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RE: getting a camper worked on

I guess if you can't fix it yourself than you must pay the piper. But what gets me is that in an hour, what do you get? coffee break potty break, talking to fellow employees, foreman brings in a customer so he can ask you a couple questions, and on and on. Don't forget the walk over the parts counter and the wait and then find they haven't got the part thats needed and the delay that goes with that. May even have to put it back together to get it back outside to get in a differant unit to work on while parts are ordered. All that goes on your bill.THATS NOT RIGHT. Out of an hours charge you may get 25/30 minutes labor.
aruba5er 02/09/15 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Was all set on a Class B+ then saw a Class A

apples and oranges. Four people A .2 people B. Easy to drive, park B .Walk long distances because you can't find a place to park A. Spend a lot of money for repairs,A. Buy 6 tires A buy 4 tires B. Have a real bed, A. tear up the couch, move things around to make a bed out of dining area, B. I was thinking of a B but now we have father in law to take along and all I can think of is a B being a porta potty.
aruba5er 02/08/15 12:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stinky fresh water

I took out the anode rod and put a ball valve drain in it's place. The anode rod was causing the stink, I believe because it has never happened again. AND I can flush the tank under pressure any time and drain it quickly.
aruba5er 02/06/15 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Amp draw reading

Has it got a shorted cell? That would kill a battery quickly. Take it to a battery place like intrstate or batteries plus they will test it for you free. ( Interstate will want the battery fully charged b 4 they will test it.)
aruba5er 02/06/15 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: Maintaining coach battery while in storage with no hookup?

coleman among other labels make a solar panel that sits on the dash and plugs into the cigerette light socket. My daughter has one and it keeps the mh battery charged. It worked so good that my son in law wired in a plug for the coach battery. Only drawback, they cant's use the windshield cover to prevent sun damage to the dash. They covered that with a large towel. I think they make like a 15 watt, a 25 and 40 watt. Thats all you need to keep battery charged.
aruba5er 02/06/15 10:26am Tech Issues
RE: propane tank replacement

I needed to put on a longer hose (s). so i put on 1 longer on and I can use a 100# tank when we stay for months. The hoeses that came with the camper were not long enough to use a 20#. Too short. I always carry an extra 20#. Had to drive over 60 miles one day in Minnesota. to get gas.
aruba5er 02/03/15 04:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dewinterizing at 10 degree temp

We will leave soon and we do nothing to the water system until maybe down to alabama. Drink and cook with bottle water, flush toilet with pink antifreeze. Have the camper warm enough to be comfortable. Clean with wet wipes, etc until I feel comfortable that the tanks will not freeze.I had a freeze up in Texas once, will always wait and watch forecast.
aruba5er 02/01/15 09:26am General RVing Issues
RE: $3,5K for Disc Brake Install...Reasonable? Worth it?

Worth it? YES. Almost hit a black bear one time. Locked up all 8 wheels. So close I think I missed him by inches. Don't like to do that. Tires could flat spot, but cheaper than the damage of an accident. I installed my own and if I remember, about 8 hours of on and off again work. Cost around $1200 for parts and if somebody that knew what they were doing ( someone that did this before) say another $1000 for labor= $2200. I think the estimate is overpriced.Plus mine was done in the driveway and not good access to tools and had weather worrys.
aruba5er 01/31/15 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Surge Suppressor

I always plug into the 50 amp if it's there. they usually are not all burnt to heck. 50/30 adapter and the into the 30 amp cord. And don't forget to put a lock/chain something on your new surge protector. I chose the wired in one to prevent theft or water damage.
aruba5er 01/28/15 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: Question for the electricians out there.

either run some 4/4seu/r alum cable which is large enough for the 70 amps or wait and run the conduit on the wall after finishing. I built a new workshop last year and ran conduit on the walls. You can only predict what your needs are and reality sets in and you have to add or move things anyway. I chose conduit because as an electrician (retired) I wanted to make a remembrance of the type of work that I was capable of, and the ability to make changes if necessary.
aruba5er 01/28/15 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: electric problems?

