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RE: Gauging interest in a custom built all aluminum TT

I think the size range may be an issue. 20' trailers are usually seen as starter trailers. I see 20' trailers advertised for $10k occasionally and midlevel up to around $20k. I suspect you will have a tough time building a high quality unit to compete at those prices. I haven't come across a lot of high end trailers in that size range. Usually, once buyers want high end they are over 30' long and then the price does go up substantially. Slideouts will be a key issue. Without those you really limit your market but they make it much more complicated creating a truely sealed unit. You might look at bumping up into the 28-35' range. I think that will give you a lot more pricing flexibility as you have larger base of potential buyers. You might also consider the 5th wheel market as high end buyers tend to gravitate towards 5th wheels over travel trailers. What kind of interiors do you have on the boats you build? If they are simple fishing boats with minimalist interiors that take up less than 50% of the boat, that likely won't cut it in the RV market. Do you have access to bulk pricing on RV style appliances? If you have to pay retail prices, that will drive your prices up. I wish you well and keep reporting back but I suspect there is a reason there aren't a bunch of small builders doing this.
valhalla360 10/31/14 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Do Cable Companies Fake Data Useage

- Do you skype? They use your computer as a node in thier system and will chew thru data if you don't get it turned off when not in use and just closing skype doesn't turn off this feature and it starts up automatically. Got a link to this info? If true, it is a theft of services by Skype and a HUGE security risk. Skype super-node Dave Awesome! I have all rights to all data on my internal network. I should setup a high bandwidth Skype node, watch for excessive traffic, and capture all packets trespassing on my net. How many videos/calls posted on YouTube do you think it will take before it becomes a CNN headline? Hint: it may be a good time to sell Skype stock, lol. 1) Since you were unaware of this in the first place, odds are you don't have the tech know-how to unencrypt the data. 2) You gave those data rights to skype when you signed up for thier service. If you don't agree to thier terms and conditions, you don't get to use thier service. If you did have the tech know-how to get at the data, you could expect a lawyer and a sherif to show up to confiscate your computer...things would go downhill from there. 3) I found out about this issue a couple years ago. If it was a major threat from hackers and it was easily done, the stock would have tanked long before you found out about it.
valhalla360 10/31/14 05:42am Technology Corner
RE: Gauging interest in a custom built all aluminum TT

What do you think a 20-24' high end trailer will price out at? My suspision is while everyone whines about build quality, not many are willing to pay the high price that goes with it, especially for a small trailer. How much do you calcualte the trailer will weigh? 1/8" skin sounds like it will be pretty heavy. A 10,000lb 22' trailer might be a hard sell also. I'm not suggesting you don't pursue this further but a good buinsess analysis is probably in order to see if you have a market and can build a viable unit at a viable price.
valhalla360 10/30/14 03:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do Cable Companies Fake Data Useage

- Do you skype? They use your computer as a node in thier system and will chew thru data if you don't get it turned off when not in use and just closing skype doesn't turn off this feature and it starts up automatically. Got a link to this info? If true, it is a theft of services by Skype and a HUGE security risk. Skype super-node Dave And it's not theft of service, when you click the skype agreement box, you are agreeing to let them use your computer as a node in thier system But they count on the fact that most people don't read thru the contract in detail. And I don't claim to be better. I found out when we started buring thru a ton of data and I tracked it down to skype. The problem is they make it very difficult to disable the program once installed.
valhalla360 10/30/14 02:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Do Cable Companies Fake Data Useage

Many things are possible: - Video Ads running in the background - Windows or other programs with automatic updates? - Someone connecting to your card (change the password and turn off when not using to see what is happening) - Do you skype? They use your computer as a node in thier system and will chew thru data if you don't get it turned off when not in use and just closing skype doesn't turn off this feature and it starts up automatically. - Virus/malware?
valhalla360 10/30/14 10:30am Technology Corner
RE: Grid Tie Inverters with Generator

I was aware of the victron and similar units but with the prices, they just don't make sense for this purpose. http://www.amazon.com/iMeshbean%C2%AE-Inverter-Accept-10-8v-30-Seller/dp/B009B57L1Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1414685614&sr=8-4&keywords=grid+tie+inverter Dakota: See link above for an example but found many. Westend: The one in the link at least claims to start down to 10.8V. Mexicowander: The honda/yamaha generators put out pretty clean power, so I would expect it should be able to match the frequency if it can do it for normal grid power. Chris Bryant: In my example, there would be a source of power (the battery bank). The problem appears to be that it wouldn't just draw power as needed but it would pull power continously as fast as it can. Thanks for the feedback. I figured it was too good to be true (500-1000watt inverter for $200-300)
valhalla360 10/30/14 10:19am Tech Issues
Grid Tie Inverters with Generator

