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RE: CLOCKS Are You A Digital Or Analog Sort Of Person?

"Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?" ...ChicagoAbout Time?
westernrvparkowner 07/02/15 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: snake skin

Found an 18 inch snake skin under the dining table that has been shed in the last month. Leaving in the next 2 days for a short trip, havent told the DW. I think it will leave once it wipes out whatever it was dining on (mice). What would you do?The good news is since snakes shed their skin to grow, you are now probably looking for a 24" snake. That will give him a lot less places to hide. And you can tell your wife there is absolutely no chance that there is still an 18 inch snake in the trailer.
westernrvparkowner 07/02/15 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

Note to Moderator: this post is NOT the same as my previous one in V 2.0 I dont know why this post was closed and then the V 2.0 I started was closed and then this one re-opened. It seemed to me it was just actually getting to the heart of the topic. I also dont think this post was "too personal" Considering WRVPO's choice of handle and his often provocative customer service views. WRVPO has his view and his view of things went right to the heart of the matter under discussion. His business philosophy was what was in question. Not him personally. And this is a topic of great interest to so many as we all use these parks at one time or another. I think it is also good for WRVPO to hear what his potential customer base thinks. Whether he heeds that or not is up to him. But as a representative of the RV Park side of things on this forum and by choosing his "handle" as "Western RV Park Owner" he has really set himself up for spirited discussions and should expect some flack now and then. If he didnt want this he would have chosen a different name. As for customer service: The VERY FIRST WORD out of a staff or owners mouth when confronted by a customer complaint/problem or issue MUST be "I am Sorry". No excuses. No reciting of Policy. Then they should say: What can I do to make it better? Or if necessary explain politely to the customer why the problem is out of your control to fix if that is the case. Additionally being a smart customer service person...you will LISTEN...your customers can often teach you alot. And it gives them a chance to vent their frustration which in some cases is all they need. When followed by an immediate apology they, in many cases in my experience, are satisfied and will be happier and feel that you have actually "done something about their problem" when in fact all you did was listen. Further it doesn't matter what attitude your customer has when they stand in front of you. It is still your job to treat them with respect, civility and try your best to make their day a little better. They may be stressed out, tired, angry at GSRSA for not showing up for fourteen hours whatever. Why take it personally? However I have no tolerance for a customer that is abusive, uses foul language or has lost control of their temper. But these are extreme cases and dont happen very often. Grumpy, tired, short, or just impolite is not enough to excuse bad service.If your goal is to get some posts bashing me, you might want to do a search of these forums. There are more than enough to give you some good reading. As for my screen name, whatever screen name someone choses does not in any way change how they should be treated on these forums. I deserve they exact same respect using my screen name as you do using yours. As for every conversation starting with "I'm Sorry", I will go with what another poster said. "I'm sorry YOU feel that way, however..." is a great way to respond to many issues. But that is a whole lot different than apologizing for having the rule or policy in the first place. And as for always having a smile, there are WAY too many times people display an amazing disregard for the park's property and the comfort, convenience and safety of other guests and their personal belongings. Sometimes a little anger and indignation goes a long way in making people think about what they are doing.
westernrvparkowner 07/01/15 07:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: High electric bill for no reason

Probably someone left the Recreation Room lights and A/C on 24/7. I always wondered if these RV parks that charge monthly electric bills just add on the electricty the facility uses onto the RV'ers bills. How would anyone know ?On a metered site, unplug you rig and see if the meter stops. If your electricity isn't metered, who cares?
westernrvparkowner 06/30/15 04:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff - V 2.0

Well over half of our customer issues concern policies. Why would I start out apologizing for the fact we require people to clean up after their pets or apologize that we charge a fee to cancel a reservation? Of course we apologize and attempt to make right any issue that is our fault. But I am not going to apologize for rules fees or charges that are clearly spelled out.
westernrvparkowner 06/30/15 10:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Aerial Photo of your house?

Those satellite images won't be exceptionally clear or flattering, if that is what you are going for. An internet search for a drone photographer in your area might work and a Craig's list ad looking for someone to take drone photographs probably would work. Might cost you a couple of hundred bucks, and that should include a couple of larger format prints and a few dozen photos on a thumb drive.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 05:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Watch out for cost of Michigan State Parks

Silver lining: Michigan state parks are generally nicer & in better shape than Illinois ones, which do not charge an entry fee. You get what you pay for, sometimes - and we have found that usually applies to state parks. Not that it seems to be an issue with the OP, but some on this forum have from time to time complained about states that charge more for non-residents. I have never had a problem with that, since state income taxes often are used partly to support the state parks. Nonresidents don't pay those income taxes (though they may pay their own states), so it's only fair, IMO, to charge nonresidents a bit more to use facilities in another state whose own taxpayers help foot the bill. Don't agree with you on the point of charging someone more because they are from out of state. All states want tourist and the money they spend while traveling. Charging more for being out of state just makes me want to stay away. How much money does or will a state loose if people don't visit some place out of state. They will loose more than they are making charging an out of state fee.If someone is going to refuse to travel to a state over a $5.00 or $10.00 fee, I seriously doubt they were going to spend a whole lot of money elsewhere in the state. There is no one in Georgia who was planning to spend two weeks in the Upper Peninsula but cancelled the trip because the state park's camping cost out of state residents $49.00 while in state residents only Pay $44.00.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 04:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: High electric bill for no reason

