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RE: Comments on a dealership, Danville Va

No You enquired whether we had any dealings with that RV dealer. My simple answer was "NO". You asked, I replied. EDIT The question, as posted, has two possible replies, "yes" or "no". If only the yeses replied, what would be the point?Actually, your reply was almost assuredly incorrect. The post asked if "anyone" had any dealings with that dealership. Surely someone had had dealings with it. Even if there has never been a customer inquiry or visit to the dealership, someone from the sign company or the state and local taxing authority or the zoning people or the business licensing bureau has had dealings with them. It is almost unimaginable that the dealership could have appeared in vacuum without having to deal with someone. Therefore the answer to the question has to be "YES". My apologies to the OP, we are having some fun at your expense.
westernrvparkowner 03/01/15 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Annual cost to fulltime

This is exactly why it's so hard to budget a prospective ft life . Ea person lives differently certainly , but most people won't share "real "" numbers because they are afraid to be judged and hung online! I suspect other than those living in a RV to "save" money those really living a retired full time travel , golf, eat out frequently , " good life" on the road spend much more than they let on Just remember, he didn't ask people to tell him what he would spend. He asked them what they spent. No one can tell him what he will spend, but those who keep records can tell him what they spent. That's not to say whether or not that information will be especially helpful but it is an answerable question. .Data is only valuable when the basis for that data is known. Some posts here are giving only the costs directly related to the RV. Others are including normal living expenses. Still others are including expenditures that clearly are not tied to full time RVing, yet are in fact expenses that individual incurred. Using the "data" collected here to make any decisions or reach any conclusions would be a classic example of "Garbage in, garbage out".
westernrvparkowner 03/01/15 10:42am Full-time RVing
RE: Annual cost to fulltime

What about depreciation on the RV and personal vehicles? That is a cost even if you don't have to cash flow it in a specfic year. If you pay $50,000 per year in cash expenditures should we say it costs $50,000 a year or should we say $60,000 since there is going to be taxes that must be paid in order to have that 50K in cash. This would be a much more beneficial exercise if there was some context into what the OP was hoping to accomplish.
westernrvparkowner 02/28/15 09:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sams Club?

We've used a school parking lot when school wasn't in session. Didn't see a soul come or go in the short time we were there. I've heard of using a church parking lot and the camper put some money in an envelope and left it with the Pastor for the collection plate.A stranger camping in an elementary school parking lot surely wouldn't trigger anyone to shout "stranger danger". The local residents will just tell their six year olds to ignore the creepy old man in his underwear. Perfectly good plan.
westernrvparkowner 02/28/15 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Sams Club?

If I were a younger man with cash to burn I'd open up a 'Swipe-and-Sleep' parking lot. Swipe a valid CC to get in. Fenced with security cameras everywhere (mainly for cheaters). Just a flat, dirt lot. Perhaps add more amenites if business is good. Would you pay $5 for that, or go to Walmart?why pay $5.00 for a dirt lot with nothing when Walmart offers paved parking, a plce to eat and a clean restroom for 100% less? Walmarts are easy to find, your dirt lots would require advertising. 10% of your five bucks disappear in swipe fees and that is before transaction fees. Then you have to pay the guy monitoring the security cameras. And we haven't even got started oncovering overhead, trash pickup, cost of fences, cameras, land costs, insurance etc. This is why people who have money to burn soon run out of firewood.
westernrvparkowner 02/28/15 08:35am General RVing Issues

It depends on what is closed. Out here in Montana, they close areas for many reasons. High fire danger, avalanche danger, to protect animals during breeding, nesting or calving season. Slipping in unoticed is much more difficult than you think. Many rangers I know see tracking down and ticketing law breakers as high sport. And if they have to enter dangerous or sensitive areas while tracking you down, they are not going to be happy when they find you. As an added bonus, the local judges do not see it as a harmless lark either. Fines tend to skew to the maximum side. You have a vested interest in what you posted but if you're not just telling tall tales, sounds like you've got a bunch of weenies for rangers up there.My only vested interest is I have gone on few avalanche rescue searches were some idiot entered a closure area an lost their life. The fact they died was their choice, but their selfish act put every rescue crewman in danger. Until you have stood on a mountain slope with a few million tons of snow and ice suspended over your head it is hard to appreciate how one person can endanger many others.
westernrvparkowner 02/27/15 10:41pm Tent Camping
RE: Selling your rig

