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RE: Popup Won't "Popup

When you run the motor so that it lowers the roof all the down, what position is this plate in? Is it somewhere in the middle, or is it all the way at one end or the other? I'm thinking you may have run the motor up part way and therefore moved the plate when you originally reattached the cable for the roof to the spool. Seems like you need to detach the cable, run the motor all the way down to the bottom position and reattach the cable. See what that does for you. And thank you for the pictures. They are helpful on this end.
bondebond 04/18/14 07:08am Folding Trailers
RE: Used 2000 Coleman Cheyenne Grand Touring

Hello and best of luck to you in your searching. The Coleman Cheyenne is a very nice unit with a great floor plan. I like seating that doesn't block the isle. And a front cargo box is really great for storing gear. At this point, condition is everything when you're looking at Colemans, really any used pop up. You are smart to check in on any possible issues with various PUPs. The Colemans (made by Fleetwood) had a string of bad roofs that used ABS as the outer covering. The model you are considering has such a roof. You can easily tell as the whole roof looks like it was molded out of a single piece of plastic. You don't see any seams or plastic caps at the corners. There was a number of these roofs that failed and started to delaminate and/or bow inwards at the middle. It starts out as small cracks, turns into bigger cracks then eventually sections of plastic just fall off. So, not to scare you off but look closely at the condition of the roof (again, true with ANY PUP) for signs of cracking or bowing. If you don't see any, then I would say keep looking at it for other condition issues and make your decision on how you like it all. The other big "gotcha" is the front storage compartment. The lids are notorious for leaks. If it is cracked, has a bunch of caulk or shows any signs of mold/water damage, be wary of it. Many people have had to make new lids or otherwise solve the problem of leaking lids. Check all floors for soggy areas or anything that gives too much. There's a whole host of other things to check for but those are some of the biggest ones. Don't be turned off by Colemans or Fleetwoods, even with ABS roofs. Many of them are in great condition and were some of the stronger built units out there. I really love my Fleetwood.
bondebond 04/17/14 12:38pm Folding Trailers
RE: Wondering

Sounds like you are a "Go" for launch! Just remember: pictures, or it didn't happen.
bondebond 04/15/14 03:51pm Folding Trailers
RE: Wondering

No matter what, there should be chains. If not, have the seller address that now, before you get there. You also need to check the wiring on your tow vehicle to see if it accepts the type of electrical plug that will be on the camper. You didn't mention what year the Coachmen is, but chances are it is a 7-way or seven blade connector. You will need to have the same thing on your vehicle or at least the flat 4 connector and an adapter to the PUP's 7-way. Check over the tires, as trailer tires outlive their useful life often long before they run out of tread. Look for any cracking in the sidewalls or wear patterns such as no tread on the inside edge. There's a whole host of other things (we didn't even go into brakes and a brake controller for your tow vehicle) but just be safe and enjoy the new PUP. We have lots of great memories from using ours.
bondebond 04/15/14 02:52pm Folding Trailers
RE: High Wall Pop-Ups

That looks quite cozy, RoyB. Downright at home.
bondebond 04/14/14 07:23am Folding Trailers
RE: Grease zerk on axel.

That is interesting. I have washers underneath the castle nuts on the current dexter axle with Ez lube. I don't recall ever taking the previous PUP axle apart.
bondebond 04/12/14 05:19pm Folding Trailers
RE: Grease zerk on axel.

Likewise, I've never gotten my trailer brakes to lock up but I dial it up enough that it will do a decent job of bringing everything to a halt. I usually greet it about neutral. I sure am glad to have them on this PUP. There weren't any on the previous one.
bondebond 04/10/14 09:21pm Folding Trailers
RE: Grease zerk on axel.

I have had mine squeeze out the rear seal. I am now on a two year cycle (why? I don't know, haven't seen any recommendations for or against) of just pushing grease in the EZ hub one year and then doing it by hand the next year and replacing the rear seals. The first time I pulled it all apart, there was grease all over the drum and brake pads, rendering them useless. That was so much fun to clean up. I am amazed at how well brake cleaner does work. Spray that stuff on and gunk flies out. It's probably overkill but as much weight behind me as my PUP is, I want those brakes, bearings and seals in top order.
bondebond 04/10/14 08:27am Folding Trailers
RE: Cassette toilet question

I do find that curious as I don't recall seeing a PUP without a privacy curtain that had a cassette potty. That doesn't mean I wasn't paying close attention to the ceiling but it wouldn't be too hard to add your own with a couple of snaps to the roof and a shower curtain to make your own. You could use something like this snap kit to make it all work. Add your own short screws and shower curtain.
bondebond 04/07/14 12:00pm Folding Trailers
RE: Also just bought our first RV!

