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RE: Brake job on E450

I would guess that you don't need any work done on those brakes. At 32k they are just getting broken in, unless you don't know where to place your left foot. My 2500HD has 93k and the brakes look and feel and sound just fine. Pull a front wheel and look at them. The inboard and outboard pads should look about equal. For $1900 I can live with a little noise. And I would never spend any money to turn the rotors. If they need work replace them. I know my old F350 needed work and they tried machining them twice and ended up with new rotors. Should have saved the money the machanist wanted.
aruba5er 07/21/17 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter for Flojet Macerator Pump

you could make your own battery cables with some 14/2 or better yet 12/2 cord. the cheapest way would to buy an extension cord and cut the ends off. Add some battery clamps and you would be set. Better than some convertor I think. I bought a Min Ko ta plug set and added the plug right by the pump. Yes I had to run some wires, but now the plug is right there forever and no worries about wrong hookups either.
aruba5er 07/21/17 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: My A/C is to old and they don't make replacement capacitors?

someone lies. Any motor shop or electronics store will have them. If you can't find exact then close is good enough.
aruba5er 07/13/17 09:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Issues

I think you have a loose nuetral (ground) wire. The way they throw things together it's surprising anything works. I had my ceiling lights go dim one night and I found it was a bunch of wires come together and fastened with an undersized wirenut. They where loose and some had fallen out. New larger size wirenut fixed it. Then I went through the whole camper and found simalar loose wires. Remember, a lot of motion goes on hauling down the road and things become loose. To test, take a single wire from the neg terminal of the battery and run to the lights. You really need a voltage tester and learn how to use one. Asking helps but testing is the only way to fix anything
aruba5er 06/18/17 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Bolts snap off

stainless is just that. Not all that strong. You will snap stainless faster than a steel cad plated one. I've broken a lot taking off the panels that cover my underneath. Mostly rust. I replaced them with the 5/16 nut size. 1/4 in is too small. put them in, back them out and put some never sieze on them and put them back in. They will come out next time.
aruba5er 06/18/17 04:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sight seeing with 5th wheel

Thats the pain of traveling with any RV. You can't just pull in and get a hambugher or stop to see a local attraction. I've missed a lot of stuff I wish I could have seen except for that behemoth behind me. I learned to walk a lot, but the old knees are getting to me so we don't do that as much anymore. I guess the best way is to take a campsite and spend a few days enjoying the scenery without the camper. Did that recently going through OK.Stopped at Chandler OK and explored old 66. Really nice and interesting around there and I was in no hurry and like $30 full hookup.
aruba5er 06/05/17 07:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bearing Buddy mess

most boat trailers do not have brakes, mine doesn't and I have BB and a seal does leak and blow grease on the tire. So what better than haveing water in the hubs and burning out a bearing. I do not Have bearing buddys on my camper (which has Brakes)
aruba5er 05/28/17 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Duramax emissions cheating scandal

if putting you nose to the tailpipe would be a good test, mine would pass with flying colors. I smell nothing, a lot better than the exhust of my wifes Honda. And I couldn"t make black come out of the pipe if my life depended on it. I think that's pretty clean. 2011 Chev HD 6.6 Dura Max. And by the way I had my share and then some with the DEF system but "knock on wood" I have had no trouble for 2+ years. The dealer nust have finally got it fixed.
aruba5er 05/28/17 12:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Want to replace faucet at kitchen sink

Are faucets in an rv the same as home faucets? Of course not. If a plumber put in such c rap he'd be out of business in a heartbeat.Will a residential faucet fit an rv? yes. Of course. just measure the openings. Most kitchen faucets will have an adapter plate to cover the hot/cold openings and use just the center opening today. Unless you want the 3 hole opening which is becoming harder to find. I chose an American Standard with built in sprayer all in one hole. Love it.
aruba5er 05/23/17 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Order the "0ptional" TV with our new trailer or buy our own?

Buy and install your own. If you need a tv without running the genny than buy a full sine wave inverter (notice I wrote FULL sine wave) and you would probably still save money and have something that you can use over and over unlike the tv which when dead the dc part goes with it and you have to start all over. Think about some solar to recharge the batterys too. You might ( and i'm sure there are plenty of folks out there that) use a modified sine wave inverter. but it might be an expense trial if it doesn't work. And by using an inverter rather than a dc tv you can power a sat dish or a dvd player whatever.
aruba5er 05/23/17 10:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Tv antennas

We where in St. Joesph Peninsula SP in Fl and had no reception. Went to town and bought the add on for the wiengaurd batwing. Did nothing. Took it back and bought a "Jack" from King. Got all the channels available. So impressed I bought one for home in my stick and brick house and got rid of a 12 ft aluminum antenna that was marginal at best. And it has little led lights to find the best signal before you start the station scan. Really works good and saves so much time
aruba5er 05/21/17 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive industries ems 30hw hums

mine hums (doesn't know the words) It's the contactor in there that does that. and maybe the transformer that reduces the voltage for the external display. I don't find it to be distracting.
aruba5er 05/21/17 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: bad tires , best replacement 235/80r16

