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RE: Pearl Harbor Day

I would like to thank any readers of this forum for your service in WWII! Is there any people on this forum that served in WWII? Also anyone on this website that there parents served in World War II! You are not forgotten! and nary a mention of it in either of our daily newspapers this morning. shameful. thanks to all of the vets who have served and to those who gave it all.
rk911 12/07/14 01:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: insurance

your best bet is to comparison shop around. avoid the bargain basement insurers...The General, etc...they're great in taking your premiums but short on everything else. we've had State Farm on all of our vehicles forever. great service, reasonable rates, etc. if you're not a fulltimer then check them out as well.
rk911 12/06/14 12:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Changes Coming to Jeep Wrangler

I read somewhere that they will be built in China. Maybe just a rumor. as far as I know as of today everything but the manual tranny is made right here in the USA. the manual tranny is mfg in brazil and the vehicles are assembled in Toledo, OH.
rk911 12/03/14 02:12pm Dinghy Towing
RE: To Plan or not to Plan

That is the dilemma. In the past, I worked full time and could only travel on weekends, vacations or holidays -- the most crowded times of the year with the least time to waste. I planned the major details like where we are going and where we are staying. Sometimes, I planned 9 months in advance just to get into a popular campground. But the downside to planning was A) the work involved and B) the commitment to the plan. Now we are fulltiming and I find that long term planning is becoming a hinderance. Things come up that don't fit into the plan such as maintenance, chance meetings, discovering new things, etc. So, what can I do? I still need to have some idea where I'll be so that I can receive my mail and schedule appointments, but when is enough, enough? back in the pre-MH days when we were doing the motel thing on trips I would plan out the entire day. where we were having lunch, getting gas, stopping for the night. the whole shebang. Inside I was miserable and was likely making the wife miserable. it was all about the journey and not in a good way. I made a radical change. instead of a detailed plan we basically selected a direction and headed that way. no plan other than a vague destination which frequently changed. I recall one year, still pre-MH, where we sat in the driveway still unsure if we were heading south or west. we picked west and wandered and meandered our way out there and back for a full month. as we've gotten older we've found that a mix of the two methods is best for us. we tend to go to the southwest for 3-months in the spring along the same route and stopping at the same places along the way but making time to see and go places that we've not seen before. in the fall we're more spontaneous and likely to blow with the wind for 3-months...more of 'I wonder what's around that curve' and less structure. another change we made was how many hours a day we drive between here and there. the norm in the car was 12-hrs. we were both working and, like you, there was not a lot of time to waste. after we retired that habit carried over to the MH trips. then one day as we were returning from a spring trip to Arizona we were EB on I-40 near Tucumcari, NM, fighting the wind all the way. we hadn't been on the road for more than 2-hrs when I decided to pull off the hwy at a Flying J truck stop to rest. as we were getting ready to head back out I saw an RV park just down the road from the truck stop. we decided to call it a day right then and there...at noon! that was a turning point. now we usually limit our driving day to 5-hours. 2-hrs in the morning, a 1-hr lunch stop followed by 2-additional hours of driving. we're usually setup in the campground or RV park by 3pm. we are now truly enjoying the journey. as for mail...virtually all of the mail we must have...bills mostly...have been switched to e-mail and the associated payments are direct-debited from the bank account. we've been doing that for the past 15+ years with no hitches whatsoever. the rest, magazines and junk, can wait till we return home. my bro-in-law lives in our home while we're gone and if the odd piece of mail comes in that we need to see he opens it, scans it and e-mails the PDF to us. good luck and safe travels to you.
rk911 12/03/14 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Changes Coming to Jeep Wrangler

Hopefully the JEEP WRANGLER will retain the TRANSFER CASE it shouldn't be a problem... I kick my 99 Jeep Wrangler drive shaft out of gear and nothing spins up in the transmission when being towed... Better gas mileage would be a PLUS for me.. Roy Ken same here. we usually tow our '10 Liberty KK but still pull the '03 Wrangler TJ now and then.
rk911 12/02/14 02:51pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Changes Coming to Jeep Wrangler

Someone needs to proof read their articles! "The iconic utility vehicle is slated to be fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission that will ease its fuel consumption." I think we want the fuel consumption "decreased" not increased! either way it is good for the Wrangler. and I`m sure it will still have a selectable T-case. it will ease (decrease) it's fuel consumption.
rk911 12/02/14 02:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Facebook.....weird language

...Open up a private blog or better yet buy a dot com for a couple of bucks and keep in touch privately with your family that way. that's the choice we made. we use IX Webhosting.
rk911 12/02/14 02:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Facebook.....weird language

If it is only on the new machine, and not on the old machine, I vote that it is a problem with the new machine, not with Facebook. I agree. sounds like a font issue with whatever browser the OP is using.
rk911 12/02/14 09:00am Technology Corner
Changes Coming to Jeep Wrangler

Saw this and since a lot of us tow Jeeps I thought this would be of interest to the group. Although we didn't buy our Jeep for it's fuel economy it would be a nice plus to see the MPG increase.
rk911 12/02/14 07:58am Dinghy Towing
RE: Facebook.....weird language

log out Facebook and don't log back in. The only thing you will lose is the strange language, there is nothing else there of any value. I disagree, it is the way I keep in touch with the family 1500 miles away. We are there because that is the preferred way the Nieces and Nephews and great Nieces and great Nephews communicate these days. are you seeing the strange font anywhere else online or just on facebook?
rk911 12/02/14 07:48am Technology Corner
RE: Cell phone passcode?