Option 1 Option 2 If lender and title are out of the area, seller gives you certified check made out to lender for Pay Off. (to be safe you can call the issuing bank to see if they issued the check). You will give buyer bill of sale and the RV. You mail check to Lender. The Lender will take a few days for the check to clear before releasing title. Lender will mail you the title. You mail title to buyer. Option 3 You can get another loan to pay off RV loan so you can have title in hand... Then pay off new loan when you sell the RV. Make sure there is no early pay off penalty... if advertising on CL watch out for Scams.... Thanks so much all. 1L234, yeah my problem is that our loan is with USAA which is in Texas and we are in Wa, so I really need option 2 or 3, and I'm really concerned about scams so I will be calling the bank. But I have one more question, If we are asking 25,000 but only owe 12,000 do I ask for two certified checks? Wire transfers, not checks. Checks can be forged or lost, as a recent tread illustrated. Wires are safe and virtually fraud proof.
westernrvparkowner 02/27/15 10:23pm General RVing Issues

It depends on what is closed. Out here in Montana, they close areas for many reasons. High fire danger, avalanche danger, to protect animals during breeding, nesting or calving season. Slipping in unoticed is much more difficult than you think. Many rangers I know see tracking down and ticketing law breakers as high sport. And if they have to enter dangerous or sensitive areas while tracking you down, they are not going to be happy when they find you. As an added bonus, the local judges do not see it as a harmless lark either. Fines tend to skew to the maximum side.
westernrvparkowner 02/26/15 06:39pm Tent Camping
RE: Poor Wi FI at most RV parks

I was addressing the OP's post. He said nothing about bandwidth. As often happens on this forum, the original question is ignored while everyone attempts to show how smart they are. Almost every RV park I have visited across the country , always has weak reception at the are of our site. Is there a WiFI signal repeater booster that I can use to take the RV park signal and boost and repeat it to my devices. Thanks It is very reasonable to assume that if the OP KNEW all the potential pitfalls caused by the technical issues associated with a wide area wifi system, they would also know the answer to their very specific question. To just assume they knew all the possible reasons for a problem with wifi and just narrowed it down to needing a booster would most likely lead to solutions that caused the OP to purchase a semi-expensive gadget that would be mostly useless in solving the real problem. In this case, a true "repeater" should be placed between (optimally halfway, unless multiple repeaters are being strung together) the access point and the device that needs to be connected. I don't think following your suggestion (i.e. telling them Ubiquiti makes a high quality repeater) would be helping them at all since a true repeater is not what they need.
westernrvparkowner 02/21/15 10:52am Technology Corner
RE: Poor Wi FI at most RV parks

