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RE: Fulltiming with 8 K9's RV parks? lol

Thier suggestion, also if I register them as comfort dogs , others may do the same. Misrepresenting the nature of the dogs will probably not help matters. It may in fact make it more difficult for people who have actual service dogs. http://pleasedontpetme.com/differences.php And why please tell me I am misrepresenting them, I have heart problems and they comfort me and keep mine and hubbys blood pressure down. I didn't say SERVICE dogs I said comfort dogs.. theres a big difference. Unless you HAVE experience with certain rv parks n pets PLEASE DON'T COMMENT! Thanks to the rest for your kind replies.I haven't posted in these forums for a while, and I will be signing off as soon as I finish this post, but the guy wants real world experience, so here it is. 1. NO WAY would we allow eight dogs. We have a two dog limit and make multiple exceptions yearly, but eight is too many. 2. Lie about the number of dogs and that will get you a ticket out. At my parks, asking permission is much better than expecting forgiveness. I have zero tolerance for people attempting to circumvent my policies by telling lies. 3. Implying that your dogs are potentially covered by ADA laws, thus frightening un-informed owners and managers into accepting your dogs when they otherwise would not is beyond reprehensible. There are people who require Service Animals and trading off their unfortunate circumstances for personal gain is on par with conning the blind by telling them a five dollar bill is really a twenty or stealing a wheelchair bound woman's purse because she is easy to outrun. I would take great pleasure in escorting anyone who tries such unscrupulous tactics off my property. There, real world, first hand answers.
westernrvparkowner 10/03/14 01:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Employees

I won't reveal who said it or where but I have heard this from 2 employees of stores and 1 other I asked to verify. All three said CW threatens them with termination if they don't recruit a certain number of new members each month. Isn't CW a member store? It really isn't conducive to non-members even entering and in the winter up north can get really slow. Is this really what you do? I only ask because you pay the same as Walmart. I worked for McDonnnell Douglas Flight Test and they threatened us every day saying they could replace us but we would just reply,"Go ahead, you have to train the newbie for 10 years and think of the liability of a no experienced Aviation Mechanic, remember the DC 10 fiasco."Didn't work out too well for McDonnell Douglas did it? Maybe if they were more aggressive in making sure their employees met their quotas and job performance standards they would still be a viable company instead of nothing but a footnote in aviation history.
westernrvparkowner 01/11/14 04:26pm Good Sam Club
RE: westernrvparkowner

Don't believe everything you read and don't believe you have all the background information. Admin RV.netHere is your PM, let them judge for themselves From: Admin Sent: 11/11/13 08:17pm Subject: RE: Westernrvparkowner Posts No longer being accepted Your last post is a good example why!!!! You own a campground and come here and criticize another one. Not going to happen anymore. Another example "Are you stupid or what?" 335 in the deletes by 17 different moderators Not a good record Admin RV.net
westernrvparkowner 11/28/13 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: westernrvparkowner

Forum Administrator blocked my posts, sent me a very rude reply when I sent a PM asking why and basically requested I leave and never return. I forwarded their PM to the Good Sam hierarchy, and to their credit they took full interest and got my account re-instated. Their response went over and above anything I could have ever expected. However, in deference to the forum administration and their request, this will be my final post. There are some moderators who take exception to posters with strong opinions that differ from theirs. And there is one moderator in particular who has great animosity towards me, my parks and RV parks in general. He has threatened to reveal my parks locations several times and frequently chastises my pricing and my practices. If he ever followed thru on those threats, my business could be harmed. I have tickled the dragon enough. Thanks for the memories. Paul(westernrvparkowner)
westernrvparkowner 11/28/13 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

We stayed there a couple of years back, and yes, I would opt for the upgraded site, not for the outdoor kitchen but for the fact that the basic sites ($75.00 or so at the time) didn't even have a cheap picnic table. We were there in February and most of the amenities were closed up. Pretty dang expensive for a parking pad without any outside seating, pools and golf course closed and Wifi that didn't work. It's a nice park, but was not a good deal by any means.
westernrvparkowner 11/11/13 04:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pricing on a 2005 - does ease of financing affect price?

