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RE: How do I rate campgrounds?

Does Good Sam use rvparks reviews for their ratings?No, their ratings are compiled by reviewers who are employed by Good Sam. The rating criteria is very steeply slanted to objective items, meaning they give points for having certain things, not how good those things are. For example, a pool gets you a point. It can be a pool not much bigger than a small child's wading pool or it could be an Olympic sized water park, same score. No pool, your first score of the three will be one point lower than an identical park with a pool. The scoring worksheet is in the Good Sam guidebook and also can be found online. Like any review system it has it's strengths and weaknesses. Since it is objective, personal preferences of the reviewers don't effect the scores very much. On the other hand a park with a crappy swingset, a tiny pool, in a sketchy neighborhood and a utilities that barely function might have a much higher score than a pristine park with brand new utilities in a resort setting that chose not to have a swingset and pool. There is no system that would work for everyone.
westernrvparkowner 04/27/15 08:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Big Rig friendly gas stations - West Yellowstone ?

As your leaving Bozeman fill up at four corners. They usually have much cheaper fuel then West Yellowstone. The easiest station to get into with a big rig is the newly renovated Exon. As your coming south into town it will be on the left. All of the stations run the same prices for the most part, which is the highest in the area. One reason West has a city tax that others don't. There is also a station on the right in Big Sky that has good prices, I don't remember the brand. I have stopped there several times. Also stock up with grocery's in Bozeman, a lot cheaper and better quality. If you go to Safeway and get a rewards card you'll save money on grocery's and you can build fuel points. For LP go to Granite Propane, the have the very best prices anywhere, it is also easy to get into. It will vary from when they get new delivery's. I filled a 20lber for $11.00 last Aug. Most of the fuel stations inside the Park are accessible with a big rig with some maneuvering. I think some don't have diesel pumps. You can look up prices on Gas Buddy .comGas and other fuels are not subject to the West Yellowstone resort tax (state law). If you need a really big fueling station, the best bet is the Flying J in Belgrade or, as others have mentioned, the Exxon in Four Corners. There is not a really wide open station anywhere in Bozeman. That being said, there are several accessible stations in West Yellowstone unless you have some mammoth rig you are uncomfortable driving in any direction other than straight ahead, then you might have some issues. Yes the price is higher, but so is everything else in resort communities.
westernrvparkowner 04/25/15 11:27am Roads and Routes
RE: Finding propane prices on line.

For the amount of usage I get out of two 30# cylinders I usually don't worry much about the pricing. But I haven't seen pricing over $3/gallon since 2008Two winters ago prices topped $5.00 gallon, if you could get it at all. Local to me they were rationing deliveries at $5.50 a gallon. Didn't fall back to the twos until Late April. The dealer in question might have been caught up in state regulations. When we used to sell propane, we could have a minimum charge, which was necessary because some people wanted us to go out in the rain, crawl under their RV to hook up the fill hose only to find out that topping off their tank took a quarter of a Gallon of Propane. Some states, however, only allow sales by volume, minimum charges are not legal, so maybe the guy priced high to make the overall business viable. Or maybe, propane was just plain expensive at the time he filled is tank which is very dependent on where he is located.
westernrvparkowner 04/23/15 01:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Not Able To Assist

But it's not a boat and it wasn't sinking or on fire and this is not the first post concerning GSRA where they failed miserably. Try re reading my post. If you think I am a fan of GS you are sadly mistaken. The post I responded to was defending GS for blowing off the OP. The analogy to a commercial towing assistance and ERS is spot on. They both operate from the same business model. When a reputable company is contacted you get timely assistance. I differentiated between 911 situations and the more typical breakdowns. While we still lack sufficient details on the OP's experience it sounds like GS let him down. :RActually there is a big difference between a boat sinking and someone telling roadside assistance they "feel unsafe". It is marine tradition that the nearest vessel respond to any emergency. That is surely not the tradition on the highways, the first car to pass a disabled vehicle is not morally or legally or any other way expected or required to respond. And if a boat was on fire or sinking though the authorities may request your tow boat respond, the first responders will still be the fire department, the police, the harbor patrol, coast guard or other public safety authorities. We are missing way too much of this story to understand why the people were told there would be no response from Good Sam. Were the people stranded off road where response would never be dispatched? Was there some sort of issue going on in the immediate area that a responder was not available, such as a flash flood, riot, or a major car wreck that tied up the only heavy duty wrecker etc. Were they broke down with an issue or in a location that wouldn't be covered by ERS? And was the OP actually told that Good Sam would not respond or only told that the response would not be as quickly as they wanted? Without full facts it is very presumptuous to call out Good Sam for bad service.
westernrvparkowner 04/23/15 08:41am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Health Insurance

