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RE: New Gen. F150 owners, how many problems

I've had what I consider more than normal issues with my truck. Only one serious issue while most are insignificant. Here's my list: Serious: Torque converter going out (replaced) Not So Serious: Window switch failed (replaced), Window regulator going out(replaced), rear seat fold down mechanism (replaced), and front door speaker failed (replaced). I have roughly 25,000 miles. I just wondering if this is normal. Previous 2010 F150 had control arm, body mount, shock, and transmission problems that were all very serious. Got rid of that truck. Dealer made good deal to get me out of it with this dealer trade. Salesman is a friend. Then I hear of so many larger problems with GM and Dodge so I don't know if I'm being hyper critical and these problems are just the norm. I never had these type of problems on midsize trucks and SUVs. All of my fullsize trucks have had several problems. Thanks I'd say that is more the usual for only 25K miles. In the first 25K I'd expect only oil/filter/etc changes on any truck. If any issues come up I'd expect the dealer to take care of it lightning fast. Online forums: Five types of truck owners. 1. My brand is perfect, 100K miles and nothing (except the transmission, new engine, rear axle, etc...major brand loyal. 2. Some issues but not a big deal. The engine fell out at 25K but we're good...cause I'm brand loyal. 3. This thing sucks. At 250K i had to put new tires on it. Whiny people. 4. Your brand sucks, because only I have the best truck there is. 5. Silent owners, those who are to busy making a living daily using there truck for work. Some issues come up but the dealer handles it.
2BLAZERS 04/14/14 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck/RV levellers?

I've just bought about 4 packs of the lego blocks from Camping World when they've been on 50% sales or so. Need lots if the rear of a dually you need to raise.
2BLAZERS 03/15/14 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Taking your truck/TC off your taxes as a corp deduction?

I know a person who has a race car and deducts it as advertising for his business.. therefore he then deducts the truck and TC needed to pull the race car. Another suggestion is since it is a licensing headache to title and run a pick up as a corporate vehicle-commercial plates etc to title it personally and deduct it corporately. Let the corp buy the TC since there is no title. Any other ideas that have worked? Thinking of calling it a mobile office? As a CPA, good luck with that. We always use this quote. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. And just because a friend calls it a deduction does not mean it would survive an IRS audit. Basically you'd need to prove a legit business use and document it with real reasons you can sit down and tell an IRS auditor with a straight face. Such as your a construction manager for Walgreens and travel the US building stores for them. And you camp onsite the entire time. Lots of rules and court cases on this stuff. And just because the corp cuts the check for the TC does not mean its truly deductible for business purposes and audit proof. We do lots of tax returns for doctors and they pay for 100K cars out of the corp but for tax purposes they get a huge hit called fringe benefit adjustment to their W-2 and the Corporate deduction is limited. But their corp ''writes the check'' they tell their friends.
2BLAZERS 03/12/14 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

In Oregon I can buy an 42' RV hook up a stacker trailer and be good to go. As long as it's an RV and 100% for personal use there really are no rules for additional licensing. But most people start small and increase their RV in size over time.
2BLAZERS 03/06/14 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

The 2015 Ford F-450 will up its maximum towing capacity by 6,500 pounds for a class-leading 31,200 pounds; gross combined weight rating increases by 7,000 pounds to a class-leading 40,000 pounds. Read more: http://www.dieselpowermag.com/news/1403_2015_ford_power_stroke_440_hp_860_lb_ft_of_torque/#ixzz2vBlWhV00 When reading these numbers, I keep thinking of the guy that buys this truck to tow that much weight without any towing experience. Bringing 40,000lbs under control during emergency braking can certainly be a white knuckle experience. Are HD pickups quickly approaching the limits of conventional car/pickup licensing? Really no one is really going to go buy a 31K# trailer just cause they want to, without experience. Finding a 5th Wheel RV getting pretty hard to find at or above 18000#. And most guys I know with larger RV trailers have gone through many sizes to get to the biggest ones. I started with a tent trailer. The guys hauling commercially a 30K trailer are going to be running into the CDL rules and DOT rules. And people that are getting a horse trailer with living quarters usually have been using trailers since they were 15. Farmers the same thing. I remember moving irrigation pipe trailers as my first trailer. Pickups that can haul 31K trailers don't scare me. And trailers have things called trailers brakes. Yes it won't stop like a Ferrari but its not like the truck has to do all the braking.
2BLAZERS 03/06/14 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

