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RE: I-Phone for Each Spouse?

If we get I-phones, should I get 2, one for each of us. Or do you guys make do with one I-phone per family? we each have one as we're sometimes out doing separate errands and such.
rk911 11/23/15 06:49am Technology Corner
RE: Crossing border into U.S. from Vancouver with 39' MH

rk 911: I have crossed in an 18 wheeler twice this year And once in our MH. The customs people are rude and almost obnoxious. In our 45 years of RVing and crossing into the US this was the only border where they treat you with disrespect. Was the same last year. In most other crossings it is just the opposite. Moisheh having spent 35 years working public safety communications I handled my fair share of complaints from the public about "rude" 9-1-1 operators some of which were valid but the overwhelming majority were not. in 90% of the cases the operator was doing their job determining the what, where, when and who in about 60-seconds. rudeness is almost always in the eyes of the beholder. beyond that I don't want warm and fuzzy border inspectors. I want no-nosense, slightly intimidating persons giving very close inspection to those who are requesting admittance to our country. I'm sorry you had a bad experience as there is no excuse for overt rudeness but try to understand the pressures these men and women are under and approach your next crossing with that in mind.
rk911 11/18/15 07:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much hitch drop?

Setting up our first towed. The hitch receiver on the coach is 20” off the ground. The attachment points on the car will be about 12”, a difference of about 8”, which is too much. I need a hitch receiver drop. I read that the drop between the coach end and the towed attachment end should be between 0” and 4”. Should I try to get the tow bars near level by buying an 8” drop, or aim for the middle of the target range with a 6” drop? Thanks! Wayne if an 8" drop will get your toad level with the MH hitch then get an 8" drop. level is best. don't skimp.
rk911 11/18/15 07:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crossing border into U.S. from Vancouver with 39' MH

...The whole bunch should be fired! Moisheh why?
rk911 11/17/15 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bluetooth for car

My wife just purchased a 2014 Hyundai Elantra that does not have Bluetooth for phone. I was shopping around and found a lot of devices. Anyone use one that they like with good connectivity and speaker clarity. Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset. I have an older model that slips over the outside of my ear. works great.
rk911 11/15/15 12:55pm Technology Corner
RE: iOS 9.x and an iPhone 5S

How long ago did you upgrade? There is a 9.1 that came out about a day after 9 the update I have is 9.1 and I have powered off/on. apparently this is not a bug in the download but a bug in the OS, right?
rk911 11/14/15 02:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Waze App

iOS 9 on my iPhone 5S and Waze is working just fine. deleting it from your phone is not enough. delete it from your iTunes library and then re-download and install.
rk911 11/14/15 09:00am Technology Corner
iOS 9.x and an iPhone 5S

I just upgraded the OS on my iPhone 5S to iOS 9. the result is that I no longer have a landscape view in some apps, notably Safari. I've looked for a new option in 'settings' to no avail. is this a bug?
rk911 11/14/15 08:58am Technology Corner
RE: So Long

Just found out Old-Biscuit got booted from this forum. Just want to say thanks for your years of technical advise. You will be missed.:h why would he get booted???
rk911 11/13/15 01:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: My camper came with tires filled with Nitro air

Can I use regular air to top off the tires if it is under pressure? I just don't know if it is okay to mix two different of air. scam and a profit center. unless you're going to enter an Indy Car or NASCAR race save your money and use regular air. yes, you can mix the air. you may not be aware that the air we breathe is mostly nitrogen (78%), oxygen makes up just 21%.
rk911 11/11/15 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wiring from RV 7 way to Toad vehicles existing lights?

I would not install diodes into the current wiring but instead install a totally separate wiring harness and a set of extra bulbs in the taillights. when you're hooked up to the MH the umbilical will use the separate wiring harness and bulbs. when driving the toad you'll use the mfg wiring harness and bulbs. we did this on our '03 Jeep Wrangler after multiple failures of diodes leaving us with no taillights or brake lights on the Wrangler. we now tow a 2010 Jeep Liberty that uses a separate wiring harness. no problems in the last 5-years. if you don't need to leave the key in your ignition in the ON:UNLOCKED position you likely won't need a charge line as nothing will be on. our Liberty is towed with the txfr case in neutral, the tranny in park and no key in the ignition (steering wheel does not lock).
rk911 11/05/15 08:32am Dinghy Towing
RE: Pay for parts up front?

