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RE: Electrical Fire - Insurance Claim

not a fire but we did have some exterior damage caused by a hit and run driver in a parking lot 10 or 12 years ago. reported the damage to the local PD, notified insurance, filed a claim, had the work done and paid my deductible. no sweat. that's what insurance is for...to mitigate risk the individual doesn't want to otherwise cover themselves.
rk911 08/19/16 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Favorite tire pressure gauge?

Heavy duty truck tire gage. Mechanical type, not a Wal-Mart quality. yup. quality over price. i don't skimp when it comes to my tires.
rk911 08/19/16 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: New Email Client

I am looking for a new email client to replace WLM. I am using Windows 7. I hope U can get some recommendations. I don't want to use web maul and I don't want to use Outlook. I am not a power user. I loved WLM. I am presently trying OE Classic. Anyone who used Outlook Express will feel at home. But it does have some problems. You cannot set it to be the default email client. So if you are on a web site and click on "contact" it opens up WLM. OE Classic told me that they will one day make that change. You also have to change your outlook settings to POP. This causes havoc. If I open Outlook on my Android phone it is empty. Cannot change font size of your inbox list. Other quirks as well. I am considering runasxp. It too is built on the old OE but much has been updated. Some have suggested Thunderbird. But I really don't want to fool around customizing. I want something that works out of the box. All suggestions appreciated.r Moisheh i'm a Win7 user and don't know what WLM is. i use Outlook 2007 which does not mean you're a "power user". use as many or as little of the features as you desire. easy to install and use. your other option is Thunderbird. a good choice as well. i've used both and prefer Outlook.
rk911 08/18/16 06:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Dinghy Protection while towing?

we' ve used nothing other than the mud flaps that came on the MH. no problems or damage from towing.
rk911 08/17/16 11:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

New to camping. I have a super friendly Lab that wouldn't leave our side for all the tea in china...LOL. With that said, however I know it would be inappropriate to allow her to roam the campsite freely. What are the best practices? I was just going to go to home depot and get 20' of chain and just use an snap hook at both ends and wrap one end around the trailer frame. I looked on PetSmart/Wallmart websites and tether kits of any kind. Do I just get bare chain from Home depot and create my own, or is there a better tether out there available at local pet store or wallmart? any pet store or big box stores that sell pet supplies should have a "stake out cable". they come in various lengths and have snap connectors on each end. we use a 10' cable four our beagle...long enough to give her some freedom, short enough to keep her from bothering anyone walking by.
rk911 08/17/16 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why do you prefer your rig?

Please understand that the following is not a criticism of your choice of RVs. I am just trying to understand why we see so many motorhomes and trailers and so few truck campers. On our recent trip in our truck camper, we again saw few other truck campers and huge numbers of motorhomes and trailers, especially fifth wheels. We wondered why folks bought a motor home or trailer in preference to a truck camper. Had they ever considered a truck camper or even looked inside one? If you're going to be in one place for an extended period, I can understand wanting larger living quarters. But I can't imagine myself enjoying driving something so large down the highway, much less a winding country road, or getting into and out of a gas station. If you don't own a truck camper, why do you prefer the rig that you do own? Have you ever considered a truck camper or looked inside them? nope. too small. we've had 3-motorhomes over the past 30-years...26', 35' and just recently a 39'' gasser. we towed a vehicle behind the 35' and 39' making our overall length 55-60'. we've been on everything from 2-lane country roads to multi-lane urban interstates and frankly i try to avoid the multi-lane urban highways due to congestion and crazy drivers. sure, some 2-lane roads are narrower than others but we've generally had no problems on them. we traveled the entire length of The Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway and that's one curvy road. same for gas stations. while we try to always fill at truck stops we sometimes don't have that choice but when we must use a "regular" gas station it's not a problem. we look for a station where the gas lanes are parallel to the roadway and if not we take a station that has pumps off of a side entrance. neither type of station is hard to find. the short and sweet of it is, no, we've never considered a TC. we've looked at them at RV shows but even the largest is too small. we're very happy with our space, our floorplan and our choices. glad you are, too.
rk911 08/16/16 07:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

We were in Yellowstone 3rd week of Sept. several years ago. Overrun by tour buses full of mostly Asian tourists. Don't think there is ever a time when it is quiet anymore unless you do some serious backcountry hiking. fortunately the tour buses full of asian tourists usually don't occupy the area campgrounds and RV parks. my earlier response was based on camping space not the total number of people in the park itself.
rk911 08/16/16 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