Does anyone know about how much power a 38ft 5th wheel with 2 AC's (which run all the time here in south texas during summer) should be using. I have the highest electric bill in the entire park. By more than 100 dollars. Was running around 160ish 2 months ago. Its in the 260 range now. My neighbors run both ac's as well. There bill is just 140 to 160.. Please help. I think i may have a faulty meter? Something is wrong. We cool a 3000 sq ft home for that much. Many possibilities but 'something' is not right.RVs are much less insulated than your stick home. Walls a couple of inches thick. There is no 10 inches of insulation in the roof. Slides often don't fit tight. Windows are not nearly as insulated and efficient as the standard double or triple pane home windows. It isn't sitting on the ground, so it gets no cooling or insulating effect that a basement, crawl space or slab provides. Your home is likely surrounded by grass, shrubs and other landscaping that does not reflect heat like a gravel or concrete RV pad. Your home AC is likely much more efficient than an RV. Finally, I doubt you enter and exit your home nearly as much as the average RVer does and when you enter and exit it is often into a secondary room (garage, mud room, entryway etc) the isolates the heat gain from the outside and the cooling loss from the inside. Square footage is a small piece of the puzzle.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 01:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: High electric bill for no reason

Is your site metered and billed by the park or by the power company? First, I would check to see if your meter reading is correct. Second, especially if it is read and billed by the power company, check how many days it actually covers (often they are not read on a exact schedule, last month could have been 27 days and this month 35). If it is the power company, often times you get a stepped up rate after a certain amount of usage. Those last few kilowatt hours can be very expensive. Finally, depending upon the cost per kilowatt hour, $260.00 is not out of the realm of possibility. Your rig might have less insulation R value than your neighbor. You might set your thermostat to 70 and they run 75. You might go in and out more often. You might be using electric hot water, they are using gas. Then there is the fact that someone has to have the highest bill in the park. That's just a plain mathematical certainty.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Medical claim Denied

The only solution is a legal battle. Oh and they don't have to pay the bills... that is part of the legal battle. Call an attorney.Whoa....You are going to stiff the doctor that provided the care? These folks are Canadians who bought an Insurance policy that apparently is faulty, or they are a bit shaky on the facts that led to the insurance company denying the claim. The doctors, hospitals, nurses and all the others that provided the services to these people have no connection to the insurance company. They did what they were asked to do and rightly deserve to be paid. Stiffing them only adds to the costs every American pays for their medical care.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 07:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Medical claim Denied

Friends of ours have had their medical claim denied. Lots of money after a medical emergency in Texas. They have exhausted the appeal process with the insurance company. They are determined to fight this to the bitter end. They did not knowingly leave Ontario with a pre-existing condition. They did not think to ask to see what doctors were writing in the medical reports and consequently notes were made that were untrue. Any personal experiences that might be helpful? Any people fighting the same battle? We often hear scary stories and then we never hear the resolution.If their doctors were writing up conditions that they never revealed to the patient, surely there must be some recourse against the doctor. I am sure their insurance policy CLEARLY states that pre-existing conditions are not covered. Given the long waits for some procedures that I hear exist in the Canadian Heath system, if the policies didn't exclude them, people would just buy a supplemental policy and come to the states for instant surgeries and care. Somewhere in the back of my pea-brain I hear an alarm going off that your friends aren't exactly telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth regarding what exactly they knew about their health condition before they went to Texas.
westernrvparkowner 06/29/15 07:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

You know, I stayed at a CG a couple of weekends ago that I would normally rate pretty low on rvparkreviews.com. However, the people who ran the place were extraordinarily nice, upbeat, and genuinely friendly people. Those people changed my entire outlook on the place. Double ditto. Cheerful and helpful staff are the best asset a cg can have. No amount of upgraded amenities can make up for surly staff or campground owners.Doubt that a smile and a hearty "we are so sorry" will make you feel any better about a snowy Cable TV connection, dirty bathrooms and showers, low voltage or an unlevel site full of weeds, cockleburrs and dead grass. 95% of the people in a park have one interaction with the staff and that is when they check in. If there was a way to automate that check in, like an ATM or the self service line at the grocery store those 95% would happily avail themselves of that option, they have no inherent need for personal interaction with any staff. The staff is just not an issue to them, any more than your satisfaction with your hotel room is determined by the desk clerk. Besides check ins, most interactions guests at parks have concern problems or other issues. For people involved in those interactions, a satisfactory outcome is much more important than attitudes and personalities. Way too often a person's impression of cheerfulness, helpfulness and friendliness is determined by the outcome of issue. Get what you want, everybody is happy, if it doesn't go your way, there aren't smiles all around.
westernrvparkowner 06/28/15 08:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can't switch PC from Spanish to English