I've never been asked to pay up front except on mail or phone orders. do you have a history with the shop? maybe compromise at 50% now, 50% upon delivery or install?
rk911 11/04/15 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: The ultimate TOAD...but you'll have to trailer it. Tesla

we'll look into an electric car when re-charging or replacing the batteries takes about the same amount of time as filling up the tank and I can get 400-miles on a charge with some charge left over. did the Tesla dealer give you any insight into when that might be achieved? good luck with your search. With a 200-mile range, the Model III would be great as a toad. How far beyond your RV are you realistically going to travel in a day? The downside is recharge time. At 120V it could take a couple of days to fully recharge the batteries from fully depleted. A couple of friends of mine have Chevy Volts and love them. Not a huge range on them, but there is the gasoline engine backup. One of them just filled up his tank for the first time since May. They're good commuter cars, and as such probably good toads as well. Decent looking cars, too, IMO, unlike some other options out there (Tesla aside). I'm referring to a daily driver not just a toad (although we do tow our daily driver). I make at least one trip in the car between Chicago and Florida each year. the 200-mile range wouldn't be too bad if the re-charge took 15-minutes. likely not gonna happen in my lifetime (I'm 65).
rk911 11/02/15 03:40pm Dinghy Towing
RE: The ultimate TOAD...but you'll have to trailer it. Tesla

we'll look into an electric car when re-charging or replacing the batteries takes about the same amount of time as filling up the tank and I can get 400-miles on a charge with some charge left over. did the Tesla dealer give you any insight into when that might be achieved? good luck with your search.
rk911 11/02/15 02:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Where do Luxury Coach's stay...??

not sure if what we drive could be termed luxurious or not...2016 Itasca Suncruiser 38Q...but we tend to avoid the higher end resorts primarily due to cost. we have stayed at some of the Outdoor Resorts parks and find them quite nice but unless they're the only option we'll look elsewhere. we used to boondock overnight between here and there in parking lots (Wally, Flying J) but those were the days when I was driving 10-12 hrs. now that we're retired it's more like 4-hrs/250 miles actual driving per day. we start out around 10am and are usually hooked up and relaxing between 3 and 4pm. it takes us longer to get there from here but we're in no hurry.
rk911 11/01/15 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help switching old CRT tv with new flat screen

an HD television will receive a standard def (SD) signal just fine...no worries. and while you're at it if you are also looking to replace your over-the-air antenna understand that there is no such thing as an HD over-the-air antenna. whatever you're using now for OTA TV will work just fine with the new TVs. some unscrupulous sales critters will try and sell you an HD TV antenna but it's a scam.
rk911 10/31/15 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New DISH Subscriber With Questions

thanks to everyone who responded. some comments follow: @dutch_12078: based on a thread about a similar topic (maybe it was yours) i prepared a similar "script" but haven't used it yet. @ those who suggested using 'tech support', the CSR who gave me the argument on our first night was from 'tech support'. the next night i chose option '3', the dept that makes changes to programming packages. that CSR basically said it makes no difference which dept i choose for a service address change. i guess ill-trained CSR's are everywhere. @cmoecmoe: ok, on the zip code, craig. but i still don't understand what function the zip code performs if it's not needed to lock in the satellites or get the local programming. anyone?? the program guide with the new locals didn't download until i changed the zip code. @georgelesley: great tip! i will use that. is the 'bump' what causes the program guide to re-load? @sch911: we also have an OTA antenna on the RV but as you surely know reception is hit and miss in an RV. and we don't care about local programming, just the broadcast network programming. receiving it on the DISH means we can record it on our DVR. and our MH came with the Jack antenna which is at a fixed elevation. i had the dealer pull it with the idea of switching to a Winegard but after pulling the Jack we found that the Winegard has a smaller footprint than the Jack meaning I'd have leftover hole on the roof and on the lounge ceiling so I'm stuck with the Jack. *ReneeG & BB-TT: i wondered about that. on our first night out the park had a PO box address so i just used the address of another nearby RV park. i like the idea of 100 (insert street name here) idea! regarding the OTA module: i see a problem. like other RV our MH is also equipped with a cable TV input but there is no video switch. instead OTA and cable are both served with a single coax line. the TV input is switched to 'TV' and when the OTA amplifier is on OTA channels are tuned; when the OTA amp is off cable channels are tuned. in essence the OTA amp functions as a switch. if i can figure out the wiring I might try the same thing that Dutch is doing...feeding the OTA antenna to the TV and DISH receiver. @wa8yxm: excellent idea. thanks es 73. _____________________________ thanks to all. it's truly appreciated.
rk911 10/02/15 08:12pm Technology Corner
New DISH Subscriber With Questions

