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RE: Title and Registration

Another thing to consider is inspection and emissions. Some states require them yearly, some never. You would need to take this into consideration for your travel schedule.
dahkota 04/18/14 06:24am Beginning RVing
RE: champion 3500 Watt Remote Start Generator

3500 Champion running This video should give you an idea of the volume. honda generators This video shows different honda generators and their sound outputs. He shows, later in the video, the difference between different decibel levels. This one is very eye opening in that you can immediately compare decibel levels in the same setting.
dahkota 04/18/14 06:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: cops stopping you

Alternately, they'll call a K9, which is trained to circle the ride a few times, and then "hit" pretty much wherever the handler tells it to. Then the driver will be arrested and they tow your ride, search it, no need for a warrant now, the k9 gave them probable cause. Now you get to go through booking, mug-shots, finger prints and you're not getting bail until you've been arraigned, which could take a few days to a week. You'll get a bill for your public defender, a bill for towing your ride, and a bill for however many nights you spent in lock-up. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad. I'm guessing you would be arrested and booked because you carry illegal substances? Or engage in other illegal activities? Sometimes the paranoia and mis-information here is amusing.
dahkota 04/17/14 07:25am Full-time RVing
RE: LED light bulbs and electricity savings question

You wont be able to see as well with LED lights. There just not bright enough for us.You will not see well with *some* LEDs. X2. The bright white I purchased to put over the couch is blinding. I have three lights there but have only installed one (left the other two empty). I would swear it can be seen from space. The one installed over the stove is very dim but that is directly due to the cover. In the four regular rv lights (overhead domes), the new LEDs are much brighter than the old bulbs. Got them all on Amazon...
dahkota 04/16/14 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gray/black dump system - am I nuts?

Question about when you equalize tanks: does that mean that the stuff from the black tank is also going into the gray tank? YEP...... So what? They are ALL waste holding tanks, made from the same stuff, use the same valves, same drain. into same lines/system. Hey, I was just curious - I wasn't passing judgement. I think it would be great to have on my tt but I wanted to know all the implications rather than just the basics.
dahkota 04/16/14 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Turning Pictures Into A Slideshow.

The simplest is microsoft movie maker. You supply the photos and music.
dahkota 04/15/14 04:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Which pay-as-you-go hotspot do you prefer

I tether with my android phone without jailbreaking it using easytether. My plan is with Verizon but I think easytether works the same regardless of the provider. ET Lite is available at amazon and google play store for free if you want to test it.
dahkota 04/15/14 03:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Bug Screens on Vents

Use metal screen, not fiberglass screen - speaking from experience...
dahkota 04/15/14 04:53am Full-time RVing
RE: Jayco vs Dutchmen vs Keystone

Our previous tt was a jayco; the current tt is a Keystone. In our models, the build quality is/was similar - we had/have very few problems with either. But, things that we considered basic in the Jayco we found we had to add to the Keystone. Off the top of my head: Jayco came with a tank bypass for winterizing, Keystone did not; Jayco came with easy access to the water heater bypass, Keystone did not; Jayco came with 12V outlet near television, Keystone did not. But, the Keystone came with better ground clearance (axles already flipped) and heat ducts to the water tanks. I would buy products from either again.
dahkota 04/15/14 03:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Gray/black dump system - am I nuts?

Question about when you equalize tanks: does that mean that the stuff from the black tank is also going into the gray tank?
dahkota 04/13/14 05:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Two adults comfortable in the over cab bed?

All of the overhead beds I saw had a weight limit of 350lbs. I'm not sure I would chance it.
dahkota 04/09/14 06:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Baltimore/washington Parkway with a 5th wheel tralier

Tour Buses drive BW Parkway all the time. BW Parkway is less stressful during non-rush hour periods as the traffic moves at around 65 instead of 75+ and being only two lanes, people are lane jumping much less. Going North, drive it in the morning - afternoon traffic backs it up beginning around 2:30PM. Going South, drive it in the late morning/afternoon - traffic jams end around 11AM. I would avoid it Sunday afternoons during baseball season - traffic both ways when there are home games at either end.
dahkota 04/09/14 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: weight of water too much?

