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RE: Wondering about TT

I don't know how nimble you are at 75 but a truck camper might be a challenge for climbing in and out. As Gbopp suggested a class b or c might be a viable option. I don't think you will gain much going from a 5th wheel to a TT in size reduction. I agree a truck camper is not the best for an older person. I'm planning to travel by myself (mostly) and have looked long and hard at all the options---including truck camper, small travel trailer, & motorhomes. I have some mobility issues with my back and a not-so-good knee. I've reached the conclusion that a small B+ or a real B is the best option in terms of safety, comfort & convenience. Since I would like to have grandchildren travel with me at some point, the B+ with a little more room is what I've settled on.
coolmom42 07/06/15 07:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Above mirror light

A battery unit with LED lights will last a LONG time. That's what I would do, rather than bother with wiring. LEDs are ideal for this type of application due to their low energy use.
coolmom42 07/06/15 12:17pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

Two or three years ago we were at Glacier staying 12 nights in and around the park. Ten nights were in the Rising Sun camp ground. The other two were in a nearby national forest to the south. That year we decided to leave the tow vehicle home which turned out to be a bad idea. We stayed so long because the weather was unusually perfect which had us taking more hikes and sights, often utilizing the bus service which was good considering it is bus service, but inefficient compared to your own car. At the end of a 14 mile hike, we (and many others) missed the last scheduled bus. It was a very long wait for a ride from an unscheduled bus during a time when we were so very exhausted. Our motor home is 23'-8" end to end which restricted us from one other road in the south-east area near Two Medicine which was no issue at all given there was an alternate route available. It was one of our better vacations. The good weather made all the difference. We planned for 3-4 nights in Glacier assuming the weather would be an issues as in past visits. It is a beautiful park in the right weather. Yep the bus service is great in some ways and not in others. I just really can't deal with the crowds, and waiting. My next trip will either be early-mid June, about the time Logan Pass opens, or after Labor Day. Hard to choose. I would love to see the snow at Logan Pass but Glacier can also be cold and rainy that early. September is nice but also a higher risk of fire season, and things are not so green.
coolmom42 07/06/15 11:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

Thanks for the details, Ron. I'm familiar with the restrictions on Going to the Sun Road. I figure the pull-offs would be a little tight in a RV, although I've driven it in an extended cab long bed pickup. The simple solution is to rent a small car for a couple of days and leave the RV parked. (Although...no bathroom in the back... :()
coolmom42 07/06/15 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: First time buyer questions

I have a 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 w/ 4L V6. I think it will tow up to 6500 lbs but I have to keep in mind that it will have 5 occupants and I will likely be filling the bed with other gear. I think a 3000 lb trailer is what I should be aiming for, 3500 tops. Hybrid is definitely the favourite I'd say, just the concerns about moisture wicking I guess. Don't the mattresses themselves typically touch the sides? Again, check your cargo capacity!
coolmom42 07/05/15 09:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: First time buyer questions

First thing you need to do is determine what you can tow, which is normally limited by the cargo capacity of the tow vehicle. Whatever you buy should have 10-15% of its weight on the tongue, which becomes part of the cargo. Then you add 5 people. So far as the cooking and bathroom amenities, the smart thing there is to defer to your wife. If she doesn't like it, she won't be happy and then no one will be happy. Chances are she will be the one to deal with the logistics of meal prep & taking kiddos to the bathroom---and if you do very much of it you will come to appreciate a handy toilet. If you don't want the TV & sound system, don't use them. I've never used them in a camper either.
coolmom42 07/05/15 08:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

Seems to me a RV that's been driven 3K-6K miles a year would be ideal. I don't want a really high mileage. Also will find out (if possible) if it's been steadily in use, or used for a while and then left to sit. I know the latter is not good, but could be used as negotiating point in buying.
coolmom42 07/05/15 06:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suggestions on lakes around Ky

We usually go on a Sunday and leave on a Thursday.That way you have a better chance of getting a site.We enjoyed Canal Campground on LBL. This is also a COE campground, not part of LBL. There are some sights at Piney Campground in LBL right on the water, but not a lot of them, and they will book up fast.
coolmom42 07/05/15 06:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Using Upfitter switches to power my extra frig on the road?

If you want to run it while you are traveling, you probably shouldn't power it off the RV battery unless you have a big solar bank. So the solutions described above don't seem feasible. Check amps on the fridge. Whatever it says, your wiring will need to handle 10X that much for 12 V power. Plus you will have some conversion loss through the inverter. So be sure your upfitter circuits can handle that much current.
coolmom42 07/05/15 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Suggestions on lakes around Ky

Lillydale Obey River Willow Grove These are some nice COE campgrounds on Dale Hollow, in northern TN. Right on the water. You can go to UScampgrounds.info to find more COE sites on lakes. COE makes it difficult for any other public agency or private business to build on land they control. Therefore the nicer lakeside spots are likely to be in COE campgrounds.
coolmom42 07/05/15 02:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

LOL I think you are right about staying under 5K miles/year. I would probably do one longer trip maybe 2K miles in the southeast... then shorter ones. Glacier is on my agenda which will be about 5K miles, been there once before. Also planning an Arizona winter trip, plus maybe a Utah spring trip. Lots to do and see in this great country, for sure! The way I handle vehicle and home maintenance expenses is to have what I call sinking funds. Set aside $$$ every month and use as needed, on top of a starting amount. And there is an emergency fund if the sinking fund is not adequate. I'll have a separate vacation budget to cover fuel, RV sites, etc. So for the chassis repairs where you did DIY I would need to add some labor, probably a few hundred $$ each time. Just trying to get a ball park idea.
coolmom42 07/05/15 01:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

