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RE: I need an education on LED lighting

somehow you could add a resistor to the fixture. Better to be able to dim it than not have enough light when you need it.You could put in a resistor or a reostat to adjust the voltage. A household dimmer will not work.
aruba5er 01/13/17 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane smell when furnace is running - Suburban SF-30F

I would gamble you have a bad heat exchanger: look real hard at every part of it. Years ago I bought a smoke candle. You light it and it makes a ton of non toxic smoke. Then you could see if the heat exchanger is cracked. Might be hard to do on such a small unit. Or force air into the exhaust and see is you have and movement out of the heat tubes. or is the unit pipes sealed well when it's installed. so not getting any exhaust back into the rv?
aruba5er 01/07/17 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Could We See Big Block Gas V-8 & V-10 In New Trucks Again

Diesels are a whole lot cleaner than they used to be. If you put your nose by my exhust pipe you wound not smell diesel. And there is no way you can make black smoke.No matter how hard you push the pedal, if you get anything black it will be the tires burning. I had a Ford V10. It couldn't pull my 30 ftr uphill in the mountains of Az. and it got a high of 8 mpg. Now I get an avg of 14. If thats not better for the enviroment I don"t know what is. Bad for the guy making fuel, they don"t sell as much.
aruba5er 01/04/17 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Any Need To Worry About This Size Fuel/Tool Box In Bed?

I have the 50 gal RDS tank/tool box and it fits under my tonneau cover but if I had gotten any other tank my Trailer Saver hitch would not have worked. Right now the tank and hitch are 1" apart. Maybe you can mock it up to see. Also don't forget you will have close to #800 pounds tank and fuel more on the axles. When I'm full of fuel, I am AT max Gvw
aruba5er 01/04/17 09:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lighting pilot in a Suburban H20 Heater (older)

you got more guts than I touching that "red wire?' thing. In excess of 10,000 volts I would guess. I would bleed the gas line right up at the valve. Make sure gas is there. The few seconds that it trys to ignite is not enough time to move much gas to the teeny orfice that is the pilot before ignition. or check to see if you are getting voltage to the valves. Remember, it's only for a few seconds before the curcuit board tells it it has failed to ignite and it shuts off. You must work quick. Good luck.
aruba5er 12/19/16 08:45am Tech Issues
RE: Brake Line Placement for TT Disc Brakes

If my brakes are a "little bit spongy" I certinly don't notice it. Remember, disc brakes will more than make up for a micro second on lag. And my 30 footer has the wheels in the middle and the pump is behind the overhang. The first wheel is less than 10 feet from the pump. Does somebody think they are using 30 ft of hose? I would think I used about 25//27 ft total and mine is all flex.
aruba5er 12/09/16 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keeping a stationary 5th wheel movable

blocks would hold it up forever but make sure you don't put them sideways. They are not very strong used on the side. Web verticle, like you would put morter on. I'd start by putting down a piece of 2x10 or 12,to provide a larger surface, then build up the height with block and finish off with whatever 1x treated lumber needed to make level. then lower the fiver down to the crib you've made. I'd just cover the wheels with a good cover. Forget about moving it. Tires are going to rot regardless, later rather than sooner by covering them.
aruba5er 12/09/16 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brake Line Placement for TT Disc Brakes

I really think that if a tire blows and starts shreading , you can forget about the brake lines no matter what. I ran the flexible lines that came with the kit from pump to all wheels. I think I got a good installation and yes, I worried about IF a tire where to blow. How much stuff can you worry about? I got my lines up into the frame the best I could and came at the calipers from the side and hope and pray that if a tire goes it wont destroy the lines long enough to get stopped.
aruba5er 12/07/16 01:27pm Fifth-Wheels

buy a new one. they go bad. and don't buy any old one. Leviton or P&S. I would not buy say a "Smart Electrican" from menards or the house brand from True Value. The buck or so you save is not worth your life, or doing the job again. Trust me, after working with them all the time they have been around, about 25-28 years, it pays to buy the brand names like I mentioned above.
aruba5er 11/13/16 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: Gas or electric

