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RE: honda genny theft deterrent apparatus

Almost any thing you thread through the handle can be cut in seconds by either a set of bolt cutters, a battery powered reciprocating saw or a side grinder. A simple chain or cable with a padlock will keep it from just walking away. If someone really wants to steal it, it is a good as gone no matter what relatively simple precaution you take.
westernrvparkowner 03/30/15 04:13pm Travel Trailers

A local steak restaurant offers a salad bar with your meal for $1.99. It went in with my Pizza from the Pizza Hut next door and they wouldn't honor that price. You can bet I will never buy a steak dinner there. Camping World makes enough errors that are actually their fault to keep this forum hopping, but boycotting a business because you don't like the price on one of their services is really lame.
westernrvparkowner 03/30/15 01:01pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

Good Points, Ric Flair. BTW, loved watching you perform at the Sportatorium in Dallas. Since I cheered for the bad guy, you were usually on my favorites list.
westernrvparkowner 03/30/15 11:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Loss on sale of motorhome

I think the other posters are close to correct. I would expect to pay a minimum of 30% less for a year or two year old used model (2016s are going to appear any day now) than I would have to pay for a brand new one. Warranty is less (or gone), a bit harder to finance, no ability to trade,and in the back of everyone's mind they would worry you are dumping it because of problems. Sorry, but there really isn't a silver lining to selling an almost new used anything.
westernrvparkowner 03/30/15 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you pull a trailer behind your Motorhome?

We allow those types of rigs in less than 10% of our sites. When they are full, we do not take any more. We used to allow dropping trailers etc. but that always turned into a hassle. Now if the super long sites with big turn radiuses in and out are taken, we just opt to say no. I know many other parks have basically the same philosophy. I would suggest traveling with reservations and calling ahead.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 06:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Beginner to RVing, would like an RV with a work shop.

Toyhauler would probably be best bet. Be aware such a rig is probably not going to be welcome at most RV parks. Too much noise and mess (wood and especially metal shavings).
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 06:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

Am I the only one that thinks that this particular WalMart shares, at least, some of the blame? According to RV Newsletter: "Cottonwood WalMart officials have met with local police to "discuss solutions to extended camping" in their lot." Extending camping? Why was WalMart allowing this in the first place? Overnight is one thing, "extended camping" is anotherOnce again, the devil lies in the details. I would venture to say that the suburban probably moved every day or so. Though most people would say that is "extended" camping, it may not be in the eyes of the law. Kind of like the people that move their car a couple of spaces every couple of hours in the two hour parking zone. How many overnights would be allowed under a no extended camping rule? Would one day in and one day out to the Home Depot then back again to Walmart be extended camping? Say you are very strict with the old suburban, should that strict enforcement be extended to the Prevost parked next to them, or does the rule not apply to them? Get too selective you will end up with a big discrimination lawsuit on your hands that you will most likely lose. At the very least, you risk having the truth twisted into extremely bad publicity. On a much less serious scale (no gunplay involved, hopefully) we face this issue daily. Quiet hours, no campfires, pet rules, no climbing on rocks etc. etc. etc. is tested almost daily. Zero tolerance doesn't work and neither does a laissez faire devil may care attitude. Having and enforcing policies is not anywhere nearly as easy as most posters make it out to be.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dealer wants to buy out my lease?

He would gain a newer used truck to put on his lot and sell at a profit. You would have the same payment, but for a longer time, thus guaranteeing the dealer a revenue stream for a longer period of time. I don't understand this statement. It implies that the dealer makes revenue with every payment a purchaser makes. If that is the meaning of this statement, that is WRONG. A dealer usually makes money with any financing he arranges with a "spread" of interest from what the contract is and what a finance company or bank will buy.Spreads are almost extinct. Too much risk for the lender and dealer from discrimination lawsuits. Today most contracts pay the dealer a flat fee or nothing at all for placing a lease or loan. The dealer has enough incentive since no loan means no sale. And a lower rate means a lower payment which makes selling warrantees and accessories easier.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealer issue?

Apparently, you still have the $250.00, so tell them they either need to remove the decals and clean it properly or you will use that $250.00 to have some one else do it. That is the agreement you made, so you should both stick to it.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam Icon

Then you must be a middle aged, overweight, white guy. Because that is exactly what the Logo is. I HATE that logo. I truly believe it drives younger RVers and minority RVers away. The powers to be have stated it has "brand value", but even the most iconic brands (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Exxon etc.) have changed their logos to reflect the times. Why a red circle with the Gold halo and no fat white guy wouldn't continue the brand is beyond me.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 11:36am Good Sam Club
RE: What's the oddest Pet rule you've encountered at an RV Park?

