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RE: Ideas for TV in camper.

You have to pay to play. Easier and efficient (not sure what that means) would be Directv, but that requires money. or DISH Network. DISH has a pay-as-you-go plan.
rk911 03/28/18 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: "Tuner" for a V-10

.... if it breaks down on the road? who,s gonna know what was done to it? if it breaks down on the road wouldn’t the driver/owner know what was done?
rk911 03/27/18 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam's vs. KOA

value is about much more than cost. if you can't use PA when and where you need to use it then PA has no value. that was our issue. we could've used PA campgrounds nearly every day during our spring trip the year we had the membership but that would've meant traveling far out of our way to save a few bucks. OTOH, the GS parks were virtually everywhere and we'd rather be where we want to be and save 10% than drive miles out of our way to maybe save more...if there was a PA space at the campground in question and it was the right day of the week during the right month of the year.
rk911 03/27/18 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Going south IN the winter...

if you have the option to vary your departure date watch the weather not just at your home but for the first couple of nights on the road. we left the western burbs of Chicago on January 30 this year and while it was cold the roads were clear and we experienced no precipitation or winds. we actually hit a predicted warm bubble on night two in northern MS. our timing was perfect as we were able to de-winterize on night two and from that point on we needed to use our electric heat at night for us but temps were above freezing along I-10.
rk911 03/27/18 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam's vs. KOA

Ummm Neither. Passport America makes the most sense. that’s what we thought several years back so we bought a 1-yr membership. when trying to use it we learned that their parks we’re not anywhere close to where we were at the end of the day. the one time we did stay at a park that accepted PA we got a better deal by using the park’s weekly rate. besides, many (most?) PA parks only offer the discount on some sites on some days of the week during some months. we didn’t renew. we’ve been GS members for 32-yrs now and are happy. good luck.
rk911 03/26/18 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Samsung Residential Fridge Ice Maker Doesn’t Work?

Some do have ice maker problems. However, I found a second water valve behind the drawers to the left of the stove. I didn't check your floorplan so don't know what you've got. our itssca suncruiser's resi frdge also has a second water valve located in the exterior access panel. that's why i asked if your resi fridge has chilled, filtered water. if that's working AND the bail switch on the ice maker is down then the ice maker itself is likely the problem. othwerwise check the bail switch and your owner's manual for an additional valve.
rk911 03/25/18 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Samsung Residential Fridge Ice Maker Doesn’t Work?

are you getting filtered water in the fridge? also be sure the ice maker's wire bail is in the down position.
rk911 03/25/18 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Interstate Gas Stations that have Diesel

Hard to say. It could be rv friendly or not. We use the Next Exit guide which, I believe, has an app. We use the book, ordered off Amazon. It gives you info on every exit off a major interstate or highway and if it's rv friendly it's printed in red. we have the same book and have learned thru experience that the 'RV friendly' notation is not always true. not sure how the publisher defines 'RV Friendly' but about half the time upon arrival we find there is no way for us to enter the station much less exit. fyi.
rk911 03/22/18 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Festivals

both locations for Country Thunder have dry camping within earshot of the stage but not wothin visual range.
rk911 03/18/18 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance Cancelled

...I have no brand loyalty with anything or anyone and it's apparent that they don't have any loyalty to their long term customers, either. i’m curious as to how you would describe loyalty to long term customers? we’ve been state farm customers since 1970 and my folks had their auto insurance with SF for as long as i can recall. when i call i get a human in my agent’s office; my email queries are answered; the few claims we’ve had over the years have been handled quickly and fairly. what more can you ask?
rk911 03/17/18 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance Cancelled

Sounds like you have an independent agent. Get him/her to get you quotes from 2-3 companies. I've had very good experience with Acuity for home insurance. I believe they offer RV coverage. It's worth checking into. X2 on that. we've been with State Farm since 1970 and have had our motorhomes insured with them since we began this RV thing in 1986. a few claims here and there. but shop around or have your insurance broker do the shopping for you. just remember....all companies will be eager to take your money. what counts is what happens AFTER the sale.
rk911 03/17/18 12:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Collapsable drinking water hose... yay or nay

they may take up a lot less storage space but the entire length has to uncoil when in use. i use these for extra water hoses and electrical cords. same small storage but you don’t have to unwind entire length to use them
rk911 03/17/18 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Ham Radio in a new Wrangler