School will have started for most but year 'round schools have a different schedule. Most kids and many teachers agree school starts too early......9:30AM sounds better ;) pretty sure the OP was referring to when schools resume classes for the year rather than what time of day the classes start.
rk911 08/16/16 04:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

I visit the webcams at Yellowstone several times everyday. DH is freaking out over the crowds in the park. Classes have started here ( believe Louisiana starts early). Well they had started before the floods. Our visit will be in mid September . This is our 3rd time to Yellowstone and the Tetons and DH still thinks we should have the park to ourselves. He really knows better. Anyhoo, when does the rest of the country start school? Thanks. Sherry Please pray for our flood victims. here in northern Illinois some schools are already back...some starting the first week in August. the idea here is to have first semester exams done before the Christmas break (yes, I said Christmas break). worst case virtually all schools everywhere should be in session no later than the day after Labor Day. this is why we travel in the spring and fall...school is in and crowds are fewer and smaller. before we retired in 2005 we used to save up our vacation and take the entire month of September off. once we got past Labor Day the parks were mostly empty out west. seeing Yellowstone in Sept. should not be a problem or at least not as much of a problem as during the peak summer months.
rk911 08/16/16 04:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dropbox... is it me?

If I had to guess I would say there is more than one site called dropbox. Could one of the people that get no spam post what site they are using? Probably slightly different web addresses. sure. https://www.dropbox.com no spam, ever.
rk911 08/16/16 02:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Dropbox... is it me?

Never had issues with Dropbox. no problems with Dropbox here, either. been a user for several years now and have never had any e-mail from them other than confirming the account creation. you might want to check settings and see if there is an opt-out option in there. btw, I created my account for much the same reason as the OP. shortly afterwards thinking that I wouldn't need it I deleted it from my PC...no problem doing that. but several weeks later I realized that a DB account could be very useful and re-installed it on my PC.
rk911 08/16/16 07:03am Technology Corner
RE: Extended Warranty Choices???

Well, we have finally found the perfect motorhome for our family and love it! We bought a 2008 Fleetwood Providence 39R 3 weeks ago from the original owner and absolutely love it! It is wonderfully room for our 16 yr old who is disabled and needs the extra room provided with the superslide. We know that we want/need an extended service plan/warranty because of it's age, miles (90k) and because we aren't necessarily "handy". The previous owner was meticulous with his service and maintenance and we have all those records. We would appreciate any and all advice and suggestions on which extended warranties/plans to consider for our coach!!!! Thanks in advance!! take the $ you are planning to use for the extended warranty (really an insurance policy with LOTS of exclusions and gotchas) and start a maintenance/repair fund. add $X per month to that fund so that it equals your best guesstimate of the annual maintenance costs. example: how often does the oil need to be changed. based on your anticipated miles in a year lets pretend it's 4-times @$150 per change or $600 annually then do the same thing with all of the chassis mfgs recommended maintenance. add in extra $ for unscheduled repairs or maintenance and so on. then use that fund solely for maintenance and repairs. complaints about extended warranties are rampant. we started a M&R fund 30-years ago seeding it with the $ we were going to spend on an extended warranty. we're way ahead with that. btw, I do very little of my own maintenance. before you buy this MH I'd take it to a certified mechanic for the chassis mfg and have the engine/drive train thoroughly examined. and then have a certified RV mechanic check the coach functions as best as possible. be sure of what you're buying.
rk911 08/15/16 01:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance Question when the MH is upsidedown on the loan

I have replacement cost insurance and the price is getting up there for coverage and I do not have gap insurance. Is there any insurance that would cover the gap after in the event of a total loss? In other words if I drop the replacment insurance is there an alternative? JimR i doubt it but why not call your insurance agent and ask? but consider dropping the replacement insurance and get "regular" coverage and put the premium difference towards the loan principal. get aggressive and pay off the loan as soon as you can.j
rk911 08/13/16 09:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: 30 amp with a/c units?

