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RE: Personal best forAffinity Group

Do understand what you are saying. My solution is to take it camping with me. No not to read, to start the campfire.:W Bob
4x4Bob 08/19/14 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: 12V Portable air compressor

Another happy Viair 300 user. I purchased mine 15 years ago when I was going out into the far outback with my Jeep. This year I replaced the yellow air hose because I accidentally pulled a bad kink into the air line. The unit runs my truck tires up to 8o PSI from the 70 I normally drive when not carrying a load. Also, the TT tires go up to 80 also. It rides with me in the truck tool box every where I go. Have used it to help others also., Bob
4x4Bob 08/18/14 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: I'm new to rving. Southeastern Michigan

afveteran Also I would suggest that you have 2 10 foot section of sewer hose with a fitting to join them together. Because not all campgrounds are equal. Example: I have had to move my TT so the slide would come out on one side with out hitting something and so the steps would not hit a tree or post or the other side. At that point the sewer drain may be further away then a 10 foot hose can handle. Bob
4x4Bob 08/16/14 02:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hirearchy

A few years ago I was camped at the Grand Canyon full hook up RV Park with our TT. There was a group of 7 Class A coaches parked on the next row behind us. They would walk through my camp site going to the Shower House/Rest Room which was located across the street from our site. When I said Hello, or How are you doing today? They would just keep on walking with out even turning their head to look at me. I told my Wife I was going to string some fishing line about 3 inches off the ground and then see if they would talk to me. However, the Wife is smarter then me. She told me they probably have a massive headache thinking about the payments on those coaches. And, it is obvious that they could not afford a bathroom when they made the purchase. :B Bob
4x4Bob 08/15/14 10:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sand and debris in water lines

4x4Bob, do you mean this filter? http://www.amazon.com/Camco-40671-Replacement-Cartridge-Filter/dp/B000BUQOEA/ http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/515PdldChGL._SL1500_.jpg width=300 Is that a filter or just a housing? Frank That is just the Filter. It fits into a blue transparent case with hose fittings on both ends. That filter will come with a small scrub pad for when the filter exterior is showing signs of dirt. It can be scrubbed off and the filter put back into the housing. Bob
4x4Bob 08/15/14 01:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sand and debris in water lines

I use a different kind of water filter. It is a CX-90 by taste pure. It has a light blue outer case/housing that is semi-transparent so you can see what is going on inside. The filter it self is a combination of ceramic and charcol and it filters down to .3 micron. I have built a small wooden holder that resembles a H-Beam. Two sides slip down over the rear bumper and two sides stick up about 4 inches to hold the filter tied down with a rubber cord. Then I connect to the TT with a short section of white hose. This filter part is replaceable and will last about a year. If the ceramic part becomes dirty you can clean it with a pad that comes with it. This will stop the sand and stuff from getting into your TT. Bob
4x4Bob 08/14/14 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: son damaged awning

If you are going take your awning apart and replace broken parts make sure you fully understand the danger of the spring. People have lost fingers when something slipped. Bob
4x4Bob 08/13/14 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: 2012 Viewfinder Signature Leaking Slideout Problem

Fred I would like to suggest to you to preform a Leak Test. This is where air pressure is pumped into the unit and then soapy water is sprayed every where on the out side. Bubbles will appear where there are leaks. You will know for sure where the water is coming in and you might discover more then you thought you had. Most RV shops will do this for about $100.00. They will give you a report and then you can decide either to fix it your self or have them do it. Bob
4x4Bob 08/12/14 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wires are MELTING!!!!

When we had our 2007 Jayco Eaqle 322FKS we had an electrical problem the 2nd year. I finally found it in the electrical panel. Seems that after a few thousands miles of travel some of the wires in the panel had loosened up and was arcing. This caused a build up of resistance on the connections. Plus I found some of the wire insulation has melted off the A.C. wiring. I then cleaned up the terminals- reconnected the clean wires and tightened everything down. That was the fix.... Hope yours is that easy. Happy trails, The same thing happened to our 2007 Jayco Eagle 288RLS last month when we were 3 days from home. We sustained smoked circuit breakers and melted wires also. After returning home I replaced the Iota fuse panel/converter with a Progressive Dynamics fuse panel/converter with 4 stage battery charge. The Iota in our our unit did not have the 4 stage. Bob
4x4Bob 08/12/14 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Securing generators while camping?

Here is some information for you who want to purchase chain at Home Depot. The chain they sell comes in three grades. 36 -46-and 76. 76 being tow chain. Each grade up is much harder then the lower grade. The same with padlocks. Check the hardness rating. If a good citizen comes by with his battery powered cut off saw, he best bring a spare battery and a cold drink. He will be there a little while. Bob
4x4Bob 08/11/14 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Was Lucky -Fixed Stuck Awning with no problem

rockhillmanor; Thanks. Iam going to finish washing the awning tomorrow, so I will check the screws. Bob
4x4Bob 08/10/14 10:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Bar Opinion needed.

