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RE: airline profits

US airlines boarded around 870 million passengers in 2015. If the OP was correct and the airlines posted $29 billion in profits that would be around $30.00 per passenger. Not exactly a make or break amount if I am deciding to fly. Personally, I want the airline I fly to be profitable. Not quite as many worries about what corners are being cut. Fly some of the third world country's struggling airlines and see what not making money gets you.
westernrvparkowner 05/03/16 02:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Canadians - medical coverage while travelling in the US

I know this is no help. You will be hard pressed to find a carrier who will cover any pre-existing condition. We don't expect them to cover any pre-existing conditions. What's not right is that they are doubling our rate because of prostate cancer but yet it is excluded because it is pre-existing. Just an excuse to get more money.Unfortunately, any existing medical condition will increase your chances of other medical conditions. For example, If you had a heart attack or stroke, you may very well be on a blood thinner. If you fall and suffer a laceration you run a much greater risk of additional complications because your blood will not clot as fast and hence there is a greater risk of outside infections entering your system. Our body, internal organs and immune system is a complicated, interconnected network.
westernrvparkowner 04/28/16 03:04pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Canadians - medical coverage while travelling in the US

We went with Medipac out of Ontario for our insurance this past winter. It was pricey (over $4,000) but we do have pre-existing conditions and are 72 & 67. Medipac is associated with Canadian Snowbird Association but don't think that you must join the Association to deal with them. In previous years we had used Snowbird MediQuote but they got too expensive ($5200.) for the same 5 months. It does pay to shop around but remember to be very careful in answering all the questions honestly. This paid of for me a couple of years ago when I was in hospital for 3 days in the US. All my expenses were paid in full within a few weeks, and yes I was with Manulife at that time. Good luck with your search.Only in my dreams could I buy insurance for $1000.00 a month and I am no where near 67 or 72 and I have no medical conditions at all. It may sound expensive to you, but it sounds like a heck of a deal to me.
westernrvparkowner 04/28/16 02:58pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Fencing

I certainly understand your desire to use some fencing for safety purposes. Not only will fencing keep your children and dogs in a confined area, but it may keep another dog from having easy access to them. I guess those folks commenting above don't have a lot of experience with kids and don't know that even if you're outside with them, they can take off very quickly and get into trouble before you can even catch them. Personally, I'd rather they be confined behind a fence instead of charging after a toy or ball and being on a campground road in a blink of an eye. We use two of these to make an 8x8 pen for our doggie when we're allowed to use it. Of course, when the dog is outside in her pen, we are outside with her to make sure she doesn't start barking. Exercise Pen. Thanks for the reply, I am looking for a containment for dogs and kids for exactly that reason. Not to be neglectful but so that I can at least cook on the BBQ without them standing under it or touching it when hot. I had no idea I would get scolded or accosted with such a simple request.I think it was less scolding and accosting and more informational letting you know that many parks (mine included) do not allow any type of fencing or pens for any reason. Some people expanded on that information by giving some of the reasons fencing and penning would be prohibited.
westernrvparkowner 04/23/16 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Beware Fleetwood

The fact is different people treat their possessions differently. If they are extremely hard on their things, they will fall apart much quicker than if they are meticulously careful. It is surely possible to destroy an RV in 5 years through neglect and abuse.
westernrvparkowner 04/22/16 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Please help us with our dilemma!

I am still stuck on you are doing a major renovation project where you are doing the work yourself and it is going to take up to a year, so you want to travel the country? Shouldn't you put your nose to the grindstone, get the renovation complete and then travel the country? The least of my worries would be the type of refrigerator.
westernrvparkowner 04/20/16 06:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tetons and Yellowstone

Here is a link to previous post talking about Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone, including my thoughts. Now for comparing Colter Bay to Flagg Ranch campgrounds in Tetons, my thoughts: Colter Bay better location for Tetons touring and on/near a LakeColter Bay seemed more crowded though, when both were fullFlagg Ranch better location for Yellowstone touringFlagg Ranch, the sites seemed to have bit more spacingFlagg Ranch the toilets were old and dirty DeanFlagg Ranch is now called Headwaters. The new management company (it is a lease from the Forest Service) has put a whole lot of money into the facilities. Can't say if they have replaced the toilets or not, but it is a facility that is definitely on the upswing. The one thing they can't improve, however, is the mosquitos. At certain times they attack like the black plague. And there are very limited resources in that location, so things like cell service, wifi, television, gas, supplies and the like are all scarce and expensive if available at all.
westernrvparkowner 04/17/16 07:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Missouri to Montana

BTW you know that Ennis, MT is the fly fishing capital of the world, right!Livingston, MT would violently disagree.
westernrvparkowner 04/17/16 07:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Tetons and Yellowstone