It is not PC to force your PC to speak English.
westernrvparkowner 06/28/15 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

There are times I want to punch myself in the groin for reading thru an entire thread.Don't waste your energy. It's like tickling, it's much more effective if someone else does it.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 02:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ice Cream at Camping World

Our Camping World was serving up these...all you could eat and they were giving away a free Yetti cooler to everyone who came in... http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02109/Haagen-Dazs_2109668b.jpg height=200But the cooler was the medium sized one and there were only 25 flavors of Ice Cream. Like always, Camping World being Cheap.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

A quick 5 minute search...most of them happened in the last couple months...whether one feels they should interven or not, they should ask themselves that if something happened to those kids and they could of possibly stopped it by talking/helping the mother out or referring it to the people running the park, would they feel ok the next day knowing they didn't lift a finger? LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK And a thirty second search found that the latest census estimates there are 4,500,000 " latch key" children in the US. Going to be pretty onerous to take them all away from their parents.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 11:07am General RVing Issues
RE: AVOID-Coeur d'Alene RV Resort, Idaho- I90, Exit 7

C'mon guys. You may do what you should & pick up after your dogs, but far too many don't. I love dogs, but do not travel with them. I am, however, developing a dislike for dog owners. I would rather the park charge all dog owners because a few violate common decency than to have all of us charged more whether we have pets or not. But I would prefer even that to having to clean-up after someone else's dog. At this point I do not even put out a cute little lighthouse we have because people were letting their dogs urinate on it. I can't speak for others, but we not only pick up after our dogs, including when we are out boon docking, but we mind them. I'm not here to convince you to like dogs, but state I don't have to abide by a place that charges $3 a dog, per night, to encourage owners to pick up after them. Three dollars, or not, an owner that picks up after their dog will do so without being paid and an owner that doesn't will not no matter what they are charged. The fee is not incentive to do so.You can't give people a good reason for any fee, because they will just tell you they don't do whatever that fee is for. With pet fees, you can't tell them it's because dogs create more work, because they will instantly tell they always clean up after their dogs and shouldn't have to pay a fee because some other people don't. Funny thing is, there is always pet waste that hasn't been cleaned up. Must be from the mystery dogs that drive in and don't have owners. Have a fee for extra vehicles, additional people, wifi, whatever, people will have a reason it shouldn't apply to them. I have found the best way to explain a fee is to merely state that is our policy, no further explanation given or needed.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Drive Thru miscalculation

How do we know he didn't make it through just fine? Agree. While I never, ever take my rig into drive thrus and the like, I don't see anything in that photo that indicates there is even a problem. The towed MIGHT bounce over the curb, but there sure appears to be some clearance between it and the concrete support to the light pole. For all we know it is clear sailing straight ahead for the motorhome. When I went to this thread, I though I was going to see a fine 12 foot tall motorhome wedged into an 11 foot tall overhang. Like Sargent Schultz, "I See Nothing" disconcerting here.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are 50 amp to 30 amp plug converters reliable?

Not really an issue. The Cord-to-Adapter connection may get a little hotter than Cord-to-30A-Receptacle so be sure the contacts are clean. Going the OTHER way, 50A coach to 30A pedestal, is very likely to overheat stuff, since the coach can present so much demand. I was afraid at first that was what you were working with. As noted ^^^ your coach is plugged into 50A, but still protected inside with your 30A main breaker. No worries!Actually, neither 50amp coach to 30amp pedestal or 50amp pedestal to 30 amp coach present any problems. There is a 30 amp breaker protecting the systems in both instances. In the example of 50amp coach to 30 amp breaker the breaker in the pedestal will protect the circuit. In the 30amp coach to 50 amp pedestal, the main breaker for the coach protects the circuits. The biggest problem with the 50amp coach to 30 amp breaker is the fact that the coach will have to manage electrical usage so as not to trip the pedestal breaker. That isn't a safety concern (unless the boogie man is waiting for you outside your rig) but it is a dang inconvenience.
westernrvparkowner 06/27/15 07:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why so close? (CG site assignments)

There can be many reasons. Lazy, don't care, not thinking etc. are the ones that come to mind as a traveler. As a park owner, it might be they need to keep a certain amount of people on a sewer line to keep the flow adequate to prevent problems. They may be working on a group of sites either upgrading equipment, grading pads, doing a landscape project etc. Those vacant sites might be seasonal sites, owned or reserved by people who are not yet there. There could be a number of people due in over the weekend and they don't want to take a chance that they have to tell you to move if you choose to extend. The sites being used might be the easiest for short term stays to get in and out. They might be considered the better sites because of views or location in regards to the facilities. If they put you in a site out in the "back 40" you might just as likely be complaining about that. It's pretty hard to read every customer's mind. Then there is the fact that if they spaced everyone out, sooner or later they are going to have to put people in those spaces between you and the next rig and you are probably going to be upset that of all the sites available, they packed that guy next to you instead of next to someone else.
westernrvparkowner 06/26/15 07:39am General RVing Issues
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