1 gigabit of Internet is around $500/month here for a business class connection, with the caveat you can't resell the bandwidth (so you'd have to have advertise it as "free" wifi) Properly managed by a decent router and firewall a connection of that speed could easily support hundreds of campers and even allow basic non-HD streaming (Netflix low-q needs less than 1mbit) Problem I see, that price is under a multi-year contract - what happens when winter gets here and the park is closed for the next 4-5 months? Similar situation for the southernly afflicted, 2-3 months of super hot weather scare off all the business.Must be nice. The fastest connections I have available to my parks are 20 MBS. And those come with the caveat "optimum, you speeds may vary". Then you have the problem of upload speeds which are 20% or so of the download speed. RV parks are somewhat unique in that a lot of us have people who upload vast amounts of data. We have people trying to upload HD vacation video they shot all the time. That will stop an entire wifi network in it's tracks. Speed limitations just cause the data to stack, since most of the high bandwidth usage is set and forget. The people just log on, start their upload or download and then go cook burgers. Since I am not going to dig up all my sites and load them on flatbed trailers and haul them to the Silicon Valley, those gigabit wifi connections aren't happening anytime soon. RV park wifi outside of major metro areas will most likely always suck. And always remember that device manufacturers have significantly increased the battery life of their devices by de-powering the transmitters in those devices. That means they are much more likely to see our wifi signal and then be unable to communicate with that access point. "Can you hear me now" is still very much in play, often with the access point saying "no". One more thing, I have seen several commercial plans that say you cannot "redistribute" the bandwidth and they actually explain that if you have an open wifi connection (allowing non-employees to connect) you will be in violation of that policy. It was not a matter of money and reselling. Free or for a fee it was not allowed.
westernrvparkowner 02/20/15 10:14am Technology Corner
RE: Payment info needed before price negotiation?

They are really wanting to know if you will be paying cash or if they have the option of handling the financing for you. The dealer gets paid for the financing they sign up just as car dealers do. They will base their selling price on the amount of profit they want on the total deal and if financing it they can lower the "selling price" that you see. Follow the money is the truth. Some of that is simply not true. If the dealer does in fact arrange financing, he will make money doing it. How much he will make is not known until the loan is approved or at least the dealer has seen the buyer's credit report and negotiated an acceptable interest rate with the customer. Any money made on the sale of the vehicle is basically secure once the vehicle is delivered. Money made on the financing of the vehicle is a theory for some time to come. If the customer finds and arranges alternative financing and pays off the loan, the dealer is charged back for most of the money he made on financing. Most salesmen participate at a very low percentage of financing profit as do most sales managers. It is to their benefit to make as much profit on the actual sale as possible before the financing becomes an issue. For those and other reasons, it would be the rare dealer who looks at the total package ignoring the profit made on the actual sale. Plus, in today's world, interest rate participation (meaning the dealer gets a percentage of the interest rate charged above the rate the bank approved the loan for) is virtually non-existent. Dealers usually now earn a flat fee based on the size of the loan and must write the loan at the rate the bank approved. The dealer may or may not be able to negotiate with the bank for a lower rate (often by getting a bigger down payment from the customer lowering the bank's exposure or changing terms) or by providing the bank with additional information that would make the bank's internal credit decision tree score higher. While they do and will try to make as much profit as possible, dealers also are fully aware that they make nothing on a deal that does not happen. Coming up with 1001 ways to not work with a dealer is not going to make it any easier or cheaper to buy a rig. No one would expect to negotiate on real estate without providing the seller with proof of their ability to buy and good faith money submitted with any offer. Why should buying an RV, that often costs as much as a house, be any different?
westernrvparkowner 02/18/15 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Applying for Unemployment Benefits

