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RE: Fridge Issue

When not in use, the fifth wheel sits in our driveway plugged up to a 110 outlet. I assume the dc converter would charge and keep them charged?? I have not checked the batteries charge...but I will do that first. I will put a charger on them as well to make sure they have a full charge. Thanks if it's a triple-stage charger (ie "smart" charger) then your battery charge will be maintained. a "smart" charger will charge the batteries and then go into a float mode to keep them charged. an older charger will simply go full-bore and if left connected too long may boil or otherwise harm your batteries. as I and others have mentioned the best way to ascertain the state of charge in your batteries is with a hydrometer. check the water level in your cells and the lug connections on your batteries.
rk911 07/22/15 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Issue

Had a fridge issue this week. It would work fine on propane all day until approx 3:00 -5:00 am then would stop....check light would be on. Would not reignite after several attempts. Heres the strange part. I would start my genny and rung the fridge in "auto" mode for an hour or so and when I turned off the genny the fridge would run just fine on propane until early the nes morning and I would get up to a check light again. Did this all four days. Propane tanks were both at 40%. Any ideas on why its doing this? Thanks yup...low voltage on your battery. simple things first...check water levels in each cell and add where needed (distilled water would be best) and charge your battery. once charged using a hydrometer (any hardware or automotive store) check each cell. also make sure that the post connections are clean and tight. i'm guessing you have a loose/dirty connection, you're either low on water or you have at least one weak or bad cell.
rk911 07/22/15 12:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Repair Cost List

Is there a list of ballpark MH repair/replacement costs? I've been poking around and can find figures here and there but not a list and thought I'd ask if anyone has one or knows where one is? such as: Tires $2000 -$3500 Generator replacement $ - $ Air Con Unit replacement $ - $ Transmission Overhaul $ - $ Etc. Thanks of the list you posted estimating tire replacement is the easiest. make a few calls and compare pricing. and you want an out-the-door price...mounted, balanced, new valves, etc. figure on replacing your tires no later than every 7-years (some folks will say 5-7 and others will say they've been driving on 20-yr old tires). the point is you can easily budget for tire replacement. what we do is set aside $X every month for RV maintenance and repair and an additional $X each month for tire replacement. all of the maintenance and repairs on our current MH have been paid for from this fund. same when I replaced all 6 tires 7-years ago.
rk911 07/20/15 01:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbee question for long timeRVer's

So I am contemplating retiring in a few years and buying an RV to long to full time RVing. The question is for those who have owned their MH 10+ years and bought a new one. Why did you get rid of the old one? Would you have felt comfortable still traveling with the old and just wanted all the new updates? I'm thinking of getting one that is 10 - 15 years old as the prices (for the right one properly maintained) seem to be exceptional. We have never RV'ed before and I 'm thinking 2 years of RVing and then go from there. We may hate it and quite after 6 months or we may love it and hit the road for the rest our health. So my thinking is get a well maintained older model and put a several thousand into it to get up to snuff then if we decide after 6 months to sell it then I can dump it without to much heartburn. I'm afraid if I rent one first for a week or so and we have a bad experience the wife is going to nix the whole idea. I have been cultivating the idea for a while now and have gotten her from are you crazy to yeah maybe we can do this for a while if you really want to. We have been researching and looking at prices for a while trying to learn all we can not wanting to go in things blind. I would really like to get thoughts from those who own or have purchased older MH and the pros and cons. we just traded in our 15-yr old class A (89,000 miles) on a new 2016 class A. the old one was starting to nickel and dime us in repairs and the current set of tires were 7-yrs old. since we've been saving for a new one we decided that now was the time. we also kept our first class A for 15-yrs....I sense a trend. :)
rk911 07/19/15 02:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's the average of 5 MPG and 10 MPG?

50 miles one way 5 mpg going....used 10 gallons 10 mpg coming back......used 5 gallons 15 gallons used.....100 miles traveled------6.67 mpg round trip Where/how do you come up with 7.5 mpg?? Your math & thought process is flawed he left out the total miles driven in the OP and was simply adding 10+15 and then dividing by 2. 7.5 would be the correct answer if he was simply finding the average of the two numbers but that's not how one determines MPG.
rk911 07/19/15 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: What option would you add?

