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RE: HWH Jack problem

Right front jack keeps slowly retracting....like 1 inch after 7-10 days. Happened multiple times. Recently we went away for 6 weeks and when we returned this jack and the left rear jack were both no longer touching the ground. (Left rear just raised due to right front of rig lowering.) I don't see any obvious fluid leak by the solenoids, nor on the jack foot pad nor on the ground. Any ideas what could be causing this? typically a bad solonoid. fluid may be keaking back into the tank/reservoir and not onto the ground or you may find tge leak in one of the storage bays (that happened to us).
rk911 03/12/17 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Average age of RV'ers

I seen on a RV program where the average age of rv owners is 47, the said it's the youngest it has ever been. we started at ages 35 and 34...still going strong at 66/65.
rk911 03/12/17 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Samsung French Door Fridge

As with any other you have to pack it so there is no room for things to move. or...use fridge binz and some of the non-slip material. works great in our french door Westinghouse fridge. http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/fridge_binz.jpg
rk911 03/12/17 10:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Are Escalating CG/Resort Increases Affecting You?

We just do a lot more boondocking. I think it is crazy to pay $65 or more a night for a rv space at a CG when in the same area you can get a nice hotel room for the same price or most of the time even less. So we just find legal boondocking, plus most of the time it is in far more beautiful settings. Usually only hit those CG's when I need to dump my tanks and refill my water tank. I guess you haven't been to a nice motel in a while. $65 does not get much.
rk911 03/10/17 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: How Are Escalating CG/Resort Increases Affecting You?

Other than being annoying, it hasn't really effected us yet. It is my experience that RVing has become more popular again now that the economy is doing better. 5 years ago we could drive up to campgrounds and get a spot (non holiday). Now we have to make reservations everywhere we go. An unfortunate byproduct of this hobby becoming more popular is increased pricing. I don't foresee prices dropping either. We just grumble and complain a little more, but so far we haven't been priced out of parks nor have we had to cut back on the amount of trips due to cost. we get along fine without reservations (generally speaking) but will make them when we must be somewhere but we will frequently call ahead to check availability. had an interesting experience last nite when we called the Twin Fountains RV Resort in OKC yesterday morning to check availability for last nite. we've been staying there for the past 10-12 years on our way out west and back usually for 1-3 days. we were told that "the park was filling fast due to spring break and that a reservation was a must". so we made a reservation. not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things but we like to keep our options open. but after checking in and walking the dog i found that the park was nowhere near full...more like 1/2 to 1/3 empty. now we were going to stay there anyway as its our favorite park in OKC (we've tried them all) but i felt the park representative we spoke with may have, shall we say, overstated the need for a reservation.
rk911 03/09/17 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thermostat sensor location on Winnebago Suncruiser 2016

My 38Q has two AC units and the thermostat is in the hallway between the washrooms and just back from the kitchen. Sometimes the number 1 which is the front will run well beyond the room temp. It is 71 according ot a room measure on stand alone but I had to turn the thermostat to 74 to get it to stop. Sometimes it is even 4 degrees greater. The rear seems to be consistent. I am wondering if anyone can tell me where the sensor for the front AC is located. Perhaps I have a light close which is influencing it slightly. this is what our sensors look like: http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/sensor1.jpg and http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/sensor2.jpg
rk911 03/08/17 07:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: WHat year is my chassis

I'm going to look at a 2007 National RV motorhome. How can I verify the model year of the Ford F-53 superduty chassis? I understand it could have been built on a 2006 chassis. Just wondering if there is an easy way to determine the model year of the chassis. yup. get the chassis VIN (NOT the MH serial number) and use any number of decoding websites online.
rk911 03/07/17 06:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lot sizes

no but that is a great idea!! thanks.
rk911 03/07/17 05:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help in choosing a tow bar

