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RE: More RV Regulations

This will not affect RVs or their safety or the liability of manufacturers. This 'change' is to note the difference between mobile homes and motorhomes, brought about because newer 5th wheels and park models are now rivaling the size of mobile homes. If the newer 5th wheels and park models fell into the class of 'mobile homes,' they would become much more expensive as they would have to comply with residential building codes rather than vehicle codes. Because the previous exemptions were based on size, and the current crop of 5th wheels and park models have grown so large (square foot-wise), HUD needed to do away with the size exemption and use something else; they chose the fact that they are supposed to be part time vehicles rather than full time homes. So, now a new RV will have a temporary sticker attached. Nothing else changes. Another non-issue...
dahkota 02/10/16 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Need opinions, anyone with experience?

We use our phones when out and about, but when we are driving in separate vehicles (following) or directing one or the other when parking, we use the radios. They are much easier than texting, are insensitive to ambient noise, and not illegal when driving. No need to dial the other person and hope they have the ringer loud enough to hear, then waiting for them to answer it. Just push a button. When we had the nextels with the push to talk function, we used those. When using the radios, we also don't have to rely on a cell signal - the radios work regardless of where you are and they don't drop 'calls.'
dahkota 02/09/16 10:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: GPS Why not a smart phone?

Maps and Waze on my smart phone work great until I don't have a cell signal. Which tends to be often, particularly out west. So we have a stand alone GPS. I've added a lot to the maps - custom points and off road trails - that using a cell phone wouldn't help with.
dahkota 02/08/16 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: Another gasser question

We started with a diesel truck and trailer. When we decided to switch, we first started looking at diesel super Cs. After 6 months of looking, we came to two conclusions: we didn't like Cs as much as As and we sit more than we drive (160 hours per week vs. 10 hours per week). So, the three most important aspects in an RV became: layout, length, and cargo capacity. We wanted a livable floor plan that suited us. This included an easy on the neck tv placement that allowed viewing with the slides in, a pantry, and a walk around king bed. We wanted an RV short enough that we could stay in our favorite parks - we are currently in a park with a 35' limit. We looked for a comfortable amount of cargo capacity - 2500 lbs. was too small because we needed the extra 1000 lbs. for batteries, solar panels, and water. Ours is 3500 lbs. We have lived in ours for a year and a half and driven over 30K miles. We have looked at other RVs in the last year, including a newer version of ours and would not trade what we have now. We chose well, but it took a while. You need to look at how you will use your RV, where you will be staying, and how you use your current house. If you will only be staying in full hook up private parks, your RV will be different than if you small like forest service campgrounds and dry camping. If you are a pack rat and like to take everything with you, you need something bigger with much more storage than a minimalist who carries the bare essentials. At the dealer, if you find one you like, sit a while. Think of everything you want to bring and where you will put it. Try it with the slides in. Check the yellow weight sticker on each potential coach (we found some with an 1800 lbs. max cargo). Make sure you are comfortable in the driver's seat. Best of luck in your search!
dahkota 02/05/16 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter question about 12v draw

My dish receiver (211Z or hopper) and 45" tv pulls about 9 amps. My dish receiver and 32" tv pulls about 7 amps.
dahkota 02/05/16 06:57am Technology Corner
RE: Towing Heavy with Goodyear DuraTrac

We had duratracs on our F250 and towed our 9K tt around the country for 6 months full timing. We liked them a lot and had no problems with them. So much so, they are now on our Jeep toad. We sold the truck when the tires had about 40K miles - more than half of them towing. We put them on because we spent our non-towing time off road in sand, dirt, mud, and snow. They worked well, especially considering the weight of the truck. They were louder on the highway than standard truck tires but with the diesel engine, you really didn't notice. If we didn't spend quite a bit of time off road, we would probably go with a cheaper road tire.
dahkota 02/01/16 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: It's amazing how much water we use

I took my first shower in a regular house (in over a year) last month. I couldn't get the water to shut off while soaping up and it became annoying as hell trying to get out of the stream of water and sad as I watched all that wasted water go down the drain. I vowed to have a water shut off in the shower in any S&B I may move into. People gave me grief about the carbon footprint of our 'gas guzzler' house until I pointed out that we use 1/10 the water, 1/10 the heating and cooling, and 1/10 of the electricity they do. And we often have a better view.
dahkota 01/31/16 05:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Take it or leave it?

We went full time in a short bus so I had to give up a lot of my kitchen tools and appliances. But, I also modified my cooking because we can't carry the pantry we could have at home. I kept a small hand mixer - the kind you can get for about $15 at the drug store - but it works great for whipped cream, mashed potatoes, and cakes. I'm not making enough quantity to need a stand mixer. I kept a combo blender/food processor. It is smaller than standard but makes margaritas and milkshakes for two and can process enough food for a couple of meals. I also kept a crock pot, though I did downsize to a 6-quart. I'm still getting used to smaller batches but it is easier to store. And we kept the coffee grinder - good for grinding grain, spices, and coffee. I no longer have a grill, breadmaker, deep fryer, etc. But I rarely miss them. Most of the fancy appliances just take the place of something that used to be done by hand anyway. We also eat and shop differently now, both due to space and availability of items. Currently we are in Florida and so have a wealth of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish available. We only have a week or two of space in the pantry and so shop more often and are pickier about what we keep around. Rather than carry tarter sauce and cocktail sauce, I make my own and am considering making my own mayonnaise. You will also find that many food staples at home are hard if not impossible to find in other areas of the country. But you will gain access to new and interesting things to cook. The local grocery store here has almost no Asian food. I got into experimenting using Asian ingredients in the pacific northwest, where there was almost an entire aisle. Just think of your traveling time as a food learning adventure. It is a lot of fun and really improves your ability to cook on the fly. Best of luck to you!
dahkota 01/31/16 04:48am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Floor Covering

