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RE: Generac IQ2000 (Long winded report)

Generac makes a fine product , but when it comes to service, forget it. I and my neighbor have whole house units. mine has worked without trouble for years and he has had more than his share of problems. They will not talk to the homeowner, just say call a service co. Most of the time the service co doesn't know a hill of beans about the unit. As far as the Generac generator, I think they are Johnny come lately and really did not spend a lot of time on R&D. Just because they are cheaper does not mean they are any good.
aruba5er 04/15/16 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: LED Interior bulbs

Notice it cannot be used for 13vDC RV may get hot and burnt out> I wish they would list the Lumens ( a measure of briteness) anybody can make and sell a LED but how brite is it?
aruba5er 04/10/16 10:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Trailer is tripping a GFI in my garage....

I had a case a year ago That left me bewildered. The water heater element was shot and I disconnected the hot wire to the element and the gfci still tripped. Only after I disconnected the white neutral wire did the gfci not trip. I replaced the element and all was good. Normally the neutral will not trip the gfci. SO disconnect both wires
aruba5er 04/06/16 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Can I paint cooktop with BBQ paint? Or perhaps enamel paint?

It is probably stainless steel (a cheap grade with less nickel that can rust) take a drill motor and a rotary brush, maybe an inch wide and buff the h out of it and then apply the brush straight down to make a pattern of swirls. I think you might like it. Paint won't last.
aruba5er 04/06/16 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Should stove regulator leak at vent?

NO NO NO and NO. the diaphragm is shot. Replace the regulator.
aruba5er 03/29/16 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: led taillight replace

a friend bought a slew of 1157 replacement bulbs and the stop lites where all clustered at the top of the bulb while the tail lites where on the circumferance. and in his case the bulb went in horizontally, from left to right and right to left and the light shone sideways and did no good as a stoplight. Money wasted. I have added some LED tail light to my camper, higher, above the factory ones because when I carry bikes they are covered and the factory lights are then covered also. But, if you don't need it, why spend the money? The factory lights are more than adequate.
aruba5er 03/29/16 09:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Outstanding DEF Mileage

chev 2500HD doesn't have a guage so you get a dic readout then you fill it. No big deal. It is so unreiable, one start and it says 630 miles and the next time it's 1200 miles. the first time it goes off I start looking for DEF. I get it locally for $1.79 bulk and I figure it's fresh as all the truckers now need it
aruba5er 03/28/16 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnaces. Very inefficient!

they make a 2 stage furnace that would go a long way toward better efficiency. Small burn for a longer time so less cyclying. BUT, it's all about COST. Can you make it cheaper? They could make a high eff furnace but think cost and how many people would buy it. A lot of you said you don"t use the furnace. I use electric whenever possible. So we are not a good candidate for a high eff furnace.
aruba5er 03/14/16 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Finished the disc brake conversion

isn"t it funny how well they stop, but yet the trailer makers still continue to use the same old technology that Henry Ford had on his model A ? If they used disc on the new trailer they could apply the cost to the trailer and probably cost you(the end buyer) $100 or less. I put my discs on about 9 years ago and love them, but, I wish I had gone with the stainless rotors. My feeling at the time was "I'm never going into water like a boat so why spend the money? Well, they sit around a long time between uses over winter and are really rusty, but after a short time they are scrubbed clean.I guess I worry too much.
aruba5er 03/14/16 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing our trans filter in preparation for a long trip

I'd wait until I got back. What happens if you develop a leak in a few days while on the road. If it ain't broke (you know the rest)
aruba5er 03/09/16 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: Breaker panel question

Affirmative Action? that way you got the whites, blacks and reds covered Blues I don't know about.
aruba5er 03/09/16 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: generator needed but what size and kind

I'd buy one Honda and try it first. I bought 2 and they will run the a/c but The few times I needed it the a/c wasn't large enough to cool the camper. 97 deg. I now carry just one, mounted on the rear bumper and it's large enough to power the microwave and make coffee. If your find you need (really need) 2 then buy 2. I met a guy who had 2 mounted in a aluminum tool box on the rear bumper and included fuel tank. Really a good looking setup. Don't forget the extended fuel tank which you can make. I use mine all the time. Check prices b4 buying. CW is NOT cheap. I got mine at a local dealer for $850 tax paid and gassed and serviced ready to go. (each) If you go honda and 2 then check into Reliance parallel kit for Honda $109 at RV Parts Country . com Includes a 30 amp outlet and breaker built in. no da*n twistlock adapters really a neat system.
aruba5er 02/29/16 08:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shackle bolts & bushings

if going to the trouble of worrying about shackle bolts and bushings and the JUNK they put on your new rv, Think about changing the to something like Dexter EZ Flex. I put them one after about 2 years of towing and in many cases the bolts where half gone and no bushings. Now I give them a squirt once a year with grease and don't worry about them Google Dexteraxle.com and read about EZ Flex. You won't be sorry. I;m not.
aruba5er 02/29/16 07:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: water heater

yes, it happens. mostly due to minerals on the element.unless it bothers you so, leave it alone , or pull it and clean it off. if not all mineralized, replace it. may have some of the manganize oxide loose around the nichrome element loose.
aruba5er 02/28/16 05:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30 amp generator with 12 gauge wire?????

insulation on the wire will change the current carring capacity. Remove the back of an electric range and see where the #6 cord connects to a # 14 factory installed wire to power the whole range. And when they used asbestos wire years ago it was # 16.
aruba5er 01/25/16 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Ride quality of 3500 truck with light fifth wheel

No load in the truck, run 45/60# in the tires. Pulling, air it up to manufactuers suggested #'s. I just aired mine back up (getting ready for a trip) and wow, it rides like a lumber wagon again. Buy the srw 3500 and never worry about overloading the truck. I live a couple miles from a dealer and almost all his new campers cone on 2500's srw. Course there is nothing in them.
aruba5er 01/25/16 09:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane steak saver adapter not legal in Canada?

put the 1# tank in a freezer until well cold. turn the 20#r upside down. Wrap the 1# in a towel to keep it cold, screw it onto your adapter and open the valve. If you're luckey you will get in 12/13 oz of propane. I have never gotten much more in so overfilling has never been a problem. Do this outside in the middle of the driveway or something. Away from any possible source of ignition. Never had a problem and never overfilled a small tank.I think the law says something about illegal to refill and TRANSPORT.
aruba5er 01/21/16 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

Like Mecca is to Islam, every RV'r should visit Quartzite at least once in their lifetime. Just a lot of fun.
aruba5er 01/21/16 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: pre purchase inspection

Make sure ALL systems are checked. Like another said, have the refer turned on a day before. check and bleed the gas lines and fire up the oven and water heater. Have water installed in the tank and use the pump and check everywhere for leaks. Includeing the shower. (first use of ours have water on the floor) Get a checklist and do it yourself at your pace. Don't trust the dealer or salesman, he is out to make a buck. (Yours)
aruba5er 01/11/16 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greaseable Wheel Bearings?

If you have Ez lube, knock off the dust cap and grease away. The excess grease will (should) come out from along side the bearing. If it does/'t, STOP. the grease may be hardened in the bearing and going out into the rear seal and onto the brakes. If everything is going as planned, continue and wipe up the excess grease from around the bearing, replace the dust shield and give it a few more pumps. Bearing Buddys are totally differant as they are designed to apply pressure to the grease in which turn pushes against the seals and keeps the water out. And if you do blow a seal, usually boat, or most trailers do not have brakes so other than a greasy wheel, no damage is done. BTW, if you have ez lube, turn the wheel as you grease.
aruba5er 01/03/16 11:31am Tech Issues
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