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RE: rv parks & golf

Might find one with Minigolf, but not a chance any park in Montana has an actual golf course attached. Those are almost exclusively snowbird parks.
westernrvparkowner 07/28/16 12:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Motorhoming-The Dream vs Reality

I agree with the above cost discussion, but here's another idea. Was this person really wanting an RV? In my old neighborhood, people came door to door all the time wanting to buy our RV's. I think that some of those folks were dealers or flippers, although they often told the story about wanting to give their family an RV experience.If their money is good, I couldn't care less about why anyone is buying anything I am selling. Well, maybe if I was selling a few tons of Ammonium Nitrate along with 100 gallons of fuel oil I would have some fleeting qualms about the buyer.
westernrvparkowner 07/28/16 12:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is there a minimum amount one can finance an RV?

Most lenders are not interested in small loans. They cost more to process than they can ever earn in interest. Rates will skyrocket on small amounts. You would probably be better off using a low interest credit card.
westernrvparkowner 07/28/16 09:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Reserve America policies

This is what smaller government looks like. Private companies have to make a profit, so they have to charge more than government agencies to do the same work. Which parallel universe do you reside in?Government services are completely free to those who pay no taxes. The government just recovers the costs by making up on the next guy (People who pay taxes). The key to a cost free life is never be "the next guy".
westernrvparkowner 07/28/16 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: FCA Investigation Finds Inflated Sales/update page 2

FCA said today their sales streak actually ended in 2013. They also said that since 2011 they under reported sales by 19,000 vehicles.:h Detroit Free PressKind of like when the IRS is investigating you for claiming your dog as a dependent and you respond by saying "but in 1984 I donated my underwear to Goodwill and didn't claim report it as a charitable deduction". Or as the Wizard said, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
westernrvparkowner 07/27/16 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you answer when a stranger asks about MPG?

If it's a save the earth type I explain to them that throughout history problems are mostly solved only when they reach crisis status. Therefore, the switch to alternative fuels will happen when we begin to run out of fossil fuels. I then tell them I am doing my part to make that change happen as fast a possible.
westernrvparkowner 07/26/16 04:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: FCA Investigation Finds Inflated Sales/update page 2

This hurts you if you have a pension, if you have a child in college or planning on going to college, if you invest in a mutual fund, etc. All those entities invest in companies. If a company's financial and sales data is fraudulent, eventually that information comes home to roost and the value of the company drops, lowering the value of your pension fund, your child's college endowment fund and your mutual fund. In Fiat's case, it isn't about 6000 sales, it's about trends. If they were claiming 6000 additional retail sales of Fiat cars, they might be attempting to show that Fiat cars are selling MUCH better than they really are. That would be significant. They may also be trying to cheat their fleet MPG ratings by reporting fake sales of high mileage cars. This could have serious legal ramifications for FCA.
westernrvparkowner 07/26/16 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone know the criteria for being included in GS directory?

I respect westernrvparkowners comments. However, having been to many rv parks (178) I do find that there are times that there are things that simply cannot be in the ratings as compared to what one finds. I am not saving these are ad influenced; I am just saying I find things higher rated than what one finds on occasion. I walked in to check in to a park last Fall and as I approached the desk I was greeted with, "Welcome to the only Good Sam 10-10-10 rated park in Colorado". I don't know if that was true or not but they certainly did not deserve the rating for many reasons. I use RVParkReviews - do not go back more than 2 years, throw out the high and the low, look at the website (knowing this can be kinda slanted :-)) and make a decision from there.That' why you have to put on your blinders and toss your personal feelings aside and use the score card exclusively. If there is a rusty swingset and a lopsided slide, the park gets a recreation point, regardless if you would ever let your child play there. A postage stamp pool that looks like it houses the monster from the black lagoon gets a point. 40 foot wide concrete roads in perfect condition get 1/2 point more than gravel roads. Same with site pads. Give a point for someone being in the office, doesn't matter if they are Mother Teresa or Vlad the Impailer. It is what it is. Not saying it is good or bad, but it really is something you can check on your own. There is very little left to personal feelings and preferences if you follow the scorecard to a T.
westernrvparkowner 07/25/16 07:29am Good Sam Club
RE: Dinette and sofa pulled....keep them?