Not to mention wanting to pass the Prius drivers going below the speed limit. The rolling hills in ID, and UT the torque is needed to keep going the posted speed limits of 75 and 80. If you don't want more power get the gas motor or the new 1/2 trucks with diesels that are coming. What is it with these Prius drivers? I feel I need at least 400 hp to generate enough exhaust smoke to ruin their day. ;) Just kidding. Sort of. Way to many of the Prius drivers are the lead cars on the slow lines to the coast way to often. It's like they have not driven above 50 before.
2BLAZERS 03/05/14 03:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

Interesting. I'm thankful for the power in today's truck world. When I'm loaded up with the TC and my enclosed trailer with toys in it I use every bit of power on the hills we have around here. In Oregon we have a lot of hills that they like to put 40MPH corners at the bottom or in the middle. Need lots of power to get back up to speed and I use it and would use more if it was available. Not to mention wanting to pass the Prius drivers going below the speed limit. The rolling hills in ID, and UT the torque is needed to keep going the posted speed limits of 75 and 80. If you don't want more power get the gas motor or the new 1/2 trucks with diesels that are coming.
2BLAZERS 03/05/14 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: '15 F450 - Towing Capacity 31,200 lbs

Towing 31,000 lbs in a pickup truck is nuts. I feel the same. chevman X3 But great to know that you can. Many farmers do it daily.
2BLAZERS 03/05/14 08:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

All I can say is yes!!! for competition! Without it we'd only have 250 horse/350 pounds of torque trucks still. Todays diesel trucks are amazing!
2BLAZERS 03/05/14 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: How much do bags help with sway?

My vote is call up SuperSprings or find a local spring shop. Supersprings on my truck was the best mod for carrying the weight of the camper plus towing.
2BLAZERS 03/05/14 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Toyota Diesel

If the price at the pump is exactlly the same between gasoline and diesel... diesel is still much cheaper. Because diesel gets so many more mpg On my best day my old 3/4 ton gasoline fueled truck got 9.9 mpg With my Lance 1161 fully loaded I actually have almost 70,000 miles averaging 15.1 mpg using diesel (my trucks computer read out and verified) If both fuels are $4.00/gallon My old gasoline engine would require 505.05 gallons to go 5000 mile which would cost $2020.20 My diesel engine would require 331.12 gallons to go 5000 miles which would cost $1324.50 That is a $695.69 savings over 5000 milesat $4.00/gallon That is $24,349.38 saved in fuel over a gasoline engine for the 70,000 miles that I have had my Duramax if both gasoline and diesel are both priced at exactly $4.00/gallon. It appears to me that the extra cost of the diesel engine has been well worth it... Your math is wrong. $695.69 in savings per 5000 miles. 70,000/5000 = 14. $695.69*14 = $ 9,739.66 in savings in 70k miles. So you've now offset the cost of the diesel upgrade with diesel = gas in costs per gallon. To bad diesel has basically been costing at 50 cents a gallon more than gas for almost 10 years now.
2BLAZERS 03/04/14 02:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Toyota Diesel

I'm assuming that both Toyota and Nissan will up their ratings by going diesel. They could easily get into the 250/2500 range of trucks and steal a bunch of sales from the big three. Seeing more Tundra's on job sites the last few years. For us consumers competition is great!
2BLAZERS 03/04/14 12:05pm Truck Campers
RE: 04-05 Ford Excursion diesel towing?

