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RE: How long do you keep your truck?

That's were we look to purchase. 100k and 10yrs still has 100k and 10yrs left but instead of $60k, they are $6k.
valhalla360 03/26/15 01:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM EcoDiesel a Flop for Towing

If you want to tow heavy, move up to the 3/4 or 1 ton and get the big diesel. This was never marketed as a heavy duty towing option. It did fine for what it was designed for.
valhalla360 03/25/15 03:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you use your kitchen.

And I also think DW finds it a fun novelty thing to bake stuff during camping trips....sort of "Can you believe I can now bake a real cake in a campground?" :)' Hard to beat fresh hot cinnamon buns on a cool morning and so easy to make with the refrigerated dough.
valhalla360 03/25/15 01:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Expired Propane Tanks

I swapped my old 30# tanks for 20# at a Rhino exchange, no problem. The old tanks were becoming too heavy for me. Actually, if you don't use a lot of propane (say you get a full years use out of a single tank), this is a good option.
valhalla360 03/25/15 01:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you use your kitchen.

All the time. When it's cold out, putting something in the oven takes the chill off. If it's hot out we do more outside cooking. We've even made a thanksgiving turkey a couple times (small one)
valhalla360 03/24/15 04:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expired Propane Tanks

Assuming they appear to be in good shape otherwise: Listen to a guys once every few years say they are out of date but will fill them one last time (most won't even look) Now if they are rusted out or otherwise appear damaged, just buy a new one.
valhalla360 03/24/15 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: charging 4 Six Volts

Generally pretty easy but a few clarificaitons: - You can hook up multiple chargers and generally should be not harm. But if they are set to different charge voltages, once the battery voltage reaches the level of the lower charger, the second charger won't add anything. - You can't just add more amps and expect the battery bank to accept them. If we start at say 50%, initially, you can add a lot of amps and the batteries will take them (but there are still limits). Once you get up around 80%, the batteries lose the ability to accept as much charge and the closer you get to 100% the less charge they can take. If you are plugged into shorepower, taking them up to 100% is best but if you are dry camping plan on about 30% of the rated capacity (50%-80%) as the most efficent use. Do try to get them up to 100% periodically and try not to let them go below 50% as that damages the batteries.
valhalla360 03/24/15 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: Logging trailer miles

Unless you are towing a lot, just plug in your recent trips into Google Earth (or similar mapping program). It will spit out the mileage close enough for maintenance tracking purposes (and most other uses)
valhalla360 03/23/15 12:33am Tech Issues
RE: Can't believe folks connecting up sewer without gloves

How hard is it that people are getting stuff on them? Is the hose too short and they use their hands to bridge the last few inches? Unless you have a hose give way or some other oddity (where gloves won't help anyway), you don't get anything on your hands. If you are worried about possible migration of germs to the outside of the hose, first most die off fairly quickly so the week or more the hose has sat, they've mostly died off. And they can transfer to the inside of the gloves very easily (even with careful removal). Worst case, just wash your hands. I'm glad I grew up on a farm and never got germaphobia.
valhalla360 03/22/15 01:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bug bombs

Cut the propane and electric and it shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to open all the hatches so it gets to all their hidey holes.
valhalla360 03/22/15 12:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full Hook-ups take the gen??

In 40yrs of RV'ing (including as a kid). Power outages are relatively common and they typically occur when it's 90 and humid (basically everyone has thier air/con running full blast and it overloads the system). I don't sleep well in those conditions. We have a generator anyway so we take it along. Generator rules usually are ignored during a power outage as you hear them cranking up.
valhalla360 03/21/15 10:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a slider hitch worth the extra money?

If he has the same truck ask him to hook it up and see how sharp he can turn. Actually, I would have posted this same thing a year or so ago. But now I have to say that is really bad advise. I got a slider with my "short" bed because a RV mechanic told me to. Then after visiting over 26 states and never using it I felt I had wasted my money. Until backing into a site in Florida this December. I had it cranked pretty far, but not nearly as far as I have had it in the past. A guy in another site yelled at me to watch my cab. I stopped, got out and looked, my FW was actually touching the corner of my cab! The ground in the site was a little soft and caused my FW to lean a little too far into my cut. It was hard to see the lean from the driver's seat. So, you may be able to cut it really hard around and never touch as long as your TV and FW are pretty level, but if you FW gets to leaning you will wish you had a slider! The point is if it's the same truck he can see how far it will turn. If he can turn 80-90 degrees, it's a non-issue. If he can only turn 45 degrees, he needs a slider. In between it's his comfort level.
valhalla360 03/21/15 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carrying Emergency Fuel in Jerry Can Attached to TT

No problems doing it. Do make a practice of running the jerry can fuel thru the car every so often so it doesn't go stale and cause even more problems.
valhalla360 03/20/15 05:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a slider hitch worth the extra money?

