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RE: Storms

radio reports telling you to seek shelter A PUP is not shelter in this regard. Every RV is up off the ground, meaning wind can get under it. A PUP has wings in addition to being relatively light weight. Don't chance it - get out and seek real shelter. If your spidey sense is tingling and others are telling you to seek shelter, better not wait for the weather to say "told you so." We've ridden out some very strong thunderstorms in the PUP. Once, with the winds going but not enough to mess with the PUP, we got out because there were trees above us and branches do fall under those conditions. Everything was fine but there's no guarantee.
bondebond 05/01/15 08:33am Folding Trailers
RE: Storing your "stinky slinky"

I put mine in a customized storage compartment mounted on the rear bumper. http://www.pbase.com/ebond/image/144788496/medium.jpg Ok, so it's really just an ammo can but the bottom is lined with rubber to reduce wear and tear on the walls of the discharge hose. I rinse out the hose, stuff it in the box and snap the lid on. I just open up the lid when I get home and let it all dry out. How I place it in there keeps all of the liquids within the hose and nothing dribbling out. It's been working great for years. It handles the 20' section just fine but wouldn't work for anything longer.
bondebond 04/22/15 03:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Radio doesn't really turn off in 07 Fleetwood Arcadia

I installed a switch under the galley right behind where the radio mounts. In fact, that's all of the wiring behind it that Fleetwood did. I just interrupted the full-time power wire with this switch. http://www.pbase.com/ebond/image/144788528/medium.jpg We have never used it when camping and I only turn it on when working on the PUP at home in the shop. The kids thought for the longest time that the radio was broken and quick asking me if we could turn it on, which was an extra bonus. This way, it does drain the battery.
bondebond 04/22/15 08:17am Folding Trailers
RE: Need to have two holes in my roof repaired - Jayco 1206

I used Dicor to fill in a couple of holes I put in my baby. I used the self-leveling lap sealant. Then I put Eternabond over the spot. I can be reasonably sure that NO water is getting in there. Surface prep is everything though.
bondebond 04/21/15 11:03am Folding Trailers
RE: Loving this Pup

Welcome to the fold (pun intended). Various folks like to make a big deal about taking down in the rain and having to set it back up at home. It has happened to me a few times and thus far, hasn't been a big deal. I'll either raise it up as far as I can in the garage and pull out all of the tenting or actually set it fully up in the driveway. Either way, a couple of days later and it is dry. If you do this inside the garage, realize that folds of the tenting can trap water so you need to move things around a big to expose all surfaces so they can dry properly. My preferred method is to set it up in the driveway, weather permitting. Enjoy the process of thinning out the stuff you bring and prioritizing. When I switched PUPs, I made an exercise of evaluating everything from the old PUP before just stuffing it into the new one. I ended up with a pile in the corner of the garage of stuff that should have been useful or neat but ended up never being used. A couple of years later, that stuff is still in the corner of the garage. I guess I need to send it on its way. We enjoy cooking and eating outside so we make use of the indoor/outdoor table, the attachable grill and awning (if I've paid attention to the forecast and deployed it during set up). We do always bring along an EZup for over the picnic table but often just gets stored under the PUP when camping until needed. With reducing what we bring and having a PUP with too much storage (strange to say but true), we no longer have to shuffle duffle bags around inside much and certainly do not make any trips to and from the TV while camping. This was a HUGE difference between our first PUP and this one. In the first one, we were always, constantly and frustratingly having to move bags around inside and make runs to/from the TV. Getting the right set up makes all the difference in enjoyment. Most important to enjoyment are your attitude and preparations. Prepare things in advance and decide to enjoy the experience even when it goes sour is a great way to ensure a good time. Happy camping and let us know how your first camping in the PUP turns out.
bondebond 04/21/15 08:40am Folding Trailers
RE: Fleetwood arcadia power lift wiring help needed

Please do point out the "snarky" comment(s) . I see nothing above that was said with anything other than useful and helpful suggestions intended. While I may have misunderstood what the particular issue the OP was asking about, it hardly was "snarky" or useless based on the information provided in the one post, all of which is filtered by our own understanding of that information. You have the benefit of reading the follow up posts with clarifying comments. I am questioning the usefulness of your particular post. How is your comment not the very thing you complain about?
bondebond 04/15/15 07:58am Folding Trailers
RE: Fleetwood arcadia power lift wiring help needed

