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RE: New York and New England

Wompatuck State Park is between Boston and Plymouth - easy drive to both. There is also a ferry in Hingham that will take you to Boston - cheaper and easier than trying to park. We were there last week. Nice enough campground with very separate sites. 20A electric with water scattered around the loops. We would have enjoyed it more had it not been for the caterpillar invasion. If you sat in one spot too long they decided you were a tree. We were there last week; the caterpillars should be gone soon. Scusset Beach State Reservation is very nice. We stayed two weeks and enjoyed it a lot. E/W hook ups. Only bad thing - the dump station has limited hours (closes at 3:30PM) and so you must plan to hit it during open hours. The campground is right on the cape cod canal and bay. Easy drive to Plymouth and Cape Cod towns. I would recommend Fishermen's Memorial State Park in Rhode Island. They have full hook up site in a lovely location not far from the beach. Narragansett is a pretty town. Not too far a drive is Mystic, CT; Providence, RI; and our favorite, Newport, RI. Right now, we are in Salisbury Beach State Reservation. E/W, open sites next to the beach and river. We are driving distance from Boston, Salem, Gloucester, and Concord, MA (lots of history) and Kennebunkport, ME and Portsmouth, NH. Lots of history in the area...
dahkota 06/26/16 08:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Inverter installation

We have a 1200W MSW inverter and use it to run our 900W coffee pot off 4 AGM batteries (440AH). The biggest problem encountered is the voltage drop due to the current draw - it might cut off the inverter. With 4 batteries, we see a .5V drop in the morning when brewing coffee. At that time, we are typically at 75 percent battery charge. The voltage on the batteries drops from 12.5V to 12V then returns to at least 12.4V when the coffee maker is done. Our inverter is set to cut off at 11.9V. The amp usage of the coffee maker during its cycle is 11AH but it pulls up to 100A while brewing. With only two batteries you will probably have a greater voltage drop which may make your inverter shut off.
dahkota 06/26/16 07:27am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 2013 vs 2014 Bounder

We have a 2014 Bounder 33C. We have 33K miles on it so far. We have been from FL to Alaska and crossed every mountain chain in between. We have done long 9 percent grades (towing our jeep) up and down, taken it to 11,000 feet, and gone 'off road' with it. We live in it full time and have 0 complaints about our bus. We have looked at other RVs since purchasing our Bounder (I think RV owners are required to) but we haven't found anything we like better. Ours is holding up well, has the perfect floorplan for us, and does everything we have asked of it. The only thing we would consider changing is the flooring. We hate the carpet. We are in Salisbury Beach right now if you have any specific questions.
dahkota 06/26/16 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Vacuflush Question

Tell your wife to do her business then hold the foot pedal down while counting to three then slide or take her foot off the pedal quickly. This will allow enough water in for the flush. If you have low pressure or are using the water pump, count to five. Having completely disassembled the vacuum pump, I can tell you there is nothing that would 'knock' unless the motor is loose and banging against something else. However, at least in ours, we occasionally get a 'knock' when not enough water is used. It seems to be due to the acoustics of the space rather than the pump itself. Easiest way to check is to watch it when someone flushes.
dahkota 06/26/16 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Question to the full Timers Out There Or Soon To Be

"we could never live full time in a RV, I know sounds strange but as business owners we get far more vacation time than normal employees do sometimes 3 to 4 big trips per year not including the little weekend trips, almost feel burnt out but hate to stop and be bored." Four years before we went full time, we bought a boat and used it for camping on the hook. We spend at least 100 nights a year on it for two years. We switched to a tt and for the next two years spent 120 nights and 180 nights in it respectively. During the second year, we realized we loved being in our RV but we hated 'vacationing.' It was stressful and rushed and we never got to experience a place, only got to see it. So we sold our stuff, 'retired,' and have been living in our RV for the 2+ years since. 'Vacationing' is a break from every day life. Full timing is living your every day life. The other day DH and I were talking. We can't decide between continuing full timing on land or switching to water. The one thing we did decide is that the worst thing would be to buy a 'home base.' Neither of us would want to stay there all the time, want the maintenance and up keep, want the stress and worry of being away from 'home.' As it is, we are always home, regardless of where we are parked.
dahkota 06/25/16 07:38am Full-time RVing
RE: Why RV different than house?

