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RE: Shorter pin box, dimension recommendations?

Clearly the picture is a bit misleading as I'm going to trust your measurements. Another vote for subframe lift to solve the actual issue.
valhalla360 07/26/17 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

Future is electric get ready.. Tesla is worth more then GM now,,and plans to add 3 or 4 more giga factories,so unless other automakers get into the game fast they will be left behind.. Btw Tesla is coming up with electric semi this year,,things will get interesting.. https://electrek.co Correction. Tesla's total stock is selling for more than GM's total stock. That is much different from "worth". By any objective method, Tesla is a tiny fraction of GM's value and there are no signs of it changing any time soon. Tesla is "coming up" with a lot of things but they never seem to "come up" with a profit.
valhalla360 07/26/17 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

are you kidding me? people do a lot more driving than the average 15-mi one-way daily commute. grocery stores, music lessons, banking, dry cleaners, hardware stores, doctor visits, school activities, yadda, yadda, yadda. all of that adds up to way more than 20-mi per day. don't believe me...set your trip odometer to 0 and drive for a week. heck, I put 10-mi on the jeep just going round trip to the doc and 5-mi round trip going to the bank (yup, some folks still actually go to a bank...not everything can be done on line). a cheap daily go-to-work-and-run-around-town EV had better have a range of at least 100-miles, be able to sit at least 4 or 5-people and have adequate cargo room. maybe we'll get there....one day. No I'm not kidding you. 51% of commutes are below 20 miles round trip based on FHWA studies. Bump that up to 30 miles round trip and you are at 70% of all commutes. That's 51% who would rarely start the gas engine and another 19% who will still get more than 2/3 of their miles under electricity. If your employer has power stations available, that 20 mile range allows for a 40 mile round trip and almost 80% of commutes are 100% electric. Yes, there are people who commute longer distances (I used to do 60 miles round trip). If you get to the extreme, it's not as good of an option but this is the beauty of the plug in hybrid. You can actually use all of the battery power and then supplement with the gas engine and when you do take those weekend road trips of a few hundred miles, you just switch over to gas mode without even thinking about it.
valhalla360 07/26/17 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical damage to 5th wheel at Campground

The campground was Blue Heron In Gothenburg, Nebraska. A Good Sam's - and I have tried to contact Good Sam, but to no avail. No return calls. The electrician told us that he told them they needed to relay the wiring because of damage from previous flooding. That from site to site the electrical strength would drop off and he even helped us move to another site. That changes the view. Its now probably gross negligence as there is evidence they knew there was an issue and set you up for damage knowingly. Unfortunately, it's probably not worth getting lawyers involved even if you would win unless you just want to stick it to them at an additional cost to you to cover the lawyer fees.
valhalla360 07/26/17 11:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Digging Into the Timeless Question, “Which Oil is Better?”

Once the oil is good enough to reliably get 250-300k miles out of an engine, does it really matter? By that point the suspension, body and interior are usually failing and the resale value is so low it's not worth keeping. It's been decades since I've known anyone who's engine died due to engine wear (don't know many long haul truckers). Every vehicle I've had since the mid 1980's has had an engine that runs fine when I got rid of it and I've had several north of 200k miles. I'm not saying one brand might not be better quality or score better on a test but unless it gets more miles out of the truck, who cares?
valhalla360 07/26/17 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice on building a gravel parking pad

Big question is what is the underlying soil like. If it's weak, 4" likely won't be enough and it will rut as you pull onto it. Soft clay or muck is bad and no amount of compaction will help, you just need extra thickness. If it's sand or hard clay, you should be fine.
valhalla360 07/26/17 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Big enough tow vehicle??

If you are comfortable being over the ratings, fine but if you want to be within the ratings good luck.
valhalla360 07/26/17 10:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Shorter pin box, dimension recommendations?

I'll measure again next time I hook up. I know the front has to be dropped from 31 inches off the ground down to 23-24 or so to make it level after unhooking. The axles are "flipped" from the factory already, unfortunately. The only reason I want the pin box is to help alleviate it hitting the tonneau cover rails on sharp turns. I must be missing something. If when hooked up the pin is 7-8" higher hooked up compared to when the trailer is level, the last picture is somehow creating the illusion it's level. 7-8" nose high would normally be pretty obvious in pictures but the last picture looks pretty close to level. A shorter pin box might work for the bed rail issue. I suggest going out to a big parking lot and jackknifing the trailer at various angles to see how much clearance you have to the rear bumper (have someone slowly jackknife it while you watch for the point it is closest to hitting). Then measure how much clearance you currently have. That will give you an idea how much you can cut down.
valhalla360 07/25/17 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: $20 For A 6' Mouse Ears Laptop Cord?

