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RE: A new, innovative, portable air conditioner

A sucker born every minute. People have donated $175k to a guy building tiny low capacity swamp coolers. Watts is not a unit of heating/cooling, so 500watts doesn't mean anything. Also they claim it is effective up to 70% humitidy with slightly reduced effectiveness above that. By 70% humidity, effectiveness will be seriously reduced. By the time you get up to 80-90% it will do next to nothing. You really want it down in the 20-30% range for a swamp cooler to work. I like the comment from the guy saying he will use it camping in florida...where the average humitidy hangs out around 95%.
valhalla360 10/08/15 05:28am Technology Corner
RE: Mixed Tire Types

Bias will flex and give differently from radial as you go down the road. It's kind of like putting a steel toe boot on one foot and a tennis shoe on the other. If you just walk around the house, it may be a bit akward but no harm. If you try to play a game of tennis, there is a good chance it will throw you off enough to trip you. I'm guessing if they have different recommended pressure, they are not the same size/load rating. That's like having one properly fitted tennis shoe and another that is 3 sizes to big and always wanting to fall off. Having tires of the same size & load rating all in radial but from different manufacturers is OK but mixing size, load rating and construction types is not a good idea.
valhalla360 10/08/15 05:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Toaster Oven in an RV?

Why not just use the oven. It's about the same size and has similar capabilities. If you do go with electric check the amp draw and compare that to the rating on the circuit it's plugged into. If it just gives a wattage, you can estimate amps by dividing by 120v. So a 1500watt unit would draw around 12.5amps. If it's on a 10amp circuit that's a problem. The other complication is most counter top units require clear space around them for the heat to disipate. Space is not something most RV's have in abundance.
valhalla360 10/08/15 04:35am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Swivel wheel trlr behind 5th wheel in CALIFORNIA

My experience has been the opposite. I was never stopped with my Smart Trailer on the back. I always figured it was because the LEO didn't want to mess with the whole can o'worms of trying to figure out if it was a trailer or not. Just going down the road at a glance, almost anyone will consider them a trailer. Unless they are familiar with the concept, they will assume it is a trailer until proven otherwise. More likely ticketing double tows is not a high priority for them in general.
valhalla360 10/08/15 12:06am Toy Haulers
RE: using internet in libraries in small towns..

Depending on how time sensitive, I will often start a download and go do something else. For park wifi, late night or early morning are often best for speed. But as others have said, 5yrs out might be totally different world.
valhalla360 10/08/15 12:00am Full-time RVing
RE: Electric or Propane When Paying for Electric?

Propane might be slightly cheaper but electric electricity is a lot less hassle to get refilled.
valhalla360 10/07/15 11:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Is it safe to use WD hitch when raining?

Most of the hitch weight still goes on the rear wheels but as said, too much off the front wheels means less steering capability.
valhalla360 10/06/15 10:31pm Towing
RE: Is a tow capacity of 6,200-6,500 enough?

I suggest picking a trailer and then buying a truck that can pull it. Don't neccessarily go right up to the trucks limits but no need to go for overkill. Unless you get a full interstate semi tractor, there will always be a trailer too big to pull. Plus what if you buy the 1 ton dually diesel and by the time you get around to upgrading to a bigger trailer, the PU has gotten old and needs to be replaced.
valhalla360 10/06/15 06:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Is a tow capacity of 6,200-6,500 enough?

For a 20' trailer, you are probably fine. For a 25-30' trailer, you may or may not be fine. There is no chart based on length as two trailers of the same length can have different weights. Often drastically different. There is a sticker on the outside of the trailer giving the weights. The ones you are interested in are the GVWR (total weight loaded to the max, not the empty weight) and the tounge weight (the amount that sits on the hitch ball). Your truck will have corresponding capacities for these but you also have to consider what you load in the truck. I believe, the manufacturers assume a single 150lb driver and half tank of fuel. Everything else comes out of the load carrying capability. The downside of modern SUV's is they are more focused on comfortable ride than the "utility" in SUV. As a result, the tounge weight is often too much for them. Even the lighter duty 1/2 ton pickups may not have the capacity you need (there can be huge differences between 1/2 tons from the same manufacturer).
valhalla360 10/06/15 01:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Construction Site Speed Monitors

