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RE: Over 55 no more in the RGV

My scan of the HOPA rules seem to show that any violation of the 80/20 rule would only be considered harmful to those under 55. There appears to be no Federal Housing remedy if you bought/rented in a 55+ community and it dropped that designation. Only if you are under 55 and they turn you away and then you find out the property had more than 20% of the units occupied by other people under 55 have you been damaged. At least under federal law, you are just SOL if the park starts taking in younger residents. Therefore, it sure appears if you like it there and the ratio is slowing changing, you should live with it as long as you can because if you complain they would have to drop the 55+ advertising and marketing and truly become a park that takes all comers.
westernrvparkowner 11/23/15 09:28am Snowbirds
RE: Security Advice from Quartzsite LEO

So are you suggesting you should take a pictures of everyone around you each and every time you camp? Do the footprints prove without a doubt the cruddy camper was guilty? YES and the police officer said they match footprints/shoe prints from another theft. As for taking pictures....I take pictures a lot, so they might have a hard time seeing me actually zoom into their rig. :) We're in BLM land.....the nearest neighbor would be considered a block away......others are further. So it's not a big deal, I wouldn't be doing it if we were in an RV park....... and anyone that thinks that's creepy and sees me...come on out and talk to me.Now we are into BS territory. The police did not/does not reveal details of pending investigations. Plus, they don't take shoe prints and send out CSI units into the middle of the desert because someone had a generator stolen. They take a police report, and that is it. Earlier, you said you wouldn't take a picture of a nice rig, so if the tracks led back to a nice rig instead of the junker, all your crime solving skills would have gone to waste. Heck, apparently the thieves are good and active, so they can probably afford a nice rig. On TV the master criminals always have neat stuff. You never saw Tony Soprano driving a clunker. The solution to theft is prevention, not expectation of recovery.
westernrvparkowner 11/22/15 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: A delicate question.

We have been through it. Took the remains to a local crematory and picked up the ashes a couple of days later. Local vets and animal shelters can recommend a crematory wherever you happen to be.Absolutely, and realistically, you will probably have some interface with the local vet before your pet passes away. Unfortunately, they don't often go from healthy to just dropping dead in their sleep, though it sure would be nice if they did. We have had several guests over the year have this problem and the local vets were always kind and caring. Cremation and the return of the ashes was very quick. We did have one guest ask us for contact information on local taxidermists. Don't know how that turned out.
westernrvparkowner 11/21/15 05:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Security Advice from Quartzsite LEO

Quite frankly, if you're a clean looking nice camper, I probably won't take pictures. If you look like riff raff I don't give a rat's ass if I make you uncomfortable taking your picture. This has cost us $1000. You uncomfortable...move on. The stress of this has put me in ER...not saying this to get pity...just telling you all that when it comes to my money or my health...too **** bad if I make you uncomfortable.And having that photo of the cruddy looking RV is going to do exactly what? The police aren't going to stop and search an RV because it was parked near you and you think it looked suspicious. Did you even have the serial number for the Generator or have an identifying engraving on it? If not, how would you prove it was yours even if they searched that suspicious rig? When you camp in a public area, with no security, and don't take action to secure your valuables theft is one of the risks you take.
westernrvparkowner 11/21/15 05:20pm General RVing Issues

I posted a comment on this persons purchase late last night, the first one actually. Now my post is gone. Who takes these posts off. Is it because it makes CW look bad so the moderators have to remove it.Since virtually everyone knows negative rants about Camping World in this forum are almost always just sour grapes, I doubt your post would make Camping World look bad. It would, however, likely re-enforce the opinion that this entire forum is nothing but a bunch of whiners trying to place blame and responsibility with anyone but themselves for problems they are having. Fact is, the rig was purchased AS IS, so there is no one to blame but the purchaser. Caveat Emptor is the Latin version, and since Latin died centuries ago, buyer beware is not exactly a new concept.
westernrvparkowner 11/21/15 02:03pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Open question to everyone...

I once started a thread then went bad real fast. I pinged the moderator to delete the entire thread. It was finally deleted (my request). So, it's possible a thread CAN be deleted at the request of someone, but it was my original started thread. I do know anyone can request the moderators to delete their response too. spoon059, I'm glad we disagree! It creates interest on these forums! But I'd never get MAD over it! That's just plain dumb!Yep, actions like this were called "I'm taking my ball and going home" when we were children. We you read things like "the thread went bad real fast" that means the other posters didn't agree with them. As an FYI, if you want to delete one of your own posts, just edit that post to "blank". No need to involve Moderators, Administrators or any other one else. You can fix your own mistakes.
westernrvparkowner 11/21/15 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Park Indio/Palm Desert, Ca