Makes sense to me- the pool of "eligible" buyers drops dramatically if financing options shrink. That's bound to make prices go down... Thanks for bringing this up!Correct!
westernrvparkowner 11/10/13 03:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Isn't High Mileage Still a Problem on DP's

Run from the F550 as many engine problems/fixes require taking the cab off the F550 which is kind of hard to do with the rv over the cab. I have a Freightliner M2/MB/Allison truck and it's a really sweet machine. Buy more RV than you think you need so you will keep it long enough that you do not have to worry about what it's worth in 15-20 years. Unlike used DP's, there are not that many used Super C. Their supply/demand is very different and the higher miles will not have as large a negative impact plus it's not on a F550. Not that it applies 100%, but used CruiseAmerica Cs loose 10cents/mile in value based on the many units they have for sale... a few with 70K miles, but most with 130K. Anyone that travels very much as seen the Cruise America RV's in places they should never be taken. On one recent trip we saw a Cruise America C taking the unpaved rocky/rough road through the Valley of the Gods near Mexican Hat, UT. This road is not suitable for a lot of toads, let alone a class C RV. I don't know if they made it the full 20 miles or bottomed out and got stuck. I have seen others in places I would not take my coach.The difference between a rental vehicle and a four wheel drive is a rental vehicle CAN go anywhere.
westernrvparkowner 11/10/13 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flying J dumps station

How does one go about abusing a dump station? WoodGlue There are many ways, Dump steel bolts down the hole for example (Why some rest areas in GA no longer let you dump) Stuff a dead (or live for that matter) Cat in, Dump gravel in the hole, Sticks, and other debris never intended to go into that hole in the ground. Fact: Last winter the sewer line in the "A" bathhouse in the campground I spend most of my winter at became clogged. They roto-routered it and pulled out quite a bit of gravel. The manager figured kids had dumped gravel down the toilets (I disagreed, that is way too much work for a vandal) (Turns out I was right, but that's a story for another thread, if ever). But that was the manager's first thought..Few years back, before we closed all our dump stations, we had a situation where the parents of a couple of three year olds thought it was a good idea to let them use the dump station as a playground. The station had one of those hinged covers over the pipe. The parents had placed a large rock on the foot part of the hinge, locking the cover in the open position. The kids were using smaller rocks as basketballs, having great fun tossing and sliding the rocks into the hole. They were crawling all over the concrete drain pad. I went and sent the kids home and went to have a talk with the parents. As I walked up to the rig, the mother was handing the kids sandwiches. I was 10 seconds behind the kids, so there was no way for them to have washed up after crawling all over the dump station. That made me realize there was no reason to have a discussion with the parents over either the sanity of playing in a sewer, or the damage rocks in the system might cause. As Forest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does"
westernrvparkowner 11/10/13 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Isn't High Mileage Still a Problem on DP's

The reason I ask this question is I was about to buy a 2007 Dynamax Isata on a F550 diesel chassis (I know its not a DP, but my question was generic) with 20,000 miles. The price was agreed at $5K over NADA low retail. Then (at the 11th hour) I come across a 2008 Dynamax DynaQuest (same floor plan, more expensive model, but with 94,000 miles) and we negotiate a price of $7 below NADA low retail. The DynaQuest is on a Freightliner chassis with a Mercedes engine. The price to value is much better on the DynaQuest, but is it enough to offset the selling resistance I might face at resale time? That is what I am struggling with. PS. rgatijnet1, just read your post and it is right on target. Thanks.You just answered your own question, the mileage is effecting the price. Since you posted this in the Class A forum, you probably should be aware that NADA retail anything is WAY TOO HIGH for most all Diesel Pusher motorhomes. If someone were to offer me NADA low retail for my well maintained, low mileage coach, they would be an owner and I would be happy to send them a $20,000 Christmas gift to boot, especially if they calculated that value with book listed adds. This may not be true of Super C rigs, but I highly doubt it.
westernrvparkowner 11/10/13 12:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Isn't High Mileage Still a Problem on DP's

Mileage is just one factor most people will take into consideration when buying a used Diesel Pusher RV. Most people will be a little less concerned with relatively minor differences in mileage (say they were looking at a rig with 60K and another with 80K) so they wouldn't expect a huge discount on the 80K), but they would expect the 80K rig to be somewhat less than the 60K assuming they were otherwise exactly equal, which will never be the case. You do have to take mileage into consideration. But remember, a very low mileage rig might be low mileage for a reason. It could be a full time residence for someone, and all the interior dodads have much more wear and tear than average and maybe it hadn't moved in 5 years and one side is more weathered than the other. Also, never driving a rig isn't good for it either. In my opinion, at the end it comes down to the overall value. I surely would rather have a better rig with a higher mileage than a substandard rig that hasn't been driven. But you cannot view any one attribute in a vacuum, you need to evaluate the entire package.
westernrvparkowner 11/10/13 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dealership Information

There are literally millions of people who have bought RVs from dealers, and the vast majority are happy. If you were to narrow down your criteria, such as a location and an RV preference maybe you could get a few suggestions.
westernrvparkowner 11/09/13 02:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Type of plastic bag an issue????