I've found most car speedos read high compared to GPS speed. I suspect it's to protect the car companies if you get a ticket. You can't blame it on the speedo. In principal, the radar units should be dead on but they do need occasional calibration. I'm in the industry and never heard of a systematic manipulation of the radar signs. Doesn't mean some yahoo hasn't decided to do it but it goes against sound traffic engineering principals, where we want the motoring public to trust the information we provide.
valhalla360 10/06/15 01:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Swivel wheel trlr behind 5th wheel in CALIFORNIA

Did Mr. CHiP quote a statute? Did he put out an official memo? Did we get the name and address of Mr. CHiP so he can come and defend you when you get a ticket? I suspect not. The problem is you are in a gray area. If you read the websites that sell these, they do a lot of implying that you will be fine but are very careful not to claim they are legal. As someone else said, odds are as long as you keep your nose clean, they very likely won't make an issue of it. If they have reason to pull you over, they may decide it's a trailer. Even if you win, you still have to take it to court and pay the court costs and lose that time. You takes your chances.
valhalla360 10/06/15 01:15am Toy Haulers
RE: "Weather Related" canceling

The first 2 days are a no brainer. They failed to provide you a place in their campground that you paid for. The remainder is a bit muddier but you should be able to claim that you had to get a different site since they failed to provide a site at the start of your visit. The counter claim would be it was available for the later part of your trip. I would ask for the refund and argue a bit. If they don't give in and you paid via credit card, I would file a claim with your credit card company for them failing to provide the service paid for. Baring that it's not worth getting a lawyer involved or taking them to court.
valhalla360 10/04/15 09:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: My over 13' rv went under a 13' clearance bridge

You're complaining that it was too safe? He is not complaining... just questioning the accuracy of bridge height signs. Although this one happened to be "higher" than signed, it would also be possible for the bridge to be "lower" than the sign say's if they are not "accurate". :) have you ever seen them change the sign when they repave and put a 4 inch lift on the roadway? Typically we mill out under the bridge to maintain the same clearance but if something happens to change the clearance, yes, we put up new signs.
valhalla360 10/01/15 02:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: My over 13' rv went under a 13' clearance bridge

It is measured at the fog line. When truckers see the sign and if low they take the center. I'm in the profession. They measure at the smallest clearance. Typically, it's at the center but it can vary. If there is a curve, it likely isn't the center. Also, the bridge beams are rarely perfectly level as they match into the grade on the crossing roadway. No you don't post the exact height or someone like the OP would take off thier air/con. When you are going down the road, the springs bounce up and down. When they hit a bump, the air/con would be 13'1" above the pavement. You reduce the posted measurement to give a little margin for error. If we repave, we remeasure and put up a new sign. Your best bet is to back up or turn around but if you must proceed eyeball it to find the high side of the bridge and drive on the shoulder on that side.
valhalla360 10/01/15 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Boat part time RV part time

It is very nice that the RV option is much cheaper than the boat! We already have a F250 and it looks like we can get into a pretty nice trailer for well under 10K. If we can keep our boat slip fees down this likely can work. We have a big boat (65 loa) so even without liveaboard fees we are paying close to $700 a month. If we add liveaboard fees that brings it up it up another $200-$350 a month more. Wish boat storage was a reasonable as rv storage :( Obviously with a 65' boat, your slip fees will be much different from what we see with a 34' boat. If you are just a couple, I would look at 5th wheels but with the F250, you need to watch the pin weight. Pin weight is usually the limiting factor towing a 5th wheel. Assume around 25% of the GVWR as a good starting point. Do not use the manufacturers unloaded weights as they aren't realistic. If that results in too small of a trailer, you can upgrade the truck or consider a travel trailer, which for the same length trailer doesn't need as big of a truck as the ball usually only supports about 10% of the trailer weight. But the 5th wheel tows so much nicer and more of them are better set up for long term use.
valhalla360 10/01/15 08:37am Full-time RVing
RE: Saw this Harley on the back of a 5er yesterday

