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RE: New rates for National Parks.

This is great news. Expecting taxpayers who never visit them to fund them isn't a politically viable option so if those who use them pay for them, they are more likely to be kept up. In the big picture of the cost to visit most of these parks, triple or even quadruple the entry fee will likely be less than 1% of the cost of the trip...so I say have at it.
valhalla360 04/24/18 02:26am Travel Trailers
RE: State Maps with all camp sites listed

Far easier to do a search on the internet and get more up to date info with links to the actual park and an aerial view to see what it really looks like. At best, you are targeting dinosaurs who refuse to use better resources and they are a dying breed (actually in a littoral sense as it's mostly old folks not comfortable with technology).
valhalla360 04/24/18 02:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrician says Motor Homes want 220v

I haven't used the term "110" or "220" for many decades. Curiosity overwhelms me, are there any licensed electricians here on this forum that do not use 120 - 240 - 480 - 600 volts? Personally I have been using the outmoded numbers when spoken to be a warning signal about the speaker's authenticity. Same down here, only it's 127 and 254. NOM Standards To many cases of "I am an astronaut" It's a lot like the 150/1500 series pickups are still referred to as 1/2 ton trucks when most can carry upwards of 1 ton. Technically, they are not but everyone knows what is meant by the term. I used to work with a group of master electricians and unless specifically questioning the measured voltage, 110 or 120 (and sometimes 115) were used interchangeably. Questioning the difference when not critical to the discussion is just being pedantic.
valhalla360 04/24/18 02:08am Tech Issues
RE: Electrician says Motor Homes want 220v

I was in Cuba last week, saw this in a tobacco processing facility. They took the time to label the voltage on the outlet, but a 50 cent outlet box was deemed unnecessary. Not even a couple wraps of tape to cover the screw terminals. https://i.imgur.com/vm6o6EXl.jpg Makes it a lot easier to trouble shoot.
valhalla360 04/24/18 02:04am Tech Issues
RE: 1500 vs 2500

I assume the OP is talking new trucks, so some thoughts: - Any truck that meets the ratings will do fine towing. A 3/4 ton will tow nicely but with a loaded weight probably on the order of 7500lb it's likely not necessary. - You probably don't need the different rear end as the newer transmissions have lots of gears, so they can mimic the towing rear end by selecting a slightly deeper gear ratio. - Look at the ratings of the specific truck. 1/2 ton trucks can have wildly different towing and cargo ratings. Big question is how much towing vs around town driving will you do? Assuming it's typical 80-95% not towing, go for the best MPG truck that meets the tow ratings.
valhalla360 04/24/18 01:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: 15 amp adapter running the air conditioner

Absolutely verify voltage immediately after generator starts-- needs to be at least 108 VAC. The problem is not the 15 amps, it is the high likelihood of small-gauge wiring supplying that 15 amp outlet that causes an excessive voltage drop. Put the 15amp to 30amp adapter right at the plug and most of the small gauge wiring issue goes away as you immediately transition to your 30amp cord. As long as the household wiring isn't substandard, should be fine.
valhalla360 04/24/18 01:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric Frypan Technical Advice

Yeah but for cooking only, you should be able to get 2-3 months easy out of a couple 30# tanks. If you are worried about needing a longer time period, buy a couple spares and keep them full (propane doesn't go bad with age). In an emergency, you suck it up and cook inside or could collect wood and cook over a camp fire. If it's that windy that an outdoor cooktop won't stay lit, just open a couple windows and you should have nice cross ventilation. He is not a tourist like most of us. Rigs staying put all the time or most of the time are using residential 70 or 100 lbs upright cylinders, 30 or 45 kg respectively. Or a bigger horizontal tank on the ground. Most locals are living like this in their homes, there are no natural gas lines. Upright cylinders are delivered by pickup truck. Permanent tanks are filled by tanker truck. People rarely travel 65 miles one way, 130 miles total, to "planta de propan" - except maybe remote farms with poor road where pickup truck wouldn't deliver 30-45 kg tanks and tanker truck wouldn't come either. Wood burning stoves are all over, to save on propane, BUT not during a hurricane. Opening couple of windows for nice cross-ventilation in hurricane is not an option. Yes, it is THAT windy. And a lot of rain before, during and after the hurricane. Mid-summer to early fall is a rainy season, be it with or without hurricanes. You don't want to open windows in heavy wind when rain is coming horizontally, straight into window. I was talking 2-3 months full time use. We don't go thru a 30# tank in that amount of time. If he has a big non-portable tank, he should be able to go years between fillups. Hurricane is a day or two...you hunker down and make due (I doubt he is using the outdoor kitchen during the hurricane anyway). My understanding is this was post hurricane when services aren't up and running yet but it's still breezy, so opening the windows is viable. Likewise, setting up a makeshift shelter after the hurricane and using a wood stove still appears viable.
valhalla360 04/24/18 01:42am Tech Issues
RE: 15 amp adapter running the air conditioner

Isnt low voltage whats going to kill a A/C unit. If you are drawing 10amps thru a 15amp circuit...doesn't hurt to check but if the generator is rated for it, no reason to expect low voltage.
valhalla360 04/23/18 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 15 amp adapter running the air conditioner

It's fine. Over 15amp is where the breaker may cut out. Typical RV air/con units run 9-12amps except on startup where they pull 2-3 times as much for a second or so while the compressor spins up to speed. Breakers don't cut out instantly. The speed varies based on how much over the limit you are at 15.1amps, it may take a several minutes to pop. At 100amps it may take miliseconds. As long as it gets over the hump, the breaker is unlikely to pop. (of course, there is a bit of variability between identical breakers both out of the box and depending on how they have aged, so don't count on exact down to the 1/10th of an amp). Assuming there is nothing else sketchy going on and the connection isn't getting hot, you are fine.
valhalla360 04/23/18 01:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The future ..down the road ????