We have stayed at Indian Waters three times and will be there for 6 weeks this mid Dec thru first part of Feb. Have never had nor heard of any security issues. A gate and a booth are two different things. I have never been given a flyer or even heard of that either.When we are on our lot at Outdoor Resorts (next door) we always lock and put away anything of value. Petty crimes are common and the thieves come over the walls under the cover of darkness. The resort has very active security, but the thieves are faster. Just a fact of life in Indio.
westernrvparkowner 11/09/15 06:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Direct TV wil not install a dish

A 500' roll of RG6 costs $35.00 at Home Depot. Obviously, the installer was not willing to try and pull a cable thru the RV walls, but we are talking about a 26 year old rig. So drill a hole through the wall and run the cable thru it. If you want to be fancy, spend another $10.00 and put a wall plate on the outside of the RV so the cable from the dish to the RV can be disconnected. Seal around the cable in the hole with some silicone. My guess is if you have the hole drilled and cable fished thru, the installer will be happy to put compression connectors onto the cable if you don't have that ability (or want to spend the 30 bucks for the proper tools.). The installer just doesn't want the liability of drilling that hole. Forget about the wiring that is already in place. It is 26 years old and no telling how many splitters are hidden in the line. This is a $25.00 (you don't need a 500 foot roll, a 50 foot piece would be $15 and overkill for what you need) and 30 minute project requiring only a 1/2 inch drill bit, some silicone sealer and very basic common sense (don't drill your hole thru a door, thru an electrical junction box etc).
westernrvparkowner 11/02/15 08:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Has anyone got rear ended while on the highway?

Question....was that one of the on ramps that has a stop light???? If not, why were you sitting? We've had some pretty darn close incidents at merge lanes, both while in the lane and while on the freeways. People just aren't paying attention and some have never been taught the right way to merge. (rear ending someone is NOT the right way!!!!) Hope everyone is okay!I have had my share of close calls on the other end of the OP's problem as well. Accelerating to merge into the 70+ MPH traffic and the vehicle ahead decides to stop and wait until rush hour is over. It is unexpected and when you are merging into traffic you are spending more time looking at the oncoming traffic you are merging into than you are the vehicle in front of you that you fully expect will be merging into that traffic as well. While the driver that re-ends the vehicle in front is always at fault, the other driver can be the practical, if not the legal, party at fault.
westernrvparkowner 11/02/15 03:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Financing & Loan Options for RV 5th Wheel

Would it be better to get financing directly through the dealership or would it be better to deal with a broker to line up financing and then go to the dealership? My wife and I both have good credit and own our home located in Florida. Your best bet is to research all your options: banks, broker, credit unions, on-line, and thru the dealer. I'm not in the OP's area, and didn't buy a 5th wheel, but I got a pretty good rate thru the dealer with Bank of the West after letting them know I would only be interested if they were competitive since I had excellent credit and other options. Frankly, most of the financing sources I explored seemed more interested in long-term 10 or even 15-year loans with little or nothing down. I'm sure many dealers have links to similar deals, which undoubtedly pay a higher commission, but they may also have pretty good rates for those looking for shorter loans with larger down payments and lower interest rates, although they may not do as much to promote those loans. You'll only know you're getting a good deal if you know what the alternatives are.Dealer participation in vehicle loans have pretty much gone the way of the Dodo bird. Dealers get a flat fee for placing the loans, and that fee is usually not based on rate or term. They push long terms because that gives the lowest payment (less likely the buyer is going to balk) and they push low down payments because people generally don't like to part with their money. They are just catering to the market.
westernrvparkowner 11/02/15 02:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Financing & Loan Options for RV 5th Wheel

Loans are one of the easiest things there are to shop. Just compare terms (length of loan and interest rate). I would check with my bank, a local credit union, maybe an online source (such as Good Sam which uses Essex, which is a division of Bank of the West) and see what the dealer can offer. Take the best deal. The one thing people get a bit out of whack on is length of loan. Longer loans do have lower monthly payments, but doubling the loan term does not cut the payment in half. It is best to take the shortest term you can comfortably afford. You will build equity quicker and pay of the loan sooner. Bankrate.com has a bunch of financial calculators that can help you with your analysis.
westernrvparkowner 11/02/15 02:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Health insurance on the road

