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RE: Tax deductible unlimited data plan

An alternative option for those that can write it off on their taxes. https://boingboing.net/2016/09/22/i-have-found-a-secret-tunnel-t.html you know what they say....if it's too good to be true.....
rk911 09/23/16 07:19am Technology Corner
RE: Filling potable water tank? SOLVED

New to me Coachman (See signature) and I can't find how to tell when the tank is full. Yes I know about the inside gauge that shows levels of all tanks but when outside how do I know when to turn off the water as I don't want to burst a pipe inside? Also how do I know the water heater is full when I have the bypass in the correct position for getting hot water? I've been RV'ing half my life but this is the first time I've had a CLOSED system. All others had an overflow. Nothing in the Coachman book about it. Do I crack the sink faucets? Thanks for understanding. Marvin are you sure there isn't an overflow on the fresh tank? da water has to go somewhere so if no overflow then expect to see it spilling out of the fill tube. the hot water tank takes in water as needed to keep it full.
rk911 09/22/16 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Changing a tire on tt what do you use?

Changing a tire on tt what do you use? Cheers a credit card or motor club card and a cell phone. :B And you always have cell service ? This years travels I've only had cell service about a third of the time. Oh & didn't I help you with an electrical issue in a park this spring ? ; ) cheers it was meant to be a light hearted comment. tough crowd.
rk911 09/22/16 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing a tire on tt what do you use?

Changing a tire on tt what do you use? Cheers a credit card or motor club card and a cell phone. :B
rk911 09/22/16 11:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble getting Jeep Wrangler back into 2H after towing

My subject line pretty much sums up the trouble I have getting back into 2H after towing. It almost never fails that the transfer case just doesn't want to shift back into gear. I try moving it a few inches forward or backward and still fight it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bill will it get into 4wd?
rk911 09/20/16 09:14pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

I think maybe if you drive a motorhome at 70 you are safe, but pulling anything behind it is not safe. why do you say that? what happens to you at 1-second after midnight on your birthday? I know old guys who are 50 and young guys who are 80. age is just a number. i'll be 70 in 4-years and if I'm in the same shape I'm in now i'll be towing something behind our class A. I also fly small planes...should I automatically give that up when I turn 70? at some point in my life I know i'll have to give up motorhoming, towing and general aviation but it won't be on some magical birthday.
rk911 09/20/16 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: GREAT Mysteries of RV'n

Some coaches have the systems fairly well integrated. An electric hybrid MH is probably already on someone's drawing board. The motive engineering is mature, it is the battery storage capacity and charging that is holding back the introduction. If someone made a system like the GM Volt, where a small engine is used as a charger and the motive power is all electric, there might be enough cost efficiency to make it work and have more integration of appliances, charging, and battery capacity. and a single point of failure. all of the eggs in one basket is inviting murphy into your lives.t
rk911 09/18/16 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winegard Woes

My Wingard antenna crank handle is all of a sudden is turning when I adjust the directional bezel? It won't turn if I hold the handle. I haven't had a chance to investigate the cause as of yet but does anyone have a tip as to where to look first? Also I got up on the roof and lubed it in May prior to the start of the season. there should be a set screw in the handle. tighten it and you should be back in biz.
rk911 09/18/16 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: GREAT Mysteries of RV'n

:BNo great mystery, just piss poor design. Sorry for the pun.
rk911 09/18/16 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reformat old computer hard drive

I have an old 2002 hard drive computer that I need to reformat the hard drive, it got a virus, I would like to know what the commands are to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows XT professional, it is only used for flight simulator and nothing else, it has all the goodies bells and whistles for the simulator. I know that it is one of the F keys but I am not computer savvy, I muddle along. Thank you all in advance navegatorc you're likely thinkng of fdisk. or if you have the old hard drive cinnected get to a command prompt and type format drive:x where x is the drive letter of the hard disk.
rk911 09/16/16 06:11pm Technology Corner
RE: How to tell bat wing type

I've never had an RV with the crank up antenna. My new to me 5er has one. How can I tell if it is able to get the digital OTA signal? Will I need anything else to make it work with my tv? there is no such animal as a 'digital' antenna. any antenna engineered for TV reception can receive digital signals. if you have a digital TV you'll get the digital programming. if you have an old analog set you'll need a digital-to-analog converter. when the FCC mandated the broadcasters make the switch from analog to digital they permitted them to also seek a change in their tranmit frequency. many stations in the lower part of the VHF portion of the band changed to UHF frequencies. your batwing receives both VHF and UHF signals...VHF on the 'wings' and UHF in the center head of the antenna. you can add a low-cost add-on called the 'Wingman' that will improve UHF reception of those stations who made that change. you should also have an amplifier in your 5'er. be sure to use that when using the batwing. have you found that? many broadcasters have lowered their transmit power. that, coupled with digital tv's characteristic of the signal being there or not, makes reception more problematic than in the old analog days. with analog the farther away you were from the transmitter or if there was something between you and the transmitter such as higher terrain, buildings, etc. or if you were in a wooded area the result would be 'snow' or hash. the hash would get progressively worse until the picture just faded away. with digital the picture is either there or not. instead of hash you're likely to see what many call 'pixelization'...large colored squares instead of a picture. that's an indication of interference. your batwing is also directional so twisting it one way or the other will help draw in a better picture. hope this helps.
rk911 09/15/16 08:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Help With Collision Repair