The reason most people go to a second generator (or a larger generator) is because of the startup amps needed to get the Air/Con compressor turning. Once it's turning a 2000-2400watt generator will usually be able to handle the continous load. One option I've looked at in the past are inverters that can match the hz of the generator and give it the boost to get the compressor turning. The problem is these inverters are about as expensive as a second generator. I recently came across grid tied inverters. They are intended for household solar arrays, so that they can feed into the AC system. I assume this means they match the hz. The interesting thing is they are much more reasonably priced (maybe 1/4 of what the high end units I've looked at before). Could you connect them to a battery bank rather than a solar array and tie that into your AC system? I don't see why it would care where it gets the DC from (assuming it meets the voltage range). The only problem I see is I believe these are designed to take as much DC as is available and translate it to AC. If you hook it up to your battery will it just run at full power until it kills the battery (or worse will it pull 1000amps and burn the unit out)? If so, is there a simple way to address this (maybe a manual switch you turn on just before you turn on the air/con and then a small battery charger, you turn on to keep the batteries up while still remaining in the generaters total output capability. I'm guessing there is a fatal flaw or everyone would be replacing thier inverters with grid tied units. Thoughts?
valhalla360 10/29/14 07:00am Tech Issues
RE: Can you hook two different kinds of generators together?

Just make life simple on yourself. If you already have the honda get a matching honda, so you don't have to guess if you can parallel them (likewise if you were starting with a yamaha, stick with yamaha). I'm not sure what system they use to parallel but if they don't synch up it can cause a lot of problems.
valhalla360 10/28/14 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: How do I find my water pump?

I'd love to find a pump quiet enough to not know exactly where it is. Mine is almost louder than the AC. I prefer to be able to hear it. It doesn't run that often so the sound isn't a big deal. But if you hear it kicking over every now and then in the middle of the night it let's you know you need to find the leak. If it's undetectable when running, the leak can continue for a long time (potentially causing a lot of damage) before you find out about it.
valhalla360 10/28/14 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pin weight

I've never had a 5er so I was wondering just exactly HOW do you weigh the pin? Do you disconnect from the truck and put the pin on some sort of stand or do some simple math to determine the weight? Ron You can actually do that but it's probably more hassle than it's worth (plus be careful): - Block the wheels so the trailer can't roll. - Get a stout wood beam maybe 10' long(say a 6x8). - Place one end on a bathroom scale (try to get an accurate one) and the other on a heavy duty floor jack. - Place the beam so the floor jack is is only about 1ft from the pin and the scale is as far away as possible. - Place another piece of 6x8 on the beam to support the pin box. You need to be careful that it is braced and won't fall over. - Now jack up the end of the beam until the 5th wheel legs are barely off the ground (1/4inch is plenty), read the bathroom scale and drop the jack back down. - If you used a 10' beam and the scale read 200#, you have a 2000# pin weight (200# 9ft from the pin on the scale plus 9 times that on the jack 1ft from the pin) Or you can go to a truck stop and pay to have it weighed. Assuming it's one of the higher quality scales, they can give you an axle by axle weight. Do it with and without the 5er on and the difference in the PU rear axle is the pin weight.
valhalla360 10/27/14 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pin weight

I'm around 30% under based on the dry numbers, so apparently, I'm not too serious...but I'm pretty comfortable with it anyway. Now if your dry numbers are pushing 90% of the max ratings, it's probably not a bad idea to weigh the rig and find out where you are.
valhalla360 10/27/14 10:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wind power

What was the windspeed when you checked the noise? - At low wind speeds, most don't make much noise but they also don't put out much power (low enough that it likely isn't worth the trouble). - At high wind speeds, they put out a lot of power but most are noisy and transmit vibration into the RV.
valhalla360 10/27/14 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: How do I find my water pump?

First, it's not really neccessary to know where the pump is to winterize the system. Near the fresh water tank is usually a stub line that you can stick in a bottle of antifreeze along with a valve (or two) you can change so the pump pulls from that stub. But, if you want to find the pump and it's not a bad idea to know where it is.... Trace the system from the start: - Find the water fill on the outside of the RV - There should be a tube to the tank - From the tank should be a line to the pump. You may have to find where it passes thru a wall on the outside and then go inside to find where it comes out and move along but it shouldn't take long to find your way to the pump. Or you can trace it the opposite way from a faucet (hot water tank can be a shortcut but make sure you go upstream).
valhalla360 10/27/14 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's the difference between regular and light 5th Wheel?