We will be visiting both the Tetons and Yellowstone this spring. We would like some recommendations for campgrounds in both areas. For the Tetons I will assume we want to be as close to or in Jackson Hole as possible? Yellowstone I'm thinking we will access from the north west entrance? Help. We travel in a 40ft motor home. ThanksWhat do you consider spring? Weather really sets the agenda, and there are a number of locations that do not open early. Also, there is no Northwest Entrance, so it is kind of hard for people to give you recommendations based on that. Do you want to dry camp or do you need hookups? Do you need hookups beyond W/S/E such as wifi or cable TV? Do you need good Cellular coverage? Whatever you decide, you probably need to get on with making reservations ASAP, there are already numerous posts about how parks are already booked.
westernrvparkowner 04/15/16 03:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: maximum # of pets

It's a shame that a place that you've previously camped at (and enjoyed), has changed the rules, either due to outside influence (insurance or local ordinance) - or due to previous RVers abusing the rules about picking up, etc. Personally, I would call them. I'd say "Hi, I'm Deb, we've camped there before with our 4 dogs, but now I see you've changed your rules" - and then see what they say? Perhaps, this rule was set up to keep a few specific people out, and they will invite you to camp? This has happened more than once for us, where a rule was enforced "selectively" (my 70-lb Aussie was allowed in a "35-lb and under" park; or my 3 dogs were allowed in a 2-dog park. I didn't ASK for the exception - it was offered) What's the worst that can happen? - they say no exceptions. Then you thank them and tell them you will miss their lovely RV park. And look for another. Let me ask a question. Lets assume the park manager/owner allows an exception. Who would be held liable should your pet becomes aggressive toward a child or adult walking by, The pet owner? the park manager/owner?. I believe all should abide by rules, no exceptions.The wording in my insurance policy clearly states that there is an exclusion to my liability coverage if I accept one of the restricted breeds and there is a loss. Same as your homeowner's insurance specifically excludes losses from floods from coverage. Doesn't mean you can't let in a restricted breed or build in a flood zone, just means you are risking your own money, not the insurance company's
westernrvparkowner 04/15/16 02:59pm RV Pet Stop
RE: maximum # of pets

Same type of post ---------same question about # of pets CLICKY OP here. Sorry, I did not see that post. Great info there. So now the only thing that irks me is the campgrounds that had no limit last year, now have a 2 dog limit.Maybe the park was just too successful and made too much money, so they have to run off some customers. Maybe they just felt they didn't have enough rules on their rule sheet so they added some, just to make page look full. It couldn't possibly be that they have had years of experience running parks and realized that a lot of problems occur when people have a lot of dogs. In 14 years of owning parks I have never, ever had a customer say they didn't clean up after their dogs. In those same 14 years I can count on one hand the number of days there wasn't a least one dog pile that needed to be cleaned up. Maybe I am just blessed and visited by the Dogpoop Fairy every night. Maybe Dog Poo just grows wild in my area. Maybe the Starship Enterprise has Scotty beam down the ship's poo to my location. Or maybe, not everyone cleans up after their pets and if those people have 4 pets instead of one there are 4 piles times as many piles to clean. And we haven't even gotten to the fact that dogs are pack animals and when one starts to bark they all join in. And even the most die hard denier of dogs ever being a problem would have to admit that four dogs barking makes more noise than one dog barking.
westernrvparkowner 04/15/16 02:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: How do I check cable TV signal strength?

When hooked up to 'cable' you need to turn Antenna Booster OFF (Booster is for antenna use only)99.95 percent chance this is the issue. Had a brand new fifth wheel in last year where the amplifier was in the front bedroom in a panel with a couple of light switches. It was nowhere near any television. You might have to dig around to find it, but what you describe is exactly what happens when you try to scan in cable stations with the amplifier on.
westernrvparkowner 04/13/16 06:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Employees going to get people killed

Am I the only one who thinks a troll just awoke from their long winter's nap? Obviously this did not happen.
westernrvparkowner 04/13/16 09:12am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: free night remibursement

I am not talking about the check amount, it is the time frame to get it. I been told that is 4-6 from date check was issued which was on 3/28/16, I was told 4-6 weeks total, that is my problem, there should be no reason once check has been issued that it should 4-6 weeks more!! This is typical GS stuff. wonder why get bad reviewsSounds like you need to drop your Good Sam Membership, save the $25.00 membership fee and move on to solve the rest of the problems in the world. Rebates from any business usually take forever. If Good Sam drives you so crazy, give them up.
westernrvparkowner 04/13/16 08:58am Good Sam Club
RE: Four little dogs...

Nowhere I've camped has it stated you cannot leave your dogs unattended in my camper. I'm sure some places are like that but I've not been to them There have been sites where it states you cannot leave them unattended outside. But, Oh my gosh call the news, we do leave our dogs unattended on occasion. And as of this day, we have never been complained on about our dogs. It's just like leaving our dogs at home. Yep, they don't go to work with us so they have to stay. I'm not an idiot and I know dogs bark but you train them and they do just fine. It is not feasible to take them absolutely everywhere we go. We just don't think taking our dogs into the stores and restaurants is proper. And we're great dog owners. I would love to be one of my dogs. They have the best life ever. Now come on with how we're horrible people and have no respect for others. I'll just laugh.Just because you never heard a complaint doesn't mean people were not bothered. People do not like confrontation. They usually just take the pain and move on. Maybe someone complained to the management and management decided not to pass the complaint on because either the people complaining or you were moving on the next day. Maybe the park relocated the aggrieved party. We don't pretend to enforce "no unattended pets" to inside the RV, but we have sent a few people on down the road because their pets created a nuisance. The trouble is, in most parks you are staying only a few days. Even if we confront you with the problem you will likely say "Sorry, it won't happen again" and when you leave them the second day and they create more havoc, we have to choose whether to send you down the road that day or just let you leave as scheduled the next. Since you have returned, and the dogs are now quiet, we just bite our tongues and wait you out since you are leaving the next day anyway. No need to get a black mark review by tossing you out on your ear. Sadly we see this play out time and time again.
westernrvparkowner 04/12/16 11:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Full time residences in RV Parks

