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RE: Macerators: SaniCon vs Others

http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/847/dsc0276d.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/29/dsc0272z.jpg I use one at home. It pumps thru a buried 2" PVC pipe about 100 feet to our sewer. I like the portable model...as I only use it when I'm trying to dump at home...and I can use a pair of needle nosed pliers to remove any hair wrapped around the impeller when I'm done.
chuggs 12/07/14 03:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Roasting Coffee

I get great result with a hot air popper...but I usually just do espresso blends from Sweet Maria's. Vienna roast...just at the start of second crack. I rally think tha not all beans are created equal. Another tip...you might need to let those beans off gas for a few days before you make an informed decision.
chuggs 12/01/14 02:54pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

In that case, I hope he has separate breakers at the pedestal. An 80 amp breaker feeding a 20 amp outlet sounds scary. Yes, the pedestal is a common RV enclosure with 50/30/20 breakers for respective outlets.
chuggs 11/06/14 12:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Hot water heater has lumps of clear slime!!

Sounds like the algae that grows in the A/c evaporator pan in our central a/c system. Bleach seems to kill it. I would just do the sanitizing procedure twice per year to get a handle on it. I wonder...have you used well water to fill your tanks at some point. Or did the algae come from a municipal water source..?
chuggs 10/20/14 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: where do you put your bikes?

If you don't mind the view...you can add a reciever hitch to the front of your tow vehicle and put a rack there. I've seem some pin boxes modified to accept a reciever. You can also add a rear reciever that bolts or welds to the frame of your 5th wheel... Curt makes one...check out etrailer.com for details. We do the front rack...I'm looking into a rear frame mounted reciever hitch...we sometimes put the bikes inside the camper...and we have some folding bikes that can be stored easily inside the camper.
chuggs 10/18/14 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Michelin tire sidewall issue

http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/835/dsc0027s.jpg I would be surprised if they ever get it right. I've had four sets of M/S michelins on my truck. The first set...that I used to take OFF roading...never a problem. The second and third set blew out...the front passenger side caused me to collide with a guardrail. The third set blew out the rear passenger side and merely destroyed the fender well of the vehicle, and collapsed the exhaust. I sent that one into Michelin...they said it was a Road Hazard. (B/s). I'm now trying M/S2's. ..,but I'll probably hunt for a better manufacturer next time.
chuggs 10/17/14 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are tents next to RV at campgrounds okay?

We've seen campgrounds that don't restrict tents per se. They establish a max number of campers...to say 10 people...on the other hand there are campgrounds that not only will not allow tents...they set minimum RV lengths like 32 ft...or some are even ClassA Motorhome only! So, it really depends. We have had success with campgrounds allowing tents, We have used our tent along with the 5th wheel at least 5 times in the past couple of years. We even have a portable a/c unit or ceramic heater that we can put in the tent to make it more comfortable...along with aerobed mattresses. It can make all the difference if your RV isn't set up for sleeping lots of folks...or you'd rather not drop the dinette or pull out the sofa bed each and every day.
chuggs 10/17/14 06:59am Family Camping
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

Please note, I don't give advice on mammograms, diesel additives, or conductive properties of a wireless bra. Now, what was the OP's question? Heck, I didn't even know they made wireless bras! Are we talking WIFI enabled...or just no underwire??? :? Oh...I think they want to make a landing pad for the camper... I know nothing about concrete... When we bought our camper...we also had a badly deteriorating asphalt driveway. We had a concrete contractor rip up our old driveway...and install a new one with an extension that goes behind the house for the RV. I asked about 6" and high PSI concrete. He told me that it wasn't necessary. The idea he had...which I agreed with, was...to reinforce the edge along a couple of key areas..where due to the winding nature of the driveway it would be likely to ride the edge occasionally or make small off road excursions. He deepened the edge along a 25 ft section and dropped rebar in there...otherwise it was tamped...little chairs holding up wire mesh...and 4" concrete. The scope of this pour was way beyond my abilities. Bottom line...ask the pros in your area.
chuggs 10/17/14 05:15am Truck Campers
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

no prob. so what size wire is rated for 80 amps? bumpy I used #4 wire for the conductors and #8 ground...I also ran a ground wire to a buried grounding rod next to the pedestal to prevent lightning strike from going back to the house... Online wire size calculator The insulation on my wire is rated for 90 degrees C...the Over current device terminals are rated for 75 degrees C. I had less than 50 ft wire run. Raceway fill calculator
chuggs 10/16/14 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