We are getting ready to purchase our new motorhome and are now researching tow bars. We are purchasing a 2017 Sunseeker and will be towing a 2016 Ford Focus Hatchback. We are completely ignorant about tow bars and baseplates and how to choose one. The one thing I do know, is to look for a baseplate specific to our vehicle. Beyond that we don't have a clue and my DH is not mechanically inclined to install it. So with that said, we would appreciate a little guidance and advice. We want to be sure we are buying a decent set up, that is as simple to hook and hook as possible without breaking the bank. (I know, the cost to do this definitely leaves a crack in the bank). Our dealer sells Demco (but I did see our Dealer listed under Blue Ox) and we have a Camping World nearby that offers Roadmaster. I am hesitant to go to the Dealer or Camping World and get their opinion, because as you know theirs is the best. After it's done your stuck, so we are trying to get it right the first time. We have decided to add a braking system also, we are a little over 3,000 lbs on our vehicle and don't really need it, but better safe than sorry. And this will make us legal in all 50 states. So after all my rambling, it would be greatly appreciated for any advice you have to offer. you're correct...the baseplate and tow bar are a matched set. we've had a Blue Ox setup from the start and have been very happy with it. you won't go wrong with any of the major mfgs but I can attest that Blue Ox has tremendous customer service. can't say the others don't as we've never had any of their equipment. i would add that, based on some of the anecdotal stories related on this forum concerning poor workmanship, i'd stay away from a Camping World install. we buy a lot of other stuff at CW and the one time we had work done on our MH it worked out OK but that was 25-years ago. but I'm spoiled. we have a great dealer and service dept and absent an emergency on the road I don't trust our coach to anyone else. aux braking systems don't have to be matched to the baseplate and tow bar. we use a semi-permanent aux brake that is mounted to the vehicle and does not have to be installed/removed each time we hook up to tow or disconnect to drive. we're all about convenience.
rk911 03/06/17 02:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Garage for Class A

Planning for the future and meeting with an architect soon to layout a freestanding RV garage/apartment. I found several plans online but most RV bays are just wide enough for RV with slides in. I would like to be able to open the slides as needed when stored. Anyone with real knowledge for how much room around the RV works well? I don't want to go too big as the budget is not unlimited... TIA. if it were me i'd make the garage at least 10-12 feet longer than the biggest rv you contemplate buying and at least 15-18 feet wide to accomodate open slides and storage bay doors. remember, you're going to want to walk around tbe unit to load, unload, maintain and repair. i'd have two overhead doors allowing me to pull thru the garage. you didn't ask but i'd have FHU, a paved floor and heat.
rk911 03/04/17 09:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to stop neighboring campers from

This may sound silly, but I am currently camping and one neighbor cuts across my site while he is going and coming from his boat. It is not that he is cutting through BUT when he does, he is within 2 feet of my camper door and within 4 feet of us sitting there talking. I struck up a conversation with him and during this conversation asked if he would mind crossing the campsite a little further back from our camper. At that point he stormed off and said kiss my a.. Anybody have a simialr experience and if so were you able to resolve it? got a dog or cat with you? save some of their poo and sprinkle it liberally along his chosen path but be sure to clean it up before you leave. otherwise talk with the host/ranger, move to a new site or ignore him. jerks like that usually have a head-on collision with karma sooner or later.
rk911 03/03/17 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: 30 amp hookups, sewer hose

Hi all Fairly new to RV'ing, so far this has not been an issue but we are planning some more extensive trips so...the motorhome came with a 30 amp male plug and a 20 amp typical household three prong adapter. It also came with a 6' gray water/sewer dump hose. This has been fine for the few parks we have so far but should I be thinking about getting some 110 V adapters and a longer dump hose? Thanks in advance. yup. we carry about 50' of sewer hose (it compresses down to a lot less length) and 50' of water hose. ya never know. as for electrical...our two previous MH's were 30-amps and we carried a 30==>50 adapter and a 30==>20 adapter. now that we're a 50-amp coach we also carry a 50==>30 adapter. in one park I had to hookup to a 20-amp conection which meant 50==>30==>20 amps. I try to follow the Boy Scout motto...be prepared.
rk911 03/02/17 06:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: What insurance do you like for your RV/Travel Trailer

I've had Progressive for BOUT 14 years. Only had one claim about 10 years ago. They paid it, no problem. So State Farm is good for RV insurance? That's who covers our home and auto but I've always heard you should use insurers who are specific to RV insurance as opposed to your regular auto insurer. they have been for us. had a claim on our new MH just last spring. a spider's web in the gas delivery tube for our water heater caused a spark and a very small fire that required the total replacement of the water heater and electronic controls. I authorized the repairs and filed a claim afterwards. no muss, no fuss...the claim was promptly paid.
rk911 03/02/17 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: To change DISH programming requires a new antenna?