I can't give you the direct answer but a trip just about any store with an automotive section, electrical section or household hardware will give you the option to buy a multi-tester, usually $25 to $40 for digital. Doing anything electrical on the PUP will greatly benefit from the use of a multi-tester, aka multi-meter. With that in your had, you will know which wire is which. And it is useful for troubleshooting numerous other electrical issues, especially problem with a ground wire shorting out which is all too common. On the tester, red is positive, black is negative. If you get a negative value on the display, then you know that your red tester lead is connected to a negative wire and your black tester lead is connected to a positive wire. I keep a Harbor Freight $8 special in the tool box inside the PUP. I've checked it against high end multi-testers and it is accurate enough for what I need on the PUP.
bondebond 04/09/15 10:51am Folding Trailers
RE: Fleetwood manual crank parts question

The hose clamp idea was the first thing to come to mind when I saw a better detailed picture. I'd say run with it until you can't and keep a couple of spare clamps with you in case you need them in the field. I assume this isn't the primary method for you to raise and lower the roof. If so, I would definitely buy the replacement part.
bondebond 04/02/15 08:37am Folding Trailers
RE: New to me Fleetwood Arcadia- Power roof problme solved

bondebond 03/26/15 02:25pm Folding Trailers
RE: PUP bed size...

Another factor to consider is the box size. It's hard to get two king size beds in 10' boxes. My 14' box has two kings with a gap in between them when closed up for travel. Look at 12' boxes to open up your options, but you're also looking at increased weight. It's all a balancing act.
bondebond 03/19/15 10:46am Folding Trailers
RE: Palomino TXL pu

Congratulations on your new project. Even when I bought my two PUPs, both in near pristine condition, I had to do a bit of customizing to suit my tastes. Make it your own and built to serve your needs. Welcome to popping up and down. Now you'll have to work on what you truly need to bring and streamlining setup and take-down procedures.
bondebond 03/18/15 11:01am Folding Trailers
RE: Just purchased 2007 Coleman/Fleetwood Utah

Nice looking setup even if it is the backyard. I think you're really going to enjoy it. We love our '06 Sequoia. BTW, Facebook will work for hosting images. You just have to right-click on the image directly and copy the image URL, at least it is easy to do in Chrome. Thus: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/1661353_10205970284834626_7939433590418454092_n.jpg?oh=7c4af515940d11ace1ddd9a9fa2dde14&oe=55723301&__gda__=1433691050_7d2caf3a047b7666504980e1b201f3a0
bondebond 03/15/15 08:37pm Folding Trailers
RE: Reflectix Material

I have reflective material under my mattresses year round on both bunks and have never noticed a moisture problem above or below the reflective material. I do seasonal checks looking for signs of moisture damage throughout and have noted no changes in the OSB below. That isn't saying we don't have moisture build up, but not that I can feel personally nor see in the bed components. A lot mileage varies here but I've also never had any condensation build-up overall inside either one of our PUPs, and I don't open anything for ventilation. In fact, I've made efforts to seal up the holes and crevices especially for the cooler weather camping we like to do. But moisture is obviously getting out somehow. I know others have had to open windows quite commonly. I use High Wind PUGs on the bunk ends, reflective material under each mattresses and the car windshield shades in the windows (mostly to darken the sleeping areas for DS who wakes up at the slightest sign of light) depending on hot or cold weather conditions. For winter camping, I use one to two electric heaters on separate circuits that can maintain an inside temperature of 65 with outside temps in the 30s. I do keep the onboard furnace turned on but the thermostat is set to 50 just in case the electric heaters can't keep up. I've never had the furnace need to do that in this configuration. I'd rather be using the electricity I paid for as part of the site than the LP I have to refill as needed.
bondebond 01/16/15 08:35am Folding Trailers
RE: Nissan Pathfinder, Pathetic suspension shown again