My problems with the ACA is first of all it is very misleading. ACA stands for Affordable Care Act. Unless you are at the very lowest income levels, the coverages are no where near affordable for the average American. A couple in their 50s making around $50,000 gross a year would have a subsidized premium in excess of $500 per month and deductibles around $5000 per person, per year. Factor in taxes on their income of around 20% that would bring total costs of healthcare for a year to nearly 40% of their take home pay. That cannot be called Affordable in anyone's book. My second problem is the subsidies appear to be very stair-stepped. Make 1 penny more than some percentage of the poverty level and you suddenly find your deductible going from $500 to $5000. Make less than the poverty level you get dumped into Medicaid, which has a federally mandated clawback provision meaning the government will come after your estate for the benefits paid, that isn't insurance. The ACA basically uses premiums that are too high for the younger workers to subsidize the premiums that are too low for the older workers. To many that is patently unfair. Furthermore, the law requires coverage that many people find morally offensive. Finally, the whole system doesn't address the root causes of our healthcare cost crisis. There is no addressing the skyrocketing costs of care. The high costs of malpractice claims, both legitimate, and more importantly, illegitimate. The high costs of drugs. The inefficiencies in the system and on and on. But it is really the only game in town. The law requires your coverage meet ACA standards, or you pay a penalty. I am not opposed to the premise of the ACA, that healthcare should be subsidized for those who cannot afford it. It is a morally correct thing to do. We paid that subsidy in the past through high hospital costs and high medical costs since treatment cannot be legally or morally withheld from those who cannot pay. What we haven't seen is those costs come down on the premise that now all patients should have insurance, so the hospitals, doctors and clinics shouldn't be treating patients without insurance, hence they should have no uninsured care losses to recover. The system needs a big tuneup, to say the least.
westernrvparkowner 04/21/15 08:59am Full-time RVing
RE: Rv Park Admission Fee

Just another cash grab from folks who wish to charge lots for a space not much bigger than a drive way.Yep that's it. Funny how some people believe every charge is a ripoff, except of course, the fee that person charges for the services they provide. That fee is always less than it should be. Personally, I am glad to see that RV Park owners have risen to level of Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Electricians, Dentists, mechanics, professional sports team owners and countless others who charge way too much for the services they provide.
westernrvparkowner 04/20/15 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv Park Admission Fee

I stopped to visit family two years ago at a park MN for evening steaks and was charged state sales tax on top of the daily visit fee. Never been back there.Were you upset they charged a fee or were you upset that they obeyed the state law and collected sales tax on a taxable transaction?
westernrvparkowner 04/20/15 07:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just a general query?

They are probably not responding because it is getting into an area where they would be exposing their business plans and possibly trade secrets to their competitors. It would surely put them at a competitive disadvantage if they publicly stated they don't have a system in place to evaluate and monitor each individual towing company. Their competitors would point out that public statement while surfing around the fact they don't have a system either. Kind of like a politician saying their opponent doesn't have a viable plan to bring peace to the Middle East or lower the cost of healthcare. Most areas of the country only have one tow company capable of handling many of today's RVs. Some areas don't have any, and that requires finding a provider who is potentially a hundred or more miles away. When there is only one, what good does vetting do?. They sure aren't going to X out the only provider even remotely capable of responding.
westernrvparkowner 04/19/15 08:43am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: consignment

In my opinion, PPL is not a good choice if you have an expensive Class A. Their photo sales board in their office shows numerous 10+year old rigs and lots of small trailers, but almost no recent vintage, high end units sold. I made the mistake of using them to try and sell a Diesel Pusher. It was a 2007 tag axle rig that we listed with them for more than $150,000. I never got even an offer. When I went to pick it up it appeared to have been treated worse than a stepchild. It was parked in an area where the water from washing the nearby rigs apparently collects and there was no way to enter the rig without walking through several inches of mud. The water area was completely full of green pond scum, so it was obvious it wasn't a one off occurrence . Also weeds had grown into the chassis, so I know the rig was in that exact location for most of the six months it was there. When I placed the rig for sale, I was promised they started them regularly to keep up the battery charge and the like. Of course mine didn't start, the batteries were completely drained, both house and coach. Had to replace all six. Then the rig didn't start because the computer that manages the Cummins went bad. This was not the fault of PPL, but there was no way the coach could have sold when it couldn't even run, and I was never informed there was a problem. Since it took several days to troubleshoot, get the part in and repair the rig I was left to idle about the dealership. NEVER did a salesperson ever appear to be showing units to perspective buyers. I watched numerous people get a list of rigs for sale, go out onto the lot, walk through some rigs and then leave without anyone even saying boo. MANY of the rigs were parked so close together it was impossible to open the doors. Those rigs obviously would never sell since a perspective buyer couldn't get in them to evaluate them. To get in them PPL would have to move the adjacent rig to get access to the rig in question. When I finally got my rig out of there I noticed I was missing several knobs, buttons and trim pieces. Obviously some of the walkabouts decided those items worked better on their personal rigs than mine. Again, not a big deal, but it sure was frustrating. In the end I sold my rig to a wholesaler for a net of about $15,000 less than I would have netted had PPL sold it at near list price. If I ever was to consign a rig again I would consign it at a dealer in the nearest large city to my residence. That way I could occasionally check on it. Those six months my rig sat at PPL were both costly and non productive.
westernrvparkowner 04/19/15 08:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fishing

