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RE: slide lube

I use the same grease that anyone would use to grease their lawn mower or car. Just a little on your finger or rag and spread on the rails. very light coat. only way it gets dirty is when its open and you are driving down the road and we know that aintgonna happen. Huh??? How exactly is protected from dust and debris when the slide is retracted? I can see all around mine when it's pulled in.
valhalla360 08/27/15 01:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing with steep grades

OK, basically looking for opinions here. I have a Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab with the 5.9L Cummins - 2004.5. I pull a 2016 Rockwood 8329SS, which is a 35 foot, 8900 lb TT. I have no real concerns with the truck's ability to handle the TT - it does that quite well. My question involves traveling where there are fairly steep grades. The uphills don't cause me much pause but the downhills, I have heard, can be a bit tricky. My truck does not have an exhaust brake and the expense of one, at this time, is the main reason that I still don't have one. So, leaving the exhaust brake out of it, what are some of the more accepted methods for handling the downhill grades? Thanks gang. Go down SLOW. When I drove OTR, I was taught to go down really slow and hold the brakes to around 30 MPH. It worked for us. The "new" way is to let it run a little over 35, and brake down to around 25, and let it run back up. Which it will do in about 5 seconds, and then you have to do it again. Not going to cool a lot in 5 seconds. A diesel has no natural braking. So dropping down thru the gear box is not much help. You will just red line the engine. Diesels need some sort of braking help. Be it a trany brake, a engine brake, or exhaust brake. Otherwise. they just freewheel down the mountain If you are talking about brakes being pushed to thier limits, 5 seconds (more likely 10-15sec) off will drop the temps a suprising amount. Otherwise, I agree with you.
valhalla360 08/27/15 01:22pm Towing
RE: How long do you allow your Generator to run?

Still not clear what type of generator we are talking about. Make/Model/Rated wattage and what you are trying to run would be helpful. As others have said, there should be no problem running it pretty much continously.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: Elevation App?

I'm not sure if the android app will do it but regular PC based Google Earth will show you the elevation of a route. Just right click on the route and it will offer an elevation profile. I wouldn't trust it for survey purposes but good enough to get an idea of the graedes and elevation.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:19am Technology Corner
RE: Advice on storing in a backyard.

Something under the tires is nice but not needed. The question is how mushy does the ground get when it's wet. If not very, you should be fine with a couple boards under the tires. If mushy, you need some gravel or other means to get the trailer in and out. Most RV tire experts recommend keeping your tires dry to prolong the life. Something under them helps. I believe that is left over advice from tire experts of 20-30yrs ago.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: TV Sucked Left by Trucks

As long as there is control isn't being lost, there is nothing unusual about it. 5th wheels and MH's also experience it but due to their suspension setup, the feel is generally less.
valhalla360 08/27/15 05:16am Towing
RE: Advice on storing in a backyard.

Something under the tires is nice but not needed. The question is how mushy does the ground get when it's wet. If not very, you should be fine with a couple boards under the tires. If mushy, you need some gravel or other means to get the trailer in and out.
valhalla360 08/27/15 05:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Outside cameras

How do you propose to power these cameras?
valhalla360 08/27/15 05:04am Technology Corner
RE: Generator output and rv

Cheap generators are pure sine wave though if they don't run smoothly or during large changes in power draw, the power will be dirty. High quality inverter generators are technically still modified sine wave but rather than a couple steps (as shown in babun's post) there are more steps. The more steps the closer it is to pure sine wave, enough so that it is called pure sine wave even though it isn't. As long as the cheap generator is running smoothly and you aren't overloading, it, it should be fine.
valhalla360 08/27/15 05:00am Tech Issues
RE: Allowing my SO to take our unit for the weekend ?

In order of preference: - Stay at a nearby park and do a day visit. You get to enjoy fridaynight and saturday day before the hassle of dealing with these people. - Show up early, set up and then shrug when they show up late. - Suck it up and keep your wife happy by doing the driving.
valhalla360 08/26/15 01:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting credit card with no residential address

Do you stop somewhere in the winter for a few months? Put that down as your address and then do an adress change when you move in the spring to your mail forwarding address.
valhalla360 08/26/15 01:01pm Full-time RVing
RE: Why do passing trucks suck instead of blow?

I'm not an expert, but I would guess that fluid dynamics are at play here. The air flowing around the truck/bus is traveling at a much faster speed than the rest of the air. Bernoulli's principle states that the faster a fluid (air) travels, the lower the pressure. This is how old time carburetors worked, and same reason why you have lift on airplane wings. ...but what about the fact that the air is already traveling faster around the trailer just like the passing vehicle? There shouldn't be any significant change. The difference is when traveling alone, the air has an unlimited space to shift into, so the air only increases in speed by a small amount and it's balanced on both sides, so you don't feel a pull to one side or the other. Once you get side by side, it is trapped between the two sides of the vehicles, so it must accelerate if the trucks hold the same speed. This imblances the forces. As a result, there is a lift force trying to pull the rigs together. Trailer vs 5thW vs MH vs semi have slightly different feel because of the pivot point changes and weight but they all get pulled together. Once past, you aren't actually pushed away, you are just reacting to the lack of force pulling you togther.
valhalla360 08/26/15 11:45am Towing
RE: Who makes campers without slides? Saw Jayco 26BH. 25'+?