FYI - don't go years without checking out your house roof. Minor leaks can create a lot of rot and damage without you realizing it. Exactly. When we had a s&b we inspected the roof at least once per year and the older the roof got, the more often we inspected it until it was replaced.
dahkota 06/24/16 08:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Favorite scenic drive?

Beartooth Highway- outside Yellowstone. I wouldn't drive my RV on it, but others have. Route 101 - Oregon Coast. We drove it. All the best campgrounds are along the route. Haines Highway - Haines Alaska. We did it both ways in the bus. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Dalton Highway - North Alaska. Amazingly beautiful and worth the trip. Did it to Coldfoot in the RV. Just go slow. Definitely travel by toad as far as Atigun Pass.
dahkota 06/24/16 08:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Just how much stuff?

We full time. Our toad carries our off road equipment (tow straps, air compressor, emergency kit, water jug) but otherwise, not much. Occasionally, we put extra firewood and soda in it, but that only lasts a couple of days. We still have room in our storage bins so the toad isn't needed for storage. Hmmm, maybe we need more stuff.
dahkota 06/21/16 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Exhaust fan on Microwave/convection oven ??

Mine vents to the inside. My fantastic fan is almost directly above the microwave/convection oven so I simply turn it on and it draws the air right out. x2
dahkota 06/21/16 06:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ovid, N.Y. to Croton Point park

"Or you could catch 84 and cross at Newburgh and then come south on 9 (I have never been that route with the camper so not so sure...but 9 is a major roadway)" We did this last month. South on 9 was easy - road a little windy but good. South of Croton, Ossining and Terrytown traffic can be awful and the short runs through town are skinny. Your GPS will really, really want you to take 9A. Don't! Of course, we are 12'10" but if I recall correctly, one bridge is 10'9" or so. Better to suffer through the traffic if you need to take the RV south. Croton Point Park is very nice.
dahkota 06/21/16 06:20am Roads and Routes
RE: baltimore to maine

83 to Harrisburg 81 to Scranton 84 to Sturbridge 90 to 495 around Boston You are now in Maine. This avoids the majority of traffic in the DC and NY corridors. Enjoy! We are now near Boston (left DC in April), plan to be in Maine in August. There are some great things to see along the way.
dahkota 06/20/16 06:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: BEST Beach Front (or close to it) Camping on the East Coast

We are on our way to Salisbury State Reservation (MA) so I can't comment on the sites yet but we recently enjoyed: Scusset Beach State Reservation (MA) E/W near Cape Cod and Boston, short walk to beach and cape cod canal Horseneck Beach State Reservation (MA) My favorite so far - dry camping but sites right on the beach Hammonasset State Park (CT) E/W short walk to the beach Best of Previously enjoyed: Bahia Honda State Park - Keys, sites on the beach Long Key State Park - Keys, sites on the beach Gamble Rogers State Park - FL, sites with view of beach Fort Pickens Fed Park - FL, short walk to beach St. Andrews State Park - FL, short walk to beach St. George Island - FL, short walk to beach Hunting Island State Park - SC, on the beach my favorite beach park ever Assateague National Seashore - MD, my favorite fall camping spot
dahkota 06/19/16 05:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newbie..... Batteries?