Looking for insider tips to fishing Bit Timber, Mt area. Trout by wadding or shore, no guides. Do you mean Big Timber, Montana? Unless local regulations prohibit live bait, I would use a leach behind an appropriate sized woolley bugger or a yellow jig (clip hair or feathers short when using bait.) I also fish minnows under a quill float; or crickets on the same rig if big bluegills are present. Big gills are open water fish..... fish 6 feet deep 20 yards past the weed line. small fish hug the drop off, big fish are further out. do not waste bait on 5 inch fishThere aren't any Bluegills in the Blue Ribbon Montana trout streams. Only fish of note are trout and whitefish. There also aren't weed lines and the like. The Western trout streams are white water boulder streams. In eastern Montana you can get into several catfish species and the lakes may hold Walleye and Northern Pike along with many species of Trout and other Salmonoids. NO minnows in most lakes and rivers. The introduction of a non native fish could be catastrophic.
westernrvparkowner 04/17/15 06:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fishing

The campground on the Boulder is Springcreek campground. Nice enough place. The Boulder can be a great creek if the fish are in the mood and it isn't too high or low (trout can get heat stressed). As someone else pointed out, there are numerous access points along the Boulder. A couple of interesting side notes about Springcreek campground. They used to raise trout (don't know if they still do) and had ponds for fishing that were pay by the pound. Be very careful, because if they still have them you can run up a very big bill, very quickly. Waters just below the campground used to be some of the best big trout waters for miles. The reason was a local game packer used that spot to dump the carcass waste. It was dinner on for the trout and they grew huge. The environmental concerns put that to rest a long time ago, however. Now you have to catch them sportingly, so to speak.
westernrvparkowner 04/17/15 06:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: FCA Woos Potential Buyers

As I have said before, "If Fiat is the answer, it must be a darn stupid question". Their best bet is to merge with Renault, it would kind of keep all the junk in one pile.
westernrvparkowner 04/17/15 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yellowstone-Fishing Bridge or Outside Park

Fishing Bridge and Gardiner is about the same distance from Lamar Valley, so I don't see the advantage. Gardiner is really only advantageous for Mammoth, so perhaps leave Fishing Bridge, visit Lamar, on your way to Gardiner, and then visit Mammoth/Norris before you leave. Fishing Bridge vs West Yellowstone is about the same, driving wise to the main thermal area, but Fishing Bridge is closer to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Mud Volcano, Hayden Valley. The drive is more scenic to Old Faithful from Fishing Bridge. Frankly, if you can camp without hookups for a couple nights, I would split the trip between Fishing Bridge and Madison.Actually, it is 35 miles from Fishing Bridge to the Roosevelt intersection to turn towards the Lamar Valley. From Gardiner it is 23 miles to that same intersection. The route from Fishing Bridge is over Dunraven Pass and you would have climb it twice in a commute from Fishing Bridge. That would make a round trip from Gardiner easily an hour or two shorter. I would disagree about the drive from Fishing Bridge to Old Faithful being more scenic than the drive from West Yellowstone. That drive from West first goes along the Madison river and then you can take the Firehole Canyon Drive followed by a visit to the Biscuit Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring and then on to Old Faithful. The shortest Distance from Fishing Bridge is along the lake, through that dense forest at the South Entrance and then on up past Kepler Cascades to Old Faithful. I find the drive along the lake and in the forest to be about the most boring drive in Yellowstone (a lake is a lake is a lake and trees all look the same, but it is all relative, since it is about 1000 times better than a drive through wheat or corn country). All that being said, you can't go wrong anywhere in Yellowstone. The big advantages ( or disadvantages depending upon your tastes) to the two developed entrances West Yellowstone and Gardiner is the fact you can get Wifi, Cable TV, restaurant choices, some shopping, some commercial things like rafting, horseback riding, IMAX theater, Grizzly Discovery Center etc. at those entrances. Some people need a bit of civilization, some don't.
westernrvparkowner 04/16/15 05:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Concerned over ACME Tow Dolley Straps