Just for the sake of discussion, what is being missed in the back and forth regarding reduction in pin weight is the fact that there are springs between the load and the ground. These springs have a "spring rate" in which they compress a distance per specified amount of load (leaf or torsion, the effect is the same). The spring rate is also usually variable, usually increasing as the spring is compressed (i.e. engaging more leafs). Given the example where the pin is twice the distance to the lift, using statics shows the pin will decrease 1/2 the load on the lift. In addition, statics shows the load bearing on the fulcrum (axles) increases by the summation of the new load on the lift and the load removed from the pin. So for 600 lbs on the lift, the load on the fulcrum (axles) would increase by 900 lbs. However, all this is true ONLY if the fulcrum is fixed (i.e. supported by stands at the frame) But of course, in fact, the axles are NOT fixed in relation to the load, and thus this is not a simple statics problem. When you place a bike on the lift, a good deal of that force goes into compressing the springs rather than lifting the pin. The instant you apply the load, the spring can't resist and begins to compress. As the springs begin responding to the new load, they begin increasing the resistive force and acting somewhat as a fulcrum and removing some pin weight, which then travels back and goes into compressing them further before they resist more. The overall effect is much of the weight on the lift will go into compressing the springs, and how much is removed from the pin due to the partial fulcrum effect is actually COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on the spring rate (which is usually itself variable). So it is entirely possible for fj12ryder to see only 40lbs removed from his pin and someone else to see more on a different trailer. To mathematically solve for the weight removed from the pin would either require the spring rate, or the distance the spring was compressed. Unless the springs are compressing by several feet, the math still doesn't work out. Assuming the trailer remains relatively level, the effect of spring rate is negligible. Draw a free body diagram with the springs compressed to their maximum and it will still be nowhere close to resulting in the 40lbs off the pin weight.
valhalla360 09/30/15 01:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Saw this Harley on the back of a 5er yesterday

So, now because you can't grasp reality, you're calling fj12ryder a liar?! I'll give this one more shot. In actuality, variables in loading etc, etc. will change that 40 pound reduction like changing socks. On that particular day, that's what was indicated by the scales. Get yourself a stick. Put your finger one inch to the left of center. Push the high side of the stick till it goes down. Now move your finger three inches to the left of center. Push the high side till it goes down. See how you had to push harder the second time? See how weight loading and fulcrum shift can change things? Is the light bulb going on yet?? Are you still in the dark?? Quite honestly, I don't think you are going to be able to pick this up. fj12ryder is right.....Ugggghhhh academia!! Everything in "real life" is not black and white like the textbooks would have you believe. I can't discuss this anymore. I think I'm gonna go have a drink and join fj12ryder! I'm done!!! Over and out!! Most likely he isn't a liar. More likely he made a math mistake. The idea that he changed the loading was my first thought but he claimed nothing else was changed, so your loading theory doesn't work.
valhalla360 09/30/15 01:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Saw this Harley on the back of a 5er yesterday

Gotta love academia. I'm done. Please show us the math for how it could only be 40lbs. I would be happy to learn something new. If the scales were correct, you should be able to show the math to support the measurements. Listen, seeing as how Fj12ryder is done, I'll try to get it through your head. He's already told you...A TRI-AXEL IS NOT A PERFECT FULCRUM!!!! Noodle on that for a while. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the fulcrum is at the rear axle (the most favorable possible position to get a 40lb reduction in pin weight) and it still is going to be an order of magnitude higher when you run the numbers. I understand it perfectly well. As stated previously, show us the math to support the 40 lbs off the pin when you hang 600lbs off the back. Until then noodle-on but the 40 lb claim is patently false.
valhalla360 09/29/15 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boat part time RV part time

We had a chihauhau who hated the water but that was great for the boat as we've seen water loving dogs get in trouble jumping in where they shouldn't (ie: they got out of the cabin while owners are away and the marina doesn't have a place for the dog to climb out on thier own). Otherwise, he was very happy on the boat or in the RV. Living aboard: Of course our whole point is to travel but we've been stationary at times for 3-6 months. Never been an issue. We haven't been on the west coast but outside of Florida & Georgia, no one seems to care. Even in those two states, as long as the boat is well kept and you aren't living there for years, they never made an issue of it. We do usually stay in a slip but it's somewhat price dependent. In really expensive areas, we tend to anchor out more but if you ask about monthly rates, it's usually not too bad ($250-700/month). Long term: We've been at it since 2007 and have no plans to stop. The nice thing is RV's are a lot cheaper than boats. Our current setup which we bought in 2009 has a total of $10k ($6k for the truck and $4k for the 5th wheel). For $20-60/month, you can store the RV in a lot in most areas. Another alternative we've played with recently is destination apartment rentals. We spent a month in Mexico and 3 in Italy last winter. Blog: I haven't been good about keeping it up lately but the link is below. valhalla433.wordpress.com
valhalla360 09/29/15 07:48am Full-time RVing
RE: Boat part time RV part time

Exactly what we do and it's a great option. We are transitioning now. We are selling our US based boat and just bought a boat in Europe but are keeping the US based RV. See the maps below for the areas we've covered. If you have specific questions ask away.
valhalla360 09/29/15 01:20am Full-time RVing
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