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RE: 5 wheel and 1500 HD

Double check your numbers but if the unloaded weight is 6800 and cargo capaicty is 1400, that means you are looking at a fully loaded weight of 8200 which exceeds your 7900 tow rating. Pin weight probably is OK assuming you don't load up a few hundred lbs of fire wood or other stuff in the truck bed. If you are careful with keeping the truck and trailer lightly loaded, you can probably stay under weight but if you didn't already have the truck, I would tell you to move up to a 3/4 ton and you may find it's still a nice upgrade when you consider the bigger brakes and stiffer suspension. Should work but you are flirting with the limits.
valhalla360 01/20/16 05:25am Towing
RE: Inverter. What am I missing?

Most RV furnaces run on 12V, so leave the perpetual motion machine (aka: inverter) out of it. Likewise, a lot of the lighting is often 12V. If you want to run the TV or other AC (alternating current) device an appropriately sized inverter is a nice addition but you can't just plug the 30amp plug into it or it will run the converter (battery charger) with power pulled from from the battery. Since there converter and inverter are not 100% efficent, they will eat up your limited battery power. Based on your question, I would suggest having someone experienced set up your system.
valhalla360 01/20/16 12:04am Tech Issues
RE: Oil prices down.Y is a quart so high?

Additives and processing make up a sizeable chunk of the cost. Even at $100/barrel, the oil itself wasn't the majority of the cost of a quart. And as someone else said...when prices go up there is a lot of incentive and little to lose raising them quickly. When prices go down, there a lot of incentive and little to lose dropping them slowly.
valhalla360 01/19/16 11:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: There should be a law

I'm sure most have a clause buried in the rental agreement (that they probably don't even give or show you) that wifi is a courtesy and they make no representation as to it's speed or usability. So the law won't do much for you. The best option is to go to the campground review sites and highlight that the wifi was useless. If they get enough reviews, people who care about the wifi will bypass them. If they start losing buisness, they will adress it.
valhalla360 01/19/16 11:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: There should be a law

OK - I have read all of the posts up to this point. I am TOTALLY blown away by so many folks that cannot take a day or two without being 'connected!! I take the pleasant time away to use my RV to get away from all of the on-line nonsense!! Heck, when I first started in my first RV (more years ago than I care to admit) it was fortunate if the 'campground' had a pay phone where you put in a nickle to get to the operator and then needed a bunch of quarters to talk with someone back home. On-line banking from your RV over an open WiFi connection?? You MUST be kidding!! (Unless you don;t have much money in the bank and don't care who get's to it.) Folks - STOP!! Enjoy the ride - smell the roses - enjoy the Sunsets (I'm too old for the Sunrise trick) and make your RV time really special - not just another day away from home. JMHO - call me an 'Old Guy'!! PS - and while I'm on a 'roll' - GIVE-UP the GPS!! Learn to read a MAP - you know the paper kind. A national Atlas will get you anywhere you want to go - especially if your Internet / telephone connection is shot!! Someone has their grumpy on. It's not the same world it was 50yrs ago. Without the advantages of new technology, we would still be working full time in an office cubicle rather than working at the picknick table watching that sunrise. When you are at home, do you leave the electricity off so you can better enjoy the experience? While I'm fully capable of using paper maps, nothing beats the GPS telling me which lane I need coming into a complicated interchange that I've never been thru before. They aren't perfect but they are 10 times better than a paper map. Then again, I've seen old guys with the paper map on the steering wheel as they are cruising down the road. I'll take my GPS thank you. And I have no less than 5 devices that can function mapping devices so short of an EM blast (in which case it will likely take out the engine electronics anyway), I'm not too worried about having all my electronics go down.
valhalla360 01/19/16 11:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: where to measure to determine if trailer is level

Depends how picky the wife is. The stove is actually a pretty good idea. It is annoying if the eggs all slide to one side before they are cooked and that is probably good enough for most. Otherwise, frame, floor, etc... is fine.
valhalla360 01/19/16 08:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I leave the fridge propane on while not in the rv?