At a metered site where I pay the electric I will use gas.At 24 cents a kilowatt (after they add to the cost of electric) gas is about the 3rd of the cost of electric. If electric is included in the daily cost of the campsite I use electric. Why pay twice?
aruba5er 10/29/16 04:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Timken bearings...when would you repack?

did mine with mobile syn grease quite a few years ago with over 12k. still going strong. I pack the hubs full and belive that any grease that might melt will then oil the bearings. I am not a big beliver in every year. (as you can tell) Why should you worry about the trailer when the TV has way more miles on it and bearings will probably never get regreased. At least the last truck I had with over 170k never did.
aruba5er 10/20/16 09:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Good Sam ERS Surprise

I see in my lit that they change tires. Not repair. Did the guy fix the flat? doesn't sound like it. There should be no charge. I really think the guy just lined his pockets. A worker or the owner? If worker, complain toe the boss.
aruba5er 10/14/16 07:09am General RVing Issues
RE: remove "flushable" wipes from black tank?

And the very next thing you do is get your label maker out and put "DO NOT FLUSH" on the container that those butt wipes come in. My daughter flushed some down into our septic tank and they got into the pump and jammed it. Provide some small plastic bags and put the wipes in the garbage.
aruba5er 10/04/16 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Stove exhaust vent tabs

my flapper is 8-9 ft off the ground so there was no way to close the catch anyway. I took some #12 bare copper wire and some finer wire and made the flapper heavy on the bottom. I used the fine wire (drilling a few very small holes) to hold the #12 to the flapper and then applied some gorilla glue to the wire. It's been years since that repair and still working. The extra weight on the flapper holds it shut and the fan is plenty strong to open it. Going down the road???I really don't care if it opens/closes then. That RV is a sieve as far as air penetration anyway.
aruba5er 10/04/16 07:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Failed Inspection

isn't it funny how cars got rid of manual adjusting brakes in the 60's and here we are 50+ years later and still fooling around with the old way on rv's that cost more than a car. And disc brakes were invented a long time ago and still not used exclusively in rv's. (hardly any)
aruba5er 09/26/16 08:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disc Brakes

did that about 6 years ago. Not a hard job to do and you will NEVER buy another trailer without disc brakes. I know I won't. Had I not had disc's there would had been a black bear in my grill one time. Another thing, I have a leaky grease seal and the grease slings right by the rotor so no grease is getting on the pads. Someday I'll get around to fixing it but no worrys, no grease on pads or rotor. I can't believe that the RV manufactuers still use drum brakes when all cars use at least one axle with disc. Oh yes I can, they might cost $2 bucks more.
aruba5er 09/22/16 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about RDS gravity feed Aux Tank

I have the same tank and always use a fuel conditioner which is supposed to take care of water. Never had a problem (knock on wood) That stuff is supposed to help clean injectors and add lubicity too so I feel it's a small price to pay to avoid trouble
aruba5er 09/20/16 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing RV kitchen faucet with regular household faucet

an American Standard faucet and with a spray attachment My wife loves it that she can spray around the corners of the sink. You know why there is a $2 faucet in your camper? They ran out of $1 ones.
aruba5er 09/15/16 08:26am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing an Analog Thermostat with a Digital

any BATTERY powered thermo will work I used a Honeywell all the wiring is the same Sure is better than the POS that came with the camper
aruba5er 09/12/16 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to fiver's but have 25 yrs. with a Truck Camper

most rv's are not made for cold (or hot). They are not insulated worth a darn. Mine had haphazard placement of insulation in the ceiling (think none in some areas). Furnace takes a lot of power so I would think (know) that battery will be long dead by morning. Most factory convertors will not charge a battery quickly so I use a battery charger to pump them back up.Walls are thin and most have single pane glass so very little R factor there. Tank heaters will take plenty of power, Mostly 12 vdc so a battery bank of 4 or more may be necessary and solar if you don't want to hear a genny run all day. I know your neighbors don't want to. I'd head for temperate climes.
aruba5er 09/05/16 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
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