Yes, the world will change. Expect it or be disappointed but it's always been that way. Reality is I can remember 40yrs ago the family either getting reservations or hauling the camper up on Wednesday before a holiday to get a site. Prime time in prime locations has always required forethought. Outside of prime, it's still easy to get a site. The market will correct to match the needs. PS: Never had an issue getting a slip for the boat either but again, the prime time/prime location holds true.
valhalla360 04/23/18 01:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Frypan Technical Advice

Hi Almot, He can--but the nearest refill place is at least 50 miles one way. I'm still curious why it is not possible to run a small propane burner inside that old motorhome. Yeah but for cooking only, you should be able to get 2-3 months easy out of a couple 30# tanks. If you are worried about needing a longer time period, buy a couple spares and keep them full (propane doesn't go bad with age). In an emergency, you suck it up and cook inside or could collect wood and cook over a camp fire. If it's that windy that an outdoor cooktop won't stay lit, just open a couple windows and you should have nice cross ventilation. I'm not clear how an electric skillet or induction cooker will help if a hurricane rolls thru destroying infrastructure. A gas generator will burn thru gasoline a lot faster than a propane stove will go thru propane.
valhalla360 04/23/18 01:22am Tech Issues
RE: Bed cap removing

Had a fiberglass one on the last truck. Not hard but takes 2 strong guys or 3-4 weaker guys (assuming you don't build some sort of lift). Used to have an aluminum one and in a pinch I could do it by myself but easily with the wife lifting half.
valhalla360 04/23/18 12:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good MI camping w/motorcycle?

If you just want nice rides out in the country, I would draw a line west from the thumb and anything north will have plenty of options. Even lots of areas south but more likely to have to deal with traffic.
valhalla360 04/21/18 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Broken stabilizer - am i expecting too much?

Standard issues with new RV's. Go out in the next couple months and make sure to use and exercise everything as much as possible, so you can find the problems early. Then put a list together and plan not to have the unit for a month or two while they get around to fixing it. You can spend a lot of time and effort carping at them and might get them to send a tech out to fix it but probably less effort just to pull it, go get the new part from them if you feel capable. (you would be in the right to make them come out but is it worth the hassle) This is why I like used. A lot of these little issues are sorted by the previous owner and if I do have to repair something, I saved more than enough to cover it.
valhalla360 04/19/18 05:32am Travel Trailers
RE: McD's app needs care

I do not use it.. They are not paying me to take my own order I charge 20/hr minimum normally much more except when I'm working for friends (They get 1 cup coffee as the bill) so I'm not doing the store's work for it. So after listing off your order to the cashier...do you hand over an invoice for the time spent telling her the order? Reality is it saves you time & effort, plus you are more likely to get the order correct.
valhalla360 04/19/18 03:08am Technology Corner
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

And you do realize all TRC Surge Guard EMS units have always used 102 vac as the low voltage disconnect threshold? :W Clearly those who designed these units are comfortable with this value, just as Progressive designers are obviously comfortable with having chosen 104 vac as their low voltage disconnect threshold. ;) Since I'm not a design engineer I am personally comfortable with those who are having made this decision for me. ;) Kind of scary as the standard design voltage is typically 120v +-10%, so below 108v starts getting sketchy. Doesn't mean the air/con is going to burn out the first time you see 102v but it's certainly not good for it. Also, where is you surge guard mounted? If it's at the pedestal, you can easily have 50-60' of line with further voltage drop. Even the built in ones an have another 20' from the device to the air/con unit. Obviously, better than nothing but the 102 is likely a compromise between it cutting out every time the voltage drops for a couple seconds below 108v.
valhalla360 04/18/18 08:05am General RVing Issues

Hadn't thought about it (when not cooking) but the stove top is really the one to do. Everything else will be close enough but it is a pain when the eggs are all gathered to one side. So get the stove really good and level...then get some stick on levels.
valhalla360 04/18/18 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

I have a SurgeGuard 35550 installed in my coach: "Product description" "This 50 amp Surge Guard product monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, miswired pedestals, reverse polarity, or elevated neutral current conditions that could damage electronic equipment in your coach. Like its 30 amp partner, the 50 amp hardwire unit is permanently installed within the bay of your coach, preventing potential theft and damage from the elements. Optional Remote LCD Display conveniently and remotely monitors RV electrical power." You do realize, your surgeguard will happily keep you powered down to 102V. That's well below what I'm comfortable with.
valhalla360 04/18/18 12:25am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel for Tundra

In general terms 1/2 ton trucks can pull a heavier bumper pull trailer than they can tow a 5th wheel. Bumper pull you are typically in the 10-12% tongue weight vs 20-25% for a 5th wheel...so with the 5th wheel, the cargo capacity gets eaten up with anything but the smallest 5th wheel.
valhalla360 04/17/18 11:44pm Towing
RE: Chicago area where do you go?

Why not check out state parks in IL, WI, IN, MI. What ones have you camped at and what about it was worth seeing? What if I suggested a nekked park...lots to see.:o I have no idea what you like to do so hard to say what you should do.
valhalla360 04/17/18 06:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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