I am sure this has been discussed before so if so I apologize for asking again. Neither my wife or I are old enough to get medicare so we purchase our plan here in our home state of CT. We generally spend 6 months in the south and the rest here. Due to some ongoing health issues our doctor demands we seek medical help in the south to monitor the situation. The problem is that our plan does not cover anything except emergencies once outside of our state. How do others deal with this? Thanks in advance. We have a PPO plan that offers a national network through BCBS. It is November, so you now have a chance to sign up for a new plan. A new option for us this year is an EPO/PPO plan, which I am looking into. One must have a "preferred provider" but one also has access to a larger, nationwide PPO network. I see the prices people post here on the boards: $1200 for two, $1800 for two, per month, and I wonder what kind of gold plated no deductible plan you all have. Our current plan is going from $550/month for two to $600/month. But we are also a year older than last year(do many people consider that prices rise as you age?). To figure out the most cost effective plan, I take the max out of pocket $ and add it to the total premiums. This year, the number was $9850 per person. I could pay $800/month/person for a gold plan but since the max out of pocket is still $6500 my outlay would be $16100/year. Seems a waste of $6000 for the same result.You are getting a government subsidy for your plan. My plan with the $1400.00 premium is a PPO Silver Plan with a $5000 deductible and a maximum out of pocket of $6500 per person. It does cover the first three doctor visits, lab tests with a 20% copay and drugs are tiered with a copay. I am probably going to move to a PPO Bronze plan because I will save nearly $450 a month, but we will no longer have any drug coverage or lab coverage. The deductible will increase, and the copays for covered events will also increase. Just an FYI, the cheapest Gold Plan available to me is $1857.00 per month. As for age, both my wife and I are Sub 60, by a few years.
westernrvparkowner 11/02/15 08:23am Full-time RVing
RE: Health insurance on the road

Just an interesting note I have found while watching the World Series and trying to compare the jumbled mess that are the 2016 policy options in Montana. BC/BS has two Bronze plans that are PPOs. As far as I can tell the coverages are identical, the only difference is the cheaper plan has a $200 higher deductible. Well, why would I pay $600 a year more to save a potential $200 which would only happen should I suddenly have some expensive medical problems? Answer: the deductible on the cheaper plan is TOO HIGH for the plan to qualify as HSA (health savings account) eligible. According to the political hype, HSAs were established to allow people save tax deferred for their medical care and use those accounts to pay for ordinary medical expenses and have a high deductible insurance plan as their defense against large medical expenses. So WHY would there be a maximum limit to the amount of a deductible to be eligible for such an account. I know why BC/BS set the deductible $100 over the limit, that's to force me into the higher priced policy without having to offer any additional benefits, making that lower priced policy basically a bait and switch (and yes it does show as the cheapest policy available in Montana on the healthcare.gov website). To call this entire system slimy is an insult to slime.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 09:41pm Full-time RVing
RE: I'm In Deep DoDo

I had two hoses hooked up to my trailer, one fresh water supply and the other to the black water rinse. He turned off the valve that supplies water to two spigots. He turned the spigot to the black water rinse on, the fresh water supply was still open, and left the main valve off. I turned the main vale back on allowing fresh water to the unit. He trespassed on my legally rented space, disconnected my equipment and left it in an altered state. My wife was in the unit and he made no effort to request trespass permission. As far as this being my fault and the insurance denying the claim, I would compare that idiotic statement to having a car bomb planted in my truck and then saying it was my fault for starting the truck and causing the explosion. Please be realistic in your reply or do not waste the space in this thread.Since they were performing maintenance and are the management of the property, there is no way they were trespassing. And if they had turned off the a main valve (not the standard spigot at your site) and you subsequently turned it back on, I would say the liability is totally on you. Insurance companies are not going to pay claims based on anybody's word, especially if you are talking about multiple thousands of dollars. They are going to investigate, take statements and if they find that the park had shut down a water line for service and injured party had turned it back on without permission things are going to get sticky at best. That is being realistic and since you don't own or operate this forum, the use of space on the thread is really not your concern.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 07:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need internet advice

So I'm going to try and respond to everyones questions the best I can here. It's Alaska and I'm just waking up and moving around, (got cold last night so didn't sleep to extremely well). I make somewhere around $420/week, don't know if that was a typo on my part or not, I was pretty tired last night. The RV park will not allow us to install a DSL connection utilizing a ground mounted dish. I did finally get a rep to agree to send out an installer to mount a dish ON the RV but then my credit check was denied. MTA though an interesting choice, has some major datacap restrictions and is part of how I got screwed over. (I had MTA up in Eagle River and the room mates I had with me, I didn't know was all watching Netflix at the same time and ran up a 2 thousand dollar bill before I even knew what was happening). I HAVE checked with maybe doing something like a hot spot. From what I've been able to tell so far, the only plans they really offer is like at most 7 GB every 2 months for data, for an insane price. Another long term RVer did look into running MTA to his RV. They quoted him over 1000 for installation since they'd have to run a completely new line, trench it and install it a specific way. SO I don't think getting a normalish type of internet service provider is an option here. @westernparkrvowner I'm not particularly blaming the park owners here, but I know they're using domestic routers and the park is pretty dead atm. They have something like 5 RVs in total in the lost this winter and some of them will be leaving in the next couple of weeks. I realize though it's not there fault I can't work, they're not expected to provide to me the best internet service publicly available lol. In response to the business internet, I HAD looked into getting business internet when I was in Eagle River. I don't quite qualify for it since according to them, I'd need a business licence to qualify. I fall into a grey area of the market. Technically speaking I"m a private contractor for the company I work for. I get Tmobile and Verizon here as well as several other services in the area, so cell phone wouldn't be a bad idea, but I just worry about the costs versus data caps. Alaska is beginning to be notorious for there data caps, every internet service provider up here has them but one major one. The 2 GB a day that I came up with for bandwidth is me doing the absolutely minimum, just work, that's it. in reality I can rank up to 3 or even 4 some days depending on the work I'm doing. Thankyou EVERYONE for all of the posts and helpful suggestions so far, hopefully I've helped answer some peoples questions.DSL doesn't use or require a dish of any kind. It runs over telephone lines. What is the Park's ISP? They would be the best bet to talk to about getting a dedicated service for your use. If the service requires a wired connection and the park won't let you pay to have a line run to your rig, maybe it's time to find other accommodations.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Health insurance on the road

