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Topic: oven burns food

Posted By: privisnoop@insightbb on 09/30/06 08:06am

We are on our second SUBURBAN range and do not have a useable oven. Everything you place in the oven, burns on the bottom of pan before completely done. We have followed the directions, preheat, set for less time than mix box prescribes and less heat than prescribed on mix box. What is wrong and how do you repair?

Posted By: klenger on 09/30/06 08:11am

We put a ceramic floor tile in the bottom of our oven (tip from RV Today) and it really helps a lot to help distribute the heat more evenly. A 16" tile fits our oven perfectly. It also make cleaning the oven easier,... just throw it out and replace it when too dirty.

Posted By: mike4947 on 09/30/06 08:12am

Stop over at the food forum for several threads on just this issue. it's ben a problem since they put the first oven in an RV...LOL Your daily guide to the Open Road

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They say you learn by your mistakes, in that case I must be a genius.

Posted By: Bearnkat on 09/30/06 08:24am

We keep a small "air bake" cookie sheet right over the burner. That solved all the burning problems we experienced.

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Posted By: sch911 on 09/30/06 08:28am

A pizza cooking stone right over the burner will also diffuse the heat and eliminate the issue....

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Posted By: Happy Old Camper on 09/30/06 08:28am

OK Mike 4947, not since the first oven, my old one in my 1970 TT worked perfectly.

The new ones are &*^%$#. I had a pizza stone in the stick house I really didn't use and put in the camper oven and that also helps.

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Posted By: beakybec on 09/30/06 08:29am

I bet my Mom would be willing to trade her Atwood oven with you. Her's won't even reach 300 degrees in 2 hours. She can't burn (or cook) anything.

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Posted By: snowhawkwoman on 09/30/06 08:30am

You would think that the makers of these ovens would "include" the pizza stone with purchase!!!

Yup - pizza stone helps to keep things from burning on the bottom (16" ceramic tile is probably cheaper!)

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Posted By: Dshultz50 on 09/30/06 08:33am

You'd think with all the technology today we'd be able to get an oven that doesn't need special things to keep them from burning the food! We've had our MH for 3 years - I've tried the oven once -- If I want to bake, I use the convection/micro. I wish they'd put in a cabinet instead of oven....I use it for storing pans as it is.

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Posted By: DRSmart on 09/30/06 08:43am

If we didn't have one or two inconveniences to contend with, how could you honestly tell your friends that you'll be "roughing it" on your vacation? [emoticon]

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Posted By: Papa Steve on 09/30/06 03:58pm

Just remember...

Ovens don't burn food, people burn food... (takeoff on the gun quote). [emoticon]


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Posted By: mowermech on 09/30/06 09:31pm

We use 4 6 inch square UNGLAZED ceramic tile on top of the burner pan. We once had 4 more under the burner, on the floor of the oven. Having all 8 of them worked even better. for those who don't want the oven, there are 3 or 4 burner cooktops available, and any competent cabinet maker should be able to build a matching cabinet to replace the oven.
As always, all it takes is money. And time.

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Posted By: mike4947 on 09/30/06 10:50pm

Well my MIL's oven in their 1967 22 foot great Terry trailer (before Fleetwood got a hold of them...LOL) would burn everything until she lucked out and left a cookie sheet on the bottom when baking a cake. It was the first oven in the campground we frequented and folks loved eating fresh homebaked cakes, pies, and biscuits.
If anyone's had one that didn't scortch/burn the bottom of things you got a gem and I hope it last you forever.

Posted By: ryanallie1 on 10/02/06 09:08am

Hi All.

We use a 12X12 tile in our oven, and have no issues. We also use a temp guage in the oven as well. Most RV ovens burn hotter than what your dial says. Between the two, we can bake anything without burning. It works for us. Happy camping, Dan & Jill

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Posted By: 96Bounder30E on 10/02/06 09:39am

We use 1 14" x 14" square GLAZED ceramic tile on top of the burner pan. $1.98 at Home Depot

Posted By: privisnoop@insightbb on 10/02/06 02:58pm


Posted By: Dante E Nebriated on 10/06/06 01:49am

Our TT has an Atwood Wedgewood Vision cooktop/oven combo and my DW has the same problem with food burning on the bottom and not cooking on the top. I am going to try the tile trick this weekend when we go out. I have a question about placement though. Do you put the tile directly on the burner tube or do you put it on the porcelin diffuser that is already in the oven above the burner tube. Also my oven is 14" x 15" do I need to cover the entire area? I already have some left over 13" x 13" tile is that close enough? Thanks

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Posted By: mike4947 on 10/06/06 05:49am

Not right on the burner, but anywhere between the food and the burner will work. As for size, you don't want to cover the entire oven area. The idea is to just block direct heat from the burner, but still allow circulation. Otherwise the top would never see any heat.

Posted By: Dante E Nebriated on 10/08/06 03:34pm

Thanks, Mike. We just got home and the tile worked great but it cracked in half when we were preheating the oven. I think I will try one more in case the first one already had a hairline crack or something and if it cracks too I will put our pizza stone in the oven. We also bought an oven thermometer and the dial temps are right on according to that thermometer. Now for the good news. We enjoyed the fluffiest biscuits and gravy Sat. morning that were golden brown on top and bottom. Not black on the bottom as usual. And this morning we tried a tube of cinnamon rolls and they were perfect too. I love this forum!

Posted By: narcodog on 10/08/06 04:11pm

We used our Atwwod Vison for the first time two weeks ago. Put an unglazed tile on the shelf above the burner, under the pan the DW baked biscuits, apple crisp and something else turned out perfectly. She did have to put the first batch of biscuits under the broiler the first time for a few seconds. The tile did crack in the muddle but she rotates the pan every once in awhile.

Posted By: mike4947 on 10/08/06 04:17pm

As long as the pieces stay really close together cracked in two doesn't really hurt their function. We've had quite a few crack. It doesn't take much moisture in any kind of tile/brick/pizza stone for it to crack when heated.
My first MIL had a habit of loving to wash the tile/stone and not let it dry.....BOOM!

Posted By: davelinde on 10/08/06 05:54pm

Our pizza stone worked great then cracked into 4 pieces... [emoticon] it still works but it's a little puzzle to install. Can you use regular glazed tile? Where do you get unglazed tile? If you tack it in there somehow can it ride in the oven or do you need to stow it?

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Posted By: robsouth on 10/08/06 06:08pm

Our Pizza stone has worked fine for about 3 years now. It rides in the oven. Never been a problem. No cracks or anything. We don't make cakes, but do brownies, cinnammoniinon (sp) buns etc. Happy oven cooking.

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Posted By: Dante E Nebriated on 10/08/06 10:13pm

Well good to know our cracked tile is not the only one. On the way to the campground (1 hr away) I put it under the table. On the way home I just left it in the oven. I may put one more tile in a storage area somewhere just in case the first tile breaks into more pieces. I used a glazed tile. Thanks everyone.

Posted By: Ned on 10/08/06 10:20pm

Get one of those AirBake cookie sheets and leave it in all the time. Place your other pans on it. It works fine for me.


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