Would you believe that even in a PUP, I have a couple of storage areas completely empty? One whole deep kitchen drawer (you could probably put 4 of the "fridge packs" of soft drinks in it) that is unused. My wife just puts our toiletry bags in it for lack of other reasons to fill it. It was mildly amusing how much we thought we needed but really didn't. I've been trying to pass most of it on to others who really might actually need it (well, really...want it). I've definitely reached the spot in life where I need less and less. My birthday was yesterday and my wife was distressed about what to get me. I said "nothing". I've either bought it already or don't need it ;)
bondebond 04/04/14 11:54am Folding Trailers
RE: Also just bought our first RV!

That would be the best approach. I got a little accessory-happy when I got my first PUP. Fast forward to when I got the current PUP and went to move everything over to it. I decided to do a little exercise and not put stuff in the NTU PUP if it had not been used much or even at all. And to also really evaluate if it was useful or just a nice to have that really didn't do much for me. I ended up with quite a pile of stuff in the corner of the garage when I was done. And while I've never had to use the 50 amp to 30 amp adapter, I do still carry it - so it is a disease not easily cured. For the first few times out, you need a way to catch gray water, fill up the fresh water or a hose for city water connections and level the PUP side to side. Pretty much everything else is not an absolute. Bring along a pen and notebook to write down the things you discovered that you would like to have along as you're camping. Just keep working through that and you'll get there soon enough. I really would say to get a feel for your style of camping before you go buy solar panels, generators, extra batteries, on demand water heaters, fancy leveling products, Popup Gizmos, etc, etc, etc. (BTW, I have and use most of that stuff so I am an accessory junky.) That big ole deck on the front doesn't HAVE to be filled up. But it certainly is nice to have the capacity. Congratulations on the new to you PUP.
bondebond 04/04/14 09:49am Folding Trailers
RE: High Wall Pop-Ups

Among the other things listed above are some of the intangibles. For me (and your mileage may vary), there is less set up time as the HW has a number of things built into it that I used to have to carry along and set up. This also translates into less stuff in the isle when popped down or during travel. I used to have to stuff all of the seat back cushions into one end and work really hard to not cover up access to the refrigerator with the rest of the bins, chairs, EZup, etc. Now, I have enough room because all of that stuff is actually stored somewhere or no longer needed, I have room and the actual height inside to put the kids bikes inside when it is popped down. We went from a standard 10' box to a 14' high wall box and the difference is how things work and flow inside is dramatic. For times when we are stuck inside, we are not crawling all over each other. We don't have to do the infernal "stuff shuffle" of moving a suitcase, bag or tote from one spot to the next to the next while trying to sit or access the limited storage areas. Having an oven is a nice thing on the few occasions we've used it. Having gone so long without one, it is hard to remember we have one and plan meals accordingly. Anyway, the built-in microwave was also a great inclusion as we brought along a small one that sat on one of the two countertops in the previous PUP. My wife refuses to go microwave-free camping although we barely use it. I have decided other battles are more worthy. The hard wall bathroom is not just hard walled but it is bigger, about 50% more space. There is a full size porcelain toilet in mine plus a decent sized shower pan floor. There is a curtain inside to use when showering but because of the added room, it doesn't feel like the curtain is clinging to you every time you slightly move. We don't use the shower so much but it's another "nice to have" on those rare times. I will also give you some of the disadvantages as I see them. Having to wait in line to dump my black water tank with all of the other big rigs who have quite the ritual and process to dump their systems. This is purely a function of my unit having a black holding tank instead of a cassette potty. I would strongly recommend a cassette potty. It would be SO much easier on pull out day to walk the cassette over to the toilet and dump it than waiting in line, plus a little added care. The HW is definitely heavier and taller. Even before I did the over/under axle conversion, it blocked my rear view mirror, which is definitely an advantage of a typical PUP. I had to get mirror extensions because, for all intents and purposes except for gas mileage, I have an equivalent small TT when towing and backing. Thankfully, the front profile is still about the same as the TV but just barely. I dropped almost a mile per gallon when going from a standard PUP of about 1,600 pounds to a high wall of about 3,400 pounds. Not bad at all, but I know the difference during acceleration and climbing on grades. Stopping is actually better as the HW has brakes whereas the standard did not. Once I dialed in the brakes, I cannot tell the HW is back there during normal stopping. I can only imagine the assist those brakes will give during an emergency situation. While nothing would prevent me from going back to a standard height PUP, I sure wouldn't just want to do so. We get many of the benefits of a PUP and a TT, and some of the drawbacks of both. It all comes down to what you want out of your rig.
bondebond 04/04/14 08:37am Folding Trailers
RE: Looking at 1971 Jayco Jayking- advice needed

It sounds like you got a great deal. Enjoy and report back on how it all goes.
bondebond 03/27/14 12:33pm Folding Trailers
RE: Spring is coming.....