If it will make you guys feel better I will just take an axe and rip a small hole in my non slide out model. That way, mice, bugs, water, dirt, dust, pine straw, and other things associated with slide outs can also gain access to my trailer. And there it is! I knew there was some unsubstantiated reason for not wanting a slideout. I have had 2 trailers with slides and in 10 years have never had anything come in through them. they are sealed very tight. you will get more dirt coming in through the door than what you think comes in through the slide. but if your content being crammed in a nonslide trailer during a storm go right ahead (been there done that). I know you say you came from a tent, but the reason you are getting a trailer is because among other things you want the room, so you might as well get as much room as you possibly can! its not like slideouts were just invented yesterday, they've been around for at least 20 years! There are many other things to worry about on TT`s.... like water leaks, tires, poor brakes, and poor build quality among other things! A slideout would be the last thing I would worry about. I think the OP is looking for validation not advice. He doesn't appear interested in us understanding his concerns, which makes it impossible to make a recommendation that addresses his concerns. While this post is likely to spawn another nasty response from the OP, in the interest of helping some poor soul who stumbles across this thread, the OP is misguided in the idea that slide outs are maintenance headaches. While they are not zero maintenance, they are minimal maintenance. Lack of slides in no way assures a leak free trailer and the addition of slides does not create leaks. Ours is 18yrs old and we have had it for 7yrs. Maintenance has been limited to lubing the slide mechanism every other year and this past spring we pre-emptively replaced the slide cover as the canvas was getting brittle. Friends and family with slides have similar experience. It's just not a big issue. If you don't want a slide, that is fine but maintenance issues are not the reason.
valhalla360 08/26/15 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Why do passing trucks suck instead of blow?

Same reason an airplane wing provides lift. The air between the front of the truck and the back of the trailer must travel at higher speed. High speed corresponds to low pressure. Try this, hang a piece of paper from a pencil and blow hard across the top. If you get the angle right, even though you are blowing, the paper will lift toward the air you are blowing.
valhalla360 08/26/15 06:34am Towing
RE: Who makes campers without slides? Saw Jayco 26BH. 25'+?

Danattherock. I think the reason folks commented on the advantages of a slide was to help not to justify their position. Passing on your experience for the benefit of others is generally considered a good deed. But as we often find out; no good deed goes unpunished. Thanks. If you would, please tell me what your having for dinner tonight so I can have wife drop by the grocery store and buy the same. Clearly, I'm not capable of deciding for myself what me and my family want. Thanks again for the desperately needed assistance. Dan You asked for advice on your FIRST trailer and then get mad when people offer advice? :h Understanding why you are so strongly against slideouts is important to answering your question as they are the norm and most newbies who don't want them are confused regarding the pro's and con's. Reality is outside trailers 20+yrs old or very small, the options are pretty limited and you will likely be forced to special order. High end builders have largely left this end of the market as there is no demand.
valhalla360 08/25/15 10:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Older Diesel or New Gas - Newbie question

Another alternative to consider would be a full size van with a travel trailer. The biggest downside would be storage compared to a MH or 5th wheel.
valhalla360 08/25/15 09:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dodge Ram 1500, maybe

If it only has a bumper hitch, it probably doesn't have a tow package. I would shop around for one with a tow package as they are so common, it shouldn't cost any more.
valhalla360 08/25/15 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 5er totaled before we could PDI!

I hope you got everything in writing regarding swapping out seating or other issues. In an ideal world, the dealer will make it right but if something happens a written agreement allows you to hold the dealer's feet the fire if he "forgets" about what was agreed to. It could be as simple as an email confirming what was agreed to and asking him to confirm that you are understanding it correctly.
valhalla360 08/25/15 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Older Diesel or New Gas - Newbie question

This has almost nothing to do with gas vs diesel. Either engine should do just fine. The difference is pushers are usually higher end builds (they just happen to typically come in diesel flavor). 7 people full time is going to be croweded in any rig. For a long vacation it's doable (youngest of 10 and we would go on 3-4week summer trips as a kid) but for permanent, that would be hard. I would almost consider towing a small trailer behind the MH and having the wife follow in the minivan to get enough space to be comfortable (of course that comes with cost implications and do you want some of the kids in a seperate unit...or will the park allow it). Good luck.
valhalla360 08/25/15 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Sewage Disposal

It depends on how much time it takes to break down, drive, dump, then set up again. In a 5th wheel it's a no-brainer to use a tote. I don't care if I have to make 4 trips to the dump with it. It amazes me when I see others breaking camp to do this, but to each his or her own. A class A would be much easier to drive to the dump, I think. We have a 5th wheel and it would easily have been less time and effort to just hook up.
valhalla360 08/24/15 11:33am Class A Motorhomes
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