I would like to offer another reason to switch to a Equal-i-zer hitch system with built in 4 point sway control. A friction operated anti-sway bar can work good up to 25 feet of TT. After 25 feet some people have added another one on the other side trying to keep sway down and maintain control in windy conditions. I know, I used to tow with a frame mounted sway bar. Then I upgraded to my Equal-i-zer hitch with 1,200 lb bars. World of differance. My TT is 33 feet from hitch to rear bumper. I made one panic, tire smoking stop, trying to avoid a 18 wheeler that turned right in front of me. No jack knifing or loss of control. Also, I have been nailed from the side with wind gusts that would pushed me around before. No control problems now. Bob
4x4Bob 08/10/14 02:04pm Travel Trailers
Was Lucky -Fixed Stuck Awning with no problem

Last month the week before our two week trip I started to bring down the main awning. It would not budge/wiggle/unwind or move. So, it being 4 days to departure I decided to leave it alone and fix it when we get home. Because at the time I was thinking broken roller spring or something. This morning up early and out to the TT. Check very close for new wasp nests then started to work. Sprayed oil onto and into every moving part. Made sure it was unlocked and climbed up the ladder to inspect the center roller mount. I had installed this years ago because the awning is 22 feet long and I did not want it bending and bouncing while moving. The TT had sat without moving entire 2013 season while we rebuilt the kitchen. During that time mud,gunk,stuff, etc had worked itself between the support pad and the awning. It made a nice glue like material. After twisting and lifting I broke it free and then the awning rolled down with out any problem. With all of the years reading this forum I had never read a post about a problem like this. Bob
4x4Bob 08/10/14 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water filter

Myredracer provided an outstanding post on water filters. I use a Taste Pure CX-90 which has a combination ceramic and charcol filter that filters down to .3 microns. And what is really nice about this filter, is that when the ceramic part turns brown, you can take it out of the filter and scrub it clean. The replacement filter part can be purchased at PPL Parts on line and normally last one year. I built a frame so the filter can sit on the rear bumper of the TT and then connect to the TT with a short white hose. Bob
4x4Bob 08/10/14 09:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Be aware of driver license requirements in California

As long as you are not towing a 10,500 lb travel trailer with your 40 foot motor home when you visit California you have noting to worry about.:B Bob
4x4Bob 08/08/14 10:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camper Thieves Surprised

When I read that the Police talked to the woman then turned her loose I was really surprised. What happen to the laws on criminal accomplice to the crime. I guess she told Police that the nice man stopped just few minutes ago and gave her a ride. That she had not noticed shots being fired and red lights coming down the road when she got into the vehicle. Bob
4x4Bob 08/08/14 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Clueless- how do I get my travel trailer running again?

Sounds like you suffered a power surge that hit your electrical systems taking out your Powermax. If this is true, then you really should have an electrician test your entire systems before you replace the convertor. You may have other damage that should be repaired before you go back on line. If you can not take the rig to an RV shop you may be able to have mobile RV Tech come out to your storage spot. Bob
4x4Bob 08/08/14 09:50am Travel Trailers
RE: How to set up trailer breaks

schl44: Before you get your controller dialed in you should adjust the brake shoes on each wheel. If you have never done this or have not done this for awhile it should be done before your trip. Electric trailer brakes are not self adjusting like your tow vehicle. Because you do not want one wheel grabbing harder then the others. If not sure how to do this simple task, check U-Tube. There are several video's showing how. Then work on dialing in the controller. Bob
4x4Bob 08/08/14 09:11am Beginning RVing
RE: installing a brake controller and hitch

I also recommend the Equal-i-zer brand hitch with built in 4-point sway control. This type hitch does not need any holes drilled into the trailer frame to install. I started out towing with a hitch that had a adjustable sway bar. Was not happy with the performance. Moved up to the Equal-i-zer. Was really surprised on how much better the sway control was. What I did was to take the hitch head and new ball down to a equipment rental yard and had them tighten the nut on the Ball. Will save you buying or renting a torque wrench. I went in and talked to the manager telling him what I needed done. He said go around back and when the guys get a free minute they will do it for you. Bob
4x4Bob 08/08/14 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: not my favorite spider

During the summer months I find the webs of this spider hanging down under the travel Trailer and around the wheel wheels. When I find them I go out at night with a flash light and Hot Shot spider spray. One shot and the spider drops. Two weeks ago I opened up the brake drum on one of the wheels and found a Widow web inside the brake shoes. The Spider and 5 egg sacks were hanging there in a dead condition. I had just come back from a 2,900 miles trip. The brake heat must have done them in. Bob
4x4Bob 08/07/14 01:53pm Around the Campfire
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