United and Cigna have national plans. We have been paying for our own insurance for twenty years. While not cheap, the ACA has saved us money and we get better coverage, lower deductibles. I would recommend finding a reputable agent that carries many lines.Health insurance plans are very state specific and you cannot cross state lines to purchase coverage. You can only shop what is offered in your home state.. Using your example of United and Cigna , they do not offer policies to Montana Residents. Our choices are Pacific Life and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. BCBS still offers PPO plans in Montana, but I know for a fact they have discontinued all PPO plans in Texas. State to state it's the Bubba Gump of coverage, you never know what you are going to get That being said, all ACA plans offer some kind of coverages out of state, but they will generally be considered out of network, which will be subject to higher deductibles, higher copays and lower overall benefits. You may very well have found that the ACA worked to your advantage, probably because you now are receiving a subsidy. I think it is safe to say that people who do not receive a subsidy have seen their premium skyrocket. Our premiums are up 100% from the Pre ACA rates.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 05:45pm Full-time RVing
RE: Health insurance on the road

How much does the ongoing monitoring cost and how often do you need it? A flight back to home might be more cost effective than paying out of network. Also, does your out of network payments get applied to your deductible? Good news is probably that whatever the problems and costs you run into this coming year is they will be less than you will run into the following year. At least from my vantage point, the ACA compliant policies are getting worse year over year, enjoy.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 03:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sewer Hose

I usually use a 10' hose. I also have a 20'. I can also series them together for a 30'. Then I also carry a cheap hose still in its package that I never expect to use. If 30' is too short, move to another site. You just have to remember what every plumber knows: Payday is on Friday, and "stuff" runs downhill...:W *You* must provide the downhill "slope"! W ~You left out "never lick the chocolate off your fingers".
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 11:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I'm In Deep DoDo

I still don't understand what the park did? You said they installed an anti-backflow valve on your black tank flush hose? Then you said YOU turned on the water, meaning the water was turned off. Why would they have disconnected your fresh water hose and hooked up the flush hose? If you have a Y connector past their water valve and you leave it hooked up to both the fresh water connection and the black tank flush valve, you were just asking for a problem anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if the park's insurer denied your claim by saying it was your negligence for keeping the flush hose connected and you admit to turning the water on.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 11:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need internet advice

As many long time RVers know, the internet at most RV parks is absolutely abysmal. If they aren't using domestic routers, they're using domestic wifi extenders and sufficiently poor internet plans. It's just something as an RVer I guess we've come to some what expect and just hope eventually they'll get a clue to start upgrading. Because I work from home I use about 2GB of data a day at minimum, talking on the phone, video conferencing, downloading various files for inspection and uploading data to servers. I for the life of me, just can't seem to find a reliable way to get internet to this little RV. I'm at a loss, I've spent weeks on this problem and it's starting to look like I may have to give up the job I've held for 3+ years and love. Just because of internet. Can ANYONE out there offer any advice on anything I can do for internet out here that's at least going to give me 2mbps download (so I can work). For a reasonable price? The cheapest thing I could find would end up costing me $700/mo at minimum for the amount of data I use. It's just insane we still have data caps in 2015.Blaming the RV park because you have a business need for a lot of Wifi bandwidth is wrong. Just because you want unlimited bandwidth doesn't mean the cellular companies are going to provide it. There are data caps because those cellular companies see it as the best business model. If you are staying at a park long term, get with the park management and see about getting your own internet service. We don't have long term stays, but I know we wouldn't have a problem if a guest wanted to pay to bring in their own internet service either thru a DSL line run to their site or through the local Wisp (wireless internet service provider which would provide you with 20/10 speed for $99.00 a month and require no wiring other than a small antenna and a Ethernet cable from the antenna to your router). I think you will find there are options, but you are going to have to take the lead. Your business needs are not really your landlord's problems.
westernrvparkowner 11/01/15 09:38am Technology Corner
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