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RE: Replacing foam mattress with air mattress on a hide a bed

Two issues: - As mentioned, it supports the seats when closed. - When an inflatable mattress is folded up will metal parts chaffe and quickly put a hole in it (even if deflated before closing. We've put an inflatable matress on top once opened and that works OK, though you are a bit high off the ground.
valhalla360 05/27/15 10:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Driking from fresh water tank

I have always drank from the FW tank. Long as it tastes good I drink it as far as sanitizing it I don't. Never had a problem in 42years. I have drank well water my whole life. Never sanitized that ether. Guess it just depends on how you were raised. If you feel comfortable with it do it if you don't then don't . I know lots and lots of folks that won't drink from the FW tank. No big deal either way. What ever makes you comfortable. If you like to sanitize stuff I think Clorox is your best bet. I think you can find the dosage on this forum some place. I am just not sure enough about it to give you the formula. I think its something like 1oz per eight gallons or something like that just not sure. Suprisingly close to our experience. Occasionally, we will get some bad tasting water (taste not safety) and we will flush it out of the system but no need to "sanatize"
valhalla360 05/25/15 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Class A and boats

Can you post the time and place so I can get out there withy my lawn chair to watch? (just kidding) It can certainly be done but will not be as convienent. If there is a large rear overhang, the trailer will react far more quickly than with a truck and you will likley need more space to manuver due to the length of the combined rig. I'm assuming the rig isn't horribly underpowered. It would be embaressing to not be able to pull the boat up the ramp. There should be plenty of traction for the rear drive wheels.
valhalla360 05/24/15 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yamaha 2400 generator's on-board 12V charger

I was expecting the charger to provide a regulated constant voltage in the high 12's to low 13's. Instead, the voltage reading across the terminals continued to rise. Initially the dead battery was pulling down the voltage as it absorbed what the generator put out. As the battery charged, it pulled down the voltage less. Until the generator voltage is reached, it will keep pulling up the battery voltage. Eventually, that is a bad thing for the battery.
valhalla360 05/21/15 02:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Full timer where to work on your RV

We were staying for several,weeks at a park in Northern California when I decided to clean the outside using some waterless cleaner. Got a call from the management the next day that they didn't allow washing of your own rig, that it was a "resort, not a trailer park". They did however, have an approved vendor that I could hire. I'm sure there is some kickback involved as the approved vendor was nearby the day I did this. I understand the water shortage stance, that's why I use the waterless. It seems they prefer dirty rigs in their resort. Again I can certainly understand if you are in an area with limited water but yes, there are places like this where it just doesn't make sense....and no most people aren't using 500gal to wash the rig.
valhalla360 05/21/15 02:43pm Full-time RVing
RE: Fuel Question... diesel and gas

As others have said, the high pressure injection systems are the problem with dirt in diesel. In terms of being messy, diesel is not "more refined". It simply comes out at a different point in the refining processess (at a higher temperature in the distillation). That higher temperature boiling point means when you drip some on the pavement next to the pump, it just sits there. Gasoline boils at a lower temperature, so when you spill some, it very quickly evaporates.
valhalla360 05/21/15 01:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Full timer where to work on your RV

Campgrounds often have rules against it but they are usually concerned with appearance to other campers and making sure you can drive away when it's time for you to leave. Anything that will leave the rig disassembled for more than a couple hours is likely a no go. If you are going to rebuild the engine or other major work, they are likely going to tell you no. If you just need to reseal a seam on the roof, it's usually not an issue if you ask. Always best to ask. The one I find funny is lots of places prohibit washing of rigs. If you are in the desert SW, I can understand due to water consumption but in places with plentiful water, it makes no sense as this keeps the park looking good with nice clean rigs. Luckily there are plenty of parks that will let you wash the rig.
valhalla360 05/20/15 10:47am Full-time RVing
RE: Yamaha 2400 generator's on-board 12V charger

People mistakenly assume that a 12V battery puts out exactly 12V. Reality is they vary from around 11V (dead) to around 12.7 (fully charged). In addition, to push power into a nearly charged battery, you need a voltage difference so the charger will actually exceed that fully charged reading and the battery will show that higher voltage for a half hour or so after disconnecting. 16V is a bit on the high side. I think most alternators run around 14V. As long as you only use it occasionally and disconnect before overcharging, it shouldn't hurt anything. I wouldn't leave it hooked up for hours on a little lawn tractor battery.
valhalla360 05/20/15 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: I never knew, balance trailer tires for mileage?