We happened to make it out last weekend for a spur of the moment opener to our camping season. I didn't have time nor desire to properly dewinterize it so we did without the water system. I'm actually glad as it helped to push out outside more often anyway. I called up some friends on Friday morning and invited them to come along. They made it to the campsite on Saturday but we had a great time. Nothing like spontaneous surprise camping to get the season off to a good start. Now I just have to go back and take care of all those maintenance items and projects on the camper I've neglected all winter long.
bondebond 03/27/14 12:31pm Folding Trailers
RE: Looking at 1971 Jayco Jayking- advice needed

And also be sure to check out the condition of the canvas. Waterproofness can be restored but make sure it isn't wearing thin or has rips and tears in it. This is definitely the age where I would be suspicious of any appliances and any check out the water system, if equipped. It probably has a hand pump for water and a fresh water tank in one of the bench cabinets. Make sure the roof goes up and down. Have them show you the whole setup/take-down process.
bondebond 03/24/14 03:17pm Folding Trailers
RE: Draining water

What year is the Sequoia? I ask because they went through a couple of design changes on the gray and black water connections. On the '06 model that I have, the gray and black water both terminate at a standard 4" bayonet sewer outlet, not a garden hose variety. That's because mine has an actual 6 gallon black water holding tank. Other years, they have a cassette potty so no need for a black water drain underneath. It irked me that Fleetwood put both the black and gray drains into one 4" outlet. On most TTs that have both types of tanks onboard, you dump the black then use the gray to "rinse" the lines. Not so when you only can hold black water in a tank. Without a gray water holding tank, I have to hook up my blue tote to outlet and leave they gray valve opened all of the time. Unfortunately, there is some residual black water in the outlet and that gets into the blue tote. Since at least in my mind, it makes sense to treat gray water and black water with different handling processes, I hated having to treat the gray water blue tote as black now because a small leakage or residue. So, the '06 is definitely a different critter. Other years around it may be the same but I think they changed up the design to go back to a cassette potty on the highwalls. To me, it didn't really matter having a "real porcelain toilet" as Fleetwood made it a selling point, but I sure hated the shared outlet to the point I actually divided them into separate outlets. Pictured below is original outlet on the left, with the gray line capped off and on the right is the new gray-only outlet. It makes life a little easier except for the rare occasions where I have full hookups. Which is like never anyway, but that's easily remedied for the odd times when it does happen. http://www.pbase.com/ebond/image/148843702/large.jpg
bondebond 03/24/14 09:38am Folding Trailers
RE: strength of lift mechanisms

Well, limiting the candidate pool for answers to such a degree might not get you any, but I'll throw in anyway. The Goshen Lift system is quite popular and is fairly simple to repair if things go wrong. Jayco has a very reliable lift system, to the point that it has a lifetime warranty (may not be transferable, but still...). Most failures I've seen with this system are not the lift's fault; it was the wood rotting out that supported the lift system anchors. The Coleman/Fleetwood lift system has one major failure point, which is a Delrin nut that is part of the threaded shaft. That failure is not so common but if something goes wrong, it will generally be that or possibly the chain gears at the handle. All of these are susceptible to cable failures. More info can be found at this link.
bondebond 03/21/14 02:30pm Folding Trailers
RE: leaking cargo box on Chalet Arrowhead

Would you mind posting pictures along with a description of where the water is found, where you think it might be coming from, etc? The more information you can provide, the better chance we have of helping.
bondebond 03/18/14 09:59am Folding Trailers
RE: Looking for A-Frame rental (California)

Some of the sage advice given out sometimes is to rent a PUP before you buy one so you know what you're getting into and how well it will work for you. The problem is exactly as you describe: where to rent one. I was never able to find anywhere within my state or neighboring states that made it worthwhile to rent. The only places I've ever been able to find were in Colorado. Good luck in finding something closer to you but you may just have to go that extra distance to rent one. Good luck and let us know how you come out on it.
bondebond 03/18/14 09:48am Folding Trailers
RE: 07 coachmen clipper 1270st

According to NADA guides, you are looking at about $4,000 to $5,000 depending on condition. Coachmen M-1270ST Classic It's a place to start. I'm not sure that it's reasonable.
bondebond 03/11/14 03:30pm Folding Trailers
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