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RE: Designed in Australia , built and sold in the US

Logically a brown interior would just as dirty and harder too clean. The gloss finishes make it very easy too clean, just wipe them with a cloth. Also makes the interior feel larger. White gloss interiors have replaced light wood and dark interiors, in all Australian RV's. Some parts get very dusty with a red talc like dust common The difference is with a non-white interior, you can wait until the end of a trip and give it a wash down without really seeing the dust and dirt during the trip. With the white interior, as soon as you arrive at your campsite, you are going to see the dust and dirt built up from the drive. If you are a clean freak who wipes everything down twice a day, then white doesn't make a lot of difference but if you want to go camping and just do a clean up at the end, it's seems a bad option for the outback.
valhalla360 06/22/18 09:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lifted truck for towing?

Ratings still the same...except...depending on what type of lift...the Z angle of the U-Joints may have increased Meaning that they are being stressed more, are unable to transmit as much torque as before at certain portions of it's rotation...that they will wear out sooner Depending on how and where driven...CG might be an important factor If by ratings, you mean the sticker on the door frame doesn't change...sure but that sticker presumes a stock truck with not significant suspension changes. If there is an accident traced to the suspension modifications, don't expect that sticker to do anything for you. But to claim the actual physical changes don't change the loading based on the assumptions of the engineers is just plain false. If it's a quality well designed, properly installed system, it might have minimal impact but without someone running the calculations and verifying that it was installed correctlly, you can't say it's the same.
valhalla360 06/22/18 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake controllers

Google the controller model. They have directions for setting them. Usually entails taking it to a large parking lot getting up to around 25mph and hitting the brakes and then adjusting based on the results.
valhalla360 06/22/18 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Joining the eco boost club

As long as you spec'd the truck out to handle the weight, should be OK. You are up near max loading. The turbo will be running a lot of boost most of the time but it should do the job. If you tow 20,000miles per year, I would question the option but if it's the more typical 2,000miles per year the engine should hold up fine. Personally I would want a 3/4 ton for a 10k lb trailer. More for the suspension and brakes over the engine but again where and how much you tow factors in.
valhalla360 06/22/18 08:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bama Scooter on back of my 5th wheel help deciding

That's very heavy. - I would either look at a smaller model of mobility scooter. My mom had one and it only weighed about 100lbs. This was not the light duty one. - Or consider bumping up to a golf cart for more capability. Personally, I would prefer a swivel wheel trailer. 500lb hung off the back with just a 2" square tube is a lot of stress and strain. With a swivel wheel trailer, you start with around 50% of the weight off the hitch. The hitch is actually two receivers and there is no torque applied to the hitches so they are under far less strain. (this is not the same as double towing as the trailer is locked in line with the camper and you can turn and back up the same as normal).
valhalla360 06/22/18 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Parking TT on sloped driveway

It's hard to tell if the camera is distorting the slope. 24" in 20' would be a 10% cross slope. From the picture, I don't think you are quite that bad. Easy way to check is to take a level set it roughly where the trailer axles would sit on the ground and then with a tape measure lift the downhill side until the bubble shows level. Divide the height (in feet) by the length of the level (in feet). That will give you the actual percentage cross slope where the axles will sit. I wouldn't be surprised if you find it only 5-6% but again, it's hard to tell from the picture. If it's only 5-6% 2-3 boards should get you pretty close to level with putting it up so high you are worried about it falling off. Someone else mentioned backing it up until the wheels are off the pavement. I know you mentioned the cost of having that done but assuming you have a pickup, you could go down and get a load of gravel and do it yourself in an hour or two. That would get you by until you can have the pavement extended. I haven't priced up gravel lately but should be under $100.
valhalla360 06/22/18 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Parking TT on sloped driveway

Assuming your estimate is reasonable, that means there will be around 9" between sides. That's higher than I would like to go on blocks/boards. I might go with 3 2x8's, but that will only make up about 1/2 the cross slope. That should be fine for storage and packing use (not fridge) If it's a permanent dedicated site for the trailer, you could pour a raised area of concrete specific for the trailer to get it level. There would be a drop off or steep slope just beyond but 9" isn't outrageous.
valhalla360 06/21/18 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: life of a rubber roof, without any damage

The warranty is typically 7-10yrs but that gives the manufacturer a good margin of error so 15-20yrs with a moderate level of maintenance should be expected. I'd like to see documentation to support this claim as any roof membrane warranty I've seen is 12 years, no less, no more, the point being one should expect it to last at least this long provided it's been correctly maintained. Are you nitpicking over whether the warranty is 10 vs 12 years or that the manufacturers warranty is typically significantly less then what they expect the product to achieve?
valhalla360 06/21/18 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: life of a rubber roof, without any damage

Sold the last one at 20yrs...because the roof was nearing the end (the white layer was worn thru). The warranty is typically 7-10yrs but that gives the manufacturer a good margin of error so 15-20yrs with a moderate level of maintenance should be expected. The problem is when you get to 15-20yrs, replacing the rubber is more than the value of the trailer.
valhalla360 06/21/18 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Never thought we'd ever consider a 5er... but!!!!