Can we run both a/c units (15 &13.5) on 30 power? It is 100 degres where we're at and one a/c is barely keeping up. you likely can IF your RV has an energy mgmt system. an EMS will start shutting down unneeded loads such as the fridge and electric water heater in favor of the AC. if no energy mgmt system then.... - if you're in a MH go to home depot, lowes, ace, etc and get a roll of window foil and use it to block the windshield. 99% of the heat is coming thru there. the windshield heats up and radiates heat into the RV. - bring in the slides. less sq feet means the AC wont have to work as hard - get a couple of fans to help move the air around - run the fridge and water htr on gas to reduce your elec load to help the AC keep up. - go out to a movie or shopping center during the hottest part of the day - lastly, pack up and go elsewhere. you're in an RV after all.
rk911 08/13/16 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I get Direct Tv for my RV

We currently have dish and just got the red zone pack with the promise that we could watch our packer football games no matter where we were. We found out last night that isn't the case and in fact most of the games won't be aired and no they are not backed out. We want to switch to DirectvTV and get the NFL Sunday ticket. We have been trying for 2 days to get someone to understand that we just need the boxes for our RV, they keep insisting a tech needs to come out to the " house" which we don't have. Does anyone have the secret to getting this done try calling Solid Signals (DISH and DTV retailer) at 877-312-4547. they'll give you the straight skinny on the how-to.
rk911 08/13/16 09:31am Technology Corner
RE: reverse engineer New Model Fan-tastic fan rain sensor?

My old 3-speed, temperature sensing, rain sensing fantastic fan was so great I bought the exact replacement model. The problem is they redesigned the rain sensor. The old model closed with moisture and opened when the sensor dried. In practical terms this meant a light sprinkle might close the fan for 10 minutes, a heavy rain for an hour, at which point the fan opens and if it's still raining it closes again. Pretty brilliant and my absolute favorite feature of the fan, since it's our only cooling source. The new fan looks the same except when the slightest bit of moisture gets on the rain sensor it just closes forever. 11pm, 3am, the fan doesn't come on again until you get up and flip the switch (I purposefully and intentionally avoided the remote control). I emailed fan-tastic about the problem and they basically said "we changed the design". So now I'm stuck with a brand new, freshly mounted fan-tastic vent that I need to reverse engineer to be like the old one. The worst part is I gave my old fan away because someone with a base model wanted to upgrade the sensors etc. So- does anyone know how to reverse this design flaw and have it reopen automatically after the sensor dries? Is there wiring I can change or a component to swap? Which part of the fan controls this behavior? I know I can swap parts with an older model (if I can find one) I just need to know which part/parts to look for. Obviously if I can soldier, jump or wire something differently that would be easier. Please let me know any ideas on un-fixing this vent fan! http://www.sportsmobileforum.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12473&d=1469992939 I have the same issue. Fantastic Fan was sold to another outfit a while back and they changed the design not the original company. if enough of us complain a change might occur.
rk911 08/11/16 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: Seagate 3.5" 60TB SSD !

TRS-80 Model I....4k RAM, 2-string variables, 5.25 single density floppy disk, tape loaded applications, spontaneous re-boots. despite all that it was magical and I was hooked. TRS-80 Models 3, 2, 4 and 4p followed and then my first 286 machine with MS-DOS, then onto Windows...3, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, (2000 at work), XP and now 7. been quite the ride.
rk911 08/10/16 03:53pm Technology Corner
RE: electrial issue

I run the Genny while traveling this trip about 1000 miles if I drifted over the line and hit the rumble strip my electric would blink off shut down everything about 45 seconds when I was back smooth road everything ran fine. I figure its a ground but don't know where to start, I have a 1995 newmar London aire any ideas or thoughts on whats going on? i would first look at the genny side of the transfer switch
rk911 08/09/16 09:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I was threatened today!

We received so many of this and other variations that I stopped answering the phone except for known callers. Then someone on another list told me about Nomorobo.com. We were able to install it on our landline, and it has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. If you are able to use it, I highly recommend it. unfortunately AT&T (traditional landline) does not support NoMoRoBo.
rk911 08/09/16 12:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Beware Pilot in NJ

I think it was a good thing when you pulled into a gas station and a guy pumped your gas, checked your tires and oil and cleaned your windows. I'd still be willing to pay for that. if it's done right, maybe. but I think the odds of someone pumping the wrong gas, creating a flat tire or causing a problem under the hood make it too risky.
rk911 08/09/16 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
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