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RE: installing towel bars in bathroom

A lot of people here use 3M VHB tape for holding things. There are different types, widths, & thicknesses available. I got some on Amazon to hold on a piece of car trim, and it works great.
coolmom42 08/29/15 05:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Dropped Fresh Water Tank

Your tank didn't fall because you overfilled it. It fell because there was inadequate support, probably just some plumbers straps with a couple of screws.
coolmom42 08/28/15 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting Trailer Home

Your wife is probably capable of learning how to tow it. But if something happens to you, she is not going to be in any emotional condition to face the challenge of a long trip north, likely under some time constraints. My recommendation is that she needs to be familiar enough with towing & hooking up, the weight of your trailer and how much tow vehicle it needs, and the basics of winterizing, so that she can talk to someone intelligently about it. If your trailer is going to be towed north in the winter, with no one using it on the trip, it needs to be winterized before it leaves Florida. There is probably someone at your RV park who could do that (assuming they could find some antifreeze to do it.) My suggestion is to make contingency plans and write them in some sort of notebook, so that she doesn't have to try and remember it all at a stressful time. It's a good idea to have emergency contacts, contingency plans, insurance info, and all that type of thing, organized in a notebook or file folder. Makes things much easier on family.
coolmom42 08/28/15 09:41am Full-time RVing
RE: Gas station help!

I use Gas Buddy--not necessarily to search for price, although that is sometimes useful---but you can get addresses and look on Google Maps. Switch to Earth view to get an idea of the exit options. Pumps parallel to the road is OK as long as you have space to get in reasonably straight and not block other traffic. If you are at a larger place with pumps perpendicular to the road, use the outside pumps and you are less likely to have an issue getting out. Try to pull forward so the trailer is not hanging out in a traffic lane. Of course that means you will block 2 pumps, but do your best to be quick. It beats getting T-boned because the trailer is hanging out. Always have more than one CC. I've had some weird things happen at gas pumps that can cause your card to not work, or get shut down. Often the readers are not in good shape and if one card doesn't work the other one will.
coolmom42 08/27/15 02:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: What treatment for linoleum floor?

You don't need to do anything to it except sweep and mop it. I strongly recommend NOT using paste wax or Mop&Glow on it. They both leave a residue that attracts dirt and do nothing for the vinyl flooring. You have vinyl, instead of old fashioned linoleum. Even the cheapest vinyl has multiple layers of color covered with a protective layer. I'm sure this is cheap vinyl, probably much lower quality than what you would use in your house. But it still should last 10 years or so with basic cleaning.
coolmom42 08/27/15 04:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Why There Is No Power Around My Casita

Stay safe!
coolmom42 08/26/15 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Allowing my SO to take our unit for the weekend ?

I too am wondering why you have to wait for them to get there. Why don't you just tell them you would really really like to come earlier. Surely they could understand why, and you could understand the reasons they are saying wait for them. If you understand their reasons, and they understand yours, perhaps you can find a work-around.
coolmom42 08/26/15 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Allowing my SO to take our unit for the weekend ?

I'm a "non-regular" RV driver, although I do have a fair amount of experience highway towing and helping hook up a trailer. I'm not adept at hooking up and not very good at backing, although I do have more experience than your wife. How about if she takes the kids and stays in the cabin with the friends? That would work OK if there is a sofa or somewhere she can sleep, kids can take something to sleep on in the floor. Apparently the point is to spend time with friends, not use the RV. If I were her, I wouldn't want to do it even without the RV, and definitely not with it at her skill level. She will probably have to back into a parking spot (or out of a spot), which will take some practice she doesn't have. I'm pretty much with you, taking the RV is kind of a recipe for disaster, and if she has good judgement she would not be willing to do it. If she can't see the pitfalls, you may have to point them out. If she won't stay home or go without the RV, you may have to really stand firm on her not taking it. A good friend of mine told me that she and her hubby resolve conflicts by a rating scale. If NOT going for YOU rates a 5, and going for HER rates a 10, you figure out a way for her to go, even if you have to go too. But if going, for HER rates only a 4, then you all stay home. If it's any consolation, there might be no need to unhook the RV from the truck if you are there only 24 hours. So a little less work involved.
coolmom42 08/26/15 11:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why do passing trucks suck instead of blow?