What options did you order from factory and dealer. I like the 38Q except it is too long for my road to the cottage so I have the 35G. I thought the washer/dryer was just an option but we now see it as a necessity. * we ordered a 6-way powered co-pilot seat. never did understand why the left seat was powered and the right seat was manual. * we didn't like the stock sofa and recliner that came with the 38Q...they were uncomfortable (especially that Euro-Style recliner) and butt-ugly. but we did like the sofa and recliner in the Meridian (they actually looked like a sofa and recliner) so we that's what we ordered. unfortunately for us the Meridian sofa was 6" too long for the space in the 38Q so the factory is making one for us. as for standard options we ordered * the queen bed (comes with actual, usable side tables) * the driver's door (our 2016 is a U1 model which is mostly a 2015 model. the 2016 U1s were only available for a short time. the 2016 U2 models have a completely redesigned cab and a driver's door is not available even as an option...or so the factory told us). * the Winegard Trav'ler sat dish antenna (Dish Network) * the in-dash AM/FM/Sat radio with GPS * vinyl tile throughout except for the slideout rooms, cab and stepwell where there will be carpeting. the 2016 U2 models have no carpets. * the 100-watt solar battery charger we did not add the washer/dryer since there is no storage under the bed and we've been getting along without one (washer/dryer, not the bed) just fine for the past 30-yrs. one of the things the dealer is doing is re-configuring that space into a closet. although final details have yet to be worked out the door to that cabinet will be removed and the rear TV will be re-located to the top 25% of the closet. the remaining 75% of the will have 1 or 2 pull-out drawers and maybe a shoe shelf. a sliding door will cover the lower 75% while the TV will have a built-in look on the top. whew. other customizations include window awnings, installing a PI Surge-Guard, different shower door, removing or disabling the keyless entry lock with an actual keyed lock, replacing the Jack antenna with a Winegard Sensar IV/Wingman (powered), water and electric powered reels, built-in vac system, wall safe, running a 30-amp DC power and ground cable from the coach batteries to the cab for my ham radio equipment and installing a CB antenna on the sidewall. double whew! as I said....this will very likely be our last MH sooooo what the heck.
rk911 07/12/15 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What option would you add?

I special-ordered mine. I just wish I had gotten all the options I paid for. I remember your constant dialogue on the Newmar Forum while having your motorhome built. I think you might have had them shaking their head quite often. :) You must have had every option available and then a ton of your own changes/additions. I would have loved to see the finished product! we've ordered what may well be our final MH from Winnebago. it's a 2016 Itasca Suncruiser 38Q with several customized features from the factory and several more after arrival at the dealer. we kept each of our two prior MHs for 15-years each and this one will likely be no different. if we keep it for the next 15-years i'll be 80 and while I hope to still be as active as I am today the odds are not favorable. so we decided..what the heck..and splurged.
rk911 07/11/15 05:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What option would you add?

Each year MH manufacturers come up with new features and gadgets that make you want to buy a newer motorhome. So here are 2 questions for you: 2: What feature/option do you wish MFGs made for a motorhome? easy. a rear emergency door. I would likely be able to exit out of the emergency window but I doubt the wife could and I wouldn't leave the wife.
rk911 07/09/15 08:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question about 30 amp vs 50 amp service

Does the plug have 3 prongs or 4 prongs. 30 amp has 3. 50 amp has 4. And yes, 30 amp is generally not sufficient to run two ACs and the other high current devices. unless, as in my current Itasca MH, your MH is equipped with an energy management system.
rk911 07/08/15 12:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another insurance question

Looking for good insurance on $500,000.00 value class A, Foretravel. Now with Nationwide and new rates killing me. Any suggestions on another company? Thanks Craig suggest you price quote all of the biggies...geico, progressive, state farm. we've had SF (last I heard they don't do fulltimers but it's been a while) since we were married in 1970 and my family had it before then. that should say something about how much we like SF.
rk911 07/05/15 06:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Waze app for navigation?

I use Co-Pilot also. What has concerned me about Waze is that the maps are edited by users. Anyone with an account can sign into the website and change a map - correctly, or maliciously. The phone also must have data connected for Waze to work and as their website says, this can use a lot of data. The maps coming from CoPilot are commercially produced maps and are free downloads that are stored on the phone or tablet - no need for any data while traveling, you have all of the maps for the entire country - or the maps for the regions you want. Copilot has RV mode and will route around low overpasses and propane restrictions - based on what you have set into your RV profile. For $10 this is an RV specific GPS that functions as well as the RV standa lone units. (CoPilot includes a one year subscription for traffic coverage which does use data but from my experience it uses very, very little data over a five hour trip. After the first year traffic costs $10 a year - or just don't have traffic and all other premium features work.) If you could install the maps on your phone and have Waze work without data I might consider it - but from what I see, you can't do any of that. while waze can be used as a GPS but it's really more of a real-time traffic app. I ran it continuously in my jeep on a trip between Chicago and Port Charlotte, FL. it didn't use a whole lot of data.
rk911 06/22/15 05:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Waze app for navigation?