I had both a 2000 V10 Excursion with the 4.30 gears which I traded in for a 2005 6.0 Diesel Excursion. Both had plenty of power for hauling 8K enclosed trailers or loaded up 10K dump trailer. The V10 downshifted every hill but pulled like a son of a gone. The Diesel just pulled it better on the HWY. For a 8K trailer either one worked just fine. The V10 with no trailer would get 14mpg at the speed limit. The 6.0 Diesel could knock close to 18/19mpg. I ended up selling the 2005 Excursion and my 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 to get my current truck and upgrade our Truck Camper. Still really miss having the Excursions around. Lately I have been actually looking at craigslist trying to find one I can pay cash for. Likely a V10 model.
2BLAZERS 03/01/14 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree

And what we do a lot of since the Jamboree's are usually only a couple days. Make your reservations for a week or so. You can certainly ride before and after. And even if your nearby for the Jamboree you can enjoy the vender row, entertainment, food and stuff but skip the organized rides and do your own thing. Pauite is easy to this for since the maps are really good for following.
2BLAZERS 02/26/14 02:29pm Toy Haulers
RE: Truck Service Bodies

My next TC hauler will very likely be a Ram 5500 4*4 with a flatbed. I'll then add boxes under and on top as space allows. Seen several custom service bodies and they are really nice too but you pay$$$$. Highway Products in Oregon will make you anything you wish and do really nice work.
2BLAZERS 02/26/14 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree

We've ridden near Bryce Canyon a couple times and also in Marysvale and other places on the Paiute Trail. In August we have reservations for a week of camping (again) in Marysvale. Also putting together another trip for late September to Moab. Utah is one of those place you want to go riding in again and again and again.....if only it wasn't 16-18 hours of driving away and $1K of diesel to get the camper and toys there and back.
2BLAZERS 02/25/14 08:55am Toy Haulers
RE: Truck camper rig on a budget?

I believe the OP just needs to come up with a truck cost that he can afford. If he has $10K, $20k or $30 it can really matter. I like my setup, it costs a pretty penny, but still glad we did it. And it will be a great setup for many years. Remember camping is fun. We had fun camping in our $50 tent for many years and our $1500 used tent trailer for three summers and now our TC for three years so far.
2BLAZERS 02/24/14 04:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Questions on an enclosed trailer

Thanks for all of your responses. Now for the next question, How is the best way to tie down an ATV or Harley Trike. I see where some people use a cross method where the strap from the left tie down goes clear across to the right side. The right side goes clear across to the left side. Then the other method I have seen is where they just go from the left side tie down to the left side of the unit and just the opposite on the right side. On my flat bed trailer I had big loops installed right in the center of the bed, one in the front and one in the rear. So with the ATV I ran it forward and then ran the winch line out and clipped the hook into the front loop and used the winch to hold it there. At the rear I used a strap to the rear loop on the bed and then to the back of the ATV then ratcheted the strap tight. The ATV never went any place with this tie down system. I never carried the Harley on the flatbed. I have 4 racheting straps on each ATV and the RZR. They are all 2'' straps. I've seen enough pics of UTV and ATV lost of trailers to believe that overkill is good and only takes seconds.
2BLAZERS 02/24/14 03:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Questions on an enclosed trailer

Never enough e-traks. Might want to put some on one wall or two. Makes tying up chairs, popup tent and tables real easy too. I have bedline on the floor and up the wall one foot. Works great. Mine was done at the factory by Pace when I ordered my trailer back in 2005. (Pace went bankrupt a few years back sadly)
2BLAZERS 02/24/14 09:00am Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper rig on a budget?

and I'd spend money first on a good used truck. I'd jump to a dually unless you have daily driver or parking issues. Gas is okay if you'll never tow with the camper on. Diesel is usually better if hauling a heavier camper and/or towing. Mileage v costs v maintance/repairs of the gas v diesel is always hated algebra. A sweet spot would be a 2002-2006 Dodge Quad Cab 5.9 Cummins 3500 or any of the Ford 7.3 Powerstrokes. (I don't know anything about newer GM trucks) I believe the Ford V10 to be a pretty good motor for hauling a camper.
2BLAZERS 02/22/14 11:00am Truck Campers
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