I did not apply for UI but my wife did. People she had worked with last season encouraged her to file for UI in Wyoming. She has been activly looking for a job and fulfilled all of the State's requirements. The same people who encouraged her to file for UI said that they were never subjected to an audit or subjected to an ALJ hearing. Yesterday my wife went through a telephone hearing with a judge. The only thing that the State adjudicator claimed was that she did not have the paperwork that we faxed in and mailed to her six weeks ago. My wife kept all of the documentation and was well prepared. She provided the judge with the proof that she had filed the paperwork on time, copies of the documents that were sent into the State, dates and times of the phone calls she made to the State staff, etc. It will take the judge 2-3 weeks to issue his decision. Today we received another audit form from the same adjudicator (got the first audit form in December, 3 weeks after she applied for UI). None of the people we have talked to have had to complete an audit form let alone go through a hearing with an ALJ. Again, something is wrong here. The State gains nothing when it makes unfounded allegations against UI applicants but in this case the State will pay over $2000 for the services of an ALJ to hear, review and investigate the adjudicator's claims that she did not receive the paperwork on time (despite the fact that we have the fax record and USPS tracking record w/signature). Anyone got a clue as to why the State would waste more money on an ALJ hearing than her UI benefits are worth? The tourist industry is a big deal in Wyoming and the State depends on people moving to WY to help out during the tourist season. Why would they want to discourage people from working in WY during the summer season?Sorry, but the argument it will cost them more to investigate the claim than pay it is exactly the reason there is so much fraud in our legal system. Your argument is no different than if you were filing a nuisance lawsuit and figuring you will get some money, not because the suit was valid, but because it would cost who you are suing more to fight you off than pay you off. Also, tourists do not come into Wyoming and other states based on their ability to collect unemployment benefits. If a worker wanted a job with me and implied that part of their motivation was the ability to collect unemployment after the job ended, they would NEVER be hired. Quite honestly, you took on a temporary job, so I don't feel you have any rights to collect unemployment compensation because that job ended. The law MAY be different and if you win and get some benefits, fine. But I will be the first in line to lobby my legislature to close that loophole if anyone ever collects on me for a seasonal job because that claim would effect my unemployment insurance rates which does make it my business.
westernrvparkowner 02/18/15 09:21am Workamping Forum
RE: Oaks &Pines Lake City Fl.

Stayed there for four nights two weeks ago. Used the Passport for three nights and Good Sam for one. Main complaint was it being so close to I-10. Constant truck noise all day and night. The owner was nice enough and spent a lot of time instructing us about the WiFi and TV antenna. Second complaint, but I understand why he did what he did, was the add for free cable TV. He had to drop his cable service, with Comcast, two months ago due to technology changes form the company. They are now encrypting the cable signal requiring a box to be installed on every TV. This prevents people from "stealing" cable signal according to the company. He only offers the cable service to his monthly customers and then the rent/ deposit on the box is $75. He further explained to me that he has been in contact with the Florida Attorney General and the State may be kicking Comcast completely out of the state because of the high rates and charges, plus lack of service. We had a similar problem with them last year in the park where we stay for two months. As an overnight, this place is OK, convenient to Lake City and I-10 & I-75. Certainly not a destination park though. BandaidThere have been several threads about the cable conversion to digital cable boxes. It is going to be an issue for parks and there is no inexpensive cure. Advertising is placed many months in advance of the ad appearing, and with most advertising stays in place for long time (books, billboards, etc. don't get updated easily or quickly). Many things can and do change while those ads are out there. Sometimes an ad may be out of date and that is just the way it is.
westernrvparkowner 02/18/15 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Payment info needed before price negotiation?

They are looking for some sort of commitment on your part. That is not totally out of line. They are spending time, which equates to money, showing you RVs and then negotiating a price. There are many, many people who just do that as a hobby and have no interest (or ability) in buying anything. If the dealer is the least bit reputable (and if they have been there a while, they are) they are not going to steal your credit card or use it to run up a few thousand dollars of charges. If they did, they would have been put out of business and put behind bars long ago. It is their game and you do need to somewhat play by their rules.
westernrvparkowner 02/18/15 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Pets in RVs

Remember, when somebody asks a difficult question, the easiest answer is always "IT'S THE LAW!". They know that very few people will make the effort to research the statutes and prove them to be a liar, so they are generally safe making that claim. It doesn't matter what the issue is, whether it be brakes on a toad, leaving pets unattended, filling a propane cylinder, whatever, "It is the law, we HAVE to do it THIS way!" will usually get fewer arguments than "It is just company policy!"....BINGO!! Laws, lawyers, insurance companies, fire codes etc. get lots of usage when it comes to trying to explain why something is the way it is. Frankly, it is no one's business why an establishment has this policy or that policy, so long as that policy doesn't violate the law. A logical explanation often just doesn't sit well. I can explain a "no open fires" policy till I am blue in the face. I can go on about how it is too dry to safely have a fire. How the winds are too high and unpredictable, how the smoke from those fires are bothersome to others, how people do not properly extinguish fires, how the sites are too close to safely have fires and all you get back is "my fire isn't like that". Saying there is a fire ban or ordinance or insurance policy against open fires stops that argument in it's tracks. Often it is just the best policy to take the path of least resistance. Then again sometimes the only answer is "because I said so".
westernrvparkowner 02/17/15 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How can a GS Park not give my 10% off for extended stay?

