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RE: Kansas City, MO

An "OLDER" RV with no switch for the wipers? That sounds like an impossibility. Did the previous owner(s) never notice? I think there is much more to this story than we are being told. I don't know of any way a starter solenoid could be made to work only once and then go bad. It started when you picked it up and then never worked again? Then you say you have been through three solenoids and multiple batteries and a fire? Are they actually all related or did you need to replace the original batteries because they were old or because they were ruined because you used the rig improperly (i.e. repeatedly discharged them fully, did not maintain the water level, had corroded cables that led to failure etc.). Was the fire the result of any problem with the RV or did you drop a cigarette onto the sofa? Since you said that Camping World wouldn't return a phone call or speak to you after you bought the RV, that would mean you had someone else perform the repairs, so why the hate for Camping World concerning the ongoing repairs? When you buy an older, used anything, there generally is the understanding that you are on your own, be it an RV, a car or a house. Things do break and fail. That's the nature of older items and mechanical things in general. Sounds like either your expectations were too high, or there is a lot more to the story.
westernrvparkowner 10/06/15 08:07am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping World Closed...

My wife is a health care worker at a local hospital. There is no such thing as a holiday, a Sunday etc. No matter what, people will still be working. Its not the same.You must run a very strange campground if you can shut down every Sunday and holiday. We still feel the need to check in customers, clean cabins, clean restrooms and assist our guests in any way we can, even on Sundays and the Fourth of July.
westernrvparkowner 10/05/15 07:56am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Camping World needs to be organized more like the Military!

Perhaps the real answer is to judge Camping World more like we judge the military. My dealings with Camping World service have gone just fine. I have set appointments, been greeted professionally, had work completed on time and the work has been fine. I am sure this is the result 99% of the time. But just like the military sometimes bombs hospitals, has privates that give away top secret military communications, has soldiers who go AWOL and desert and even occasionally have officers who lead massacres of entire villages of civilians, there will be times problems occur. They got to be by far the largest chain of RV dealers, parts sales and service by doing something right. Assuming there is some fundamentally flawed system in place because someone, somewhere had a problem is a not reasonable. You have to have access to actual data and then evaluate that information to make sound conclusions, something no one posting on these forums appears to have or have done.
westernrvparkowner 10/04/15 07:56am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Looking to purchase as a combo....

Good SamWhere do you get the idea that Good Sam (Essex Credit) would finance the tow vehicle with the RV? It sure doesn't say anything like that in any of their information. On the contrary, it says they make loans based on the valuation of the RV (among other things). No mention of tow vehicles anywhere. I think someone is messing with you (or the members of the forum).
westernrvparkowner 09/30/15 04:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking to purchase as a combo....

Thanks.. I have found that as a package deal it is more affordable as you can finance the 2 togetherI seriously doubt that. (coming from 20+ years Bank Executive experience). Any reputable lender is going to consider the truck and the Fifth Wheel separately, if for no other reason than all it takes to separate them is to pull a locking lever. While I wouldn't advocate 15 or 20 year terms on a fifth wheel, it is done. To do the same on a pickup truck would be insanity. You can currently get extremely low rates on even used pick up trucks with terms up to 7 years at most banks and credit unions. If some lender was to tie the two together, you would have to pay off the entire loan to sell or trade either the truck or the fifth wheel. The odds are about 99.9% that any combination package marketed for some long term financing so as to offer low monthly payments is designed to entice a potential buyer to overpay for both the truck and the RV. I smell a scam.
westernrvparkowner 09/30/15 04:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking to purchase as a combo....

There are probably 10s of thousands of trucks for sale and thousands of Fifth Wheels. If you limit yourself to only those that are both truck and RV combos you are going to miss 99% of the available rigs. The odds of finding what you want in both of them is going to be even less. I wouldn't automatically eliminate a combination, but it sure wouldn't be my focus. Personally, I would find the fifth wheel that worked first, then get the truck, since trucks are much more generic than the RV portion. That being said, I would have narrowed down my truck preferences (i.e. Diesel or gas; Ford, GM or Dodge; new or used etc.) That way you can pretty quickly put your entire rig together.
westernrvparkowner 09/30/15 02:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVing with two service dogs at RV parks