Keep it. Every journey begins with a single step. You will never make it to a starring role in one of those hoarding shows if you don't start accumulating junk. This obsession with keeping things with negligible value came from the ancient Greeks, eloquently expressed in this timeless phrase: "one man's junk is most likely junk"-Aristotle
westernrvparkowner 07/25/16 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Is the engine dying a serious issue in a '94 Damon Intruder?

The odds are about 9 out of 10 that it is a relatively simple problem such as old fuel, needs a tune up, bad plug wire(s), fuel pump, vacuum leak etc. The concerns are the other 1 out of 10, can you afford a major repair? And if there is no one competent to figure out what is wrong, how are you going to find someone competent to fix what is wrong even if it is a simple fix?
westernrvparkowner 07/24/16 08:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone know the criteria for being included in GS directory?

Whole lot of BS being slung around. A park does not pay to be rated or included in the guidebook. The criteria is the park has to offer sites to the public. (can't be a church camp, a park that is completely members only or some guys private enclave). They book publishers and rating staff have to know the park exists. The park can opt to not be rated and therefore not be included in the book. Rating is also free. The raters do sell ads, but there are plenty of parks with no ads and good ratings. In the book is the exact scorecard the raters use when reviewing a park. If you were to score each park using that scorecard and put your personal feelings aside, you will almost always come up with the same score +/- maybe 1 point. I have never been offered a better rating if I buy an ad, and have never been told the rating would go down if I didn't. The whole world isn't just a collection of scam artists looking to screw you, really.
westernrvparkowner 07/23/16 03:44pm Good Sam Club
RE: Red Apple Campground - Kennebunkport, ME

Wow, this is ridiculous. I am completely on the side of the OP here. To all of you who agree with the campground, have you never heard of Karma? I hope you never need a break someday. If that campground gave away the site mid-morning, long before check out or check in, did they really have a waiting list of people looking for a cancellation? If that's the case, they are not wanting for business at all. And what about customer service? These days it's customer service that sets a business apart from the rest. It's great customer service from companies like Amazon and the like that we come to expect. Do you think that Amazon would have behaved like this?Well, you got us. Amazon and a RV park sure do have very similar businesses and business models. That is an apples to apples comparison if I have ever seen one. Thanks for proving all the people who supported the park wrong. This forum is wonderful. Give it enough time and someone will finally come up with the definitive answer. Obviously, Amazon is not in the campground business but I still stand by using their customer service model as an example of why people return to them for future business. Today, one thing that sets businesses apart is their customer service. Granted, a business can set any rule it wants, strictly follow those rules, and we as customers can then chose not to do business with them. However, it is the better businesses that set reasonable rules and try to give the customer the benefit of the doubt. Those business ultimately do better and end up the choice of many.I am agreeing with you 100% Emulating Amazon is the way to go. As a matter of fact, right after finishing this email I am going to contact all the drone manufacturers to get started on drone delivery of our RV sites. Seems like a simple project, just cut a few 1000 square feet of grass, install a parking pad, power hookups, water supply, a wifi system,, a cable tv system and have the drones take it to wherever you want it with same day delivery. You are absolutely right, Amazon type solutions are the future. BTW, I took the time to view a few Amazon product reviews and their flagship service, Amazon Prime, gets 5 stars from a full 7% of the reviewers and 67% give it 1 star. That is customer satisfaction at it's best. The Red Apple Campground, on the other hand get slightly over 80% five star ratings on Trip Advisor and two percent of their reviews are 1 star. I guess that make the Red Apple Campground around 10 times better than Amazon at customer service. Glad I have to benchmark against Amazon and not the Red Apple. Two thumbs up to Amazon for setting the benchmark bar low. Your reputation did in fact precede you and you continue to live up to it. Good luck to you in your business and personal endeavors.Would that reputation be that when I make an argument I can back it up with facts? Maybe my reputation is when I make a comparison of one thing versus another the two generally have something in common to make the comparison valid? Or maybe it is that I have the reputation for pointing out people's positions that are ridiculous or nonsensical. Like most people, I have a reputation for many things, which one were you referring to?
westernrvparkowner 07/21/16 03:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Red Apple Campground - Kennebunkport, ME

