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RE: Question about Battery Drain

It's just a wire. It won't drain your battery. \ BUT, I would strongly recommend you add an inline fuse. Otherwise a short, possibly across the exposed end terminals, could start a fire. the OP should be able to get a 12-v inline fuse holder at home depot, lowes, etc.
rk911 06/22/16 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about Battery Drain

Thanks, I plan on adding an inline fuse. I Ordered one on Amazon and I'm told it will arrive between July 14th and August 1st. Coming by a very slow boat from China. In the meantime, I'll just attach it to the posts when I need to use it and unhook it when not in use. you should be able to get an inline fuse holder at home depot, lowes, etc.
rk911 06/22/16 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Sweltering

Magna shade X2 on magna shade.
rk911 06/22/16 11:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

Maybe there's a market for a wifi wall clock that could automatically update from your phone... Maybe just use a tablet (Ipad) with a simulated analog display... this thread got me to wondering if there's a wrist watch with auto time zone capability. turns out there is...but at a price. clicky
rk911 06/22/16 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

The atomic clock feature will keep the time set accurate but will not change when entering a new time zone. That would require a GPS clock with a database installed to recognize the exact location of the time zone boundaries. I don't think such a clock exists. Very low demand for one. they exist but, as you point out, they are usually accompanied by a GPS device. the clock in our MH's "infotainment" center automatically adjusts to the time zone as does the clock in our 2010 Jeep Liberty. but both of those vehicles also have a built-in GPS system.
rk911 06/21/16 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

I'm not aware of any wall clocks that are GPS equipped to change time zones automatically. So called "atomic clocks" of course, come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and keep the basic time accurate via radio signals, but the time zone is a local setting. the Lacrosse Technology 12" round analog wall clock depicted in a previous post will auto change into/out of daylight savings time but not time zones. we've been looking for the same type of clock as the OP for quite some time with not a lot of success. I finally settled for this clock for the MH. large numerals, ez to read and set. most people don't cross into a different time zone all that often and changing time zones on this clock takes about 5-seconds. yeah, it would've been nice to have that done automatically. the kicker is that this clock is battery operated and that was a huge plus for us.
rk911 06/21/16 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Wi-Fi Extenders - good info

The article oversimplifies and doesn't cover the many variables that come into play when extending the signal. It also is not really relevant to campground situations. WiFi is line of sight and there are often lots of "blockers" between devices inside your rig and the campground's repeaters. When you do see a strong signal from the campground WiFi, but can't get onto the internet or when you do, it is really SO S L O W, that is network congestion. They don't have enough bandwidth to handle all the devices trying to access the internet. Add to that problem someone that's streaming Netflix and hogging the limited bandwidth and you might as well forget it until everyone else goes to bed! To bring the campground WiFi into your rig from the furthest distance, a CPE device like "Rogue Wave" will work best. Even then, if the park doesn't have adequate bandwidth, you won't get wonderful speeds. precisely. more and more parks we've frequented over the last few years are auto-throttling the user's bandwidth upon detecting ANY streaming be it audio, video or even OS updates. that's only fair to all of the other users in the park. wanna watch a movie or videos on YouTube then set up your MiFi or smart phone as a personal hotspot.
rk911 06/18/16 01:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi Extenders - good info

We found early on there is more to it than just getting something better to pickup the WIFI HOT SPOTS for internet at the various camp grounds. Most of the camp ground become overloaded especially between 6PM and 11PM when everybody there starts using the local netzoerk. Even with a nice strong signal it becomes very slow whenerver everyone logs into it... To always have great connections required us to sogn up with VERIZON MIFI Account and create our own secured WIFI HOT SPOT. This works whereever your Verizon Cell phone works... Roy Ken and if you already have a Verizon smartphone you can turn your phone into a personal hotspot for no extra $.
rk911 06/18/16 11:56am Technology Corner
RE: Interior Frig Fans

Is this one of those devices that are hit or miss, or do they really work? Our frig works well, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to make it even more efficient. Looking at a fan on eBay that has two small, 12vdc computer fans that mount on the aluminum fins on the back, interior of the frig. I tried all sorts of fridge fans...never found one that was worth the money I spent for them. I finally put a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan in the chimney. that helped. I completely solved the problem when we traded in for a new 2016 MH...it has a residential fridge. :B
rk911 06/17/16 02:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Dang! What a Trip