This is the third mouse ears cord failure I have encountered in two months. I can only wonder about that "rarely fail" statement. All three cords failed at the mouse ears laptop connector junction. Hmmmmm... Thank you for replying :) Not sure, we've gone thru pairs of laptops for years that we travel with and I'm not particularly gentle when stuffing cords in the bag and have never had one fail. The DC output side has failed but never the AC side. Sounds like you are down to internet purchase and wait or try a local computer repair shop to see if they have any old ones kicking around.
valhalla360 07/25/17 06:00am Technology Corner
RE: Shorter pin box, dimension recommendations?

The king pin should sit above the rear axle to within an inch or two. There is no significant leverage applied to the truck frame. The pin pushes down on the rear axle. The front axle still has it's normal weight on it. From the picture, it looks like the king pin sits over the axle. Don't fix what isn't broken. Looking at the updated picture, it doesn't look like it's too much out of level. 15" of clearance at the rear isn't that bad. Bigger question, what is the difference in clearance between the front and the back. That's what tells you if you are level. For the cost of buying new pin box and hitch, just get the axles flipped. We did it on a prior trailer and it would have been cheaper and actually address all your issues. You likely will need to adjust your hitch and/or pin box heights but that should give you the extra clearance to avoid the pinbox hitting the truck bed rails.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Landing Gear

One thing to remember is the ground isn't always level so it's off by 1/2" it doesn't matter. Now if they are off by 4-6" it's probably worth unpinning the driveshaft and turning manually to balance (while hooked up on the truck with FULLY SECURED hitch). Check, the bottom of the feet. On ours, they screw out if you only need an inch or so to level them out. When we drop the trailer, we do the following: - Put a 2x6 under each leg (just to keep them out of the mud and dirt) and pull the pin so the legs fall to the ground. - Lift each leg the same number of holes and re-pin. Usually 4-5 holes (more if the ground slopes upward from front to back and we need to drop the front of the trailer once off the truck). - Drop using the electric motor until one leg touches. - Spin the other leg until it touches. - Now lift using the perfectly balanced legs. Sounds worse than it is... Very close to what we do. If you first lower the legs 4-5 inches (or whatever is appropriate), then pull the pins, you can skip the hole-counting part. Saves a few seconds. Good idea. We'll adjust our approach.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:42am Tech Issues
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

Interesting that GM is reportedly killing off the Volt, the only EV that runs on electricity generated from its internal combustion engine(after the initial battery charge is depleted). I wonder why car companies haven't capitalized on this idea. Most trains are diesel electric... why aren't there more diesel electric cars that can generate electric power and store it to be used upon demand. Between a diesel engine running and regenerative braking it seems that a lot of power could be made and stored. I'm sure there is a reason, just curious... Trains don't use diesel-electric due to efficiency. Direct drive would be more efficient. The problem is how do you build a mechanical transmission that can handle over 6,000hp and coordinate up to 6 engines on a single train. The electric motors are effectively acting as a transmission. It also makes coordination between multiple engines easy. As far as the Volt, GM isn't killing it. It's just not a profitable vehicle. The media is hung up on range but it's not the issue. The issue is cost. EV's (yeah volt is technically a plug in hybrid) cost $10-20k more than they should. A Volt with a 20mile range and a $20k price tag would probably sell and you would likely see 80-90% of all miles done under electric power.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:36am General RVing Issues
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

In Italy, she didn't have electricity as they used oil lamps when she was a small girl. Horses and walking were the mode of travel. Moving to the USA in 1919 was a big eye opener. MM. Went to Egypt last year. Horses and walking are still going strong. Probably 30-50% of traffic (more in rural areas)
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:30am General RVing Issues
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

Imagine one day going to an Indy car or Nascar race and just hearing the woosh of tires as they go by. Sad! Save the gasoline engine forever!! The mythical quiet of EV's is silly when you look at normal cars (yeah race cars are noisy). I've had diesel pickups sneak up on me. At speed, all I can hear is wind and tire noise unless I gun the engine.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing dinette from both to table and chairs