We have a 900W coffee maker that takes 10 minutes to brew a pot of coffee using a 1200W inverter. It uses 11 amps over that 10 minutes. We typically make coffee in the morning, when the batteries are about 70 percent full. The battery voltage drops from 12.5 down to about 12 during the brewing and typically returns to 12.5 when it is done. We have 4 6V 220AH AGM batteries. So, my guess would be it will take at least 25amps and will be possible with at least 4 batteries that are 3/4 charged. Would I do it with my set up? Yes. But we try not to make pots of coffee when the batteries are less than 65 percent full. The current draw would take the batteries below 11.9V - the cut off point at which I set my inverter. Hope that helps.
dahkota 06/19/16 05:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Dome or Dish Receiver

On bounders, there is a separate ota antenna. I have no idea about the crank up dish, but the domes are easy and work okay. On ours, the OTA is coax and the satellite is HDMI (separate run of wires but probably pre-wired). Dish offers monthly service you can turn on and off (don't know about direct).
dahkota 06/17/16 08:14am Technology Corner
RE: Generator Battery Question

Turn on the vehicle engine. The alternator will send a charge to the batteries. After about 5 minutes, start the generator. Then turn the engine off.
dahkota 06/17/16 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Size misrepresented?

NO bedding of any kind fits this weird mattress. Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target all sell full extra long sheets. They may not have them in the store, but you can order them. Do a google search on "full extra long sheets"
dahkota 06/17/16 07:36am Toy Haulers
RE: Now that many of us have LED lights ... why 6Vs and solar?

So, back to the question, why do you have 6Vs Because 6V typically last longer over time (# of discharges) than 12V. The plates are thicker. They can take a bit more abuse over time than 12V. and what do you use that uses that much 12V power or if you have both 6Vs and solar, so what do you do with all of that power? We full time. We boondock and dry camp quite a bit. Since we are always in our RV (rather than just weekending it) we like it to be like 'home.' This means that some days, we just want to binge watch a series or cook something all day in the crock pot or use the breadmaker or make more than one pot of coffee. With 600W of solar and 4AGM 6V batteries, we can do it and not worry about running our generator. We don't like to run our generator. We also have a propane fridge, LED lights and high efficiency appliances and tvs to help us avoid using the generator.
dahkota 06/17/16 07:22am Truck Campers
RE: New class A Motorhome

I have an 04 DP on a Freightliner Chassis with 42,000 miles. Cummins 8.3 350hp engine. In the last year, I had to replace a lift pump and the ECM. Other then that, everything runs and works great. Personally I'd lean towards the Diesel Pusher. Good luck Brian I have a 14 gasser on a Ford chassis with 34,000 miles (purchased new) with a Ford V10. In the last two years we have changed the oil. We fulltime in it and have been from Alaska to Florida. We looked at DPs because we full time and put in a lot of miles. But, we just couldn't find a DP in the size we wanted (under 35') that had a layout we could live with. In the end, we realized that we drive a lot less than we park and enjoying our bus when we are parked is a heck of a lot more important than if the engine is quiet when we drive. Effy is right - find a floor plan you love. Make sure the bed is comfortable, the seating arrangement works, you have enough kitchen counter space, the storage will hold what you need, and the shower is tall enough. If you don't like living in it, you won't drive it anywhere anyway.
dahkota 06/16/16 06:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Difference between Jayco and Keystone, Need some quick advice

We owned a Keystone Sprinter (one step up from the Hideaway) and a Jayco JayFlight (two steps down from the Eagle). In every way, the Jayco was leagues better than the Keystone. We used both about the same amount of time - over 200 camping days - and the Jayco still looked new. The Keystone looked years older and had so many issues we were glad to get rid of it. Trim was falling off inside and out, the slide out roof leaked, the floor was coming up, plumbing fittings failed... the list is entirely too long for a two year old rig. It became a game to figure out what would fail next. We really regretted trading in the Jayco for the Keystone. We will never do it again.
dahkota 06/16/16 06:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Satalite dishes

Thank you! This is very helpful information. Do you have an opinion on roof mounting it vs just carrying it out while camping? I guess I'd be worried about securing it if left on the ground, so no one stole it. We used the Pathway X2 for the first year we fulltimed. It was never stolen. Sometimes, if staying a while, we threw it up on the roof if there were no trees. Often, we just put it somewhere close to the RV and didn't worry about it. We only locked it to the RV once when we were in a sketchy campground for a night. But, you can't permanently mount an X2 to the roof.
dahkota 06/15/16 07:00am Technology Corner
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