WOW I'm not seeing a lot on caring or compassion for those that are less fortunate people, is this just the new Rvers or have we gotten so cold and callous that we don't care where these people go just as long as we don't have to see them, if we run them out of the last affordable place they can stay, they may end up living in the streets, or worse living on your street, I'm sure I will get flamed for being a caring and compassionate camper, signed I used to be one of those people you used to look down your nose at Sorry, I am NOT going to succumb to the 'less fortunate' card being pulled out. Less fortunate has nothing to do with not cleaning up a site.:R You can be dirt poor and there is NO, NONE, NADA reason to be a slob. Less fortunate does not give you the right to degrade your living conditions or surroundings period. You can not have a penny to your name and you can still keep your living conditions neat and clean. And many less fortunate people can and do keep a neat living area. AND if you are in an RV park? You HAVE money to pay the monthly rate so one can assume you can buy a broom. and it costs 'nothing' to bend down and pick up all the junk around an RV.Best post on the forums. On top of that, I don't believe that owning an RV Park requires the owner to be slumlord. I have no interest or obligation to serve as the destination for the down and out. There are plenty of services available for the less fortunate, but RV Parks and Campgrounds are under no requirement to be part of those services.
westernrvparkowner 04/11/16 05:08pm Family Camping
RE: Enclosed trailer behind motorhome??

I sure view it differently. Small trailer behind a Class C is usually OK, but you run the risk of not having a site available since back-in sites are almost not an option. Our back in sites either abut fences or the edge of a cliff. Even if you can back the rig in, there is no room to open the door and get your stuff out. If there is a pull thru available you are fine, but you have just cut the number of potential sites in half. As for the big rigs with the car haulers, no thank you. We finally just decided it isn't worth it. A forty foot RV towing a thirty foot car hauler is already over 75 feet long when you consider hitches, bumpers and the like. Then the car comes out and you add another 20 or more feet. Now you are looking at needing a site over 100 feet in length to keep everything together. That big monstrosity needs a country mile to navigate. We have had several instances where making the turn to exit the sites they either cut is sharp and trench the neighboring sites or they underestimate the tail swing of the trailer and knock the hookups over like they were bowling pins. The straw that broke the camel was a couple of years ago when one of those monsters decided to leave at 4AM. They sheared off the water spigot and flattened the power box. They left a message on the answering machine that they "noticed the water spigot was leaking when they left". I don't know what possessed me to actually go up and look, because I envisioned a spigot that was dripping and could wait until morning. When I saw it was a 3/4 in line sheared completely in half, water a half a foot deep everywhere and the power knocked out to a row of RVs that vision changed and so did our acceptance of big rigs towing trailers. Haven't missed a beat since.
westernrvparkowner 04/11/16 04:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying From Dealer Vs. Private Party

An unscrupulous dealer is either out of business or has left an easy trail on the internet to follow. An unscrupulous individual just takes your money and disappears. And if you get totally screwed, suing a dealer is likely to be more profitable than suing some guy named Joe.
westernrvparkowner 04/10/16 04:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Four little dogs...

Yes, it is fairly common. Sometimes exceptions are made, sometimes not. Be prepared to explain your plan to manage them if the park is willing to consider making an exception. Ranting and raving at a park employee who doesn't grant an exception won't earn you special treatment. Those pet limits came about from years of bad experiences.
westernrvparkowner 04/10/16 01:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

WesternParkOwner, Usually I agree with you but cannot on this. How in the world can it cost nearly $1000 per day to maintain? Water, elec., toilet paper, trash removal? And how can you spend $500,000 by putting up signs and barricades to close it. That is government waste, fraud, and inefficiency at it's worst! I suggested to CDOT to have volunteers man the stops. Was told that creates a liability for the state. They don't reason or analyze, just throw more money at everything...because it is OUR money, not THEIRS.Hey, I was just using your numbers. I have no idea how much it costs to run a rest stop 24/7/365. But keeping them clean, supplied, insured, lit, supplied with water and sewer, patrolled and secured and kept in good repair isn't cheap. I also have no idea how they spent $500,000 to close them. I would guess a bunch of that money goes to removing the services that otherwise could harm someone. Removing a septic system probably is expensive, especially if you use state workers. Same with shutting down and removing all the wiring, all the doors and windows and eventually removing the structure.
westernrvparkowner 04/09/16 05:11pm General RVing Issues
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