Why did you choose ACME? Their products never seemed to work out for Wiley Coyote.
westernrvparkowner 04/15/15 01:03pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Imformation on Action Credit Services Tucson Arizona

Under no circumstances deal with this company. We placed our Coach with them with the understanding the payments are guaranteed. The people who had our coach got behind and I contacted Tom Kennedy the owner to get the payments caught up immediately. He gave me the run around for months. Before I could recover our Coach the Bank repo'd it. We now have no coach and owe the bank a ton of money. Thank you. I hope you get to read this before it's to late.Believe it or not, you are lucky. At least the bank found the rig to repossess it. If they hadn't, they would have sued you for the entire balance. If you have some money, you can usually negotiate a settlement on the deficiency balance However, your credit is now ruined for the next 7 plus years unless you have a very understanding banker and they are willing to remove the repossession in exchange for quick repayment of the deficiency. It is at least worth asking. The moral of the story is there is no one who is going to bail you out of a bad situation and if someone says they will, they are lying and you are only going to go deeper into the hole.
westernrvparkowner 04/14/15 06:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

THANK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON! I've heard that statement a few times and it never was 'complimentary'I have only heard the 4 letter version, and it isn't complimentary for sure.
westernrvparkowner 04/13/15 02:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

rather than help,most just commented. all he asked is, if you could identify the coach. here is what most should have said. i dont know. that is my answer. if you cant contribute?And your post here is more of the same of what you are complaining about, a post that didn't do anything to answer the OP's direct question. BTW, Dragnet and it's "Just the facts, mam" went off the air many years ago. This is a discussion forum, not a test with only one right answer.
westernrvparkowner 04/13/15 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traveling w/dog & your hospitalization

Rent a hotel room that allows dogs and stay there. Leave the dogs in the car and check on them every half hour if you are at the emergency room. Ask for a copy of the Yellow Pages and find a kennel. Call an emergency vet clinic and ask for help. Contact the police and ask for assistance finding a kennel. You have to be creative and flexible, but something will always work out. It really isn't something you can prepare for.
westernrvparkowner 04/12/15 05:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

I am with the others, there is something fishy in river city. If all the VIN information is missing on that RV it is probably the first Motorhome in recorded history that has had that information completely removed since it would involve grinding off the VIN stamped into the frame, into the engine block, and also in a half dozen other assorted areas. And someone would do that because? You can't get it licensed without the VIN. You can't drive it on the road without a license. As far as I know there isn't a big chop shop marketplace for stolen RVs. What's the point? What is going to happen if someone posts: " I know exactly what that rig is, it is a 2004 Damon Intruder? That isn't actionable information for the police. Are you saying the police or anyone else can't take any action because they don't have the VIN? Really? It either belongs to the landowner where it is parked, or that landowner can have it towed away. If it belongs to the landowner, you have your answer. If it doesn't belong to the landowner, yet he doesn't want it towed away, you still have your answer. If the police want to seize it, the fact that the VIN has been obliterated or altered is reason enough, since that in and of itself is a crime in almost any state.
westernrvparkowner 04/12/15 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Walmart Parking coming to an end??

Maybe someone should take up on a business idea here. Build a "one-night only - no utilities" campground. Make a paved parking lot with slots sized for the RVs and charge $10 per night. In no earlier than 9 p.m., out no later than 8 a.m. No amenities. Wonder how many folks parking in a Walmart for free will change to a $10 parking lot set up specifically for a "quick overnight sleep"? Once upon a time, highway rest stops were established for this exact purpose.The $10 RV site has been hashed around repeatedly. NO business person thinks it would have a snowball's chance in Hades of working. First, why pay $10 when Walmart and many other assorted entities are free? Second, how many people really use Walmart on a day to day basis? My observation is usually two or three, and ten would be a big abnormality. So say optimistically you captured them all and got 5 per night, that's $50.00 a day and most places would only have traffic for half the year, so that's $9000 gross per year if you were wildly successful. You would have taxes, advertising, insurance, upkeep, trash service and the like to pay. Even if you did it on the honor system to avoid having employees you would have to realize you won't get the full $9000 because some people do not honor the honor system. And with no employees, who makes change for people who don't have $10 exact change, because I am assuming a cash only business because you don't want to pay between 7% to 10% of your gross revenues in credit card fees. (3% of the transaction amount plus anywhere from $.35 to $.60 fee per transaction.)
westernrvparkowner 04/12/15 01:21pm General RVing Issues
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