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Topic: Apollo Convection Oven

Posted By: Tom Weaver on 04/28/06 07:17pm

When we picked up our new 5th Wheel, we did not get an instruction manual for our AAC24BIB microwave/convection oven. Is there anywhere we can get basic instructions over the internet?

Posted By: Rick Jay on 04/28/06 07:29pm

Hi Tom,

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We have probably the same unit in our motorhome. This is an orphan appliance. I've been unable to find anything on the internet about "Apollo" except for posts on this forum about problems. One report I read is some guy in Florida had a bunch of 'em made and sold them to one of the TV shopping networks, a few big box stores and, apparently, the RV industry. I heard many were returned because they didn't work.

Ours was an over-the-range mount with the light and vent kit, and the vent blower didn't work when we picked it up. Come to find out, there was a filter stuck in the rear duct preventing the motor from turning. Once removed, it worked fine. By the way, it was a different size filter (larger) than what the vent actually used. I suspect it was a way for the factory in China to get rid of their trash.

Anyway, it doesn't look good in terms of any info. If you have any specific questions, feel free to send me a PM and I can look it up in our manual. I'm already beginning to search for potential replacements for it when it acts up. the way...if you go to Sears website and put in your model number of AAC24 they actually do sell parts for this thing. I just checked...they have the owners manual for $52.99. If I were you...I'd just put that amount away as savings to buy it's replacement.

If you bought this thing new, have the dealer order one for you and see what they say.

Sorry, not great news for your first post.

Good Luck,


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Posted By: Ronhoward on 06/24/06 01:51pm

Hi Tom did you ever find anything on the apollo oven. going threw the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Ricky Jay what you charge for a copy

Posted By: Geramio on 06/24/06 02:32pm

Tom, Here's a post that I did previously about my Apollo microwave/convection oven.

Posted: 05/01/06 09:08am
Last year on our first trip out on the east coast to test my new rig, as we sat outside in the campground, relaxing after a long day, the convection (eating element)decided to light up all by itself. Man.. what a surprise when I went in to get another beer, my microwave was on a melt down phase. Luckily I got in before the fire started. A replacement unit was installed by the dealer. It took more than 2 months from Apollo in FL to deliver the new unit. Then, we no sooner got in Mexico in November that the unit stopped working. It was out at a local repair shop for over a month before a replacement resistor was found and finally repaired. Last week, I went trout fishing on season opening day, boodocked on an abandoned church parking lot, fired up the genny to use the microwave, guess what...dead . I'm looking for a replacement unit today with the measurement of 20 5/8 ''x 11 1/8 '' to fit inside the plastic frame. I will let you know what I found in store.

Since then I purchased a Panasonic Inverter Microwave as a replacement at Wally-Mart. (I don't need another melt down). However, the base and the frame does not fit. Could not find anything that matched. So..had a base and frame made out of wood and stained it so that it matched the rest of the cupboards. Looks great and no problems anymore. [emoticon]

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Posted By: fredbon on 04/14/07 03:18pm

What really amazes me are the RV manufacturers that continue to use these units, owners seem to get nothing but grief. I have read that some manufacturers have stopped using units, wish all would, but the $$$$$ rule.


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Posted By: mashbug on 10/07/07 05:57pm

We have also had nothing but bad luck with the Apollo AAC24BIB. Within a very short time after purchasing our RV (a 2006 Montana 3400RL 5th wheel), the microwave would not operate. Took the 5th wheel into Tacoma RV, who found that the unit had a defective seal (sound familiar?). They replaced the unit, and in the process, broke the hinges on both doors of our Dometic refrigerator (another long, ugly story). Now, about 9 months later, the plastic door release latch on the microwave broke. We had a local RV mobile repairman out to look at it, and he tried to repair it (but had his doubts that it would hold). Broke again after 5 days. From dealing with Tacoma RV on the Dometic refr, I have no doubts that we would get the same story from Apollo: once a defective unit is replaced, there is no warranty on the new one. I was tempted to contact Apollo anyway, but after reading the post that talked about the meltdown, we are convinced that the Apollo does not come back into the RV again.
Has anyone else been successful in replacing the unit with a microwave/convection unit? If so, which one?