You do have to take into consideration that people wandering around a casino parking lot is a bit more of a concern then the same people wandering around an RV park or even the Walmart parking lot. People going to a Casino, and yes, even a few leaving the Casino, tend to have more cash on them than the average bear. Personally, I don't take much notice of people when I am in a normal parking lot, but I do have eyes in the back of my head when walking to and from a Casino. I would imagine that anyone wandering somewhat aimlessly (casino patrons are walking a straight path between their cars and the casino) would draw a lot of unwanted attention.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 11:29am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dual 30 amp rv's?

Was doing some "window" shopping on Camping World site, and saw a dogbone for dual 30 amp to a single 50 amp receptacle. Are there actually RV's that have 2 30 amp hookups?? Well I'm sort of confused on what you actually saw, but my trailer now has a dual 30A system feed by a 50A to dual 30A dogbone. I added the second 30A service feed and you can see all I did HERE. Below is a pic of the 50A to dual 30A dogbone I made ... http://i1325.photobucket.com/albums/u639/12491/Second%2030A%20Service/PowerPedestalSecurity_zps40ea6f2a.jpg height=600 I did this mod in lieu of converting my trailer to a true 50A service feed because of the cost of conversion and not wanting to wrestle that 50A Anaconda cord in colder weather.Whatever that Rube Goldberg contraption is doesn't look any easier than just using the cord your rig was designed with. Frankly it looks like Medusa's head of snakes. And what is the chain for, other than to create a spot where it can wear through the cable sheathing and deliver a nasty shock to the unaware?
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Dealer wants to buy out my lease?

:) Hi, I have leased twice and will never do it again. One was a personal car and the other was a commercial truck. Leasing is just a high dollar rental. Car dealers love leases because it is never ending. I don't like vehicle payments.And I see it completely differently. I have always leased a personal sports car. I don't drive it every day so I don't run up a lot of miles. I also like changing to a different one as often as possible. So I get a two or three year lease (depending upon where the sweet spot appears to be financially). At the end of those two or three years, I am free and clear of any obligation on that car. Don't have to sell it, or trade it to get my next toy. If I someday decide to not have a toy, I just drop the car off and close that chapter of my life. Where leasing is not smart is leasing because it is cheaper monthly payment than buying even though you realize you will be going over the mileage, putting excessive wear and tear on the vehicle or will be looking to trade well before the lease is up. That is just kicking the can down the road, which is a bad plan.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 09:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tell us your RV Unfriendly Communities

Sun City AZ has just under 400 HOAs, Plus the City itself has a CCR, plus the county has it's laws. No RV parking on the street for more than 72 hours is a County issue. No golf carts on 2 busy streets is either the City or County issue. No plants except in pots is the local HOA issue. No parking overnight in front of your garage is the HOA issue. Just about any gated, or town house or condo unit has an HOA. If anyone doesn't like their HOA, get elected to the board which is probably the easiest thing to do. Most HOAs that get unreasonable is because of a few fanatics that are on the board year after year and make it their personal goal to restrict everything they don't want for themselves.It is just as likely they got unreasonable because there were a few, as you call them, fanatics that think things like old toilets make for good pots for plants and that everyone will love the fact that the burned out RV they bought from the salvage yard for $50.00 to use for parts for their other inoperable RV is parked in their front lawn. True story, there is a gentleman in my home town who is a very severe hoarder. The town has an ordinance about not allowing inoperable vehicles to be kept in in an area visible from the street. This man has at least 30 old clunkers, each completely filled with stuff he collects from the dump. Broken 2x4s, old newspapers, empty plastic bottles, anything you can think of. The city finally got fed up with it, got the proper court documents and went to haul off all the junk vehicles. Trouble was, the guy went out and started each and every one of those pieces of crud. Under the letter of the law, each was "operable". Currently old junker car number 31 can be found daily at the dump rapidly filling up with trash.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 08:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

Doeesn't this fall under the phrase grandma used to use about "locking the barn door after the horse is stolen"? According to the article, the camping ban had been the store's policy for some time, but had not been enforced.Because enforcement brings it's own issues. Kicking people out is eventually going to make for some uncomfortable press. The local news will eventually run a report about how the evil big company selectively evicts only the poor people if they only go after things like the suburban full of nutcases. Or, forums like this are going to have threads started about how all the person was doing was protecting the public by getting a few hours of sleep (after all you can't drive sleepy, and that is Walmart's problem) and they were forced back onto the road creating danger for everyone if they enforce it very tightly. It is a no win scenario. Plus no one really likes to be the bad guy who has to enforce rules, so it is easy to turn the blind eye until something bad happens, and in this case the something bad was really really bad.
westernrvparkowner 03/29/15 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Dogs that go outide at night,suggestions

