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RE: Cabinet over head door hinges come loose

i think every hole in every hinge let loose one time or another. I used toothpicks and gorilla glue. Let dry overnight and then put the screws back in. too soon and you will never remove them.The stiles on the cabinets are not wood but that dern glueboard (sawdust and glue)
aruba5er 03/20/15 09:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: light switch

I'd say the switch is rated too small for the load. And most switches are not rated for DC. Good luck finding one that is but I'd say get a smaller bulb or change to LED
aruba5er 03/18/15 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze vent cover, White or Smoke?

I chose white and bought online for the same reason. dealers don't stock them. I like the more light effect.
aruba5er 03/18/15 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: electrical issue

Huh? Big plug small plug? Next 911. sounds like you should not be doing anything. Ask a friend or neighbor to help you before you shock yourself. Not everyone can do everything. I've always said " put a piece of wire into someones hand and all of a sudden thy are electricians"
aruba5er 03/17/15 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Air Conditioner Prayer?

there is a thing on every air cond compressor called a klixon that heats up at the same rate the windings in the motor do. If in a brownout period the voltage goes down, then the amperage goes up. Fact or law of electric. the klixon will snap off until it cools and then snap back on. It should (repeat should) prevent the AC from turning to toast.If you hear the compressor cycling, turn it off.For best insurance, buy a Progressive EMS and it will turn off the electric for you. Absolute peace of mind for a couple hundred bucks
aruba5er 03/17/15 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Composting Toilets

they are rather large, the ones I've seen. I could not put anything that large in my bathroom. And the one's I've seen are very Expensive $1700 up
aruba5er 03/17/15 09:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 15 inch tires

I switched to 16 inch lt's and when it's time to retire they will be going back to Maxxis ST. the lt ride is much stiffer and harsh. When backing up hard corners I see a lot of rubber being scuffed off where as the st tires just kinda turned. I think (my opinion) that turning is hard on spindles and bearings. Also the st's give a higher load carring capacity than lt's of the same size. Roger Marple aka tireman said changes are being made in ST tires and speed limits are among them. Maybe into the 80's mph.how many people exceed the 65mph on their st's and then blame the tire because they overspeded it?
aruba5er 03/17/15 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gas VS Diesel F250

had a 2004 f250 10 cyl. got 8 8/1/2 mpg. Could not make it up mountains in AZ hardly. Wife said "when we get home you are getting a new diesel truck" Chev 2500 HD 14- 14 1/2 mpg towing. And whats really nice you can't get in a gasser is the jake brake. Hardly use the brakes anymore.
aruba5er 03/15/15 10:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Problems lighting oven pilot

the orfice in the pre pilot is so oo small that it takes a long time to get the air out. turn the oven on and open door.wait a couple minutes and then attempt to light it. You should get a very small fire , then a larger pilot and then the main flame. That or the orfice is plugged.and will have to be removed and serviced
aruba5er 03/12/15 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater element

It should last 2 to 5 minutes with out burning out. 10 to 12 ohms would be good. Check both across terminals (10/12 ohms) and terminal to ground (infinity)
aruba5er 03/12/15 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: How to secure water fill inlets?

One time ages ago I was camped in Wisconsin Dells when a camper near me yelled at another about picking up after his dog. The guy was yelling and told the first one to go stuff himself. and walked away with his dog. The first guy (not the dog owner) picked up the stuff and went over and stuffed the p**p into the guys water inlet and put the cover back on. I hope I never made anyone that mad, but I have a 2 gang weatherproff cover bolted over my inlet and locked.
aruba5er 03/07/15 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Front cap added insulation

I had a small leak in the upper corner and decided to repair it. Then I found there was rotten wood. I took almost all the screws out and called a friend and we finished taking the screws out and putting the cap on the ground. We fixed the wood and put in fiberglass insulation, both 6" and 3 1/2" there had not been any before. ( builder saved close to $10) Much warmer/cooler in bedroom now. Total time less than 4 hours 2 men.Had to buy 2 rolls of butyl tape, 1 tube dicor and insulation. cost around $30. A 6&8 ft ladder were needed.
aruba5er 03/06/15 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Placement of Hydraulic Actuator for Discc Brakes

I put mine just inside the front basement door on the port (left side) right by the battery. Attached the pump to some of the structure of the fiver. The kit I bought had more than enough hose to get to the axles and the whole job is done in hose.By putting the pump ect right there is where the wires are for the brake away switch and the cord coming from the truck (your wiring may be different)
aruba5er 02/27/15 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Running furnace while traveling

Always run the furnace. Got it set for around 50. Got to keep it warm enough to get the refer to run. If it's cold in the rv the refer will not run and the icecream melts. Shut off the furnace before entering a gas pump, even if YOU are diesel.
aruba5er 02/25/15 10:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: trailer life subscription

Yes it may only take about 20 minutes to read but it's all good reading. Always good 10 minute tips , destinations, and how they helped someone get their money back on a warrentee situation. I have been a reader for years and just renewed for 3 more.
aruba5er 02/25/15 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tire upgrade Cougar 327RES

You stand to lose almost #400 per tire. Can you do that?If you can, then proceed to the Manufactuers data sheet as to physical dimentions
aruba5er 02/22/15 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: buying a rental

I bought a rental from a local dealer 8 months old and 32k on it. The dealer probably did nothing other than oil changes. It was clean however. I bought it, took it home and changed the transmisson fluid and filter ( black as the ace of spades) and had that unit for something like 18 years with nothing to repair other than a very expensive muffler. I feel like I got an excellent deal.
aruba5er 02/19/15 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Interstates versus secondary roads

I avoid super slabs like the plaque. You can't see the country at 65 mph. Just too much stuff to stumble upon when driving the back roads. Retired so in no big hurry. As far as people behind me, I try to avoid making a bunch of people bunch up behind me by pulling way over and slowing down if possible on straight roads to allow them to see around and pass or coming into a small city, I park and let any pass before starting out again.
aruba5er 02/19/15 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: help with Water Heater

That little toggle switch in the lower left hand corner of the heater is likely bad. Too small an amperage for the job and subject to moisture. I know that was my trouble, intermitant heating. I jumpered it out and use the curcuit breaker to turn it on and off.
aruba5er 02/14/15 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: getting a camper worked on

I guess if you can't fix it yourself than you must pay the piper. But what gets me is that in an hour, what do you get? coffee break potty break, talking to fellow employees, foreman brings in a customer so he can ask you a couple questions, and on and on. Don't forget the walk over the parts counter and the wait and then find they haven't got the part thats needed and the delay that goes with that. May even have to put it back together to get it back outside to get in a differant unit to work on while parts are ordered. All that goes on your bill.THATS NOT RIGHT. Out of an hours charge you may get 25/30 minutes labor.
aruba5er 02/09/15 09:24am General RVing Issues
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