...Had all tires checked, paper work said all six were installed in 2013.... check ALL of your other tires. just because they were mounted in 2013 doesn't mean that they're just 3-years old. look for the date code on the sidewall. it will be 4-numbers inside of an oval and in the format of WWYY. lets say the number is 4512. that means the tire was made in the 45th week of 2012. just because the tires look good doesn't mean they are. rule of thumb that I use is to replace tires after 7-years regardless of their appearance. some folks do it sooner, some later. if your MH had been sitting unused for 3-years I would've replaced all of the tires. good luck and be safe.
rk911 06/17/16 08:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need some advice/help PRETTY QUICK Please

Since you will probably be using park water for flushing you can expect contamination of the water lines to the sinks, unless you stay off the water supply entirely. I would suggest that you chlorinate your fresh water tank after the trip, following the guidelines for sanitizing your tank. It is also possible that the warning if non-biological, such as lead or chemical contamination of the water supply. Again, a complete flushing of the RV water supply when the trip is over seems like a reasonable precaution. No, just never connect to a bad water system for any reason. Never could understand not filling the water tank. X2...makes no sense to me.
rk911 06/16/16 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need some advice/help PRETTY QUICK Please

heading to the lake this weekend. just found out that they are calling for boiling water before drinking etc. no problem about bring some drinking water but wondering about putting this, for lack of a better word, bad water in our tanks. any advice? thank you in advance. yeah...don't! just fill your fresh water tank at home...assuming it's on a different water system than the lake. we never leave home with a full fresh water tank for that very reason. one time as we were checking into a park in New Mexico we learned that the state dept. of health had declared the park's fresh water system as "unfit for human consumption" due to e-coli. we had enough water...barely...for overnight but ever since that we've always carried a full tank of fresh water.
rk911 06/16/16 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with Windows 11?

rk911 06/15/16 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Propane supply to run fridge

Hello, first time Class A RV'ers here! Getting ready for a 8 day trip with our Grandchildren. Opened up our 1997 Coachmen Destiny that we bought last Oct.2015 and upon testing everything, found out the Dometic refridgerator is not powering on electric but is on propane. No time to fix. My question is, how much propane do we have to have in our 100lb tank to sustain our cooling for 8 days?.Any help with this would be much appreciated! Thank you, Tom Virant you should be good to go.
rk911 06/14/16 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: road side

Also make sure that the insurance company doesn't list a service incident as a claim! huh? if the insurance company isn't involved in a service call...why would they be involved?...how could it be considered a claim? curious minds would like to know. :h
rk911 06/13/16 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: road side

We have Geico now on the truck and trailer but it doesn't cover road side assistance Just called and they want $55/year for the whole package of stuff. Does anybody have an idea what the others are charging now like good sam or coach net? as always thanks. good sam (rv and personal cars) runs around $100. we've had them for 30-years and are quite satisfied.
rk911 06/13/16 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: A/C work on 15 amp circuit?

Afternoon all! I have a 13,500 A/C unit in my trailer. The trailer power is 30amp. Is it safe to run my trailers A/C on the 115V 15amp supply at the trailer storage place? I don't want to run it for long periods of time, only an hour or so if I have to do work on the trailer while it's parked there. (I live in TX and it's HOT!!!). Thanks in advance for any help! I doubt you'll get it started. the AC motor likely will pull more than 15-amps when it starts up. it's safe enough to try. plug it into a 15-amp outlet at home and give 'er a go.
rk911 06/13/16 02:23pm Tech Issues
RE: ? 3M Command Hooks for Outside Use?

Will 3M's Command hooks stand up to outside use on an RV? the one's made specifically four outdoor use may. the ones I have are black in color but there may be other colors by now. the packaging will indicate 'for outdoor use'. google '3M command hooks outdoors'.
rk911 06/13/16 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Shout out

you should post a review on RV Service Reviews. how do you like the Oasis Park? we were there for a week in May. found it expensive. glad we didn't have a site facing the ever changing electronic billboard. next time we're in Vegas...if there is a next time...we'll stay out at Lake Mead.
rk911 06/11/16 02:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mosquitos

We're headed down to Daddy Joe's in Tabor City, NC next week. All I hear is how nice the place is but the skeeters can be big enough to carry off small children. What's the latest and greatest thing these days for fighting off mosquitos? We really enjoy chilling on the patio but not when we're swatting ourselves constantly. any repellent that contains DEET.
rk911 06/11/16 11:10am General RVing Issues
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