If he has the same truck ask him to hook it up and see how sharp he can turn.
valhalla360 03/20/15 05:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Resale value on discontinued models?

Find a 10yr old RV that is still in production unchanged and then get back with us. I can think of one or two (ie: airstream) but even those aren't the same if you start looking at the details. Unless they stopped making it because of a problem, it should have almost no impact.
valhalla360 03/19/15 07:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for App where I can select miles per day.

We use google earth. Yes, actual road distance may be a little different but usually it's obvious if it's significant (Ie: if you are going from Muskegon to Milwaukee, it's pretty obvious Lake Michigan is in the way. Since I have google earth pro on my work laptop, I can just put a circle centered on my current location and define a radius. Then it's pretty easy to see where I can get to in a given period of time. Once you have a destination in mind, you then simply ask it for directions and it will give you miles and estimated travel time. You can also search the destination for what ever you are interested in, restuarants, groceries, campgrounds, etc... A nice thing if reaching a new campground is to use streetview, so you can see what the entrance looks like. Makes it a lot easier than just having an adress. Also, a lot of times you can see part of the campground and it looks sketchy, you can pick another without having driven there already.
valhalla360 03/18/15 07:26am Beginning RVing
RE: parking on grass

As long as it isn't soft mud under the grass, not much of an issue.
valhalla360 03/18/15 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Composting Toilets

INCINOLET PRICEY!! Probably not practical for boondocking but thought it might warrant some consideration. We looked at those. They are popular on commercial fishing boats but commercial fishing boats run the engine 24/7 when away from the dock so the electrical draw to incinerate the poo isn't a big deal. They aren't popular with cruising boats. With an RV, they fall into the catagory of not serving a purpose. If you are staying at campgrounds with power, there is usually a dump easily available. If you are boondocking, the power consumption is unreasonable. Another downside in the RV context for composters, the liquid tank needs to be emptied every couple days (depends how many are using it). It's not difficult as you simply pull it out, walk it to any toilet, pour it in and then flush (no chemicals to worry about). With our RV system, we go a week without paying attention and can stretch that to two weeks if we need to. Most of the time we either move before then or we get a site with sewer if we will be there long term. Emptying the solids depends on a lot of things. We typically get 3-5wks before they need to be emptied. If you are just weekend camping and can let the compost finish, it's basically scooping potting soil with nothing recognizable. If you are full timing, you don't have that luxury, so you get a little more personal. It's not as horrible as it sounds but hooking up the sewer hose and pulling the valve is easier in an RV scenario.
valhalla360 03/18/15 06:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Composting Toilets

We don't have one in the 5th wheel but we've had one in the boat for around 6yrs. Assuming can get access to a dump station on a regular basis, I would say they are a waste of time in an RV. It's quick easy and painless to dump an RV tank. Unless you do something to mess it up, the valves last many years. On a boat, it's a different matter. - Every campground has a dump station or on site sewer. While it's mandatory to have holding tanks, it's not uncommon to find you must take the boat hours travel away to find a pump out. - Boat plumbing forces the solids thru hoses only 1.5" in diameter often with 90 degree bends. All done with complicated pumping mechanisms. In your RV, it's all gravity fed thru 4" diameter pipes with minimal bends. If you are inserting solids with greater than 4" diameter...you need to see a doctor. - When you have a leak in a boat, it is stored in the bilge, often completely out of reach. In an RV, it typically winds up on the ground. The problems that pushed us to get a composter for the boat largely don't exist for an RV. Thanks, that was helpful. I had read some posts of people with valve issue which led to the post. I was recently looking at an RV park where the dump station was near the top of a windy hill you somehow had to back into. But that is probably a rare exception. I'm sure they do fail but not often and they have a good lifespan. A dump station you back into? Completely honest, we've never seen one you have to back into. Not saying they aren't out there but they must be very rare. Pretty much standard that they are pull thru. On sunday afternoon when the park is clearing out, it would cause a huge traffic jam.
valhalla360 03/17/15 11:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Composting Toilets

they are rather large, the ones I've seen. I could not put anything that large in my bathroom. And the one's I've seen are very Expensive $1700 up I think we paid $700 and there are more models out there. The Natures Head is a little larger but at least the seat is adult sized. It would fit in most RV bathrooms without a lot of trouble.
valhalla360 03/17/15 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
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