It is a 240v80 amp feed ( read two legs). So in RV.net speak 160 amps... thank you, no need to get snippy. bumpy Sorry for that...I thought you might have been playing around with me. I get schooled on the "100 amp philosophy" a lot. I see how it makes sense to illustrate it that way...as 100 amps. I fully admit ---It is a valid way of helping people compare the difference between the 50A RV and a 30A RV. It just doesn't translate into how things are actually wired. Which apparently misleads people into thinking they need a 100A protection device, wiring, etc... I apologize profusely if I sounded snippy. I am forever grateful for this community and it's members. I wish to offend no one. All the best. :B
chuggs 10/16/14 01:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

I went overkill on mine... 80amps from the main to the pedastel...I can actually provide full amperage to the 50 the 30 and the 20 amp simultaneously... The only way I could ever use all that s to have two rv's plugged in at one while running power tools off the 20 amp circuit. how do you power 100 amps to the dual 50 amp service on a 80 amp feed? bumpy You guys and your 100 amps...:S It is a 240v80 amp feed ( read two legs). So in RV.net speak 160 amps... You see LEG 1 from my main panel goes to LEG 1 of the 50 amp outlet... AND to LINE on the 30 amp outlet... 50+30=80 LEG 2 from my main panel goes to LEG 2 of my 50 amp outlet AND to LINE of my 20 amp GFCI outlet... 50+20=70 (under the 80 amp service feed) I don't know if your playing with me or not... I know there are a lot of people the don't understand how AC power is supposed to be wired. I realize for the common good...people accept the fact that their 50 amp RV has 100 amps of power (BTW amps are not a unit of power--- WATTS or KVA would be correct units of power) ...50 amps of 120v one one bus....and 50 amps of power on another bus...so you have 100 amps of power compared to only 30 amps of power to a single 120v bus on a 30 amp RV. The problem arises when you make people think that you need a 100 amp service feed. No...you only need a double ganged 50 amp breaker...you'll have 2 lines of power that are 180 degrees out of phase from one another...a Common and a Ground...4 wires total. I'll attach a photo of my MAIN outside meter panel...you will notice the breakers are all double-wide. In other words feed two LEGS. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/683/rvpad.jpg
chuggs 10/16/14 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Concrete pad and hook ups

I don't know if you want a 20 amp for fridge, running a vacuum cleaner... 30 amps...running an a/c unit...or 50 amp. While your digging...whatever you decide...I would run a big enough conduit to handle all...I would probably opt to run wire gauge sufficient for 50 amp service...that way you can upgrade the box easily if you decide to upgrade to a 50 amp outlet or a 50/30/20 RV panel. I went overkill on mine... 80amps from the main to the pedastel...I can actually provide full amperage to the 50 the 30 and the 20 amp simultaneously... The only way I could ever use all that s to have two rv's plugged in at one while running power tools off the 20 amp circuit. I also ran 2" PVC underground to my septic system so I can dump on the pad using a macerator pump...it would be nice, if the run from your pad is level or downhill to your sewer...wouldn't work going up hill...without a lift station...or powerful macerator and check valve.... http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/837/dsc0183jk.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/29/dsc0272z.jpg
chuggs 10/16/14 06:17am Truck Campers
RE: Potable Water coming out city water connection

http://www.title-3.com/images/Winter1.gif height=540 width=375 You have a faulty check valve (one way valve on schematic)... Water is only supposed to go in one direction from the 12v pump to the water outlets in the camper...or from city water connection to the water outlets...a faulty check valve will exhibit itself as the problem that you're encountering.
chuggs 10/15/14 12:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: PDI charges

I think I paid less than $200... Included title, temp. Tag, PDI, 3x full propane bottles, starter kit, battery...and 10% discount at the company store. We arrived to find our new RV with a/c running, lights, music...and spotless! After the PDI, we moved in for the night on the lot...next morning the technician came over to answer any concerns...and check our hitch geometry before we left. We got to see them prep another RV for the next days deliveries. They had a housekeeping cart roll over. They hooked the RV up to power pedestal...went thru everything, cleaned things up...and left it ready for the next days PDI.
chuggs 10/15/14 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas detector saved my bacon... Whoa!!! I'm Thankful!

I am SO glad there aren't pieces of Bob, and camper strewn all over the campground. Scary stuff! Very happy your alarms are in tip top shape!!!!
chuggs 10/15/14 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Wheel Bearing OR Brake Failure?

