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RE: Door Sticker Payload Question

Was that f-250 a deisel? 1968 lbs. seems very low for payload. About the same as ours was. Once all the stuff is added (diesel engine, 4X4, 20" wheels and off road tires, bells and whistles) the payload goes way down. But it was a really nice truck.
dahkota 04/01/15 11:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Full Timing in a Gasser

DPs can typically be longer and heavier while maintaining cargo capacity and tow capacity. DPS also typically have greater cargo and tow capacity. We travel fulltime in a gas engine bounder. Because we do move a lot and prefer national and state parks, we wanted to stay under 35'. There are very limited DP options under 35' and we didn't like the floor plans of any of them. It had nothing to do with the price and everything to do with the floor plan and size. We spend a lot more time living in it than driving it (though we put 11K miles on it in 7 months) and livability is most important to us.
dahkota 04/01/15 09:37am Full-time RVing
RE: 40' Length Motorhome to big for most campground's?

We are in California right now. We are 34'3". Many of the state parks list their sites as 31' and under. Many of the national park campgrounds here have very limited sites for 35' and over if any. With private parks we have much better luck. The main problem that we have run into with public parks in California is that, if they have sites for 33' and over rigs, they are usually either reserved or, if first come first serve, taken. But, we see many, many 40'+ rigs out here on the road. They must be staying somewhere. My bet is private parks mostly.
dahkota 04/01/15 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A with front entrance door

Our rig has a door directly behind the passenger seat rather than in front of it. I greatly prefer it that way. Our dash has a built in pull out desk for the passenger. I use the passenger seat as my office instead of the dinner table. Having a door where my desk is would be a real pain - I would have to stop and move my stuff when anyone wanted to come in or out. Might as well use the dining room table, which defeats the purpose of a desk in the first place.
dahkota 03/31/15 03:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Family doing 3 month summer trip, Class C or Travel Trailer?

A tt is probably your best bet. You might check into hybrids - kinda like a cross between a tt and a pop up. The weight is usually less, so you don't have to worry so much about the weight you are pulling. They are also shorter, making it easier to find campsites. Jayco makes some good ones and chances are you can find them used for a decent price. If the tt is small enough and light enough, you could get a mid-sized to large SUV or a passenger van to pull it, rather than a truck. It sounds like a great way to spend the summer. Good luck, whatever you decide!
dahkota 03/31/15 08:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Tv external wiring

Typically, you can't use the external cable port for satellite anyway. When using our portable, we run the cable through a window. Cheap, easy fix. Sorry, I should qualify this with - you can't use the external cable port with an automatic portable like tailgator or pathway.
dahkota 03/29/15 10:13am Technology Corner
RE: FYI Repairs

I have noticed a trend. It appears that there seems to be more maintenance and repairs on the rigs that are being lived in, as opposed to the weekend campers. If you live in it you have to fix it now. If your a weekender, I'll fix it later, and it becomes -- out of sight out of mind . until later, when you go again AHH darn-- "I was going to fix that". And the benefit is that you aren't also fixing and maintaining a s&b. Comparing how many hours per week we used to spend fixing, maintaining, and cleaning our s&b to how many we spend on the same with the RV, the RV takes about 1/5 the time the s&b did.
dahkota 03/29/15 08:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pet Resorts, Not RV Resorts

We have been in 28 campgrounds, both public and private, since January 1. We have been from Florida all the way to California. In only one campground did we have a dog problem and poop wasn't the problem. We have only encountered unpicked up dog poop in two campgrounds, one public and one private; in the public one it may have been coyote poop. Yes, we notice those things because we have a dog and work hard to make sure she doesn't disrupt the camping experience of others. Just like we work hard to make sure we humans don't disrupt the camping experience of others. And we have found that other campers, for the most part, are the same way. We have, however, run into Camp Hosts who seem mad at the world. Sometimes I wonder why they take a job working with the public they seem to hate so much. With some, it's dogs; with others it's cars or fires or noise or children or people in general. They really need to think about why they are doing what they seem to dislike so much. Now, I'm not saying you - the OP - are one those people. I'm sure you are very pleasant in person. But you may want to figure out why you have so much time to sit around and watch people with dogs doing their business. Maybe find a hobby. Maybe get a dog. Anything to relieve some of the stress you seem to be under.
dahkota 03/26/15 09:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Colorado Springs to Breckenridge in a Gasser Experience

We have been up and down quite a few 7-8% grades in the last couple of weeks here in California. We slow a little more on the up hills than we did in our diesel truck/tt but we are a lot heavier now. On the downhills, we haven't had any problem - its pretty much like driving the truck except the view is better.
dahkota 03/26/15 08:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: inverter question