Nice to see actual responsible replies. Having a pet comes with obligations. Those obligations do not end when the sun does down. Sadly not everyone is as "motivated" to do the right thing. And just opening the door, letting fido go, and following the mantra of "if I didn't see it, it didn't happen" is not doing the right thing.
westernrvparkowner 03/28/15 06:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

News from my home town. No camping/overnight parking We seldom park at Walmart etc... over night, but I do hate to see the opportunity to do so disappear. X 2 Here again a select few will probably ruin it for everyone else that obeys the law and quietly camps overnight.Exactly. The military calls it mission creep. A quick overnight while traveling was fine with just about everyone, the RVer, the neighbors, Walmart and yes, even the local RV parks. Then, staying a day to see the sights became more and more common. Not quite so fine with Walmart, the neighbors and the local parks. Next was staying for multiple days and, apparently, weeks. Not really fine at all with the neighbors or the local parks and Walmart is then in a bit of a pickle. They could start evicting people, but that creates bad press every time they do it. They could just turn a blind eye, but that eventually leads to what happened. Or they can just put out the "no overnight" sign and problem is solved.
westernrvparkowner 03/28/15 06:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dealer wants to buy out my lease?

No reason this isn't a win / win for both parties. The dealer and manufacturer know they have more ability to get you into a new vehicle while you are still obligated for the one you currently have. If you actually want to lease a new vehicle from your current manufacturer and dealer, it might be a good option. There are probably incentives from the manufacturer and the dealer knows you are a qualified and interested buyer so they can put a pretty good deal on the table upfront knowing if you like the deal the vehicle and dealer will be acceptable to you.
westernrvparkowner 03/28/15 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Colter Bay cg (not the RV park), Grand Tetons?

Disabled patrons get priority for ADA sites. First come first served you could not make reservations BUT if someone is in the site without a disability they are required to share it or vacate it for you. Contact http://m.gtlc.com/lodging.html For non-disabled they are allowed to take the site if it is the last available but are notified by a posted sign (and usually a host too) about the same. So, if understanding correctly, the non ADA comes in, is given the last availalable site, ADA or otherwise. Later the ADA comes in, no reservation, & the non ADA is kicked out with nowhere to go? Is that how it is? Don't misunderstand me, I am all for helping the disabled but booting somebody out of a campsite because you have extended your day to the fullest & then expect somebody to be kicked out with noplace to go, if necessary, to accomodate you, does not seem quite fair. If the non ADA took the site when other, non ADA, were available, then too bad. Get out. You rolled the dice & lost.The standard a business has to comply with is they must accommodate the request for an ADA compliant room is "reasonable". It would be "unreasonable" to kick someone out of site if they had nowhere else to go. It is probably unreasonable to even make them move to another site if they are already on site. It would probably not be unreasonable to move a non checked in reservation to another site to accommodate a disabled guest. It is all basically a moot point, since there is no ADA mandates for RV sites. Now a business has every right to set aside certain sites for certain usages, but legally, holding a long site for a motorhome pulling an enclosed car hauler is the same as holding a site for a disabled guest's use. The park can do basically whatever they want. If electricity is a must I would either call and make sure you can get one of those sites or make a reservation at a park where electricity is guaranteed. Leaving it up to chance doesn't make much sense.
westernrvparkowner 03/28/15 09:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying a new trailer on ebay - a good idea?

Just remember, almost all businesses have pretty close to a 99% satisfactory rating, especially they way Ebay handles customer feedback. The pester every single buyer to post a feedback score. There are many people on this forum that would say never buy an RV from Camping World because the service is very bad. Yet, if asked every single customer who passed through the door how their experience was, you would easily have a 99.9% favorable. That's because they guy who bought a pack of gum after window shopping counts the same as the Guy who has had multiple problems with his Diesel pusher. Others are correct. Get the dealer's information and do additional research above and beyond the feedback number. And if the feedback is 100% and it is an actual business, not someone with 2 sales, it isn't totally accurate, because it is impossible for a business to please 100% of the customers 100% of the time.
westernrvparkowner 03/28/15 09:03am Beginning RVing
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