How important is it to have your phone on a passcode before entrance?. Sure seems like a PITA especially when my iPhone has to slide button before it goes to the passcode screen. takes maybe a second or two to enter and it would slow down a thief or someone finding the phone if I were to lose it.
rk911 11/30/14 05:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Odometer miles on tow vehicle

I thought that if the wheels are on the ground and turning, the odometer will register... Could be wrong (often am), but willing to learn. neither of our jeeps register mileage while being towed.
rk911 11/29/14 06:08pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Diesel vs gas, good video for those with that question!

all this HP and torque talk is nice, esp going up hill. I always wondered why people think it is so darn important to go up a hill as fast as they do on the flats. I have never worked a truck or car that hard in my life. I go steady and easy up hills. hardly going over 3500 rpm's at any one time. I guess I'm just not that big of a hurry. I don't need to go up as fast as I do on a straight and level. but I do want to be confident that I will reach the crest and, occasionally, crawling up the grade at 20-mph does not give me confidence.
rk911 11/28/14 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel vs gas, good video for those with that question!

You will not have any problem with the MH you are looking at. The 5 speed trans. will help a lot both going up and down grades. More torque is a good thing also.But what will really make the difference is more HP. It is the HP to weight ratio that gets things done faster in a MH. Like going up grades. The 60 more HP will really help, assuming the MH's weight about the same. This will cause posts from those who feel torque is the most important, and it is a good thing because more torque means more HP. I did design engines for 35 years so I do have first hand experience in this matter. You asked to keep this simple, so I did not go into the math behind these statements. I hope this helps. the weight will almost certainly be more than the 19K+ our MH currently weighs simply because the MH we're looking at is larger (38' compared to 35'). it's doubtful we'll be carrying more stuff with us but the MH empty weight will certainly be more. I thought that torque was more important than HP in climbing grades.
rk911 11/28/14 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel vs gas, good video for those with that question!

I just found this video, it might help those with questions. Clicky we're having this very debate at the moment...gas or diesel...and I'm trying to reach a rational decision. we've had two gas coaches over the last 30-years and it's been a mostly good experience. the only issue I have with gas is pulling a grade. our current MH is a 35' 2000 Itasca Suncruiser class A. rolling weight as we're normally loaded is just a tad over 19,000-lbs usually pulling a 2010 jeep liberty (3600-lbs) for total weight around 22,600-lbs, +/-. the RV is on the ford f53 super duty 20,500-lb chassis with a Triton V-10 6.8-litre engine and 3-spd tranny with OD. the spec sheet for this engine shows 305hp and net torque of 425-lb ft at 4250-rpm. there have been a few grades out west that were a concern. we were able to climb all of them but some slowly...very slowly. I worry about what would happen if I were to lose momentum and somehow couldn't regain it. we're currently looking at the Winnebago Adventurer/Itasca Suncruiser 38Q also on the ford f53 26,000-lb chassis with a triton 6.8l SEFI engine with 362hp and a 5-spd tranny with OD delivering 457-lbs ft @ 3250-rpm. just looking at raw numbers that doesn't seem to be much better than what we currently have although it's generating more torque at a lower rpm. all else being equal does that translate into a better climb rate? significantly better or marginally better??? does the 5-spd tranny (vs the 3-spd we have now) make a difference? will that enhance the engine braking on the downhill side of the climb? on our current MH turning off the OD and shifting into 2nd doesn't provide much engine braking going down? i'm not a gearhead and would love to get a "shirt sleeve English" explanation of all this. also looking for some real-world experience from those who have this same chassis, gas engine and 5-spd tranny and who have traveled in the mountains (Loveland pass, anyone?) with similar weights and toads. what has been your experience climbing the grades? good, bad? knuckle-biting or smooth sailing? yes, I know there are other issues to be considered. mileage, noise, ride and so on. i can deal with those more easily thru a test drive (which I have avoided up to now...I don't want to fall in 'lust' with a diesel without a clear understanding of the torque issue). thanks.
rk911 11/28/14 10:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ipad charger cord question

I can't charge my iPad Air2 off the computer but it will charge if I plug it into the TV's USB. must not be enough voltage at the PC's USB. is it USB 1x, 2x or 3x? that may be the difference.
rk911 11/27/14 02:39pm Technology Corner
RE: ipad charger cord question

Mine charges from my computer. Bruce as does my iPad mini. is the iPad air different?
rk911 11/27/14 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Nice clean hands while hooking up the toad

Yep, gloves are something you need to wear with the tow bar hook-up. That seems to be one of the dirtiest jobs around the RV. really? I've not experienced that problem. but then I don't wear gloves while dumping either.
rk911 11/27/14 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ipad charger cord question

Ihave an ipad Air tablet, purchased earlier this year. I'm curious about the cord that runs from the charger to the ipad. One end of the cord is a standard USB plug. I've never tried plugging it into my laptop out of concern I might damage something. Can this cord be safely inserted into the USB port on my laptop, and for what purpose? Thank you for your assistance. if it is the cord that came with your iPad you can use that cord to charge or sync the iPad to iTunes. to charge, plug the standard USB connector into a USB2 or newer port on your PC or MAC or get a standard USB-to-AC outlet adapter and charge that way. periodically syncing your iPad to iTunes on your PC or MAC will ensure that you can always restore your iPad should something go poof in the night.
rk911 11/27/14 02:08pm Technology Corner
RE: 50 to 30 amp service

Perhaps he was a Winnebago Tech, Here's a quote from my 2013 Winnebago Vista Operation Manual page 6-2: "NOTE...If your coach is equipped with standard 30-amp system, you cannot connect to a 50-amp service. Do not use adapters to connect 30-amp systems to a 50-amp service or you may cause an overload on electrical system components." I have asked my servicing dealer why not, and what components. They never heard of this before and have asked Winnebago for clarification. So far no answer. odds are that passage from the manual was written by the legal department, not the engineers.
rk911 11/27/14 10:09am Class A Motorhomes
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