We installed a second smaller inverter for the bedroom tv and receiver. If we forget to turn it off or fall asleep it isn't such a drain on the batteries as the amp draw is about a 1/3 of our house inverter.
dahkota 03/26/15 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suggest brake system for 2015 Wrangler Unlimited

ReadyBrake/ReadyBrute -- Quite interesting, but every towing/RV shop I've contacted has either refused to install this, or wants huge $$ and won't warranty the work. They say it's horribly difficult to install and seems impossible to have reliable performance...different braking force when turning, or wheel locking, or no braking, etc. Same with the similar BlueOx. We didn't have any install problems. We haven't had any problems with braking, turning, or wheel lock. If you go to the NSA website (readybrake.com) they have a dealer locator. Call one of their installers and talk to them about installing it and the problems that might arise.
dahkota 03/25/15 11:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: bugs

We use Bug Off on our fifth wheel X2.
dahkota 03/25/15 08:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lost a sale today

We were there in February and had no problem shopping there. Maybe they have rearranged their lot after receiving a large RV shipment.
dahkota 03/25/15 08:19am Camping World Accessories
RE: Newbie ~ electrical problem

How old is the battery? Does it require adding water? We bought our MH brand new but the batteries were dry and fried from lack of maintenance on the lot.
dahkota 03/25/15 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing at night in hot weather

During the summer, for us, it isn't the engine that gets overheated, its us. With a truck/tt combo, there was no problem. With the Class A, driving south or west, I feel like an ant under a magnifying glass. And I like it hot. We can put the a/c on max and turn on the fans, but the temp in the mh creeps up into the 80s. Add in the heat from the doghouse... It just isn't a very fun way to spend the day. So, drive early in the morning if going west, in the afternoon if going east, any time going north, and just hope for the best going south.
dahkota 03/24/15 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Costs that go away, costs that stay

And the big one that most folks ignore or don't think affects the long term financial picture.Rv Depreciation.Stick homes vary up and down but long term appreciate in value,Rv's never appreciate.It starts as soon as you sign the bill of sale. In all our figuring, we did not consider depreciation because we consider it spent money. The depreciation on our RV isn't costing us anything because the money doesn't exist. As far as we are concerned, the money spent on our RV is the same as the money we spent on gas, food, insurance, etc. It is the cost of every day living. It doesn't affect our long term picture because it is as meaningless as the money we spent on pizza yesterday. Someday, if we sell our current rig, we will get money for it. That money will exist and will be useful - it will be found money. Real money, not 'on paper' money. Just like when we sold the contents of our S&B. When we bought our rig, we didn't buy it for profit, just like we don't buy our clothes for profit. An RV isn't an appreciable asset such as a house (which is only appreciable because of the land it sits on, not the house itself). And all appreciation is on paper anyway, until you actually sell it. Never sell it, and appreciation and depreciation are meaningless.
dahkota 03/24/15 10:12am Full-time RVing
RE: Boondocking

Boondocking in states along 95 isn't easy; there is very little federal land there. Most hard core boondockers are west of the Mississippi. Here are some blogs of people who do quite a bit of boondocking: Kevin and Ruth Box Canyon Blog Life's Little Adventures Wheeling It
dahkota 03/24/15 09:51am Full-time RVing
RE: Salton Sea

Was there a couple of weeks ago. Even from a mile away you can smell it. It isn't as desolate or downtrodden as pictures would lead you to believe - those are pre-2008 for the most part. In fact, the population is growing. There is also a lot of agriculture so it is 'greener' than one would expect. I was somewhat disappointed from a post-industrial wasteland photographic standpoint since, having traveled a lot over the last few years, I have seen quite a few places in the same condition. I think the Detroit area is the new 'mecca' (for wasteland photography. However, there are quite a few interesting places to check out and photograph, it just isn't the place it has been pictured as. Not bad, just change your expectations a little.
dahkota 03/24/15 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Costs that go away, costs that stay

Insurance for an RV and Fulltimer insurance are different things (At least with Progressive it is). Fulltimer insurance covers a lot more. For health insurance, if you will be traveling, a PPO with a nationwide plan is a lot better (but more expensive) than a local HMO. We carry Blue Cross as they have an extremely large nationwide plan that also covers international travel. For prescriptions, we use Walmart. I get a year's worth prescription, drop it off at the local Walmart, then use their on line service to fill it where ever I happen to be. My Dr. wrote scrips for pain killers and antibiotics that I carry with me 'just in case.' For internet, we have been using our unlimited date plan cell phones. So our cost is the same as it was in the S&B. Occasionally one might run into a good WiFi signal at a campground, but it is not reliable enough to count on.
dahkota 03/24/15 08:53am Full-time RVing
RE: 12 v lights

Mine are in the bedroom near the 120V AC breakers. The fuses in the dash and under the hood are for chassis systems. The house system fuses are separate.
dahkota 03/23/15 06:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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