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RE: carpet

You all have been very helpful as usual.I just hope when i start the project i dont have any problems with taking the old carpet up.
joe0508 03/13/15 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: carpet

Any of the spray on contact type cements should work. Check the can to be sure it will work on carpet.I havent had a chance to pull the old carpet off and have read some posts that have said the stuff can be pretty hard to get off.Are thier any way that would be per say easiest?
joe0508 03/12/15 11:24pm Tech Issues

I am planning to recarpet the engine cover in my rv.I would like to get some recommendations on what type of glue to use for this project?Also should i use a spray or brush when applying it?
joe0508 03/12/15 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: generator

This is what the 2KW Honda FUEL CAP VENT looks like. ON is for venting air - OFF is for closing the vent. http://www.mayberrys.com/Assets/Accessories/Parts/eu2cap.JPG height=200 This is what the 2KW Champion Fuel Cap vent looks like http://img.tapatalk.com/a693481b-bb70-4813.jpg height=200 My 2KW Honda Generator will run for about five minutes before shutting down when the vent lever is left in the OFF position. Roy KenIt looks like the cap is what most think it is.I thought this was just for storage but it looks like i was wrong.I will check to make sure it is in the on position next time i run it.The reason it started back must have been because i took the cap off to check the fuel.
joe0508 10/15/14 08:44pm Tech Issues

I got one of those 2000 watt champion generators.It is brand new and i used it for the first time the other day.I put oil in it and filled it with fuel.I have 30 amp system and pluged the rv cord into it with an adapter.I didnt have anything powered but maybe a few lights.The genny ran for like an hour and shut down on its own.I took the back off and rechecked the oil level and fuel,that was fine.I than tryed to restart it and it wouldnt,although i didnt try very hard.I let it set for maybe five minutes and tryed to start it again.This time when i tryed to start it i reset the breaker.It took four or five cranks than it started but i turned it back off and didnt use it anymore.I cant figure out what might have happened except for maybe leaving it in econo mode.Anyone have any suggestions?
joe0508 10/15/14 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: hot water heater

As suggested back in your June posting of this issue...... "T-stats not held tight against tank wall will not allow them to sense the correct temp. Best to just replace the set.....clean tank surface before installing new t-stats and make sure they are held tight and connections are clean/tight on t-stat terminals." Are you saying you have replaced the set of t-stats (normal & ECO)? T-stats are being held tight against a clean surface on tank? Brown wires are on normal t-stat? Red wires are on ECO t-stat? And with new set of t-stats the gas will not shut down? How hot is water getting? Is the Pressure/Temperature Relief Valve OPENING and BLOWING water/steam out of it? Normal t-stat OPENS at 140*F ECO t-stat OPENS at 180*F PRV Opens at 210*F/150 PSI Hard to keep firing (gas valve staying open) when power is removed. Power is removed when either or both t-stats open. Gas valve would have to be stuck open. But you would smell the propane when it wasn't lit and it would go BOOM when lighting off.It does make a loud boom sound when it ignites?Not sure if this is what you mean?
joe0508 09/26/14 09:57pm Tech Issues
hot water heater

I have an atwood hot water heater.It runs constantly and wont shut off automatically.I have recently found out that it could be the thermostat.I have changed it with a new one including the eco.I have cleaned the tank with vinager draining it several times.Does anyone have any other ideas before i take it to the shop?
joe0508 09/22/14 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: battery

Hi, Have the chassis battery load tested. I suspect it has gone to battery heaven.Yep,That is what i figured.I just never seen one that would test positive and act as if stone cold dead.
joe0508 08/24/14 11:05pm Tech Issues

I have been using one of my deep cycle batteries to start my coach since my starting battery has died.The funny thing is it reads fine with the multimeter.I have one of those 40amp three stage chargers and when i check the battery voltage it says 14.4amps.It trickles from 7amps down to 1.8 and i try to start it nothing but an urr.The charger immediately goes back up to 7amps.I have tryed a quick start and nothing.I tryed jumping it with jumper cables from one of the house batteries and it started.That is how i came down to the temporary solution of disconnecting one of a bank of two house batteries and connecting the starting cables to the house battery.My question is how long can i get by with this before trouble and is it normal to have reading like these with a dead battery?The voltage with the mutimeter read 12.30 with out engine running and 13.8 when engine running???
joe0508 08/24/14 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: generator

Are you sure that is what you want? They are pretty loud.I have the champion 1700/2000 watt category 5.Is this the one you are preferring?It says it is rated at 53 dbe.
joe0508 08/16/14 12:03am Tech Issues
RE: generator

It is OK to store it like you mentioned.Thanks
joe0508 08/15/14 08:39pm Tech Issues

I have a 2000 watt champion genny.I have it stored in my truck untill i can get to the rv in storage.The genny is brand new and has only been taken out of the box.No oil has been put into it nor gas.Will it hurt anything to store it laying down instead of setting up?I know you cant do it with a frig.
joe0508 08/15/14 07:43pm Tech Issues

I am thinking about going full time in my rv and want to make tn my homebase.I would need to change my license over to tn as well.I have no place in tn.Does anyone know a way to do this?
joe0508 07/25/14 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: vent cover

It sounds like painting the inside of the covers black and leaving the outsde white is the best idea and sounds right to me.Thanks for the info.
joe0508 07/25/14 12:33am Tech Issues
vent cover

Are there any difference between the black and white maxair vent covers?Will the black keep more sunlight out than the white or does it make no difference?
joe0508 07/24/14 01:01am Tech Issues
RE: propane consumption

Hi, Go to a Platinum Cat instead. It is safer and will use even less propane than the wave--because it has a thermostat.Doesnt the platinum have to be vented?
joe0508 07/18/14 11:02pm Tech Issues
RE: propane consumption

if you consider that the wave heaters are close to 100% efficient, the RV furnaces are something like 60%-80%... where a large portion of the heat they produce is vented outside. you're saving propane... I bought the Wave8 for my 30ft fiver, it's too small, but it keeps us warm enough..I have a 30ft motorhome that sets on a narrow track p30 chassis.Do you think i should go with the wave 8 instead of the 6?
joe0508 07/18/14 05:41pm Tech Issues
propane consumption

How much propane does the wave 6 catalytic heater use compared to the rv furnace?I am trying to figure up the savings to see if it is worth the investment.
joe0508 07/18/14 04:57pm Tech Issues
RE: propane fittings

Strange question. Does that include installing a "T" ? Get a separate tank I'd guess.Yes.I seen somebody do it on their fridge.I think they took the supply line and unscrewed it and putthe tee in between.Have you heard of such an idea?Is it doable? Sure, you could do it but whether it makes sense to do so depends on where the various propane appliances are. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just cut the line where you needed to and install a T and a shut-off valve. It's the same amount of work. Or maybe I'm missing something.I feel to cut it just leaves more room for errors like leaks.Plus the connection for the fridge propane source is outside. Eric
joe0508 07/16/14 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: propane fittings

Strange question. Does that include installing a "T" ? Get a separate tank I'd guess.Yes.I seen somebody do it on their fridge.I think they took the supply line and unscrewed it and putthe tee in between.Have you heard of such an idea?Is it doable?
joe0508 07/16/14 06:32am Tech Issues
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