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RE: Towing over trucks max tow

If by whatever you are over your limit please drive slow and cautious. Upgrade asap. If spending money, get the right equipment. If you want to stick with SRW then fine just get a trailer that is appropriate.
smkettner 08/30/16 10:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: A/C breaker keeps kicking off on 1st night of camping

Since it is the first few hours it could be the battery is super low and the converter is drawing max adding heat to the stack of breakers and increasing sensitivity. Charge the battery before you roll and make sure the vehicle is maintaining that charge.
smkettner 08/30/16 10:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

Towing is always limited to the two right lanes. Yes right lane unless passing. Although 'trucks OK' signs designate exceptions usually for through traffic near an interchange. Pretty sure if 4 or more lanes (each way) then trucks are allowed to cruise one lane over from right. Still need to merge right to let other trucks pass. But this allows truck to avoid the cars obliviously texting and phoning while merging not understanding they must yield to existing traffic. It is a crazy mess at times. Drive safe.
smkettner 08/30/16 10:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

Yes 900 sounds like Boise to SoCal, BTDT. We stop in Ely and get some rest. (also least time at CA 55mph vs coming down I5)
smkettner 08/30/16 08:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: an unusual charging problem

I'm beginning to wish I had spend more and gotten a Victron.Unless you talk to a knowledgeable person that has a Victron I would not worry about it. Victron website says they have their own charging algorithm. It may not do as expected either. I think these inverters with assist are primarily designed to be plugged in 24/7 to limited power. I would keep that PD40 in the circuit if you can.
smkettner 08/30/16 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter 3000 question

But what iam also concerned about is say at 11.5 battery volts what kind of inverter voltage am I receiving? Will it(inverter) still make 110V at 11.5 input?Yes the inverter will make 120vac just fine down to 10.0 volts unless it shuts down earlier. The 120vac does not taper off. The inverter pulls increasing amps to make up the difference and apply constant 120vac. There will be no harm to the fridge. Food will get warm however. If you have an on-board generator consider an autostart set to about 12.1 volts.
smkettner 08/30/16 05:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: an unusual charging problem

but i prefer to keep my bank above 70% if possible I can't let it charge on shore power for a week in the drivewayOK that is still below 12.5 Magnum apparently wants to go straight to float at 12.5 volts, pianotuna wants a full bulk/absorption cycle. Probably working as designed. That is all I am saying. Likewise I have my controller set for a very short absorption if it wakes up to 12.5 volts. If it wakes up to 12.2 the absorption is much longer. If it wakes up to about 11.8 (yikes) the battery gets no float all day.
smkettner 08/30/16 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Confused about my solar charging

There is a sequence to changing the switches IIRC. May need to power down, switch as needed, then power up for the settings to take place. s/b in the manual. Maybe when the settings were initiated this was not followed. Longshot but that is all I have. Also consider MS View software for custom program. WAY more flexible than the dip switches. I believe there is an absolute cap to protect equipment. Mine is set at 14.9 volts. (MPPT-60)
smkettner 08/30/16 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: an unusual charging problem

while thats true for weekends or part timing get a big bank too low and you could spend a whole lot of time in bulk mode generator run time with a 20% 12hr use (IF i did not charge during the day) i would be at 60% before bed tonight and 40% tomorrow morning NOT the place i prefer to be i can do that in a bad weather pinch, and the solar does mitigate the situation making it less strenuous than the straight math, and i could limit some of the power drain at night and make (2) with no charging put that is winter time use, cool weather and no A/C, and less cooling strain on the fridge different routines for different folksYes if you were at 40% the voltage would be much lower and I would recommend running the generator early to let the solar do the long absorption work later in the day. In these conditions Magnum should run the voltage to 14.4+
smkettner 08/30/16 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: an unusual charging problem

If I woke up to 12.5 volts I would not be running the generator. Battery does not need to be perfectly 100% charged every day.
smkettner 08/30/16 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Grid Tie Inverter

