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RE: Tailgate while towing question?

We spent 3 winters full timing with the factor tailgate. No issue. Funny thing is the new (to us) truck had a damaged tailgate so tammy found a notched tailgate on craigslist. First time we unhooked, we hit it because the pin was 1/2" too low. Luckily it just popped off the hinges with no damage. We now are back to our original approach of dropping the tailgate when hitching which has always worked flawlessly. I would challenge anyone to provide a study showing an MPG improvement. I've heard anecdotal comments that are all over the place but never an actual study.
valhalla360 09/30/14 06:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing front cap decals

Check out local sign shops. Many have printers that will put them out.
valhalla360 09/29/14 01:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backdating sales contract and bank note

I appologize for coming across as snarky but next time you buy a $60k item...read the paperwork. Obviously, you can go talk to the manager and ask him to correct the "mistake". It might work but bottom line, you signed the paperwork. Once you sign it, you just gave up 95% of your negotiating power.
valhalla360 09/29/14 01:51pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: When to Dump??

I have been camping in TT'ers for over 45 years. I have dumped when full, dumped when used 1 day and everything in between. I have NEVER had any problems; EVER. 95% of the time we just use the trailer for 1 day and when I pull into a campground with full hookups I dump. I don't know where this odd idea came from that you can only dump when full. It's just bull pucky. I mean really, think about it. It's just a container; nothing more, nothing less. I may run 5 or 10 gallons of water in the tank and then I pull the handle. The way some people on here make it sound it's like your trailer is going to explode if you dump without your tank being full. :R It doesn't neccessarily have to be full. 1/2 full will typically do the trick. You just want enough water to help the solids flow out. If you have a 40 gal tank and make a couple solids deposits with only a gallon or two of water to wash it down along with TP, you will have a situation very similar to leaving the valve open on a FHU site. If you do a mix of long and short camping trips where most of the time, you get 20-40gallons in the tank, that will typically rinse the solids out even if you have the occasional short trip where only a few gallons makes it into the tank. If you only do weekend camping and don't get a lot of water in the tank before draining, eventually (and it could be several years), you can get the same issue as leaving the drain open on a FHU site.
valhalla360 09/29/14 10:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Two sides of RV camping.

I go to have fun. We've done everything from backpacking to high end resort parks depending on what we could afford and what sounded fun. If that doesn't meet your definition of proper camping/RV'ing/roughing it/etc.., that's your problem to deal with.
valhalla360 09/26/14 01:11pm Family Camping
RE: Generator or no Generator

It's all about how you use the camper. We only use it occasionally and went witha 2400w Yamaha that can run the air/con. We use the same generator on the boat and can use it for power outages when not camping.
valhalla360 09/26/14 01:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Was I out of line?

That makes more sense with a picture. Yeah, she was parked in the wrong area and you handled it correctly. What confused me is you kept refering to front. I would refer to the hitch as being in the front and the door is on the passenger side. Bear with me -- I'm new ;) Maybe port and starboard would have been more appropriate. Not a problem, just looking for clarity. Port and starboard would work also.
valhalla360 09/26/14 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Was I out of line?

Not half bad, Dutchmen ;) The following sort of explains it. The car was parked between the fronts of the trailers on both sites. I didn't get a tape measure out, but she was probably 5/8 on hers and 3/8 on ours. If she'd parked toward the back of our trailer, I probably wouldn't have said anything, but she was right outside our door. We liked the camp ground and will go back, but in the future, I will not take one of the drive-throughs. The sites by the water were all back-in spots where we'd all face the same direction. I did feel it'd be better to ask nicely than go to the manager, but after her reaction I thought I may have over-stepped my bounds. Thanks for the feedback. http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/econes/Capture_zps05b69845.jpg That makes more sense with a picture. Yeah, she was parked in the wrong area and you handled it correctly. What confused me is you kept refering to front. I would refer to the hitch as being in the front and the door is on the passenger side.
valhalla360 09/25/14 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Was I out of line?

Sounds like you were polite but I'm totally confused about the layout, so I have no idea if she parked incorrectly or not.
valhalla360 09/25/14 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: honest advice on a truck for towing 10000lbs

It will cost you more to buy the diesel, but you don't have to drive the snot out of it for it to pay off. All you have to do is sell it or trade it when you are ready for you next truck, and you will realize a huge advantage over the cheaper gas engine. Pay more when you buy it, get more for it when you get rid of it........ The non diesel owners have many misconceptions about diesel trucks, and diesel truck owners will never pull with a gas truck again. Myself, I would listen more to those who actually own one than to those who are telling second hand stories, if you are really interested in maybe buying one. I pulled with a big block gasser for years before buying my first diesel. There's just no comparison, especially if you put a load behind it. We recently replaced our diesel with gas. When looking for the replacement there was minimal difference in price for otherwise equivilent trucks, so I wouldn't count on big resale value increase for the diesel. There are no free rides. If you want the ego boosting power of a diesel, it will cost you. Where it makes sense to go diesel is if you are towing big or you are towing the snot out of the engine for huge miles.
valhalla360 09/25/14 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: honest advice on a truck for towing 10000lbs

You say 10k or less...how much less? - If you are right at 10k and you will frequently in the mountains, a diesel will be nice since the turbo doesn't care about the thin air and the exhaust braking is nice. - If you are well below and/or mostly flat land driving there isn't much to justify a diesel. With the miles you mentioned, run the numbers and you will never justify a diesel. A gas engine will be fine with an occasional hill climb, you just might not be able to do an 8% grade at 75mph and the engine will rev up but assuming it is in good running order, that is harmless. I would go at least 3/4ton and would consider a 1 ton (probably not a dually though unless it was a deal)
valhalla360 09/24/14 06:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Exit Stratagy

