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RE: Can a 30amp A/C run on 20 amps?

Depends. Most likely yes but if the park has old an electrical system in sorry shape it might not (a campground with 20amp outlets suggests it might be an older park with an older electrical system)
valhalla360 08/30/14 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th Wheel vs Class A

I'm not sure if the toy haulers will handle a VW (someone feel free to correct me). Most are geared towards golf cart/motor cycle/ATV. One big enough to handle a car would definetly put you in dually 1 ton territory. Now if you drop the VW/toy hauler, you move into the 30' range (equivilent to a 35' MH) and 3/4 ton trucks are a reasonable option for most. Once you've driven them a bit, they really aren't a problem and any fuel savings driving around town are usualy made up for with better fuel economy towing. - This assumes you actuall move on a regular basis but if you are parked for months at a time that is hard on the MH drivetrain not being used anyway. For costs, it's hard to beat the 5er. Unless you have medical issues where the co-pilot absolutely needs to be able to leave the seat at any moment or you absolutely refuse to drive a pickup around town, there isn't a lot of advantage with a MH that is towing a car.
valhalla360 08/29/14 11:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Gas vs Diesel

High mileage can have a significant impact on the trade-in value of a gasser, but no impact on the value of a DP. I think you forgot the smiley face to imply you were joking. High milage will have a significant impact on either. Diesel will be slightly less impact depending on "how high" (assuming similar rigs of similar quality). Of course it comes with a much higher up front price also. As others have said, get the floor plan you like. Unless you are going onto the carney circuit, you are unlikely to wear out either drivetrain due to miles.
valhalla360 08/29/14 11:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used Satellite Dishes?

If you want automated, it will cost and $600 would be a bargain. Really once you do it a few times, it's pretty easy and pretty quick. I usually don't even bother with a compass or level and can have it set up in 5 minutes. - Enter the zip and the box will tell you the direction. - As long as you leave the window/door open, you can hear it beep at you when you get the signal in.
valhalla360 08/29/14 11:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dumb Propane tank question

And they are 'propane cylinders' not tanks :h That's funny.. But my 30# tanks are more sausage shaped. Do they get a different name?:S
valhalla360 08/29/14 11:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Remove Fitth Wheel Hitch By Leaving On Camper?

Sure, the only catch is make sure to put a padlock on the latch as it would be very easy to release the hitch and have a couple hundred pounds of steel fall and hit someone.
valhalla360 08/29/14 07:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who here eats better while RV'ing than at home?

We eat exactly the same...of course our home is on wheels. But in terms of your question, I think the issue is you are on vacation. Most people splurge on vacation and with camping you have the time to plan and produce a good meal.
valhalla360 08/29/14 07:13am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 5er tailgate or not for better mpg?

I'm no aerodynamicist, but I'm sure there's lots of turbulent air that comes off of the 5th wheel and enters the bed. Turbulence = drag. If I had to guess, I'd say that the louvered or missing tailgate would only enhance the turbulent air flow. If there's actually a measurable difference I'd imagine that it would be very small. The front of the truck, gap between the trailer, and the trailer's rear end would have the most significant impact. If you could fashion some kind of boot to prevent the air from getting into the bed in the first place, then you might have some useful increase. I haven't figured a practical way to do it but I've thought some sort of stretchy material from the back of the truck cab to the top of the 5er would have a real impact (sort of like the fairings on the top of semi-tractors). The problem is it would have to hook up quickly and easily and it would have to accomodate at least a 45 degree angle between truck and trailer (more would be better)
valhalla360 08/29/14 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5er tailgate or not for better mpg?

I think the problem is there are too many variables: - Long or short bed - Standard or extended pin box - Lower riding 4x2 vs higher riding 4x4 - is the trailer riding level or nose high - Is the bed otherwise empty or full of stuff - Wind conditions (for, against, crosswise) - Style of 5er front end (low, mid height, tall along with squared off or rounded) - Dually or single rear wheels - Regular cab vs crew cab All of these things affect wind resistance in some but not all situations. If you are worried about fuel economy, go a little slower and it will almost always result in better fuel economy (even then you will get people arguing they get better milage at 75 over 55 because the gearing puts the motor in it's ideal rpm range, though I'm not buying it when wind resitance increases with the square of the speed)
valhalla360 08/28/14 06:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can we expect these shenanigans?

Can you say KOA.. We were charged a required, "resort fee," on top of the nightly rate... The resort fee included admission to the "bouncy room" and a pancake breakfast. We wanted neither and but they wouldn't let us opt. out. Jellystone Parks do this, too. If I had to pay the bouncy room fee then I'm using the bouncy room! It's been years since I've been on one of those. So if they force me to pay regardless, can I use it even if I'm over the age and weight limits?
valhalla360 08/28/14 06:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Went from 1 ton to 1/2 ton and couldn't be happier

Horses for courses. If you were pulling a 500# utility trailer, you could tow with a car that gets even better milage and smoother ride than the 1/2 ton. Looks like you have a truck well matched to the trailer.
valhalla360 08/27/14 12:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best way to keep chassis battery charged over winter?