The ADA defines a Service Dog as having been trained to perform 3 behaviors to assist a Disabled person regardless of who did the training. I have a 5 yr old Golden service dog and the wheelchair to go with it so I have rarely been questioned. If someone does I just pull a credit card from my wallet and throw it 5 ft away she goes and picks it up and either will give it to them or me depending on my command I'll admit to doing it sometimes just to show her off. Zoey was screened as a pup for personality and train ability using the Monks of New Skete tests. She was trained by a graduate of Bergin Institute and myself, there is no sanctioning body or licensing requirements. A misbehaving dog in a vest is a sure sign of BS as the vest is how the dog knows it's time to work.Sorry, but a service dog only has to perform ONE task, not three. Also, vests are not required. The way the ADA is written, a person's claim that a dog is a service dog is all that is required. If someone says their dog is a service dog, there is no way to dispute that claim. Any business that attempts to restrict any dog that is claimed to be a service dog does so at extreme risk. I wonder how many handicapped parking spaces would be available to the handicapped if those same rules applied to parking. Just say you are handicapped, no proof requested or required, and you can park right up front.
westernrvparkowner 09/29/15 01:43pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Just Need to Whine a Little

Yes, I realize there are more critical issues at hand resulting from the potential government shutdown than my upcoming trip to Cataloochee to view the elk...HOWEVER, I did spent a good bit of time 6 months ago on the Reserve America website securing my "perfect" site AND, have been preparing for this adventure for several weeks. Since we are leaving the RV at home and electing to tent camp for this adventure due to the steep and winding entrance road to the campground (at the advise of several here on this site), I have also invested a ton of time and a good bit of money getting our tent camping gear in shape. Also, at the direction of many experienced tent campers, I have frozen block ice, prepared easy to re-heat frozen meals as well as a ton of general preparation now only to find out that our trip may in fact be cancelled due to this shutdown which by the way will cost our National Parks millions in revenue. And finally, when will we know if there is a shutdown? Well, we are scheduled to leave on Oct 1. Yes, I am annoyed! Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. There will always be another trip at another time if things don't come together for this trip.Personally, I am with you 100%. This is about the most asinine excuse for government I have seen. It is one thing to threaten, cajole and eventually shut down the government over a significant issue. I don't like it, but at least during the last shutdown it was over concerns about the entire budget. Now the idiots have taken to threatening to shut down large segments of the economy over funding Planned Parenthood. No matter what side you are on, that should be an up or down vote on THAT issue, not some cockamamie amendment to a continuing resolution to fund our entire government. The congress needs to grow a set of you know whats and vote on the issues directly. Parliamentary Procedure was developed and followed to prevent exactly what is happening today. Unrelated amendments to bills were to be restricted by rule. Now we fund dung beetle research on votes to extend benefits to Military Veterans. CYA is out of control and unfortunately for those who say "take it out at the ballot box" we are left with choices that make us sing those lines from the Who: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, we all got fooled again!"
westernrvparkowner 09/27/15 06:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Self defense while traveling

i've been robbed twice once at knife point, my wallet and cash once at gun point, they stole a motorcycle the first one was never caught the second was caught within 2 hours, a juvenile (aka under 18yrs) and prosecuted neither time was i in a bad neighborhood, or someplace i shouldn't have been the first on my way to work the second leaving my BIL auto shop, caught me stopped in the drive way checking traffic, and stuck a gun in my face it can happen anytime anywhere to anybody there is NO such thing, "as it only happens to somebody else, never to me"And if you had shot the first guy dead, you never would have had a motorcycle to be stolen the second time because you would have been sued into oblivion for "wrongful death" buy the family of the first thief. On top of that, you would likely have faced criminal charges. Shooting someone to protect your belongings is likely to result in a lifetime of problems. It is a felony in many states. The claim of self defense is an active defense, something you will have to prove. Just saying you felt your life was in danger is not enough. You will have to prove it. Do you really want to be the next Ferguson Policeman or the next George Zimmerman? Common sense is going to protect you much more than any weapon.
westernrvparkowner 09/27/15 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Poor quality control