While it would be wonderful if everyone sealed or tied the poop bags after use, I would be personally delighted if they would just pick up the messes in the first place. Heck, at times I think I would be happy if they just didn't let the dogs go and leave it on the sidewalks and in the other public areas. Sounds like they have set their sights bit high.
westernrvparkowner 11/09/13 10:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: Internet or not?

Almost every payment transaction on the internet is secure. Fear of someone stealing your identity because you are hooked up to a wifi network is paranoia and not rational. Security on the internet has almost nothing to do with your wifi provider. Just look at your browser toolbar before conducting business. If it shows HTTPS, it is a secure website and all information transmitted is encrypted and secure (unless the NSA has taken a big interest in you). Your only concern is to be certain you are actually connected to the business or bank's real website. I.E. it is bankofamerica.com, not bankofmerika.ru The only fear you should have with public wifi is if you actually log into a spoofing, parallel wifi system. This is where someone has set up a wifi network, give it a SSID name similar to the wifi network the hotel, rv park or other business provides for public use. They would have software that would track keystrokes and look for account numbers and passwords. This would be a very sophisticated scam, not something you will run into during the normal course of travel, especially at RV parks or other normal public wifi locations. It is also something that would not be a long running scheme, since the business would quickly notice another wifi network with the same name as theirs. Finally, these schemes don't happen at RV Parks. Willie Sutton said when the feds asked why he robbed banks and he replied "that's where the money is", RV parks are not a target rich environment. Waaaay too many uploads of pictures and not too many multi-million dollar accounts being revealed. High end hotels and coffee shops on Wall Street are more likely targets. In answer to the OP, satellite internet is expensive, slow and almost unavailable (the major provider went out of business). Best bet is to rely on a combination of Park wifi and cellular data plans and be well aware that neither are going to provide fast or affordable access to hundreds of gigabytes of data.
westernrvparkowner 11/08/13 12:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good Sam Roadside assistance not so good!

Personally, I would much rather have a roadside repair as opposed to a tow if it was at all possible. It surely would cut the repair time and be a lot easier on the rig. I have a big diesel pusher. Towing it involves removing the drive shaft, finding a wrecker big enough to pull it and hopefully finding someone who has done it before, not always likely proposition. I am going to have to pay for the repair anyway, regardless if it a roadside repair or a repair shop. I have also found that mobile mechanics usually have a lower hourly rate than the big repair shops so the cost may come out fairly close to even. If my roadside assistance can arrange for a roadside repair and get me on my way I am all for it.
westernrvparkowner 11/06/13 09:06pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Is this a ripoff or what??

Lantley, you are right for sure as to defining what time do they have to leave. So what is the big deal about staying overnight (for $15) when they can be part of the group and stay for $5 for 24 hours. That is the logic I don't get.Guests that arrive in the RV don't come with extra vehicles, visitors do. So you now have extra vehicles along with extra people, maybe it is just a shortcut from charging $5.00 a visitor and $10.00 for extra vehicles. And yes, day visitors usually are required to leave when quiet hours begin. Maybe we are a bit anal, but we really try to put rigs with only two adults together. By doing so, we create an adult area that is a bit quieter than the area with bigger groups. Not a formal thing, but we feel it is a nice touch. When they arrive with two in the RV and 3 hours later a suburban full of people arrive, that kind of blows that plan to heck. I can see the value in discouraging long staying arrivals outside of those who arrive in the RV.
westernrvparkowner 11/06/13 02:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Inquiring minds want to know

Thank you for the post HappyKayakers. Depending on the time of year we do between 200 and 1,000 dispatches per day for a total of right around 140,000 dispatches per year. The success rate on these requests is currently over 98%. Generally speaking we have a higher success rate on RV calls having numerous potential variables than most OEM auto programs. We do our best to provide amicable resolutions for all of the complaints brought to our attention and strive on a daily basis to achieve 100% satisfaction. Thank you, ZachVery impressive if these figures are anywhere close to accurate. I would be hard pressed to name very many businesses where achieving customer satisfaction would be more difficult than a business like emergency roadside assistance. Almost by definition, the customer will not be happy to begin with, after all they require roadside assistance. RVs I am sure present unique problems even within the roadside assistance industry. And I am sure there is a disconnect between what any program is contractually obligated to provide and what many policy owners expect. While 2% unsatisfied would be completely unacceptable in many industries, I think it could very well be close to an industry leading benchmark in Roadside assistance. (though I do hold out the possibility that 98% success as achieved by Good Sam could be completely different than a customer satisfaction result of 98% satisfied. That is the ERS could close out a ticket and accurately say it was completed successfully even though the customer is steaming mad about the outcome, but that might be fodder for a different thread.) Again,, congratulations are in order doing as well as you do.
westernrvparkowner 11/06/13 12:51pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Is this a ripoff or what??

