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RE: EMS systems???

I've been reading a lot about the need for surge protection between the camp site and the coach. Many have mentioned getting a progressive EMS but as I research, it seems I would need a separate one for 30A or 50A services. They are a bit pricey to get one for each service. For those of you that have them, do you just have one or the other or did you find something that wasn't too expensive and get one for each type of service? we just have the 50 (permanent mount with the remote monitor) as it will handle 30-amp hookups as well.
rk911 04/11/16 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing

When towing a vehicle behind a Class A, is it better to tow the vehicle on it's wheels, on a dolly or trailer? 4-down is much, much easier. and less hassle at campgrounds and RV parks.
rk911 04/11/16 08:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: picking up at airport

May need to pickup relatives at Tampa airport. Thinking at loud, would the cell phone lot be large enough to pull the motor home and jeep, disconnect and pickup at the terminal. get a campsite for a couple of nights and pick up your relatives in the jeep. if the jeep isn't big enough then spring for a cab.
rk911 04/11/16 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kwikee Step Auto Deploys After Long Drive

I've seen posts regarding steps that won't deploy; I have the opposite problem. After a long drive (more than an hour), when I come to a stop light, the motor home is still in Drive, my Kwikee auto step tries to extend but immediately retracts. If it's been a particularly long haul, it will do it multiple times. Campingworld couldn't figure out what was wrong, though charged me $129 anyway. My theory: Kwikee manual says that steps may operate erratically if the coach batteries are not fully charged. Note that the way my RV is wired, the coach batteries are not recharged by the engine alternator (not sure why, all my other rigs were wired differently). I'm thinking while I'm driving, I have a draw on the coach batteries...fridge & my GPS perhaps? Curious if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing with auto steps? what year/make/model MH do you have. Winnebago just issued a recall for certain models and model years for that very problem.
rk911 04/11/16 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Sat Radio

If I buy a sat Radio to use in the shop and house, will they light up the sat radio in my car on the same subscript, or will I have to put the new radio in the car and deal w/ a wiring mess ? when you subscribe to sat radio it's for a specific radio. where you use that radio is up to you. suggest you look for a mobile radio that offers a home docking device as an option. put a bracket in the car and the docking device in the house. that should make it ez to move from one to the other.
rk911 04/11/16 12:16pm Technology Corner
RE: insurance

I use State Farm for everything but my RV. I found for me that Progressive gave a better rate for more coverage. They even have a no deductible for the windshield which payed off for me in the first six months. we have $0 deductible for glass coverage on all our vehicles including the RV insured with state farm.
rk911 04/11/16 12:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

Closed..........for all the reasons mentioned As for 'planning' You're in a 'self-contained RV' Pull over at an exit/side road/wide spot.......and then use your facilities as needed. 5 yrs of FTng with a dog and a GF with small bladder. You just pull over where safe. Having spent 30+ yrs in CA-never counted on an Open Rest Area. Few and far. Lol, exactly what I was thinking. I'd park on the side of the road anywhere and....Rest, you don't need a designated area to do it. true, a rest area is not 'needed' but it's a heckuva lot safer than pulling off on tne shoulder of an interstate hwy (where the majority of rext areas are located). if no rest areas we'll chk 'next exit' and look for a wally, mall, etc...anything with a large pking lot.
rk911 04/11/16 01:00am General RVing Issues
RE: insurance

Insurance rates really vary from State to State!j it can pay to shop around. but lowest premium is not always the most important. i've been with state farm for nearly 50-years and they have always promptly and satisfactorily handled claims, questions, etc. having a local agent...soneone you can actually go to, meet with and talk to...nstead of a call center is worth a bit of extra cost. any company will be happy to see you as a new customer but how they treat you after they take your money is important. by the way, the premium for our '16 Suncruiser 37Q is roughly $1100 p/y. we live in illinois.
rk911 04/09/16 09:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

I'm heading west from NC on my way to Los Angeles along I-40. I've noticed that about 30% of the rest stops are closed. Why is that? Is it because of budget cuts, restoration, abuses by travelers? It can be a real hardship when there are so few rest stops to begin with and then you find the one you need is closed and the next one isn't for another 100 miles or more. It's particularly disruptive to me because I'm traveling solo on this trip and I don't have a navigator or travel planner working while I'm driving. The other day, I wanted to camp in Little Rock and had planned to reserve my campsite at the last rest stop before entering Little Rock. When I got there, the rest stop was closed. Now I was in a pickle. I had to find an exit and pull over at the side of the road to figure things out. ON EDIT: Please do not mention politics in your responses. If you think they are closed because of budget considerations, you can say that, just don't blame a political party or politics, etc. Let's try and stick with the facts without politics. I fear the thread will get shut down prematurely otherwise. in a word....money or more correctly the lack thereof.
rk911 04/09/16 11:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Glue remover

GooGone bumpy X2!
rk911 04/08/16 07:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you handle bad campgound power

I ALWAYS check voltage AND polarity before plugging in. afterwards I depend on our Progressive surge protector to protect us. and inside the coach I have a Good Governor voltage/polarity/cycle meter plugged into an AC outlet which constantly monitors the state of our electric hookup. For greater convenience I built this dongle so I can quickly check the campsite source for errors with a Prime Products AC Line Meter before plugging in. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ovk5IDza2IY1zutiylhhqu3kCFdhucKJhI59Fb5PXuTgV4Rflg2-Az8kQx1GxA2IxW1O-BfgWEPB=w376-h669-no height=400 width=230 Inside the camper I've used a Kill-a-Watt meter to monitor incoming voltage but now prefer using my Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Monitor Panel to keep an eye on incoming source voltage, confident the EMS will shut off the incoming source if it falls out of spec. I use the same exact meter to check the voltage/polarity at the post before plugging in. mine is just not in a nice dongle like yours. nice job! the monitor for our Progressive Surge Guard is also mounted inside.
rk911 04/06/16 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you handle bad campgound power

