They had, like yours, 3 outlets. Way too few outlets to get rid of the heat. And if you put in a new damper, you will reduce the airflow and make it even hotter, maybe to the point where the thermal fuse pops. Very good idea to try to add a register or two.
aruba5er 12/31/15 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: mice in 2009 travel trailer - how to find and remove

as a post script , I think I finally found how the mice where getting in. The slide out hangs on 2 2x2x1/4 inch square tubes. They are open on the ends and after discovering this, I packed the ends with steel wool and put some great stuff in the ends outside (did not open the cover underneath). So far this winter no mice. I think I finally got it. Only took 11 years. Course winter hasn"t really begun, Least not in Wisconsin.
aruba5er 12/25/15 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: mice in 2009 travel trailer - how to find and remove

can't help with the furnace, every one is differant, but I'll bet there are a bunch laying on the plastic coply ( the cover that covers the bottom of the trailer). I know i've got them in there, but i'm blessed with the lack of smell so no biggy. Take the bottom off and look for where they get in, little bas****ds Great stuff works well to seal them out.
aruba5er 12/23/15 10:53am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel insurence

i pay around 115$ for declared value of $12k on a 03 fiver. Liability is on the truck and home insurance. Ask yourself this. If it's destroyed can you replace it for the $85 your premimum went up? Check if you can get liability thru you tv, and check what you pay for collision. Thats the most expensive part of it. Maybe you can save a bunch there. I dropped mine way down to better reflect the true value of the rig, They won't pay you more than it's worth if destroyed, even if you owe a lot.
aruba5er 12/23/15 10:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mini fridge in basement

Nobody posting mentioned the heat that the refer makes. Will it have enough room down there to get rid of it? If I did that I'd make sure to add some vents in the basement to get rid of excess heat.
aruba5er 12/20/15 10:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires

at the same time you invest in new tires, invest in a tire pressure moniter system. you don't say what "blew" the tire, but a pot hole or piece of road junk may have been to blame and you did not notice it. After all, you started the day with properly inflated tire and nothing could possibly go wrong, RIGHT?
aruba5er 12/20/15 10:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: roof vent

so if water got into them the water would go into the tank they vent. So, are you expecting that much rain. Waste of time IMO
aruba5er 12/12/15 09:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: LPG Regulator whine or hum

Mine did the same thing. Replaced it and shortly after it started again.I've learned to ignore it now.
aruba5er 12/04/15 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: propane or electric?

costs about 3 times more for electric and it's slower to eat a tank of water. Who is paying? campsite or you. If you at a resort they usually mark up the KW charge. I paid around 20 cwnts a KW in AZ.
aruba5er 12/03/15 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power or no Power ???

Remove one wire from the battery Or the propane detector will suck it dead, I've never covered my 2003 rv
aruba5er 11/21/15 11:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling with the furnace running

I leave my furnace on all the time. If it gets too cold in the camper the refer won't run and the freezer thaws. and maybe the plumbing will freeze and maybe you think it will warm up in 20 minutes but I found out the matteress and bedding is wayy colder than I like. So, I run the furnace and hang the cost of propane. BTW, I shut it off when we get near gas pumps.
aruba5er 11/20/15 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: GFCI question

WAY too much thought about gfci and shocks. I firmly believe in them, but the other day I installed a gfci outlet in a bathroom and could Not make it trip using my wiggy tester to the hot water, coldwater or water spout nor to the drain and pop up. I ran a wire to the heat register and could not get a ground. (the ducting was not connected thru the floor) only after I ran a cord (3 wire) from another outlet could I get a ground that would trip the new outlet/curcuit. With all the plastic plumbing today, the shock threat is way down. Not to be confused with an rv and someone standing on the ground and touching frame or alum skin.
aruba5er 11/14/15 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Industries Electrical Management System

I watch mine all the time. Shows how poor the wiring in the campgrounds is. I can tell when to cut back or if my wife needs to dry her hair ,I can turn off the coffee maker. I'm glad to be able to watch the display.
aruba5er 11/14/15 10:58am Tech Issues
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