I'm pretty sure your battery minder needs 120vac even if it's hard wired. Of course it does. :h From your last post: "The Trik-l-start needs no 120v and once installed, no..." This is about the 3rd time you say the hard wired unit doesn't need 120vac but now you say of course it needs needs 120vac.:h
valhalla360 08/27/14 10:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Where do your pets ride?

On the mamma's lap wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito. If it was a space issue, I wouldn't be concerned about having him in the RV though.
valhalla360 08/26/14 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using the oven while moving...

Used to do it growing up all the time. We'd stop for a break in the rest area, Mom would put something together and start the oven. When we got to a campground an hour or two later, dinner was ready and waiting. Assuming you don't have issues with cupboards coming open and spilling dishes onto the floor, you are probably fine. I might shy away from something really soupy but otherwise no problem.
valhalla360 08/26/14 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Using an RV in chilly, but not fridgid weather

A few degrees below freezing and the heating system should keep the water lines from freezing. -10F and you need to take measures to keep things from freezing. Sounds like you are talking about the first so I wouldn't worry too much.
valhalla360 08/26/14 01:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Best way to keep chassis battery charged over winter?

As RCman stipulated, battery minders are not all that reliable. I too used them for my two quads and our three autos when we are gone for the summer. Of those five, I had two fail the first summer and another two failed the 2nd summer...all leading to destroyed batteries. Yes, you have to plug in the coach to shore power but with a battery minder you'd have to run an additional cord for it to operate....unless you just happened to have a 120v outlet in your battery compartment. The Trik-l-start needs no 120v and once installed, no further attention to it is needed. It is about 1/2 the size of a battery minder and can be mounted almost anywhere within the battery compartment. With the battery minders (from my own experience) you have to keep a close watch on them to make sure they are operating properly and you have to provide storage for it and the cord when not in use. No big deal, but I prefer the simplicity of the Trik-l-start. I realize running an additional power cord is no big deal, but I prefer to install once and forget about it. I had one on my previous coach for five years and it never required my attention again. Ron I don't disagree that a hard wired unit is fine but it sounds like you are comparing a cheap plug in battery minder to a quality hard wired battery minder. I'm pretty sure your battery minder needs 120vac even if it's hard wired. The issue you describe is not 120vac or if it's hardwired but the quality of the unit.
valhalla360 08/26/14 01:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best way to keep chassis battery charged over winter?

I had an interesting problem with a battery minder. I was gone 6 months and had my car connected to one. When I got home the battery was very dead. Less than 2 volts. Had the battery minder plugged into a GFI outlet. I suspect we had a power outage or something that tripped the GFI. A battery minder connected to a battery with no input voltage will ruin a battery. And if they have a GFI on the shore power outlet, a hard wired system would leave you with a dead battery also.
valhalla360 08/26/14 01:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stick with truck camper or go for RV?

Without getting crazy expensive, truck campers are the off road RV of choice. - Find a truck camper group (or just an experienced guy) and have them check to make sure your tie downs are set up properly. You can't tie them down so tightly that you eliminate all movement but if they are too loose that can also be bad. - Look into a front mounted hitch to mount a portable generator. That will give you power away from developed camp grounds. Search the forum on generator sizing so you understand what size to get to support running the air/con.
valhalla360 08/26/14 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best way to keep chassis battery charged over winter?

Sorry I confused you... my fault for not explaining it better. Perhaps this helps: The problem with the battery minders requiring 120vac is that they need an extension cord connected to 120vac. So, every time you stop, you have plug in the extension cord to an 120v outlet and disconnect every time you have to travel. The Trik-l-start doesn't need 120vac at all....the coach does. Plug in the coach and it automatically starts charging the house batter(s) from the converter/inverter/charger. Installation requires one wire to the chassis battery(s), one wire to the house battery(s), and one wire to ground....all three about #16 wire. It is an install and forget device....not so with battery minders! Ron OK, so it has nothing to do with being 120vac but you prefer a permanently wired in option. Of course, you need to pull out an extension cord to get shore power anyway and the original question was about over winter where you would presumably plug in once and leave it for several months. Not that a permanently wired option is bad but I'm not seeing where it is a significant improvement.
valhalla360 08/26/14 07:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fresh water tank

The tanks have a vent built in for a reason. If you want to move it up higher, that shouldn't hurt but don't try to seal up the tank or you will eventually break something. If you are lucky it will be something easily reached and cheap.
valhalla360 08/25/14 02:56pm Tech Issues
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