four rolling on ground as in four tires from you vehicle all rolling on the ground all at the same time without the benefit of a tow dolly or trailer. Our insurance provides for a rental car if you do not have a frog... frog? :he ahhh...a toad. :B. 30-yrs an RVer, never heard it referef to as a frog
rk911 09/14/16 10:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help With Collision Repair

Our insurance provides for a rental car if you do not have a frog... frog? :he
rk911 09/14/16 09:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help With Collision Repair

Hello, we were on I695 in MD near exit 9 at 6 last night and our RV was hit by a car. Damage to the rv's front cowl. Not very drivable. We went to an RV collision repair shop in Beltsville, MD by the name of Queens Town RV. I have never had this happen before and am looking for some advice. They will need it for 6 weeks while we are back home 400 miles away. That is not a problem. Most thankfully no one was hurt in the RV and in the other car. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. did you notify your insurance company? did you make a police report?
rk911 09/14/16 04:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2016 jeep wrangler supplemental braking

hello I have a quick question... what type of supplemental brake system would you use for a 2016 jeep wrangler sport 2 dr? thanks for any responses. pete back in '03 we had the same question when we wanted to tow our '03 2-dr wrangler. I looked at all the options including the Brake Buddy and rejected it simply because there was no good place to store it when we weren't using it. it was, and likely still is, too large to store in the jeep and I didn't want to have to constantly move it here and there. I also didn't want to depend on a cigarette lighter plug to keep it powered. we went with a semi-permanent braking solution (Unified Tow Brake from US Gear). the UTB is essentially out of business now but there are other similar products that will install in your jeep but which can be removed when you sell your jeep and reinstalled in your next toad. the ReadyBrake fromNSA RV Products is something i'll likely switch to when/if my UTB finally bites the dust.
rk911 09/14/16 09:33am Dinghy Towing
RE: Internet connection

you normally have to bring up the park's web page on your browser and agree to their TOS agreement before the connection is active. try that.
rk911 09/13/16 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: I pad on Dash

I should mention that I currently have 7 displays viewable from my drivers seat. A 20" monitor above the windshield with Delorme Street Atlas, 2 GPS units, a 24" virtual rear view mirror (three 7" screens with side and back looking cameras) and original Toad monitor. I find them useful and not distracting. you've got to be kidding?!? 7-displays!?! look, I love technology as much as the next guy and I too have our iPad mounted where it can be seen for GPS and weather. but that's it. GPS gives audible instructions when we're on an actual plan. focus thine eyes out the windshield and mirrors...at least that way you'll see the highway patrol approaching.
rk911 09/13/16 09:55am Technology Corner
RE: iPad won't post?

Hi all--why won't my IPad let me post to the forum? All I get is the progress bar which says this may take a few minutes during traffic times, but it doesn't go anywhere. What gives? I frequently post with my iPad. are you on wifi or cellular? is this a routine problem, intermittent or first time?
rk911 09/12/16 10:15am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Turnoff, On Confusing

OK, I'm somewhat confused. We have Dish service to our winter home. We would like to have Dish in our fiver for traveling back and forth north to south and reverse. When we leave winter home, we suspend service. Currently have no fiver Dish equipment. How do we get Dish service while traveling? two options that I can think of. either take your receiver with you and simply change your service location to your winter quarters or get a second receiver for $5 or so per month.
rk911 09/11/16 12:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Tailgater, pay as you go

You can set up your account and purchase your equipment here: Dish For My RV yes, but you may be told by an ill-trained DISH CSR that the hardware for the PAYG accounts are limited to certain antennas and receivers. this is what I was told when I called them to set up service. I then called Solid Signals, an authorized DISH reseller and learned that I could set up a PAYG account using any antenna and receiver. we had the Winegard Trav'ler installed on our new MH and chose the ViP422k DVR/Receiver. PAYG works fine. when we're home I simply don't pay the bill for the upcoming month. when we're ready to take a trip I call, have the account re-activated and pay for the upcoming month (30-days). this is not an ad for Solid Signals...you can set up service with any authorized DISH reseller. just be aware that the Dish For My RV Folks may not furnish accurate information.
rk911 09/11/16 11:08am Technology Corner
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