We wouldn't plug in. We'd ask for a refund and find another park or else wouldn't use the electric. Why would you risk damage? X2 Yes you check the voltage and it might only be 5 volts over when you plug in but what will the voltage be later. Checking voltage only protects you that very second. Unless you are going to to stand by the pedestal staring at the meter ready to unplug if voltage goes up or down meters are no protection. no, they're not but checking voltage AND polarity before plugging in is prudent. can something go wrong afterwards? sure it can and that's where a surge protector can protect you. remember, a tire can go flat 5-mins after checking. doesn't mean you don't at least occasionally check your tire pressure before taking off. us? I ALWAYS check voltage AND polarity before plugging in. afterwards I depend on our Progressive surge protector to protect us. and inside the coach I have a Good Governor voltage/polarity/cycle meter plugged into an AC outlet which constantly monitors the state of our electric hookup.
rk911 04/06/16 04:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: new antenna?

Thanks guys for all the information sorry but I was looking up all the things that were mentioned since I'm new to this. I have a winegard antenna but that is all it says. No other information on it anywhere so I guess that's what I have. On the inside I have the box with knobs that say tv 1, vcr, tv2. & there is a box by energy star that says digitalstream for you and the poster who has "a box of many buttons"...those are distribution panels or switches which direct/switch over-the-air TV signals, cable TV signals, satellite TV, a DVD player, VCR, DVR, etc. to/from the various TV sets in the RV. the OP asked about replacing his rooftop antenna due to its age. replacing the antenna head and/or coax will likely improve reception of over-the-air TV signals resulting in either better picture on his TV set(s) or reception of additional TV stations. the first thing I would do is replace the short length of coax between the antenna and rooftop connector and then add the Winegard Wingman (for better UHF reception). then I would see if my reception was better. if not then I would replace the antenna head.
rk911 04/06/16 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Missing Cell Phone Log

So, I have a question for all you cell phone experts. Chevy and/or my dealer sold my name to an aftermarket warranty company. When I get these calls, I usually put them on my reject list and only if they use another number (like Rachel from card services) do I get bothered again. Just a few minutes ago, my phone never rang and I got an alert that I had a voicemail. It was from the warranty people for a vehicle I don't own anymore. I went to the phone log to put it on reject and there is no record of an incoming call. Is this some new technology or is my phone acting up? Just curious. I'd hate to have card services leave multiple voice mails with no way to block them....... my smartphone call log offers two options....ALL calls and MISSED calls. did you check both??
rk911 04/06/16 04:06pm Technology Corner
RE: new antenna?

at a minimum I'd replace the length of coax between the antenna and the roof connector as well as the connectors themselves. if it were me and assuming you have the Winegard batwing I'd replace the head with the new Sensar IV head/Wingman. but be sure to change the coax.
rk911 04/05/16 12:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you handle bad campgound power

Here is the scenario: Long travel day. We pulled into to a combination trailer park/campground near the interstate. Paid for the site, and was told to pick any open spot in the campground loops. I pulled into an open pull-thru site. I have a Pioneer portable Electrical Management System. When I plugged in the EMS, I got a high voltage error code, and no power. I walked to an adjacent site, plugged in the EMS, got the same results. So, I tried a pedestal on a different loop, but got the same result. I think the voltage was about +5. What would you do? I was really tired. There were several other rigs plugged in. I just plugged in without the EMS. did your EMS tell you what the voltage was?? nominal voltage is 110 (some sources state nominal is 120v) +/- 10% or 99-108v to 121-132v. in 30-years we've never experienced low voltage (lower than 99-volts). we normally find voltage at between 112-119v. I ALWAYS check voltage with a meter prior to connecting. is it possible your EMS system's tolerances are set too tight? given the set of facts you presented I likely would've plugged in without the EMS but then again I would've known what the voltage was at the pedestal. if it was 100 or lower or 130 or higher I would not have plugged in.
rk911 04/04/16 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black tank beatles: No more dumping!

A new product uses dung beetles to consume waste in the black tank. http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/news/besttank-industries-announces-black-tank-beetles/ I was involved in the beta testing during my trip to Florida last month, and it worked out very well. http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/Black-Tank-Beetles.jpg height=150 width=450 happy april fools day, everyone! nicely done!! ;) ...
rk911 04/01/16 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Toad Brake laws

Hello all.... So we have the class A and the Subaru stick shift, now it's time to set the two up. I got a hold of friends in CO, I'm in CA, they tow a Subaru like mine. CO law does not require a brake system on the Subaru! Is there a site that covers this? Seems if any state would require toad brakes it would be CO...with the Rockies and all. The Subaru weighs 3160 lbs. Any info here would be appreciated. Thanks much Mike Mikestatland@gmail.com mike, there are a few online websites that purport to have summarized the towing/aux brake laws in the various states. you can always call the DMV in CO and ask. but beyond that why wouldn't you want to have an aux braking system on your Subaru? God forbid something happens I'd rather be able to say I tried to mitigate the damage by having an aux braking system than vice versa. I bet if you check with the mfg of your motor home you'll find out that the brakes on your MH are engineered only for the GVWR of the MH and not the MH plus toad.
rk911 03/28/16 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hydraulic Levelers

Is the return spring worn out? it's either that or a bad solenoid. I've had both on a previous MH.
rk911 03/27/16 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: SkyMed Policy?

There was something on the news recently about some problem with them. Might need to check it a bit closer. Something about folks ending up with a huge bill. the "problem" is the huge charge for air ambulance services that many insurance companies are only covering a small portion of.
rk911 03/27/16 11:49am General RVing Issues
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