My Toyota 4Runner is no better with a 7,000 pound tow capacity. Even loading up presents and luggage for Christmas this year makes it sag, much less actually towing anything. I definitely think of it as the Sag Wagon. I did the same at Brad T and installed the rear coil air bags. They worked great for a while and actually gave the rear a lift of about 2" when not towing. Unfortunately, a leak has developed somewhere and I haven't had time nor inclination to track it down yet.
bondebond 01/05/15 02:41pm Folding Trailers
RE: Folding Camper for people with Disabilities

That door is definitely wider. The angle of the ramp is pretty steep and I was curious about the interior layout so I followed the link to the listing. It looks like Coleman left an area just to the right of the door between the door and the front bunk for wheelchair storage. Pretty nice.
bondebond 11/17/14 12:58pm Folding Trailers
RE: Safety brackets

I haven't tried that.
bondebond 11/12/14 01:02pm Folding Trailers
RE: starcraft comet 1232md vs.Flagstaff t12bh

Do us a favor and slow down long enough to organize your thoughts. Your last post was quite all over the map without the map. Which one is new "09/15/14" and which one is new "10/15/15"? Model year.. and delivery year are ...The same??? having researched as best I can...Quite tired of it.. I can say with a smile.. Have a wife ..kids ..and delivery.. with them....fit and finish. Excellent... ! I am sorry but I cannot follow what it is you're going for here. I'm not trying to be mean spirited but I cannot figure out how to help because I cannot figure out the message. Owning a camper is quite a different situation than backpack or tent camping. I still enjoy all of them and just had a great weekend with my son last weekend, backpacking and camping on some beautiful land. You really look to minimize weight and complexity when you have to carry it on your own back. Campers are a whole other beast. Your "adventures" are only just beginning. Just getting the RV off of the dealer's lot is only the beginning. Expect to make a few dealership visits within the first year to have various things corrected unless you decide to handle them yourself. Then you will definitely be bemoaning the "dog and pony show". Hang in there. Relax. It will be a bumpy but hopefully an enjoyable ride.
bondebond 10/23/14 08:14am Folding Trailers
RE: Refrigerator in 2014 Palomino tent trailer is hotwired

1 1/2 hours should have been plenty of time/opportunity for 'how does this work, how does that work, show me.......etc. Buyer beware/entry level......has nothing to do with whether it is a 'decent' unit or not. Buyer beware..means ask/inquire PRIOR to purchase Entry level....means it is a basic functional unit lacking all the bells and whistles. Using a entry level Newmar Class A as reference when talking pop-up tent camper is disingenuous You bought a basic functional camper and are now unhappy with some of it's features......upgrade the fridge to the Dometic fridge that is an 'option' Course that will cost more. Many "first time buyers" of an RV don't even know what questions to ask & the Dealer (sales person) isn't going to mention the negative features of what they are selling, entry level or not. I think the 12 volt system is probably the most misunderstood feature of an RV. Many of us that have owned one for a while, didn't really learn about it, but through experience. OP is NOT a 'first time RV buyer".....just a first time pop-up. They had a Newmar Class A previously. Not noobies. And a quick glance at that 'cooler' would have been a clue that there isn't much in the way of controls........only knob on it is a thermostat setting. PeriodI still don't see how any of that justifies being rude. You provide a lot of good information and bring a lot to the forums. I don't see how ridiculing someone is beneficial to them or the forum at large. It creates a hostile environment and quickly runs off people. If not to help and share information, why post?
bondebond 09/25/14 09:03am Folding Trailers

JLTN_James, who are you calling a senior??? Wait, nevermind. Let's dial back the inter-generational angst, folks. Everyone looks at the other age groups and are baffled by the decisions of all. It's the nature of life but doesn't call for ridicule or sarcasm. Different rant- It has long frustrated me that there are a number of folks on RV.net that will make a negative comment or observation about a post and others just pile on. Especially if the person is asking an honest question, don't ridicule or belittle them. They wouldn't have posted if they weren't seeking help. Those with superior experience and knowledge can provide it without having an attitude of superiority. It used to be called common courtesy. I'm not sure it's called anything anymore.
bondebond 09/25/14 08:53am Folding Trailers
RE: Can I winterize my Pop-up camper myself?

BTW, I have used a bicycle pump with the blow out method and it has worked just fine, in case you don't own an air compressor.
bondebond 09/25/14 08:39am Folding Trailers
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