My fiver came with marathon st tires. Within months they where pregnant (sidewalls balloning) the dealer replaced all 5 tires with new Marathon. Sometime the next year 1 tire sidewall balloned so I sold the rims and went to 16 inch Lt tires. I bought uniroyal larado lt225R16 load rated E. They served me well for 6 years and about 16K miles. Then coming home thru Texas I blew 3 of them in one day, along with the damage to the fiver. Not sidewall damage but stright across the thread. I brought 1 carcus back and took it to the dealer and first thing they said. ST tires belong on trailers and LT tires belong on trucks. I told him that the wheels on the trailer follow the truck and whatever the truck hits, so does the trailer. the trucks tirs have over 60k on them and are the same age as the trailers. Always covered and off the ground if it will not be used for a time. I have the CAT paperwoork to show that the trailer only weighed #7780 and that the 4 tires were capable of #10700. I only went in for information as to why they blew. I had checked all tires before starting the day and again just before the second tire blew and checked the temp with a laser thermo (about 124 degrees) I guess and kind and any brand can ruin your day.
aruba5er 05/19/17 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Insulating the walls inside of the cabinets and front cap

did my rv with refelx ? bubble alum foil and really feel I made a differance. did it in yuma az all the cabinets and the windows in the bedroom. Because of a water leak I had to remove the front cap and SURPRISE' NO, NONE, NADDA insulation between the cap and inside wall. Got plenty in there now. Now if I could just figure how to do the ceiling. There isn't enough to spit at in the ceiling.
aruba5er 05/15/17 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Not a good day Saturday

Thanks for reading my complaint. I guess you never know about tires. I read all the complaints about ST tires and when I changed to disc brakes I decided to go with the larger 16 in LT tires. I had Marathon st tires and both sets had bulges in all 8 tires. Now I have 5 new tires and hope I can get home without more proplems. I bought 5 tires and kept 1 to take back to the dealer to help determine what went wrong. I inspected the 3 blown ones for nails by looking hard at them and feeling around for anything rough where a nail my have gone thru and maybe the tread when it came off may have pulled the nail with it. Felt nothing. I really wanted to replace these tires with Maxxis ST because of the squiriming of the casing when backing tight. Now I have $ 800+ in new tires so not soon anyway. THE LAST CAT SCALE WAS 7580# on the 4 tires which gave me about 780# reserve on each tire. Go figure.
aruba5er 04/13/17 01:49pm General RVing Issues
Not a good day Saturday

Saturday started out great, sunny, no wind and 10 miles down the road I blew a tire. Changed it(easier than waiting for someone) and then decided to return to town to buy another spare. Got the new spare and headed down the road. BAM, another tire. Changed that, and again no good spare, so back to town and another tire. Good to go. Wrong blew another tire. This time 27 miles from town. So I unhooked the fiver and took off the blown and one good? one and returned to town. Ended up buying all five new tires. The story is just because you have LT tires (uniroyal Larado LT225 R75 16 10 ply) does'nt mean you won't have tire trouble. I have close to #800 less load than the tire is rated for or #1600 per axle. The tire was 4 years 10 month old and about 15k for milage.Always covered and in the winter the camper was jacked up so no weight was one the wheels. Go figure. Just what the wallet needed and a couple thousand in body damage.
aruba5er 04/10/17 09:07am General RVing Issues
RE: disc brakes

think my water pump is as noisy or more so.
aruba5er 04/03/17 01:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Suspension and brake upgrade

Is this something you can afford or is this a wish and how handy are you? I upgraded to Dexter EZ flex suspension. Around $140 plus my labor of about five hours over 2 days. (Can't work too fast) Does it ride better? Nobody rides back there, so who knows. Better ride in the truck, I think so. Then I bought and installed Kodiak disc brakes with Titan controller. Best money I ever spent on RV improvements. AND I went from 15 inch wheels five lug to 16 in wheels 6 lug and LT tires. I don't even think about stopping now. IT STOPS NOW.Again I did it. 8-9-10 hours over 3-4 days. Without tires and wheels less than $2000. Happy YES.
aruba5er 04/03/17 12:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Teflon tape or pipe thread dope ?

Harvey (brand) Teflon pipe dope Best Of Both Worlds
aruba5er 04/01/17 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Morryde pin box

get a great riding hitch in the trailer saver bd3 or ts3 20k# hitch and air the bags up as you like it to ride. Probably the best hitch out there. Pricey but worth every penny..
aruba5er 04/01/17 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels
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