There is actually an area of lower pressure immediately BEHIND the truck, due to the shape of the airflow over the truck trailer. That's what people who are drafting get in. It sucks a relatively lightweight trailer towards it. Right behind that is an area of turbulence.
coolmom42 08/26/15 06:16am Towing
RE: So you are sitting by the fire, and you hear

They are very smart and can mimic dogs sounds.They will also send one in close to draw the dog out and then attack in force.Smart dogs know not to follow and will only patrol the yard boundary.We call small dogs coyote bait.They are not fussy either, a local family of coyotes really plays havoc with the stray cat population as they compete for the same food. Coyotes consider cats to be a tasty snack.
coolmom42 08/25/15 04:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Where can I find such a sink

Look for a "bar sink" at any big box store.
coolmom42 08/25/15 04:32am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water Pump

My understanding is that water pumps have a check valve at the outlet. But I've been wrong before, LOL...
coolmom42 08/24/15 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pump

Pump description specifically says "self-priming" & "designed to run dry." You may have air in some lines... open all the faucets, hot/cold, inside & out, and run the pump. Also possible the check valve is malfunctioning---maybe it wasn't even run dry to start with. Could have been backflow.
coolmom42 08/24/15 04:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Renting a car

I've never had a single problem renting a car. If you are a Costco member, you can get a great rate by going through their site. You WILL have issues if you try to rent using a debit card. Many car rental places won't take them at all. The ones that do are quite likely to put a hefty hold on your account that may stay there until some time after the car is returned. One thing that I do, but have never needed---take some good clear photos of both sides, front, back, front seat, back seat, and trunk interior--when you pick it up, and when you turn it in. Put the date & time stamp on the photos. Most rental agencies are honest but some of their help might not be.
coolmom42 08/24/15 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions before I take the plunge.

I expect to travel mostly by myself and am looking at C's under 24 feet. Many people here travel without a toad at that size. You can use the cabover for yourself routinely if you don't mind sleeping up there. You will generally have a choice of a sofa that makes a pull out bed, or a corner bed. Either one of those would work for an occasional guest. You could also consider a B with a bed that could be left made up in the back.
coolmom42 08/24/15 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Rental Class C. How many of us out there? (Long)

I know the lights are 12v but you're saying that is all the coach batteries are for is just the interior lighting? Also the water pump and fridge electronic control board.
coolmom42 08/23/15 06:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full timing... with kids... Do I dare?

Go ahead and sell your house, since that's what you are thinking about doing anyway. But DO NOT put your equity into a depreciating asset like any kind of RV. At some point you will need a place to live and if your funds are depreciated out, you will just be out of luck. Take a small amount of your equity and get your truck and current trailer in tip-top shape. Add some solar if you want to be able to camp for extended periods without electrical hookups. Then use that setup for a trial run at full-timing. Make a plan and a budget. You will need to be able to travel a snowbird route---to avoid extremely cold weather, which your RV is not set up to handle. (It can be done, but is not cheap or fun.) Look for some work-camping jobs in areas you are interested in visiting. That will get you free sites in all kinds of good locations. Right now your children are too young for home-schooling to be a concern. The downside of this is that they are also too young to get much educational benefit from a full-time RV lifestyle You will at some point have a state of residence and you will need to meet the legal requirements for homeschooling in that state. Some states are more homeschool-friendly than others, but in general it's not too difficult. If you are living somewhere with children obviously not in school, you are likely to be visited by a state social service agency. But if you are doing it right, you won't have any legal problems. One issue with a mobile/homeschool lifestyle is a lack of social activities for your children, and a lack of social contacts for you and your wife as well. Those things are important. Most home-school families are involved in some sort of co-op, especially as the children get older and need instruction in advanced areas that parents may not be able to provide. That requires a fixed location, and you will need to be in a climate amenable to living in a RV for most of the year. I think you are in a great situation to give this a trial run, especially since you are wanting to sell your house anyway. Just don't put yourself in a tough financial spot by doing it.
coolmom42 08/23/15 06:20pm Full-time RVing
RE: Blue Heron Campground in KY

BLUE HERON CAMPGROUND MAP WITH SITE SIZES Lots of generous sized sites. Very nice campground. Even some of the shorter sites will accomodate your rig if you put the rear tires at the very back of the spot, with room for your truck in front. The sites on the inside of the left-hand loop are the tightest and closest together, but still decent. The very best sites are 20-22. This is one of my favorite campgrounds---enjoy your trip!
coolmom42 08/23/15 01:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Crockpot cooking while travelling

Get a couple of small bungee cords. Hook them under the handles on each side of the crockpot and position them across the top with the lid knob between them. You could also use one longer cord, hook around a handle, loop it under the opposite handle, and take it back across the lid. If your crockpot doesn't have handles on the sides, you will have to hook under the bottom some how.
coolmom42 08/23/15 01:48pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Drinking glass holders?

Use plastic cups, stack them, and turn them over sideways.
coolmom42 08/23/15 09:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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