A few thoughts: - I like the front living layout. I would see about if they could mount a screen on the front wall and install a projector instead of the TV rising up from the cabinet. That could up your TV to around 80" (might need blackout shades on the side windows). At the same time you get valuable cabinet space back. - The slides blocking access to bathroom, bedroom and much of the kitchen are an issue (assuming the layout appearance is correct). This probably be a deal breaker for us if we planned to move frequently. - Will you be having frequent guests? The half bath seems overkill if it's just the two of you heading out.
valhalla360 06/21/18 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Designed in Australia , built and sold in the US

Reminds me of a hospital waiting room...wait last time I was in a hospital waiting room it was more warm and cozy than this...seriously, they've started using wood and color in hospitals. Looks OK but not $130k OK. Plenty of similar layouts. I have friends with an almost identical layout (mirror imaged and not hospital sterile). So what's cleaning like cruising down all those dusty Aussie backroads? Seems like an all white interior would be a horror to keep clean with the kids tracking in dirt and grime.
valhalla360 06/21/18 08:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lifted truck for towing?

Two major issues: - A lot of people have to jack up the trailer frames to get bed clearance using stock trucks. add 6-8" to the bed height and that trailer is going to have to be very high to get any clearance on the bed. - You better hope it is someone who knew what they were doing when they spec'd the parts and installed them properly. Most lift systems are focused on making it taller not stronger. Then you have secondary issues such as did they upgrade the brakes? Larger tires will require larger brakes to have the same braking capability. Not a huge issue driving around empty but if you need the full capability, it's not great. Similarly the big tires will result in needing to run in lower gears.
valhalla360 06/20/18 06:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: "Tough Top" for 21' Electric Patio Awning?

How long do you expect to keep the trailer? If you got 14yrs out of the first, good chance a replacement will outlive the RV.
valhalla360 06/20/18 06:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance coverage on new fiver

Call your agent from the dealership and they can email over proof of insurance within the hour. They might still cover liability under your truck insurance but not likely comprehensive on the RV. Where you are wrong is if you drive off the lot without doing anything, you won't have insurance...who do you think is going to pay for a claim if you never told the insurance company that you have the RV?
valhalla360 06/20/18 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing differential gears

I understand what your saying and I believe Ram's specs but if you talk to people who have gone from 3.42 SRW's and moved up to a dually with 4.10's, the driving experience is vastly improved even when not loaded. When loaded they're able to get off the line much better which is always a sore point with diesels. I'm hoping the fifth gens have an 8 speed trans to make the 3.42's more palatable (doubtful). Of course that will do better off the line towing heavy, you are looking at 20% more torque going to the wheels with that change assuming everything else is unchanged. Define "driving experience". If you are willing to give up some MPG, it will be faster accelerating running empty but really, modern diesel trucks are not hurting for power running empty. They have plenty good acceleration. But most people would prefer a couple extra MPG if they do any significant driving not towing.
valhalla360 06/20/18 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Deer Bumper

The difference may be that with the guard you can drive away to get it repaired but without your vehicle is disabled at the scene? Took a hit at 55mph square in the grill of a Dakota some years back and once confirmed that nothing was leaking or binding, drove it home before calling the insurance company. Not sure the cost of the brush guard is worth the advantage of being able to drive away. If it's not drive-able, the insurance company picks up the tow bill.
valhalla360 06/20/18 10:11am Truck Campers
RE: Ind. trooper lauded as 'hero' for citing 'slowpoke' driver

FWIW not exactly related but many people aren't aware that emergency vehicles like an ambulance are allowed to monopolize the left lane, lights on or not. Pet peave of mine. Ambulance on a free-flowing road running right about at the speed limit with the lights on. They aren't getting anywhere any quicker but they sure do mess up traffic.
valhalla360 06/20/18 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Ind. trooper lauded as 'hero' for citing 'slowpoke' driver

What if everyone drove at the same speed on the E-way. What if everyone adhered to a safe following distance and was courteous to other drivers to let them change lanes when needed. What if....right. I am responsible for the safe operation of my vehicle at all times. I drive the speed I am comfortable with and feel is safe. I am sorry if you happen to get behind me but....too bad. This is exactly why we use the 85th percentile. We are trying to get everyone going as close to the same speed as possible and this is the best way we've found to make that happen. Likewise, staying in the right lane if you aren't passing is letting drivers change lanes when needed and passing in a predictable safe manner. If it's an empty rural freeway, the risk of running a 55mph in a 70mph zone isn't too big of a deal. If you are in an urban area, look back and see a massive lineup behind you (even if running in the right lane), you are a danger even if you aren't technically in violation of the law.
valhalla360 06/20/18 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Ind. trooper lauded as 'hero' for citing 'slowpoke' driver

So .... laws should be based on "the majority rules"? This can sometimes be deadly baloney. What about the LOP (Laws of Physics) and/or the statistics of complex systems failure rates? When I see those 75, 80, 85 MPH law breakers pass our RV (or daily driver), this is what goes through my head regarding those speed demons... What study after study finds is drivers (as a group) are very good at determining the appropriate speeds for a roadway and is supported by lower crash rates on similar roads with properly set speed limits compared to those with artificially lowered speed limits. If you look at the design speeds for roads, they are almost always within 2-3mph of the 85 percentile speed. I'd rather risk your brakes, hitch, and axles falling off rather than the far more likely crash due to differential speeds. The odds favor me.
valhalla360 06/20/18 08:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Renters insurance

you're not renting, you're "renting" if I read that right. Be very careful if you try to play this game. One wrong comment and you may find your insurance company declining to pay if you claim they were just borrowing it and in reality they were paying to rent it. Also keep in mind, it's not just the replacement of a wrecked RV but if there is an injury it could create a sticky situation and counting on an injured family member with a big medical bill to cover for you is no guarantee no matter how much you think they will always have your back. Be honest and up front with your insurance agent and get confirmation that you are covered for what you are proposing to do.
valhalla360 06/20/18 08:31am General RVing Issues
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