i struggled with the same probkem in my soft top '03 TJ. i finally mounted the radio body in the 'trunk' and the control head on an articulated Lido mount attached to a slanted flat spot to the left of the shifter and ahead of the parking brake lever. i use a strip of velcro along the top of the control head and another along the bottom edge of the upper dashboard to keep the control head from shaking and vibrating while in motion. the control and power cables were easily run to the 'trunk' and into the engine compartment. i mounted a dual-band Larsen glass-mount antenna on the top center of the windshield in a spot outside the arc of the wndshield wipers. the cable is tucked almg the top of the windshield. the speaker is mounted along the top just below where the soft top secures to the chassis. works well but it's a compromise. sorry, no pictures with us as we're on vacation.
rk911 03/16/18 09:55pm Tech Issues
RE: MN is passing a law to fine left lane drivers

I just came back from a 500 mile drive through a lot of Minnesota on I-35. The Minnesota drivers are horrible about driving in the left lane. There's one car doing 1 mph faster than the car in the right lane, and everyone just lines up behind them. Then that car finally passes the car in the right lane, but does he move over? NNNNNOOOOOOO! There he sits, because maybe there's another car farther down the road that he may have to pass. Awful, awful, awful. That's probably why they are passing the law. Although, in the article it does state that it is partly a matter of Law Enforcement. There are some laws dealing with this already but, they are not enforced very well. so what do the politicians...pass more laws! idiotic.
rk911 03/16/18 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: This may sound like a rant...

In the new age of driving, a turn signal, or the intent to change lanes means that you have to brake and let them in. The art of shoulder checking has all but disappeared with the advent of backup cameras, lane awareness sensors, self parking cars, oh and the total societal switch to entitlement. Those of us left with manners and an appreciation of safety and good driving habits are on the endangered species list. bingo! after casually talking with folks who have "smart cars" i got the sense that the attitude was 'i don't have to pay attention...the car will save me'.
rk911 03/13/18 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing House Batteries

size snd type? if you like and had good service from the batteries you’re replacing then check the mfg web page for dealers local to you and start making calls.
rk911 03/13/18 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rock protection for toad.

nothing. no real ding issues.
rk911 03/13/18 07:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: First time user satellite TV questions

Thanks Don we really not fanatical TV watchers but enjoy the series like NCIS, blue bloods etc. I am a news junky. I would like to keep it as simple as possible on the equipment side even if we sacrifice some quality in the picture So what are some brands to look for or do I get it all through a sat provider? Jesseannie recievers are either DISH, DirecTV or RF Mogul (RF Mogul makes both DISH and DTV equipment). quality in picture depends on your TV (analog or digital)...presumably you have a newer digital set. if that's the case unless you pay for HD you'll get SD TV from the sat providers (720p) which is good. suggest you stick with DISH or RF Mogul. RF Mogul sells compatible DISH equipment, knows RVs and RVers and can provide a turn-key solution including installation should you wish it. Another authorized re-seller is Solid Signals (1-877-312-4547). I would avoid the local DISH outlets...kiosks in the mall, store fronts, etc and DISH itself simply because they may not understand unique needs of RVers.
rk911 03/13/18 01:30pm Technology Corner
RE: First time user satellite TV questions

‘easy’ and ‘user friendly’ can mean different things to different people. an automatic satellite antenna either portable or roof mounted will simplify things for you. if portable...carry it out, connect the cable and push a button. if rooftop...push a button. each has pros and cons. portable... can be moved in case trees block a rooftop antenna but where do you keep it when traveling? a rooftop unit won’t walk away in the middle of the night. portable antennas MAY not receive HD programmng but may be easier to service when needed. then you’ll need a receiver compatible with the antenna and not all rcvrs are compatible with all antennas. iDISH has a pay-as-you-go plan; DirecTV does not. monthly service can be as expensive as you want but budget a minimum of $50 p/m. and several hundred to several thousand dollars for an antenna/receiver depending on models and capabilities (DVR?, 1-TV or multiple TVs watching the same or different programming?).
rk911 03/13/18 12:13pm Technology Corner
RE: This may sound like a rant...

my highway pet peeve are drivers who don’t know how to merge into traffic from an on-ramp. we see people coming to a “dead stop” or slowing down at the bottom of the ramp. people..people...it’s called an acceleration lane for a reason! i try to always move to the left when approaching an on ramp when i can’t see if traffic is coming down the ramp. in urban areas ona 3- lane road you’ll find me in the middle lane.
rk911 03/13/18 11:54am General RVing Issues
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