Posted By: rubyinga on 04/04/07 08:52am

I just called 1-800-330-9707 and a very pleasant woman told me that she would put a Manual for my Apollo oven in the mail to me at no charge. It is not available online.

That is also the telephone number for out-of-warranty parts or accessories,as well as for warrenty service, according to an information sheet that came with my RV.


Posted By: Rick Jay on 04/04/07 10:14am


Congrats on your first post!!!! [emoticon]

Thanks for the informative update. Apparently they've gotten their act together since ours had problems. Knock on wood, it's been good so far, but it's still reassuring to know that I have a possibility of getting some parts if necessary.


Posted By: helerl on 04/14/07 07:15am

We have had nothing but bad luck with Apollo. Our first unit didn't work on the convection mode correctly, as the microwave would never shut down. Apollo replaced that one, with one that the door would not close after the first time I used the convection. A seal in the door had melted or broke. Our dealer was able to install the seal from the door on the first Apollo which he hadn't returned yet. Now, the microwave part just up and quit.
We called Apollo, same number as the note above, and the little girl told my husband that as soon as they replaced the first defective one, our warranty went out the window. That pretty much tells me the track record on these things.
We are looking at a GE combo that has a larger capacity and will fit nicely in the space.

Posted By: flynwx on 10/30/06 02:04pm

I had a problem with my Apollo microwave model number AAC24. I followed the link to the Sears website. They showed a diagram with the part I need, but it sells for $52.99. Sound familiar? That is what they are selling the owners manual for. Maybe there is something wrong with the Sears database that makes everything $52.99. Here's the good news. I found a listing ro Apollo Worldwide as follows:
Apollo Worldwide, 2875 S Ocean Blvd, Lantana FL (561) 585-3865
The person who answered that number refered me to the RV department at (800) 722-7262. That person said I need to call back and speak to "Lynn" of the parts and warranty department when she returns from lunch. I called again, and Lynn was quite helpful. She knew immediately what part I need. (My door won't open.) She asked me if I have food in the unit and offered instructions to get the door open. Bottom line, she said she will send me the replacement part for free.

Posted By: BraamRW on 02/14/07 08:23am

I had the same problem as flynwx. So I called the RV department. Please note the number is 800-772-7262 not 722. Talked to Lynn and she is shipping the parts to me. Although no one wants a problem but it is nice when the manufactor has a positive attitude to handling problems.

Posted By: mcdlt on 03/27/07 12:47pm

Same problem with my Apollo oven. Called 800 number and part is on its way. Thanks for sharing the info.


Posted By: Silverlady591 on 12/09/08 09:15am

I am having the problem with my convection oven. The microwave works but the convection oven and 1/2 time oven come on and go through the time etc. but there is no heat. Anybody else have that problem and what can I do. Thanks much

Posted By: rockintom on 12/09/08 12:44pm

I can attest that this Apollo 1/2 time oven is the worst I've ever seen. The ladies at Midwest you talk about have been great, they just have a crappy product to deal with. Can't believe they still are putting this unit in some cheaper model 5ers, even today! [emoticon] Mine has been out 6 times for repairs for various things. All of which are "known product concerns". Thank goodness I'm am handy and have made all repairs myself (except one warranty repair by Sears). You have to take the thing out and apart to do EVERYTHING to it, even the oven light bulb ($51.99 for the special bulb plus shipping). Here's the problem! The Apollo 1/2 time is only 24" wide. (most others are 30") We have a rear kitchen and it would take an act of God to modify and we'd lose lots of cabinet space. NO other manufacturer makes a micro/convection in that dimension with a over the range set up (fan and light). I believe packing that much stuff in that small of an area is the major problem with this set up. You can find manufacturers that have just a microwave at the tune of $4-500. When our quits again...I'm leaving it in place to use the fan and light and get a cheapy microwave and put it on the counter to use. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm usually not this negative but this is a bad deal. rockintom