I suppose if they are horribly out of balance it might make a small difference but assuming they were balanced when the tires were mounted, shouldn't really be an issue.
valhalla360 05/20/15 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Determining Value of RV

Funny how options aren't worth squat on trade in at the RV lot, but they sure are when the RV lots are selling them !!! Lots of potential issues with getting a higher price due to add ons: - Are they out of date, worn out or in need of replacement (example: a high end 10yr old sterio probably doesn't have a connection for an MP3 player)? - Do potential buyers consider them as useful as you do (they didn't sell well enough for the manufacturer to make them standard) - Were they a quality installation or some yahoo bolting them on all slapdash? - Buyers don't typically price out options when looking at used units as too many ads don't have the details, so you tend to get lumped in with all the other similar models. Just like with upgrades to your house, buy options because you will enjoy using them not because they will increase the value of the RV come sales time.
valhalla360 05/20/15 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Determining Value of RV

My experience is options are nice but don't add much to the sales price.
valhalla360 05/19/15 06:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: seatbelt laws

Any seat that has an attached seatbelt you must buckle up Federal Law. I would check liabilities with your insurance company too see if your covered when sitting in a seat belt chair unbuckled. Care to quote the statute? Never seen or heard of a requirement for adults to be belted in the back seat. Not saying it's a bad idea, just not the law.
valhalla360 05/19/15 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: seatbelt laws

I believe in most states, all front seat passengers and all children must be belted in. Adults in the back are exempt, though that may vary by state. I wouldn't count on a plan to have everyone sit and belt up before pulling over. If the officer feels you are trying to pull something on him, don't expect to get any leeway from him. I can certainly understand a company not wanting to put in belts after the fact. If anything goes wrong, guess who will get sued.
valhalla360 05/17/15 04:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: At What Point Does Size Matter?

There isn't a fixed length. Shorter always gives you more options. We think 26-30' is the sweet spot. with slide outs, this can provide a lot of living space. I would say low 30's is about the highest I would want to go unless I was willing to limit our stops to newer commercial campgrounds.
valhalla360 05/17/15 04:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are there US companies that will convert a used van?

I'm sure there is a company that will do anything you want. Getting them to do it for less money is where you are likely to run into issues. A custom job is likely to have more hassles for them compared to just buying a new stripped down van and converting it similar to the last dozen that have rolled off the line. Odds are they will charge a premium for that hassle and it will likely more than make up for any savings you think you might get by buying the van and taking it to them.
valhalla360 05/17/15 04:10pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Class A MH vs 5th wheel/pu truck

Assuming you pull a car behind the MH, it's pure preference. No one hand cranks the 5th wheel landing gear today and if you want auto leveling and other assists, they are available for either. It takes us no longer to set up or tear down compared to a couple in a MH. 5th wheels aren't hard to hook up single handed. Living space is a bit better with a 5th wheel but not by a huge margin. Once on the road, both are easy to drive and will go the same places (5th wheel has a slight advantage in that you can back up if you get caught somewhere you shouldn't be. A MH with a TOAD must unhook to back up more than a few feet). If you are willing to live without a car, a smaller class C would be a good option for a single guy and a dog.
valhalla360 05/17/15 04:06pm Full-time RVing
RE: How to level camper WITHOUT moving it (no blocks)?

I'm confused: How did you get the trailer in if you can't get a tow vehicle to it? A floor jack to raise the wheels, will work. I wouldn't count on using the stabilizers to lift the trailer. That's not what they are designed to do.
valhalla360 05/15/15 11:16am Travel Trailers
RE: How do I level a dual axle trailer???

A couple of long boards does the trick. If we need both, we offset them a few inches so tire only has to climb one at a time. If I need to raise it higher than 2 boards will provide, we find another site. Maybe 30#, not a big deal.
valhalla360 05/15/15 04:56am Tech Issues
RE: Slides and rain????

How do you reach them? - If you wipe them outside, the rain immediately gets them wet. - If you pull them in, you can't easily reach many parts. Avoid retracting in the rain if possible but otherwise, relax.
valhalla360 05/15/15 04:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone take their Class B to Europe?

www.theroadgoeseveron.com While they are done, I've been following them.
valhalla360 05/13/15 09:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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