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RE: Wheel Bearings

I'm not sure why trailers don't typically use sealed bearings. Some do, but most don't. Perhaps it's because they may be used for boat trailer applications, and I don't think they do well in a submerged application. I do wish I could service the bearings in my vehicles. I think the last serviceable bearings I had were on my 71 Challenger. I serviced the bearings every 30k or so, and never had a failure in more than 200k mikes, and that was 1971 technology. Most of the vehicles I've had with the sealed bearings have failed at one point. Very expensive to have them replaced, and not too cheap even when I've done the work myself. Truthfully, my annual repacking and maintenance is probably overkill. However for the ridiculously small amount of money and time I spend doing this, for me it is worth the assurance of not having an issue for the rest of the season. While it seems silly to use a lower quality product because it's convenient, the boat axle application does make sense. I've been driving for over 30yrs and I've never done the bearings on a vehicle and I've never had a failure. Likewise, I've not heard of any friends or family having issues...so no thanks to switching back. Do you have a shop with a hoist and pnuematic tools? If I do it myself, the cost isn't much but it's a couple hours and a messy job. It's not the end of the world but it's a couple hours of a messy job that I would rather have back.
valhalla360 05/26/17 12:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding higher, stop and turn signals on tt.

And what do you hope to accomplish with all this vs. the risk involved? It is just my opinion but I see no useful purpose and I have enough holes in the skin of my RV already to worry about without adding more places for trouble to start. The same thing they made MANDATORY on passenger vehicles 20-30yrs ago (ever notice that center high mounted light?). A higher mounted light can be seen further and often around other vehicles allowing for quicker reactions. Also, it's been shown that drivers focus is typically higher up than where the standard brake lights sit. I know when I drive, I often am focused at the road beyond the car ahead of me so I can pick up on vehicles further up braking. By using a higher mount, it's directly in that line of sight.
valhalla360 05/26/17 12:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding higher, stop and turn signals on tt.

Part 2 of the law. They have to be level. They must also be spaced as far apart as practical and no higher than the 72 inches. One above the other is not level. In short what the OP proposes doing is not legal in TX, which is where he says he lives. That would make every passenger car made in the last 20yrs in violation as they all have the higher mounted center tail light.
valhalla360 05/26/17 12:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full timing in a truck camper.

To answer a few replies: known the wife for 58 years, been married 44 years. We have spent two weeks in a 3 man tent for two weeks in the rain. Mostly plan on sitting outside at night and sleeping in the TC during the day. I can't be in the sun. We used to camp off the back of two BMW motorcycles and plan on packing that way. My 3500 Ram dually is an 04 with only 60K miles. I bought it new and maintain it myself. It is a regular cab not a crew cab so I have a greater load capacity. Dodge does not make a pickup in the 4500/5500 class only cab chassis. Besides my truck is paid for. GM and Ford are not an option. In 12 years my wife has not become comfortable hitching or driving our rig. We plan on staying in campgrounds, mostly state parks and federal. We prefer full hook-up but can tolerate water and electric. So we won't be hauling a lot of water. I also plan on skipping most options and some standard like the ladder. After my liver transplant I fell and messed up my back. I can't handle another fall. I read this as you aren't going off roading or boondocking in tough to get to locations. This is almost exclusively about hitching up the trailer. Horses for Courses: Truck campers are great if you are trying to go down rough back roads. For staying in campgrounds with hookups, they work but are a major compromise. There are some options to making hitching easier. If your truck doesn't have one, you can get an after market backup camera. Aimed at the hitch she can see exactly what she's doing. Or is there some other part of the process, she struggles with. As others have suggested a small to medium size Class C will have far more room and if you trade in the truck, may be cheaper than a monster truck camper. Another alternative to consider is a 5th Wheel, especially if you don't want to give up the truck. Not that travel trailers are hard to hitch but with a 5th Wheel it's even easier. You just back up into the pin til it latches on. Lock it in place and you are hitched. No chains or torsion bars and because the hitch is in the truck bed, you can watch it in the rear view mirror to make sure you are lined up. Towing is nicer than a TT (though again a properly set up TT shouldn't tow poorly). Lots of options and I don't think a truck camper is way down on the list to meet your needs.
valhalla360 05/26/17 11:12am Truck Campers
RE: Buses from Key West to Bahia Honda

It was a few years back but there was one from Marathon to Key West. Worked fairly well but it wasn't an every 5 min kind of thing.
valhalla360 05/26/17 07:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What brand and power size of generator do I need ?

Big question is can you run both when on the grid. If the converter is puling a few amps and you are running the TV and a couple other small loads, you are likely going to exceed 30amps and if things are working correctly, good chance you are blowing fuses.
valhalla360 05/26/17 03:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Order the "0ptional" TV with our new trailer or buy our own?