Wondering if anyone is using the navigational aid Waze app on their Smart phone when on-the-road? How do you like it, and does it work everywhere you travel? I use it when driving cross country in the jeep but not in the MH. I find it more useful for traffic backups than anything else. google maps or INRIX traffic will do the same.
rk911 06/20/15 07:47am Technology Corner
RE: Pricing confusion???????????

The RV stealership, whoops, dealership is going to charge as much as they can... and there's nothing wrong with that, is there? or should there be price controls on RVs?
rk911 06/18/15 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Free Upgrade to Window's 10?

...I will probably only move to Win 10 when I build or buy a new machine. X2 and only when the major bugs have been exterminated.
rk911 06/18/15 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: Class A Insurance - Options

This "Topic" has been discussed but mostly with emotion. (JMHO) I am getting ready to renew? or change, we have been with Progressive and just need to shop the rates and coverage options. Appears to just keep going up - (sound familiar) just wondering if there are any surprises, good deals or new agents/companies to contact. Progressive Geico Allstate Nationwide Local agent These are the normal options and in the order I rated them what do you think, and why? In my 50 years paying in --- I have never had a claim, but feel like I've bought a New Coach. Just looking for a good option - so if you have something positive to add please join in. TIA, state farm unless you're fulltiming. I've been with SF since 1966 which should tell you something.
rk911 06/18/15 08:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pricing confusion???????????

So how or where can I find out what a RV actually sold for? It's not like a house, where the property transfers are public record. the dealer won't tell you...the buyer could tell you, if you can find him/her. otherwise you'll just have to make the best deal you can...best in terms of what you think, what's acceptable to you. remember, profit is not a dirty word. the dealer's job is to separate as much money from you as they can. your job is to minimize it.
rk911 06/17/15 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pricing confusion???????????

Was looking at an ad for a 2002 R-Vision Trail-lite 251 motorhome on RVTrader. It's listed by a dealer for $24,900. NADA average retail, accounting for mileage but no options added is $11,582. (This is the most my credit union would loan.) Almost alll the options to check as add-ons on the NADA guide are standard items on that type of motor home. The same model is listed on PPL as sold for $14,495. So over $13K difference in the highest and lowest in that range. HOW ON EARTH would you begin to know what to offer to buy? (Assuming all systems work and no major condition issues.) Very very baffling. something is worth only what someone is willing to pay. the fellow we bought our home from in 1988 was asked almost $50K more than we ultimately paid. we got it for about 76% of what he was asking. from his perspective it didn't hurt to ask for more...maybe someone would bite. if I were you and you were going to finance the whole thing (something I would advise against doing) I would use the max amount available to you as your red line but I would offer 75% of that as a starting point for negotiating. and any offer should be contingent upon a thorough inspection by a qualified RV tech. remember, you may love this particular RV but it's not the last one on Earth...you'll find others.
rk911 06/17/15 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Based P.V, Systems & New NEC Regs

Might be wise to figure out if these regs can somehow be warped in the future to apply to RV's and underwriter's fire insurance... PV System???? Photovoltaics or solar. thanks.
rk911 06/17/15 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Based P.V, Systems & New NEC Regs

Might be wise to figure out if these regs can somehow be warped in the future to apply to RV's and underwriter's fire insurance... PV System????
rk911 06/17/15 11:51am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10

I have yet to find a way to shut off updates in Win 8.1. What you can shut off are app updates but not OS updates - and when it decides to update you can not turn off the computer without letting the update download and install. I just went through this at a campground with limited wifi. If anyone can specify where to set a setting to stop this from happening please share details. As to updating to Win 10, make a full drive backup first just in case the update stinks worse than 8.1 does. I don't know Win 8.1 but in Win7 I would do the following to control OS updates: - Control Panel - Windows Updates - Change Settings
rk911 06/17/15 08:08am Technology Corner
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