Do you leave your household fridge on when you go away for the weekend? Electrical fires can happen.... Unless your fridge is has known issues the risk of fire is negligible. As others have said, the consideration is the battery (that was one nice thing with the older mechanical propane fridges. They didn't need the battery to run the electronics) The previous owner cut the propane lines to be "safe" so I had them re connected who knows how long since all the propane dependent things have been ran. Everything works tho. The rv mechanic found what looked to be a old mouse nest right next to the fridge chimney. We cleared it out tho. But the fridge chimney does get hot which is my concern. I'm sure it's normal. And as far as being away from the rv if it catches fire.. I'd rather be there to stop or prevent a problem than to be away. So I guess il start the fridge about 5hrs before I leave next trip and cut it off when I go to sleep. I don't have any problems driving with it on tho. Just don't want a problem to occur while I am gone. If you haven't already, get the whole propane system checked out before using it, if the previous owner was doing strange things to it. You don't want to find out what he did by having it blow up when you turn something on. Once it's checked out and all is good, my previuos advice stands.
valhalla360 01/19/16 05:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Can I leave the fridge propane on while not in the rv?

Do you leave your household fridge on when you go away for the weekend? Electrical fires can happen.... Unless your fridge is has known issues the risk of fire is negligible. As others have said, the consideration is the battery (that was one nice thing with the older mechanical propane fridges. They didn't need the battery to run the electronics)
valhalla360 01/19/16 01:01am Beginning RVing
RE: A/C Replacement

I don't think you could manage this system any better than I. Even running the a/c through the night has no long lasting affects once the temps are 80 and above. Everything looks better on paper... but usually does not reflect the real world results. Sounds like something wrong with your air/con then. It really should be in the upper 80's close maybe even into 90's before it struggles, especially if you manage it by closing off unused areas. We are a little smaller but if we close off an area, we are good into the mid 90's before it starts to lose the battle. I might consider having the tech check out the existing unit before replacing. It might be a simple fix.
valhalla360 01/19/16 12:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: our first attempt at being snowbirds

It's not clear but I think the difference is Storage vs Using. If it's in storage, presumably there is no heat and a hard freeze (maybe upper 20's) could cause damage as there is nothing to stop the water from freezing. If you are using the RV, presumably there is heat and depending on the unit, you probably need to go below 20 before you really need to be concerned. If you travel during the day, it is typically above freezing and not a concern (just check the forecast for unusually cold days).
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: All Electric Motorhomes

The high end rigs are rarely away from an electric outlet and when they are they don't hesitate to crank up the generator. It saves on build costs by eliminating a system. Love the simple reliability of the propane fridge. Only real downside is it doesn't bring the temp down as fast as a compressor based fridge. For cooking electric is horrible.
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: When to pull in slides or evacuate with wind?

Slide topper getting thrashed about is the only reason we have pulled the slide in. Never felt any concern that the trailer would flip. No specific wind speed as it depends a lot on the wind direction. We've had some pretty strong winds where the topper hardly moved because the body of the trailer was sheltering it.
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: A/C Replacement

Thank you all. The current a/c cannot keep up when temps go North of 80?. Two a/c units would not work as it is not at 50amp sysyem. I have read that a 15k a/c can handle temps of 100? while keeping the trailer around 75? If 80 is the upper limit with 13.5, the 10% increase in output might keep you good to 82. You will likely better off managing your system better: - Cool it way down in the morning and keep it running. If you let it get hot inside, it's harder for the unit to bring it back down. - Consider closing off the vents to the bedroom during the day so all the cold air is pumped into a smaller area. - Obviously, keep the outside door closed as much as possible. - Try to get a shady site. If you do go thru with it, let us know how it works out but if you are going to pay that much, the extra cost of wiring in a 2nd unit and being sure it will keep it cooler, just makes a lot more sense to me.
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What to look for when shopping for a truck to tow 5th Wheel?

Snip: You are free to give OP your assessment of what constitutes the best value, but that's an individual assessment. To me a diesel is a substantially better value because I strongly prefer the performance, and I think the cost is a wash at the end of the day. I don't "need" a diesel, but most of us have a lot of things we don't need - like an RV! FWIW, the diesel upgrade is closer to $8k, or in the Ram it's $6500 over the 6.4, which is the higher volume gas engine. I spent the better part of the last couple of years truck shopping, new and used. Outside of the 6.0/6.4 Fords, diesel trucks command a substantial premium on the used market (at least in my part of the country). Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion...and you are free to give yours (you are welcome). It is also an individual assessment but mine is backed by the manufactures tow ratings which say the base gas V8 is fine. If you are doing 0-60 times sure the diesel is better but the base V8 will likely serve the OP just fine (which happens to change your cost figure for a new diesel back to the $10k range as he doesn't need a big block V8). In pricing used trucks, the was nothing close to a $10,000 or even $6500 pricing difference due to diesel. Maybe I just happened to find the odd diesels that were offered for less but I was watching prices for over a year and in a few areas of the country.
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A/C Replacement