And here's what you had to say in 2002 about a motorhome you owned then: "New ultrasport. first 6 months,rear springs sag(had to ad air bags to hold rv up)floor sagged bad,everything quit working due to wiring all wrong,headliner came down,rear duals ground through main wiring,water leaks,dash heat quit,dash air works sometimes,roof air soaked cieling a destroyed it,black water tank shallow and plugs up daily. second 6 months,5 foot long metal heat shield fell off on freway almost causing serious accident,entry door rattles so bad you cant hear junk radio,freds rv wedged 2x4s under floor to hold it up (heres your new motorhome back),large bubbles in rubber roof,dash rattles bad all screws are falling out,replace both cracked exhaust manifolds,(no tow vehicle)replace privacy curtains stained by water leaks,rear hatch fell off on freeway,fiberglass delamination on hood,rear hatch,compartment doors,compartments sag in hot weather,and doors pop open,galley chairs wearing and tearing through(do no live in rv)9 k miles. Next year,replace cracked manifolds,and y pipe,taillight fell off motorhome,screws into fiberglass only,cant put fuel in,tube does not have enough angle,all the knobs on the stove broke,vent fan fell appart,all water and toilet connections started leaking(hand tight),hinges on flip up bed broke,bath skylight filled up with water,window trim keeps falling off throughout rv,(one screw holding it on),Well this piece of garbage now has 36k miles,replace cracked exhaust manifolds again,captains chairs are wearing through and tearing,floor now sagging bad in bedroom,and kitchen,couch is now wearing through and tearing. DAMON builds total JUNK,if you get a lawyer like we did,they will lie and discredit you till you give up,may they all rot in hell..................." Why in the world would you keep buying motorhomes if they simply fall completely apart when you get them?It is truly a shame that facts and evidence keep getting in the way of people's rants.
westernrvparkowner 09/26/15 02:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Compare Monaca and Holiday Rambler Endeavor

HR and Monaco were like Chevy and Oldsmobile. Monaco and HR had the same basic models, but each had items that were just for that brand. Some think Monaco was the slightly better and some think HR was slightly better in the same basic floorplan. BOTH are equal. Doug And Beaver, also part of the Monaco family were the best of the bunch! Just saying!! LOLMany of the Beavers had Cat engines, which in my mind disqualified them for any consideration as the best of anything. They did have the best looking cabinetry, however.
westernrvparkowner 09/25/15 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: my dog is more spoiled than yours

I don't know, my dog would argue she has the upper hand, two days ago was an acupuncture visit including 30 minutes in the whirlpool treadmill followed up by a 30 minute massage. Her canine express card was hit for $150.00 and now she has to suffer through an entire 10 day stretch without any special treatment since her masseuse won't be available on her normal 7 day schedule. Maybe she can squeeze a bath, brushing and nail appointment in to make up for it.
westernrvparkowner 09/24/15 04:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: RVing with two service dogs at RV parks

While state law may require a service dog in training to be admitted under state ADA Laws, it is not required under federal law. Service dogs cannot be restricted from any place they do not place an unreasonable burden. They would obviously be allowed in an RV park and the related facilities, with the exception of a food prep or similar area. The ADA is very clear about what can be a service animal. It is restricted to dogs and miniature horses. My uneducated guess is the miniature horse got in as a kind of Amish powered Wheelchair. The ADA animal must be under control at all times and must not create a nuisance. If those rules are not followed, the facility may require the animal to be removed (they cannot require the person needing the service animal to leave due to actions of the service animal). The parrot story and the fact that the OP is having a hard time just re-enforces my opinion that a nationally recognized passport type license should be required to allow a person to have service animal access. It would be beneficial to both the businesses (no need to question or ponder whether or not said service animal is actually what the person says it is) and the disabled person would not have a large segment of people thinking they are just abusing the system so fluffy can accompany them to the mall. A physician or other authorized health professional could approve the license request and the license could be issued by the government with a photo of the animal once the training facility released it to the person needing assistance. The argument against such a system is a privacy argument, but I see no difference between telling a business your dog is a service dog and showing a license stating the same facts.
westernrvparkowner 09/24/15 04:21pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Am I getting a good deal?

The OP asked "Am I getting a Good Deal?" Sorry, but asking that question on this forum is an absolute waste of time. As the OP can see all you are going to get is post after post of how this rig is better and no matter what the price is, they know you can get a better deal. If these forum members had been negotiating when the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Indians, they surely could have gotten it for 15 beads instead of twenty. No way would Jefferson have had to pay $15 million for the Louisiana Purchase and Seward could have easily bought Alaska for half of the 7 million dollar purchase price, and probably gotten Siberia tossed in as a kicker. I don't know the specifics of the rig the OP is looking at. But if they have done some basic research into pricing similar units and the price is in line and the rig is the floorplan and size they are looking for, they should feel confident in purchasing it and enjoying it. If their catalyst for a purchase is a consensus from the members of this forum that they are getting a good rig at a good price, they are never going to buy.
westernrvparkowner 09/20/15 07:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: KISS Keep it simple s..... Rant