My questions: 1. Is the wire chafing a possible cause and have others observed this problem? 2. Are wheel bearing failures common and what are the typical causes (besides lack of grease and overloaded)? 3. What additional inspections / maintenance might stop these failures? Davideh 1. No...wire shorting would cause less braking...depending on your controller...you will get a fault message. Is it possible that your breakaway switch has been accidentally pulled?/ or faulty? 2. Not with regular maintenance. 3. If the breakaway system hasn't been active for some reason...I really cannot offer much. You say it's been on the curb side both time...has it been the same axle? If it's only been one spindle...then that would draw my attention next. Personally, I would start by picking a pet axle...replace both brake assemblies, install new Timken bearing cones and races as a pair, new quality double lipped grease seal...remove ALL the old grease. Get NEW grease and pack those bearing FULL of grease with a packing tool... Dexter axle has a list of recommended grease... I believe AL-KO just recommends a NGLI #2 with Lithium based soaps...and a minimum drop point of 400 degrees F. Don't mix greases...pick one of the recommended greases and stick with it. Follow the mfg. instructions for proper sequence for tightening the axle nut. Adjust the brakes following the mfg. instructions. Now...when you start towing...make a stop occasionally. Go back and put your hand on the axle hub...are they all running cool...do you have a hot one? Is it your pet axle or the other one? You have to figure out how to pinpoint the location of the problem...if there is one. Do your axles become submerged at all? I'm kinda at a loss...because carefully serviced axle hubs, done on an annual basis, that don't get submerged in water --- have NEVER been a problem that I know of. If someone puts in cheap bearings...or under-rated bearings...over tighten or under tighten the axle nut...you can start to have problem...but you're looking at catastrophic problems.
chuggs 10/14/14 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Tybee Island or Jeckyll Island? Thoughts or comparisons?

Tybee doesn't have the dense tree canopy. The sites, IIRC, are first come, first serve...some sites are a bit uneven, have some roots and a few trees which may interfere with slideouts. Park is wedged between a neighborhood and a sanitation facility. Short walk to the beach. Lighthouse. Fort. Good seafood on the Island with beautiful sunsets sitting out on the dock. They have a swimming pool and a screened in community shelter...great for football games. Fills up on weekends. I don't know what to say...it's got good and bad like every park. I kinda like the community feel of Jekyll, bike paths, walking the dogs in the morning down to clam creek... If I were going for more than a couple of weeks...I think I would go to Jekyll...but Tybee would be a nice change of pace...especially if you like eclectic seafood restaurants.
chuggs 10/14/14 05:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator Yes, or No ?

As many have mentioned...it depends on your needs. Here in the South...A/C is a must have for a good part of the year. If I lived in Minnesota...I would have different needs perhaps. I would winerize my camper and not use it for the winter months perhaps. And having good shade...maybe some fantastic fans are all I would need. Maybe a small Honda EU2000 would come in handy. You could run most things you need when away from a full hookup. Going full time...if you travel a lot ...you will need a/c to sleep well at night...might want to stop at a Walmart along the way, or a Pilot truck stop...having a built-in generator where you can fire up the a/c and sleep comfortably would be choice during the hot months. For the snowbirds going to mild dry climates for the winter....many seem to engineer some pretty outstanding solar systems. There is a great deal of satisfaction living off the grid when you want to...and without the noise and fuel requirements of a genset. Living in FL we get some power outages from time to time with thunderstorms...again, if it's hot and you're stuck inside from the rain...the generator would be nice. I don't have one now...but my next camper will more than likely include one.
chuggs 10/13/14 03:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good and bad about Cougar Fifth Wheels

That appears to be a nice unit... You're starting out with a 15k btu a/c and 16" wheels...you can put a set of Goodyears on there to replace the Tow Kings (I blew two within 50 miles of one another at about 12,000 miles). If your wired for a second a/c, have 50 amp service...fridge can handle what you need...shower is big enough. Looks like a ,very comfortable unit. The patio ...I don't know. The Mosquitos are a problem part of the year...we probably would prefer the option of setting up away from the RV...near a campfire. And honestly, we don't sit outside and watch TV...with the rare exception of a UF/UGA football game with friends. I think only time will tell.
chuggs 10/13/14 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Check your water heater anode!

The Teflon gets cut by the threads when tightened...don't worry none, it will conduct to the tank just fine. If you read the installation instructions on the anodes wrapper...it says to use Teflon tape or joint compound safe for drinking water... Just finished bleach sanitizing my fresh water system, flushing the hot water tank, and replacing my anode. I can get two years out of a magnesium anode usually...it just depends on your water. They say...if your magnesium anode doesn't last a full year...then you then should switch to the Aluminum ones.
chuggs 10/13/14 01:10pm Tech Issues
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