Apples and oranges. Buddys AC the same as his ? BTU's, Hi efficiency vs standard Lots of variables. Only a meter can confirm. Guessing is just that, a guess. Breaker, bad outlet, too much power being used creating low voltage.
aruba5er 01/26/15 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
Whats with step height, I'm old, man

I just went to an RV show and looking for a new fifth wheel. The steps getting into the unit's are higher than I can comfortably manage and when I got into them the steps leading to the bedroom/bath are just as bad. I told the salesman "If this were a stick and brick home, you could NOT a get occupancy permit" The steps going to the bedroom where 11 inches riser. Home they are 7 1/4. Just cannot believe it. and the outside where higher. Changed my 3 step to four last year and what a differance and when I bought my camper 10 years ago I made the inside steps 3 instead of two. I'd rather not go thru all that again. After looking at the new crop of RV's I think it will be another 10 years before I buy anything. What a bunch of JUNK. The carpet was SO cheap. the bath fan was that little one that's so noisy. I told one person"i see they got one of the $3 fans in the bath, Do you know why they have that? They ran out of the $2 ones"Oh, yeh the mattress in the bunk house where Marked Platinum and about 2 inches thick.
aruba5er 01/24/15 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Extremely Close Call

Water is not that GOOD of a conductor and to get a shock you would have to be grounded. Do you stand on metal flooring or concrete, then worry a little. Carpet or vinal, Forget it. Better use water than loose the whole rig.
aruba5er 01/24/15 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EZ Lube bearings

First thing, Knock off the grease cap. Then raise the vechicle so the tires can be spun. Slowly grease the zerk and watch to see that grease comes out the front near the spindle as you turn the tire. If no grease is coming out the end near where you are squirting the grease, STOP. You may have a blown seal. I think that greasing all the time is totally unnecessary. My car has 133k on it and nothing has ever been greased. By pulling the wheels you can inspect the brakes. For those who are old enough,remember back when AAA paid to have your brakes adjusted every 5000 miles. I would worry more about brakes than bearings. I kinda like to stop when needed. I don"t want grease on my brake shoes. (Thats why I threw those stupid drum brakes out and now have Hyd Disc)
aruba5er 01/23/15 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backing 5th Wheel Down Straightaway

I have the same 100ft+ driveway. One time I hit the parking space dead on and the next time on on the grass with the truck.I have to go 100 ft back and then move over about 30 ft and then straighten it out and then done. Practice makes perfect they say but when you do it so seldom you don't get much practice in. SLOW and easy I know but it doesn"t always work that way. It would be nice if you could slide the axles like semi's. It would make the job easier. And corners in cities would not be such a gamble either.
aruba5er 01/20/15 11:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV refrigerator,, repair or replace??

I really don't know how they would get in a refer in period. I did in my motorhome years ago and needed to remove the passenger door (85 ford E350)the passenger seat and the booth seat of the dinette. Now there is a co. 35 miles from me that would repair it and I would not lift a finger other than write them a check. I know to replace a refer you would have to remove the entry door and then it probably be a real tight fit.
aruba5er 01/15/15 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Humming Noise in Electrical Cable Area

Battery disconnect Switch? Neighbors Jayco has a relay disconnect switch.Needs power to hold it closed. Quite (no power) when off.Should have been a latching relay so power is only needed to make the switch. Don"t know if that is what you are hearing though
aruba5er 01/05/15 03:18pm Tech Issues
RE: where to find 30 amp coupler connector protector?

i use a old plastic coffee can ( about 29 oz size) 2 slots for the cord and put it upside down. If ground wet, set it up on something. I don't use the cover because it could trap water.
aruba5er 01/03/15 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: New full time problem

goggle the part number and manufactuer name and in seconds you will have a variety of choices from which to choose. Mine went bad and in 3 days I had a new one installed for around $70.CW wanted around $120
aruba5er 01/02/15 10:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any issues with running a RV generator for a cabin?

I would try to find a used onan generator, One of the 1800 RPM units. quite and very dependable. Also maybe a propane one. Then it could run off the same tank the refer uses and don't have to worry about stale gas. Like another poster daid, you would not have to have the B or C, whatever there to enjoy power.
aruba5er 12/25/14 11:11am Tech Issues
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