They advertise 10% off the "nightly" park rates. The weekly, monthly, annual rates would not apply to the GS discount. That is unless you want to stay a week at the nightly rate with 10% off. I think the park discounted long term rates are a better deal. I see no foul here. I am surprised the Rapid Response Team didn't point that out to you rather than form an investigation into the matter. I still think part of the RR Team are computer robot replies.Absolutely correct on both counts. Good Sam discounts apply to the standard daily rate. Parks are not required to stack discounts upon discounts. And it really does appear that the Rapid response people don't read or think about what they are posting. Here they are misleading people into believing that a park that offers a special rate for long-term stays should be offering the Good Sam discount on top of that special rate, which is incorrect. Just simply replying "contact us and we will look into it" regardless of what someone posts is just lazy. Maybe I will start a thread about how a Good Sam park wouldn't allow me to barbeque my neighbor's dog and see if I get the same "we will look into it" response.
westernrvparkowner 02/16/15 09:35pm Good Sam Club

It has been said a man with several watches will never know what time it is.And a broken clock is right twice a day. I have several cheap meters and they work fine for everyday issues, but I sure wouldn't rely on them if accuracy is critical, which it never is in the RV park business. But I sure wouldn't want an engineer at Boeing using one to calibrate a critical component to an aircraft. That brand of meter may be totally accurate, unit after unit or the OP maybe just got lucky. My guess, test a few hundred and the accuracy will vary much more than the accuracy of a Fluke or similar make.
westernrvparkowner 02/16/15 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Applying for Unemployment Benefits

Personally, as a taxpayer in one of those evil western states, I want my government agencies protecting my tax dollars. I don't want carte blanche given to every unemployment application sent in. In Montana, and most other states there are employment requirements that must be met before a person is eligible for unemployment benefits. Apparently, Wyoming does not have the information necessary to start paying any benefits. It would be irresponsible for the state to pay out benefits until they had determined that a claim was valid. One of the biggest rules to a valid claim is the job must have ended and you must not have quit or been dismissed for cause. You could make an argument that when you accept a seasonal position, you have actually agreed to quit the job at the end of the season. So it is possible the claim could be denied simply because your position was seasonal. As a general rule, you need to have worked for a certain number of hours for a certain number of employment quarters. The obvious reason for this is no reasonable person would expect the state to pay 26 weeks of unemployment benefits for someone who only worked a couple of days or weeks in the state. If you were only in the state for a few months, Wyoming may need to check with previous employment states to see if you actually have accumulated enough recent work hours and quarter to qualify for benefits. And since benefits are tied to income, I would doubt that even a qualified claim would result in a large amount of money being paid to the claimant.
westernrvparkowner 02/11/15 09:56pm Workamping Forum
RE: Rude forum members