We took delivery of the new MH a couple of weeks ago and are on its maiden voyage. Banana Boat III is equipped with a Winegard Trav'ler automatic satellite dish and a DISH network Vip722k receiver/DVR. The system is setup to watch/record two different programs simultaneously...one on the front TV and another on the rear TV. This is our first encounter with satellite TV in general and with DISH in particular. We purchased the receiver and set up the accounts with Solid Signals, an authorized DISH network seller and they have been super. The dish works well and overall we're happy. But there have been a few hiccups for which I am getting conflicting answers. So I'm turning to those of you who are more experienced with DISH network for some straight answers. * local channels: I made it clear to the DISH guy and to Solid Signals that the service was for an RV and that we wanted to be able to get whichever local channels/networks that were available wherever we might find ourselves. Both DISH and the Solid Signals customer service reps told me..."no problem" and that all I needed to do was call DISH and change my service address whenever we needed to. They added that the address needed to be a valid USPS address. On our first night out I called DISH and asked to change my "service address" and that everything else in the account was staying the same. The off-shore CSR asked for the receiver ID and then promptly told me that the Vip722k was not compatible with that request. I asked for a supervisor and got the same response. The next morning I called the CSR at Solid Signals who set up our account. She told me that there are many DISH TV CSR's who are ill trained or lazy and either don't know how to or don't want to change a service address and that I might need to call 3 or 4 times in order to get the change made. sound about right? Tonight we're in a different location and I tried again. This time a DISH CSR in NYC said "no problem" but it took about 20-minutes for him to make the change. Should it take that long? He said he had to get someone to "override" whatever he was doing. ??? Which is going to be my typical response from DISH when I call to change the service address...the argument I received on the first night, the 20-minute call the second night or something else? are there any "magic words" I should be using when I call them? * Once the DISH CSR said that the service address change was made he said I had to re-load the guide and package by entering our local zip code in the installation menu (MENU:6:1:1). He said that was to ensure the dish antenna on the MH could lock onto the proper satellites. But the Trav'ler antenna had already locked onto sats 110, 119 and 129 and I had a picture and all of my channels prior to my calling DISH. Once I did enter the new zip code the receiver did a re-load that took about 15-minutes to complete and when done I had the new locals. What's the real purpose of changing the zip code??? Will doing that get the local channels without having to make a call to DISH? Do I even NEED to change the zip code or is it just a good idea to do it? Is the real reason for the zip code to force a re-load? So, what's the real skinny on all of this???
rk911 10/01/15 08:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Is upgrading from XP to Windows 7 worth it?

Stick with XP it is still being supported... not my Microsoft. no more updates, patches or fixes. XP was a wonderful OS but I wouldn't put it online. it'll still be fine for offline use, though. as for the OP...I would agree with the other post. you can still find new Win7 machines that can be upgraded to Win10 when the time comes.
rk911 09/23/15 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Getting rid of Road Trip grill - replace with Weber Q?

...I've read a LOT of folks recommending Weber. Which one to get?... this is the weber we use. smallish, folds flat.
rk911 09/22/15 06:57pm General RVing Issues
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