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RE: Smelly water

I too had the sulfur smell and took out the anode rod and installed a ball type drain valve in it's place. That was in 2007. I haven't had the tank self destruct nor leak and I can VERY easily drain or blow off sediment. I figure this, you have an anode in your home water heater and it will never be changed, so why the RV one? Never had stinky water since I removed the rod.
aruba5er 08/17/15 08:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Wall too hot next to fridge flue vent

I too thought my vent was too warm and I took the vent cover off and found insulation and a small hunk of roofing material laying on top of the coils. Good attentive workers. ( Hurry UP da** it, there's another one coming right behind this one) Any chance your refer is in a slide out that has a fan. Your fan may not be working.
aruba5er 08/12/15 07:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel brake wiring

I guess first. we should know what brand of actuator you have. I went out and looked at mine (TITAN) and found the blue wire goes into their harness which gets plugged into their moduel and it then is no longer blue. You must have a wiring diagram, or call the co. I had to because it wound not work without an additional part (not compatiable with the built in brake controller) You will love the stopping power of those brakes. A wise choice.
aruba5er 08/09/15 10:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to grease landing leg worm gears?

I took the snap cap off the top of the tube and flooded the tube with sae 70/90 gear oil.let it run out the bottom and cleaned up the residual oil.
aruba5er 08/08/15 08:45am Tech Issues
Finally found place mice mightget in

After years of dealing with mice, I think I finally found out where they are getting in. Last week I had a mouse in the fiver again (it's summertime, stay out) I looked and looked again and finally found that the 2" square tube that supports the slide out was cut on a bevel and open on the end.Could this be the place? I spray foamed the H out of it. Hopefuly this is the end. Now it's wait and see. No I won't be putting the traps away.
aruba5er 07/28/15 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

You would take a hosing at 2500$ PLUS labor. I spent about $1100 ? and did it myself in around 8 total hours and an expericancd installer should be able to do it in a whole less time. Your dealer is no friend and is really taking advantage of you in my opinion. Enjoy your DRUM brakes.
aruba5er 07/25/15 08:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

Talk you out of it? NO WAY. I can't figure out why they still use electric brakes, other than it's cheaper. There is no car on the road today made in the last 10 years that does not have at least the front brakes hydraulic disc. If there is any delay, the shear stopping power of disc brakes more than makes up for it. I can lock up all 4. Not a good thing for the tires, but, I can. Try that with drum at speed. Spend the money. I told more than a few salesmen at RV shows I would not even consider your trailer without disc brakes. They argue but I will not.
aruba5er 07/24/15 07:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: electrical problem on the road

fuse in the 12 volt line somewhere, mine is at the convertor fuse panel. then you have the switch that could go bad and the motor itself has a autoreseting curcuit breaker in line. Mine quit and it was just a poorly installed wirenut right at the motor. Took a razor knife and cut the plastic cardboard underneath. Knowing what I know now, I'd work backward from the motor to the switch to the fuse.
aruba5er 07/11/15 07:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good Sam Club gone bad

My daughter was getting ready to go on a month long trip just the other day and the inside duel was flat. Her husband could not get the rusty tire off and she called good sam roadside and within an hour a guy was there to help. He got the tires off and found that the inflator valve stem was bad and replaced it and aired the tires up and all was good. No extra cost, just the yearly premuim. IF you don't like all the stuff they send, put it in the recycle bin ( You DO recycle don't you?) And get over it. It is not costing you any extra money. Thats what I do and don"t complain. You get the daily paper? Do you look at all the ads/ or every word? I don't. Maybe I should call and coomplain that I don't want all the stuff that I don't have any interest in not delivered to me. Sports section # 1
aruba5er 07/01/15 07:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Repack Bearings, Dexter Axles w/Disc Brakes ---- Difficult?

2 bolts that hold the calipers,usually an allen head, remove and hang calipers with a wire to get out of the way, and the rest is same old same old. you may have to force the piston back in with a c clamp to put caliper assem back on
aruba5er 06/30/15 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wot size wire for buried cable to 50A RV receptacle at home?

NEC (code) requires that the conduit run be complete before pulling wire. And no more than 4 90 degree bend or equalvent. and too many do it yourselfer's use plumbing fittings rather than electrical fittings. Yes, they put wire in drain or vent elbows. And btw pipe is in 10 ft lengths. not 8 ft.
aruba5er 06/06/15 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: Hot Water Element Problem

water heater elements come in varying lengths. If the watts per foot is too great it will overheat the element. Is yours about 7" long? either look for a longer one that will fit or reduce the wattage to 1000 watts. Is the hardness building up on the element and making it overheat because it can't get rid of the heat? Sounds like it is. Maybe a fine micron filter in your water line might help also.
aruba5er 06/01/15 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: More Money Than Brains Dept

never could figure that out (monster cables) put an ampmeter on the wires and you'll not get hardly any reading. My house is wired for sound in # 16-2 rip cord. I doubt any one could tell. good speakers are more important than wire size.
aruba5er 05/29/15 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: GFI Circuit Plug

And whatever you do, observe line and load markings on the outlet. I've seen too many do it yourownself'ers get the wires mixed up and the new ones won't work if wired improperly. And of course there are plenty of you out there that should not do ANY electrical work.
aruba5er 05/29/15 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bedroom TV Not Working On Cable

mine didn't work either. wire (coax) was not crimped into connector at the boaster where they all come together by the amplifer with the boost switch. Take the outlet plates off and see if everything is connected
aruba5er 05/25/15 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can I move a GFCI receptacle?

the trouble with moving it somewhere else is usually the regular outlets are not installed in a box. The gfci needs to be because they need regular mounting unlike the vampire bite outlets used in the rest of the rv.. And if your rv is anything like mine, most of the breakers are 1/2" or doubles so installing a gfci breaker may not be possible. I guess you'll have to tough it out. Buy a newer one. The older ones were very unrelible by todays standards
aruba5er 05/19/15 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: ST to LT

I went with the LT crowd and when, if ever I need to replace tires I will retreat to the ST's. I think I will go with the Maxxis ST tire. The ST gives a higher load limit and it lays flatter when cornering hard, plus I think you will get a softer ride (less expansion crack, pot hole etc.) I also think the side strain when cornering is much harder on spindles and bearings as the LT's just dont bend. MY opinion only:
aruba5er 05/05/15 07:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: UV Protection for Cable on Roof?

I used sch 40 electrical pvc screwed to the roof with two hole straps and sealed with Dicor self leveling sealant. never had a leak and it's been on there 12 years.
aruba5er 04/10/15 10:21am Tech Issues
RE: Block or not to block

I'd get it off the rubber and cover the tires also. If I know I won't use the trailer for a couple weeks only I jack it up and put stands under the frame. Takes me only 10-15 minutes to do. That way the tire won't absorb water or flat spot
aruba5er 04/09/15 05:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning Cover

Where we live there is an awning shop within 10 miles and another withing 25 miles. Check your yellow pages. Stick and brick homes use them all the time. Boats and other rv's need covers too, so they could help you.
aruba5er 04/06/15 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
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