Keep in mind it will take a LOT of generator time to make up the cost of the TV. If you have an inverter and solar panel, you shouldn't need to run the generator unless you run the TV for a long time but any time you are off grid, wise power usage is critical if you want to keep generator time down.
valhalla360 05/24/17 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: truck Tool Boxes

No problems here.
valhalla360 05/24/17 06:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel Bearings

Every time you have the ones on your cars and trucks repacked. :) . Always wondered about that. I've had a number of vehicles hit 200k miles and never once repacked the bearings. Most vehicles these days use sealed hub assemblies, which are run to failure, as you CAN'T repack the bearings. The axle manufacturer for my TT (Dexter) recommends 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Everybody has their own preference and reasoning for how they maintain their trailer. I do all my own maintenance, including the bearing maintenance. The way I look at it, for the time and money I spend doing the bearing maintenance and brake check each year, it is extremely cheap insurance for a problem-free camping season. As others have stated, the bearings come from the factory with the minimum amount of grease in them, so no matter how long you go between packing them, start out by doing so right away. You'll get all kinds of advice here, some very good, some very questionable. In one thread, someone argued you never have to repack them, simply pop the grease cap, put a dab of grease in the cap itself (no, these were not ez-lube!) and you'll be good to go. Whatever you decide, remember not everyone is offering sound advice. I wasn't suggesting not to do the scheduled maintenance. I was asking why they don't use the same sealed bearings. - Are they drastically more expensive? - Can't handle the weight? - Is it that RV's sit for weeks/months at a time (not buying this as I've seen lots of cars that sit for long periods without failing)? I suspect long haul semi's don't go in every 2-4 weeks to have the bearings repacked (they can easily do 12k miles in a few weeks). So what's different that RV bearings are so much worse?
valhalla360 05/24/17 06:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding higher, stop and turn signals on tt.

Texas law is a tail light cannot be mounted more than 72 inches above the ground. Sec. 547.322. TAILLAMPS REQUIRED. (1) at a height from 15 to 72 inches; and ly. Assuming he leaves the original ones, the height is a gray area. He can claim the high ones are supplemental (or just measure to 72" and place them there which will still be much higher). One thing I would caution is to change all 4 to the same type. You don't want one set drastically brighter than the other.
valhalla360 05/24/17 06:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Unplug or Kill Generator first?

Turn off any large or sensitive loads (such as electronics) first, then it really doesn't matter.
valhalla360 05/23/17 03:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

Yeah, I've seen some procedures that would fly in a computer clean room. You think some people use the black tank for spare drinking water. Hook up, drain, rinse the hose with the dump station hose, put the hose away and then wash your hands.
valhalla360 05/23/17 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you call this a TT, or a FW?

The tongue weight has got to be fierce- most conversions I see are the other way- bumper pull to goosneck. No. It would be considerably less than it would be as a fifth wheel. I would agree. Because the coupler is much more forward compared to where the pin would be the leverage effect would reduce the weight not increase it. Hmmmm.... :h What if a TT manufacturer made the A-frame on a TT like say 10' farther away from the front cap? That would reduce TW but would sway get better or worse? The problem is if you make the A-frame 10' you may not fit in a lot of spots plus would they really leave that huge A-frame without any weight on it? Assuming you just extended the A-frame and the other weights stayed the same, it should track very nicely.
valhalla360 05/23/17 03:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you call this a TT, or a FW?

The tongue weight has got to be fierce- most conversions I see are the other way- bumper pull to goosneck.\ It's probably not too bad. Since the new connection is 4-5' further forward, it's probably 1/3 lower than the pin weight in the original position. (need some measurements to calculate it). What concerns me is the tongue has no side to side bracing. In any kind of emergency braking or jack knife situation, I see that folding to the side and possibly breaking off.
valhalla360 05/23/17 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Fiver - slides and jacks use - w/o killing battery

Assuming it's a mechanical slide, find where you can hand crank it in and out and where the crank handle is (those often disappear after not being used for years). It's a pain but a dead battery becomes a nuisance issue if you can operate manually. A fully charged battery should handle several times in and out or as others have suggested, just plug in with the truck running.
valhalla360 05/23/17 11:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearings

Every time you have the ones on your cars and trucks repacked. :) . Always wondered about that. I've had a number of vehicles hit 200k miles and never once repacked the bearings.
valhalla360 05/23/17 10:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping in Europe, where to get a used class B

No affiliation but we followed this blog (there are lots of them out there). They go over some of the issues taking an RV to Europe. http://www.theroadgoeseveron.com/Home We've rented a camper van in Germany for a week a couple years back. It's different but very much enjoyable.
valhalla360 05/23/17 10:12am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roof maintenance material

First Sikaflex is a brand name. You have to define which product as they have a variety. Second, if they could really get 15yrs reliably without any attention, manufacturers would have switched over long ago. As much as people like to go on about planned failures, they would jump on a cheap fix that was drastically better. Assuming it is chemically compatible with your roof material (they aren't all the same), it may work OK but I wouldn't risk not keeping up on the maintenance as it could be a very expensive experiment. Also, are you creating a problem for the next guy. Is the dicor compatible if the next owner puts that over the top.
valhalla360 05/23/17 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Improve 5th wheel capacity

Legally, the authorities will want proof before issuing a new weight rating. I suspect the engineering and documentation time to get a new sticker with a slightly higher weight rating will cost more than a new heavier duty trailer. In real life, it's a **** shoot if it doesn't just move the weak link somewhere else. when I registered my U Haul type trailer, they asked me what weight I wanted to use. I think I had a choice of 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000. I asked why not just go to 10,000 and was told I would have many more hoops to jump through so I stopped at 5,000. numbers are guesses from memory. bumpy That's just the defining the registration fee. Not changing the GVWR.
valhalla360 05/23/17 09:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: interesting truck camper

Love it. Enter "kamp king koaches" in google and check out the pictures. I love the one for a Studebaker station wagon.
valhalla360 05/23/17 09:40am General RVing Issues
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