As fast as they were able to give that spot away, I seriously doubt they are pining away for people to come and fill their sites. Trying to stay in business? That's a joke!The fact is every time a site goes unrented that could have been rented, that's around $50.00 out of my pocket. Exactly how many sob stories will you listen to at fifty bucks a pop? We see three or four no shows a week. Often, the people just plain decide their travel progress makes it simpler to stay elsewhere. We seldom get a phone call or message of any kind explaining why they didn't arrive. The average person knows if you don't show up, the rest of your reservation is cancelled. It's that way with hotels, airlines, cruise ships, tours and most everything else. It was totally up to the guest to take 30 seconds and contact the park if they wanted to keep their reservation. My guess, until they actually secured the tires (they claimed they called around all night looking for them, though who calls tire dealers in the middle of the night?) they didn't want to commit to paying any more money to the park for a site they couldn't use should the tires not be available on the weekend. That's why they didn't try to secure the remainder of their reservation, not because it was too inconvenient.
westernrvparkowner 07/21/16 07:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dog sitters

Hi all, Just wondering,,,,,,,,,Has anyone ever heard of an RV Park or campground that provides dog sitters?We offered just such a service for a number of years. Had to stop due to multiple disasters. We had employees bitten, dogs escape, dogs that could not be walked who later soiled the rvs or got so nervous that they chewed and damaged the rigs. We had guests who did not return in a timely manner, leaving us to care for the dogs well beyond the agreed amount of time.
westernrvparkowner 07/20/16 08:59am RV Pet Stop
RE: My Wifi Posts have been wrong!! I admit it.

Er, back to the question of free park wifi, such a service was originally offered as an enticement to customers. . Yes, a park could spend the money to install metered, high speed paid connections. And all the customers who previously showed up for free wifi would go to McDonald's instead. But not if they want to watch porn, which was the original point of the thread. If the tipping point for a park gaining customers is whether or not the wifi is free and better than Mickey D's, parks now have a leg up on the Hamburgler if they still allow porn.;)
westernrvparkowner 07/20/16 08:40am Technology Corner
RE: My Wifi Posts have been wrong!! I admit it.

There is a number of reasons for that. 1. Park employees have much more to do than monitor internet usage 2. The wifi services generally aren't managed from the front desk 3. Most guests would find such a system between "Creepy" (right up your alley, according to your screen name) and downright an invasion of their privacy. I can't imagine the bad reviews I would get if people believed we were monitoring their wifi. The average person would believe we were reading their emails, looking at their photos and stealing their banking information. If we used such a system (not saying we do or don't), it wouldn't be anywhere visible to the guests. Yeah, but none of those reasons actually apply. 1. Yes, the last campground we pulled into, and many more, the desk person was watching TV or playing on their cellphone. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to post. 2. A controller can be put anywhere if it's hardware, or more likely you'll just remote into the server and watch it from anywhere. Do you really think IT guys are at all the physical locations where they set up internet portals? If you do, then you're sadly mistaken. Many just use cloud based controllers/ monitors. Most are just emailed by the controller when part of the system goes down. If one of my access points goes down it emails me. 3. Most guests don't wouldn't even understand the system as do most campground owners judging by the quality of their internet. If they were really worried about their information being stolen then they wouldn't be using public wifi without a VPN, but most don't even know what a VPN is. You give them too much credit. You're not monitoring what they are doing, just the amount of data. Just like cellular companies do. Even if it would visible nearly all wouldn't even know what they were looking at. If you boot them you can just tell them the system boots those who use massive amounts of data. Only the abusers would call you complaining that they got booted. There are tons of ways to explain it without insulting or alarming them, a skill you seem to lack based on your personal attack towards me. Creeper and Creepy aren't even close in definitions.What's creepy is someone can be so thin skinned as to have what I posted offend them. And you think you can explain to people that you really aren't monitoring what they are doing if there is a screen in full view of the guests showing the internet is being monitored. Of course I know that such a system does not have to be in an area accessible to guests, but your post was you have never seen a monitoring system in place. You therefore assumed that those parks do not have a monitoring and metering system. Can't have it both ways. No, I don't work 24/7 but I bet I work circles around most people. Definition #4 Oxford dictionary. creeper: a person, typically a man, whose behavior toward or interest in someone is regarded as unwelcome and socially inappropriate: That sounds pretty creepy to me.
westernrvparkowner 07/19/16 07:50pm Technology Corner
RE: My Wifi Posts have been wrong!! I admit it.

