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Topic: Bigfoot camper

Posted By: Reddog1 on 09/22/05 02:44pm

EDIT: 54suds, that was what I was trying to find.

MDKram – QUOTE: “I think Bigfoot started making campers for the tapered box around 1988 to accommodate GM trucks.“ I though it was to accomidate the Dodge trucks. LOL

MasterBoondocker – QUOTE: “TAPERED box? .... 'splain please.” That means wider at one end than the other.

Sorry guys, I could not pass on the opportunity to pick on you, no offense intended.

atk_nut – There is more to what I have provided you with, if you need it let me know. I think you will be ok. I only have about 1 inch clearance, after putting a guide on the TC.

The following is part of your answer:

Surgery on Gerry Chilibeck's
1988 Bigfoot Camper
Gerry's problem, in his own words

I had a 1988 Ford F250 and a 1988 Bigfoot (9.5 foot)…both ran/worked great for 10 years. I wanted to upgrade to a newer truck. However, all trucks in recent years (Ford in 1997 and newer) have narrowed the "standard" tailgate opening width from 65" to 60". Bigfoot Industries told me that this is a problem for all Bigfoots manufactured in 1988.5 and older. My '88 Bigfoot was manufactured in January 1988; therefore my camper was designed to fit tailgates that were 65". And... you just can't put a 64" camper in a truck with a 60" how!

My options were to upgrade both the truck and the camper but I did not want a bigger, or smaller, camper, and, for those that have Bigfoots, it is hard to upgrade the existing facilities, size and weight of a Bigfoot. Secondly, the Bigfoot camper that I have would have little dollar value on the used camper market "as is". So, I investigated "if and how" my Bigfoot camper could be made to fit a new truck. This problem was escalated when I lucked into a 20-month old, 2000 F350 4X4 PSD XLT shortbox.... which I now own. Man, big iron...3.5 tons going down the road.

The Solution to my 1988 Bigfoot camper:

Bigfoot Industries (Armstrong, BC Canada) gave me the name of Fairweather Holdings-Roy Holgate (tel 250.546.0306 in Armstrong as well) who has done many (more than 20 I read) of these modifications. They did the job in early Jan '02 and graciously took pictures of the process for me as documented here. My cost was in the $600 (US) range on a time and materials basis.


2004.5 Ram SLT LB 3500 DRW Quad Cab 4x4
1988 Bigfoot (C11.5) TC (1900# w/standard equip. per decal), 130 watts solar, 100 AH AGM, Polar Cub A/C, EU2000i Honda

Toad: 91 Zuke

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