If I had a 13K A/C go bad I'd replace it with a 15K A/C - my question is can you really tell the difference? Bill Agreed. If the old unit is dead, go with the bigger unit for negligible cost difference but if the old unit is still running fine, I doubt you will get a noticable improvement for a significant cost.
valhalla360 01/18/16 03:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: front landing jacks

Why do you feel the need for tall blocks? We use a chunk of 2x8 to keep the legs out of the mud and water but beyond that why bother? Yes, if you do a pull test when you hook up (and you should), if it's not hooked, it has a good chance of falling off. With a 2x8, the trailer can't fall far.
valhalla360 01/17/16 03:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Light TT construction/durability & towing vehicle

Ahhhh, I understand now. I wonder why aluminum (sub frames) aren't more popular? They make up the majority of the marine trailer market now. Only in areas where they get submerged in salt water. They are a significant cost upgrade over steel trailers but if you dunk it in salt water regularly, it can be a good trade off. If you boat in fresh water, steel holds up pretty well. Especially for small travel trailers, manufacturers are very cost sensitive. Add a grand to the price compared to the competition and it can put you out of business. For big travel trailers, most people upgrade to a heavy duty tow vehicle anyway, so saving 100-200lbs, it's worth the trouble.
valhalla360 01/17/16 03:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: What to look for when shopping for a truck to tow 5th Wheel?

I just finished a long bike ride in the rv resort we stay in each winter since 2002. I was surprised how many large fifthwheels with a f-150 or a 2500 pickup of any brand sitting along side of a larger fifth than our 35 ft alpenlite. chevman I helped a couple who just bought a 35'er last year. The park wanted it moved that day and they hadn't bought a truck yet. I thought my poor little 3/4 ton was going to die and that was just a slow 5mph tool to a new site in the park. I couldn't imagine taking that out onto the freeway. Of course, the OP is talking about a much smaller 5th wheel where a 3/4 ton is likely going to be fine (maybe even a heavy duty package 1/2 ton)
valhalla360 01/17/16 03:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What to look for when shopping for a truck to tow 5th Wheel?

Unless you plan to tow a lot of miles (ie: 30-50k miles per year), a diesel is a waste of money. Completely misguided. You don't buy a diesel to save money. You buy a diesel because you want/need the pulling power. PERIOD... I agree but there are some still claiming the fuel savings are an advantage. Back in the day when diesel ran 20-30% less per gallon than gas and the diesel got 20-30% better MPG, at moderate annual milage, a diesel could provide enough savings to significantly (if not completely) offset the initial price. Now that diesel seems to typically be higher price than gas, you need to drive a lot of miles to gain anything significant back. If you want it to pay for itself, you probably need to be running 30-50k miles per year, which is extremely rare even among full time RVers. I also agree with your second statement, which actually supports my point, that it is a waste for the OP to get a diesel. For a 7-8,000lb trailer, a gas engine will do just fine. He doesn't need the pulling power of a diesel, so other than an ego boost, there is no point in getting one. There also no point to all of the luxury features that most buy these days but nobody argues about those. You're also overlooking resale value. In the grand scheme of what you'll spend on a new truck the cost difference between gas vs diesel is irrelevant. The luxury features fall under my ego comment. If you want a diesel just so you can brag about it, go for it but since the OP is asking the question, I assume he wants an assessment of the best value. Having just bought on the used market (a little over a year ago), the prices for similar gas and diesel trucks were pretty much the same with condition being the main variant. I wouldn't count on getting your money back when you sell. On the other hand last I checked, the diesel option is around $10k. Maybe irrelevant to you but that's a few years worth of gas money.
valhalla360 01/17/16 03:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: removal of tv

How does everyone hold their new flat screen tv's in place in the cubby hole vacated by the tube tv. Do you have to pay attention to get a flat screen with a decent base on it to screw down or are there better ideas? We mounted a swing arm and bungy cord it in place while traveling. Around 20k miles with no issues.
valhalla360 01/17/16 03:19pm Fifth-Wheels
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