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RE: Leaving seat while driving

DW gets up to use the toilet or get a snack/drinks for us while underway but, otherwise, stays seated. same here. it's dangerous but she does it.
rk911 01/24/15 10:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: need a little help in finding and choosing an rv park

i am doing some research before i decide to make the trip and have some questions. I might have an opportunity to work out of state and want to be ready if everything works out this way. I would be staying for 6-12 months with the flight home to see the wife and kiddo every month. i have a 36' fifth wheel toyhauler, just me no animals. i usually dry camp and only been to a park once a few years ago. how do you find rv parks in the area a want to be in? google search rv parks in a certain town? any other publications to look at? what kind of questions should i ask when i call parks? size of space, electric included, cellular service, cable, internet avalible????? what should i do or check on my trailer to be ready for fulltime hook ups? RV Park Reviews is a good place to start.
rk911 01/24/15 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: What is the most stressful part of driving your coach?

I've learned, even in the truck, it's far better to just take the next exit than risk an accident. Never get in a hurry . . . . . and I'm a guy that flies through the air on a motorcycle! my first flight instructor imparted this bit of wisdom to me..."Nothing good ever results from being in a hurry". good advice for living life.
rk911 01/24/15 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: need general advice

Dear All, Do this brings up an obvious stupid question that only now occurred to me. Does the engine have to be on in the toad for any of these mechanical (ready brake, or brake buddy like device) to work? You certainly can get braking in a power assist brake vehicle w/o engine on, but it is very stiff if no vacuum assist. Sorry for the dumb questions - a decade pulling a 5er with electric brakes never taught me this stuff... Steve not a dumb question. short answer, no. in my case we use the Unified Tow Brake from US Gear. it uses our Jeep's power braking system and is powered from the Jeep's battery.
rk911 01/23/15 09:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: What is the most stressful part of driving your coach?

idiot drivers who do not know how to merge into traffic from an interstate entrance ramp. I usually travel in the right hand lane and can see them coming dowm the ramp. if I can I will move over. I frequently see these nervous nellies slow down while coming down the ramp rather than accelerate. we've even seen several simply stop at the bottom of the ramp. if they're that afraid of the interstate then they should find an alternate route.
rk911 01/22/15 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best ways to keep RV cool inside in desert climate

we use the reflective foil on the inside of the windshield. I'd rather have the heat relecting cover on the outside of the windshield but we may be trading in shortly and don't want to spend the bucks for that. also park facing east or north to reduce the amount of sun hitting the windshield.
rk911 01/22/15 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: need general advice

Hi Folks, New Winnebago View 24M. Pulled a 5er for over a decade. We want to be able to tow our 4WD Wrangler. Need suggestions on tow bar, baseplate, and supplemental breaking. I want EASY and safe to use. Also, from what I can guess, I will need to have the jeep key in accessory mode, so the front wheels are not locked. I assume the connection from hot connection on coach to toad will keep battery from dying. Thanks in advance for any advice. Steve we use a Blue Ox towbar and baseplate with our '03 wrangler or '10 liberty. the supplemental brake is from US Gear.
rk911 01/22/15 08:08am Dinghy Towing
RE: Free Water Fillup

I'm still new to traveling with a TT. I also read about not traveling with a full water tank, so this past summer,I dragged my son's (now mine) TT to Wyoming where he was going to be Camp host. When we got to the closest town (Alpine) I asked where I could get some bulk water or for directions to a water store. They never heard of such a thing.:@ (They are all over Az.) No place in town to fill the tank. Luckily, the local grocery store let me use their spigot to fill the tank. Curly truck stops and gas stations are two places we've loaded up with water in the past...at no charge I might add. never have heard of a 'water store'. as I mentioned we always leave home with a full tank and replenish it as needed from known-to-be-good sources, usually the CG or RV park we're in and where we've used the fresh water hookup.
rk911 01/22/15 08:05am RV Lifestyle
RE: Microsoft finally prices Windows correctly.

Further speculating... it's a hook to get you onto a subscription plan. Your first year of Windows is free, then you either have to renew, uninstall or live with limited functionality. Yes it's the way many companies are raking in more money. Sell you software or operating systems that expire in a year so they continue to increase sales. I stopped buying $1500 Adobe Creative Suite software now that they are monthly & yearly subscription based. Thankfully, Apple sells one version of each new OS, not business, home, etc. like Micro$oft, for just $29 and free updates. As far as skipping Windows 9, a truer statement is Micro$oft wanted to leverage their marketing with a Windows 10 versus an Apple OS X (OS ten). it's a 'buy once, pay forever' plan.
rk911 01/21/15 06:19pm Technology Corner
RE: IPad not recognizing WIFI

Charlie D......The Home button on the IPad is a round button located on one side of the front. Pressing tht button alone will take you back the initial screen with all the icons for the aps. nomad927.........Tried the hard reboot & it didn't work. rk911 & 100ton...........Discarded my WiFi on the IPad and added back....."IT WORKED" :B I am wondering why I didn't think of that....:S I am also wondering why the lady from Apple didn't know that..:? Thanks for the replies & especially rk911 for coming up with the answer. Big Rig you're most welcome. glad to be able to help.
rk911 01/21/15 06:17pm Technology Corner
RE: IPad not recognizing WIFI