Mostly, it means the marketers wanted to sell to folks with 1/2 ton trucks. They generally are a little lighter but that's mostly because they are smaller with fewer slide outs. The fact they have a hitch on the trailer doesn't mean a lot. 5th wheels are typically limited by the pin weight (not the pulling power). A small utility trailer on the back of the 5th wheel has very little effect on the pin weight (technically it probably pulls 50-100lbs off the pin weight since it pulls down on the back of the 5th wheel). Most 1/2 ton trucks can pull a lot more than they can carry.
valhalla360 10/25/14 03:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Charging Amps engine alternator vs Generator

Using your generator to defrost some bagels while in Yosemite? It nice to live in the modern world.
valhalla360 10/22/14 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Amps engine alternator vs Generator

Still sounds like something may be wrong based on the initial charge rate but what are the durations involved. - 1 hr at 9amps in the morning - 4 hr driving at 13 amps That would have added 61 amp-hrs back in but by that point the charge acceptance would be going down (assuming the 65 amp-hrs used was relative to a fully charged set of batteries)
valhalla360 10/22/14 03:50am Tech Issues
RE: Pulling Power

Looks like someone was trolling and got the response they were looking for. Seriously, read the post. 16k hitch for a 17k trailer?
valhalla360 10/21/14 11:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is 360 hp enough for for 38-40 ft class A

Assuming it's turbo charged diesel(and they pretty much all are) mountains shouldn't be much of an issue. 500-600hp is more about ego than need.
valhalla360 10/20/14 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: inflatable RIB boat in toy hauler garage?

Assuming the tail end of the tubes are inflated with nothing solid behind the transom, you could probably buy 12-18" by deflating. Just be careful of chaffing. If the tubes rub against the walls, they will eventually fail. If you have one of the beds that raises and lowers, you could probably modify it hold the dingy and you raise it up to the roof to keep it largely out of the way. The bigger issue is how will you launch and retrive it? RIB's are typically a lot heavier than a standard inflatable. Nothing crazy but 200-300lbs for a simple one (vs 60-100lbs for a standard inflatable) and it's bulky and akward. If the wife isn't strong and the kids are young, getting launched and stored will likely be the main issue. There are wheel kits that help but it may be more hassle than it's worth.
valhalla360 10/20/14 06:26am Toy Haulers
RE: Living in an RV in New York City during winter

Curious how you anticipate doing this, and why. NYC has a tendency to get cold in the winter. I have a feeling that this winter will be colder than normal. Without constant power, your RV will be very cold. A very cold RV will suffer damage with pipes and black/gray tanks. It is very likely that it will not work. It begs the question, why not either stay at Liberty Harbor or find another campground reasonably close and commute into the city? The OP will be making alternate plans after one winter. Agree with Liberty RV Park being the closest - but it's $80ish a night - hardly an economical place to camp. It's all relative. An apartment that close to Manhatten is likely a lot more than $80/night. They have a deal pay 6 nights get 7th free. So you are looking at around $2k/month. I'm not sure but wouldn't be surprised if they have monthly rate that would be lower in winter. Probably cheaper to stay out 30-50 miles out and catch a train in. This whole idea is about false economy. $80 / night is $2,400 / month, and that's just the parking spot, add on propane and incidentals and I seriously dought you could do it for under $3,000 / month. Just for giggles, let's say it's a 30' RV, that would be 240 sq. ft. I'm pretty sure you could get an 'apartment' that size for under $3k / month, even in the better parts of NYC. With the 6 nights/7th free, it's just over $2000 plus the apartment will have utilities and taxes also. That's before checking if they have a monthly rate, which if they are open in the winter is likely going to drop the rate even more. Do you know where the campground is? You would be hard pressed to get an apartment in that price range just across from the tip of Manhattan. I have stayed in that campground. And with all due respect to the folks living in the condos nearby - I wouldn't want to take up residence in that campground past a few nights... Never said I would want to spend the winter there. It's basically a parking lot. But if I was given the choice of the OP's original idea of trying to make on street parking work or staying there, I know what I would pick. Yeah, the square footage in a trailer is a less but we've done a similar review in Michigan and choose to get a 6 month lease on an apartment as there is a point where it's just a stupid way to try and save money. Trying to make it with on street parking is way beyond stupid in my mind (No implication to the OP that you are stupid intended)
valhalla360 10/20/14 06:17am Beginning RVing
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