Sorry, BobR, I think the person certainly can point this out - particularly when I read the park fees (which, I agree, might have been pointed out better). It is $5 per extra person per day. Fair enuf. $6 per person for daily visit. Fair enuf - see that at many of your high amenity places. But then $15 for overnight. That, to me, does not make sense and this is where I would like them to explain the logic. I must be missing something. The logic is they don't want overnight guest. They want guest to leave and not stay overnight. The fee is to discourage one from staying. By the way what time is check out for overnight guest? Do they need to be gone by sunrise?I tend to agree, the fee is primary designed to discourage overnight guests. I would imagine the checkout time for overnight guests would be the same as the checkout time for the park, but who knows. I can see where overnight guests would be a big mess, especially in parks relatively close to population centers. Out here in the west, very few guests from Maine have people stopping by, so it is pretty easy for us to keep tabs on who should be in the park and who shouldn't. A park at the beach a couple of hours from a major city would be very different. A guest could have multiple friends and relatives stopping by, putting a big load on the park's amenities. On top of that, it is really easy to see if an RV unit has left the park, the site will be empty. Visitors in cars and trucks can park anywhere, so knowing if they have left as agreed is more difficult. With day visitors, you at least can drive the park after the visitors should have left and see if there are additional cars since most parks are one vehicle per RV, with lots of overnight guests, that is no longer the case and things would get very muddled since there would be many sites with multiple vehicles in addition to the RV unit. Their park, their rules and since they are apparently upfront with the fees, it surely isn't a ripoff as the thread title implies.
westernrvparkowner 11/06/13 08:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is this a ripoff or what??

Pretty much many of you are correct. I paid the price. it was clearly stated. The owners DO have a right to charge whatever they want, and I'm free to go somewhere else. I just felt that it was an exorbitant fee. I would have been happy to pay,say,$5 per person. I guess that I'm gettin' crabby since I turned 63. But, still, I'll never go back there specially since a brand new campground is being built as we speak ,just up the road from Ledgeview. Maybe with more competition rates might go down.Having more than a little experience with the costs of building a park, I will be willing to bet the new park will have higher rates, giving the park in question a bit of room to raise their rates. Happens all the time in the lodging business, the newest, greatest properties have the highest rates and everyone else gets lifted by the tide. Odds are the owners of the new park have done their homework, researched the demand and availability and are sure there is plenty of business to absorb the new capacity. Don't look for a bidding war to break out.
westernrvparkowner 11/05/13 11:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Selling your RV

Camping World has dozens of people coming onto their lots every day looking to buy an RV. No one stops in your driveway looking to buy yours as a matter of course. Any price they give you will be well below full retail value, but do you really think you can get retail value selling it yourself? That is a question only you can answer. How much are you willing to spend to advertise your RV. How much is dealing with people who do not show up, giving out your address to complete strangers, going on test drives with strangers, answering uncomfortable questions, negotiating a sale, handling the sale transaction etc. worth to you? Those are all things you avoid when you sell to a dealer. You get less money, but you have less risk and hassle. Depending upon what you have, where you live you might make a private sale in a day, or it might take you a year. Sold in a day, good. Still sitting in the driveway next Thanksgiving, not so good. I personally would check what they will give you, it might just work and save a bunch of time and trouble. But remember, their offer is going to be lower than retail, since they are taking on all the hassle of selling.
westernrvparkowner 11/05/13 11:02am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Private Sellers vs. Dealers

I wouldn't spit in a dealers lot when buying used.....Most, not all, will stick you in a second. The reason most people are on a dealers lot is because they need financing and a private owner don't offer that.....Get your financing in place or have the funds and start looking at private owners and save yourself a bundle-----plenty of private inventory in all kinds of conditions. Beware of the dealer posing as a private seller or the person with someone elses name on the title----he has already shown how honest he is. By all means get someone qualified to check it over......GOOD LUCK. X2And I am sure that the private sale individual will go to great lengths to tell you all the things wrong with his rig, after all, he really isn't trying to make a sale, he is trying to be honest Joe. He will gladly take much less than it is worth since he hasn't done any research on it's value and even if he has, everyone knows high NADA retail is still a great deal when buying an RV. What he owes on his rig will have no bearing on what he will take, since he either has no intention of paying off the loan he has on it with a balance thousands of dollars above even his most optimistic dream of a sales price or he surely has unlimited funds to pay any negative equity should he decide to pay. And should you find something wrong with the rig after you buy it, he is very concerned with what any future buyer will think of his service, so he will go out of his way to make any repairs. In my opinion, trusting any seller, private or dealer is a fool's game, but at least with a dealer you might have some recourse if something is really screwy.
westernrvparkowner 11/05/13 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
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