Generally only solar. Read the installation instructions. Grid-tie only works when plugged in and you may need a utility permit to do that. What issue are you trying to resolve?
smkettner 08/30/16 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C breaker keeps kicking off on 1st night of camping

We are using the 30 amp power cord that came with the trailer. This is with the water heater not turned on. The microwave not being used. The only other thing we have had running the last two times is the fridge. The 20 amp breaker for the a/c in the trailer by the converter is kicking off.The 20 amp branch circuit breaker in the RV should not trip as it is a dedicated circuit. Could be low voltage from the campground. Could be a loose wire on the breaker causing heat. Could be a weak breaker and can be purchased at hardware store. Could be a defect with the air conditioner itself or a bad/missing start capacitor. Unplug and remove the covers so you can see the 120v wires in the breaker panel. Look for heat issues. Replace the breaker if you are inclined. Check the voltage in the RV is 108+ when running. Otherwise you might be back to the dealer for warranty work on the air unit itself.
smkettner 08/30/16 02:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: No Maintenance Coach Barttery

Fill the space with deep cycle Lifeline batteries. Review your charging system and typical charging routine. AGM still needs electrical maintenance even if physical maintenance is minimal.
smkettner 08/30/16 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

I run around 58 to 60 mph and seldom pass a simi, usually they're passing me;) IMHO, drivers who are not driving the "general" speed of the flow of traffic present more driving hazards and potential for accidents than those driving to fast. Driving too slow causes people to constantly adjust their speed and/ or make others make frequent passing lane changes. IMHO if you are travelling at the minimum speed you are safe and legal. The other drivers should slow to accommodate conditions including slow vehicles. Just because the speed limit is 70+ does not indicate that it is always safe to drive that fast. Certainly if a vehicle is limited by law to go no more than 55 the law is clearly on the side of this driver obeying the law. There is absolutely no reason to make an unsafe lane change or pass dangerously. For the OP, if you are pulled over for speeding while towing your citation will read 55 as the limit and you fine will escalate from there. More than 20 over gets expensive very fast. And likely you will not be pulled over going a few miles over 55.
smkettner 08/30/16 11:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Transfer switch question???

The 100 amp PD transfer switch is contactor based so that either side is held closed with a coil.
smkettner 08/30/16 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: PD 9180 needs 20 amp cord?

Space heater is not considered a continuous load device as it will cycle some(generally). Same as a hair dryer can go to 1875 due to short use. Actually I believe both of these ratings (1500 & 1875) are at 125 volts giving the max allowed by NEC at 12 amps (continuous) and 15 amps (short use) Converter is a continuous rated (120 volt) device so the circuit is derated to 80% or 12 amp max on 15a circuit. Needs 20 amp circuit with 16 amp continuous rating. Amp load will actually increase to an extent with low voltage. Space heater the amps drop as voltage drops. NEC defines continuous as 3 hours at max rating.
smkettner 08/30/16 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: Onboard Charger vs. Smart Charger

The WFCO shuts down 100% when it senses another charging voltage source. A parallel charger does not damage the WFCO it merely shuts it down. Same for switched power supplies like the Megawatt and Meanwell.Yes it shuts down once battery voltage rises to the WFCO set point, typically 13.6 volts. However if you use that charger at low amperage it may take an extended period to reach that voltage. Or you can put the portable up to the 30 amp level for faster charging however that will also load down the generator. I think the idea is to get the air started and then switch the battery charging on.
smkettner 08/30/16 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: Gas Regulator Auto Changeover Moving by Itself

What brand? Yes one more warranty item.
smkettner 08/30/16 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: So My Neighbor Shot a BB At My Camper...

92 yo friend? Accident... I would have it fixed properly and ask him to pay what he can. Then just drop it.
smkettner 08/29/16 11:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Alaska bound

Do any of the fuel stops close for the Winter? That would be my concern.
smkettner 08/29/16 11:01pm Truck Campers
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