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Posted By: tomgorrell on 12/09/08 02:20pm

We have reached the same conclusion. I've given up on the convection oven portion of this lemon and just use it to cook frozen vegetables, heat coffee etc. When the microwave portion fails, it will serve as an overweight above-the-stove lamp. The fan doesn't even do much good as it doesn't connect snugly with the outside vent. How can we convince RV manufactures to stop using this piece of junk? We love our Grand Junction 5th wheel, but this one issue has been very aggravating.

We are on our 4th new oven. The rotating dish portion is so poorly engineered that the glass dish often falls off the center pin and is difficult to put back.

Posted By: HappyKayakers on 12/09/08 04:35pm

Silverlady591 wrote:

I am having the problem with my convection oven. The microwave works but the convection oven and 1/2 time oven come on and go through the time etc. but there is no heat. Anybody else have that problem and what can I do. Thanks much

We had the exact same problem. Lived with it for about 6 months while looking for a small appliance repair shop willing to work on it. We finally found one about 75 miles away. So, we elected to get a new one instead of driving 150 miles for a repair that couldn't be estimated. Of course, I goofed when looking at the ordering website and got the countertop model instead of the built-in. Fortunately, it fits very nicely in the hole above the stove.

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Posted By: catman2130093 on 12/09/08 06:36pm

I don't know if my "solution" will last, brand new replacement Halftime was running the micro with the convection, when I ONLY selected convection. I noticed the sparks flying off the metal tray when I walked by. I took out my dinner rolls that looked raw outside, cut into them to find they were scorched on the inside-disgusting. I threw the breaker connected to it, waited a few minutes, reset the breaker and then tried it again. This time just the convection worked. I'll see how long this "fix" lasts. The original Apollo's turntable never worked, so I used a Walmart clockwork turntable. It was fine for the microwave, but it was plastic so not suitable for convection. When the door latch failed, I went on and replaced it. You'd think all these common problems would eventually be fixed...wish to hell I could find a like sized mw with conv that would fit the same opening...

Posted By: superflatz on 10/08/07 09:00am

While we have had good luck with our Apollo for 2 years, I did see a stainless steel unit similar to this one (not Apollo) at Home Depot for about $100. Took note of that, so that if this unit fails, I will go there and pick one up.


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Posted By: tomgorrell on 10/13/07 01:08am

We just bought a Grand Junction 5th wheel with the Apollo oven. The clock would sometimes not work, so I talked to the same lady as referred earlier in another post. She mailed the part which would take care of the clock issue, but that problem just went away by itself. She actually made an appointment for a Sears repairman to come install the part, but I cancelled that because there is now no problem, although I have the part in case there are more problems down the road. She was a wonderful representative of the company.

It's been a month now of ownership and I LOVE this oven. I use the half time feature and have had nothing but success with various recipes. I use it nearly every day and wonder how I ever got along without it. It's great for frozen pizza, cookies, baked french fries etc etc. Hope it doesn't break down.

Posted By: tomgorrell on 01/28/08 09:47pm

Let me take back a post made earlier regarding our Apollo half time oven. While the representative was very pleasant and they did ship replacements parts (about three times) we have since had nothing but problems. After three visits by Sears technicians and a replacement oven sent recently, our replacement oven melted down tonight. The clock stopped working (a bad omen) and after four minutes of baking cookies a terrible smelling smoke came from the oven. It was more an electrical / plastic burning smell rather than cookies burning. The cookies actually were burnt. After a few minutes, having removed the cookies, we opened the door and this terrible smoke came from inside the back of the oven. We're keeping a sharp eye on things tonight and have a fire extinguisher ready.

Anyone have an idea of a replacement oven? The width of the provided space is around 24 inches, and I know of no microwaves of that size that can be installed over the range.

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