A lot depends on how intent you are in a particular exit strategy. If you exit strategy is a McMansion in the hamptons, it will take a lot of money set aside. One of the things we love is the flexibility of the lifestyle. The RV is our fall back when the boat gets too much (or maybe we switch to a one level house boat). But if and when we give up the mobile lifestyle entirely, we will likely pick an inexpensive but nice area and pick up an apartment. $6-800/month should get us a comfortable 1 bedroom apartment with far more space that we currently live in. In general terms, keep the RV to a modest percentage of you net worth. (Ie: if you are worth $10million, a $500k MH may be well within what you can afford to lose. If you are only worth $750k, a $500k MH is a crazy purchase.)
valhalla360 09/22/14 06:36am Full-time RVing
RE: New truck advice

The only reason to consider the torque difference in this scenario is if it sooths your ego. Has nothing to do with ego. The 800tq version makes about 40 - 45 more hp at cruising RPM - right where you can use it every day. An article from 2011: "The peak horsepower doesn't go up," said Mike Cairns, Ram Heavy Duty chief engineer. "Horsepower at various RPMs is higher . It's about 23 percent higher at 1,600 rpm, which is where we now hit the peak torque rating. Horsepower is about 244 horse . The peak is the same but at the working RPM level you're getting about a 23 percent boost." The battle between Ford and General Motors for towing and hauling bragging rights in the heavy-duty truck segment has been brutal -- especially for Chrysler's Ram division. No longer. Ram Truck has announced midyear powertrain and towing upgrades to its 2011 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty truck line up that will give it best-in-class trailer towing ratings amongst one-ton trucks. "Get a load of this new bad boy," said Fred Diaz, Ram's CEO introducing a Ram 3500 with the new High Output Cummins 6.7-liter I-6 diesel. "It's guaranteed to defend the title as the most capable truck on the planet." The High Output 6.7-L Cummins I-6 engine increases torque 23 percent to 800 pounds-feet (@ 1,600 rpm), up from today's rating of 650 pounds-feet (@ 1,500 rpm). It will be standard on all 2500 and 3500 models equipped with Chrysler's 68RFE six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission also gets a new torque converter with updated shift calibrations to handle the increased power. There's also a new crankshaft damper that's said to reduce engine noise and vibration. Horsepower for the Cummins remains 350 hp (@3,000 rpm), the same as today." http://blogs.cars.com/.a/6a00d83451b3c669e20147e2755403970b-800wi width=650 The article you quote supports my point. It's specifically talks about bragging rights (aka: soothing your ego) The older truck still has plenty of power.
valhalla360 09/19/14 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: How Many RV'ers are also Nautical Buffs Too?

The boat is our primary home and the RV is our second home. A 34' Gemini sail catamaran is the boat.
valhalla360 09/18/14 06:47am General RVing Issues
RE: New truck advice

Depending on when the '11 was built, the '12 may have more torque. Good point. The 2011s were 350hp/650tq, and the 2011.5s and 2012s were 350hp/800tq. Look for the "High Output Diesel" on the tailgate. If it's there, it's an 800tq version. http://i.ebayimg.com/t/CUMMINS-HIGH-OUTPUT-DIESEL-2011-2012-DODGE-RAM-EMBLEM-BADGE-800-HO-lb-ft-Torque-/00/s/NzY4WDEwMjQ=/$(KGrHqEOKjUE6VRS(S5qBOn4UW2)4!~~60_35.JPG width=500 Either truck will have plenty of power for the trailer he is pulling or even a bump up to a larger rig. Of course a larger rig would likley justify moving up to a 1 ton anyway. The only reason to consider the torque difference in this scenario is if it sooths your ego.
valhalla360 09/18/14 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck advice

Mostly preference. Both should have plenty of miles left in them. I doubt the 4x4 will be a big deal. You might need to adjust the ball height but nothing drastic.
valhalla360 09/17/14 10:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: How long does warrantee work take going on 3 months!

This is why I don't put much stock in buying new for the warranty. Warranties typically say they will fix it but don't require any paticular time frame. What is the value of a lost summer waiting for repairs?
valhalla360 09/17/14 06:44am Camping World RV Sales
RE: gasoline RV generator vs propane

If you have a large built in propane tank, it's a decent option but on a truck camper, you likely have 1 or 2 BBQ tanks and you can burn thru those very quickly. Then your fridge and stove are out of commission. Otherwise, the hassle of getting propane tanks filled makes gas a more appealing option. Assuming you take care of it and use it with some regularity, both will hold up just fine.
valhalla360 09/17/14 06:42am Truck Campers
RE: Using a stand alone smart phone as a GPS

I don't need or use a cell phone I bought my Nokia 520 just for the GPS. For less than $100 I got a GPS that is more accurate than my Garmin and boots up a lot quicker. . Unless youa re doing survey work or something similar, a cheap standalone GPS has plenty of accuracy. Likewise the 20-30 seconds it takes to get a fix usually isn't a problem. I suspect, you are adding complication for no benefit by trying to use a phone without a cell contract as a stand alone GPS.
valhalla360 09/16/14 09:01am Technology Corner
RE: Why are TCs so much better than class C?

A small 20-24' class C is typically less than a truck camper with truck but has a much more spacious interior There isn't a low priced class C that is as solidly built as a big 3 truck and camper combination. If you buy a solid class C like a Host, then it is just as much money if not more. If you are just into the cheapest, I'll agree you can buy a cheaper class C, but you are getting what you are paying for. That was the point. Class C's are generally not built for off road use but for the same money come with much more spacious interiors. If you want to go off road: - You can trash a typical class C. - Accecpt smaller accomodations of a truck camper - Or spend the big bucks on an off road class C.
valhalla360 09/16/14 08:52am Truck Campers
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