I have my IPad setup to automatically connect to my WIFI at home. When I open the cover to wake it up, it doesn't see the WIFI. I can go to the settings & it shows that it is connected to my WIFI but it will not work on the WIFI. If I turn the WIFI off & then turn it back on, it will start working or I can turn the IPad off & on & that also makes it start to work. As long as I am using the WIFI, it continues to work. It almost feels like it is timing our if I don't use it for a while. It started doing this a couple months ago after I upgraded to IOS 8. I called Apple & they had me reinstall IOS 8 but that didn't help. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Big Rig remove that wifi connection from the list and then re-establish it.
rk911 01/21/15 11:22am Technology Corner
Considering New Itasca/Winnebago 38Q

We're in the R&D phase of looking for a new Class A MH. We've looked at the Itasca Suncruiser/Winnebago Adventurer 38Q and like what we see. I'm looking for comments from folks who actually own this specific model...comments both good and bad. Happy with your choice? Would you do it again? Ability to climb mountain grades while towing? Things to watch out for? Things you wish it had? Any chronic maintenance issues?
rk911 01/21/15 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: To stock or do not stock

we're not in hurricane country (suburban Chicago) but we do the same thing. we stock the MH at the beginning of the season and empty it at the end. we keep separate sets of clothing, pots, pans, toiletries and the like in the MH year round. about all we need to add before departing is perishable foods, some electronics and a few other things. the KISS principle in action.
rk911 01/20/15 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Newbie in need of "Getting Started" info

Yes, have checked with GMC, and have gone over the instructions in the OM. The Canyon 4x4 can be flat towed. ok, good. next is to make sure it's not too heavy to be towed. to determine that you need to know what your MH weighs as it is loaded and configured for travel...on each axle. that includes fuel, water, clothing, food, pets, people and 'stuff'. in general, the maximum amount of weight you can safely tow will be the lesser of the following: • the GCWR (gross combination weight rating) of the MH minus the actual weight of the MH as it is loaded for travel (includes fuel, fresh water, food, clothing, people, pets, supplies, etc) • the weight rating of your tow bar • the weight rating of your hitch this is why it's vital to know what your MH weighs as it is loaded and configure for travel before choosing a toad. Your MH will not collapse if it is overloaded but you will experience handling issues as well as longer braking distances and accelerated wear on suspension, brakes, steering, etc.
rk911 01/19/15 03:24pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Newbie in need of "Getting Started" info

sounds like you intend to tow flat...all 4-tires on the ground. do you know/have you checked to be sure your GMC CAN be towed in this manner?
rk911 01/19/15 03:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Free Water Fillup

Hello I am going on my 2nd RV with my New Coachmen 385DS this Thursday. I was reading that travelling with a full tank of fresh water is not advisable. As it increases weight and has a extra cost on fuel. However, the we are staying onsite at the greensboro coliseum,NC. The site only included electrical hookup, and no water or waste. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places that you can fill you fresh water before arriving onsite. Many Thanks Danny after a bad experience at a park where the water system was shut down by the public health dept (e-coli) we always travel with full or near full tank of water. the full tank adds about 625-lbs to the overall weight of the MH. configured for travel we weigh in at just over 19,000-lbs. the water represents about 3.2% of the total weight which is negligible in terms of MPG. the first time you run into bad water you'll be happy your tank is full.
rk911 01/19/15 03:12pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Walmart Locator

I have always used Allstays.com to find a walmart and to check if you could overnight there. I just tried to use it and it appears that ypu have to subscribe. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another site that can be used? Thanks this comes up a lot and I always wonder why someone would rely on a 3rd party app with a database that is who knows how old/accurate when you can get the same data straight from the horse's mouth by using the free WalMart app. :h ya gotta call or stop by the store anyway to receive permission to park overnite anyway.
rk911 01/18/15 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2dr wrangler

Would a 2dr wrangler be a good vehicle choice behind a 2004 WFB 30B Winnebago Sightseer with a Ford V10? We are considering the Winnebago and wondering if the Wrangler would be a good fit or are there better choices? Thanks for your responses we tow either a 2003 2d wrangler or a 2010 4d liberty. e-z to connect and disconnect and no time/distance/speed restrictions. just make sure the particular model jeep you are looking at has a manually selectable neutral position in the transfer case.
rk911 01/18/15 04:05pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Best type of vehicle to tow behind a motorhome

Looking for suggestions on the best type of vehicles to tow behind a motorhome. All experience shared is appreciated. jeeps provided the model has a manually selectable neutral position in the transfer case. no time/distance/speed restrictions. what else could you ask for?
rk911 01/18/15 04:03pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Who's Looking Out for Our Interests?

The OP is simply challenging Trailer Life magazine to call a spade a spade, hoping that Good Sam is big enough to stand up to the manufactures and force them to improve their quality. I think they are, and wouldn't deny the opportunity to sell Camping World their products. We can't improve the quality of RV's by walking with our wallet. We want to go camping, and need to purchase the equipment the best suits our needs. The only thing we can do is research and use our opinions to purchase the "least poorly constructed" product. To truly walk with our wallet will be to abandon our pastime and switch to boating, playing golf etc... That's not going to happen, so we will have to keep buying junk. I would have gladly paid several thousand more for a better put together trailer. This is mostly in regards to having the assembly workers actually doing their job to a higher level of quality. your premise assumes that every TT, TC, MH and 5'er is junk...different levels of junk but junk nonetheless. I don't agree with that premise. there is a vast difference between junk and maintenance requirements. how many problems that we read about have their toot cause in poor maintenance, maybe no maintenance (I personally know people that NEVER change the oil in the vehicles) or who otherwise abuse their vehicles.
rk911 01/16/15 03:43pm General RVing Issues
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