X2! Nor should they have to. They offered it as an added perk when more and more people started using the internet to communicate with family while they were on the road. And sadly now many campers can not due to others hogging bandwidth. CG wifi was NEVER meant for people to sit their dead butts in their RV and stream and game and download cause they, 'could for free'. :R Try thinking about the retired couple simply trying to communicate and keep in touch with their family while they are traveling that they are ok while you are streaming a movie. ONCE AGAIN, the inconsiderate its all about me camper ruins it for the responsible campers. :( I have yet to find a campground that has a wifi controller up and running to view by the desk personal. There is a number of reasons for that. 1. Park employees have much more to do than monitor internet usage 2. The wifi services generally aren't managed from the front desk 3. Most guests would find such a system between "Creepy" (right up your alley, according to your screen name) and downright an invasion of their privacy. I can't imagine the bad reviews I would get if people believed we were monitoring their wifi. The average person would believe we were reading their emails, looking at their photos and stealing their banking information. If we used such a system (not saying we do or don't), it wouldn't be anywhere visible to the guests.
westernrvparkowner 07/19/16 02:25pm Technology Corner
RE: My Wifi Posts have been wrong!! I admit it.

We are not all rich. At least I am definitely not. Cell phone companies in Canada have predatory pricing. Last night I, by accident, was on the wrong device. I went a measley 1 gig over--and I got a bill for $50.00. Having your own internet service is now no longer too expensive for the average RV'er. IMHO Buck up. You RV, you should be able to afford your own internet service. And quit whining about poor wifi at the few CG's that still offer it.You have hit upon the biggest problem. You now view 1 gigabit of data as Measly and you apparently used that much data in a very short period of time ("last night" were your words). When you have a hundred or more users on a wifi system at any given time, each of them using a measly gigabyte or two would overwhelm most any system. And by the way, why are you watching internet porn?;) (the original context of this thread)
westernrvparkowner 07/19/16 09:56am Technology Corner
RE: Why does Camping World corporate not improve service?

I wouldn't pay too much attention to 1968mooney or westernrvparkowner's comments since they always defend Camping World/ Good Sam. Hope Camping World is making it worth their while. Don't want to accuse them of being paid trolls but makes me wonder. Hope I never end up in Westernrvparksowner"s campground. Not the kind of business I want to support.If Camping World or Good Sam is supposed to be paying me, I do have a LEGITIMATE complaint, the checks have never arrived. Since I know I cannot please 100% of all customers, I will go with the perfectly logical assumption you are one of the ones I couldn't please, so you not coming to my parks works for both of us.
westernrvparkowner 07/18/16 04:53pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Why does Camping World corporate not improve service?

We went to CW twice for service. Both times we were fitted into there shop very promptly and the repairs were done well. No complaints at all. If you notice, there are a few posters that answer every negative post. They keep stirring the pot about negativity. One poster has said he has not been to a CW since the 80's but he still post about his dis-content. I do not believe many of the negative post but it makes for bathroom reading. I feel every post putting CW in a negative light just shows the in-ability of the poster to handle their own lives. I bet they are failures in business as well as purchasing a RV. Just say for instance that you paid $5500 for the extended warranty service contract that their salesman offered. Then you get disappointed on three or four occasions and want your money back(They did succeed once, when I removed the washer/dryer and took it to them. And reinstalled it myself.). They prorate your time and money and offer you $300 back, then don't send you the money after you fill out their form. Just suppose this happening to you and ask yourself if you will ever go there again, and if you will ever stop telling others about you bad experiences. Attacks on other people's way of handling things show others more about you then them.Considering the proration of any extended service contract is governed both by the terms of the service contract and the various consumer protection divisions of each state's attorney general, you got back what you were contractually entitled to. And yes, they probably do require you to fill out a form. There are always two sides to each story, including yours. We don't know why the service contract didn't cover the other incidences. We don't know how long you had your service contract in force. We don't know how long the term of the contract was for and we don't know the specific cancellation terms in that contract. So we really don't know if you got bad service or not.
westernrvparkowner 07/18/16 09:01am Camping World Service and Installation
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