I would definitely do minor repairs on the coach, winterizing, etc. I'm pretty handy and generally understand how all the systems work, from my former partnership in a travel trailer. My good local mechanic would do basic maintenance on the chassis; I also have a good tire/front end shop that is very reasonable. I will do things like change a turn signal bulb or air filter, but don't like to mess with fluids. I know first thing would probably be a tranny flush & timing belt change, as preventive measures, unless I have service records showing them done on schedule. For those I would go to a dealer and be prepared to shell out $$$, but other things my local mechanic could do for much less.
coolmom42 07/05/15 12:18pm Class C Motorhomes
Real-life maintenance costs on a small B+

Just looking for some info from those who have done it. Possibly next year I'm going to seriously start looking for a B+ in the 21-24', 10-15 yr old, 30K-60K miles, & $20-$30K range. From what I've seen of actual "sold" prices on Ebay & PPL this is do-able. There are some out there that meet my criteria now but finances & other factors are not ready yet, so I'm waiting a while. If there are deals out there now, there will be deals out there later. I'm not set on any one brand (do want a Ford or Chevy chassis) but rather will look for the best maintained, reasonably priced option within a 10-12 hour drive of my home in Tennessee. My plan is to have the purchase price + taxes, registration, insurance, + about $5k contingency for needed repairs and possibly some upgrades. For those of you with this type unit.... what are your long-term maintenance costs? Assuming I start with all systems in working order, maintain them, and drive it about 5K-6K miles a year, what is reasonable to plan for in the future?
coolmom42 07/05/15 11:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No more free wifi at our CG. What the heck?

UGGGHHHHHH timeshares. They are the biggest racket known to humankind. Your only recourse is to look at terms of your contract/sale and see what is listed as included. If you can find a loophole to get out of it, I would be doing it. They can pretty much do what they want.
coolmom42 07/05/15 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: OTA antenna at home

Go to Walmart and buy one of the new flat indoor antennas that is marked for a range of 40 miles or higher. You will need the appropriate input for the TV you have. You should be able to get great HD reception. Walmarts in my area sell the above-mentioned Mohu leaf.
coolmom42 07/05/15 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Advice for green newbies

First off, welcome. Next, you do not have enough truck to carry the load of any full time fiver. Pulling is never the issue, any modern diesel can pull. Next, the 6.0L has less than a steller reputation, and unless you have done a lot of work on it, sell it! Fifth wheels have approx 20% of its total weight will be pin weight. So if you look at the trailers GVWR, lets say 15,000 pounds as an example, 20% of 15K equals 3000 pounds of pin weight. Can your Ford handle 3000 more pounds without exceeding its mfg GVWR? Next, can you and your wife handle living in 350SQFT without killing each other? Takes special people to do it. Last and not least, full time RVing is not cheap. Add up fuel, maintenance, park rent and you could end up paying more a month RVing than living in a small home. Just add 25 to 50 dollars a day in site rental for a 30 day month. You can get cheaper rates if your paying a monthly rate, but the idea of RVing is the ability to move on when you tire of a place. With both of you disabled, I think you will find it difficult to properly maintain an RV if you cannot handle a house. I think you would be far better off finding a place to move to that would be more friendly to your health. I agree. Sounds to me like you need a modest-size condo in a nice climate, and near a city with good medical amenities. Possibly add a small used motorhome to the mix so you can travel some.
coolmom42 07/05/15 08:35am Full-time RVing
RE: Summer Journey

Congratulations on retirement, the trip, and the TamZooka!!!! Hope you get lots of great wildlife pics with it in AK!
coolmom42 07/04/15 06:24am Truck Campers
RE: Oak Ridge Tn Campground

MELTON HILL campground is run by TVA. Not super-close to Oak Ridge, but nice. Norris State Park is nice too, but too far off the beaten path to be convenient for visiting the town of Oak Ridge.
coolmom42 07/03/15 06:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

I don't think a person should be expected to travel without water in their tanks to keep it from failing. What's next no food in the cabinets to keep them from falling off the wall. Kind of sad when you have to rebuild a new RV in order to use it as intended. I agree!
coolmom42 07/03/15 11:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

Leaving on Wednesday for a five day trip, filled fresh water tank half full per tank indicator so we can start preparing and boom the water tanks holding brackets bent and the tank fell out. Wow that was a loud noise, shook the fiver and my son heard it from inside the house. Pulled back the coroplast and both the fore and aft L brackets were bent downwards. I drained the tank and put a ratchet strap under it to keep it in place. Forest River will get a call first thing in the morning to see what they can do, still under warranty. if push comes to shove I'll remove the aft bracket and remove tank so we can still take our trip. I'm just glad this didn't happen while pulling it down the interstate. Sorry,, just had to vent. I'd post pictures but only have a tablet. Happy Fourth everyone. I have some questions... in hopes of knowing what to watch for in the future. 1) Had you travelled far with the tank empty? 2) Was this the first time the tank had been filled, or filled to that level? 3) Is this a brand-new RV? Just gotta say, that is pretty HORRIBLE!
coolmom42 07/02/15 11:55pm Fifth-Wheels
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