Simple for some people is difficult for others. Einstein would get lost when he went for a walk, yet he gave us mathematical solutions to laws of physics that had previously eluded mankind since the beginning of the human race. For Einstein, directions were difficult, physics were easy.
westernrvparkowner 09/18/15 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: This Past Season - Finding Camping Space

Like always, size and destination matters. Going to a popular place with a large rig, there are many less available sites. During peak season, we always turn away rigs most every night. If you have a big motorhome towing a trailer, you might need 12 months advanced reservations. Have a camping van and willing to take a leftover site, you can probably get in most any night (unless another camping van willing to take the last remaining site beats you to it). The economy has very little to do with RV traffic. If someone has north of $100,000 invested in their RV and tow vehicle, the aren't going to let fifty cents or even two dollars a gallon for fuel stand in their way. To have bought the rig in the first place is almost proof positive they are not teetering on the poverty line. In some regards, bad economic times increase RV travel. It's cheaper to camp then to fly and spend two weeks in Europe. A Week at Smoky Mountain National Park is cheaper than a week at Disneyworld. While no recreational oriented business is recession-proof, RVing comes somewhat close.
westernrvparkowner 09/15/15 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Boat trailer comes loose - tragic.

I would be surprised if that truck was the actual truck that was towing the boat. I can't imagine that after a fatal accident the police would let the boat owner hook the rig back up and drive on. I would bet the hitch shown is on a police vehicle or a tow shop vehicle. You can also see that the winch has broken loose and there is a drag mark where the front of the trailer looks to have been pulled. Seeing that there are also some good looking hydraulic jacks and blocks, I suspect we are seeing a tow company vehicle, not the boat owners.
westernrvparkowner 09/15/15 10:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Poor customer service and overcharged!

No one would provide an itemized billing of the service. Not the GS roadside center or the tire shop. No bill, no payment. YOU had the upper hand and voluntarily caved. NOW you should dispute the charges with your Credit Card company. I hope it wasn't a Debit Card. There might even be usury laws in the state where this happened that are designed to prevent price gouging. Not likely maybe but possible.If you dispute/have charges cancelled on an auto repair the shop can and likely will get a "mechanic's lien" on the vehicle which gives them the right to impound and eventually sell the vehicle to pay for the repairs. Usury laws generally only apply to interest rates, there is seldom price controls on services and goods unless there is a natural disaster. As others have pointed out the cost to cutting off parts is not in the time it actually takes to cut it off, it is the time it takes to go to the site, make the cuts and return to their location. It is the fuel to get to you and back. It is the insurance they have if a spark or flame from the cutting torch or equipment burns your rig down to the ground. It is the wear and tear on the cutting tools. It is the pay for the guy who does the work, who quite likely didn't want to work on a Saturday any more than you do, hence he gets time and a half. I find it very funny that people always say that they pay to much for services they either cannot or will not do.
westernrvparkowner 09/15/15 09:07am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Quality of Park Reviews

Courtesy link to Section 230 / Communications Decency Act in case anyone is interested.It does appear from the reading of some of the case law cited that site such as RVparkreviews.com would have a legal obligation to turn over the records of the posters to aid in an investigation into liable conduct to allow the defamed to sue the person or persons who created the actual content that they were claiming was liable. In other words, write a review that falsely defames a business and that business can sue you, and they can legally require the website to provide information that will identify you, such as name, address, IP addresses, Mac Addresses and the like.
westernrvparkowner 09/14/15 06:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electrical hookups in Canada

Here are pictures of the adapter that I was referring to. Note that both sides of the duplex are tied together and internally connected to the 30 amp RV outlet. This adapter was originally available from Camping World, but because of the situation that I described above, they removed it. I later bought a couple of them for use on my Honda EU2000's, and noted that they were not available to Canadian customers. http://i57.tinypic.com/1z4a1x5.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/raby1g.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/v5xras.jpg In no way am I slamming or otherwise pointing a negative finger toward anyone or Canada, but just pointing out a situation that I found while trying to use this particular adapter. I agree that I would never ever plug my RV into any receptacle without first testing it.Yes, I can see where that thing could ruin your day. I wonder if it was made by an actual, respected electrical component manufacturer or cobbled together by a couple of guys in their garage. It sure looks like a liability lawsuit in an orange plastic case.
westernrvparkowner 09/14/15 02:15pm Tech Issues
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