I suppose I am the opposite. I love the banter and a bit of conflict. Different opinions, philosophies and positions are what make conversations interesting. Personally, if they had a mirrored forum to this one where there was NO editing or moderating(save profanity and personal information), I would pay to have it displayed instead of this sanitized version. To each his own. Yes, I've seen your wit concerning tragedies: I wrote: Sneaker waves grab dogs. Owner's jump in to save their dogs, and often drown. Sometimes multiple family members drown. Usually the dog ends up back on shore, non the worse for the experience, but now ownerless. westernrvparkowner wrote the following about a family dieing trying to save their dog: Park employee warns dog owner of danger, dog owner takes offense and an argument ensues. Eventually, the dog's owner pulls a gun and shoots the employee in the arm and takes him hostage. Swat team engages in hostage negotiations. Negotiations fail Swat team employs tear gas and Flash Bang grenades. Five sites away an elderly widow is startled by the noise and knocks over her goldfish bowl. Her cat immediately eats the goldfish. The widow has a heart attack and drops dead. Five days later the police do a welfare check on the widow and the cat escapes. The cat, now feral, must survive eating the local songbirds. As the songbird population declines, the rats and snakes that normally feed on the songbirds and their eggs die of starvation. Without the snakes and rats to eat, the few remaining wild California Condors die. Enforcing leash laws causes species extinction. And yes, this makes just as much sense as saying a swimming dog causes entire families to drown. What was that all about?The context of your post was it was posted in a thread about dogs being off leash against park rules. To imply that dogs being off leash leads to families being swept to their death by rogue waves is ridiculous. I just made up an equally ridiculous scenario. I often forget not everyone gets or appreciates sarcasm.
westernrvparkowner 02/10/15 10:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical Golf Cart -- Tax credit ??????

Funny story. When we bought our club car in 2003 that was one of the selling points of the cart. It has signals, seat belts, highway tires, 4 wheel brakes, goes 24 MPH. Had to brake it to him that we were Canadian and it didn't do us any good. Bought it anyway, brand new 4900 bucks. Still runs great. Funny thing was he had just bought a Hummer that gave him a 100,000 dollar tax credit. That one surprised me but apparently was quite common during the Bush era tax credits. Who would have thought that someone that can afford a hummer getting 14 mpg needed a 100,000 dollar tax credit. I'm looking at this through the eyes of a foreigner. I am sure there was more to it. I just never looked into it. you're referring to Section 179 of the tax code which has existed for some time. basically, it encourages businesses to invest in themselves by creating tax credits for certain types of equipment used to operate the business. the stimulus act of 2008 (when democrats controlled both chambers) increased the tax credit limits for a year with the idea that the credits would roll back to previous levels. in order to qualify for a tax credit on the hummer the fellow you're referring to either was able to qualify that purchase for his business or he committed fraud. if you care to learn more just google 'section 179'.I was thinking even further in the past, back in the days of the "Investment Tax Credit". It was another example of questionable tax policies. Back then people literally bought stuff they really didn't want or need because buying a somewhat similar item they did want or need did not qualify for the credits and the item they were incentivized into did. A good example at the time was a 1/2 ton Suburban did not meet the ITC requirements, but a 3/4 ton with the bigger 454 did. The tax savings were more than the additional fuel costs so many Suburban buyers got more vehicle than they wanted or needed. It also reminds me of another failed tax policy, the luxury tax. Remember that gem? Going to stick it to the wealthy by taxing their expensive purchases. On cars the tax was 10% on the amount over $30,000. I think boats and airplanes were the same. The effect was the civil aviation business in the US was virtually destroyed. Airplane builders either closed or downsized. Thousands lost their jobs. The US Yacht industry almost ceased to exist, and thousands more lost their jobs. The US auto industry was put into a tailspin, and development of luxury lines almost ended. The European manufacturers still had their markets, so BMW, Mercedes and some others suffered less and continued to make and improve their luxury lines. It took decades for the US market to catch back up and opened the door for the Japanese to launch their luxury lines with much superior autos. The rich still got their Yachts and jets, they just bought and flagged them outside the US. Taxing the rich seldom works. The rich themselves have the resources to avoid taxation and the unintended consequences can be devastating. Like it or not, we need rich people. Even discounting their businesses, their consumption keeps a large percentage of our economy going. The rich hire architects, they employ construction workers to build their mansions. They are the ones that buy those King crabs the "Deadliest Catch" crews catch, they are the ones who stay at the Four Seasons and buy the Prevosts and Newells. Everybody knows someone who would be unemployed if not for the items the wealthy consume.
westernrvparkowner 02/10/15 03:55pm General RVing Issues
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