I'm now backed into a corner. My AT120 PAYG account is due, they still say I need a new antenna for Flex but can't say why unless I pay for the AT120 package. I told them I called before it was due but got the same run around about the antenna issue with no answers. I can't say I'm eager to gamble the money for another month of AT120 to see if they know why I need a new antenna or not. I have two antennas. One on the tripod we use camping and one on the post at our lake site that has no view of the East. This is why it's an issue. I tried to cancel the account and set up a new one for Flex and they wouldn't go that route. did you speak with technical support as was suggested a few days ago?
rk911 03/02/17 12:40pm Technology Corner
RE: What insurance do you like for your RV/Travel Trailer

we've been State Farm customers forever....me, for 51-years overall, 47-years as a married couple and 30-years specifically for the RV.
rk911 03/02/17 12:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Web Cam - is this possible

If you can swing a spare phone, no need for a hotspot and plenty of apps to use. I currently use 'Dog Monitor' Which allows video and sound...I just downloaded and tried the 'Dog Monitor' app...and it seems to work. have to play with it more but it seems to do that job. how do you mount your phone/tablet in such a way to monitor the dog without the dog knocking it over?
rk911 02/28/17 04:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Web Cam - is this possible

We use a Straight talk hotspot and a Nest camera. We can both view and hear our dog on our IPhone. We put a thermometer in clear view of the camera during warmer months. how much data does that method consume in say 4-8 hrs?
rk911 02/28/17 01:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Easy Question for Seasoned Class A Veterans...

Wow, lots of quick replies! I have always been a "do-it-myselfer". I would go crazy sitting there and not getting to work on a simple problem like that. Of course I change all of our truck and trailer tires here, but even on our dually the largest is only a 16" - and I realize that the coaches we are looking at have 19.5" rims. Heck, I even have a manual tire changer and static balancer (bubble type) in my shop. I routinely change out tires on the old Jeep and all of our trailers here around the ranch when needed. I was thinking that I could carry the spare 3/4" ratchet and socket set, along with the 20 ton hydraulic jack for a job like that. I would even be tempted to take along one of my better impact wrenches if I had a diesel with a solid air source! So, since I'm looking at gassers, I should find one mounted underneath somewhere? I will have to pay better attention. The few I've crawled under I was focused on tire date codes, shocks, and general frame/chassis condition. all kiddng aside, it's one thing to change a tire in a shop, service yard, etc. it's quite another to change it on the shoulder of an interstate especially a left side tire on the right shoulder. add in bad weather, late at night, a tire that jammed on the underside hoist, has low air pressure or any number of other complications and you'll be glad you called roadside service.
rk911 02/27/17 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Easy Question for Seasoned Class A Veterans...

OK, I had an epiphany the other day while out shopping for a used Class A MH. How do most of you handle a flat or blowout? I don't recall seeing a single spare on any of the rigs we looked at, and certainly no room to store one. Surely you don't call and then sit around waiting for a tire service truck, do you? Oh, I did see a large cross-wrench in one of the pass thtrough storage bays. I think it was even in the one MH that is now running near the top of our list. you need three things...a cell phone, a roadside service membership and a credit card. :B
rk911 02/27/17 06:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are your hobbies

Our jobs are stressful so when we RV there is a lot of over sleeping and scheduled down time. I left that off my list. on 'down' days I wake up, walk the dog, have breakfast, grab a book and lawn chair and start reading...might get 3-pages done before I fall asleep, wake up, have lunch, grab the book and read 2 more pages, fall asleep, wake up, have dinner, walk the dog, watch some TV and go to bed. very unstressful!
rk911 02/27/17 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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