Vinyl Plank or tile. Hereis more information. But two of the most important benefits: lighter and waterproof...
dahkota 01/29/16 07:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone NE entrance.

If I was thinking about doing it, I would watch the weather closely. And even that won't guarantee a storm won't blow in. We were up there one June in a blizzard...
dahkota 01/29/16 06:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hook up a hose or fill fresh water tank in cold weather ?

We always carry at least a 1/3 of a tank of water. We also unhook when the temp gets down to freezing. It is just common sense. We were at Anastasia State Park last week and the water went off overnight. It had no effect on us though other campers had issues. We were in South Carolina three weeks ago and the temps dipped down into the twenties. Also didn't bother us but there were some frustrated campers there, too. We also carry water just in case the water where we are going is questionable. On more than one occasion, we have run into quality and clarity problems (brown water, cloudy water, boil advisories); the water may be potable but we don't want it in our tank.
dahkota 01/29/16 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: What does these measurements mean?

Most of the world uses metric measures, not random american sizes. Here is a conversion chart or two.
dahkota 01/27/16 05:30am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Assatigue camping in Maryland

A couple of years ago we were camping at Assateague (we camped there a dozen times a year because it was close and we love it there) when tenters pulled up and started unpacking in one of the middle sites in our loop in bayside (National Park). They unloaded a huge contractor generator, turned it on, then plugged in a boom box and blasted music. Nothing really anyone could do about it - it was about 3PM. After about two hours everyone was tired of it, but a storm blew in so we all went inside. Five minutes later, the tent was gone - the wind had picked it up and blown it into the bay (the owners had gotten into their truck for shelter). The ex-tenters packed up and left. Karma... Anyway, Assateague is one of our favorite parks. Sometimes there are loud construction generators, sometimes there are inattentive dog owners, sometimes the horses will poop in your campsite, maybe even on your ground cover, but all the time it is a great place to be. We always preferred April and October - not too hot and a lot less people. We preferred the National Park - all sites are dog friendly - but the state park is nice, too.
dahkota 01/25/16 06:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How Much Does it Cost to Live on the Road?

You are talking 10-15 years from now. No one can predict the cost of gas or campgrounds now for that far in the future. And really, that is where your expenses come in. Today, a couple can do it as cheaply as $300/month for gas and campgrounds or spend $2000 a month for the same. It is all in the way you travel and how you camp.
dahkota 01/24/16 06:04am Full-time RVing
RE: Alaska Campgrounds Needed

For only 11 days I would completely miss Fairbanks and concentrate on the Kenai Peninsula and Denali.
dahkota 01/23/16 07:09am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Insurance

It is pretty easy to go to Progressive.com, put in your information, and get an instant quote.
dahkota 01/23/16 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter. What am I missing?

My guess is no, but I don't know why. Thanks AL At no stage of your loop is something that creates energy; all your connections just move it. You need some kind of power 'creator' in your loop to keep it moving.
dahkota 01/20/16 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: Weather App

Radar Now. You open it up and are looking at an animated radar screen where your phone is located. You can zoom in or out. Most other weather apps require you to click through to see animated radar and it may or may not load. Radar Now is just radar. It will also give you weather alerts for storms, flooding, and freezes.
dahkota 01/20/16 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish TV in the RV

We use this all the time in our travels pointing at the local towns NATL BROADCAST Clear TV networks. TV reception is great at all the places we go to here on the East side of the US. Roy Ken I'm in Anastasia State Park (St. Augustine, FL) right now, buried in trees so I can't use my dish. I have OTA - 25 channels: 6 religious channels, 3 spanish channels, 1 kids channel, 5 old movie and really old rerun channels, 1 radio channel, 1 country music video channel, 1 car channel, 1 duplicate channel, 2 infomercial channels, and 4 channels I would actually watch - Fox, CBS, CW, and a CBS sub channel. The reception is great but there is very little reason to turn the TV on.
dahkota 01/18/16 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: When to pull in slides or evacuate with wind?

We only have to pull in our driver's side slide when wind hits us on that side above 35 mph. This is due to the slide topper. If the wind will be over 50 mph or so, we will try to face our nose or rear into the wind. It gets a little shaky taking 50 mph+ on the sides. We also try not to be near trees. If we are on the road, we move behind a building or to a low spot. We haven't been worried about being pushed over, we just get tired and stressed. No sense in evacuating - driving in extreme wind is probably more dangerous than staying put.
dahkota 01/18/16 07:38am General RVing Issues
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