Our first tt had 90G fresh water. We always had at least 30G in it and for longer trips, 90G. Never had a problem in 2 years and over 30K miles. We went on gravel and dirt roads with it often. Our new tt has a 47G tank. We travel with it at least half full all of the time. From experience, you just never know the availability or quality of water where you are going. Having run into both issues - no water and bad water - we would never travel without at least 30G.
dahkota 04/09/14 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Winegard Sat. Antenna - Tripod, Picnic Table, Other?

We've been using ours daily for 2+ months(over this time, we have used it in 9 states and 22 campgrounds). No tripod. Depending on the circumstance, we put it on the roof, on the ground, on the picnic table - anywhere we think the signal is best. We have never been shut out completely though we have had a couple of occasions (in heavily treed campgrounds) where we could only pick up two satellites. A tripod would not have made a difference.
dahkota 04/08/14 06:12am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite

We spent two months traveling around the SE US using a Pathway X2. We moved at least once every four days. We stayed on open sites, shady sites and wooded sites. There was not one place that we could not get at least two satellites out of three. If it was too difficult with the eastern arc satellites, we could get in the western arc satellites. It was able to grab signal through bare trees and some pine trees, clouds and thunderstorms, but not through buildings. We dry camped with the receiver/dish on inverter power - it draws about 50 watts, maybe a little more when the dish is searching for satellites. The only problem we found is that it will not work with two 50-foot cables (100 total feet) but it did work with one 50' and one 25' cable (75 total feet). It receives HD signals and one can hook two receivers to it. All in all, we are pretty impressed with it.
dahkota 04/08/14 05:30am Technology Corner
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2014

We were scheduled to cross in Washington on May 15. My mother sold her house so we have to help her move. Our new plan is to cross in Montana by May 31. We'll just add a couple weeks on in September to make up the difference.
dahkota 04/04/14 06:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lady Bugs infestation

Just an FYI, farmers are using Lady Bugs to control aphids on crops. The farmer releases thousands of them, then they lay eggs and thousands more emerge. The reason you are having problems with them for weeks is they are successive generations. They are pretty harmless to rvs. And a little more information: "Ladybugs are not native to the United States. They were first imported from Austrailia to control aphids on orange trees. Since that time, hundreds of different kinds of ladybugs have been imported to control aphids on different crops. You know those pesky asian ladybugs that get in your house every winter? - well those actually control aphids in soybeans."
dahkota 04/02/14 05:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Did not winterized

We are from Maryland. Our first winter with a tt, we winterized three times. We winter camp. The second year, we said, "Screw it." We drained everything, opened up the faucets and left it at that. Winter camped three times and re-emptied three times, no problem. The third year, we said, "Screw it!" and didn't winterize before we went to Florida for a couple of weeks in January. When we got back, we drained everything and dumped some anti-freeze in the toilet. Everything was fine. This year, we actually winterized in November and de-winterized in January to go fulltime. Still no problems... Maybe we are just very lucky.
dahkota 03/31/14 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to get a campsite

Check every day for cancellations. That's what happenned when we worked at Bridge Bay in Yellowstone - almost daily cancellations - just had to be lucky in your timing. This is your best bet. It is how I usually snag beachfront sites on short notice. Weekends are rare but available, and one can find Sunday thru Wednesday often (people booking the week so they can have a weekend). I check almost every morning when I'm planning.
dahkota 03/17/14 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Cost of food while camping ... does it have to be high?

We just started fulltiming and have been on the road for two months. A couple of things I have figured out: A lot of food (at least what I eat) is regional - you just can't buy the same stuff all across the country. It costs us significantly more now because we have to buy in smaller quantities and we can't always buy on sale. I really miss my local grocery store - great prices and selection. The worst store I have found so far was in Louisiana - the prices were shocking to me, even though it was a large chain.
dahkota 03/15/14 10:09am Travel Trailers
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