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RE: Increasing charge rate from TV to TC?

It is my understanding that the amount of charge going to the truck camper battery is determined by how much the alternator needs to send to the truck battery. So if the truck battery is nearly full the camper battery gets very little charge. Not like that. Alternator just provides a voltage. Alternator does not know where the power goes or how full any battery is. Alternator generally does start a bit high in the mid 14 volt range and as the alternator warms up along with the entire engine compartment the voltage usually drops to the mid to high 13s. The alternator holds this voltage continuously while running. Yes the engine battery seems to charge first and long before the house battery. This effect is mostly because the charging cables are not balanced, not even close. The connection to the start battery is short and fat. The connection to the TC house battery is long and thin. And the start battery is only discharged a small amount vs. the house battery. To get more charge in the house battery you need some big fat wire to equalize the voltage. Also the house battery will take several hours to charge and the alternator may not hold voltage up in the 14s for the entire time causing the time to charge to be extended.
smkettner 07/31/14 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Power conditioner at koa campground

For those who are recommending a power booster: Nothing is free, i.e. increasing the voltage INCREASES the current load on the power pole. P=IE that is power (watts) is the voltage multiplied by the current. E=IR, so the voltage is the current times the resistance on the line. If you want to increase E, voltage using a fixed resistance (your AC and the microwave) then the current goes UP. Now the E has gone up so Power goes up or current increases - you will trip the PMS system much quicker this way so he won't gain a thing! If the air is running nicely at 101 volts and 14 amps it will slowly overheat and burn up. If you boost voltage to 112 you might draw 15 amps from the 30 amp supply but your air conditioner will keep you cool running for years to come. And with 112 volts the PMS will keep the power on. Still it is appropriate to run the water and fridge on propane to save power.
smkettner 07/31/14 08:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Power conditioner at koa campground

If you plan to be there for an extended period consider a Powermaster voltage booster. http://www.powermasterrv.com/products.html DO NOT bypass anything except than man's advice.
smkettner 07/30/14 08:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Converter vs. Charger, Whats in a name?

My converter has been turned off as I now use a controller. ;)
smkettner 07/30/14 02:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cold tire pressure question?

50 psi now and recheck in the morning. Keep a close watch on that right front.
smkettner 07/30/14 02:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Now I know the converter is bad what to replace with

One battery? Go small like 35 amp is fine. Smaller Powermax will do better at charging since it drops to float as soon as it hits 14.6 volts. I swapped my failed 55a WFCO for a 35a WFCO and it works fine in my trailer. I went 35a so that I might eventually get a small Honda 1000 and not have any issues.
smkettner 07/30/14 11:56am Truck Campers
RE: Depressing Depreciation

I gave 30k for mine new and now it is worth maybe 8k. So cost is under $150/month :)
smkettner 07/30/14 11:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wow! Unplugged 50 to 30 amp adapter....50amp female melted

No electric water heat or fridge?
smkettner 07/29/14 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: small electrical charge on truck camper frame

Use a polarity tester on the outlet your RV is plugged into. Then plug into a GFI to see if it trips and if the issue goes away.
smkettner 07/29/14 03:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery or Converter Issues? Or Neither?

Hard to test the two connected together. Disconnect the battery and check converter voltage and battery voltage separately. Then check again in 48 hours for changes. WFCO should hold 13.6 volts fairly steady with minimal battery bubbling or heat.
smkettner 07/29/14 09:48am Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex Inverter Question?

Where is the THD spec? Go Power is less than 3%. Lower cost is closer to 5%. Still sine wave.
smkettner 07/28/14 10:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Can someone tell me how to read this correctly

C - Charging s/b 13.2 volts or above and indicating a charge going into the battery. 13.2 to 13.8 will be real slow. 14.2 to 14.8 will be much faster. G - Good s/b 60% or better charged. Use the lights and furnace sparingly. F - Fair is closer to 40% to 60% and time to use even more conservation and charge if convenient. L - Low, time to restrict all 12v use and immediately recharge the battery. Or many indicators prove to vary quite a bit. Get a small voltmeter to verify using the above charts. BTW you should always have a battery connected when towing.
smkettner 07/28/14 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: 2001 Ford F-150 safe towing capacity

My trailer is 7880 GVWR. Tows fine but slows significantly on 7%+ grades, especially at higher elevations. Lots of hunting between 2nd & 3rd with 3.55 so I changed to 4.10 ratio.
smkettner 07/27/14 02:51pm Towing
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

Solar BLVD kits
smkettner 07/27/14 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Power Protection Device, Do you?

There are some losses in the autoformer. Last I read about one amp or 120 watts is lost to heat.
smkettner 07/27/14 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow vehicle

Just be sure to get the 8,200 GVWR option. Open the drivers door and check the sticker before you sign anything.
smkettner 07/27/14 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: When do I change the oil?

I go 10,000. No monitor. 185,000 and counting. Mobil 1. Burns no more oil now than when new.
smkettner 07/27/14 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

What is a quality 300 watt inverter? Morningstar and GoPower are top IMO. I have the GP and have only read good things about Morningstar. Installing 300w should allow easy installation using existing power connections.
smkettner 07/27/14 10:17am Tech Issues
RE: Fantastic fan

Replaced my trailer bathroom vent recently and wish I had done this years ago. OEM fan was worthless. If anyone will have trouble reaching the switch, get the model with a remote.
smkettner 07/26/14 11:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Generator

I could not stand running a generator all day/night just to hang out in the RV. If it is that hot I am looking for hookups or plan to sweat it out.
smkettner 07/26/14 09:45pm Travel Trailers
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