Go to an RV dealer and look at units. Try getting in and out. Our new unit has chairs and I don't find them any easier to get in and out of. Also, you lose a ton of storage.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Electrical damage to 5th wheel at Campground

Not a lawyer. Fuzzy if the comment really makes a lot of difference. On the surface, it seems to imply they knew there was a problem and gave you the spot anyway but they could always claim they thought it was fixed, so it takes it out of the realm of gross negligence. If you are nearby and want to go thru the hassle, you could try small claims court but it will likely cost you far more to get a lawyer to pursue it than you would get back. Insurance is likely your best bet. I wouldn't lie if they ask but I also would play a little dumb (It just went poof and by the time I shut the power off it was too late.) Do make sure to cycle thru and have everything remotely checked out. Electrical issues can be tricky to find all the issues.
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:20am Beginning RVing
RE: Who drives? Him or her?

While I do most of the driving, we make sure to switch out once in a while, so if something happens to me, she can drive the rig. All this talk about "skill set" is just silly. It's not rocket science. As far as backing, we use hand signals. Seen plenty of walkie talkies start yelling for some reason and one poor lady almost run over when she stood behind the trailer giving directions to keep coming back...then tripped and almost got run over. With hand signals, if I can't see her, I hit the brakes. (again, I usually do the backing but we do switch out occasionally for practice)
valhalla360 07/25/17 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Seasonal sites

Lots of variables: - What is the campground like? Is it trailerpark trash or a nice community? - Do you "buy" a spot vs just rent for the season? - Do you mind towing? Will you tow at all? We probably would never "buy" a site. Seen too many people do that and then life changes and they can't sell the site. This summer and last, life got in the way and it's just not convenient to stay on the move, so we rented a seasonal site for the summer. We are still in the RV for 4-5months, so definitely works out much cheaper than nightly site rentals even with a small electric bill (and we don't hesitate to use the air/con). Biggest issue is resisting the pressure to build decks and other add-ons. Also, we are expected to mow our lot. The park does supply a push mower and it only takes 10 min but it's one of the things I loved getting away from by moving to the traveling lifestyle. One thing I do dislike is we have made a lot of friends...but since they are all there, every weekend...you start getting drama...so and so said this or his stuff is encroaching on my lot... If a place looks good, try renting for a season. I would hold off buying for a at least a year maybe even 2-3yrs to see if it gets old.
valhalla360 07/24/17 09:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cruiser MPG Ultra Lite 2450RK vs Keystone Bullet 248RKS

Please tell me you are planning to use the wheels on these RV's to leave Colorado for the winter? Don't count on the 4 season (or whatever marketing term they use) package to keep you comfy and warm during a cold winter with sub-zero temps just by flipping on the furnace switch. It's possible to handle cold weather (even sub-zero) but it's not fun and comes with lots of complications. We've done it for a week or two when we would be leaving shortly but wouldn't want to put up with it for a full winter.
valhalla360 07/24/17 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: This kinda thing can't help but keep fuel prices down.

It's real easy for a politician who will be out of office in 2-4yrs to buy votes today with a program that will be paid for 20yrs down the road. What baffles me is this goal to produce a car that can compete with a gas powered car in terms of capability. It makes them expensive and complicated and ultimately has slowed down their acceptance. Why would I pay $35k for an electric econobox when I can pay $16k for a gas econobox that gets 40mpg. Instead limit the range to 50-60miles and drive the price below $20k and market them as 2nd family cars. The vast majority of commuters go less than 50 miles in a day and would have access to a gas powered car for those rare longer trips, so your market is probably 25-40% of all cars sold. An $18k car where you never have to pay for gasoline vs a $16k car where you have to constantly buy gasoline is a lot easier sale. Add in the $7500 tax credit and it's drastically cheaper. Of course in terms of trucks and RV's its a different ballgame. The typical cargo load in a passenger car is under 300lbs. Maximum capacity is maybe 1000lbs. More importantly, it's relatively easy to make a passenger car extremely aerodynamic. With trucks and RV's (ignoring people using pickups as grocery getters), trucks are on average taking along several times as much cargo and the aerodynamics are horrible by comparison. This creates a compounding problem, you can add more batteries but that means you need more batteries to drag around the extra batteries. In commercial trucks you start eating up the weight limits which means you may need a 2nd truck because rather than a semi carrying 25tons of cargo, they can only carry 15 tons of cargo before they hit the weight limit.
valhalla360 07/24/17 09:16am General RVing Issues
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